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The Issue Of The Civil Rights Movement

- After the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, women getting the right to vote because of the 19th amendment, and the ever-growing freedoms to practice various religions wherever and however, many would say that today in 2015 we are in the most accepting and tolerant time in history. However, that doesn’t mean everything is okay and everyone gets along. Many groups of people are victims of discrimination every day and those who don’t face discrimination often try and justify poor treatment of the discriminated by saying they don’t face judgement and unequal treatment....   [tags: Islam, Middle East, Police, World War II]

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The Immigration Issue Of The United States

- There is a different between what faith and what politics say about this the immigration issue. According to Jose Gomez, the Catholic Archbishop of Los Angeles states that his ministries has more then forty languages, serve a million people a year in poverty, serve over 1200 meals a week, have a program called ‘Adopt a Family’ and have over 80,000 students in the Catholic school that are not Catholic. Jose lives this immigration issue as he states himself; “I’m also an immigrant myself. I’ve been a naturalized American citizen for about twenty years....   [tags: United States, U.S. state]

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The Issue Of The Logging Of Trees

- The world today is vastly different from what it was before urbanisation and industrialisation had taken its toll on the world. Since the turn of the new millennium the issue of the environment has suddenly evolved into a widespread issue which is greatly discussed throughout the world. No longer are humans living in a world where the environment is serene or stable but much rather becoming unrecognisable and diminishing before our eyes. The plants, trees and flowers are life forms which God has created for us to enjoy its beauty but it is now solely up to us and many other organisations to protect preserve and respect how fragile our environment really is....   [tags: Earth, Global warming, Carbon dioxide]

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The Issue Of Racism / White Privilege

- Before discussing this topic, I think it is important that in the syllabus it was included that we need to have an open mind because not everyone is going to share the same opinion. This hot-button issue of racism/ white privilege is heavily documented via social media. Before reading ‘When You’re Accustomed to Privilege, Equality Feels Like Oppression,’ I think it will be about how someone’s power is threatened and their reaction towards it; their reaction would be one of irritation. After reading Chris Boeskool’s blog post, I think it is interesting how ‘Chuck’ reacted....   [tags: Racism, White people, Race, Black people]

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The Issue of Over Population in the Earth

- ... If we have to start relying heavily on pesticides to produce foods it could easily get in to the population water supply, in turn killing many more people. Another effect that we can see is the gas crisis; this again comes from too many people using up too many resources. If in, “2050 the world population will explode from today’s 7 billion to 10 billion” (Ferrell Paul). Then that is going to end up meaning more people needing to use up more gas and oil. The end of gas and oil will come, it is inevitable, with the amount of oil being consumed all over the world added to the fact that the population is still increasing rapidly, we will end up sucking up all the oil the world has to offer....   [tags: possible solutions, human fertility]

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The Shortage Of Water Is A Global Issue

- The shortage of water is a global issue that effects not millions, but billons of people worldwide, it was recently discovered that the perceived water scarcity was wrong instead of affecting 1.7 to 3.1 billon people are short of water for a month out a year is actually 4 billon people. And why is that. Many reasons. To begin fresh water that we drink, bathe in, irrigate our fields for agriculture is only 3% of the worlds water; the rest as you know is made up of salt water, our oceans. Two- thirds of that fresh water comes from glaciers the rest is unusable and unreachable....   [tags: Water, Water resources, Water crisis]

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Obesity Is Not At All An Issue Anymore

- Fat’ is not at all an issue anymore, it is a new normal in America as a recent survey showed that 42% of Americans were critically obese and 8% ate the survey (Levi, Jeffrey, et al. 2012). American children in their early ages are able to witness the downfall of a fit nation and a rapid growth of people like teddy bears roaming around. Isn’t it cute to see chubby people around, I mean it shows the nation is prosperous and abundant of food is available it to it. Many nations are struggling to rise from the oppressors whereas the ‘Americans’, they are struggling hard to rise from beneath their own weight....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, United States, Cancer]

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Obesity : A Social And A Health Issue

- An epidemic is spreading across our nation, accounting for nearly eighteen percent of deaths and causing more deaths per 100,000 people than cardiovascular disease and HIV/AIDS combined. When one in every five deaths is due to this epidemic, which is not only rapidly expanding in its severity but also preventable, it’s clear something needs to be done. Obesity, defined as an excess of body fat, is an extremely significant problem in the United States. While many proposals and changes in government policy have attempted to reduce the obesity in America, the obesity rate continues to increase....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Diabetes mellitus, Insulin]

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The Death Penalty Is A Controversial Issue

- The death penalty is a controversial subject, just as is abortion is a difficult topic as well to discuss. People are most likely not going to change their opinion based on others opinions. The issue with the death penalty is that innocent lives are sometimes taken due to being granted guilty when innocent. As stated by the newsletter The Guardian, “At least 4.1% of all defendants sentenced to death in the US in the modern era are innocent, according to the first major study to attempt to calculate how often states get it wrong in their wielding of the ultimate punishment.” The death penalty is geared towards those that have committed a crime, so why should the state be so quickly to accuse...   [tags: Capital punishment, Murder, Death row, Crime]

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The Issue Of Diversity On College Campuses

- Literature Review Addressing the issue of diversity on college campuses across the United States can cause contention within higher education organizations. One result of diversifying leadership can be the rise of disputes between students, faculty, and administrators. Administrators and faculty, who benefited from the status quo, where diversity was not a focus in the hiring process, are challenged by changes which allow more minorities to hold positions of leadership. Minority leaders in Higher Education face internal challenges that affect their ability to lead and to succeed....   [tags: Leadership, Sociology, United Kingdom]

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Nursing Burnout Is Not An Uncommon Issue

- In the words of Grissel Hernandez (2009), “Nurses are experts in caring for other but are novices in caring for themselves.” One of the concerns after graduating is the idea of going into a profession where one of the main issues is being exhausted of the one thing that at some point guided a person to feel the desire to step into a career that at the end could be a cause for stress and burnout. Nowadays nursing burnout is not an uncommon issue that is occurring in the health care field. Even though, it is so common, it can be considered a devastating issue that is causing a lot of problems in the in the lives of many nurses and health care providers....   [tags: Psychology, Health care, Nursing, Nurse]

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The Civil Issue Of The United States

- The United States has always stood for equality among all. Every man and woman deserves the civil freedom and ability to achieve great things. What happens when a moral issue becomes a civil issue. A recent agenda called homosexual marriage has taken the United States by storm. The very word “marriage” is being left behind from its core. Civil Union’s just don’t cut it anymore. Little do they know, what a human heart desires isn’t always acceptable. Marriage has always been defined has one thing, a covenant between a man and a woman....   [tags: Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, Marriage]

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The Issue Of Favoritism At The Workplace

- Through this thread, I will explore my personal experience with the issue of favoritism in the workplace. I will examine the leader-member exchange (LMX) theory as it analyzes and outlines the issue of workplace favoritism. After which, I will inspect the principle of self-leadership as a solution to employee or team favoritism. A or B Many years ago, I worked for a company division, which was divided into two teams with a central manager. The ‘A’ team was comprised entirely of senior, experienced employees....   [tags: Management, Leadership, Employment]

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Texting And Driving Is A Big Issue

- Texting and driving is a big issue in the twenty-first century because you can get in a car accident, it 's distracting and it 's very dangerous, states should take texting and driving more serious and should be illegal and against the law. The high school that I attended they brought At&t to speak to us about texting and driving. I remember they put a video game on and told us try to drive the car with one hand and on the other your texting. Every time someone was texting and trying to drive they hit got in an accident....   [tags: Tram accident, Automobile, Truck, Text messaging]

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Insanity Plea in Court

- After committing a crime a criminal will sit in a cell and wait for a court date. During this time period the alleged criminals will be consulting with their attorney plotting out what will be said and how they should plea. Most go to court and plead not guilty; few plead guilty, and out of all the court cases only one percent plead not guilty by reason of insanity. Pleading insanity would mean at the time of the defendants actions he or she could not judge wrong from right. The actual term for pleading insane is as stated, “A defense asserted by an accused in a criminal prosecution to avoid liability for the commission of a crime because, at the time of the crime, the person did not appreci...   [tags: Debate Issue, Consequences]

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Cyberbullying in Higher Education

- Within the realm of higher education, the utilization of technology has introduced a variety of legal and ethical issues. The reality of cyberbullying has expanded the risk of harassment and aggression, within defined bullying, to include the ever-evolving world of cyberspace (Minor et al., 2012). Previously a focus of educators within the K-12 system, the existence of such harmful acts have breached into the college environment. This exposure establishes a strong need for policy to be created and action to be taken to guarantee the well-being of students beyond assumed campus boundaries....   [tags: Legal Issue Paper]

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Contaminated Beaches and Pollution

- People from all over the world go to beautiful beaches that are filled with water as clear as ice or as beautiful as diamonds. But, what will happen if we do not conserve the appealing sites that draw attraction to the public. Contaminated beaches has become a controversial issue to the public because of the causal problem, the harm to the people and marine animals, the government agencies supporting or opposing pollution, and the industries involved in creating such unlawful decisions. To create and find a solution, we must first find the core to the problem....   [tags: Issue, Vacation, Animals]

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Underage Drinking Is A Serious Issue

- Addressing Underage Drinking Underage drinking is a serious issue. It is very common amongst young kids, and can create harmful effects, if not handled the right way. Pons Diez & Berjano (1999) state some of the issues that can come from drinking alcohol include: “cirrhosis, pancreatitis, hemorrhagic infarcts and some forms of cancer” (as cited in Seinfeld & Galarza, 2014). That is why the issue of underage drinking must be put under control. However, in order to do so, one must first understand the origin of underage drinking, listed statistics and facts, possible solutions for combating underage drinking, and understanding underage drinking from a Christian worldview before moving forward...   [tags: Drinking culture]

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The Issue Of The American Woman

- Description Time Magazine’s March 1972 issue had the words plastered “Special Issue, THE AMERICAN WOMAN” across the cover in a bright yellow band covering the name, TIME. In this image, it is best to work from the inside out. This issue of Time does not have any other words on the cover besides “TIME”, “Special Issue, THE AMERICAN WOMAN”, “Fifty Cents”, and “March 20, 1972”. The magazine has a red band around it, common for many issues of Time magazine. The title of the magazine, Time is white with a purple background....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Gender role, Computer]

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The Issue Of Safe Drinking Water

- Introduction & Thesis My proposed Honours Research Paper will focus on First Nations’ basic right to clean water in Canada. The purpose of my paper will be to explore the relationship between law and First Nations’ right to clean water. The research question that I will be examining is: whether the Canadian government has been successful in its attempt to address the issue of safe drinking water through its policies. After having reviewed secondary resources, it is evident that there are gaps in literature around the issue of clean water in First Nations’ communities....   [tags: Human rights, United Nations, Water resources]

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The Issue Of Communicating And Collaborating

- Communicating and Collaborating I feel like my writing has improved so much this semester. The way I start my writing process is researching different issues I am interested in. And before I write anything I try to learn as much about that issue so I can make a none bias judgment on how I feel about the issue. The reason I choose the issue Woman in Combat and equality is because just this year in my husband’s unit there have been three women admitted into the Artillery division. And I never really noticed that there weren’t any women in his unit until then....   [tags: Woman, Writing, The Extra, Project]

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A Rhetorical Perspective on the Issue of WikiLeaks

- Menace or Assurance. : A Rhetorical Perspective on the Issue of WikiLeaks Founded in 2006 by Australian journalist Julian Assange, the website WikiLeaks had quickly risen in infamy over the past few years (Majerol 19). The controversial website had posted hundreds of thousands of classified documents about the Iraq and Afghanistan war, revealing government cover-ups, a secret assassination unit and the killing of civilians among many things. The release of these confidential documents has produced two opposing views on whether or not WikiLeaks is a good thing (Pilger 18)....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Poverty Is An Issue Of Poverty

- “More than 1.14 billion people estimated in 2011 to be living below the international poverty line of 1.25 dollars a day” (Prabhakar 1). Poverty is an issue that impacts people all over the world, even in our own backyard of Greeley Colorado we can see the effects of poverty effecting people. Poverty is explained by the Webster dictionary as the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions, or in the other words the state of being poor. Many people correlate the definition of poverty to being an international only issue that effects people in country’s that are not rich in greater resources or are lacking the development in becoming a wealthie...   [tags: Poverty, Homelessness, Poverty threshold]

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Global Warming Is An Important Issue

- Introduction: Global warming is an extremely important issue, as it not only affects one region of the globe, but the entire world. This issue is not just one that has presented itself recently; it has been an accumulative problem over many years. Global warming is a bi-product of man’s abuse of the environment since the industrial revolution. In addition, global warming continually affects the world today not just through the environment but the economy and politics as well. This issue of global warming is not one that ends with a simple solution within the next year....   [tags: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Climate change]

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The Issue of Casinos in South Florida

- Casinos on the 2014 ballot. Political committee lays the groundwork “After failing to persuade the Florida Legislature to pass a bill to open South Florida to mega resort casinos, gambling interests have taken the first steps to bring the issue directly to voters in 2014. A political committee under the name of “New Jobs and Revenues for Florida” was created April 10 with the purpose of promoting a “statewide constitutional initiative re gaming.” The committee chairman is Tallahassee lawyer and lobbyist John French and its treasurer is a political committee consultant and accountant Nancy Watkins of Tampa....   [tags: Social Issues]

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Response to a Tragic and Difficult Issue

- Response to a Tragic and Difficult Issue Introduction In view of this tragic circumstance, and the moral obligation here is an extremely difficult decision to compose. Having to rethink the entire two decades of written material incontestably was powerful and challenging. I struggle to imagine what Ms. Wolf must have been going thru, as it brings tears to my eyes. Having your father (although I never had one) relying on you for terminal decisions about his life says a lot about the closeness father and daughter experienced....   [tags: Moral Obligation]

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Children Are A Sensitive Issue With Advertising

- Advertising to Children Children are a sensitive issue with advertising. It has long been recognised that children are a special issue and therefore has been a topic of discussion and debate for years. For instance, in 2013 a group of prominent authors and academics called for a ban on advertising to under 11s, which argued that adverts were creating “consumers” rather than “citizens”. This went on to an extent where it was even referred to as “kiddie crack” by Jonathan Kent a co-founder of the campaign “Leave our kids alone “....   [tags: Marketing, Coca-Cola, Advertising, Infomercial]

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Gender Equality : An Issue For Centuries

- Gender Equality Gender equality has been an issue for centuries. Ever since the days of the bible, women have been seen as the lesser sex. Women today face discrimination in fields such as the media, the workplace, and government. We still have to fight for fundamental rights such as abortion, birth control, and equal pay. Even though there have been massive improvements in the way women are seen, I still believe we have a long way to go. The media, while a relatively new issue, is one of the biggest contributors to the way women are seen in the world....   [tags: Gender, Gender role]

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Is Pornography A Ethical Issue Of Pornography?

- What is pornography. And why is it in such demand. Pictures, movies, internet, ext. showing or describing people naked, having sex, or doing any explicit things to cause sexual excitement, is pornography. There are many reasons, why pornography is in demand. Pornography is used for arousal, pleasure, training, prevention. Everyone who chooses to engage in pornography, has there own reasons, as to why. Utilitarianism is an ethical issue of pornography. Utilitarianism; A natural way to see whether an act is the right thing to do (or the wrong thing to do) is to look at its results, or consequences....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Pope John Paul II]

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The Crime Issue Of The United States

- The movie was strikingly alarming. It evolves around the incarceration situation in the United States, which mostly involved with the African American community. From 1970s to 1990s, the number of prisoners increased exponentially from few hundred thousand to more than 1.2 millions in 1990. These numbers were evidence to a corrupted government, particularly the law enforcement department. Ronald Reagan, a man full of hatred towards the black community, declared the term “war” was appropriate for the fight against crime....   [tags: African American, Black people, Race, Negro]

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The Issue Of Birth Control And Abortion

- WHAT IS SOCIOLOGY. Sociology is a broad social science that studies the behavior of human beings, social relationships and social institutions through the use of systematic processes. Firstly, Sociology is an extensive subject since it covers several different areas of social life from traditional aspects such as religion, family, race, crime, and gender to modern social concerns like social movements, the environment, and technology. The study of Sociology is not static due to the fact it changes and is updated throughout the time....   [tags: Sociology, Symbolic interactionism, Max Weber]

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The Pro Side Of The Issue

- Issue Analysis • What are some of the strengths associated with the Pro side of the issue?  What are some of the weaknesses?            The Pro side of the issue gives women the encouragement to make the decision for “opting out” of their careers because of the commitments to childrearing and family. The most beneficial strengths of the Pro side of this issue are that children and one’s family benefit because otherwise children would spend the hours during which the parents are working away from home....   [tags: Family, Woman, Childhood, Gender role]

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The Issue Of Cyberbullying And Bullying

- The issue of CyberBullying and Bullying in the american school system has increased tremendously over the years. Bullying has become a huge problem in schools with kids between the grades of 6 to 10. Statistics show that about 30% of students are involved in bullying in the US and about 1 in every 5 admit that they are responsible for bullying their peers. About 77% of all students are being verbally bullied in the US. Being bullied can have an impact in the life of the victim and contributes to the development of depression or anxiety....   [tags: Bullying, High school, Abuse, Victim]

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The Global Issue Of Child Trafficking

- The Rationals The global issue I will be researching will be child trafficking. I picked child trafficking as my global issue because I would like to know how they get so many children, also what people do to them. But over all if anyone is doing anything to help and lower down the number of children that are being trafficked. In the 1400s to the 1600s Africans were trafficked in what we call the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.. Now children are being trafficked.....   [tags: Slavery, Human trafficking, Sexual slavery]

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The Issue of Gay Rights in America

- INTRODUCTION Is it religious reasoning or personal disgust. Whatever it is, the issue of gay rights seems to stir controversy no matter where the topic arises. As American people we are all taught, that each individual is granted a set of rights, in which no government can take away. Through the centuries many of our ancestors have fought and died for theses rights. From the Battle of Lexington to the desert mountain ranges of Iraq, our country men and women spilt blood for this interpretation of what we call American Freedom....   [tags: controversial topics]

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The Issue Of Punishment Of Sex Offenders

- It is no secret that the issue of punishment of sex offender is steadily growing. From what kind of sex crime was committed, to who committed it , the bottom line is we need change. The main argument that people bring up now a days is that if you commit a crime, then you should suffer the consequences and face your punishment , and I totally agree. But when you start going overboard and start making people publicly display there long gone past, then you start to have problems.To name a few, inability to find a job, inability to find a place to stay, and last but not least the person’s overall character is destroyed....   [tags: Sex offender, Sex offender registration]

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The Issue Of The Medical Billing Business

- Hindrance seems to be the sentimentality of the moment as Obamacare, on some level, disturbs the U.S. population in its completeness. No matter if the effect is good or bad rest on a quantity of issues, which include age, the patient’s current state of health and environmental location. Also, to state the obvious, it isn’t just the those on a patient level that are in the middle of change; it is whole businesses, hospitals, and billions of specialists that will be rearranging the way they handle medical billing features....   [tags: Insurance, Health care, Health insurance]

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Justice Is The Major Issue Of Discussion

- Jeremiah W. McCarthy Prof. Hernandez POSI 3332-002 October 20, 2015 Nicomachean Ethics Justice is the major issue of discussion in Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle. Justice according to Aristotle means fairness or lawfulness. Laws help people behave virtuously. As a result, a just person who is defined as lawful by law is virtuous. However, virtue and justice are not the same. While virtue deals with a person’s moral state, justice deals with a person’s relation to other people. Justice can be divided into universal and particular justice....   [tags: Law, Justice, Plato, Natural law]

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Discrimination Is A Issue Of Unjust Treatment

- Discrimination was and always will be an issue in the world we live in. Ever since humans became to exist there was always an issue of unjust treatment. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” Discrimination is a hot topic right now in the United States of America due to Caucasian cops shooting African American victims. There were riots in Baltimore and protests in Chicago that have taken front headlines of the news....   [tags: Racism, Race, Discrimination, African American]

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The Legalization Of Marijuan A Social Issue

- The Legalization of Marijuana: A Social Issue Reaction Marijuana should be legalized because the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. The criminalization and prohibition of marijuana has been unsuccessful. High school seniors report that it’s easy to obtain (Johnston, Lloyd D., Patrick M. O 'Malley, Richard A. Miech, Jerald G. Bachman, and John E. Schulenberg, 2015). Despite research showing that criminal penalties do not decrease the use of marijuana, millions of marijuana related arrests have been made (Hoaken, Peter N....   [tags: Cannabis, Legality of cannabis by country]

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Prostitution : A Controversial Issue Of Prostitution

- The very controversial issue of prostitution is one that has been a reoccurring problem all over the world for centuries. Prostitution is something that needs to be worked on in order to be resolved. Women are not given the same opportunities as men but are instead dragged into or kidnapped into prostitution rings/cartels. Prostitution should be illegal however there needs to be a more in depth focus on women’s rights towards their bodies, sex trafficking, and the transmission of HIV and aids through prostitution....   [tags: AIDS, Sexual intercourse, HIV]

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The Issue Of The Drug War

- Obama has displayed a determination to not take any strong action at the executive level regarding the drug war. He has even mocked the idea publicly. For example, at a time when the economy was nose diving (663,000 Americans lost their jobs that month), the most popular issue from a Presidential town hall meeting on March 26, 2009 was whether the President believed that legalizing marijuana would have positive economic potential. Obama chuckled at even considering the idea and stated, “I don’t know what this says about the online audience.” Likewise, most of the audience in attendance mindlessly laughed along with him....   [tags: Republican Party, Democratic Party, Libertarianism]

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The Issue Of Modern Day Slavery

- Is the history of slavery repeating itself. How can the issue about modern day slavery, such as human trafficking, go unnoticed. Many people might think that slavery is a thing of the past. In fact, the slavery of colonial period mutated to modern day slavery which is largely known as human trafficking. The thirteenth amendment was successful in abolishing slavery overtly. However, the concept of slavery became a global underground issue in the society of 21st century, just like after civil right movements racism thought to be ended but became modern racism....   [tags: Slavery, Human trafficking, Prostitution]

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Overpopulation Is An Issue Of Overpopulation

- Overpopulation is an issue that majority in the world may never face, however, the ones that do experience this issue know the struggles that it can pose to the overall quality of life. There are multiple reasons on why overpopulation is an issue and why it can affect quality of life, but ones that have a major impact on the world is the shortage of food, overconsumption of fossil fuels, and decline in health care. These specific issues were selected as a result of the widespread availability of information....   [tags: World population, Overpopulation]

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The Issue Of Gender Neutral Bathrooms

- Recently, there has been an uproar of debates on the topic of gender neutral bathrooms. Most of the debates have had to deal with the LGBTQ+ community trying to use the bathroom they identify with. However, these debates have mainly focused on transgenders, “transgender is a term used to describe people whose gender identity differs from the sex the doctor marked on their birth certificate” (GLADD). There has been several bills that “have been filed in three states to prevent transgender people from using bathrooms consistent with their gender identity” (Tannehill)....   [tags: Transgender, Gender, Gender identity, Gender role]

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Gun Control : A Big Issue

- Due to recent shootings in four cities gun control legislation has become a big issue throughout the United States. Government officials have presented legislation for gun control to help reduce mass shootings; however, even with these suggestions for strict gun control twelve states have already passed laws that offer fewer limitations for gun possession. After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, Connecticut passed a law to ban gun sales that hold large amounts of ammunition. According to McLeod “in Newtown, Connecticut, the families of ten out of twenty children killed in a December 2012 massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School have sued a North Carolina-based gun manufa...   [tags: Gun politics in the United States, Firearm]

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The Issue Of The American Press

- When someone hears the word Arabs or Islam post 9/11 in America, there wasn’t any sense of danger towards Muslims. Unlike today when the media brings up the religion of Islam, automatically non Muslims think the worst of us. There has become fear to see a man having a full bread, or a woman in hijab. Usually this fear comes from people who know absolutely nothing about this religion and who don’t understand it. I believe that the American press has a big influence on how the country views Muslims and things are only getting worse....   [tags: Islam, Muhammad, Middle East, Muslim]

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Abortion Is A Significant Moral Issue

- Abortion is the deliberate termination of a pregnancy in order to prevent childbirth. Historically, the practice of abortion has existed since the Ancient Egyptians, and since then abortion in the Western world has been generally only considered a criminal offence if carried out after ‘quickening’ - the stage of pregnancy between 18 to 20 weeks where the foetus starts to move inside the womb. The Abortion Act of 1967 was introduced in Britain which allowed medical professionals to perform an abortion as long as continuing the pregnancy would result in severe physical or mental injuries for the pregnant woman, or if the child would be born with serious abnormalities which would greatly handic...   [tags: Pregnancy, Abortion, Human, Childbirth]

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The Issue Of Homelessness And Homelessness

- The issue The issue I am concerned about is of homelessness. There are many people who are living in the streets, hungry, cold and lonely. According to estimates, 100 million people worldwide are literally homeless. They have no shelter: they sleep in doorways, in parks or under bridges. Or they sleep in public buildings like railway or bus stations, or in night shelters set up to provide homeless people with a bed. (Leach, Monte. "A Roof Is Not Enough - a Look at Homelessness Worldwide, by Monte Leach, Share International Archives." N.p., 12 Jan....   [tags: Homelessness, Homeless shelter]

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The Underlying Issue Of Wild Horses

- The underlying issue of wild horses is the overpopulation of a particular species, which is contributing a serious ecological disaster, overgrazing. The degradation of the land has a domino effect, which will lead to more issues. It is important to maintain a balance between the need of the species, and what is healthy or the environment. The issue created controversy, is central to the passing of laws, and creates an opportunity for the government and the community to work together. There are many way to solve the issue of the wild horses and the issue that are created due to their existence....   [tags: Decision making, Decision theory, Wild horse]

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Climate Change : A Global Issue

- Our Legacy Climate change is an issue that will not only affect every living creature today, but it will affect all of the future humans and creatures that will exist as well. Leaving the environment as an uninhabitable wasteland is one of the many possible outcomes of the increased global temperature. There are many reasons behind climate change, some are natural and some are due to human activities, but stopping these potentially harmful effects is crucial to the survival of the human race. Climate change does not specifically affect one nation, area, or race....   [tags: Earth, Global warming, Greenhouse gas]

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The Changing Issue of Nuclear Power

- Energy production has always been an important issue to the United States. American’s want their country to set a good example for other countries to follow; however, they must accomplish this goal while meeting their own needs. This means that the U.S. obligated to find a clean, environmentally friendly way to supply its citizens with electricity. One of the most debated production methods involves the use of nuclear power plants. Nuclear power plants are often considered to be very environmentally friendly (Dawson)....   [tags: Energy ]

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The Food Safety Issue in Taiwan

- 1. Introduction In 2013, the food safety problem happening in Taiwan had raised the whole society’s concerns, and this serious issue also had caused a high degree of attention from the media in different countries. The industries involved in this scandal included cooking oils, alcoholic drinks, and other daily necessities. Among these categories, the food scandal occurring in the cooking oil industry was the most serious one as many famous oil manufacturers were all involved in this incident. All of these food safety scandals had made consumers lose trust in the government and be worried about their health....   [tags: scandals, additives, Chang-Chi Foodstuff Co]

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The Social Issue: Divorce and Depression

- ... Depressed people often find displeasure in any activity, including interacting with their family and other people around their life. This is shown to have a long lasting effect on individuals’ sense of control with their environment. For this study it is valuable topic to explore because it is important to understand that the effects of divorce among adults are excluded to both individuals but also to the other people who are involved and in a family, the roles of the parents are very important....   [tags: society, violence, problem, commitment]

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The Issue Of Same Sex Marriage

- The issue of same sex marriage has been debated in many countries for a long period of time. Same-sex marriage is an important issue because it concerns basic moral and human rights. In today’s society many individuals have come out and expressed their sexuality. However there are still a large number of people who will not because of the high discrimination in today’s society. Is it our right to deny a right. Research has found that when asked about 75% of people will say, yes, gays deserve the same rights pertaining to housing, jobs, government benefits, equal law protection and public accommodation (APA)....   [tags: Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality, Marriage, LGBT]

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The Ethical Issue Of Johann Schultz

- To Pad or Not to Pad Ethical Issue Presented Johann Schultz will be graduating in the spring, and he is looking for an employer in the computer science field after graduating. Johann has found a potential position in computer security advice and systems, however there are some requirements that he may not be able to meet for the position. The position requires oral and written communication skills, working knowledge of the SpyEye X security program, a 3.5 grade point average, and the ability to lead projects (Johnson, 2012, p....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Security, Computer security]

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Obesity Is Becoming A Serious Issue

- Obesity is alarmingly prevalent in the United States today. Defined as an overabundance of fat (adipose) tissue, obesity is one of the major leading causes of death in America. Because obesity “is one of the most pervasive, chronic diseases in need of new strategies for medical treatment and prevention”, it is a significant problem in the United States ( Although obesity may be a considering challenge facing adults, child obesity is also becoming a serious issue. Affecting almost one-third of all adolescents, child obesity is caused by various sources....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Food, Exercise]

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The Issue Of The United States

- Throughout the United States history, democrats, republicans and socialists challenge each other every four years to become president of the United States. These candidates representing these parties seems always claim to know what is better for the nation. One can say many of the conflicts arise are based on opinion or ethics. Issues like abortion, are we killing a baby or helping the world to become less populated, drug policy education policy, environment issues, gun control, health care immigration reform, LGBT Right, and social security....   [tags: Barack Obama, United States, Democratic Party]

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Teen Pregnancy : A Social Issue

- Teen Pregnancy Teen pregnancy is a major issue in society today. In 2010, an estimated 614,400 U.S. teenagers became pregnant, approximately 89,300 had miscarriages, and 157,500 had legal abortions. Teens are having unprotected sex without knowing the consequences of the choices that the are making. Teens believe that sex is something new that they can try, so they can be popular like their peers. These accusations are wrong, having unprotected sex has major consequences, and by having unprotected sex these teens could be changing their lives forever....   [tags: Teenage pregnancy, Pregnancy, Abortion]

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The Issue Of Children With Disabilities

- The purpose of this paper is to exam the issue of children with disabilities in physical activity in relation to bullying. Children with autism and Asperger’s syndrome can find themselves as targets of a bully when they are placed in an environment of physical activity. When attempting to combat the issue of bullying it is vital to understand all aspects of the situation including the bully. Children with autism face various challenges throughout their everyday life which can include bullying. Asperger’s syndrome (AS), a form of autism, has also seen an increase in the number of students being bullied A physical education instructor must have an understanding of how to deal with a child with...   [tags: Autism, Autism spectrum, Bullying]

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The Health Issue Of Teenage Pregnancy

- This paper will define the health issue, influences, efforts to reduce the health issue, and how it is linked to lifespan development. Unplanned teenage pregnancy is a health issue that can be 100% preventable through the help of prevention programs, because adolescents should not go through negative physical, socioemotional, and cognitive development. The Health Issue At the Unites States, there has always been a dispute of unplanned teenage pregnancy. Children between the ages of 15 – 19 years were sexual active in order for the child to have an unexpected pregnancy (Ventura, Mathews, Hamilton, Abma, and Sutton, 2011)....   [tags: Pregnancy, Teenage pregnancy, Adolescence]

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The Issue Of Creationism Vs. Atheism

- I came into this assignment not exactly knowing what to choose, as I’m a pretty open-minded individual. For example, with the issue of creationism vs atheism, I can honestly see it both ways and I can civilly interact with both sides of the issue. I also feel this way about pro life and pro choice regardless of what side I support. However, the one issue I can’t understand and I cannot fathom the other side would be homosexuality; same-sex marriage in particular. My opinion is that I don’t understand why Christians seem to care so much, and why they’re so worried about this obligation to judge others based on morals and what they see as correct....   [tags: Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality, Civil union]

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Human Trafficking : A Global Issue

- Human trafficking may occur in both within the country 's own borders or amongst many different states. Millions of people are involuntarily moved across the world. Even though human trafficking is a global issue, it is more abundant in certain areas in the world. Examples of countries being affected are Thailand, China, Cambodia and Malaysia. These countries are all located in Asia and the reason why they are affected the most is because the laws are harder to enforce. Millions of people are affected every year .The creation of trafficking can be traced back to any push or pull factors....   [tags: Human trafficking, Slavery, United Nations]

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The Ethics Of The Ethical Issue

- The ethical issue I picked that I thought was most important in this case is privacy. I picked this as the ethical issue because if the pictures are sent to each other than both people involved privacy is compromised. It is not only a legal and policy issue because when their privacy is broken it can change how they feel about their self and how others in the area view them if they find out she sent nude photos. The moral agents in this case in my opinion are both Mary and her boyfriend. I find that Mary is a moral agent because if she sends the nude photo then she is responsible for own actions since she let down her privacy by sending the photo to her boyfriend who could show them to anyo...   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Normative ethics, Altruism]

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The Issue Of Nursing Staffing Ratios

- The purpose of this paper is to address the issue of nursing staffing ratios in the healthcare industry. This has always been a primary issue, and it continues to grow as the population rate increases throughout the years. According to Shakelle (2013), in an early study of 232,432 surgical discharges from several Pennsylvania hospitals, 4,535 patients (2%) died within 30 days of hospitalization. Shakelle (2014) also noted that during the study, there was a difference between 4:1 and 8:1 patient to nurse ratios which translates to approximately 1000 deaths for a group of that size....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Florence Nightingale, Affect]

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Obesity : A Global Health Issue

- Obesity is defined as an increased body weight in relation to height, when compared to some standard of acceptable or desirable weight. It has become a global health issue. The worldwide prevalence of obesity has nearly doubled between 1980 and 2008. In, 2008 10% of men and 14% of women in the world were obese (BMI>30kg/m2), compared with 5% for men and 8% for women in 1980. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than one-third of adults and 17% of youths in the US are obese. The percentage of obesity is also high in Nassau County....   [tags: Obesity, Hypertension, Nutrition]

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Defamation Law : An Ethical Issue

- “Defamation law is an ethical issue as much as it is a legal issue” In the media, defaming is taken quite seriously, if an individual is caught in the act. There have been a number of cases where a media individual has defamed someone, for example, Kyle Sandilands’s on air rants – one case where he stated that, Magda Szubanski should be in a concentration camp because she is overweight. Defamation can be defined as the act of damaging the good reputation of an individual ei – slander (Law Hand Book, 2015)....   [tags: Defamation, Mass media, False light]

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The Environmental Issue Of Climate Change

- “Climate change is happening, humans are causing it, and I think this is perhaps the most serious environmental issue facing us.” - Bill Nye. We are no strangers to the term “climate change” as it is an issue that will come up on every major news outlet or any important website. This single issue generates controversy between the public. Some believe its a hoax, while some offer hard evidence. It seems like everyday there is a new statistic of climate change but still, people believe it is a hoax....   [tags: Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide, Ozone]

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The Health Issue Of Binge Drinking

- Health communication is an important factor that affects everyone in their daily lives. It gives an understanding of different means of intricate communications in relation to health promotion and prevention. For our health communication campaign intervention, we will be focusing on the health issue of binge drinking amongst our targeted population-- college students. This topic is important because college students are constantly exposed to their peers participating in binge drinking activities....   [tags: Alcoholism, Drinking culture, Alcohol abuse, Beer]

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On the Issue of Hate Speech

- ... In 2005, a local government was allowed to impose penalties on a KKK member if it can be proved that the act of burning a cross was "intended to intimidate" (Turley, Jonathan. However, the line that the decision tried to impose was meaningless, since the government could easily state the history of the symbol in question without considering the circumstances of the act itself. In the previously mentioned case pertaining to the Stolen Valor Act, the court took into account the government's ability to bend definitions as well....   [tags: free speech, supreme court, KKK]

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The Issue with Genetically Modified Foods

- The Issue with Genetically Modified Foods Today we walk downstairs, into the kitchen, open the refrigerator door. We see a bright red tomato, but is it really just a tomato. Now days, scientist have the technology to transfer DNA from one organism, for example a flounder, to another organism, a tomato. These are called genetically modified (GM) foods, or organisms. This makes the crops grow at an unusually fast rate and up to two times the average size. We are getting more food in a shorter amount of time, which sounds great until you take a deeper look....   [tags: dna, food allergies, organic farming]

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Desertification: A Big Issue in Canada

- As humans, we need food to survive. This is a basic need and want and has always been primarily done by farming the land. That farmed land requires sunlight, nutrients, and fresh water. If one of these three criteria is missing, the land is no longer able to birth vegetation. The biggest issue we face here in Canada is desertification. This term means that the land being classified with this is losing its water either to drought or to human causes. Desertification is a form of land degradation and is found to be an issue all over the globe....   [tags: dry lands, environment, farming]

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Cultural Diversity : An Ethical Issue

- Cultural Diversity: An Ethical Issue Donna M. Dufford Chamberlain College of Nursing NR 504 Leadership and Nursing Practice: Role Development Summer B, 2014   Cultural Diversity: An Ethical Issue Understanding if not embracing cultural diversity is a common ethical issue facing nurses in the twenty first century. Nurses often find themselves attempting to navigate multi-cultural world in daily practice. Patients from multiple religious and cultural backgrounds live longer and have multiple health problems requiring complex interventions eventually become hospitalized for care....   [tags: Nursing, Ethics, Patient, Morality]

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Sex Marriage Is A Controversial Issue

- Same- sex marriage is a controversial issue in the United States today. Currently, all fifty states have legalized same- sex marriage and even then it has been a long and tough fight to get to this point. Even with all of the social and legal changes that have been occurring, there are still millions of people in the United States who oppose to the idea of same- sex marriage. The United States Constitution provides the right to marriage. This implies that opposite sex marriage are allowed to marry and the same rights should extend to the gay and lesbian couples....   [tags: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation]

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The Issue Of Same Sex Marriage

- The issue of same-sex marriage was an extremely controversial topic within Ireland. However, all controversy was put to rest when on May 28, 2015, the predominately Roman Catholic Republic of Ireland became the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote. Additionally, the issue divided the population of Ireland into to two corners those who were pro-family versus those who were pro-marriage. Pro-family citizens opposed the marriage equality referendum and the pro-marriage side supported it....   [tags: Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, Marriage]

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Juvenile Sentence As A Social Issue

- Every year, children as young as thirteen and fourteen are sentenced to die in prison in the United States. Judges rule these sentences without considering factors such as age and life circumstances. According to studies, there are about 2000 children serving juvenile sentences in the United States (Nellis 30). Further, Studies indicated that 25 percent of the young individuals serving life without parole were convicted accomplice liability, meaning they may not have committed the crime or may not know the primary perpetrators of the crime (Steinberg and Scott 54)....   [tags: Prison, Life imprisonment, Murder]

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The Issue Facing The United States

- Omar Shariff 20184164 Pols 2301 Healthcare in America What is the biggest issue facing the United States today. This question can easily elicit a number of responses. One that significantly stands out over the rest, and can potentially affect every single individual living in the United States is healthcare. This country is home to the most expensive healthcare in the world. Healthcare quadruples the nation’s national defense in yearly costs, yet there are well over 45 million people in America without health insurance....   [tags: Health care, Health insurance, Barack Obama]

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The Issue Of A National Crisis

- In America, we live among the wealthiest of people. We are advanced in education, economics, research and medicine. We consider ourselves the most powerful and protected people in the world. Our economy is booming, information is flying, and opportunity abounds. We consider ourselves the most religious and the most generous of all people. We have the most stable government in the world, yet we find ourselves in a national crisis. As Americans, we have lost our moral compass and we are facing a national crisis today....   [tags: God, New Testament, Jesus, Christianity]

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The Legal Issue Of Employment Discrimination

- In the legal issue titled Employment discrimination, it describes a situation where abc corporation decides to respond to what it sees as a moral obligation to correct for past discrimination by adjusting pay differences among its employee. This raises a lot of ethical conflict with abc’s employees and its shareholders for numerous reasons. Employees were treated unfair, Abc company can no longer be trusted as a good work ethic company, they have a bad reputation for discrimination and there might be a likelihood the company will go out of business due to its actions....   [tags: Discrimination, Racism, Employment, Race]

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Overpopulation Is Becoming A Great Issue

- Since the beginning of mankind, we have reached many great achievements. We have developed many technologies and theories to solve and explain many of our questions and to improve human life. Through our years of evolution, we have severely increased our own survivability. This has been a great achievement for us, but in the recent decade, overpopulation is becoming a great issue. In the recent years, the rapid increase in population growth has troubled many in the field of political sciences. Scientists like Ehrlich have calculated and expected our population to grow even faster if we do not act upon the increasing rate of population growth....   [tags: Overpopulation, Population, Abortion, Poverty]

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