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Automatic Or Manual Car Is A Better Choice For Me?

- ... In a manual car you have to shift gears based on the vehicle’s speed using the clutch pedal and the gearshift (stick.) When the clutch pedal has been depressed, the clutch becomes disengaged meaning that the engine and the transmissions are separate. At this time, gears can be chosen or you can stop the car without it stalling. On the other hand, an automatic car has a torque convertor instead of a clutch pedal, which in this case is used to separate the engine from the transmission. However, when driving an automatic vehicle, all you have to do is place the car in drive, and the transmission shifts automatically depending on the rpm’s, and when you hit the brake pedal....   [tags: Manual transmission, Automatic transmission]

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Sphygnomanometers: Automatic vs Manual

- Research Problem The research problem is clearly stated in the introduction and various times during the literature review. While it is known that automatic sphygmomanometers are not as accurate when compared to the gold standard of manual sphygmomanometer during single blood pressure readings they are still being used a triage instruments in emergency departments (Dind, Short, Ekholm, & Holdgate, 2011, p. 526). Triage is an essential step in the emergency department and instruments used in triage need to be accurate....   [tags: health, medical equipment technology]

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Automatic Pill Sorting Machine

- Project Title: Automatic medicine sorting machine Date Prepared: 2/12/2013 Methods and Approaches: Risk management is an ongoing process that continues through the life of a Project. It includes processes for risk management planning, identification, analysis, monitoring and control. Many of these processes are updated throughout the project lifecycle as new risks can be identified at any time. It’s the objective of risk management to decrease the probability and impact of events adverse to the project....   [tags: pharmaceutical industry project]

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Automatic Speech Recognition System

- Nowadays, many applications for learning using ASR system. ASR can capture children's interest and engaged them in their learning (Husniza. H, Fauziah. A.R., Sobihatun. N.A.S., 2012). ASR also can increase the quality of learning and teaching help make sure e-learning is accessible to all through the cost-effective production of synchronized and captioned multimedia ( Mike. W., 2002). So, IMELDA is one of application using ASR technologies to help challenging young children in primary school in Malaysia....   [tags: applications of ASR for learning]

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Automatic Medicine Sorting Machine

- Project Title: Automatic Medicine sorting machine Date Prepared: 1/12/2013 Process Description: The process of sorting medicines are very useful in all pharmaceutical firms as it’s the most essential part of whole medicine manufacturing cycle. So in different firms in Pakistan at a time it is been conducted manually so the hygiene level is quite low. So, after the end of this whole chain of processes we’ll get an automatic system that can sort different types of medicine according to its color, weight and size and this will be done automatically without any human interruption....   [tags: pharmaceutical industry project]

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Automatic Face Recognition

- ... The system generally consists of four modules as depicted in Fig.\ref{fig:face_recogniton}: face detection, face alignment, feature extraction, and matching~\cite{Jain:2005:HFR:1062383}. In this paper, we will limit our focus on the part we are concerned with, that is, the feature extraction and matching phase. \begin{figure}[t] \centering \includegraphics[width=5.5in]{images/face_recognition} \caption{Face recognition processing flow.} \label{fig:face_recogniton} \end{figure} Since 1980s, the performance of face recognition systems has improved significantly....   [tags: facial features, human identification]

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Ongoing Challenges Automatic Face Recognition

- Theoretical difficulties of Automatic Face Recognition Extensive research has been dedicated to the development of computer algorithms, the advancements in automatic face recognition have led to the development of systems that work at high performance rates in a controlled setting. Although computer AFR systems need not necessarily imitate human face recognition processes, humans often compete with the ability of computer algorithms when it comes to recognizing familiar faces even in highly degraded conditions....   [tags: Technology ]

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The Automatic Millionaire

- In the first four chapters of The Automatic Millionaire, David Bach recounts his experience with the McIntyres, the first couple to become automatic millionaires. While most people think that becoming a millionaire requires strenuous planning, a six figure income, or an inheritance, Bach shows how easily an average middleclass person can amass wealth. Bach goes onto explain how anyone can gain financial independence and accumulate millions of dollars by setting aside small amounts of money daily....   [tags: David Bach]

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R.E.M. - Automatic for the People

- R.E.M. - Automatic for the People Professor's note:  This is the best freshman essay I have received this entire year. It is, without a doubt, a question that has been raised in the mind of every man since the days of Defoe and his heroic castaway, Robinson Crusoe. What would it be like to be marooned on a desert island. And so myself and each member of my English class has been asked to imagine ourselves as modern day Crusoes, stranded in a world of our own, engulfed in an ocean of solitude, with no other person for hundreds, perhaps thousands of miles....   [tags: Music]

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Defense Against The Enforcement Of The Automatic Renewal Clause

- ... They wrote up a contract and the lessee did sign thus agreeing to the terms and conditions put forth by Sudson Laundry Services. Sudson can argue that it was a legitimate company that engages its business partners in legal contracts so as to have a legal agreement on what kind of relation they have and that was what they were aiming at when writing Letisha her contract. The signed contract was just a way for Sudson and Letisha to have a legal binding as to their business dealings and engagements together and by signing it Letisha was legally bound by all the clauses in that legal documents....   [tags: Contract, Contractual term, Lease, Contract law]

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Designing an Automatic Card Shuffler

- Background Most automatic card shufflers on the market today have a card output slot, a card input slot, a card separation area, and an arm between the card input slot and the separation area. The card input slot is where used cards are put to be shuffled. The arm makes sure that not too many cards enter the separation area at a time. The separation area is where the actual shuffling occurs. The most common method of separation uses a system of rotating belts to pull cards out of the main pile and put them back at random (Card Shuffler)....   [tags: Robotics]

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Case Study Questions: Questions and Answers on Automatic Pricing

- “short answer” questions: no more than a paragraph or two for each answer, please. Case Study Questions 1. In the case, Marty Manley recognized that the used book market has changed significantly since Alibris started working on their pricing module and providing pricing services. Marty realizes that in order to help Alibris suppliers successfully weather this market change, he needs to help them understand what is going on and how it might affect the value of their businesses as well impact their revenues....   [tags: booksellers, prices, revenue]

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Automatic Parallelization Approach Based on Java Virtual Machine

- We propose a new approach that automatically parallelizes Java programs. The approach collects on-line trace information during program execution, and dynamically recompiles methods that can be executed in parallel. We also describe a cost/benefit model that makes parallelization decisions, as well as a parallel execution environment to execute parallelized code. We implement these techniques upon Jikes RVM. And finally, we evaluate our approach by parallelizing sequential benchmarks and comparing the performance to manually parallelized version of those benchmarks....   [tags: Computer Science]

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Manual Vs Automatic Transmission

- Manual vs. Automatic Transmission You want to get a new car, but you are not sure whether to get one with an automatic transmission or one with a manual transmission. Well read on and perhaps this essay will help you out with your decision. Cars have played a big role in my life. When I was a little kid my dad and I used to work on his 197....   [tags: Compare Contrast Car Driving Auto]

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Automatic Fire Sprinkler System

- The automatic fire sprinkler system was one of the earliest sprinkler systems placed into effect. The origin of the modern day automatic sprinkler system dates back to the early 1800’s. The first automatic sprinkler system was created in England in the 1806 by John Carey. It consisted of a pipe with valves held closed by counterweights attached by string. When flames burned through the string the counterweight dropped to the floor, which opened the valve that released the water and extinguished the fire....   [tags: Sprinklers History Technology]

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The Automatic Paige Typesetter

- The Automatic Paige Typesetter Many people believed that the Paige typesetter was printing of the nineteenth century. One person who literally put everything he had into it was Samuel Taylor Clemens better known as Mark Twain. Mark Twain was the principle money investor of the automatic Paige typesetter. Twain thought that his investments in the machine would make him richer, but it turned out that the typesetter did the exact opposite. James Paige invented the automatic Paige typesetter around 1877....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Automatic Transmission and Decline of Western Morals

- The Automatic Transmission and Decline of Western Morals When first struck with this notion, that the automatic transmission has caused the decline of Western morals, I was pumped-up and ready to go. I could've written the whole thing right then and there, sans research, sans forethought, sans plan. But then, what I thought to be the better angel of my nature kicked in and said that the responsible thing to do was to do research. Despite my future difficulties, I still think this to be the right course of action....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Automatic Robot Forklift

- Robotic Forklift Background Our final project is a semi-automatic Robotic Forklift, which will receive directions of where to go from a remote control and be autonomous from then on. The robotic forklift system is designed for use by companies dealing with medium to large sized inventories, including warehouses and storage facilities. Companies with large inventories in warehouses need to be able to quickly and easily transport these goods within the warehouse without concerning human operators with the monotonous task of operating forklifts....   [tags: Robotics]

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Snow Sensors for Automatic Heated Driveway

- Snow Sensors for Automatic Heated Driveway I. Introduction 1.1 Title: Snow Sensors for Automatic Heated Driveway Motivation The idea for this project first arose during the late winter months of 2002. A group member was at the home of a Princeton alumnus in his hometown of Waltham, MA attending an admissions interview. He had inadvertently, and presumptuously parked his car in the driveway of his interviewer after a snowstorm. The driveway was built sloping downwards from the main road and had a heated driveway system built underneath....   [tags: Road Technology]

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Designing an Automatic Air Freshener Robot

- The Automatic Air Freshener Our project idea is to create an automatic air freshener robot. This robot will follow a path created by colored tape along a board to a holder with a piece of pH paper and liquids with varying pH levels. After the paper is dipped into the liquid and the color changes, the robot will detect what color it is and respond accordingly. If the odor is “foul”, it will choose to spray the air freshener. The only thing it will be programmed to do is to detect the “foul odor” and to spray the air freshener, because that is its only purpose....   [tags: Robotics]

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The Jaguar F Type Is A Two Seat Sports Car And The Spiritual Successor

- Introduced in 2014, the Jaguar F-TYPE is a two-seat sports car and the spiritual successor to the vaunted E-TYPE. Designed by Ian Callum, the F-TYPE features a sinewy body, an exquisite interior, and offers a pair of supercharged engines. All-wheel drive or a 6-speed manual transmission are offered for the first time in 2016. The 2016 Jaguar F-TYPE welcomes two new features: a 6-speed manual transmission and all-wheel drive. Available in coupe and convertible body styles, this sports car comes in four trim levels and offers customers a pair of potent supercharged engines....   [tags: Manual transmission, Automatic transmission]

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Constitutionality of Assault Rifles

- Thomas Jefferson once said “The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” In 1791 The Constitution and the Bill of Rights were ratified and became the law of the land. The Bill of Rights was intended to enumerate the rights “Of the people” Including the 2nd amendment which states “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people...   [tags: control, semi-automatic, firearm]

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William James Theories Of Pragmatic Misconceptions And His Automatic Sweetheart Proposal

- William James Theories of Pragmatic Misconceptions and His Automatic Sweetheart Proposal William James, a philosopher in the late 18th and early 19th century shared his view on the common misconceptions of pragmatists account for the truth. Although I am only going to reinforce James views on a couple of these, there were in fact eight misunderstandings in his eyes. There is a passage written by James on his thoughts of what he called an automatic sweetheart. According to Hergenhahn & Henley (2014) pragmatism is the belief that if an idea works, it is valid....   [tags: Mind, Psychology, Truth, Thought]

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Automatic Drug Sorting System According to Size, Color and Weight

- General Information Project title Date Automatic medicine/skittles sorting machine 22/11/2013 Executive Sponsors O.B.S Document version Updated 1.0 22/11/2013 Project Scope Situation/Problem/Opportunity Presently in Pakistan many pharmaceutical firms are making several medicines with quite a few different titles on it on a large scales keeping in mind international hygienic standards. Most of the times much different type of medicines got merged with one another and it’ll consume lots of time if we separate it manually plus it also affects it sanitary....   [tags: pharmaceutical industry project]

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What Makes Us Tick?

- What makes us tick. Whatever it is that causes us to do what we do; on occasion leads us into deep trouble. It is possible to ignore the less than desirable results of our actions for a time. We can put the bad experience down to the luck of the game. Being misunderstood could be in with a chance. Maybe ‘maybe,’ but time is running out. The hard fact is that each one of us is totally responsible for the outward flow from our brains (as in what we do and or say) even our thoughts can be projected....   [tags: responsible, brain, automatic]

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Automatic Surveillance: Vision Detection Using Gaussian Processes Analysis

- ... Pixels of sharp variations are consequently classified into the foreground. Many techniques have been established to work in the frame of this principle among which we can list: the running average [1] [2] that interest in modelling the background each pixel location by fitting a Gaussian probability density function (Pdf) on the last n pixel’s values. At each frame time, the pixel's value can then be classified as a foreground pixel if the difference between its values and the estimated mean values exceeds a given threshold....   [tags: detecting moving objects, application]

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How Are Automatic Stabilizers Used To Combat Inflation?

- How are Automatic Stabilizers Used to Combat Inflation. In today's economy, there are devices present called automatic stabilizers. Automatic stabilizers, are mechanisms which aid in the correction of an economic problem without the interference of anyone or anything. They are perhaps most useful to combat demand - pull inflation. Demand - pull inflation, is when prices rise because the economy cannot produce enough goods to satiate the economy. An automatic stabilizer, that is beneficial to combat such a problem, is a progressive tax....   [tags: essays research papers]

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XI vs PXI Automatic Testing Architectures

- XI vs PXI Automatic Testing Architectures Executive Summary VXI has emerged as a powerful open architecture for automatic test systems in its short thirteen-year history. An evolving new standard for data acquisition and test called PXI has more recently gained a lot of attention. PXI marketers have been promoting PXI as a low cost replacement for VXI. This report examines the key differences between the two architectures and concludes that: · VXI and PXI address two different market segments and will co-exist for many years to come · Major ATE systems are currently best implemented using VXI · VXI provides field proven reliability and minimal risk to major ATE customers · High resolution,...   [tags: Papers]

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We Need Automatic Voter Registration Now

- We Need Automatic Voter Registration Now Political participation should not plummet in the new millennium. Young people should automatically become registered on their eighteenth birthday. With all of the new technology our now it should be able to be done. All babies are given social security numbers shortly after birth. From this procedure every individual should be registered to vote on their eighteenth birthday. Every young person enrolled in high school should be required to take and pass a current government class that teaches the student about the current government laws and political offices and who holds the current positions....   [tags: Politics Political Essays]

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Automatic Optic Disc Detection in Digital Fundus Images Using Image Processing Techniques

- Optic disc (OD) is important part of eye. In developing systems automatic OD detection is an important step for automated diagnosis of various serious ophthalmic diseases like Diabetic retinopathy, Glaucoma, hypertension etc. The variation of intensity within the optic disc and intensity close to the optic disc boundary are the major hurdle in automated optic disc detection. General edge detection algorithms are frequently unsuccessful to segment the optic disc because of this. Complexity increases due the presence of blood vessels....   [tags: health, ophtalmic disease]

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Technology And The Field Of Law Enforcement

- ... The second is the improvements to the retention holster. The new retention holsters categorized as “level 3 retention”, requiring one fluid action by the officer releasing three separate built-in locking mechanism making it impossible for someone to remove the officer weapon from the front, and next to impossible from the rear. Third is the Automatic license plate reader. Although this is a computerized electronic device, this item fits into both categories due to when it is used and the nature of the law enforcement activity it is designed for....   [tags: Law, Police, Automatic number plate recognition]

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W. B. Yeats, George Hyde-Lees, and the Automatic Script

- W. B. Yeats, George Hyde-Lees, and the Automatic Script In his biography of Yeats, Richard Ellmann remarks that "Had Yeats died instead of marrying in 1917, he would have been remembered as a remarkable minor poet who achieved a diction more powerful than that of his contemporaries but who, except in a handful of poems, did not have much to say with it" (Ellmann 223). Yet with his marriage to Georgie Hyde-Lees on October 21st, 1917, a vast frontier of possibility opened before Yeats, and through the automatic writing of his wife, he felt "wisdom at last within his reach" (Ellmann 224)....   [tags: Yeats Essays]

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Benefits of RFID in Supply Chain Management

- Introduction Overview of Automatic Identification techniques used in SCM Automatic identification is a technique which is used as an identification method for keeping appropriate stock units in the supply chain management, uses technologies such as RFID, barcodes etc. (Automatic Identification and Its Role in Warehouse Management, 2013). Automatic identification is a process of automatically recognizing the items, gathering the information about them, and entering that information right into computers without human intervention (What is Auto-ID, 2013)....   [tags: radio frequency identification]

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Is Stereotyping Inevitable?

- Prejudice, discrimination, and stereotyping are important topics at the cause of debating within social psychology. A stereotype is a generalization about a group of people, in which certain traits cling to all members, regardless of actual individual variation (Akert, Aronson, & Wilson, 2010). As humans, people assign objects and individuals into categories to organize the environment. Individuals do this for not only organization, but also survival. Is stereotyping inevitable. That is the question; according to Devine (2007), it is, but Lepore and Brown (2007) have to disagree....   [tags: Stereotyping Essays]

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Stroop Effect: Color Wording and Cognitive Interference

- The ability for adaptive behavior and the conditions that affect it has been a central area of research for psychologists since its inception. When behaviors are learned they become automatic processes. Automatic processes can be described as behavior that is not particularly motivated by the avoidance of error because a person no longer has to consciously think about the next piece of desired information. Automatic processes occur with less effort and error, whereas controlled processes need to occur with a person’s full attention....   [tags: Psychology]

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The Benefits of Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT)

- Introduction We are constantly searching for ways to perform the tasks essential to our lifestyle in ways that have a smaller impact on the environment. In the United States cars are exceedingly common, nearly twenty percent of American households own three or more vehicles (U.S. Department of Energy Web). These vehicles are also one of the largest contributors to our impact on the environment. The majority of cars use automatic transmissions, although not very efficient, they offer convenience of not shifting gears....   [tags: transportation, vehicles, ]

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Are Guns the Problem?

- Are Guns the Problem. Over the past few years the United States seems to have a snowballing problem assimilation around guns and violence. This pandemic is not centered on one or two individual states, but rather the entire country as a whole. There seems to be an escalation in gun violence and showdowns in locations from schools to movie theaters. The major population is forced into assuming that these incidents could have been avoided, if guns had been revoked to the public. This however is not at all practical nor realistic, there needs to be a more reasonable and functional solution to ensure that guns are not going to get used in any particular manor that could instigate harm onto other...   [tags: Firearms, violence, legal]

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Stop the Massacres: America Needs Gun Control

- “The breadth and complexity of the problem of gun violence is great, but it is not an excuse for inaction” (Kelly 24). By being inactive, like Captain Mark Kelly of the United States Navy said, our nation is allowing the problem of gun violence to continue. Mass shootings are occurring more and more every year in the United States. As a whole, this nation has not taken the proper procedures in preventing this gun violence. This is because we have divided our nation into two different groups: one that is pro guns and the other group, who is against guns....   [tags: legal issues, defense]

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An Analysis of Indian Economic Reforms

- What happened till now: In 1991, there was serious economic crisis, the worst balance of payment problem since independence. The economic reforms adopted by India were to stabilize the economy, de-regulate the real and financial sector, etc. The economy bounced back in 1995. The stats for 95-96 showed good signs of growth. The growth started to slow down after 95.There were many supply-sided and demand-side theories that suggest the reason for this slowdown. The government decided to reduce the liquidity by controlling the CRR and SLR....   [tags: crisis, economy, investment]

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Gun Control

- Many guns are used all around the world. All guns have the potential to become very dangerous weapons. The automatic assault weapon is one of these potentially dangerous weapons, which is used for many different tasks. Although some automatic assault weapons can be beneficially used, the sale of all automatic assault weapons should be banned because they allow many unnecessary accidents to happen, people who tend not to be dangerous have the possibility to become dangerous, and they allow the public the opportunity to become as powerful as the police and the military....   [tags: Second Amendment The Right To Bear Arms]

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The Battle Over Gun Control

- ... In the article “Battleground America: One Nation Under A Gun” author Jill Lepore states, “there are nearly three hundred million privately owned firearms in the United States: a hundred and six million handguns, a hundred and five million rifles, and eighty-three million shotguns (Lepore, 2012).” The United States has the highest gun ownership with about 88.8 per 100 people, and with that it also has the highest rate of firearm homicide (David, Samuels 2015). Background checks are favored by 80-90% of Americans regardless of where their opinion falls on the spectrum (David, Samuels 2015)....   [tags: Firearm, Gun politics in the United States]

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The Arming Of Americ The Dangers Of A Militarized State

- The Arming of America: The Dangers of a Militarized State Since the ratification of our constitution, we Americans have taken great pride in and have celebrated our unique individual freedoms. One of these freedoms is the right bear arms, that is, the right to possess a weapon and utilize it upon imminent danger. The United States is one of only four countries in the world to legally grant its citizens the right to bear arms (Palmer). The other three countries are Guatemala, Mexico, and Haiti; they are all battling a never ending drug war in which the militia like “narcos” or drug traffickers massacre many hostages and random people on a daily basis....   [tags: Firearm, Crime, Assault weapon]

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The Dangers Posed by Public Use of Assault Weapons

- ... Web. 4 Feb. 2014. <> 9. “S. 150: The Biggest Proposed Gun and Magazine Ban in American History” National Rifle Association, 5 Feb. 2013. Web. 5 Feb. 2014 10. "United States Senator Dianne Feinstein." Assault Weapons -. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Feb. 2014. <> Work Cited 1. "Assault Weapons Ban Dropped from Senate Gun Control Bill." Fox News....   [tags: rifles, magazine, ban]

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The Negative Effect Of Technology On Society

- “Automatic” “There are 6.8 billion people on the planet and 4 billion of them use a mobile phone. Only 3.5 billion of them use a toothbrush” (Zelikman, par. 4). The negative impact of technology on society is the subject of Miranda Lambert’s hit song “Automatic.” An interview conducted by CMT with Lambert shows that she wrote the song in remembrance to the olden days where she believed life was less complicated. Lambert blames this new complication to the innovations made in technology and all the distractions and laziness associated with it....   [tags: Mobile phone, Internet, Pew Research Center]

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Attentional Interference in Relation to the Stroop Effect

- Interference and facilitation are two important aspects of automatic processes. Interference refers to the range to which one process encumbers performance of another, whereas facilitation indicates the extent to which one process assists performance of another. Through practice and maturation, reading progresses from a controlled process to one that is automatic, lessening the demands on attentional resources. Stroop reported one of the first studies, which provided support for this, in 1935. He combined the word object/property dimensions in the same stimulus to create one of the most researched phenomena in cognitive psychology: The Stroop effect (MacLeod, 1991)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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How Big is Your Gun

- The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, in 1791, stated “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” The controversy soon started on who, what, and how the founding fathers bestowed these rights. Who should be allowed to carry arms. What type of arms should be allowed to bear. How can the people obtain these arms. All of these questions have been debated, discussed, and argued by both sides of the controversy....   [tags: Gun Control]

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Assault Rifle Ban: Weapon Control

- Assault weapon control is becoming an unavoidable topic in the United States. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation more than nine hundred people have died from mass shootings in the past seven years and an assault rifle was used in twelve of the forty-three mass shootings in the past four years. The U.S. Department of Defense has long defined assault rifles as fully automatic rifles used for military purposes. The National Firearm Act of 1934 prohibited fully automatic weapons in the United States....   [tags: gun control, violence, civilians]

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The Debate Of Gun Control

- When I was a senior in High School, we spent over two weeks on the topic of “Amendments” and one of the most conflicting topics we covered was gun control, specifically the 2nd Amendment. Today, it’s still one most hotly debated topics in the U.S. and how it applies to the 2nd Amendment. The 2nd Amendment states that, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” (Cornell Univ. Law) .Citizens all over the country have made their own interpretations of what the Founding Fathers wrote when giving us the right to bear arms....   [tags: Gun politics in the United States, Firearm, Law]

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Fire Protection needs Protection of the Law

- Fire Protection needs Protection of the Law In 1864 Major Stewart Harrison, an English Engineer, gave to the world the first Automatic Sprinkler Head, his design was also in fact superior to many that followed it. But, as so often happens, it was not Mr. Harrison who gave the automatic sprinkler a practical development, and it is Henry Parmelee, of Newhaven, Conn., and Frederick Grinnell, of Providence, R.I., that the credit must be awarded for giving to the Automatic Sprinkler its practical application and laying the foundation of what is now a worldwide industry...   [tags: Argumentative Fire Safety]

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Cognitive Group Therapy

- Cognitive therapy is one of the few theories that have been extensively scientifically tested and found to be highly effective in over 300 clinical trials. It focuses on the immediate or automatic thoughts the client has and how these thoughts affect their feelings and behaviors. The goal of cognitive therapy is to identify these thoughts that are poorly affecting the client. Then teach the client how to identify these automatic thoughts and how they can effectively change them. Through the very structured sessions of cognitive therapy, a client should essentially learn the tools to be their own cognitive therapist for future problems they may encounter....   [tags: Psychology]

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The 2nd Amendment and you

- So you are sleeping and hear a loud crash, what sounds like your window breaking, and a door open. You call 911 and they say the police will be there in 15 minutes. You notice they have guns. What do you do. Me, being a gun activist, would roll over, grab my Benelli shotgun, and enforce the stand your ground policy. Unfortunately, If I had to use a force I would have it readily available. I look at it like if it was my life or the intruders, whose is more important. Well to me mine is. If you didn’t have a firearm though, chances are you would be dead by the time the police got to your house....   [tags: Bill of Rights, Guns, Laws, Bans]

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The Stroop Effect: Revisited Through Nonarbitrary Key Press Modality

- In his article Stroop (1935) detailed the research before his own concerning interference (inhibition) which were centered on testing associative inhibition. Researchers were using sets of nonsense syllables (stimuli) that were assigned to be associated with a different set of nonsense syllables (response), and later the stimuli syllables were changed to be assigned with a completely different set of response syllables. Researchers found that once nonsense syllables (stimuli) became associated with a certain set of other nonsense syllables (response) it was very difficult to redirect that association (see Stroop 1935)....   [tags: behavioral science, psychology]

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Making a Speech Recognition System that Understands Malayalam Words

- 1. INTRODUCTION Speech is the most effective mode of communication used by humans. Automatic speech recognition can be defined as a technology which enables a system to recognize the input speech signals and interpret the meaning, after which the system should be able to generate some control signals. 1.1 AIM Aim of this project is to realize an Automatic Speech Recognition system in hardware which is able to understand limited Malayalam words spoken into the microphone. The system works well in room environment (approximately 20dB SNR)....   [tags: hardware communication technology]

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Selective Imaging and Analysis Concept for Forensic Solutions

- The selective imaging and distributed analysis concepts have been introduced in the literature to reduce the digital evidences collection and analysis costs (resources and time). Using the selective imaging concept, the investigator first has to select the relevant data items and then the selected data items are imaged according to their selection order not according to their offsets (physical position or address on the storage). The output of the selective imaging process is a partial forensics image....   [tags: Crime, Evidence, Technology]

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Modern Music’s Effect on Online Advertisement Interest

- Modern Music’s Effect on Online Advertisement Interest Various product development and advertising companies work long hours, expend mental energy, and devote millions of dollars expanding strategies to evaluate and sway consumer behavior (Martin and Morich, 2011). Consumer behaviors are described as manners exhibited while purchasing, using, or evaluating products expected to satisfy needs (Martin and Morich, 2011). Advertising is defined as paid information relay about products, by identified sponsors, through media in an effort to persuade or influence behavior (Allan, 2006)....   [tags: media, companies, television]

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Dreaming and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: The Connection

- Introduction According to the dictionary diagnosis in PsychCentral, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is defined as a “debilitating mental disorder that follows experiencing or witnessing an extremely traumatic, tragic, or terrifying event” (PTSD Info & Treatment, 2013). While this definition describes the general definition of PTSD, the DSM-IV states that the criteria for being diagnosed with PTSD varies between a person who “experienced, witnessed, or was confronted with an event or events that involved actual or threatened death or serious injury, or a threat to the physical integrity of self or others” and/or “the person’s response involved intense fear, helplessness, or horror” (DSM-IV, Ap...   [tags: nightmare disorder, terrors]

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Brief Research and Results on Bias

- ... That although I am underprivileged, I see my privileges still above other that are underprivileged as well. Your Result Your data suggest a slight automatic preference for African American compared to European American. The interpretation is described as 'automatic preference for European American' if you responded faster when European American faces and Good words were classified with the same key than when African American faces and Good words were classified with the same key. Depending on the magnitude of your result, your automatic preference may be described as 'slight', 'moderate', 'strong', or 'little to no preference'....   [tags: black vs white, gay vs straight, ]

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Barcodes that can be Scanned with Camera Phones

- The recent popularity of camera equipped mobile phones have sparked anew field of use for machine-readable 2D bar codes. A code can be printed one everyday items and be interacted with using a camera phone. The interactions initiated by scanning the 2D bar code with the phone's camera. And the reaction can be anything from simply retrieving information to triggering some action. Because of the low cost of printing 2D bar codes, there many possible applications that could be based on this. One such application is examined in this thesis and aims to improve the usefulness of normal cash register receipts....   [tags: technology, cell phones]

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The Debate On Gun Control

- ... Others think there are solutions from preventing gun violence in this country other than expanding background checks, but have not proposed anything. The above claims from the article is missing the point and lacks purposeful information. Expanding background checks will help identify those who are qualified and those who are not qualified based on past criminal records. According to the writers of the article, “An Updated Background Checks”, the writers go on and state that “the new law would require that non-licensed people selling guns ensure that the buyer has undergone a background check” (Updated Background Checks)....   [tags: Gun politics in the United States, Firearm]

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America Today Is Gun Control

- ... One suggestion we made in class is that the government should not allow the purchase of automatic weapons. Preventing people from purchasing automatic weapons could prevent mass shooting because automatic weapons are militant style guns that fire off several rounds at a time. Semi-automatic weapons will only fire off one round at a time. The one flaw that the government would face is individuals who hunt for a living. They would argue that they could not use a semi-automatic weapon to catch animals....   [tags: United States, Barack Obama]

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Using Systems with PBXs

- Using Systems with PBXs Using systems with PBXs give companies a great deal of flexability in planning for their needs because they can set up their codes to accomplish the functions needed in their particular situations. In fact, the PBX can be programmed so that each individual extension within a system can take advantage of features applicable to its own business needs. A few of the features that are available with PBXs and key systems are: call transfer, which allows internal or external calls to be transferred from one telephone to any other phone in the system; one-way voice paging, which can be answered by dialing the operator from the nearest telephone in the system; automatic p...   [tags: Papers]

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Children and Family Relationship Bill 2013: Parental Uncertainty in Cases of Guardianship, Custody and Access

- [1.1] Introduction In certain scenarios, where the law in Ireland fails to explicitly outline the rights of the parent, the judicial adjudication in relation to guardianship, custody and access is fundamental to ensuring that the well-being of the child remains secure. Although there is some sense of legal certainty in respect of married parents and their children, this is not consistent with the situation that non-marital parents sometimes face due to the outdated legislation of the Guardianship of Infants Act 1964(1964 Act) as amended....   [tags: Children and Family Relationship Bill 2013]

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Railway Systems Provide Fast, Stable Transport for Mass Transit Traffic

- ... Also provide the function of monitoring information exchanging. Different types of train are called Rolling stock system. ATC (automatic train control) which is the control system of railway includes ATO (automatic train operation) and ATP (automatic train protection) with using ATS (automatic train supervision system) to monitoring the operation and regulation of EMU in the railway system [3]. Train performance is affecting by tack layout analysis and design. Tack Layout limited the maximum speed of the train, and which cause the effect on the time applying motoring mode, coasting mode and braking mode [4] transport time and the efficiency are depending on track layout....   [tags: track, train, project]

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Selective Gun Control and Its Benefits to Society

- As long as there have been men and women on this planet there has been violence. This is an immutable fact. In all likelihood, there will always be violence within the human race. Robert Heinlein said, "Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Nations and peoples who forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and freedoms." Indeed this is plausible. The premise of these arguments is that giving a creature with a proven track record of violence a phenomenally powerful tool of destruction is less than wise....   [tags: Argumentative Essays, Persuasive Essays]

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Ford F 150 A Winning Powertrain Combination

- ... The smaller EcoBoost engine entered the F-150 line in 2015, coinciding with the current generation model’s debut. This engine also packs plenty of power, making 325 horsepower and 375 foot-pounds of torque. The compact V-6 also allows Ford to claim a segment-leading 19/26 mpg city/highway rating from the EPA, beating all other gasoline engines. Ford will maintain its four-engine line up this fall with naturally aspirated 3.5-liter, V-6 and 5.0-liter, V-8 engines rounding out the product line....   [tags: Pickup truck, Ford F-Series, Ford Motor Company]

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Nursing Process Discipline and Independent Nursing

- Nursing process discipline is a nursing theory developed by nursing theorist, Ida Jean Orlando. This theory, one of the first written about the nursing process, was written to help establish nursing as an independent function in providing health care for a patient. Through this independent nursing function, Orlando developed her theory on the concept of the nurse-patient interaction. During that interaction the nurse recognizes a patient behavior as an “… immediate need for help” (George, 2011, p....   [tags: Nursing Essays]

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Analysis of a Bridge's Physical Condition

- Physically investigating bridge conditions sometimes becomes infeasible due to several factors such as the physical surroundings of the bridge, lack of expert knowledge and human resources. Bridges are essential components of any transportation network, which requires timely decision-making for maintenance, repair and rehabilitation (MR&R) operations. Many bridge authorities consult Bridge Management Systems (BMSs) to manage their routine inspection information and to decide on consequent maintenance services....   [tags: Physics, structural analysis]

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America Needs Gun Control Laws

- Guns have been the weapon of choice for some of the most brutal massacres on America soil. Since early history guns have been used mainly for militia and defense purposes. But, the development of new gun technology has made firearms more accessible and deadly. Although the second amendment gives the right to bear arms, guns should be controlled and monitored by the government because guns have contributed to a lot of killings in America and will increase crime rates. Gun control can be defined as “the use of law to limit people's access to handguns, shotguns, rifles, and other firearms” ("Gun Control")....   [tags: Gun Control Essays]

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NRA, Government, and Gun Control

- A big issue in the U.S. is gun control. I understand that some guns should not be used by civilians but some guns civilians need to own for their own protection. The guns that civilians own right now are good but they have many restrictions. The only other thing that I can say about guns that civilians own are they are not always handy when they are needed. For example, rounds and clips have a lot of restrictions now. Magazines are also either being banned or restricted until you can not hardly use them....   [tags: protection, restrictions, citizens]

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The Principles Of Cognitive Theory

- ... You should not assume you know what a word means as a counseling professional and instead question the client to clarify their meaning. This will help the professional and the individual better understand the thinking process that is occurring. Challenging absolutes concentrates on the distress that an individual may make through their statements. A statement such as, “Everyone in class is smarter than me,” conveys the absolute that everyone is smarter than the individual. Challenge this statement with the client so that they may process it more appropriately to their teacher is smarter than them, but that is their job to teach others so they much be more educated....   [tags: Cognition, Psychology, Thought, Mind]

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An Argument Against Gun Control

- Argument Against Gun Control An Argument Against Gun Control As long ago as 1789, the creators of the Constitution realized the importance of guns in American society. The Second Amendment states,"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." No loopholes, or legal caches exist in this statement. The Founding Fathers allow for no restriction of the private ownership of firearms....   [tags: Second Amendment The Right To Bear Arms]

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Shifting Efficiency

- Shifting Efficiency One of the most important and life-altering inventions in history is the creation of the automobile. The first model was built with a manual transmission, meaning the operator of the vehicle was responsible for manually changing gears to increase speed. This method of acceleration, while efficient, required the complete attention of the operator, and it sometimes took away the enjoyment of driving. This led to the invention of the automatic transmission, a method by which the operator of the vehicle no longer had to switch gears, as this was done automatically....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- ABSTRACT In this article, we propose a new method TKVM (Teacher’s Knowledge Visualization Method) to map school teachers’ knowledge and this by using their school website content. We use then this generated knowledge to create knowledge-driven cartographies. School websites are essential to share information and data between users, but the knowledge contained in these websites are often informal and difficult to locate. This is due to the large amount of existing pages which make navigation more complex....   [tags: Education ]

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Are You Ready For The New Cars ' Technologies?

- Automobile in Society Term Paper Ricardo Magalhaes da Silva Instructor: James VanDePolder, M.S. Topic: ARE YOU READY FOR THE NEW CARS’ TECHNOLOGIES. Introduction Since the invention of the car until today, the improvement that ground vehicles received was huge. Changes in the engine, in safety and the introduction of electronic devices that help the drivers in transit in many aspects. This term paper is going to comment about some the electronic devices present in vehicles and those that are coming....   [tags: Automobile, Transport, Vehicle, The Cars]

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The Steps Of Purchasing A Gun Should Be Altered

- ... Yes, you can buy at a gun at your local superstore, Walmart. Not to mention the black market and a pawn shop does not seem the safest place to buy a gun. Personally, that seems as if it were the easiest place to purchase a gun illegally; a pawn shop would be the sleaziest place for someone to buy a gun, they owner is just looking for a quick buck. The one thing our government needs to change is the law on machine guns. In order to buy a machine gun it has to be made before the year of 1986, according to the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986 (FOPA)....   [tags: Firearm, Handgun, Machine gun, Weapon]

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Modern Internet Technology : A Higher Risk Of Accidents

- ... It is essential for vehicles today to have good frontal crash protection ratings as more teenagers are driving and cause a lot of accidents. It only took 20 years for all production vehicles to have good frontal crash protection ratings, it will only be years before all vehicles have the best safety standard for teenage drivers. The more protection for the teenager results in more lives being saved. Automakers have added additional features to maximize their safety for their vehicles. Automatic braking is a fairly new feature which will detect an oncoming hazard and will apply brakes to your vehicle before you hit the hazard....   [tags: Automobile, Vehicle, Anti-lock braking system]

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Statistics: How Statistics Determined Airbags Reduced Accident Fatalities

- The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), USA estimates more than 28,000 people survived vehicle crashes and are still alive due to the presence of frontal airbags in their vehicles as of 1 January 2009. This data has been accrued over time from crashes and fatalities on America’s highways and side streets. This paper will examine these statistics and compare information with this data. Air bags for drivers made first appearances in certain 1985 models. From 1987-1990, automatic protection for occupants was gradually phased in by the NHTSA ....   [tags: Driving Safety ]

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Toy Industry: Evolution of Bricks in Pop Culture

- The hard edge bricks that fundamentally built the popular toy industry were created by a Danish master carpenter form Denmark. Ole Kirk Kristiansen purchased a workshop in the small town of Billund and began to build houses and furniture. When the Great Depression started becoming an intimidating force to close his workshop permanently, he reached for his real passion creating toys for kids in 1932. The time was even harder in 1934 for Kristiansen, combating the loss of his wife and raising 4 young boys and founding LEGO....   [tags: denmark, lego, playstation]

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How a Differential Works and Types of Differentials

- Without a differential an automobile is very dangerous and ineffective, it is likely that your automobile will last about half its intended lifespan and will also create huge difficulties in turning. The differential is a key part of an automobile’s drivetrain, it allows the vehicle to effectively maneuver turns and cornering. Different differentials approach the goal of increasing a vehicles maneuverability around corners and in sticky situations with different mechanical approaches; there is an ideal differential for snow and ice, dirt and offroading, and for street driving....   [tags: automechanics, physics, ]

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How to Control Train Operations on a Track

- Executive Summary In traditional signaling system on railway application, it used the Fixed Block System (FBS) and Moving Block System (MBS) is commonly employed to control train operation on track. On this system when a leading train has stop moving it will block the behind follow as train operation. If a leading train is halt on track for any unexpected reasons for a long time. That will be a big jam-up occurs on track. For this dense queue result, the unexpected interaction situation between running trains when they begin to move again....   [tags: peak demand, railway, station]

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