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A Magnificent Catastrophe, by Edward J. Larson

- In the book “A Magnificent Catastrophe” author, Edward J. Larson examines all aspects of the events that occurred during the First Presidential Campaign in the 1800s. Larson discusses the Presidential Election rivalry battle between Thomas Jefferson of the Republicans and John Adams of the Federalists. In 1776 both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were sent to Philadelphia as delegates to the second continental congress, they joined a five-member committee, which drafted a Declaration of Independence for the United States....   [tags: A Magnificent Catastrophe]

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Catastrophe Bonds: The New Insurance

-   Catastrophe bonds are a new type of insurance securitization and have become increasingly popular in the insurance industry throughout the 21st century. Unlike traditional reinsurance products, cat bonds are “fixed income instruments issued primarily by insurers and reinsurers as a way of passing on their exposure to potential large financial risks associated with natural catastrophes” (Ip). in the form of an insurance linked security. These securities are designed to protect insurers and reinsurers against “super” catastrophes, or events that are high severity, but low frequency of occurrence, defined as having around a 1% or 1 in 100 years probability....   [tags: insurance securitization, reinsurance]

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A Catastrophe of Pandemic Proportions

- A Catastrophe of Pandemic Proportions   A Catastrophe of Pandemic Proportions It is the year 2018. The future that once looked bright is now filled with devastation. Two years ago a small pox epidemic swept through the United States in the worst act of terrorism we have ever seen. Due to the belief small pox was gone for good, children were no longer vaccinated. If only we knew the enemy was manufacturing this virus as a lethal weapon to be unleashed in the United States. I do not think even the enemy had any idea of the magnitude of death and destruction such a simple virus could cause....   [tags: Health ]

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Avoiding a Malthusian Catastrophe

- Thomas Malthus once said, “The power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man.” Albert Einstein might argue, on the other hand, “Necessity is the mother of all invention,” albeit in another context. So, which is it. Are we doomed to unchecked population growth followed by Malthusian catastrophe, or can we avoid it through increased food production, decreasing population growth rates, or some other means. To say Malthusian catastrophe is inevitable is completely unwarranted....   [tags: 1st World vs. 3rd World]

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The Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe

- Frequently leaders of organizations are challenged with making difficult decisions. It appears that British Petroleum’s (BP) decision making was focused on cost cutting, and not the employee’s safety, gulf residents, or the environment. The Deepwater Horizon catastrophe is a result of the systematic failure within a major corporation to be ethically and socially responsible to all stakeholders involved. The priority was corporate profits. A series of cost cutting measures ultimately unveiled a corporate giant that chose to neglect its ethical and social responsibility....   [tags: British Petroleum, liability, responsabilities]

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Chernobyl: A Nuclear Catastrophe

- When a major event takes place, people will always come back to ask what caused the event. Who was responsible. Why did the event occur. No matter the event, there will always be causes and effects. The Chernobyl explosion was a catastrophic event that has one or two causes but a few more effects. Chernobyl affected not only the people and environment around the area, but it affected other countries, too. People wonder what could’ve been done to stop the explosion, or if it even was stoppable....   [tags: environmental disasters]

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A Man-Made Catastrophe

- Global warming is a very controversial and widespread topic in recent decades. There really is no neutral zone when taking a side on what exactly is the cause of global warming. The evidence, in my opinion, points to humans. The proof comes from the research of about 2,500 scientist. Technology is advancing and so is industry, but that also means pollution from those factors in increasing. The Earth has a capacity for population and human reproduction is edging us closer to maximum capacity. Overall the man-made causes outweigh and any natural causes of global warming....   [tags: global warming, capacity, pollution]

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Field Notes From a Catastrophe by Elizabeth Kolbert

- Part 1: Summary In this book, Kolbert travels to many places to find out what is happening with global warming. Quite often she ran into the same fear at the places she went, the fear for loss before the next generation. When she went to Alaska, many people were fleeing from their homes because the sea ice surrounding them, creating a buffer zone for storms, was melting and that was causing houses to just be swept away. A man in Iceland who has monitored glaciers predicted that by the end of the century, Iceland will be ice free....   [tags: Kolbert Field Notes Catastrophe Book Analysis]

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Global Warming Causes Catastrophe in India

- ... Indian urban wetlands have reduced by 30 % in the last 50 years due to the rapid urban development and dumping of waste in water bodies. The situation is even more crucial because of its climate changes due to population density, and its major industrial and financial developments many of which are developed just above sea level and below the high-tide level. This inhibits natural runoff of surface water through the complicated network of drains, rivers, creeks and ponds that drain directly in the sea and during high tides sea water can enter the system and lead to salt water deluge....   [tags: floods, black day, landfills]

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Dignified Death or Cop-Out Catastrophe

- Dignified Death or Cop-Out Catastrophe Death is an inevitable fact of life, which; depending on culture, some people are more likely to accept than others. As a child growing up in an Asian culture, one learns that death is not the end. In Vietnam, death is not feared, it is expected. The majority of the Vietnamese population is Buddhist, believing in reincarnation and the after life. Individuals of this religion live their life one day at a time, performing acts of hope and good will, knowing that karma will reward them in their next life....   [tags: Medical Ethics ]

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The Catastrophe of War in Slaughterhouse Five

- The Catastrophe of War in Slaughterhouse-Five      Russian Prime Minister Joseph Stalin once said, “A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.” The impersonalization of war and death that he shares is an realistic characterization of war; originally intending to improve the lives of people, yet inevitably leading to the destruction of human life. Author Kurt Vonnegut endorses this view in his novel Slaughterhouse-Five; he shows that war can never be justified as long as innocent life is lost....   [tags: War Slaughterhouse Essays Papers]

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The Pains of Catastrophe in the Flooding of Buffalo Creek, Virginia

- Pain in the wake of catastrophe can be as elusive as pain in illness. Kai Erikson argues that the events of catastrophe such as the flooding of Buffalo Creek Virginia cause a syndrome which includes pains such as numbness, reliving of the event, familial loss, loss of community as well as many others. The problem that arises from such a catastrophe is how to handle the pain suffered by its victims. Veena Das and Elaine Scarry argue that pain is unshareable but it also calls for attention. Through an extensive look into Kai Erikson’s piece on the events that took place in Buffalo Creek and the leading literature on pain it becomes clear that recognition and generalizability of victims pain an...   [tags: diaster, pain, victims, suffering]

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Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire

- Directed and produced by Jeremy Earp and Sut Jhally, narrated by Julian Bond, "Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire" is an unrated sixty-eight minute eye-opening documentary released in 2004 by The Media Education Foundation. The film sheds light on the relationship between 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq before the attack on the World Trade Center. Just like every other movie or documentary, this film carries a message; Hijacking Catastrophe provides concise analysis that persuades its audience to take a second look and interpret the connection....   [tags: Movie Review, Film Review]

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The Debt: An Economic Catastrophe

- The Debt: An Economic Catastrophe Few national economic issues have generated the same kind of concern as has the federal debt problem of Canada. There is a pressing need for long-term policies to lift Canada out of the national debt hole it is in. Eliminating the debt will not only free up money being spent on interest and reduce taxes, but make Canada a more feasible place for future generations to live and work. Interest on the debt has eroded the government's ability to fund its own operations and essential social services....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Reinsurance Of Catastrophe Risks

- Reinsurance of Catastrophe Risks Introduction Extreme events happen very seldom, however, they can inflict tremendous damage when they strike. The events are either natural occurrences (earthquake, flood, volcanoes, landslides, tsunamis) or man-made event (fire disasters, plane crashes, riots). Increasing earthquake damage in recent years is evidence of rising vulnerability for the communities as more people with more valuable property are residing in earthquake-prone areas as it is observed by the rapid population growth....   [tags: Insurance]

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The Post Catastrophe Society

- The Post Catastrophe Society Response This portfolio is based on a workshop which we did in drama our drama lessons, it was called "The Post Catastrophe Society". The workshop was based on a text scenario which we were given by our teacher Mr McCarthy, and it shows the reactions to a immense disaster that makes crowds of certain 'selected' people try to tolerate living in an underground world, in which all of their former laws, rules, traditions and lives have been thrown out of the window for a newer and more ruthless rule of 'survival of the fittest'....   [tags: Papers]

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I Aspire to Help Prevent Catastrophe

- Admissions Essay - I Aspire to Help Prevent Catastrophe If preventative measures are not taken, the aging baby-boomer generation will metamorphose into a skilled-care black hole that will demolish the nation's economy as these individuals reach senior-citizen status. I aspire to help prevent this catastrophe and improve the lives of the elderly and their loved ones. It is often said that one's philosophy is defined by her experiences and accomplishments. This summer I participated in the Summer Medical and Research Training Program at Baylor College of Medicine....   [tags: Medicine College Admissions Essays]

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Was the Financial Catastrophe that Hit Ireland from 208 on an Accident or Due to Mistaken Policies

- Was the financial catastrophe that hit Ireland from 2008 on an accident or due to mistaken policies. It is natural for economies to experience highs and lows during different periods, often being subject to a boom-bust cycle. The financial catastrophe that hit Ireland from 2008 on, however, was definitely not an accident. A global financial crisis ensued the same year, which would obviously have a negative impact on Ireland - it “contributed very significantly to the [Irish] economy’s current woes” (Fitzgerald, 2011)....   [tags: economic crisis, fiscal policies]

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The Pasig River

- 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Terms of Reference This report discusses the factors that affected Pasig River’s aquatic life and solutions to overcome this frightening catastrophe. 1.2 Procedure Information was gathered for this report from: • World Health Organization Website • Water Issues in Southeast Asia: Present Trends and Future Direction • Environmental and Engineering Research Website • Water Pollution Control: A guide to the use of water quality management principles 1.3 Background Philippines has at least 99 million people with 13% of the total population residing in Metro Manila....   [tags: environmental catastrophe]

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The Catastrophe of Greenhouse Gas Emission in the United States

- MIAMI BEACH, Fla. " On a recent afternoon, Scott McKenzie watched torrential rains and a murky tide swallow the street outside his dog-grooming salon. Within minutes, much of this stretch of chic South Beach was flooded ankle-deep in a fetid mix of rain and sea." "Welcome to the new Venice," McKenzie joked as salt water surged from the sewers. ---- Michael J. Mishak, Associated Press June 7, 2014 Over the years, Earth has been through numerous catastrophic events; such as, the KT dinosaur extinction, but none of these events are comparable to the +7.1...   [tags: Climate Change, global warming]

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A Woman’s Place: The Catastrophe of Sexism Taken to the Extreme

- Are women equal to men. Are they essentially the same or wholly different beings. How are women to be treated and what is their position. In 1892 when this story was written, a woman’s place was at home and she was to be submissive to her husband. Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the author, was a feminist who disagreed with this principle. Her discontentment with a woman’s role in society, their medical treatment in regards to mental disorders, and the institution of marriage are evident in her writing....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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Nayarit Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons

- As a follow-up of a historic international conference on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons (Oslo, March 2013), the government of Mexico hosted a 2nd international conference from 13-14 February 2014 in Nuevo Vallarta, a residential resort community in the state of Nayarit, to build momentum for an ambitious diplomatic process that puts the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons the essence of nuclear disarmament efforts and achievement of a nuclear weapons free world, NTI reports....   [tags: government, consequences, humanitarian catastrophe]

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Are We on the Cusp of the Sixth Mass Extinction Event?

- As titled: Are We On The Cusp Of The Sixth Mass Extinction Event. Yes, we are indeed, as we, here defined as all the lives on the Earth at the moment. Mass extinction is times when the Earth loses more than three-quarters of its species in a geologically short interval (Barnosky et al., 2011). In addition, according to the Oxford Dictionary of Geology and Earth Sciences edited by Michael Allaby (2013), mass extinction is defined as the Earth has been taken place environmental catastrophe, removes many groups from environment from record and not replaced, and ecosystems collapse....   [tags: environmental catastrophe, Geology]

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The Aftermath of a Bioterrorist Attack

- The aftermath of a bioterrorist attack can be catastrophic to the population in any affected country. The effects can be medical, economic, political, psychological, and social, depending on what agent is used, and the conditions of its release. If the agent is professional prepared and released then the effects could be more both significant and long lasting, and although an attack can affect a country in a disruptive manner, it could also affect it in a positive way. Among the positive results are the cooperation among countries, a country more unified, and the procurement of more facts about the attack by authorities, leading them to the improvement of bio-security protocols to prevent fu...   [tags: security, catastrophe, government]

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Ancient Greek Tragedies: Passion vs. Prudence

- Greek tragedies often teach readers several valuable lessons, one of which is the catastrophe caused by acting on emotions. Both Oedipus and Antigone experience this as a result of their rash behavior. Even Creon ends up miserable in Antigone due to the change in his behavior. By acting on their emotions, these characters all experience tragic downfalls, while others, such as Ismene and Creon during Oedipus Rex, remain safe due to their prudence and indications of wisdom. Due to the actions she took based on her emotions, Antigone suffered a far worse fate than Ismene....   [tags: catastrophe, emotions, prophecy]

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Case Study: Sayano Shushenskaya Hydroelectric Power Station

- Case Study: Sayano Shushenskaya Hydroelectric Power Station Introduction: Located on the Yenisei River, nearest to Sayanogorsk in Khakassia, Russia, the Soviet-era Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydroelectric Power Station was opened in 1978. By 2009, the plant was ranked sixth in the world and first in Russia for gross hydroelectric power generation. A total of ten turbines were utilized to provide 6,400 MW of electricity to the Russian infrastructure.1 As workers arrived to the plant around 08:00 h on 17 August 2009, there was no cause for immediate alarm....   [tags: gate water, turbine, catastrophe]

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Global Warming: An Inconvenient Truth

- In 2006, former senator Al Gore created an academy award winning documentary on global warming entitled “An Inconvenient Truth” . The movie earned several awards including an academy award for best documentary and gore later received a noble peace prize. The movie discussed several different topics of great concern to global warming; such as permafrost, climbs in temperature, extinction of species, drought, and fatigue to name a few. Four writers in five different articles discussed the three topics of greenhouse gases, climate change, and causes of global warming....   [tags: Global Warming Catastrophe]

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Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

- William Shakespeare's Hamlet is most certainly a tragedy of tragedies. In this masterful piece of literature Shakespeare heaps calamity upon calamity on the stories main protagonist, Hamlet. Not only to Hamlet do these saddening things happen but also to most of the other characters of the story. The tragic nature of this story can obviously be seen in many ways. The main aspects of this work which reveal its nature would be the death of those close to the main character, the hero's tragic flaw, and the final catastrophe which ends the story....   [tags: Death, Flaws, Catastrophe]

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The Disaster of Columbia

- 2. THE DISASTER OF COLUMBIA The-ill-fated-Columbia-space-shuttle-orbiter-and-its-seven-person crew-ended-their-journey-in-catastrophe almost a decade ago. During-its-Feb.-1,-2003-plunge-back-to-Earth,-the vehicle-broke-apart-into-pieces and burnt the seven crew members,-with-wreckage-strewn-across-east-Texas-and-western Louisiana. The-Columbia-Accident-Investigation-Board-(CAIB) later identified-that-the physical-cause-of-the-disaster-was-damage-to-Columbia's-left-wing-that-occurred-just-81.9 seconds-after-launch because of the breaking of the foam which affected the tiles on the wing....   [tags: accident investigation, catastrophe, shuttle]

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The Catastrophe Known as “Hip Hop”

- Through the eyes of a struggling young African American female desperately seeking for sense of her heritage, Hip Hop is all she is able to hold on to. However, as courageous writers Andreana Clay and Michael Dyson attempt to unearth deeply embedded misconceptions of our seemingly normal Hip Hop culture, her perceptions are exposed to the shattering truth that Hip Hop has become a queer identity revolting platter which serves up plagues called homophobia, sexism, racism, and violence. Hip hop, once her beloved escape is now ravaging her community with broken practices, devastated systems, crushed philosophies, and immoral ideologies....   [tags: Music]

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Network Disaster Recovery

- NETWORK DISASTER RECOVERY INTRODUCTION Communication channels are electrical signals or electromagnetic waves for communication then that type of communication is known as Telecommunication. A telecommunications network is a collection of terminal nodes and links which are connected to establish telecommunication between the terminals. The transmission links connect the nodes which use circuit switching, message switching or packet switching to pass the signal through the correct links and nodes to reach the correct destination terminal....   [tags: telecommunications, catastrophe, plan]

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Federal Emergency Management Agency

- When a disaster occurs, the first things that a lot of people think about are the first responders such as policemen, firemen and medical personnel. The first responders are the people who others rely on to initially meet the disaster head on. What a lot of people do not know is that the typical first responders are not the only ones who deal with a disaster but there are other responders whose main task is to coordinate hundreds of people who are on scene and who represent many different agencies....   [tags: dealing with catastrophe]

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Mattel Catastrophe in China

- Barbie was introduced to the world in 1959, and is one of the most iconic dolls ever produced. Barbie is manufactured by Mattel, which was founded in California in 1944, and has dominated the toy market ever since. Barbie helped to create a name and an Empire for Mattel, who later introduced products such as Hot Wheels and Polly Pocket. Mattel, for many years, had a great reputation and produced products that were safe and children loved. Mattel began moving their manufacturing operations overseas about twenty years ago, and until recent years had enjoyed continued success....   [tags: Case Study, solution]

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Media Coverage on Hurricane Katrina

- Media Coverage on Hurricane Katrina News of the devastating hurricane Katrina and its economic, political, social, and humanitarian consequences dominated global headlines in an unprecedented manner when this natural catastrophe struck the region of New Orleans in mid August 2005 ( As a tradition, large-scale disasters like Katrina, inevitably, bring out a combination of the best and the worst news media instincts. As such, during the height of Hurricane Katrina’s rage, many journalists for once located their gag reflex and refused to swallow shallow and misleading excuses and explanations from public officials....   [tags: natural catastrophe, American society, media]

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Cosmetic Catastrophe

- Every morning I wake up and stumble to the bathroom to begin the morning ritual that prepares me for the day. This ritual is centered around the application of cosmetics to my face. The application process generally begins with the cleansing of the face using face wash followed by lotion. Then the real works begins as I pull back my hair and start applying foundation, eye liner, mascara, blush, etc. Recently I have come to the realization that my morning ritual may be detrimental to the environment....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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Unwarranted Atomic Catastrophe

- ... Thus the US was entirely safe from any attack this brings the point of terrorism. Since there was no direct war, nor was there any immediate threat to the US, the dropping of the Atomic bombs was highly unjustified. In a book that includes excerpts of different personal journal entries of Atomic bomb survivors, Masuji Ibuse’s Black Rain includes a journal entry written by an anonymous old man who defines the obvious impotence of Japan launching an offensive attack: “The home guard who were carrying around their bamboo spears in case of invasion, put those spears down after the Emperor's announcement on the radio that the war was over - NOT because of the bombing 9 days earlier.” (Masuji...   [tags: hiroshima, nagasaki, international laws]

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Antibiotic Resistant Catastrophe

- Since the 1940’s antibiotics have greatly decreased death and illness due to infectious diseases. These drugs have had a significant impact on patient’s health when used correctly and appropriately. (CDC, 2013) However sometimes they are overused. When these antibiotics are overused, or used for diseases in which they are not necessary the infectious organism could become antibiotic resistant. Antibiotic resistance is defined as, the effect of microbes transforming in ways that decrease or eliminate the efficiency of drugs, chemicals, and other agents that are used to cure or prevent infections....   [tags: Death, Illness, Infectious Disease, Antibiotics]

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The Carnage and the Catastrophe: The Japanese Militarization of Zen

- In the modern day, a general Westerner usually pictures Buddhism as an idyllic peaceful religion that is withdrawn from society, but like all other religions Buddhism is interconnected within its own society. Buddhism also like many other religions, has an element of violence within itself and within different sects. Zen Buddhism specifically developed into a very violent religion during World War II and the wars that preceded it. Brian Daizen Victoria focuses on the militarization of Zen within his two works, Zen War Stories and Zen at War....   [tags: modern japan, buddhism, war stories]

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The Carnage and the Catastrophe: The Japanese Militarization of Zen

- Throughout Buddhist scripture there is a great amount of articulation against violence. The Buddha actively speaks against violence, but at the same time Buddhism promotes the spread of the dharma. Within Zen at War Victoria highlights the Buddha’s words, “until all sentient beings are united together through the exercise of infinite compassion, there will never be peace” (29). This quote became incorporated into the Japanese military and the inevitable nature of war was molded into this normally peaceful message....   [tags: buddhists, violence, japanese military]

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Experincing the Atomic Bombs in Japan

- On August 6, 1945, a plane called the Enola Gay dropped an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima. Instantly, 70,000 Japanese citizens were vaporized. In the months and years that followed, an additional 100,000 perished from burns and radiation sickness. Two days later, on August 9, a second atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, where 80,000 Japanese people perished. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is one of the most controversial aspects in the history of the United States because many people believe that it wasn't a necessary action to win the war....   [tags: hiroshima, nagasaki, catastrophe]

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Amphibian Diversity of Sri Lanka

- Biodiversity degradation are becoming one the worst global environmental catastrophes. Given the status of the world’s biological resources on which so much of human life depends, biodiversity loss is among the world’s most pressing crisis and there is growing global concern on slowing down population declines and extinctions (Wilson 1988; WHO 2005; McKinney et al. 2009; Soberon and Peterson 2009). The current estimation on the extinction rate ranges between 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than the natural rate (Kumar and Khanna 2008)....   [tags: Environmental Catastrophe, Biodiversity ]

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Social Commentary on Zombies in Movies and Litarature

- The zombie genre is a lot more complex than I had ever imagined. Like many people, I thought of them as just gory, cannibalistic monsters dreamed up to gross people out. I really paid no attention to the genre, thinking that the movies and books were not my cup or tea. I was unaware of the history of the zombie, and the fact that much of the modern day zombie tales are actually deeply rooted in social commentary. As a student of sociology, seeing the zombie genre from this perspective was quite eye opening....   [tags: Society, Catastrophe]

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Global Warming and Climate Change Speech

- Topic: Global warming/climate change. General Purpose: To inform. Specific Purpose: For the audience to understand that climate change is a rapidly increasing global problem. Thesis: Climate change is an increasing worldwide problem. INTRODUCTION I. Attention Getting Device – You’re in your house, with the knowledge that a hurricane is barreling toward you. You decide to stay, because, well, “the hurricane would never hit me,” right. A few hours later, you are without a home with water as far as the eye can see....   [tags: Problem, Catastrophe, Environment]

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Enviornmental Catastrophes

- Many people throughout the world deal with environmental destruction. Whether it is natural or man created, both end in sudden calamities. An example of a natural catastrophe is the 1997 Red River Flood in Grand Forks, North Dakota. One of the unique aspects of the Red River is that it flows North and empties into the lake Winnepeg in Canada. However, since temperature tends to get colder the farther north you get, ice-jamming is often a concern of the Red River during the spring season. The National Weather Service began putting out warnings as early as February that a flood due to the spring melt was likely to occur....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Catastrophes in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

- Catastrophes in Romeo and Juliet Many characters in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet invite the catastrophes they experience. These characters are Mercutio, Romeo, and Friar Laurence. Mercutio because he never thinks before he acts. He has a very big mouth and will say anything to create a joke. Romeo because of this fight with Tybalt. If this fight never occurred then the outcome of the story could have been better for Romeo and Juliet. Maybe there families could have set aside their differences for there children and live the rest of there lives in harmony....   [tags: Romeo and Juliet Essays]

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The Donner Party: Survival or Principles?

- The Donner Party The Donner Party encountered one of the most paramount hardships a set of travelers could possibly fathom. This historical catastrophe involves eighty-one inexperienced emigrants who traveled in hopes of reaching the land that’s come to be known as California. Forty-seven of said travelers have met series unfortunate events from many contributing factor (PBS). The most horrible and misleading factor of all was the human mind and its insistent need to discover and subjugate everything, whether within reach or not in the shortest and fastest way possible (A&E)....   [tags: catastrophes, cannibalism]

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The Strange Fascination of People of Turning Catastrophes Into a Media Event

- The Strange Fascination of People of Turning Catastrophes Into a Media Event This opinion article tries to outline why the destruction of New York is presented in films and takes the 11th September terrorist attack as a case study and it attempts to find reasons why disasters that happen in real life remain stamped in the imagination of the human psyche. The destruction of the New York skyline has long been an obsession for the American film industry. It is depicted a lot in the Planet of the Apes series when in the first film's memorable closing sequence we see Charlton Heston finding the Statue of liberty half buried in the sand....   [tags: Papers]

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The Bhopal Disaster in India

- The Bhopal disaster took place in India in 1984 at the UCC plant, more than 40 tons of methyl isocyanate escaped out of a faulty valve killing over 3800 people instantly in the town of Bhopal. It caused many thousands more to suffer greatly, and die from significant morbidity, and premature death. The significance of it all has been very catastrophic, it is considered to be the worst “man” made disaster. The company tried to divert attention away from its self to avoid accountability. However ultimately they reached an agreement through the courts through mediation and reached an amount of $470 million dollars in damages; this was a very small amount considering the true cost of it al...   [tags: chemical spills and catastrophes]

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Environmental Catastrophes in the Global South

- The welfare of humanity is currently in jeopardy as a result of re-occurring environmental predicaments that are happening across the globe. This includes Global warming, deforestation; extinction and toxic waste have captured the attention of many across the world. Environmental catastrophes are unfairly blamed on the Global South. Firstly many of these underdeveloped nations do not have strict environmental laws. Secondly the concept of sustainability for transnational corporations has proven to not be seen as proficient way to limit the growth of production in order to sustain a better ecosystem....   [tags: laws, ecosystem, power, water]

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Ethical Quandaries

- During the process of planning for catastrophic events there are many ethical quandaries that must be addressed by the planners but the common denominator in most of them is how to be fair and respectful to all while also providing the best protection for the most people. And just what exactly is fair and what about the situations that present conflicts between fair and safe. There are several different typologies concerning how to be fair, respectful, and provide the best for the most. During the planning stage of preparing for response to a catastrophic event they may all come into play....   [tags: Majority, Typographies, Catastrophes]

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Memorable Christmas Catastrophes

- Christmas catastrophes. There's no other way to describe them. Some people most likely remember the gift giving or receiving. Many memories likely involved family relations-you know, the bickering in-laws, the kids running all over the place, mothers and mothers-in-law with too much advice for the agitated cook. But most catastrophes happened in the kitchen, or were otherwise related to a dinner that was supposed to be special. We've all heard about the inexperienced cooks who tried to roast turkeys that were frozen solid, maybe in time for next Christmas....   [tags: Autobiography Essay, Personal Narrative]

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Natural Catastrophes in Far From the Madding Crowd

- Several natural catastrophes happen over the course of the novel; the dogs driving the sheep off the cliff, the fire, the sheep feeding upon clover, the storm. What role do these events play with respect to the character of Gabriel. Set in Wessex, a fictional location in rural England, Far From the Madding Crowd is a nineteenth century novel, based around the character of Bathsheba Everdene, a young, bright woman who arrives in the village of Weatherbury, to work the dilapidated farm that is her inheritance from her uncle....   [tags: English Literature]

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Disaster Response and Evacuation Procedures

- Disaster Response and Evacuation Procedures 1. Introduction When surface transportation system is effective, possibilities of responding to natural disasters such as terrorist attacks or other catastrophic events becomes high. Disaster Response and Evacuation (DRE) implements the intelligent transportation systems (ITS) to improve the effectiveness of transportation systems so that response and recovery to disasters is enhanced. This involves eases of access to the scene of disaster by professionally trained personnel, provision of better information regarding the transportation system in the area of disaster, provides a more effective, safer means of evacuation for the general public if ne...   [tags: Natural Disasters, Terrorist Attacks, Catastrophy]

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Florida Catastrophic Planning Initiative

- The Florida Catastrophic Planning (FLCP) Initiative was conducted under the auspices of the National Catastrophic Planning Process (CPP), as mandated by the Homeland Security Act of 2002, which was amended by the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act of 2007. The Act of 2007 expanded the roles and responsibilities of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in preparing for catastrophes as a result of the dismal response to Hurricane Katrina (Ruback et al., 2010). FEMA was given specific requirements to better prepare for catastrophic disasters and the FLCP planning process embodies one the first major tests of the CCP....   [tags: Government]

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Catastrophic Telecommunications Cyber Attacks Are Impossible

- At this juncture, it may be somewhat difficult to accept the proposition that a threat to the telecommunications grid, both wired and wireless, in the United States could potentially be subject to a catastrophic cyber attack. After careful research on the subject, it appears the potentiality of an event of such magnitude, which either disrupts one or the other grids for a long period or destroys either, is both theoretically and realistically impossible. It may be that proponents—those who advance such theories—equate such “doomsday” scenarios as if a cyber attack would or could be of the same magnitude as a conventional or nuclear military strike....   [tags: Telecommunications Cyber Attacks]

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Social Media as an Important Tool during Disaster Response

- In global terms, social media is developing as an important tool during disaster response. In 2011, social media was used to communicate information about health and safety concern during the Egyptian uprising. In 2010 after Haiti’s earthquake, social media linked medical professionals in Haiti with medical professional around the world, so supplies could easily be transported to Haiti. In 2009, after H1N1 outbreak in Alexandria, Virginia, the Virginia Health Department tweeted and texted about the availability of the H1N1 vaccines, and within minutes after the notice, people gathered at the centers to receive them....   [tags: emergency preparedness, catastrophy relief]

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What Leads a Society to a Totalitarianism Regime

- Communism: "A concept or system of society in which the major resources and means of production are owned by the community rather than by individuals" ("Communism"). In the year 1848 the Communist Manifesto was constructed. The creators of the manifesto were, Karl Marx, the main Idealist and Friedrich Engles, who assisted Marx with his work. Marx and Engles had “hoped that the Manifesto’s eloquence would inspire a revolution all over Europe through which the workers would seize power, take the factories away from their owners and create a society free of class distinctions in which all property¬¬¬¬¬¬-land, buildings, machines and stores- would be owned by the state” (Miller 14)....   [tags: catastrophy, war, famine, exploitation]

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Taking a Look at Earthquakes

- Earthquakes Geologists today define an earthquake as the shaking and the trembling of the earth’s surface, known as the ground. Earthquakes are caused by the sudden release of energy, usually as a result of faulting which involves displacements of rocks along fraction. All of this energy has been building up for a long period of time and then suddenly just blows. Most earthquakes result from energy being released along plate boundaries and as such “earthquakes are manifestation of earth’s dynamic nature to the fact that earth is an internally active planet” (Hough)....   [tags: catastrophy contingency and procedures]

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Looking at the Tragedy of the Titanic All Over Again

- The Titanic “The orchestra belonging to the first cabin assembled on deck as the liner was going down and played ‘Nearer My God to Thee.’ – Miss C. Bounnell, first class survivor” (Deitz). The Titanic wined and dined the elite in all of its extravagance, but soon came to a tragic end with its mysterious sinking. The ship was proclaimed to be unsinkable and that no known accident of the sea could ever sink the ship; however, we all know that was proven wrong (SV; CA, SV.). Life on the ship was nothing short of spectacular with the most expensive ticket costing $4,350, around $100,000 today (“Titanic”)....   [tags: major ocean liner catastrophes]

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The Lockerbie Air Disaster: Pan Am 103

- Terrorism – This is a word that many people are terrified of. When a terrorist attack occurs, people’s daily routines are shattered. Things change instantaneously the moment the bomb goes of. When we think about a terrorist attack that really impacted the world, we immediately think about 9/11. On that day many people were hurt directly and indirectly. People were disorientated and scared. The moment there is change, the world panics. Unfortunately, 9/11 was not the only day where people panicked....   [tags: airplane accidents, catastrophes]

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The Black Death or Bubonic Plague

- Imagine horrific death took over your city and most of your loved ones were gone. You once believed in your faith most definitely, but now question everything; why are you here. Is there a higher power in existence. Is there a God. What is God. The world you once knew deteriorated; everything you were certain of and the society around you crumbled before you. These were all the effect of the Black Death. The Black Death, also known as the Bubonic Plague occurred between 1347 and 1351.It was a mass disaster that had spread throughout Europe....   [tags: health catastrophes in European history]

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The Horrific Chernobyl Accident

- ... The drastic situation demanded a world wide response. The response involved a precautionary measure to contain radiation fallout dispersed into the atmosphere. The threat of radiation poising spread across the world needed to be addressed and the requirement to attend to civilian safety. The immediate threat of “The Chernobyl Disaster” passed, the world has yet remained under the effect of the horrific ordeal. An enormous portion of land uninhabitable by radiation contamination. The worry of the nuclear fallout spreading through the local terrain by unpredicted methods....   [tags: catastrophic nuclear incidents]

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China's Catastrophic Cultural Revolution

- Impeccably true to its definition, the Chinese characters for “revolution” literally mean “elimination of life”, proved by China’s catastrophic cultural revolution. Communist leader Mao Zedong sought to eliminate the past and push for a resurrection only to land China miserably behind. By wiping away years of scientific and literary advancements, China renounced its grandiose history and way of life. In 1966, Communist leader Mao Zedong initiated the Cultural Revolution in China intended to reaffirm his domination over the Chinese government, drastically affecting the lives of nearly everyone in China....   [tags: Chinese Revolution, Chinese History, Mao Zedong]

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Supply Chain Risk - Catastrophic Disruptions

- Supply Chain Risk - Catastrophic Disruptions Background A supply chain is all the activities that produce or provide a product or a service to a customer (Reid & Sanders, 2010). Historically supply chain management has been about abating cost. Managing supply chain cost is key strategic planning to stay competitive in a global market. All organizations have a supply chain. A supply chain includes external, internal, incoming, and outgoing. External and internal supply chains are people, parts, raw material, raw foods, information, development of people and projects, engineering, labor, finished products, and components of products....   [tags: management, cost, contingency planning]

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Problems and Solutions to Catastrophic Global Warming

- Problems and Solutions to Catastrophic Global Warming Global warming is becoming a major problem for our environment. Global warming is causing the atmosphere to become warmer which causes many problems for the environment. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere allows sunlight to pass through, but it traps heat from escaping. This causes the earth to warm which keeps the earth from becoming a ball of frozen ice, but excess carbon dioxide causes global warming, which will affect the environment. There are many solutions to slowing or stopping the effects of global warming including planting trees, cutting carbon dioxide emissions, and using alternative fuels....   [tags: Carbon Dioxide, Environment, Atmosphere]

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Catastrophic Eruption in Making Sense of Mount St. Helens by Steve Nash

- Article Summary of Mount St. Helens In the article Making Sense of Mount St. Helens by Steve Nash, the author discusses the huge, catastrophic eruption in 1980, the environmental impact of the eruption, biological legacies, how the eruption helps better understand the process of succession, and the resurgence of scientific research at Mount St. Helens. Nash talks about the restrained locution of ecology, and what occurred in 1980 was not just a "disturbance." It instantly altered the still Fuji-form symmetry volcanic look, with lush forests, meadows, and clear, snow-fed lakes extending north around a huge, deep side-blown crater (Nash, 2010)....   [tags: process of succession, avalancha]

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The Catastrophic Impact of Rising Oceans on the Pacific Islands

- The Catastrophic Impact of Rising Oceans on the Pacific Islands All over the world indigenous communities are faced with an array of new problems, though the public continues to gain insight into the lives of these people they continue to be marginalized in the global arena as well. The Pacific Islands are an entity far removed from the minds of most westerners. The primary focus of any political discourse within the United States places most emphasis on Australia and New Zealand ignoring the smaller less politically salient states....   [tags: Global Warming Climate Change]

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The Fate of Humanity by Technology

- ... The most rapidly progressing damage humans are causing to the environment is the issue of global warming. According to an article by, “[humans] extract and burn fossil fuels… [causing] the release of carbon dioxide and other heat trapping ‘greenhouse gases’… Though natural amounts of CO2 have varied from 180 to 300 parts per million (ppm), today’s CO2 levels are around 400 ppm. That’s 40% more than the highest natural levels over the past 800,000 years” (Why Are Humans Responsible). The massive amounts of greenhouse gas production along with the rapid deforestation of the earth is changing earth’s atmosphere into a natural oven that will soon set the world “on fire.” The climate...   [tags: afterlife, destruction, catastrophic]

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The Tunguska Explosion: An Unexpected Loud Bang and Explosion by Philip Coppens

- ... We also found ferrum silicate that cannot be produced anywhere, except in space.” Atkinson tried to do research on this type of material but couldn’t find any information on it. It seems that ferrum silicate does not exist. Lavbin admittedly says that the stones revealed a navigational system of a spaceship when they were put together. Correspondingly to this, Atkinson also stated in her article, there have been other reports by the scientific expedition in 2004 that they’ve found blocks of an extraterrestrial technical device, and have also found one 50-kilogram piece of stone....   [tags: mysteries, siberia, catastrophic event]

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Did Mrs. O. Leary´s Cow Really Start the Chicago Fire?

- Did Mrs. O Leary’s cow really start the Chicago fire. Some might say that the cow did start the fire, but there are other theories that disprove this theory. The Chicago fire happened in 1871. It was a catastrophic day in Chicago. Even though it was catastrophic and did some really bad things, it also led to industrialization in Chicago, and made Chicago what it is today. Without the fire Chicago might not be the metropolis it is today. What is the Great Chicago Fire. The fire started on October 8, 1871 (Chicago Historical Society).It burned until October 10....   [tags: theory, catastrophic, industrialization]

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The Results of the Creation of the Atomic Bomb

- The atomic bomb was created over a time of 6 years. Started in 1939 and completed in 1945 had numerous bad things that followed it. It was created during World War II, while America was at war with Japan. America heard rumors about Japan creating nuclear weapons, so the U.S. also did so, only bigger and better. The atomic bomb became known as the “Manhattan Project” and was created to settle the war that was going on. Atomic bombs create an explosion of heat and visible ultraviolet and inferred rays that flattens anything in its way of 30,000 feet, while going 360 feet per second....   [tags: war, radiation, catastrophic]

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What Was Hurricane Katrina?

- ... We all hugged in the dark. Some of us were in tears. It did not get any better. Water crashed through the windows downstairs. Waves gushed into the house in a surge of seawater and junk from the streets. We tripped upstairs in the blackness. We scrambled to get our emergency supplies into the attic. But the water kept crawling up the walls. It was as if the house was sinking. Now, we are all huddled together on the roof. We even rescued a man who was drowning in our street. He swam out of his bedroom window when the storm flooded his home....   [tags: natural disasters, catastrophies]

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Catastrophic Concentration Camps

- “When I came to power, I did not want the concentration camps to become old age pensioner’s homes, but instruments of terror” -Adolf Hitler. Concentration camps had a friendly appearance on the outside, but it wasn’t enough to mask the horrific tortures on the inside. Hitler strategically planned every part of the terrible sites to complete his plan of the “Final Solution,” or to exterminate all of the Jews. The placement of the camps, how the camps were built, and the daily routines of the Jewish people there, were all planned by Hitler during the Holocaust....   [tags: Nazi Holocaust, Jewish genocide]

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Causes of the Great Depression

- The Great Depression was the most catastrophic economic disaster in American history. It affected all of the US from sea to beautiful shining sea. Old and young, rich and poor, black and white, everyone suffered the consequences of the over extravagant Roaring Twenties. Businesses closed, everyone was up to their neck in debt, banks failed, and the mid-west was soon a dust bowl from over farming and reclaimed equipment. With the Smoot-Hawley Tariff in place, deflation, everything imaginable bought on credit, and unreliable loans, everything adding up eventually led to the stock market crashing and the Great Depression....   [tags: catastrophic economic disaster in American history]

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Change in Law Enforcement Agencies

- 1. Identify and discuss the eight (8) recurring reasons that change occurs in law enforcement agencies. There are many recurring reasons that changes occurs in law enforcement agencies. The book outlines 8 reasons that change occurs. The 8 reasons are as follow: 1. A single catastrophic event, often followed by civil liability litigation, leads to the chief of police being replaced (Swanson, 2012, pg. 650). This forces changes because it addresses a single incident and forces change. A good example of this would be the failure to adequately respond to an incident....   [tags: Catastrophic Events, New Mayor, Politics]

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The NSA's Domestic Surveillance is Causing Catastrophic Effects

- Imagine a world without privacy. Soon, that will be the world you live in. Did you know that every single webpage you visit on the internet is monitored by the National Security Agency. Every single google search, webpage visited, or even your emails, can be accessed, and you wouldn’t even know. Any benefits of surveillance by the NSA are far outweighed by the harms because it is not only unconstitutional and unethical, it is causing self-censorship among journalists, it is expensive, it damages national relations, it increases racial discrimination, and the impact against terrorism is minimal....   [tags: freedom of speech, terrorism, discrimination]

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An Illustration of the Five Acts of a Shakespearean Tragedy

- All Shakespearean tragedies contain five acts that follow a certain format. The opening act is known as the exposition. The exposition “exposes” background information about the play. Following the exposition is the complication. The complication is the second act, and contains rising action. This act is also supposed to mess things up and “complicate” them. Following the complication is the third act. The third act is the highpoint with no return. This act is also known as the climax. After the climax is the resolution....   [tags: Shakespearean Literature]

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John Wyndham's The Day of the Triffids

- Dystopia, opposite to utopia, is a non-existing place where people are unhappy and in despair because of a certain reasons such as apocalyptic event. Often in a dystopian world, people often lose the ability to speak and are in despair. John Wyndhams’ The Day of the Triffids, is a post-apocalyptic novel, which deals with blindness and new class system due to most people getting blind caused by a comet debris. The protagonist, Bill Masen, who missed the comet debris, resulting most of the people on earth blind, adapts to the new law and policy that was made by the non-blinds....   [tags: dystopian society, post-apocalyptic novel]

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Mitigating The Impact of Disasters

- Both disasters and catastrophes are the result of a hazard or hazards coming into contact with humans in a vulnerable position. (Mileti, 1999) A beachfront row of condominiums along the US Gulf coast is an example of a disaster waiting to happen. If the condominiums aren’t there and the beach is in a natural state when a hurricane blows in there will be no disaster or catastrophe because humans wouldn’t be impacted. Although the characteristics of disasters and catastrophes have many differences, the thing they do have in common is that they both require the ingredients of not just a natural hazard but also that the hazard intersects with humans....   [tags: Natural Disasters]

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Romeo and Juliet: A True Aristotelian Tragedy

- Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is often referred to as a classic love story. It is a story of love at first sight and fighting between families. The classic is a true tragedy because of the way it is created. Romeo and Juliet is an Aristotelian tragedy because it clearly follows the model shown by Aristotle. All aspects of the plot and characters perfectly follow way Aristotle defined. The plot follows the events that need to occur and the main characters have a flaw. Pity and fear is felt for the characters throughout the play....   [tags: Shakespearean Literature]

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