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Exercise And The Act Of Any Bodily Motion

- Exercise and the act of any bodily motion requires chemistry to power all of the necessary moving parts. There are two functions of exercise that make you feel good while working out and then make you feel not so good. The first “feel good” process is the releasing of endorphins during a workout. Endorphins are chemicals released by the pituitary gland of the brain. The pituitary gland produces approximately 20 different types of endorphins that assist the human body with a variety of functions....   [tags: Metabolism, Cellular respiration]

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Top-down Peptidomics of Bodily Fluids

- Because of its easy, non-invasive and non-painful collection, large availability and stability, urine is one of the more suitable bodily fluids for the analysis of peptides compared to other biological matrices. During the urine filtration the glomerulus selectively permeabilizes some plasma components to pass through as ultrafiltrated and proximal kidney tubules proteolyze most of the peptides and proteins filtered and selectively reabsorb water and dissolved substances in the ultrafiltrate back to the blood....   [tags: urinary peptidomics]

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The Idea Of Bodily Desire

- The Idea of Bodily Desire Socrates, in Plato's work "Symposium", introduces the ladder of love through his conversation with the God-like figure, Diotima. The more knowledge about love one gains, the higher they climb and the less they focus on physical beauty. After Socrates has explained these concepts, Alcibiades steps in. He is confused because he himself is in love with philosophy, but he is also lost in bodily desire. According to the ideology of Socrates as expressed in Plato's work "Symposium" the musician girl from Mehta's "A River Sutra" is at the bottom of Diotima's ladder because she is so entirely infatuated and obsessed with the love of physical beauty, and not Socrates ideal,...   [tags: Socrates Plato]

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Intrapsychic Omnipresence in Bodily Symptoms

- Intrapsychic Omnipresence in Bodily Symptoms Sometimes disease and illness just show up. For these medical conditions, a doctor usually tells us what is "wrong" physically. These scientific observations determining diseases or symptoms leave people wondering if there is something behind the cell that created the malfunction. Perhaps one's psyche; which is the mind functioning as the center of thought, conscious or unconscious, and interconnected with the physical environment, can effect the body positively and negatively....   [tags: Biology Essays Research Papers]

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A History of How Societies have Viewed Bodily Functions

- Introduction Ancient societies viewed bodily functions differently from the way we do today. Many cultures also had different views of what was considered pure and impure. However, almost certainly no group seemed as meticulous as the Essenes. Widely known for their rules concerning ritual purity, several known historical authors mentioned them in their writings, including Josephus and Pliny the Elder. Moreover, although the identity of the community occupying the settlement at Qumran has been the object of much debate, many scholars believe that they were most likely members of this Jewish sect....   [tags: ritual purifications, Qumran]

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Burnout Is A State Of Emotional, Psychological, And Bodily Fatigue

- Burnout is a state of emotional, psychological, and bodily fatigue caused but excessive stress in a person’s life. Burnout seems most likely to occur when a person has a high demand schedule and begins to feel overwhelmed with the constant demands. When stress is a constant matter in a person’s life they begin to question or lose interest in the task they decided to take on in the first place. Burnout diminishes your efficiency and drains your liveliness, leaving the emotional state of abandonment, depression, skepticism, and bitterness....   [tags: Emotion, Personality psychology, Psychology, Time]

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Old Child With Good Interpersonal And Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence

- From the case presented it is my assumption that Rosa is living in a Spanish speaking household, Rosa is a 12 year old child with good interpersonal and Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. Her high interpersonal intelligence has made her able to meet friends and because of this constant communication she was able to grasp the speaking aspect of English Language and has adjusted to her living and school environment. Rosa has grasped the speaking aspect of English but has not learned the structure of English Language; hence she is struggling with the written component of English language....   [tags: Developmental psychology]

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How Absorption Of Bodily Fluids And Electrolytes Are Maintained Throughout The Body

- Re-absorption in the kidney and associated abnormalities Bodily Fluids The balance of bodily fluids and electrolytes are maintained throughout the body, within this assignment I will describe the kidneys role in this process via filtration and re-absorption of fluids, electrolytes and acid/base buffers along with their function. Water Water is essential for our bodies function and accounts for around 60% of the bodies makeup which has a huge role in our lives, including regulation of temperature, transportation of nutrients, protection from trauma and among others the ability to dissolve minerals and nutrients for our body’s needs....   [tags: Kidney, Nephron, Blood, Kidney anatomy]

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Butler 's Theory Of Bodily Representation Within The Queer Community

- Next, Butler theory suggest that bodily representation are subversive within sexual minorities. This in essence is Butler proposing that bodily representation within the queer community go against the social conventions which have been gendered by social norms. She states “Such acts, gestures, enactments, generally constructed, are performative in the sense that the essence or identity that they otherwise purport to express are fabrications manufactured and sustained through corporeal signs and other discursive means.” this points out performativity as being a key factor in social representation, the inner reality gets presented by the outer reality, although this suggests that ac...   [tags: Gender, Transgender, Sociology, Gender studies]

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Sexual and Bodily Subjects in The Miller's Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer

- "The Miller's Tale," a short story by Geoffrey Chaucer, deals frankly with sexual and bodily subjects. Chaucer is never obscene, he allows the reader to use his imagination to determine what some of the events actually mean. The tale is a "fabliau," which is a short story in verse that deals satiracally and humorously about sexual or monetary deception. When Chaucer describes the characters, he creates a unique theme for each person that helps the reader determine their role in the story. For example, he describes Alisoun as being a young, playful, and attractive girl that enjoys showing off what she has....   [tags: Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales]

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Bodily Resurrection And 1 Corinthians 15: 42-54

- Bodily Resurrection and 1 Corinthians 15: 42-54 One of the most significant issues concerning nearly all religions, Christianity among them, concerns the fate of men following their death. Believing in an inevitable resurrection of the body among the faithful, Paul, a principle founder of Christianity, asserted his beliefs on the nature of bodily resurrection in 1 Corinthians 15: 42-54. As eternity tends to last a long time, believing Christians (even agnostics such as myself) would likely be somewhat eager to arrive at an accurate interpretation of Paul's message found in the above verses, so as to glean insight as to what might await them following their last heartbeat....   [tags: essays research papers]

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radiation safety manual

- The objective of this manual is to educate the dental office staff on the basics of radiography, radiation equipment, “ALARA,” infection control, film and film processing. The information provided will help reduce the patients and staffs exposure to radiation in a dental office setting. First of all I’d like to start with an overview of radiography. Radiography is the process of an image being created on a film or digital receiver by way of radiation exposure. This radiograph allows the dental team to view and diagnose the images in hopes of providing the patient with the appropriate oral health care....   [tags: Radiographic Machines, Bodily Fluids]

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Research Issues in Parapsychology

- "I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud." -C.G. Jung (Society for Psychical Research) "Parapsychology is a belief in search of data rather than data in search of an explanation." -C.E.M. Hansel (Alcock ix) For years, ghosts and poltergeists have been a part of our popular lexicon. From stories told around the campfire, to motion pictures like The Haunting, to books like the Scary Story series, everyone has heard a good ghost story or two....   [tags: survival-after-bodily-death]

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A Solution for Organ Transplants

- A Solution for Organs Transplantation None of countries in the world allow selling human organs because it is against humane to put human bodily parts on the market. Patients with failure organs will have their name on the waiting list of donated organ three to five year, or wish their luck. In addition, candidates have to suffer pain and many side effects that causes by organs failure; they cannot wait five years for a new organ, such as kidney. Organs fail more quickly in patients who wait three years for a transplant versus patient who receive one immediately....   [tags: Human Organs, Human Bodily Parts, Selling]

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Correcting Bodily Imperfections: O.T. vs. Optometry

- Ever since I arrived at this school freshman year, I have been encouraged by my parents to become an occupational therapist (OT). I am discontent with the descriptions of this career, but I may pursue that career for my parents despite my displeasure. Besides becoming an occupational therapist, I am also considering the profession of an optometrist since I am interested in helping people acquire perfect eyesight. Although the two careers optometry and occupational therapy are similar because of their relation to the field of science, optometry seems as if it is a more suitable career choice to fit my character....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Managing and Controlling the Risks Associated With the Transmissions of Blood Borne Viruses in the Health Care Setting

- Introduction ‘Control of Hospital Infection’ 4th ed. defines bloodborne virus infection as: ‘Where the blood contains infectious agents that can be transferred into the body of another person giving rise to infection’ (1). Bloodborne viruses can pose an important risk to healthcare workers. The biggest risks lies with contracting HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C (2). These particular infections have the ability to cause asymptomatic and symptomatic infections. The biggest risk in the hospital is the exposure to blood borne viruses....   [tags: Safety Procedures, Bodily Fluids]

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Taking a Look at the Human Liver

- The liver is the largest organ in the body which is responsible for many processes and functions. I am going to talk about 8 of the main functions. 1. Carbohydrate metabolism – Metabolism in the liver cannot occur without the nutrients. Energy from carbohydrates are essential for this reaction to occur. The liver is transforming only the excess glucose from food which is absorbed during the digestion. This excess glucose is covering into glycogen which is stored in the liver and in the muscles. It is important for a body, because if the level of the sugar in the blood falls, glycogen would reconvert again into glucose....   [tags: bodily processes and functions]

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The On Minor Issues That Are Still Important For Address, As Well As A Good Way

- The remainder of the book focuses on minor issues that are still important to address, as well as a good way to present the material to skeptics. Chapter 9 addresses a lot of what has already been taught about visions versus bodily appearance by comparing the writings of Paul and Peter to the teachings of the disciples. As mentioned earlier, Paul believed in a physical resurrection, preached it, suffered for it, and died for it. From Paul’s writings we can read exactly how he viewed the Resurrection and what he taught....   [tags: New Testament, Jesus, Resurrection of Jesus]

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Philosophy Paper #1: Personal Identity

- Philosophy Paper #1: Personal Identity What is personal identity. This question has been asked and debated by philosophers for centuries. The problem of personal identity is determining what conditions and qualities are necessary and sufficient for a person to exist as the same being at one time as another. Some think personal identity is physical, taking a materialistic perspective believing that bodily continuity or physicality is what makes a person a person with the view that even mental things are caused by some kind of physical occurrence....   [tags: Philosophy ]

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Hugo Munsterberg 's Work And Implementation Of Applied Psychology

- Hugo Münsterberg was a German psychologist who was well known for his work and implementation of applied psychology. He used his theories in industrial, legal, medical, clinical, educational and business situations. He is also well known for his theory that argued that no actual facts had ever been proven by philosophical psychologists until after psychology became scientific in the mid-1800s. This view is quite contrary to the long-standing view of both Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle. It is still debated today as to who is valid in their points and whether because the mind may be immaterial whether anything can factually be known about it....   [tags: Soul, Spirit, Psychology, Mind]

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Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence

- A theory that was developed by Howard Gardner to increase the knowledge of humans to include such as logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist ,linguistic and musical intelligences.Logical-mathematical is define as the ability to recognize different and solve them. A person who has this learning style has the ability to understand numbers well and solve logical concepts. They also have the ability to see numerical and logical patterns. A logical-mathematical person has highly developed reasoning skills, and has an understanding of analysis and functions....   [tags: characteristics, intelligence, learning, teach]

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The Social Sciences And Medical Fields

- While there has been increasing attention on the body as an area of study, many of the associated ethical debates have tended to focus on emerging topics such as reproductive technologies rather than the fundamentals of its theories and research. However, the very act of studying the body in itself raises ethical issues as well, as the process of theorizing bodily experiences and the approaches to researching them in both the social sciences and medical fields produce a range of ethical problems, while also being significant for critical sociological understandings of how this knowledge is produced more generally....   [tags: Sociology, Ethics, Scientific method]

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Learning Styles And Learning Style

- When it comes to learning, everyone wants to gain knowledge in the most efficient way. If you have ever worked as a teacher or even been a student in classroom, you likely know not everyone learns in exactly the same manner. Maybe you have encountered a friend trying to explain a concept to you, and it just does not click, but later someone shows you the concept in a different way, and it makes sense right away. Whether you are an official student in school or you are simply a life-long learner in the school of life, not everyone learns in exactly the same way, and discovering your learning style will help you get the best results....   [tags: Learning, Psychology, Study skills, Education]

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Plato's The Allegory of the Cave

- Plato's The Allegory of the Cave In Plato’s “The Allegory of the Cave,” he suggests that there are two different forms of vision, a “mind’s eye” and a “bodily eye.” The “bodily eye” is a metaphor for the senses. While inside the cave, the prisoners function only with this eye. The “mind’s eye” is a higher level of thinking, and is mobilized only when the prisoner is released into the outside world. This eye does not exist within the cave; it only exists in the real, perfect world. The “bodily eye” relies on sensory perceptions about the world in order to determine what is reality....   [tags: Plato Allegory Cave Essays]

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Marriage : Whose Justice?

- Sherif Girgis wrote his article, “Marriage: Whose Justice. Which Diversity?” in response to John Corvino’s, “What Marriage Can Be” article. Corvino’s article introduced the inclusivist view of marriage and then attacked Girgis’ conjugal view of marriage, which was introduced in Girgis’ book, “What is Marriage. Man and Woman: A Defense.” Corvino’s inclusivist view was meant to expand the definition of marriage, not re-define it (Corvino, p.6) and although Corvino’s defense of the inclusivist view was, “sophisticated, civil and well-informed” according to Girgis, it was also, “Contradicting virtually every philosophical and legal tradition until yesterday, it nonetheless offers no positive cas...   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Marriage]

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The Body, Meaning and Symbols in Medical Anthropology

- In the course of the study of medicine from an anthropological perspective, there are several themes which are repeatedly encountered. These include the body and its representation, meaning and a person’s response to that meaning, and finally, the symbolic images which construct and shape both meaning and the bodily representation. Each of these themes are addressed throughout medical anthropological texts, and are connected to and build on each other in a variety of ways. The body is the site of medicine, because the body is the site of all cultural practices....   [tags: Health, Medical Anthropology]

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Article Review on Inside the Wrong Body

- Article Review on “Inside the Wrong Body” Introduction In the article, “Inside the Wrong Body” by Carrie Arnold the main topic of study is about interoceptionability in humans. According to Carrie, interoceptionsimply is the knowledge of one’s internal bodily functions (Arnold, 2012). In other words, it is an explanation of an individual’s ability to be able to understand their internal body functions and relate it to the external images. Generally, this topic of study is very important since it helps individuals understand the reason why their bodies....   [tags: Carrie Arnold, interoceptionabilty in humans]

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A Defense Of Abortion By Judith Thomson

- In her essay, “A Defense of Abortion”, Judith Thomson argues that abortion is morally permissible in most cases even when the fetus is considered a person. She does this by claiming that the right to bodily autonomy supersedes the right to life in almost every case and that the intention of the mother is important in defining when an abortion is permissible. Through multiple thought experiments she shows that the Western perspective often places more importance on the right to autonomy than the right to life even though it is claimed otherwise, and that if a mother does not intend to become pregnant she is not morally obligated to carry the fetus to term in most cases....   [tags: Morality, Abortion, Pregnancy, Human]

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Infectious Diseases : Infectious Disease

- 522 Infectious Disease Project Rush Royals Natalia Rich, Amy Richards, Ryan Rickley, Brianne Riley, and Nicole Roehrig Identify the components of the Chain of Infection and specify Modes of Transmission to the development of the following infectious diseases: Ebola, Legionnaire’s Disease, Toxic Shock Syndrome. For each disease, identify the methods of “breaking” the chain of infection. (This section may not exceed 3000 words) Ebola Disease Description Ebola virus was first discovered in 1976 in Africa near the Ebola River Valley; this rare virus causes hemorrhagic fever and has been active in that region resulting in mortality rates of up to 90% (Sullivan, Yang, & Nabel, 2003)....   [tags: Infection, Infectious disease, Bacteria]

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The Problem Of Personal Identity

- Who are we. Most individuals would answer that we are human beings. But consider taking this concept one step further by asking the following: What makes us human beings. What makes each individual person that same person over a period of time. When do we, as human beings, begin to exist and cease to exist. These questions give rise to the problem of personal identity, which is centered on the idea of essential properties. An essential property of any specific thing makes that thing what it is, and if an essential property is changed or is taken away, that specific thing no longer exists....   [tags: Mind, Soul, Psychology, Metaphysics]

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Saint Thomas Aquinas and the Intellective Soul

- ... The intellect though is able to potentially cognize all bodies. Thus it must be something non- bodily or it would subject to the limitations that are placed upon it by matter. Since the intellect acts on its own, without a body, it must also subsist on its own since things subsist in the same way in which they act. Therefore Aquinas holds that the soul is non bodily and subsistent on its own. Aquinas believes that phantasms are needed for the intellect to produce thought. These phantasms are created by matter....   [tags: phantasms, possess, immaterial]

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The Murder Of A Crime

- If someone you knew was injured or killed after being struck by a car ,who would you blame. Many people, including the victim, friends and family of the victim, and the general public, would blame the driver even without having all of the details. Although the driver was the one behind the wheel of the vehicle involved in the accident, it doesn 't necessarily mean they are responsible; there 's always more to the story. Pluto, with a history of fainting, was driving the car that killed an elderly man and injured five school children....   [tags: Criminal law, Actus reus, Crime]

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Somatic Symptom Disorder

- As a student who is interested in psychology and the way the brain works/functions, learning about the somatic symptom disorder intrigues me. I have never actually heard of this disorder before, but hypochondria is about the closest to a somatic disorder that I have learned about. Now, the first thing that really caught my attention about this disorder was the definition about it, “People with somatic symptom disorder become excessively distressed, concerned, and anxious about bodily symptoms that they are experiencing, and their lives are greatly disrupted by the symptoms” (Comer, 2014)....   [tags: psychology, how the brain works]

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Application Of A Case For Boiler Contract, It 's A Standard Form Of Contract

- Vocabulary II 1. Adhesion Contract - It is also referred to as boiler contract, it 's a standard form of contract drafted by the party who has an upper hand in bargaining against the weaker party. It 's also known as take it or leave it contract, or leonine contract or adhesionary contract. 2. Arbitration- Arbitration is a method of dispute resolution. A mediator termed as arbitrator is appointed by the mutual consent of both the parties. The arbitrator resolves the dispute impartially by listening to both the parties and reaching to a decision....   [tags: Insurance, Liability insurance, Surety bond]

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Multiple Intelligences: How Do You Know if You Have an Intelligence?

- ... Spatial-visual is third and these people like to see things to learn like charts, graphs, maps, and etc. They are harder to pick out of a crowd, but they are quite often found among the artists and architects. Next two are interpersonal and intra personal, which these have to do with relationships with others and oneself. Inter is for others and intra for self; plus, both are sensitive to moods and feelings. Lastly is naturalist and they love nature, outdoors, and animals. These individuals are mostly likely to be found in parks or camping somewhere....   [tags: musical-rhythmic, kinesthetic, spatial-visual]

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A Critique of Judith Thomson’s A Defense of Abortion

- In A Defense of Abortion (Cahn and Markie), Judith Thomson presents an argument that abortion can be morally permissible even if the fetus is considered to be a person. Her primary reason for presenting an argument of this nature is that the abortion argument at the time had effectively come to a standstill. The typical anti-abortion argument was based on the idea that a fetus is a person and since killing a person is wrong, abortion is wrong. The pro-abortion adopts the opposite view: namely, that a fetus is not a person and is thus not entitled to the rights of people and so killing it couldn’t possibly be wrong....   [tags: Aborrtion]

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Reviewing Effects of Physical Appearance on Perception of Strangers

- Aspects of Face-to-Trait Inferences As indicated by data, the way we treat and interpret others is based upon their appearance (Agnew, 1984). Researchers seek to understand how inferences can be made simply by another’s outward appearance or level of attractiveness. (Cogsdill, Todorov, Speike, & Banaji, 2014). Among this research, numerous studies have been conducted to understand why this phenomenon exists. Studies have suggested that face-to-trait inferences can be made within fifty milliseconds after exposure to a persons face (Todorov, Pakrashi, & Oosterhof, 2009)....   [tags: Psychology]

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The Theory Of Mind And Body Dualism

- An Argument in Support of Renee Descartes Interactive Theory of Mind/Body Dualism This philosophical study will support the theory of interactive mind/body dualism in the writings of Renee Descartes. The distinction between the energy of the mind is typically separated from the function of the body, yet Descartes found that they interacted to form thoughts. Descartes’ theory of dualism also defines how the mind can generate thoughts through the bodily function of the brain. In this context, Descartes found that the pineal gland was an example of a bodily organ, which could transmute the pneuma (aka....   [tags: Mind, Soul, Brain, René Descartes]

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Human Happiness And External Goods

- Ashley Janowiak Human Happiness and External goods Happiness is a goal every human pursues, yet the ways in which it is pursued differs amongst people. Some believe prosperity will bring them happiness. Others believe material, power, fame, success, or love will bring them happiness. No matter what one believes is the right way to conquer this goal, every person will take their own unique path in an attempt to find it. But what is happiness. Happiness is often viewed as a subjective state of mind in which one may say they are happy when they are on vacation with friends, spending time with their family, or having a cold beer on the weekend while basking in the sun....   [tags: Ethics, Happiness, Nicomachean Ethics, Virtue]

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The Mystery Of The Incarnation

- About Christ… The mystery of the incarnation means that our humanity cannot comprehend the way Jesus Christ was fully divine and fully human. Within the person of Christ, there is a perfect union between two distinct essences, one is divine and one is human. For Christ to be the perfect human means he suffered and died, for Christ to be the perfect deity means he resurrected and conquered death for all. Christ, through the Spirit, is the way in which our humanity experiences the presence of God....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, God, Holy Spirit]

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Characteristics Of Pleasure And Pain

- What are the characteristics of pleasure and pain. (pp. 32-33, 36, 57-59) • The eradication of all pain is the highest attainable level of pleasure. Whenever pleasure is felt, there will never be a corresponding sensation of pain or distress (III). • A single pain will never be felt for a long duration of time. The sharpest pains leave the body relatively quickly. Those sensations that exceed pleasure will be only temporarily felt (2-3 days). However, prolonged sicknesses are accompanied by sensations of pleasure that outstrip feelings of pain (IV)....   [tags: Perception, Sense, Suffering, Justice]

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Murder: Subjective or Assumed

- Murder: Subjective or assumed. Thesis To convict one of murder, there must be subjective intent for the accused to be considered guilty. Due to the fact that murder is the most hateful crime of the law, all defendants should have the right to be innocent until proven guilty. There must be verifiable evidence to prove the mens rea. Profile of the Law Criminal Code s.230(a) “one who intends on causing bodily harm for the purpose of (i) actually committing the offence, or (ii) planning his escape after committing or attempting to commit the offence, and the death derives from the bodily harm;” (Criminal Code of Canada) Charter of Rights and Freedoms s....   [tags: innocent until proven guilty]

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The Types of Intelligence

- Howard Gardner created a theory called ‘The Multiple Intelligence Theory’, which states that every human being has nine types of intelligence that are unique to them. Gardner, a psychologist and Harvard graduate, created this theory in 1983 (“Multiple Intelligences”). The multiple intelligence theory originally consisted of seven types of intelligence but, later on, two more types were added (Collins). Each intelligence type reflects the way a person interacts with the world, and the intelligences are like fingerprints- no two people have the same combination of the intelligences....   [tags: multiple and existential intelligence]

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Is Animal Testing Necessary?

- Is Animal Testing Necessary Recently, the problem of animal testing has aroused people’s concern. Between twenty-five and fifty million animals are killed in American laboratories each year, and these animals include mice, rats, cats, monkeys and son on. Animal testing is one of the traditional approaches to studying how human and animal bodies work, and it is also frequently used to test medicine and chemical. For example, a lot of medical students do animal testing to help them learn more about the medical science and finish their assignments....   [tags: Human, Mammal, The Animals, Human anatomy]

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Sex Is Kinda Gross?

- Sex is dirty. Sex is kinda gross. Sex is the nastiest thing I do on a regular basis that is pretty dirty and messy and overall unclean. But that 's okay, because that 's what happens when you strip down the human body and start poking at its organs. Even alone, in your own home, when no one is looking, there is so much stuff that comes out of a body. There are so many flaws that we can see. There are aches and pains, there are bumps and bruises, there are boogers and blood. We cannot stop the flow of tears, the stench of sweat, the growth of hair....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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Relationship Between Body and Mind and Physical Well-being

- There is a special two-way communication between mind and body and it is known that psychological problems like anxiety or stress, which occurs in the mind, may take control over the body and cause illnesses and disorders and vice-versa. In this paper, we will look at the mind-body relationship and the body-mind relationship and note that the mind is about thought, consciousness, mental images and processes while the body is about how the brain is structured and the physical components of the brain neurons which may result in physical movements of the being....   [tags: Hormones, Anxiety, Fear]

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Significance of Discoveries in Genetics and DNA

- Significance of Discoveries in Genetics and DNA Our understanding of genetic inheritance and the function of DNA in producing the characteristics of the individual have been developing for more almost 150 years. Consider our current state of knowledge. Link genetic characteristics to DNA structure. Explain how DNA through the process of protein synthesis is responsible for the ultimate expression of the characteristics in the organism. Describe how interference in protein synthesis can result in disruption of cellular and bodily processes....   [tags: organism, proteins, traits]

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What Are the Costs and Benefits of Managing Emotion Life, in Private Life and at Work?

- “When we manage an emotion we are partly managing a bodily preparation for a consciously or unconsciously anticipated deed” (Hochschild, 1983). It is clear from this statement that Hochschild takes into account the biological aspects of emotion whilst also focusing on the psychological characteristics of the development of the self along with the cognitive, bodily and expressive types of emotion work (Theodosious, 2006). Emotion work is learnt through socialisation and we only become aware of emotion work when we aren’t feeling how we are supposed to feel in a given situation....   [tags: psychological and behavioral analysis]

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Summary of the Policies and Practices of New Jersey's Use of Force Policy

- ... The state’s policy was revised to explicitly address two subjects. The first issue addressed the act of officers shooting at moving vehicles. This was in response to two controversial shootings that occurred in 1998. Both incidents involved officers firing on moving vehicles after they engaged in high-speed chases for traffic violations. Use of force is not authorized for moving vehicles unless the officer 'reasonably believes: (1) there exists an imminent danger of death or serious bodily harm to the officer or another person; and (2) no other means are available at that time to avert or eliminate the danger' (Halbfinger, 2000)....   [tags: police and law enforcement]

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Health 's Policy Directive Strategy Involves A Universal Routine Screening For Domestic Violence

- NSW Health’s policy directive strategy involves a universal routine screening for domestic violence. The policy aims are twofold: ‘To reduce the incidence of domestic violence through primary and secondary prevention approaches: and to minimise the trauma that people living with domestic violence experience, through tertiary prevention approaches, ongoing treatment and follow-up counselling’ (NSW Ministry of Health, 2006) Policy implications on universal DV screening can uncover significant cases of women that have hidden cases of IPV....   [tags: Domestic violence, Violence, Pregnancy]

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The Implications Of Christ 's Resurrection On The First Easter Sunday

- Eschatology and Resurrection The implications of Christ 's resurrection on the first Easter Sunday are far reaching in eschatology. The resurrection is the central event upon which all Christian theology hinges. As Motlmann writes, “Christianity stands or falls with the reality of the raising of Jesus from the dead by God.”1 Consequently, much of the understanding of eschatology presented thus far has centered around this important historical event. Bauckham writes: Theologically a holistic eschatology is based especially on the bodily resurrection of Jesus....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Resurrection of the dead]

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Motivation and Emotion Part VIII: Self Concept & Regulation

- People who have suffered from traumatic life experiences go through a wide range of emotions throughout their lives and the majority of these emotions are deleterious to the person’s mental and physical health. Specifically, these individuals go through fear via re-experiencing their traumatic life experience or sadness through the victimization process they are likely to undergo. Emotions have four major components including feelings, bodily arousal, sense of purpose, and social-expressive. Recognizing these negative emotions will assist in alleviating the research participants’ aversive symptoms for the treatment of their trauma spectrum disorder....   [tags: experince, fear, sadness, feelings]

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The, Social, And Nature Of The Hospitality Service Establishments

- Introduction The aim of the report was to define and discuss the concept of working in hospitality as performative labor to a practical hospitality context by visit one of the hospitality service establishments. In this report, the concept that has been applied is emotional labor in the Cliché Exhibition Restaurant. The core business and the nature of the hospitality offered will be given in this report base on the real dining experience at the restaurant. Furthermore, the report has provided some recommendations for the Cliché Exhibition Restaurant on how to improve the quality of the service and how to deal with emotional labor....   [tags: Emotion, Feeling, Arlie Russell Hochschild]

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It's Time to Get Tough on Domestic Violence

- Domestic Violence occurs to one in every four women in the United States and about one in every four fail to report it. There are a variety of solutions to resolve this issue. One solution is to establish a zero tolerance policy for first time offenders. Another solution is to provide temporary counseling for both victims and offenders to provide them help for their unstable relationship. Lastly, offenders are mandated to wear ankle bracelets that have prior records of Domestic Violence; this will overrun the restraining order policy amongst victims....   [tags: Violence Against Women Essays]

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Plato 's Justifications For The Existence Of Forms

- The one-over-many argument is one of Plato’s justifications for the existence of Forms. Plato argues that for any plurality of things, there is a Form that these things participate or share in. For example, suppose I lay eyes on three particular objects: a cup, a ball, and a piece of string. Though each of these objects are different, I notice that all three have something in common: they are colored blue. This quality of blue is what allows them to share a resemblance. In other words, there is an essential property that these things participate in despite their differences....   [tags: Soul, Life, Blue, Platonism]

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Phenomenology : A First Person Point Of View

- Phenomenology is based on the studies of structures concerning the conscious and is viewed from a first person point of view. The main structure of an experience is based on intention. An experience is based on an object through its meaning or the content that represents an object. Phenomenology is related to corrections in philosophy that consist of: ethics, ontology, logic, and epistemology (Stanford, 2015). Philosophy of mind, also known as phenomenology, is sometimes limited to the classification qualifying as a sensory such as: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching....   [tags: Mind, Consciousness, Philosophy of mind]

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Interactive Atmosphere : Metaphor And Multi Sensory Experiences

- INTERACTIVE ATMOSPHERE: METAPHOR AND MULTI-SENSORY EXPERIENCES Every experience of architecture is rooted in multi-sensory and embodied interaction with surroundings. Neuroscience studies show that all sensory modalities as well as linguistic paradigms are integrated in the sensory motor cortex of brain where mirror neurons are originated therein. Architectural metaphors, moreover, are contextually grounded and deeply rooted in existential experiences and embodied interactions with the built environment....   [tags: Perception, Sense, Sensory system, Architecture]

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Diagnosis And Normal Function Of The Respiratory System

- The EB’s case study said the female patient is 50 years old with symptoms of fever, chills, congestion, three weeks of coughing, shortness of breath when walking. The study implies that the patient is now seeking medical advice due to vital signs recording and the noting of decreased breath sounds and wheezing. She denies smoking and not taking any chronic medication. Based on the subjective symptoms, it appears this patient has bronchitis, a type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is a respiratory disorder....   [tags: Pulmonology, Respiratory system, Asthma]

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The Linguistic Intelligence : The Eight Multiple Intelligences

- The Eight Multiple Intelligences When we think about intelligent, the first thing comes to our mind is a smart person. A person how has a higher score than other people in school. A person how has a high score in the intelligent tests, such as IQ test and GAT test. However, Harvard Professor Howard Gardner believes that intelligence is not about a high grade on the IQ test. In his 1993 book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, he found that all people skills can be defined into eight different areas....   [tags: Theory of multiple intelligences]

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The Human Immunodeficiency Virus: Treatment and Drugs

- With a disease that doesn’t discriminate towards any group, HIV/AIDS is a disease that is impacting the world at an alarming rate. It doesn’t matter your age, sex, race, sexual orientation, this disease impacts every demographic. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2013), “Worldwide, there were about 2.5 million new cases of HIV in 2011. About 34.2 million people are living with HIV around the world.” There are many myths and confusion about this disease, and in this paper I’m going to discuss what HIV and AIDS are, as well as its impact it’s making around the world....   [tags: symptoms, Condom]

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Legal Provisions And Principles Of The Employees

- This case study will identify and apply legal provisions and principles to the benefit issues the clients present with, alongside setting out the steps both clients should take in order to challenge the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) decisions on their benefits. Apace with this any further disability related benefits available will be considered, additionally the impact current welfare reforms may have on the clients’ situations will be commented on Appraising the information provided by Grace in the case study, it is apparent she may be entitled to the lower rate of AA....   [tags: Decision making, Decision theory, Case study]

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Exploring Gardner's Theory on Multiple Intelligences

- Howard Gardner used to define intelligence as “the ability to solve problems or to create products that are valued within one or more cultural settings” (Gardner 33). The modern day human being would most likely include the words “smart” and “dumb” in their definition of intelligence. Gardner questioned the belief of only one intelligence so he created his own theory that involved seven different discoveries. He didn’t want to call these discoveries “skills” or “talents” or gifts” because those all suggested a drawback so he decided on the word “intelligence,” creating his theory of multiple intelligences (Gardner 33)....   [tags: Education, teaching]

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Use of Force in Law Enforcement

- When a law enforcement officer uses force on a subject it will be classified into one of three main categories which are, justifiable, excessive, and deadly force. The authority for law enforcement officers to use force comes from the United States Constitution (case law), state statutes, and department policy. Law enforcement use of force is very important because it involves the patrolman on the street, the corrections officer in jails and prisons, and the courts where excessive use of force cases are held....   [tags: Law Enforcement]

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Historical Development of Self Concept Theory

- Historical Development of Self Concept Theory The development of idea of self or self-concept can be traced back into the times of classical philosophy, as traced by Hattie (1992). A sense of self was related to Greek philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle to identity, individuality and the knowledge of self (). Further, Renaissance philosophers promoted a sense of “self” and “knowing self” as the basis of existence through their debates. Hume (1711-1776) brought about a diversion from the intellectual mainstream and rejected the idea of a distinct stable self-concept, and instead emphasized upon the fluidity of “knowing self” and primacy of experience as a well-spring for a constantly cha...   [tags: identity, self, environment]

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Plato 's Theory Of The Soul

- Plato taught his contemporaries of the idea of the soul and how it has a desire and goal to become a pure. To do this Plato stressed that every human being must compare him or herself to the most high, Godly truth. To accomplish this, humans were expected to live by the universal example by struggling with bodily temptations and sins to be able to keep the soul pure. Plato’s thoughts became the forerunner and basis for many religions in his time and overall applied to all humans as a code of how to live....   [tags: Plato, Soul, Democracy, Republic]

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Christian Beliefs Of Christianity And Christianity

- 1. Christianity is considered “two religious”, which contains “head” and “heart” (Tallon, 113). “Head” is relate to cool and rational practices of Christianity, and “heart” is the “warm and emotional” practices. Apollo, the god of reason, represents “form, structure, rational thoughts”, and Dionysian represents “enthusiasm and ectasy”(Tallon,114). Christain’s thoughts varied because they have different approaches to Christianity. Some people would interact with Christianity by having in rational ways, such as watching a sculpture of Jesus since it takes serious thinking to build a formal image of Jesus....   [tags: Ritual, Religion, Christianity, Rite]

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What Are The Typical Job Duties?

- 1. Describe the career. What are the typical job duties. Dental hygienist responsibilities are to clean teeth, examine patients for signs of oral diseases such as gingivitis, and provide other preventative dental care. They 're also responsible for educating patients on ways to improve and maintain good oral health. Dental hygienist removes tartar, stains, and plaque from teeth. Apply sealants and fluorides to help protect teeth. Take and develop dental x-rays. They also, keep track of patient care and treatment plans....   [tags: Dental hygienist, Hygiene, Dentistry, Patient]

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Living with HIV/AIDS

- HIV and AIDS are pandemics here in the United States and spread across the world. The disease originated in the 1800's in Western Africa came from a specific kind of chimpanzee. The infected chimpanzee was once hunted and ingested by the people in the area. Since the 1981, approximately 619,000 Americans alone have passed away due to this disease (What is HIV/AIDS?). Also, in addition to the 1.1 million living with the disease already, about 56,000 Americans are infected each year (Going the Distance 6)....   [tags: Disease, History, America]

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Battered Woman Syndrome

- 1. Under current law, what circumstances must exist for an incident to be determined a clear case of self-defense. Self-defense is defined as the use of reasonable force to protect oneself or family from bodily harm (Hill& Hill, 2013). This means that any person who is threatened with bodily harm can legally retaliate with reasonable force to protect against bodily harm or death. Most states define this as equal or the least amount of force necessary to stop danger when the person perceives imminent danger of bodily harm or death (Fulero & Wrightsman, 2010)....   [tags: self defense, abuse, Walker's cycle of violence]

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Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences

- In 1983 an American developmental psychologist, Dr. Howard Gardner, at Harvard University released a document that outlined his theory about multiple intelligences. He believes that everyone has eight different intelligences that, those being linguistic intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, musical intelligence, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, spatial intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence and naturalist intelligence, with the last one being added later in 1999....   [tags: Education ]

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Disease in the Middle Ages

- In the Medieval and Renaissance time periods, health conditions were extraordinarily poor for the European nations. Many different diseases and ailments arose to plague these unfortunate people. Luckily for them they had their much esteemed doctors, scholars and the highly “religious” clergy members to “help” rid them of their affliction. They offered solutions to the suffering souls seeking answers and a cure. Many of these illnesses were spread through prostitution, consumed grain, animals or too much of a bodily humor....   [tags: Health ]

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Gendered Ideals of Body Form

- Gendered bodies in the West are bodies of contrasts. A masculine, sharp, inverted triangular body is contrasted to the feminine, soft, hourglass shape. Humans, throughout history, have resorted to drastic measures to meet and exemplify gendered ideals of body form. One such measure that has been in place since the Victoria era is the wearing of corsets. In attempting this research, I thought that wearing a corset would provide an insight into the ways feminine bodily ideals are appropriated by women in a Western context....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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The Philosohpy of Immanuel Kant

- Immanuel Kant is referred to as the “father” of deontological ethics, which is also colloquially referred to as Kantianism, which provides a sophisticated explication of deontology. His philosophy embodies capitulating to one’s maxim, which he beliefs that to be good, however, only if one’s motives are unconditional and irrespective to external reason. The maxim is referred to as the individual’s intrinsic duty or obligation to one’s self or to others, which if applicable to everyone than it is congenial to the universal law....   [tags: father of deontological ethics]

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Utilitarianism Is A Moral Theory

- Utilitarianism is a moral theory that approaches moral questions of right and wrong by considering the actual consequences of a variety of possible actions. These consequences are generally those that either positively or negatively affect other living beings. If there are both good and bad actual consequences of a particular action, the moral individual must weigh the good against the bad and go with the action that will produce the most good for the most amount of people. If the individual finds that there are only bad consequences, then she must go with the behavior that causes the least amount of bad consequences to the least amount of people....   [tags: Utilitarianism, Morality, Ethics, Pleasure]

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A Strong Personal Injury Case

- A Strong Personal Injury Attorney On Your Side Most claims are not simple when injuries are involved. Getting proper compensation for serious damage done during a negligent incident can be nearly impossible without the help of a skilled bodily injury lawyer. This is in large part because insurance adjusters work hard to reduce the number and amount of payouts they make. That is their job, and you cannot expect that they are going to treat you fairly if you do not obtain the assistance of an experienced plaintiff attorney....   [tags: Injury, Physical trauma, Personal injury, Accident]

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Femininity And Sexuality Of Women

- Femininity and Sexuality of Women within the Patriarchy When examining femininity, one notes that it is constantly being altered and shaped by the beliefs of those who participate within the patriarchy. There seems to be a set standard on how women should display their femininity, and boundaries that should not be crossed. Although many people believe that women are reclaiming both their sexuality and femininity, I feel as though that hasn’t been totally possible. I believe that the surveillance of women’s bodies can prevent them from reclaiming their sexuality and femininity or encourages them to regain it....   [tags: Sociology, Gender role, Gender, Woman]

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General Terms Of Law Enforcement

- This is a basic list of general terms used in Law Enforcement. This list is not intended to make you a law enforcement officer. 1. Abandoned Vehicle- a vehicle that has been left unattended for an unknown amount of time. 2. Abduction- a person taken against their will 3. Accessory – One who is not the chief actor in the offense, nor present at its performance, but is in some way involved, either before or after the act committed. One who aids, abets, commands, or counsels another in the commission of a crime....   [tags: Police, Crime, Constable, Criminal law]

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The Theory Of Multiple Intelligences

- Albert Einstein once said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” In 1983, when Howard Gardner introduced the idea of multiple intelligences in his book titled, Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, the understanding and acceptance that everyone learns and behaves in different ways was displayed. It is 2015, and I am now just learning Howard Gardner’s idea. That is, that, there is nine different intelligences....   [tags: Theory of multiple intelligences, Intelligence]

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What Components Form An Identity?

- Who am I. Various traits may define who one is. What components form an identity. Various components may form an identity. Is a personal identity real. This varies from person to person. Along with everyday people having an opinion, plenty of philosophers do as well. Three different variations of ideas on personal identity that will be covered come from; John Locke, David Hume, and a Buddhist scripture. The theories range from not having a personal identity to considering personal identity to be one’s physical soul....   [tags: Soul, Mind, Spirit, Consciousness]

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Criminal Law Case Study

- The offence Harry would be charged with is William’s murder. The area of Law that this case is concerned with is criminal law (homicide). The two offences that constitute homicide are murder and manslaughter. The classic definition of murder was set by Sir Edward Coke (Institutes of the Laws of England, 1797). Murder is defined by the Law as causing the death of a human being within the Queen’s peace with the intention to kill or cause grievous bodily harm. It comprises of 2 elements. These are the actus reus (guilty act) and the mens rea (intention)....   [tags: Criminal Law Essays]

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