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Killer Beds: The Dangers of Tanning Beds

- Looking for a warm glow. More than 1 million Americans choose to tan indoors each day. However, many of these people are unaware of just how dangerous tanning is even though they are warned about the effects frequently. Recent studies have shown that there are more cases of skin cancer linked with tanning than there are cases of lung cancer linked with smoking. Tanning is a fast way to get darker skin. Farker skin is desirable for a number of reasons. People just want to be different. Society encourages people to buy products that they think they need....   [tags: cancer, ultraviolet, skin]

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The Negative Effects of Tanning Beds

- Well-known magazines often have broad headlines that show off celebrities sporting bronzed skin, and these articles often throw around the words “healthy” and “glowy” in a positive context. With this influence subjected upon the general public, indoor tanning has become a popular recreation of American men and women alike. As this new trend continues to rise, medical researchers are beginning to pay close attention to the health effects of indoor tanning, especially when referring to tanning beds, respectively....   [tags: bronzed skin, utra violet radiation, cancer]

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The Use Of Tanning Beds And Sunbathing

- Due to appearance and socialculture influences, there has been an increase in the use of tanning beds and sunbathing. Such exposure to ultraviolet radiation has caused major human health concerns. Basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, the most common types of skin cancers, are occuring at a steady rate every year.2 There are over 3 million new cases of skin cancer diagnosed each year in United States alone.2 There is an increase interest in behavior modification, risk management, and prevention techniques....   [tags: Cancer, Ultraviolet, Squamous cell carcinoma]

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The Dangers of Tanning Beds

- “One person dies of melanoma every hour (every 62 minutes)” (Polsky). People should not lie in the tanning bed. Lying in the tanning bed can cause skin cancer, can become addictive, and can damage your body. Tanning is a commonly used by Caucasian women to cause their skin tone to darken. Melanin is what gives skin its color. Naturally, when we are exposed to sun, the production of a pigment known as melanin starts which itself acts as a deterrent to the burning effects of ultra violet rays of sun (Pakhare)....   [tags: melanoma, skin cancer]

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Mixed Sex Beds in Hospitals

- For several years there has been much media attention and professional pressure regarding the use of mixed sex wards. Much of the controversy has been fuelled by the Labour government’s manifesto commitment to abolish mixed sex beds, which they finally conceded was an impossible task early in 2008. However, much of the available fiction, and most of the more inciting press coverage, actually relates to inpatient areas with overnight accommodation, especially the more vulnerable groups, such as those with mental health problems and the elderly....   [tags: Health, Health Care]

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Harm From Tanning Beds

- It is no secret that the sun can be just as harmful as it is beneficial. While we rely on the sun for energy and vitamin D, we are receiving strong ultraviolet rays that burn the skin and can lead to skin-related cancers, such as melanoma. Realizing the potential dangers that harbor in exposure to sunlight, many people have sought an alternative to achieve a tan. The most popular alternative today is the tanning bed. Artificial ultraviolet light, found in sun lamps and tanning beds, can provide the same UV rays found in sunlight....   [tags: Carcinogen Rating, UV Light]

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Negative Effects of Tanning Beds on the Skin

- Many people in the United States use tanning beds every day. However, tanning has many negative effects on the skin, and can even cause cancer. Tanning beds are devices that use fluorescent lamps that emit UV rays to produce a skin tan. Most people tan because they are concerned about their appearance. People want to be considered beautiful by others and to have more pleasant features. The stereotypical good looking person in our society is usually a thin female or muscularly built male with nice hair and tan skin....   [tags: Human Health / Skin Disease]

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Why Choose Custom-made Beds?

- Are you having a hard time finding the bed that you have always dreamt of. If your answer is a big ‘YES’, then it’s time to go for something that is custom-made. There’s no reason to settle for a bed that will make you uncomfortable when you can purchase a custom-made bed and mattress that can help you get a good night’s sleep. With the use of a custom-made bed, you will no longer have to deal with soreness and body pains because it’s designed with your needs in mind. You are also sure to find the support you need, thereby leaving your body feeling better....   [tags: mattress, wood, sleep]

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The Unspoken Dangers of Tanning Beds

- The Unspoken Dangers of Tanning Beds Tanning beds are devices that emit ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) in order to darken one’s skin complexion. It is believed that approximately 28 million Americans are tanning indoors, in some 25,000 tanning salons nationwide ( cdrh/consumer/tanning.html ). The rising popularity of tanning beds came about a few decades ago when the media and society started emphasizing that bronzed skin was “in.” A variety of people use tanning beds, both men and women, and for a variety of reasons; some use them as a weekly (or even daily) routine, others use them seasonally (when it’s hard to get a tan in the winter) and then of course there a...   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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Tanning Beds and Skin Cancer

- Tanning Beds and Skin Cancer What is UV radiation. Before one can discuss harmful effects of tanning equipment and increased sun exposure, one must be familiar with the components of ultraviolet light and how affects the skin. Sunlight contains two types of ultraviolet (UV) light: UVA and UVB. UVA rays consist of longer wavelengths that penetrate deep into the dermal layer of skin. Limited exposure to UVA rays causes skin to tan; however, most experts agree that overexposure to UVA can lead to other long-term skin damage....   [tags: Medical Medicine Papers]

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Thermophilic Conifer in Tabbowa Beds Sri Lanka

- Plant fossils are found in the well known Jurassic sedimentary basin in the Puttalum district, Northwestern Province, Sri Lanka. Fossil specimens were collected at a Tabbowa basin and the morphological characters of leaves, shoots and stems, were studied. Specimens could be diagnosed as conifers belonging to two genera Brachyphyllum and Pagiophyllum. The two genera closely resemble one another in foliar morphology. However, combined transmitted light and polarizing microscopic observations together revealed additional characters such as the pattern of leaf arrangement, cushions and keel size, shape of leaf apices and bases....   [tags: Brachyphyllum, Thermorphilic, Palaeo-environment]

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The Effect of Tanning Beds on the American Society

- The Effect of Tanning Beds on the American Society Have you ever seen commercials on television advertising allergy medications. The advertisement states that taking the medication can cause abnormal sleep patterns, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, itching, watery eyes, rashes, and headaches. A conclusion could be made that the side effects of the product would be much worse than the allergy problem....   [tags: Skin Cancer Tanning]

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Four Crucial Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Beds for Kids

- Shopping for your kid’s bed is not as easy as ABC. It may seem like a simple task; but, the truth is, there’s more to it than meets the eye. For some parents, they based their choices on their kids’ favourite colours, shapes and themes. But this should not be the case. Beds are not created equal. So choosing one from the other can make a difference to your child’s comfort and safety. A quality bed and mattress plays a crucial role in your child’s health. It allows your kids to get proper rest and sleep....   [tags: comfort, safety]

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Four Crucial Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Beds for Kids

- ... Opt for a bed that will not collapse or get damaged easily. If possible, when you go shopping, take your youngster with you so that he or she can “test rest” the bed. The beds should be strong enough to withstand stress, especially since kids love rough-and-tumble. To ensure that any type of injury is avoided, select high quality beds with timber bed frames like what we have here at Beds for Life. Affordability Shops offer different prices on beds and bedroom furniture. That’s why you need to get a quote and compare prices before selecting the ideal one....   [tags: bed shopping, mattresses, design]

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The Acute Respiratory Unit Which Accommodates 34 Inpatient Beds

- The microsystem of the study is the acute respiratory unit which accommodates 34 inpatient beds. The patients are adult with respiratory issues and multiple co-morbidities. Most of the patients need breathing treatment, BiPaP, VapoTherm, or pulmonary drainage and percussion treatment as well as other treatments that pertains to the respiratory aspect. The patients are either from home, Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), assisted living, and Board and Care. Due to their acute respiratory issues, patients usually need assistance with activities of daily living (ADL) to function, such as toileting, feeding, and grooming....   [tags: Health care provider, Patient, Health care]

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The South Texas Ecosystems

- ... Turtlegrass and Manateegrass are the two types of dominant plants in South Texas Seagrass beds. Manateegrass and Turtlegrass are dominant because of low rainfall that flows to the bay high evaporation as well their tolerance to salt. Some common animal species that live in the Seagrass beds are fish, sea turtles, shellfish, and waterfowl. Their adaptation to live in that ecosystem is that Seagrass beds provide as a direct food source, habitat, and nursery area. The ecological importance of Seagrass beds is that they play vital role as producers as well nursery ground for many species....   [tags: dunes, seagrass beds, mangrove forest]

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A Comparison of Civilization by Oodgeroo Noonuccal and Beds Are Burning by Peter Garrett

- A Comparison of Civilization by Oodgeroo Noonuccal and Beds Are Burning by Peter Garrett In the Australian culture, there have been many debates about the rightful ownership of Australian land and about whether the Aborigines have the right to retain the land taken from them. Further more, indigenous writers have expressed anger and protest towards the loss of their culture to white civilization. Peter Garrett and Oodgeroo Noonuccal are two artists who seek to raise the issues of the native land title and the oppression of Australian Aborigines....   [tags: Papers]

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The Valley of the Kings: the Great Necropolis of Ancient Egypt

- Deep in the abysmal, rocky contours of modern-day Luxor’s western bank, a collection of dry beds host the Wadi Bidan el-Muluk, otherwise known as the Valley of the Kings (Hawass 9). Here, Ancient Egyptian workers had toiled through scorching desert heat to create a series of tombs that would house the physical bodies of their pharaohs. The choice of isolation for this complex of wadis, their towering and mammoth architecture, as well as the detailed, colorful decoration depict the significance of the tombs to the Ancient Egyptians....   [tags: Series of Tombs, Ancient Egypt, Dry Beds]

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Getting a Killer Tan

- Getting a “Killer” Tan There’s no such thing as a healthy tan, and that’s what people need to understand (Gabrielle Union). Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. The most fatal form of skin cancer is melanoma, and each year, more people are getting, and dying from, melanomas (Poncelet). Authors of a new study estimate that the tanning beds cause 388,079 cases of skin cancer each year in the USA--more than twice as many as estimated in earlier analyses. The Food and Drug Administration estimates that about 30 million Americans use indoor tanning beds each year, and 2.3 million of those are teens (Szabo)....   [tags: Skin Cancer, Melanoma, Inddor Tanning Beds]

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Explanation of How Exchange of Solute Occurs Within Capillary Beds

- Microcirculation describes the movement of blood through small vessels responsible for replenishing organ tissue with oxygen and nutrients while at the same time removing carbon dioxide and other waste products (Berne & Levy, 2001). Hormones involves in signalling are also move through capillaries (Levick, 2010). This process is accomplished by a network of blood vessels (figure 1) such as arterioles which carry oxygenated blood from the heart to the capillaries where solute exchange occurs (Berne & Levy, 2001)....   [tags: arterioles,microcirculation,capillaries,vessels]

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Microeconomics: The Production Possibilities Curve

- 1. Given the information I would suspect, even without evidence, that the economy might not be able to produce all the schools and beds it wants because there are inevitable constraints on any nation’s economy despite how big or small it is. On an economy’s production cycle, there are four main constraints (DukeEconomics, 2012). These are land, labour, capital and entrepreneurship. Land resources include natural resources like arable land, animals, water, etc (Jain and Ohri, 2010, p. 159). Capital encompasses man-made items like buildings and equipment; and these items are integral to present and future productivity in an economy....   [tags: entrepreneurship, goods and services]

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The Aftermath of UV Exposure

- As summer fast approaches, everyone begins to make their plans for some fun at the beach. This is time for one to get a nice tan from the UV rays of the sun. Some might get a tan at a tanning salon even before they hit the waves. But is the aftermath really worth the tan. Is there even any way to get a safe tan. The effects of the UV light have both positive and negative consequences on the body. Vitamin D intake and phototherapy are both positive factors. Negatively, UV light can lead to skin cancer and eye damage....   [tags: vitamin d, tanning salon, beaches]

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The Risks of Tanning

- Self image is an important thing to many people, but is it worth all the risks. In the year 2012, 8,650 died of melanoma cancer, every person that has or have used an indoor tanning bed is at a 74% higher risk of getting melanoma than those who have never tanned before (“Skin Cancer Foundation”). Tanning beds were actually accidentally invented; they were first made to give more vitamin D to people who could not get enough by being outside. This lamp, which was used to help the people who needed vitamin D, soon became something used mainly for boosting peoples thoughts on their own self appearance....   [tags: Tanning and Cancer]

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A Comparison of Historically Significant Fossil-Lagerstätten

- A Comparison of Historically Significant Fossil-Lagerstätten Lagerstätten are fossil-bearing assemblages that, in most cases, contain exceptionally preserved specimens. These assemblages are useful in recreating paleoenvironments and are considered to be windows to the past. Two types of Lagerstätten are recognized: concentration and conservation. Concentration Lagerstätten are useful in determining the composition and reconstruction of food webs. These sites are determined to be true concentration Lagerstätten if they demonstrate a mechanism of concentration rather than merely presence of diversity (Nudds & Selden 2008)....   [tags: specimens, scottland]

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The Making of the Long Island Rail Road

- This essay will encounter The Long Island Rail Road first years making. The rail road was developed because the rail roads planners wanted to expand a way to get to Boston. In order for this view to happen, the service needed to make rail-road through Long Island, so they made the LIRR with the help of legislature supplying the money with 1,500,000$. This caused for New York or Brooklyn to be linked to Boston. Even though the money was good start for making the rail road, it was still very difficult to make so they to find ways to make it more efficient....   [tags: Boston, Ferry]

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Investigating Two Local Businesses

- Investigating Two Local Businesses The two businesses that I have decided to investigate are Sealy Beds and Asda. I have chosen these two businesses because they are local and easily accessible, in the past either a family member or me have shopped in it. These two businesses are quite the opposite; Sealy Beds manufactures their own products and sell them to different stores. Whereas Asda buys their products off other brands and sells them in there own supermarkets. General Information on Sealy Beds Sealy Beds UK is a part of the Silentnight group that is based in Lancashire....   [tags: Papers]

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Mental Illness : A Brief History

- Mental Illness: A Brief History in Its Treatment The only thing worse than an undiagnosed case of any form of mental illness is being turned away after a diagnosis. There are 43.8 million American adults and 21.4% of America’s children aged 13-18, that have been diagnosed with some form mental illness. (NAMI, 2015).   Archeological digs within the Babylonian, Mesopotamian, and Egyptian territories have unearthed trephined skulls. These artifacts serve as proof that mental illness and the treatment thereof dated back to 5000 BCE (Foerschner, 2010; Porter 10)....   [tags: Psychiatry, Mental disorder, Psychiatric hospital]

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Indoor Tanning and the Perils of Skin Cancer

- The use of indoor tanning devices has been growing rapidly since the 1970’s. Over the years, there has also been a dangerous increase in skin cancer. There is currently an estimated twenty-eight million users of tanning beds. Do these users truly understand the side effects indoor tanning has on our health. Dermatologists, The International Agency for Research on Cancer, the American Cancer Society, and many other organizations have done numerous studies to show the public the evidence. To begin with, we must first understand what we are exposed to when using a tanning bed....   [tags: UVA Rays, Sunscreen]

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Hotel Rooms And Suites And Amenities Rooms

- Rooms and Suites Revitalize and reenergize in one of our 250 newly renovated guest rooms, suites and accessible rooms. Our rejuvenated accommodations boast a sleek appearance intertwined with the warm comforts of home. Select from rooms furnished with one king or two double beds, or stay the night in one of our spacious suites. **NOTE: TVs are 36-inches. Make sure that when you click “view amenities” on the room description page that it reflects that information. Guest Rooms: Embrace contemporary elements mingled with familiar features such as our signature Sweet Dreams by DoubleTree Sleep Experience bedding....   [tags: Rooms, Bedroom, Room, Bathtub]

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A Brief Note On Labor And Delivery Nurse

- Labor and Delivery Nurse Occupations in the healthcare field will always be around, especially nursing occupations. Registered nurses provide patients care, educate patients and the public about different health conditions, and provide advice and support to patients and their family members. Some work in hospitals, physicians’ offices, healthcare services, and nursing homes. However, others work in correctional facilities, schools, or serve in the military. The average nurse makes about $66,000 per year (UBLS, 2015)....   [tags: Infant, Childbirth, Breastfeeding, Pregnancy]

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The Modernization Of Hospitals And Hospital Services

- Hospital Downsizing The modernization of hospitals and hospital services can be traced back to 1840 when facilities began to change their focus from caring for the impoverished and mentally ill, to becoming a place known for providing complete health care to the population. After the Second World War, the government identified a deficiency in the health care system and the response to was passage of the Hill-Burton Free and Reduced Cost Health Care Act in 1946. The Hill-Burton Act provided government subsidies to aid in the construction and modernization of local government hospitals as well as not-for-profit facilities....   [tags: Health care, Patient, Hospital, Medicine]

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Is Plymouth Community A Ethnically Diverse Community?

- According to the above case study, Plymouth is an ethnically diverse community with different groups of the population living including African American, Hispanic and Caucasian population. It showed that 40 percent increments in the community population of the Plymouth. Among other population, there was declined in the Caucasian population. According to the case study, the Plymouth community is facing declining in the community’s population because of various reasons such as economic issue and lack of employment opportunities....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Healthcare, Health]

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The Facts About Artificial Tanning

- Everyone has seen and heard the advertisements for the popular tanning salons. However, not everyone knows the real truth and facts about artificial tanning. There are many similarities and differences between natural tanning in the sunlight and artificial tanning in a bed. People are obsessed with tanning but for what reason. The tan does not last forever; the big deal of going tanning is just to show off how dark you look. Even though many people chose to use a tanning bed, dermatologists have studied that tanning naturally under the sun is healthier for the human body....   [tags: melanoma, skin cancer]

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Data Collection Procedures And Instruments

- f. Data collection procedures and instruments The authors accessed 7 data sources: (1) publicly available Form 990 tax returns compiled by GuideStar for US hospitals filing as nonprofit entities in 2009; (2) the American Hospital Association annual survey; (3) rural-urban commuting area codes9; (4) Hospital Compare data, which contain process of care measures and the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey; (5) the 2009 Medicare Provider Analysis and Review File; (6) Medicare cost reports; and (7) the Medicare impact file....   [tags: Regression analysis, Linear regression, Hospital]

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The Dangers of Tanning

- Spring is finally here, and Spring Break and the Senior Prom are around corner. The teenagers and the college kids are planning a drive to the tanning salons or a day at the beach. The media has instilled in women that tan skin is a sign of youth and sex appeal. Some people go to the tanning salons and others spend hours outside in the sun to achieve the sun goddess look. Many don’t realize the dangers that come with the sun or a box with light bulbs that has more UVA radiation than the sun does....   [tags: Health ]

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Mental Care Reinstitution Act

- Congress hereby finds and declares that public care for the mentally ill is a national need and the state and federally sponsored psychiatric hospital system shall be reinstated to aid in a healthier nation as well as provide lower cost psychiatric care for low income households. Every year, nearly 44 million Americans suffer from a mental illness. 4.4 million people suffer from severe mental disorders and 40%, 1.8 million people, go completely untreated every day. From post traumatic stress from a war to genetically developed schizophrenia, many of them go untreated due to poor, unavailable, or over priced treatment....   [tags: schizophrenia, psychiatric hospital]

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IKEA Website Evaluation

- The website that has been chosen to be evaluated by me is IKEA’s website. IKEA website is actually one of the profit-making website. The website enables people to choose for their items and make a list before they make a real purchase at the real IKEA store. Basically, IKEA store is a store that provides home furnishing products such as sofas, beds, kitchen stuff, toiletries and some others. And even more, they had a showroom to inspire people to decorate their own house. So, in the website, there is also a preview of the showroom as it will helps for those that did not get a chance to go to the IKEA store....   [tags: Website Evaluation Essays]

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I Am 'm My Nurse Manager, Informatics Nurse, And It Analyst

- Reflective Journaling I have presently completed 130 hours of my practical experience at Mayo Clinic, Waycross, Georgia. I am really appreciating my nurse manager, informatics nurse, and IT analyst. I am also really appreciating this precepting experience and sense as though I am improving my skills as a graduate nursing student and assembling knowledge of what it will take to become an advance nurse of honor and reliability. A positive learning atmosphere will advance excellence of care, and it is essential that training programs suggest the learning styles and preferences of persons in order for them to be applicable....   [tags: Health care, Hospital, Health care provider]

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Nurse Staffing Ratios Increase Pressure Ulcers, Infection Rates And Mortality

- Nurse staffing ratios have shown a decrease in length of stay within the hospital setting (American Nurses Association, (2015). Research continues to determine if staffing ratios also decrease pressure ulcers, infection rates and mortality. According to one research article the difference between life and death within a medical/surgical unit with a staffing ratio of four patients to one registered nurse may mean a thousand more lives saved annually (Shekelle 2013). Several states have enacted laws that require hospitals to develop staffing plans either through, staffing committees, core staffing plans or hospital reported staffing ratios that is disclosed to the public yearly (American Nurse...   [tags: Nursing, Certified Nursing Assistant]

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The Merger of Two Competing Hospitals: A Case Study

- A merger is a partial or total combination of two separate business firms and forming of a new one. There are predominantly two kinds of mergers: partial and complete. Partial merger usually involves the combination of joint ventures and inter-corporate stock purchases. Complete mergers are results in blending of identities and the creation of a single succeeding firm. (Hicks, 2012, p 491). Mergers in the healthcare sector, particularly horizontal hospital mergers wherein two or more hospitals merge into a single corporation, are increasing both in frequency and importance....   [tags: healthcare policy, medicine, business]

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Character and Character in Animal Farm by George Orwell

- Have you ever agreed to something in a group you would never agree to alone. First off, let us say that you enjoy soccer and participate on a team. Someone in a group one day states that soccer is “gay,” or not as good as another sport such as football. If you were to look around, many people would begin to agree, and eventually so would you. Why. As shown through the character versus character conflicts in the book, Animal Farm, by George Orwell, the reasoning and ideals of a group are much easier to manipulate than that of an individual....   [tags: group, individual, ideals, manipulate]

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Manatees, The Gentle Giant Is Going Extinct

- ... Over the years, due to tourism, Belize has undergone coastal development around the cays. This means that there has been mangrove destruction, and sea grass destruction. There are four main types of mangroves found in Belize, such as red, black, white, and buttonwood. In Belize, mangroves estimate up to 3.4% of the land area, about 296 square miles (CITE). Mangroves serve important ecological service such as erosion control, filter, and clean, while also providing shelter to many marine organisms like lemon sharks, invertebrates, shrimp, and manatees....   [tags: fishing nets, marine, mammal]

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The Care Of The Nurse Manager

- Healthcare is a constantly evolving environment where change is inevitable. As the nurse manager, a recently assigned task is to submit a business plan that will positively impact patients, staff, and the financial components of the medical center. The care of the patient is the center of everything that we do in healthcare. It is only fitting that we would want to provide the best possible evidence based care for all patients including the terminally ill hospice inpatient at the end of life.Our institution is a 420 bed hospital on the out skirts of a metropolitan area....   [tags: Hospital, Patient, Health care provider, Hospice]

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Tanning Isn't So Fun Anymore

- What’s so bad about getting that killer tan. What used to be considered a harmless and relaxing activity to do in the sun, tanning is now considered a dangerous and deadly, cancer causing thing to do. Not only are the suns rays dangerous, but even being in the sun is dangerous if you’re not wearing sunscreen. The sun isn't the only way to get a tan however. Another way to obtain sun rays is tanning salons. Every year more than 30 million men and women attend a tanning salon to retain the tan they worked for all summer long (Richardson)....   [tags: Health ]

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The Cycad Lodge and Chalets

- ... • To be the leading business with a 5 star service deliveries. • To turn moments into ever lasting memories. • To keep guests happy and satisfied. • To lead through the hospitality service and gain that right through. Please list and describe some of your innovations. The cycad is one of a kind, an exclusive hotel with a variety of accommodation contributing to the hospitality difference ,our passion is to meet every guests needs since 1995 and continuing to taking care of people. Ranging from a two sleeper room dates people love it and then to eight sleepers self-catering always come back apartments....   [tags: marketing for hospitality and tourism]

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George Orwell 's Animal Farm

- “The pen is mightier than the sword.” This is a popular saying that explains that, sometimes, in order to persuade or convince people, one should not use force but words. In Animal Farm, by George Orwell, animals overthrow the human leader and start a new life, but some animals want to become the new leaders. To make the other animals obey the pigs, they first have to persuade the farm’s population. Squealer is the best pig for this job because he effectively convinces the animals to follow Napoleon by using different rhetorical devices and methods of persuasion....   [tags: Animal Farm, Rhetoric, Persuasion, George Orwell]

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Data Collection Procedures And Instruments

- f. Data collection procedures and instruments. The authors accessed 7 data sources: (1) publicly available Form 990 tax returns compiled by GuideStar for US hospitals filing as nonprofit entities in 2009; (2) the American Hospital Association annual survey; (3) rural-urban commuting area codes9; (4) Hospital Compare data, which contain process of care measures and the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey; (5) the 2009 Medicare Provider Analysis and Review File; (6) Medicare cost reports; and (7) the Medicare impact file....   [tags: Regression analysis, Linear regression, Hospital]

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Designer Pet Accessories 's Best Four Legged Companion And Help Improve Its Way Of Life

- Pets are extremely faithful buddies, casual psychiatrists, and snuggle pals and just like humans, need nourishment in the right proportion, shelter, fitness services and medications, security and consistent exercise to develop both mentally and physically. For this very reason, there is the need to know the important designer pet accessories designed specially to compliment your pet appearance, health, fitness, and to foster the sound relationship, friendship and connection between you and your mongrel as with your families, so as to guide you through the supplies selection process for your beloved pets....   [tags: Dog, Pet, Stanley Coren, Pets]

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Working as a Registered Nurse (RN) for Holmes Regional Medical Center (HRMC)

- Holmes Regional Medical Center(HRMC) is one of 4 hospitals in the Health First family. Has a long history dating back to 1928 that has seen many periods of growth through out the year. Although they have seen many changes one thing remains the same and that is that they take care of their employees. HRMC offers competitive pay rates and benefits packages. Growth both personal and professional growth are encouraged and supported. The appraisal process is fair and the employees know what the goals and expectations are for themselves and their co-workers....   [tags: Working as a Registered Nurse]

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Absolute Power and Corruption in Animal Farm by George Orwell

- Absolute power leads to the corruption of government. In Animal Farm, when a group of mistreated animals rebels against their cruel farm owner, two intelligent pigs on the farm take it upon themselves to lead the animals jointly. However, due to the animals' greedy co-leader Napoleon who dominates that power, the pigs' leadership turns into a corrupt power-hungry government that causes the entire farm system to collapse. In order to secure a life of luxury for Napoleon and his fellow pigs, Napoleon (with Squealer as his spokesman)uses language that intimidates, language that distorts the truth, and language that appeals to the emotions of the animals in order to manipulate gullible animals o...   [tags: napoleon, commandments, rebellion]

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Plato : Art, Poetry And The Theory Of Forms

- Plato: Art, Poetry and the Theory of Forms Plato postulates that poetry and certain art forms including drama, dance, and painting can only mimic truth - which exists only in an abstract state which he describes as “Forms” . In order to understand this rejection of certain arts and poetry, it 's important to grasp the fundamental idea of Plato 's Forms, how they relate to “truth” in his view, and also how representation or mimicry of this truth is all that we see in art and poetry, and can actually be dangerous because it corrupts us....   [tags: Aristotle, Epistemology, Platonism]

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Room 101 by George Orwell

- Room 101 by George Orwell Room 101 is an imaginary room invented by George Orwell and was originally envisioned as a kind of torture chamber which contains your worst fears which are used as the instrument of your pain; it has now become a sort of warehouse into which your pet hates can be exiled. This has been due to the recent television program where celebrities are given the chance to banish their pet hates from the world. It took quite some time and desperate self deliberation for me to finalise my choice of five to banish....   [tags: Papers]

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The Ecological and Economical Importance of Seagrass

- Introduction Seagrass is on the decline around the world and it is an extremely vital marine ecosystem found in shallow water mainly distributed throughout tropical seas, from a temperature around 4oC to 24oC (Green and Short 2003). They are the only true flowering plant (angiosperm) to live in aquatic conditions providing support and shelter for vast amounts of species (Orth et al. 2006; Jackson et al. 2001). They are a marine aquatic plant and a keystone species for many coastal areas found all over the world (Libralato, Christensen and Pauly 2006)....   [tags: ecosystem, marine life, water]

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What You Should Do During Pet Emergencies

- 5 Most Common Pet Emergencies and How to Handle Them Our pets are part of our family. Seeing them go through emergencies, or even a simple flu, can be an aching experience. As responsible pet owners, we should know what type of possible health problems our pets will likely to experience during their lifetime. As trite as it sounds, prevention is always better than looking for a cure. With this in mind, it is always best to learn preventive measures to help save our pets during life-threatening situations....   [tags: Veterinary, Animals]

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Customer Segmentation : Developing A Customer Market

- Customer Segmentation Developing a customer segmentation will help HHE achieve its sales goals and increase its growth. As Zoltner, Sina, and Zoltner (2001) stated, customers and prospects “have different product and service needs; different sales, sales potential, buying influences, and buying processes; and different attitudes toward innovation, cost, and service”. Therefore, segmenting the customers and prospects according to their profiles, behaviors, and needs will help the company create proper sales approach to each segment....   [tags: Sales, Marketing, Customer service]

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How to Clean a House Properly

- Back when my parents were little, it was not uncommon for the wife to stay at home and tend to the housework. Being a housewife requires certain skills for cleaning a house. Three rooms in particular are the kids’ room, the bathroom and the kitchen, all require certain cleaning products, equipment, and processes to clean properly. If I were to start in my kids’ room, which is upstairs, I would gather all my supplies so I wouldn’t have to make numerous trips up and down the staircase. My list of supplies consists of these items: a vacuum, pledge, a dust cloth, window cleaner, paper towels, a hamper or clothes basket, and some extra energy....   [tags: process essays, process analysis, cleaning]

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Natural Gas Storage: Feasibility of Hydrates

- Introduction Natural Gas is a major energy source and approximately 22% of the global energy consumption is in the form of Natural Gas. Natural Gas is obtained from Oil Reservoirs, Shale Gas, Tight Gas, Coal Beds, and from Natural Gas Hydrates (NGH) i.e. Methane Hydrates present at sea beds. As of now, Methane Hydrate deposits are not being exploited commercially, but Japan conducted a six day offshore production test in the Pacific Ocean in March 2012. The test produced a total of 120,000 cubic meters, or 20,000 cu m/day, of gas from Methane Hydrate, and the Japanese government is encouraging research into hydrates for alternative energy source....   [tags: energy, oil reservoirs]

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Skara Brae- A Stone Age Village

- Skara Brae is a Neolithic (stone age) village located on the Orkney Islands, found north of Scotland (see image 1). Using radiocarbon dating, it has been discovered that Skara Brae was one of the earliest farming villages in Britain having been inhabited over 5000 years ago. It was due to isolation and minimal changes to the landscape that a village that was created between 3100 and 2500 BC is one of the best preserved villages in northern Europe today. Due to Skara Brae being prehistoric, and therefore, writing had not yet been developed, any evidence found on the site is archaeological....   [tags: Neolithic, Orkney Isalnds, Scotland]

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Three Reasons Why Euthanasia Should Be Legalized

- Euthanasia, according to the dictionary, means the killing of a person who is suffering from an incurable disease. Lately, it had been a huge debate over whether euthanasia should be legalized or not. Personally, I believe that euthanasia should be legalized if it is voluntary. I have three reasons for my argument. First of all, euthanasia saves money and resources. The amount of money for health care in each country, and the number of beds and doctors in each hospital are limited. It is a huge waste if we use those money and resources to lengthen the lives of those who have an incurable disease and want to die themselves rather than saving the lives of the ones with a curable ailment....   [tags: Argumentative, Persuasive]

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Patient Safety: Hospital Inpatient Falls

- If patient safety is the most important issue in Health Care facilities then how come hospital inpatient falls continue to be the most reported of all accidental falls (Tzeng & Yin, 2009). Throughout the years, hospitals continue to make changes to decrease the risk of accidents and increase the quality of patient safety. With research studies and improvements made, patient falls still hold the largest portion of reported incidents in hospitals (Tzeng, & Yin, 2008). According to Tzeng & Yin (2008), “fall prevention programs apparently do not effectively reduce inpatient fall rates because of human factors and ergonomics in a hospital environment (p.179, para....   [tags: Health Care, Inpatient Falls]

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Illness and Dependence in Nursing

- The aim of this essay is to discuss the nature of illness and dependence in relation to the issues that the nurse should take into account when providing evidence-based care. The issues that will be analysed are the nursing process and nursing models, the implications of nursing technology on the nurse, the patient and their family, the psychological issues for the patient and their family, the consequences of disability and chronic illness and the importance of patient-centred nursing. These issues will be discussed, for the most part, in relation to the patient care received by patients admitted to a ‘high tech’ area....   [tags: Nursing Techniques, Evidence Based Care]

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County Profile on Shasta, California

- ... In 2014, U.S. citizens and legal residents will be required to have health care coverage. Therefore, those uninsured must have access to health care coverage in any way. The Medi-Cal Managed Care system for Shasta County is the COHS Model (County Organized Health System), also known as the Healthy Families Program. This program“administers a capitated, comprehensive, case-managed health care delivery system. This system has responsibilities for utilization control and claims administration and Medi-Cal covered health care services to all Medi-Cal beneficiaries who are legal residents of the county” (Department of Health Care Services, 2009)....   [tags: outdoors, services, status, health]

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Strengths As A Healthcare Professional

- Strengths as a Healthcare Professional The medical field is a growing industry of innovation and exploration. As humanity progresses into the 21st century, leadership within each organization will be the key to success. Even though novel diagnostic equipment and research is created outside the business, management has the task of integrating new resources into practice and nurturing improvement in every aspect of care. The decision makers of a medical company require skills in building relationships and report with dozens of representatives from medical support services in the country, potentially around the world....   [tags: Critical thinking, Management, Etiquette, Thought]

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The First Of Insane Hospital

- The first Minnesota insane hospital opened in St. Peter, in 1868. The original name was “The Asylum for the Dangerously Insane”. The hospital housed 50 patients. Rochester opened in 1879, 68 mentally ill patients transferred from St. Peter. Rochester State Hospital closed in 1982. “The number of hospitals and the number of Minnesotans placed in them continued to grow. By 1960, the State of Minnesota operated 11 state hospitals. On any given day, there were approximately 16,000 people who were residents and patients in those hospitals” (   [tags: Psychiatry, Mental disorder, Psychiatric hospital]

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George Orwell's Animal Farm

- Absolute power leads to the corruption of government. In Animal Farm, when a group of mistreated animals rebels against their cruel farm owner, two intelligent pigs on the farm take it upon themselves to lead the animals jointly. However, due to the animals' greedy co-leader Napoleon who dominates that power, the pigs' leadership turns into a corrupt power-hungry government that causes the entire farm sysem to collapse. In order to secure a life of luxury for Napoleon and his fellow pigs, Napoleon (with Squealer as his spokesman)uses language that intimidates, language that distorts the truth, and language that appeals to the emotions of the animals in order to manipulate gullible animals of...   [tags: story and character analysis]

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The Influence of Fashion on People

- The Influence of Fashion on People Everyday, you’re thinking ‘Why cant I just be the most perfect human being in the world?’ If you have a wonky nose or you want larger lips you can just ask a surgeon to try and perform miracles to change you. It sounds so straightforward. You don’t need to go on holiday anymore to get a tan. You can go under a sun bed and shrivel up like a raisin or you could apply brown paint to your body. Fashion is a big part of all our lives. Why, today are we being pressurised in trying to make ourselves perfect and more beautiful....   [tags: Papers]

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The Wild West in the 1800s

- Sanitary conditions in the West were practically non-existent. In the cities, horse manure covered the streets. Housewives emptied garbage, dishwater, and chamber pots into the middle of the city streets where free-roaming pigs devoured the waste. The pigs left their urine and feces on the streets. It was not easy to wash clothes. Many people had clothes splattered with manure, mud, sweat, and tobacco juice. Privies, or necessary houses were often to close to the homes with a very noticeable odor on hot and/or windy days....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Coral Reefs

- There are many diverse plant communities in south Florida, but some of the most enigmatic plant communities are found underwater. The coral reefs are a landscape that many people have not had much contact with. Much like how only the elite, travelling, or industrial entities have a view from the ocean, the coral reefs are only viewed by the adventurous or lucky few that can reach their subterranean habitat. But just because they are not seen from the surface does not mean they should be hard to get to....   [tags: Coral reef, Coral, Primary production, Algae]

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Poets Use Of Mockery As Diction In Poem

- Poet's Use of Mockery As Diction in Poem The poet's use of mockery as diction conveys his disillusioned attitude toward the men that plan the battles without actually fighting in them. Using the words “If I were fierce, and bald, and short of breath,” to describe the majors allows the reader to picture the majors as old, fat, out of shape men that spend their days “guzzling and gulping in the best hotel” safe from any danger. Fierce, bald and short of breath give the reader a negative feel for the majors as they are not described in any positive manner....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Organizational Design And Structure : The Golden Age Hospital ( Gah ) / Community Clinic

- Organizational design and structure considerably impacts a corporation’s effectiveness and ability to execute the planned business strategy. The chosen structure determines how performance tasks are distributed among managers and employees of an organization, simply incorporating significant elements such as formalization, chain of command, departmentalization, work specialization, span of control, and centralization/de-centralization (Trident 2016). The following describes the Golden Age Hospital (GAH)/Community Clinic (CC) ’s mission, services, and structure to be developed and implemented in order to provide excellence in the community’s senior population....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Health insurance, Health]

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Importance Facing Iowa Today : The Current Mental Health Crisis, Educational Funding, And Water Quality

- 1. There are many issues of importance facing Iowa today. Three that stand out to me are: the current mental health crisis, educational funding, and water quality. As a Police Lieutenant, I observe individuals struggling in mental health crises. With the loss of 750 beds and Iowa being ranked 47th in the nation in number of psychiatrists, many are not getting the help they deserve. I’ve contacted mental health professionals and other organizations to discuss possible solutions. I will create legislation to provide educational incentives to those going into psychiatric fields who will care for Iowans....   [tags: Psychiatry, Mental health professional]

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The Health Care System Of Kenya, Senegal, Argentina, Iran, Arabia, And Poland

- Country Report Out of all the planets in the universe, Earth is only one that has life across many countries with diverse human civilizations, cultures, languages, and terrains. Each country has their own history, customs, economy, and even a unique health care system. A country’s health care system is as important as its culture, government and other related aspects. Health care is an important determinant in promoting the general physical, mental, and overall well being of the population.The following report seeks to organize a description of six different healthcare systems across the globe....   [tags: Medicine, Health economics, Health care]

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Coronary Heart Disease in Older Adults Living in Residential Care Facilities

- Encompassing coronary heart disease, myocardial infarctions, and heart failure, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the United States, accounting for approximately 1 in every 4 deaths1,2. Coronary heart disease (CHD) is caused by atherosclerosis which occurs when the build-up of cholesterol in the arterial wall limits the travel of oxygen-rich blood in the body3. This can lead to serious problems, including heart attack, stroke, or death. CHD is a chronic and potentially fatal condition....   [tags: medicaid, demographics, heart failure]

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Changing Attitudes toward the Mentally Ill and their Treatment in Japan

- Introduction Historically, the treatment of the mentally ill has often been poor around the world. Hospitals like Bethlehem Hospital (Bedlam) in London, Lunatics Tower in Vienna, and La Bicetre in Paris treated their patients notoriously bad. The “unbalanced” were locked in asylums, rarely released. Asylum patients were locked in chains, tourists visited the asylums to see inmates, and patients were sometimes feed spoiled food. This was due to the stigma against mental illness which lead to poor accommodations and forced incarcerations....   [tags: the future of mental health care in Japan]

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Combating Human Trafficking Should Go Towards The Recovery Of The Victims

- A large portion of the funding dedicated to combating human trafficking should go towards the recovery of the victims. According to the Dream Center, an organization dedicated to helping the victims of human trafficking with over 100 centers worldwide, the four phases of recovery include rescuing, rebuilding, restoring, and pre-transition. So these four phases include getting the victim away from their trafficker with help from local law enforcement, establishing a relationship based on trust with the victim, helping the victim get the appropriate papers needed, such as an ID or passport, providing therapy and medical help in response to trauma, and placing the victim in a safe transition ho...   [tags: Human trafficking, Victim, The Victim]

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Mental Illness : The Modern World Of America And Europe

- Mental illness is documented in Chinese text as going as far back as the first millennium B.C.E. ("Mental Health"). We are only going to be focusing on the Western world of America and Europe. During the last 175 years progress has been made in the way mental illness has been treated and looked at. Mental hospitals throughout history have gone from inhumane to more humane, but we still need to improve the mental health stigma in order to give the mentally ill the help they need. Historically the conditions at mental hospitals were horrible during the eighteenth century....   [tags: Psychiatry, Mental disorder, Psychiatric hospital]

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Pressure Ulcers Has Been Quiet A Headache For Many Hospitals

- Pressure Ulcers has been quiet a headache for many hospitals in this country without the exceptional of our hospital. “In US health care institutions, an estimated 2.5 million patients will develop pressure ulcers, with an associated mortality rate of 60,000 deaths” (Law, Cyhaniuk & Krebs, 2015, p.4).Most people die due to sepsis cause by pressure ulcers if the not well treated. Treatment of pressure is estimated to cost about $37,800 to $ 70, 000 for each case and these patients tend to stay longer in the hospitals which even cost more than expected....   [tags: Patient, Hospital, Costs, Health care]

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How Taking Care of the Mentally Ill Has Improved

- ... The family decided to get a restraining order against him to keep their mother safe from him. Once he was left out of the hospital, he helplessly wandered the streets and was sent to jail for a period of time (Interlandi 3-4). After her father’s numerous stays in prison, threats to the family, and their failed attempts to persuade health professionals to keep him in the hospital longer, they took him to court again on a violation of the restraining order. He was found guilty and had a possibility of spending 90 days in jail, again....   [tags: drugs & electro convulsive therapy]

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Arguement for the Legalization of Euthanasia in British Columbia

- I am writing to you today in the hopes that at the coming meeting of the Legislative Assembly you will help make British Columbia one of the most progressive provinces in Canada. The issue I am talking about is, of course, the legalization of Euthanasia and physician assisted suicide. The awful inadequacy of our current laws, such as Section 241.(b) which states “Everyone who aids or abets a person to commit suicide, whether suicide ensues or not, is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years,” leaves thousands of Canadians in agonizing pain without any escape or relief....   [tags: assisted suicide, suffering, vulnerable]

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The Holocaust : A Terrible Place For The Prisoners

- The Holocaust is one of the biggest genocides in history. Many Europeans, mainly Jews, lost their lives in the death camps, or as they called them concentration camps. It became a death factory as soon as the crematoriums and factories were created. One of the largest concentration camps was Auschwitz, with more than 40 square kilometers of area, held about 1.3 million of prisoners of which is estimated that 1.1 million died ("Auschwitz-Birkenau/History of a Man-made Hell" 1). People from the different countries of Europe were deported to Auschwitz, were they either died in the gas chambers or were used as slaves for forced labor....   [tags: Auschwitz concentration camp]

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