• Real Estate Calculations

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    Analysis: Real Estate Calculations This paper will perform an analysis using the Real Estate data found in Appendix J from the course material. It will include measures of central tendency and measures of variability. The variables selected are home selling price and home square footage. For both of the selected variables, calculations will be completed on the

  • Ralph's Life and Calculations

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    walked right for 1.57 hours. He knew this because the f 'or velocity function was positive and above the x-axis when he calculated it. From 1.57 hours to 4.71 hours he told her that he had been walking left. He knew this because, according to his calculations, the velocity function was below the x-axis and negative. (He also told her about the extra amount of time he went left to escape the pesky bully.) From 4.71 hours to 5.91 hours, he had been walking right to get back home. He explained that he

  • Loads and Foundation Calculation

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    Table of Contents 1. Question 1 1 1.1. FOUNDATION ON THE TOP OF A SLOPE 1 1.2. FOUNDATION ON THE FACE OF A SLOPE 3 2. Question 2 5 3. References 6 QUESTION 1 Please describe the problem of the bearing capacity of foundations under combined loads in slope (see Figure 1). Will the bearing capacity decrease? If so, what are the causes? Figure 1- For question 1 FOUNDATION ON THE TOP OF A SLOPE Meyerhof(1957) indicated that for a foundation located on or near the slope, the plastic

  • Calculation Of Long Service Leave

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    the accounting issues you highlighted and offered the following advice. Issue 1: Calculation of long service leave According to IAS 19 employee Benefits (amended 2011), it outlines the accounting requirement for employee benefits fits and long term benefits such as service leave. The standard establishes the principle that the cost of providing employee benefits should be recognized in the period in which the benefit is earned by the employee rather than when it is paid or payable. The Australian

  • Analysis Of Lies, Calculations And Constructions

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    The first article presented, “Lies, Calculations and Constructions: Beyond How to Lie with Statistics,” calls attention to the problem with trying to create a distinction between statistics and lying. The author, a socialist, develops the argument that statistics are socially constructed and statistical literacy needs to be taught so society can better distinguish between reliable figures and misleading statistics. The author develops his argument around Darrell Huff’s How to Lie with Statistics

  • Understanding Health Risk Calculations

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    Understanding Health Risk Calculations Health risks are all around us. They are present all the time, even when we sleep. Understanding our chances of being affected by one risk or another is a little like understanding our chances of winning the lottery. Numbers are often used to describe both our health risks and our chances or probability of winning the lottery, but this is where the similarity ends. When you buy a lottery ticket, your chances of winning depend on the number of possible

  • Cost Calculations and Market Imperfections

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    Understanding cost calculation is a relevant role of a healthcare manager when it comes to the financial aspect of an organization. In the area of producing goods or offering services, cost control is of importance. In order for Memorial Hermann’s home health services to be considered efficient, its cost has to match the quality of services that it provides or its costs and quality of services offered should be better and reasonable than its competitors (Lee, 2009). A cost efficient healthcare organization

  • Stock Price Valuation and Beta Calculation

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    the investors lose the capital and return. Therefore, the investors are expecting the extra rate of return to compensate the risks. "stock price=" 7.8¢/((3.04%+1.5%)) =RM 1.72 The fair price for the Genting Berhad’s stock is RM 1.55 from the calculation. The current stock price is RM 11.14 and that is 6.5 times higher than its fair price. There are several reasons to explain the situation. First, the company distributes the dividends to the shareholders every year. This gives the investors the

  • Using Statistical Calculations, Their Differences And Similarities

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    will learn about these two statistical calculations, their differences and similarities. !!!Introduction __Z_tests__ and __T-Tests__ are statistical methods that have applications in business, science and any other discipline involving data analysis. Let’s explore some of their differences and similarities as well as situations where one of these methods should be used over the other. !!!Similarities and Differences __Z-tests__ are statistical calculations that can be used to compare sample and population

  • Calculation Of Phase Diagrams For Binary Systems

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    The discussion about the calculation of phase diagrams for binary systems will be focus on the results obtained from the minimization method. Nevertheless at the end of the section some results obtained from the Lagrange multipliers method will be described and compared with the results for the minimization method. As it was mentioned above, before performing the phase diagram, the Gibbs free energies for each phase were plotted as a function of the composition of the component B at three different

  • PPG Extraction And Heart Rate Calculation

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    Chapter 2 PPG Extraction and Heart Rate Calculation The block diagram of Camera-based PPG briefs the set-up of the system. Hardware used Camera: Camera is the main focus of the project. AVT Stingray F-046B cameras are used with different filters. AVT Stingray F-046B is a progressive scan CCD, monochrome camera. It is an IEEE 1394b standard camera with 780x580 resolutions. The frame rate is up to 61 fps. Optical monochrome filters: Optical monochrome filters are used to filter out all the wavelengths

  • The Calculation Of Inventory Expense On The Operations Statement

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    The calculation of inventory expense on the operations statement and the posted balance on the statement of condition (balance sheet) may be approached in several different ways. List and discuss the various methods of inventory valuation that may be used. Indicate in your response why a certain method may be used in certain situations. What are predominant methods used in health care organizations (tax exempt or for profit) In Inventories are sold, and they are purchased on a continuous basis.

  • DNA Parentage Calculations and Non-classical Situations

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    extracted, amplified, and identified, they are used in a set of equations to identify three parentage indices. These indices are the paternity index, probability of paternity, and the probability of exclusion. Harmening (2005) suggests that the calculations are only valid if the tested man is compared to a “random man” that is not biologically related to him. Also, the equations must be based off of accurate gene frequencies for each genetic system and the population must be of similar ethnic background

  • Personal Eco-Footprint Calculation Summary Report

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    that individual impacts the earth help to create a personal eco-footprint calculation. At, I calculated my personal ecological footprint and discovered my impact on the Earth’s resources and its ecosystem. The ecological footprint quiz results were that if everyone on the planet lived my lifestyle we would need 3.86 Earth’s to sustain the world’s population. The personal ecological footprint calculation quiz results are divided into four consumption categories, carbon, food

  • Key Business Calculations and Revelant Financial Flows

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    For my assignment I have been asked to demonstrate compentence in handling key business calculation and basicly demonstrate my understandings of the revelant financial flows. Introduction For my assignment I have been asked to demonstrate compentence in handling key business calculation and basicly demonstrate my understandings of the revelant financial flows. I am able to choose my own business, provided with information needed. For my chosen business I need to do the following:

  • Using The Calculation Of Appendix B, The Dryness Fraction Of The Machine

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    Using the calculation in Appendix B, the dryness fraction of the machine was 0.97. It suggested that the steam entering the motor is not saturated, it had 3% of water with it. There might be losses when the steam is transported from the boiler to the motor through a pipe. Energy of the steam might release to the surroundings and convert back into water. Superheating the steam will be able to reduce this loss and ensure that the steam enters the motor is saturated. From Fig.3, the ideal Rankine cycle

  • Research on Mathematical Calculations of Bonds Betwen Amino Acid Residues and CO2 Molecules

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    Cundari et al presented a powerful computational prediction system based on mathematical calculations of bonds between amino acid residues and CO2 molecule (Cundari et al. 2009). In their study, binding energies for CO2 and amino acid residues of Rubisco active site differ between different enzyme species that belongs to different organisms. It has been suggested that most of the hydrogen bonding in α-helices goes toward stabilizing the tightly coiled helix in loop 6 of Rubisco, whereas in contrast

  • Calculation of Phase Angle Diversity for Time-Varying Harmonic Currents from Grid Measurement

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    measurement data used for the analysis and the definition of the diversity indices. The next chapter is focused on the impact of measurement uncertainty on the accuracy of the current vector addition. The last chapter discusses the different methods for calculation of diversity indices as well as the impact of the statistical post-processing on the results. 2. Measurement setup One MV/LV substation of a residential area was selected for the measurements. The substation has a 630 kVA transformer which supplies

  • Analyzing Trilemma Stability By Devising A New Method For More Accurate Calculations Of Monetary Sovereignty

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    In this paper, authors Popper, Mandilaras, and Bird analyze trilemma stability by devising a new method for more accurate calculations of monetary sovereignty. These calculations aid in providing a more comprehensive view of trilemma policy stability in countries around the world, whose trilemma data is thoroughly analyzed by the authors using a panel of regressions. In section one of the paper, the authors also show that a country’s degree of monetary sovereignty can be measured more accurately

  • The Calculation Results Of Energy Performance Of Two Systems : Primary Return Air System And Doas Integrated Dry Fcu

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    This chapter shows the calculation results of energy performance of two systems: primary return air system and DOAS integrated dry FCU system, which are experimented in peak and part load conditions of outdoor air temperature and sensible heat ratio. The most energy efficient air conditioning system can then be determined in each case. After that, in order to illustrate the differences between simple exergy efficiency and rational exergy efficiency, the results of these two exergy efficiency of primary

  • Number Grid Investigation

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    above rule. [IMAGE] 14 15 14x25 = 350 From this calculation there is a difference of 10. 24 25 15x24 = 360 The calculation was worked out by: 360-350 = 10 I will now do the same with another set of 4 numbers in a 2x2 grid. [IMAGE] 16 17 16x27 = 432 From this calculation there is a difference of 10. 26 27 17x26 = 442 The calculation was worked out by: 442-432 = 10 From the two calculations above the 2x2 square grids show that the difference of the

  • An Exploration of the Theoretical Support of the 24 Game

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    support of the 24 game An introduction to the 24 game: Overview: The 24 game is a mathematical card game which originated from China in the 1960s and popularized in China and America later. It is a game which required its players to make fast calculations, and it can be competitive. After years of spreading and development, the game has derived into a lot of different rules. In this research paper, the topic is mainly focused on the original rule. Rules: In 24 game, the players are using a standard

  • Abacus Is A Rich History

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    traces of the great device that revolutionized the calculation method can still be seen today. Although, after the digital calculator was introduced the Abacus was fading away, countries like South Korea, Japan, and China still use it to enhance mathematic skills. These three countries are using Abacus instead of digital calculators because they have known how beneficial it is. Abacus can bring improvement in various qualities from practice of calculations to benefits in memory enhancement, an increase


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    supported evidence from them. Figure 1: Calculation Test Figure 1 shows the performance of five participants during calculation test using rock and soul music. In general, the participants performed better during soul music been played. The highest performance in calculation test using soul music is 0.476 by Student five. As for rock music, the highest performance shown is 0.2083 by student 5. This proves that the respondent is comfort doing calculation with soul music played. Based on Figure 1

  • Pay Pah

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    When we are given a measured value, already measured by someone else, we assume that the number of digits shown reflects the precision of the measurement and that the last digit is “less certain” than the others. If we use the measured value in a calculation, the result can be no more precise than the data. Given a measured value, we count the number of significant figures with the five rules listed above. When you are given a numerical value that is a result of a measurement, when the measurement

  • Examples Of External Sorting Algorithm

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    objective is to create a vigorous out-of-center sorting project for a dispersed memory bunch. The writing holds two overwhelming standards for out-of-center sorting calculations: merging based and dividing based. They investigate a third standard, that of unmindful calculations. Dissimilar to the two prevailing ideal models, unmindful calculations don't rely on upon the info keys and in this manner lead to decided I/o and correspondence designs in an out-of-center setting. Foreordained I/o and correspondence

  • Chem

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    When we are given a measured value, already measured by someone else, we assume that the number of digits shown reflects the precision of the measurement and that the last digit is “less certain” than the others. If we use the measured value in a calculation, the result can be no more precise than the data. Given a measured value, we count the number of significant figures with the five rules listed above. <P>When you are given a numerical value that is a result of a measurement, when the measurement

  • Creating a System

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    Make a system, which can print of invoices for customers who place an order via the telephone, which will show details of price, vat, delivery charge and other calculations. Problem ======= My friend owns a bookshop in his local town called "The Book Warehouse". They buy books in bulk straight from the publishers for cheap prices and then sell them off separately for retail prices. That's how they make their money. The company is divided into two parts. One part deals with everyday

  • Trigonometry in Daily Life

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    with rounding. Rounding to n significant figures is a more full general purpose technique than rounding to n decimal places, since it handles numbers of different scales in a uniform way. We get a great amount of the figures we report and use in calculation from measured observation. Whether a digit is find out to be significant or not is determined by the capability of the measuring device. Number come from a measurement the last significant digit to the right characteristically expresses a doubt

  • Black Body Radiation

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    Hydrogen atom, using Planck’s constant as a measure for angular momentum quantization. An important concept in his work was the correspondence principle. According to this principle the quantum mechanical results should coincide with classical calculation at large quantum numbers. Einstein used the developing quantum mechanical theory to explain Planck distribution function by investigating the processes of emission and absorption of light by an elementary system [3]. He introduced two coefficients:

  • Simple Harmonic Motion

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    are done the spring is to be weighed and recorded. SAMPLE CALCULATIONS Mass used in each trial, in kilograms: - 50 g / 1000 g = 0.05 kg Elongation of the loaded spring, in meters: - 18.5 / 100 cm = 0.185 m Calculation of x: - 22.6 cm / 100 cm = 0.226 m - x = 0.226 m – 0.185 m - x = 0.041 m Calculation for the theoretical value of spring constant “k: - k = m g / x - k = (0.05 kg) (9.8 m/s) / 0.041 m - k = 12.0 N/m Calculation for the average value of the theoretical values of “k”: - kavg

  • The Impact Of Technology On Military Capabilities And Governmental And Civil Influence

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    to effective innovation during the interwar period is a nation’s understanding of strategic calculations, the influence of technology on military capabilities and governmental and civil influence. During the interwar period each country faced its own set of obstacles to innovations. However, almost every Allied and Axis powers were in some way hindered by the obstacles mentioned above. Strategic calculation affects the way a country focused its effort and synchronized it forces. Technology played

  • Math And Digital Computers

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    of the digital computers. Before people did the all complicated computation mainly by hands. Inevitably, there would be many errors due to carelessness or different accuracy. Then calculating devices like slide rules were invented to simply the calculations in the seventh century. Slide rules were mainly used for multiplications and divisions based on the concept of logarithm. But they weren’t very accurate. Thus some people had to rely on tables in order to have higher accuracy. The problem is that

  • FACTS Technology

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    shown in Fig.1. Fig 1 SIMULINK model of SMIB with TCSC controller Fig 2 SIMULINK model for calculation of id and iq Fig 3 SIMULINK model for calculation of Efd Fig 4 SIMULINK model for calculation of Pe SIMULINK based model of SMIB with TCSC controller is the combination of the sub circuits for calculation of id and iq as shown in fig 2, calculation of Efd as shown in fig 3 and calculation of Pe as shown in fig 4. By simulating the above SIMULINK models we can get the output wave forms

  • Cost of Capital

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    company can be estimated in a cost of equity calculation via the security line approach method or the implementing approach method. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages associated with them. If a company decides to borrowing money from creditors in the form of bank loans or the sale of bonds there are cost implications to the indebted company that can be estimated through what is called a cost of debt calculation. There are other calculations used to estimate costs as well such as cost of

  • A Review of General Strategy Instruction and Schema Based Instruction in Solving Mathematical Base Word Problems.

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    A Review of General Strategy Instruction and Schema Based Instruction in Solving Mathematical Base Word Problems. Problem solving within mathematics is important as children need to apply and transfer their learning of how to solve calculations into everyday situations. Enabling children to deduce what algorithm is required in a given situation is important as the way in which a problem is approached (NCTM, 1989) is an essential skill, in addition to arriving at a correct answer. Furthermore the

  • Image Analysis Program

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    distance between the points. After this calculation the answer in pixels needed to be converted to arc seconds for use in the small angle formula where 1 pixel approx. = 3 arc seconds. We now could use the small angle formula to find the actual radius in pc. Where d is the radius D is the distance from the Earth in pc and theta is the value we had just found out in arc seconds. After the calculation we needed to convert pc to meters so we used the calculation factor of 1pc=3*10^16m Now we needed

  • Determining The Cost Of Capital

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    a drop in valuation and growth in risk. You can also find out the above information from this informative YouTube video: An example calculation To make the above formulas a bit less daunting, here’s an example calculation of WACC. The below calculation is a rather simplified version of the different factors that might influence the rates used in the calculation. To ensure you come up with the most accurate figure for the cost of capital, you also need to check out the common problems in calculating

  • The And Standard Deviation Of The Bottling Company Case Results

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    This research in the finding of mean, median and standard deviations of the Bottling Company Case results calculations as displayed in the excel spreadsheet of some corrections that were produced. The 30 ounce bottles of the various bottle had some complaints about the different trade names of soda produced from the company advertisements. The company boss has asked for an investigation on this matter from the employees on random shifts in each class in the bottling plant. I also think the differences

  • The Difference Between Npv And Apv

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    Adjusted Value is the base of APV. The NPV is the calculation approach in which a comparison is made with the cash put into the budget presently and then calculated against the present value of the cash which will be acquired from future investments. The calculation results from actual liquid deposits made which is discounted by a particular return rate after the investments are compared to the future sums. (Gallo, 2014) NPV vs. APV NPV is the calculation used by a company when a project must be decided

  • Nike Cost Of Capital Case Study

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    decided to ask Joanne Cohen to estimate Nike’s weighted average cost of capital. 2. Cost of Capital calculations The results of Joanne Cohen’s report were a weighted cost of capital (WACC) of 8.4%. She came to this WACC by using the capital asset pricing model (CAPM) for Nike Inc. For her calculations, Cohen used the book value for both the equity and debt valuation. In cost of capital calculations, book value of equity and debt should not be used, because they are accepted as an estimate of the market

  • Financial Analysis : Long Term Investments

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    One important element to assist in a financial evaluation of a capital budget opportunity is the use of the weighted average cost of capital (WACC). This calculation uses proportionally weighted figures for debt, preferred stock, and common equity to determine a cost of capital to the business (Brigham & Ehrhardt, 2015). The WACC calculation provides a rate of return figure that a project must exceed in order for the project to be considered for implementation. For example, a company with a 10%

  • Implementing a GPS Based Autonomus Car

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    be always accurate but the idea is to get better. 2. Computing distance based on the compass module The paper works on this calculation, d =R • cos−1(sinφ1 • sinφ2
+cosφ1 •cosφ2 •cos(λ2 −λ1)) Where R is the radius of the earth and d is the distance between two points. Keeping aside the very low-level implementation details, lets discuss how reliable this calculation can be. The radius of earth is taken to be 6371000 m, is this accurate? No, the earth is not a perfect sphere; this is the radius

  • Evaluation Of The Experimental Design Lab

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    the 1st quarter of 9th Grade Science the class has focused on learning the scientific method, measurement techniques, and an introductory study of motion. Formative assessments included many practice questions involving the use of formulas and calculation, identifying variables, hypotheses and predictions, and questions from our lab experiments. Summative assessments for the quarter were the lab report for the experimental design lab and the unit test on the concept of motion. In the coming weeks

  • Definition of Formal Problem Statement

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    with rounding. Rounding to n significant figures is a more full general purpose technique than rounding to n decimal places, since it handles numbers of different scales in a uniform way. We get a great amount of the figures we report and use in calculation from measured observation. Whether a digit is find out to be significant or not is determined by the capability of the measuring device. Number come from a measurement the last significant digit to the right characteristically expresses a doubt

  • Teaching Practices On Students With Developmental Dyscalculia And Mild Math Difficulties

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    planning and training, which was done over a thirty two week period. As stated in the article ”The training was assessed in relation to the gains in the following fundamental calculation skills 1. Concepts of number, 2. Automaticity in retrieving and using arithmetic facts, 3.Mental calculation and 4.Written Calculation” (Re, Pedron, Tressoldi & Lucangeli, 2014. pp. 343). One example shown was automaticity which is the ability to retrieve facts almost instantaneously, without calculating. In the

  • Carbon Footprint of Mass Transportation vs an Automobile

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    amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. In today's world, where global warming is an issue, the way people choose to travel makes a difference. This paper contains the calculation of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system's carbon footprint and compares it to the carbon footprint of cars traveling the same distance. The results of this calculation will hopefully cause the average commuter to reconsider his or her form of transportation. Introduction About BART Every day of the week, thousands of

  • Reaction Rates Of Chemical Reactions

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    Eq. 3 Liter Calculation 1: Moles of t-butyl chloride 0.1 M t-butyl chloride = x moles 0.003 L (0.1 M t-butyl chloride) (0.003 L) = x moles x = 0.0003 moles Calculation 2: Moles of sodium hydroxide 0.1 M sodium hydroxide = x mole 0.0003 L (0.1 M sodium hydroxide) (0.0003 L) = x moles x= 0.00003 moles Calculations 1 and 2 use the molarity equation to find

  • Cub An Unattainable Destination For Mission Projects

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    consideration and the calculations for each facet presented for evaluation. As a result of the expenses that will be incurred by each participant, options to obtain funding to cover these expenses were explored. The Mission group has already acquired 10% of the money needed, which is $4,981, to fund the trip to Cuba which will take place in five years. Upon further discussion a decision was made to invest the money at 4% APR compounded quarterly. By the following calculations the money will grow to

  • Unfair Discrimination and Tital Selection Process: A Solution for Adverse Impact

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    use the four fifths rule to assess the current recruitment process for an entry level position. The aim of the evaluation is to determine if there is any evidence of adverse impact against any ethnic group, gender or minorities. Part one of the Calculations To calculate the adverse impact, the pass rate of the minorities will be divided by the pass rate of the majority (Caucasians). The pass rate for Caucasians is 47.5 while the pass rate in calculating the majority (male) in the gender section is