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God's Bits of Wood by Sembene Ousmane

- God's Bits of Wood by Sembene Ousmane The novel God's Bits of Wood by Sembene Ousmane is an account of the strike Senegalese trainworkers underwent in pursuit of equal benefits and compensation from their French employers. In an effort to coerce the workers into returning to their jobs, the French cut off the water and food supply to the three villages wherein these events transpire: Thies, Dakar, and Bamako. Ousmane's novel explores the way in which these hardships evolve the worker's and their families till the strike is ultimately resolved....   [tags: Ousmane Bits Wood Analysis]

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Analysis of Sembene Ousmane's God's Bits of Wood

- Analysis of Sembene Ousmane's God's Bits of Wood Sembene Ousmane's third novel, God's Bits of Wood, was originally written and published in French as Les Bouts de bois de Dieu. The novel is set in pre-independence Senegal and follows the struggles of the African trainworkers in three cities as they go on strike against their French employers in an effort for equal benefits and compensation. The chapters of the book shift between the cities of Bamako, Thies, and Dakar and track the actions and growth of the men and women whose lives are transformed by the strike....   [tags: God's Bits of Wood Sembene Ousmane Essays]

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Money and Love in "The Gilded Six Bits"

- Zora Neale Hurston, author of the Gilded Six Bits, has a very unique writing style. The artistry in her story makes it a pleasant, easy read for any audience. The title suggests the story is based around money; but rather if one were to dig deeper the reality of the story is being told around the playfulness of money. Character disposition, an idealistic dialect, and the ability to work past an issue all work together to prove that Joe and Missie May’s lives are not strictly revolved around money....   [tags: Literacy Analysis ]

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Camera Bits Photo Mechanic Review

- Back in the days of film, prior to going on an assignment, I would stop at a camera store and purchase enough film for the shoot. Of course, I would estimate this from a shot list provided by my client and added extra to it, based on some WAG (Wild Ass Guessing) factor. In most cases, I would buy the film in "blocks" of twenty, as 20 roll boxes of either 35mm 24 or 36 exposure film came cello-wrapped that way. I'd buy these blocks because they had the same emulsion number and, therefore, I could expect to have consistent results....   [tags: Product Review]

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Sundiata and God's Bits of Wood

- Sundiata When I was finished reading both Sundiata and God’s Bits of Wood I had a better understanding of the strong relationship between the African people and their leaders. Even though Sundiata and Ihamim Bakayoko became leaders by different means, they displayed a lot of similarities. Sundiata was a king, so the people had to obey him because of his status. However his subjects did not follow him for that reason, they listened to Sundiata because he was a good leader. As a wise African leader, Sundiata ruled in consultation....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Christian Story with Bits of Paganism

- The story "Beowulf" is thought to have been written by Christian monks. But the story could be either a Christian story, or a Pagan story. Scholars have argued that the author of "Beowulf" relates the story to Christianity in some ways. He talks about Cain, and the flood. The only people during this time that can read are Christians. In other ways the author relates it to Paganism. The story has trolls, and idols, and sacrifices to things other than God. Also the story talks about giants fighting wars with God, which is not mentioned in the bible....   [tags: World Literature]

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The Gilded Six-Bits, by Zora Neale Hurston

- Zora Neale Hurston’s story “The Gilded Six-Bits”, like many of her other stories that were set in Eatonville or about things she witnessed or experienced as she aged, resembles her in some way. The town where Missie May and Joe lived resembled the town Eatonville by it being a black community, the same society as Hurston experienced as a child. In this short story Zora Neale Hurston’s short story “The Gilded Six-Bits” reveals the theme, through multiple excerpts, as English lyricist William S....   [tags: Thematic Analysis. Description]

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The Gilded Six Bits By Zora Neale Hurston

- Nichole Duncan Professor Engel English 1302 July 23, 2015 The Gilded Six-Bits The story is told from a third person limited point of view. This is important because it keeps the suspense alive for the reader. This particular mode of telling events keeps the reader at the same level of information as the characters. For instance, we find out that Missie Mae has been unfaithful at the same time her husband surprises her and finds out. a short story written in 1933 by Zora Neale Hurston, is tale about forgiveness....   [tags: Marriage, Short story, Zora Neale Hurston, Husband]

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The Gilded Six Bits By Zora Neale Hurston

- When having a unity with someone you plan on spending the rest of your life loving and adoring your significant other. This was the relationship Joe and Missie May had until Missies’ love for Joe was tested. In “The Gilded Six Bits” author, Zora Neale Hurston utilizes the themes of marriage, poverty, and forgiveness to depict a modern day love story. Although this love story between these two people takes a miniature turn for the worst, there is still a deeper meaning within the text that justifies why Missie executed the plan for her husband....   [tags: Marriage, Zora Neale Hurston, Husband, A Story]

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gods bits of wood

- The evolution of the strike causes an evolution in the self-perceptions of the Africans themselves, one that is most noticeable in the women of Bamako, Thies, and Dakar. These women go from seemingly standing behind the men in their lives, to walking alongside them and eventually marching ahead of them. When the men are able to work the jobs that the train factory provides them, the women are responsible for running the markets, preparing the food, and rearing the children. But the onset of the strike gives the role of bread-winner-or perhaps more precisely bread scavenger-to the women....   [tags: essays research papers]

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gods bits of wood

- Sembene Ousmane’s novel, “Gods Bits of Wood,” gives a highly detailed story of the railway strike of 1947-48 in French West Africa. It contains conflicts of political, emotional and moral nature. Ultimately, Sembene’s novel is one of empowerment. It brings to light the tension between colonial officials and the African community among the railway men as well as the struggle of the African community to free itself from being subjected to colonial power. Frederick Cooper’s article, “Our Strike: Equality, Anticolonial politics and the 1947-48 Railway Strike in French West Africa,” helps reveal the strike’s true meaning and agenda by analyzing the conflicts present in Sembene’s novel....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Drill Bits

- Drill Bits When most people think of drill bits they think of drill bits they think of the simple tool that can be found in any house or machine shop. The drill bits are relatively simple in design and are typically used for drilling through wood and metals. Most people don’t realize that when companies drill in the earth for oil they also use drill bits. However, the drill bits used in this process are very complicated in nature, not to mention costly. These drill bitts cost on average between $30,000 and $50,000 dollars, but can cost as in the 150,000+ range....   [tags: Drilling Technology]

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The Gilded Six-Bits by Zora Neale Hurston

- In “The Gilded Six-Bits,” Zora Neale Hurston uses several techniques to characterize Joe and Missy May, the main couple throughout the story. Hurston uses her own life experiences to characterize Joe and Missy May and their marriage. She also shows their character development through her writing styles and techniques, which show reactions and responses between Joe and Missy May to strengthen the development of their relationship. Hurston supports her character development through her writing style, her characters dialect, and includes experiences from her own life to portray a sense of reality to her character’s personalities....   [tags: Zora Neale Hurston]

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The American Dream in The Lost Beautifulness and The Gilded Six-Bits

- The American Dream in The Lost Beautifulness and The Gilded Six-Bits The America Dream is defined in general as a dream of a land that is better richer for everyone based on accomplishment and opportunity. This dream is usually sought after by people who have been deprived of their social and human values. People who have not been able to achieve this dream based on restrictions of their situations that plague their lives. These situations can be different for everyone, race, sex, handicap, etc....   [tags: Money American Dream Literature Essays]

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The Quantum Computer and the Impact If Made Profitable

- The Quantum Computer and the Impact If Made Profitable The first all around computer was the ENIAC that was created 1940's. This computer was basically calculator, capable of addition, subtraction, multiplying, division, sign differentiation, and square root extraction. Computers since then have continually been getting more compact while improving in memory, RAM, speed and user friendliness. The modern computer now has transistors the size of eleven atoms. Because of such minuscule scales that computers now use, computers have now reached a theoretical speed bump in proficiency....   [tags: modern computer, eniac, bits, software]

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Short Stories: The Girl with the Hungry Eyes, Bits and Pieces, While She Was Out, Cold Turkey, & Lightning Rod

- The short stories, “The Girl with the Hungry Eyes” by Fritz Lieber, “Bits and Pieces,” by Lisa Tuttle, “While She Was Out” by Edward Bryant, “Cold Turkey” by Carole Nelson Douglas, and “Lightning Rod” by Melanie Tem Historically, in literature, women are stereotypically placed in one of two roles, the doting wife and beloved mother, or the more outwardly psychotic, witch-like, temptress....   [tags: Women Roles, Analysis]

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Essay on Appearance vs Reality in Everyday Use and The Gilded Six-Bits

- Appearance versus Reality in Alice Walker's and Zora Neale Hurston's Everyday Use and The Gilded Six-Bits       In "The Gilded Six-Bits" it appears that Otis D. Slemmons, the towns newest arrival, is rich, but by closer inspection by Joe Banks and Missie May, is found to be poor.  In "Everyday Use," Maggie doesn't appear to be smart enough to honor and appreciate her heritage, but she and not Dee/Wangero is really preserving the family traditions as well as heritage.  Both "The Gilded Six-Bits" by Zora Neale Hurston and "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker have the theme of appearance and reality....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Sample Resume : Hi Louis And Dean

- Hi Louis and Dean Thank you to you both for your time and patience on Tuesday. Our chat was an important one and I now have a better understanding of where we are at, and what we want to achieve. I do agree with you that this is no small task. So let’s make a start. This is a brief note regarding what we discussed on Tuesday. Please let me know if anything does not reflect your understanding, and please jump in to provide more information. Links in this email are those as provided by Louis during our meeting....   [tags: Bank, Online banking, The Littl' Bits, Money]

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Convolutional Coding

- Overview: Convolutional codes(CC) are a very fast a unique method of encoding a message. They differ from other codes we have discussed in class, because most codes send a message and multiple parity check digits. These codes include but are not limited to, Hamming Codes, Parity Check codes, and Reed-Solomon codes and many others. Instead of transmitting the message and parity bits, Convolutional codes only transmit parity bits. This allows for a more accurately received message as the errors that would occur in transmission are easily detected, as well as having a smaller chance of occurring....   [tags: technology, parity bits, data transmission]

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From Bits to Booms; the Backbone of the Oil Industry

- On a bright sunny, but breezy afternoon my fiancé Adam and I made our way out towards Cade 21, an oil rig that he works on. On this day its location is close to the town of Eaton, near the intersection of county roads 74 and 29. You can see the derrick of the rig in the middle of a field, standing tall and white, like the Eiffel Tower, surrounded by large blue, yellow, or white containers. You turn onto a dirt path, where there is a small sign, letting you know that this is the entrance of Cade 21....   [tags: environmentalism, economics]

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Lab Report On The Magnum Hole Hog

- Welcome to Magnum Drill Bits in Canoga Park, CA, where you can be assured of finding a great selection of quality drills for affordable prices. When you are in need of a magnum drill bit, Magnum Drill Bits is the right online store for you. Boring a hole is much easier when you have the right tools to get the job done. We carry various types of drill bits that are suitable for the job. Some of these are the magnum drill bit 29 piece set, magnum silver and demming ½” shanked drill bits, and a magnum tap and drill set....   [tags: Drill, Drill bit, Drilling, Reamer]

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Minimal Key Lengths for Symmetric Ciphers to Provide Adequate Commercial Security

- The use of encryption is as old as the art of communication. In times of war encryption was called 'code,' and could be employed to keep the enemy from obtaining the contents of transmissions. Simple ciphers include the substitution of letters for numbers, the rotation of letters in the alphabet, and the 'scrambling' of voice signals more complex ciphers work according to sophisticated computer readings that rearrange the data bits in digital signals. In order to easily recover the contents of an encrypted signal, the correct decryption key is required....   [tags: encryption, cipher, hackers]

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Literary Analysis: Combining Culture and Tradition

- History is rich with culture and tradition. Culture and traditions greatly influence people’s behaviors, the way they perceive others, and the way they are perceived by others. Environment also plays into the development of culture and the decisions people make. Although each person has an individualized idea of what culture is and practices their own unique traditions, the fact remains true that every human being is subject to the effects of culture and tradition. Three classic authors accurately portray culture through setting and tradition in order to affect the reader’s view toward the characters and the authors themselves in Zora Neale Hurston’s “The Gilded Six-Bits”, Alice Walker’s “Ev...   [tags: sociological/anthropological view]

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Selective Encryption Algorithm for Highly Confidential Real Time Video Applications

- ... Motion vector encryptions are proposed by several authors [4-9]. However, analysis shown in this paper said that 45-50% of motion vectors for each frame are not encrypted. Thus, a better encryption method is proposed at here in expense with compression bandwidth. Overall, we should create the balance between security and the increase in compression bandwidth. Four selective encryption methods are discussed here. A First method named ‘NZs in CAVLC’ encrypts level_suffix values with sign bits of up to three lowest frequency non-zero DCT coefficients in CAVLC encoding for all macroblocks....   [tags: communication systems security]

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A Review on Vrious Digital Image Ecryption Techniques

- [1]. Image Encryption Using Affine Transform and XOR Operation (2011) In this paper, Amitava Nag, Jyoti Prakash Singh, Srabani Khan, Sushanta Biswas, D. Sarkar and Partha Pratim Sarkar proposed an approach, which operate the affine transformation to diminish the correlation among pixels. This technique applies 64 bits key in the encryption. Firstly, the proposed technique scrambles the pixels by applying four sub keys of 8 bits. Thereafter, the proposed technique decomposes the image into 2*2 pixel block size, and afterward, applies XOR operation with four sub key of 8 bits to modify the pixel values in each block....   [tags: Affine Transform, XOR operation]

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What Class Your Ip Address

- Subnetting In subnetting there are 5 steps you need to take in order to be able to subnet. The very first step is to figure out what class your ip address is in. If the first octal in the IP adress is between 0-127 it is called A class. In the A class only the first octal is locked down while you get to play with the next 3 octals. The second class is called the B class. In this class if the first octal in the IP adress is 128-191 it is considered a class B. This locks down the first two octals and allowing you to play use the third and fourth to play with....   [tags: IP address, Subnetwork, Classful network]

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The Communication System From Load Cell to PC

- This system illustrates the communication system from load cell to PC. The laboratory’s 6-axis load cell is usually composed of four strain gauges in a Wheatstone bridge form. This device produces an output signal in the order of a few millivolts. Thus, an instrumentation amplifier is used to amplify the signal before feeding it to an ADC. Moreover, this system should use a low-pass filter to pass the low-frequency signals and to avoid interference from high-frequency noises. Afterwards, all the 6 channels are measured simultaneously by time division multiplexing method....   [tags: System Analysis]

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Background Information: The Lincoln Index

- Background Information: The Lincoln Index The Lincoln Index is a method which is used to estimate and sample the size of closed populations. This method was discovered in by the American ornithologist Frederick C. Lincoln in 1930. The Lincoln Index provides a way to measure, sample and estimate population sizes of individual animal species. It is based on the capture, mark, release and recapture technique. The mark and recapture method involve random sampling of a population of animals and then mark all of the individuals that is captured in a recognizable way but is non-harmful and does not expose them to higher predation levels than non-marked individuals....   [tags: Experiment Analysis]

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Various Digital Image Encryption Techniques

- [1]. Image Encryption Using Affine Transform and XOR Operation (2011) In this paper, Amitava Nag, Jyoti Prakash Singh, Srabani Khan, Sushanta Biswas, D. Sarkar and Partha Pratim Sarkar have imparted an approach, which employs 64 bits key in the encryption. First, the recommended technique operates the affine transformation to dispel the pixels by applying four sub keys of 8 bits. Thereafter, the algorithm cleaves the image into 2*2 pixel block size, and afterward, applies an XOR operation on each block with four sub key of 8 bits to modify the pixel values....   [tags: Affine Transform, XOR operation]

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Selective Encryption Algorithm for Highly Confidential Real Time Video Applications

- ... Hence, the encryption of intra-prediction mode also has the threat of brute-force attack. So, the values of level_suffix with sign bits are encrypted with higher length of bitstream (6 bits for luma and 4 bits for chroma), to reduce the threat of brute-force attack. However, this affects the compression bandwidth. We have also analyzed that without making motion vectors encryption, we can’t get temporal redundancy. Motion vector encryptions are proposed by many authors [4-9]. However, analysis shown in this paper said that 45-50% of motion vectors for each frame are not encrypted....   [tags: selective encryption, security]

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Test-data compression using statistical coding and linear decompressors

- Owing to the fact that testers such as ATE have limited memory, speed and I/O channels, and the amount of test data that is processed in and out of ATE is directly proportional to the cost of operation. In practice, the test data bandwidth comes as a bottleneck in speeding up testing to cut test time. Test data compression reduces the amount of data stored on the tester and more importantly, given the test data bandwidth, reduces the test time. Our goal is to summarize recent trends in test compression especially statistical coding and LFSR reseeding....   [tags: Research Analysis]

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Subnet Masking And Addressing

- Ok, this explains subnet addressing which is useful if you run a scanner, a firewall, a router or anything else that is bound to IP subnet addressing. Note that this only describes IPv4 subnets. Reading binary values Normally, you read binary numbers bytewise (8 bit wise). Start at the last bit, bit 0. If it is 1, add 2^0 to your number, else add 0. Then the next bit, bit 1, If it is 1, add 2^1 (2) to your number, If bit 3 is 1 add 2^2 (4) to your number, if bit 4 is 1 add 2^3 (8) to your number ......   [tags: essays research papers]

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Methods Used to Eliminate Harmonics Multilevel Inverter

- Several methods have been used to eliminate or minimize harmonics of Multilevel Inverter (MLI) output. Even though several methods have been proposed, we are unable to reach minimum Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). A new carrier modulation technique (Pseudorandom Carrier Modulation) for multilevel inverter is proposed in this paper. Conventionally single triangular carrier is used to produce the fixed frequency PWM signal and cause discrete frequency harmonics, Electro-magnetic interference and audible switching noise....   [tags: PWM,industrial voltage,THD]

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Components of System Units

- System Units A computer could not run without the system unit. It holds all the memory, transfers all the data, and makes using a computer possible. Not all computers have a system unit that is detached from the computer monitor. Desk top computers have the system unit separate and laptops have a small one built in. The main part of a computer is the system unit; computers could not run without this. There are five main pieces of the system unit: chassis, microprocessor, main memory, bus, and ports....   [tags: computer, microprocessor, memory]

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Computer Storage: Are memory sticks and disks likely to be obsolete by 2015?

- In the first quarter of 2012, a German business software firm (SAP) recorded a 10 per cent increase in profits from the previous year of £478 million from cloud, a method of computer storage (SAP sounds upbeat note as profits continue to rise, 2012). It is clear that methods of storing data on computers have developed rapidly in the past 60 years, from the earliest type of data storage on cylinders to data storage in cloud. The purpose of this essay is to describe this development and show that individual physical memory such as memory sticks and disks are rapidly becoming a thing of the past....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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The Functions of Internal and External Hard Drives

- Internal and External Hard Drives All around the world, on laptops, computers, phones, and mp3 players, electronic devices are being used to perform everyday functions. We can pull up saved passwords, applications, and saved files in a matter of seconds. But how exactly are these files saved onto these devices. What units are used to represent the amount of data being saved. How exactly do computers save documents and applications that can be sent from one computer to another. What units are used to represent the amount of data being saved....   [tags: computers, storage, saving]

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Plastic Pollution And Its Effects On Our World

- There have been a variety of items/materials that have been put into the world’s oceans, however it is actually said that up to 80% of the items in the worlds marine pollution is land based items, specifically plastics. (Lytle) In certain areas, this percentage actually reaches to about 95% of the pollution is plastics. (Lytle) Plastics do have a very beneficial role in our world, we have made much advancement due to it, but the public does not realize the significance of the material. The plastic pollution in oceans have left harmful physical and toxic effects to our marine world in order to put a halt to this, humans need to come together to address this problem before our entire oceans be...   [tags: Ocean, Marine biology, Marine debris, Oceanography]

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Computer And Internet Technology : Computer Hardware

- Computer and Internet Technology Computer Hardware A report for Geoff Wingfield By Joseph Key 9th December 2014 Contents 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 Why Copper Tracks (Busses) Are Ultimately Limited In How Much Data Can Be Delivered By Them Per Second 3 2.1 Why Devices Such As Microprocessors Get Hot And Why The Heat Increases With Higher Clock Rates 3 2.2 Cost Of A PC Running 3 3.0 Describe How The Latest Technology Is Used To Optimise Its Operation For Speed 4 4.0 Cost Of Building A New PC Versus Buying A New Ready Built PC 4 5.0 Computer Benchmarking 4 6.0 How The Telephone System And The Internet Infrastructure Collectively Form The Basis Of The World Wide Web 4 7.0 Conclusion...   [tags: Personal computer, Computer]

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Claude Shannon's Contribution to Cryptography

- ... When applied to the telephone, it enabled the high command in both London and Washington to communicate with each other knowing that the Germans would never pick up on their conversations. One of the problems though was that since the message was broken down into steps before being sent through the channel, the receiver would not receive an exact replica of the message but an approximation. During World War 2 this was good enough and the allies could understand each other but for a mathematician like Shannon this was only the beginning....   [tags: notorious mathematicians, information theory]

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Impact Drivers A Complete Guide

- Impact Drivers-A Complete Guide When you think of iconic, must have tools that you will find in every garage, what do you usually think of. Most people will probably say cordless drills, circular saws, hammers, etc., tools like that. What people most people probably would not name, are impact drivers. Although they are not a well-known tool, at least when compared with cordless drills and saws, they are a very useful tool to have around. Impact drivers are small, cordless drill like tools, that are used to either loosen screws and nuts that are unable to be taken out by a traditional screwdriver; on the other hand, they are also used to tighten screws and nuts that need to be tightened with...   [tags: Drill, Drill bit, Screw, Want]

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The Use of VGA in Computers

- The Use of VGA in Computers Video or graphics circuitry, usually fitted to a card but sometimes found on the motherboard itself, is responsible for creating the picture displayed by a monitor. On early text-based PCs this was a fairly mundane task. However, the advent of graphical operating systems dramatically increased the amount of information needing to be displayed to levels where it was impractical for it to be handled by the main processor. The solution was to off-load the handling of all screen activity to a more intelligent generation of graphics card....   [tags: Papers]

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Digital Audio Format Comparison

- INTRODUCTION Digital media is taking over, literally. It already took over the music industry, and on February 17, 2009 it will conquer broadcast television by congressional mandate. Many digital media consumers are bewildered by an abundance of confusing terms and trapped by digital media’s overwhelming market share. This paper will attempt to shed some light on the inner workings of this enigma by explaining why audio compression is used, and comparing the most common digital audio codecs used in online music sales....   [tags: Research Analysis]

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Convolutional Coding

- Each parity bit is taken from the corresponding D FF then ran through an XOR gate that does the mod 2 addition to output the parity bit. This circuit creates a physical generator polynomial that the message is fed through, creating the encoded message. Another method of encoding is done through a state table diagram. This is a diagram that tracks which parity bit is output depending on which state it’s in and which state it is transitioning to, which depends on the input bit received. To make our state diagram we first need to understand the parity bit equations above....   [tags: parity bit, information technology]

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Finite Evidence and Universal Propositions

- Finite Evidence and Universal Propositions There is a lot of empirical evidence supporting the proposition '‘All metals expand when heated’. For example on many, many occasions we have observed metals expanding when heated. Because of this large amount of evidence we take the proposition to be true (or highly likely to be true). The proposition '‘All metals expand when heated’ is caled a universal proposition. A universal proposition mentions al things of a certain kind. The proposition '‘Al metals expand when heated’ is about al metals, not just some of them; it is about al pieces of metal, not just some pieces....   [tags: Ampliative Logic]

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The Future of Life in the Universe

- BANG... Billions of years ago there was a chemical reaction that caused a massive expansion called “the Big Bang” (Larocco 2011). Electrons and nuclei formed atoms. These atoms formed a gaseous cloud Earth. Through chemical reactions caused by energy produced by the Sun a molecule that was able to self-replicate developed. This is the first sign of evolution. Through subsequent chemical reactions inorganic compounds came into existence. The first ancestor of today’s cell is called a Protobiont. It took millions of years just to get to this point (Zimmer 2010)....   [tags: Scientific Research ]

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All about Cryptography

- CONTENTS 1 INTRODUCTION 2 2 THE RIJNDAEL ALGORITHM 2 3 HISTORY OF CRYPTOGRAPHY 4 4 MODERN TRENDS AND USES IN CRYPTOGRAPHY 5 4.1 Trends 5 4.1.1 Elliptic curve cryptography 5 4.1.2 Quantum Cryptography 6 4.2 Uses 6 5 TYPES OF CRYPTOGRAPHIC ALGORITHMS 6 5.1 Secret Key Cryptography 6 5.2 Public-Key Cryptography 7 5.3 Hash Functions 8 7 BIBLIOGRAPHY 9   1 INTRODUCTION A basic task in cryptography is to enable users to communicate securely over an insecure channel in a way that guarantees their transmissions' privacy and authenticity....   [tags: the rijndael algorithm, history, modern]

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Information Security: Public Key Infrastructure

- With the increase of digital communications and transactions, a stronger level of security is required to protect the user and their data transactions. Systems, servers, personal computers, mobile devices, tokens and smart cards are all being used ubiquitously to view protected communications. With the influx of data management, there is an ever-apparent contest between the two adversaries in the game of Information Security: the developers and the hackers. PKI was designed to leverage the Internet infrastructure for communications (CITE Samuelle 2009)....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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SIGMA: Pseudo Random Number Generator

- Abstarct— The field of pseudo random number generation is important as well as not much explored. In present manuscript, we explores the possibility of a new Pseudorandom Random Number Generator and gives its testing results on NIST test battery. Keyword— Random Number Generator, NIST statistical test suite, SIGMA I. INTRODUCTION A pseudo-random bit sequence is an output of any deterministic algorithm, which generates a wide number of pseudo-random bits that every set of bits has an equal chance of being chosen from the universe of numbers [1]....   [tags: algorithm, pseudo-random bit sequence, NIST]

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Multiple Access Relay Channel

- In wireless networks we have high and time varying packet losses due to the effect of fading. One way to provide communication without effect of fading is to introduce channel coding and network coding in the system operation. Channel coding (redundant symbols/ bits at the physical layer) is to add redundant information into inside the packet to recover errors in the original information. Network coding (redundant packets at the network layer) is to add redundant information across multiple packets....   [tags: Replay Selection Schemes, Wireless Networks]

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The Evolution of The Modem

- The Evolution of The Modem The word modem is an acronym for Modulator Demodulator. Modems accept digital data supplied by the personal computer, and convert it to a modulated analog waveform that can be transmitted over an analog telephone line. Modems also work in reverse. They take a modulated analog wave from the phone line, then convert it to a digital form, then pass it onto the personal computer (PC). Modems, at connection, send tones to each other to negotiate the fastest mutually supported modulation method that will work over whatever quality of line has been established for that call....   [tags: Papers]

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Telecommunication Systems

- Telecommunication Systems 1) If the noise pulse signal cross the decision level of the detector then an error will occur in the bit value. If the noise is Gaussian there is equal probability for the noise voltage to increase the sample value and to decrease the sample value. Sampling at mid-interval T could result in an error if the noise value is happen to be large. Backward error control is a scheme in which the data is sent coded so that the receiver can detect errors, the receiver requests retransmission of a data block (frame) contain an error....   [tags: Papers]

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Trends in Computer Architecture

- Trends in Computer Architecture Since the introduction of the first computer, the search for computer architecture that is faster, smaller, and more efficient has been a constant goal of the computer industry. The first computers were large, heavy machines composed of thousands of vacuum tubes. The development of the transistor created the next evolution in computer architecture, the microchip. This is the architecture used in the current generation of computers. Like its vacuum tube predecessor, this architecture of utilizing transistors, can only go so far....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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What UTP Ethernet network cable would you use to connect a PC to a router using console?

- What UTP Ethernet network cable would you use to connect a PC to a router using console. Rollover cable is a kind of null modem cable that is the most commonly used to connect a PC to the console port as shown in figure1[1]. It likes other type of cables that their names are come from how they are wired. So, it is called rollover cable because it has one end that is rolled in a way reversed from other. Lastly, the purpose of this kind of cable is to allow making a connection between a computer terminal and other device such as router or switch in order to configure them as needed [2]....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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Reproducing Quantitatively and Realistically the Fragmentation Process Documented in Rock Cutting Experiments

- While domestic oil reserves remain plentiful at present, this supply is increasingly concentrated in geologically challenging and operationally complex settings such as deep formations, deepwater offshore, and lower permeability formations. Drilling a well into a reservoir is an expensive and time-consuming operation. In deep wells, the rate of penetration (ROP) is one of the major issues. Low ROP (e.g. 3 to 5 ft/hr) is mainly a result of the elevated compressive strength of the highly overburdened formations encountered at greater depths....   [tags: Research Proposal]

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Centered Around Playing Baseball, David Perkins' Book, Making Learning Whole

- The book Making Learning Whole by David Perkins is developed teaching examples centered on a metaphor of playing a baseball game. Perkins feels that education is damaged when teachers break down knowledge into individual facts. When teachers teach only bits and pieces of knowledge at a time, students only get bits and pieces and not the overall picture. This hampers the students overall learning potential. I feel that his analysis about learning about realistic activities and getting students to engage in each aspect of learning will allow the student to acquire more meaningful connections in learning....   [tags: enlightenment, empowerment, and responsibility]

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Free Trade Agreements: A Growing Trend Across the Globe

- Free trade agreements have been an increasingly growing trend to join across the globe. These agreements have been able to gain a strong base of supports who feel there are many advantages in becoming a member of any number of free trade agreements currently in existence. One of the largest economic blocs in China is the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), which has been able to bring both advantages and disadvantages to China. By being able to understand what specific benefits exist in joining an economic block, we are able to understand why ASEAN has both benefited and challenged China....   [tags: Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation]

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Snap Judgments: A Look into the Subconscious Mind

- The brain is one of the most complex as well as one of the most vital organs of the human body. It's utter perplexity still causes the most astound thinkers to step back and contemplate the way it works. Every second the brain processes four-hundred billion bits of information, while only two-thousand of those bits people become aware of. One can also observe that with so much information to process, there is a plethora of information in the world that can be obtained than what is actually being perceived....   [tags: Psychology]

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Application for Graduate School at Texas A&M University

- ... In the course Computer Architecture & Organization, I implemented the LC-3 architecture with all necessary components including registers, APU, datapaths of instructions, memory including instructions pipeline architecture using Verilog. In the course Operating System, I developed the custom command line interpreter using C and implemented several functionalities as changing directories, execution of command etc., I also implemented threading, resource sharing using semaphores and monitors using C....   [tags: systems, curriculum, development, technology]

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Performance Evaluation of Discrete Wavelet Transform Architecture

- Discrete wavelet transform has an inherent time-scale locality characteristics which provided an efficient tool for various fields like signal compression, signal analysis, etc. This led to the development of various architectures that implements DWT. The original pixels are highly correlated, thus applying the compression algorithms directly does not provide an efficient compression ratio. Hence, DWT is applied which is a powerful tool to de correlate the image pixels. The 2-D wavelet filters which are separable functions, is implemented first by row-DWT and then column DWT which produces four sub band namely LL, LH, HL and HH in every decomposition level....   [tags: pixels, signal analysis, high speed data]

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Zora Neale Hurston: Reflection In Her Work

- Authors get their ideas on paper in many ways. They can use their imagination making up everything from thin air. They can use their past experiences or experiences that others relate to them. A better explanation about how authors end up writing what we read is best clarified by an author themselves. Ursula Le Guin an American novelist explains, “I don't believe that a writer "gets" (takes into the head) an "idea" (some sort of mental object) "from" somewhere, and then turns it into words, and writes them on paper....   [tags: American Author, Their Eyes Were Watching God]

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The World's Biggest Landfill: The Pacific Ocean

- 100 million tons of plastic is generated every year, and ten percent of it ends up in our oceans. Every square mile in this area hosts 46,000 pieces of floating plastic. The world’s biggest landfill is sadly in the Pacific Ocean. Humans have been carelessly polluting the earth’s oceans for countless years with items such as plastic bags, water bottles, foam packaging, fishing nets, rope, etc. The Pacific Trash Vortex, consisting of two garbage patches, known as the Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch and the Western Pacific Garbage Patch, is a place where slowly degrading trash, dead fish, birds and marine mammals all swirl around like a clock....   [tags: plastic, vortex, garbage]

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How Information Technology Increased Capital Movement and

- According to UNDP 2009 report the transformation of the global economy during the last three decades is perhaps the most important dimension of global culture and provoked deep and broad adjustments with in countries and cities. Flows of capital, labor, technology and information have supported the growth of world trade from US & 579 billion 1980 to US& 6.272 trillion in 2004, an increase of 11 times. Trade in goods has become an increasing share of the GDPs of national economics, rising from 32.5 percent in 1990 to 40 percent in 2001....   [tags: interest, investors, regulations]

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Effect of Achievement Motivation on Academic Performance

- INTRODUCTION Achievement Motivation (also termed need for achievement, N-Ach) refers to an individual's desire for significant accomplishment, mastering of skills to meet high standards of excellence. It includes the intense, prolonged and repeated efforts to accomplish something difficult, to work with singleness of purpose towards a high and distant goal and to have the determination to win. In this report we have measured the degree of achievement motivation among students of BITS, Pilani to find its effect on their academic performance....   [tags: Psychology Essays]

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An Example Of The Serial Position Effect

- 1. The faster you read the more your short term or working memory has to try to keep up. It will in tern drop some information as an example of the serial position effect. You 'll end up recalling bits of what you read, such as the first part and the last thing you read where the middle part is lost. There are effective encoding strategies you can implement to boost memory recall, by giving attention and conscious effort into what you are learning for effortful processing. Rehearsal can be effective when using conscious repetition of information....   [tags: Memory, Memory processes, Short-term memory]

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Of Mice And Men By George Milton

- Almost everyone is born into a family. In “Of Mice and Men”, the characters George Milton and Lennie Small have a relationship that could be described as a family relationship. In “The Gilded Six-Bits”, Joe Banks and Missie May are a husband and wife. These people interact with others but there is a different type of interaction between the people who they consider to be family. When people interact with family members, they are usually more free with their actions and words than they are with strangers or mere acquaintances....   [tags: Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck, Great Depression]

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The Lady in the Pink Mustang

- In “The Lady in the Pink Mustang” the poet challenges the readers with two contrasting imageries of a woman; the one is the normal woman in her Cadillac while the contrasting image is that of a woman driving her pink Mustang on highways during night. The poem appears to project the two confusing images of a woman during the day time and night. The use of the epithet “Lady” in the title gives the impression of respectability but the word has been used ironically to refer to prostitute, poor woman or a native....   [tags: Poetic Anlysis, Commercial World]

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History and Description of Pasteurella Multocida

- Pasteurella multocida was first isolated in 1880 by Louis Pasteur, and was described as the causative agent of fowl cholera.(1,2) During this time in history, microorganism isolated from livestock suffering from conditions such as haemorrhagic septicemia and atrophic rhinitis who demonstrated similar biochemical and morphological characteristics to that of Pasteurs’ microorganism where named Pasteurella septica.(1,3) It was not until the 1930s, when scientist recognised that the bacterium was associated with cat bits and was no longer classified as Pasteurella septica but as Pasteurella multocida....   [tags: fowl cholera, pasteurella multocida infection]

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Analysis of Smart Power Control System

- Power saving has been a big concern and has acquired an even more worrying avatar in recent years. In this paper, energy management technique based on set of sensors is presented that can be adapted according to the behavior of the habitant. The purpose this paper is to design a bidirectional visitor counter along with RF based power saving system. The system consists of a programmable microcontroller along with motion sensors to detect human presence. Here we describe an RF based power system using AVR microcontroller....   [tags: power saving,avr microcontroller, power control]

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The Poem Stripper by Mervyn Morris

- ... He begins the poem describing the venue as ‘sleazy’ which means dirty, disreputable or unpleasant a word often associated with prostitutes. Why stop at a place like this when he could have chosen a different venue. One may ask. Though, he describes the ambiance as such, poets usually gets inspired by the weirdest things, from the weirdest places ironic isn't it. Morris use of descriptive words also helps in embodying the atmosphere and what takes place in order to present a realistic and concrete picture of one’s flaccid imagination....   [tags: poetry analysis and essay]

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Functions of A Wide Area Network

- Introduction A Wide Area Network is geographically dispersed telecommunication network. The term distinguishes a broader telecommunication structure from a local area network. Wide area network may be privately owned or rented, but the term usually connotes the inclusion of public network. An intermediate form of network in terms of geography is a metropolitan area network. WAN is communication network that are regional or worldwide in geographic area, with a minimum distance typical of that between major metropolitan area....   [tags: telecommunications, distance, risks]

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How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

- Does our daily use of technology and tools pose a threat to how effectively our memory functions. Technology has played a vital role in human progression over the past century, with new advancements like computers, smart phones, and orbiting satellites paving the way for a world more connected than ever before. The ease of accessing knowledge via these devices ensures that individuals can have the world at their fingertips, as any and all questions they may have can be answered in only a matter of seconds....   [tags: Psychology, Cognition, Memory, Concept]

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Application Of Steganography And Covert Communication

- CHARLES STURT UNIVERSITY GADDE NAVEEN KUMAR 11557932 DIGITAL FORENCICS ASSIGNMENT 2 Task 1 When open the hexa workshop image looks like this This was the Byte Flip Option image This was the Inverse bits option image This was the image for Shift left This was the image for Shift right This was the image for Rotate left This was the image for Rotate right This was the image for Block shift left This was the image for Block shift right This was the image for Inverse bits This was the image for Shift right Finally we arrange the scrambled bits into an order....   [tags: Credit card, Credit card fraud, Fraud]

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Lab Report on Serial Communication and Accessing IBM Comm. Ports

- Lab Report on Serial Communication and Accessing IBM Comm. Ports Lab Title: Serial Communication and accessing IBM comm. ports using DOS and BIOS 1. One of the main differences between serial and parallel communication is the number of wires used to transfer the data. In parallel communication, there is one line for each data bit that is being transferred where as in the case of serial communication the data is sent on a single line 1 bit at a time....   [tags: Papers]

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The Computer Central Processing Unit

- Every day the majority of us interact with computers in one way or another. Be it the computer we use at work or home, the computers in some of the newer cars, or even our cellphones, which are just small computers, we rely on computers for a lot of things. But not many people know how a computer actually works. What’s inside of a computer that makes everything it does possible. Three of the most important pieces of hardware in the computer are the hard drive, the Random Access Memory (RAM), and the Central Processing Unit (CPU)....   [tags: hard drive, RAM, CPU, data, SSD, processor]

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The Divine Providence of Equiano

- In the eighteenth century, innocent victims from native Africa were kidnapped from their homes, the only land they knew, and then taken away on boats to a new world. This new world forced them to become slaves, and crucially took away all their human rights. A survivor of the slave trade from the middle passage is Olaudah Equaino, and he accomplished to publish an autobiography of his life in a book titled, “Equiano’s Travels: The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano or Gustavus Vassa the African.” Equiano suffered great oppression when he and his sister were kidnapped from their homeland, Ibo....   [tags: African History, Slavery]

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Review of the ARM Processor

- The ARM1176JZF-S (which I will refer to just as ARM) microprocessor belongs to the ARM11 family and uses ARMv6 32-bit RISC architecture. The AVR has a 2 stage single level pipeline, which is a simple pre-fetch and execute system. The ARM however has a much more complex pipeline system. It uses a 8-stage dual level pipeline; fetch1, fetch2, decode, register, shift, data1, data2 and write-back. This has many advantages over a basic 2 stage pipeline. Parallelism within an instruction allows continued execution for instructions that use both the memory access pathway and the arithmetic pathway in the event that the data cache misses, this means that the requested data was not in the cache and h...   [tags: Computer Science]

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

- The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an accumulation of marine debris in the North Pacific Ocean. Marine debris is trash that culminates up in oceans, seas, and other sizable voluminous bodies of dihydrogen monoxide. Its also known as the Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch and the Pacific Trash Vortex. It’s located in a high-pressure area between the U.S. states of Hawaii and California. This area is in the middle of the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre. For many people, the conception of a “garbage patch” displays images of an island of trash floating on the ocean....   [tags: marine debris, trash, ocean floor]

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The Security Of Digital Data

- 1.0 Introduction Each day, billions of people worldwide depend on the security of digital systems. From medical history and test results at a hospital, to financial information and account statements at a bank, or social connections and personal messages on a smart phone, nearly every facet of a person’s life has some component of personal data associated with it that is stored on a computer. Furthermore, new forms of personal data to collect are being identified, gathered, analyzed, and stored all the time....   [tags: Cryptography, Encryption, Cipher, Key]

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The Elizabethan Age Of England

- Elizabethan Stage The Elizabethan Stage was a timeframe referred to most students of history as the "Brilliant Age of England." Queen Elizabeth controlled this era, from 1558 to 1603. She was King Henry VIII daughter. She was the 6th and final leader of the Tudors. She was referred to as the Virgin Queen. The reason behind this is that she never wedded or gave birth a son to proceed with her legacy. There have been numerous bits of gossip about her. Some speculation about her is that she was not even a woman but a man....   [tags: Elizabeth I of England, William Shakespeare]

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The History Of The Modem

- The modem, which is an acronym for modulator/demodulator, was invented in the 1950's for military use. Manufactured by the now popular computer company, IBM, modems were used as part of an air-defense system; their purpose was to connect various airbases and control centers. Modems are devices that mix (modulate) and separate (demodulate) signals, allowing one computer to connect to another. They transfer the data over telephone lines by using analog waves and the modem then converts the waves back and forth....   [tags: Technology History]

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