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The Philosophy Of The Christian God

- When growing up in a predominantly Catholic background it is frowned upon to question the basis of human existence and the correct way to live your life. Catholics always assume the basis is God and to follow Jesus’s teachings. This essay will show how my life has slightly altered from a Christian background to a way of critical thinking through the writings of the Ancient Philosophers like the Stoics and Skeptics. First, I will show how the definition of God has altered in my mind because of Xenophanes definition of one unmoving unknowable effortless God....   [tags: Critical thinking, Thought, God, Psychology]

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Wang's Theology on Christian Living

- Unknown to many Western Christians, Mr. Wang Mingdao (1901-1991) is one of the most influential and respected Chinese Christian leaders of the 20th century. He was a pastor of an independent church in Beijing founded on the “Three-self principle”. He was the conscience of the Chinese church boldly confronting false teachings and evils at his time. He was a prisoner for Jesus Christ spending two decades in prison suffering for his faith. Wang Mingdao was born in Beijing where his parents had taken refuge within the Foreign Quarters of Beijing during the Boxer Uprising in 1900....   [tags: Theologians ]

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Is America A Christian Nation?

- Christianity is the world 's biggest religion with about two in half billion fellows. One country that many people have been debating if they classify as a Christian nation is the United States of America.  The question is America a Christian nation. Many people will have their own opinion to answer that question. To answer that question without having a bias, we must look at the population, politics, the structure of how the government was formed and movements to show that the United States of America is not a Christian Nation....   [tags: United States, Christianity]

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Christian Counseling and Secular Psychology

- Theory Critique In our fast passed and ever changing society, personal experiences built up over time and often make life difficult to deal with over time. Everyone has their own prospective on what is important and how they will tackle various problems they face from day to day. It is the responses to our harsh environment and experiences that can often manifest into feelings such as: anxiety, resentment and possibly guilt (Crabb, 1977). It is those that have negative experiences in life that seek out the help of counselors, to better understand and change the root of those problems....   [tags: education, spiritual beliefs, bible]

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David Christian, This Fleeting World

- David Christian, This Fleeting World: A Short History of Humanity. Great Barrington, MA: Berkshire Publishing, 2008; 120 pp. $14.95 (paperback) This Fleeting World: A Short History of Humanity, the author, David Christian provides a well-informed and a coherent thesis. Christian supported his historical interpretations with many factual details of three eras throughout history: Foraging, Agrarian, and the Modern era. For each section, Christian would explain and inform us with a variety of explanations he can do to give us a visual and knowledgeable understanding of history....   [tags: Human, Agriculture, World War II, History]

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Effective Christian Counseling, It Is Clear

- Upon reading through Crabb 's book Effective Christian Counseling, it is clear that the objective of Christian guiding is to fulfill a client as well as to convey them closer to God by helping them develop in their confidence and faith. This would incorporate utilizing scriptural systems for managing their issues as opposed to depending upon mainstream strategies. Crabb particularly expresses that "the goal is to free people to better worship and serve God by helping them become more like the Lord." We need to help develop our clients profoundly and mentally....   [tags: Bible, Religious text, Need, God]

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A Prayer Of The Christian Believer

- I believe in one God, the Father Almighty. Many Christians have grown up reciting something along the lines of the Nicene Creed. What seems to be a simple oath of the Christian believer has a deeper relationship with what each word really means, for it declares that God is the divine nature. Although the Council of Constantinople adopted the Nicene Creed along time ago, it will be looked at by how it applies to the present day believer in God. The creed supports how God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are homoousios....   [tags: Christianity, Trinity, Jesus, New Testament]

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What Becomes of the Christian-Hearted

- In general, living a life of Christianity is difficult. It means giving up your whole heart and oppose all the temptations and “enjoyments” in the world for God and your Savior. It is no walk in a park; it takes a lifetime of discipline and love just to come close to this kind of living. The devil can easily lure your mind into all these worldly pleasures but imagine if the devil is not your only enemy. What if the people around you, your family, your friends and even the government, will add to these hardships of being a Christian....   [tags: Christianity]

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Study Of Early Christian Literature

- Term Identification 1. Torah - (in Judaism) the law of God as revealed to Moses and recorded in the first five books of the Hebrew scriptures (the Pentateuch). The Torah is significant to the study of early Christian literature because the books detail the creation story as well as history on the Jewish Patriarchs and tell about the exodus from Egypt. The Torah was the authoritative scripture for early Jews and was what Jesus and his disciples followed. The commandments in the Torah are helpful for understanding the belief system and daily practices of ancient Jews The Torah is now partially incorporated into the bible as the old testament which provides history and background information w...   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Bible, New Testament]

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Christian Values And Social Liberalism

- How many of us in society can say No, understand the true meaning of religion the basic principles. What is it about the social conflicts in America. How much do we know about the Christian values and the progressive ideology impact it has on modern America. Religion can be define as beliefs in symbols or objects. According to Rosman and Rubel (2001) “Religion is defined as the culture means by which human deal with the supernatural” to which there is a flip side” that the supernatural deals with human.” (p....   [tags: Sociology, Religion, Christianity, Marxism]

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Different Aspects Of Christian Worldview

- There are many aspects of the Christian worldview that determines one’s faith. It all begins with God and what he did and why he so great. Then how humanity was shape with its issues and main purpose. The way we see Jesus and what has he done to be apart of are faith and what as humans have found for a restoration. Through analysis the Christian faith and how each of these tie in together. While reflecting on my faith and if lives to the standards of a Christian worldview. Through explaining my understanding of the four aspects of a Christian worldview I will analysis and compare it to my faith....   [tags: Christianity, Trinity, Jesus, Catholic Church]

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The Christian Faith And Aids

- Depth and meaning is a fundamental aspect that drives Christian faith and aids adherents to develop a personal fulfilment to lead a ‘satisfying life’. Characteristics of Christianity provide this knowledge for both the individual and the Christian community by providing guidance regarding ethical issues, through the scared texts and writings, the devotion and celebration of principal beliefs and the practises of ritual and ceremony. Significant people exemplify and live out the core ethical teachings and the principal beliefs based upon the life of Jesus....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Baptism]

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The History of the Christian Church

- The fall and decline of the Roman Republic became an act of survival and it destroyed Rome completely. The only way for farmers to survey, would be to make their own fighting equipment and they would struggle everyday, they had nothing. The land would be ugly, not maintain because, they had nothing to maintain it with, and they were poor. The farmers had no choice but to sell their property to the Romans, also know as the Socrates. Also, in 133 B.C the Gracchi brothers were trying to make situation better by relocating farmers in the North Africa, but along the way they were both killed....   [tags: religion, christianity, history]

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The Fundamental Christian View of Providence

- The fundamental stoic view of Providence states that God is in charge of somebody’s life. Individuals who believe in destiny and blind fate determining the journey and final course of one’s life would not be aligning themselves with the Stoic view of Providence. Providence also refers to foresight and forethought, these futuristic concepts connected to the religious realm. Under this view, all things unfold in accordance with the Lord’s divine plan. Over the years, the stoic view of Providence has been expanded upon, certain philosophers offering their own insightful version of it....   [tags: destinity, god, bible]

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A Model Of Christian Charity's Irrelevence

- Times have changed since the Puritans came to America in 1630. Our culture’s values have changed from strict, religious morality to uninhibited and loose. Religion is no longer a major part of most of our lives. John Winthrop, the leader of the Separatists who left England for the New World in 1630, was the governor and religious model of the colony. His sermon A Model of Christian Charity was designed for a community of 700 Puritan ideologists. The sermon emphasizes God’s total power. People in modern times have realized that God doesn’t punish them for keeping their surplus or making a profit....   [tags: Modern Society, God]

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History of the Eartly Christian Church

- ... In addition to Siricus’ belief in his authority, he also was the first bishop to give himself the title of “Pope,” although this title would not be officially given to any Bishop until a later date. Although these bishops did not have a direct impact on the formation of the hierarchal Catholic Church, their ideas and beliefs carried over into what would became a main part of the church. As stated previously, the church became a source of protection for the people in the west. One such example of this protection comes during the time of Bishop Leo of Rome....   [tags: Roman catholisism]

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The Christian Bible And Mere Christianity

- The Christian Bible may be one of the most influential pieces of texts ever written. Through reading of the English Standard Version (ESV) Bible my life has changed drastically as a human being, in every way, shape, and form. Not only has the Bible changed who I am but, it has drastically changed the way I read. Two texts that have truly affected me as a reader of the ESV Bible are the Catholic Bible and Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. While reading the ESV Bible has changed me as a person it has also changed me as a reader....   [tags: Christianity, Bible, Protestantism]

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Christian Hypocrisy: An Inevitable Crisis

- On a universal level, it is safe to presume that every individual could be deemed as a fraud based on the general characterization of the expression. Moral values, ethics, even spiritual beliefs are often compromised or purposely overlooked in subtle situations, extraneous circumstances, unplanned mishaps, stressful positions. Yet, when does this insincerity develop into a serious problem; especially when one looks at the religious issues and conflicts which derive from these predicaments. Considering how America is frequently attached to the Christian religion, it is no revelation that there are Christian hypocrites that may dwell in the country....   [tags: Religion]

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Fashion Creations of Christian Lacroix

- “For me, elegance is not to pass unnoticed but to get to the very soul of what one is.” –Christian Lacroix The creations of fashion designer, Christian Lacroix, are the epitome of the perfect spontaneous combinations of what he truly embodies. Inspiration for these comes from his southern France roots, his passion for the Provence traditions and customs, and his continuing fascination with the history of clothing. Lacroix’s artfully unexpected mixtures express a new form of luxury, simultaneously playful, baroque, and sophisticated....   [tags: biography, fashion, research paper]

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The Way Of Christian Marriage

- In the beginning God created the Universe, the Earth, the water and the skies and all the animals, except He was missing one thing. He needed something or someone to watch over his creations. So He created man and with that created woman too; He called them Adam and Eve. “The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a companion for him who corresponds to him.”(Gen 2:18). Under God they were committed to each other in unity under God with his blessing. This is an example of the first unofficial account of a Christian Marriage mentioned in the Bible....   [tags: Marriage, Wedding, Wife, Husband]

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Questions On Christian Mutual Funds

- When looking at Christian mutual funds there are two different subsets: Protestants and Catholics. Though they have the same origins, the term catholic stems from the idea that there was one universal church yet that obviously changed with the Protestant movement. These two sects have a rich history of rivalry and although they have similar origins, there are some differing theological beliefs. However the Protestant sect also has different denominations that have different levels of conservatism, for example southern Baptist is known for their conservative behavior and strictly oppose alcohol, Lutherans, on the other hand, are more acceptable of the intake of alcohol....   [tags: Catholic Church, Protestant Reformation]

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Being Gay and Staying Christian

- Introduction Homosexual. Deviant. Abomination. Sodomite. Pervert. Vocabulary such as this is used every Sunday in churches across the United States of America. While the majority of believers within a conservative congregation might proudly shout “AMEN!” each time one of these terms is spouted off from behind the pulpit, others cringe as they sink further and further down into their seats. These believers sit quietly and pray that their discomfort isn’t noticeable to others; desperately hoping that the person behind the mask they wear remains undiscovered....   [tags: homosexuality, spirituality, religion]

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Atonement Is A Christian Doctrine

- Atonement is a Christian doctrine that attempts to explain and understand the earliest teachings of the Church and that Christ died for our sins. The Atonement explains the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made in order to help individuals overcome sin, adversity, and death. The atoning sacrifice Jesus made occurred in the Garden of Gethsemane. Atonement is known as the expression of love by the Father and Jesus Christ. The foundational truth of Christianity is that Jesus died for our sins on the cross (1Cor....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Theology, Human]

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Christianity : A Christian Worldview

- Christianity Christianity has been around for about 2000 years (The First Christianity, 2009). Even though it has been around for a long period of time, there is still are many people who question someone who has a Christian worldview. Some questions that come up are: Who is God. As humans what is our purpose in life. Who was Jesus. In this paper we will explore how an individual with a Christian worldview views God, humanity, Jesus and restoration. God To a person with Christian worldview God is the creator the universe, he a trinity, and he is love....   [tags: Christianity, God, God in Christianity, Trinity]

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The Christian Worldview Of Sin

- Society may not see sin as sin today, but it is still a reality, evil is rampant and progressing. An explanation is needed for the evil that is everywhere in the world and that explanation is sin. The modern view that we will progress because of our knowledge and reason and move away from evil into a utopian era is no longer valid and has been discarded. Therefore, in the new era of postmodernism a Christian worldview of sin has to be proclaimed boldly everywhere, to the world of intolerant tolerance, especially because of the fact that without sin there is no reason for the Christ the Savior....   [tags: New Testament, Christianity, Jesus, Sin]

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A Look at Christian Stewardship

- There are the three main categories of the local and global church needs, non-Christian needs, and non-human needs to which I may distribute the money. Keller argues that the church should not provide for only those within the church, but those outside of it as well, paralleling the provisions commanded for the strangers and aliens of the Old Testament (Keller, 13-14). He also suggested that we should not give to others with the condition that they are a Christian or will become one after the aid....   [tags: Stewardship]

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The Bible : Christian Worldview

- The Bible Overview What is the bible. What is the importance to the Christian Worldview. The bible is the oldest book found, the most printed book, and the book of the bible does not use its own name anywhere in the book itself (Clausen Books). The Holy Bible has 66 chapters which are separated into two sections. There is the Old Testament which is pre Jesus Christ. There is also the New Testament which is from Jesus to the prophesied end of the world. This book is used by Christians as a guidebook of life....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, God, New Testament]

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Christian Sexual Ethic and Desire

- This essay can be broken up in to two distinct parts: first I attempt to define the role of christian sexual ethics into two main objectives: (1) primarily, it should be concerned with orienting sexual desires towards God and checking all desires against a desire for God above all. (2) And secondarily, sexual ethics should be concerned with the formation of a sexual character of commitment, loyalty and faithfulness. The second part of the essay is call for reform from the current state of sexual ethics as it relates to the most vulnerable social group– teenagers....   [tags: god, commitment, loyalty, faithfulness]

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Christianity And The Christian Church

- Whenever one thinks of Christianity and the Christian church, one cannot avoid Jesus Christ. This is understandable because, for without Jesus, Christianity would not exist; Christianity is based on Jesus. Jesus has become so well associated with Christianity that it is assumed and widely accepted that Jesus was a Christian. Followers of Christianity often use the reference “being Christ-like” as a model for ideal human behavior (meaning to use the life of Jesus as a blueprint). Throughout the bible believers and nonbelievers are challenged not to blindly accept religious dogma....   [tags: Christianity, New Testament, Jesus, Islam]

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Christian Faith Before Accepting It

- I Shenita Baskerville, began my journey in this life as a Christian at 15 years old. I had always gone to church, my mother was a devout Christian, and so we joined her on the trip to the church uptown every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday Night. I was not sure that I wanted to accept Jesus as my personal lord and savior, I was after all just a child, and I just wanted to play games with my friends. I needed to carefully investigate the Christian faith before accepting it. I had some Christian friends at the time, but I didn 't tell any of them that I was reading about Christianity because if I decided that Christianity wasn 't true, I didn 't want to have to tell them that their...   [tags: Islam, Christianity, Religion, Jesus]

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Christian Thought Came With Conviction

- I would have to say my development in Christian thought came with conviction. I am a Christian and believe in Jesus and our Father. My Christian faith has always been strong and I cannot remember a time when it was not. That being said, my studying at Wayland Baptist University has been a powerful influence for me, as I am now closer to the Lord than I have ever been. I am learning to pray more often and I know without any doubt The Holy Spirit fills me for the papers I write and the exams I take....   [tags: Religion, Christianity, Ethics]

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A Christian Response to Globalization

- How globalization is impacting organizations; companies are being operated in a way that is much different that the model we may have been accustom to in the past. Many organizations have developed strategies that reduce the barriers to trade. They have either moved operations to other parts of the globe or brought the work force to their physical (or virtual) locations to fulfill their work force needs. As a result of globalization, many countries have seen rapid industrial growth. In many cases, the process is happening many times faster than it would have prior to the free trade environment we see developing today....   [tags: Outsourcing, Offshoring, Free Trade]

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The Gospel Of Christian Worldview

- Gospel Essentials Christian Worldview is specific and one that focuses on gods teaching through, scripture, prayer, chapel and the bible. Christians live to Gods words and become a product of God by using his scriptures to live by. Humans must put their trust in God and let him guide their lives. In order to have a good relationship with God you must have faith and ask for forgiveness when needed. This worldview can be explained by answering who God is, who Jesus is, how humanity goes into being a Christian, and how to solve the problems of humanity....   [tags: Christianity, God, Holy Spirit, Bible]

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Ferguson 's The Christian Life

- Ferguson’s The Christian Life is a invigorating instruction, of elemental precepts of the Christian faith. His nuts and bolts theme reflects an exacting focus upon the fundamentals of the Christian life coupled with encouraging instructions. Ferguson gives us a distillation of Christianity to be faithful, faithful to His Word, in our doctrine, our praxis, in our obedience. Just like our Lord’s testimony Ferguson is able to share an overflowing of Godly wisdom to live a Christian life not only didactic instruction....   [tags: God, Christianity, New Testament, Jesus]

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Christian Religion And The Creeds

- I believe there is plenty of value in faith communities reciting the creeds because if we didn’t how would people who have no prior knowledge about Christian religions have an overview of such a difficult story in Lameman’s terms. I believe that when we all recite the creeds it just shows that every Christian religion believes in the same core values. With that we show people who don’t know about religion or just general non-believers that there is unity among all denominations of Christians. That is a much more powerful statement because actions speak louder than words....   [tags: Christianity, Religion, Islam, Trinity]

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Luther And The Christian Faith

- Another of Luther’s messages is that Jews curse Christians and slander them. Luther believes that, “They curse us Goyim. In their synagogues and in their prayers they wish us every misfortune”(Bertram, p. 54). Luther then goes on to elaborate in how the Jews curse Christians by saying that Mother Mary was not a virgin in denying the coming of the Messiah among other slanders. Luther states, “Then they also call Jesus a whore 's son, saying that his mother Mary was a whore, who conceived him in adultery with a blacksmith” (Bertram, p.70)....   [tags: Nazi Germany, Antisemitism, The Holocaust]

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Global Warming and Christian Stewardship

- There is, perhaps, no more pressing an issue that impacts the future of the human race than the debate over global warming. Whether global warming is occurring as part of a natural cycle of the earth or through CO2 emissions introduced into the atmosphere by mankind, has yet to be empirically proven. However, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that mankind’s contribution may be considerable enough to warrant a change in human habits. According to an article written by Rich Deem, atmospheric CO2 levels indicate a spike of 70 ppm—the quickest rise in CO2 levels over the last 650,000 years (2005)....   [tags: Religion]

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The Eastern Christian School Association

- The Eastern Christian School Association was founded in 1892. At that time, Christian day-schools were under the sponsorship of religious ethnic groups, for instance Irish Catholics or German Lutherans. Eastern Christian was formed by the Dutch immigrant community which settled in Paterson to work in the silk mills and had 102 students in its original enrollment. Since then, the school system has grown and diversified. It now includes three separate buildings which house an elementary school and a middle school in towns in Bergen County, and the high school in Passaic County....   [tags: Education, religion, private schools]

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John Galliano and Christian Dior

- In this essay I am going to study two outfits created by designers of haute couture fashion. Christian Dior was designing in the post war years and the two pieces from his collection that I have chosen are from the late 1940’s/50’s. The other designer is John Galliano who joined the House of Dior much later. The two Galliano designs I am looking at, are from the late 80’s and 90’s. Within this essay I am going to consider what has influenced the designers and their works, their results and how succesful they are....   [tags: art fashion design]

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A Christian Counselor 's Worldview

- One’s worldview determines our sense of right or wrong, helps us make decisions, plan for the future, our view of human nature and emotional problems. A Christian counselor 's worldview will not depend on secular, humanist psychology techniques or materialistic, non-biblical counseling methods with some Bible thrown in for good measure but will identify the errors in psychological worldviews and keep out their influences. A well developed worldview should involve what we believe about God, the universe, knowledge, morals and human nature....   [tags: Theology, God, Bible, Love]

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Becoming A Licensed Christian Counselor

- Every person over the age of 19 can honestly say they have been a teenager, and as we all know the teen years can be pretty tough years. Being able to talk with an adult about these challenges is key to their future successes; unfortunately, many parents fall short on the explanation of God’s physical, emotional and spiritual design for them. This is where the Christian counselor comes in. It is my dream and goal to ultimately become a Christian counselor specializing in at-risk teens and families....   [tags: Education, Adolescence, Foster care, Psychology]

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Worldview : A Christian Worldview

- Worldview Worldview can be defined as the overall prospective from which one sees and interprets the world. Worldview can also be translated in German, worldview in German is Weltanschauung, and it can be define from a German perspective as a comprehensive conception or image of the universe and of humanity 's relation to it. Worldview can be describe as, how we see the world, our perspective of the world. • When we look into The Question of Origin, How did life begin. As Christians we are lead to believe that God created heaven and earth (Genesis 1:1)....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Ten Commandments, Bible]

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Christian Tragedy and Samson Agonistes

- Samson Agonistes is Milton’s final work, and as such is remarkable for its lack of finality. The poem is maddeningly oblique; Milton gives no answers, and barely poses any questions. However, Milton succeeds in writing Christian tragedy in Samson Agonistes by presenting the ease with which a Christian can be guided away from a real interaction with his own faith. Samson’s blindness is the blindness of all Christians who seek the path of salvation without divine guidance, and his tragedy is the tragedy of all those who convince themselves they have found it on their own....   [tags: Literature]

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Comparing Christian And Islamic Religions

- Christian and Islamic religions are separate from one another, they have many differences but when you look deeper at the religions they are not as different as you would think. Both religions hold many of the same beliefs including their ideas of what the afterlife holds. These religions have a very similar idea of what goes on in either heaven or hell, and both believe the soul continues to exist and your actions in the real world affect where you eventually end up. Although Christianity and Islam are separate religions their beliefs and ideas of what occurs in the afterlife are not that different....   [tags: Christianity, Islam, Heaven, Soul]

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Christian Faith Tested by Science

- Science has become a very strong passion of mine over the years. After learning about the theory of evolution in the eighth grade, I realized that there were going to be numerous times my Christian beliefs would be tested. Now, as a biology major, I know that my faith will be tested several throughout my life times but also I’ve also gained a deeper knowledge in God’s word. Along with science, serving in the military has also been a very strong passion of mine. Ever since elementary school I knew that I wanted to serve my country in the military....   [tags: science field, military culture, faith]

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Children Of A Christian Home

- Immersing people in a Christian environment allows individuals to strengthen their faith, be a part of God’s family, and receive the Holy Spirit. Growing up in a Christian home can have a huge impact on one’s entire life. We are able to practice significant values such as simply treating others with respect, forgiving those who have hurt us, and spreading the word of God. However, some of these values may not be practiced as much when an individual matures into an adolescent (Krum 27). At Alderbrook Community Church in Abbotsford, numerous individuals lose their religious belief as they encounter their teenage years....   [tags: Faith, Religion, Adolescence, Religious belief]

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Criminal Justice And The Christian

- Criminal Justice and the Christian is a course that covers topics that pertain to both the fields of Criminal Justice and Christian Theology. It helps us as students to examine crime that we see in our world on as daily basis as well as the punishment that comes afterwards through the eyes of Jesus Christ. There were seven different subjects that were discussed in this course that in many ways were interrelated with not only the career of Criminal Justice but as well as the Christian perspective....   [tags: Crime, Prison, Punishment, Criminal justice]

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Christmas Is A Christian Holiday

- Christmas Christmas is a Christian holiday that takes place on December 25 each year. Christmas is supposed to be a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, but is that just what American’s celebrate. “Ironically, at most Christmas parties the person whose birthday we 're supposed to be celebrating is completely ignored. He 's never even mentioned. Although Jesus is the reason for the season, he 's often overlooked or merely mentioned along with Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus, the Grinch, elves, and a long list of celebrated fictional characters” (Warren)....   [tags: Christmas, Christmas tree, Christmas Eve, Gift]

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Medieval Rome And Christian Persecution

- Medieval Rome and Christian Persecution Religion in the Roman Empire was mostly ritualistic and folksy. Romans congregated at public gatherings where they would pay reverence to the Roman gods. Public rituals were a pervasive facet of Roman culture not only for the elite but the common folk as well – public life that included festivals and holidays (Stark 3). There was a loose social structure tied to religion and faith during the wide public acceptance of polytheism. Christianity like Judaism and paganism proffered a rewarding relationship with one’s community and spirituality....   [tags: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Religion, Christianity]

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The Meaning of Christian Humanism

- ... Jesus explained that it’s not about getting all the glory for your actions; it’s about doing what's right and serving God. This stuck out to me because God wants us to do good deeds simply because it’s the right thing to do, not because it looks good in the public eye or because it will ensure that we have everlasting life with God in his kingdom. This verse hit the nail right on the head, I felt like it was crucial for me to understand this verse while searching for the meaning of Christian Humanism....   [tags: religious beliefs]

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Christian Development : World Religions

- Christian Development: World Religions Explain how your chosen religion explains the origins of the Universe Buddhism is known to all as ‘tilakhana’, the three signs of existence, which lends to the belief that existence is mutually infinite and encompasses insubstantiality, misery and ambiguity. Buddhism doesn’t rely on the ‘creator god’ to explain the origins of the universe as Buddhists do not have a God and therefore Buddhists are dependent on the unification that all matter and beings hinge on one another....   [tags: Buddhism, Hinduism, Gautama Buddha, Universe]

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John Wycliffe, A Christian Reformer

- John Wycliffe, a notable Christian reformer before the Reformation period, was born in Yorkshire, England around 1330. Although little is known of his early years, he attended the University of Oxford in 1346, public records also place him at Merton College in 1356 and again at Balliol as a Master prior to 1360. Wycliffe earned his baccalaureate 1369 and in 1372 earned his Doctorate of Theology. The rectory of Ludgershall, which was near Oxford, allowed him to retain a close connection with the university....   [tags: Catholic Church, Protestant Reformation, Pope]

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How Could The Christian Church

- How could the Christian church, which bases itself off kindness and peace, allow the Crusades to happen. The religion known to be loving of all was the cause of the most catastrophic occurrence in the late eleventh and late thirteenth centuries because of misconceptions and avarice of the pope. Of all of the religious wars fought, this was the one with the highest level of ridiculousness. Members of the church fought for all of the wrong reasons and the outcome was poor because of it. Even though the Crusades were justified by the false philosophies of both parties, they were overall beneficial economically....   [tags: Crusades, First Crusade, Byzantine Empire]

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- Paul’s letter to the Romans is known as one of his greatest theological works. It has been passed down for thousands of years and is still just as relevant today as it was in Paul’s time. How exactly is it relevant the modern day Christian may ask. What with its harsh language that includes strong sentences such as “the wages of sin is death” (6:23) and “the wrath of God” (1:18) one may say that the times have changed. Some may say that these issues in Paul’s time are acceptable in society today....   [tags: Theology ]

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Romans and the Christian Worldview

- Paul’s letter to the Romans is of his greatest theological works, passed down for thousands of years and still as relevant today as it was in Paul’s time. How exactly is it relevant the modern Christian may ask. What with its harsh language that includes statements such as “the wages of sin is death” (6:23) and “the wrath of God” (1:18), one may say that current times have changed. Some may say that the issues Paul addresses are acceptable in today’s society. What exactly is the Christian to think....   [tags: Scripture Analysis ]

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The Ethics Of Christian Ethics

- “Moreover fragmentation of our world is not only “out there,” but it is in our own souls” (Hauerwas p6). Fragmented as in being isolated or incomplete. The term ethics is the focus of what is right and what is wrong. In reference to Christian Ethics, it is termed specifically for the explanation of what is deemed right and wrong in the view of a Christian. “Lacking any habits or institutions sufficient to sustain an ethos of honor, we become cynical. By suspecting all, by assuming that behind every cause lies self-interest and behind every act of charity a psychological payoff, we hope to protect ourselves from being misused or lost” (Hauerwas p6)....   [tags: Leadership, Ethics, Truth, Morality]

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My Views On Christian Faith

- God, Humanity, Christianity and Restoration are four points that will be addressed as the most significant parts of my worldview. Why I personally believe that Jesus Christ is both the Son of God and also walked this earth as God in the flesh will be discussed. My Christian faith, my belief in perfect restoration through Him via salvation for myself and everyone else in the world will also be discussed in depth. My worldview stems from my own Christian faith, though I do have respect for other religious beliefs....   [tags: Jesus, Bible, Christianity, New Testament]

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The Ideals Of Christian Humanism

- Humanism is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value of human beings, both on the individual level and on the collective level. Humanist prefers critical thinking and logic over established doctrines of faith. However, humanism can take many forms and people will mold their worldviews around them to enhance their morals, knowledge, and life. As I have begun to form my worldview and decide what I value in life, and what principles those values follow, I am stumped. I am not sure if I truly know how to articulate what my worldviews are as I am still young and learning new philosophies and meanings for life in this diverse world we humans call home....   [tags: Love, Meaning of life, Agape, Life stance]

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A Christian Human Resource Manager

- As a Christian human resource manager, how might one 's biblical value system affect the way that they perform the function. Share a specific bible verse or passage that supports your viewpoint. As a Christian HR manager, the only thing that would affect my biblical value in performing one of the 3 HR functions would be making sure the HR development process is done properly and effectively. People make mistakes and I want my employees to be able to come to me if something goes wrong or they have any issues with the training or any of the other processes of HR development....   [tags: Jesus, Bible, God, Christianity]

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Letter For A Christian Friend

- Letter To a Christian Friend I like the name Atticus; To Kill a Mockingbird is my favorite fiction book. I also like the name Darwin. I look forward to Atticus 's arrival and receiving a photo. Theologically speaking, I think that we have to agree to disagree. I don 't think that human are flawed. The “flaw” is the ideas that people believe and the thoughts that they have and the actions they take based on their beliefs. Everyone (except the mentally insane) has the same brain and in a sense our brain is like a computer, that is, it is dependent on the installed software....   [tags: God, Theology, Atheism, Omnipotence]

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I Was A Christian Church

- As I was walking around the building in Cloverleaf Elementary one of the first things I noticed was that there was a Christian Church in walking distance of the school. The church wasn 't grandiose or luxurious, but it was well maintained and inviting. I feel like this is important because it makes it so that there is somewhere for the community to go and be together. There was not community park close by, so the church also gives children a chance to interact with other children their age outside of school....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Christianity, School]

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Why Is My Christian Worldview?

- Benchmark Gospel Essentials Why is my Christian worldview so important for the impact on how I feel about God’s creation that he establish. God created the heaven and earth in six days and on the seventh day God rested. Our worldview consist of how we see God, Humanity, Jesus and the Restoration to human problems of sin while still being able to Analysis our beliefs. God: When I think of God I think of wisdom due to him planning for our lives on earth and heaven with a plan on giving us life after death in his kingdom....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Gospel of John]

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Why Christian Leave the Faith

- Why do Christians leave the faith. Is it because church gets boring or a force of habit. Do they see other Christians acting the same as the lost people. Or is it because their questions are very complex and cannot be answered. For years people have asked these questions, and they have not found the source of the problem. Many people believe that the church as a whole has failed to do its job of containing members. This may contribute to the problem, but it is definitely not the only source. The source of this problem is somewhere in the mind of the believer that decided to turn away....   [tags: Hypocrisy, Social Events]

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Jesus As a Christian Leader

- Leadership has no consistent definition. In my opinion, leadership basically entails the ability of a person to influence, motivate and inspire others. A leader is someone who is able to create change among people. Examples of leaders are mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther king jnr, prophet Mohammed as well as Jesus Christ who I will be discussing in terms of Christianity. Christianity is one of the world’s major religions. It’s built on the idea that Jesus Christ is the Son of God whom God sent to save mankind....   [tags: leadership, christianity, selflessness, virtue]

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The Christian View of Abortion

- “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you, Jeremiah 1:5.” From 1973-12008, there have been 53, 310,843 abortions executed in the US since the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113, 93 S.Ct. 705, 35 L.Ed.2d 147 (1973). The total number of legal abortions today is more than 1.2 million per year (National Right to Life, 2011). A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit unanimously upheld the conviction of Richard James Smith, Sr., under Georgia's "feticide" statute....   [tags: Child Destruction, Fetal Homicide]

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The Goals of Christian Counseling

- Original Assumptions of Professional Clinical Counseling At the beginning of the semester, the framework for professional clinical counseling was presented during the class session. The objective was to study what the world calls “counseling” and how it is designed to provide the correct treatment to these people. The professional clinical model calls for a trained professional to handle the catharsis of the client in a controlled environment on the basis of a fiduciary relationship. Deliberate and guided questions are asked from the therapist to encourage catharsis....   [tags: treatment, bible, wonderful counselor]

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Biography on Felix Christian Klien

- ... Klein had some worries about staying in the country during this time so left (O’Conner and Robertson). Felix Klein did serve in the military for a short time. Felix Klein served as a medical orderly, but that ended as he was given the role of a lecturer at Göttingen in 1871 (O’Conner and Robertson). As Felix Klein was given the position as professor at Erlangen, he supported Clebsch. Clebsch stated that he believed that Felix Klein would become the next leading mathematician in his day (O’Conner and Robertson)....   [tags: theory, government, research, mathematician]

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The Christian Doctrine Of Sin

- In chapter ten, Timothy Keller says that proper understanding of the Christian doctrine of sin can be a great source for human hope. He defines sin as “seeking to become oneself, to get an identity, apart from God” (Timothy Keller 168). In other words, we attempt to find our sense of worth outside of God. He also says, “sin is not simply doing evil things, but the making of good things into ultimate things” (Keller 168). Keller says that there are personal consequences for the rebellion against God....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Disability, Good and evil]

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Third Century Christian Persecution

- The article, “3rd Century Christianity” by Graeme Clarke, discusses the history of Christian persecution. Section two, “Persecution AD 193-249” and section three, “The Persecution of Decius”, provide an in depth review of Christian persecution under the Roman Emperors’ Septimius Severus, Caracalla and Decius. However, the exact number of Christians persecuted and martyred for their faith will never really be known. Very few written records exist that chronicle events throughout the entire Roman Empire....   [tags: Christianity]

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Psychological and Christian Theories

- Psychology and biblical teachings have history of being considered the opposite of each other. Regardless, there are still Christian counselors or therapists that use (or in a sense, have to use) techniques that come from psychological theories. They key here is to evaluate these psychological theories while using the truth of the bible as a guide. Doing so will help determine what may be helpful to use in certain situations and what will be opposed to God. Considering psychology is such a vast field, a Christian counselor will have to research many varieties of these psychological theories....   [tags: god, bibilical, freud]

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Greek Vrs Christian Views

- The Christian view of evil and the Greek view of evil are complete opposites as depicted in Dante Alighieri’s play The Divine Comedy: Inferno compared to Euripides play Medea. The Christian view differs from the Greek account of evil by the belief in God. The Christian view has clear boundaries of good and bad behavior as shown in Inferno while the Greek belief is that nothing is inherently evil as seen in Medea. The Christian and Greek views differ on the punishment directly related or unrelated to the evil behavior....   [tags: view of evil, Dante Alighieri, play analysis]

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Philosophy of Christian Education

- The education of children has existed since the beginning of time as parents have taught and molded their children into the young adults they desired them to be. Initial training of children was not in a formal setting, although history would see numerous settings, purposes, and methodological changes. Philosophies of education have also changed through the years as various voices have seemed to grasp the purpose of educating the next generation, thus laying out objectives to reach those goals of teaching children....   [tags: Religion ]

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Christian Religious Education Curriculum

- Proposed Topic Matthew 28:18-20 taught by the central protagonist of the Christian faith, Jesus Christ, shares the objective of the Christian faith as it pertains to functional Christian ministry and advancing the mobility of the Christian faith within Christian education. This passage of scripture, explains the necessity of being a disciple of Jesus Christ and the spreading of the Gospel both foreign and domestic in the attempts of making more disciples of Jesus Christ. Ultimately disciple making is the major crux of action on the part of the Christian in order to spread the Christian faith and satisfying the command of Jesus Christ....   [tags: Issues, Correct Conduct, Religion]

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Christian Vs. Secular Leadership

- Christian vs. Secular Leadership In my opinion Christian and secular leadership vary greatly. Although they share the same basic principles of what a leader should be, Christian leaders take leadership a step further. First off, Christian leaders are called to lead by Him. This means He has chosen these individuals as His people to take on the responsibility of leading in a Christian manner. Christian leaders lead in a way that exemplifies Christ. They are caring, passionate, and invested in the organization in a way that differs from a secular leader....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Fiedler contingency model]

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Christian Influence on Shanghai

- Churches and priests may not be the first image that come to mind when discussing Shanghai, but they are nonetheless an important part of Shanghai's culture and history. The presence of the Christian church contributed greatly to the cosmopolitanism of Shanghai. Some of the first Westerners to live in Shanghai were missionaries and they played an important role in constructing an enticing image of Shanghai. Moreover, Christian institutions of education continue their contribution to Shanghai cosmopolitanism today....   [tags: Chinese History ]

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Christians And Non-christian Culture

- In the world today there are believers and non-believers. There are those who devote themselves whole-heartedly to God and those who choose the lukewarm approach to Christianity. Regardless, humans are all from God and God is in all of them. It is the duty of the human race to unite as one under God and rise up against the evil forces of the world. In order to do this everyone, both religious and the not religious, need to be aware of and recognize the lifestyles of each other. Non Christians should at least study the Philosophy of Christianity, as Christians should explore the philosophy of infidelity....   [tags: Cultural Identity Essays]

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I Am A Christian?

- I am a Christian. This is not because I follow a certain religion, but because I am a follower of Christ. I have relationship with him and he knows me, every little dirty secret. I in turn long to become closer to him each day. Does being a Christian mean I don’t sin. Of course not. I sin every day and my only hope is that when I have 80 years old I will sin less than I do today. I am a sinner as are we all, but because of his grace, I am forgiven. Scholars have concluded that what we usually call religion manifests to some degree the following eight elements: 1. A belief system: We believe that Christ was born to the Virgin Mary....   [tags: Christianity, Religion, Bible, Jesus]

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Christian Education Vs. Public

- Christian Education vs. Public Christian education is currently in the minority compared to public, when in the past that 's not how it was at all. In the past christian education was the education and it was taught in every classroom. The Bible was well known by everyone and if it wasn 't it was strange. Overall christian education is better than public because God 's word is taught, safety is way more assured, and the academic achievement is way higher. The Bible is vital for our generation today....   [tags: School, Education, Teacher, Jesus]

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Christian Dislike of Obama

- Religion has always been an important part of America and America’s history, from the time the pilgrims travelled from their homelands, to now. Religion, especially Christianity, is a prominent force guiding nearly all aspects of American life. Religion is involved in societal issues, economics, and politics. Often times, it is a dominant factor in politics and can eliminate someone from any chance of a political career or it could have the opposite effect and boost someone to the top in politics....   [tags: religion and politics]

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Christian Counseling: An Overview

- Biblical Counseling is making a strong impact in today's churches and community. Counseling is seen as one of the most productive ways of helping a person reach the inner side of themselves to help solve any problems that might be arising. Furthermore, when it comes to being a counselor, not something that should be taken for granted. We are all born of sin, but we have been saved through the grace of Jesus Christ. Not everyone bless to be a counselor, but Dr. Crabb's biblical teaching in Christian counseling will lay out the foundational requirement to enable the ones called by God to be an effective counselor....   [tags: Bible, Psychology]

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