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Mad Hot Ballroom By Marilyn Argrelo

- Summary Mad Hot Ballroom, directed by Marilyn Argrelo, is a documentary about the ballroom dance program in the New York Public School system. The documentary follows the journey of fifth grade students as they learn how to ballroom dance, and enter a citywide competition. The children in the documentary express their perspectives on ballroom dancing, goals and inspirations, and what it is like to grow up in their neighborhoods. The documentary highlights the benefits of exposing urban youth to ballroom dancing (Agrelo, 2005)....   [tags: Islam, Muhammad, Waltz, Ballroom dance]

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Ballroom Dance for Health

- “Just move the body it also mean exercise”. Exercise has many benefits with your body, it’s help you to strong body and healthy. A lot of people know about this point but they rather ignore it. Now, there is a new activity, it uses music to take that and use a few time, also known as ballroom dance. That is a sport and is enjoyed both socially and competitively around the world. Arcangeli’s 1994 study found the following: Dance was regarded as having a bearing on health in number of ways. On one the hand dance was believed to be one of the symptoms or one of the remedies of some illnesses in some cases, both....   [tags: Benefits, Happiness]

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The Avalon Ballroom

- The Avalon Ballroom Mostly everyone has a hero, role model, or someone to look up to. These people can significantly affect your lifestyle, and what you do. The Avalon Ballroom by Ann Hood displays this type of character as the father of Lily, the protagonist. This highly respected patriarch inspires her to do many things, like to go to college at Princeton University just as he did. Lily seems to want to follow her father’s footsteps by going to Princeton University. This “god-like” figure has affected Lily’s entire family in many ways....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Cinematic Techniques in Strictly Ballroom

- Extended Film Response How the film techniques used by Baz Luhrman to influence the portrayal and development of characters in the film Strictly Ballroom. In the film Strictly Ballroom, the director Baz Luhrman uses many different film techniques to influence the portrayal and development of characters. Costume and makeup is used as a vital technique to show the audience the characters’ personalities and also the development of some characters. Camera angles and lighting is another technique that is used to exaggerate the characters’ personalities and the scenes they are in....   [tags: Baz Luhrman Film Movie Movies]

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A Presentation At Six O ' Clock At The Union Ballroom

- On the 6th of October, I attended a presentation at six o’clock in the Union ballroom. This presentation was about an organization called LiNK. In less than one hour, I learned what exactly LiNK is and what it does as an organization. Throughout this paper, I hope to inform you on the basis of why I attended this presentation, what happened at the presentation, what I learned, and how I feel from attending this presentation. First of all, I attended this presentation, because I thought it was a perfect example for one of my student engagement assignments under political science....   [tags: North Korea, South Korea, Kim Il-sung]

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Ballroom Dancing

- Ballroom Dancing: The Development of Two Techniques It is a fact that emotion stimulates the body into movement. It has been said that “dancing is older than anything except eating, drinking and love”. Civilization and conditioning has taught people to suppress this natural response but the primitive desire still remains. Prehistoric man expressed his emotions by movement. When speech was just developing, even primitive cave drawings depict men dancing. As time went on and language was developed, the expressive movements of early man continued but transformed from spontaneous, formal and lastly traditional aspects....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Ballroom Dancing

- Have you did something that you didn’t really want to do, and then later get selected for doing it. Well, I have. It was another beautiful Friday at Spottsville Elementary School, and ever Friday at Spottsville was music class. But today we didn’t have music class, today was something totally different. Our music teacher Ms.Belcher was having try-outs for Mrs. Benson's ballroom dance team. To tell you the truth, I was just going to get up there and goof-off, and that I did do. But, on that Friday something went wrong, something terrible, something I didn't expect to happen....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Neon Ballroom


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Ballroom dancing versus everyday conflict

- Good Morning/Afternoon Mr. Strathdee and fellow English scholars, today we take a journey into the world of ballroom dancing. Ballroom dancing, although not a dance of individualism, it also rebels against the label of conformity often thrown at it. Our task was to compare the documentary ‘Absolutely Ballroom’, and the movie ‘Strictly Ballroom’. To properly undertake our task we were compelled to lose ourselves in the plots, music and techniques used in both films. Both show us the highs and lows of songs, elaborate dance routines, lavish costumes, and outlandish characters....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Disability Awareness At The West Village Commons Ballroom At Towson University

- On October 14, 2015 I arrived at the West Village Commons Ballroom at Towson University, to participate in the Disability Awareness Workshop. When I walked in, I was able to listen to some panelist talk about their personal experiences as a Towson University student with a disability. During the short amount of time I listened to the panelist, I learned a lot about some of the obstacles these students face on the daily bases on campus. I also learned that Disabilities are not always physical. In the past I used to associate disabilities with some type of physical condition, but now that I have attended the workshop, I know that a disability can be mental too....   [tags: Disability, Mental disorder, Education]

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A Sense of Belonging in ‘Strictly Ballroom’ by Luhrmann, ‘Nineteen Minutes’ by Picoult and ‘Lament of Hsi-Chun’ by Waley

- An individual’s sense of belonging to an entity is integrated with a multitude of elements which determine their identity. ‘Strictly Ballroom’ directed by Baz Luhrmann, ‘Nineteen Minutes’ written by Jodi Picoult and the poem ‘Lament of Hsi-Chun’ translated by Arthur Waley all investigate the adverse effect of personality adaptation, experiences, (LIST THEM) on one’s belonging and segregates certain groups in a community as a result of their perceptions. Composed by Baz Luhrmann in 1992, ‘Strictly Ballroom’ is an Australian romantic comedy film constructed in a pseudo-documentary form....   [tags: appearance, identity, pressure ]

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Swot Analysis

- SWOT ANALYSIS Running the SWOT Analysis on The Crystal Ballroom – Sizzling Salsa Workshop, we can see there are multiple dimensions to the ballroom, including both positive and negative aspects. The ballroom has several unique strengths which could be utilized to improve performance and attract more customers. Salsa has been a relatively untapped area within the Crystal Ballroom, so this creates an opportunity for our product. There has been a shift on perception on salsa and ballroom dancing alike and that can be explained by such shows as "Dancing With The Stars"....   [tags: Business Strategic Management]

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The Masque Of The Red Death

- The Masque of The Red Death is a famous short story written by Edgar Allen Poe which talks about a party happening in a large amount of different rooms that were all painted different colors. The main room as the title says would be the red room. Everyone was at the gala; you had your ballet dancers, your musicians, and your wine. The wine is most likely a reference to sophisticated men buying drinking expensive fine wine or cognac. You have the beauty; this references girls and goes into the stereotype of models and bottles at most galas, events and nightclubs....   [tags: Edgar Allan Poe, Short story, Poverty]

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Exploring Why and How Blackpool Power Has Changed

- Exploring Why and How Blackpool Power Has Changed Blackpool tower opened in 1894, since it opened there has been some remarkable changes. One of the most notable changes is the dawn of time ride, which used to be the menagerie. Another dramatic change is the roof gardens that got turned into children's play area. To keep up with the winter gardens they made the stage bigger. They moved it to the right hand side of the original stage, doing this it made them attracted more people, but it made the dance floor smaller this didn't affect the popularity of the tower because not many people wanted to dance....   [tags: Papers]

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Guide to Victorian Dance

- Dance, Dancing, and Dancers: The How-To Guide to Victorian Dance It is with a great sense of responsibility and delight that I bring to you, young people on the verge of entering society, this short dissertation concerning the guidelines for cultured dance. I am confident that, as long as you adhere strictly to what is written in this manual, you will succeed in all your dancing endeavors. Dancer's Place in Society Due to the exquisite tastes of our Queen Victoria, dance, which is intimately aligned with musical ability, has become an integrated part of our society....   [tags: Victorian Era]

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The Decoration of Houses

- In Edith Wharton’s first major work, The Decoration of Houses, she states that “the impression produced by a landscape, a street or a house should always, to the novelist, be an event in the history of the soul” (qtd. in Falk 23). Later in her Pulitzer-winning novel The Age of Innocence, Wharton uses her knowledge and love of architecture to develop her characters, as she had previously deemed important. Thus, she takes style of houses, their design, and their European or American identification into consideration and depicts characteristics of the New York society and the major characters....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Edith Wharton]

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Leadership Institute : A Day Workshop For Students

- Leadership Institute, previously known as LeadSTRONG, is a two day workshop for students to participate in small groups to exchange their ideas as well as learn more about how to be a leader in life. This event provides each individual with new perspective in the role and responsibility as a leader, including both the interior and exterior factors. The first annual Leadership Institute was located in SAC Ballroom B on both February 20th at 5pm and February 21st at 10am. Even though most of the speeches and events were take place in SAC Ballroom B, some of the activities were also placed among Ballroom A and entire third floor....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Idea, Leadership Institute]

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The University Dance Company 's Performance On Friday

- The University Dance Company’s performance on Thursday, April 23rd, 2015 was an interesting program that worked as a synthesis of various dance styles. The students involved were from different stages in their technique, which made it especially exciting to watch them perform a sufficient amount of challenging material. The program consisted of six different ensemble performances entitled: “Ever Free”, “Breaking Point”, “Emerald Pools”, “Emoticons”, “Circulo de Mujeres”, and “House of Blues”. During the program, the use of the entire stage along with lighting and costumes was particularly remarkable....   [tags: Dance, Performance, Waltz, Social dance]

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Can Dance Be Considered A Sport?

- “Hey girl, what are you doing?” “Girl, I’m practicing on this dance. I been dancing and training for hours and hours, I am exhausted. “Although it is not a proven Fact, many people do not consider dancing as a sport, yet serious competitive dancers undergo the same amount of training as competitive athletes in regular sports. This paper will prove that dancing is and can be accounted as a competitive sport. Various opinions have been made due to the weather people think dancing can or cannot be accounted as a sport....   [tags: competitive, practice, athletes]

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Dance : The Art Of Dance

- The Art of Dance “Dance, the art of precise, expressive, and graceful human movement, traditionally, but not necessarily, performed in accord with musical accompaniment. Dancing developed as a natural expression of united feeling and action.” To many, dance is only an art. In reality, dance is much more. It 's an art, a sport, a way to express one’s self, a way to exercise, a way to get feelings out. Since the beginning of time, humans have used different types of dance to express themselves. There are many advantages to dancing, however there are also some disadvantages....   [tags: Dance, Social dance, Tap dance, Concert dance]

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The Point of View of Battle Royal by Ralph Ellison

- The point of view in Ralph Ellison’s “Battle Royal” comes strictly from his trials and tribulations that he has overcome as a young black writer that began before the nineteen Fifties. Ralph Ellison was a black writer who was born on March 1, 1914 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma only seven years after it had actually became a state. After completing the lengthy research of this man and his works I found that Ellison once had considered becoming a classical music composer after getting the idea from a nineteenth century opera composer named Richard Wagner....   [tags: Battle Royal Essays]

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The Moral Value of the Movie Take the Lead

- ... Even if you have only average abilities and knowledge, if you have an unfailingly true self-confidence, chances are that you achieve what you want to. The successes and achievements in turn will strengthen your self-confidence further. But even if you have a lot of abilities and a lot of knowledge, if you do not have self-confidence you cannot be a success. On the contrary, people like, respect, believe and trust persons who are self-confident. It is natural that persons with good confidence are offered leadership and other office responsibilities of groups....   [tags: self-confidence, positive, ambitions]

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The Gwinnett Center, Which Is Managed By Smg

-  The Gwinnett Center, which is managed by SMG, includes four major components: o The Convention Center offers 50,000 square feet of exhibit space, 23 meeting rooms, and a 21,600 square foot grand ballroom. o The Arena at Gwinnett Center can accommodate groups from 3,500 in a theater-style setting or up to 13,000 for a major concert or sporting event. The arena also includes 36 corporate suites, 2 party suites, and club seats and hosts Broadway shows and ECHL hockey games. o The 80-acre Gwinnett Center campus also houses a 702-seat Performing Arts Center....   [tags: Hotel, Hotel chains, Jekyll Island, Hampton Inn]

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The Therapeutic Phenomenon Of Differently Abled Dance

- The Therapeutic Phenomenon of Differently Abled Dance For decades, dance has been viewed as a therapeutic phenomenon for differently abled peoples. This involves integrated movements appealing to the disabilities of the participants. It is therefore an extraordinarily accessible practice for people with disabilities. Over the years, this movement has become a popular and often integral mode of emotional expression and connection for effected participants. This popularity grew to become an international movement involving competitions, large events, and fundraisers....   [tags: Disability, Wheelchair, Primary source]

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The Great Gig in the Sky

- ... I was now on my way to perform in front of a crowd. My mentality was to be cool and do my best. A tower taller than “King Kong” was beside us. We have arrived. Just like many ballroom parties, there are traditions or celebration of some sort. In this case, there was a dinner set up with the most delicious food ever. Anywhere from gourmet cuisine to American fast food was being served. Heaven on earth was very enjoyable as I ate to my belly's content and have bonded with thy food. After having the stomach of a four month pregnant woman....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Historical Stereotypes of Australian Masculinity in the Film 'Two Hands and Strictly Balloon'

- Historical Stereotypes of Australian Masculinity in the Film 'Two Hands and Strictly Balloon' “Film is a powerful player in the construction of national identity. In Australian films, men embody particular masculinities such as rugged practicality and anti-intellectualism, ruthless independence against all odds, and a willingness to die. These masculinities have been embellished and perpetuated in film histories as the ideal held as the standard for imitation” Introduction ============ Since the revival of Australian cinema in early 1970s, Australian films have focused on certain themes of social perceptions and representations of masculini...   [tags: Papers]

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Ballet Miramar Cultural Center Presented Ballet Hispanico

- Saturday, October 17, 2015 Miramar Cultural Center presented Ballet Hispanico. A ballet that completely left me lost for words… How I’m supposed to write about it now. First of all the Theater was breathtaking, there were three rows that lead to a beautiful stage. I sat in the middle to get the best view. They started right on time introducing the Ballet and explaining some of the importance of the Ballet. Ballet Hispanico was founded by Tina Ramirez in 1970. After the show Artistic Director Eduardo Vilaro explained that the purpose of Ballet Hispanico is to reflect the Latin American Culture....   [tags: Dance, Choreography, Performance, Dance therapy]

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High School Memories about Race

- For Generations Yet Unborn I grew up in Illinois, west of Chicago. I attended elementary school through high school in my hometown. I cannot help but smile when I think back on my high school experiences. A Power Point slide show presentation runs through my mind with fond memories of football games, homecoming dances, and school plays all set to the tune of my high school’s fight song being played by the marching band. This mental slide show belongs not only to me, but also to many of my friends here at U of I....   [tags: Black African American Racial]

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Sex And The Social Dance

- “Sex and the Social Dance” was a streaming video which examined the sexuality of social dances around the world. Regardless of geographical location or decade of popularity, dance conveyed social values. In particular, the sexuality was expressed through physical contact or lack thereof, in the gender roles of the dance, and in the purpose of the dance. The first social dance explored was ballroom dancing. Ballrooms were a place of courtship; therefore, these dances were always performed by a male, female couple....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Woman, Sociology]

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Analysis of a Dance

- The dance that I will be focusing on is entitled: thinking sensing standing feeling object of attention. The dance, to me, symbolizes the socialization of persons in Western civilization concerning gender roles. In the beginning there are gestures that are separated from emotion and full-embodiment, but as the dance progresses the gestures become more meaningful and recognizable. The lighting starts out very specific and narrow, then the light encompasses the entire stage, and eventually the dancers are silhouetted as they return to a familiar movement motif in the end....   [tags: Arts Analysis]

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Soundtrack review: Max Tooney

- Introduction The story was told in medias res as a series of flashbacks. The story started on a day of the post-Word War II period, but the main scenes took place on the Virginian, a vessel voyaged between Europe and America, in the early 1900s. Summary Max Tooney, a musician, entered a secondhand music shop to sell his trumpet. He asked to play it one last time. The shopkeeper agreed and the immediately recognized the song was the same as the one he got from a broken record matrix in a secondhand piano =....   [tags: music talent, leyend of the pianist]

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The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestr

- The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra preformed Hector Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantasique, in 2001 at the St. Irene church in Turkey. Saint Irene’s interior is made up of bricks and stones that gives the church a rustic appearance. Behind the Orchestra were immense windows with horizontal and vertical lines that created dainty squares. The windows played a considerable role in the concert because the natural lighting highlighted each performer. Also, the classic beige columns stood tall and created arches within the stone texture of the wall....   [tags: Orchestra, Symphony, Hector Berlioz, Music]

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The Red Curtain Trilogy by Baz Lurhmann

- The Red Curtain Trilogy by Baz Lurhmann On The Red Curtain Trilogy, which were all directed by Baz Lurhmann, all of the films began with red curtains opening up like in a theatre to 'reveal' the film. In 'Strictly Ballroom' the scene opens with silhouettes of the main characters dancing, waiting for a performance to start (?) then walking excitedly onto screen which starts the movie. For 'Romeo & Juliet' the opening shot is a lot more fast and furious. The film begins with a plain black screen, then a television screen appears....   [tags: Papers]

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What are Coreography?

- Choreography A choreographer is an important role in many careers throughout history. Their goals are to perfect and create a routine best suited for the dancer’s ability. The choreographer’s job is to tell a story and project images and emotions using a series of rhythmic movement. “Choreography is also used to arrange ice skating, cheerleading, synchronized swimming, and a variety of other performance arts”(Mcmahon1). Choreographers work with multiple or all various styles of dancing such as classical, ballroom dancing, and contemporary ballet....   [tags: Create Routines, Dancers, Abilities, Performance]

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Styles of Dancing

- El tango is one of the best produced dances of all times. Ballroom dancing originated in England in the late 18th Century and early 19th centuries in which these dances such as the waltz were performed by the upper and elite classes of society in balls and parties. During the late 19th century to the early 20th century, it became a trend among the working and middle class where they would go to gatherings and events in public dance halls. In the early 1920’s ballroom dancing competitions started to boom that in 1924 an organization was formed called the Ballroom Branch of Imperial Society of teachers of Dancing....   [tags: Dance]

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social layering of victorian society

- Social classes have been around since the dawn of civilization where you were classified by the survival skills that you possess and your ability to use them. Unfortunately also since the dawn of civilization there has been the conflict between the upper classes looking down upon the people below them. The Victorian era was no different lifestyles were most commonly meager and those who had a more luxurious lifestyle avoided contact with the other class. The main difference between these classes is their dress....   [tags: essays research papers]

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It Takes Two: Argentina and the Tango

- The curtain rises on the streets of late 19th century Buenos Aires as a simple quadruple meter begins to ring. Two figures emerge from the darkness and begin to flow into a sensual, impressive dance. As he artfully guides her body around his own figure, a crowd begins to form, and soon there are more couples that join into this social dance. This is the scene for the beginning of the Argentine tango. The tango was not always the elegant dance reserved for famed ballrooms, but rather, it had its début on the streets of Buenos Aires with the poor of Argentina....   [tags: dancing styles around the world]

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Marriage Is Universal Among All Cultures But The Process Is Culturally Defined

- Marriage is universal among all cultures but the process is culturally defined. Prior to a marriage ceremony in Nigeria, there is a formal meeting between the potential couple’s families. The groom has to pay a bride price or dowry to the bride’s family. The bride price consists of a specific amount of money, Bags of rice, yams, palm wine, cooking oil, alcoholic beverages and traditional African fabrics, which the bride’s family demand from the groom before giving their daughter out for marriage....   [tags: Marriage, Wedding, Igbo people, Dower]

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The Breakdown Of The Man Who Knew Too Much

- The Breakdown of The Man Who Knew Too Much “A single crash of Cymbals and how it rocked the lives of an American family.” A quote from the !956 version of the movies that would mostly likely catch someone’s eyes. Alfred Hitchcock was the producer or creator of both the original movie and the second version. The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934) and (1956) has the same general plot but there are some difference between the two movies. The main characters in the 1934 version are Bob, Jill, and Betty Lawrence while in the 1956 version the characters are Ben, Josephine (Jo), Henry (Hank)....   [tags: Family, An American Family, Boy, Alfred Hitchcock]

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The Career Services Center With Tracy Flynn Bowe

- October 18, 2016 the Career Services Center collaborated with Tracy Flynn Bowe from New Directions to bring SCSU What Color Is Your Personality. The lively event was held at 12:30pm in the Cascade Ballroom, located in the Atwood Memorial Center. The purpose of the event was to gain more self-awareness and embrace our personalities. It was an informative, exuberant, entertaining seminar that was worth attending. It jumpstarted the catalyst to start becoming more aware of who we are and our personal traits....   [tags: Psychology, Person, Decision making]

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Fred Astaires iImpact on the Great Depression

- ... In his films he always had full body images, never close-ups of feet or face so that the continuity of the dance would flow which added to the elegance of his style. His use of space was evident on the screen because he did not use close-up effects so the audience could see his use of all the space on the stage and the continuity of his dances. He never used camera effects, always filming each dance in one shot so that it would not take away from the effect of the dance. In one of Astaire’s famous quotes he states, “Either the camera will dance or I will.” Astaire achieved such grace and style in the films due to these techniques....   [tags: notorious dancer, actor, providing joy]

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The History of Slavery in the World

- Three and a half to four million Africans were brought over by the Portuguese to work as slaves on the sugar plantations of Brazil beginning in the 1500s (“The Portuguese…”). Following the end of slavery, many African-Brazilians ended up in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, Bahia, two cities along the coast of Brazil. Outside of these cities is where shantytowns, also known as favelas, formed; these were the slums, and the African-Brazilians mainly resided there. In the favelas, life was very rough. The living conditions were terrible, the people were in extreme poverty, and they continued to be treated very poorly by the Portuguese and other Brazilian peoples....   [tags: africans, brazil, sugar plantations]

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Impact Of Media On The Screen Culture

- Impact in Screen Culture With the evolution over the past century of Australia’s screen culture, the industry through both its success and failures has fostered “An Australian film industry, [which] enables Australia to talk to itself, recognize itself and engage the attention of the world in doing so” (Dermody & Jacka, 1987, p 17). Three impactful films within Australian screen culture have been Muriel’s Wedding (House, Moorhouse & Hogan, 1994), Bra Boys (Abberton & DeSouza, 2007) and Samson and Delilah (Shelper & Thornton, 2009), which through their story, funding, release strategies and audience have become influential films for defining “Australian-ness” within Australian screen cultur...   [tags: Indigenous Australians, Australia, Feature film]

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My Environmental Scanning Analysis : Amc Leaders

- Per my environmental scanning analysis, I advise that AMC leaders should continue to recognize God as their ultimate boss and work for Him in all that they do. “Future scanning, however, shifts the focus toward the future and new opportunities, placing the organization in a position where it can be proactive” (Phillips, 2012, pg.140). This analysis has also shown that the leaders should have these colossal implications as listed below: • Caring for the people around them • Operation of the organization with integrity and with excellence • Healthy balance between work and life • Expectation of conflict and response with proper attitude • Understanding of other worldviews and share with other...   [tags: Strategic management, Management, Communication]

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History of Rumba, Merengue and Salsa

- According to Holger Henke in his The West Indian Americans, Jamaican Rex Nettleford was correct when he said, “’dance was a primary instrument of survival’.” As such a vital part of cultural traditions, dance plays and integral role in the history culture. Three of the most influential styles of dance in the Caribbean are the Rumba, The Merengue, and the Salsa. The word Rumba is defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary as “a ballroom dance of Haitian and Dominican origin in 2/4 time in which one foot is dragged on every step.” Here, however, Rumba is a collection of percussive rhythms, song and dance that originated in Cuba as a combination of the musical traditions of Africans brought to C...   [tags: Culture ]

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LSD And The '60s Music Scene

- In the sixties, the psychedelic music scene was at its prime and the world was full of hippies. During this time, drugs were a very popular part of the hippie culture and the prevalence of LSD helped to create the distinct genre of psychedelic music known as psychedelic of acid rock. Many bands and artists such as Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, The Beatles, The Byrds, and Jimi Hendrix, were heavily influenced by LSD, which led to the creation of some great music. This decade was full of adventure, music, sex, drugs, and exploration, which was all made possible due to this powerfully triply drug....   [tags: Psychedelic Music, Woodstock]

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Roberta Guaspari 's The Piano Program

- Roberta Guaspari herself is dealing with a husband who left her for another woman, as well as having to take care of two boys as a single mother. Although dealing with depression, she still wanted to make a difference in an inner city school in East Harlem. With no teaching experience, she persuaded the principal of the school to both hire her and create a violin program for the kids. Because she is considered a substitute teacher, she was the first to deal with budget cuts from the school board....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, Violin]

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Buckingham Palace: A Fascinationg Destination

- Buckingham Palace, established in 1703, serves as the home of the royal British monarchy (the Queen and her extended family) and provides the perfect setting for special occasions such as weddings, tea parties, and the Changing of the Guard. One of the world’s most significant buildings is Buckingham Palace. This building has over 50,000 people visit each year for banquets and royal events (NWE 1). Representing the British Empire, the palace symbolizes the British royalty (NWE 1). They constructed it for the Duke of Buckingham (EBP 1)....   [tags: Royal British Monarchy]

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The Hilton Key Largo Resort

- OPERATING BUDGET An operating budget is a detailed projection of all estimated income and expenses based on forecasted sales revenue during a given period. The Hilton Key Largo Resort started its Fiscal Year on October 1, 2013 and continues until September 30, 2013. Hilton Worldwide, however, breaks down its Fiscal Year into four quarters: 1st Quarter (January 1 – March 31), 2nd Quarter (April 1 – June 30), 3rd Quarter (July 1 – September 30), and 4th Quarter/Year-End (October 1 – December 31)....   [tags: hospitality business analysis]

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The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

- In “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” the author skillfully structures each chapter to correspond with Malcolm’s development and implants a sense of purpose throughout each event. Chapter one is efficiently named “Nightmare” due to the automatic introduction of racial conflict that is constantly recognized throughout the book. Malcolm’s earliest experiences with racial violence began before he was even born, with the KKK constantly terrorizing his family. They are persistently threatened by them until the clansmen finally burn their house to the ground, permanently scaring Malcolm and his family....   [tags: Black people, Race, White people]

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The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

- What is systemic oppression. What is integration vs. segregation. What is racial profiling. All these topics are the main focus points in the book The Autobiography of Malcolm X as Told to Alex Haley. Alex Haley structures each chapter different to correspond with what the chapter is telling the reading it adds to the beauty of the text. He also uses slang and different vocabulary to describe how the times were back then, it truly feels like the reader is in the middle Harlem and "hustling". Within the first eleven chapters of this book the reader is introduced to the character of Malcolm Little and how his point of view towards white people change as he lives out his life in the "ghetto"....   [tags: Malcolm X, Black people, White people, Racism]

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Mahatma Gandhi And Malcolm X

- Mohandas Gandhi and Malcolm X were both strong believers in a God in their lives. Gandhi believed in Brahman and Malcolm X believed in Allah. They were both strong leaders and strong speakers. Mahatma Gandhi used non violence methods to stop the British from invading their land and to make India an independent country. Malcolm X had helped stop racism when it was a big deal back then. Born on May 19, 1925, in Omaha, Nebraska, Malcolm X was a prominent black nationalist leader who served as a spokesman for the Nation of Islam during the 1950s and '60s....   [tags: Nonviolence, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi]

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Baz Luhrmann

- Baz Luhrmann Catalogue and Commentary ======================== The following items have been collected in aid of my research: 1. jjj 'Strictly Ballroom' directed by Baz Luhrmann 1992 2. jjj 'Romeo & Juliet' directed by Baz Luhrmann 1997 3. jjj 'Moulin Rouge' directed by Baz Luhrmann 2001 4. jjj 'Making it' feature - the making of Moulin Rouge 5. j Imdb - website - cast and crew lists/ user reviews 6. jj Baz Luhrmann interview on Moulin Rouge 7....   [tags: Papers]

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Argentina and the Tango

- The curtain rises on the streets of late 19th century Buenos Aires as a simple quadruple meter begins to ring. Two figures emerge from the darkness and begin to flow into a sensual, impressive dance. As he artfully guides her body around his own figure, a crowd begins to form, and soon there are more couples that join into this social dance. This is the scene for the beginning of the Argentine tango. The tango was not always the elegant dance reserved for famed ballrooms, but rather, it had its début on the streets of Buenos Aires with the poor of Argentina....   [tags: dance, Buenos Aires, seduction, Argentine culture]

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Hamlet: Zeffirelli vs. Branagh

- To play one of Shakespeare’s most complex roles successfully on stage or on screen has been the aspiration of many actors. William Shakespeare’s Hamlet has been the focus on various accounts throughout the 20th Century, each actor attempting to bring something unique and unmarked to the focal character. Franco Zeffirelli and Kenneth Branagh, both film directors, introduce varying levels of success on the screen through downright differences in ways of translation and original ideas. Zeffirelli’s much shorter interpretation of the film is able to convey the importance of Hamlet as a masterwork by using modern approaches to film but still capturing the traditional work behind Shakespeare’s wel...   [tags: William Shakespeare, Franco Zeffirelli, Branagh]

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Master Harold And The Boys by Athol Fugard

- The play Master Harold and the Boys by Athol Fugard takes place in a small Tea House in Port Elizabeth in South Africa. The play starts off with Sam and Willie, two black servants at the restaurant cleaning and talking about a ballroom dance tournament coming up. Hally, a teenage white boy whose parents own the restaurant walks in after coming from school and begins to have a conversation with Sam and Willie. In the period of only an hour and a half or so, Sam, Willie, and Hally give a small glimpse of a very big problem....   [tags: Athol Fugard Master Harold ]

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Ralph Ellison’s Essay, Battle Royal

- In Ralph Ellison’s essay “Battle Royal” he describes a Negro boy, timid and compliant, comes to a white smoker in a Southern town: he is to be awarded a scholarship. Together with several other Negroes he is rushed to the front of the ballroom, where a sumptuous blonde tantalized and frightens them by dancing in the nude. Blindfolded, the Negro boys stage a “battle royal, “ a free-for-all in which they pummel each other to the drunken shouts of the whites. “Practical jokes,” humiliations, terrors—and then the boy delivers a prepared speech of gratitude to his white benefactors....   [tags: Battle Royal Essays]

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Battle Royal, by Ralph Ellison

- Blind Is as Invisible Does, A man dealing with his perceptions of himself based on the perceptions of the society around him in Ralph Ellison's "Battle Royal" "Battle Royal", an excerpt from Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man, is far more than a commentary on the racial issues faced in society at that time. It is an example of African-American literature that addresses not only the social impacts of racism, but the psychological components as well. The narrator (IM) is thrust from living according to the perceptions of who he believes himself to be to trying to survive in a realm where he isn't supposed to exist, much less thrive....   [tags: Battle Royal Essays]

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The White Day

- It was a beautiful Saturday morning on January 6. The winter air was crisp and the view was amazing. The soft salty scent from the ocean filled the air. Off the balcony on the second story of the Long Beach Yacht Club I could see the light swells of the Pacific Ocean. The small crashing of waves added to the peaceful instrumental background sounds as the ceremony was about to begin. January 6, my wedding date, was a day that changed the rest of my life. The ballroom at the Yacht Club was decorated with deep red roses and black ribbons, the perfect combination of colors for a winter wedding....   [tags: Personal Narrative Descriptive]

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Remembering the Romanovs

- “You must be certain this is what you wish to do Anastasia, once we do this there is no going back!” His voice softened, “I only want what’s best for you.” His voice, so much like his fathers’, made my eyes sting and took me back in time. Back to the time when I lived in the mesmerizing world of Tzars and Empresses, of grand palaces and elegant parties. It was a beautiful, enchanting time, that was gone much too soon. Laughter infused the air amid the brilliant lights and alluring melody drifting from the orchestra....   [tags: Russian nobility, Anastasia]

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History of Assassinations

- The death of someone important is very tragic and can be life-changing. There are people in this world who are careless enough to kill a living person. An assassination is the murder of a person by a surprise attack. There has been many political assassinations around the world. Each murder is different, with different motives and conspiracies, but in the end they are just a cruel act of violence directed to someone innocent. The United States does not have more assassinations than other countries; there has been more assassinations in other countries around the world....   [tags: african americans, killing, political leaders]

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The Clothesline Project - Fighting Domestic Violence

- The t-shirts used in the Clothesline Project are made to show that effects of violence are very prevalent in our society. Each t-shirt hung in the project is decorated by a victim, family member of a victim, or a friend of a victim who has experienced some form of violence in their life. Every shirt that is hung in the ballroom contains a color that represents a different type of violence experienced by each individual person. For example, white t-shirts are used for those that have died because of violence....   [tags: Violence Against Women Essays]

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LSD and the Psychedelic Scene

- ... Once again on April 19th he purposely ingested 250 µg (an extremely small amount) of the substance and tripped the whole way home on his bicycle. From the ‘40s through the ‘60s LSD was experimented with by psychiatrists and the government. While psychiatrists could not find any legitimate medical purposes for the drug, the government determined that it could be used to control large groups of people. In the ‘60s, the drug became very popular with the help of Timothy Leary and it spread around the United States and the United Kingdom like wildfire....   [tags: lysergic acid diethylamide]

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The Effects of Racism on Hally in Master Harold and the Boys by Athol Fugard

- The Effects of Racism on Hally in Master Harold and the Boys by Athol Fugard In the play Master Harold and the Boys, Hally demonstrates, through repeated acts and expressions, the sentiment of the entire African society at the time the play takes place. In 1950, the policy of apartheid was beginning to be practiced in South Africa. The Population Registration Act was passed, which divided the population into four racial groups (Post 112). The Group Area Act of 1950 controlled ownership of property by different races....   [tags: Master Harold Boys Athol Fugard Essays]

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Essay on Mr.Woodhouse and Miss Bates in Jane Austen's Emma

- The Characters of Mr.Woodhouse and Miss Bates in Emma    The immediate impression one gets of Miss Bates is that of a loquacious old biddy, one of Emma's more annoying personalities. But Miss Bates offers a refreshing contrast to the other characters in the novel, many of whom harbor hidden agendas and thinly veiled animosities toward perceived rivals. If "every major character in Emma [is] a snob", we might consider Miss Bates the anti-snob. Her very artlessness serves as a foil for those in the novel whom present contrived images of themselves or whom look down their noses at others....   [tags: Austen Emma Essays]

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Love is Close at Hand: The Age of Innocence

- Love is Close at Hand: The Age of Innocence November 1998, written for FILM 220: Aspects of Criticism. This is a 24-week course for second-year students, examining methods of critical analysis, interpretation and evaluation. The final assignment was simply to write a 1000-word critical essay on a film seen in class during the final six-weeks of the course. Students were expected to draw on concepts they had studied over the length of the course. INSTRUCTOR'S COMMENT: Brilliantly observed and beautifully written....   [tags: The Age of Innocence Films Movies Essays]

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The Folklore and Science of Aurora Borealis

- The Folklore and Science of Aurora Borealis Imagine a cold October night, you walk out to your car and something catches your eye. You step further into the street be it busy or not, and you begin to turn in 360 circles. For what your eyes behold is far from anything you have ever seen. A circle of green and blue swirl through the night sky, I could best describe this as two ballroom dancers doing a "Waltz" through the night sky. They flow, they glide so gracefully that they capture you and keep you entranced for a very long time....   [tags: Papers]

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Roberto Benigni’s Life is Beautiful: A fable?

- Fable —A deliberately false or improbable account, well, so says Merriam-Webster. Can a love story be a fable. Sure thing —not only did Roberto Benigni’s Life is Beautiful does not just fall into one genre, but into many. The remarkable film can be considered as a romantic comedy, a drama, but most of all, a fable—The story of a man, winning the heart of his “princess” and his own son. Now, Life is Beautiful is a very serious film. There are constant reminders of what time period the film is set in....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Country Dancing Hall

- The Country Dancing Hall "Get down, turn around, go to town, Boot Scootin' Boogie!" This is a familiar piece of music sung by Brooks and Dunn that is regularly heard at my favorite place, "Boot Scootin' Thursday" at the Dubuque County Fairgrounds. Many people believe that country music is just singers whining about their divorce, the death of their dog, etc. In reality, however, it is much more than that. Country music is all about life experiences. This place allows people of all ages to be free, spend time with those they care about, and just have fun....   [tags: Descriptive Essay Examples, country, dance]

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Attending Melba Beals Event

- I attended an event commemorating a very heroic woman’s actions. Civil rights activist Melba Beals, author of Warriors Don’t Cry, was one of the Little Rock Nine who helped to integrate an all-white Arkansas public high school in 1957. However, this was not a very easy task. She attended school amidst constant harassment, violence, and threats. Her efforts helped shape the civil rights movement and earned her America’s top civilian honor, the Congressional Gold Medal. I found her to be very inspiring, witty, and brave....   [tags: Civil Rights Little Rock Nine]

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Ralph Ellison's Battle Royal

- The native Africans' heritage and way of life were forever altered by the white slave drivers who took them into captivity in the 18th century. Along with their freedom, slaves were also robbed of their culture and consequently their identities. They became property instead of people, leaving them at the hands of merciless slave owners. Their quest to reclaim their stolen identities was a long and difficult struggle, especially in the years following the Civil War and the subsequent release of their people from bondage....   [tags: Battle Royal Essays]

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Invisible Man

- The narrator in Invisible Man has the opportunity to take on numerous roles in this novel due to his invisibility. The narrator comes in contact with 3 main characters that greatly shape his life and make him the invisible man that he is. The white men from the ballroom, Dr. Herbert Bledsoe from the college, and the narrator’s grandfather all have a huge impact on the narrator’s life. In his novel, Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison uses the main characters to affect the narrator’s invisibility. The highly ranked white people from the hotel ballroom affected the narrator’s invisibility by humiliation, embarrassment, and publicly degrading him....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Ralph Ellison]

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Invisible Man

- Ralph Ellison uses symbolism in the first chapter of Invisible Man to illustrate the culture in which he lived and was raised. In the chapter, entitled “Battle Royal”, Ellison intends to give his graduation speech to the white elite of his community. However, before her can deliver said speech, he is forced to perform humiliating tasks. The use of symbols is evident throughout “Battle Royal” particularly with regard to the Hell imagery, power struggle, and the circus metaphor. The setting of the chapter is significantly symbolic....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Ralph Ellison]

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After the Ball, by Leo Tolstoy: The Impact of Cultural Objects on Individual Social Identity

- When reading Leo Tolstoy’s After the Ball, the impression of ideology shaping judgment, or perception of the world, is delivered in the first line. The concept that good and bad may just be a matter of perspective is a large part of this short story, especially in how your “environment” or ideology causes you to value things differently. In this paper I will look to explore how ideological sign-exchange value of objects in Ivan Vasilyevich’s experience at the ball, as well as in life, can have multiple meanings, and how those values affect an individual’s stature in class structure....   [tags: Classes, Perspective and Value]

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Movie Reviews On The Film ' Stars ' And ' The Golden Linings Playbook '

- Movie reviewers have seemingly grown in popularity and many look to those reviews to determine whether they are going to see that movie or not. Christy Lemire an AP writer, published on Huffington Post recently wrote a review for the sensational movie Silver Linings Playbook called, “Jennifer Lawrence Shines in New Comedy”. From focusing on the actors to the actual body of work, this review discusses all aspects of the film. This movie is witty and intriguing and unlike any other romantic comedy in this day an age....   [tags: Film, Actor, Writing, Film director]

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Planning Events That Benefit Society Need Time, Effort, And Help From Others Around The Community

- Planning events that benefit society need time, effort, and help from others around the community. Kroger is a grocery store corporation within our community that has an upstanding reputation for making charitable donations and helping with charity inspired events. Therefore, making Kroger our primary partnering choice for our charity event. Currently, our group is coordinating a blood drive that would also partner with the American Red Cross charity. The target audience for this event will be students attending Stephen F....   [tags: Blood, Blood donation, Donation, Blood plasma]

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The Underground Subway : The Subway City Of The Metropolitan Museum Of Natural History

- For three wonderful days and nights Olivia and Willy rode the underground subway and walked the city streets taking in the sights, the smells, and the sounds of Times Square, Central Park, Fifth Avenue and China Town. They ferried to Liberty Island to climb the steps of the Statue of Liberty and spent an afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Natural History. In the evening they danced at the Starlight Ballroom. Olivia insisted they meet and part outside of the Empire State Building. To bring him to the plush, expensive apartment she called home was impossible; he would have questions she didn’t want to answer....   [tags: 2007 singles, Debut albums, Statue of Liberty]

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What Is the Harlem Renaissance, and What Effects Did It Have On Society?

- What is the Harlem Renaissance, and what effects did it have on society. "Harlem was like a great magnet for the Negro intellectual, pulling him from everywhere. Or perhaps the magnet was New York, but once in New York, he had to live in Harlem"(Hughes, The Big Sea 1940). When one is describing a “fresh and brilliant portrait of African American art and culture in the 1920s (Rampersad 1994),” the Harlem Renaissance would be the most precise postulation. The Harlem Renaissance proved to America that African Americans also have specialized talents and should also be able to exhibit their gifts....   [tags: American Culture]

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`` Battle Royal `` : Racial And Judgement Towards African American People

- In our world, there are people who judge mostly on everything or anyone. Living in a world which people judge on people’s appearance is an unfair judgment towards the person due to the fact of not knowing who that person is. That’s why segregation was a huge part in history during the pasting of the Civil Act of 1964. The definition of segregation is the enforced separation of different racial groups in a country, community, or establishment. During the segregation it was basically a battle between the white people and the black people....   [tags: African American, Black people, White people, Race]

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How Does Completing An Mba Relate At Your Career And Life Goals?

- Essay Write concise and detailed responses to the following questions. Limit each response to 500 words. 1. How does completing an MBA relate to your career and life goals. My goal is to eventually assume a position as the CEO of a company by rising through the ranks of operations management. I currently work in the project management field at a company called Workfront and I interact with many clients of varying industries. I troubleshoot daily workflows and I love the challenge of providing clients with the most efficient workflow based on their needs....   [tags: Management, Problem solving, Project management]

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