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Ambiguity in J. D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye, Sylvia Plath’s The Ball Jar, and Richard Heller’s Catch 22

- Ambiguity in literature after World War II reflects and explores issues of self and society. These two ideas often work against each other instead of coexisting to form a struggle-free existence. J. D. Salinger, Sylvia Plath, and Richard Heller illustrate this struggle with their works. These authors explore ambiguity through different characters that experience the world in different ways. Identity, while it is an easy concept, can be difficult to attain. These authors seek out ambiguity with the human experience, coming to different conclusions....   [tags: american literature, catcher in the rye, the ball ]

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The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

- The Butterfly Diving Bell sits on my bedside table . It was a busy day when I finished and I'm struggling with how to express my appreciation for the best of the author , Jean - Dominique Bauby . As a beautiful French dessert , each crafted wonderful phrases should be savored. Posted by Bauby bears a sense of humor combined with depression that required for reading and slow digestion . He must have been a Morrissey fan . For those who are not familiar with Mr. Bauby , he was a former general editor of Elle magazine Parisian version ....   [tags: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly]

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Andrew Graham Bell, The Man Behind The Creative Invention

- Everyone knows Alexander Graham Bell, the man behind the creative invention; the telephone. Not only was the telephone one of the biggest invention in the history of America, but it was the most successful one as well. During Graham Bell’s time period, the only way you could communicate to others was by writing letters which had usually taken about a week to get delivered due to the lack of transportation. While amused by Alexander, creation of the first telephone, he also created something to help deaf people....   [tags: Alexander Graham Bell, Telephone]

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Alexander Bell And The Invention Of The Telegraph And Telephone

- Way before we had cell phones and Internet ; we had to travel great distances to deliver messages.This method of delivering messages took along time. Fast forward a couple hundred centuries to a man that changed the face of faster communication with the invention of The Telegraph and the Telephone. Mr Alexander Graham Bell was born March 3, 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland. His middle name Graham was added to his full name when he was only 10 years old. During his childhood, Alexander Bell Experienced many positive influences that helped him to become the famous man he is today....   [tags: Mobile phone, Telephone, Alexander Graham Bell]

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Out Of This Furnance by Thomas Bell

- Refuting Capitalist Ideals Thomas Bell, author of Out of This Furnace, grew up in the steel mill town of Braddock, Pennsylvania. His novel reflects the hardships faced by his family during the time when the mills ruled the area. The book also focuses upon the life of immigrant workers struggling to survive in the "new country." All events in Bell's novel are fictional, however, they create a very realistic plot and are based somewhat upon a true story. In this novel, Bell refutes capitalistic ideals and the lack of a republican form of government by showing the struggles and success of immigrant steelworkers....   [tags: Analysis Thomas Bell Furnace]

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The Science Behind The Bell Curve

- The Science Behind The Bell Curve       The science behind The Bell Curve has been denounced by both the American Psychological Association and the Human Genome Project. Its authors were unqualified to speak on either genetics or intelligence, since their expertise lay in other fields. Their project did not rise through the usual system of academic publishing, and in fact the authors ducked the process of peer review. The Bell Curve was ultimately funded by the wealthy, far-right Bradley Foundation, which used its media connections to launch a massive national publicity campaign....   [tags: Bell Curve Essays]

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Changes in For Whom The Bell Tolls

- Changes in For Whom The Bell Tolls The novel For Whom The Bell Tolls was primarily about Hemingway's changes through wartime. Hemingway reveals these ideas about war through the narrator's thoughts and through the interaction between the major characters. Hemingway shows that war brings about a personal change, that reveals much about man's individuality and that time is limited. Hemingway reveals much about the individuality of men and the singularity of the code through the relationship of Robert Jordan and Maria....   [tags: For Whom the Bell Tolls Essays]

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Out of This Furnace by Thomas Bell

- Out of This Furnace by Thomas Bell Out of This Furnace tells a impressive story of a multigenerational family of Slovakian immigrants who comes to the United States in search of a better life in the New World. The patriarch of the Slovak family was Djuro Kracha, who arrived in the New World in the mid-1880s from the "old country." The story tells of his voyage, his work on the railroad to earn enough money to afford the walk to the steel mills of Pennsylvania, his rejection by the larger mainstream community as a "hunkey," and the lives of his daughter and grandson....   [tags: Papers Immigration Bell Furnace Essays]

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Disillusionment In Hemingway's For Whom The Bell Tolls

- Disillusionment in Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls In the late 1930's, Spain was in the midst of a civil war. The country had been in a state of disarray since 1931, when King Alfonso XIII went into voluntary exile. This was followed by a five-year power struggle between the fascists, led by General Francesco Franco, and the Republicans. This struggle became violent in the summer of 1936, and the war lasted until 1939, when Franco's forces triumphed. (Thomas 600) Ernest Hemingway's 1940 novel For Whom the Bell Tolls tells the story of Robert Jordan and his Republican comrades as they resist the fascists in the fall of 1937....   [tags: Hemingway Bell Tolls]

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Ernest Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls

- In Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls, the recurring images of the horse and the airplane illustrate one of the major themes of the novel. The novel's predominant theme is the disintegration of the chivalric order of the Old Spanish World, as it is being replaced by the newer technology and ideology of the modern world. As a consummate artist, Hemingway, in a manner illustrating the gothic quality of his work, allows the bigger themes of For Whom the Bell Tolls to be echoed in the smaller units....   [tags: For Whom the Bell Tolls]

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Themes and Characters in For Whom the Bell Tolls

- Themes and Characters in For Whom the Bell Tolls For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Ernest Hemingway, is a contemporary novel about the realities of war. The novel is wrought with themes of life and stark direct writing. The characterization in the story is what comprises the intricacy of the underlying themes within the tale. The story itself is not complex, but the relationships of the characters with the environment and with each other coupled with Hemingway's command of description and understanding make the novel as a whole, increasingly developed....   [tags: For Whom the Bell Tolls Essays]

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Alexander Graham Bell

- Alexander Graham Bell Works Cited Missing The importance of Alexander Graham Bell on today’s society is visible, or rather audible, every day and everywhere. First and foremost, Alexander Graham Bell was a prolific teacher of the deaf. This is what he considered to be his true life’s work, but only one of the many important things he did. Through his research of speech and sound, and his creative mind, he would become one of the most influential inventors in modern history. His own definition of an inventor, “A man who looks upon the world and is not contented with things as they are....   [tags: Biography Biographies Bell Essays]

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Ethos, Pathos, and Logos in Keeping Close to Home by bell hooks

- Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, bell hooks Style bell hooks ties in the three elements of argument, ethos, pathos, and logos in her essay, "Keeping Close to Home: Class and Education," by telling us about the many events of her life. hooks establishes credibility, or ethos, unintentionally, through descriptions of her achievements and character. hooks appeals to the readers logic, or logos, by giving real world examples from her personal experiences. She also appeals to the readers emotions, or pathos....   [tags: bell hooks]

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Conflicts in Ernest Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls

- Conflicts in Ernest Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls           Ernest Hemingway's novel For Whom the Bell Tolls is often called a war novel, but it would be more accurate to call it a novel about conflicts-the many conflicts that take place within a war. The most fundamental conflict of any war is the struggle between life and death. This struggle is mirrored in the relationship between Robert Jordan and Maria. Jordan is depicted as the coldly rational soldier whose wartime work always comes first, but Maria is portrayed as a personification of the natural abundance of the living world....   [tags: For Whom the Bell Tolls Essays]

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Anecdote of the Jar

- Tennessee, lying midway between the fruitful Southern climes of Florida and the wintery North, represents a perfect location for Wallace Stevens to explore his attitudes toward the sort of creative identity he makes for himself in either location. The South, characterized by its warmth and wildness clashes with the “gray and bare” (10) industrial North on that hill in Tennessee in “Anecdote of the Jar”. Though the jar takes dominion, the poet does not necessarily place favor on either side of the conflict since Stevens was “of two minds… about this midway South” (Stevens, 208)....   [tags: Literary Themes]

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Bell Hooks' A Revolution of Values: The Promise of Multicultural Change

- Bell Hooks' "A Revolution of Values: The Promise of Multicultural Change" “Be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewal of your minds.” Romans 12:2. Bell Hooks quotes the bible to explain to her audience that people don’t always have to follow societies perceived notions concerning racism; instead they should think for themselves and construct their own opinions about what is right. Bell Hooks’ essay, “A Revolution of Values: The Promise of Multicultural Change,” speaks about the integrated public school system and it’s effect on society of the later 1950’s and 1960’s....   [tags: Racism Black Race Bell Hooks Essays]

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A Brief Note On Transport Jar And Its Storage Jar

- Archaelogical reasearch on transport jar and its storage jar antecedents confirms the superior functionality and technology represented in the latter. During the LBA there was a surge in pottery production along with local industry to meet the widespread consumer market demands and it reached a unprecendated capacity during this period (Gonen 1992: 232-234). The Canaanite commercial jar for the export of local produce to foreign markets was the hallmark of the period as reliefs on the royal tombs in Egypt attest (Gonen 1992: 232-234) The commercial jar was made on a potters wheel “which not only facilitated the production of greater numbers and more regular shapes, but also allowed the side...   [tags: Coca-Cola, The Coca-Cola Company, Value added]

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Ernest Hemingway's Code Hero in For Who The Bell Tolls and A Farewell To Arms

- Ernest Hemingway's Code Hero in For Who The Bell Tolls and A Farewell To Arms They were American innocents negotiating the river of life wherever it took them: to Italy, to Spain, to Africa, to the Caribbean, wounded men laughing through the pain, sometimes risking their skins but never sacrificing their honor. It was a river into which countless writers would thrust their paddles.(Papa) Ernest Hemingway is arguably one of the most important writers in American history. Though this is disputed, Hemingway has undoubtedly had a major influence on contemporary American literature....   [tags: Bell Tolls Farewell Arms Hemingway Essays]

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The Jar By Isak Dinesen

- The Blue Jar Through time it has been said that a parent’s love is a magical thing, without it a child would not develop correctly. In the novel “The Jar” by Isak Dinesen, the readers are introduced to the lovely characters Lady Helen and the old Englishman, also known as Helen’s Papa. Lady Helen and Papa traveled the sea to numerous lands looking for her father’s beloved ‘ancient blue china’. On a steady night travelling the Chinese sea, their ship caught on fire....   [tags: Oceanography, Ocean, Old age, The Big Blue]

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Heart Of Love Cookie Jar

- All Our Hearts Afghan The chilly weather that comes with Christmas calls for a warm and hearty gift. With this personalized afghan, your mother-in-law will feel the warmth and love both inside and out. Embroidered with up to 10 names, it features a heartfelt message and rich colors. Generously sized for comfort, it is fashioned from premium cotton and includes a fully fringed border to complete the look. Heart of Love Cookie Jar Every mother-in-law needs a stylish place to store her delicious treats, and this customized cookie jar will keep them fresh to enjoy all week....   [tags: Christmas, Christmas tree, Jewellery]

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The Question Of Tradition By Eleanor Bell

- In the chapter ‘The Question of Tradition’ taken from the book Scotland in Theory: Reflections on Culture and Literature, Eleanor Bell argues that Scottish studies are hesitant to consider the issues of post-modernism and post-nationalism. The question Bell wishes to consider, is why. In consideration of this question, Bell suggests that Scottish studies has become too preoccupied with approaches of tradition and canon building to consider new theoretical applications available, such as post-modernism....   [tags: Nationalism, Nation, Globalization, Scots language]

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Alexander Graham Bell and The Telephone

- A world without telephones would mean a world without communication and a struggle to complete everyday tasks. Ninety-one percent of Americans would not be able to call, send text, set alarms, or check social media on the go. When he invented the telephone in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell pioneered the way for future inventors to further advance the telephone making communication and life easier for us and generations to come. As a young boy growing up in the 1850’s, Bell was ambitious and headstrong, often observing his fathers, Melville Bell’s, teaching of correct speech and elocution....   [tags: communication, speech, sound]

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Taco Bell's Response to Lawsuit

- Unexpected Event In January 2011, a class action lawsuit was filed against Taco Bell, alleging the restaurant chain used more meat fillers than real ground beef. Specifically, the suit claimed Taco Bell’s products were made with “taco meat filling,” which consisted of extenders and other non-meat substances. The complaint further pointed out that Taco Bell not only misled consumers but also violated federal requirements by labeling “taco meat filling” as beef. This incident was unexpected as Taco Bell was not informed before the lawsuit was publicized....   [tags: Case Study]

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Biography of Alexander Graham Bell

- Alexander Graham Bell had prepared himself to follow the professional footsteps of his father and grandfather in the teaching of proper articulation and the correction of speech defect. He became a teacher of speech to the deaf. Early in his training, his investigation into the nature of sound led him to study electricity. It was out of this work, together with his understanding of the organs of the organs of speech and hearing, which his invention grew. He attempted to apply sound to telegraphy in a device called the harmonic telegraph....   [tags: sound, telegraphy, messages]

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Out of this Furnace, by Thomas Bell

- The book Out of this Furnace written by Thomas Bell is about a Slovak family immigration to America. Immigrating to America for the Slovak family brought trials and problems. The work that was available for the George, Mike and Johnny is hard and requires long hours of work, for very little pay. The family came hoping to get a better life. But in the end the American dream became very hard for them to reach. Jobs were hard to find and working in the mill required movement from place to place, finding a home for the family was difficult and making sure that family was happy and taken care wasn’t easy....   [tags: Immigrating to America]

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AT&T and Alexander Graham Bell

- Company Overview In 1875 AT&T began its company, which was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. Graham had help in forming this global company from two men, Gardiner Hubbard and Thomas Sanders financially. Bell being the inventor tried and successfully invented a talking telegraph. In the few years to follow, Bell earned patents and in 1877 the three men formed the Bell Telephone Company to display the new invention, the telephone. In 1878 the first telephone exchange took place under license from Bell Telephone in New Haven, CT....   [tags: talking telegraph, international telephone]

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The Black Imagination By Bell Hooks

- “…it is said that there are inevitable associations of white with light and therefore safety, and black with dark and therefore danger…’(hooks 49). This is a quote from an article called ‘Representing Whiteness in the Black Imagination’ written by bell hooks an outstanding black female author. Racism has been a big issue ever since slavery and this paper will examine this article in particular to argue that whiteness has become a symbol of terror of the black imagination. To begin this essay I will summarize the article ‘Representing Whiteness in the Black Imagination’ and discuss the main argument of the article....   [tags: White people, Black people, Race, African American]

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Analysis of Diving Bell and the Butterfly

- The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is a script which falls somewhere in the middle of the Classical Design Triangle. It presents moments of causality in a non-linear temporal arrangement. The single protagonist, Jean-Dominique Bauby, is passive due to his affliction yet struggling with both his inner conflict to resolve his life’s choices and the external conflict to regain some semblance of a normal existence. Plot points for this script were not as clearly defined as they are in a script which fully utilizes the Classical Hollywood narrative structure....   [tags: script, classical, acts]

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Aa Theory By Clive Bell

- AA theory by Clive Bell suggests the pinpoints the exact characteristic which makes a work true art. According to Bell, an artwork must produce “aesthetic emotion” (365). This aesthetic emotion is drawn from the form and formality of an artwork rather than whether or not it is aesthetically pleasing or how well it imitates what it is trying to depict. The relation of objects to each other, the colors used, and the qualities of the lines are seemingly more important than what emotion or idea the artwork is trying to provoke....   [tags: Art, Art critic, Aesthetics, Work of art]

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The Bell Cafe - Original Writing

- The sound of the bell ringing as I enter Bell Café is one that brings me small joy in my life in Silverdell. Being away from my mother is a big plus, but the food at Bell Café was the icing on top. It being this close to my aunt’s home was nice too. I found my usual seat at the booth next to a window and sat down. Before I could open my purse, Toni was hovering next to me, ready to take my order. “Will you have the usual?” She asks me, her voice solemn. Her eyes were energized though, as they usually were when I saw her....   [tags: Debut albums, 2007 singles, Black-and-white films]

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Analysis : ' Ring A Bell '

- I. INTRODUCTION At the point when the expressions "administration" and "advertising" ring a bell, we have a tendency to consider the expression "benefit building" or "benefit boosting" also. Nonetheless, at no other time the attention on "supportability" has been more keen for the corporate pioneers. These days, supportability has been to a great extent incorporated into the long haul administration and promoting methods and routine operational exercises of numerous partnerships. This is on the grounds that today 's officials see like never before the long haul monetary benefit of grasping maintainability – and are progressively proceeding onward from simply developing a socially dependable...   [tags: Climate change, Climate, Weather, Atmosphere]

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Presentation Of The Closing Bell Speaker

- The Closing Bell Speaker Series consists of lectures where presenters from different companies speak about professional development in areas that pertain to their career or a topic that they are passionate about. The purpose of this paper is to summarize two of the Closing Bell Speaker Series that I attended and to relate the information I was given to my own professional development. This paper will include a background of the speakers that presented, a summarization of their presentation, and my response to the information presented....   [tags: Coaching, Management, Youth mentoring]

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The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

- Julian Schnabel’s film adaptation of Jean-Dominique Bauby’s 1997 memoir, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was released by Miramax in 2007 and immediately won: the best director prize at Cannes (Schnabel); a best adapted screenplay BAFTA (Ronald Harwood); an Independent Spirit Award for best cinematography (Janusz Kaminski) and best director; and was nominated for Oscars in writing, editing (Juliette Welfling), cinematography and directing. Bauby’s memoir, adapted for the screen by Ronald Harwood describes his life before and after his debilitating stroke....   [tags: Film Review, Julian Schnabel]

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The Bell Curve By Richard Herrnstein

- The Bell Curve is a book originally published in 1994. It was written by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray to explain the variations of intelligence in American Society. They accomplished this by using statistical analysis, for the purpose of raising warnings regarding the consequences of the intelligence gap. This was also made to propose a national social policy with the goal of mitigating bad consequences that have been attributed to this intelligence gap. Much of the information is widely considered controversial....   [tags: Intelligence quotient, Intelligence]

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The Black Imagination By Bell Hook

- History is a cycle that repeats itself and it is only in hindsight that we seem to notice our repeated mistakes. White privilege is one such social construct that appears to reoccur. The idea of white supremacy became a source of economic and political power during the period of colonialism. White Europeans expanding territorial boundaries established a system of oppression that would remain steadfast in modern day globally. I will use the concept of race as a single story and the notion of the mythical norm, as tools to argue that the white privilege, and systems of power grounded in colonialism remain, and are strengthened and perpetuated through an understated invisibility....   [tags: White people, Race, Black people, Race]

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The Case House V. Bell

- The case, House v. Bell created quite the whirlwind in the criminal justice system for several reasons. This was not a typical case that would be heard in the Supreme Court. The case began with the disappearance of Carolyn Muncey on July 14, 1985. Her body was discovered the next day. The Union County medical examiner report stated that the “cause of death was from a severe blow to the left forehead, causing a hemorrhage to the right side of the brain”(Neubauer & Fradella, 2009, p. 4). Subsequently, a neighbor of Carolyn Muncey placed the alleged perpetrator, Paul House near the scene of when the crime took place....   [tags: Jury, Supreme Court of the United States, Appeal]

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Margaret Mary Bell of "Galatea"

- In the short story “Galatea,” Margaret Mary Bell meets William Bell when she’s at a playground with her sister. Margaret and William end up getting together and getting married pretty quickly. Suddenly one by one Margaret’s belongings disappear and she doesn’t understand why William is doing this. William ends up leaving Margaret and leaves her with nothing and no reasons why he took the stuff or himself away from her. She ends up finding out that William is the Collegetown Creeper. Margaret definitely stood out to me after reading “Galatea.” There are some characteristics of her that I liked, and others that I thought were a little ridiculous....   [tags: Literary Characters]

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What is Bell's Palsy?

- Introduction Bell’s palsy is the name given to a nerve disorder that results in unexpected paralysis of the face due to the facial nerve acting abnormally. Paralysis is commonly found only on one side of the face; however, it can occur on both sides. Bell's palsy is named for Sir Charles Bell, a 19th century Scottish surgeon who first came across the condition. (NINDS Bell's Palsy, sec. 1). In this paper, the pathophysiology, which is a discussion of the mechanism behind Bell’s Palsy will be discussed as well as causes and effects....   [tags: Nerve Disorder, Face Paralysis, Facial Nerves]

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For Whom The Bell Tolls

- The novel For Whom the Bell Tolls, written by Ernest Hemingway, is a story of passionate love throughout the brutality of the Spanish Civil War. Hemingway uses his personal experiences to portray the true meaning and feeling of this book. Ernest Miller Hemingway was born on July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. The neighborhood he grew up in was straight-laced and rigidly Protestant. Hemingway started his literary career publishing his work in his school magazine. Later on in life, he signed up to join the military in World War II, but was rejected due to his defective left eye from birth....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Ernest Hemingway]

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El Deafo By Cece Bell

- El Deafo, by Cece Bell, offers bunnies as the main characters of a children’s book, explaining the role of deafness in the life of the main character Cece. The character choice of bunnies is very ironic in a way, as bunnies are often known for their hearing. Thus, her book stands out right from the beginning in her selection of topic and characters. The book starts off with Cece starting a new school, which being new is always scary, but this scenario is different, Cece is deaf. At the age of four, she caught meningitis and became severely deaf....   [tags: Hearing impairment, Deaf culture, Audiogram]

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Diving Bell And The Butterfly

- Diving Bell and the Butterfly 1. How do stroke survivors or anyone with chronic illness, and health providers remain hopeful and “realistic”. What values are involved in their hope. Stroke survivors or anyone with chronic illness and health providers remain hopeful and “realistic” by counting on each other. The patients while being realistic about the outcome of their disease, stay hopeful that each of their health care providers will give them the appropriate care and will make sure that they can live with their disease in the best way possible....   [tags: Health care provider, Health care, Patient]

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Accomplishments of Bell Hooks

- Bell Hooks is a well-known Feminist. She has achieved a lot through her lifetime, and is still going strong. Bell Hooks is mostly known for her fight for feminism and for mainly African American females. She is also known for the many books she has written and for her public speaking. But besides all the major facts above, there is a lot more to Bell Hooks then you think. Throughout your readings you will learn a little more about Bell and her accomplishments. The main resource I used to do my research was the internet....   [tags: african american, author, feminist]

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Crabbe by William Bell

- Generally, adolescents feel as running away from home is a solution to all their problems. Most people think that running away from one’s problem leads to negative consequences, however, that is proven wrong, according to the novel Crabbe by William Bell. In the novel Crabbe by William Bell, 18-year-old Franklin Crabbe’s decision shows that running away is a considerable approach to solving one’s problems. He packs his bags and runs off into the woods in hopes of finding inner tranquility and freedom....   [tags: novel, story analysis, runaway teenagers]

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House V. Bell Case

- House v. Bell, 547 U.S. 518 (2006), is a United States Supreme Court case, which originated out of a Tennessee trial court murder conviction and death sentence (Neubauer & Fradella, 2008). The case started with the murder of Carolyn Muncey late on the night of July 14, 1985, or in the early morning hours of July 15, 1985. Muncey disappeared from her home, and was found dead the next day, with her body having been dumped down an embankment and covered with brush and limbs. The defendant, Paul Gregory House, was seen in the area of the body dump site, on July 15, 1985, carrying a black rag, and reportedly coming up the embankment, in the area where Muncey’s body was later located (House v....   [tags: United States, Appeal]

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Bell Curve Normal Distribution

- Introduction: In this article we can study bell curve normal distribution, which figure most significantly in statistical theory and in application. Normal distribution is also called as the Normal probability distribution. Let us see how to calculate normal distribution. The normal distribution looks like a bell shaped curve. Hence it is also known as normal curve of distribution. Definition of normal distribution: A continuous random variable X is said to follows a normal distribution with parameter μ and σ (or μ and σ2) if the probability functions is f(x) = (1/ σ 2π) e – ½ ((x – μ)/σ)2 ; −∞ < x < ∞, − ∞ < μ < ∞, and σ > 0....   [tags: Statistics]

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Bell Vortex Motorcycle Helmet

- ... It also includes one of the most efficient ventilation systems in the market. It is engineered intelligently so you can easily control the air flow through the vents and adjust them to your own needs. But the ventilation led to the helmet in being a bit loud and noisy. I prefer my rides to be more quiet and comfortable but that’s the best we can get in such an affordable price. I have a big head, so I didn’t find the helmet to be heavy but not everyone might agree with that. Summary of features The helmet is not that heavy and weighs 5 pounds....   [tags: safety, performance, affordability]

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What Makes A Bell?

- A bell jingled as I pushed open the door, and a sweet aroma filled the store. Leaving the biting wind outside, I headed into a shop with white walls and retro tables. Knocking off the hood of my jacket, I stuffed by striped gloves into my pockets and rushed towards a panel of windows. Thick batter was mechanical molded into perfect circles and dropped onto the metal trays below. Each donut fell into boiling oil and darkens to a deep beige. The heat of the fryer lightly fogged the glass I leaned against....   [tags: Krispy Kreme, Dunkin' Donuts, Doughnut]

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Life Cycle Assessment Outline : A Vlasic Pickle Jar

- Life Cycle Assessment Outline Introduction & Problem Identification A Vlasic pickle jar will be the manufactured product discussed. The pickles found in Vlasic pickle jars are grown in Mount Pleasant and Kalamazoo, Michigan. They are then processed in Imlay City. The jars themselves are primarily made of glass, which is completely recyclable. Although, data from a number of sources has found that glass jars are simply not being recycled enough. In addition to this, glass is fairly inexpensive in its value, resulting in recycling centers losing money from the costs of melting, mixing, and blowing the recycled glass....   [tags: Recycling, Bottle, Reuse, Life cycle assessment]

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Analysis Of The Book ' Esther '

- Throughout the span of the book, Esther Greenwood slowly descends into madness. The first sign is her uncertainty with her future. Though she dreams of going to graduate school or traveling to Europe, Esther realizes that she doesn’t know what she wants to do; a discovery as shocking as meeting “some nondescript person” who “introduces himself as your real father” (Plath 32). Later when she’s at the UN, she realizes that she will lose all of her abilities once she leaves college, as she believes that the only skills she has is winning scholarships....   [tags: Suicide, Meaning of life]

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Alexander Graham Bell, Inventor of the Telephone

- Alexander Graham Bell was a notable scientist and engineer that changed the world with his invention of the telephone. Without the telephone, everyone would not have a reliable communication device. Alexander Graham Bell is considered one of the most influential people in human history. Early Life ~ Alexander Graham Bell was born on March 3rd, 1847 at his family home, 16 South Charlotte Street, in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was born to Professor Alexander Melville Bell and Eliza Grace (nee Symonds)....   [tags: Inventor, Engineer, Scientist]

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Alexander Graham Bell

- In March 3, of 1847 the great inventor Alexander Graham Bell was born. His father was Professor Alexander Melville Bell, and his mother was Eliza Grace. Alexander Bell had two brothers, Edward Charles Bell and Melville James Bell. When Alexander was ten he begged his father to give him a middle name like his brothers. For his eleventh birthday Alexander’s gave him the middle name Graham, after their family friend Alexander Graham. Both of his brothers died of tuberculosis. As a child, young Alexander was very curious about the world around him....   [tags: inventions, telephone company]

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Alexander Graham Bell and The Invention of The Telephone

- With the modernized world we live in today, it is crucial that people communicate on the go with friends, family, and business associates. It is estimated that next year, Americans will spend $1.8 billion on mobile devices. They continue to be a growing part of our culture and are being relied on by 91% Americans to get them through the day. Alexander Graham Bell pioneered the way for all of the advancements we have seen thus far. Not only are we able to make and receive high quality calls wirelessly, we are able to take pictures, play music, play games, exchange videos, surf the web, and view social media....   [tags: biography, scientist, inventor]

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The Invention of the Telephone: Alexander Graham Bell

- Growing up as a child living with his deaf mom, Eliza, Alexander Graham Bell sympathized with the hearing impaired and later devoted his life to teaching speech and liberating deaf children. In 1870, Bell and his family moved to Canada where Melville taught his son Visible Speech and setup teaching jobs for him around New England. One year later Alexander Graham Bell moved to Boston, which was a hotspot for commercial, education, and scientific activity. He began writing articles on deaf education and teaching scientific lectures (Grosvenor, Wesson)....   [tags: biography, education, sound]

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A Brief Biography of Alexander Graham Bell

- ... He was the president of the National geographic Society and a regent of the Smithsonian, this shows that he was an honorable and respected inventor and that other inventors looked up to him. “Bell helped to build the first public telephone exchanges, which allowed people with telephones to place call to each other through a central switching system” (Streissguth). He helped build the first public exchange center, which shows that he really did stand behind his invention and truly cared about it....   [tags: notorious inventors, telephone]

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Alexander Graham Bell: A Short Biography

- Alexander Graham Bell: A Short Biography Upon hearing the name Alexander Graham Bell, we remember the inventor of the telephone. However, Alexander was much more than just the inventor of the telephone. As a matter of fact he was an audiologist. His family was the leading authorities in elocution and speech correction. He had improved and carried on his families business, along with his brothers. Alexander had created the phone at an early age among inventors- only 29. Later in his career Bell has worked on a variety of inventions and all inventions have become successful....   [tags: Biography]

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Culture Of Sexual Freedom By Leslie Bell

- Cultures in The Dark In his essay, Selections from Hard to Get: Twenty-Something Women and the Paradox of Sexual Freedom, Leslie Bell investigates the rapid change in women rights the past decades that leaves some women confused about their identity today. This issue is important to psychotherapists like Bell because women part of minority societies are starting to experience an identity crisis. In this paper, I will analyze Leslie Bell’s claim that splitting occurs because women have a tough time finding an identity because of cultural pressure and fear being controlled by men, offering the counterargument that it is because of cultural misunderstanding of nowadays values and freedoms for...   [tags: Woman, Culture, Women's suffrage]

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Gertrude Bell: The Watershed of Iraqi Archaeology

- Gertrude Bell has been described as “one of the few representatives of His Majesty’s Government remembered by the Arabs with anything resembling affection” (Meyer and Brysac, 2008, p.162). Bell gained this reputation in the Arab world through her early travel, archaeological fieldwork, political positions and administrative archaeological position in Iraq. She established intimate and solid connections with Arab leaders and citizens all throughout the Middle East, and this helped her greatly in all facets of her life....   [tags: biography, Middle East, wartime, Arab]

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Critique of Derrick Bell's _Space Traders_

- The history of the United States in regard to racism and discrimination is no secret. Children are taught about segregation, slavery, and the Civil Rights Movement like the events are purely in the past. In part the events are in the past; however, the results of said events are not. As Americans we live in a nation with a rough history and, in order to keep growing together, we cannot forget what has happened. Granted, racism is not extinct, but it is most definitely not the norm it was 50 years ago....   [tags: Race Relations, Civil Rights, Literary Analysis]

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The Inventor of the Telephone: Alexander Graham Bell

- There is no doubt that the inventor of the telephone was one of the greatest genius of the world. I have always asked myself who was the inventor of such an incredible thing. Here you will learn about Alexander Graham Bell’s early life, education, career developments, and his accomplishments.“Alexander did not just mark the birth of the telephone, but marked the death of the telegraph as well” (Hochfelder 1). Furthermore, the invention of the telephone totally changed and developed the communication of all society....   [tags: biography, career]

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The Relationship Between Saliva And A Bell Root

- Classical Conditioning Today The relationship between saliva and a bell root back to one of the most studied and well known cases of learning. Ivan Pavlov was a Russian doctor that focused on the study of digestion in the early 1900s. Because he specialized in the breakdown of food, gastric secretion and saliva were major components of his research. A lot of his experiments included dogs, which Pavlov noticed salivated whenever meat powder was present. As time continued, he began to recognize that different stimulus also got the dogs to drool, but in different amounts....   [tags: Classical conditioning, Ivan Pavlov, Flooding]

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The Relationship Between Saliva And A Bell Root

- Classical Conditioning Today The relationship between saliva and a bell root back to one of the most studied and well known cases of learning. Ivan Pavlov was a Russian doctor that focused in the study of digestion in the early 1900s. Because he specialized in the breakdown of food, gastric secretion and saliva were major components of his research. A lot of his experiments included dogs, which Pavlov noticed salivated whenever meat powder was present. As time continued, he began to recognize that different stimulus also got the dogs to drool, but in different amounts....   [tags: Classical conditioning, Ivan Pavlov, Behaviorism]

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For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Ernest Hemingway

- ... In the form of suicide, inevitability of death, and sacrifice, death is the major theme that wraps around this story. Many characters in For Whom the Bell Tolls say that they would prefer suicide to being tortured after becoming captured, or being a prisoner of war. In wartime, when someone is captured, they may be tortured so the enemy can get intelligence that will help them triumph in the war. Some would say that to commit suicide rather than being tortured is something a coward would do, however, several characters in this novel would disagree....   [tags: spanish civil war, soldiers]

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Analysis Of Leslie Bell 's Work

- Everyone has their own needs and desires. These desires are genuine and authentic in that it affects everyone emotionally, however social relations and technology play a role in shaping peoples needs and desires. This is thoroughly demonstrated in Sherry Turkle’s work, Alone Together, Leslie Bell’s work Hard to Get, and Ethan Watters work The Mega Marketing of Depression in Japan. Specifically, our needs and desires are authentic in that that Jayanthi and Alicia needed to alter their personalities due to their past, and the children needed an emotional companion and found one with robots, however social relations like the Mega Marketing in Japan that created a need for a specific form of tre...   [tags: Need, Want, Emotion, Marketing]

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Historical Analysis of For Whom The Bell Tolls

- For Whom The Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway takes place during the Spanish Civil War, which devastated the nation of Spain from 1936 to 1939. The conflict started after an attempted coup d'état by a group of Spanish generals against the regime of the Second Spanish Republic, under the leadership of Manuel Azaña. The Nationalist coup was supported by the conservative Spanish Confederation of the Autonomous Right, Carlist monarchists, and the Fascist Falange. The events of the story center around Robert Jordan, an American volunteer for the Republican guerilla band....   [tags: Literature Review]

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Mobile Phones, At & T And Bell Systems

- In the early days of the mobile phone, AT&T and Bell Systems was no doubt a first mover which is a technology company that competes with other high tech companies to develop innovative products and services according to Hill, Jones, and Schilling (2014). The company’s actual first mobile call took place on June 17, 1946, and was made from an automobile in St. Louis, Missouri. There was a first mover advantage for AT&T which offered an innovative idea, mobile telephone service, when there was no similar service being offered for the general public of its kind out on the open market....   [tags: Mobile phone, Cellular network, Base station]

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Bigger, Stronger, Faster by Chris Bell

- For Chris Bell and his two brothers, nicknamed Smelly and Mad Dog, who grew up with not so ideal bodies, mega-men like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hulk Hogan, and Sylvester Stallone were heroes. The Bells wanted the enormous, muscular physiques that they saw in these guys and in the muscle and fitness magazines, and would stop at nothing to reach that goal. This dream of having a larger than life strength and muscle mass however, eventually led the brothers to make a decision: whether to use steroids or not (Bell)....   [tags: muscle mass,recreational steroids,ripped]

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Bell Hooks' Incorrect Stance On Punnishment

- Our society allows police, council officials, and other busy bodies dictate how parents should raise their children. A scolding, smack in the face, and a spanking on the butt are all forms of punishment. A punishment is a tool used by parents to discipline their children for misbehavior. Abuse is a commonly thrown around term that offers an inflated meaning to punishment. bell hooks states in her article that a parent cannot “love” if they are “abusive.” Care for individuals’ actions is love; if a child is not reprimanded for bad behavior then the parent is further being abusive....   [tags: Parenting]

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For Whom The Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway

- Development of generations throughout the years comes the never-ending cycle of cultural progressions. What was once considered “hip” or “in” in the past is far different from what is welcomed in today’s subcultures. As the saying goes, “Change is constant.”, and in time, all these will also be written in history. However, not all subcultures have an equal eye on what is in. There are the goths who appreciate the darker side of things; the thugs who are associated with being ghetto or ‘gangsta’; the preppies who value fashion through branded wear; and finally, the subculture which seems to be increasing in popularity, both hate and love – the hipsters who embraces a lifestyle of independent...   [tags: hipsters, subcultures, cultural progressions]

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The Bell Curve And Its Effects On Society

- The Bell Curve argues that intelligent and ignorant individuals are becoming more divided because opportunities are given based on achievement, and that there needs to be governmental intervention “for the sake of general welfare” because this unintelligent group was reproducing at rapid rates. They attributed this difference in intelligence levels to genetics, which also was presumed to determine race. While these authors were not the first to publish works that attempted to justify racial segregation with “science,” such as the use of phrenology, other scholars discredited their claims as utilizing faulty and biased testing....   [tags: Discrimination, Racism, Stereotype, Race]

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The School Bell Rang Right At 3

- The school bell rang right at 3:35 PM dismissing all students home. As most students headed home, Anthony would stay after school working on homework, not wanting to leave school. This was due to “Home” being a place that was completely uncertain for Anthony. This became especially true towards the end of his senior year at Los Angeles Senior High School. His father suffered from alcoholism. This problem led to Anthony’s father being laid off and after selling everything they owned, Anthony’s family was kicked out of their small studio apartment in the MacArthur Park area of Los Angeles....   [tags: High school, College, Chemistry, Secondary school]

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The Creepy Language Tricks Taco Bell

- Kiera Butlers article “The Creepy Language Tricks Taco Bell Uses to Fool People into Eating There,” summarizes professor of linguistics at Stanford, Dan Jurafsky’s book The Language of Food: A Linguist Reads the Menu. The book proves that certain words and phrases are put together to make something sound better than it actually is. Not only does Taco Bell do that but most eating establishments do. The fancier the restaurant the food will have fancier names to make you feel as if you are getting something special....   [tags: Language, Linguistics, Semantics]

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Sylvia Plath

- Sylvia Plath was a troubled writer to say the least, not only did she endure the loss of her father a young age but she later on “attempted suicide at her home and was hospitalized, where she underwent psychiatric treatment” for her depression (Dunn). Writing primarily as a poet, she only ever wrote a single novel, The Bell Jar. This fictional autobiography “[chronicles] the circumstances of her mental collapse and subsequent suicide attempt” but from the viewpoint of the fictional protagonist, Esther Greenwood, who suffers the same loss and challenges as Plath (Allen 890)....   [tags: Biography]

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Analysis of Jack Johnson's Cookie Jar

- Analysis of Jack Johnson's Cookie Jar Jack Johnson’s song, “Cookie Jar” is a powerful influence to challenge the beliefs and values of western society. The song is all about blaming what you have done on someone else, hence the title Cookie Jar. The title is “Cookie Jar” because of the old saying “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar, Who me, Yes you, No not me” this means that we are always trying to find someone else to blame, rather than ourselv...   [tags: Papers]

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The Bell Curve

- Through readings and class discussion, I have gained a tremendous amount of insight about the characteristics of racism and oppression, which exist within society. After reading the article The Bell Curve, by Richard J. Henderson, and Charles Murray, I was enraged. This article was clearly written with a white, male’s perspective, and rarely takes into consideration the cultural, structural and political strengths of oppression and racism. In order to fully understand welfare and the precipitants of welfare, we must take into account an individuals culture and the cycle of socialization....   [tags: racism, oppression]

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Biography of Sylvia Plath

- Critical Analysis Sylvia Plath, a great American author, focuses mostly on actual experiences. Plath’s poetry displays feelings and emotions. Plath had the ability to transform everyday happenings into poems or diary entries. Plath had a passion for poetry and her work was valued. She was inspired by novelists and her own skills. Her poetry was also very important to readers and critics. Sylvia Plath’s work shows change throughout her lifetime, relates to feelings and emotions, and focuses on day to day experiences....   [tags: american author, passion, experiences]

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Chipolte Mexican Grill Beats Taco Bell

- The massive Taco Bell restaurant chain is inferior to the lesser known restaurant, Chipotle. Chipotle Mexican Grill lets customers make their own meal to their liking, unlike Taco Bell. The ingredients that Chipotle uses are fresh and natural unlike the preservative filled ingredients that Taco Bell uses. The customer service at the Mexican Grill has received many more positive reviews than Taco Bell as well. Chipotle's food and service are far superior to the huge restaurant chain known as Taco Bell....   [tags: restaurant, ingredients, reviews]

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For Whom the Bell Tolls Speech

- Good afternoon/morning ladies and gentlemen. Today I will be talking about a classic novel by Ernest Hemmingway called For Whom the Bell Tolls written in 1940. The story is about a young American called Robert Jordan, who is with the anti-fascist guerilla team in the Spanish Civil War. Robert’s special skill involves the use of explosives, and in the book his mission is to destroy a bridge, so others can attack a city called Segovia. A classic novel and genre is something that can be related to modern life, as soon as it does not relate, it usually stops being a classic....   [tags: Ernest Hemmingway]

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Clive Bell and the Formalist Theory

- Clive Bell and the Formalist Theory “Art is a recurring form of human practice. Some have argued that all human societies have shown evidence of artistic activities.” (Carroll 5) Man has long created art, this much is certain. However, man has never ultimately defined art. There are so many things which qualify as art and as many qualities to each piece that trying to find answers only seems result in more questions. The formalist theory of art, as present by Clive Bell, makes an attempt at defining art and answering many of these questions....   [tags: Art Artistic Essays]

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Bell’s Palsy and the Herpes Simplex Virus

- Bell’s palsy is a paralysis or weakness of the muscles on one side of your face. It results from damage to the nerve that controls movement of the muscles in the face, the damage may also affect your sense of taste and how you make tears and saliva. This condition can come on, often overnight and usually gets better on its own within a few weeks. This is not a result of a stroke or transient ischemic attack. This is referred to as a (TIA). Palsy simply means weakness or paralysis, What causes Bell’s palsy is not clear, but some experts believe it is linked to the herpes simplex virus, that causes cold sores or Influenza....   [tags: Paralysis, medical, TIA, herpes, ]

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Toni Morrison and bell hooks

- Toni Morrison and bell hooks       Toni Morrison and bell hooks are both known to be critical theorists. They believe that the dominant views in society are not the only views to perceive. "The Nobel Lecture," a speech Toni Morrison given Stockholm, and "Sorrowful Black Death is Not a Hot Ticket," by bell hooks, are two different pieces by these powerful women, that have their own views about issues in the world. Toni Morrison tells a story about a wise, old, blind woman, that is teaching two young people a lesson in life how language effects the actions that others take....   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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