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E.H. Crump: Boss of all Bosses

- When driving west down Lamar in Memphis, Tennessee, the street turns into E.H. Crump boulevard. That is about as much as I knew about the name E.H. Crump. Never would I have guess what the name meant to the city of Memphis and the amount of weigh t it once carried. It was not until I enrolled into this Tennessee History course that I began to realize how significant the man behind this name was. Before Elvis Presley put Memphis on the map with his Rock n Roll music, Willie Herenton took office, or various Memphis musicians claimed to be the “King of Memphis”, there was one man who undoubtedly ran the city, and his name was Edward Hull Crump....   [tags: memphis, tennessee, political boss]

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The Importance Of A Leader And Less Like A Boss

- ... Empathy is not just a state of mind but a state of character. While you may not be going through what others are going through, you can imagine, and empathize, with them. This can be achieved with active listening; watch their body language, genuinely listen to what they are saying, and provide feedback for their concerns and thoughts. By being kind, a leader builds a mutual relationship of love and respect. I think my brothers and I are a great example, I love and respect my brothers and in return they look up to me....   [tags: Leadership, Positive psychology, Management, Boss]

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The Fear Of The Boss

- ... According to our text leading with fear causes many issues. These issues are people leaving the company or organization, and the people currently there don’t typically perform to the best of their ability (Daft, 2014). In this situation this happened to all the subordinates to Alfonso. They started to not perform their job to their best abilities and with an attitude that showed little to no Navy pride. They were afraid to talk to him which could cause bigger issues in the organization (Daft, 2014)....   [tags: Leadership, Emotion, Love, Positive psychology]

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Good Boss, Bad Boss by Robert Sutton PhD

- Good Boss, Bad Boss by Robert Sutton PhD tells what good bosses do and learn what not to do by bad bosses. Dr. Sutton breaks the book down into nine chapters that cater from having the right mindset to it is all about you. The book breaks down situations into common sense thinking. Summary Dr. Sutton highlights what it takes to be a good boss. People that work for a good boss are 20 percent less likely to have a heart attack (Sutton, 2010). Dr. Sutton wrote that teams with stronger leaders cost the company less money and achieved their work better (Sutton, 2010)....   [tags: employee's action, stronger leaders]

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The Differences Between a Leader and a Boss

- While the corporate world oftentimes uses the terms boss and (team)leader interchangeably, there are very distinct characteristics that delineate the two. W.G Rowe (Clark, 1997) identified the difference between the two by pointing out that being a boss merely means you have Assigned Leadership, with the authority to accomplish tasks. True leaders exhibit Emergent Leadership by influencing others to accomplish goals. Upon defining the difference, one can easily recognize when they have had true leadership versus simply a boss to answer to....   [tags: Negative Leadership]

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My Boss At Circuit City

- January 3, 2009 7:34AM. My boss at Circuit City had just dropped me off at my apartment in Hanahan, SC. “Don’t do anything stupid” he said. Knowing that my girlfriend and I were having some relationship problems “Don’t worry I won’t. I’m sure we can talk things out.” I said. Man was I ever wrong. I had forgot my keys when I left the night before. So I walked up to the front door and knocked. No response. I knocked again, and again no response. “She must be sleeping still.” I thought to myself. I walked around the building to where our bedroom window was....   [tags: Thought, Mind, Convenience store]

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You And Your Boss : A Tragedy Of Tradition

- ... Unfortunately, this nasty habit of following tradition has enforced consistently harsh views of women. You may have heard the quote “Tradition is the illusion of permanence.” Your boss may be a complete misogynist because his dad was and his grandfather was, and it’s simply “always been that way.” He may not even be able to pinpoint where exactly he learned this atrocious behavior he has towards you and other women. To him his actions come as natural, but they’re actually created by a fictive force of tradition....   [tags: Marriage, Gender, Woman, Wife]

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Whos The Boss?

- Who’s The Boss. A typical relationship between an employee and an employer exists on the acknowledgment of who is in charge; an employee must accept the employer as an authority. A worker should address the employer with a certain amount of respect and professionalism. An employer should have control of their employees and make it clear that they are the boss. In David Mamet’s play Glengarry Glen Ross, however the relationship between the employees and the employer is extremely atypical. There is no correlation to what is believed to be the norm....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Farmer, Political Boss, and Immigrant

- Farmer, Political Boss, and Immigrant Various people from the late nineteenth century held diverse opinions on political issues of the day. The source of this diversity was often due to varying backgrounds these people experienced. Three distinct groups of people are the farming class, the political bosses, and the immigrants, who poured into the country like an unstoppable flood. These groups of people also represented the social stratification of the new society, which had just emerged from rapid industrialization....   [tags: American History]

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The Crime Boss: North Side Gang Massacre

- On a bloody day of February 14, 1929, seven men laid dead upon a blink of an eye in a garage on North Clark Street (Outlaws, Mobsters & Crooks). These men were not any average men, they were gangsters who despised Al Capone, gangsters who desired power over the city, gangsters known as North Side Gang led by the vicious George Moran. So who shot them, who were all behind this notorious massacre. There is only one person to point fingers to and that is Al Capone, the famous all time American gangster, or also known as Scarface....   [tags: george moran, gang, al capone]

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New United Continental Boss Starts Tenure With Apology

- ... CEO Munoz takes a Strategic leadership approach while accepting his new position, he is defined as a person who has the ability to anticipate, envision, maintain flexibility, think strategically, and work with others to initiate changes that will create a viable future for United. Although United doesn’t seem as a bureaucratic company, Mr. Munoz is a transformational leader who aspires to generate a collective purpose and transforming processes that are ultimately linked to the organization’s vision, strategy, and culture as well as promoting innovation in products and technologies that the company has failed with the 2010 merger....   [tags: Leadership, Servant leadership]

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Ross the Crazy Boss

- Ross the Crazy Boss EDS and Perot Systems were both founded by the same individual with the same philosophy, Ross Perot. In both cases, the companies grew to develop large client bases in the field of computer data processing. However, the story of Perot Systems was much different than with EDS. Ross Perot, having sold EDS to General Motors, had founded Perot Systems, to attempt to duplicate the success of EDS. However, several years after founding Perot Systems, Perot became engaged in two successive presidential campaigns in 1992 and 1996 and handed off management to long-time friend and business associate Mort Meyerson....   [tags: Companies Business Ross Perot Essays]

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Boss Mustang

- 1997 329 BOSS Coupe The 1997 329 BOSS Coupe is great. It has excellent ratings from consumer magazines. The BOSS can go from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. 0-60 in 3.2 seconds is outstanding compared to many sport¡¦s cars. This car was just released to customers like ourselves 2 weeks ago. One-thousand of these have already been sold around the United States. Consumer Magazine rated this car so high that people were calling the publisher of the magazine and asking if it was a joke. The editor said it was no joke, and I¡¦ll tell you the same....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Boss Tweed

- William Marcy Tweed was the most corrupt "American Politician" the state of New York has ever seen. Tweed was known as "Boss Tweed" and he was the first man to be the boss of New York after the ten year struggle. ("American Heritage") The Boss was the leader of a political machine, which was a political organization that controlled enough votes to maintain control over the community. Political machines were able to restructure the city governments; they also resulted in poorer services, corruption and aggravation of the immigrants and minorities....   [tags: History Politics Politicians New York]

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The Everything Parent's Guide to Eating Disorders by Angie Best-Boss

- Eating disorders are becoming more and more prevalent in our modern day society. The three most common eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating. Though there are more eating disorders they usually tend to be a subtype or characteristic of these three disorders. Though diet fads and getting healthy are gaining more popularity it is still hard to define and detect an eating disorder. Eating disorders such as, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating are typically caused by low self-esteem and the pressure of being accepted by peers and can lead to serious medical consequences....   [tags: anorexia nervosa, bulimia, binge eating]

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Authority Should Be Respected: The Boss and Employee Should Understand Their Role

- General Peter Pace and General Joseph Johnston were both military leaders. They were responsible for obeying instructions from above as well as communicating with their peers and subordinates. Both men were well educated, had the respect of their followers, and exercised leadership skills leading up in their own unique way. The importance of respecting a superior is explored followed by lessons learned from mistakes. Next, how Peter Pace and Joseph Johnston communicated up and the influence it had on their working relationships is revealed....   [tags: open communication, obeying instructions]

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Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace

- In Module 1, Kindred Todd faced quite a few ethical dilemmas that included her values and technical ineptness. The first predicament was tested her personal morals and ethics. According to, Cumming and Worley, OD practitioners are dealing more and more with value conflicts with powerful outside groups (Cummings & Worley, 2008). Kindred was immediately faced with the issue of knowing what was ethically correct but being told the unethical approach was the best in order to benefit the client and her job security....   [tags: Clients, Boss]

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How to Survive and Thrive in a Difficult Work Environment

- MY BOSS IS A JERK Index  Introduction  Why employees find it difficult to work under the control of a tyrant boss  How to survive and thrive in a difficult work environment  The disadvantages of working under the tyrant boss  The benefits of having a good relationship with your boss INTRODUCTION Many at times people have complained of having lousy bosses who tend to give those hard times at work places. It is evident that there those bosses who can be pain in the flesh, they think that they are better than the employees they have, they think that they are the only human beings and others are animal or any other kind of creature you can think of....   [tags: tyrant boss, control, employees]

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Consequences of War in the Short Story, The Fly by Katherine Mansfield

- ... Woodifield. An office that has just been refurbished which he is very proud of. Only one thing is different this time. After the two friends share a whiskey, Mr. Woodifield recollects something that he wanted to tell the boss. While Mr. Woodifield daughters were on a visit to their brother’s graveyard, they spotted the boss, son’s graveyard nearby. The boss ignores the rest of his story and quickly shows him the way out. The boss is clearly upset. The war had taken away his son. Six years ago....   [tags: boss, son, death]

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Summary Of ' The ' Of The Night '

- ... I am going to need you to work an extra shift tonight, can you do that. Diplodocus looked at his boss with awe, as he often did. Here was a man, so self-assured and confident, so committed to his role, that Diplodocus had a hard time imagining how that must be. I don’t know, I had plans. I really need your help here and I was hoping I can count on you. Look, I’ll pay you a little more by the hour, how does that sound. All right, I can do that. I do need the money after all. The boss spoke with a deep voice that commanded respect; he seemed more suitable in the military than he did in a paper company....   [tags: Fuck, Profanity, Boss, Face]

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The 5 Levels Of Leadership By John Maxwell

- ... The leaders focus changes from me to we. Maxwell contends that one cannot lead people until one likes people. By doing this, a leader will find that people will follow him because they want to, unlike level one, where they have to. Level three, “Production, is where, as a leader, you have developed the personal relationships that have forged a strong work team. You share the vision of what you want accomplished and everyone on the team is aware of what their responsibility is. The leader is now a producer....   [tags: Leadership, Boss, Management, Coaching]

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How Perfect Pottery Has A Tall Organizational Structure

- ... They do not have a positive outlook for the future of the business and feel betrayed because of all of the people getting let go. The employees right now have a poor morale due to all these factors. (Schaefer) Different things you can do to fix this problem include: 1. Form relationships built on trust. 2. Show them respect. 3. Nurture creativity. 4. Build effective teams. 5. Make your feelings real. (Schaefer) If you follow these steps you will soon see a big improvement in your employee’s work ethic....   [tags: Leadership, Employment, Management, Boss]

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The Importance of Business Ethics

- Business ethics are when people are doing what they are suppose to do.Like for a non example of business ethics if a boss asks an employee if he or she could print some papers out for the boss and to write get a coffee and to give it to him at one o’clock ,and the employee decided to not do it till later and then it is twelve fifty seven and gives it to the boss at one thirty five.An example of business ethics is if a teacher tells a student to do their homework that is due on friday and the student decides to do all the homework all at once and finishes it and turns it in when it is due that is ethics....   [tags: parents, time, customers, boss]

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Humility Is The Noble Choice

- ... The director of a non-profit organization manages to find sincerely compelling a perspective from which money donated to the ministry can legitimately be used to pay for an extravagant personal vacation or, perhaps a private jet. This book is about self-deception. It’s about the amazing human capacity to break free from the constraints of rationality when truth ceases to be the primary goal of inquiry” (Dickson 2011). Now that you know about Humility, I am going to talk about its importance in leadership....   [tags: Leadership, Want, Boss, WANT]

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Indian Version of Big Brother, Big Boss, Derived from George Orwell's Novel, 1984

- ... Such is the extent of the control that the Party extends over Oceania and it has been portrayed in a chilling manner by George Orwell. The book is surely not meant for the weak hearted. The idea shown in Big Boss or Big Brother of having a few people locked up inside a house and each and every of their movement being caught on camera and beamed on television across the world may seem to be a source of our entertainment, but have you ever tried to relate it to our lives. How would our lives be if even our bedrooms are installed with telescreens and we are constantly told what to do what not to....   [tags: oceana, dystopia; prophecy]

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Pro-Child / Pro-Choice: An Exercise in Doublethink? by Judith A. Boss

- In her essay “Pro-Child / Pro-Choice: An Exercise in Doublethink?” Judith A. Boss deconstructs the argument supporting legalized abortion on the basis that it is beneficial to children in general. Boss presents the oft-used slogan of the pro-choice position, “Pro-Child / Pro-Choice”. She maintains that this slogan seems closely related to “newspeak”, which she characterizes as “…vocabulary pared down to a minimum so that whole ideologies are expressed in a single slogan…” (156-7). The term “newspeak” comes from George Orwell’s 1984....   [tags: Equality Abortion Essays]

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How to Procrastinate like a Boss

- If you ever find yourself feeling guilty about the fact that you’re doing something else besides getting your schoolwork, an application, or any other work done, you’re suffering from the procrastination guilt. And I’m here to help you with that. Procrastination consists of avoiding required tasks by allocating tremendous importance on actions more useless, mundane, or interesting. It’s a skill that you gain after years and years of being a victim of society’s pressure for you to attend school. It is generally considered unproductive, and teachers, parents, and bosses usually go to great lengths to point out the negative sides of procrastination....   [tags: party, guilt, strategies]

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Dr. Gabarro And John P. Kotter

- ... If a boss likes to be involved in every aspect of an employee’s project, then it would be wise to ask for the bosses input on the project proactively instead of reactively. The authors of this article stress that bosses are very reliant on his or her employees. When employees enter a mindset in which they are extremely dependent or independent of their boss, performance can suffer. Being aware to find the right level of dependence and mutual respect with a boss is a key to forming a relationship that will better the organization and each individual....   [tags: Boss, Leadership, Understanding, Dutch loanwords]

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Diversity And Its Impact On Society

- Diversity plays a major role in society. People tend to perceive one another by their physical appearance. This creates a mindset that may affect one 's path to leadership. Relating physical appearance to the work force the individuals that have a greater physical stature tend to receive more recognition to leadership and power, than shorter individuals. Research is shown that taller people are more successful have higher authority, higher professional status and are projected as leaders. In the workforce most tall individuals are consider CEO’s or bosses....   [tags: Leadership, Boss, Human height, President]

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Gender Inequality at the Workplace

- ... Then, maybe, the old saying,” Behind every successful man, there is a woman" will have to be rewritten as” Behind every successful woman, there is a man". Equivalence, mutual respect and sustenance and interdependence may be the demands and the needs of these times, as also the only philosophy for a proactive and peaceful co-existence. The success of women managers has to be measured by a far more complete measure than the one the corporate world has so far been using sustained productivity....   [tags: women´s role, consumer, boss]

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Russell Brand Comments on the Recent Events he was Involved In

- Russell Brand has a newfound fame—not in Hollywood but in the political realm. Brand speaks very elegantly toward social issues, especially to an American ear. Taking command of any interview, he speaks quickly and clearly. However, as with most postmodern thinkers, his points and arguments seem to lack depth or critical consideration of the points made. In this article, Russell Brand comments on the recent events he was involved in at the GQ awards. His comments, entitled “Russell Brand and the GQ awards: 'It's amazing how absurd it seems,” were published in The Guardian....   [tags: GQ awards, hugo boss, nazis, russell brand]

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Be Your Own Boss: A Case of Papua New Guinea

- Countries have evolved and transformed in their own pace and ways over time, even more so now with the advance in technology. However powerful, rich or poor a country is, weather they be developed or developing there are certain similar predicaments that persists. One such predicament for the government and the people is unemployment. Papua New Guinea has its own fair share of this problem. Jobs are scarce in Papua New Guinea Kuimbakul (2011) elucidate that of the 50,000 school leavers each year there are only 10,000 new jobs, which means around 40,000 educated young people cannot find paid jobs which then results in other social problems....   [tags: unemployment, marine fisheries]

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Winning And Who Moved My Cheese

- ... I currently don’t enjoy work in the slightest, the work entails a lot of sitting and typing every day. Also, my bosses are very demanding of one thing coffee if I learned anything at The 88 is how to make hazelnut coffer with sugar. Similar to what Johnson wrote about “Who Moved My Cheese?” my cheese has gotten old and cold and I don’t even remember why I wanted to get hired at The 88 in the first place (Johnson, S., 1998, p. 67). Also, another segment of “Winning” that caught me was the third signal Welch gives the reader, the third signal is was it you choice or someone else’s to go for the job, I think from the begging of my employment my heart wasn’t in the job....   [tags: Leadership, Boss, Employment, Management]

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What Makes A Good Leader On The Soccer Field?

- ... Its important for a coach on the soccer field to do this also, if they can see the team is struggling, they may need to bring in a fresh player to change the tactics and dimensions of the team, if they leave it too late, they will be punished. Setting the example is what a leader needs to do, if they are setting good standards the other team members are going to want to replicate that, and therefore the team improves as a whole. Knowing your subordinates and looking out for their welfare is big in a team environment, its important that you respect your team mates and look out for each other....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Boss, Association football]

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John C. Maxwell 's Leadership

- ... Leading up is the process of influencing those who are in leadership above us. This process includes lightening the load for those above us through being willing to do what others won’t, while knowing when to push forward and when to back off. The second of the three ways to bring value and influence is called “leading across”. Those who are in the middle of an organization are leaders of leaders. These leaders help peers achieve great results, let the best idea win, and garner mutual respect....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Boss, Social influence]

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The Fly By Katherine Mansfield

- ... Or so he thought. This time the boss was unable to cry over the loss of his son, instead he finds himself wondering what exactly it was he was feeling. “The boss took his hands from his face; he was puzzled. Something seemed to be wrong with him. He wasn 't feeling as he wanted to feel”. Although he could not cry, the son’s death still had a hold on him. This change in feelings could be due to the boss’s efforts of moving on. It is shown throughout the story that the boss is actually trying to move on from his son’s death....   [tags: Tears, Feeling, Emotion, Feelings]

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A Brief Note On Virgo Work Compatibility

- Virgo Work Compatibility Virgo’s desire to become more must include mental stimulation and detailed attention added to your daily life and career to feel comfortable and satisfied in your workplace. Boredom is a real issue, as when you aren’t properly absorbed into your work, everything suffers and your career can than be felt as lacking.  While helping and dealing with others, using your mind, and being able to express yourself in your own way, you can find satisfaction and success in your career....   [tags: Zodiac, Astrological sign, Western astrology, Sun]

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The Work Compatibility Of Scorpion Energy Is Amazing And Can Really Benefit Your Career With Jobs

- Scorpio Work Compatibility Scorpio, you are an amazingly hard worker, however that amazing only extends so far if you’re working for someone you don’t respect or with people that you just don’t inspire you to ‘play nice’. Focus, will power, and control is your recipe for success, however, your emotions and the tendency to obsess show a puzzle you have to be aware of and stay in control of. Scorpion energy is amazing and can really benefit your career with jobs that deal with science, secrets or figuring something out, and transforming people and their lives....   [tags: Zodiac, Astrological sign, Domicile, Sun]

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The Divine Command Theory Of Religious Ethics

- ... There is no rationalization to determine which is right (Boss, pg.156). The theory is based on the assumption of the existence of a just, loving, and infallible personal God: First, this theory that God is infallible has not been proven. Also, in different cultures with different God’s, some believe that their God/God’s are not infallible, not always giving the correct advice. So in their case they learn morals outside of God (Boss, pg.156). The existence of a perfectly good God who is the source of all morality seems inconsistent with the presence of so much suffering and evil in the world: If God is perfect and all loving and all of his commands are also good morality, then how come th...   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Thomas Aquinas, Religion]

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Dominant Economical Characteristic

- A1. DOMINANT ECONOMICAL CHARACTERISTIC You can always tell how well the economy is by how people spend their money; houses are being built, and employers are hiring. On the other hand, if people are watching what they are spending their money on, no jobs, and it seems that no one wants to spend any money, can be a sign of a bad economy. I noticed that even in my business, people are more concerns about how they are spending their money. I am asked all the time for discounts, or a way that they can get a deal....   [tags: Business, Small business, Want, WANT]

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Abuse of Power in the Movie Power, Politics, and Conflict

- Causes of the Problem Power, Politics, and Conflict Throughout the movie, there is very obvious abuse of power by managers in all three working environments. Power is the ability that an individual has to influence the behaviour of another individual and oppose any unwanted pressure in return (Mann, 2013). In Nick’s case, his boss holds his authority over Nick by implying the possibility of a promotion only to reward himself (Scott, 2011). Nick’s boss is in control of who receives promotions thus falsely giving hope to Nick that he will be receiving a reward in the near future....   [tags: management, motivation, justice]

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The Sicilian Mafia in America

- During 1869-2014 the Sicilian mafia in America evolved in a number of ways such as: the change in rules, leaders, how it is run, the change in code and power over American society. These topics will be covered throughout this essay and will give you a detailed explanation furthermore the history of the evolution that took place. The Sicilian Mafia started in poor Sicilian ghettos in America and spread into the cities striking fear into the American society. With around 2,500 members it is seen as the most powerful and the most active Italian organized criminal group in the United States of America....   [tags: american society, power, organized crime]

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Life is Fractured by Class Struggle in Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosi

- ... He was a tool of the boss, without brains or backbone” (4-5). Gregor’s production is worth more than he gets paid, and the money that he does earn goes straight to his father’s debt. His boss has total control over the “travelling,” the “changing trains,” the “miserable food,” and every other aspect of his job. His only concern is the production of his workers and the profit that he accumulates as a result of that labor. When Gregor did not show up to work, rather than working harder to replace his production, Gregor’s boss came to his home to see why he had not come to work....   [tags: vermin, society, marxist theory]

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Analysis Of John Steinbeck 's Of Mice And Men

- ... Through the repetition of Lennie’s obsessive actions, Steinbeck sets a precedent that Lennie will cause exponentially greater amounts of harm. This culminates in the murder of Curley’s wife, and it is cruel that nature can not allow Lennie to divert himself from his destructive path. Through foreshadowing, Steinbeck portrays Lennie’s fate as an inevitable part of a cruel, unyielding world. The manner in which Steinbeck presents his characters in Of Mice and Men adds to the understanding of the brutality of human nature....   [tags: Great Depression, Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck]

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Factotum in the Eyes of Braverman

- In Harry Braverman’s Labor and Monopoly Capital: The Degradation of Work in the 20th Century (1974), he discusses the controversial theme of labor and labor power. He also analyzes the degradation of work, which is also shown in Charles Bukowski’s proletarian novel Factotum (1975). Along with these concepts, Braverman develops the boss/worker antagonism, which directly relates to Bukowski’s representation of the compilation of such degrading jobs. Braverman’s most prominent point is the notion of alienated labor in which the boss has complete control over the workers for the best outcome....   [tags: Labor and Monopoly Capital]

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Analysis of Doctorow's Billy Bathgate

- Unspoken Laws in Billy Bathgate With the introduction into gang life comes opportunities for wealth, women, status and power all with the convenient diffusion of any criminal or moral responsibility. Like any society, the secret world of criminal gangs has its own set of stringent expectations and rules that must be followed. In E. L. Doctorow’s Billy Bathgate, the secret world of Schultz’s New York gang empire is revealed through the eyes of the young protagonist, Billy Bathgate. During a time when the grave effects of the depression had trickled down into nearly every community, the opportunity to partake in the privy, elite, prosperous network posed by Schultz was the manifestation of al...   [tags: literary analysis, analytical essays]

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Employee Responsibility For The Delay

- ... We will try to finish this project as soon as possible and I will apologized for this delay.” 2. What do you consider a MAJOR error. Give an example of a minor error and compare it to a major one. - An example of a major error is having a poorly presentation and written of the business plan. The audience will question about the companies if the business plan has a bunch of punctuation and grammar errors. In this case, the audience may wonder if this plan was put together last minute. It is best to have the written plan organized where it match with the presentation....   [tags: Want, Management, Problem solving, Leadership]

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Why Do People Work and How to Get a Job

- Why do people work. People work because it is a necessity and it is a way to survive. In our society, being without a job is almost like being invisible. Everyone has to be involved is some type of work whether it is for self or for someone else. The work we choose to do determines our lives and measures our level of success in life. Our lives are around the work we do and the rewards that we get from it. Money is most earned through work, which makes work the center of our life. Work is the most important thing in any single human in the world because work brings the food to our home....   [tags: career, ]

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The Influence of First Impressions

- “Without wearing any mask we are conscious of, we have a special face for each friend.” (Holmes, O.W., 1911) If life is a stage, then as casual observers with first impressions of our friend John, we are also actors in the play. I may cast my first impressions about John. Moreover, how we view these two situations have as much to say about us than it does about John. How Do First Impressions Strike Us. Our brain processes and integrates a variety of input factors that help us arrive at a “first impression.” This “brain process” functions like a road map that assists us in reaching a conclusion, with a high amount of accuracy in as little as thirty seconds (Schiller, D., Freeman, J., Mitc...   [tags: Hierarchal Needs, Scenarios]

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The Dehumanization Of A Bug

- ... In this situation Gregor takes away his own human qualities. Gregor does not waste what he views as precious time going out with friends, instead he works hard long hours and comes home to his family. He does not let himself obtain relationships with friends even though his own mother encourages it. Gregor focuses intensely on his work and does not take time to reflect on himself. The time that he spends on his work draws away from the time he would need to make strong relationships and his lack of these relationships is what eventually leads to his dehumanization....   [tags: The Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa, Franz Kafka]

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The Western as Commentary about Decaying Values

- The Western as Commentary about Decaying Values The Western, as a genre, is subversive of the values that its Christian characters possess. Western films frequently depict social depravity in terms of the mythology that developed during westward expansion. The mythology was inspired by the threat of the frontier wilderness to Puritan culture. In order to preserve their society, some Puritans departed from their ideal Christian lives. Western films portray compromises that cultures make of the values that they define themselves by in order to protect the integrity of their other values....   [tags: Western Culture Films Movies Essays]

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The Lawyer and the Pandhandler in "Bartleby the Scrivener" by Herman Melville

- In the story of Bartleby the Scrivener by Herman Melville, there is a lawyer who narrates the entire story. He owns his own law practice and also has an assortment of scribes who work for him. The first scrivener, named Turkey, was a hard worker until 12 o’ clock noon daily. Following that time, his work begins to diminish. The second, who they called Nippers, was the complete opposite. He worked best during the afternoon and evening hours. Lastly, Bartleby didn’t do much work at all. He was lazy, he had nothing to lose, and he understood how to take advantage of someone else’s kindness....   [tags: Bartleby the Scrivener. Herman Melville, employees]

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Lennie and George Relationship in Steinbeck's Novel

- In this chapter of the novel, Steinbeck uses a lot of visual elements, strong dialect, symbolism, tone and theme. Much of these elements are shown right from the beginning of the chapter when the two men, Lennie and George arrive at the bunk house. Right from the first sentence, the tone and imagery is already set off by introducing the “walls [being] whitewashed and the floor unpainted.(p17)” In addition, he also introduces the bunks, also re-enforcing the tone since the bunks are described as “…burlap sack of straw that was a mattress.(p18)” At this point, George is realizing that not only does he have challenges by dealing with George, but he also has to live in this environ...   [tags: relationship, steinbeck,]

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Annoyances of Tigers

- The keys jingled brightly as he opened the door to the small apartment. The flat which he and his boss shared was not overly elaborate but was well kept and nice. It was a two bedroom, one bath layout with a section of the living room elongated into a more rectangular length so a proper dining table and a few chairs could fit. The kitchen, although a little outdated, had a well-functioning set of equipment and a soft yellow lighting that made everything look has if it had been drizzled in honey....   [tags: short story]

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IT Career Issues and Communication Skills

- All employers want you to have a basic understanding of the technology being used in whatever area of the Information Technology (IT) field you go into; however, the most important skill has nothing to do with computers or networks. Tammy from the Industrial Credit Union put it succinctly. “Communication skills are a priority. Someone with tech skills are a dime a dozen.” What employers are looking for is someone with skills and the ability to communicate. Communication skills are key to a successful career in IT....   [tags: Information Technology]

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God Is The Existence Of God

- ... It is the recognition that God has provided a way of reconciliation that we could not provide through self-effort.” (Boss, 2012). As critical thinkers we can grasp the concept of faith; however, how can we prove that God does truly exists. To prove that God exists, there are many testimonials of daily miracles that are unachievable by man or science. “The Existence of God can be proved in five ways. The first and more manifest way is the argument from motion. It is certain, and evident to our senses, that in the world some things are in motion....   [tags: Charles Darwin, Evolution, Natural selection]

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A Comparison of Two Advertisements

- A Comparison of Two Advertisements Introduction Advertising and media are part of everybody’s everyday life, with or without them realizing. Each day we see adverts on the television showing us new lifestyles that look glamorous, we hear adverts on the radio, we see slogans emblazoned on people’s clothes, on the side of buses, on billboards, everywhere!. Big companies know that they need to make their product appeal to as many ‘niche markets’ as possible and they do this by ‘audience segmentation’....   [tags: Papers]

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Analysis Of Coleridge Jackson

- Coleridge Jackson Coleridge Jackson is a narrative poem written by a black American woman named Maya Angelou, she was born on April 4th, 1928 and lived throughout the struggle for black equality, the poem outlines the struggle of a black man who is belittled by his white boss, I think the poem was written to gain support and sympathy for black Americans in their steps for equality. The first line is very powerful, it uses a statement of fact that immediately puts an image of coleridge in the readers mind, 'Coleridge Jackson had nothing to fear' this statement is seems finite and irrefutable....   [tags: Maya Angelou]

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Communication and Leadership Skills

- Introduction Effective leaders understand the importance of strong communication skills. It is imperative for employees to understand the vision of the department or the company, and how they are accountable to the goals, which must be communicated by leadership. It is equally important that leaders ensure the accuracy of the communication they are providing. Leaders must also take into account how their employees receive information and the quality of the message they are sending. In this essay I will share my experiences of ineffective or infrequent communication from my boss....   [tags: Interpersonal Communication]

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What's a Psychological Contract

- Physiological contract actually can be defined as the understandings that are undirected or unwritten and informal obligations between an employers and its workers regarding to their mutual expectations of how each will perform their respective roles. In an ordinary business, the psychological contract might include such things as the levels of worker’s commitment, the quality of working conditions and job satisfaction. (, 2014) In the organization, there are many contracts that are listed to both employer and employee as a promise to fulfill the necessary in the organization....   [tags: employer, employee, understanding]

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Employment at Will

- ... After this, the executive left the room to confer with other executives. When they returned, it was stated that all people wearing orange were fired although someone had said they were wearing the color for innocent reasons . Additionally, if the employees truly had been protesting by wearing the color orange, it would have been illegal to fire them for protesting . The employees reported feeling as though their rights had been infringed upon after being fired for wearing the color orange. These employees were fired without any warning, without being asked to even change their clothes, and after explaining that there was no malicious reason for wearing the color....   [tags: Law, United States, employers, employees]

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Behavior and Organizational Culture: It’s My Party and I’ll Do What I Want

- Introduction This week’s critical thinking assignment, It’s My Party and I’ll Do What I want To, examines the use of organizational strategic power and politics by detailing the events occurring at two of Shoenman and Associates’ traditional annual events. The first event, the company’s annual Christmas party requires compulsory participation by all employees (Rosen, 1988). It transpires after hours the Friday before Christmas (Rosen, 1988). It excludes spousal participation, and takes place outside the work environment at a bar (Rosen, 1988)....   [tags: christmas party, values, rituals]

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The Unloving Society in The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

- In The Metamorphosis, through the characterization of Gregor Samsa, Franz Kafka can question the existence of unconditional love. Throughout the post-modernist era, writers argued against society’s ideas and customs, and Kafka decided to narrow it down to focus on was the lack of love among people in this time. Kafka begins by making his argument evident through a through description of Gregor’s room, which is depicted as an isolated area in the house for Gregor. He later on goes to describe Gregor’s personality as one who is dedicated to his family and gives little time to himself and his own social life....   [tags: Franz Kafka, The Metamorphosis]

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Ageism And Discriminating Individuals Based On Their Age

- As stated by Butler, ageism is much like racism or even sexism (Peppard). Ageism means stereotyping and discriminating individuals based on their age. Ageism is the reason for many myths made about the older adult. Many people in our society are unaware of the normal changes of aging because of the myths that have been around for many years. A nurse’s first job would be to identify the normal changes of aging in an older adult so as to treat anything else that may be happening. Nurse’s also must provide education about the myths of aging and become the change agents to the general public....   [tags: Old age, Gerontology, Ageing, Death]

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Overcoming Obstacles: Example of an Immigrant Family

- Did you face any challenge in your life ever. What did you do to solve the problem. Did you overcome the setback or was hit back by the challenge. If you defeated the problem, it means you got the ability of resilience. If you was defeated by the problem, I hope this essay can help you set up the ability of resilience. At the beginning of this essay, I want to introduce my family first. I think it can let you understand this story better. My family is an immigrant family, we move to here 4 years....   [tags: Resilience, Family]

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The Shadow of Greatness of Jimmy Collins

- There have been countless books, lectures, and and trainings, and retreats constructed around the idea of cultivating leadership in an individual. However, cultivating individuals’ ability to follow great leadership has received far less attention. Who are these people leading if each person within an organization is being trained to be a leader. The word follower has negative connotations, evoking the images of a weak, uncreative, milquetoast personality. However, Jimmy Collins, in his book, “Creative Followership: In the Shadow of Greatness”, suggests that the ability to be led brings as much creativity, consciousness, and indeed leadership to an organization or team as the leader himself...   [tags: creative followership, bible]

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Women And The Workplace Of Women

- ... Studies show that women receive internal promotions 34 to 47 percent less than a man does. Likewise, most people prefer a male boss over a female boss. It is also very common to see that even females would prefer a male boss over a female boss. Rebecca Riffkin states, “The percentage of women who would prefer a female boss has never surpassed 30%.” (Americans Still). Moreover, men are more frequently seen to be commended a job rather than a woman. For centuries people have believed that the men are supposed to work and the women are to stay at the house to clean, cook, and care for the family....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Female, Male]

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My Position For My Communication Skills

- ... This self-doubt has made me question everything that I do when I communicate. In fact, there are moments when it is so bad that when I speak to the director, I stutter, something I have never done before. My work in the human service field hinges on my ability to communicate not only to clients, but also to co-workers, and to other professionals. Summary It sounds like your boss has some concerns with your communications skills. What I hear you saying is that while you are aware that you do have areas in your communication skills that need improvement, the degree of the problem the boss sees is different from yours....   [tags: Communication, Writing, Graphic communication]

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Hextech: Floor 100 Ruby Castle

- Floor 100 Ruby Castle Our gilded group approached the entrance to the dreaded Ruby Castle. Loaded with excitement that we will win the unimaginable powers. Our group of heros charged into the a room full of Red Crystals. At the end of the hall there was a throne surrounded by the rarest crystals one could equire, not even I Kawaoe had some of those items. Suddenly, the Blood stained Knight appeared in front of us as the final boss. Floor 1 Town of Beginning A rainbow coloured light flashed across the eyes as if I was warping from one dimension to another....   [tags: online video games]

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Microsoft Programs And Operating System

- ... I got into the room and I could not find some programs that I needed. One of those programs was snipping tool. It was weird for me that this computer did not have most of the programs that I had used in the other study rooms. Because of this I decided to look for the reason and that I when I got the surprised, this computer had Microsoft Windows XP installed on it. This was a big surprised for me; I did not expected to see Microsoft Windows XP in a college computer. This operating system is a really old version and Microsoft stopped supporting in in 2014....   [tags: Microsoft, Operating system, Microsoft Windows]

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The Great Depression's Effect on American People Depicted in Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men

- ‘Of Mice and Men’ was written by John Steinbeck and published in 1937. The story is based on migrant workers in California during the time of the Great Depression. The Great Depression was caused by the Wall Street Crash in America which effected many business and banks many of which became bankrupt. This resulted in mass unemployment, inflation and economic migration from the city to the countryside. Steinbeck wrote this novel to show what life was like for low-paid, poor workers and to show how the Great Depression effected American people....   [tags: Of Mice and Men Essays]

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The Machiavellian Approach to Management

- The Machiavellian Approach to Management Whether you love him/her or hate him/her everybody has one…a boss. Most people have their own opinions as to what kind of boss it is that they would like to work for. Most would probably agree that the worst kind of boss is a new boss. This is more than likely due to people’s extraordinary fear of change and the unknown. Whatever the reason, the employee always has the option to leave their position and seek work elsewhere. The same can not be said for subjects of states, who by no action of their own, were to be ruled by a new prince....   [tags: Papers]

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The Lynne Gobbell Case

- The Lynne Gobbell case demonstrates that many people are not in favor of the purest form of freedom of speech. In this case, Lynne had a ‘Kerry for President’ sticker on her bumper, and although no harm came from this, her boss erupted and demanded she remove the sticker. After denying such a ridiculous request, she was fired immediately. In my opinion, this is outrageous because she was not causing anyone harm, and it affected nothing. People should be able to stand up for what they believe in, and should be able to freely represent what they stand for....   [tags: Politics, Freedom]

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Outliers Li Ka-shing

- ... His boss liked his work; he liked it so much that Li was promoted to head a small department. After his promotion, he had requested to be reassigned as a wholesale salesman. At the time, the company had seven other salesmen. On New Year’s Day, the boss announced that the bonus that year would be based on sales. At the end of the year, Li’s sales figure was seven times higher than the second best. If they paid his bonus based on sales, he would have been paid higher than the general manager’s....   [tags: business success stories]

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The Story of Stevie

- The Story of Stevie Stevie is the story about a young boy who overcame a lot of obstacles to become one of the best workers that his field ever had. Stevie has his boss quoted was " short, a little dumpy, with the smooth facial features and a thick tongued speech of down syndrome." His boss even used to be worried to he wouldn't work out, that all the people that go there to dine that weren't truckers would not like him very much. So for the first couple of weeks his boss watched him a lot, and made sue that he was doing everything right....   [tags: Papers]

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six

- Title: Rainbow Six Author: Tom Clancy # Of pages: 740 Characters: John Clark an ex Navy Seal, and two other characters Alistair Stanley the executive commander of Rainbow Six, and Domingo (Ding) Chavez, the captain of team two. There are two other insignificant characters Clark's wife sandy and is daughter Patsy Who is married to Ding, Patsy is pregnant. The other main character is Dimitriy Arkadeyevich Popov; he is an ex KGB agent who is now working as a "special consultant". He will become a very important character later in the story....   [tags: Tom Clancy]

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Prejudice as the Central Theme in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

- Prejudice as the Central Theme in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck The 1930s were a time of hardship for the American people. The Wall Street Crash of 1929 and subsequent depression meant that many people were homeless and unemployed. This led to widespread migration to the farmlands of California. Migrant workers flocked to the ranches, desperate for work. When they arrived at a ranch many felt intimidated and overwhelmed by the situation. Those in positions of power looked down on the migrant workers and treated them with little or no respect simply because of their lifestyle and poverty....   [tags: Papers]

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Autonomy In The Work Force: The puzzle of Motivation, a Video by Dan Pink

- The people should be aware of a lot of things in work force and autonomy is one people should be aware of as much as the rest of the problems, because it shows that people who use different ways to finish works but get yelled at which decreases motivation to the worker who tried hard and used a different way than what they were taught. Autonomy is the state of acting separately from others. During the time of working you see different people doing the thing they were asked in their own way for example, when I do dishes at D’angelo we have a wash sink, a rinse sink, and a sanitize sink, if I didn’t have much dishes to do I would finish them all before letting them be immersed for a minute as...   [tags: yell, managers, motivate]

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Commentary on Bill Cosby´s Dr. Spock Never Promised Us a Rose Garden

- I’M GOING TO KNOCK YOU INTO NEXT WEEK IF YOU DON’T… I am pretty sure many parents have or would tell their children those words. It’s the main threat that almost every child has heard in his or her lifetime. Whether the mom or dad was talking to them or someone else, in Bill Cosby’s “Dr. Spock Never Promised Us a Rose Garden” he explains and breaks down the dynamics of parenting from both the mother and father’s role. As a father of five children, you would think of having the parenting “thing” down packed, but raising children doesn’t get easier, you will just become more advanced into raising the child you have....   [tags: Parenting, Children]

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Maman’s Funeral Characterises Meursault And the World of The Stranger

- In the experimental novel The Stranger by Albert Camus, he explores the concept of existentialism and the idea that humans are born into nothing and descend into nothingness after death. The novel takes place in the French colony of Algiers where the French-Algerians working-class colonists live in an urban setting where simple life pleasures are of the upmost importance in the lives of working class people like the protagonist of the novel Meursault. What is fascinating about this novel is that it opens up with a scene of perpetual misfortune for him through the death of his mother although he seems to express otherwise....   [tags: literaly analysis, albert camus]

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