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Belle Boyd

- Belle Boyd's was a Confederate spy in the American Civil War. She worked in her father's hotel in Virginia and provided valuable information to the Confederate general's Stonewall Jackson and Turner Ashby. Turner Ashby was responsible for guarding fords and bridges across the Potomac River in Maryland. He assisted Maryland men to cross over into Virginia.She served the Confederate forces in the Shenandoah Valley. Stone wall Jackson was one of the best know general's. His military career include the Valley Campaign....   [tags: Biography ]

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Arthur Boyd And His Artistic Abilities

- Arthur Boyd is a renowned Australian artist, who started to follow in his family’s footsteps and began exploring his artistic abilities from after being conscripted to World War II; until his death in 1999. Boyd worked in a wide range of mediums including paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures and tapestries in ways that are highly inventive. His main influences were Australian landscapes, wartime, aboriginal rights and surrealism. Many of Boyd’s works were drawn from personal experience, symbolising human emotions, aggression against love and conveying themes around family relationships, values and religious beliefs....   [tags: World War II, Australia, Visual arts of Australia]

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Maria Isabella Boyd aka Belle Boyd

- Have you ever dreamt of living an adventurous life. Well for me that was reality. I was a spy and actress, mercilessly charming Union officers into giving me information. Dubbed 'La Belle Rebelle' by a French war correspondent, I went by the name Belle Boyd instead of my original name, Maria Isabella Boyd. I have gone in and out of jail, marriages, and careers (three of each). Throughout the whole ordeal though, I have been constant in my loyalty to the Confederacy. Born on May 4, 1843, I was raised just like any other southern lady....   [tags: biographies bio biography]

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Dr. Gregory Boyd : A Professor Of Theology At Bethel College

- Dr. Gregory Boyd is a professor of theology at Bethel College. As well as being a professor he is a pastor at Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, and has authored three books and several articles. This particular book is a dialogue between him and his father, Edward Boyd. Edward lives in Florida and worked for 35 years in sales management. He has six kids, fifteen grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren. Gregory attempted for years to try and convert his father to Christianity without any success....   [tags: God, Christianity, God in Christianity]

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Let Kids Run Wild Online, by Danah Boyd

- Many teens nowadays have cell phones, smart phones, iPods, iPads and most of the newest electronics on the market. They also have social media sites such as Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, Myspace, Facebook and so on. Many people also say that teens now are “addicted” to their phones and can't let go of it. In the article, Let Kids Run Wild Online, by Danah Boyd, she explains how there are some parents that are “helicopter parents” and they track and monitor their child’s online activity. Danah Boyd is encouraging parents to lay back on their tracking and monitoring and to let their children do what they want online and they will tell you what is going on....   [tags: social media, ipods, ipads]

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I Felt That Boyd 's Theodicy Is Open Theism

- Gregory Boyd in “Is God to Blame” talked about how God limits His own power by giving humans freedom of choice meaning God can not foresee some of events (Boyd 72). From reading the book, I felt that Boyd’s theodicy is open theism because throughout the book he tells stories about real life suffering events and how it impacts their life which can show that God allows evil things to happen because of a hidden purpose (Boyd 185). This is another example of a good theodicy because it shows that suffering does happen from freedom of choice like the women who rushed into having a child without really praying and waiting for God’s answer (Boyd 13)....   [tags: God, Bible, Free will, Theodicy]

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African American Mathematician, Evelyn Boyd Granville

- ... This was the start of her discovering her career. When she graduated from high school, she attended Smith College with much her from herself and her family. Her mother sister and her mother gave her $500.00 to start with in college and Evelyn also worked a summer job to help her prepare for college. The job she worked at was the National Bureau of Standards and people doubted her of how she could afford to go to Smith College. She basically worked hard and earned her first scholarship (Student Aid Society) from Smith College....   [tags: teacher, scholarship, nasa]

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The First Pneumatic Tires Invented by John Boyd Dunlop

- Origins tires were invented in 1888 by a scottish veterinarian named John Boyd Dunlop. these were the first pneumatic tires. he attached a rubber tube around his wooden bike wheel and he covered the contact patches with thick canvas. There was a large desire for tires because the faster the object gos the greater the chance there is for wheel slippage and all roads at first were dirt. tires also soften the bumps on the road, having wooden wheels is all around less efficient and won't grip the road like tires do....   [tags: rubber tube, wheel, different brands]

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Belle Boyd Newspaper Obituary

- Yesterday, June 11, 1900, we lost Belle Boyd, one of the most heroic ladies of the Civil War. This famous Confederate spy has died after a cardiac arrest at age 56, while on tour in Kilbourne City, Wisconsin. She will be remembered as a great writer, actress, and spy who had courage in even the most trying times. Belle Boyd played the part of spy as if the war were a lighthearted game of cards. Born on May 4, 1843, she was raised just like any other southern lady. She was the daughter of a merchant and grew up in Martinsburg, West Virginia with her parents, Benjamin Reed Boyd and Mary Rebecca Glenn, three brothers, one sister, and grandmother....   [tags: American History Civil War]

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Classification of Characters Bill and Boyd Meet

- Billy and Boyd come in contact with many interesting characters through out their journeys. There are six characters that Billy and Boyd meet who seam to impact their lives the most. Those six characters can be broken up into two groups to describe how they impacted Billy and Boyd’s lives. The two groups are the characters that helped them along their journeys, and the characters that did not help them along their journeys. The first character who impacted their lives and ultimately their journeys is the Indian....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The, Not The Screen Time By Dana Boyd And Don 't Limit Your Phone

- “Get off your phone.” “I’m taking that laptop away.” Many children have dealt with their parents barging into their rooms and telling them to get off their electronics. Parents believe it is not healthy and therefore should be restricted. The two articles, “Blame Society, Not the Screen Time” by Dana Boyd and “Don’t Limit Your Teen’s Screen Time” by Chris Bergman, both talk about how parents should not limit their kid’s screen time. Both authors are writing to parents of children who they think spend way too much time on their electronics....   [tags: Rhetoric, Audience, Audience theory]

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Civil War Diary Of Cyrus F. Boyd

- The Civil War had a very large affect on all of the States. It changed men from gentlemen that went to church every Sunday and never cussed to people who rarely went to church and cussed all the time. Some of the people in the war were also very corrupt and did not do things as they should be done. The way that the enemy was looked at was even changed. All of these things were talked about in "The Civil War Diary of Cyrus F. Boyd". Boyd talks about how everyone was very eager to volunteer to join the military to have fun and to make some money and it seemed to be very easy because the war was expected to be very short....   [tags: American History]

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The Controvery over the Institution of slavery

- The controversy over the institution of slavery The study of slavery and its means has always been a controversy in the society-was it a necessary evil or was it an unimportant mean to boost up white morale. The topic has always been of interest to historians, and the frequency of the event in the earlier centuries proves to be a serious debate among people. Slavery is controversial as people of the past practiced it without remorse, while today one cannot even think about owning someone as theirs....   [tags: evil, white morale, jerry boyd]

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Analysis Of The New Iphone 7, By Danah Boyd And Don 't Limit Your Teen 's Screen Time

- Too Much. With the announcement of the new iPhone 7, and the continued release of new features and accessories, technological involvement in everyday lives is only increasing, and parents are still stuck in the past with their technological restrictions. In the news articles Blame Society, Not the Screen Time by Danah Boyd and Don’t Limit Your Teen’s Screen Time by Chris Bergman, both authors express their thoughts on this generation’s teenager’s use of technology and why guardians should allow their kids to utilize the internet....   [tags: Rhetoric, Appeal, Audience theory, Logos]

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Letters From A Skeptic

- Summary: Dr. Gregory Boyd is a professor of theology at Bethel College. He attended such universities as the University of Minnesota, Yale Divinity School, and Princeton Theological Seminary. As well as being a professor he is a preaching pastor at Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, and has authored three books and several articles. This particular book is a dialogue between he and his father, Edward Boyd. Edward lives in Florida and worked for 35 years in sales management. He has six kids, 15 grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren....   [tags: Dr. Gregory Boyd]

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The Message Of Political Alignment

- The message of political alignment is a vast and varying concept, one that will be debated for as a long as party divisions exist. This divide however exists in not just the Christian community. We begin with the metaphor of a shepherds flock, blindly following what an individual says over ones own thinking. Boyd furthers this concept of alignment and how “many who left sincerely believe there is little ambiguity in how true Christian faith translates into politics. Since God is against abortion, Christians should vote for the pro-life candidate, they believe- and the preacher should say so” (Boyd 2)....   [tags: Religion, Christianity, Kingdom of God]

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Comparision of 'After You, My Dear Alphonse' and 'Harrison Bergeron'

- These two short stories displays two different types of discrimination, one story presents an environment hostile to a racial group of people due to their ethnicity whilst the other reveals a world obsessed with equal rights for everyone that they slowly dissolve our right to express ones self. ‘After You, My Dear Alphonse’ by Shirley Jackson shows an extreme form of racial prejudice and bigotry shown through the discriminatory messages sent subtly in the guise of a casual conversation by a white mother to an African American child but unknown to him were its true meaning for he saw then merely as an innocent conversation....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Theories And Theories Of Piaget 's Theory

- Piaget has always been a significant figure in the area of cognitive development and he has influenced and prompted research in the area. Neo-Piagetian theories elaborate on Piaget’s basic theories and often combine it with information-processing theory (Boyd & Bee, 2014). He had strong ideas about the development of schemes in young children and the processes of those in relation to cognitive development. He also theorized four causes of cognitive development, two of these internal and the remaining two external....   [tags: Jean Piaget, Developmental psychology]

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The Shaping of the New South

- Traditional opinion insinuates the growth of the Republican Party in the South can be blamed on the policies of the National Democratic Party. This belief is a widely accepted and remains popular within society. The Democratic Party’s isolation of white voters by passing far-reaching civil rights legislation in 1964 and 1965 led to the “white backlash” against the civil rights movement. In Georgia Democrats, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Shaping of the New South, Tim S. R. Boyd challenges the established “white backlash” theory that the decline of democratic power in the South was mostly based on racist perspectives....   [tags: political analysis of Georgia]

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Open Theists Must Claim That The Essence Of God Is Love

- Open theists would claim that the essence of God is love. Greg Boyd is a leading theologian who takes the stance of Open Theism. Greg has written many books to explain God in the midst of evil. Is God to Blame is a book Boyd wrote to help compress many volume books into a smaller collection, which is filled with questions that open theism tries to answer about the problem of evil. Not all open theists agree completely with Greg Boyd. The reason being is Boyd goes into much more detail about spiritual forces....   [tags: God, Theology, Omnipotence, Free will]

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The Importance Of Teachers For Retaining Highly Effective Teachers

- Educators should be concerned not simply with retaining teachers but retaining highly effective teachers because they have staying power (Boyd, Lankford, Loeb, Ronfeldt, & Wyckoff, 2015; others). The National Center for Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Education Research (2015) asserted that higher quality teachers, based on effectiveness rations, are more likely to remain in the classroom than are less effective teachers. Goldhaber, Gross, and Player (2007) found in their quantitative study of North Carolina elementary teachers between 1996-2002 that the most effective teachers remain the longest in teaching and that more effective teachers tend to stay in “the most challenging contexts” (p...   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, High school]

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Social Networking And Its Impact On The Future Development Of The World Wide Web

- Overview Ever since the development of the World Wide Web in 1990, millions of online websites have been created for consumer use. When the Internet was first created, very few individuals had access to computers. As the cost of computers decreased to a price that more families could afford, many individuals bought computers for their households. In the late 1990s, the very first social networking sites were created; and AOL instant messenger. After those social networking sites were developed, a plethora of online websites were created to fulfill the desires of online users....   [tags: Social network service, MySpace, Internet]

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Slipping Through The Cracks : Police Accountability

- Slipping Through the Cracks: Police Accountability Undoubtedly one of the most important and the lest educated issue in this country is Police accountability. Approximately 1000 people are shot and killed by police officers each year (Kindy). Since 2005, according to Stinson 's research group, a total of seventy-seven officers have been charged with murder or manslaughter (Sanchez). With these two statements combined this means that approximately 11,000 people have been shot and killed by police officers and since 2005 only 77 have been charged with murder or manslaughter....   [tags: Police, Police brutality, Police officer]

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Police Officer Has Too Much Power

- Introduction Police officers are trained by specific rules in the academy how to handle dangerous situations and how to prevent victims. Police officers in dangerous and extreme situations have to make split-second decisions about what to do next: fire their weapon or not. In recent years, many unarmed people were killed by police officers which made US nation to raise questions about whether the police make right decisions or whether the police have too much power. Since people don’t know by what rules police officers are trained to handle certain issues, we wonder why did the police officer killed an unarmed person and why the police officer didn’t do something else to prevent a dangerous...   [tags: Police, Constable, Police brutality]

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Dawn Eisenberg: Steadfast in Her Commitment to Improve the Quality of Life for All

- There were several local, national, and world events during the transitional period between the 1960's and the 1970's that influenced Eisenberg's decision to continue her education in developmental psychology and her initial research into what Eisenberg calls “other oriented political attitudes” (Eisenberg, 2002; H.L. Miller, personal communication, January 28, 2011). However, before addressing the situations that had more of a direct influence on Eisenberg's thinking, it is important to mention something that happened when she was 14 and that served to trigger a resurgence of interest in the field of prosocial behavior itself, thus setting the stage for Eisenberg's entrance into the arena (...   [tags: Biography ]

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Bronfenbrenner Bioecological Systems Theory: The Impact on a Child’s Development

- The birth of a new child usually brings jubilation to the parents. After all of the initial celebrations have ended, and the parents bring the infant home, this is when the child’s development begins. Even before the celebrations begin, the child’s development begins at the fetal stage (Boyd, Johnson, & Bee, 2009). Bronfenbrenner’s Systems theory describes how external environments and individuals affect the development of a child (Boyd, Johnson, & Bee, 2009). The relationships are interconnected among all individuals and their environments (Boyd, Johnson, & Bee, 2009)....   [tags: Child Development ]

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Use Of Technology By The Youth Of Today

- In a technological driven world technology is becoming something that kids, at younger and younger ages, are turning to. In some people 's eyes they are becoming addicted to technology and in others views technology is not a problem with our youth. Parents and most adults are all worried about this, so to try and give some insight to these worried parents and adults Chris Bergman and Dannah Boyd wrote articles that discuss the use of technology by the youth of today. Boyd uses different rhetorical strategies to try and get her point across in her article, that different societal factors is actually what the problem with teens and not technology, “Blame Society, Not The Screen Time.” However,...   [tags: Emotion, Logic, Critical thinking, Reasoning]

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Science vs. Religion

- Religion versus science, the debates and conflicts have been on for centuries. For both religious and scientific ideals, the faith people have drives them. In this paper, I will examine the story of “The Eye of Apollo” by G.K. Chesterton, and the episode “House vs. God” of House, M.D., in order to question this conflict. The main character—Father Brown—in “The Eye of Apollo” combines his reasoning with his religious ideals and beliefs, or we can say his faith in God leads him to the truth of the crime....   [tags: Religion]

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Article: Police Confront Rising Number of Mentally Ill Suspects

- According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one in 17 Americans suffer from a serious mental illness. That is roughly one person in an average high school classroom. These mentally ill people live a different life, and in some situations, they cannot fully comprehend what is happening around them. These people need a little more time and patience than the average person would need in any given situation. Because of this, they need to be handled differently by police officers when they come into contract....   [tags: news media analysis]

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Analysis Of The Book ' Three Graves '

- A year and a half ago, Jason Getty put a permanent end to a persistent problem, but the fear eats him alive as the body rests peacefully in his backyard. While doing some yard work for Jason, workers unearthed two bodies in the front yard, neither of which belonged to the man that he had killed. Eventually, evidence of a third murder, Jason’s doing, was found in Jason’s living room by Detective Tim Bayard. Will Jason’s crime go undiscovered, or will he face the consequences. You’ll have to read the book to find out....   [tags: Character, Novel, Fiction, Literature]

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Criminology : Crime And Crime

- Throughout history, many have observed crime and crime control. Yet today, a full understanding of crime is a challenge due to the complexity of criminology. According to Neil Boyd, the advanced study of criminology is a fairly new concept when compared to crime and punishment throughout history (Boyd, 2015: 7). As a result, criminologists should employ various methods and credible approaches in the academic discipline of criminology (Boyd, 2015: 21), and as suggested by Boyd, inclusive criminology is needed to study the breaking of laws as well as society’s reaction to the breaking of laws....   [tags: Criminology, Crime, Sociology, Criminal law]

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The Issue Of Spousal Support

- According to Boyd (2015), family law has likely seen the greatest transformation in the last fifty years than any other field of law (p. 235). In this paper, changes in the specific areas of same-sex marriage, divorce and spousal support will be examined. It will be argued that same-sex marriage has witnessed the most drastic change, and that divorce, though greatly transformed in terms of ease of access, retains some outdated assumptions about sufficient reasons. Finally, it will be argued that the issue of spousal support has undergone the least change by drawing on the cases of Moge v....   [tags: Marriage, Divorce, Alimony, Family law]

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The Effects Of Language Development On Children 's Development

- Language development is a complex topic which has been largely debated about amongst linguists over a long period of time. Some believe that language is acquired through experience and communication with those in their environment (nurture). Studies have indicated that there is a correlation between environmental factors (such as the way we speak to infants and socio economic status) and language acquisition. Conversely, others claim that language development is natural and innate (nature). Research shows how language is inherent regardless of what the language is....   [tags: Linguistics, Language acquisition, Noam Chomsky]

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Music And Film Go Beyond Serving A Jest

- Artistic expression and popular culture have always been a means to reflect the weltanschauung of the current era. Music and film go beyond serving a jest purpose, and mirror the challenges that people face through different viewpoints. These works allow audiences to see a different side to controversial issues, such as drugs, while they are presented from a perspective adopted by the artist. In her work ‘Pleasure and Pain’ (2011), Susan Boyd discusses the representation of drugs in different eras and how it has evolved in popular culture to showcase alternative views that either villianise or normalise, accept or reject, abuse or heal in relation to drugs....   [tags: Drug addiction, Drug, Popular culture]

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The Crime Of The Criminal Justice System

- An issue that is important to everyone’s future that is debatable would be the criminal justice system. The criminal justice system has been in existing for hundreds of years and was built to lower crime and protects the people. A few reasons this issue is debatable in today’s society is because of the recent attack of civilians by police officers and the fact that some of the officers are getting off with little to no charges. People are supposed to trust the criminal justice system not fear it, so with the increasing number of incidents, most are wondering what are ways to decrease the changes of attacks happening again in the future....   [tags: Police, Criminal justice, Camera, Constable]

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Road Trip on the Trans-Canada Highway

- ... After Boyd’s Cove the trip takes a ferry south into Nova Scotia, where it goes to Shubenacadie. Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia is a community about 37 kilometers from the Trans-Canada highway. The community is a former producer of the Mic-Mac hockey stick. The Mi’kmaqs have played hockey and similar games as early as the 18th century. The first reference to the Mi’kmaqs supporting themselves from the production of the hockey sticks came in 1898. The Mi’kmaqs have traditionally supported themselves by the manufacturing of other goods such as butter-tubs and baskets....   [tags: personal journey description]

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Mother-Daughter Relationships: A Feminist Overview

- Al-Mosaed, Nora F. "Mother-Daughter Relationships: A Feminist Overview." Journal of the Social Sciences 31.3 (2003): 707-729. Sociological Abstracts. Print. Nora Al-Mosaed’s “Mother-Daughter Relationships: A Feminist Overview” argues that sexism and unequal treatment towards women in a patriarchal society negatively impacts the behavior and relationship between mothers and daughters. Al-Mosaed describes a study conducted where 173 female college students were questioned about their relationships with their mothers; of the most notable information collected, married daughters reported having a better relationship with their mothers while divorced daughters cited a much more negative r...   [tags: Analysis, Al-Mosaed]

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The Internet And Social Media

- With the emergence of the internet and social media. We rapidly adopt different facade for each site. This is akin to the offline identities that we construct for ourselves. On the other hand, it is very unlikely that a person would be in the same room with their different groups of friends, colleagues, ex-partners, current partner, immediate and extended family members, all at the same time. However, this situation becomes the norm when it comes to social networking like Facebook and Twitter. They merge previously discrete groups into one singular platform....   [tags: Twitter, Social network service, Facebook]

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The Case Of Cory Goodine

- Fear often invokes the fight or flight syndrome in which we are compelled to either battle the fear firsthand or to run from the source of the fear despite the consequences. In the case of Cory Goodine, being witness to the unforeseen murder of Jason Boyd by none other than his own friend Todd Johnston sent a ripple of fear and shock through his body and paralyzed his mind resulting in the unfortunate events following the murder. Cory Goodine should not have been charged with accessory after the fact and/or aiding and abetting because the murder was not a conspiracy, he was in shock and terrified, and he was simply acting in self-defence....   [tags: Murder, Homicide, Accomplice, Abettor]

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Women During World War II

- “War will exact its victims of both sexes,” Belle Boyd mused, “and claims the hearts of women no less than the bodies of men.” When the United States entered World War II, women were left in charge of the households since the men had to leave the country. As men were fighting in World War II, women had taken over the workforce in company factories or organizations. This was a big step for women because they finally got to experience what being independent felt like. However, although many women liked the workforce department other women wanted to do more for their country....   [tags: Confederate States of America, Union Army]

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Legal Issues in Reduction of Workforce Simulation: FastServe, Inc.

- Legal Issues in Reduction of Workforce Simulation: FastServe, Inc. FastServe, Inc is a marketing company of sports apparel with revenues of $25 million dollars and a workforce of 350 employees. In order to target the population interested in sport activities, also known as Generation Y, FastServe opened an online marketing and distribution channels. One of these channels is for boys and the other one for girls. The company transferred 10% of its workforce over the online distribution department....   [tags: Downsizing Layoff Firing Employees]

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Banning Books in Schools

- The practice of the censorship of books in schools has been prevalent due to the explicit content of them. Parents have been complaining to schools about books that count as required reading because they disapprove with the points made in the book. If a book consists of offensive or sexually explicit material, then parents would challenge the schools about them in order to prevent their children from reading them. Censorship in general has been an intensely debated issue because it is considered an infringement to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution while others argue it is used to conceal inappropriate things (Aliprandini and Sprague)....   [tags: censorship, required readings, creativity]

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Dr. Nancy Eisenberg

- Several local, national, and world events occurring during the transitional period between the 1960's and the 1970's influenced Eisenberg's decision to continue her education in developmental psychology, as well as her initial research into what she calls “other oriented political attitudes” (Eisenberg, 2002; H.L. Miller, personal communication, January 28, 2011). However, before discussing these incidents, something that indirectly influenced Eisenberg by triggering a resurgence of interest in the field of prosocial behavior itself should be mentioned (Eisenberg & Mussen, 1989, pp....   [tags: Psychology]

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Intergenerational Culture Wars : Civil Rights Vs. Hip Hop

- Boyd, Todd. 2004. "Intergenerational Culture Wars: Civil Rights Vs. Hip Hop." Socialism and Democracy 18(2):51-69 This article is about an interview between Yusuf Nuruddin with Todd Boyd discussing his book “The H.N.I.C: The Death of Civil Rights and the Reign of Hip Hop”. Boyd argues that the hip-hop replaced the African-Americans in the civil right area. He explains that society has evolved to the point where the issues related to African-Americans in the civil rights area have changed quite a bit that their ideas are outdated....   [tags: Hip hop music, African American, Black people]

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Analysis Of Hattie Mcdaniel 's ' The Mammy '

- The Mammy The mammy role can be attributed to Hattie McDaniel’s character in Gone with the Wind (1939) that shares the same name. This role shows a black woman whose only purpose was to “appease the racial sensibilities of whites” (Boyd, pg. 70). She was “the faithful servant to the white family”(Boyd, pg. 71), always willing to service without compliant. It was a direct relation to what was happening in life at the time; not many jobs were available to African American women besides being a nanny or maid....   [tags: African American, Black people, White people]

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Why School Leadership Is Strong Push And Pull Factor

- Ladd (2011) uncovered in her often-cited study of factors predictive of turnover by North Carolina teachers that school leadership demonstrated a statistically significant relationship with teacher turnover. Specifically, her data revealed that in elementary and middle school levels, weak leadership predicted teachers’ decisions to migrate to another school while at the high school level and predicted teachers’ desire to leave teaching altogether. School leadership is itself strong push and pull factor....   [tags: High school, Teacher, Education, Pedagogy]

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A Content Analysis of Twitter’s Top Athletes

- Social media networks, or what Boyd and Ellison (2008) refer to as “Social network sites” (“SNSs”), are defined as web-based services that enable users to: “(1) construct a public or semi-public profile within a bounded system, (2) articulate a list of other users with whom they share a connection, and (3) view and traverse their list of connections and those made by others within the system” (p. 211). Social media networks have become part of everyday life for millions of Americans. According to PEW Research Center’s “Social media update 2013” a majority 73% of online adults today use at least one social media network, while 42% use two or more (Duggan & Smith, 2014)....   [tags: social media, social networks, twitter]

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Social Media And Its Impact On Society

- Social networks have become increasingly more significant in our lives and in society. They connect us to the people in our lives, keep us informed on current events, and provide us with entertainment. Not only do they allow us to communicate with other individuals around the world and information but they also afford us social capital that we did not have access to before. Social media sites such as facebook and myspace which focus mostly around social connections and entertainment based user content are usually the first we think of when social media sites are mentioned but they are not the only kind of sites available....   [tags: Sociology, Social network service, Social media]

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Zora Neale Hurston: The Woman and the Writer

- Zora Neale Hurston: The Woman and the Writer To most people, the name Zora Neale Hurston is associated solely with Their Eyes Were Watching God, her most famous work. In some cases her name is synonymous with the Harlem Renaissance. However, very few people are informed about the aspects of Zora's life that influenced her writing of Their Eyes , nor do they know about how she arrived in New York to become one of the most famous Black female writers of her time. Robert Hemenway's Zora Neale Hurston: A Literary Biography and Valerie Boyd's Wrapped in Rainbows: The Life of Zora Neale Hurston both seek to educate people about the life of this writer and to give the reader information...   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Discipline in the 80's Classroom

- Growing up as child of the 80's and early 90's, if I went to school and received a paddling or spanking for doing something wrong, I was quite aware of, or at least had the knowledge of the bad behavior that was disregarded and the consequences of my inappropriate action. Furthermore, being conscious of the fact that my parents were hundred percent supportive of corporal punishment in any school district I attended, whether it was in the public or private school setting. In addition, being raised to understand that discipline at school was the same at home....   [tags: student behavior,corporal punishment,discipline]

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Cormac McCarthy The Crossing

- Cormac McCarthy The Crossing This story contains an almost equal balance of good and evil, though it also raises questions of what is truly good. It blurs the line between good and selfish or thoughtless. Characters’ actions sometimes appear impure, but in the long run, are good. In this story Billy is faced with a wide range of undeserved punishments, but shows good through all of them with his strong will and determination. He accepts the things that happen to him in a levelheaded manner, which works to keep the story from becoming a tragedy....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Human Environment

- Human Environment One’s environment can create a substantial impact. Artists express their own reactions to their own personal environments through their art. An environment may affect them physically, spiritually, culturally, or socially. Through art, artists are able to exemplify intended messages to an audience about the influence of a specific environment. Lin Onus and Arthur Boyd are two artists who have responded to their own individual situations through their artwork. Onus, has politically and culturally responded to his environment by expressing a concept of reconciliation....   [tags: Art]

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The Triangle Terror Group Who Were They And What Did Law Enforcement Learn From Them?

- The Triangle Terror Group who were they and what did law enforcement learn from them. In this paper they will provide us with a case study to analyze. We will briefly summarize the case of the Triangle Terror Group. Also an analysis on the rights and wrongs of the operation will be presented, along with other tactics that could have been used to mitigate the threat. The commitment showed by the Triangle Terror group was ever evident as stated in a quote by an agent on the case. “They kept going, that’s how committed they were to jihad and how right they thought they were about their obligation to kill non-Muslims.” Starting with this quote shows the seriousness and danger posed by this terro...   [tags: Terrorism, Federal Bureau of Investigation]

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Social Media And The Contemporary Institutions Of The Public Sphere Across Europe

- With the birth of the Internet roughly twenty-five years ago, came a new medium for language use; and, thus, a new public for sharing and exchanging information. In a society that is largely information and technology driven, new communication and screen-based technologies have become the culturally diverse ways of acquiring knowledge and developing cognitive styles through literacy around the world. Meta-communicative technologies, like popular social media sites and other virtual communication platforms, are the contemporary institutions of the public sphere where people navigate social relations, exchange information and construct competences by participating in different forms of literac...   [tags: Sociology, Communication, Instant messaging]

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The Privacy Over The Years Of The Mill Age On Social Media

- Throughout Boyd & Fletchers articles, they debate the hitches of privacy over the years. From the time when Facebook launched on February 4th, 2004, it has been a global phenomenon used by users who are 13 and older (although 28% of users are over the age of 34.) The middling age of users on Facebook all together is about 40 to 41 years of age. Relating Facebook to additional social media websites, that’s a pretty run-of-the-mill age on social media these days. Even considering DeviantART, – a website where artists can create personal works of art for the world to see – is a far superior audience of younger people....   [tags: Facebook, Social media, Want, WANT]

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The Issue Of Teenage Screen Time Is A Good Or Bad Thing

- With the announcement of the new iPhone 7, and the continued release of new features and accessories, technological involvement in everyday lives is only increasing, and the continued technology use by young adults is only increasing. On the debate of teenage screen time, the debtors believe in one of either two conjectures, whether increased screen time is a good or bad thing. The debaters in the New York Times debate series “Teens Hooked on Screens” include, Danah Boyd, Chris Bergman, Brendesha Tynes, Marc Potenza, and Kimberly Young....   [tags: Technology, Internet, Addiction, Argument]

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The Disturbing Affects Punishment Can Have On Children and the Alternatives

- Positive and negative punishments are used every day in trying to correct children’s unacceptable behavior, yet the insignificant amount of advantages achieved by punishment are largely outweighed by the massive amounts of disadvantages. Positive and Negative Punishment Punishment is the removal of a pleasant incentive or the application of an unpleasant stimulus. Both positive and negative punishment is considered an unpleasant event for a child. Positive punishment is a decrease in behavior that results from an “added” consequence....   [tags: Child Psychology ]

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Adult Sickle Cell Anemia Is A Group Of Hereditary Blood Disorders

- Adult Sickle Cell Anemia Patients Sickle cell disease is a group of hereditary blood disorders affecting hemoglobin. Sickle cell anemia (SCA) is inherited when both parents of the affected offspring carry the sickle cell trait and have the heterozygous genotype, HbAS (Boyd et al., 2014). Newborns with the diagnosis of sickle cell anemia will have inherited the homozygous HbSS genotype. The characteristics of sickle cell anemia occurs under conditions of deoxygenating of the sickle hemoglobin, red blood cells sickle and change shape, leading to vaso-occlusion that deprives body tissues and organs of needed circulation and oxygenation (Anderson, Bellot, Senu-Oke, & Ballas, 2014, p....   [tags: Red blood cell, Sickle-cell disease, Pain, Sickle]

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Liberalism And Fascism : A Different Understandings Of Freedom

- Liberalism and fascism present two very different understandings of freedom. On one hand, liberalism provides freedom whereas fascism provides a lack of liberty. This essay will argue that liberalism and fascism provide two different ideas of freedom and to discuss this through the differences and similarities between the two. In order to argue that point, we need to address the meanings of freedom, the idea of freedom in both ideologies, and then the key similarities and differences between liberty in fascism and liberalism....   [tags: Liberalism, Political philosophy, Fascism]

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The Effects Of Social Media On Children 's Lives

- When you look around what do you see. You may see millions of people looking down at their hand held devices, which could range from cell phones to tablets. The question that someone of older age would ask is, what are they doing. My answer to that question is using a social media site. Social media, it is the newest trend among pre- teens, teens, and adults. It is the greatest invention next to the smart phone, tablet and ipad. Technology has improved drastically over the years, which makes suffering the web a lot easier and convenient....   [tags: Social network service, Social media, Abuse]

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Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages and Middle Childhood Development

- At the age of 6 years old, a child would most likely experienced the school system which would include pre-school and kindergarten. There are many physical, cognitive and social changes that are happening in middle childhood development. This paper will examine what these changes affect the child’s ability to function in society. This analysis will focus on the normal course of development in middle childhood as it applies to the theorist Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages and then give examples of what may happen if the developments are not carried out....   [tags: Child Development]

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Social Media And Its Effect On Society

- Over the past decade, social media has evolved from being an eso teric jumble of technologies to a set of sites and services that are at the heart of contemporary culture. Teens turn to a plethora of popular services to socialize gossip, share information, and hang out” (Boyd, 2014, p. 20) Social media has the ability to provide social interaction and thus it allows its users share their opinions, thoughts, and knowledge freely in a world where time and place are freely in a world where time and place for communication are of little significance (Carlsson, 2010) “Social media is a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, an...   [tags: Social network service, Social media, Web 2.0]

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The Role Of A Family Nurse Practitioner

- If you sit down at your computer and type the words “nurse practitioner” into a search engine like Google, your computer will quickly come up with the definition of nurse practitioner: “a nurse who is qualified to treat certain medical conditions without the direct supervision of a doctor.” Perhaps in a nutshell this is what a family nurse practitioner is meant to be. In reality, it is more complex than this definition makes it seem. The family nurse practitioner role was meant to be a middle ground between the nurse and the physician....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Health care provider]

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Gender And Sexuality Section Of Explorations

- In the films Paradise Bent, Muxes–Authentic, Intrepid Seekers of Danger and the Gender and Sexuality section of Explorations in Cultural Anthropology explore the identification of gender and sexuality (Croall and Altmann 2000)(Islas 2006)(Boyd and Lassiter 2011). The introduction to gender and sexuaity in the book Explorations in Cultural Anthropology, Boyd and Lassiter (2011) discuss how once a baby is born, they are being socialized “into one of the two ‘appropriate’ roles- male or female” (Boyd and Lassiter 2011: 218)....   [tags: Gender role, Role, Gender, Woman]

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Adaptability of the Adolescent Brain

- The main point of this article is to try and understand why teenagers behave like they do. As an adult trying to understand what is going through a teenager’s brain it is almost overwhelming. Watching them do things that they know could cause severe injury and not seem to have a care in the world. What is it that makes a teenager act the way they do. Do they not care if they get hurt. The information given in the article, Beautiful Brains Moody. Impulsive. Maddening. Why do teenagers act the way they do....   [tags: teens behavior,sigmund freud,conscious mind]

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The Doctrine Of The Atonement

- John Wesley once said, “Nothing in the Christian system is of greater consequence than the doctrine of the atonement” (9). Thus, it is no surprise that the doctrine of the atonement has created debate among theologians seeking to identify the most suitable theory in understanding the heart of the saving work of Christ. The atonement means, “reconciliation, in this case between God and humans. It comes from a Middle English word, at-one-ment, which means “harmony”- literally, the state of one thing being “at one” with another” (Beilby 9)....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Christianity, God]

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Social Networking Sites

- Social networking has come a long way since the introduction of multiple social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook in the early 2000s. Nowadays, it is almost certain that any application that involves online interactions can be linked to a social networking site. Social networking has reached a new level; almost every web application must-have or will-recommend its users to connect their application profiles to their social networking profiles. Because social networking sites and social media contain the personal information of its users, social media users are constantly connected in their tightly knit communities present on the web....   [tags: MySpace, facebook, twitter, applications]

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Police Chief for the City of Dover

- Summary: With the recent resignation of Police Chief Charles Johnson, the city of Dover has received 53 applications for the vacant position. To sort through the applicants a four step process has been implemented. They include screening respondents, a review board in which the candidates will be interviewed and subsequently ranked, interview with City Manager Spanning and finally a meeting with the city council. It is upon the appointment of City Manager Will Spanning and the confirmation of the seven member city council that the position will be filled....   [tags: Applications for Police Chief]

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Transformative Learning in Adulthood

- Transformative Learning in Adulthood A defining condition of being human is that we have to understand the meaning of our experience. For some, any uncritically assimilated explanation by an authority figure will suffice. But in contemporary societies we must learn to make our own interpretations rather than act on the purposes, beliefs, judgments, and feelings of others. Facilitating such understandings is the cardinal goal of adult education. Transformative learning develops autonomous thinking....   [tags: Adult Education Educate Essays]

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The Theme Of Relationships In Noonan And A Good Man Is Hard To Find

- In this paper, I will demonstrate the important role that relationships play in the short stories Noonan and A Good Man is Hard to Find, focusing on the main characters in each story and the impact that their relationships have on the way they behave. The theme of relationships in these stories, basically bind the stories together. The claim that I wish to make in this paper, is that relationships affect the way people interact with, not only their families, but also with other people. Both of theses short stories demonstrate this point numerous times....   [tags: Flannery O'Connor]

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Manipulative Behavior Is A Dominant Characteristic For People With Antisocial Personality Disorder

- Manipulative behaviour is a dominant characteristic for people with antisocial personality disorder. When in hospital, a patient diagnosed with ASPD may use manipulation tactics on a nurse to alter protocols that will meet their own needs. This may have a negative impact on the hospital unit. In order to prevent the potential that the hospital unit may become compromised, a precise care plan must be implemented and followed by all staff members to manage unwanted behaviour. The nurse must be able to engage in clinical reasoning that will lead to the development of an effective care plan....   [tags: Antisocial personality disorder, Psychopathy]

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Social Networking with a Purpose: Creating a Positive Online Profile

- Social Networking with a Purpose: Creating a Positive Online Profile Although social networking sites are still in their infancy, they have certainly become a primary means of communication and connectivity for millions of consumers. While most Internet users have heard of the largest online social networks like Facebook and MySpace, thousands of smaller networks exist that connect individuals through specific user communities (e.g. educators, physicians, professors, etc.). Boyd and Ellison (2007) define social networking sites as: web-based services that allow individuals to (1) construct a public or semi-public profile within a bounded system, (2) articulate a list of other users with...   [tags: Education Technology, Facebook]

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Manipulation, A Dominant Characteristic For People With Antisocial Personality Disorder

- Manipulation is a dominant characteristic for people with antisocial personality disorder. When in hospital, the patient’s manipulation can be harmful to the nursing staff. Since the patient has the ability to manipulate a nurse, a precise care plan that is followed by all staff members must be implemented in order to decrease the unwanted behaviour and keep the hospital unit safe. In order to do this, the nurse must be able engage in clinical reasoning that will lead to the development of an effective care plan....   [tags: Nurse, Nursing, Psychopathy]

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Poke Me Poke You - A Connected Community

- Fundamentally social animals, human beings have a need for connection. Woods, cited in Wandel (2008) writes that there are four underpinning characteristics to successful human characteristics: 1) identified investment 2) commitment 3) trust and 4) comfort with relational dialectics. Woods also made the observation that “verbal disclosure” was important in building trust in western society. These concepts have been used by a number of authors in one way or another in discussing the use of Online Networking Sites (ONS) and their resulting social impacts on different student cohorts (d....   [tags: Social Networks]

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The Effects Of Obesity On Children And Adolescents

- The proportion of overweight children (6 to 11 years old) climbed from twenty percent in the period from 1976 to 1980 to twenty-seven percent between 1988 and 1994. Approximately five million children and adolescents are now classified as obese. These statistics are proof that every year the rate of obesity is increasing. Obesity is one of the most common diseases that children have. Today, many children are too focused on technology that they never consider going out or doing any physical activities....   [tags: Hypertension, Obesity, Nutrition]

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Making It: Success in the Music Industry

- Many people have dreams of being a part of the music industry and becoming successful musicians, but do not seem to do the research necessary to make the dream come true. The music industry is a branch of the entertainment industry and is where music, whether it is recordings or performances, is distributed and sold to the public. One of the problems is that people do not realize the risks that come with being a part of the music industry and being a musician. There are many factors that come into play when deciding to pursue a career in the music industry....   [tags: Music ]

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How to Cope with Stress from College

- Introduction Everyone deals with stress at some point in his or her life. Most people deal with it daily. As defined in the book called Principles and Labs for Fitness and Wellness, stress is, “The mental, emotional, and physiological response of the body to any situation that is new, threatening, frightening, or exciting” (Hoeger & Hoeger, 2012). This stress is caused by a stressor, which is also known as “a stress-causing event” (Hoeger & Hoeger, 2012). Stressors can take all different forms, from moving to a new town, having a baby, or even writing a paper (Boyd, Wood, & Wood, 2011)....   [tags: psychological analysis]

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Women 's Impact On The Civil War

- In the book Women in the Civil War, by Mary Massey, the author tells about how American women had an impact on the Civil War. She mentioned quite a few famous and well-known women such as, Dorothea Dix and Clara Barton, who were nurses, and Pauline Cushman and Belle Boyd, who were spies. She also mentioned black abolitionists, Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth, feminist Susan B. Anthony, and many more women. Massey talks about how the concept of women changed as a result of the war. She informed the readers about the many accomplishments made by those women....   [tags: Confederate States of America, American Civil War]

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Effect Of Teacher Characteristics On Student Achievement

- I began constructing Table 1 in Memo 2, and now I am adding a third column to distinguish the teacher characteristics the researching is demonstrating to have positive effects on student achievement. My new table focuses on controllable factors (One reference called these “policy amenable”), which is becoming my focus as a result of my readings and Dr. Quick’s advice to me to zoom in on leadership: “It’s important to incorporate leadership somehow. In other words, how can you get at the leadership role in successfully attracting and retaining a highly effective teaching staff....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Teaching]

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Bipolar Disorder Is An Overwhelming Mental Illness

- Introduction Bipolar disorder is an overwhelming mental illness that can affect one’s life drastically. Bipolar is a disorder that is characterized by recurring episode of mania and depression. Most people who suffer from bipolar disorder are often misdiagnosed, and undergo ineffective treatments, which may hinder recovery and lead to the progression of the illness. In the movie “Mr. Jones”, (1993) the main character experiences broad symptoms of bipolar disorder that lead to an improper diagnosis....   [tags: Bipolar disorder, Mania, Hypomania]

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