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Case Studies in Nursing

- Case Study #1-Mr. Garvey We would tell Mr. Garvey that the normal cells in his lungs have been replaced by more mature cells within the epithelial lining because of damage caused by smoking. This process is called metaplasia (McCance & Huether, 2010). Stratified squamous epithelial cells are considered the thickest so they have formed to protect the bottom layer of his lung tissue. These type of cells are more conducive to constant friction and irritation that is caused by smoking. These mature cells lack the protection that the normal lung cells have which can produce mucus and have cilia that help move the mucus with its harmful substances out of the lungs and to the throat via a cough (Mc...   [tags: Nursing Case Studies]

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Three Medical Case Studies

- Introduction This module of study has focused on many aspects of human health, anatomy, and the disease process. It has included such topics as the human organ systems, the mechanism of disease and the resulting disruption of homeostasis, the integumentary system, and the musculoskeletal system. The following case studies explore how burn classification will affect treatment, how joint injuries can disrupt mobility, and last, how a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to a decline in a person’s health status....   [tags: Medical Case Studies]

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Reflection of Six Ethics Case Studies

- In this essay I am going to consider the ethical issues that arose in the six case studies I have written, as well as look at theories that can be applied to the situations. The first case study I will be looking at is the Enron accounting scandal. The issues that arose from the scandal include hiding losses off the balance sheets using special purpose entities (SPE’s), executives personally profiting from the company’s loses, and subsequent bankruptcy, as well as a disregarding for fiduciary duties....   [tags: Ethics Case Studies]

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Medical Case Studies With Diagnosis

- Case One This 20 year old female patient is presented to you with complaints of excessive urination and extreme recent weight loss. In addition to excessive urination, the patient is experiencing unusual perspiration and anxiety. Finally, the patient’s skin tone is uncharacteristic pale. Hormone involved: Thyroxine Diagnosis: The diagnosis is, the 20 year old female patient, has excessive Thyroxine, because as we suspect, Thyroxine has in their symptoms weight loss, and the patient is losing weight a lot, and the anxiety is the same, but this is a disease called Hyperthyroidism, is the reason for all of this....   [tags: Medical Case Studies]

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My Prospective Of Two Case Studies

- This essay is about my prospective of two case studies, relating to the scenario’s as a ‘third person’, with enthuses on refection, I’ll reframe from that third person, it’s about placing myself in the shoes of the counsellor and walking in their shoes. (Ricoeur, as citied in McLeod, 2001: 21). Ricoeur calls this a ‘narrative commitment’, where we follow the other – literally walking in their shoes – for an insight into where the other ‘comes from’. The belief of the counsellor A in scenario 1 encompasses thoughts of an unpleasant relationship....   [tags: Faith, Religion, Emotion, Case study]

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Case Studies : Maslow And Allport

- Case Studies: Maslow and Allport Maslow Case Study 17   Cindy is a four-year-old that has undergone great hurdles towards satisfying her basic needs according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (physiological, safety, belongingness and love, esteem needs, and need for self actualization.) She was raised only by her mother who is a drug addict and does not take care of her most basic needs as Cindy’s pediatrician noticed, such as bathing and how much formula the baby is given to gain the right amount of weight....   [tags: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Abraham Maslow]

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Case Studies As A Management Consultant

- Case Studies as a Management Consultant Coca-Cola Company is the leading soft drink and beverage company across the globe that has constantly achieved tremendous success and profitability throughout its operations. The company’s success and profitability throughout the years can be attributed to effective management strategies of its business operations. This has contributed to a strong reputation that has not only attracted a huge customer base but also resulted in enhanced performance. The success and profitability can also be attributed to diversification of its products and provision of excellent customer service....   [tags: Marketing, Coca-Cola, Soft drink]

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Case Studies in Information Technology

- Case studies play a significant role in the design and implementation of information technology. This is because of the fact that the global information technology industry is almost influenced by the same technological trends and it is feasible for them to share information regarding customization, upgrades and developments (Petrides 2000, 23). The design and application of information technology is generally associated with developments in information technology (Liebowitz and Khosrowpour 1997, 46)....   [tags: Information Technology, IT]

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An Evaluation of Case Studies and Their Contribution to Cognitive Neuropsychology as a Discipline

- Cognitive psychology is the study of the brains internal processes that guide behaviour; to study cognition, psychologists examine case studies of patients with damaged brains that can infer areas, and functions involved in particular processes. Patient studies have provided insights into the processes that take place within our minds, and have enabled psychologists to create models, which can be tested and fractionated. Cognitive neuropsychology has developed from cognitive psychology to become a discipline in its own right; it investigates the function and structures of the brain involved in cognitive processes and should not be confused with cognitive neuroscience, which is primarily conc...   [tags: Case Study ]

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Information Management Case Studies :

- INFORMATION MANAGEMENT CASE STUDIES 1 There are tried-and-true methods that are usually already known before employees attain their jobs, and in order to get employees to accept and learn new software it would have to be engaging and innovative. Often the case with this type of software all it does is provide a new user interface where employees have to learn new ways to do the same tasks. The design of any such software needs to be able to present coherent and current data, which is pertinent to their jobs, as well as provide an easy to learn interface that is convenient to use....   [tags: Facebook, Social media, Customer, MySpace]

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Case Studies On Six Sigma

- CASE STUDIES ON SIX SIGMA IN LIBRARIES Many studies have concluded that targeted the verification of the effect of the application of Six Sigma in libraries that the concept of Six Sigma to achieve a number of competitive advantages. It is including improved business performance and streamline business processes and improve the quality of services provided by libraries levels, and that the application of the concept of Six Sigma in libraries needs to unite workers in libraries and support the efforts and participation of all of the process....   [tags: Six Sigma, Strategic management]

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Case Study : ' Mini Case Studies

- Write 2 mini case studies. One should recount an effective coaching or counseling situation. The other recount an ineffective coaching or counseling situation. The case should be based on a real event, either from your own personal experience or from the experience of someone you know well. Use principles of supportive communication and listening in your cases. Case 1 Effective Situation I can vividly remember back when I was on the High school tennis team at 17 years old, going from school to school and competing at high temperatures....   [tags: Communication, Better, Graphic communication]

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Case Studies On An Individual, Community Or An Organization

- Case studies are a vital part in psychology when obtaining information on an individual, community or an organization. By taking these groups or subgroups the psychologist can identify the problem and attempt to find solutions towards the problem. Case studies are meant to serve as a tool towards guiding the psychologist in any attempts to conduct a new solution on a current issue. It is important that when a case study is being produced, that the test subjects are not tampered with and that the information obtained in a case study remain confidential in its case material responsibility....   [tags: Scientific method, Research, Psychology]

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Two Case Studies of Anorexia Nervosa

- Anorexia nervosa is (AN) eating disorder that makes those afflicted attempt and succeed at losing weight until they reach a state of malnourishment for their body size, age and height. Patients with anorexia nervosa have an acute fear of gaining even the slightest weight despite being exceptionally underweight. People who suffer from this disorder use various methods such as over-exercising or over-dieting to avoid gaining any more weight (A.D.A.M., 2013). This disorder has implications regarding one’s security, psychological, emotional, and most importantly, physical health....   [tags: health, eating disorder, underweight]

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Marketing And Social Media Case Studies

- 3 Things Your SEO Company Won’t (Openly) Tell Youskip to main | skip to left sidebarskip to right sidebarDigital Marketing & Social Media Case Studies by Melbourne AU based senior consultant, Vittorio Aquino Great sales professionals never lie.  They however highlight truths that favour the product they are selling.  They use this to infect their subjects with enthusiasm on their product and get the sales quotas they want.  The case is true with “SEO Companies” telling you that they will put your website on Google page 1, let alone, in the top listings of search engines, and this in turn would drive traffic to your websites, and more traffic would definitely mean more sales.  This is tru...   [tags: Marketing, Customer, Google, Sales]

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Evaluation Of A Case Studies Of Organizations With Established And Progressive Employee Involvement Practices

- Overall Viewpoint five in-depth case studies This report presents five in-depth case studies of organizations with established and progressive employee involvement practices, and relates them to existing literature on the subject. The main concerns of employee involvement, or high performance work practices, are harnessing employee potential and integrating it into business strategy, and aligning employees ' interests with those of their organization. At the same time, high involvement work practices can provide an opportunity for employees to become better informed about, and more influential in, decisions in their organizations....   [tags: Decision making, Case study]

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Case Studies on Wrongful Termination

- ... What's more I'm 76 and my wife is 81. There's insufficient time left for me to use it, Blakeslee said. Philanthropy, my children, you know. I'm not intrigued by cash, I was recently intrigued by vindication. I wouldn't have minded in the event that I got a dollar. It wouldn't have had any effect to me.” I defiantly agree with the verdict, because I don’t think it was right for the project manager to fire Blakeslee for reporting wrongdoing. It doesn’t matter who was doing wrong, it’s was Blakeslee responsibility to report it....   [tags: employees, lawsuit, wrongdoing]

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Case Studies of Warranty Liabilities

- Case Study 1 Erica contracted to purchase a giant 72” television from Hometown Electronics with the delivery included in the purchase. Thus, Erica had a contract for goods and services where the sale of the good predominates and is covered under UCC Article 2 (Business Law II, Week II, Nature and Form of Sales, 2014) (U.C.C. - ARTICLE 2 - SALES (2002)). If Erica had participated in a cash sale that was concurrent that did not require delivery she would have taken possession of the goods at the time of sale (Twomey & Jennings, , 2011, pp....   [tags: business law]

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The Case Studies Study Subject

- The case study subject is P.L., a twenty- three year-old teacher that is being seen in a clinic for upper respiratory symptoms she has had for two weeks. The patients presents with mild fever, thick but clear mucous from her nose, malaise and swollen cervical lymph nodes. The patient reports her cough continues to increase, consistently becoming more forceful. P.L. reports she works in a school that has fifty-four students diagnosed with pertussis, five of those students are in her class. Risk P.L....   [tags: Immune system, Innate immune system, Common cold]

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Boeing and Walmart Case Studies

- ... 2. Referring to the Wal-Mart case study provided, answer the following questions: a) Wal-Mart’s success rested upon its ability to offer its customers “Always low prices always”. How does such a strategy help it to sustain competitive advantage in the industry. Wal-Mart is a cost leader. They have adopted this generic strategy to offer their competitors low prices in order to sustain competitive advantage in the industry. Wal-Mart has a cost advantage over its competitors, because they are able to create more benefit than their competitors by offering products at a lower cost and sell more....   [tags: business analysis]

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Developing A Case Studies Study

- Developing a Case Study A 54 year old Hispanic male named Julio has been feeling very depressed. He has experienced a few accidents. One of the accidents was very severe. A buckle from a flatbed truck flew through his car windshield and hit him in the face while he was driving on the interstate. It took him a while to recover from that. He was also laid off his job. He has had many surgeries, including back surgeries. Julio avoids talking about his childhood experiences some of them are too painful....   [tags: Suicide, Family, Major depressive disorder]

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Ethical Standards and Principles in Case Studies

- Ethical principles are the base of any case study and being able to up hold ones ethical standards is an important part of conducting a case study as well. In the first case, in which the study of the relationship between management and their employees and in the third case where the study of the relationships among a group of around 200 people in a complex, the ethical principles will be discussed. Also to be discussed will be the strategies suggest by the experts to ensure the ethical standards of the research, if those strategies were successful, if there are any alternate techniques that may have accomplished the same or better results in the studies and which of these two cases presents...   [tags: strategies, techniques, issues, research]

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Case Studies and the Design and Application of Information Technology

- Case studies play a significant role in the design and implementation of information technology. This is because of the fact that the global information technology industry is almost influenced by the same technological trends and it is feasible for them to share information regarding customization, upgrades and developments (Petrides 2000, 23). This paper will attempt to shed light on the manner in which case studies can inform in the design and application of information technology. In this regard, the paper will give special attention the nature of utility that case studies provide to the design and application of information technology....   [tags: Information Technology]

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Case Studies in the Cultural and Political Uses of Popular Music

- For most people, music allows you to showcase your personality and individuality in ways that words or other means of communication cannot convey. There are a variety of methods this can be done through the eight functions of music: political functions, social functions, to block unwanted sounds, create an emotional state, sell products, make money, religious functions, and martial functions. While each one of these functions is important and valuable, the political function of music is by far the most powerful and controversial....   [tags: opposition, solidarity, carnival samba]

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Case Studies: Environmental and Water Solutions Inc.

- Case Studies: Environmental and Water Solutions Inc. Company Background Environmental and Water Solutions Inc. is an environmental and water resources engineering firm. Environmental and Water Solutions Inc. provides lasting and integrated solutions in water, environment, transportation, energy, and facilities to public and private clients. As a full-service consulting, engineering, construction, and operations firm, Environmental and Water Solutions delivers exceptional client service, quality results and enduring value across the entire project life cycle....   [tags: workforce, minorities, global companies]

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WTO Dispute Settlement Understanding: Case Studies

- WTO Dispute Settlement Understanding: Case Studies The World Trade Organization implemented the Dispute Settlement Understanding (DSU) as a means for member countries to settle trade disputes in an orderly process. The process involves an alleged injured country (complainant) filing a request for consultations with the alleged injuring party (respondent). If the consultations do not result in a mutually acceptable outcome, the complainant may request a Panel to hear the case and provide recommendations in accordance with GATT other WTO agreements....   [tags: World Trade Organizations, dispute settlement]

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Case Studies: International Migration

- This international migration occurred between 1948 and 1970s. West Indies consists of around 20 islands. Near half million people left their homes in the Caribbean to live in Britain. Decolonisation between the 1922 to 1975 led to many of England's colonies becoming independent. This led to many people from the ex-colonies such as the West Indies coming over to Britain in search of a better eduction, lifestyle and jobs, as their was high unemployment at home. The end of the second world war, the government was in needed of recruiting workers from the Caribbean to managed the shortages of labour in some British industries....   [tags: Migration, history, geography, ]

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Global Business Case Studies

- Colgate toothpaste in Asia 1. Identify the major strategic and ethical issues faced by Colgate in its partnership with Hawley and Hazel. In 1985, Colgate purchased a fifty percent ownership of the company Hawley and Hazel, a leading manufacturer of toothpaste in Singapore, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, and Thailand, in order to gain a foothold in the Asian market. This was an important business decision as Colgate felt Hawley and Hazel had valuable strategic assets, such as brand loyalty, customer relationships, distribution systems, and production systems (Hill, 2014, p....   [tags: Cultural Awarness]

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CareGroup IT Case Study: The Network Collapse

- The CareGroup Case Study was comprised of various components. The core concepts were broken down into the history of CareGroup itself, CareGroup’s IT, the collapse of the network, dealing with the collapse of the network, and the lessons learned from the entire situation (McFarlan, F. Warren, and Robert D. Austin, pg.1). CareGroup was formed on the basis of three major Massachusetts hospitals; Beth Israel, Deaconess, and Mount Auburn (McFarlan, F. Warren, and Robert D. Austin, pg.1). After a surprising merger of Mass General and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, all three hospitals in CareGroup suffered great financial losses (McFarlan, F....   [tags: IT Case Studies]

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Causes and Effects from Case Studies

- ... The hospital has no systematic study of associated factors involved in the problem and wants to know what all are the main causes for the problem and thus they implemented different tools in the each step of DMAIC process. Cause and effect diagram was the important tool here and they implemented this tool in the analyze phase of DMAIC process. They have the KPOV i.e., turn over intention and after the brain storming session they came out with the different KPIV’s and by the use of the cause and effect diagram the target was reached i.e., they founded out the two main causes for the problem and they used other tools to get the final result....   [tags: company, healthcare, cause]

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Case Studies

- Case Studies Psychology experiments are usually long, painstaking surveys and tests that sometimes take years to complete. They do, however, give us some insight into how the human mind works and develops from the day we are born to the day we die. Deciphering the information these experiments generate is sometimes just as hard as performing them, and to a person with no background in psychology it is almost impossible. The following three experiments were found on the APA website and are good examples of modern psychological research....   [tags: Papers]

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Employee Case Studies

- Situation A Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 In this situation, we have an employee that has been working for the company for 2 years. He has taken 11 weeks under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) in order to help care for his twins that were pre-maturely born. He has asked for his job back and requested that he receive pay for the 11 weeks that he was out. The FMLA states that an employee may take 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year for “the birth and care of a newborn child of an employee”(United States Department of Labor, n.d.)....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Nutrition Case Studies

- Please read the following case studies and answer the questions which follow them. The questions may have several right answers; I am looking to see if you have put some thought into the assignment and that you give accurate information in your responses. Please email your answers to me by June 24. If you have any questions about this assignment, please email me before June 24. Case Study 1 Randy, age 36, and his whole family love football. They love to play football and to watch football. Randy played football in college, but now that he has a job at a law firm working many hours, he just plays every once in a while on a Saturday....   [tags: Health Nutrition Pyramid Diet]

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Macroeconomic Case Studies

- Macroeconomic Case Studies The article titled ‘Fed Unlikely to Alter Course’ by John M. Berry of the Washington Post takes an interesting look at actions that Alan Greenspan his colleges of the Federal Reserve have been taking over the last 9 months to slow the economic growth of United States. The astonishing growth rate of 7.3% is fueled by an economy that is in the midst of a “high tech revolution”. The article also explores the contrasting view of other economists that say that the Fed has increased interest rates too much in its attempts to slow the economy....   [tags: essays papers]

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Two Case Studies for Police Officers

- In life there are a lot of issues that involve social psychology. Being a police officer is a profession that encounters a lot of social psychology issues. One issue that all police officers have to encounter is prejudice. Police officers have to not be prejudiced against the citizens that they are trying to protect and serve the criminals that they must apprehend and also against each other. Two case studies that will be discussed are prejudice against female police officers by their male counterparts and racial prejudice against potential criminals....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Case Study : Blue Baby Case Studies

- Blue baby Case Study Cyanosis is a disorder which causes “bluish discoloration” to the skin, specifically around the mucus membranes or nail beds. There are two types of Cyanosis disorders, depending on where the cyanotic discoloration is occurring. For example, if the cyanotic discoloration is occurring around the nasal or oral tissue membranes, this type of cyanosis would be described as Central Cyanosis. In the same matter, if the bluish discoloration is occurring in extremities such as toes or fingers, it would be called peripheral cyanosis (acrocyanosis)....   [tags: Heart, Blood, Oxygen, Hemoglobin]

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The Contribution of Patient Case Studies on our Understanding of Cognitive Processes

- Although it shares cognitive neuroscience’s roots, cognitive neuropsychology has developed into a discrete discipline. While cognitive neuroscience studies neural organisation of the brain, cognitive neuropsychology concerns itself with the brain’s functional architecture; Coltheart (2010) describes this as a distinction between brain and mind. According to, among others, Coltheart (2002, cited Coltheart, 2010) this makes cognitive neuropsychology a branch of cognitive psychology rather than neuroscience....   [tags: Medical Research]

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What Characteristics Of A Cult Or Conspiracy And / Or Moral Panic Do The Case Studies Share?

- 1) What characteristics of a cult and/or conspiracy and/or moral panic do the case studies share. How are they different from one another. While dealing with Jonestown it could be perceived as both a cult and a conspiracy theory. The way it fits into being a conspiracy is that many do not believe what was reported and feel that the government, especially the CIA had involvement and made efforts to alter peoples minds for uses of a social experiment. Jonestown also could be considered a cult because in 1955 roughly 1000 citizens formed “The Peoples Temple” in Indiana....   [tags: September 11 attacks, United States]

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The Stonewall Riots, And By Reading And Providing Commentary On Others ' Case Studies

- Throughout Unit 3 of my HSC 4M (World Cultures) course, I have been able to learn and grow in my understanding of not only others, but of also myself. In the first activity of this unit, I learned about many historical and contemporary social movements by researching and presenting a case study about the Stonewall Riots, and by reading and providing commentary on others’ case studies. In the subsequent activity, I was given the opportunity to propose solutions to a variety of potential barriers....   [tags: Mental health, Psychiatry, Psychology]

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Leadership Case Studies : Leadership Theory And The Leader Member Exchange ( Lmx )

- The Continued Analysis of Leadership Case Studies This furtherance is a continued observation of the analysis of the leadership skills and styles of two of the most famous college basketball coaches, Coach Knight and Coach Krzyzewski (Coach K), based on the utilization of path goal theory and the leader member exchange (LMX). The intention of this paper is to evaluate, analyze and further summarize how these two college basketball coaches’ leadership styles integrate the fundamental factors of the path goal theory into their lives on a daily basis....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Coaching, Motivation]

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Enron Corporation Is Notorious Among Accounting Scandals And University Case Studies

- The Enron Corporation is notorious among accounting scandals and university case studies. At its time, Enron was a staple of a Fortune 500 company, and was perhaps most importantly, any investor’s dream. The company had originally entered the energy industry via a merger between Horthern Natural Gas Company and Houston Natural Gas, and eventually became one of the world’s largest electricity firms; they even went so far as to branch into communications, paper and pulp, natural gas, and other products that seem both unusual and even counterproductive to their business model....   [tags: Enron, Jeffrey Skilling, Kenneth Lay]

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Fertility, Reproduction Decision-Making and Education: Case Studies

- • Reproductive decision-making depends with the married couple and other members of their extended family and ancestry members. On the other hand, the outcome of the decision on family size depends on the woman because she is accountable in caring for the children of the marriage. In conclusion, family planning programs and reproductive health issues and services have been focused exclusively to women (Nukunya, 1992). • The highest fertility age is in the range of 25-44 and the couples were in their foremost working ages....   [tags: Women, Family Planning, Contraception]

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Amnesia in Singular Case Studies and the Experiments Developed Thereof

- Memory storage in the human brain is one of the greatest mysteries of neuroscience. Knowing how and where the brain stores our memories is a much sought after piece of information. Computer scientists want to know so they can make better memory storage devices, philosophers want to know so they can better hypothesize whether or not the mind is separate from the brain, and neuroscientists want to know so they can eradicate, or at least alleviate, amnesia. There are two particularly famous amnesiacs, known as HM and EP, who, in efforts to better understand their condition, scientists developed new tests and procedures to evaluate brain function and attempt to determine what parts of the brain...   [tags: memory storage, neuroscience, brain]

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Student Discipline Strategies for Teachers: Analisis of Case Studies

- SCENARIO 1 In scenario 1, Miss Anita is using the Canter’s Assertive Discipline Model to overcome the misbehaviour of her students. She gave warning to her students who are talking and to the boy who gave the answers to the students who had been called to answer. Miss Anita threatened two boys with detention after they commit misbehaviour of shooting the paper balls into the trash. Other than that, Miss Anita punished one of the students who making faces and causing other students to laugh by applying the Skinner’s Model of Behaviour Modification....   [tags: Classroom Management Strategies]

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Case studies in Corporate Social Responsibility and the Practice of Outsourcing

- Despite becoming more common (Pries-Heje, Baskerville, & Galina, 2005), the practice of outsourcing is often reacted to with knee-jerk negativity. It is construed to take away jobs, and drain a local economy of the business created by the multiplier effect. In the United States, more than 8 million manufacturing jobs have been outsourced since the 1970s (Spoerri, 2012). Other concerns are: loss of management control, hidden costs, threat to proprietary security and confidentiality, lack of quality assurance, being tied to the fortunes of another company, and bad publicity should things go wrong (Bucki, N.D.)....   [tags: Business Ethics, Globalization]

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Fertility, Reproduction Decision-Making and Education: Case Studies

- • Couple education was said to be the main reason for the low use of family planning in Eastern Sudan. The strongest determinants for family planning in these places are the husband’s disapproval and their religious beliefs. It is also determined that couples educational status and women’s occupation affects the unmet needs for family planning. • In most population, increasing women’s education helped to decrease the unmet needs for family planning. In Uganda, women with secondary or higher education has lower unmet family planning needs compared to Kenya with women with less than secondary education with two times as much family planning needs....   [tags: Women, Family Planning, Contraception]

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Diversity & Case Studies

- Introduction There is no doubt that today¡¦s business world is changing rapidly and many factors are also simultaneously interacting. Perhaps these factors are created by diversity. According to the dictionary, diversity is a point or respect in which things differ. In fact, diversity in the population, the work force and the market place give many benefits for organizations. Managers are to gain more knowledge on internal diversity in order to maximize the efficiency of workforce and profit. Therefore, not only are changes inevitable while competition and improvement interacting, but also globalization is a crucial factor affecting all organizations....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Ethics and Law in Dental Hygiene: Case Studies 16 and 17

- Case 16 This case presents a very delicate situation that presents many legal and ethical questions. Do you tell your brother his partner has HIV. I would tell my brother, but the how and when, may vary based on circumstance. From a professional ethical standpoint, it would be unethical to disclose the patient’s HIV status without consent. It would violate the patient’s right to confidentiality, as it is the patient’s choice whom information may be shared with (Beemsterboer, 2010, p. 50). It could also be argued that it is a violation of the principle of nonmaleficence....   [tags: Dental Hygiene Ethics ]

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Field International Case Study

- Field International is a large production company that operates for fifteen years. This company has three divisions: Field Production, Field Music, and the new venture, Field Advertising. The president and chairman of the board, Lawrence Field, has operated this business in a pooled interdependence fashion. Each division is directed independently by a vice president, and evaluated in the same independent basis. Recently, two major clients complained directly to Field about some production delays of the Advertising Division....   [tags: Field International, Case Studies, business, ]

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Using Case Studies from Specific Companies, Outline How Seriously Multinationals Address the Risk of CO2 Emissions?

- Using case studies from specific companies, outline how seriously multinationals address the risk of CO2 emissions. Every passing day, the society in which we live is making big steps forward in almost every possible field ; technology, medicine, transportation, etc. Along with improvement and development there come also some serious problems related to the global warming and more specifically the increasing level of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. CO2 ( carbon dioxide) is a type of gas found in the atmosphere as part of the “Earth’s Carbon Cycle” (EPA, 2013), but when it reaches high level of concentration it becomes very harmful to all living organisms....   [tags: greenhouse effect gases control]

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Studies of Bilateral Visual Fields on Word Recognition

- Studies of Bilateral Visual Fields on Word Recognition Previous research suggests a significant difference in word recognition time between the left and right visual fields, with word recognition and response time of the right visual field significantly faster than the left visual field. The current study investigated bilateral visual fields on word recognition time by means of an online computer program consisting of 55 participants. It was hypothesized that men would respond faster than women, and the right visual field reaction times would be faster than the left....   [tags: Vision Case Studies Psychology Essays]

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The Life Support of the Forestry Regime: Case Studies of Two Transnational NGOs

- The Life Support of the Forestry Regime: Case Studies of Two Transnational NGOs Introduction As relatively new actors in international relations, nongovernmental organizations or NGOs are becoming a vital component for successful environmental regimes. NGOs organize transnational advocacy networks that link state actors, businesses, and other organizations. The forestry regime is relatively weak as compared to other environmental regimes because of a lack of international agreements and state policies regarding forest conservation....   [tags: Environment Environmental Essays, forest]

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Internet Censorship Two Case Studies: Australia and the United States

- I. Introduction Internet censorship laws started appearing around the world in 1995. These laws covered content already illegal in existing laws for non-internet content, as well as for content that is not suitable for minors. Worldwide, four different approaches were taken with internet censorship. 1) The government encouraged user self-regulation, and voluntary use of content filters by their citizens. 2) Laws were implemented that penalized content providers who made censored material available online....   [tags: Internet Web Censorship Censoring Essays]

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A Sexual Orientation Case Law Study

- Bates Versus United States Congress passed and the President signed into law a provision outlawing private acts of discrimination based on sexual orientation. Called the Public Accommodations Equal Access Act, it forbids discriminations regarding sexual orientation in hotels, motels, restaurants, and eating establishments of all kinds as well as bars, barbershops, gas stations, and entertainment establishments. Congress relied on the commerce clause to justify the law. The commerce clause states in Article 1, Section 8: "Congress shall have the regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states." We are here to decide whether this law is constitutional under...   [tags: Law Case Studies]

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The Pat Parker Case

- Pat Parker Case The Pat Parker Case The Pat Parker case is about a lawyer who started his own firm concentrating on writing reports and conducting political opposition research for political candidates. This particular case is about how Parker devised a research report for one particular political candidate then two years later, some trial lawyers wanted to buy the research on the Republican Attorney General. Parker was unsure on how to proceed knowing that this could potentially jeapordise the political party's candidate or even worse, he could be arrested for soliciting the information....   [tags: Legal Business Case Studies]

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Case Study on Google

- CASE STUDY: Google Takes on the World 1. Evaluate Google using the competitive forces and value chain models. 1.1 Value Chain Analysis The value chain is a systematic approach to examining the development of competitive advantage. The Google's chain consists of a series of activities that create and build value, the mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. Innovations in web search and advertising have made the web site a top internet destination and Google brand is one of the most recognized in the world....   [tags: Business Case Studies]

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Kramer Pharmaceuticals Case Study

- FACTS: Bob Marsh, a former detailer (product specialist and sales associate) of Kramer Pharmaceutical was fired because of failure to comply with company protocol. Marsh worked at Kramer Pharmaceutical for 12 years and was considered a hard working, well established detailer. He possessed excellent references and credentials, however Marsh was asked to resign after failing to make several changes in his behavior. Although it was a little unconventional, his methods have worked well for him for 12 years....   [tags: Business Law Case Studies]

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A Case Review: Pennsylvania State Police Vs. Suders

- Nancy Drew Suders was hired March 1998 by the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) as a police communications operator for the McConnellsburg barracks, where her three male supervisors subjected her to a "continuous barrage of sexual harassment." Suders said one of the supervisors Sergeant Eric D. Easton, talked to her repeatedly about sex with animals. The second, Corporal Eric B. Prendergast sat on her desk and made gestures simulating oral sex. The third, Patrol Corporal William D. Baker made obscene gestures as many as five or ten times a night....   [tags: Law Case Studies]

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Case Study about Work System Framework of a Company

- Executive Summary TradX is a company that aims to sell furniture to retailers and special targeted companies. By analyzing the case study, which is on TradX Company, we came up with two different work systems for the company's trade actions. The work systems are "Replenish Retailer Inventory" and "Direct Selling." Moreover, the performance variables for the business processes are discussed in detail in the report. The report then talks about how an introduction of electronic information system may affect TradX work systems....   [tags: Business Case Studies]

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Case Study of Affirmative Action

- Our book defines affirmative action as a term that refers to programs designed to ensure that women, minorities, and other traditionally disadvantaged groups have full and equal opportunities in employment, education, and other areas of life. Affirmative action was implemented to reduce discrimination practices based on race, gender and ethnic background. Most Americans feel that there is a need for affirmative action but there are also those Americans that feel that it will discriminate against white males and those best qualified for a particular job, school or other area of interest....   [tags: Business Case Studies]

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A Case Study- of Green Mountain Inc.

- I. Problems A. Decreasing Sales Over the past several years, Green Mountain's sales growth has decreased. In 1998, net revenues totaled at 55.8 million dollars. There was an increase in sales over the following years. In 2002, revenue increased by a mere 4.6%.There are several flaws and problems in the company that may decrease revenue sales. B. Competition There are six major competitors: Gevalia, Illy Café, Millstone, Peet's Coffee and Tea, Seattle's Best and Starbucks. Starbucks seems to have a strong share in the available market....   [tags: Business Case Studies]

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Fridgiaire Case Analysis

- Frigidaire Case Analysis Problems/Issues Introduction of the front loading washing machine was confronted with a number of problems/issues. Besides the obvious technology differences between the front loading and top loading machine the big difference for a consumer is the price. The advantages such as tumble wash, energy efficiency, space saver, and about 8,000 gallons of water saved a year are overshadowed by the high price. There were other perception problems technologically speaking, however these are all minor....   [tags: Business Marketing Case Studies]

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SDI Case Study

- Squirrel Defense, Inc. (SDI) was founded by Bo Haeberle, Glen Thomas and Ed Welsh in October 1998. The company manufactures and markets a high-end, squirrel resistant bird feeder called Solar Feeder. The solar feeder is a squirrel proof bird feeder that delivers a mild, non-lethal shock to a squirrel without delivering a shock to a bird using the feeder. It was a unique twist on typical bird feeders, because although it still resembled the usual bird feeder, it was used to house feed instead. With any company, you need strong vision and mission statements to help consumers better understand your business and where you intend on being in the future....   [tags: Business Case Studies]

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Avon Case Study

- 1. Andrea Jung was very strong as chief strategist of Avon Products. She never feared the need to make drastic changes that would help drive Avon back to the top of the Cosmetics, Fragrance and Toiletry Industry. She knew that serious issues were present and the company needed to address them. These issues included product appeal, marketing strategy, pricing, process reengineering, and product innovation/employee motivation. Her strategic plan was to fix these problems by fixing the entire company structure, which included changing the product packaging for better appeal to changing the distribution channel which was a major asset to Avon....   [tags: Business Case Studies]

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Unfair Labor Practices

- This week’s assignment presents two cases studies involving employers who may or may not have committed unfair labor practices under the Labor Management Relations Act (LMRA). The two case studies, “Discharged for Facebook Comments” and “The Disputed Safety Bonus”, present two different employment scenarios where the behavioral actions of the employee lead the employer to terminate their employment (Holley, Jennings, & Wolters, 2012). In both cases, the employees filed unfair labor practice lawsuits against their former employers....   [tags: Case Studies, Employment]

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Patient With Craniopharyngioma

- Discussion A craniopharyngioma is a benign slow growing tumor most commonly occurring in the suprasellar region of the brain near the pituitary gland and optic nerves. The overall incidence of this tumor is about 1.2% and 4.6% with a peak incidence in children aged 5-14 years and in adults between 65 and 74 years of age (1, 2). The incidence does not vary by gender or race (2). These tumors account for 2% to 5% of all primary intracranial neoplasms (3). Clinical Presentation. The most common presenting clinical features of craniopharyngiomas include headaches and visual field defects as well as nausea and vomiting (3, 4)....   [tags: Medical Case Studies]

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Social Movements Emerge and Political Systems

- RQ: Why do social movements emerge and what is their impact on political systems. The aim of this review essay is to compare and contrast the main schools of thought specialised in social movements, the comparative case studies chosen and the relevant literature. The time frame in which my final essay will be embedded goes from 1960 onwards, with social movements becoming a permanent component of western democracies. With regard to the theoretical frame, my starting point is the differentiation of two main approaches, the American and the European, regarding literature from authors like Della Porta and Mario Diani....   [tags: literature review, impacts, case studies]

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The White-Collar Union Organizer and The Frustrated Labor Historians

- The paper will discuss minicases on ‘The White-Collar Union Organizer’ and ‘The Frustrated Labor Historians’ by Arthur A. Sloane and Fred Witney (2010), to understand the issues unions undergo in the marketplace. There is no predetermined statistical number reported of union memberships in this country. However, “the United Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) excludes almost 2 million U.S wages and salary employees, over half of whom are employed in the public sector, who are represented at their workplaces by a union but are not union members....   [tags: Labor Relations Case Studies]

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Surgical Management of Mucocele by Using Diode Laser

- Introduction Mucus extravasation cyst or mucocele is commonly occurring lesion in oral mucosa containing mucin that may result from trauma to minor salivary glands. It is a well‑defined tissue swelling composed of pooled mucus that escaped into the connective tissue from a severed excretory duct. The incidence rate is high and it is the second most commonly occurring lesion after irritational fibroma in the oral cavity, prevalent in second decade of life with no sex predilection. Commonly involving lower lip, followed by tongue, buccal mucosa, palate, and retromolar area....   [tags: Medical Case Studies]

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Patient With Progressive Pain and Neurological Findings

- CASE A 27-year-old female presented with worsening neck pain and weakness of the extremities. She stated that the pain has been intermittent for the past two years but worsened in the last three months. She described the pain as a constant dull ache that is an 8/10 in severity. She explained that the pain radiates to both shoulders, slightly more to the right. Ibuprofen did not relieve the pain. The patient specified that the weakness of her extremities is present in her left arm and bilateral lower extremities....   [tags: Medical Case Studies]

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Ownership of Property & Proprietary Estoppel

- There is uncertainty surrounding the law in regards to the ownership of property and proprietary estoppel. This paper will deal with these issues by analysing two cases that involve these questions. It will first address Jack’s case and whether the two objects in question are chattels or fixtures; then, it will examine a Laurence’s case and whether he can rely on proprietary estoppel or not. By dealing with the two cases, this paper will clarify questions of what constitutes a chattel or fixture, and in what situations proprietary estoppel may apply....   [tags: Case Studies, Comparisons]

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IT and the Globalization of Wyeth

- Synopsis For most its history, Wyeth had been a holding company that sold a variety of products through as many as a hundred companies organized into 10 subsidiaries. Wyeth grew primarily through acquisitions of other companies, in which the original management was usually retained. In the early ‘90s, Wyeth embarked on a strategy of focusing the company on healthcare and divesting all non-healthcare divisions. The company also started to consolidate operations including manufacturing and staff functions; however, Wyeth did not have the culture or business processes of a global organization....   [tags: business case studies]

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Salad Dressing Case

- Salad Dressing Product Launch Part 1/ SITUATION ANALYSIS 1 / SWOT Analysis The SWOT analysis reveals the current environment of the product as we see it now. The strengths and weaknesses are internal factors whereas opportunities and threats are external factors. As to now, the product is a little paper bag filled with natural dried herbs and spices. It is a ready-mix for salad dressing, with no additives. We want to launch this product on the French market. Strengths: <ul> <li> The product contains no preservatives, nor additives....   [tags: Business Case Studies]

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Negotiation Case Study

- Negotiation Case Study Planning/Strategy During the like roles meeting Tim and Jeanette discussed different approaches to the negotiation. Tim and Jeanette, as environmental league negotiators, were only concerned with two of the many issues scheduled to be discussed. These issues were the industry mix and the ecological impact. The team decided to set their opening and target for the industry mix at all clean. The reserve for the issue was set at clean/dirty. The opening and target for the ecological impact issue was set at improve....   [tags: Negotiating Case Studies Environment Essays]

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Patient With Stickler’s Syndrome

- Stickler’s syndrome is a group of genetic disorders which affects the collagen biosynthesis gene. This disrupts the metabolism of hyaluronic acid and the collagen of the 2-D type and affects connective tissue in the body, specifically that of collagen. The estimated prevalence of Sticklers syndrome is about 1 in 10,000 people and it affects 1 in 7500 to 9000 newborns. Those who are affected with Stickler’s syndrome are at risk of developing facial abnormalities, ocular problems such as glaucoma, high myopia, retinal detachment, vitreous humour abnormalities, joint problems and hearing loss....   [tags: Medical Case Studies]

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Medical Professionalism and Ethics

- Anne is a single mother, and grew up in a deprived area of the inner city. She currently lives in a local authority housing estate near to where she grew up and leads an unhealthy lifestyle. She smokes, does not exercise and more importantly, does not follow medical advice given to her. This is detrimental to her well-being as in the long run, her health will deteriorate. Having grown up in possibly poverty, she probably does not have a fair amount of education as well. Being a single mother of two means that she has to shoulder the stress of bringing up the children in addition to providing for them, this emotional burden, coupled with her ill health, will have a likely impact on her upbrin...   [tags: Medical Case Studies]

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Price Differentials in Real Estate in Dubai

- To Tikku Brokers, Introduction Real estate in Dubai is a very extensive topic and it is a very large market indeed. This essay will explain the concept of market forces and show how it can be displayed on the market of Dubai, thereby providing a response to the research question, “To what extent do market forces determine the price of rented accommodation in Dubai?” One can identify large price differences between two similar houses, whilst keeping square feet and housing type relatively constant....   [tags: Market Forces, Case Studies]

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SWOT Analysis of Ryanair Holdings PLC

- This report is based on Ryanair Holdings PLC which was established in 1985. “Ryanair obtains permission from the regulatory authorities to challenge the British Airways and Aer Lingus' high fare duopoly on the Dublin-London route. Services are launched with two (46-seater) turbo prop BAE748 aircraft” (Ryanair, ND). Ryanair Holdings PLC is an Ireland based airline which is the largest low fare airline with 32 bases & over 800 low fare routes across 26 countries, connecting 146 destinations. Ryanair fleets are made up of 196 Boeing 737-800 crafts with a seating capacity of 189 seats....   [tags: business, case studies,]

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Case Study: Investing in Fraser and Neave Limited

- Fraser and Neave, Limited (F&N) is a Group of companies that has very diverse business operations, namely in the soft drinks, dairies & breweries, glass containers, investment & development properties and publishing & printing. They do this through the many subsidiaries, associated and joint venture companies that they have, both locally and globally. The purpose of this report is to determine if it is profitable for Great Central Bank to invest in the shares of F & N long-term, and we can do this by analyzing the financial statements of the Group, and also through information that we have obtained from other sources....   [tags: Business Case Studies Finance Investment Essays]

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Patient With History of Hypertension

- My patient who is a 57 year old male who has a past history of Hypertension, takes Accupril to help with his high blood pressure. Is complaining of chest and lest arm pain. He has a blood pressure of 140bpm a high heart rate, and on the ECG showing significant ST elevation and Sinus Tachycardia. From what my patient is showing and complaining of gives me two differential diagnoses of what he actually might be suffering from. First diagnoses is Acute Pericarditis which is a disease that must be considered in the differential diagnosis of my patient as he is complaining of chest pain....   [tags: Medical Case Studies]

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