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The New Testament : A Christian Church

- Growing up in a Christian church, a member of any parish could probably recite the Lord’s Prayer from the many years of repetition and orating on Sunday mornings. Another good example of another prayer that is engraved in the minds of Christians, the Apostle’s Creed, has significant resonance in any Christian community. Even though the Apostle’s Creed is not in the Bible nor is it actually created by the direct twelve Apostles of Jesus, the Apostles Creed is a continuation of the Lord 's Prayer, which stands as an important element in the Christian religions....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Christian terms, Trinity]

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Calls For Change Of The Christian Church

- Calls for change of the Christian church started right off the bat in its history. As Europe recouped from the infection, issues inside of the congregation started to emerge. During the time men and ladies trusted that the early Christian church spoke to a brilliant age, similar to the brilliant age of the traditional past celebrated by Renaissance humanists. At the point when Christianity turned into the official religion of the Roman Empire in the fourth century, numerous devotees imagined that the congregation had deserted its unique mission, and they required an arrival to a congregation that was not connected to the state....   [tags: Protestant Reformation, Christianity]

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History of the Eartly Christian Church

- ... In addition to Siricus’ belief in his authority, he also was the first bishop to give himself the title of “Pope,” although this title would not be officially given to any Bishop until a later date. Although these bishops did not have a direct impact on the formation of the hierarchal Catholic Church, their ideas and beliefs carried over into what would became a main part of the church. As stated previously, the church became a source of protection for the people in the west. One such example of this protection comes during the time of Bishop Leo of Rome....   [tags: Roman catholisism]

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The Mysteries Of The Christian Church

- From the beginning of the establishment of the Christian church there have always been controversies about how the organization has been run. The Da Vinci code and The Secret Supper deal with an alternative interpretation of early Christianity and the gospels, far different from that of the orthodox Catholic Church, both novels also deal with mysteries behind some of Leonardo Da Vinci’s most famous paintings. The Da Vinci code describes the attempts of Robert Langdon, Professor of Religious Symbology at Harvard University, to solve the murder of renowned curator Jacques Saunière of the Louvre Museum in Paris....   [tags: Religion Christian]

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I Was A Christian Church

- As I was walking around the building in Cloverleaf Elementary one of the first things I noticed was that there was a Christian Church in walking distance of the school. The church wasn 't grandiose or luxurious, but it was well maintained and inviting. I feel like this is important because it makes it so that there is somewhere for the community to go and be together. There was not community park close by, so the church also gives children a chance to interact with other children their age outside of school....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Christianity, School]

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Christianity And The Christian Church

- Whenever one thinks of Christianity and the Christian church, one cannot avoid Jesus Christ. This is understandable because, for without Jesus, Christianity would not exist; Christianity is based on Jesus. Jesus has become so well associated with Christianity that it is assumed and widely accepted that Jesus was a Christian. Followers of Christianity often use the reference “being Christ-like” as a model for ideal human behavior (meaning to use the life of Jesus as a blueprint). Throughout the bible believers and nonbelievers are challenged not to blindly accept religious dogma....   [tags: Christianity, New Testament, Jesus, Islam]

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How Could The Christian Church

- How could the Christian church, which bases itself off kindness and peace, allow the Crusades to happen. The religion known to be loving of all was the cause of the most catastrophic occurrence in the late eleventh and late thirteenth centuries because of misconceptions and avarice of the pope. Of all of the religious wars fought, this was the one with the highest level of ridiculousness. Members of the church fought for all of the wrong reasons and the outcome was poor because of it. Even though the Crusades were justified by the false philosophies of both parties, they were overall beneficial economically....   [tags: Crusades, First Crusade, Byzantine Empire]

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The Christian Church Of The Jews ' Identity As Christians

- The Early Christian Church was not exclusive to Israelites the way that Jewish tradition it branched out from was. In fact, a large populous of the Early Church was the Gentiles that the Jews disliked. It is this people group that Paul writes to from prison in his Epistle, Ephesians. An in depth study of Ephesians in addition to supplementary scholarly journals has shown how in Paul’s letter he orientates the Gentiles’ identity as Christians, teaches how that identity should shape their character, and how they should apply their new found identity to their relationships within society....   [tags: New Testament, Christianity, Early Christianity]

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Reflections on Leaders In a Connectional Church

- In January 2010, I was privileged to be able to take a class at the Presbyterian Center in Louisville, KY called "Leaders in a Connectional Church". The course aimed to show how the leadership of the Presbyterian church connected with the presbyteries and congregations that make up its body through working intensively with the General Assembly Mission Council (GAMC) and researching how the current structure had come to be. My assignment was within the Executive Director and Communications offices, which I was excited to be a part of, given my background in radio and broadcasting....   [tags: The Christian Church]

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The Social History of the Early Christian Church

- The social history of the early Christian church is closely related to the kinds of documents and the secular, cultural context that was around at the time. Paul was highly influential on early Christian theology as was other people that wrote under his name. Three canonized works have classically been attributed to Paul, but are now known to be forgeries: 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, and Titus. These books are known as “The Pastorals” and they are different from Paul’s authentic works in many fundamental ways....   [tags: jew, creek, bible]

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A Lifelong Calling into the Orthodox Christian Church

- ... Because the entire law is summoned up in this one statement, "Love your Neighbor as yourself." (Galatians5:13-4)"Yourself - Love" should therefore, symbolize or stand for the True Faith which you as the True Temple of God must witness it before the world. Let your light illuminate the spiritual gifts given to you by God at birth. These include, love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, generosity, fidelity, gentleness, self-control and humility. We as Orthodox Christians should not be tolerant of "immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, magic arts, animosities, strife, jealousy, bad temper, out breaks of selfishness, dissatisfaction, envy, drunkenness, carousing "(Gal 5:19-21) because...   [tags: faith, christ, transformed]

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My Experience At A Christian Church Camp

- Every summer since I can remember always included going to a Christian church camp with my friends. Each camp had a different age group that spanned from kindergarten to high school. It was a time where I could go and play with my friends, eat a different kind of cuisine that I practically never have, swim every day, canoe across a lake, and many other fun and exciting activities. I had always gone to church with my friends every summer, until my eighth grade year. This year was different from the other years....   [tags: Christianity, Mind, Thought, Christendom]

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Musical Worship in teh Christian Church

- Musical Worship Throughout history, music has been used as a form of worship in the Christian church. From David playing his harp and writing poetry in fields to electric guitars being played in church buildings, we have explored almost every style of music. There are many views on how musical worship should be carried out in the church. So much so that style of musical worship has become a church splitting controversy. People draw lines in the sand and choose not to sway far from what they believe is pleasing to God, but this has led to more division than unity....   [tags: Worship, praises, God, Bible, Religion, Beliefs]

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The Gospels And Acts : The Gospel And Initiation Of The New Christian Church Era

- The Gospels and Acts provide a meaning connection to Christ ministry on earth, the work of the Holy Spirit, and the initiation of the new Christian church era. The Pentecostal experience was a great outpouring upon the believers with the ability to speak in other languages. However, this was not the overarching meaning of the Pentecost occurrence. The believers that were in the house during the experience were able to witness to other people because of the Holy Spirit. It was the witnessing that promoted Christ and the deeds of God’s power....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Baptism, Christian terms]

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The History of the Christian Church

- The fall and decline of the Roman Republic became an act of survival and it destroyed Rome completely. The only way for farmers to survey, would be to make their own fighting equipment and they would struggle everyday, they had nothing. The land would be ugly, not maintain because, they had nothing to maintain it with, and they were poor. The farmers had no choice but to sell their property to the Romans, also know as the Socrates. Also, in 133 B.C the Gracchi brothers were trying to make situation better by relocating farmers in the North Africa, but along the way they were both killed....   [tags: religion, christianity, history]

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The Christian Church in the Middle Ages

- The Christian Church in the Middle Ages The Christian Church in the Middle Ages played a significant role in society. Unfortunately though, the church is often regarded as the capital of corruption, evil, and worldliness. Today, so many people depict the medieval church as being led by materialistic popes, devouring tithes from poverty-stricken peasants, having various illegitimate children, and granting indulgences for money from wayward believers. Yes, circumstances like this may have been the case, and is often hard to disapprove, considering the fact that this notion is often advocated in movies....   [tags: Papers]

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The Official Attitudes of the Christian Church

- The Official Attitudes of the Christian Church The Anglican Church or the Church of England believes that life is sacred but sometimes abortion is the best way out of a bad situation such as endangering the life of the mother. They quote "The Church of England's view on abortion is that the life of the foetus endangers the life of the mother, action can be taken" in the Church of England Report 1984. The Roman Catholic Church has opposite views, they believe that life begins at conception so abortion breaks one of the Ten Commandments - do not kill....   [tags: Papers]

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Support of Slavery by the Christian Church

- Support of Slavery by the Christian Church The belief in some higher presence, other than our own, has existed since man can recollect. Religion was established from this belief, and it can survive and flourish because of this belief. Christianity, one of several forms of religion that exist today, began sometime during the middle of the first century. Christians believe in a higher presence that they call "God." This belief in God is based on faith, not fact; faith is "unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence." (Webster's New World College Dictionary, 1996, p....   [tags: Slavery Essays]

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The Differences Among The Hope Christian Reformed Church and Vineyard Church of Houston

- A.) The first church I went to was my coach’s church; Hope Christian Reformed Church. I went to a Sunday morning service. The service was very serious and well planned out. I felt as if every minute was planned and we had to follow it to the tee, everything was very robot like. The program was sort of like a conversation filled with chants and paper turning. The “Liturgist” would say something and then the “People” would reply and ten we would sing a song. I felt like I was at a business meeting rather than a place to worship....   [tags: lord´s super, church service]

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Science and the Christian Church

- The relationship between science and the Christian Church has never been viewed as a positive one. The Christian Church has often been ostracized for their role in the history of science, and to some degree is most commonly held responsible for most, if not all the struggles that science had to undergo to achieve it's status today. In David Lindberg's article titled "Science and the Christian Church" Lindberg explores this idea by not taking sides with the Christian church, or the sciences, but by examining other possible explanations as to why the scientific struggle was so hard....   [tags: World Literature]

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Homosexuality and the Christian Church

- Homosexuality and the Christian Church In today’s Christian churches there has come about a very controversial subject, one that has been developing for many years, and is now at the fore front of controversial issues dealing with the church. The issue at hand is homosexuality and the Christian church. This controversy has caused there to be a split between the church into two different beliefs, liberal and evangelical, which one is right and which and which one is wrong. Issues such as should homosexuals be aloud in the church....   [tags: Theology Religion]

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Christian Church As A Force For Social Change And Human Betterment

- According to Dr. King the proper role of the Christian Church should be seen as a force for social change and human betterment. He makes specific points about how the Christian Church should still follow the same organized religion as they once did in the early Christian times. In the early Christian times we saw people risk their lives and even persecution to help build the world into a better place and create justice within. King argues that the Christian Churches are becoming irrelevant as they seek to maintain their status quo rather than to help encourage their church members to transcend their weaknesses....   [tags: Nonviolence, Civil disobedience, Sociology]

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For the Bible Tells Me So a Documentary on the Christian Church

- For the Bible Tells Me So is a documentary that explores the way people in the Christian church, more specifically literalists or fundamentalists have treated people who identify of liking the same gender who strive in the church. Most of these literalists will use their religious book, the Bible, to wrong those that are following the ways of homosexuality by taking it quite literally. Through this, it shows how religious groups play a role on many families who have a daughter or a son who identify themselves as homosexual....   [tags: fundamentalists, identity, self image]

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The Church as a Christian Community

- ... 28:19). The Church does this in a special way by being a presence in the world, to spread the Gospel through preaching, and to practice the Gospel in everyday life. Natalie Kertes Weaver, a theologian and religious scholar at Ursuline College describes this presence in her book Christian Thought and Practice, saying that: “As a community of believers, the church plays a vital role in the way individual Christians experience their faith. It is also critical to Christians’ understanding of the way in which Jesus’ grace is made available to them” ....   [tags: world, business, fraternal organizations]

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The Church Of The Christian Faith

- The people of the Christian faith had to endure a great deal of pain and suffering throughout their time in Rome in (place date here). For example, one of the worst men to ever persecute the Christians was Nero. To better elaborate, according to Dr. Favol’s lecture, Nero burned hundreds of Christians at night as a source of light. That being said, it is important for people to know how the Christians were treated in Rome during the 300’s, the influences Emperor Constantine had on the Christians, and the separating of the Roman Empire did for Christianity as a whole....   [tags: Christianity, Roman Empire, Ancient Rome]

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My Experience At A Christian / Pentecostal Church

- My overall take on this experience was positive. I am grateful that Professor Rodkey had this project in place for the course. It opened my eyes into seeing that there is so much more in a religion. Religion consists of cultures, beliefs, and even a style of clothing. I think that if I haven’t have had this experience, I wouldn’t know what else is out there. I knew that the world had millions of religions but never knew they were practiced as so. All my life I was involved in church. Since the moment my mother gave birth to me, I always attended a Christian/Pentecostal Church....   [tags: God, Christianity, Bless you, Religion]

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The Role of Christian Ministry

- The pastor of the author’s church has revealed a concern about the direction of the church to the author on a number of times. He revealed that more time is spent devising programs and events than on true discipleship. That concern is on many pastors surrounding the globe. Some college students also voiced their lack of interest in continuing to attend church. The writer questioned some of the college students at his church and discovered that many were discouraged by what they called “reruns.” When pressed, they continued that the Sunday School materials and the sermons were the same....   [tags: christian ministry, church, worship]

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Christian Church's Teaching on Prejudice and Discrimination

- Christian Church's Teaching on Prejudice and Discrimination Prejudice is thinking badly of others for no sufficient reason. Prejudice is seen as a way of thinking about other groups of people. Discrimination is when you act upon your prejudice and hurt people either physically or mentally. The Christian Church all teach similar things, that is, being prejudiced and discriminating against others is wrong. They teach us that everyone should be treated equally and that you should treat other as you would like to be treated, "respect for the human person considers the other 'another self'." (Catechism of the Catholic Church.) The Catholic Church believes that "every per...   [tags: Papers]

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Christian Church's Influence on Medical Progress

- Christian Church's Influence on the Medical Progress The Christian Church was very powerful and had influence on many things which you wouldn't imagine they would have, one being medicine. The Church mainly hindered medical progress but we will see how it did and see if it helped medicine in any ways. When it came to developing new medical ideas the Church hindered its progression. An example of this is when Roger Bacon, a 13th century priest, was imprisoned for heresy after he suggested that there should be a new approach to medicine and original research should be thought of instead of using old ideas such as Galen's....   [tags: Free Essays]

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Bring America Back to its Christian Roots

- “The church needs to take back America!” is what many Christians say. The question is, should that really be what the church is focused on. According to John Stead in his chapter from the book Think Biblically. Recovering a Christian Worldview, that is not a proper purpose of the church. Speaking personally, this excerpt has truly started to make me think more deeply on how the church relates to government and the systems that have been in use before the political activism seen among professing Christians today....   [tags: church, christian roots, christians]

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Discipleship Ministry And Community Church

- As we continue on this Christian journey we must realize that all churches are different, but all have one common goal. The goal is to seek first the kingdom of God, and then build relationships. After evaluating three churches Saddleback Community Church; North Point Community Church; and Coastal Community Church, I understand that each individual church may function different. The three ministries that stood out to me were Discipleship Ministry, Waubaland Ministry, and Hope of Life Ministry. If you were a member at Saddleback Community church they believed in following the examples of Christ if they were going to disciple other individual....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Christian terms, Church]

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Christian Minority And The Separation Of Church And State

- Christian Majority in U.S. and The Separation of Church and State The United States of America is a country built on Christian values. The Pilgrims came to the United States in order to seek religious freedom and they founded the United States as a haven from religious persecution. The founding in itself is based on a Judeo-Christian worldview and has Christian principles ingrained into the founding documents. This Christian belief appears in the American coin, “In God We Trust”, and even the presidential speeches like Obama’s and Nixon’s ones when they say at the end “(…) God bless the United States of America.” An immense portion of people in the United States believes in God, and statisti...   [tags: United States]

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The Theology Of The Church Of England And The Salvation Army

- Introduction Sacraments are the means, which Christians partake in the mystery of Christ through symbolic actions. Alister E. McGrath described the Sacraments as “Outward signs of the visible grace of God”. Consequently, since the beginning of Christianity, Christians have practiced many different sacraments. However, Western theologians limited the sacraments to include the ones that Christ instituted. As a result, the Sacrament of Baptism, Confirmation, the Eucharist, Penance, Extreme Unction, Orders and Matrimony became traditional in the West....   [tags: Eucharist, Catholic Church, Christian terms]

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Christian Church Services: The Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ

- Christian church services Based on the Great Commission of Jesus Christ the Lord , firmly and clearly , Jesus Christ gave tasks and commands you [ pointing to the churches , as well as those who believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior ] , as written in the Bible , namely : "To me has been given all authority in heaven and on earth . Therefore go and make disciples of all nations , baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit , and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you ....   [tags: marturia, diakonia, christianity]

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The Sermon Was Given By Frank A. Thomas At The Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church

- This sermon was given by Frank A. Thomas at the Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church in Memphis, Tennessee in December 2013. The church is mainly African American and holds evangelism as a priority. Thomas was a visiting preacher for this sermon but based on his message he was confident that a message that would inspire people to notice how highly Jesus thinks of them would resonate with them. They are likely a congregation of the working class who consider their lives to be ordinary and sometimes overlooked and they turn to the gospel to find ways in which God has blessed them or can empower them for greatness....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Gospel, Gospel of John]

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Scholarly Opinions On Church Fathers, Ignatius Of Antioch And Origin

- Scholarly Opinions Two notable Church Fathers, Ignatius of Antioch and Origin, had very distinct views of the Eucharist, yet contrasting. First, Ignatius saw the Eucharist as the center of worship because it stressed the focus of the presence of the saving power of Jesus. Ignatius stressed three main points: Ignatius connects the physical elements of the Lord’s Supper with the physicality of Jesus’ body. “Ignatius finds it impossible to take the bread as the flesh of Christ at the ritual and yet claim that Christ had no physical body (as Docetism taught).” Ignatius also saw the one cup and the one bread of the Lord’s Supper as symbols of the unity there is in Christ....   [tags: Christian terms, Christianity, Church Fathers]

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A Proposal For The 21st Century Church Of Christian Discipleship

- Introduction In Multiply, Chan presents a proposal to the 21st century church in support of Christian discipleship. The author feels that many have strayed from the mandates of the New Testament church by failing to make disciples and disciple-makers. Further, defining a disciple as: “a student or apprentice. [16]” Aligning his presentation with the Holy Inspired Scripture of Jesus’ teaching, training, and leading his disciples. Encouraging Christians to return to their roots of becoming disciples, then becoming disciple-makers; in other-words, multiply....   [tags: Christianity, Bible, Jesus, New Testament]

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The Kindowm of God or Kingdom of Heaven

- The “Kingdom of God” or “Kingdom of Heaven” shows up one hundred and nineteen times in the New Testament (Arndt, 8). The Christian Church refers to the kingdom as the Kingdom of God. The kingdom can be interpreted in many ways ranging from it being a domain, a higher power, even being within us. Throughout its interpretations it is always described as being in the future and that it will be coming soon, we are in the already but not yet stage. Once the kingdom has arrived the end of the world will have come and judgment will be upon us, then the Son of Man will return to Heaven....   [tags: new testament, christian church]

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Clash on Investiture: King Henry IV

- From the beginning of the Christian church, there have been multiple clashes over what powers go to the state and what powers go to the church. One of the most prominent disputes was in the late eleventh century over which side would be able to appoint bishops and other churchmen, otherwise know as investiture. The church and Pope Gregory VII believed they had the right to solely pick churchmen because they believed the church and pope were all-powerful. Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor, however wanted this power to protect the state....   [tags: Christian church and state]

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Gender and Power in the United States

- ... This is another common tactic of objectification. Focusing on the sexualized parts of the body and removing the face and brain, which are the parts that make a person human. This ad is essentially telling us that the mind and personality of this woman are not important and that she is only valuable for her reproductive and sexual aspects. Many television commercials also reinforce negative gender stereotypes of women. The AXE company seems to particularly profit off of this type of advertising....   [tags: values, christian church]

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Justinian and The Byzantine Empire

- Justinian was one of the most influential rulers of Byzantium. When he came into power in 527 AD, he inherited a civilization in disarray. Justinian had a positive impact on the Byzantine Empire. Most notably, he introduced an improved set of laws and conquered many surrounding nations, nearly restoring the former glory of the Roman Empire. In addition to these contributions, Justinian also made advances with the Christian Church and Byzantine architecture. Justinian was born on May 11, 483 AD in northern Illyricum (Hillard 1)....   [tags: theodora, christian, church]

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The Proper Mode of Baptism

- The Proper Mode of Baptism Becoming a Christian is considered by many to be the greatest thing that one can do in life. Praying, worshipping God, and studying His word are all valuable parts to a walk in faith. Yet, some tend to forget an important action that should take place to attest a stand for Christianity. Baptism is an act of confirming that one is a Christian while symbolizing the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Through the teachings of the Bible and Jesus, it is apparent that the Southern Baptist view of baptism is the most accurate to the symbolization of Christ’s perfect resurrection and declares the public statement to necessary to affirm the relationship with Jesus....   [tags: christian, church, ritual]

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The Book Deep And Wide By Adam Stanley

- Summary (Why Make Church for the Unchurched?) The thesis of the book Deep and Wide by Adam Stanley is simply put as making a church that the unchurched can’t resist to attend. This book may cause controversy in some Christian circles by leaving a traditional church view of the church’s purpose being for the churched, however, in this paradigm shift Stanley presents that the church’s purpose should be to reach the unchurched in order for people to receive the Gospel that would never step foot into a traditional church....   [tags: Christian terms, Christianity, Christian Church]

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Teachings of the Bible and the Christian Church About Human Responsibility for the World

- Teachings of the Bible and the Christian Church About Human Responsibility for the World The Bible contains many teachings about our human responsibility towards the created world. It talks about the start of creation in Genesis. Here it is made clear that human beings are made in the image of God so that they can continue his good work. At the outset they are given power over the rest of creation and now if all humans work together to make the world a better place they will be more powerful so it will happen, but even if just a few people are not willing to help then all will fall apart (see poster)....   [tags: Papers]

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Service Learning Project : Attend A Jewish Synagogue Service

- Service Learning Project – Attend a Jewish Synagogue Service I have attended a Christian church my whole life. While I have attended various denominations, I have always considered myself to be non-denominational, not favoring one over the other. The only other churches I have ever attended were Catholic; I have had other family members practice this faith and so have always been a guest with them if I have gone and had the services feel fairly familiar. When we were given the project to go and attend a different religion’s church I wasn’t sure what to expect....   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Synagogue, Christian Church]

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A Seminar For A Local Church, Based On Psychology And Christian Life

- Given the opportunity to plan a seminar for a local church, based on “Psychology and Christian Life”, I would first look at the concept of stereotyping, as it has deep roots in my upbringing. Secondly, addressing the issue of helping others would be a blessing for me, as I feel this is an area that needs growth amongst the body of Christ. Lastly, I would focus on the topic of conformity, as it is something I observe on a daily basis, which I myself struggle with at times. Unfortunately, I have grown up around an extended family who maintains a “tendency to characterize all members of a particular group as having certain characteristics in common” (Nevid, 2015, p....   [tags: New Testament, Jesus, Bible, Christ]

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The Ways You Worship God?

- Have you ever thought about the ways you worship God. Using worship through theatre, art, and music should be used as a way to glorify God. Even though these three forms of the arts are distinctly different, they have similarities when it comes to Christian worship. Each one conveys some type of Biblical story, but it is done in its own unique way. The performers and the artists will do certain things that are pleasing to their target audience. For example, in theatre they will decide what parts of the story to depict, in art they might portray Jesus as an African American, and in music the style can change for the audience....   [tags: Jesus, Bible, Music, Christian Church]

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Kid-Z-Own After School Program

- Part One 1) The placement organization is called Yorkwoods Community Church (Salvation Army) Kid-Z-Own After School Program. Address: 20 Yorkwoods Gate North York, Ontario Phone: ext 107 2) The organization mandate and anti-discrimination policies are infused with the mission statement of the Kid-Z-Own program found in the official Kid-Z-Own After School Program Manual for Volunteers and Placement Students (2013): “Through the demonstration of God’s love, kid-z-own serves children, youth and parents by providing safe, affordable places for kids after school where they can develop to their fullest potential....   [tags: youth, children, christian church, support]

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The Charismatic Debate

- The Charismatic debate on whether the gifts of the Spirit have ceased or continue to be used in modern times divides the Christian church. There have been some extremes on both sides of the fence. One view believes that, if a person speaks tongues, the person is under some demonic control and the other says that, if a person does not speaks tongues as evidence of receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, he or she is not saved. Both views use Scripture to defend their positions. The Scripture was not written to divide, but to bring us closer to God....   [tags: spirit, christian church, new testament]

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The Theology of Indigenization

- ... Contextualization The word “contextualization” is derived from the Latin word contextus, conveying the idea of “weaving together.” When an ideology from one culture is weaved seamlessly into another culture, contextualization has taken place. Daniel Sanchez defines the general concept of contextualization as “making concepts and methods relevant to a historical situation.” Drawing on the work of Charles R. Taber, Sanchez further defines missiological contextualization as “enabling the message of God’s redeeming love in Jesus Christ to become alive as it addresses the vital issues of a sociological context and transforms its worldview, its values, and its goals.” Therefore, Contextual...   [tags: biggest need of Indian Christian Church]

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Failing Ministries Have Become A Major Factor On The Shutting Down Of Churches

- Failing ministries have become a major factor in the shutting down of churches. Failing ministries become an outcome of poor planning and judgment on ministry leaders. There are several problems that occur when people start ministries. Poor planning, not allowing the congregation to be involved, and not differentiating are three common ways that ministries fail. Some of these are caused because of poor ministry leaders underestimating the task of starting ministries. Many of these ministry setbacks can be averted by knowing a few key steps to create growing and God honoring ministries....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Want, Christian Church]

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Closing the Gap in Theologies and Religious Education

- As the editor and contributing author, Miller et al. (1995) divided Theologies in religious education, into three parts, an entire 13 chapters. Although, “ethics does not necessarily require religious grounding” (MacKinnon, 2012, p. 4) each author’s scholarship reads as a qualitative research study, in some form, the study also aligned with philosophical ethics—divine command theory or the prescribed natural law, to include significant references to ethical terminology as right, good, ought, and virtuous....   [tags: Christian education, church, theology]

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Gospel Culture Encounter

- “Every Christian is both a member of the universal church and also a participant in a particular culture. There is not one Christian interpretation of Jesus; there are many different ones, shaped by different cultures.” I find this quote by Lesslie Newbigin, from his book The Open Secret, to be a great and apropos description of what we find in our exploration of The Theology of the Pain of God by Kazoh Kitamori. Kitamori’s thoughts are definitely shaped by the Japanese culture, but yet can be applied to the universal church theological thought process....   [tags: christian, jesus, church]

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John Wesley and the Methodist Church- Analysis of “Methodism and the Christian Heritage in England”

- I have been a firm believer that if one does not understand where you come from you can have little understanding of where your heading. The first thirty-two pages of the book on “Methodism and the Christian Heritage in England” gave a background as to Wesley’s foundation that so many authors overlook. The first page summed it up best in: “The long course of English ecclesiastical history met the force of a new concern for renewal, both individual and institutional. A long tradition of propositional certainty of faith met the power of a personal experience of faith....   [tags: religion, methodist]

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A Brief History of Education in Norway

- As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “We are students of words: we are shut up in schools, and colleges, and recitation -rooms, for ten or fifteen years, and come out at last with a bag of wind, a memory of words, and do not know a thing.” I know it is an understatement to say that all professors do this, but most do believe that every student has learned the subjects they are teaching, when in reality it is not like that. First, I believe that every student has a different way of learning and second, I believe that regardless of whether or not it has been taught before, it is one’s job to teach it because they are getting paid for it....   [tags: christian and humanistic approach, church]

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Martin Luther and the Amazing Reformation

- The fact that the Reformation occurred at all is more than a little astounding, in part because of the way it began. Martin Luther wrote his Ninety-five Theses and posted it to the door of All Saints' Church to start a debate, his intent was not to start the Reformation.1 One of the things I find interesting about the Reformation, beyond all the changes that took place because of it, is how many things had to come together to make it happen and one of those things was the invention of the printing press....   [tags: printing press, church, Christian]

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John Winthrop's Life and Accomplishments

- John Winthrop came to America to avoid the depression in England and escape oppression from Charles I, a king who was impatient with Puritan reformers. Though Winthrop wasn’t a separatist, he embraced Puritan ideas and “wished to reform the national church from within, purging it of everything that harked back to Rome, especially the hierarchy of the clergy and all the traditional Catholic rituals”. He left England for his own self-interests rather than embarking to create a colony independent of England; he was not in the presence of the other founding fathers when they signed the declaration, nor he did not fight in the revolution....   [tags: church, christian charity, neighbor love]

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Leadership and Teamwork: Process of Change

- Leadership and Teamwork Assignment 2 This reflective essay will centre on the process of change regarding how communion is carried out in Living Hope Christian church, Hull. The leadership model of 'Teamwork` will form the central basis of the piece. I will argue, that even the most delicate issues often need to be analyzed; and, at times acted upon. Yet, an acceptable platform for progress can be achieved, when intrinsic principles such as planning, initiating, informing, supporting and evaluating are advocated by the leader or leaders of a church....   [tags: Living Hope church, communion, christian leader]

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Holy Orders

- Holy Orders Holy Orders is a Sacrament at the Service of Communion that Jesus gave the Church to pass on to men. It was set up to provide ministers of service to the Church. Those who have received this sacrament are members of a college that dedicates their lives to become servants of the Word of God. They are called to live a life of self-denial, celibacy, and sacrifice for the well being of other beings. Holy Orders gives different powers and authorities in the Church on three different levels....   [tags: Religion Religious Christian Church]

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The Early Church And The Church Of Today

- Many people probably think that being a part of the church has always been easy. I mean, why would they think any different. It is as easy as saying, “Hey, I want to be a part of your church. I believe in God and I enjoy it here”, right. Well, it has not always been quite that simple. Those words may suffice today to gain you access to a local church and you would more than likely find yourself affiliated with a great organization. But in the years past, it has been much more difficult to become and remain a part of the church....   [tags: Jesus, Christian terms, Christianity, Holy Spirit]

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- Power struggles have always been occurrences that have had the ability to plague an entire nation. While evidence of this fact can be seen all throughout history, it is especially evident within medieval times. Specifically, power struggles developed between the Roman church and various groups such as non-believers, Muslims, kings, and even common people all throughout the High Middle Ages. As a result, Christian fighters, known as “crusades,” were asked to fight for their beliefs by the pope in order to take back land that non-believers lived on as well as eliminate anyone who challenged the authority of the church hierarchy....   [tags: Religion, Power Struggles, Christian Church]

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The Tradition Of The Church

- Within his article on “Tradition,” Williams attempts to define tradition and appraise whether or not tradition is normative, sustainable (through the Holy Spirit) or if it is corruptible. Williams starts by trying to define tradition, where he identified that there are several problems with defining tradition. In this article he determines that it is difficult to define what tradition is because the church has relied both on the oral and written traditions when constructing scripture. However, Williams identifies the possible definition of tradition lies in the church’s scriptural reformulation and interpretation through the lens of the church’s teaching....   [tags: Christian terms, Christianity, New Testament]

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The Most Compelling Reason for Studying Religion Today is Politics

- The Most Compelling Reason for Studying Religion Today For me, the word ‘religion’ conjures up images of wailing fat ladies dressed in their Sunday best singing at the top of their lungs about the glory of God. Of course, this image comes from my childhood when I attended the New Testament Church of God in Jamaica every Sunday, rain or shine, with my grandmother. For her, Church, Christianity and God was a way of life; a set of principles she believed in and lived by. For others less convinced, the idea of religion or ‘being religious’ is as far fetched as aliens and UFO’s....   [tags: religious church christian islam politics]

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The Day Of The Church

- The very first thing that stood out to me when I entered the Church was the way it was build. It wasn’t just merely a big hall or building, it looked like a traditional Church, like the famous ones in Europe, but smaller. Nevertheless, I thought it was impressive. It consisted of many arch structures, had a huge alter, a very big cross hanging from the ceiling and many more crosses scattered throughout the Church. The windows weren’t see through but rather were paintings depicting Jesus’s life story and angels....   [tags: Christianity, Holy Spirit, Christian cross, Jesus]

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Church Is A Community Of Believers

- According to theology, a church is a community of believers. However, the definition of church has evolved with time. Currently, when we talk of a church what comes in mind is a structure. We therefore describe a church as a building or structure whereby Christian gather for worship. Churches have evolved from places of worship according to the biblical times to business areas. In modern times, very few churches are concerned with the faith and salvation of their believers. Churches have radically evolved into business areas....   [tags: Christianity, Christian terms, Jesus]

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The Beliefs Of The Church Of Jesus Christ

- RE-113 Assignment Twelve (1) What are the beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (The Mormon Church). The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a non-traditional sect of Protestant Christianity and has about fourteen million followers. The faith began when its founder, Joseph Smith, found golden tablets, a seer stone to read what was inscribed on the tablets, and other items buried in a hill. Joseph Smith found the items with the instruction of an angel named Moroni, whom he claimed guided him....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Bible, Christian denomination]

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Christian Bible And The Conversion Of Waldo

- In the Middle Ages, conversion stories acted as a means to enlist more lay brethren to help sects like the Dominicans with preaching and recruiting activities in urban cities. The main character in "The Conversion of Waldo" specifically was influenced by the conversion story of Saint Alexis. Saint Alexis gave up all of his possessions from his secular life and lived the life holy man as a beggar, where he eventually became canonized after he died at the entrance of his parents ' home. Although "The Conversion of Waldo" mainly focuses around a man 's self-inflicted penance of giving up his possessions, since he previously practiced usury, it incorporates the theme of the urbanization of educa...   [tags: Catholic Church, Christianity]

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Can Education be Classical and Christian?

- Can an education be both classical and Christian. Many parents ask this question every year, unknowingly echoing an age-old question. Tertullian, an early church father, was perhaps the first to consider whether these two ideas are compatible when he asked, “What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?” The church fathers continued to wrestle with the question for centuries, most concluding that all ideas that are taken captive for Christ may be used profitably by Christians. Examining this ongoing conversation about classical, Christian education will serve to answer many of our own questions today....   [tags: Informative, Church Schools]

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The Evangelical Of The Lutheran Church Of Sweden

- There are over forty thousand different Christian religions in the world today. One lesser known denomination is the evangelical denominational church. I recently visited Hillcrest Covenant Church which is a part of the Evangelical Covenant denomination. While they hold many of the same beliefs as Seventh-day Adventists, there are some differences as well. The Evangelical Covenant Church first emerged in the Protestant Reformation, in the biblical instruction of the Lutheran State Church of Sweden, and in the great spiritual awakenings of the nineteenth century....   [tags: Christianity, Bible, Christian terms, Baptism]

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The Church Of The Holy Trinity

- Where Are you. On March the 6th 2016, I visited the Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral church in San Francisco. The site is located at a convenient neighborhood one block south Union st at 1530 Green St. This Orthodox Church is the oldest Orthodox parish in town, and it is one of the few parishes in northern California with such a unique shape. The church was designed to show the Russian unique architect, and its outstanding shape connected to Moscow patriarch. Even though it is a small church, but it looks stunning where it placed right in the corner with a two sides street view....   [tags: Christianity, Christian terms, Jesus, Trinity]

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Christians ' Views On The Message, And What Church Can Look Like Today

- Christians can reach out to the unchruched in their manner, motive, the message, and what church can look like today. This section will look at all four of these items and how we can reach people today that have the thoughts that objective knowledge is an illusion and claims to absolute is away of manipulating people. Manner When talking with people being candid and straightforward will let them know that you have no hidden agenda. People will know who you are and what you are talking to them about without feeling that they are ambushed by a Christian who only wants to share their faith....   [tags: Christian terms, Christianity, Postmodernism]

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- Popes The Protestant Reformation marked a time of great religious, social and political upheaval. For the first time in history the Christian church was permanently shattered. The Reformation originated from a trend in returning to the biblical days of Christianity and a renewal of morality. Unfortunately the Catholic religious leaders didn't share in the renewal of morality. The Renaissance popes were partially responsible for the decline of the church;however, it was the Church's past history and changing social, political and economic factors that lead to the Reformation's sucess....   [tags: Religion Catholicism Christian Church Essays]

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Today 's Church Of The Church

- Today’s Church Churches today isn’t what it used to be. Church used to be a place, as you press in to the body of Christ, as you spend time with people, as make friends, as you join in small groups, and chat with people, you were giving them an opportunity to manifest the joy of God in your direction. Church used to be a place that brought joy through others as you serve alongside them. Whether was cleaning up the church after church or helping the local poor, when you have that a partnership and that love between you and others that you serve Jesus together with joy is the result....   [tags: Christianity, Christian terms, God, God the Father]

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Personal Statement : My Church Visit

- For my church visit I went to an 11:30 church service on November 16th at a church called Willamette Christian Church with one of my best friends Shelby. It was a non-denominational church with a large amount of attendees. At first when we came into the church service we both felt that we had just walked into a concert, the lights were off, there was a massive amount of people, it was in a gymnasium, and it had no religious symbols besides the lightshow of crosses behind the band. The band was fantastic they seemed like a real christian rock band, which was a huge change from my church with elderly people that are so deaf they would not be able to tell the difference between a fire alarm an...   [tags: Christianity, Christian terms, Divine Service]

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Church Of Christ

- Church of Christ The Churches of Christ are autonomous, which means they are independently run, and not controlled by outside sources, or leadership. Church of Christ is a Christian church which can be traced back to the American Restorationist movement in the early eighteenth and nineteenth century which was started by the American Protestant preachers. Thomas and his son Alexander Campbell ascribed to be members of the Body of Christ as noted in the New Testament, without denominational influence....   [tags: Religion Christian]

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The Church History Of Plain Language By Bruce L. Shelley

- Church History in Plain Language is written by Bruce L. Shelley. This work focuses on the history of Christianity from 6 B.C. to the current period. It covers some of Christianity’s greatest events, theologians, and the various subsection of Christianity. Other than the events leading up to the death of Jesus, I had very little knowledge of Christianity’s history. After reading through the book, I have gained understanding on the Christian Councils, scholasticism, Christendom, and modern trends of Christianity....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Christendom, Christian]

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The Building History of the Church of St Peter in Rome

- ‘Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven, and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.' (The Bible, Matthew 16:18-19) The church of St Peter’s is vital to Christian pilgrimage and is considered most pious of all the churches in Christendom. The reason behind this credence is clear from the quote above....   [tags: demands, Christian World, Jesus]

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The Significance of Christian History and Practices for Any Seminarian

- ... It is well known that the first century Christian church met in homes and worshiped together as small family centric groups with several families participating. This model of church held true with some added administrative structures for over three hundred years. This model of Christian practices saw Christianity spread across the known world in spite of deliberate and often violent persecution at the hands of the local governments. When Christianity became a recognized and approved religion during the reign of the Roman Emperor Constantine the practices of Christianity began to change and evolve....   [tags: my perspective, church studies]

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The Mission Of The Church Is Mission

- The Mission of the Church is Mission However we look at the purpose of the Church in the world today we cannot avoid the fundamental truths that God created us to firstly have communion with Him; then to fellowship with others who have also come to believe in the saving work of Christ; and also to witness to the lost who live in our midst. These three things I believe are inseparable and I want to focus on the last point after making some brief comments about the first two. God did not leave us in doubt about His love for mankind when we read throughout the Old and New Testaments about His provision of a way back to Him, even though it was Man who rebelled against God and so deserves His wr...   [tags: Religion Christian]

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The Effect Of The Church

- Pia Desideria (Introduction) – What Philip Jacob Spener is trying to accomplish in this work is bring to light the problems that the Evangelical (and specifically) Lutheran Church has and the effects that are imposed on the populous as a result. More importantly, he wishes to propose solutions to help fix or at least alleviate the bleeding, so to speak. Pia Desideria is made up of three major portions. Firstly, Spener lists the variety of shortcomings of the church. These include, but are not limited to: moral laxity, the problem of underestimating sins, and the failures of church and civil leadership....   [tags: Christianity, Christian terms, Pietism]

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