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The Advantages of Islamic Finance and Banking

- As the world has recently passed through the global financial crisis that begun in 2008 in the USA with the banks’ collapsing, analysts are giving different opinions and making new economic hypothesizes about the origin of, as well as the process of different countries escaped from the crisis. Among all these new “theories”, the case of Islamic banks is interesting in terms of its nature and consequences. In my essay, I will try to highlight the basic principles of the Islamic finance, the reasons of the restriction of interest, the most important tools used by Islamic banks in economic activities and brief explanation of them, and finally my view point of the probable future improvement of...   [tags: Islamic Banking]

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Methodologies Used in Banking: Banking Manual System

- Before the BI in banking manual systems were prevalent because the computers were not used extensively and this was when the banking operations were small and limited mainly to branches. The non-computerized system of banking involved the manual recording of branch transactions. The generation of rudimentary reports from the manual ledgers and were consolidated with those of other bank branches into a final report for the bank as one comprehensive transaction. In this case the BI was limited to simple reporting of banking transactions only (Troy, 2010)....   [tags: top management, banking operations]

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A Review Paper of Internet Banking Services

- Today, Information Technology revolutionized our life almost in every filed. One of among several blessing of information technology is Internet Banking services that brings ease and comfort for our banking activities. Over few years Internet Banking has evolved as convenient, self-serviced technology, cost-reducing and time saving channel. Internet banking is available 24x7 across geographies. In last few years, the number of internet banking users has been increasing rapidly. In present hyper competitive environment internet banking works as a competitive differentiator among banks....   [tags: internet banking, banking sector, banks]

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Investment Banking Analyst Career

- The job of an investment analyst in a banking firm such as Goldman Sach and JPMorgan is to oversee whether or not an investment made by customers will bear fruits, but in order to do so, one must be skillful either in accounting or finance. A clear understanding in one of those majors is necessary because an investment banking analyst will be dealing with a bunch of financial research in stock and bond market and also in companies. Thus, providing information for the customers to help their decision on investments....   [tags: Careers in Commercial Banking]

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Islamic Banking and Finance

- 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background Study The Islamic banking and finance sector is a fast growing industry, where it expanding and getting stronger each and every year. According to Tahmoures (2013), there are over 300 Islamic banks and financial organizations successfully running their business from Dubai, Los Angeles, London, Karachi, Jakarta, Cairo, Riyadh and many other cities in the world. The Financial Times estimates the value of the industry in overall are exceeding $1 trillion (Christophe, Rima, Laurent, Financial Times Special Report, 2010)....   [tags: Islamic Banking Essays]

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The Impact of Online Banking on Bank Operations

- Bank net India (2006) conducted “An online survey on 316 ATM users” survey is limited to India to get insight into users‟ perceptions. It is concluded from the survey that the most use (56%) of ATM services is for bill payments and pre-paid mobile recharge where 64% respondents feel comfortable with depositing cash/cheque through ATM but they have to wait in long queues and find no money left in the machine Sakkthivel A.M. (2006) Providing a specific focus to identify the impact of demographics in influencing Indian Internet users in consuming different services online....   [tags: E-banking, Sharma, Sakkthivel]

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Overview of the United States Banking Industry

- Introduction Households, businesses and governments all use banking of one form or another and chances are the bank you use has been part of a consolidation. Competition in the banking industry is extremely intense and one method banks use to improve their competitive advantage, increase their market power, grow their customer base, increase revenues and hopefully achieve greater profits is through consolidations. This report discusses consolidation in the banking industry, including an overview of the industry, explanation of mergers and acquisitions, motivation behind and factors affecting consolidations, as well as a look at some significant consolidations at well-known financial institut...   [tags: insurance, comercial, asset banking]

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China: International Private Banking Institutions

- 1. Introduction In China, HNWIs (High Net Wealth Individuals) who has more than $1 million for investable assets are fast growing. It provides the huge opportunity for the private banking industry. Private banking could be defined in various ways. Basically, private banking means managing all aspects of a customer’s financial life. However, especially in Asia market, it is not only just financial management, also including all aspects of social life and different stages of the life care. Figure 1....   [tags: commercial banks, banking business]

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Analysis of Westpac Banking Corporation (WBC)

- CONTENTS 1 Equities and Investment Analysis of Westpac Banking Corporation (WBC) 1 1.1.Basic information about the company 1 1.2 Description of the business and analysis of its strategic position in the industry. 3 1.2.1 main business 3 1.2.2 strategic position in the industry 4 1.3.Financial analysis 5 1.3.1 Operating performance during the last five years 5 1.3.2 Financial Risk Management 7 1.4.Valuationas 8 1.5.Investment Recommendations 9 2. Equities and Investment Analysis of Santos Limited (STO) 10 2.1.Basic information about the company 10 2.2 Description of the business and analysis of its strategic position in the industry. 12 2.2.1 Business operation of Santos Limited 12 2.2.2 stra...   [tags: Westpac Banking Corporation ]

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Banking as a Positively Pragmatic Aspect in the National and Global Economy

- Debating the topic of the size of banks is much like debating the topic of the size of the government; should a one industry play such an imperative role in the economy. Although many argue that it is unrealistic to expect any industry of this size to not take advantage of their role, and—like the government, the concentration of power has a history of negative effect on the economy, it must be remembered that banking is a competitive industry that differs from the government in a multitude of ways....   [tags: finance, global banking]

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Banking In Bangladesh

- Banking in Bangladesh After Independence of Bangladesh the banking sector was restructured as a fall out of war of liberation. Banking grew primarily in the public sector with main emphasis development needs of the war-torn economy. With gradual liberalization in subsequent years, it was increasingly felt that banks should be allowed in the private sector for giving a fillip to development process on the basis of private initiative. In the 80's for the first time a number of banks in the private sector was allowed....   [tags: Bangladesh Banking Finance]

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Nexity And The U.S Banking Industry

- 1. The chief economic characteristics of the online banking industry for those using only Internet banking the leading factors that affect their decision of banking online are security, convenience and rates. With regards to the economic characteristics the main difference with online banking is that the rates tend to be higher for those companies that only offer Internet banking and no branches. Some of the other economic characteristics might be that all the banks are beginning to offer online banking, which makes it easier to conduct different types of transactions such as bill payment; money transfers and keeps track of your accounts individually....   [tags: Economics Online Banking]

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Marketing in Banking

- Marketing in Banking Marketing approach in banking sector had taken significance after 1950 in western countries and then after 1980 in Turkey. New banking perceptiveness oriented toward market had influenced banks to create new market. Banks had started to perform marketing and planning techniques in banking in order to be able to offer their new services efficiently....   [tags: Finance Banking Sector Marketing Business]

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It Usage In Banking Industry

- 1. The Usage of IT in The Banking Industry Information technology has dramatically changed the way banking is done over the last 15 years or so. The era of change banking in Canada began from the establishment of Interac's national Automated Teller Machine (ATM) network in 1986. National Debit Card network was introduced in 1994. First full service virtual bank came into being in 1997. Most recently voice recognition banking has begun to emerge in the Canadian business scene. One of the enabler of this Information technology revolution in Canadian financial service industry is Automated Teller Machine, which is essentially a date terminal with two input and four output devices....   [tags: Information Technology Finance Banking]

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Lender of Last Resort Activites by National Banking Era Institutions

- The United States banking and financial system, between the adoption of the National Banking Act and the establishment of the Federal Reserve System in 1914, was in a constant state of evolution. This period was also marked by numerous banking panics with major panics or crises in 1873, 1893, and 1907, and minor or what Elmus Wicker referred to as “incipient” banking panics in 1884 and 1890 (2000). The panics of 1884 and 1890 are referred to as incipient because there was no general loss of depositor confidence in either New York or the interior banks....   [tags: loan certificate, banking system, treasury]

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Internet Banking

- Internet Banking In the days of virtualisation where working mothers and travelling sales-team prefer to use flexi-time and remote jobs profile; Internet is being adopted as a parallel medium of communication, transaction, and social networking. Internet banking is fast gaining momentum across the globe for its convenience and ease of conducting transactions at a speed and service levels never dreamt of, a decade ago. In-spite of its multiple advantages, there is a need to step back and re-think on perceptions it carries with the masses....   [tags: Internet Global Finance Banking]

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Hungary’s Attempts at Modernizing its Banking Industry

- Hungary’s Attempts at Modernizing its Banking Industry It has been over a decade since Hungary has transitioned into the market economy. Its banking system has gone through numerous changes in order to accommodate an ever competitive world of financial innovation. Today, we see a Hungary that has adopted much of financial structure seen in Western Europe and whose banking sector is finally starting to see profits. Early transitional privatization saw an assortment of problems for state-owned banks including inadequate regulation and an agglomeration of non-performing loans....   [tags: Hungary Banking Economics Essays]

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Bank Accounting Information System And Electronic Banking

- Bank Accounting Information System And Electronic Banking Introduction      Information technology has had as much impact on our society as the industrial revolution. In the information age, companies are finding that success or failure is increasingly dependent on their management and use of information. Therefore, companies need a good information system that enabled an efficient and effective use of information to give them more competitive advantage (Moscove, Simkin, & Bagranoff, 1999). An information system is a set of interrelated subsystems that work together to collect, process, store, transform, and distribute information for planning, decisions making, and control....   [tags: Finance Bank Banks Banking Essays]

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The Internet Banking Project In Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China (Shanghai)

- This paper studies endogenous diffusion and impact of a cost-saving technological innovation -- Internet Banking. The bank understudy i.e. ICBC has efficiently embarked on its internet based private banking service. The vice director of e-banking felt that the entire project was an accomplishment in terms of its schema and satisfactory quality. Here is this case he needs to expound the understandings and the lessons internalized along the entire course of the project. Moreover, there were various issues which were raised during this intellectual itinerary, which included the challenges regarding computer system implementation, Information system design and most importantly the feasibility an...   [tags: Business Internet Banking]

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Banking in the UK

- Introduction Retail banks have traditionally provided payment services to small businesses and individuals involved in a large volumes of low cost transactions. It is nowadays difficult to classify retail banks because the majority of banks offer wholesale and retail activities. Technological developments, also enable these banks to provide a number of retail monetary services to its clients. Retail banks also offer insurance products, pension schemes, and stock services. Northern Rock is a British bank that was harmfully affected by the United State subprime market fall down in 2007....   [tags: Economy, Low Cost Transactions]

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The Banking Industry

- Banking In addition to the myriad of career options that exist in the world, there are issues that present complications for professionals in those fields. As a Christian, it’s essential to develop a biblically appropriate approach in response to the various issues that manifest themselves in the professional world. The banking industry is an example of a career with manifest issues. Banking is the heart of every modern society’s economy, and cannot appropriately function without bankers, who control the ebb and flow of a nation’s currency, and therefore must appropriately handle the issues that arise....   [tags: bankers, professional officers, markets]

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Banking and Finance

- Never have I ever climbed a mountain peak. As a child, I imagined myself conducting expeditions in deep-frozen pathways, leading amateur explorers to the top of the world, and instructing rookies in surviving harsh blizzards. Even though slightly altered, my childhood dream has been achieved. I led a team of fellow classmates, in my Strategic Management course, to the success summit of a financial competition. Over the course of a semester, I and my teammates were supposed to create and manage a company of the IT industry, in a computer-simulated environment, along with other four rival teams....   [tags: Business]

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Islamic Banking Practices Compared to Conventional Banking Practices

- ... This study examines the principles and criteria Islamic banking operates in providing their financial services which make different from those of conventional banks. The Methodology To find out more about the usage of profit-loss sharing paradigm in Islamic banking system, the researcher will consider the long-run relation and the short-run dynamics between conventional deposit rates and Islamic investment rates. To investigate about the profit-and-loss sharing paradigm, we follow (Chong & Ming-Hua, 2009) long-run and short-run principles and efficiencies tests to compare the conventional deposit rates with those of Islamic banking rates....   [tags: interest, sharing, integration, loans]

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Is Basel III Enough?

- The global financial crisis hit banks’ regulation at its core. As significant portion of this crisis’ responsibility has been attributed to the lack of effective banking oversight, there has been immense pressure on the next Basel agreement to tackle such issues in order to avoid future crises, or at least decrease their severity. In essence, the Basel accords mainly intend to gauge the level of capital required to protect banks against risks related to their assets. As a result, the latest accord, Basel III, has substantially increased the capital requirements of banks and introduced other features as an effort to increase the soundness of the banking system....   [tags: Banking]

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The Battle With Biddle

- The Battle with Biddle The formation of the Second Bank of the United States came at the end of the War of 1812, in the year 1819. It was granted a twenty year charter. For nearly 200 years, the battle between the Bank’s president, Nicholas Biddle, and President Andrew Jackson remains one of the most discussed events in history. Many historians believe Andrew Jackson was simply out to destroy the Bank of the United States. Jackson is quoted telling Martin Van Buren, “the Bank is trying to kill me, but I will kill it” (Bernard Weisberger, 12)....   [tags: Banking]

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The Evolution of the Banking System

- The United States banking and financial system between the adoption of the National Banking Act and the establishment of the Federal Reserve System in 1914, was in a constant state of evolution. This period was further marked by numerous banking panics with major panics or crises in 1873, 1893, and 1907, and minor or what Elmus Wicker referred to as “incipient” banking panics in 1884 and 1890 (2000). The panics of 1884 and 1890 are referred to as incipient because there was no general loss of depositor confidence in either New York or the interior banks....   [tags: federal reserve, panic, debt]

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The Gambles of Security in the Banking Industry

- Discuss how administrative agencies like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) take action in order to be effective in preventing high-risk gambles in securities / banking, a foundation of the economy. JPMorgan Chase is one of the oldest industries financial firms in the United States. It is the head in financial business with an asset of $2.3 trillion, and the largest market capitalization and deposit base of any U.S. banking institution....   [tags: bank, economy, security]

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Overview of Banking System of Thailand

- ASIAN FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS TERM PAPER Overview of Banking System of Thailand Table of Content Introduction Structure of Thai Banking System 1. Central Bank 2. Financial Institutions 2.1 Commercial Banks 2.1.1 Commercial Banks 2.1.2 Retail Banks 2.1.3 Foreign commercial bank’s subsidiary 2.1.4 Foreign commercial bank’s branch 2.2 Finance Companies 2.3 Credit Foncier Companies 3. Specialized financial institutions 3.1 Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) 3.2 Government Housing Bank 3.3 Government Savings Bank (GSB) 3.4 Export Import Bank of Thailand 3.5 Islamic Bank of Thailand 3.6 Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank) 3.7 Thai Credit...   [tags: Asian financial institutions]

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Solution for the IT Security Banking and Ethics

- ... Disconnect your computer from the Internet when you are not using it. Carefully consider your security settings. Examine all system settings, particularly the security settings, and select options that decrease your risk of data loss or intrusion.  Back up your data. Protect your backups. When you make your data backups, make sure they are kept in a safe, secure location. It does no good to secure your PC and leave the backups where anyone might find them.  Don’t store sensitive information in portable device without strong encryption  Don’t leave your computer / sensitive documents unlocked  Don’t discuss anything sensitive in public place....   [tags: practices, society, authorization, think]

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Technology is Necessary for the Banking Industry

- ... This research study is to conduct what usually use by the UM CBAE Students regarding in mobile financial services in terms ofGCASH, Smart Money or even PayPal services. Statement of the Problem The researcher attempts to determine the utilization of mobile financial services in UM CBAE Student specifically, it seeks to answer the following question: 1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of: 1.1 Gender 1.2 Age 1.3 Transaction 2. What Mobile Financial Services used by UM CBAE Students....   [tags: mobile, pay pal, transactions]

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- Would E-Banking really be the right route to take in achieving success in the future. This report lays out concrete facts and unique opinions that will help you understand and determine what the right decision for your business is. This report covers the development of internet banking in the UK, the importance of System Development and Analysis, a report on the current student banking market, discussing the fundamentals of present laws and legislations and finally the value of protecting yourself, but most importantly, your customers with relevant security issues....   [tags: Internet Banking Research Paper Analysis]

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Banking Crisis and Financial Liberalization

- Over the last two decades many developing countries have liberalized their financial system with the aim of improvement in the financial development and economic growth. While many countries enjoyed economic growth, some of them experienced rapid credit growth and some experienced financial (banking) crises. As a result, some attribute banking crises mainly to financial liberalization ( Kaminsky & Reinhart, 1999), while others include other macroeconomic variables such as exchange rate regimes. A greater part of the empirical literature focused on the impact of financial liberalization and exchange rate regimes on the likelihood of banking crises, however the literature, to the best of my kn...   [tags: exchange rate regimes]

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Regulation of Banking and Financial Services

- Regulation of Banking and Financial Services The Failure Process Imposed Upon Financial Institutions The concept of systemic risk sprung to the foreground of the public’s consciousness during the financial crisis of 2007-8 as the Too Big To Fail (TBTF) banks were bailed out by the various US Federal Government agencies e.g., US Treasury via the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and the US Federal Reserve via Quantitative Easing (QE). However, as it turns out, the concept of systemic risk is not so easy to define in legal terms—as illustrated by the difficulty in nailing down the definition by US Congress via the Dodd-Frank legislation or by the US Treasury and the Federal Deposit Insuranc...   [tags: Depository Institutions, Geographic Expansions]

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- Introduction A bank refers to a financial institution that accepts deposits and channels the money into lending activities (Lewis, 2009). Ethics refers to the principles of right and wrong that are accepted by an individual or a social group ((Lewis, 2009).) Conceptually, ethics refers to well base standards of right and wrong that prescribe what humans ought to do, usually in terms of rights, obligations, benefits to society, fairness, or specific virtues (Safakli, 2005). It’s the integrity measure, which evaluates the values, norms and rules that constitute the base for individual and social relationships, from a moral perspective (Smith and Smith, 2002)....   [tags: Financial Institutions]

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Banking in the Present Day

- When going to the bank or any other financial institution people do their business of deposits, withdrawals, and transactions often without even thinking about how it all happens and how it works. Actually there is a very complex and interesting process behind it all. Some people think everything is done on paper and mailed from place to place. This is not true anymore. Most of the banking process is now done electronically. Present day Banks, Credit Unions, and other financial institutions utilize technological advances to store and process customer data; this impacts customer service, data security, transactions, and the way the financial institution operates....   [tags: finance, technology]

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Lessons Learned in Money and Banking

- Economic uncertainty has caused exaggerated criticism of the Federal Reserve. Money and Banking has deepened my understanding of the Federal Reserve and has helped me challenge those criticisms. The U.S. standard of living would drop if people lost faith in the safety of financial institutions. Frederic Mishkin makes the point in the text, The Economics of Money Banking, and Financial Markets (2010) that “Banks and other financial institutions are what make financial markets work. Without them, financial markets would not be able to move funds from people who save to people who have productive investment opportunities.” (p.7)....   [tags: Economics]

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Banking Bonuses and the Financial Crisis

- The bonus culture & management incentives in banks were a key factor in the Irish and US Crisis. The system was flawed from the beginning; bankers took risks to get short term bonus, with no regard to long term consequences to the economy. Within the financial system the bonus culture is unique. The banks present a high percentage of it award based on bonus driven remuneration. For the employees of the bank it became a high percentage of their annual salary. This gave bank employees the incentive to offer risky loans and mortgages....   [tags: Global Financial Crisis]

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The Dominio Effect in Banking

- Domino Ethics Assignment Not only do investment banks facilitate mergers and financially advise corporations about issuing new securities, but some also have a division of securities research, which communicates with investors about the value and risk in buying securities. The research analyst should have objective information independent from the interests of the investment banking personnel, or else conflict of interest can arise. This is when the personnel sees an opportunity to further their business by influencing the financial decisions of the involved parties, so it pressures or compromises with the research analysts to post favorable research and evaluations to induce investors in ma...   [tags: financial, investment, regulations]

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History of Money and Banking

- Introduction In the last few years, there has been a significant debate on what has caused America’s economic woes. However, few people choose to look at what has caused economic downturns in the past. Some believe that it is the government and central banking’s job to steer the economy in the right direction. While others believe that it is not their job, but the free market’s. Perhaps it is something in between as a symbiosis between government and the free market working together to get things done....   [tags: American history, Constitution]

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The History of Money and Banking

- The invention of money was a major improvement in peoples’ lives. In the past, people usually had to travel all day to find the person who is willing to exchange their goods. In addition, the goods people want to exchange did not have the standard value of measurement. This led to unequal exchanges. Furthermore, it is not convenient to carry heavy goods from one place to another for an exchange. To solve these issues, money will be the only solution. Later, people tend to develop money from cowry shells to credit cards for the convenience and to improve their society....   [tags: Finance, Money]

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Banking Service in Developing Economies

- Whilst the relationship marketing literature is expanding at a rather exponential rate, rapport between customers and front line employees did not get its due attention especially in the context of banking service in traditional, developing economies. This has delimited the efficacy of the established relationship theories in explaining the antecedent effect of trust, commitment, service quality and involvement for developing rapport leading to overall client (customer) satisfaction. The focus of this research, thus, is rapport....   [tags: Business, Marketing]

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Banking Services for Personal Customers

- A. Introduction We are interested in the loan services in the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) because nowadays a lot of people have impulsive consumer behavior to bring about a loan. We think that loan services are important to finance a vacation or to make a tax payment, depending on the needs of the customer. We will search the website of HSBC to find the useful information of loan services. It is because the information of HSBC is believable and useful.   B. Features / Characteristics of the Banking Products or Services We choose the personal installment loan and revolving credit facility....   [tags: Reasearch, Products, Services]

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The Banking Crisis in Cyprus

- Introduction The banking crisis in Cyprus resulted in economic instability in the country. This prompted for rapid measures by the government, the central bank and the European Union in general. Various policies were implemented to counter the effects of the crisis. The adopted policies were designed to restore financial stability (Weisenthal 2013). Government policies The government of Cyprus was swift in the introduction of policies that would save the economic situation in Cyprus and restore the confidence of investors....   [tags: economic instability and policies]

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Money and Banking Class Recommendation

- To anyone considering taking Money and Banking I highly recommend this class. As a student I have learned how the financial system, money, banks, and the Federal Reserve work. Each of these factors is an integral part in the world economy. To be able to understand why there are recessions, inflation, and deflation one must have an understanding of money supply, interest rates, investing, and the effects of government policy. The first important thing I learned in Money and Banking is how the financial system works....   [tags: Class Reflection]

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Principles of the Islamic Banking

- One of the most widely quoted operating principles in Islamic banking is the principle of mudharabah, sometimes known as qirad or muqaradah. Mudharabah is a contractual involving two parties which is the provider of funds and the mudharib is agent. There are two ways in which Islamic banks are involved in mudharabah contracts. When clients open investment accounts, the contractual relationship between the bank and the clients is based on mudharabah principles. In this case, the bank acts in its capacity as a mudharib....   [tags: qirad or muqaradah]

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Umbilical Cord Blood Banking

- Umbilical cord blood banking has been a new topic for the media and public. Science has shown there are copious benefits and a few drawbacks with the use of cord blood. One of these drawbacks is the cost of cord blood banking. If insurance companies were to be mandated to cover cord blood banking, then more people could reap in the benefits of having cord blood stored. Umbilical cord blood was formerly believed of as a waste product. Now it is known that cord blood has two types of stem cells which offer multiple treatment possibilities (Waller-Wise, 2011)....   [tags: stem cell reproduction industry]

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What is Offshore Banking

- ... Offshore banking controls about 50 percent of the flow of international capital. Approximately 1.5 percent of the world’s population resides in these so-called tax havens, while circa 25 percent of the world’s capital is maintained in these banks. Offshore banking is one of the few sectors, including tourism, that provide economic stability for these small far-flung island nations. It actually can sometimes provide access to politically and economically stable jurisdictions. This will be an advantage for residents and areas where there is a rest of political turmoil who fear their assets may be frozen, seized or disappear....   [tags: money laundering, underground economy ]

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FInancial and Banking Systems

- 3.2 Financial system 3.2.1 Banking system Financial liberalization in Vietnam have speed up from the early of the 1990-s, the banking system in Vietnam particularly and the financial system in generally has achieved a lot of progress. These twenty years of progress have proved that, the banking system has been transferring from a one-tier system into a two-tier system which allowed all households to compete fairly and effectively. In 1990 two important Decrees were announced. First was the Decree on the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) and the second one was the Decree on Banks, Credit cooperative and financial companies....   [tags: FInancial Liveralization, VIetnam, History]

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Wire and Online Banking

- 1. INTRODUCTION: Today’s society is totally dependent on automated financial services such as wire and online banking. During the recent years, we are hearing that the fraud has evolved in wire and online banking fraud, many new types of mal-ware being deployed on those banks which have yet to put robust solutions. While online banking fraud has been around for many years, very few cases has been filed .Reports of fraud cases nearly explode and banks are looking for ways to protect their channel in online banking....   [tags: automated financial services]

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The Banking Consolidation Directive

- Banking laws of member states of the EU are constantly reviewed by the laws and policies of the EU directed towards a unified market for financial services in the areas of banking, insurance and investment. Beginning with the First Banking Directive of 1977 which allowed banks to set up branches in member states, the Second Banking Directive 1989 provided for minimum capital requirements and procedures for home country regulators to control branches of financial institutions in other Member states....   [tags: Economics ]

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Stress in Banking Industry

- Money is the lifeblood of the world and therefore, the employees of financial institutions must face an unmeasurable level of stress from time to time. In this essay, I’ll discuss the main reasons that contribute the stress in the banking industry (particularly in the UK), the effects of stress on different parties and how the financial institutions and individuals somehow manage to reduce the stress resulted from their workload. In commercial banking, one of the most typical reasons that lead to high stress is that the staff must (by any means) manage to meet the daily sales target in selling financial products to customers....   [tags: Money, Financial Institutions, Stress]

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Risk Management in Banking

- Introduction During 2000 BC, the development of banking industry emerged. The exchange of grain or goods between farmers and merchant were termed trading. Bank is financial intermediaries which accepts deposits from general public and organizations and are engaged in lending activities. In other word, banking business is the business of receiving money from the market through deposits and paying or borrowing the fund to the capital market and general public as well. Banks undertake various financial activities such as investment banking, private banking, insurance, consumer finance, corporate banking, foreign exchange trading, community trading, future and options trading, money market trad...   [tags: Risk Management Essays]

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Banking: An Ethical Dilemma?

- Topic: Banking; an ethical dilemma. Module: Introduction to financial services Introduction With the massive development of modern society, people’s income statement has become better and better. The bank has played the important role in many different kinds of areas such as loan contracts, interest and reserves as well. Bank has become more and more significant in people’s life and no one can live without it. Due to the significant status the banks have, the question has come out that does any bank have the ethical dilemma and how ethical have recent banking practices been....   [tags: Transformation, Fractional Reserve]

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Banking Regulation Basel II

- Procyclicality in minimum regulatory capital charges for credit risk There is a vast amount of literature available on the additional procyclicality of regulatory capital charges in Pillar 1 of Basel II. In this section, we shall briefly visit this literature and see if any conclusions can be drawn from this, before proceeding to the conclusion and mitigation of these procyclical effects. The majority of the literature, as expected, focuses primarily on the IRB approach, as this aspect of Basel II has drawn the most criticism from financial practitioners and academics alike....   [tags: credit risk, procyclicality]

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The Irish Banking Crisis

- Introduction Towards the end of the 1990’s, the Irish economy was booming, unemployment rate fell to around 4% and productivity was continuingly to grow. However, from 2002 onwards, the nature of the boom started to alternate. Labour output was no longer increasing, inflation was excessive and progression in gross domestic product (GDP) increasingly became related to the housing market. By 2006, although the public finances still seemed strong, this was misleading; the Irish economy was heavily dependent on the housing boom....   [tags: island nations, financial systems]

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Banking; An Ethical Dilemma?

- This is a question which has given rise to a debate spanning hundreds of years.When the first institutions that we would recognise today as banks came into being, and has never been more relevant, or more questionable than it is now, in the current economic climate. The basic principle behind a bank is to hold peoples’ savings in an account with the bank for those who have money, and to lend to people who need money in the form of overdrafts and loans, by using money from the depositors’ accounts to fund it....   [tags: loans, investors, overdrafts, savings account]

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The Swedish Banking Crisis

- One of the largest shifts in Sweden’s trade balance occurred from 1990 to 1991. During this time period, there was a seven and a half billion dollar shift. In 1990 the overall Balance of Payments (BoP) was a 7.552 billion dollar surplus and by 1991 it had become a 63 million dollar deficit. The cause of this major shift in Sweden’s trade balance is what I’d like to explore. The Balance of Payments consists of the current account and the financial account. This suggests that the seven and a half billion dollar shift in the trade balance occurred in both of these accounts....   [tags: Trade Balance, Balance of Payments]

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Banking Disintermediation

- Introduction With the development of financial system and information technology, commercial banks that used to be the intermediary between surplus and deficit economic players, are gradually losing their traditional roles. Table1 shows that deposits in US commercial banks decreased over 60% overall from 2006 to 2010. Whereas, with the deregulation of financial markets, companies finance or invest directly by the form of securities, and banks start to create investment banking. Being a hot spot, there have been many researches and arguments about disintermediation....   [tags: Finance]

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Internat Banking Systems

- Today Information Technology revolutionized our life almost in every filed. One of among several blessing of information technology is Internet Banking services that brings ease and comfort for our banking activities. Over few years Internet Banking has evolved as convenient, self-serviced technology, cost-reducing and time saving channel. Internet banking is available 24x7 across geographies. Users of internet banking are increasing day by day since few years all over the world. In present hyper competitive environment internet banking works as a competitive differentiator among banks....   [tags: Technology, Transactions, India]

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Offshore Banking

- Offshore banking is the action of having a bank account outside of the country of residence. Since its start, offshore banking has become a considerably lucrative business. Many of those who take part in offshore banking are looking for a secure location to place their income or seize the opportunity of having lower taxes. However, there are those who misuse the privilege of a foreign bank and use the business ventures for illegal actions rather than the original purpose of the dealings. Offshore banks seem to have an impartial acceptance of quite a few clients within the bank that create a lower standard of ethics in contrast to the ethics meant to be held—this includes those of a political...   [tags: foreign bank, financial secrecy]

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Banking Sector

- Traditionally, the existence of bank runs was a very frequent phenomenon in Europe during the 19th century. It was mostly seen in the emerging countries where the boeotian level was low. Kaminsky and Reinhard introduced a new concept in the banking sector called twin crises. The twin crises concept started since 1980 and occurs when both currency and banking crises take place simultaneously. This harmful phenomenon anticipated a significant recession after the 1933 when the Federal Reserve System imposed the concept of Deposit Insurance in the US....   [tags: Financial System, Bank Runs]

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Awarness of Islamic Banking Culture in Pakistan

- Published information about principles of Islamic banking and finance and their applications is growing day by day. Pakistan is one of the 57 Islamic countries having a total population of over 170 million where majority of population practice Islam. Steps for Islamization of banking in Pakistan were initialized during 1977-78. Elimination of interest from the operations of specialized financial institutions took place in 1979 and from commercial banks during 1981-85. Commercial banks in Pakistan were cased to accept any interest baring deposits and all deposits were treated on the basis of profit and loss sharing since 1985....   [tags: Finance ]

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Financial performance of Islamic banking and conventional banking in United Kingdom- A Comparative Study

- Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1-Introduction to Chapter: This chapter describes the brief introduction about research title, research aims, research objectives, research hypothesis, research context and research limitation used in this research. 1.2-Research Title: Financial performance of Islamic banking and conventional banking in United Kingdom- A Comparative Study. 1.3-Research Aim: The Aim of this research is to analysed and evaluate the financial performance of European Islamic Investment Bank (UK) with Allied Irish bank (UK) and Northern Bank (UK), In Terms of their Profitability, Liquidity, Risk & solvency & Efficiency Ratios which will give an insight comparison of overall financial per...   [tags: Economics ]

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The History of Money and Banking in the United States

- Introduction This capstone project organizes and discusses the history of money and banking in the United States. With the current debates on the Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing policy, the climate of hostility in Washington over what role the federal government should play in the economy, it only makes since to take a look back at the history of money and banking in the United States. In order understand the past, so that we may create a more prosperous future. With the broad scope and breadth of this subject, a major question was asked to narrow the subject: What has caused booms and busts in the past and how or can we prevent them....   [tags: economy, federal reserve, policy]

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Is It Possible Not to Borrow Money? Privatized Banking

- Have you ever just calculated how much of your money goes into interest or fees that are acquired from borrowing money from banks each year. When you finance for a home or car the interest can often add up to more then the original price, But what if you didn't have to borrow from banks or lenders anymore what if you were able to become your own bank. This is actually very possible borrowing could be a thing of the past with a Private banking system. I would like to tell you about the infinite banking system developed by Nelson Nash, the advantages of it and the disadvantages of it....   [tags: money, interest, life insurance]

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The Structure of Australia’s Banking Industry

- ... 2014). The more concentrated the structure of an industry, the less competitive that the dominating firms will be. The structure of the Australian banking industry is that of an oligopoly, which is dominated by four major banks. The four big banks in Australia are the ANZ, Commonwealth Bank (CBA), National Australian Bank (NAB) and Westpac, representing 76 percent of the market and accounting for 82 per cent of all lending and 78 per cent of all bank deposits made in the industry (Fear, J   [tags: competition, market, oligopolistic]

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The Banking Industry in Turkey After the 1980s

- As a conventional result of the economic liberalization in the economy and the banking industry in Turkey after 1980s, the competition in the banking industry increased significantly due to the reasons such as many new domestic and foreign players in the banking industry, release of the fund transfers specifically from international markets, empowering the banks to make transactions in foreign currencies, advances in the technology, and introducing new services by the banks in the industry. Therefore, a bank, operating in the banking industry, can differentiate itself from the other banks only if it can develop new strategies....   [tags: fund transfers, economic liberalization]

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My Banking Career

- Ans. 1 I would like to build my career in banking industry. In this era of up-and-coming technologies I think IT will play major role in my business. Implementing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), my employees will value the process of high performance by getting knowledge of IT, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM) and the essential of maintaining good relationships with my customers. First and foremost, SOA can help to cut the IT controls and allows banks to be a joint venture with other banks and with their customers more effectively....   [tags: Personal Ambition]

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Profit Loss Sharing in Islamic Banking

- Profit-loss sharing In order to be able to understand the core factors that contribute to the lack of profit-loss sharing in Islamic banking, this mode of financing must first be introduced. The fundamental basis for PLS is based on equity orientation. Such a mode of financing allows all parties involved to share both risks and losses in the ratio of their individual capital input, while the profit is allocated on an agreed ratio. This Islamic mode of banking guarantees the sharing of profits or losses and ensures no accrual of a fixed rate of interest, which promotes the efficiency and stability of the Islamic banking system....   [tags: Finance, Islam]

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Contemporary ERP Based Online Banking

- 1. Introduction Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an information system integrates accounting, financial, production, sales, and human-resources, and other management information of the whole organization. ERP system can be customized to the requirements of individual companies. In recent years, the fusion between ERP and on-line banking system has been blooming fast. Major bank groups like Bank of America Merrill Lynch and HSBC are promoting related services to clients. In this report, a general introduction on ERP banking technology with examples is provided....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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Pablo Freire's Philosophy on Education and Banking

- Education is the core of humanity and its teaching has been mistreated. Based on Paulo Freire’s theory, education has been torn apart from its truthful purpose. It is now used to alienate human beings instead of promoting unity. Throughout this chapter, Chapter 2 in Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, he concentrates in the teacher-student relationship in classrooms. He sees education as information that is being passed on or “banked” from teachers to students. This is what Freire refers to his concept of “banking education”....   [tags: problem posing, critical abilities, banked]

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Banking and Financial System are Heavily Regulated

- Banking is a heavily regulated industry that is very protected to prevent crises that can cause huge economic harm. One topic that has been greatly debated in the history of financial systems is whether competition is good or bad for financial stability. It is complex and hard to know which side is right. Pretty much everyone with an opinion at least concedes that there are good points for both sides. All the arguments run both ways, and the evidence is mixed. History can show evidence that both sides of the argument are true....   [tags: economic harm, competition]

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Conflict Development in Banking Sector of Pakistan

- Research Paper: Conflict Development in Banking Sector of Pakistan Abstract Scholars and Human Resource Managers have focused their great importance to work environment characteristics as a predictor of employee performance, employee satisfaction, growth and development. In corporate sector of Pakistan the role and participation of organizational conflict is most vital in organizational growth because employees belongs from different subcultures, so they have different sort of emotions and self efficacy levels....   [tags: International Finance]

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Banking, Money and Finance, Article Analysis

- ... In country like Japan, which have greater reliance on bank finance compare to US market-based system, plays important role in financing big and small company although some largest company are able to penetrate directly the financial market due to deregulation of Japan bond markets. On the other hand Georgia, facing problem with efficient bank lending channel since banks do not fully utilize their resources to finance the real sector and there is only low level of utilization of bank credit by firms or individuals....   [tags: monetary transmission mechanism]

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US Economy: Trends in the Banking Industry

- Setting the Background During the turn of the 21st century, things were looking extremely bleak for the U.S. economy. The dot-com bubble left major technology companies – and their employees, in complete financial shambles. This stock market crash caused the loss of over $5 trillion in the market value of various companies from 2000-2002. In addition, the events of September 11th accelerated this recession. Although the $40 billion insurance loss was one of the largest insured events, it didn’t even compare to the subsequent events that occurred....   [tags: post bubble breakdown]

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Online Banking Fraud Suffers Increase

- A. Presentation of the issue Online banking is a service that many modern banks provide now a day and with the passage of time more and more people are using this service (Anonymous, 2010) due to the commodity and convenience of doing payment transactions (Lanham, 2008) directly from their homes instead of going to an actual bank (Ponemon, 2005). However as the number of credit cards used to make transactions on the internet increases also does the number of people that fall into frauds and phishing scams made to obtain their private information (Unknown, 2010)....   [tags: Finance]

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Marketing The Non-Interest Banking System

- Marketing Non-Interest Banking (International Business Vitality) Traditional Western banking system, with its 5-9% APR on loans performs some benefits for borrowers, but not "absolute," as the bankers like to joke. Much more favorable conditions for customers offer Islamic banks. These financial institutions are willing to lend money without any interest at all. At first glance, this statement seems absurd: after all, why should the bank give money to borrowers in debt with no hope of getting any benefit, if it is more successful to invest the same money in the deal and get a significant income....   [tags: Finance]

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The Banking Industry

- If there is one industry that has the stigma of being old and boring, it would have to be banking; however, a global trend of deregulation has opened up many new businesses to the banks. Coupling that with technological developments like internet banking and ATMs, the banking industry is obviously trying its hardest to shed its lackluster image. There is no question that bank stocks are among the hardest to analyze. Many banks hold billions of dollars in assets and have several subsidiaries in different industries....   [tags: Business]

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The New Trend of Online Banking

- The New Trend of Online Banking Picture what our bank looks like today: the brick building, the drive thru window, large vaults, and the counter full of tellers waiting to service their customers. This is the traditional bank that we have all grown up with, the classic brick-and-mortar business model, a fundamentally sound business model that has been successful for hundreds of years. So what has changed with our banks today. Well, the brick-and-mortar model still exists but there is a new trend that all banks are moving towards, the click-and-brick e-business model....   [tags: Papers]

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Indian Financial Sector: Focus on Indian Banking Environment

- Introduction - Financial sector overview Indian Financial Sector is a well diversified arena experiencing high growth and development. The financial sector of India is comprised of commercial banks, insurance companies, non-banking cooperations, pension and mutual fund houses and lot more other financial institutions serving the Indian Economy. However, the financial sector is a major ly dominated by the Bankin Sector where the commercial banks comprise of 60 percent of total assets held by the financial system followed by Insurance Sector....   [tags: banks, companies, regulation, stability]

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