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Psychoanalysis of Christian Grey

- To be honest, the first time I read Fifty Shades of Grey, it was for the illicit sex. The second time was to process what I read. The third, fourth and fifth times was to delve deeper into Mr. Grey’s neurological and psychological impulses. Something about his mannerisms, and the way he interacted with others, spoke to me on a profound level. I know autism when I see it. For those not familiar with autism, Autism Speaks, the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization, defines autism and autism spectrum disorder (ASD), as both general terms for a group of complex disorders of brain development....   [tags: Fifty Shades of Grey]

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Christian Persecution in Nigeria

- Christian persecution has been an ongoing problem throughout the northern region of Nigeria. The conflict has been fueled by Muslim-based terrorist groups such as the Boko Haram and Fulani herdsman. According to, more christians have lost their lives in northern Nigeria than the rest of the world combined. Reports pour in every week of new attacks on christians, whether it be bombing of churches or killing sprees and the Nigerian government has failed to make any decisive action towards the whole ideal (Stark)....   [tags: muslim terrorists, Boko Haram ]

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The Christian Zionist Organization

- In 2006, Reverend John Hagee founded the Christian-Zionist organization Christians United for Israel (CUFI), one that he claims finds support in the Scriptures. CUFI helps to connect churches and individuals with ways to politically and financially support the State of Israel. During World War II the Nazi political party of Germany murdered over six million Jewish people in what we now call The Holocaust. Since the discovery of this act of genocide, many Christians have experienced and expressed guilt over these crimes....   [tags: john hagee, scriptures, israel]

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Beowulf: Pagan or Christian?

- Beowulf was written around 700 A.D. by an unknown author. While it is a part of English Literature, it does not take place in England. Instead, it tells the reader events that happened in Sweden and on the Danish island of Zealand. The pagan and Christian references suggest that the poem is most likely written about the time that the Anglo-Saxon society was converting from paganism to Christianity. Monasteries provided a place for learning and they also saved some of the manuscripts, such as the story Beowulf....   [tags: afterlife, hero, conflict]

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The Christian Vs. Muslims

- Titus J. Lamb Christian vs. Muslims Heaven is said to be place of paradise. In this place there will be no more tears, no more pain and no more sorrow. Some describe heaven as vast space, and it has a brilliant light which does not leave it. In many religions Heaven is a most important belief. But in all of these religions there are some major differences in the perceptions of heaven. Muslims and Christian share some similar views one heaven but they have a conflicting difference on how to get into heaven....   [tags: Christianity, Islam, God, Judaism]

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Politics and Christian Obligation

- The day we believe we cannot change our world is the day we believe we cannot influence our neighbor; because to influence our neighbor is to influence part of the world. There is an underlying current that politics are not commendable for Christian interaction, and at best it should remain: a law based moral philosophy. I will argue that these positions are in error. Politics are a human endeavor and worthy of interaction by those that hold a Biblical theology. In short, Christians have an obligation to interact in politics....   [tags: Politics ]

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The Environmentally Conscious Christian

- When God created the world, He created everything. Genesis 1 gives all of mankind the wonderful narrative of His creation. God made the sky, the sun, moon, and stars. God also made land, the waters of the oceans and streams. God also made the animals to inhabit the land, sky, and waters. In addition, He made the plants that grow on the land He created. God’s crowning creation was the creation of man. God’s creation of man came along with some big responsibilities. Specifically, He made man responsible for caring for all that He had created....   [tags: God, creation, Adan and Eve, beliefs]

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Christian Theory of Counseling

- Working Outline I. Introduction A comprehensive Christian theory of counseling integrates the disciplines of theology, psychology, and Scripture. In providing a holistic approach in to counseling individuals, it is prudent to survey one’s mind, body, soul, temporal systems, and super natural systems, in which all influence the person. A more complete plan of care may be offered when the contributions from both psychology and theology are offered. “The best interdisciplinary integration work usually comes from those who have formal or informal preparation in both psychology and theology” (McMinn, 2011, p....   [tags: care plan, personality, theology]

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What Is Christian Worldview?

- Benchmark Assignment: Gospel Essentials What is Christian Worldview. Christian Worldview refers to the framework of ideas and beliefs through which a Christian individual, group or culture interprets the world and interacts with it. In this paper, you will gain an insight on God, humanity, Jesus, restoration, the analysis of Christian worldview, and a reflection about my personal worldview. God God is the Eternal Spirit (without beginning or end). He is one God in three Persons—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, God in Christianity]

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Memories and Christian Boltanski

- Christian Boltanski, as an artist, has placed an importance on the theme of memories and how they can be used to suppress the idea of despair. Memories are seen as a powerful tool in order to diffuse these ideas of despair and disillusionment in a modern world. A large portion of humanity has learned to base most of their individual identities on collective experiences as a whole. Much of Boltanski’s work explores how some of that individualism gets lost within shared experiences through the concept of memory....   [tags: artist, multi-media, records, reality]

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Christian Freedom

- “A Christian is a perfectly free lord of all, subject to none. A Christian is a perfectly dutiful servant of all, subject to all.” This paradox is the basis of Luther’s concept on Christian freedom. For Luther, his reform freed Christians two fold. Christians were free from false assumptions about salvation and from the commandments of the Old Testament. To Luther, God alone could grant salvation. Despite this freedom, Christians still had to obey earthly laws. The differences of spiritual and temporal freedom seemed contradictory but for Luther it was clear that faith would free the Christian soul....   [tags: Christianity ]

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Christian Overview

- Introduction Whether or not we recognize it, each person has a worldview. In essence, each person has implicit assumptions as well as prejudices about the world, which in most occasions influence the manner in which we regard situations around us. Generally, a worldview is a kind of lenses that corrupts our view of the world around us. Singularly, our worldview is shaped by our level of education and cultural background, as well as upbringing among many other environmental factors. For most people, their worldview is nothing more than what they have observed in the environment....   [tags: Theology ]

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Christian Revelation

- “The question of revelation in Christian theology is finally no less than the question of theology’s own ultimate source and norm… ” This statement serves as an excellent beginning point for our discussion of the Christian doctrine of revelation and its relation to the practice of theology. As these few words suggest, there is an intrinsically interwoven nature to the two ideas, more specifically, the dependency of Christian theology on revelation and, likewise, the comprehension of that revelation through the act of theologizing....   [tags: Theology ]

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Christian Worldview

- Introduction Bartholomew and Goheen (2004) in their research show that, whether or not we recognize it, each person has a worldview. In essence, each person has implicit assumptions as well as prejudices about the world, which in most occasions influence the manner in which we regard situations around us. Generally, a worldview is a kind of lenses that corrupts our view of the world around us. Singularly, our level of education and cultural background, as well as upbringing among many other environmental factors shapes our worldview....   [tags: Philosophy ]

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Christian Denominations

- According to the Center for the Study of Global Christianity there are over 635 Christian denominations in the United States alone (Wilson, p.145). Why is there such a diverse number of denominations all coming from the same foundation, from one religion. How and why did the Christian Church split into denominations in the first place. Duke University assistant professor of church history, Ted A. Campbell, explains denominations this way: “...those who ended up starting new denominations did not set out to do so...Instead, denominations are, by and large, formal and final results of various theological/social/political/ ecclesial movements that took shape over the course of several years, pe...   [tags: Christianity, Great Schism]

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Christian Mysticism

- Mysticism is a word we find in many books that relate to religious experiences. Mysticism is interpreted as searching for spiritual truth and wisdom through the unification with the Divine. Many Christians today believe that the words associated with mysticism like meditation and mystic are not coherently related with Christianity, but more with many Eastern religions. Eastern religions are definitely known for their mysticism, but it is believed to not be a part of Christianity. Mysticism is actually a vital part of Christianity in ways that are more spiritual rather than only being engaged with Christian rituals....   [tags: religion, christianity, women, God]

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Christian Torture

- Emperor Constantine converted The Roman Empire to Christianity. Soon after this conversion the church and the government began to persecute the Pagans, or as the Christians called them, Heretics. In Spain the inquisition lasted longer than any other inquisition. Pagans were brutally tortured and in most cases killed. People where not being given religious freedom anywhere in the Roman Empire. Even after the Roman Empire fell lots of the places that had been part of the Empire stayed Christian. For example The Church of England still exist today....   [tags: Religion]

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Christian Persecution

- Nero was the fifth and final Roman Emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. His full name was Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus, but when he was adopted by his great uncle Claudius and became his heir to be the next Roman Emperor hi name changed to Nero Claudius Ceasar Augustus Germanicus. He succeeded to the throne on 13 October, 54, after Claudius’s death. “During his rule from 54 to 68 Nero focused much of his attention on diplomacy, trade, and increasing cultural-capital of the empire.” His rule as Emperor was often associated with tyranny and extravagance....   [tags: Christianity]

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Prince Christian

- Salina and I often wondered why we heard so many bad things about the prince. He turned out to be a perfectly good person. “Maybe he has some angry outbursts,” I speculated, “or maybe he only gets angry when someone crosses him.” However, he never once lost his equanimity since we arrived. We decided to ask Aunt Evelyn. “On the way here,” I began, “we heard lots of bad rumour about Prince Christian but he is very different from what people said. Could you tell us, why is there such a discrepancy between him and his image?” “You heard,” she answered, “you cannot believe everything you hear....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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Christian Dior

- History Early Life: Christian Dior two words that define couture, fashion but most important of all it defines luxury ready to wear. Dior was born on January 21, 1905 in Granville, a town on the coastline of Normandy, France. He was the second of five children born to Alexandre Louis Maurice Dior and Isabelle Cardamone, the other children were Raymond, Jacqueline, Bernard and Ginette. Dior came from a very wealthy family, his father owned a highly successful fertilizer manufacturer called Dior Frères....   [tags: fashion, garment, merchandise]

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Christian Leadership

- Nations crumble, churches and business fail, families become dysfunctional, children lose their way, and men stray from God for one disturbing reason; lack of leadership. These failures are often because of the lack of instruction, proper leadership, and confusion over what Christian leadership is and how that leadership is applicable to every facet of business and personal life. The Webster Dictionary defines leadership as an office or position, the capacity to lead, the act or an instance of leading (Inc, 2011)....   [tags: Religion, God ]

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Christian Leadership

- Nations crumble, churches and business fail, families become dysfunctional, children lose their way, and men stray from God for one disturbing reason; lack of leadership. These failures are often because of the lack of instruction, proper leadership, and confusion over what Christian leadership is and how that leadership is applicable to every facet of business and personal life. The Webster Dictionary defines leadership as an office or position, the capacity to lead, the act or an instance of leading (Merriam-Webster, 2011)....   [tags: leadership, God, individualism, Church]

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A Pentadic Analysis of Two Pleas for Christian Unity

- A Pentadic Analysis of Two Pleas for Christian Unity Introduction The prayer for Christian unity began with Christ, himself (John 1:21), and continues today. This essay proposes to examine two pleas for Christian unity using the rhetorical theory of Kenneth Burke. According to Em Griffin, "Kenneth Burke was the foremost rhetorician of the twentieth century. Burke wrote about rhetoric; other rhetoricians write about Burke" (319). Burke's theory seems especially relevant to the study of pleas for unity because of his focus on identification....   [tags: Religion Christians Christianity Burke Papers]

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Committed Christian...or Freemason?

- The name of Jesus is on his lips. He is ready to help anyone who needs a hand and shows a loving concern for his neighbors. Manifesting the qualities and the spirit of Jesus Christ, he seeks to find more ways to show his love for man and for Christ. He is enticed by a community serving brotherhood that is known as the world’s largest, Freemasonry. Although this fraternity appeals to many Christian men with the opportunity to serve their community and God, Freemasonry is deceptive and harmful to Christians....   [tags: Christianity]

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Christian World View

- Everyone has a worldview. This may be something we do not think about on the regular, but we all have one. A worldview is our set of beliefs used to understand the world. It shapes our thoughts on how we interpret reality, and forms our moral opinions. Our regular worldview is formed by almost anything secular, jobs, money, family even education. Then there is a Christian’s Worldview which would be our sacred doings. The Christian or Biblical worldview is based on the word of God. When the word of God is the foundation of your everyday life....   [tags: bible, messiah, jesus]

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Medieval Christian Europe

- With the decline of the Western Roman empire Western Europe was a disjointed land that had no true unifying structure till the rise of Christianity. In Roman antiquity people used the State or empire of Rome to define themselves and give them a sense of unity despite having a diverse group of people within the empire. When Western Rome fell this belief based on a Roman cultural identity disappeared and no longer were people able to identify themselves with any particular group as they once have....   [tags: History, Roman Empire]

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Contemporary Christian Music

- "No bullet can stop us now, we neither beg nor we won't bow; Neither can be bought nor sold. We all defend the right; Jah - Jah children must unite: Your life is worth much more than gold. We're jammin' (jammin', jammin', jammin') And we're jammin' in the name of the Lord" Lyrics from "Jammin", a song performed by Bob Marley & The Wailers Change is a major part of every teenager’s life. Teenagers experience physical, mental, and social changes. The most major change in my life was when I developed my own taste in music....   [tags: Music]

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Christian Based Institutions

- In this every changing world today we stray from God’s and Christ’s vision of the world. We do this by living in a society that we except being an object in, we except being classified to fit social groups, we except that our worth lies in what we do and what we have. All of these statements that I have made hold true for the modern day beliefs. Sadly, these beliefs are just what society has created for its self and the people who live under it today. As each generation goes on I feel that more the idea of you are an individual competing in this world is pushed, instead of God’s world; how the world should be, loving everyone like there neighbor....   [tags: school, family, society]

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Christians' Response to the Variety of Christian Festivals

- Christians' Response to the Variety of Christian Festivals Festivals can affect us in many ways; they can affect our lifestyles, attitudes and behaviour. This can happen due to the example and teachings of Jesus. The first festival I will be looking at will be advent. Advent is a time for preparation, we think about how we too can prepare for the birth of Jesus. Just like John the Baptist prepared by baptising the people. We can do this by going to confession. This can change our lives because Christians believe that by going to confession our sins will be cleansed....   [tags: Papers]

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A Devoted Christian

- A Devoted Christian Christian teaching reflects on what they believe. Different groups of the Christian religion believe slightly different things, yet their views on death and the afterlife are always defined. It is clear from the teaching of the Bible that Christians believe death is not the end. Evidence of this is depicted in the Christian hymn title; "It is not death to die." After the death of a much~loved friend or relation, Christians will always hold a funeral ceremony....   [tags: Papers]

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a christian nation

- There are many different opinions regarding the idea that the United States is a Christian nation. After reading the Church book, however, I believe it is obvious that our country was not in fact founded on Christianity. Even though many religious right groups insist our laws should enforce the doctrines of Protestant Christianity. The documents written by our founding fathers say otherwise. The U.S. Constitution has no mention of Christianity or Jesus Christ, and is evidence within itself that our country was not founded as a Christian nation....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Christian Calendar

- The Christian Calendar The festivals dotting the Christian Calendar are marked by general out pourings of devotion, mourning and joy according to the religious significance of these days. Some common festivals celebrated by Christians are the days commemorating the major Christian events like Christmas for the birth of Jesus Christ and Easter for his martyrdom and resurrection. Other popular events usually mark the birth or the feast days of famous Saints. These occasions are celebrated with great enthusiasm; the people observe the time worn customs and traditions associated with each festival, which make each of these festivals, a unique experience....   [tags: Religion Christianity Holidays Essays]

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A Christian Pilgrimage

- A Christian Pilgrimage Pilgrimage is a journey that that many Christians take. It is a journey a physical place of importance; this could be somewhere, which an important event in Christianity happened. However pilgrimage is also a more inward, spiritual journey as well. It is an important part of Christian life, and many Christians go on pilgrimage to various places. At different centres of pilgrimage vastly different approaches are taken on the role of pilgrimage. Lourdes is a relatively recent pilgrimage site, which has a different approach to the more traditional pilgrimage sites....   [tags: Papers]

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Christian Discipleship and Understanding Early Christian Behavior

- Christian Discipleship and Understanding Early Christian Behavior a. The Fourth Gospel has the theme of discipleship featuring prominently throughout it. There are twelve of Jesus' disciples mentioned but there are many disciples as long as you have the required qualities. These qualities include faithfulness, loyalty, trust, open to having change in their life, and the desire to learn amongst many other things. One idea found in the Fourth Gospel regarding Christian discipleship is the idea that they are born from above....   [tags: Papers]

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The Rise of Christianity and Christian Art

- In 313 AD the Emperor Constantine formally recognized the Christian religion. Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire, this event affected the way people thought and lived their lives. Had a great impact on how rulers viewed their power and used their powers. Such influence was portrayed in Christian art as we know today. Although Christianity was initially practiced within Semitic populations of the Roman Empire, by the 4th century A.D the Christian religion had a huge impact to the Greeks and also the early Byzantine Empire....   [tags: Visual Arts Religion Religious]

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Analysis of the Work of Christian Aid

- Analysis of the Work of Christian Aid The agency I have chosen to analyse and explain about for my chosen religious agency is ‘Christian Aid.’ I have chosen them, because I believe overall that they do the correct thing to help the needy. Christian aid is an agency of the churches in the UK and Ireland; Christian Aid works wherever the need is greatest, irrespective of religion. Christian Aid supports local organisations, which are best, placed to understand local needs, as well as giving help on the ground through 16 overseas offices....   [tags: Papers]

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Beowulf: A Christian and Pagan Poem

- Beowulf – a Christian-Pagan Poem        In Beowulf the pagan aspect is revealed through many passages and many heathen rites or customs in which the form of expression or the thought suggests pagan usage or beliefs. The Christian aspect is revealed through 68 passages in which the form of expression or the thought suggests Christian usage or doctrine (Blackburn 3). The Christian element seems to be too deeply imbedded in the text of Beowulf for us to conclude that it is due to additions made by scribes at a time when the poem had come to be written down....   [tags: Epic of Beowulf Essay]

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Christian Views on Wealth And Poverty

- Christian Views on Wealth And Poverty In the following essay I will include and discuss the Christian views on wealth and poverty. I will also include why there is need for world development, and I will also explain the work of one Christian agency working for world development. Christians believe earning money should be done in an honest work style. They believe earning money should not take over there lives as it says in Mathew 6:24 “You cannot serve both God and money,” Here it tells Christians to not allow money to over power their lives and they should stay loyal to God....   [tags: Global Poverty Essays]

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Heathen and Christian Elements in the Wanderer

- Heathen and Christian Elements in the Wanderer       The modern word 'weird' bears only a superficial resemblance to its etymological descendent, wyrd.  What now stands for 'strange' and 'queer' only has an archaic connection to its classical meaning of 'Fate'.  During the process of evolution, however, the word went through many phases, especially during the formation of the English language by the Anglo-Saxons.         Wyrd appears fairly often in Old English poetry and prose, indicating a certain importance in Germanic society.  By following the changes the word undergoes, it is also possible to follow some of the changes that the culture undergoes as well.  A fine example...   [tags: Wanderer]

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Beowulf - Pagan or Christian Epic?

- Beowulf Pagan or Christian Epic Beowulf: Pagan or Christian Epic. Although the story of Beowulf is filled with references to religion and faith, many discrepancies occur throughout the story that suggest that Beowulf is not a Christian epic. The character of Beowulf frequently speaks to God and obviously believes in His existence. However, pagan practices are mentioned in several places. Beowulf often refers to another being rather than the Christian God. Pagan practices of cremation and blood-drinking are included in the epic....   [tags: Epic of Beowulf Essays]

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The Role of Pilgrimage in the Life of a Christian

- The Role of Pilgrimage in the Life of a Christian Christians go on pilgrimage for many reasons. Most pilgrims go on pilgrimage to show their faith in God, to pray and get close to him. Visitors to the Holy Land want to visit the places described in the Bible which they believe are sacred, where Jesus lived and carried out his ministry. Visiting these places helps them to stay close to God, partly because they are devoting some of their time to God. Although Christians can pray to God in any place and at any time, some feel that being in a place of pilgrimage can help them in their prayer....   [tags: Papers]

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Pagan and Christian Rituals in Beowulf

- Pagan and Christian Rituals in Beowulf         Beowulf was written in a time when Christianity was a newly budding religion in England. Throughout the book there are obvious references to both Christian and Pagan rituals.  The characters in the epic are newly found Christians who are trying to remain true to their new faith but are weak and hence, in times of great trouble, they resort back to their Pagan traditions and gods out of fear.  Pagan rituals in the book are usually present only as reflections of the past or in times of the characters's greatest turmoil....   [tags: Epic Beowulf christbeo paganbeo]

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Christian Story with Bits of Paganism

- The story "Beowulf" is thought to have been written by Christian monks. But the story could be either a Christian story, or a Pagan story. Scholars have argued that the author of "Beowulf" relates the story to Christianity in some ways. He talks about Cain, and the flood. The only people during this time that can read are Christians. In other ways the author relates it to Paganism. The story has trolls, and idols, and sacrifices to things other than God. Also the story talks about giants fighting wars with God, which is not mentioned in the bible....   [tags: World Literature]

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Christian Beliefs in the Origins of the World

- Christian Beliefs in the Origins of the World “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.” A Description of Christian Beliefs About the Origins of The World Christians believe that God created the universe. In Chapters 1 and 2 of Genesis, we are told that God creates both the universe and everything that is in it. Thomas Aquinas, a leading scholar of the Middle Ages, argued that “Everything in the universe has a cause....   [tags: Papers]

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Christian Ideals in The Grapes of Wrath

- The Christian Ideals in The Grapes of Wrath In Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath one of the themes discussed is the idea of Christian goodness exhibited in the Joads and other migrant workers. Those in the book representing this * "[eat] together with glad and sincere hearts." This type of selfless sharing is a Christian concept of good fellowship. Particularly, Ma shows her caring towards others from the beginning and urges others to do the same. Jim Casy, while struggling with the orthodox view of Christianity, still displays a general concern for his fellow man....   [tags: The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck]

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The Effectiveness of Discipleship on the Life of A Christian

- The Effectiveness of Discipleship on the Life of A Christian Jesus’ words taught the disciples what it means not to be powerful but to be servants. “Whoever wants to be first must place himself last of all and be the servant of all” Jesus always had a way of teaching his disciples how to be better people. “Christians care for the weak in society for religious reasons. They recognise others as members of God’s family, brothers and sisters of Christ. Worship of God, and care for their neighbours are part of the way they understand the meaning of their lives....   [tags: Papers]

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Hugo Meynell and the Christian Doctrine

- Hugo Meynell and the Christian Doctrine Hugo Meynell's book is a clear example of the growing interest in apologetics. Meynell considers four common objections to Christian doctrine, the belief in God is morally irrelevant; that there is no reason to believe in the special claims of Christianity over those of non-Christian religions. Meynell, also says no sense can be made of the doctrines of Incarnation, Atonement, and the Trinity and that Christian doctrine about life after death is based upon an indefensible view of the nature of human persons-and shows to his own views that these remarks can be met....   [tags: Papers]

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Christian Attitudes to Abortion and Euthanasia

- Christian Attitudes to Abortion and Euthanasia Christian Attitudes: Christians have different views about abortion and euthanasia, but they all take the issues very seriously. They are part of the discussion about the Sanctity of Life. Christians believe that all life is sacred and was given by God. It is a gift from God. To have an abortion or to accept euthanasia are very serious decisions and Christians believe that they should not be encouraged for social reasons. E.g....   [tags: Papers]

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Pagan and Christian Elements in Beowulf

- Pagan and Christian Elements in Beowulf                 The praised epic poem, Beowulf, is the first great heroic poem in English literature. The epic follows a courageous warrior named Beowulf throughout his young, adult life and into his old age. As a young man, Beowulf becomes a legendary hero when he saves the land of the Danes from the hellish creatures, Grendel and his mother. Later, after fifty years pass, Beowulf is an old man and a great king of the Geats. A monstrous dragon soon invades his peaceful kingdom and he defends his people courageously, dying in the process....   [tags: Epic of Beowulf Essay]

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The Role of Music in Christian Worship

- The Role of Music in Christian Worship Music has played a part in the worship of the church for centuries and still is very important to a Christian’s spiritual life. Christians believe that it brings them closer to God spiritually because at church everyone sings the same song, giving a sense of unity in God. Worship comes from an old English word that means to ‘give worth or honour’. People come to sing together as part of worship in order to give honour to God, praising God with a greater voice than they would as individuals....   [tags: Papers]

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Christian Teachings on the Just War

- Christian Teachings on the Just War The just war theory is guidelines to countries about the implications of war. The theories about just war began in the 4th century BC with Aristotle. During 1st-4th century AD, most Christians refused to join the Roman army because they felt that war went against Jesus' teachings on loving you enemies. The Christian pacifists also believed that joining the army would violate one of the commandments, 'Thou shall not have false idols', as the enrolment involved an offering of incense to the emperor....   [tags: Papers]

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The Work Of Christian Aid

- The Work Of Christian Aid “We Believe in Life Before Death.” This is Christian Aid’s Motto; Christian Aid is a charity, a company, and an aid to those in less developed countries than our own. It is one of many charitable based organisations that works on many projects set up to improve the lifestyles of the people in these country’s. Justice and compassion are principles, which Christian Aid has; they are closely linked to many Churches and other organisations run by Christians....   [tags: Papers]

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A Christian Response to the Question of Abortion

- A Christian Response to the Question of Abortion God created the human being differently from all other creatures in the world. He created us with a free will, and therefore we can make our own decisions. This is God's gift and expression of his love to the human being. But this is also a way to test our trust in Him. Very often as a result of our fallen nature we forget to ask God in pray, which way to go and what is His plan for us and we decide to go our own ways. Making a wrong decision can sometimes have serious consequences, abortion is a sin to God....   [tags: Papers]

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The Official Attitudes of the Christian Church

- The Official Attitudes of the Christian Church The Anglican Church or the Church of England believes that life is sacred but sometimes abortion is the best way out of a bad situation such as endangering the life of the mother. They quote "The Church of England's view on abortion is that the life of the foetus endangers the life of the mother, action can be taken" in the Church of England Report 1984. The Roman Catholic Church has opposite views, they believe that life begins at conception so abortion breaks one of the Ten Commandments - do not kill....   [tags: Papers]

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Greek and Christian Models of the Truth

- Greek and Christian Models of the Truth In his Philosophical Fragments, Søren Kierkegaard, writing under the pseudonym of Johannes Climacus, poses the question, "How far does the Truth admit of being learned?" (154). A more direct and succinct formulation of Climacus' question is "How is the Truth learned?" since his question does not concern the extent of human knowledge, which "How far" implies, but the possible modes through which one comes, or may come, to know the Truth. For Climacus, there are two possible modes of knowing, or two theories of how one comes to know the Truth: the Greek and the Christian....   [tags: Philosophy Religion Essays]

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The Role of Pilgrimage in a Christian's Life

- The Role of Pilgrimage in a Christian's Life Pilgrimage plays an important part in the life of some Christians. Thos who are lucky enough to go on a pilgrimage during their lifetime would visit places such as Lourdes, or Taizé in order for them to feel closer to God. Probably the most well known place of pilgrimage is Lourdes, it is well known for its story, which tells us that a poor young girl called Bernadette was collecting wood for a fire when Our Lady appeared to her, she reappeared on a number of occasions and Bernadette was told by Mary to dig in a specific rock where she found a spring, which still runs to this day....   [tags: Free Essays]

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Festivals as a Celebration of a Christian Event

- Festivals as a Celebration of a Christian Event Festivals are a celebration of a Christian event. The are seven main festivals these are: Advent, Christmas, the Epiphany, Ash Wednesday, Lent, Easter, Ascension Thursday and Pentecost Sunday. Advent is the first and most important in the church’s year. Advent is a period of four weeks that some Christians use as a countdown to Christmas. Advent is really a time of preparing for the coming of Christ. To celebrate Advent we have Advent customs....   [tags: Papers]

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Christian And Pagan Ideals In Beowulf

- Before the invention of the printing press or written history, oral history, especially in early Germanic culture, became the foremost means of transcribing values, and past events. Written down in approximately 1,000 A.D. by an unknown author, Beowulf, originally a pagan fable, became a Christian allegory upon its transcription by Christian monks. However, as scholars have debated over the religious context in Beowulf, the attempts by the monks to turn the epic poem into a Christian parable ended merged, including both original and Christian aspects....   [tags: Epic of Beowulf Essays]

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The Commercialization of the Places of Christian Pilgrimages

- The Commercialization of the Places of Christian Pilgrimages These days money is everything, and the second someone sees the opportunity to make a bit of cash they jump at the chance. For example, places of pilgrimage are visited by many of the millions of Christians in the whole world, yearly, and never does the number of these pilgrims fall drastically; giving merchants customers continuously. In this essay you will hear of just exactly how these merchants affect the value of Pilgrimage for Pilgrims....   [tags: Papers]

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Christian Teaching on Wealth and Poverty

- Christian Teaching on Wealth and Poverty In the world today rich countries are at a great advantage over LEDC's, this is because the richer countries can pay for good education systems, hospitals and ever improving sanitation, whereas LEDCs are stuck in debt and poverty. MEDCs keep getting richer - a lot of money they get from foreign labour or debt repayments that can be seen as an exploitation of the weaker countries, MEDCs get the majority of their income through businesses and industry....   [tags: Global Poverty Essays]

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The Christian Teachings on Social Harmony

- The Christian Teachings on Social Harmony Social harmony is essential in modern day life. It can be defined as people living together in harmony, accepting each others beliefs, culture, appearance and background as well as learning from each other and exchanging views. However social disharmony also appears in the world frequently, it is generally created by social unrest and the need to focus the blame on a group of society that is easily recognisible and somewhat distant....   [tags: Papers]

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The Christian Perspective in An Essay on Man

- The Christian Perspective in An Essay on Man      Some might argue that Alexander Pope's "An Essay on Man" presents the viewpoint of a deist. Others might claim that the poem fails to exhibit Christian concepts of good and evil, especially since the poet concludes his first epistle with the seemingly unchristian claim that "whatever IS, is Right" (I. 1. 294).   Yet Pope's arguments actually reflect a traditional Christian perspective, which can be verified by comparing his poem with New Testament teachings.  In his attempt to vindicate God in the face of suffering, he does not, like the pantheist, rule out the existence of evil....   [tags: Alexander Pope Essay on Man]

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Early Christian and Byzantine Art

- Early Christian and Byzantine Art Early Christian and Byzantine art started after Jesusí death in the first century ranging and ending to the fourth century AD. The art produced during this period was secretive because Christianity was not a formal religion but as a cult; the Romans and rest of Europe persecuted Christians so the artist disguised their work with symbols and hints of Christian aspects. Christianity was the first cult to not involve rituals of sacrifice of animals and refused to worship an Emperor causing the Roman Empire to make Christianity illegal....   [tags: Art History, Religion, San Vitale]

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A Christian's Arguments For or Against Euthanasia

- Euthanasia is the act of bringing about the easy and gentle death, usually someone who is terminally ill or in great pain, which is why some recognise euthanasia as 'mercy killing'. There are many types of euthanasia: Non-voluntary euthanasia is when the person concerned is no longer in a condition where they can make a decision for themselves, and that their death can be caused by their relatives or medical experts. Active or voluntary euthanasia is when the person concerned asks someone else to help them to die....   [tags: Informative Essays]

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Christian Teachings on Wealth and Poverty

- Christian Teachings on Wealth and Poverty When we think poverty, we think being poor, hungry, homeless which is exactly what it means. The opposite of this would be wealthy, meaning a lot of money, property or riches. Even the world we live in is separated between wealthy and poor, this is called the north-south divide. The wealthier countries are located to be in the north, areas including USA, Eastern Europe, Canada, and Egypt. Meanwhile you would find poorer countries to be in the south, for example Brazil, Mexico, even poorer countries where you are more likely to find poverty would be places like Sudan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan....   [tags: Global Poverty Essays]

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Prisons in a Truly Christian Society

- Prisons in a Truly Christian Society There could be no such thing as a prison in a truly Christian society. People who would disagree with this statement would argue that there is no better way of punishing a person, and it is the lesser of two evils, we could give them community service, but then they would be liable to roam the streets. Prison is order and protection; it protects society from criminals and reduces crime....   [tags: Papers]

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Remaking Beowulf as a Christian Hero

- Remaking Beowulf as a Christian Hero The story of Beowulf is full of religious references and symbolism, but is it truly a Christian story. According to the narrative, Beowulf is an instrument of God, an instrument of righteousness called by God to perform His will for the Danes. In stark contrast to his good, is the enemy, Grendel, the incarnation of pure evil. These two characters appear to represent the forces of good versus the forces of evil. It would be easy enough to leave the story that way, but it appears that Beowulf is written intentionally to make the main characters appear more important by adding Biblical references to the narrative....   [tags: Epic of Beowulf Essay]

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Alternative Medicine and the Christian Responsibility

- Alternative Medicine and the Christian Responsibility Acupuncture, ayurveda, chiropractice, homeopathy, meditation, osteopathy, and yoga are just a few of the many types of medicine practiced all over the world. According to the western establishment, all these forms of medicine are called alternative medicines. However, some of the aforementioned techniques have been in continuous use for over six thousand years, predating western medicine by over four thousand years. Yet, still many M.D.'s reject alternative forms of medicine....   [tags: Medical Morals Papers]

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A Christian has No Freedom To Die

- For a Christian There is No Freedom To Die       "Freedom" is a highly cherished value in our society, not only in all aspects of life, but increasingly in aspects of death as well. The chant, "My life is mine" has also become, "My death is mine." There is a move in our country and in the world to permit the terminally ill to end their lives through euthanasia. Some claim that it is the ultimate civil liberty to decide the time and manner of one's own death.   For a Christian, however, is "my life" really "mine"....   [tags: Euthanasia Physician Assisted Suicide]

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A Christian Perspective of Poverty and Wealth

- INTRODUCTION Poverty and human deprivation have been recognized as the most central challenges to the development of human society ever since the dawn of history. Alongside them is the issue of wealth, its creation, possession, distribution and our attitude towards it. Poverty is considered a major constraint to any form of development of human beings. The ways and means of eradicating it are now intensely studied and researched in several academic disciplines like economics, politics, history, sociology, religion, theology, ethics and even law....   [tags: Poverty Essays]

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The Christian Church in the Middle Ages

- The Christian Church in the Middle Ages The Christian Church in the Middle Ages played a significant role in society. Unfortunately though, the church is often regarded as the capital of corruption, evil, and worldliness. Today, so many people depict the medieval church as being led by materialistic popes, devouring tithes from poverty-stricken peasants, having various illegitimate children, and granting indulgences for money from wayward believers. Yes, circumstances like this may have been the case, and is often hard to disapprove, considering the fact that this notion is often advocated in movies....   [tags: Papers]

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Christian's Beliefs in the Sanctity of Life

- Christian's Beliefs in the Sanctity of Life Christians believe in the sanctity of life. This means that God created each life in his own image and therefore every life should be valued as much as another human being whether it is a newly conceived foetus or a fully developed adult....   [tags: Papers]

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The Christian Cosmology and the Cosmology of Hinduism

- The Christian Cosmology and the Cosmology of Hinduism The Christian cosmology, or the Creation story, can be found in the first chapter of the book of Genesis from the Bible. The story describes how God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh day. On the first day, the Bible says that God created Heaven and the Earth. The world was dark so God then created light, which He separated from the dark. He called the light ‘day’ and the dark ‘night’. On the second day He said ‘Let there be an expanse between the waters to separate water form water’....   [tags: Papers]

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The Development of Christian Worship

- The Development of Christian Worship According to Crichton (1992 found in Jones et al.:1997) worship is a 'religious phenomenon, a reaching out through the fear that always accompanies the sacred to the mysterium conceived as tremendous but also fascinates, because behind it and in it there is an intuition of the Transcendent.' (Crichton:1992 in Jones et al:1997:2) There are several approaches to which the subject of worship can be studied. This can be that it is regarded as a branch of historical studies and the results can provide the raw materials of theology, or it is possible to adopt an ethical rather than religious approach....   [tags: Papers]

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Christian Beliefs in Good and Evil

- Christian Beliefs in Good and Evil Religious Education A.) Describe what Christians may believe about the power of good and the power of evil B.) Explain how Christians may be influenced by these beliefs C.) ‘If God really loved humanity we would never have to suffer.’ Do you agree. A.) Describe what Christians may believe about the power of good and the power of evil The Christian God is believed to be both loving and omnipotent. Christianity teaches that as well as a power of good there is also a power of evil - traditionally this is said to be Satan (or Lucifer), one of the archangels who disobeyed God and was sent to hell (Luke 10:1...   [tags: Papers]

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The Hardships Of A Teen Christian

- Teen Christians have to deal with a lot of pressures like when at school, because when a Christian teen does talk about what they believe in they are mock or criticized. And when the fact that when a teen does believe in Jesus it causes them to lose friends so that causes teens to not want to be with god, or talk about it because of what there friends will think and do to them. Their friends want them to go out to parties where there are drugs, alcohol, sex, and violence. And if a teen has just recently become a Christian and was living life like that then they have to deal with harder problems like facing there problems a different way....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Support of Slavery by the Christian Church

- Support of Slavery by the Christian Church The belief in some higher presence, other than our own, has existed since man can recollect. Religion was established from this belief, and it can survive and flourish because of this belief. Christianity, one of several forms of religion that exist today, began sometime during the middle of the first century. Christians believe in a higher presence that they call "God." This belief in God is based on faith, not fact; faith is "unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence." (Webster's New World College Dictionary, 1996, p....   [tags: Slavery Essays]

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Christian Teachings on Poverty and Wealth

- Christian Teachings on Poverty and Wealth Ever since the beginning of the Christian faith, poverty and wealth have been a big issue. Before Jesus was born, the rich would use religion to keep the poor away from them. The wealthy thought their riches were a blessing from God and that their faith and dedication was a reason for God bestowing them with wealth. They believed that the poor were not true followers of God and therefore suffered with poverty. They thought that the poor were not as important in the eyes of God....   [tags: Global Poverty Essays]

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The Pagan Faith and Christian Holidays

-         Since man first had conscious thought, he has sought the answers to life affirming questions. How was life created. Who created this world. What lies after death. What is the meaning of life. Time has created many answers to these questions. Many of these answers are lost in time, along with the peoples who believed them. As archaeologists search the past for a better history of the planet, old questions are answered and new questions asked. There are also ideas that have only been transformed through history, reshaped by society....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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A Christian Response to Abortion or Euthanasia

- A Christian Response to Abortion or Euthanasia Abortion is the death of the foetus (life) from the mother's womb whether deliberate (operation/termination) or accidental (miscarriage). Christians are divided in their views on abortion. The Roman Catholic Church does not allow abortion. They do not agree on the precise moment in human development when a human person begins to exist. However, Roman Catholics are very clear that human life (the human person) begins at the very moment of conception....   [tags: Papers]

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