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The Benefits of Implementing Talking Circles in the Classroom

- I spent my volunteer experience with Dr. Geis’ special needs classroom at County Elementary School; and throughout my participation, the most defining observation was that of the teachers and staff members. Naturally, some employees are better than others at fulfilling tasks. However, as time passed, I noticed that certain employees had difficulty starting each day fresh, free of the pressure and tension that may have accumulated from the previous day. I only volunteered a couple of times a week so my ability to wipe the slate clean was easier....   [tags: Classroom Circles reduce Teacher burnout]

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The Alien Formation of Crop Circles

- ... This is true: the node in the plant is responsible for bending the stem in relative position to the sun. However, apical nodes in crop formations are found not to bend in direction of the sun, but bent towards the direction of the ground. Moreover, with the intense heat applied to the stalks, the moisture inside of the stem boils and causes the nodes to explode, leaving one, or many, small, but visible holes. (Stewart 52-53) These triple with another abnormality, found in most genuine circles: small, magnetized iron spheres....   [tags: art, vandalism,evidence, extraterrestrial]

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Crop Circles: Hoax or Truth?

- Crop circles have been a mystery ever since they first appeared. In today’s world, people merely glance at an article about them. They simply brush it off to the side saying that “it has to be fake” or “it can’t be real”. Pat Delgado, a former NASA engineer, said, “It is perfectly natural to ask if crop circles are hoaxes, but very difficult to explain why they cannot be hoaxed satisfactorily” (Silva “Crop Circles”). Crop circles are very mysterious and interesting in many ways. A way this can be shown is through the first person accounts of the people who saw one being made....   [tags: mysterious, robbert and nancy case]

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Circles, by Ralph Waldo Emerson

- In the midst of all of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essays, “Circles,” is undoubtedly a piece which masterfully incorporates Emerson’s philosophies of etymology with the spiritual. Etymology, down to its core, deals with the origin of certain phrases, words, or examples used to describe an object of meaning. Emerson uses this technique to craft a spiritual essay that pushes the reader to see the universe from a different perspective, and to tear away from the social norms of what is expected of religion to follow his or her own path....   [tags: Essay Analysis, Etymology]

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The Infernos Nine Circles Of Hell

- THE INFERNOS NINE CIRCLES OF HELL Our Guide: Donald and Goofy The infernos worst judgments in the afterlife. The inferno is a place where all people go when they pass away if they were evil during living. when the people pass away they are judge for all their sins that they have committed wenth they were alive. Each person that goes to the inferno is sent to a special place where they pay for their sins according to what their sins are. They are many different ways to pay for their sins according to what the sins are....   [tags: Divine Comedy, Hell, Inferno, God]

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The New Jim Crow Circles

- The New Jim Crow circles in on racial issues that targets young black men in a cycle of poverty and jail sentences. Michelle Alexander wants the readers to know racism is not dead. Some people of today believe in full equality being reached of the black community of today. As of today, blacks are still stripped of their rights. Most of the blacks that are stripped of their rights are convicted felons. Alexander is revealing the truth of the system of incarceration. The system is to control the felons inside and outside of the prison walls....   [tags: Racism, African American, Black people, Race]

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I Walk in Circles

- ... We sat in the hallway. He walked up and told me it was time to go and I saw his chocolate brown eyes flick to my friends as if he was plotting to embarrass me. As we walked away, I told him about the game and he pretended to act all sympathetic and stuff like he actually cared then he exhibited one of his metaphors no one gets for the world to see. I look skyward. I wish I could fly. Then I could touch those windows. I’d then at least feel like I accomplished something here. But no. I’m just working myself up again....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Mysterious Crop Circles

- In this world, there are so many mysteries, secrets, and phenomenon that have not been explained. For the last few decades, crop circles have been appearing all around the world, yet we do not have a clear scientific explanation for them. Crop circles are defined as some kind of circular geometric patterns on crops such as wheat, barley, and corn, (Meder 2007). They are made within a very short period of time without any mistakes. There are over 12,000 circles found with complicated patterns and large in scale, (Crystalinks 2009) Many of the crop circles were found to be a manmade, but we cannot conclude that rests of them are hoaxed by man....   [tags: Mysterious Phenomenons]

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The Circles Of My Multicultural Self Assignment

- The Circles of My Multicultural Self assignment involved listing important aspects of one’s identity as well as discussing the ways in which those aspects have had an impact on one’s life. For me, choosing what my four most important identifiers were—as there were four satellite circles to fill in—required a great deal of thought and reflection, as there are many ways in which I identify. The four identifiers I ended up choosing include: Filmmaker, Horror Fan, Gay, and Atheist. Again, these are far from being the only ways I choose to identify myself; however, the four that I chose played massive roles in shaping the person I am today as well as many of the values that are incredibly importa...   [tags: Homosexuality, LGBT, Sexual orientation, Gay]

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Loneliness And Its Effects On Social Circles

- Loneliness. So many emotions are evoked from this simple word. What is loneliness. Webster 's dictionary defines loneliness as sadness because one has no friends or company. Thus it is of no surprise that human beings strive to avoid and dread any remote feelings of sadness that might be derived from solitude. After all, the human species is a social being. In this fight against loneliness humans are compelled to increase our social circles by incrementing and or adapting any new forms of socialization possible....   [tags: Facebook, Sociology, Social network service]

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Three Concentric Circles by Braj Kachru

- 1. Introduction In 1985, Braj Kachru put forward the famous “Three Concentric Circles” framework to explain the spread and usage of global English. The inner circle includes the country where people speak English as native language. Then, the outer circle refers to the society which English is treated as a second language while the extending circle indicates the nation which English has the status of foreign language. (Bolton, 2000, p.266) Due to the colonization, English has maintained and gained official status in Hong Kong....   [tags: global english, hong kong, multilingual]

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The Separate Circles of Society

- The Separate Circles of Society The Enlightenment was a movement of thought and belief concerned with the interrelated ideas of God, reason, nature, and man that claimed wide assent among the intellectuals in 17th and 18th century Europe. It attacked the fundamental beliefs and practices of European society. Although the Enlightenment was diverse in emphasis and interests, those who followed it tenets were convinced that right reason could discover useful knowledge, aspiring to the conquest of mans happiness through freedom....   [tags: Papers]

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Christmas Message : A Theological Circles About Where Jesus

- Today I want conclude the series of Christmas Messages, with my opinion on the theory that is being promoted among some Theological circles about where Jesus was born, In a stable or a guest chamber of a friend of Joseph or some one in Bethlehem who was kind and took Joseph & Mary in. In recent years some Theologians have been teaching that the traditional Christmas story in Luke 2 is not full true story. They state that “the following story comes to us through a long Church tradition. Most modern versions of that story follow a familiar pattern.” “ The Holy Family arrives late in the night....   [tags: Jesus, Christmas, Halakha, Gospel of Luke]

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Student Biographies: Online Global Interdependence Literature Circles

- Student Biographies Online Global Interdependence Literature Circles Through literate conversations, we believe we can begin to understand and empathize with the realities of our world in a richer way. Hey Andrea, we were sharing this today with the group and the subject of privacy etc. came up. Although only members can see these bios, kids can copy and paste off the site, so we added a bunch of stuff here. We thought this would be a good opportunity to talk to the kids about internet safety....   [tags: Lesson Plan]

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Stanton Drew Stone Circles

- Stanton Drew Stone Circles Hypothesis: "The Stone Circles at Stanton Drew were built purely for religious reasons" Question 1:What can you learn from your site investigation about the Stone Circles at Stanton Drew. The stone circles at Stanton Drew have plagued the minds of historians and archeologists for centuries, and also produced wild fairy tales of the upmost imagination. However what I am going to try and establish is weather "The Stone Circles at Stanton Drew were built purely for religious reasons", or if they were built for another reason, and in that case what and how have I come to that conclusion....   [tags: Papers]

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The purpose of Stanton Drew Stone Circles

- Stanton Drew Stone Circles The site I am studying is the Stanton Drew stone circles. These are located North East of the village see figures one and two. Stanton Drew is in the South West of Britain around 6 miles south of Bristol. The stones survived from a Neolithic period carbon dated to around 4,000 years ago. The site consists of three stone circles: The Grand Circle, The North East Circle and The South East Circle which is inaccessible as it is in a private garden. There are other features including The Cove and Hautville's Quoit see figure 2....   [tags: Papers]

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We Need Both Circles and Lines

- We need both Circles and Lines In "Circles and Lines: the shape of life in early America", historian John Demos has compiled a collection of three lectures which are part of the William E. Massey Sr. Lectures located in the History of American Civilization series at Harvard University. In the lectures, which Demos has transcribed into three chapters, Demos observed closely the " shape of life " across three centuries 17th, 18th and 19th. Distinctly, Demos traces change from a traditional understanding of time and space through a time of transition and onward toward a more modern interpretation....   [tags: American History]

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Emotional Emancipation Circles

- Emotional Emancipation Circle (EEC) is an upcoming form of healing that is being introduced to clinics, campuses and community organizations across America. The premise of this self help group is people of African descent who live in America have been greatly influenced by many lies about themselves and their identity. One overall goal of EEC is to “Defy the Lie of the Myth of Black Inferiority” that has pervaded American discourse for centuries. In the circle Indigenous African rituals are implemented along with historically African American traditions to create interventions that promote change....   [tags: Healing Organizations, Well Being]

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Depression: A Debilitating Condition in Later Life for Minority Elders

- Currently, our aging population is living longer than any other generation due to improved medicine, stronger financial systems, and a larger emphasis on education and healthcare (Angel, 2009). Yet, literature shows that longevity is not a good indicator of successful aging, and we have to consider dimensions of health in cultural groups that are ignored but influence their aging. Consequently, mental health is a dimension that is severely overlooked in ethnic groups and it is critical that we consider positive mental health as a channel to assure successful aging....   [tags: self-perception, social circles]

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Sula by Toni Morrison

- Pruitt, Claude. "Circling Meaning in Toni Morrison's Sula.” African American Review 44.1/2 (2011): 115-129. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 14 Apr. 2014. Summary: In Claude Pruitt’s article on Sula, Pruitt describes the circular meaning of the text using her own perceptions and the works of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Ralph Ellison’s the Invisible Man. Pruitt reads the text in circles and circles to find the subtext which she believes provides for its meaning. Pruitt’s article discusses how Morrison circles around the subject of the text to showcase the culturally focused discretions displayed in the 1900’s....   [tags: circles of sorrow, race, pruitt ]

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Geometry: Euclid’s Elements

- Most of geometry is based on two main constructions, circles and straight lines. In geometry, there are many different tools used for construction such as the compass, the straightedge, carpenter’s square, and mirrors. (Princeton) A compass is an instrument that is used to help draw circles. The two most well-known compasses are the modern compass and the collapsible compass. The straightedge is a tool that has no curves. It is used to draw straight line when knowing two points. (Princeton) The only difference between a straightedge and a ruler is that a ruler has measurements while a straightedge does not....   [tags: compas, constructions, circles]

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Kachru’s Concentric Circles Model: Implications for English Language Teaching in Expanding-Circle Countries

- 1. Introduction The unprecedented global spread English has experienced in the last years has paved the way for changes in the sociolinguistic profile of the language. In addition to the fact that new varieties have emerged, the number of functional domains in which English plays a role has increased significantly (Sharma, 2008). Currently, English is not only a tool serving national purposes, but also a language institutionalised in several former British and American colonies, and a lingua franca used worldwide....   [tags: pedagogy, English as a Lingua Franca, ELT]

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Drugs: Never-ending Circles in the Dust.

- I talked to my sister again, she sounded good. It's been a while since we last had a conversation that was coherent and logical but then the last time we did it only lasted a couple months before she disappeared again. Court was last month after four DUI's, Three Driving while suspended a number of possessions of an illegal substance and a couple of drug related B&Es the system felt that the best they could do is tell her to stay clean and send her back out on to the same streets where her druggie friends and angry drug dealers are waiting to consume her....   [tags: drug addiction essay]

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Crossing Social Circles: The Popular Group Versus Everyone Else

- High school is a combat zone. Perhaps incognito, high school is vile in all ways, shapes, and forms. High school is destruction of humanity. From blondes to redheads, nerds to football players, and albinos to bronzed beauties, there is no fair play. The people we hang out with show who we “truly are”. And automatically we are put into cliques. These cliques define us, and we are only to hang out with them. Right. Every school has their own cliques of people; the nerds, the jocks, the preps, the fresas, the freaks, the Goths and etc....   [tags: Cliques, High School Experience, Personal Narrativ]

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Purity in Circle K Cycles by Karen Tei Yamashita

- What makes a Japanese person pure. Is it their lineage. Is it the fact they live in Japan. Circle K Cycles written by Karen Tei Yamashita revolves around the concept of what is pure. Yamashita uses her own personal encounters, along with stories in order to try to understand the concept of what makes an ethnicity pure, and the hybridization of ethnicities. As a writer, Yamashita tries to explore the essence of purity by using different forms of writing. Yamashita, throughout the book, refers to her own experience of migration to Japan and Brazil....   [tags: Circle K Cycles]

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The Caucasian Chalk Circle

- There were many different options to choose from for this essay, and I chose to attend the play,The Caucasian Chalk Circle. It was a great experience to have seen a play like this. There are many different aspects of a play that have to work together to have a successful overall outlook. A few major aspects that contribute to the overall outlook are; the quality of the acting, if the plot is enjoyable, how the characters present themselves and how the lighting ties in with the mood....   [tags: Caucasian Chalk Circle Essays]

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Harley-Davidson Circle Organization

- Harley-Davidson Circle Organization Harley Davidson’s remarkable success and turnaround from a company nearing extinction to a business model of success (James & Graham, 2004; Johan Van & Brian, 2000; Teerlink & Ozley, 2000) is secured by the environment developed at Harley-Davidson through the organizational changes led by former CEO Rich Teerlink. Mr. Teerlink fundamentally changed the structure of Harley-Davidson from a command and control, top down leadership company to one of collaborative organizational design (Teerlink & Ozley, 2000)....   [tags: Business]

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Motherhood and Revolutionary Ideas About Theatre in Bertolt Brecht's The Caucasian Chalk Circle

- Motherhood and Revolutionary Ideas About Theatre in Bertolt Brecht's The Caucasian Chalk Circle Bertolt Brecht’s play The Caucasian Chalk Circle is a social and political commentary, focusing on justice and motherhood. Using revolutionary theatrical techniques and devices to reinforce his theme, Brecht attempts to free his audience from the constraints of traditional theatre, enabling them to make impartial judgments of their own. Despite combining these radical ideas about theatre with the theme of motherhood, Brecht does not wholly succeed in alienating the audience, as it is impossible for them to totally distance themselves from such an emotive subject as motherhood....   [tags: Caucasian Chalk Circle Brecht]

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Casting a Circle

- Casting a Circle Casting a circle is one of the most basic magickal acts that a Witch does. Circles are used for rituals and sometimes magickal workings. A circle does a number of things. Most importantly, it protects the practitioner(s) from spirits, negative energies, and other nasty things out there. With that in mind, please be sure to practice with extreme care and be sincere in what you are doing. Abide by the Wiccan Reed* and you should be fine. The circle also serves as a sacred place in which to do ritual workings like sabbat celebrations and certain spells....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Analysis Of Tim Connolly 's ' The Expanding Circle '

- Doing Philosophy Comparatively: A Review Circles are globally ubiquitous. They occur naturally, are used for style, and used as metaphors. One metaphorical use of circles is found in Zen Buddhism. An Ensō is a hand drawn circle, generally in one brush stroke. It is elegant in its simplicity and symbolises enlightenment, the void, and the wholeness of the universe. In Peter Singer’s book The Expanding Circle, he argues that moral progress comes when people use their reason to progressively expand their circle of empathy from those that we are intimately related to, to those we may never meet....   [tags: Culture, Philosophy, Tradition, Linguistics]

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Circle Sentencing as Alternative Dispute Resolutions

- Circle Sentencing as Alternative Dispute Resolutions While the restorative justice movement has risen in recent years, the idea of circle sentencing, or peacemaking circles has been practiced in indigenous cultures for quite some time. As we look at implementing traditional indigenous culture practices as alternative dispute resolutions, we need to realize the effectiveness and also whether we are ready to use them. The Yukon and other communities reintroduced circles in 1991 as a practice of the restorative justice movement (Bazemore, 1997, p.27)....   [tags: Papers]

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Silko's Ceremony and the Hermeneutic Circle

- Silko's Ceremony and the Hermeneutic Circle         Ceremony is a novel meant to change us. It is a story, which instructs and enlightens, but it is also a tool for relating. It is useful in an extremely practical sense: It teaches us about being connected to our world, about difference and the other. These are only a couple of the possible tangible effects the book has on readers, and truly, the limiting factor in the number of possible uses for Ceremony is simply the number of individuals who read it....   [tags: Silko Ceremony]

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Conducting Land Based Cultural Retreats

- Conducting land-based retreat Land-based cultural retreats are multi-day excursions out on the land (Kanentakeron, 2006). These retreats can vary based on the season, geographical location and each community’s culture and traditions. However, common among all land-based cultural retreats is that they aim to connect people with their culture, facilitate healing and promote wholistic wellness (Iseke, 2013). We expect to conduct four land-based retreats over the course of the funding cycle, with one retreat being conducted every four months....   [tags: Indigenous peoples, Culture, Circle]

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Determining The Ratio Of Circumference To Diameter Of A Circle

- Determining the Ratio of Circumference to Diameter of a Circle In determining the ratio of the circumference to the diameter I began by measuring the diameter of one of the si objects which contained circles, then using a string, I wrapped the string around the circle and compared the length of the string, which measured the circumference, to a meter stick. With this method I measured all of the six circles. After I had this data, I went back and rechecked the circumference with a tape measure, which allowed me to make a more accurate measure of the objects circumferences by taking away some of the error that mymethod of using a string created....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Counting Crocodiles By Judy Sierra And Will Hillenbrand

- For a second grade class, I will use a book entitled "Counting Crocodiles" written by Judy Sierra and Will Hillenbrand. The book is as simple as is sounds, a monkey counts crocodiles in the Sillabobble Sea to see if there are more crocodiles in the sea or monkeys on the island. At the beginning of the lesson, I will write the addition problem "1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10" on the board, and ask my students to solve it. If I 'm correct, they will not even know where to begin. Then, I will tell them that they can all do it if they use the right tools, and proceed to give each student base pieces (both units and longs)....   [tags: Pi, Circle, Number, Radius]

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Analysis of the First Two Acts of Brecht's The Caucasian Chalk Circle

- Set shortly after World War two, the Prologue commences with two groups of peasants seated in the ruins of a Caucasian village, present is a delegate from the State Reconstruction Commission. We are introduced to the two parties as they argue the retrieval of a valley; the goat herders (on the right) originally owned the land and therefore believe that as they were there first they should hence keep the land, whereas the party on the left (the fruit farmers) argue that they could put the land to better use by means of superior production....   [tags: The Caucasian Chalk Circle]

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Mathematics: The History of Pi

- To start off, pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter (Bennet, Burton, & Nelson, 2012). This is approximately equal to 3.14159. In equation form it is calculated like this: π = C/d (Shell, 2013). Pi is also an irrational and transcendental number. This means that it will continue infinitely without any repetition or pattern. It also cannot be expressed accurately as a fraction and the decimal never ends (Shell, 2013). The history of pi is a very confusing one. No one knows exactly who discovered it; they just know assumptions and possible coincidences....   [tags: circle's circumference, radius, archimedes]

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The History Behind 3.14 By The Greek Letter Pi

- The History Behind 3.14… Throughout the history of mathematics, one of the most enduring challenges has been being able to calculate the ratio between a circle 's circumference and diameter; which has very much come to be known by the Greek letter pi. From ancient Babylonia times to the Middle Ages in Europe, to the now present day of supercomputers, mathematicians have been striving to calculate the mysterious number that has been around for centuries. Through this journey, they have searched for formulas,exact fractions, and, more recently, patterns in the long string of numbers starting with 3.14159 2653..., which is generally shortened to 3.14....   [tags: Pi, Circle, Mathematics]

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What Makes A Good Support Network?

- Let me set the scene. Your migraines have gotten bad enough to affect your work and you must make some changes. The boss is upset, your co-workers think you are faking it, and you just want the pain to stop. You are working out a pain management strategy with your doctor to deal with the pain. But your thinking is cloudy and reliability is still not up to par. Reduced income will affect everything. Sound familiar. Or similar. I have found learning stress reducing techniques to be invaluable with migraine management....   [tags: Emotion, Want, Circle, Feeling]

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The And The Circle Of Life

- Often times, children’s literature addresses more than what originally meets the eye. E. B. White’s Charlotte’s Web is considered a classic in today’s era, though it presents controversial themes throughout the book, namely, Charlotte’s Web explores death and the circle of life. Charlotte’s Web challenges many common assumptions about children’s literature as many individuals would not explore such a weighty topic in a children’s book. It is quite apparent that White’s intended audience is for younger readers, though Charlotte’s Web sheds light on topics that many adults can appreciate the significance of, such as death....   [tags: Life, Death, E. B. White, Fantasy]

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Cherokee Medicine: The Medicine Wheel

- Interconnectedness is a theme that flows throughout all aspects of Cherokee culture from spirituality to medicine, as they believe everything within the world is related. They believe spiritual energy courses through all components of the universe that influence their daily life and maintaining a balance between these energies is crucial to being in harmony with Mother Nature and living a fulfilling life. Rather than having a dominant species, group or society, all components of the world are considered to be equal and to have a purposeful role (Garrett 2001 pg 1)....   [tags: cherokee culture,universal circle,native americans]

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Circle of Death

- Circle of Death Could you make the decision to doom some, in order to save others. This has always appeared as one of the most difficult decisions within the nature of mankind. Those who have the ability to declare death to others easily are often seen as sadistic or demented. No culture has been faced with this decision more than the Jewish people, especially under the Nazi Regime. During the early 1940’s Nazis imprisoned Jews within “ghettos” to keep stricter control; however, once imprisoned the Nazis handed over control and maintenance to a select council of Jews, the Judenrat....   [tags: Holocaust, Nazi, Jews]

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Circumference Formula

- Prove the Circumference Formula Introduction: Archimedes is credited to be the creator of the circumference formula, but more importantly to find the first theoretical calculation of Pi. Pi is an irrational number and the digits are continuous and never come to an end. Archimedes knew he had only found an approximation of pi, he found that pi is between 3 1/7 and 3 10/71. “Pi is a name given to the ratio of the circumference of a circle to the diameter. That means, for any circle, you can divide the circumference (the distance around the circle) by the diameter and always get exactly the same number....   [tags: Archimedes, Pi, diameter, circle, mathematics]

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Analysis Of The Book ' 1984 ' And ' The Circle '

- The Circle might be a dystopia, but 1984 is a definite dysNOPEia It is commonsense knowledge that utopias could never exist. There is no feasible way of creating society where everyone will be content, for there will always be variances of opinion. As a result, writers often focus on creating worlds of dystopia, their personal worst case scenarios. Two examples of such books, 1984 and The Circle are often compared by readers trying to decide the more grimmer future. Some older readers treat them as equal because both books have lacking protagonists and destruction of privacy; but that is where similarities end....   [tags: Nineteen Eighty-Four, Dystopia, George Orwell]

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The Circle Of Influence : King David

- Circle of Influence At Psalm 141:5, King David prayed that God would keep his heart from evil. He wanted God to reveal to him his faults. He desired that his friends reprove him. Verse five he said Let the righteous SMITE me. Smite means to  Deliver or deal a blow  Strike sharply or heavily  Kill or severely injury Why would King Dave pray that God deal with him so harshly. Proverbs 9:8 provides us some insight. He wanted to become wiser. He understood the value of being criticized by a wise person (Ecclesiastes 7:5; Galatians 6:1)....   [tags: Bible, New Testament, Christianity]

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The Knights Of The Golden Circle

- The Knights of the Golden Circle started as an organization that wanted greater slave territories, and eventually lead to a group of hateful individuals that killed a noble, historic president, Abraham Lincoln. As so eloquently put by a blog dedicated to this association, the KGC was originally a northern organization that, “advocated the creation of an empire of slavery…this slave empire would control a monopoly on tobacco, cotton, sugar, rice, and coffee and become a world power to rival ancient Rome” (The Knights of the Golden Circle)....   [tags: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War]

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The Circle By Dave Eggers

- Imagine a world in which all of life’s problems could all just go away at the click of a button. A world where every individual on the face of planet earth is being watched 24/7, therefore eliminating any possibility of a crime being committed. Imagine, if just for a moment, a world where everyone and everything are connected by the same network, which would in essence create a full and complete circle. This is the world that serves as the setting for Dave Eggers novel The Circle. The Circle is a novel about Mae, the young and enthusiastic protagonist, who gets a job at a company known as The Circle....   [tags: Human, Mobile phone, Human behavior, Science]

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The Circle By Dave Eggers

- Internet is the latest technology breakthroughs in interpersonal communication. As we know that, it combines everything such as source, social media, personal information, data etc. Million people had access to the internet and spend hours on it. “In 2002, more than 600 million people worldwide had access to it (Manasian 2003)” (John 574). In the novel “The Circle”, by Dave Eggers is fiction provides details that similarity of technology to today’s internet. The Circle is a company that requests people keep tracking and doing more activity online rather than face-to-face interaction....   [tags: Internet, Social network service, Sociology]

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Life Of The Narcotics Anonymous Circle

- Life in the Narcotics Anonymous Circle When one first attends a Narcotics Anonymous meeting they are unsure of what to expect. You do not know what kind of people will be found there or how they will behave. The reality is these people are just like the rest of us, they have lives, children, and pasts. They are real and most of all they are human. Going in looking around the first impression is, these people look like everyone else. Then it is realized that even though they look like the regular population, they have a guarded look about them....   [tags: Drug addiction, Addiction, Problem gambling]

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The Law Of The White Circle

- Racial divide, racism, segregation, and false hope are core issues in Mr. Jacobs Novella, The Law of The White Circle. The book is depicted as a love story between a mulatto woman, Lola Lawson, and a white man, Roy Keough. Its plot takes place during the 1906 Atlanta Race Riot and does much to show us the complexity of the time period. Georgia, with admiration from the North, was portraying a fantasy of racial unity for the common good of the State. In reality, as the Race Riot of 1906 will show, the state of Georgia was no more racially unified than before the Civil War....   [tags: Black people, Race, White people, Race]

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The Cartesian Circle is Wrong

- Rene Descartes meditations on the existence of God are very profound, thought-provoking, and engaging. From the meditations focused specifically on the existence of God, Descartes uses the argument that based on his clear and distinct perception that cannot be treated with doubt, God does exist. In the beginning of the third meditation, Descartes proclaims that he is certain he is a thinking thing based on his clear and distinct perception, and he couldn’t be certain unless all clear and distinct perceptions are true....   [tags: rene descartes, god exists]

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Knights of the Golden Circle

- In 1854, a medical practitioner of ambiguous credentials, George W. L. Bickley, founded the Knights of the Golden Circle. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Golden Circle was complete with passwords, quasi-Masonic rituals, secret signs and symbols. The Knights of the Golden Circle (later called the Order of the American Knights and, by February 1864, the Sons of Liberty) (Bruce Tap, Over Lincoln Shoulder, 73) quickly hatched lodges throughout Kentucky, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio....   [tags: American History, Bickley, Vallandigham]

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Severance Hall on University Circle

- ... In her memory, John Severance made several more contributions toward the halls completion, totaling 3 million. The building was dedicated in 1930, and completed in 1931, at a cost of 7 million dollars. The landmark building was recognized as one of the most modern, up-to-date concert facilities in America when it opened. Severance also has a chamber music hall, called the Reinburger Hall, which seats 400 patrons, while the main concert hall is able to seat 1,844. Before the construction of Severance Hall, the Cleveland Orchestra first performed in the much smaller Grays Armory in downtown Cleveland and then moved to the Masonic Auditorium for concerts in the 1920s’....   [tags: architecture, concerts, scene]

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Enso Circle and Zen

- The Enso, or Zen circle, is what I have chosen as the focus of this paper. In my Google search for the “perfect” example of the Enso circle I realized this symbol has been reproduced hundreds, if not thousands of times. At first I was asking myself how could I identify with such a “stock” symbol that has been reproduced so many times. Had I really become sort of low in my expectations of what I had hoped to get from this class. But while I was berating myself in the typical Roman Catholic fashion, I came to a realization about this piece of art....   [tags: Symbolism, Suffering]

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Circle of Conflict and the Triangle of Satisfaction Models

- Circle of Conflict and the Triangle of Satisfaction Models Introduction This paper will discuss two different conflict models and how they may be used to diagnose a particular conflict. Each model will be described in a way, which better helps understand the conflict. Potential confidentiality issues within the conflict will be described as well. Both the Circle of Conflict and the Triangle of Satisfaction Models are both effective tools at assisting a practitioner at diagnosing and resolving conflict....   [tags: Conflict Resolution ]

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The Caucasian Chalk Circle By Bertolt Brecht

- We performed “The Caucasian Chalk Circle” an epic theatre play written by Bertolt Brecht, a German Marxist poet, playwright, and theatre director. I played the role of Simon Chachava, a proud and noble palace guard for Georgi Abashvili the governor of the city of Grusinia. “The Caucasian Chalk Circle” is an allegory which explores parenthood, property, war, and the difference between right and wrong in difficult and complicated situations. The play begins with a prologue which is set after the end of WW II and deals with an argument over a valley....   [tags: Bertolt Brecht, Epic theatre, Theatre]

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The Circle of Life: A Woman's Unique Journey

- The Circle of Life: A Woman’s Unique Journey The year was 1952; the place was Emory University Hospital in Atlanta Georgia. After 35 hours of breathing, pushing and exhaustion a seven-pound baby is placed into the arms of a new mother. Moments before, the doctor had exclaimed, “ It’s a girl!” The second the mother heard the proclamation her mind began to wonder. Who will she be. Will she be smart. Will she be gentle. Will she be strong. Will she be proper. Will she be liked. Will she be beautiful....   [tags: gender, lesbianism]

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The Magic Circle

- The Magic Circle The Magic Circle, by Donna Jo Napoli dealt with three main characters. In the story a woman named The Ugly One possesses the power to heal. The woman has a beautiful daughter named Asa. The Ugly one is a sorcerer; who also helps sick people who are possessed by demons. The Ugly one becomes a witch after biting the finger off a deformed baby child and desiring an exquisite golden ring. The main character is The Ugly Sorcerer who is a hunchback. At first she helps deliver children at birth and then she becomes a sorcerer when her neighbor persuades her to learn the ways of a healer....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Circle of Gold

- Earthly things can be very expensive, but love from a family is priceless, it is expressed in the following passage. By the end of the last hundred pages I’ve read (103-201) in Candy Dawson Boyd’s Circle of Gold, Mattie finally realizes this, as does the readers. Mattie gives her mom a golden pin for mother’s day, which she goes by any means to get, just to bring her family back together. Mattie was a smart “A” student from Brooklyn, New York. Her only brother and twin brother Matthew is an artist that likes to draw and paint....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Logical Positism and the Vienna Circle

- Logical Positism and the Vienna Circle Moritz Schlick and A.J. Ayer were both logical positivists, and members of the Vienna Circle. They had differing yet concentric views on the foundations of knowledge, and they both shared the quest for truth and certainty. Moritz Schlick believed the all important attempts at establishing a theory of knowledge grow out of the doubt of the certainty of human knowledge. This problem originates in the wish for absolute certainty. A very important idea is the concept of "protocol statements", which are "...statements which express the facts with absolute simplicity, without any moulding, alteration, or addition, in whose elaboration every science consis...   [tags: Papers]

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The Third Key Member Of Hitler 's Inner Circle

- The fourth key member of Hitler’s inner circle is the German Architect Albert Speer. He was a brilliant Architect, the drawings of his buildings were what drew Hitler to recruiting Speer. Many architects dream of being able to build their own building and be able to look upon to with pride. Hitler was able to take it step further with Speer. Hitler gave him the opportunity to build complete cities. From the start Speer was completely under the influence of Hitler and built anything that he needed....   [tags: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, Nazism, Nazi Party]

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Analysis Of Peter Drucker 's ' The Golden Circle '

- As the Historian of Phi Beta Lambda, I’ve became interested in the numerous styles of leadership. Peter Drucker said “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” Upon reading the two books, The Leadership Challenge and Start With Why, I have gained insight on the leadership styles. The Leadership Challenge broke down how leaders should be and components of leadership. Start with Why explained leadership and gave me a clear understanding to the bigger picture in why things are done....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Sociology]

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Descartes’s Conception of Certainty and the Cartesian Circle

- Introduction Descartes’s Meditations on First Philosophy are dedicated to establishing absolute certainty and “anything at all in the sciences that was stable and likely to last” (Meditations I.18). Descartes demolishes all his old beliefs and attempts rebuilds his foundations from the beginning. He employs a series of hyperbolic doubts and dismisses all his preconceived notions formerly taken for granted and works back to establish certainty in all his clear and distinct perceptions. Prima facie, Descartes’s philosophical arguments seem very logical and plausible....   [tags: Meditations of First Philosophy]

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Let The Circle Be Unbroken

- Let the Circle be Unbroken When TJ gets a trial, the Logan children are very happy because they think he will not be killed. Mama and Papa disagree because the jury will be entirely white. Mr. Jaminson does and excellent job defending TJ. He had experiments, such as putting a black stocking over his hand and showing it to Mrs. Barnett. He also had strong evidence that TJ did not commit the crime. At the end, TJ was found guilty, mostly because of the jury’s prejudice. This part is a very crucial part of the novel because if TJ were not convicted, the Logan children would have not ridden up to strawberry and they would not have used the “white” bathrooms....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Lion King; What´s the Circle of Life

- What is the circle of life. In a time when the Disney animation renaissance ruled the cinema world, one movie had ruled entirely over all. In 1994 at the height of the company’s own resurrection, Disney released the epic musical drama The Lion King. It was a critically acclaimed movie that has spawned off into a Broadway musical, a spin-off show, and two sequels. I first saw the Lion King when I was three years old and to this day is one of my favorite movies. Little did I know the Lion King was much more than a movie about a young lion stepping in place of his father’s absence, but more of a spin on the Shakespeare play Hamlet....   [tags: cinema, disney animation]

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Alan Gewirth’s The Cartesian Circle Reconsidered

- In Alan Gewirth’s The Cartesian Circle Reconsidered, he expands on an argument he made in a previous paper in regards to a possible logical fallacy in Descartes Meditations on First Philosophy. This fallacy is called the Cartesian Circle in reference to Descartes apparently circular reasoning that he can have clear and distinct ideas because of God’s existence, but that the proof of God’s existence and is itself based on clear and distinct ideas. Gewirth’s response to critics of Descartes is that Descartes use different types of certainty to prove the existence and veracity of God compared to accuracy of clear and distinct ideas....   [tags: philosophy, metaphysics, fallacy]

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The Importance Of A Friend Is A Circle Of People That Care For One Another

- According to Dunn and Craig, the definition of a friend is a circle of people that care for one another. During my life I have had healthy friendships and bad friendships. While talking to my mother over the years and interviewing her now, she always told me that it is good to have a set of friends that will be there for me, but to not let them dictate my life. That is why, according her, she made sure that I was involved in all the activities that were held at my church, she currently continues to do so....   [tags: Family, Interpersonal relationship, Mother]

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Analysis Of Mara Sapon Shevin 's ' The Circle '

- Imagine. You are a student once again and you are struggling to feel like you fit in. Everyone in your class seems to be smarter, faster, and better than you. You feel like you do not belong and are a loser. Now switch gears. You are the teacher and you see that one student struggling with those emotions; ask yourself, how can you help. As an educator, you can help a student feel included by accommodating their needs and making sure they know they are important, asking them their views on class issues, and by not underestimating their abilities as a growing, working brain....   [tags: Education]

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When Life Has Come Full Circle

- Your mom and dad were always your caregivers but suddenly life has came full circle. Caring for aging parents can be extremely overwhelming. It is heart wrenching to see your parents slowly devoured by an illness. There are many different emotions and reactions people experience when confronted with this responsibility. It can feel extremely awkward when you become the caregiver to your parents. The process of feeding, bathing and supervising your parents can seem particularly abnormal not only for the caregiver but for the parent as well....   [tags: Family]

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The Caucasian Chalk Circle

- The Caucasian Chalk Circle - Plot Notes. Scene 1 Representatives from two kolchos villages meet to decide who should have control of a valley that was taken from the Galinsk kolchos by the Rosa Luxemburg kolchos during the war. They argue it out and finally agree on a proposal from the agronomist in favour of the Rosa Luxemburg keeping the valley as they could put it to better use. A singer is invited to perform a story to help them with their problem. This is called "The Chalk Circle" and starts in scene two....   [tags: English Literature]

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Coming Full Circle

- Coming Full Circle Roger Sale, a former professor at the University of Washington says, "I can't know what I want until I see something I like." This is said in response to the common question asked by students, "What do you want our papers to be about?" Hearing this must get tiresome for teachers as well as students. Sale, in his essay on "The Relationships Struck Between Writer and Reader, Reader and Writer, Student and Teacher, Teacher and Student", suggests not telling the student exactly what is wanted, to be flexible and "suggest to all students that what is important is what they think, not what the teacher thinks." Over the years I've found that teachers and students go through stag...   [tags: College Writing Education Essays]

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Coming Full Circle in Blue Highways

- In his traveling diary, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon takes a trip to various destinations of unknown worth. His American back roads tour is characterized by the pattern of taking a journey that follows a circle. Least Heat Moon's circular journey is both literal and spiritual. His travels circle the nation, and he gathers history and personality from all corners of America. More importantly, however, Least Heat Moon sets out to fully explore and find himself. He provides the audience with the simple explanation of the circular nature of his journey because "following a circle would give a purpose&emdash;to come around again&emdash;where taking a line would not"(Le...   [tags: Blue Highways]

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Essential Tool for Musicians: The Circle of 4th’s and 5th’s

- ... Just like Pythagoras made it, the Circle of fourths and Fifths is divided up into 12 places, like the numbers 1-12 on a clock. The Circle of fourths and Fifths helps you figure out what sharps or flats will occur in what key. The name of the key that is being played is the letter on the outside of the Circle,those are the major key. If you want to figure out how many sharps are in each key, count clockwise from C at the top of the Circle. The C major at the top is neutral so it does not have any sharps or flats....   [tags: Phythagoras, ]

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Analysis Of ' How Do We Ask The Turtle On Trace Out A Circle?

- Statement of Purpose “How do we ask the turtle to trace out a circle. Remember it only knows how to walk in straight lines and turn around.” Moving around the Logo turtle with his tail as his pen in sixth grade was my first exposure to computer science. I was immediately fascinated by the idea of approximating a smooth circle with a regular polygon of, say, 360 sides. Staring at the “circle” on screen, I could not quite digest the fact that it was something produced in a fundamentally different way compared to the one I could draw with a pair of compasses, though neither of which was ever close to being the perfect, mathematical circle that probably does not exist in the physical world....   [tags: Logic, Reasoning, Computer, Algorithm]

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A Study Circle Leader Session On Exploitation Of The Environment By Multinational Corporations ( Mncs )

- My Study Circle Leader Session on exploitation of the environment by Multinational Corporations (MNCs) was very successful. During my Study Circle Leader Session, I provided my group with an overview of the topic, which evoked a lot of emotion as many of my peers considered the topic a scary thought to consider. Some thought it was a very interesting topic, especially in regards to there being nothing holding companies accountable for their environmental abuses. Next, the group discussed the outside resource on Shell, a multinational oil company, which unfairly took advantage of the Nigerian environment....   [tags: Multinational corporation, Corporation]

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A Novel about Two Juvenile Boys, The Inner Circle by Gary Crew

- “The Inner Circle”, written by Gary Crew is a novel based on two juvenile boys, Joe Carney and Tony Landon. Tony is a white teenager, ignored by his divorced parents and given money instead of love, whereas Joe Carney is a black Aboriginal teenager, who wants to overcome racism and social exclusion. Joe and Tony do not have anything in common except their age and emotional confusion, but they become friends after meeting in the old abandoned power station regardless of their racial difference. Gary Crew wrote the novel in Joe and Tony point of view, which a chapter for Joe and a chapter for Tony is given to provide the readers an understanding of how the European settlement has a big impacts...   [tags: discrimination, racial, black aboriginal]

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Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez : A Hero Of His Inner Circle Of Teammates

- Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez was a young Latino who had a passionate love for baseball. He was like any normal kid in the neighborhood apart from his strikingly athletic good looks, strong natural leadership and obsession with baseball. “Benny”, as his closest friends would call him, was a true hero to his inner circle of teammates. Especially to Scotty Smalls, as it was Benny who saved Scotty from a life sentence by retrieving his step father’s prized Babe Ruth autographed baseball from the jaws of the notorious junkyard “Beast” and making himself a neighborhood legend....   [tags: Baseball, Major League Baseball, Babe Ruth]

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An Animal to Save The World: The Polar Bear

- An observant over the past years show the sudden increase of polar bears being endangered. The polar bear is a meat-eating bear, which normally lives within the Arctic Circle, surrounding sea. Polar bears are threatened directly on how humans treat our earth and our environment involving Global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. A friendly environment helps saving the lives of Polar bears that are being harmed due to our actions. This problem may be solved through various ways by helping to find ways to slow down global warming and to help regulate oil and gas businesses from using certain type of harmful chemicals that harm the Polar Bears and decreasing the rate of hunting being used to...   [tags: endangered species, artic circle]

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Hipparchus, Menelaus, Ptolemy and Greek Trigonometry

- Hipparchus of Nicaea (c. 190 – c. 120 B.C.) was a Greek astronomer, geographer, and mathematician of the Hellenistic period. Many credit him as the founder of trigonometry. Hipparchus was born in Nicaea, Bithynia (now Iznik, Turkey) and most likely died on the island of Rhodes. He flourished during 162 to 127 B.C. as a working astronomer and is considered by many to be the greatest ancient astronomical observer and, by some, the greatest overall astronomer of antiquity. Utilizing the observations and mathematical techniques accumulated over the centuries by the Babylonians and other Mesopotamians, he was the first person whose quantitative and accurate models for the motion of the Sun and Mo...   [tags: Mathematics, astronomy, circle,triangle]

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FullMetlal Alchemist and Daoism

- Alchemy Real Alchemy and the Alchemy used in Fullmetal Alchemist both start with similar bases, Chemistry. Though, in Fullmetal Alchemist the use of chemical science is only scene a few times, for example when Edward and Alphonse were attempting to bring back their mother, but even if not shown the thought is still there in the Law of Equivalent exchange. In the scene I stated above, they used a series of elements that a human body is made up of, they then mix these ingredients to help with the bases of the experiment, this is connected to the process of real alchemy....   [tags: transmutation circle, alkahestry]

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