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Ballet : Lassical Ballet

- lassical ballet is a traditional and a formal style that required a vigorous technique such as pointe work and turnout of the legs. Ballet can be combined with other types of music and movement like hip hop, jazz, tap and more. I believe that ballet is an elegant and flowing dance that can be combined with music and body movements. One of my favorite ballet dancer is Misty Copeland. She learned ballet very quickly when she stared, one technique that takes long time to learn is pointe, which is to support all the body weight in your feet, and Copeland learned to do it in just of three months....   [tags: American Ballet Theatre, Ballet]

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Misty Copeland : Ballet Dance For American Ballet Dance

- Misty Copeland Classical ballet is a traditional and a formal style that required a vigorous technique such as pointe work and turnout of the legs. Ballet can be combined with other types of music and movement like hip hop, jazz, tap and more. I believe that ballet is an elegant and flowing dance that can be combined with music and body movements. One of my favorite ballet dancer is Misty Copeland. She learned ballet very quickly when she stared, one technique that takes long time to learn is pointe, which is to support all the body weight in your feet, and Copeland learned to do it in just of three months....   [tags: American Ballet Theatre, Ballet]

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Contemporary Ballet Of American Ballet And New York City Ballet

- Even though people always tend to attribute “authentic” knowledge of a practice or product by tracing its culture, in the currently globalizing world where the cultures are overlapped and intertwine with one another, the criteria is ineffective due to the difficulty of ascribing the practice to a specific culture; hence, the notion of cultural authenticity is no longer legitimate. The cross-cultural origins and further developments of the Contemporary Ballet illustrate that to simply consider this dance form authentically American is inappropriate, whereby demonstrates the high degree of illegitimacy in the pursuit of cultural authenticity....   [tags: Ballet, Classical ballet, New York City Ballet]

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Ballet, A Form Of Dance

- Ballet, a form of dance has been around for many years and did not start in America. Ballet has made its mark around the globe and many have and still are enjoying the art and entertainment that the ballet brings. Ballet is known as being the “core” of the other forms of dance as in modern, contemporary and even hip hop. People enjoy the form of dance on an everyday basis at family functions, parties and even just being home alone and many do not know that the dances they particularly like all originated from ballet....   [tags: Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Ballet company]

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Watching A Professional Ballet Dance Performance

- This was not my first time to watch a professional ballet dance performance. However, it was my first time to watch the Cinderella. Not only are the lighting design and the stage sets fit the scenes, the music played by the orchestra also make me obsessed with the performance. The performance even added the projection design to make the stage sets more vivid. The tree which stands for the hope for a rescue of Cinderella’s miserable life is the most magical stage set that makes me wonder if the tree really can be physically touched or it just a projection....   [tags: Ballet, Dance, Ballet tutu]

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Essay On Ballet

- History of Ballet Ballet, a form of dance has been around for many years and did not start in America. Ballet has made its mark around the globe and many have and still are enjoying the art and entertainment that the ballet brings. Ballet is known as being the “core” of the other forms of dance as in modern, contemporary and even hip hop. People enjoy the form of dance on an everyday basis at family functions, parties and even just being home alone and many do not know that the dances they particularly like all originated from ballet....   [tags: Ballet, Dance, Pointe shoes, History of dance]

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Ballet Analysis: La Sylphide

- My first choice was a ballet piece named La Sylphide. La Sylphide is a story about a young Scottish man named James who is soon to be wed. He falls asleep and has an intricate dream about a beautiful sylphide, which is a spirit. In his dream they dance and he soon falls in love with the sylphide. When he awakes, he soon forgets about the sylphide and focuses on his fiancée. A witch soon arrives in the castle that reads palms and tells James he would betray his fiancée on their wedding day. He doesn’t listen and the wedding continues....   [tags: ballerina, james, danish ballet]

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Catherine De Medici 's Ballet

- Ballet is a beautiful artwork which expresses ones dance ability beyond core and strength, it is a very mental and physical sport. It has graced the stages of many and has made people smile and cry whether you are on the one on the stage or the audience cheering after every step. It’s a dream to watch. Ballet was originated in the 15th century italian renaissance courts. Ballet was performed at wedding celebration where music and dance would be watched and praised. Many people praised ballet for what it was....   [tags: Ballet, Dance, New York City Ballet]

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The Art Of Ballet From The Renaissance

- The Evolution of the ballet from the Renaissance began with the performers wearing masks, and large headdresses and ornaments. The limiting outfit was great for looks, but was difficult to move around in. “Dance steps were composed of small hops, slides, curtsies, promenades and gentle turns, Dancing shoes had small heels and resembled formal dress shoes rather than any contemporary ballet shoe we can recognize today.” The language of ballet was generally in French for the next 100 or so years....   [tags: Ballet, Pointe shoes, Dance, En pointe]

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Classical Ballet : A Important For Many Reasons

- Classical ballet is known for its rigorous technique, flawless precise movements, and its ethereal aesthetic qualities. The journey in perfecting this art form takes a plethora of hours of labor and discipline. A ballerina’s technique is not a natural instinct; it is a meticulous undertaking that must be trained and educated by a lineage of dance masters and teachers. In order to gain technical skill in classical ballet, teachers must lay a basic foundation in order to progress. In the world of classical ballet, this important “foundation” is called barre....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Ballet, Muscle]

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Ballet Essay

- One of the eloquent expressions of the art of dance pertains to ballet. In which individuals fuse to perform choreography depicting emotions and the stories of others. Renowned pieces of ballet include the performances Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, Giselle and A Midsummer’s Night Dream (Schiesl). The individuals within the ballet community form a discourse community, as members engage in common practices to reach similar achievements. A ballet dancer’s general intention when performing any piece is to convey a message to the audience....   [tags: Ballet, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Glossary of ballet]

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Women During The Ballet Theater

- What do you see when you hear the word “ballet”. Most likely women on a stage wearing tutus and pointe shoes. But it wasn’t like that the whole time, well not until the Romantic Era in 1832. Without Louis XIV, the ballet world would be completely different than it is today. We could still be on the line of actually allowing women to be a part of a ballet. Aspiring choreographers should look up to Jean Georges Noverre because he started tying dancing with story, also known as “Shakespeare of Ballet”....   [tags: Ballet, Dance, Pointe shoes, History of dance]

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Classical Ballet And Modern Dance

- Classical Ballet and Modern Dance Dance is a very known form of art to mankind. Everyone sees this form of art different, some think of it as beautiful and expressive, others see weird body movements that look cool at the same time. For the ones that do not understand why people dance, they need to open up their eyes to see the reasons behind everything. It expresses joy, love, sorrow, anger, excitement, and this list just goes on for all the possible emotions that someone can feel. Along with the emotions, a story being told throughout a dance, or someone can use this form of art to praise a higher power based off of their culture....   [tags: Ballet, Dance, Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham]

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Ballet And Classical Chinese Dance

- When one thinks of different dance forms, one would tend to look at the beauty of it and how it makes people feel. But understanding the origin of some of the dances should help one to appreciate the importance the art form of dance has made in history. Through both of the dance forms there would be a discussion between the origins as well as the similarities and contrast of ballet and classical Chinese dance. Ballet was first brought to light in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th Century, where the dancing masters would teach the steps to the nobility and the royal court would partake in performances....   [tags: Ballet, Dance, Louis XIV of France, 2nd millennium]

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- Football is a very physically demanding sport. According to Taylor (1969), “Professional football is basically a physical assault by one team upon another in desperate fight for land.” (pg. 23) The body is used as weapon to prevent an opposing player from crossing into another's territory. The body must be strong and well equipped to endure the stresses of physical contact. The body is very susceptible to injury when engaging in football. It is important for those who participate in football train their bodies effectively....   [tags: Ballet Training, Dancing]

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The Imperial Russian Ballet And Pavlova Perfected A New Art Form

- Anna Pavlova perfected a new art form. Her passion and dedication to ballet impacted Russia’s culture and the direction in this specific art. Pavlova was recognized as the leading artist for both Imperial Russian Ballet and Ballets Russes of Sergei Diaghilev while her best ballet performances included the Birth of a Dying Swan and The Dragonfly. Anna impacted Russian ballet but it originated in Russia by Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich and Peter the Great which brought this exquisite art to their country while others played an integral part to make this art spectacular....   [tags: Ballet, Dance, Classical ballet, Sergei Diaghilev]

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I Am Grateful For My Classical Ballet

- Adorned with a tutu and pink lace parasol umbrella, I stood in the wings like a statue waiting for my music to play. I was five years old, my tape was lost in the mix, and I was terrified. That day I walked out onto the stage clenching my umbrella for dear life and completed my first ballet performance without a single hiccup. The show went on. And on for fourteen more years until finally abandoning the barre for academics in pursuit of another field highly focused on the body; medicine. I will forever be grateful for my classical ballet training as I learned so much more than how to tie my hair into the perfect bun, impress friends with incredible flexibility, and speak a language that only...   [tags: Pointe shoes, Ballet, Physician, Patient]

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Black Sw The Drama Behind A Ballet Company 's Production Of Swan Lake

- Summary of Black Swan Black Swan portrays the drama behind a ballet company’s production of Swan Lake. Before staring the production, the company decides to retire their first ballerina, Beth. Because of this, the company starts a casting call to find a ballerina that will substitute Beth. The protagonist of the film, Nina, has the opportunity to play the main role, in which she portrays both the protagonist and antagonist of the play, the white and black swan. Nina has always dreamed of starring in a big role and as such, gives her all to make it to the auditions....   [tags: Psychology, Mind, Mental disorder, Ballet]

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The Amazing Experience Of Seeing Ballet West 's Production Of Madame Butterfly

- On November 12, I had the incredible experience of seeing Ballet West’s Production of Madame Butterfly. I am so grateful for this experience because I was the first time I had ever seen a ballet performed. I enjoyed the evening immensely, and hope to be able to attend more ballets in the future. To begin with, I was excited that Ballet West performed in the Capital Theater because I had never had the pleasure of stepping into that particular theatre before. I adored the grand elegance of the theatre itself and the kindness of the staff members working....   [tags: Ballet, Dance, Performing arts, Modern dance]

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The History of Ballet

- Ballet Many young girls grow up taking ballet class, but there is a lot more to ballet than just little girls running around in tutus. Many people think that ballet is boring or isn’t their thing but there are many roles that go into putting on a ballet. A lot of work goes into doing a ballet. There are many famous ballets that without the story, the ballet wouldn’t be as interesting. There were many influential dancers and choreographers in ballet. There are many basic steps that frame the technique of ballet....   [tags: pointe, dance, choreographer]

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Ballet Miramar Cultural Center Presented Ballet Hispanico

- Saturday, October 17, 2015 Miramar Cultural Center presented Ballet Hispanico. A ballet that completely left me lost for words… How I’m supposed to write about it now. First of all the Theater was breathtaking, there were three rows that lead to a beautiful stage. I sat in the middle to get the best view. They started right on time introducing the Ballet and explaining some of the importance of the Ballet. Ballet Hispanico was founded by Tina Ramirez in 1970. After the show Artistic Director Eduardo Vilaro explained that the purpose of Ballet Hispanico is to reflect the Latin American Culture....   [tags: Dance, Choreography, Performance, Dance therapy]

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The Ballet Physique as Molded by Media

- “mass media is one of the principal factors behind body dissatisfaction, concerns about weight, and disordered eating behavior”( Levine, Murnen 2009). The media acts as an influential force where society’s views of body image and health are used to brainwash the minds of its consumers. The constant pressure exuded by the media affects many individuals in society. Whether it is an ad on a passing bus, or a commercial broadcasted into family homes, the media finds its way to penetrate and convey certain perceptions of body and health....   [tags: Psychology]

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The impact of the French Revolution on Ballet

- The impact of the French Revolution on Ballet The French Revolution was a bloody civil war that lasted from the years 1789-1799. [1] The revolution arose out of hard economic times that had befallen France. Widespread famine and hunger, due to a grain shortage, rampaged through sections of the country. The economic crisis led to an increase in taxes on the lower classes, known as the third estate, to upkeep the lavish lifestyle of the nobility. [1] All of these are the known factors that led to the rise of the French Revolution....   [tags: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity]

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Dancing Through the History Of Ballet

- From Giselle to The Nutcracker, ballet is a romantic language, told not through the mouth, but the body. It features a rich, history, notable performances, and specific techniques. Ballet originated in the courts of Italy in the Renaissance period. Rich nobility, royal families, and other well-to-do citizens were generally the only ones who would put on these early ballets. Ballets started out as entertainment for banquets. However, dancing was not the only feature at these luxurious receptions....   [tags: classical dancing styles]

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The History of Ballet and Beginner's Techniques

- History of Ballet and Beginner’s Techniques How did ballet come about and what are some of the beginner’s steps. To understand the roots of ballet, one must first look at the roots of dance in general. Dance has roots in early civilizations. People once used moves and gestures to communicate before the spoken language was invented. Many dance terms and aspects of ballet theaters originated in Greece. Ballet has a long history that leads up to the current style and techniques taught today. Ballet began during Italian balls held in the king’s court....   [tags: classical dance styles]

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The Qualities Of A Ballet Performance

- As well as helping with the above leadership qualities, you can also gain essential leadership abilities from ballet. The ability to multi-task If you’ve ever watched a ballet performance, you know how many different things are going on at the same time. The dancers often need to not only be on top of what the other dancers are doing, while performing their own routine. But the dancer must also perform different choreographies with his or her hands and feet. This type of ability to multi-task is essential for leaders....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Dance, Performance]

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Analysis Of Ballet And The Mind

- Ballet and the Mind In dance I often struggle with being brave and committing to the movement. I got to thinking about what if instead of getting down on myself I could use dance to better my mind. Being clear of mind and relieving my stresses is something that I have always used singing for, but if I can take dance,something that actually stresses me out,dance, and make it a stress reliever. I can help myself and hopefully others as well. In researching this topic I found that there have been a few studies that have explored dance and mental health....   [tags: Mind, Psychology, Mental disorder, Schizophrenia]

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The Ballet Choreographed By Marius Petipa

- Raymonda, originally performed by the Imperial Ballet of Russia in 1898, is a three act classical ballet choreographed by Marius Petipa. Set to the music of Alexander Glazunov, Raymonda tells the story of a Bride to be entertained in Act one before in act two an Eastern Prince arrives and fights for bridewith knight, act three: marriage. The rendition I witnessed was directed by Michail Jurowski and present day choreographer Sergei Vikharev. In Act One Scene One, large flood lights, illuminate onate drops resembling a great hall, with a massive door upstage....   [tags: Dance, History of dance, The Nutcracker]

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Compare Hip Hop And Ballet

- Olivia Oles Ms. Hadley Choreography/Performance 3/4 05 November 2017 Hip Hop vs. Ballet When viewing a work of art, either from an old theater, the streets of New York City, or the screen on your iPhone, it is hard not to notice the overall style and vibe of a dance, in other words, how the dance is to the eye. From the music, the way the dancers move, and the individual skills or steps in a dance, Hip Hop and Ballet are two of the most polar opposite dance styles in the history of the art, but the origin of the watcher’s viewpoint can occasionally be strained, a viewpoint that the two styles are not glaringly contrasting in many aspects....   [tags: Dance, Choreography, History of dance]

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Ballet at the Paris Opera

- There is a mysterious concept behind the art of ballet. Ballet is often said to represent the beauty and artistic values of multiple generations. Shows displayed in the land of Paris, depicted a sense of wealth but later evolving into the story telling of several movements. In the year 1877, painter Edgar Degas combined his rebellious views with the traditional techniques in order to create one of my favorite paintings; the Ballet at the Paris Opera. Through this combination, Degas was able to depict a sense of balance in his artwork....   [tags: painting, beauty, artistic, art]

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Giselle And The Ballet Essay

- It is not hard to watch Giselle and be entirely captivated by the timeless ballet. The elegant choreography, beautiful music composition, and entertaining storyline almost allow the audience to escape an unsettling underlying theme. Though the ballet seems to cast a sort of heroic and forgiving persona on the lively peasant girl, Giselle, there exists a disturbing portrayal of women within her character and the plot itself. Throughout the ballet, Giselle experiences a series of events that cause her to erupt in numerous emotional outbreaks that lead to the perception that Giselle is an emotionally weak character....   [tags: Emotion, Feeling, Love, Psychology]

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Ballet: Negative Effects on Dancers

- During the Nutcracker, you watch as the Sugar Plum Fairy seemingly floats across the stage, does 32 fouettes on pointe and still makes it all look effortless. Little do you know how physically straining it is on her body and then you take into account her eating disorder. She constantly purges just so she can fit into the corset costume that the Sugar Plum Fairy before her fit into. Why might so many ballerinas think this is okay. I’m going to explore a few reasons why I believe ballerinas think this way....   [tags: dancer, self-image, ballerinas, clothing, body]

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The Pittsburgh Ballet Theater

- The Pittsburgh Ballet Theater is a professional dance company located in Pittsburgh, Pa. The company performs a majority of their shows at the Benedum Center. They also use the August Wilson Center. The organization uses their website ( for information on the company’s performances and members as well as ticket sales, education and news on other events. (Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre) The home page for the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater has a simple layout and a neutral color scheme. The first thing a consumer sees is an ad showcasing an upcoming performance of The Nutcracker....   [tags: dance, company, performance, social media]

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Are Girls Dancing Ballet?

- Girls dancing ballet in their pink tutus, boys getting down and dirty playing baseball, all of which these sports are considered normal in our society according to their gender. But as soon as a girl wants to play ice hockey, that is out of the ordinary. Saleem’s main idea is to challenge society’s ideal expectations of what it means to be normal and not give up. I agree with Saleem to test society’s assumption on defining what normal is and not quit. When I was seven years old, I would always play Pokémon cards, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Naruto cards, Hot wheels all which seemed to be not normal for a seven year old girl in society’s eyes....   [tags: 2002 albums, Debut albums, Blue, Boy]

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Romantic Ballet

- The theatre is full of young men and women. The gas lanterns dimly light the room and the silhouette of a figure can be seen in the shadows of the stage. As she emerges, she is like a dream: a tall, elegant body with a form fitting bodice and tutu. She is entrancing on her tiny pointe shoes as she floats across the stage. Love and passion fill the air as she moves in such a way that is almost magical. The Romantic Ballet Period introduced the aspects of theme, costume, and new technique to the dance world and its influences are still seen in contemporary works in ballet....   [tags: Performing Arts]

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Ballet Class

- In order to consolidate this module, I observed 5 girls in a private ballet studio, during a pre-primary ballet class, and 6 girls playing together in a sandpit during their free play period at a private Jewish Day nursery school. The girls in the ballet class were between the ages of five and six years old, and the girls at school were between the ages of four and five years old. During the ballet class, the ballet teacher was present. She needed to control the class, manage the behaviour, and make sure that the children all did as they were told....   [tags: Psychology]

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Why Ballet Should be Considered a Sport

- Did you know that a professional Ballet dancer is more physically fit than an Olympic athlete. (Scienedaily) If Albert Einstein referred to dancers as “the athletes of God”, then why does our society fail to respect dance as a sport. Dancing as a career requires an incredible amount of dedication and mental resolve, just like Olympic sports. Even before reaching professionalism a ballet student will train up to eight hours a day. (Womack) Because there are very few jobs available in the field, pre-professional dancers must also be very competitive in order to succeed....   [tags: fitness, dedication, competition]

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Entertaintment: Russian Ballet

- Three hundred years ago, ballet was introduced to Russia for the first time by the Czarita's Elizabeth and Anna. Their intention was court entertainment, but little did they know they made a move that would change the face of classical ballet forever. Although ballet originated in Italy and France, Russia certainly gets credit for stylizing and perfecting the art form. From opening the Imperial Ballet School to the formation of the Vaganova technique, from the splendor of Anna Pavlova to the defection of Mikhail Baryshnikov and Rudolf Nureyev, Russian ballet’s past has been a rollercoaster....   [tags: dance, connection, competition]

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The Romantic Ideal: Ballet’s Supernatural

- The stage that hosted the creation of illusion for those attending ballet after 1827 in its “golden age” (Guest, 1) introduced a new world, but one that could not be reached. These illusions were expressed through performance as “moods of Romanticism.” (5) The Romantic period of the early 19th century emphasized the alienation of an individual, the spectacle of that isolation, and the Romantic ideal that perfection remains mysterious and unattainable, as opposed to the late 18th century’s Enlightenment ideals that held rationality and tangible beings most profound....   [tags: isolation, narratives, choreography, style]

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How Enrico Cecchetti Changed Ballet

- ... Eventually Cecchetti got older and began works of his own. He taught all of the dancers at Ballet Russes from 1909-1918 but took the year of 1913 off to tour with Anna Pavlova’s ballet company. (Carpenter) Enrico appeared in twelve different ballets during his professional career. (Brillarelli) He was a joy to watch and many believed he was an amazing dancer. After Cecchetti had finished his time as a professional dancer he began to teach and choreograph at many places. One place that Cecchetti taught at was the Imperial Theatres and he became appointed to second ballet master in 1890....   [tags: creator of his own method]

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Commedia Dell’Arte and the Beginning of Ballet

- Many people attribute the beginnings of ballet to be associated with the art form of Commedia Dell’Arte. While ballet has it’s roots associated with the comic art form, different elements unique to Commedia Dell’Arte influenced ballet artists, dancers, and choreographers well after the performance of Commedia Dell’Arte died. Commedia Dell’Arte was not only important to the creation of ballet, but to the inspiration of many ballets and choreographic works throughout history. Commedia Dell’Arte was an Italian theatrical art form that developed in the 16th century and lasted in its original form until the 18th century (Encyclopædia Britannica)....   [tags: artists, dancers, and choreographers ]

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Graduation Speech : High Level Of Ballet

- During the spring semester of 2016, I discovered that I was beginning to become confident within my technique and alignment. Before the semester came to an end, I was asked to attend a few ballet intensives throughout the summer to improve not only my self-confidence, but my technique and performance. Two of those intensives including one in North Carolina that was advanced, and the other intensive was here at Coker College. As the week continued for the summer intensive at Coker College, I began to request feedback in order to know if I was walking on the right track and improving....   [tags: Better, Improve, Capital punishment]

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Complexions Contemperary Ballet

- “It is artistic directors Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson’s lifelong appreciation for the artistic and aesthetic appeal of the multicultural that forms the cornerstone of Complexions Contemporary Ballet’s singular approach to reinventing dance”. During the month of February, the company, Complexions, traveled around the nation to perform to different audiences. Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson are the Founding Artistic Directors of the company. This critique will be focusing on the performance at the South Miami Dade Cultural Art Center....   [tags: dancing, expression, tone]

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History of Ballet

- The History of Ballet The first experience of watching a ballet, for me or any little girl, can be fascinating and exhilarating. Wondering how a dancer can be so steady on her toes as she spins in circles and leaps through the air. Watching a ballet, there is a feeling of wanting to be graceful, as well as the warm sensation felt by a little girl as she slips into dream land. My mom had taken me to my first ballet when I was 11 years old. When we returned home home, she signed me up for classes at the local dance center....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Women In Ballet

- Ballet is an art form born out of the expressionism and creativity of the Renaissance period (Kraus 63). From the first ballet performed in 1580 to the present, women have been portrayed as fragile and dependent on men. One such ballet is The Nutcracker in which the girl-heroine Clara relies on the Nutcracker to save her from the evil Mouse King. The first production of The Nutcracker was performed for critics, public figures, and members of high society and received lack luster reviews on December 17, 1892 (Anderson 40-52)....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The History of the Nutcracker Ballet

- The History of The Nutcracker Ballet When we think about The Nutcracker today, we see a memorable story about a girl (Marie) receiving a magical gift at a Christmas party from her mysterious Uncle Dosselmeyer. The gift is a nutcracker. Later that night, the nutcracker ends up turning into a Prince after defeating the Mouse King and saves Marie. Then, he takes Marie to a land called The Kingdom of Sweets where she is greeted by the Sugarplum fairy. This story is one of the most recognized ballets across the globe....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Men in Ballet: More than Meets the Eye

- Frilly tutus. The color pink. Little highly energetic six year old girls. Spins. These subjects often come to mind when a person says the word “ballet”. Unfortunately, young men under twenty years of age limit their perception of ballet to little girls spinning in pink sparkly costumes. Many do not realize how challenging and mind stretching this art is, especially when playing simple games such as charades: All that is acted out is a wimpy spin. Compared to other sports such as soccer, football, and basketball, it is just as and sometimes more difficult....   [tags: Dance]

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The Stylistic Features of Classical Ballet

- The Stylistic Features of Classical Ballet Classical ballet is an international form of expression that uses unique and codified language. It shows how a dancer's body can be strong, toned and supple while expressing itself with beautiful delicacy. Within it; is a story that is simple, yet constantly changing and has been perfected over many years. The main dancer is stereotypically female, and she often dances with the male 'love interest'. A common feature in classical ballet is the floor patterns; the dancers use many circular shapes often around the main dancer that are repeated and developed throughout....   [tags: Papers]

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Boston Ballet Refuses to Fall

- Boston Ballet Refuses to Fall What happens when a ballet company’s classic Christmas tradition is unwrapped, discarded, and replaced with a glitzy and glamorous moneymaking expenditure. Many dance enthusiasts are left with this lingering question as The Boston Ballet struggles with a recent announcement from the Wang Theatre, its lifelong performance home, that next year’s production of the Nutcracker is being replaced by a touring show of the infamous Radio City Rockettes. "Im pretty certain this decision was driven by money, which draws the question in everyone’s minds: Which is more important, tradition or money?” said Andrew Kaminski....   [tags: Dance Dancing Papers]

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Reaching For Dreams - A Ballet

- In watching a professional ballet one doesn’t realize how much work is put into making the production come to life. Both the dancers and the choreographers put every ounce of energy and emotion into telling their story. It takes years for a ballerina to train for the labor that goes into becoming professional, however just weeks to learn a full-length ballet. Dancers can sometimes be put through months of sore muscles in order to train. Often ballet dancers are told to loose weight in order to look their part, or are only given a few minutes for break after hours of vigorous training....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Ballet: marriage between dynamic technique and dramatic storytelling

- “The ballet is the supreme theatrical form of poetry”. The ballet Giselle successfully embodies common features of romantic poetry without the use of words, but appealing to the senses which ran high among the romantics during romanticism. As a matter of fact, romantics had a blind faith in their intuition, instincts, feelings, emotions and senses; they considered them to be a guide for wisdom and conduct as well as the route to salvation for civilization. Even though literature and ballet use different storytelling devices, imagery portrayed in Romantic literature is successfully and accurately made tangible in the ballet Giselle, the epitome of the Romantic ballet, through music, choreogra...   [tags: Tutu, Point Shoes]

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- ?Audience: Parents who want to enroll their children in a ballet class for the first time. As a child I was very active in ballet. When I first asked my parents to let me enroll in a ballet class, they were skeptical. They weren’t too sure of what a ballet class consisted of or what kind of exercise I would have to undergo. My parents researched in books and magazines, but they didn’t understand the ballet terminology. When they went to speak to a ballet instructor, they got a better understanding of what I would be doing in class....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Summary of the Ballet "Giselle"

- "Giselle" is a romantic ballet choreographed by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot. Adolphe Adam beautifully composes the music. This ballet was originally performed in Paris in 1841. The production that we viewed in class was from La Salla. "Giselle" is one of the last ballets of the Romantic era. The element that stood out the most to me was how effectively the music and the footwork corresponded. The best examples of this are seen through the dancers solos. Especially Albrecht's solo, his feet glide on the stage at the same tempo as the music....   [tags: Performance Arts]

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Vaslav Nijinsky : A Famous Russian Ballet Dancer Born

- Vaslav Nijinsky was a famous Russian ballet dancer born around 1889, and died in 1950 whose career ended because of his recurrent psychological problems. Nijinsky started early on his career and sustained homosexual relationships to his benefit in various occasions, but later married Romola in a to South America, with whom he had two children, Kyra and Tamara (Acoella 1999; Fearne, 2009). The onset of Nijinsky’s illness is not clear, and may have been a contribution of specific environmental factors, his need to perform for an audience (Järvinen, 2014), and genetic factors, his brother was institutionalized (Acoella, 1999), although it would be risky to assume the latter....   [tags: Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, Psychosis]

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Why Ballet Is A Completely New Challenge For Me

- Despite the fact that ballet is a completely new challenge for me, I managed to learn the choreographies and movements. From the videotaped performance I was able to identify the dance technique aspects that need to be improved for further correction. Although several elements, such as turns, port de bras, spatial awareness, movement quality and dynamic range require work; there are also aspects that were improved through practice. The turns, composed by either chaines, piques, or pirouttes, are the elements that, from my perspective, are required to be addressed with higher priority among others....   [tags: Performance, Dance, Performing arts, Better]

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Emergence of Modern Dance in America

- Final Paper Modern dance flourished in the twentieth century embodying a tradition of theatrical dance unique to classic ballet. Unlike in classic ballet, modern dance did not represent expression, but rather an obsession with modern art itself. By analyzing the contrasting cultural elements of dance from both ballet and modern dance it will reveal the hybridity of dance culture. Early modern day American dancers Isadora Duncan and Ruth St. Denis symbolized the breakaway from the classical ballet European culture (Thomas)....   [tags: Contemporary, Ballet]

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The Traditional La Sylphide ( 1832 ) And How It Has Changed Over The Last Century

- Within this essay I will be looking at the traditional La Sylphide (1832) and how it has been re-worked by Matthew Bourne in to Highland Fling (1994). The concepts of ballet have changed dramatically over the last century. The story of La Sylphide (1832) by Taglioni is a Romantic, supernatural story; revealing the journey of a young scotsman who believes he’s deeply in love with his to be wife, However when stopped in his tracks by a greedy, yet beautiful sylph, he becomes entranced yet slightly obsessive....   [tags: Ballet, Dance]

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Modern Dance and Gender Relations

- For my creative project I have decided to create a collage using photographs from dance magazines and online photographs. The main idea of my collage is to create a visual image of how gender dynamics in dance are biologically determined and gender equality in dance. The collage will demonstrate my understanding of Modern dance and gender relations. I chose my topic of Modern dance and gender relations because I often question myself how a certain work of art portrays relation to gender representations in dance....   [tags: stereotypes, ballet]

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Ballet Boys : An English Dance Company Consisting Of Only Men

- Ballet Boys is an English dance company consisting of only men. Going into the show, I expected to see a performance that had a more dominant feel than a classical ballet performance because there were no women dancers. I was wrong to make such an assumption. The male dancers were just as elegant as any female dancer. The performance was memorable because the male dancers added a new twist to ballet that I had never seen before. At times, they were explosive and strong and at others they were soft and elegant....   [tags: Dance, Social dance, Participation dance]

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My Life : My Mom Had Just Signed You Up For Ballet

- Image your mom had just signed you up for ballet. You watched all the Barbie movies and practiced the dances, this was your dream. You wanted to dance like the people you see on television the girls in your class talked about dancing at their studios and you could only dream of what it must be like to be a real ballerina. Your mother saves up the money to get you into classes. Imagine your 7 and you go to you first class and meet the girls they don’t look like you at all. You’re too young to pay too much attention to something like that but you make note of it, and you begin to feel out of place....   [tags: Black people, Racism, Race, Human skin color]

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The Most Popular Dance Genres

- Dance is a universal expression. People can easily tell stories or express how they feel through this form of art. Just like an instrument, dancing is how a dancer makes music. In general dancing has changed throughout time. How we dance now is not how it was done in the fifties and sixties. Like music dance evolves according to what is popular. Something is constantly being added to all of the different genres of dance. Although there are many different styles of dances in the world, there are some that are more popular: Zumba, Ballet, Salsa, and the most popular, Hip Hop....   [tags: zumba, classical ballet]

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Music and Dance: The Rodeo Suite

- As a society, we are constantly pairing things together in hopes of enhancing them: apple pie and ice cream, Indians and cowboys, and most relevant to this paper, music and dance. In an art form like ballet, it seems as though music and dance complement each other equally. Truly, it is hard to picture, or perform, a dance without music. However, this may not be the case for music, even if that music is composed specifically for a dance routine. The compilation of the music and the dancing from a scene in the American cowboy ballet Rodeo will be examined to ultimately help us understand they way in which they serve each other as a unit and their ability to function independently....   [tags: American cowboy ballet]

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Billy Elliot is a Story of a Young Boy's Journey to Become a Professional Dancer

- ... Without passion and the motivation, Billy always performed badly during boxing classes, he was often made to fork out extra time to polish up his basic skills before he could call it a day. This failure was a great blow to Billy’s confidence causing him to have a very low perceived competence level. In addition, Billy had several issues with the coach, he was not only an aggressive man with strict and regimented routines, he screams and yells all the time, often embarrassing him in front of everyone....   [tags: boxing, ballet, performance]

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My First Semester of College

- ... After all, we all left what we were accustomed to, our homes, families, friends, and high school. To come to a university. No one know what the outcome will be, but if we all have the vision and innovation that Balanchine had there is not a doubt in my mind that we too, all the freshman on campus, will be able to achieve success. Of course, our form of success will probably fade with the years, unlike Balanchine’s, but we can all enjoy the accomplishment like Balanchine had to feel with the New York City Ballet....   [tags: ballet, economic, life, evolution]

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The World Of 1909 : A Great Artistic Success, Ticket Sales, And Monetary Profit

- During the years of 1909 and 1914, Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes transformed into a “vast commercial undertaking” from an accessory to the Imperial Theatres of St. Petersburg, Russia. Garafola states that “unlike Russia, the West offered a home to such an enterprise—in the operatic market (Garafola 177).” It is important to note that Russian theatres were only for the wealthy and political dignitaries of the time, whereas, Parisian life offered ballet to the common people, thus allowing for a larger market....   [tags: Ballets Russes, Sergei Diaghilev, Ballet]

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Non-Oscar Nominated: First Position

- Many people have claimed to have lost faith in the Oscars. Some made this claim after the documentary First Position was not nominated. This documentary fit all of the possible categories but it sis not make it. There are many reasons that it should have been nominated and those reasons are because of ballet’s historical significance, its continuous debates about gender, race, and sexuality, and ballet’s advocacy of talent, passion and drive. The history of ballet travels back to the time of King Louis XIV....   [tags: notorious documentary films, ballet]

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The New Musical Language of The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky

- ... Schoenberg’s music consists of replacing tonality and instead inserting his own twelve-tone method. His creation of the twelve-tone method is what established him as a lead in contemporary music. In his early works he remained using tonality, but soon in his later years is when he desired to expand outside the box of tonality, deterrating the difference between consonance and dissonance and the home key. Within his piece Pierrot Lunaire, Schoenberg uses expressionism to the highest degree....   [tags: texture, ballet, rhythm, instruments]

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The Rehearsal On Stage by Edgar Degas

- Impressionism can easily be viewed as a captivating and revolutionary art movement, which took place during the Nineteenth century in Europe. Artists of this era began to contend with newer technologies, like the camera, for it possessed the capability to seize a spontaneous moment in time. Impressionists wanted to do the same; they strived to paint the picture of a genuine moment happening in front of them. One famous artist of this time period was Edgar Degas . Degas’ The Rehearsal On Stage, created in1874, reflects the characteristics of the impressionism period style of art as well as Degas’ own personal artistic style....   [tags: impressionist movement, ballet]

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Biography of Catherine Little and Sandra Little

- Catherine Little first began her dance training when she was eight years old and studied tap, ballet, and eccentric dancing from an Erie dance studio that is no longer in operation. When Catherine was 14 she began her teacher training in New York City at Ned Wayburn School. By the end of the year Ms. Little began to teach students in the music room of her parent’s home and every summer was spent studying in New York. While attending Lucille Stoddard’s Dance Congress Catherine was chosen from more than 200 students by the famous Bill “Bo Jangles” Robinson to be his protégé....   [tags: dancing, family, ballet, performance]

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The Performance Of A Professional Dance Company

- I am always excited to see a professional dance company perform for an audience of people who are appreciative of dance as an art form. There was almost a buzz in the air with excitement to see the company perform, which made waiting for the performance to begin so much more difficult. The works presented by the company displayed the beauties of nature through the imitation of animals and displaying the emotions that are evoked by nature. The first section they performed was an animal influenced piece entitled Biophony....   [tags: Dance, Performance, Ballet]

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Biography of Jacques d’Amboise

- ... He loves Balanchine but he does admit he loved Lincoln Kirsten even more because he was a total wreck and dysfunctional genius of a mad energies and passion. Lincoln would always say “he feared he was wrong” And yell out “good taste is my taste, buster, good taste is my taste” he described how Vulnerable he was by saying “He was a wounded elephant, with all the power of an elephant, full of doubts and fear.” His idea of studying dance started with his mom because she always had a dream of her kids following her steps as a dancer....   [tags: dancer, american ballet]

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Analysis of Tchaikovsky's 'Swan Lake'

- Tchaikovsky is one of the most popular of all composers. The reasons are several and understandable. His music is extremely tuneful, opulently and colourfully scored, and filled with emotional passion. Undoubtedly the emotional temperature of the music reflected the composer's nature. He was afflicted by both repressed homosexuality and by the tendency to extreme fluctuations between ecstasy and depression. Tchaikovsky was neurotic and deeply sensitive, and his life was often painful, but through the agony shone a genius that created some of the most beautiful of all romantic melodies....   [tags: Music Ballet]

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Eating Disorders and Ballet - Anorexia Nervosa is Eating the Soul of Young Dancers

- Eating Disorders and Ballet - Anorexia Nervosa is Eating the Soul of Young Dancers The applauding audience, the lights, sequins and feathers, the colorful, elaborate tutus, and satin pointe shoes capture the hearts of young girls. Where else can a young girl dream of becoming a princess, a swan, a dancing snowflake or flower, or a sugarplum fairy. Where else can she be a fairy tale character like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. Where else can she be rescued by her handsome prince and collapse into his arms....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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The Evolution of Dance in the 1920's

- The world and our culture is constantly evolving and developing—becoming something fresh and new. From time to time, there are intervals of great change like the 1920’s, in which we learn about all the new fashions, new technologies, new roles of women, and prohibition. Rarely do we hear of the development in dance during this time despite how crucial it was to the dance world today. This is the time when many new styles emerged and those that had already existed underwent quite the evolution from what it used to be....   [tags: ballet, josephine baker, social dances]

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The History of Dance in Canada

- ... The artistic directors job in to help shape new visions, provide inspired leadership and contribute to the strategic direction of the company. During this time period Toronto Boris Volkoff created another up and coming dance company and may have been willing to accept the challenge of leading a better financially resourced local company such as the National Ballet, but he was overlooked in favor of a woman named Celia Franca. She was an incredibly gifted dancer, ballet mistress (woman who directs and teaches and rehearses dancers in a ballet company) and an up emerging choreographer imported from London....   [tags: first nations peoples, national ballet of Canada]

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A Visit At San Jose 's Center For Performing Arts

- Field Trip Essay On Saturday October 17th, I took a trip to San Jose’s Center for performing arts to see the ballet Giselle. The art form of ballet has been around for a very long time, it consists of very strict arm, feet, and leg and head positions. Full productions usually tell a story through movement and gestures. Ballet is defined as, “an artistic dance form performed to music using precise and highly formalized set steps and gestures. Classical ballet, which originated in Renaissance Italy and established present form during the 19th century, is characterized by light, graceful, fluid movements and the use of pointe shoes” , according to Webster Dictionary....   [tags: Ballet, Pointe shoes, Aesthetics, En pointe]

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The Performance Of Swan Lake At Carnegie Hall

- The “Perfect” Dancer Body Imagine this. You’re getting fabulously dressed and ready to see a performance of Swan Lake at Carnegie Hall. You have been earnestly waiting for months to watch what spectacular talent and beauty awaits. The hype of going to see this show in person has put you in a daze. You finally get into your seats and wait for the curtains to open. At this moment you are about to jump out of your seat and rip those curtains off the latch. They finally open and a ballerina playing the role of Odette appears in her stunning outfit....   [tags: Ballet, Dance, Pointe shoes, En pointe]

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The Performance Of Swan Lake At Carnegie Hall

- The “Perfect” Dancer Body Imagine this. You’re getting exorbitantly dressed and ready to see a performance of Swan Lake at Carnegie Hall. You have been earnestly waiting for months to watch what spectacular talent and beauty awaits. The hype of going to see this show in person has put you in a daze. You finally get into your seats and wait for the curtains to open. At this moment you are about to jump out of your seat and rip those curtains off the latch. They finally open and a ballerina playing the role of Odette appears with her stunning outfit....   [tags: Ballet, Dance, Pointe shoes, En pointe]

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Dance Is A For All Other Forms Of Dance

- Dance is a type of recreation that is great fun, exercise and sport. Dance is the movement of the body usually to rhythms or music. It is a form of expression and can even be considered a way of non verbal communication. What exactly dance is, depends on which culture you are speaking of. Dance can be competitive, ceremonial or even sensuous. But whatever you consider dance, all types had a beginning someplace, probably back in the time of the earliest humans. Back in 3300 BC artifacts have been found which depict dancing in tomb paintings....   [tags: Pointe shoes, Ballet, En pointe, Angela Lansbury]

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The Arts in Boston Overcome Hard Times

- The Arts in Boston Overcome Hard Times Visions of the Sugar Plum Fairy may be dancing in some people’s heads for this up-coming Christmas season, but for the Boston Ballet, a non-profit organization, these visions are being high kicked out of the way by the Radio City Rockettes, who will be replacing the Nutcracker at the Wang Theatre in the 2004 season. With the poor economy that has engulfed the nation, many non-profit organizations in the Boston area are feeling a financial burden, most recently the Boston Ballet....   [tags: Ballet Economy Economics Essays]

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