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Examining Swanson's Theory of Caring

- Examining the Theory of Caring Swanson's (1993) Theory of Caring is structured around five principles that encompass the overall definition of caring in nursing practice. This theory states that caring revolves around five categories: knowing, being with, doing for, enabling, and maintaining belief. When applied to nursing practice, each of these five categories can fuel the caregiver's attitude and improve overall patient well-being. In nursing, as well as other areas caring can be defined as, "a nurturing way of relating to a valued other toward whom one feels a personal sense of commitment and responsibility'....   [tags: nursing, patient well-being, caring-healing]

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Incorporating the Metaparadigm of Nursing with the Theory of Caring

- I. Introduction The purpose of this paper is to present a personal belief about the metaparadigm of nursing and to incorporate it into that of Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring. II. Personal Belief on the Paradigm Every person’s needs must be recognized, respected, and filled if he or she must attain wholeness. The environment must attuned to that wholeness for healing to occur. Healing must be total or holistic if health must be restored or maintained. And a nurse-patient relationship is the very foundation of nursing (Conway et al 2011; Johnson, 2011)....   [tags: Jean Watson, Theory of Human Caring]

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Dr. Jane Watson's Theory of Human Caring

- Dr. Jane Watson's Theory of Human Caring Dr. Jean Watson, a registered nurse with a doctorate in philosophy, believed that nursing was more than just a health profession, but rather that through nursing, you can actually affect, influence or even change both a patient's and a nurse's life for the better. She theorized that this could be accomplished if an individual was cared for as a whole person "in body, mind and spirit", taking into consideration their environment, feelings, culture and relationships, rather than just focusing on their illness....   [tags: caritative, transpersonal caring, moment]

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Caring for Older Adults in our Society

- There are changes in the demographic as the population grows older, the number of older adult’s increases and thus, there is an increase of proportion of patients that are older adults for nurses to take care of (Wells, Y., Foreman, P., Gething, L., & Petralia, W., 2004). The nurses are there to assist and support the older adults in achieving wellness within their situation through empowering the clients (Touhy, et al (2012). Caring for older adults is important as there is an increase in population with deteriorating health....   [tags: older adults, caring theories, jean watson]

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Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring

- Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring Since its establishment as a profession more than a century ago, Nursing has been a source for numerous debates related to its course, methods and development of nursing knowledge. Many nursing definitions and theories have evolved over time. Furthermore it is in a constant process of being redefined. The purpose of this paper is an overview of Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring. This theory can be taken into account as one of the most philosophicaly complicated of existent nursing theories....   [tags: Philosophy Nursing Caring Watson Essays]

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Caring For An Inmate

- ... This includes medication name, route, and last time taken. This information is helpful and serves as a reference point for providers. Inmates that take medication or have a current medical issue receive a white arm band. This arm band indicates that inmate needs to see a provider. Once screened through central intake, the inmate is assigned housing and taken to the corresponding medical holding tank. After the inmates are placed in the medical holding tank, they wait to be called to see a medical provider....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Nursing, Health]

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Caring for a Person with Alzheimer's Disease

- Definition of the Problem The sixth leading cause of death in the United States, Alzheimer’s disease afflicts approximately 5.2 million persons age 65 and over (Alzheimer's Association, 2012). Rapid growth of the older population as the Baby Boomer generation ages will cause unprecedented increases in the number of individuals with Alzheimer’s. It is estimated that by 2025 the number of Wisconsin residents with Alzheimer’s age 65 and older will increase by 30% to a projected total of 127,000 (Alzheimer's Association, 2012)....   [tags: Alzheimer's Disease Essays]

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Caring for a Patient with Alzheimer's Disease

- Mrs Marie is a 67 year old lady. She lives in local family friendly estate together with her 69 year old husband. According to Mr Marie, they have a daughter and 2 grandchildren. Mrs Marie used to work as a manager until she retired in her early 60s. She always had a good memory and high levels of concentration. Mr Marie recalled that Mrs Marie could become disorientated at any moment, and could not remember where she was. She would easily lose track of conversations. Mr Marie reported that when it became worrying to him, he made an appointment to see their general practitioner (GP)....   [tags: Dementia Patient, Nursing Essays]

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Caring for Women With Preeclampsia and Eclampsia

- When caring for a woman who is experiencing preeclampsia, there are many different things a nurse must keep in mind. Depending on whether she is experiencing antepartum preeclampsia or postpartum preeclampsia, the techniques used to care for the patient differ. When treating a woman who is currently experiencing antepartum preeclampsia, care can be provided in either a hospital environment or at the patient’s home. Due to increasing pushes in the healthcare field, more women tend to care for their preeclampsia in their own home setting....   [tags: Nursing, Health Care, Post Partum]

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In or World Today, Sharing is Caring

- Sharing is Caring Shared bedrooms are the norm throughout much of the world, and a trend towards smaller homes is making shared bedrooms a reality for families (Lewis, par 12). Many families opt for their children to double up out of necessity, although shared bedrooms can benefit siblings. Nevertheless, some families may experience a few bumps on their way to room sharing success. Shared room arrangements work well in the early years and with siblings of the same gender. However, siblings of different age or gender may not profit from sharing a single space....   [tags: bedrooms, siblings, compromise]

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Importance of Caring Nursing Practices

- What is Caring?   Caring can be described in many different ways. One demonstration of caring is when a nurse at a hospital helps those who are physically ill become well again. Caring also practices involvement in the connection, mutual recognition and involvement between nurse and client. "The Community Health Nursing: Caring in Action” (1999) defines “those assistive, enabling, supportive, or facilitative behaviors toward or for another individual or group to promote health, prevent disease, and facilitate healing”(p.6)....   [tags: nursing, caregiving, nurses care]

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Caring For A Patient With Pain

- ... 3). The patient is from different cultures and background and the pain is unique in nature. In addition, there are refined and sharp differences in perception of pain in pediatrics, adults and elderly, it is the responsibility of the provider not to hold these differences against the patient. The principal of justice in ethics is violated when the nurses are withholding or not administering the treatments of pain based on the age, sex, race, and religion. Nursing: The concept nursing is “a unique function to help the individual sick or healthy by providing appropriate nursing care to promote health and recovery from illness (Henderson, 1991)” (McEwen & Wills, 2014, p....   [tags: Pain, Nursing, Patient, Health care provider]

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Caring for a Person With Dementia

- Introduction Dementia is an umbrella term used to explain the gradual decline in multiple areas of functions, which includes thinking, perception, communication, memory, languages, reasoning, and the ability to function (Harrison-Dening 2013). Worldwide, 47.5 million people have dementia and there are 7.7 million new cases every year. Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia and may contribute to 60–70% of cases. (Alzheimer's society 2014). The complexity of dementia presents a number of behavioural challenges to those who live with dementia and their care providers....   [tags: Dementia and Aggressive Behavior]

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Caring For Patients With Dementia

- Caring for dementia involves a lot of patience and understanding. It should be dealt with audacity and flawlessness to ensure the vulnerable adults’ well-being. Aiding at home or care home required carers to be at their best, physically and emotionally. The responsibility can be distressing but it is rewarding as well since helping dementia adults in their day to day activities is a significant matter for them. However, carers need a pause as over duty can result to substandard nursing. The big question is: who take care for the carers of people with dementia....   [tags: Nursing]

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Caring for the Mentally Ill

- Policy Problem: Caring for the Mentally Ill The healthcare system, as a whole, faces many challenges when caring for vulnerable populations. Included in this population are individuals suffering from mental illness. More than 450 million people suffer from a mental health condition (WHO, 2010). Mental health and suicide prevention should be made national priorities. With the lack of resources and public knowledge of this population, healthcare providers are struck with the difficult task of educating the public of the importance of “mental health for overall health.” Public attitudes, and the stigma attached with mental illness, is a major barrier to treatment....   [tags: Health Care, Diseases]

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Caring For Critically Ill Patient

- ... Pharmacist are responsible for providing outstanding drug therapy for the purpose of achieving greatest outcome that will improve quality of life in terms of slowing down a disease process, reduce symptoms and prevent disease from re-occurring. They also provide proper use of medications, fact and instructions in regards to the medications in order to achieve maximum effect. Registered dietitians are educationally trained in food science, nutrition and ability to plan diet, they are a vital part of the medical team that works closely with the professionals, the physicians, nurses, therapists and family members in the ICU to promote nutritional health and improve recovery....   [tags: Patient, Health care, Health care provider]

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Watson's Theory of Caring

- Watson’s Theory of Nursing We live in a fast moving environment with longer tiring days. When we are ill we go to the doctor’s office or emergency room and expect fast and reliable service. Data is collected that is measuring satisfaction from the service and, of course that data helps to improve the service. Companies keep track of statistics, like income, housing, children, and cars. I also like numbers and statistics, and like the idea that everything can be measured and have a number associated with it....   [tags: Nursing]

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Caring For My Great-Grandmother

- Life experiences, rewarding or difficult, are the factors that influence us. My great grandmother has always been one of my key role models. I have always admired her independence, strong will, and caring nature towards all. For many years, she proudly lived by herself and independently took care of herself. At seventeen years old, she became very ill. When she became exceedingly sick, my family realized that someone needed to incessantly be with her, so my family and I moved into my great grandmother’s home to bestow quality care and make her comfortable....   [tags: Personal Experience ]

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Caring for Older People

- Caring for older people highlights many special and difficult issues for nurses and carers, such as separation, illness, loneliness, death and how to provide continued care (Morrissey et al, 1997). This essay discusses the strategies of care delivered for an older person with dementia during my recent clinical placement. Discussions will focus on normal ageing process taking into account the relevant biological, sociological and physiological perspectives and the impact this had on this individual’s life experience....   [tags: Health Care, Diseases, Dementia]

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Caring, Partnership, Meaningful Engagement

- “Mental health advocacy joins the abolition of slavery, votes for women, and feminism and gay rights as another example of emancipation within Western society” (Barker et al, 2010) “The doctors suggest peculiar names to experiences that are exceedingly peculiar to be understood” (Nike, 2013) This essay aims to examine, through a student nurse perspective, some of the eventual challenges in implementing a recovery-focused approach in Mental Health Services. This will be done by analysing concepts consolidated in the Literature about Recovery and their application to practice, in the light of some existentially important experiences lived by Nike in a Trust committed to a Recovery Approach a...   [tags: mental health, healthcare, case study]

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Caring Paper

- In reviewing the article Thanks to Jesse by Pamela Davies, the author clearly demonstrates the concept of caring as it applies to the nursing profession. Caring is defined as “a relationship that transcends all other human relationships, and reflects the fact that we share a greater purpose than just serving ourselves in a material universe” (Hawthorne & Yurkovich, 2005). The article clearly shows how a caring relationship between the child, Jesse, and the author, Pamela Davies, is integral factor in the healing process for Jesse....   [tags: Nursing ]

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The Caring of Children

- The Caring of Children Do we care about children today. No, people today don’t really care about children because we get pushed about by adults. Children are also getting abused by adults at home. We children go into shops on our own and we get thrown out, or followed around the shop. The shop owners think that we are going to steal there goods of the shelves without paying for them. The shop owners are having to put up more security cameras and prices of there stock because we are stealing from them....   [tags: Papers]

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Quality Caring Model

- Case Study 2: Joanne Duffy’s Quality Caring Model© Safe labor and delivery is dependent on successful interaction of the four P’s; one of these P’s represents psyche. Psyche refers to “a woman’s emotional structure that can determine her entire response to labor and influence physiological and psychological functioning” (Silvestri, 2011, p. 298). Anxiety and fear are two common emotions experienced by women in labor, especially first time mothers, and can have an unfavorable effect on the labor and delivery process (Silvestri, 2011)....   [tags: Case Study, Relationship: Patients & Doctors]

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Jean Watson 's Theory Of Caring

- ... Theory Description Jean Watson’s theory of transpersonal caring provides guidance and many useful concepts, including the carative factors, which facilitates exemplary care of clients. According to Watson, “the three major elements of her theory are the carative factors, the transpersonal caring relationship, and the caring occasion/caring moment” (as cited in Lachman, 2012, p. 112). Watson has ten carative factors but for the purpose of this paper only two will be focused on. Watson’s describes her carative factors as an attempt “to honor the human dimensions of nursing’s work and the inner life world and subjective experiences of the people we serve” (as cited in Lachman, 2012, p....   [tags: Nursing, Nursing theory, Nurse]

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Different Aspects of Caring for a Muslim Family

- Caring for cultures other than your own requires respect, sensitivity, understanding and creativity. This paper will explore the different aspects of caring for a Muslim family, how aspects of care may be altered and what approaches may be necessary in caring for them. It will also review interventions nurses may utilize when caring for a child from this culture. Culture and Caring Working with different cultures is inevitable in nursing. As nurses we must be open to the challenges of working with different cultures and finding creative solutions to the health care challenges we may experience when caring for patients that are of a different culture....   [tags: nurses in a cross cultural setting]

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Nurses ' Perception Of Caring For Dying Patients

- ... 127) Study Design, Methods and Procedures With the aim of creating a better healing environment, researchers McCallum and McConigley (2013) set up the study in a high-dependency open unit (HDU) at a metropolitan tertiary hospital in Perth, Western Australia. Roughly 1100 patients are admitted every year to the HDU and the participants were comprised of 5 Registered nurses. The median age of the RN’s was 36 years and the median HDU experience was 8.5 years. Researchers used semi-structured one on one interviews to obtain data which led to unanticipated responses that enhanced the richness of data....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Patient, Intensive care medicine]

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Chaplaincy: The Importance of Serving and Caring for The Patient

- One can imagine that when most individuals think about the medical field what comes to mind is only doctors and nurses; however, the medical field is more complex. It consists of people caring for the patients physically day to day and the ones working behind the scenes. A particular medical profession that most may not be aware of is chaplaincy. This profession, like all in the medical field, requires much heart, passion and personal connection when serving and caring for the patient. At Boston Medical Center, located in Boston’s historic south end, excellent health care was provided to a patient diagnosed with Systemic Lupus....   [tags: Doctors, Nurses, Medical Field]

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Caring for Adults With Chronic Kidney Disease

- The Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) (2009) reported, “an estimated two million Canadians have kidney disease or are at risk for it” (p. 17). According to Porth (2011) and the Kidney Foundatoin of Canada (n.d.c), chronic kidney disease (CKD) has several different causes that combined cause a loss in renal function over 3 months or more, resulting in kidney failure, and its progression is classified into five stages. The two main causes for CKD are diabetes and hypertension (HTN) (National Kidney Foundation, 2012a)....   [tags: Nursing]

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Tips for Caring for your Aging Parents

- You are not alone in feeling challenged by what to do with an aging parent. The following tips can help: Be Informed. Do your research. Don’t wait until you are inundated with forms, brochures, doctors’ visits, and decisions which have to be made immediately. Begin by reading about your aging parent's medical conditions and life stage situation. Ask questions that you may normally shy away from. Most importantly, get resources. Find out about nursing and assisted living facilities, doctors, care managers, and social workers, and other resources to help your parent when needed....   [tags: This essay looks like it is from a website.]

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Caring For The Community One Pizza At A Time

- ... First, I would use my store to outreach to schools through a rewards program partnership, reaching families. Then, I would use the store to outreach further to community non-profit organizations through event sponsorships and other public relations initiatives to reach the general public. Finally, I would use my store to outreach and address a problem that is close to my heart, by helping to bridge the gap between consumers and how their food is produced through offering store tours so customers can witness these processes firsthand....   [tags: Fast food, Restaurant, Supermarket]

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The Aging Process and Caring For the Elderly

- Abstract This report presents several aspects of aging. The report looks at a number of theories of why we age, the physical and mental changes we undergo as we age, and ways of caring for the elderly. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION......................................................1 THEORIES OF WHY WE AGE............................................2 Genetics.....................................................2 Cellular.....................................................2 Physiological................................................2 PHYSICAL CHANGES..................................................2 MENTAL CHANGES....................................................5 Alzheimer's Disea...   [tags: The Aging Body, Physiological Changes]

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Analysis Of The Article ' Caring Democracy : Markets, Equality, And Justice

- ... This theory can be shaped from the works of neoliberalism movement which promoted that the creation of a global markets and economic growth have created a distorted view of the values of a true democratic life such as freedom and equality. Joan Tronto promotes her political theory of a caring democracy through a strategy of revitalizing the foundation of American citizenship through a practicing of caring for both each other in society and promoting the democratic process. Based on Joan Tronto theory of creating a political theory to promoting caring within society she focuses heavily on the ethics of democracy....   [tags: United States, Democracy]

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Nursing Theory Analysis : Watson 's Caring Model

- ... Watson believes that the curriculum of nursing in the University of Colorado as well as with other nursing schools in the country can still be improved. For the same reason, Dr. Watson tried to reconcile known knowledge and practices in nursing with her knowledge on human psychology in order to “bring meaning and focus to nursing as an emerging discipline and distinct health profession that had its own unique values, knowledge, and practices, and its own ethic and mission to society” (Watson, J., 2014)....   [tags: Nursing, Psychology, Nursing practice]

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Importance and Benefits of Community Service

- Though, the concept of community service is not very new its importance has developed in the past few years. There are thousands of organizations all over the world that engage and hold millions of young people all through the world. People of all age groups, with a maximum number of youth are involved in the process of community service. Community-based organizations include; social service organizations, non-profit providers and associations that engage both young people as well adults as volunteers....   [tags: Caring, Society]

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My Watson 's Theory Of Human Caring

- Moment of Caring: My Watson 's Theory Moment Nursing is not just a profession where a nurse uses the latest and the greatest of medical advancements to provide the best of care for his or her patients. The use of electronics and ever advancing technology seems to have pushed the “personal” aspect of nursing to the background. Nurses today have to preform a complex balancing act to incorporate both the science and the spirituality of nursing to provide the best care for their patients. Nurses are to care for the “inherent respect, worthy of honor, high regard” the dignity of our patients....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Florence Nightingale]

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Jean Watson 's Theory Of Human Caring

- One must have the full desire to help and care for people in order to have an enjoyable career as a nurse. Nurses are known for the care and compassion shown to the patients and this is comforting for both patients and their families. Caring for a patient can raise their spirits and can inspire a better outlook on their situation. As a nurse, I want to care for all my patients with the hope of improving their health and outlook on their life. I chose Jean Watson because she understands that caring is the core of nursing and believes caring promotes a better health than only performing medical care....   [tags: Nursing, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Human, Nurse]

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Analysis Of Simone Roach 's Theory Of Caring

- ... While some may not agree, I believe the nurse also created an environment conductive to healing. Allowing the mother to say good bye to her lost child one last time is good for the soul. While this may not be medically proven, I believe that this effort put forward by the nurse helped the patient achieve a level of peace which enabled her to continue focusing on her own healing. According to Simone Roach, “With compassion, one becomes a colleague of humanity.” (Roach, 1992, p. 18) In this story mentioned previously, the nurse exemplified two of the C’s of Human Caring....   [tags: Nursing, Nursing care plan, Patient, Suffering]

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A Quantitative Approach to Evaluating Caring in Nursing Simulation

- Clarification of the research question is at the end of the opening section and states that the study was “designed to evaluate the use of a quantitative instrument to measure caring in the nursing simulation environment.” This question is consistent with the problem statement of evaluating the correlation between caring and nursing simulations. Ethical Considerations All participants in this study were fully aware that the study was to be scored. It is important to note that the students were also made mindful of the fact the caring scores generated during this study had no effect on their grade in the course....   [tags: Article Critique]

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Applying Jean Watson's Transpersonal Theory of Caring

- Introduction Jean Watson’s transpersonal theory of caring is about the need for the nurse to care for the patient’s values and experiences along with their fundamental needs (Ranheim, Karner & Bertero, 2012, p. 2). This theory became of interest to me when I first began my clinical rotation at a nursing home. Some of the nurses were cold and disinterested while interacting with the patients. While they addressed the patients’ immediate clinical needs, it was hard to see them express compassion or empathize with their patients....   [tags: healthcare professionals, nursing]

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Quality of Life of Spouses Caring for Loved Ones with Dementia

- Introduction The goals of this case study are to gather empirical evidence through comprehensive research to make an observable difference in the spouses caring for their loved ones with dementia. The problem spouses are facing while providing care for a loved one stricken with dementia can be overwhelming. First we assessed the quality of life in spouses caring for loved one with dementia. Second we wanted to provide concrete tools for the spouses who are the caregivers for loved ones with dementia....   [tags: Family Caregivers]

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Experiences of Grandmothers Caring for Orphan Grandchildren in Botswana

- Experiences of Grandmothers Caring for Orphan Grandchildren in Botswana Problem Statement The clinical problem in this case study was that grandmothers as the caregivers reported very incomplete or no support from the extended family, and their deprived health worries compromises their financial situations. Some reported of body pains like arthritis and firm work at their age. None of the participants had a decent source of earnings that will help in caring for their orphans. They depended on typically old age pension and cottage and farming (Shaibu, 2013, p....   [tags: grandparents, caregivers, government]

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Acceptance And Caring Are At The Heart Of Engaging Classroom Diversity

- ... I then compare specific aspects of this article with Freeman and Freeman’s (2011) Between Worlds: Access to Second Language Acquisition. I suggest recommendations for developing and implementing an attitude of caring and acceptance in multicultural classrooms. Teachers of culturally diverse students need an awareness of appropriate, practical and engaging approaches in order to facilitate students’ English Second Language Acquisition. Article Summary Casbon, Schirmer, and Twiss (1997) discuss recent research, trends, and approaches for engaging culturally diverse students in order to improve literacy....   [tags: Culture, Multiculturalism, Cultural diversity]

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The Effects Of Child Foster Care On The Caring Of Children

- ... How can the Foster Care agency illustrate their handling on placing children in foster homes, and the risk to their will being. Background According to some researchers foster parenting have succumb to receiving children for monetary gain to supplement their income instead of meeting the overall support, and criteria which is be a foster parents. It is plausible that social workers or case workers who are the front CHILDREN IN FOSTER CARE and THE RISK FACTOR 2 Line in referring children to these foster home has taken a step back in their efficiency on the necessary step to make sure that each foster parent is well equip and train...   [tags: Foster care, Adoption, Child abuse, Fosterage]

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The Importance Of Caring At Special Education Needs Setting

- How might the barriers to caring prevent effective, caring at special education needs setting. The therapist, special education needs assistant, special educational needs teacher, dinner supervisor, caretaker, support assistant and school receptionist should treat people well and this implies having a duty of care for clients and helping them achieve their highest potential. A practical reason for treating people well are that clients who are well treated tend to behave agreeably and cooperatively....   [tags: Teacher, Head teacher, Special education, Rector]

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A Frontline Worker Caring For People With Developmental Disabilities

- As a frontline worker caring for people with developmental disabilities, I have noticed that great care is taken with the administration of clients’ medication in all of the agencies I have worked. These agencies strive to ensure that clients receive the proper medication and dosages on the right schedules, as failure of either of these can lead to death or some other negative health outcome for the client. There are harsh consequences for the staff responsible for such error, and, if such errors are rampant, it can lead to revocation of the agency’s license....   [tags: Policy, Implementation, Evaluation]

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Privately Owning and Properly Caring for an Exotic Animal

- Privately Owning and Properly Caring for an Exotic Animal Owning an exotic pet risks the owners life and the animal’s life when the animal is not under the correct care. This has been an issue in recent history when pets escape and maul citizens or the animal is harmed by not being fully cared for, or if it has to be killed due to the danger it has caused. However, these accidents and tragedies are advertised globally and cover up the great advantages and positive outcomes of owning exotic animals; this creates a biased opinion that owning an exotic pet will always end in dreadful consequences....   [tags: exotic pet care]

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Caring For a Patient with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)

- Introduction Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is characterized by the presence of one or more major depressive episodes (MDE) without a history of manic, mixed, or hypomanic episodes. Episodes of substance induced mood disorder and mood disorder due to a general medical condition do not count toward a diagnosis of MDD nor do episodes that may be better accounted for by schizoaffective disorder, delusional disorder, or psychotic disorder not otherwise specified. A MDE is defined by a period of at least two weeks during which an individual either experiences a depressed mood or loss of interest or pleasure in nearly all activities....   [tags: Treating Major Depressive Disorder]

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Caring About Our Environment

- Caring About Our Environment Improving and maintaining the earth’s environment is becoming a more important task every day of our lives. Due to ignorance and frequent carelessness, this important task is quickly becoming a critical one. For this reason, I took it upon myself to construct a strategic plan to enlighten my peers to the problems of our environment. I did this in hopes that it would encourage everyone to act responsibly towards improving and maintaining the environment. With ongoing threats to the earth’s water supply, atmosphere, and surface, I found it necessary to devise a method of environmental enlightenment....   [tags: Environment Ecology Nature Essays Papers]

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Caring Moments

- CARING MOMENTS The caring project our group chose involved taking a test. We felt test day was an unusually stressful event for everyone. We wanted to come up with a caring way that would help to alleviate some stress on our fellow students, the faculty, and ourselves. We decided to hand out peppermint candy on test day to help stimulate brain function. we felt this might help us all do well. We also talked to everyone and wished them well on the test which was a good way to help relieve stress....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Theory And Practice : Legacy Emanuel And Jean Watson 's Theory Of Human Caring

- ... b) The philosophy also includes a focus on interdisciplinary teamwork and evidence based practice. Nursing values are excellence, teamwork, respect, integrity, and compassion. Description of the Theory Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring is based on caring science (Watson, 2005). The theory is most often used to describe nurse-patient relationships as the core premise is that “nurses have a moral commitment to form transpersonal relationships with others” (Williams, McDowell, & Kautz, 2011, p 32)....   [tags: Leadership, Nursing, Nursing theory]

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Two Nursing Theories: Theory on Human Caring and Theory of Adaptation

- Jean Watson is a well-respected American nursing theorist who created the Theory on Human Caring. Watson’s concept on caring for a human being is simple, yet has much depth and meaning, and holds strong for nurses to work with compassion, wisdom, love, and caring. The Theory on Human Caring is necessary for every nurse, as it is our job to care for others in a genuine and sensitive way. The theory is extensive; its core foundation is based on nine concepts all interrelated and primarily focused on a nurse giving a patient care with compassion, wisdom, love, and caring (Watson, J., 1999)....   [tags: Patient, Care, Illness]

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Watson’s Human Caring Science Theory is Influencing My Practice

- To insure privacy, all patient names induced in this essay have been changed. When I became a nurse, in my heart, I knew that I was a caring person; however, I did not have a caring theory driving my practice. After studying Watson’s Human Caring Science Theory, the theory is consistent with my values, which emphasizes a holistic approach with mind, body, and spirit through a caring nurse patient relationship in an environment that promotes healing, comfort, and dignity. Human Caring Science gives the privilege of viewing human life with wonder, respect, and appreciates small and large miracles, which allows the inner world of the patient and nurse to come together in a unique human relation...   [tags: Nursing Essay]

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Summary and Application of Locsin’s Theory of Technological Competency as Caring in Nursing

- Nursing has evolved through time and the care nurses provide must tailor itself to these changes. Today we live in a world where new technologies are used everywhere. Nurses must stay rooted in human caring while adapting to these advancements. Nursing must not move to be merely a technical practice. Locsin’s theory of Technological Competency as Caring in Nursing works to frame the relationship between nursing care and the use of technology. Summary Known as a contemporary theorist, Locsin’s perspective of caring and understanding human beings relates to the simultaneity paradigm....   [tags: Nursing ]

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Using Communication and Caring in The Development of a Therapeutic Nurse-Patient Relationship

- Therapeutic nurse-patient relationships lay the groundwork for successful care and rehabilitation of a patient in any setting. Whether the patient is in a nursing home, hospital, or receiving home care, a therapeutic nurse-patient relationship is vital to the care of the patient. A therapeutic nurse-patient relationship can be defined as a professional relationship between the nurse and the patient that, “focuses on the client, is goal directed, and has defined parameters” (Craven & Hirnle, 2009, p....   [tags: Nursing Education]

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Shakespeare's Sonnet 6 Encourages Caring Between Parents and Children

- Caring Between Parents and Children Parents and their children create a certain aspect of love that is special to them. This caring part of love is so powerful that it continues after death. An adult needs to have children before that adult can feel this love. Shakespeare’s Sonnet 6 encourages people to have children so they can feel the caring aspect of love that can last after death. This poem encourages people to save their money for their children by stating, “That use is not forbidden usury, which happies those that pay the willing loan; that’s for thy self to breed another thee” (5-7)....   [tags: money, poem, death]

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Phenomenological Study of ICU Nurses’ Experiences Caring for Dying Patients

- Phenomenological Study of ICU Nurses’ Experiences Caring for Dying Patients The question of existence of the human being is a complicated question, which requires a long discussion. The question of death is sometimes even more complicated. Working as a nurse requires full dedication and a lot of patience. One of the most hard and responsible part of nurse’s work is taking care of the dying patients. This work contains review of the article Phenomenological Study of ICU Nurses’ Experiences Caring for Dying Patients by Phyllis Ann King and Sandra P....   [tags: research, critical care units, phenomenologist ]

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Love and Caring Can Lean to Success: The Case of Nelson Mandela and Helen Keller

- The world needs more people like Nelson Mandela. Because of his time in prison and racial discrimination, among other hardships, Nelson Mandela has faced adversity. While in prison, Mandela grew to understand the equality of man, so decided to dedicate his life to the equality of man. His achievements are quite numerous, including the abolishment of the apartheid and instillation of democracy in South Africa, along with numerous strides forwards in terms of human rights. It was due to adversity that he became so dedicated and if we were able to get more of our citizenry to follow his example, they would stand up for their values....   [tags: adversity, community, discrimination]

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The Fundamental Caring Skill of Blood Pressure recording Using an Appropriate Model of Reflection.

- The fundamental caring skill that was chosen to demonstrate knowledge and understanding within a reflective framework was recording blood pressure. Blood pressure was chosen because it is a critical physiological function and a fundamental indicator of well being (Fullbrook 1993). It is an important and vital observation, in that it allows early therapeutic intervention should a patient’s status change (Fullbrook 1993). This essay will also demonstrate an understanding of best practice for the theory of blood pressure measurement of the patient....   [tags: Health Care, Medication, Blood Pressure]

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How Health Psychology Can Aid Nurses in Caring for Patients with HIV

- ... Homosexual men have always been at the forefront of HIV stigma and in 1985 Dougal et al conducted a study about homophobia on 128 nurses and physicians. The results showed that ten per cent felt that homosexual men were responsible for the spread of HIV and classed them as being irresponsible and dangerous (Senior and Viveash, 1998). Nurses need to address any negative feelings or attitudes they have towards HIV patients. If these are not addressed it can lead to HIV patients receiving a lower standard of healthcare (Engenderhealth, 2004b)....   [tags: stigma and behavior]

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Jean Watson's Nursing Theorya nd Philosophy

- ... Instillation of faith-hope. This factor focuses on promoting the health and wellness of the whole person and not just their physical aspect. The goal of this factor is to have the patient adopt health-seeking behaviors. However, this cannot happen if the client holds no hope in the future, and it is our job as caregivers to instill this hope in our patients. Even when modern science runs out of answers we as nurses can still help heal by giving them hope. Cultivation of sensitivity to self and others....   [tags: transpersonal caring, healthcare practices]

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Nannies and Nurses in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

- Nowadays, mothers are a very important figure in the lives of most people. Nannies, or nurses, are not typically someone who would take the actual place of a mother because the nurses are not always there for a child, but instead only looks after them. This isn’t always the case, in fact, in William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, the nurse is someone who practically takes the place of Juliet’s mother. Throughout the play, she is very kind hearted and a mother like figure to Juliet. Her role during important events shows both her sentimentality and her personality....   [tags: caring personalities, mother, loyalty]

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Treat the Person, Not the Disease

- Caring is at the heart of the nurse’s power to work with people in a respectful and therapeutic way. In therapeutic relationship, the patient and the nurse come to know one another so the relationship becomes one of the healing because: mobilizing the hope for both patient and nurse; assisting the client in using social, emotional, or spiritual resources; finding an interpretation or understanding of illness, symptoms, or emotions that is acceptable to the patient (Perry & Sams, 2014). Dr. Jane Watson nursing theorist describes the caring relationship in a spiritual sense....   [tags: Health, Nurse, Caring]

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The Forty Developmental Assets in The Pigman by Paul Zindel

- ... It is causing her to be very self-conscience. Furthermore, “I was so embarrassed I wanted to cry because I thought for sure he was laughing at me, and I turned my head all the way so the only thing I could see out the window of the bus was telephone poles going by,”(14). This shows that what her mother has said to Lorraine does affect how she feels and what she thinks about herself even away from her mother. Still, Lorraine is missing another asset, she does not have positive peer influence, asset number fifteen....   [tags: self-esteem, caring, peers]

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A Career in Health Care Services: Nursing

- There is a famous saying that “health is wealth.” I believe that health is of utmost importance when it comes to living a quality life. I have always been stricken by the role that health plays in our lives, thus I have a passion for being a healthcare professional. In order to bring significant changes in the health status of people and promote positive health in the society, I have chosen nursing as a career where I can spread good health through love, care, and support. Recently, I have joined the nursing program at San Francisco State University, and the fact that I am doing nursing makes me feel terrific because it involves taking care, and maintaining health and wellbeing....   [tags: education, caring, health]

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Characteristics that Defines a Hero or a Heroine

- The idea of a hero can be perceived in several different ways, mainly people are defined as heroes due to personal life experiences or accomplishments. Though most perceive heroism as that, I however feel that the true heroes are just everyday people trying to do whats right. I believe a hero is someone who is determined to do whats right no matter the cost, a hero is someone who is selfless in bad situations and a role model. A hero does not always have to fall under these categories but it can be anyone that makes a significant impact on someones life, and can be looked up to as a role model....   [tags: caring, role model, accomplishments]

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A Career as a Social Worker

- If someone likes helping people, caring for people, and likes making life changing decisions what should they be when you grow up. When families get into fights,when inebriate,flagrant parents abuse their children, when teenagers are choosing colleges, when families are looking for another member to add to their family, when people are giving up their babies for adoption who comes into play. Who helps people make important life decisions on college scholarships. Who helps put people’s babies up for adoption; nevertheless, help them adopt a baby....   [tags: adoption, caring for people, families]

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Marcus Luttrell: IB Learner Profile

- ... After this long journey was over with, Marcus traveled to all of his buddies’ hometowns, where he spent time with all of their families. Sincere as one could be, he explained to them that their loved one had been the bravest man Marcus had ever saw. Marcus wanted every relative, of every fallen hero, to understand what their SEAL/S had done and that it, “…will forever treasured” (432). Caring about other people came truly from Marcus’s heart. He did not want anyone hurting. This IB Learner Profile shines through him....   [tags: family, caring, knowlegdeable, principlced]

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Warning Signs of Compassion Fatigue

- Compassion Fatigue Compassion fatigue is a growing problem for nurses and professional caregivers. When nurses witness pain, fear, sickness, disease and even death they can start to feel the same pain and suffering that their patients experience. This can lead to compassion fatigue. Compassion fatigue is phrase used to describe “the stress resulting from helping or wanting to help a traumatized person” (Tellie, 2008). It is often referred to as secondary traumatic stress syndrome and can lead to lack of empathy and caring emotions; two things that are needed in order to effectively care for sick and suffering patients....   [tags: nurses, caring emotions, caregivers]

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Keystones in Professionalism of Pharmacy

- Introduction: An age old, since the time of Hippocrates, is the professionalism within health care. Professionalism is the conduct that makes a profession. A profession arises from a group of specialists who provide services that are central to human values, and by these values professional receives special appreciation and higher level of autonomy, and though higher degree of respect by society. For every profession there are a set of elements for professionalism, applying to pharmacy professionalism two of the most intellectual and important elements are, Advocacy and caring.f • Advocacy According to the American journal of pharmaceutical education 2013,( advocacy is defined...   [tags: healthcare, professionals, advocacy, caring]

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A Caring Mother

- [1] Tillie Olsen’s “I stand Here Ironing” centers around two main characters: Emily and her mother. While Emily’s mother appears to be neglectful and at times selfish, upon further examination of her character, voice and appeal to the reader's pathos, the mother actually holds her daughter's well being above her own. The pair endure hardship throughout the text, but the mother always does the very best she can to raise her daughter, making every decision with Emily’s best interest as the central factor....   [tags: Literature Analysis]

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Personal Narrative: My Role Model is Mother Teresa

- ... She saved so many lives in Calcutta. She understood the pain of others who lived with misery every day and worked to help them. In 1979, she received the Nobel Peace Prize for “ The most wretched have received compassion without condensation.” Looking at what Mother Teresa did for others, I wish I could be just like her. I wish I could be just as compassionate as she is and look at life positively. Mother Teresa always thought about others than herself. In Calcutta, she once took a woman, half eaten by ants and rats to a nearby hospital, but the doctors refused to take care of her....   [tags: calcutta, caring, selfless, and a risk taker]

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The 40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents

- The 40 Developmental Assets is a list of assets that help young children to understand how relationships with your family and friends work and how teens can live a healthy life with them. One way to better understand the Assets is to look at how the appear in novels. One novel the assets can be seen is The Pigman by Paul Zindel, a book about parents influences on kids and shows childrens care for people they love. Three assets from 40 Developmental Assets were Other Adult Relationship,Honesty,and Caring....   [tags: growing up healthy, caring and responsible]

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Leadership Roles of Jane Liu

- 1. What qualities did Jane Liu have as a leader that helped her organization thrive. Jane Liu President and founder of New Deantronics is an exceptional leader that possesses a myriad of leadership qualities. She exhibits many qualities that aid her organization in thriving. Her qualities include, but are not limited to: sincerity, teamwork, ambition, self-motivated and self-established, teachable, confident, empathic, integrity, trustworthy, and caring. To begin with, Jane Liu built New Deantronics on a culture of sincerity and team work this could not be more evident than the manner of her openness to learn from others....   [tags: teamwork, self-motivated, trustworthy, caring]

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Caring for Children with Cystic Fibrosis

- Being diagnosed with a chronic illness is a life-altering event. During this time, life is not only difficult for the patient, but also for their loved ones. Families must learn to cope together and to work out the best options for the patient and the rest of the family. Although it may not be fair at times, things may need to be centered on or around the patient no matter what the circumstance. (Abbott, 2003) Sacrifices may have to be made during difficult times. Many factors are involved when dealing with chronic illnesses....   [tags: chronic illness, life altreing events]

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The Personality of a Caring God

- ... God explains to his people that "the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God. On it you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your male or female servant, nor your animals, nor any foreigner residing in your towns (Exodus 20:10). God does not want anyone to work on the Sabbath for He has made it is a day of rest. It is not just His people that Yahweh cares about, it is all people. The Sabbath represents the 7th day in Genesis when the earth was being formed....   [tags: Yaweh, Old Testament]

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Caring for Children with ADHD

- ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is one of the most common childhood disorders and can continue through adolescence and adulthood. ADHD has been a recognized disorder for over 50 years. There are three different types of ADHD. The disorder affects both males and females. ADHD does not affect intellectual ability, individuals with this disorder are just as smart as others. Doctors and researchers are still not sure why some people have ADHD. Researchers show that the disorder of ADHD probably genetic and that it may be inherited....   [tags: attention deficit, hyperactivity]

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Caring For Patients with Dysphagia

- Dysphagia is a condition that needs much attention from all areas of staff in a nursing home setting. Dysphagia is more prominent among older populations and will be a significant issue considering our population is aging very rapidly. Every employee needs to be equipped with the knowledge about dysphagia. Nursing can help dysphagia because they are with their patients’ everyday administering hands on treatment. This paper will discuss what dysphagia is, factors leading to the cause of dysphagia, how it is assessed, how this disorder affects quality of life and how can nursing professionals gear their knowledge in creating greater quality of life and care for patients with dysphagia....   [tags: Nursing Essays]

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Caring For a New Mother

- C.E is a 23 year old Hispanic female who came to the Hospital on April 12th at eight pm for the reason that she was experiencing contractions at less than ten minutes apart as a result of pregnancy, she reported her pain at 8/10 patients vitals were taken upon admission, her blood pressure was elevated 132/84, patients effacement was at 50% upon admission C.E is a gravida 1, para 1(G:1/P:1), her last menstrual period was on 7/5/13 When C.E came to the hospital her fundal height was 39cm and her estimated date of confinement was 4/12/2014....   [tags: Nursing Essays]

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Caring for the Mentally Ill

- Introduction From the deinstitutionalization of mental health hospitals and asylums to mass incarceration of mentally ill offenders, our society has failed to treat mentally ill people and prevent systematic incarceration. In spite of many violent mentally ill offenders who are rightfully incarcerated, a significant amount of incarcerated non-violent mentally ill offenders need treatment and guidance. Incarcerating mentally ill offenders consistently is unethical due to lack of alternatives. The mentally ill are overloading prisons, which render progression useless since there are not many solutions to rectify their issues....   [tags: Mental Health Hospitals, Asylums, Incarceration]

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Caring for An Angina Patient

- Nurses play a very important role in managing a patient from the moment of his admission up to making a discharge plan. Each part of the nursing process is vital to the wellbeing of the person he is taking care of. Clinical reasoning is always essential in each part of the nursing process from assessment, setting up goals and intervention. Effective nursing management is done when a nurse looks for the early and right cues at the right patient and implementing it at the right time. This essay will delve deeper into the case of Rob Geis, a patient who was suffering from angina, given his history and the signs and symptoms he experienced up to the time when his condition worsened to Myocardial...   [tags: Nursing Essays]

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