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The Motif of Blades

- Many authors use symbolism to convey messages about society as a whole. One particular symbol which is trans-cultural and appears in much of literature is that of the blade. The blade in many cases embodies masculinity, honor, and courage. In the two stories “In a Grove” and Chronicle of a Death Foretold the authors use the motif of the blade to convey similar messages about the societies in which they take place. Both authors Akutagawa and Marquez use the motif to give an insight into views of honor and masculinity in the societies of Japan and Latin-American countries, respectively....   [tags: In a Grove, Chronicles of a Death Foretold]

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Turbine Blades

- Introduction In this lab report, the item that is selected to analyze, is a turbine blade, specifically in the aviation purposes such as a jet engine/gas turbine. This part was picked because it is a crucial part in the field of aviation, and there are many different aspects and techniques that go into producing them. Turbine blades have to deal with extreme conditions such as high temperature and high pressure gas, high vibration, and high stress, which is why they are usually the limiting factor in a jet engine....   [tags: Aviation, Airplane, Manufacture]

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Golf and Technology: Cavity Backs or Blades?

- Ever since the invention of the cavity back golf clubs there has been a debate in the golf world: which is better, cavity backs or blades. Certainly both have advantages over one another depending on your skill, swing style, and overall preference of looks. Judging which style is a better fit for you is a serious topic to the avid golfer, since it is a significant investment. There are distinct differences between the cavity backs and blades. The cavity backs are what they sound like; they are an iron that has a cavity in the back of the club....   [tags: club plays, strikers]

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Film Review of Blades of Glory

- Blades of Glory, directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck, is a hilarious comedy that turns figure skating into one big joke. This movie was so over-the-top, it was over over-the-top, but it kept the whole theater laughing throughout the entire movie, which is exactly what it was made to do. The movie’s plot is not very intricate, but it really doesn’t need to be. It’s about 2 Men’s Singles Figure Skaters that are the complete opposites of each other. Chazz Michael Michaels (Will Ferrell) is the notorious bad boy in figure skating, he’s very sexual and all the ladies swoon over him....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Use of Turbine Blades in Generating Electricity

- The Use of Turbine Blades in Generating Electricity Turbines are used in many different ways produce and generate electricity. They are used as gas turbines, coal turbines and steam turbines. Each one has a different property, which makes it unique. Airlines and cars generally run on gas turbines. Steam engines, ships and railway engines run on coal turbines as coal produces a high amount of energy that enables them to run for long length of time before adding more coal. In order for these turbine's to operate well and efficiently with as little maintenance as possible, it is necessary for the turbine's to have well-constructed, well designed turbine blades....   [tags: Papers]

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The Importance of Wind Turbines for Renewable Energy

- ... Low-mass materials are also ideal in order to control blade weight. [5] Larger blades with larger weights are constrained by gravity and will experience greater axial and tensile stresses. Finding the best size and material for rotor blades depends on the purpose of the turbine. Smaller power demands will reduce the need for larger blades and taller turbines. Linking the rotor blades to the electrical generator is the turbine shaft. When the rotor blades spin, the shaft spins as well. The rotational energy that the blades produce is transferred to the electrical generator that is housed in the nacelle....   [tags: blades, rotation, power]

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Rights of Disabled Individuals in Sporting Competitions

- An ethical issue that has been on the rise in recent years is the rights of disabled individuals in sports competition. Much controversy has surrounded Paralympic champion sprinter Oscar Pistorius over whether or not he should have been allowed to participate in the London Olympics or not. The fight between him and the International Olympic Committee was ultimately over the IOC believing that his running blades gave him an unfair advantage over Olympians. On the other hand, Pistorius and supporters argued that his blades did not give him and advantage over the competition....   [tags: olympics, blades, advantage, athletes]

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Electrical Energy Supply by Different Energy Sources

- ... From these we can derive that the faster the armature rotates the more electric current created. The electricity produced can then be extracted from the generator with the method of extracting it varying by the use intended. The extraction of electricity will feature a Voltage Regulator which is in charge of the regulation of the output voltage of the generator. The voltages generated at power stations are stepped up before transmission and distribution in order to reduce the power that may be lost in transmission and distribution especially through resistance....   [tags: turbine, blades, shaft, generator]

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Media Criticism Of Media Blames Rape Victims

- Media Blames Rape Victims She was passed out with throw up on her shirt, it is totally her fault she was raped. We hear that statement over and over again, frankly it is getting old. In fact in recent study where 1,000 women were asked who should be blamed for rape fifty four of them said they should be handle accountable for their actions. However, how can somebody be held accountable if the drink has been drugged. That wasn’t that’s individual action that was their attackers action. And yes a rapist is a attacker and not some innocent person who had no idea what they were doing not only wrong but illegal....   [tags: Rape, War rape, Assault, Prostitution]

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Explication of William Blakes Poem London

- Explication of William Blakes Poem London William Blake’s poem “London” takes a complex look at life in London, England during the late seventeen hundreds into the early eighteen hundreds as he lived and experienced it. Blake’s use of ambiguous and double meaning words makes this poem both complex and interesting. Through the following explication I will unravel these complexities to show how this is an interesting poem. To better understand this poem some history about London during the time the poem was written is helpful....   [tags: essays papers]

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Baldwin Blames Mistreatment of Black Veterans for Increasing Racial Unrest

- Baldwin Blames Mistreatment of Black Veterans for Increasing Racial Unrest Building a case against racial injustice, Baldwin describes how many blacks joined the U.S. military and were sent to fight in Europe during World War II, although the battles they returned to at home were sometimes worse than the war itself. In ?Down at the Cross,. Baldwin zeroes in on the discrimination against black veterans as the final blow causing many of them to hate their own country and become militant against whites....   [tags: James Baldwin]

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Blakes cry for a voice

- Blake’s cry for a voice William Blake had a vision. It was a thought that changed the way poetry and writing would be viewed from here to eternity. Blake’s point of views and associations with the characters represents a change in the way the reader dictates who the victim is really and who is not. In Blake’s “The Chimney Sweeper” from the Songs of Innocence and Experience, both aspects of heaven and hell can be examined just the same as a good versus evil aspect of the two different styles of the poem....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Comparison And Contrast Of William Blakes Poems

- Comparison and Contrast of William Blake's Poems Introduction (Innocence) Piping down the valleys wild, Piping songs of pleasant glee, On a cloud I saw a child, And he laughing said to me: "Pipe a song about a lamb!" So I piped with merry chear. "Piper, pipe that song again;" So I piped, he wept to hear. "Drop thy pipe, thy happy pipe; Sing thy songs of happy chear:" So I sung the same again, While he wept with joy to hear. "Piper, sit thee down and write In a book, that all may read." So he vanish'd from my sight, And I pluck'd a hollow reed, And I made a rural pen, And I stain'd the water clear, And I wrote my happy songs Every child may joy to...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Choosing the Best Folding Knife

- <h1>Choosing the Best Folding Knife</h1> Many people firmly believe that you should never go anywhere without a handy folding knife. There's not doubt that folding knives can be extremely useful in both emergency situations and everyday occurrences, but you will need to know how to choose the best folding knife for your needs in order to ensure that it has durability, usability, a sharp blade and more. <h2>How Many Blades or Optional Tools?</h2> Knives some in so many styles, designs and types today that it can be confusing to know which one you should need....   [tags: durability, usability, blade, sharp, edge]

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Cure the World: Eradicate Typhoid Fever

- Proposed Species: Typhoid Fever Proposed action: Eradication Cure the World: Eradicate Typhoid Fever So, what is typhoid fever. “Typhoid fever is an infection that causes diarrhea and a rash -- most commonly due to a type of bacteria called Salmonella typhi (S. typhi). This bacterium spreads through contaminated food, drink, or water. They travel into your intestines, and then into your bloodstream, where they get into your lymph nodes, gallbladder, liver, spleen, and other parts of your body”1....   [tags: infection, antibiotics, gall bladers]

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Philippine Martial Arts For This Second Paper And Why The Training Methods Differ From Most Traditional Arts

- I decided to discuss Filipino martial arts for this second paper and why the training methods differ from most traditional arts. In this paper I will be discussing the differences and the effect it has on the practitioners physically. In addition, I will also explain why this was brought about and why these methods are so different compared to other martial arts. Multiple styles will be discussed and how they compare and differentiate from one another. General information about what Filipino martial arts are will also be provided throughout the paper....   [tags: Martial arts, Mixed martial arts, Philippines]

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Wind Turbines : The Best Source Of Energy

- Wind Turbines: The Best Source of Energy “As early as 2000 B.C. we have been getting energy from the wind. China and Persia were the first countries to use windmills.” (Interesting Wind Energy Facts) In 5000 B.C. people used wind energy to move boats along the Nile River. While that was happening in Egypt, in the Middle East people were using windmills extensively in food production. In 6000 B.C., China used windmills to pump water. After China started that most countries realized that was a very efficient way and did too....   [tags: Wind power, Wind turbine, Fossil fuel]

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Aircraft Propeller Design Details and Operation

- Decades and decades were spent on research before humans were able to taste what flying was like. Finally after years and years of research, flying was accomplished. An airplane is made up of various parts, and we could spend hours and hours explaining what are some of the components that make an airplane fly. However the big component that gives an airplane its required thrust will be discussed in the following pages, that big component is the propeller. There are many types of propeller, such as ground adjustable propellers, two position, controllable pitch, automatic pitch, reversing, and beta control propellers, constant speed, fixed pitch, and full feathering....   [tags: Aeronautics, Airplanes]

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Types of Turbines

- ... Manaf and Marzuki (2004) stated that an impulse steam turbine has a rotational speed of 30,000 revolutions per meter (rpm). The entire drop takes place in one set of nozzle producing very high velocity steam. In order to supply frequency of 50 Hz for generation purposes, the steam turbine must run at 3000 rpm (Manaf & Marzuki, 2004). The maximum velocity of the steam occurs at the nozzle exit and decrease in the blades with high leaving losses. Thus, the impulse steam turbine is mainly used for auxiliaries where the exhaust is used elsewhere....   [tags: power generation, mechanical engineering]

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Wind Energy as a Replacement for Fossil Fuels

- The Issue Energy is an integral part of our daily lives. While organisms get energy to move from food, non-living appliances such as phones, lights, cars etc. get their energy from other renewable or non-renewable sources. The majority of energy consumed comes from non-renewable energy sources: fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal) and nuclear energy. In the past few decades, the issue of a potential “energy crisis” has arisen. Since people nowadays use such large amounts of fossil fuels, they will run out in the near future....   [tags: renewable, environment, electricity]

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The True Artisans of Japanese Artifact Swords

- Technology has steadily evolved to develop more innovative and productive techniques in the making of various crafts. In addition to enhancing the quality of products, the ability to create them at a higher rate has been discovered. However, quality and quantity are usually inversely proportional to each other. In more recent times consumers have begun to desire Japanese artifacts. Most producers attempt to sate this desire through mass production. While this alternative may be inexpensive, it lacks the high quality that true artisans can deliver....   [tags: Japanese artifacts, Japan, art, swords,]

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Wind Turbines For Renewable Energy

- 1. Wind Turbines for Renewable Energy (written by: Stephanie Holzkamp) In order to increase the distribution and treatment capabilities of the Nyamabuye water treatment plant, additional energy generation is critical. As a result, this team has created plans for potential implementations of renewable energy sources since these sources have significantly less environmental impact and allow for the construction of modern energy sources now rather than rather than trying to retrofit nonrenewable sources to limit their impact on the environment at a later time as many modernized countries are experiencing now....   [tags: Wind power, Renewable energy, Wind turbine]

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South Dakot An Ideal Site For Wind Farms

- 1. Introduction South Dakota has enormous potential for wind energy development. Due to the fact that South Dakota with its great plains are an ideal site for wind farms since the plains have smooth hill tops that can catch the prevailing winds. This is why South Dakota ranks sixth in the United States for potential in generating more electricity from wind. As of today South Dakota produces 26 percent of their electricity from wind. We have the potential to double this amount if South Dakota produces more wind farms....   [tags: Wind power, Wind turbine, Floating wind turbine]

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The Importance and Benefits of Hydroelectric Power

- ... As a result, much pressure of water flow will rotate the blades with a higher force and vice versa. Francis Turbine is the turbine that is most common for building hydroelectric power plant. This type of turbine looks like a big disc containing curved blades. Turbines can be weighed to 172 tons and the whole turbine could turn at 90 rpm (revolutions per minute). The turbines are connected to the generator in a power house and the generators contain series of magnets. As the blades in the turbine rotate, so do the magnets....   [tags: renewable energy resources]

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How Wind Turbine Improved the World

- ... 2. Pollution free (ECO friendly). 3. Reliability. 4. Most economical. STAKEHOLDERS 1. Domestic users 2. Commercial 3. Agricultural 4. Industrial CONTEXT DIAGRAM: Fig 1:The diagram shows the context diagram of a windmill SUBSYSTEM ANALYSIS INTERFACE MATRIX External Entities Interfaces Human Thermal Operator Structure Communication Contamination species Transportation Heat Loads Environment Heat Some Particles Controllers Manual Control Manual Control Manual Control Labor Maintenance Command Modelling Design the system Surrounding Heat Wide Place Machines Checking Heat Tests Loads Safety Birds Fig 3: Interface matrix of a mindmi...   [tags: windmills, electricty, energy]

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Renewable Energy : Alternative Energy

- Energy is a force or work that a physical system is capable of doing in changing from its actual state or form into a different state or form. We use energy in our everyday lives, and people all over the world, big or small, have a use of energy. People, who own a car, have a house, work in a place with light other than fire and sunlight use energy. Even electronics, appliances, hot water, heating or cooling systems use energy. Most of the resources we use for these things are often times harmful to the environment and very expensive because of the nonrenewable aspects many of them possess....   [tags: Wind power, Wind turbine, Fossil fuel]

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Literary Elements Ilustrated in Chinua Achebe's Poem, Refugee Mother and Child and in Kassabova's Refugees

- In the poem Refugee mother and child written by Chinua Achebe and Refugees written by Kapka Kassabova, an important idea of loss is conveyed by using interesting language techniques such as simile, alliteration and metaphor. They both link to the idea of the abstract loss and Achebe, itself, links to physical loss. As the catholic dominated province of Biafra attempted independence from the Muslim dominated central state the civil war broke in 1967. Achebe writes from a 3rd person perspective as he observes the overall mood of sadness and despair as mothers watch, grieving, at the imminent loss of their children....   [tags: literary techniques, literary response]

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The Importance and Different Types of Lightsabers

- One of the most important part of the Star Wars movies is the lightsabers. Every lightsaber is different from the next because the lightsaber is made for the owner. A good description of what a lightsaber can do came from the Star War website and the article “Lightsaber – Info” “In the hands of a Jedi, a lightsaber is almost unstoppable. It can be used to cut through blast doors or enemies alike. Using the Force, a Jedi can predict and deflect incoming blaster bolts, and reflect them back at the firer” (Lightsaber- Info)....   [tags: jedi, star wars, light saber]

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Pesticides Pose a Threat to the World, to Life, and to People

- The United States relies heavily on pesticide to meet the nation’s food demand. Pesticides eradicate pests by giving a bad taste to the produce, or causing a disease. This can affect humans, however (Huff). Because of constant spray usage, natural selection causes the pests to become more and more resistant with the passing years. The harmful effects on the environment and humans are usually irreversible, and life-long. Pesticide causes more damage to the environment and to people than protection to the crop....   [tags: Dangers of Pesticide Use]

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Wind Power Versus Hydroelectric Power: Which is Better for the Environment?

- The energy produced and created by using the kinetic energy which comes from the wind naturally is known as the wind power. Wind power is the technology to catch the energy gained with movement, kinetic energy, and change this energy into electrical power which is useful in many places, such as households throughout the nation. Wind power can be produced by using a device called wind electric turbine. Several huge blades, about 30 feet long, are placed on each wind turbine. While wind passes through the blades, the wind with kinetic energy makes the blades to turn....   [tags: Environment, alternative energy, Renewable Energy]

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Wind Power : The Cheap, Effective And Reliable Energy Source

- Wind Power: The Cheap, Effective and Reliable Energy Source In 1996, the Moores were faced with a disturbing problem. A nearby mine owned by Arch Coal had removed the top of a mountain near the town of Blair to access the coal seam beneath. Most residents chose to move out to avoid the "blast rock," or chunks of rock that came raining down after the massive blasts, and the thick chocking dust that filled the town. The Moores, however, stayed. According to Victoria Moore, the conditions were atrocious....   [tags: Wind turbine, Windmill, Wind power, Coal]

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The Pros and Cons of Wind Energy

- Wind power is a form of solar energy. Wind is created by unequal heating and cooling of the earth from the solar energy. The energy from the sun heats up the earth causing warmer air to rise. As this occurs, cooler air rushes in to replace the warmer air creating wind. Wind energy can be generated into electricity producing natural power using wind turbines. Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy in the wind into mechanical power which can be converted by a generator into electricity. This energy generated by the wind is considered renewable energy....   [tags: Energy]

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Different Helicopters in the Army Aviation Field

- In the Army Aviation field, there are many different types of helicopters. There are two helicopters that go head to head as favorites. One is the AH-64 Apache and the other is the UH-60 Blackhawk. Ordinary people might say they are just helicopters, that they are both the same, but that is not the case. They both have two turbo jet engines, four main rotor blades and three main landing wheels instead of landing skids. But the reality is that as similar as they are they are also very different and serve different roles....   [tags: apache, blackhawk, mission]

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How to Sharpen Hockey Skates

- ... If the blades have no imperfections you could go to step two. The second step, of the sharpening process is to dress the finishing wheel. There are several reasons to dress the wheel before you start sharpening. One reason is if the customer requests a special hollow you have to move the diamond tip to the desired depth. Once the depth is set make sure the diamond just touches the wheel before slowly bringing it down and then slowly back up. The second reason is that the wheel could be dirty which will not allow for a good starting hollow which can affect the skate’s performance on the ice....   [tags: imperfections, blade, clamp]

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Using Wind Power as an Alternative Energy

- Using Wind Power as an Alternative Energy Energy is the ability to do work. It surrounds us in all aspect of life. However, the ability to harness it and use it, as economically as possible, is the challenge before mankind. Alternative energy refers to energy sources, which are not based on the burning of fossil fuels or the splitting of atoms. The renewed interest in this field of study comes from the undesirable effects of pollution both from burning fossil fuels and nuclear waste by products....   [tags: Papers]

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Renewable Energy: The Way of the Future

- Renewable Energy: The Way of The Future Pollution and global warming are at the forefront of every ecologist and environmentalist minds these days. In addition, many nations across the globe have taken necessary steps in order to reduce their own carbon footprint on this planet. One of those possible measures is using a cleaner source of energy supply, rather than relying on fossil fuels such as oil or natural gas. These forms to energy are called renewable because unlike fossil fuels, the have an endless supply....   [tags: solar, eolic and nuclear energies]

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Gillette Indonesia - Case Study

- Gillette Indonesia - Case Study 1. Current Situation and Trends 1.1. Market 1.1.1 Definition, Size and Growth Broad - Personal Grooming Products Narrow - Shavers, including double-edged blades, disposables, and “systems” blades Gillette expects to sell 108m units of double-edged blades, 10m units of disposables and 18m units of systems blades....   [tags: Business Analysis Marketing]

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Educational Building: Architectural Review

- Establishing itself as a mediator between the public condition of its location and the intrinsic private aspect of its program becomes essential for the educational building proposed for the town of Smallville. The building offers a public space that serves as the main plaza of the town. The plaza directly engages the school and the town by the use of blade like walls that dissect the overall public space generating a multi layered condition that provides several levels of publicity, spanning from a collective and communal space to a more personal public space....   [tags: Architectural Comments]

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Cloud-Based Energy-Saving Datacentre Architecture

- 5 Cloud-based Energy-Saving Architecture for HE 5.1 Cloud-based University IT datacentre Infrastructure University IT datacentre Infrastructure requires a high degree of automation. The orchestration of automation and management of the University IT requirements is achieved by enabling virtualization techniques in order to satisfy the requirements of storage, service, network, and compute operations of the datacentres. Virtualization is the key to achieve energy, performance and space efficiency in the datacenters....   [tags: applying technology to design & functionality]

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Wind Power: A Clean Energy Source

- Oil is a non-renewable resource, commonly used today for energy, but it will be gone by 2040 if people constantly keep using it (Rickard 5). Because of this, the people on Earth need to find an alternative. Wind is a great option for people. Wind energy has come a long way through the years. Wind power has advantages and disadvantages. To begin with, many people do not know the basics of the modern windmill, or how much they have improved throughout the years. A wind turbine is a machine that is used to change kinetic energy into electrical energy....   [tags: renewable energy, environment, environmental]

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How Wind Turbines Assist in Generating Alternative Energy

- How Wind Turbines Assist in Generating Alternative Energy Abstract I have researched how turbines assist in generating alternative energy. I found my research primarily from the Internet from sources such as the U.S. Department of energy. I then noted what a wind turbine does to help generate energy, and why it is used as an alternative energy. I also found disadvantages to using fossil fuels, and why it is important to use alternative energy like wind. I then researched how the wind turbine worked and what each specific component of the turbine did....   [tags: Wind Power Energy]

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The Present and Potential of Wind Power

- Wind Power’s Present and Potential Abstract As the global supply of fossil fuels becomes steadily lower, need is growing for new energy sources that are beneficial to the environment and cost-effective. Wind power is one solution to this need. Wind turbines require significant investment, but are cost-efficient in the long term. If construction of turbines is sufficiently increased, the wind may be able to in the future provide a very major portion of global energy. Wind Power’s Present and Potential According to a study by Archer and Jacobson, the wind power potential provided by just the windiest 13% of the planet’s land area is five times the power that we currently use – 72 terawatts (A...   [tags: Clean Energy Global Warming]

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Multinational Corporations Have Characteristics That Affect Their Cost Of Capital

- Cost of Capital Name: Institution QUESTION 5 Multinational corporations have characteristics that affect their cost of capital. Their access to international markets also gives them a better priority to domestic firms. They are able to have more access to funds. This enables them to receive funds at lower costs. Another characteristic that affect them is their international diversification. If more multinational corporations can achieve more stable cash flows through international diversification their probability of bankruptcy is reduced....   [tags: Foreign exchange market, Inflation, Finance]

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Wind Turbine: A Study to Harness a Energy Source

- ... Thermal methods is used for dimension of wall thickness and revealing of near surface irregularities like delaminations. EDDY CURRENT TECHNIQUES Eddy current technique is used for detecting crack. It is usually best to calibrate with a calibration block made from the same material as the real component. Althought this results in higher costs but it gives certainly most reliable results. Open cracks and tight cracks can be separated from each other with eddy current technique. However a crack which goes through grain boundary is clearly more difficult to estimate....   [tags: devices, energy, power, tests]

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Alternative Resources for Energy Instead of Fossil Fuels

- ... Solar power is a useful type of green energy. Wind energy is another alternative power resource. The Earth is unevenly heated so it causes hot air to rise and expand; the cooler air comes to fill in the space. This creates wind that the wind turbine can capture. The blades on the turbine are shaped so when blown on they spin. The blades and the hub that holds them are called the rotor (Spilsbury, Let's Discuss Energy Resources Wind Power 6). The rotor is mounted at the top of a tower called the nacelle (Spilsbury, Let's Discuss Energy Resources Wind Power 6)....   [tags: green energy, solar, wind, hydro]

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Installing Wind Power Facilities: Wind Turbines

- The use of land in installing wind power facilities vary substantially depending on the site: wind turbines placed in flat area mostly use more land than those located in elevated areas. According to Engr. Honra, one of the possible problems of using wind turbines is the area where the wind turbine will be installed, another is the wind velocity. According to Proefrock (2012), one of the biggest problems with regards to wind turbines is that it is not that efficient at low wind speeds. This is usually dealt with by evaluating the sites and finding locations where the wind speed tend to be high, so that the wind turbines will be more effective once it is built, but these locations are often i...   [tags: land, are, noise, health, velocity]

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Converting Energy Using Water Turbine

- Water Turbine: water turbine is used to convert energy from one form to another. When water falls on buckets it helps to rotate the turbine.When water falls it has kinetic energy so kinetic energy is converted into potential energy to run turbine. Turbine is connected with generator.Energy produced by the turbine is mechanical,so generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. There are two types of turbines Impulse turbine Reaction turbine Impulse turbine: In this type of turbine the velocity of water has been changed.Impulse turbine obey the Newtons second law “to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.We convert potential energy into kinetic energy before str...   [tags: kinetic energy, types of turbines]

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I Am An Open Mind

- Going into this play I had no idea what it was going to be about, but I kept an open mind. Sitting there before the play got started looking at all the windows there was, and the “river” at the front of the stage I still wasn 't sure what this play was going to be about. I thought the “river” was super cool and something I had never seen before, also I thought the windows were cool as well, how they were hanging everywhere. Once the play started I was very confused and will explain why further into my review....   [tags: Thought, Cognition, Mind, Play]

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Gillete Indonesia Case

- Summary Statement Gillette should work proactively to meet its global vision of being a world leader in the Indonesian shaving market by targeting a growth of 30 %. This can be achieved by adopting aggressive marketing strategy in these areas namely: increased supermarket penetration, targeting hitherto untapped rural market and product repositioning. Situational Analysis Context: Gillette is on the throes of capturing 50% of the market share in Indonesia and market expansion is a priority. However, personal grooming products are regarded as a luxury by many....   [tags: Business Case Study]

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Wind Power in the United States

- I personally do not like windy days. However, wind could be helping us more than we realize. We could be using the wind to produce energy. This is what wind turbines do and now I will be researching them to determine the physics involved with them and how they work, their history, along with some statistics from the United States. Then I will go in-depth for the wind turbines of Texas, Washington, and Kansas and compare them. The Physics of Wind Turbines There is physics involved in these wind turbines as they change wind into mechanical energy and then into electricity....   [tags: The Physics of Wind Turbines]

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On Thin Ice: A History of Ice Skating

- A hobby that defies the laws of gravity, that allows the participant to look as graceful as a swan, yet has the potential to bring about some of the worst pain imaginable should be entered into with a fighting spirit. Ice skating is a make it or break it sport. Only a sharp thin blade separates this person from direct contact with the ice. The edges are there to guide, the toe pick there for balance, and the hollow there for when a person feels brave enough to test their luck in the hopes of accomplishing a spin or a jump....   [tags: Sports]

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The Dream of Wind Power Becoming a Reality

- The Dream of Wind Power Becoming a Reality The United States and all of the industrialized nations were built and are currently sustained by the burning of millions of tons of fossil fuels. This method of producing power has had disastrous consequences on human beings and our environment, which include air pollution, global warming and acid rain. Ever since the realization of these consequences people all over the world have been searching for alternative energy sources that are clean and sustainable....   [tags: Wind Power Essays]

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Developing and Learning - Piaget's and Vygotsky's Theories

- Introduction. In this assignment the writer will compare and contrast the theories of Piaget and Vygotsky. To begin, the writer will discuss Piaget's theory of cognitive development, followed by Vygotsky's theory of cognitive development. The writer will then discuss any implications of Piaget's and Vygotsky's models for teaching and learning in the school years. In order to do this she will compare the two theories and look at any relevant evidence and research. After comparing both theories of cognitive development, the writer will do a brief summary of the two theories....   [tags: Cognitive Development Essays]

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The Anglo-Saxon Period: Weapons and Warriors

- ... Another weapon used during this time was the scramaseax, which was basically a single edge knife. Eight to fourteen inches was the typical length of a scramaseax. The guard is generally unimportant, or sometimes non-existent, but many of the early scramaseaxes had ornamental pommels, often boat-shaped or lobed. During the ninth century scramaseaxes started to become longer. These were more like a single edged sword than a knife. The blades of these scramaseaxes are between twenty two to thirty two inches long and were very heavy, capable of delivering a ghastly blow....   [tags: Story of Beowolf, literary analysis, review]

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The Physics of Airplane Flight

- The Physics of Airplane Flight There are several aspects involved in the dynamics of airplanes and what makes them fly. This report will address the wings of airplanes, lift, propellers, jet engines and steering and stability of an airplane. Essentially these are main topics of airplane flight. The wing of an airplane is an airfoil, very similar to that of a Frisbee. The wing of an airplane is shaped so that the air moves faster over the top part of the wing than on the bottom surface of the wing....   [tags: Physics Flying Papers]

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Out Board Propeller Dynamics

- Missing Figures In The fall of 2004 I purchased a boat and outboard. The company that built the boat also had the responsibility of mounting the out board. Unfortunately the company built the transom of the boat to high and this had a major effect on the boats performance. With the prop so close to the water’s surface the out board would ventilate ever time I tried to get the boat up on step. It would also ventilate on tight turns at high speeds. Unless I wanted to ship the boat back down to Seattle for modifications I would have to find a propeller that would operate effectively near the surface....   [tags: physics boat propeller]

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Medieval Weaponry

- Soldiers in medieval Europe used a variety of weapons. A soldier's choice of armor depended on the time during which he lived, the type of fighting he did, and his economic situation. For hand-to-hand combat soldiers typically used swords, axes, clubs, and spears. Crossbows, bows, and javelins served as projectiles for most of the medieval period, though firearms had begun to appear toward the end of the era. Siege weapons such as catapults helped armies break into castles and towns. Many soldiers wore armor to protect them from opponents' weapons....   [tags: weapons, knights, swords]

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Jet Engines

- The Basics A jet engine can be divided into several distinct sections: intake, compressor, diffuser, combustion chamber, turbine, and exhaust. These sections are much like the different cycles in a four-stroke reciprocating engine: intake, compression, power and exhaust. In a four-stroke engine a fuel/air mixture is is brought into the engine (intake), compressed (compression), and finally ignited and pushed out the exhaust (power and exhaust). In it's most basic form, a jet engine works in much the same way....   [tags: physics jet jets engine engines]

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Compare and Contrast of Nuclear Energy and Alternative Energy

- Compare and Contrast of Nuclear Energy and Alternative Energy Standard Number Science 3.4.A Today our society is using more energy than ever. With the increase in demand for energy, problems are presented that have to be addressed. One of the biggest and most prevalent problems is the need for clean, renewable, sustainable energy. On the forefront of these problems comes the following solutions: nuclear energy, hydro-electric energy, and photovoltaic energy. With the need of energy in today’s current world, exploring different ways of producing power are necessary....   [tags: atom, hydroelectricity, clean energy]

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Tips For A Car For Your Vehicle 's Performance

- Now that winter has ended, it is time for Philadelphians to prepare their cars for the onset of spring and summer. A little maintenance can go a long way in preserving your vehicle’s performance; furthermore, preparing a vehicle for the seasons ahead may reduce the likelihood of you being involved in an accident on a dark, rainy night (due to low tire tread) or prevent the engine from overheating on a hot, summer day (because of an inadequate amount of fluid in the radiator). Tires Check the Depth of Tire Treads For a vehicle to be as safe as possible, an adequate tire tread depth is essential....   [tags: Tire, Tires, Tread, Automobile]

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Choosing Sides in Walt Whitman's Song of Myself

- “Song of Myself” is an attempt by Walt Whitman to become the “American poet” as described by Ralph Waldo Emerson; he attempts to be “[T]he sayer, the namer, and [representative] of beauty” (Emerson 1182). Whitman wants to speak to and for America. Whitman does not explicitly choose sides on the slavery debate that was raging at the time of his writing, but he does express the equality of all people, regardless of gender and race in “Song of Myself”. While Whitman’s writing can be read as neutral but “Song of Myself” is, in reality, very anti-slavery and pro-equality....   [tags: Song of Myself Essays]

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Club Cells Among Mammals Used in Lung Research

- To find the differences among mammals in Club cells Plopper and colleagues performed three research studies to quantitatively and qualitative assess Club cells among mammals used in lung research [1-4]. In the first study researchers examined lung tissue from adult male rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and hamsters. Lung tissue from four male rabbits, four male guinea pigs, six male rats and eight male hamsters was used. Each animal was sedated with pentobarbital, had trachea cannulated, and thoracic contents removed all together....   [tags: non smoking humans, bronchiolar epithelial]

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The Sky is the Limit For Wind Power

- Owen Paterson said “The relationship between renewable energy sources and the communities we expect to host them must be appropriate and sustainable and, above all, acceptable to local people.” For that reason, environmentalists have long assumed that wind power is a much more efficient and sustainable way to generate electricity. However, non-supporters of wind power state otherwise because there are a few negative outcomes to using wind power. Ultimately, when it came to the nature of wind power the basic assumption was that it is beneficial to the environment and communities....   [tags: Renewable Energy Sources, Wind Power]

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Reflection on the Use and Abuse of Alcohol

- Most people do not realize that alcohol is a drug that claims the lives of youth in college campuses across the world. In my case, it took the encounter with the ORL staff at UCLA for me to come to understanding that I am putting myself and those around me in danger through my risky drinking habits. With hours of self-reflection and the help of a cosmopolitan article called The Deadly Drinking Mistakes Smart Girls Make, I have found that there are several risks associated with alcohol that can put me at a quarrel with death....   [tags: The Deadly Drinking Mistakes Smart Girls Make]

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The Past, Present, And Future Of Wind Energy

- The Past, Present, and Future of Wind Energy The United States energy sector is undergoing an intense makeover. The U.S. is producing more oil and natural gas, is generating more electricity from renewable sources such as wind and solar, and we are consuming less petroleum while keeping electricity consumption steady. There won’t be a single solution to solving our energy crisis, but rather a combination of many things. I will be discussing wind energy, which is one of those solutions in the combination, in great length....   [tags: Wind power, Energy development, Fossil fuel]

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A Brief Note On The Global Wind Energy

- The global wind energy has taken a place in different counties around the world since the late 1990s. Wind power energy increased dramatically in the United States and most wind turbines become more efficient and powerful. Also, Electricity can be generated from different sources, but the source of this power is wind. In other words, it is free and does not need to pay for it like other sources. Some studies show that, the cost of wind power declined by technological progress in different locations around the world....   [tags: Wind power, Wind turbine, Wind farm]

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Claude Monet 's The Windmill On Painting

- The art piece chosen for analyzing in this essay is from Claude Monet, The Windmill on the Onbekende Gracht Amsterdam oil on canvas painting from 1874. Claude Monet was born on November 14 in 1840 in Paris, French, and he death on December 5 in 1926 in Giverny, France. He was a founder of French impressionist painting, and the most consistent and prolific practitioner of the movement 's philosophy of expressing one 's perceptions before nature, especially as applied to plain air landscape painting....   [tags: Impressionism, Claude Monet, Color, Painting]

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Is Wind Energy Environmentally On Fossil Fuels?

- The push to become less reliant on fossil fuels powering our society is becoming more and more urgent. Fossils such as coal can cause severe air pollution and oil poses major threats to the environment with the possibility of oil spills. Developing a dependence on renewable energies, such as solar, wind, or biofuels holds a vast amount of importance because of the arte at which fossil fuels have caused the environment to deteriorate. In order to prevent the damages fossil fuels, innovations and inventions are constantly developing and changing within renewable resources....   [tags: Wind power, Renewable energy, Fossil fuel]

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The Game Of The Best Video Game

- Do you want to play the best video game known to man. The game company Bethesda produced the game Skyrim in 2011. When Skyrim was released it changed the gaming market with its unique gaming engine and graphics. A game that is now five years old it still is considered one of the best games ever made. Bethesda announced at E3 that they will be remastering Skyrim for next generation consoles. Bethesda added console mod support, advanced shaders, and all three-downloadable content in one game. I have personally bought both games and I see a huge difference between the two games....   [tags: Learning, Play, Skill, Game]

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How a Gas Turbine Engine Works

- The invention of internal combustion engines in the early 19th century has led to the discovery of utilisation of cheap energy that is petroleum and this enabled the world to develop and progress into the modern world today. Humans were able to accomplish more work done with little manual labour, using internal combustion engines powered by fossil fuels. Internal combustion engine are mechanical power devices that convert heat energy to mechanical energy with the combustion process taking place in a system boundary (Rolle, 2005)....   [tags: internal combustion engines, energy]

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Need Analysis : The Lawn Mower

- Need Analysis Human beings is the brightest creatures on this Earth. We can make basically anything from A-Z. Back in old days traditional people used blade with a stick attached to it to cut the grass by hand. This method is time consuming. However the development of the traditional way had arrive when a man came up with an efficient way to mow the lawn. His name is Edwin Budding, who actually developed a grass-cutting device, based on a textile machine in 1830’s. However it was used for large sport turfs and yards, because it was too expensive to have back then....   [tags: Lawn mower, Mower, Tractor, Lawn]

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Socrates And The Republic By Plato

- I am going to attempt to show that although the argument that Socrates makes in The Republic by Plato is valid, it is not sound. I am going to explain his argument and challenge a premise that he has made to support his argument. First, I want to discuss some terms Socrates uses and how he defines them. Socrates defines the function of something as what only it can do or what it does better than anything else. For example, the function of a screwdriver would be to screw and/or unscrew. A screwdriver may now be the only thing that can screw or unscrew but it can better than anything else....   [tags: Justice, Ethics, Soul, Plato]

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Construction Of A Thermal Power Station

- The denomination of the power plant is Station Janaeletrik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz (SJSSAA) or Kapar Energy Ventures. It is located 56km west of Kuala Lumpur , off the coastal road between Port Klang and Kuala Selangor facing the straits of Malacca. SJSSAA is the 2nd most largest immense power plant in Malaysia with an generating capacity of 2420MW. The only power station in Malaysia with triple fuel firing capability (gas, oil and coal). Orchestrating for the potency plant commenced in tardy 1970 by TNB while the construction work commenced in 1981....   [tags: Coal, Boiler, Petroleum, Combined cycle]

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Wind Power: The Cheap, Effective and Reliable Energy Source

- Wind Power: The Cheap, Effective and Reliable Energy Source In 1996, the Moores were faced with a disturbing problem. A nearby mine owned by Arch Coal had removed the top of a mountain near the town of Blair to access the coal seam beneath. Most residents chose to move out to avoid the "blast rock," or chunks of rock that came raining down after the massive blasts, and the thick chocking dust that filled the town. The Moores, however, stayed. According to Victoria Moore, the conditions were atrocious....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Wind Power:The Viable Fossil Fuel Alternative

- As the harmful side effects of fossil fuel burning become evermore recognized, the use of clean, renewable technology becomes essential to our health, economy and environment. Petroleum and coal emit harmful pollutants into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming, acid rain and a host of other aliments. Equally concerning is the dependence of the economy on a finite resource such as oil. With world energy consumption rapidly rising, demand is increasing for renewable energy sources that have no significant health impact or environmental degradation....   [tags: Alternative Energy, Wind Energy]

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Renewable Energy in South Africa

- “Is Renewable energy an economically viable option for South Africa?” “Renewable Energy is a source of energy that is not exhausted when used.” “Economical means giving good value in relation to the resources used or money spent.” “Viable means capable of working successfully; feasible.” (Soanes, Hawker & Elliot et al., 2005) So in other words, is renewable energy an affordable and successful option for South Africa. Per year South Africa uses 1.3 % of the world’s total energy. South Africa’s main energy comes from coal, but one quarter of the coal we mine is exported to other countries....   [tags: Economy, Energy Sources]

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Hydropower Going With The Flow

- “ A topical hydro plants is a system with three parts” ( Got it from the article “Hydropower Going with the flow” by National Geographic Society (NGS). First part of the hydro system is an electric plants where the electricity is produced. The second part of the hydro system is the dams that opened and closed to control of the waterflow. The final part of the hydro system is the reservoir that just stores the water. Typical hydro plants that produced power by the moving water because the three parts is produces electricity, dams opened and closed to control water, and stores the water in the reservoir....   [tags: renewable energy resources]

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Wind Energy And Wind Turbine

- 1.Background and Research: 1.1.History of wind energy and wind turbine Fig1.1 History of Wind Turbines During the last century, due to the rapid development of the power system, the use of wind energy experienced several stages. Firstly, the period of infancy, in the 1930s and 1940s, hundreds of thousands of electricity producing wind turbines were built in the U.S. These wind turbines provided electricity to farms beyond the reach of power lines and were typically used to charge storage batteries, operate radio receivers and power a light bulb or two [1]....   [tags: Wind power, Wind turbine, Renewable energy]

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Environmental Impacts Of The Turbines

- Plaintiff: B.A.T.S B.A.T.S is an advocacy group that has been concerned with the amount of birds, and especially bats, that have died as a result of the turbines blades rotating. The turbines lie in along a major migration route for many birds, and could pose a continuous threat to migratory bird populations. My advice to B.A.T.S would be to file their claim as negligence against COA. Negligence is when the defendant may not have meant to cause harm, but they did in a way that was logically foreseeable and could have been prevented with care....   [tags: Tort, Law, Bird, Causality]

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Wind Power And Solar Energy

- Wind is a form of solar energy. The term wind energy describes the process by which the wind is used to generate electricity or mechanical power. Wind turbines convert mechanical energy from the wind into electrical power. Wind turbines usually have three main parts. There are blades that connect to a central hub, a box behind the blades that contains the generator, and a long stem that connects to the ground. The way how it works is that the wind turns the blades, which spins a shaft that connects to a generator making electricity....   [tags: Renewable energy, Fossil fuel, Wind power]

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