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Eye-Witness Testimony

- Eye-Witness Testimony Until now we have focused upon theoretical psychology that employ methods that are removed from real life. Neisser was one psychologist who criticized his fellow psychologists for concentrating too much on theoretical concepts and ignoring the practical issues involved about memory. It is memory from real life experiences that psychologists must concentrate on and one aspect of this is known as the eyewitness testimony. Reliability of Eyewitness Testimony ----------------------------------- It is without doubt that eyewitnesses to a crime are one of the most important people to the police when trying to get a conviction but we must...   [tags: Papers]

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Peripheral Vision: Does Glasses or Contacts Help the Best?

- Our peripheral vision is the part of our vision that occurs outside of our central vision. This means our peripheral vision occurs on the sides of our eyes. The reason we have peripheral vision is to see objects and movement out of our central vision. What we see in our peripheral vision is blurrier than direct vision. Our eye is made up of three tunics, also known as layers. The first tunic contains the transparent cornea and the scelra. The sclera is the white of the eye. It helps maintain the shape of the eye....   [tags: vision, eye, glasses, contacts, lens]

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Overview of Coloboma

- Coloboma is a congenital eye defect, which is represented by missing pieces of tissue (gaps or notches) in eye structures. The eye consist of several protective layers and cavities. The outer layer consists of the sclera and the cornea. The front part of the sclera is covered by a transparent membrane called conjunctiva, involved in protecting the eyes and lining the inside of the eyelids. The cornea is a dome-shaped structure in the front of the eye that encloses the anterior chamber of the eye....   [tags: health, eye defect]

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Why does Insurance Companies Do not Cover Vision Therapy

- Optometrists have accepted vision therapy, which is a medical treatment for optical muscle disabilities, as a feasible treatment used for eye related problems; claiming the treatment can strengthen vision and give the patient the opportunity to understand visuals quicker and clearer (Press). Vision therapy originated in the 1950s and over the past 25 years, has gained popularity, mainly because of new technological innovations in the field of treatment. Generally, vision therapy is prescribed as a measure mainly for people between the ages of 3 and 18....   [tags: optometris, eye disabilities, vision therapy]

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Keeping or Guarding an Identity

- ... On the contrary, King’s identity was filled with compassion, justice, and peace, and like Hitler, he lived his life by these morals. The results were much more positive, he helped rally the entire African American community to ultimately desegregate schools, achieve legislation for civil rights, and end the poll tax with the 24th Amendment. So, it seems apparent that sticking to your identity can prove costly or beneficial, depending on your make-up. Toni Morrison writes, “If those eyes of hers were different, that is to say, beautiful, she herself would be different” (Morrison 46), when speaking of Pecola....   [tags: Toni Morrison, Hitler, Martin Luther King Jr.]

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Confronting Social Identities in Society

- ... White is considered to be nice, clean, and angelic whereas anything associated with black is considered to be dirty, evil, and bad. Society plays a big part in the way people think about one another. “Everyday Use” focuses on identifying with self and knowing about your heritage, in this short story, she uses the character Dee to exploit the issue of getting to know who you are and where you came from. Dee denies her actual heritage to conform to another heritage that she knows nothing about but only from what she has read about it....   [tags: identity, heritage, racism]

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What Are the Physiological And Psychological Effects of E-Reading on the E-Reader?

- What Are the Physiological And Psychological Effects of E-Reading on the E-Reader. E-reading has its roots way back in the 1930's. Bob Brown was the first to materialize the idea of e-reading. His first work The Readies were first produced after watching his first "talkie" movie ("Bob Brown's The Reader (1930), Retrieved May 20, 2014.) But it wasn't until the late 1940's the idea of an e-reader was conceived. Several people have claimed the title for developing the first e-reader. Years later, in the early 1970's, was the release of the first implementations of e-books....   [tags: reading and brain function/eye sight]

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Analysis of Nonverbal Cues In The Workplace

- To be successful in business, one must be able to perceive and use nonverbal cues to one’s advantage. It has been noted by communication experts that when two people have face-to-face communication only a small percentage of the message is delivered through the words they use. The majority of the message is understood and received through nonverbal communication behaviors. These behaviors include gestures, postures, facial expressions, and even clothing; all of which can interfere with the verbal messages that a person is trying to deliver....   [tags: eye contact, posture, facial expression]

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Nonverbal Communication Observation

- Nonverbal Communication Observation Nonverbal communication is rich in meaning. Everyone communicates through nonverbal gestures and motions. I realized that you can decipher a lot from an individual or individuals by just paying close attention to what they do, and that words are not really necessary. Watching two people interacting, I figured that they are really close by their space communication, eye language, and body movements. Space communication can help an observer depict a lot from a conversation he or she is witnessing....   [tags: body language, eye movement]

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Executive Systems Responsible for Visually Guided Movement

- A fixation is an eye movement variable that gives insight as to about the dynamics of where and how many times a subject acquires visual information. In a study by Ditchburn (1973) found that visual sensitivity declines during saccades because when the saccade is taking place the eyes move quickly and are therefore not able to foveate on specific areas. Theoretically, the greater the number of fixations, the more saccades the eyes will have to produce. Therefore a search strategy that involves fewer fixations is assumed to be more effective (Williams et al....   [tags: eye tracking, gaze, vision, action]

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Biography of Toni Morrison

- Toni Morrison was born Chloe Ardelia Wofford on February 18th, 1931, in the small town of Lorain, Ohio. She was the second born of her four siblings that her mother, Ramah Willis, and father, George Wofford, had. Morrison grew up during the Great Depression, which had begun in 1929. Growing up, Morrison heard stories about the violence that took place against African Americans. Both sets of Morrison’s grandparents were a part of the “Great Migration”, which took place during the early 1900s. Her maternal grandparents left the city of Greenville, Alabama, in 1910 due to the loss of their farm....   [tags: music, african american folklore]

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Violence and the Effects

- Violence appears in many different shapes and forms and in some cases; it is hard to escape violence. As unfortunate as it sounds, everywhere we turn, all around the world, there is a footprint of violence in our society, in our workplace and in our home. There are many homes where parents beat each other and beat their children. There are many places where people are verbally and physically abused by others. There are also many places where racism reigns and people are hurt and violated because of their skin color, religion or gender....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Seeing Eye-to-Eye: Shared Catharsis in Oedipus Rex

- Harold Kushner, an American rabbi, once said, “I think of life as a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense” (Harold Kushner Quotes). The goal of any great tragedy is to produce a cleansing or purging of feelings known as catharsis, which serves as an emotional release for viewers. The Greek Tragedy Oedipus Rex was written to be a play styled so that the reader is blindfolded, spun around several times, and tossed head-first into the middle of a plot. The drama begins in medias res, which is Latin for “in the midst of things,” and interestingly enough, Oedipus, the main character, also cannot metaphorically see the truth at the beginning....   [tags: catharsis, plot, characters]

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Quantum Mechanics and Reality

- Quantum mechanics is the branch of science that addresses the aspects of reality inconceivable to the human eye. Despite being incorporated daily into our lives, quantum mechanics lacks the prominence of classical physics, biology and chemistry since its presence is not often acknowledged by ordinary people. This belittled branch of science belongs to quantum physics which describes the foundation of all things we know of and essentially describes physical processes and actions that take place in extremely infinitesimal levels such as on the molecular level to produce the things we see today....   [tags: aspects or reality inconceivable to the human eye]

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The Beauty of Sleep

- ... During this stage, the heart rate will rise, and your breathing method will become intense. Also, your eyes move very fast in different directions. During REM you have very vivid dreams (You also have dreams in NREM, just not nearly as vivid as dreams during REM). During this stage, the neurons are similar to when your body is awake. This sleep is sometimes called “paradoxical sleep,” because your voluntary muscles become temporarily paralyzed, hypnopompic sleep, this happens as you begin to wake up....   [tags: non-REM, REM, eye movement]

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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder... or is it?

- Your body is a battleground, and every calorie you gain is a new war. This is the message that the media seems to be sending to teens and adolescents everywhere. Our perception of beauty has changed drastically in the past few decades. Now, we do not think of people of all different shapes and sizes as being beautiful and unique. Instead, we picture tall and slender women with beautiful skin and shiny hair as well as tall, muscular men… the ones we see in magazines and billboards. Teens are bombarded with these kinds of images each day and what many don’t realize is that the images of the models and celebrities we see have a whole crew working to make them look that way....   [tags: ]

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Strength is In the Eye of the Beholder

- In my quest to create a well rounded and A+ worthy essay about Shakespeare's As You Like It, I came upon key elements of popular culture pertaining to feminism and the rhetoric used to describe it. Of course, “strong female character” is a term thrown around plenty now days, however, I never took a moment to contemplate what it meant. Unfortunately, my research dredged up a plethora of unsettling ideas about what traits strong females posses, and has led me to think films should no longer portray what is now classically called “strong” and instead produce more realistic female characters, thus redefining a more positive representation of women....   [tags: Shakespeare's s As You Like It essay]

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Edgar Allen Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart and the Symbolism of the Eye

- Edgar Allen Poe is the genius responsible for dark, twisting, and often uncomfortably wondrous gothic tales, and one of the best is 'The Tell-Tale Heart.' This is a classic tale of a confused man who is so incredibly bothered by his housemate's eye, that he (I am assuming this sexless character is male) thinks the only solution is to resort to cold-blooded murder. Poe incorporates the symbol of the old man's eye in 'The Tell-Tale Heart,' which has both physical and psychological meaning, it also helps to develop the plot and central conflicts in the story....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Techniques of the Advertisers Used to Promote Birds Eye Potato Waffles

- The Techniques of the Advertisers Used to Promote Birds Eye Potato Waffles Within this assignment I will analyse the different techniques, which Birds Eye have used to promote their product, Potato Waffles. In order to do this I will explore the techniques, which the advertisers have used in order to achieve this. It is important to place this discussion into context. The organisation, which will be examined, is Birds Eye. Birds Eye are a famous frozen-food manufacturer, they have been established for over eighty years and their best selling products are; Fish Fingers, Oven Chips, Burgers and Potato Waffles....   [tags: Papers]

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The Eye and Poem to my Husband from my Father's Daughter

- French 1 In this paper I will discuss two poems by Sharon Olds. They are both taken from her collection “The Dead and the Living” and are entitled “The Eye” and “Poem to My Husband from my Fathers Daughter.” Olds is a contemporary writer who expertly maneuvers her work through modern life. In this particular collection, written in 1983, she takes us on an explorative journey through both the past and present of family life. I will explore the role of the family in both these poems and how, through the collection, a realization and acceptance is reached....   [tags: The Dead and the Living]

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More Than Meets The Eye

- Throughout history, individuals have notoriously been subject to higher powers.  This form of ownership of an individual exemplifies itself in slavery, indentured servitude, and even in the governmental systems that hold reign over the general population.  The ability of one person to rule over another arises from both moral and physical inequalities.  Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a prominent Genevan philosopher, attempts to uncover the origin of inequality.  In The Second Discourse, Rousseau systematically dissects the movement of humans away from their natural state and attempts to explain how inequality is derived.  Shakespeare’s The Tempest tells the tale of a usurped Duke, Prospero, who suffe...   [tags: Literary Analysis, Shakespeare]

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The Significance of Anti-visual Imagery in Story of the Eye and Un Chien Andalou.

- The Significance of Anti-visual Imagery in Story of the Eye and Un Chien Andalou     The faithful alliance between the eye and the body came under severe attack with the oncoming of the first world war. The effects of trench warfare on peoples' perceptions caused them to question and reevaluate the confidence they had once put into their sense of vision. The experience of trench warfare was characterized by confusion due to not being able to see the enemy, indistinguishable shadows, gas-induced haze, and sudden spurts of blinding light (Jay 174)....   [tags: Movie Film Essays]

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Facing the Village by Lenore Look and A Fist in the Eye of God by Barbara Kingsolver

- Facing the Village by Lenore Look and A Fist in the Eye of God by Barbara Kingsolver Common human attributes are normal to acquire, yet Americans seem to pick and choose how they want to acquire these traits, whether it’s excessively or minimally. In both readings, “Facing the Village” by Lenore Look and “A Fist in the Eye of God” by Barbara Kingsolver, the authors present many human attributes and the pros and cons of how Americans act. In “Facing the Village,” Lenore Look starts out being the typical, ignorant, greedy, arrogant, and unstable judge of how to trust someone American....   [tags: American Society Compare contrast]

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Eye For An Eye Or Turn The Other Cheek?

- It is a time of mourning for the United States. They are now being compared with the countries they, themselves, condemn. The death penalty is cruel and unusual because it breaks sacred amendments and commandments. The death penalty should no longer be an option. According to many people, "we have progressed since the barbaric stone-age," (Alexander 1) yet our Judicial system does not seem to show it. Murdering someone is a barbaric act, whether it is by an individual, society, or our government....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Eye Of The World

- Setting:The setting of this story is a fantasy world, with your basic medieval background. It has magic, swordplay, large-scale armies on grassy plains, and a touch of technology. There is the ‘big evil power’ off to the north somewhere that will apparently figure into the series five books down the road, and various evil creatures that battle the good guys. The ‘big good power’ can’t interfere, so it lets the meager humans handle things. Men and women are each clearly defined, with each sex even having different kinds of magic....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Physics of the Eyes

- Protections of the eye: The human eye is one of the most important things to a person and thus has many forms of protection. The eyelid protects the eye in three different ways: the eyelashes, the glands, and the movement of the eyelids. The eyelashes are beneficial in keeping dust and debris out of the eye. Touching the lashes will trigger the reflexive blinking mechanism. There are many different glands that are located in the eye. The Zeis gland is a gland that secretes oil. An infection in this gland results in a stye....   [tags: physics eye sight]

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The Destructive Nature of Societal Expectations

- The expectations of one’s surroundings shape who he or she is. Whether it is requirements from parents, society, or oneself, these pressures determine a person’s decisions and their behaviour. The plots of Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood and The Shape of a Girl by Joan MacLeod both focus on the bullying of a girl and the effects of these actions on those involved. The victims in both pieces of literature are singled out because they do not fit into societal norms. In The Shape of a Girl and Cat’s Eye, the stress caused by attempting to conform to society’s expectations causes the characters mental distress and keeps them in a subordinate position....   [tags: Cat's Eye, The Shape of a Girl, Literary Analysis]

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Reaction to Gender and Communication in Social Work Education

- ... Little girls work and interact within small homogeneous boys-girls groups and make supportive comments whereas boys go for bigger groups and make challenging comments. When they group up, these patterns continue and sometimes misunderstandings occur due to such differences. Women nod head to encourage speaker whereas men consider it to be a gesture for agreement. Men do not nod and women consider they are not listening. Women tend to use questions to continue or start off a conversation and men think it is because of less knowledge of women....   [tags: male, female, eye contact, self-disclosure]

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Eye Spy

- Have you ever had that feeling that someone is watching you. Someone might actually be watching you, but in a different way than you think. They might be watching by the use of a GPS. People have become more paranoid and protective of their privacy than they have in the past because of new technology. A big issue that comes up is that people are afraid that our society will become similar to the society of 1984 by George Orwell in the sense that people will lose their privacies. Constant monitoring and GPS tracking which are eerily similar to telescreens from 1984 have become controversial topics, amongst colleges and with people who have to deal with law....   [tags: U.S. Law]

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Eye Study Results

- Seven participants contributed to the study; all were undergraduates or postgraduates at Royal Holloway. All had normal or corrected vision. The experiments were conducted in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki, approved by a local ethics committee at Royal Holloway, University of London, and written informed consent was obtained. Standard MRI screening procedures were followed and volunteers were paid for their participation. Participants were scanned on two occasions, usually separated by approximately a week....   [tags: Research Analysis]

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See Father He is Big and Strong

- Has anyone ever deliberately left you. Left you alone, feeling deserted, isolated, and by yourself. Imagine you were abandoned by those who were supposed to love you from the day you were born until this present day. How would that make you feel. In Toni Morrison’s first novel, The Bluest Eye, she examines the causes, effects, and consequences of abandonment through one character, Cholly Breedlove. As well as the ways he eventually destroys himself and also those around him. Even before his birth, Cholly Breedlove has felt the vicious sting of loneliness....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Good and Evil in Toni Morrison

- Morrison has said, "I can easily project into other people's circumstances and imagine how I might feel if...I don't have to have done this things. So that if I'm writing of what I disapprove of, I can suspend that feeling and love those characters a lot. You know, sort of get inside the character because I sort of wonder what it would be like to be this person..." Both her novels, The Bluest Eye and Sula, speak to this statement. There are a few characters in The Bluest Eye in which Morrison takes away a negative connotation from their actions....   [tags: American Literature]

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Racism and the Police Force

- Racism and the Police Force "There were two cops. One said 'You niggers have to learn to respect police officers.' The other one said, 'If you yell or make any noise, I will kill you.' Then one held me and the other shoved the plunger up my behind. He pulled it out, shoved it in my mouth, broke my teeth and said, 'That's your *censored*, nigger.'"(Abner Louima) The police officers that allegedly performed this act of racial violence on August 9, 1997 had no reason to brutally beat and sodomize Abner Louima....   [tags: Papers]

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Racial Beauty: African-Americans

- African-Americans are represented as people who suffer from white people othering, internalizing the white beauty ideal and scapegoating, which convinces them they are inferior to white people. African-Americans feel unworthy to white people, as a result of white people trying to distance themselves as far as possible from African-Americans. White people want to have clear boundaries between me and not-me, in order to retain their identity. In The Bluest Eye, African-Americans function as the ‘Other’, thereby representing everything that white people do not want to be....   [tags: african americans, standards, self-esteem]

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Physics of Color Vision and Color Blindness

- What is Color. To understand what color is, we first need to understand what light is. Light, as perceived by humans, is simply electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths between roughly 380 nm and 740 nm. Wavelengths below 380 nm and above 740 nm cannot be seem by the human eye. Electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength just below 380 nm is known as ultraviolet radiation. Electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength just above 740 nm is known as infrared radiation. The sun, black lights and fluorescent lamps are all sources of ultraviolet light....   [tags: physics eye sight vision color]

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An Essay on Unprettisms

- An Essay on Unprettisms “Thrown, in this way, into the binding conviction that only a miracle could relieve her, she would never know her beauty. She would see only what there was to see: the eyes of other people.” (Morrison p.46) The novel, The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, is a testament to the individuals who have suffered the generational effects of unprettisms. The Breedlove’s are the main characters of the novel; a family, which has been nurtured with servings of unprettisms throughout their individual and collective lives....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Perception Determines Reality

- Perception Determines Reality A person who has a strong awareness in knowing at him or her might affect the way others perceive in one self. Embracing the intelligence of our own and appreciating other’s perceptions gives us a better insight of our personal experience to become a better person. In “The Eyes of the Skin,” Pallasmaa argues that individuals rely too greatly on their eyesight, result in an adjustment of our perception to build structure such as architectures: consequently, modifies the reality in a depended way solely on vision....   [tags: Pallasmaa, Eyes of the Skin, Sacks, Mind's Eye]

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Blond Hair, Blue Eyed Beauty

- Blond hair, blue eyes. In America these are the ideals of a woman’s beauty. This image is drilled into our minds across the lifespan in the media and it conditions people's standards of beauty. We see Black women wish that their skin was lighter. In an episode of "The Tyra Banks Show", a Black girl as young as 6 talks about how she doesn't like her hair and wishes that it was long and straight like a white woman's. Some minorities get surgery to change their facial features, or only date white men....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Color Coded: A Cultural Critique of the Role of Color in African American Culture and its Effect on the African American Woman

- As a race of people that have an extensive history of being enslaved and oppressed for several generations, African Americans have gained a myriad of twisted ideologies that have been passed down for generations. One that is very intrinsic to general mindset of the community is the belief that light skinned African Americans are superior to their dark skinned counterparts. Furthermore, this ideology has also affected the standards of beauty within the race and has altered the self-image, aspirations, and overall psyche of the black woman....   [tags: Race]

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The African American's Struggle Throughout History's Influence on "Beloved"

- The cast. Slavery in the civil war and the African American struggle throughout history influences Beloved’s author throughout her works. Born in Lorain, Ohio on February 18, 1931, Chloe Anthony Wofford became one of the most influential and inspiring authors of the century. The second child of four, Chloe was extremely independent and eventually changed her name to Toni. After leaving home, she attended Howard University and Cornell University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and a Master of Arts Degree, respectively....   [tags: Literature Analysis]

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Blindness and Invisibility in Invisible Man

- As the story of the” Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison continues, the reader is able to explicitly see his journey in college. Invisibility as well as blindness is evident in these stories. Through the use of metaphor and vivid details the author once again conveys his message of how invisibility is a major part in his life. Though the stories may seem “out of place” at first transitioning to the present and past, the style shows how the narrator has learned from his experiences. When the narrator mentions the founder of his school, Mr....   [tags: Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man]

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Maggie: A Girl of the Streets

- Some people are made tough; others are born with a certain resilience that makes them less susceptible to being brought down by their surroundings or their predispositions. Stephen Crane’s character Maggie in his work Maggie: A Girl of the Streets is one of those unique few who has a little something extra in her being, some fiber that is stronger. Others in Maggie’s situation would likely fold under the pressure and succumb to what some might see as an inevitable destiny. Maggie, however, withstands great amounts of pressure and survives it for much longer than a weaker personality would....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Stephen Crane]

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Grammar, Usage, Dogma, and Fanatic Intolerance

- Expressing oneself in proper English prose is imperative to becoming successful in an English speaking culture. The horrific reality of that statement pronounces a great insight into the character of English-speaking cultures; that English speaking societies severely judge the individuals of its community based on each individual’s education background in the field of Standard Written English. In Tense Present, David Foster Wallace gives several irrefutable points about the “seamy underbelly of United States Lexigraphy” and some very thought provoking insights to his own faulty perspective....   [tags: Competency in English]

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The Effects and Implications of Colourism

- Colourism, a little word that harnesses pain, as well as confusion amongst many people both of the past and present. This concept is nothing new, it is something that has and is being felt by plenty. It plagues nations and is caused by imperialism, self-hatred, self-degradation, envy, greed, along with lust. It’s fueled by ignorance, stupidity, blindness, unobtainable white beauty standards placed onto unsuspecting people once simply absorbed by their own society, and now compelled to fulfill these standards, which are unobtainable for many....   [tags: imperialism, self-hatred, self-degradation]

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Themes in Song Of Solomon

- Toni Morrison is one of the most talented and successful African-American authors of our time. Famous for works such as The Bluest Eye, Sula, and Beloved, Morrison has cultivated large audiences of all ethnicities and social classes with her creative style of writing. It is not Morrison’s talent of creating new stories that attracts her fans. In contrast, it is her talent of revising and modernizing traditional Biblical and mythological stories that have been present in literature for centuries....   [tags: Literary Review]

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Toni Morrison as a Womanist

- It is great to be a famous writer and also greater if you were a woman, but here, she is a black woman born in the early 30s of the 20th century, in my opinion it is the greatest because she was a womanist not just a feminist. Toni Morrison is not the first black woman to publish a novel discussing the black community and its suffering of racism. But Harriet E. Wilson did that before her in 1859 (Reuben). Harriet was unable to put her name on her book, due to being black as well as a woman....   [tags: womanism, African culture, racism]

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Fifty Shades of Skin Color

- ... They were, in fact and at last, free. (Morrison 138-139) These women were abused, but they still reared their children hospitably. Aunt Jimmy was a sweet, old woman that raised Cholly to the best of her ability, even though life in her shoes was hard, she was still able to give him an enjoyable childhood. Jimmy was proud of Cholly and valued the influence she had on him becoming a man; his corruptness and drunken life was not her fault, the events following her death caused him to walk down the wrong path covered with thorns and darkness....   [tags: Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, racist remarks]

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Racial and Ethnic Identity

- The African, Mexican, and Native persons have all interacted with the Dominant American culture in some magnitude; consequently altering each different group’s racial and ethnic Identity. Throughout the semester, I have discovered that in much literature writers had an ideal perspective on their own identity as well as the identity that the dominant culture influenced them to have. While doing some research I wanted to see what would be a transitional time frame for a person to be un-conditioned of many negative symbolic meanings in regard to minorities and immigrants....   [tags: How it Feels to be Colored Me 2014]

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Perspective on Color and Race from a Child's Eye

- ... We need to educate our teachers to talk about and teach race in an effective non-discriminatory manor. I work as a special education paraprofessional in a school setting and teach social skills. We talk about bullying, and talk about things such as judging a person on the outside and not getting to know who they are in the inside. It is crazy to me that these kids will tell me stories about how their parents do not like other people of a different color skin, and when I ask the kids why their parents feel that way, the kids do not know why....   [tags: ending racism, teaching love]

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The Significance of Software Reuse: A Bird's Eye View

- 1. INTRODUCTION Encouraging software reuse improves the dependability of a product, as a reusable software unit is tried and tested. It reduces the risk of developing a large component from scratch, as it is easy to estimate the cost of using a large reusable software unit. Apart from ensuring quick product delivery, it enables the architects to reuse patterns and architectures suitable for particular situation, and the developers to use a set of program libraries, which eventually reduce the time for development....   [tags: information technology]

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Men in Ballet: More than Meets the Eye

- Frilly tutus. The color pink. Little highly energetic six year old girls. Spins. These subjects often come to mind when a person says the word “ballet”. Unfortunately, young men under twenty years of age limit their perception of ballet to little girls spinning in pink sparkly costumes. Many do not realize how challenging and mind stretching this art is, especially when playing simple games such as charades: All that is acted out is a wimpy spin. Compared to other sports such as soccer, football, and basketball, it is just as and sometimes more difficult....   [tags: Dance]

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Electronic Entertainment May Be The New Private Eye

- As this century's influx of new technology continues, the potential harm towards a computer user's personal information and unauthorized access grows along with it. These days, certain criminals can now commit crimes from the comfort of their own home, specifically through the use of their computer. Two types of crimes that are occurring at exponential rates are computer crimes and cybercrimes. Computer crimes are “illegal acts involving a computer” and cybercrime refers to “online or Internet-based illegal acts” (Shelly and Vemaat 382) both are done by individuals who have advanced computer skills and are known as hackers....   [tags: hacking, camjacking]

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Black Feminists Debate

- Black Feminists Debate Whiteness Stephanie Philipovich & Angela Torchia Passage #1: "Here is the house. It is green and white. It has a red door. It is very pretty. Here is the family. Mother, Father, Dick, and Jane live in the green-and-white house. They are very happy. See Jane. She has a red dress. She wants to play."(Morris, pg. 7) Passage #2: here is teh hous it is green and white it has a red door it is very prety hrere is the family mother father dick andjane live in the green and white hous they's are very happy see jane she gots a red dress she wants too play....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Behavior Modification- Getting Some Shut Eye

- As my time in college has progressed, I have gotten less sleep each year. Back in high school and as I entered my first year in college, I had no problem sleeping and getting to bed in time to have a relaxing sleep. I was not perfect in my sleeping habits, but I always managed to get about five to six hours each night. I was usually in bed by around midnight or one in the morning. That amount of sleep was not the greatest amount, but it was more than most of my friends and family back home. However, as I furthered myself in my academic career and got more involved on campus, I have noticed issues sleeping and going to bed at a decent hour....   [tags: sleeping back to health]

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Polycarbonate Eye Glasses: Safer than Glass

- When people are under the influence of alcohol, using glasses in bars wouldn’t be a good idea, it would actually be pretty dangerous. After what happened to their client the bar decided to switch from glasses and glass bottles to polymer ones, which don’t shatter, they are so strong that they are bulletproof. “Doctors want drinks to be served in plastic to stop 'glassing' Up to 300 people a week are believed to be injured when glasses are used as weapons in pub brawls.” (BBC, News, Society, Health) So polycarbonate is definitely solving a big safety issue....   [tags: eyewear technology]

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LASIK Vision Correction

- LASIK Vision Correction      Are you ready to give up your glasses or contacts. LASIK vision correction is an up-and-coming procedure designed to reduce your dependence on glasses and contacts. My objective is to show both sides of the procedure, the risks involved and the wonderful possibility of not having to wear glasses or corrective lenses. Of patients with moderate vision impairments who have had the LASIK surgery performed, eighty-two percent achieve 20/20 vision or better and ninety-nine percent achieve 20/40 or better (May 60)....   [tags: Lasik Seeing Eye blind Essays]

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Margaret Atwood's Cat's Eye

- Trace the development of the bullying. How convincing are the situation and Elaine's feelings are portrayed. -How it changes and increases We are first introduced to Cordelia and prepared for the future conflict between the two girls when it is mentioned, "The third girl doesn't wave". This lack of warmth towards Elaine is a premonition of what is to come, and is at the same time believable- new girls are often wary of each other, uncertain of what the other will be like. This key moment also reveals certain character aspects in both Cordelia and Elaine that continue through out the bullying period, for example Cordelia's judgmental attitude "her eyes are measuring" or...   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Contact Lens

- The Contact Lens When the contact lens was invented, the world of vision correction was altered forever. No longer were those people lacking perfect 20/20 vision forced to look any different than everyone else. Both discrete and revolutionary, the contact lens provided a brand new, viable, alternate solution to an age-old problem. After centuries of engineering and discovery the contact lens has evolved greatly. Presently contact lenses are made hard or soft, for daily or continuous wear, gas permeable, and even providing ultraviolet protection....   [tags: Eye Sight Vision Corrective Lens]

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Mathematics of Human Vision and Corrective Lenses

- Missing figures/tables It is a daily ritual...wake up, eat, shower, contacts, class. I do this every morning, however I have never stopped to think, "Why?" No, not "Why am I going to class so early?" but "Why do I need these contacts?" With this project I will attempt to explain the basics of vision and corrective lenses, as I, myself, finally learn the reason for sticking my finger in my eye every morning. Basic Eye Anatomy The cornea is responsible for protecting the eye and for refracting incoming light rays....   [tags: Math Eye Glasses Contacts Contact Lens]

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Glaucoma in the United States Over the Last Ten Years

- Glaucoma in the United States Over the Last Ten Years This research paper examines glaucoma over the age of 40 in the United States, in the last 10 years. Knowing the fact that glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the United States leads us to choose this subject for research. Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that gradually steals sight without warning and often without symptoms. Vision loss is caused by damage to the optic nerve. This nerve acts like an electric cable with over a million wires and is responsible for carrying the images we see to the brain....   [tags: Pathology Health Medical Eye Diseases Essays]

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The Roles of NREM and REM Sleep On Memory Consolidation

- The Roles of NREM and REM Sleep On Memory Consolidation All mammals exhibit Rapid-Eye-Movement, or REM, sleep, and yet on certain levels this type of sleep would seem to be disadvantageous. During REM sleep, which is when most dreams occur, the brain uses much more energy than during non-REM (NREM) sleep. (1) This "waste" of energy coupled with the increased vulnerability of this state on account of the body's paralysis at this time suggests that there must be a very important reason, or reasons, for the existence of REM sleep and in extension of dreams....   [tags: Research Sleep Rapid Eye Movement Papers]

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Macular Degeneration

- Macular Degeneration Robert, a 65 year-old male, has trouble reading fine detail, especially out of his central vision. He complains that his vision is blurred and that it is harder to see while operating a motor vehicle. In addition, sometimes objects appear wavy or crooked, which impairs his vision. His worst symptoms were that he occasionally lost the ability to distinguish between the features of familiar faces and he had a localized blind spot. Robert is not alone; many people suffer from symptoms related to loss and distortion of the visual field....   [tags: Eye Disorders Vision Essays]

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Colorist Culture Beliefs

- ... The children were able to distinguish at an early age that the Caucasian doll was associated with better treatment in society, better jobs, and happiness. If children can acknowledge these things subconsciously, it is no shock that children with these views would turn into adults with similar views, subconscious or conscious. Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye explores the psyche of a young girls that desires to have blue eyes and blonde hair like Shirley Temple so she too can be loved and have all the happiness young white girls have....   [tags: light hair, blue eyes, beauty standard]

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Eye Witness Identification

- Although the phrase “they all look alike to me” is widely known and used as a joke (Goldstein & Chance, 1985) the implications that the phrase yields may not be as widely understood as they should be. In the criminal justice system, eyewitness identifications can play a major role in the decisions made by jurors even though it has been shown that jurors have little awareness of factors that affect the reliability of eyewitness accounts (Cutler, Penrod, & Dexter, 1990). One such factor is identifications made by people identifying someone of a different race, (when describing race as Caucasian, of African descent, of Asian descent, or Latino), which can be referred to a...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Mary Jane

- Mary Jane A good book is one that you cannot quit thinking about. For days after you finish it, you will catch yourself daydreaming about it. That is what The Bluest Eye did to me. I can’t say that I liked the novel, because I didn’t. It left me with an empty, horrified feeling in the pit of my stomach; a realization of how harsh the world can be. I believe that this was Toni Morrison’s goal for this book. She didn’t want me to feel all warm and cozy when I finished. She didn’t want me to ‘like’ The Bluest Eye; she wanted me to learn from it....   [tags: essays research papers]

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God Eye: The U.S Government's Obsession with its Own People

- ... Is this a reality you wish to come to fruition. Sure, this sounds good, if it were used for medical purposes but in this scenario, all this information gathering would only be collected and only acted upon if that individual was a threat to the system itself, the country as a whole. I know this sounds like a plot out of a sci- fi movie but I assure you all, this could very well be one day- real. I mentioned before the time(s) we live in because ever since the passing of The Patriot Act of 2001, all levels of law enforcement (local, state and federal) and the government as well for that matter, have been given practical free range to act in whatever interest so long as it is for the sake...   [tags: individual privacy, national security]

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Campaigning for Real Beauty: Dove® and Changing Stereotypical Body Images as Seen in the Media

- Today society has never been more aware of the impact the media has on what is considered to be an attractive person. Those who are most vulnerable by what they observe as the American standard of attractiveness and beauty are young females. Their quest to imitate such artificial images of beauty has challenged their health and their lives and has become the concern of many. As a result, advertisements used in the media are featuring more realistic looking people. As the modern world has changed, the idea of what is beautiful has changed as well....   [tags: attractiveness, beauty, eye of the beholder]

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Can Sleep be Eliminated or Is It the Key for Life?

- Can Sleep be Eliminated or Is It the Key for Life. “Beggars in Spain” by Nancy Kress addresses the futuristic concept of not having to sleep; it further addresses the idea of sleeping vs. a genetic alteration that results in sleeping being an unnecessary routine. There’s a clear social line between those who can sleep and those who’ve been genetically altered so that sleep is no longer a necessity. Can sleep ever actually be eliminated from everyone’s routine schedules without negatively affecting human physiology and psychology....   [tags: coffee, rapid eye movement]

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Imagery and Symbolism in F. Scott Fitzgerald´s The Great Gatsby

- ... In chapter one, the narrator, Nick Carraway introduces the readers to the tone of lust with the first appearance of Jay Gatsby. “... he stretched out his arms toward the dark water in a curious way, and far as I was from him I could have sworn he was trembling. Involuntarily I glanced seaward -- and distinguished nothing except a single green light, minute and far away.” (pg. 25-26.) Gatsby is reaching out with to this light-- or rather the owner of the light, Daisy Buchanan. For five years, Gatsby has been driven by his desire of Daisy’s love to become rich and ornate....   [tags: cover, eye, women, tone]

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A Comparison of Christian Symbols in Song of Solomon, Sula, and Beloved

- Although religion does not exist as a central theme in Toni Morrison’s work, it does set premise for a richly intertwined web of symbolism. Morrison’s novels focus on the lives of characters acting in the present day or recent past. For African Americans, events of the past are a crucial facet of culture as they seek to remember their history, the most influential of these events reaching far back into the years of slavery. Historians argue that for incoming slaves, Christianity offered a religious ground for the displaced individual, a soil in which to replant the symbols of their native spirituality....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Toni Morrison's Sula - The Provinciality of Sula's Character's

- The Provinciality of Sula's Character's In her review of Toni Morrison's novel, Sula, Sara Blackburn complains that the setting and characters "seem somehow frozen, stylized"(1). While Blackburn talks favorably about Morrison's past novels (The Bluest Eye in particular), she is of the opinion that Sula is less successful because the characters are confined to one location and one mode of thought. Morrison hasn't endowed her people with life beyond their place and function in the novel, and we can't imagine their surviving outside the tiny community where they carry on their separate lives (1)....   [tags: Sula Essays]

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Character Identification: Hiding from a poisoned memory (Circle)

- Character Identification: “Hiding from a poisoned memory” (Circle) Characters from different sources of literature can often be linked together and seem to have the same feelings, background, moral standing, or struggles. They may experience the same hardships, driving them to suffering, which other characters in literature encounter. In the book Jasmine by Bharati Mukherjee, the main character was told from the age of seven the hardships she would encounter in her lifetime (Mukherjee 3). Pecola, from The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, experiences rape by her father and the miscarriage of their child....   [tags: miscellaneous]

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Guilty Six Year Old by Gary Soto

- Exploring the minds of six-year-olds can be a very interesting experience. Gary Soto narrates this story as a young boy at a time when he seems to be young and foolish. Soto does a great job of showing the contrast between right and wrong through a child’s eyes. He successfully conveys the guilt of the boy through his use of imagery, repetition and contrast. He uses these tools to get the reader into the mind of the boy so that they can explore his guilt and thoughts. He first gets the reader to understand what he is thinking with the use of imagery....   [tags: imagery, crossed-eye john]

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Literature of the 1970s

- Literature of the 1970s The literature of the 1970’s contains a divergent amount of writers and genres. Poems, novels, and short stories are the main forms of expression, and these were produced by writers from around the world. “Many of the books in the 1970’s revolve around a general theme of man’s alienation from his spiritual roots”(Gillis). One author of the seventies is John Updike. He portrayed his characters “trying to find the meaning in a society spiritually empty and in a state of moral decay”(Gillis)....   [tags: essays papers]

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Technology in Schools

- Would you want to send your children to a pediatrician that was practicing medicine in the 1970’s or 1980’s. Then why would you want your child to be taught using teaching techniques that are decades, even centuries old (Steinberg par. 2). Computers in school impact, not only a person’s education, but their whole life: Financial aspects, physical conditions, and their self-esteem. A person’s finances would be affected due to the cost of the computer, the software for computers, and maintenance of the computer hardware....   [tags: Skill Set, Eye Strain]

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Stop Literary Censorship

- Stop Literary Censorship       Censorship is becoming more and more common all over the world today. The online Encarta Encyclopedia defines censorship as, "supervision and control of the information and ideas that are circulated among the people within a society. In modern times, censorship refers to the examination of books...for the purpose of altering or suppressing parts thought to be objectionable or offensive." Henry Reichman from the Education World website defines it as, "the removal, suppression, or restricted circulation of literary, artistic, or educational materials ....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Writing and Architecture

- Writing and Architecture A story is not a story until it is told. The way that this is done gives it depth, meaning, and tone. A house is not a house until it is built. The way that this is done gives it character, purpose, and life. Writing and architecture are very similar in that the idea of the piece is expressed through the choices that are made. It is up to the author or designer to determine how the idea will be interpreted and what method will be used to communicate the idea. Choosing the means that will express the idea is a critical decision that will affect the outcome in dramatic ways....   [tags: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays]

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Society and Femininity

- Society and Femininity: Triumph of the Human Spirit Very few novels in American Literature can earn the title of timeless. These novels transcend the ages, because they possess a greater meaning. Their stories teach people about life, the glory of the human soul, and all it can endure to overcome. Three novels in particular get to the very heart of feminine struggle. Though they touch not on women’s struggle to vote, they reach the higher plain of women’s struggle to be seen as who they are and not what society wants them to be....   [tags: American Literature Essays]

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Why Read Literature?

- Nothing teaches us better than literature to see, in ethnic and cultural differences, the richness of the human patrimony, and to prize those differences as manifestation humanity’s multi-faceted creativity. Reading good literature is an experience of pleasure, of course; but it is also an experience of learning what and how we are, on our human integrity and our human imperfection, with our actions, our dreams, and our ghosts, alone and in a relationship that link us to others, in our public image and in the secret recesses of our consciousness....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Morrison's Sexual Depictions

- Morrison's Sexual Depictions Toni Morrison incorporated vulgar sexual depictions into her novel with distinct literary intentions. Although many challengers of the novel contest that these scenes contain no value, Morrison composed these depictions with specific intent and purpose. It was not for shock value or merely to be obscene, but to illustrate to her audience the damaging effect society can have on its most vulnerable members. She spoke through the silence to lobby the destruction of an innocent black girl and became the voice for suffering individuals who did not have the ability to speak....   [tags: Morrison Sexual Depictions Essays]

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