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The Conflict in the Balkans

- The Conflict in the Balkans The conflict in the Balkans is interesting because for years, reporters and politicians have touted it as being the result of ancient ethnic hatred. The first phase of Yugoslavian disintegration can be attributed to the conditions of the people living in Kosovo, an autonomous province of Yugoslavia. In 1981, the socioeconomic conditions in Kosovo were far worse than those in the other republics of Yugoslavia. Poverty was rampant and unemployment was around twenty percent as compared to about two percent in Slovenia that same year....   [tags: War Violence Serbia Military Swiss Embassy Essays]

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Multiculturalism: Christian Orthodox Serbs in Balkans

- ... As a citizen of Montenegro and as a Serb I had opportunity to face these problems with other people in my community. I would usually be considered as someone who is pro-Serbia only because of my name and my religion, even though I am a Montenegrin patriot and I cannot relate myself to Serbia in any way, since I was not born there and I have never lived there. Church in a way interacts in political life where some priests preach about Serbia in the middle of Montenegro. Two major political parties in Montenegro are The Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS, pro-Montenegrin party) and The Socialist People’s Party (SNP, pro-Serbian party), and Serbian church usually intervenes, promoting SNP...   [tags: Serbian culture, religion in every day life]

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Myth of Propaganda in the Balkans and Rwanda

- Mass Manipulation and Genocide: The Myth of Propaganda in the Balkans and Rwanda War and conquest have been among the most enduring traits of humankind throughout the ages. While we would all like to believe that we are, by nature, a peaceful species, we still understand there are some things worth fighting for, and given the appropriate context, there are some things worth killing for. As reasoning beings, we hope that if violence is the only option it is for a clear and legitimate purpose. That is why it was so confounding to hear of such heinous acts of senseless violence as stories from Germany began to emerge after World War II....   [tags: War Politics ]

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Balkans, History On Geographic

- The Balkan Peninsula has many physical features, but there are three main ones, they are the fact that it is a peninsula, its mountains, and its rivers. Within the Balkan Peninsula there are a good majority of ethnicities. There will be a majority of instances that the geography has helped or hindered certain peoples in the Balkans history. The mountains had a few of different effects on the early people living in the Balkan Peninsula. The mountains of this area, helped certain ethnic groups, and hurt others....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Naive Art: Southern United States and Balkans Region of Southeastern Europe

- While folk art is unique to it's individual cultures we can't help but recognize running themes in subject, style, and feel. From these groups comes a remarkably rich and unique collection of music, food, holidays, arts and crafts, and literature. Naïve Art could simply be classified as folk art, but is distinctly the work of untrained, or rather, self taught artists, many of whom are capable of creating the most evocative and relatable scenes with tools as simple as matchsticks and mud. Contributions from religion, climate, agriculture, politics, and nationality affect these artists, and there is an undeniable congruence in the rich (often naturally derived) color choices, distorted or fant...   [tags: folk art, culture, religion, Rabuzin, creativity]

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Why Was There Relative Stability in the Balkans, In the Period 1890-1908?

- Why Was There Relative Stability in the Balkans, In the Period 1890-1908. Between the years of 1890 and 1908 there was a period of relative stability in the Balkan area. Whilst, in this essay, it is my primary objective to look at what factors caused this, it is first important to understand that the climate was only stable in comparison to the years before it - when there was great tension, argument and conflict. It would be naïve to assume that after 1890 there was none of the aforementioned; the importance of the word 'relative' should not be overlooked....   [tags: European Europe History]

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The Ottoman Empire

- Islamization in the Ottoman Empire started as early as in the 1530, peaked in the mid seventeenth century and slowly declined in 1730s (Barkey). Even though few instances of forced conversion took place, conversion was seen as voluntary for convenience rather than an act of coercion. It was targeted towards non-Muslims, mainly the Jewish and Christian communities. Conversion for Muslim was forbidden and the punishment was harsh if converted zimmis wanted to convert back. Conversion took place in direct and indirect ways....   [tags: Ottoman Empire, Islam, Balkans, Janissary]

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Effects of The First Balkan War on the History of Europe

- ... The group overthrew the Sultan in power at the time, Abdulhamid II, and replaced him with Mohammed V. They tried to restore the 1876 constitution in the Ottoman empire which had never taken effect in the nation’s politics. They were, “eager to instill among all the various peoples of the Ottoman Empire a sense of Ottoman identity, and thus forestall its further disintegration. The Young Turks were also determined to modernize the Ottoman armed forces.” The effects of this revolution by the Young Turks were felt by people throughout the Balkans, especially by Austria and Russia, who desired control in the Balkans before any of the changes suggested by the Young Turks were implemented in...   [tags: conflict, revolution, nationalism]

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The Stories of Suffering During the Balkan War Explained in Women War & Peace

- ... I believe that this documentary was very well done in showing the 16 women stand up for themselves for the first time and break their silence years after the war. They only spoke, however, on the condition that no one sees their faces or hears their actual voices to protect their identity. Only the people inside the court could see and hear them. I believe this added to the successfulness of the documentary because it added to the seriousness of the idea that the women were breaking their silence, since their lives were still in danger and they could be killed if the enemies found out they had told the court of the wrongdoings done on them by the Serb military....   [tags: women, rape, serbs]

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The decisive stage of Balkan civilisational development

- In the last decade of the 20th century, the Balkan region and the broader area of South Eastern Europe, a number of states with old traditions or new emerging transformations, have entered into a recurrent, historically decisive stage of their civilisational development. The characteristic parameters are: • an exceptional dynamism, instability and contradictory processes, events and phenomena; • noticeable and periodical ethnic - minority, confessional, territorial and other problems and contradictions which unfavorably influence the general stability of the region and mutual relations among the Balkan states; • non - equality of the countries from the region regarding the gua...   [tags: essays research papers]

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