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Background And Significance Of Home Births

- Background and Significance In recent years, the number of home births in the U.S. has increased. Although fewer than 1% of births in the United States occur at home, the rate is much higher in other countries, such as 30% in the Netherlands (Ecker and Minkoff, 2011). Internationally, a majority of births take place in the home, with up to 80-95% in certain Asian and African countries (Fullerton et al., 2007). Unfortunately, the topic of home birth is divided between midwives and obstetricians....   [tags: Childbirth, Obstetrics, Midwifery, Home birth]

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The Importance of Reviving Natural Births

- Natural birthing is interesting because it dates way back to the beginning of time. Some of the older techniques might be best if we leave them in history text books, but there are a few techniques that are helpful. Mixing these natural techniques with modern technology and medicine will provide the best experience for mothers. Natural births have so many options and are super flexible for the mothers’ general expectations of the delivery of her baby/ babies. Midwives, various birthing techniques, and better pain management options are available when a mother chooses to have a natural delivery versus the everyday, run- of- the- mill ‘ideal’ birth choice of today, which is usually a caesarian...   [tags: vaginal delivery, medicinal interference]

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Why Premature Births Happen?

- Many people are aware of the concept of premature births, but most people do not know all of the details. It is common for people to be ignorant towards why they happen, if and how they can be prevented, possible surgeries the child could have to face, or even long-term health problems. The complications, unfortunately, do not end there. Depending on the severity, the parents and the child could have a long road ahead of them. The parents will have a constant job of monitoring their child’s health and development....   [tags: Childbirth, Pregnancy, Cervix, Preterm birth]

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Home Births

- America’s relatively recent medical advancements have been astounding. The twentieth century marked a tremendous boom in medical technological innovations and discoveries. Doctors today are able to do what people could only dream of doing merely a century ago in order to preserve and improve upon one’s quality of life. Some would argue that as a result of this boom, however, Americans have become overly dependent upon doctors and hospitals with respect to their bodies and their health. Advocates of traditional birthing methods, for example, argue that the recent medicalization of American pregnancies is unnecessary and merely feeds the monster that is the business of healthcare in America....   [tags: Women's Health]

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Living Births Are The Foundation Of Building A Population

- Introduction: Live births are the foundation of building a population. In infancy children are at their most vulnerable therefore making their wellbeing a priority in order to best shape population change because the fluctuation of live births can have a prolonged effect of the development of a population. A child is defined by the United Nations as a person below the age of 18, within that an adolescent is defined as a person between the ages of 10 and 19 . There are many ways to facilitate the collection of data on child wellbeing such as looking at healthcare and education statistics....   [tags: Demography, Infant mortality, Population]

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An Aspiring Midwife's View on Hospital Births

- The last four years, my growing interests and experiences in nursing lead me to endeavor becoming a midwife and a women’s health nurse practitioner. My past volunteer work in Doula services, has given me an inside view to many different birthing techniques and styles. In addition, to my work experiences in a home care setting, that has shown me a more personal side to healthcare. This is why; I believe many hospital births limit the control women have with decisions, such as, birthing positions, delivery time requirements, recovery times and artificial inductions....   [tags: nurse, birth, caesarian ]

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Home Births Pose Special Risk

- The article “Home Births Pose Special Risk”, expounds on the issue that mothers who chose to have home births without Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNM) are more likely to put their infants at risk for complications versus women whose home births are attended by CNM’s and those who deliver at the hospital (Bakalar, 2013). I chose this article because I have always had an admiration for the field of Midwifery and for working with neonates; furthermore, I thought it was interesting that the article mentioned that infants who were born at home with the aid of a CNM had similar complications in relation to infants who were born in a hospital and I wanted to know why....   [tags: CNM, hospital, midwifery, nursing, education]

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Calculating Number Of Births Around The World

- Calculating number of births around the world is a struggled statistic that even big organizations like UNICEF or World Health Organization fail to conclude. There is only an estimate that can be made based on the data collected worldwide as to how many children are born every day. The speculated reason is, that not all the births get registered and not all newborns survive. Imagine, how many children born every day will get a decent quality of life. How many of the born will actually survive their infancy and mature to other life stages....   [tags: Adoption, Foster care, Family, Orphanage]

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Mussolini’s Battle for Births Policy

- Section A- Plan of Investigation: What was the impact of Mussolini’s “Battle for Births” policy on Italy between 1926 and 1945. The investigation will focus on economic and social impacts of the “Battle for Births”. Mussolini demanded that the Italian population grow rapidly and abundantly, without regard to the consequences that would accompany a sudden increase in population. In order to successfully investigate this question, the motives for the policy and the means of enforcing the policy, such as taxes, organizations, and incentives, will also need to be analyzed....   [tags: Italian Government, Politics]

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Conclusive Results for Premature Caesarean Births

- Over the past few years, the rate of caesarean birth has increased tremendously (March of Dimes Foundation, 2011). Caesarean birth, also known as a C-section, is a steadily growing surgical procedure. With the rate in 2007 at 32 percent, about one in three mothers now gives birth by C-section (Rabin, 2012). An infant is considered full term between 37 and 42 weeks, and an infant born before 37 weeks is premature or a preemie. C-sections contribute to the number of babies born late pre-term between 34 and 36 weeks gestation (March of Dimes Foundation, 2011)....   [tags: Medical Research]

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Prenatal Care and Preterm Births

- Prenatal Care and Preterm Births In the last 20 years the hopes of survival for neonates have seen significant increase, almost all of the causes of perinatal mortality and morbidity have decreased. There is only one threat unmoved, still standing above the rest- Preterm birth. Prematurity or preterm birth is defined as the birth of any child between 20-37 weeks of gestation. Delivery prior to 20 weeks of gestation is considered a Natural abortion.1 The survival rate of low birth weight infants has significantly increased from 15-80% in the last 20 years....   [tags: Papers]

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Calculating The Total Number Of Births Around The World

- Calculating the total number of births around the world is a struggled statistic that even big organizations like UNICEF or World Health Organization fail to conclude. There is only an estimate that can be made based on the data collected worldwide as to how many children are born every day. The speculated reason is, not all the births get registered and not all the newborns survive. Imagine, how many of the children born every day will get a decent quality of life. How many of those born will actually survive their infancy and mature to other life stages....   [tags: Adoption, Foster care, Orphanage, Adoptees]

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Poverty Is A Leading Contributor Of Unhealthy Infant Births

- Poverty is a leading contributor of unhealthy infant births and directly leads to unnecessary death caused by lack of quality healthcare and malnutrition. Poverty also contributes to lower life expectancy because some families are not able to provide their families with the necessary health care they need and provide them with enough nourishment to live a healthy life. Studies also show that “in 2013, 45.3 million people (14.5 percent) were living in a poverty stricken area” (   [tags: Poverty, Teenage pregnancy, Working poor, Suicide]

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Gauri Deshpande’s Between Births: Poetic Sensibility

- A poem is a composite art symbol and is a signature of aesthetic competent. Gauri Deshpande excels in her poetic creativity and the fabric of sensibility that she articulates is not only significant but is also innovative. The enduring quality of her poetry is not only a sum total of past heritage but is also referential, expressive and connotative. Gauri Deshpande is a name that the critic and the reader of Indian English Poetry can not by-pass without leaving a conspicuous lacuna in his repertoire....   [tags: Female Subjectivity, Emotional Soul]

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Multiple Births

- Multiple Births Multiple births are rare in humans with twins as being the most common form of this event. Multiple births can arise in many different combinations of ways but the probability of giving birth to more than one child remains fairly constant when compared to the entire human race. The chances of multiple births can also vary from race and genetic background. Scientist and researchers do not know what the exact cause of these variations is but many of them feel that it is caused by hormone differences between different racial groups and/or the difference in social class....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Pre-Mature Births in African American Women Caused by Racism

- III. Literature Review Stress of Racism can cause Premature Births for Black Moms Introduction: Pre-Mature birth has been an uprising pandemic in the United States for women of color. Research suggests that pre-mature births amongst the African American community are prevalent because of race related stress during or before pregnancy. Stress of Racism can cause Premature Births for Black Moms was published by Janet Taylor on November 23, 2009. Taylor wrote this article from an academic perspective....   [tags: consequences of stress]

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Sweet Home Births in Alabama: Fighting to Legalize Midwives in the State

- ... Now this bill is processing through the Senate as Alabama Senate Bill 99. The Senate has yet to come to a decision. Who is proposing it and why. The House Bill was proposed by Representative Mike Ball of Madison. The Senate Bill is being proposed by Senator Paul Bussman of Cullman. Both bills were introduced and pushed for by the Alabama Birth Coalition. There have been other bills similar to this one that have been proposed and shut down by the state, Ball, Bussman, and the Alabama Birth Coalition recognize the determination of certain women to give birth at home and see the need to provide some sort of care rather that jeopardizing this health and lives of the mother and infant....   [tags: policies, law, pros and cons]

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Maternal-Child Data for Hardin County, Kentucky and the U.S.

- In 2012, there were a total of 3,952,841 births in the United States and of these, 55,758 were born in the state of Kentucky (Martin et al., 2013). Hardin County, Kentucky is the home of about 107,025 people (Kentucky Health Facts, 2008). The main cities that make up Hardin County include Elizabethtown, Radcliff, and Fort Knox. Hardin County is considered a rural community. The majority of all births in Hardin County occur in a hospital or at home. The community of Hardin County Kentucky extends residents the choice of a hospital delivery or a home delivery....   [tags: certified midwifes, births]

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History of the Lange Family

- The history of the Lange family spans back almost over 100 years ago with the birth of Grandfather Clark Lange in 1917 who then married Catherine Phelan (b: 1922) in November of 1946, which then began the Lange family lineage. Catherine and Clark gave birth to Walter (b: 1947), Anne (b: 1949), Paul (b: 1951), Mary (b: 1954), Brian (b: 1957), and Peter (b: 1961) into the family. From there, Water and Carol Ann Ronan who married in August of 1970 gave birth to Daniel Lange in 1973, Catherine Lange in 1971, and Courtney Lange in 1971....   [tags: births, deaths, family, event]

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The Problems Brought by Overpopulation

- Overpopulation Have you begun to notice the longer lines at Starbucks, the increase traffic on the freeway, gas stations fuller and the market parking lots increasingly crowded. This is all due to the overpopulation we are facing in the world. Overpopulation is caused by increase in births and a decrease in deaths; people are living longer and having much more children then expected. In return, we began to become overpopulated. According to the United States Census Bureau every eight seconds a birth occurs and every thirteen seconds a death occurs....   [tags: births, deaths, environment]

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The Effects Multiple Births Have on Outcomes of Cerebral Palsy in Infants

- The Effects Multiple Births Have on Outcomes of Cerebral Palsy in Infants Cerebral palsy is typically characterized as a disorder caused by injuries to the cerebrum, the part of the brain responsible for higher mental functions, sensations, and voluntary muscle actions (7). Symptoms of cerebral palsy vary by severity of the disease, and include seizures, involuntary muscle contractions, difficulty sucking or feeding, irregular breathing, delayed development of motor skills, motor-mental retardation, mental retardations, speech abnormalities, visual abnormalities, hearing abnormalities, spasticity, progressive joint contractures, limited range of motion, and peg teeth (7)....   [tags: Papers]

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Comparing the Number of Births of Boys to Girls in Atomic-Bomb Survivors

- Comparing the Number of Births of Boys to Girls in Atomic-Bomb Survivors Normally, somewhat more pregnancies terminate in boys than girls in all populations, and this normal preponderance of male births has not been demonstrated to be significantly altered when the parents (one or both) were exposed to atomic radiation. However, when the genetic studies began, it was believed that a person's gender was simply determined. Individuals inheriting an X chromosome from their father and one from their mother were destined to be females; whereas those individuals who inherited a Y chromosome from their father and an X from their mother would be males....   [tags: Papers]

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Preventing Still Births and Miscarriages

- ... Usually this happens by chance when fertilized egg divides and grows. This problem causes at least half miscarriages,” Often time’s doctors cannot detect why the fetus died, sometimes it’s meant for humans to be uncertain, everything happens for a reason and everything does not have an explanation behind results. Stillbirths on the other hand are problems within the womb, and majority of the time doctors cannot detect the problem of stillborn. Since most mothers do not fully understand the main problem they often tend to go into depression....   [tags: complications of pregnancy]

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Premature Births and Developmental Complications

- When infants are born prematurely, many of them present developmental complications along with a variety of medical problems. Many of these infants also experience frequent hospitalization. One of the main causes of readmission is feeding difficulties, also known as dysphagia. Dysphagia is a condition in which swallowing is considered difficult or painful. This condition is commonly seen in premature infants because of their immature sucking and uncoordinated suck, swallow, and breathing patterns....   [tags: developmental complications, dysphagia, oral]

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Summary Of ' Don 't Be Silly

- “I’m not so sure we should go inside. Can we just hand Casey our gifts and leave.” “Don’t be silly.” “What if when we leave, we bring somethin’ with us. I’ve heard ghosts can follow you home.” “Em, that’s ridiculous. You’re letting old wives tales get to you. Look at the place it’s beautiful.” “Just cause it looks good on the outside, don’t mean that everything’s fine on the inside. You sense things. What kind of vibes are you getting?” Fiona didn’t want to tell Emily that the nervous flutter in her stomach didn’t start until they had turned down the road heading to Glendara....   [tags: 2007 singles, Want, 1983 births]

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Minnie Wright 's Emotional And Spiritual Loneliness

- Minnie Wright was isolated from almost everyone throughout the course of her marriage. The main time Minnie was isolated is during the day while her husband was working. “‘Not having children makes less work,’ mused Mrs. Hale, after a silence, ‘but it makes a quiet house-and Wright out to work all day’” (Glaspell 511). Being the only person ever inside of a house is very lonely, and it was rare for a woman to ever even leave the house. “Furthermore, [John] refuses to have a telephone; and, as we also learn, he has denied his wife access to even the minimal contacts that town life might afford women at that time, such as the church choir in which Minnie had sung before her marriage....   [tags: Quilting, Quilt, Marriage, 1947 births]

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The Choice Of Five Fathers And Children Presents Sectional Consistency

- Considering the above comparison, it can be seen that the choice of five fathers and children presents sectional consistency. In Korea’s original show, five fathers own different personalities, like funny, serious, treating children like friends, indulging children or inexperienced. They were corresponding to five father types, respectively. Although audiences in front of televisions have different backgrounds of growth, they can also find familiar feeling. Their psychological distance with television show can be shortened....   [tags: Father, Family, South Korea, 1979 births]

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Being A Man And Not A Sex Toy

- “Yeah, they fit better, blokes jeans are too baggy”, I replied. “You looked good in those dungarees that you used to wear”, she said. “I nicked them off a girlfriend. She said they fitted me better than her”, I said laughing. “Perhaps we should try you out in drag sometime”, she suggested. “Err…I think that is going a bit too far”, I said taking a drink from her. “I don’t mean in the street but if a fancy dress party comes up we could go as a couple…in reverse. Me wearing a moustache and you in a mini, we would look fabulous”, she tittered sitting down....   [tags: 2005 singles, 2007 singles, 1970 births, Thought]

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Potential Community Health Problem And Provide Pca Data

- 1. Determine one actual or potential community health problem and provide PCA data. (1.5 pt) According to a report published by the Arizona Department of Health Services (2016), the Central City Village has a Primary Care Area score of 39. Currently, there are high rates of low weight births among the pregnant residents of Central City Village, as evidenced by the Arizona Department of Health Services (2016) report, that for every 1000 live births 84.4 of them were low birth weight (weighing less than 5lb 8 oz) compared to the 70.5 per every 1000 births for the rest of the county, and the 70.6 per every 1000 births for the state of Arizona....   [tags: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Abortion, Gestational age]

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Developing Countries: A Low Weight Birth Baby

- Every pregnant lady is willing to have a healthy baby. But unfortunately due to dome reasons, low weight births, pre births or still births can be happened. Economical, environmental, social, genetics reasons are some of them. This is a severe problem in some countries such as countries in south Asian and African regents; Low child birth is an indicator of the above mentioned aspects of a particular country. A low weight birth is a child birth less than two thousand and five hundred grams (5.5 pounds)....   [tags: pregnancy, sri lanka, iron deficiency]

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Human Sexuality : Diversity Within Contemporary America

- According to “Human Sexuality: Diversity in Contemporary America,” women and couples planning the birth of a child have decisions to make in variety of areas: place of birth, birth attendant(s), medication, preparedness classes, circumcision, breast feeding, etc. The “childbirth market” has responded to consumer concerns, so its’ important for prospective consumers to fully understand their options. With that being said, a woman has the choice to birth her child either at a hospital or at home. There are several differences when it comes to hospital births and non-hospital births....   [tags: Childbirth, Obstetrics, Midwifery, Pregnancy]

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Hospital Birth vs. Non-Hospital Birth

- According to “Human Sexuality: Diversity in Contemporary America,” women and couples planning the birth of a child have decisions to make in variety of areas: place of birth, birth attendant(s), medication, preparedness classes, circumcision, breast feeding, etc. The “childbirth market” has responded to consumer concerns, so its’ important for prospective consumers to fully understand their options. With that being said, a woman has the choice to birth her child either at a hospital or at home. There are several differences when it comes to hospital births and non-hospital births....   [tags: Health Care ]

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Teenage Pregnancy in the Bahamas

- Teenage pregnancy in the Bahamas Every society is affected by teenage pregnancy which is a multifaceted problem that can pose social, economic and health issues. Teenage pregnancy inadvertently contributes to the escalating volume of single parent families in the Bahamas. According to the Department of Statics a single parent home is considered to be a home in which the parents are not married. Although the birth rate fluctuates, births to single mothers have escalated over the past forty years in the Bahamas from 29% (1970) to 62% (2009)....   [tags: Single Mothers, Social Issues]

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The Health System Of The United States

- The United States prides itself in the easy access to healthcare, and quality of our hospitals. If you are sick, you go to the doctor, if there is anything remotely wrong with you, you run to the physician. Because of the control our health system has on society, natural events such, as childbirth have become a medicalized experience. According to a 2012 study, at home births accounted for an insignificant 1.26% of all the births in our nation. But what caused our nation to believe that hospital births are necessary....   [tags: Childbirth, Obstetrics, Midwifery, Sociology]

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Health Insurance Policy, Socioeconomic Status, And Education

- According to the medical dictionary home birth is defined as giving birth to a baby in your place of residence. Home birth can be a planned or unplanned event. These home births are often attended by a certified midwife, family member, doctor, EMTs, and especially doulas. Home and natural births may also be conducted in a birthing center or a special birthing ward of a hospital. There is often debate regarding the topic of home birth vs. hospital birth. The debates may be fueled by common misconceptions due to the medicalization of birth....   [tags: Childbirth, Obstetrics, Caesarean section]

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Teenage Pregnancy And Teen Pregnancy

- Human life has dated back to biblical times with Adam and Eve, having children is such a blessing to so many people, but how about teenagers. Teenagers having babies while they are still “babies” themselves, has become more tolerated by society. However, I do not believe that teenage pregnancy will be accept with society. According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, “the United States’ teen pregnancy rate has declined dramatically over the past two decades” (“National” 1)....   [tags: Teenage pregnancy, Abortion, Pregnancy]

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The Effect Of Maternal Stress During Pregnancy On The Risk For Preterm Birth

- Effect of Maternal Stress During Pregnancy on the Risk for Preterm Birth Today, there are many different reasons that contribute to preterm births. “Multiple pregnancies, vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, and polyhydramnios or oligohydramnios are all associated with an increased in premature delivery” (Lilliecreutz, Laren, Sydsjo, & Josefsson, 2016, p. 2). Typically, these factors are related to preterm pregnancies. In addition, factors such as having high levels of stress during pregnancy can also lead to having preterm births....   [tags: Childbirth, Preterm birth, Pregnancy, Cervix]

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The Methods Of Birth Assessment

- Methods of Birth Assessment There are an average of 6 million women each year in the United States with nearly 63% of them resulting in live births (The Alan Guttmacher Institute, 2008). The average full term pregnancy remains 40 weeks from the last menstrual period, but there is variation in the length. With pregnancy comes numerous decisions the expectant mother and father must make to properly welcome the newborn into the world. A large decision is where and how the mother will give birth. There are many alternatives to the classic medical birth like natural childbirth (birth without surgery or medication) that occur in a variety of settings like a hospital or home....   [tags: Childbirth, Pregnancy, Obstetrics]

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Teen Parents And Teen Parenting

- In the United States, approximately 1 million teenagers become pregnant each year (Broecker). People make many assumptions about parenting teens, but parenting skills are less about age than about making the right choices and setting a good example; more people help the teen parent raise the child; and teen parents have a better chance of being closer to their child. Society is too hung up on one correct order of finishing high school or college, getting a job, getting married and having babies....   [tags: Teenage pregnancy, Adolescence, Pregnancy]

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Discussion on Whether Premature Birth Affects Refractive Development

- Before discussing whether premature birth affects refractive development, it is important to appreciate what ‘prematurity’ actually means. Prematurity and preterm birth are two different but positively correlated concepts. Preterm birth refers to a baby being born at a gestational age of less than 37 weeks (Robinson et al., 2001; Goldenberg et al., 2008). Normal embryological development includes the maturation of many organs between 34-37 weeks, therefore, a preterm birth means many of these organs are not yet fully developed i.e....   [tags: pregnancy, vision, myopia]

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Health Assessment of Hillsborough County, FL

- With great attractions like Busch Gardens, Museum of Science and Industry, Tampa Lowry Park and Zoo and plenty of fine and cultural dining locations, Hillsborough County makes an exciting place not only to visit but live. It is located on the west coast of central Florida. Even though Hillsborough County has 3,671 cities, towns, and other populated areas, Hillsborough County has 10 cities which includes Tampa, Brandon, Town ‘n’ Country, Greater Carrollwood, Egypt Lake-Leto, University, Plant City, and Lake Maga, but only three are incorporated cities which include Tampa, Plant City, and Temple Terrace....   [tags: Health Assessments]

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Quality Improvement Measures For Perinatal Care

- Quality Improvement Measures in Perinatal Care In late 2007, The Joint Commission 's Board of Commissioners suggested resigning and supplanting the Pregnancy and Related Conditions (PR) measure set with an extended arrangement of based measures. A specialized admonitory board involving specialists in the perinatal field met in February 2009 to choose the substitution set of measures from among those embraced for national use by the National Quality Forum. This extended measure set, now designated as the Perinatal Care (PC) measures includes 5 measures....   [tags: Childbirth, Obstetrics, Pregnancy]

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Mothers : Mothers And Mothers

- When expectant mothers are getting close to giving birth, one thing they try to wrap around their mind is what birthing option to do. It can be a tough decision for some mothers on how and where they plan to give birth. Mothers can choose from giving birth at a hospital, giving birth at home, or even giving birth at a birthing center. A question that also comes to mind is how mothers want to give birth from a medicated birth, C-section or a natural birth. There are some different options on how mothers want to go through with their birth....   [tags: Childbirth, Obstetrics, Midwifery, Doula]

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Six Major Types of Trauma in The World

- Rebecca is a 32-year-old single mother of 4-year-old son Grayson. Grayson’s father left shortly after he was born. Rebecca grew up in a lower socioeconomic household. Money was always an issue for the family of eight. Her mother worked two jobs while her father was a truck driver who was rarely home. Rebecca’s parents left her in the care of neighbors or one of her 4 older siblings. As a result, Rebecca has never been comfortable with expressing emotions or showing close contact. Rebecca now works as a consultant at the local bank....   [tags: difficult birht, pregnancy, abuse, neglect]

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Infant Mortality Rates Is A Major Health Issue

- Infant Mortality Rate in Mississippi Infant mortality represents a major health issue in the United States. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA, 2016) estimated the infant mortality rate in the United States is about 5.87. This indicates that almost six out of every 1,000 infants born do not live to see their first birthday. This is a very high number for a developed country. In the United States, Mississippi has the highest infant mortality rate of all 50 states. Despite introducing initiatives for women and children wellness Mississippi’s infant mortality rate remains high....   [tags: Pregnancy, Teenage pregnancy, United States]

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Midwifes and New Trends in Child Deliveries

- One hundred years ago, it was common for all children to be born at home. In fact, 19 out of 20 of all children born in 1900 in the United States were not born in a hospital and instead were born at home (Holden). Today, less than one percent of all children in America are born outside of a hospital. However a growing movement is reversing that trend, and more women are opting to have children at home. One of the keys to a successful home birth experience is the hiring of a midwife. A midwife is a trained medical professional with expertise in supporting women during their pregnancies....   [tags: Parenting]

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Teen Pregnancy And Teenage Pregnancy

- Teen pregnancy is one of the most common concerns in the United States and most of the countries throughout the world. There are many factors that have encouraged many teenagers to make choices about getting pregnant based upon their backdrops and social hangouts. Some teen pregnancies are most likely to have been result of poor understanding and absence of sexual knowledge that needs to be provided by their parents or the school authorities from early age. During the teenage years, a person has one of the most important duties of pursuing education and planning for their better future but with pregnancy many teens choose to drop out of high school to work for supporting the baby....   [tags: Teenage pregnancy, Pregnancy, Adolescence]

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Notes On Infant Mortality Statistics

- Introductory Explanations Infant Mortality Statistics The 2013 report presented statistics from the linked birth and infant death data set (linked file) by maternal and infant characteristics. The linked file differs from the mortality file, which is based on death certificate data. Descriptive statistics of data were presented and interpreted. The purpose of the linkage “was to use the many additional variables available from birth certificates to conduct more detailed analysis of infant mortality patterns” (Martin, Hamilton, Venture et al., (2011, p....   [tags: Infant mortality, United States, Demography]

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The Kenyan Health System

- Kenya is a developing country in East Africa region with a total land area of 582,646 km2. It gained independence in 1963 from British colonial rule. It is neighbor to Somalia and Sudan which have experienced political instability marred with civil strife but the country has remained relatively stable despite the effects of such on socio-economic status of the country. According to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (2010), Kenya has 38.6 million people with a growth rate of 2.8% annually with a majority population living in rural areas (World Bank, 2010)....   [tags: east africa, health services]

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Skewed Sex Ratio in India: Stopping Female Foeticide

- ... Since I have provided a brief explanation as to what female foeticide refers to, I would like to highlight how this act has, over the years, turned out to be seen as a grave threat. FEMALE FOETICIDE : A STARK REALITY: Censuses of 1991 and 2001 have revealed contradictory trends i.e. Census of 1991 highlighted both overall sex ratio as well as child sex ratio declining whereas Census of 2001 projected an increase in overall sex ratio but a decline in child sex ratio. How can such a phenomenon be explained....   [tags: gender, infant, crime, reduction]

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Current Development And Issues Of Assisted Procreation Techniques

- Current Development and Issues Assisted procreation techniques are use every day in our society, what is confirm by the high number of children born by the utilization of this method, it is also known that ethical problems accompany these technical procedures. One of the ethical issues concerning that new human beings are produce, something that does not seem commensurate with their dignity as human beings should only be born as a result of the donation of love between a man and a woman, in the couple 's relationship, or within the marriage relationship....   [tags: In vitro fertilisation, Pregnancy, Reproduction]

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Reproduction and Abortion Rights in Poland

- Should a woman have control over her body, and with that make reproductive choices. Reproduction and abortion have been a controversial topic for over fifty years. Some people argue pro-life while others argue pro-choice. Who should have the right to choose for women. Poland, along with many other Central-Eastern European countries, believe that the choice should be in the hands of the state, government, and more importantly the church. Poland is located in central-eastern Europe, and had approximately 38.7 million people as of 2003 (Center For Reproductive Rights, 2003)....   [tags: Abortion Essays]

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The Rate Of Infant Mortality

- The rate of deaths to infants under age one is 4.9 deaths per 1,000 births. The highest rate of infant mortality is among African American babies, followed by Hispanic babies. The infant mortality rate among American Indian babies fluctuates, with little consistent pattern. This could be largely due to the small number of American Indian babies born each year. These statistics are for Hennepin County, but by comparing Minnetonka statistics of birth rate, racial makeup, families, population per square mile, age, and residents on public assistance, Minnetonka ranked in the middle when compared to other cities in Hennepin County....   [tags: Demography, Population, Minnesota]

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The Pregnancy Is The Presence Of Any Presenting Part Of The Fetus

- Malpresentation in childbirth is the presence of any presenting part of the fetus that is not cephalic or vertex (head first) (Ramsden, Callander & Hanretty, 2010). Macdonald & Magill-Cuerden (2011) states that breech presentation is the most common and describes when the fetal buttock lies lowermost in the maternal uterus and the fetal head occupies the fundus. The fetus lies longitudinal, with the sacrum as the denominator and the presenting diameter is the bitrochanteric (10cm), see appendix (A) (Macdonald & Magill-Cuerden, 2011)....   [tags: Childbirth, Obstetrics, Breech birth, Pelvis]

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The Minimum Of 12 Unpaid Maternity Leave At The United States

- Currently in the United States, under The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, the federal government mandates a minimum of 12 weeks unpaid maternity leave to mothers who have a newborn or have newly adopted a child. Whether or not an employer chooses to pay the mother during this time is left to their discretion. This law only applies to about 50 -60 percent of working mothers due to firm size and duration of employment requirements. Currently, only 11 percent of private sector workers have access to paid maternity leave in the United States....   [tags: Childbirth, Pregnancy]

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Vitro Fertilization And Its Effects On The Social Structure

- In Vitro Fertilization A couple has been trying to have a child since 2013. They make their way to a Gynecologist and a Genetic Counselor who tells them the difficult news; they are unable to have a child. Around 10% of couples have complications while trying to have a child. Otherwise, in young couples, they have a 90% chance of having their own child (Van Voorhis). There is also the fair percentage of group of older couples who wish to have a child but cannot. Infertility is not an a “special occurrence”, but is a problem that many handle....   [tags: Pregnancy, In vitro fertilisation, Family]

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The Impacts of Birth Spacing through Family Planning

- Family planning is extremely promoted as a valuable maternal and child health intervention, especially appropriate for developing countries where the burden of child and maternal mortality is relatively high (Tsui & Creanga, 2009). For economic reason, Family Planning might be the most effective method of preventing unplanned and unwanted pregnancy, thereby, reducing the chance of infant mortality. Bongaarts (1987) mentions that recent reviews of relevant evidence have confirmed that an increase in the practice of family planning can, theoretically, reduce infant and child mortality rates....   [tags: infant mortality, IMR, contraception]

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Premature Birth: The Life of a Premature Baby

- Premature Birth: The Life of a Premature Baby “Babies born before thirty-seven weeks of gestation are classified of premature”, (Boenker). Premature babies usually are underweight and highly need specialty medical care. “The number of premature births is increasing and occurs in eight to ten percent of all pregnancies in the United States” (“Premature Baby Stats”). Premature births can cause lifetime affects on infants as well as life changing events for their families. Some of the causes of premature births are: Previous premature birth, miscarriage, or multiple abortions....   [tags: premature babies, underweight]

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What Makes A Good Midwife? An Integrative Review

- Nicholls, L., & Webb, C. (2006). What makes a good midwife. An integrative review of methodologically-diverse research. Journal Of Advanced Nursing, 56(4), 414-429. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2648.2006.04026.x The article “What makes a good midwife. An integrative review of methodologically-diverse research” went over various pieces of evidence that determines what makes a good midwife. I found this article hard to follow, the information was confusing and seemed to be all over the place. The authors Nicholls, Lynn and Webb, Christine did not do a good job at entertaining the reader and did not focus on delivering the main idea the the article in a clear picture....   [tags: Childbirth, Obstetrics, Midwifery, Home birth]

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The Impact of China’s One Child Policy

- China’s One Child Policy is still a current issue today. Before the policy was created, Mao Tse Dong, was China’s communist leader, who believed in planned births. He wanted the country to go by the slogan “later, longer, fewer.” This encouraged families to have fewer children, to space the births out longer, and to have them at a later age in life (Nadia 295). He believed that once people’s education increased so would the practice of birth control. This would help lower fertility rate and could bring some people out of poverty....   [tags: population control, Mao Tse Dong]

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Teenage Pregnancy And Childbearing Are Social Concerns

- romantic relationship; thereby reducing loneliness (Dorsila & Shandler, 2011). Early childbearing is greatly influenced by adolescent’s perceptions or attitudes towards pregnancy (Dorlisa & Shandler, 2011). Yearly, about 85,000 teens get pregnant and need financial support to respond to their needs (Medoff, 2010). In 2009, more than 400,000 of children from teen births were in foster care (Lieberman, 2014). Teens mother are more likely to experience financial hardship and have to struggle to provide financial support for their children (Lieberman, 2014)....   [tags: Teenage pregnancy, Pregnancy, Adolescence]

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Healthy People 2020: Congenital Heart Disease

- In 2004 like most expectant mothers, I was excited and nervous as to what the future held for my family. Would my baby girl healthy or would she be born like me with a congenital heart defect. As an adult living with such a chronic disease, I knew what that entailed; a lifetime faced with numerous hospital visits, surgeries and procedures. Thankfully she was healthy and strong, but many mothers are not as fortunate. Congenital heart defects or diseases (CHD) are defined as “conditions that are present at birth and can affect the structure of a baby’s heart and the way it works (“Mortality From,” 2011).” These defects range from mild to severe and impact the infant’s blood flow through hear...   [tags: maternal, infant and child health ]

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Teen Pregnancy Within The United States

- The District of Columbia is the 23rd most population city in the United States with a population of 658,893 (Census). According to UNICEF, teen pregnancy is defined as “A teenage girl, usually within the ages of 13-19, becoming pregnant” ((Link 1). Nationally in the United States, there has been a steady decline of teen pregnancy within the past decade. However, it is not occurring in the District of Columbia, specifically Southeast DC (Ward 7 and 8) which includes areas such as: Lincoln Heights, Twining, Anacostia and Woodland....   [tags: Teenage pregnancy, Poverty, High school]

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Pros And Cons Of Vaginal Conception

- The quantity of children destined to ladies every year is overpowering. Despite the fact that difficulties could emerge from any conception style, some birthing strategies are offered to diminish a percentage of the danger of other birthing techniques. In this article I plan to talk about the pros and cons of cesarean conception and in addition the pros and cons of vaginal conception. The substance of this paper will talk about every conception rehearse with a superior understanding of why it is imperative to pick your alternatives astutely, that is, if the choice is given and there are no intricacies....   [tags: Childbirth, Caesarean section, Obstetrics]

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Children with Sickle Cell Disease

- Interventions for Children with Sickle Cell Disease Children with Sickle Cell Disease According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sickle cell disease (SCD) affects millions of people worldwide and predominantly affects descendants from sub-Saharan Africa, South and Central America, the Caribbean, Saudi Arabia, India; and the Mediterranean. Sickle cell disease is a genetic disorder of the red blood cells where the red blood cells comprises of predominantly hemoglobin S, an abnormal type of hemoglobin (2011)....   [tags: interventions, center for disease control]

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Cesarean Delivery vs Vaginal Delivery

- Worldwide, the rate of cesarean section is increasing. According to the CDC, in 2012 the rate of cesarean sections comprised 32.8% of all births in the United States (CDC, 2013). Between 1996-2009 the cesarean section rate has risen 60% in the U.S (CDC, 2013). According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 50% of the 137 countries studies had cesarean section rates higher than 15% (WHO, 2010). The current goal of U.S. 2020 Healthy People is to reduce the rate of cesarean section to a target of 23.9%, which is almost 10% lower than the current rate (Healthy People 2020, 2013)....   [tags: neonatal, morbidities, maternal mortality]

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The Dutch Approach the Childbirth

- ... In the Netherlands home births account for approximately 30% of deliveries, 60% deliver in a hospital and 10% deliver in special out-patient birthing units. Even when the delivery takes place in a hospital, caesareans are relatively rare and epidural use is low. The mother has the right to choose where she wants to deliver but unless deemed medically necessary a hospital birth may not be covered completely by insurance. If the family does decide to deliver at a hospital, it is not uncommon for the mother and baby to be released as soon as four hours after birth....   [tags: miwives, natural, prenatal]

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Fertility Rates And Poorer Nations

- Fertility is defined as “The number of children that the average woman bears” (Henslin, 2013, p. 425). For this variable it is not important how many children any individual has or does not have. It is the average number of children born to all women, divided by 1000. Dividing by 1000 gives us a ratio that enables us to compare fertility rates in all countries. Figure 14.1 illustrates that highly industrialized countries seem to have the lowest fertility rates and poorer nations, especially in Africa seem to have the highest fertility rates (Henslin, 2013, p....   [tags: Population, Demography, Population ecology]

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Reflection Of A Weekly Reflection

- Weekly Reflection 10 Before watching The Business of Being Born in class this week, I never really thought about in home or natural births. I learned that American women are losing the right to have a natural birth. More and more hospitals are pushing for caesarian surgery during labor when it is not necessary and it is not as safe for the mother or child. Hospitals are encouraging these unsafe procedure to make more money. Hospitals want to get people in and get them out as quickly as possible....   [tags: Childbirth, Pregnancy, Life, Obstetrics]

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Is Abstinence Only Education Effective?

- In the United States, there are many school districts that are not required to teach sex education at all. Instead, these districts teach what they call “abstinence-only education”. This education is to teach teens and young adults about not having sex, instead of how to have sex safely. So, is abstinence-only education effective enough to continue it in these districts. As a woman who is also a student, this issue affects me greatly. I had to take sex education (the decently comprehensive kind), as a student in high school....   [tags: Birth control, Sex education, AIDS]

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Birthing Attendance Choice And Satisfaction

- Birthing attendance choice and satisfaction The experience of giving birth is different for every woman. Most women need a lot of strength and concentration at the time of birth, and it is not uncommon to feel tired after the baby is born. However, the majority of mothers tend to forget the pain and the discomfort of childbirth when they have the newborn in their arms. The care that pregnant women receive should take into account their needs and personal preferences, as every birth is different and every woman’s experience is unique....   [tags: Childbirth, Obstetrics, Midwifery, Pregnancy]

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Addressing Premature Birth

- In the United States one in eight births are preterm (“Funding for Premature Related Research”).Premature means that the baby is born early, which is any baby born before thirty-seven weeks but health problems are usually only a problem for babies born before thirty-four weeks (“Funding for Premature Related Research”). Premature births are the leading cause for neonatal deaths and half of all premature births have no known causes (Lynch and Dezen). Babies who survive prematurity face multiple health problems including cerebral disease, vision and hearing loss, mental retardation, and lung problems (Lees, Reynolds,andMcCartan)....   [tags: Neonatal Deaths, Lack of Research]

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Home Child Birth

-   Recently I was visiting some friends of mine who are weeks away from having their second child when the topic of childbirth came up. With a bit of hesitation I asked, “What type of birth are you planning on?” They explained that their first was a natural childbirth and they were planning on another. Assuming that this meant a vaginal delivery opposed to a cesarean section, I asked “so, no epidural?” “Nope, completely natural” they replied. The discussion led to the mentioning of my sister who has had two children, both home births, one of which was a water birth....   [tags: Natural, Pregnancy]

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The Increase of Teenage Pregnancy

- The Increase of Teenage Pregnancy Teenage parenthood is by no means a new social phenomenon. Historically, women have tended to begin childbearing during their teens and early twenties. During the past two decades the U. S. teenage birthrate has actually declined (Polit and others, 1982). In the late 1950s, 90 out of 1000 women under 20 gave birth as compared with 52 out of 1000 in 1978. Several factors contribute to the current attention focused on teenage pregnancy and parenthood. There is currently a large number of young women in the 13 to 19 age range, so that while the birthrates are declining, the absolute number of teenagers is increasing....   [tags: Teen Pregnancy Motherhood Parenthood Essays]

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Birth Customs and Traditions

- Birth Customs and Traditions What are the variations in the birth process throughout the world. Throughout the world, giving birth appears to be greatly identical parallel to any other places. Different countries believe their approach to be the best and only method to see a child to a natural delivery. Nevertheless, one can choose from many deviations to the birthing process that may best fit their ideal delivery of the child. Choices will subject to culture diversity, economy, beliefs, and technology developments....   [tags: hospital, home birth, africa]

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China 's Human Advancement

- Have you ever considered how your mother birthed you, going on you in her paunch for nine months in progression, losing her flawlessness even to the point wherein her always breaking points are continually up in context of you. in any case, in the mediating time always welcoming the main thing that she is passing specifically in the judicious world. That is not how China longings it 's mothers to be. China has dependably been one of the extraordinary nations as of late as its standing huge inconveniences in later years is overpopulation....   [tags: China, Chinese language, Standard Mandarin]

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The State of Teen Pregnancy & Prevention Programs in Oklahoma

- “Hope is the best contraceptive,” The State of Teen Pregnancy in Oklahoma is crucial, which is why we are Oklahoma—the Teen Pregnancy State. Teen birthrates and increasing pressure from concerned families and health advocates, have finally prompted the state of Oklahoma to step forward and create prevention programs. The question in place is: are these programs enough to make a difference in the gradual rising of our state ranking in teen pregnancy. I have gone through great depths to discover our State’s plans to prevent pregnancies in our teens....   [tags: teen pregnancy, oklahoma, carrera program]

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Preterm Birth

- Preterm Birth: Preterm birth is defined as a baby who is born before 37 weeks of pregnancy. In 2006, the infant mortality rate in the United States due to prematurity/low birth weight accounted for 17 percent of all infant deaths (M.Bitler & Currie, 2011). It is not only problematic emotionally for the family involved; it is also problematic financially for both the family and the economy. According to the March of Dimes, in 2009 the average medical costs for a preterm baby was more than 10 times higher than when a woman had a healthy full-term infant (Peristats - March of Dimes, 2009).The average costs were $49,033 and $4,551 respectively (Healthy People 2020).The more risk factors that are...   [tags: Health, Pregnancy]

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Preparing for and Having a Baby

- Preparing for and Having a Baby There are many different areas to consider when preparing for and having a newborn. Whether the pregnancy was planned or unplanned or the couple is married or not, a newborn baby brings new responsibilities. Having a baby also forces people to make adjustments both financially and within the family. Parents also express concerns and expectations when having a newborn comma especially when it is their first; including what roles each parent and family member should play, how much confidence they have in their parenting skills, and how much financial strain would be placed on the family once the newborn has arrived....   [tags: Pregnancy Childbearing Essays]

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Why the Dominican Republic is in the Early Expanding Stage of Demographic Transition

- ... The infant mortality rate (IMR) indicates the number of deaths for a person under the age of 1 per 1000 live births. The Dominican Republic’s IMR is 27 or 2.7%. This, in comparison to the world average, is significantly lower. This rate is caused by lack of healthcare, malnutrition and a low number in urban population. The more a population is urbanized, the more access it has to proper food sources and healthcare and as a result, better off to survive. With a lower than average IMR, the Dominican Republic is effectively keeping a low CBR and can expect to see a decrease as more of the population transitions from rural to urban....   [tags: population, growth, mortality]

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