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The Movie ' A Bronx Tale '

- The film “A Bronx Tale” was set in the Bronx during the early 1960’s. There was alot of racial discrimination and mob interactions that manifested themselves on the streets of New York. This made the 1960’s a particularly dangerous time period to live in New York. Calogero, a nine year old Italian boy, and his family were caught in the middle of these interactions. Calogero’s family lived two feet from a bar that the mob conducted their business in. Sonny was the head of the Italian mob. He was portrayed as a Machiavellian leader of the Bronx....   [tags: English-language films, American films, The Bronx]

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A Bronx Tale Cologero

- A Bronx Tale                Cologero "A Bronx Tale" is a film directed by Robert Di Nero about a boy named Cologero (an Italian white male) and his life as he grows up in a town occupied by the mob. Colegero had two strong adult influences in his life.  They were his father, Lorenzo, and a mob leader named Sonny.  In the film there were a three scenes that especially demonstrated the influence Sonny and Lorenzo had on Cologero. An example of Lorenzo's influence on his son takes place in front of their apartment in which Cologero is a witness to a crime Sonny committed.  An example of  Sonny's influence on Cologero is when Sonny demeans Mickey Mantle in front of him....   [tags: Robert Di Nero Bronx Tale Essays]

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The Bronx Is Next By Sonia Sanchez

- - I’m Black When I am Singing, I’m Blue When I Ain’t: In both - I’m Black When I am Singing, I’m Blue When I Ain’t: and “The Bronx is next “ by Sonia Sanchez the main characters show sign of insanity and depressions. Both seems tired and frustrated about their predicament and took actions with Reena using her voices as the weapons against social and economics exploitations while Charles uses his power as a male and violence to get his point across. Also, both plays spoke about the exploitation of woman....   [tags: Black people, White people, African American]

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Summary Of ' A Bronx Tale '

- 1. “A Bronx Tale” is a story about a young man, Cologero, who grows up in the Bronx during the 1960’s where the streets were filled with violence and racism. He was raised by his two parents. His father was a working man, a bus driver and his mother was a homemaker. They tried their best to shelter Cologero and keep him from falling victim to the hard streets of the Bronx. However, at the age of nine, Cologero grew to admire the neighborhood mobster, Sonny. One day Cologero witnessed Sonny murder a man, but once the police asked him to identify the murderer, he told the police that the guy was not a part of the lineup....   [tags: Sociology, Criminology, Crime]

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The Bronx Is The Birthplace Of Breakdancing

- That funky music starts playing, and everyone in the building can’t help but to get down and groove. Breakdancing, like many other dance styles, is that type of dance that allows people to express themselves that words cannot. Breakdancing in particular started from the Bronx during the 70’s, but it has changed over the past 40 years. These moves have grown in difficulty, and new moves have emerged from the creativity of these athletic dancers, and the reason for this change is because of how American culture spreads so widely and quickly throughout the world....   [tags: United States, Culture, YouTube, B-boy]

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A Jail at Hunts Point in the South Bronx?

- The Gory State of the South Bronx An area associated with lots of social problems, with over half of the population living below the poverty line, the South Bronx has become a community that people associate with prostitution, crime, and poverty. With two (2) juvenile detention centers, fifteen (15) waste transfer stations, and four (4) jails, the plan of the government to build a new jail in Hunts Point is most strange and unwelcome at that. “The city’s Economic Development Corporation is negotiating with Oak Point Energy to purchase a 28-acre parcel of former industrial land in the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx to be used for a new detention center to relieve overcrowding on Riker...   [tags: Criminal Justice, Prison]

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An Experiment On The Bronx And Palo Alto California

- James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling as social scientist developed a criminology theory called Broken Window. Based on experiments done with interactions by police officers and civilians to study the effects of policing vandalism, crime, and anti-social behavior. Believing that if police were to control public drinking, small infractions of the law, and vandalism, public behavior would change for the positive. A study where a car had a broken window left parked idle, would of be subject to vandalism rapidly, oppose to an intact car....   [tags: Criminology, Crime, Police, Rudy Giuliani]

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The Judicial System Of The Bronx Family Court

- Returning to the judicial world of the Bronx Family Court as a judge, after years of working in administration, Judge Richard Ross is astonished to find a distinctly more disjointed situation than the one he left. As he attempts to live out his life as “both the fact finder and arbiter of the law” it is clear the current judicial system does not serve him well (xv). Judge Ross conveys to the reader the fundamental issues of the Family Court system through his day to day happenings which range from endless caseloads to death threats....   [tags: Law, Judge, Family, Common law]

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We Look Around The World Of The South Bronx By Arthur Levine And Laura Scheiber

- When we look around the world majority all the urban communities have education systems that are extremely horrible. This is not because at all times the students are the problem, but because these students have a lack of resources that they need due to poverty, the teachers that the students have don 't really value their positions and put in effort, and so much more that these students have to deal with being as though they live in such impoverished environments. With all of these things going on around these students lives; sometimes the struggles that they are facing is causing them to be unable to even attend school....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Social class, Working class]

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Random Family: Love, Drugs, Trouble and Coming of Age in the Bronx

- Several things are evident throughout the novel Random Family. One is that the neighborhood the characters live in is one of the poorest in the Bronx. Due to this fact, there are many residents there who have turned to the sale of illegal substances in order to have the finances needed to survive on. This, in turn, leads to aliances with these less than honorable characters in order for the books characters to try and rise above the poverty. When the books main figures see the drug dealers bringing in $5-50,000 a week, dressed in leather and gold chains, and riding around in limosines; it makes it hard to turn away from such finery when they’ve gone their entire lifetime without....   [tags: Adrian Nicole LeBlanc]

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