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- Different Types of Athletes Between the indifferent and the protestor, we find a marvelous creature called an athlete whose species is varied into many different types; the marshmallow, the jelly bean, and the rock. Athletes can be found everywhere- in the classroom, locker room, the gym, the thick of the game, and in church. Places people will not find athletes are up late, in bars, missing church, in trouble, or being disrespectful to his elders. An athlete is made of wondrous stuff. Athletes have the eyes and the steadiness of an architect, the muscles of a body builder, the speed of a bullet, the reflexes of a cat, the heart of a lion, and the faith of a saint....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Should Student Athletes Receive Compensation for Upholding a Higher Standard?

- ... If an athlete would have volunteered not participate in the game. He would he would been suspended from the game and might risk the possibility of being suspended from school. Athletic programs are heavily funded through boosters, major sport endorser, and merchandise sales. Alumni and special interest group invest a lot of money to the athletic program. The alumni banquet often celebrates after a big game or major victories against rival opponents. Student athletes have to participate or make guest appearances to help make money for their schools athletic programs....   [tags: sponsors, morals, ncaa]

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College Athletes: Should They Receive Additional Pay?

- Should college athletes get paid an additional salary. They are an important assets to universities and colleges, so why should they not. How else would universities justify taking advantage of these young men and women. These are questions that arise when pondering the issue. This has been a large controversy over the years of rather or not college athletes should be paid, more specifically football and basketball players. However, they fail to mention that colleges are only considering paying a select few, the stars of the sports....   [tags: free education, salary, money]

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Play for Pay: Should College Athletes Be Paid?

- When running a business, the people who are making the money for the business is receiving some kind of pay. Student athletes work for the NCAA and make millions of dollars but do not see a penny of it. They should be paid for all the hard work and dedication that they put in and when they are successful. Student athletes put in multiple hours for their school they are attending and should get something out of it. As the normal students are sleeping in the morning the student athletes are conditioning or working out with the coaches at practice to get ready for the long season ahead of them....   [tags: basketball, ncaa, conference, colleges]

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Study Design: The Usage of Twitter Amongst Professional Athletes

- There are multiple platforms of social media available for everyone to use; but has anyone wondered which platforms professional athletes use. Or has anyone ever wondered how he or she uses social media. I am studying professional athletes' use of Twitter, because I want to discover why and how they use the social network, and how they benefit and promote themselves through the process. I want to help my reader understand why it is significant for professional athletes to continue their use of social media....   [tags: Social Media Study]

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Steroids Use Among Athletes

-   Abstract:  With the increase of competition has also come the need to become bigger and stronger than the opponent.  The use of steroids among athletes has caused the focus of the game to change.  No longer does an athlete want to win by doing their best, but they want to become bigger and have an advantage over the opponent.  Ultimately, all athletes feel that they need to use performance-enhancing drugs to compete at the same level. Despite all of the warnings and information on performance-enhancing drugs, athletes continue to use them and overlook the potential health risks associated with steroids....   [tags: Drug Use in Professional Sports]

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Use of Steroids by Athletes

-     A survey was presented to 198 U.S athletes with the following scenario. You are offered a banned performance enhancing substance that comes with two guarantees: 1) You will not be caught. 2). You will win every competition you enter for the next five years and then you will die from the side effects of the substance. Would you take it. More than half the athletes said yes. As we can infer from the above survey, a large number of professional athletes are willing to risk their lives for the chance of victory and recognition....   [tags: Persuasive Argumentative Essay Examples]

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Minorities in College: Sports Should NOT Be the Only Avenue to Success

- I. Introduction This legal research paper is premised on Elisia J.P. Gatmen’s discussions in her paper, Academic Exploitation: The Adverse Impact of College Athletics on the Educational success of minority student-athletes from a legal aspect. The point of this paper is to convey how being a minority athlete can be a double edged sword. To provide some basis on this issue, I will first synthesize and write about the articles I have read that communicate the perceptions of minorities in sports, then explain the exploitation issues with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) with minorities in athletics, and finally tie in the legal aspect of this issues with some recommendations...   [tags: Black Athletes]

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Athletes No Longer Getting a Free Pass in College

- Students are more focused on sports during college than their education. Which in the long run will affect them more. While the standards are increasing and student athletes not taking education serious enough there can or will be at risk. Standards for the incoming freshman class of 2016 are being increased. Many schools have decided that students who want to participate in sports need to have better grades. The number of core courses have been increased from 10 to 16 for the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) eligibility....   [tags: sports, requirements, admissions]

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College Athletes Deserve To Be Paid

- College Athletes Deserve To Be Paid College athletics are some of the biggest and most popular events in the country today. There are many people that make significant amounts of money from college athletics. However, the athletes themselves do not make any money from playing. If college athletes were paid it would solve a lot of the problems that the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) faces every year as well as improve play and make college athletics stronger. Throughout the past few years, the NCAA, which was previously viewed as the top basketball organization other than the NBA, has taken a backseat to the professional leagues of Europe....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Are Sports Drinks Better for Athletes than Water?

- It is important for anyone doing physical activity to keep well hydrated, for performance to be at its best. Sports drinks are specially formulated to help people rehydrate during or after exercise. Drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade contain the main electrolytes and carbohydrates, which are used by the working muscles, to maintain optimal sports performance (, 2014). The acidity of sports drinks and the sugars, is raising health concerns, and creates unnecessary calories. (, 2014) Sports drinks are proven to only be necessary when working intensely for over 90 minutes, so an athlete running a marathon may need a Powerade, but water is the best source of...   [tags: sport drinks, electrolytes, gatorade]

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Let’s Start Paying College Athletes

- When deciding to play a sport in college that sport essentially becomes ones main focus. It is trusted by the school that they are being given their all. Between countless hours of practice and keeping ones grades up it is nearly impossible for a college athlete to get a job. Without a job, some of these athletes have no guaranteed source of income and that makes covering every day needs difficult. That brings the debate to whether college athletes should be paid to play a sport or not. The NCAA, formed by President Teddy Roosevelt in 1906, was initally put into place to take care of the safety element in college football....   [tags: ethical issues, payment]

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Issues with Athletes’ Salaries and How to Change Them

- Professional sports were beginning to be organized in the 1850s. At this point, their salaries, although they were still higher than the average person’s, were not too outrageous. In the 1880s and 90s, baseball players in particular were making on average about $1,750 annually. Even though this was three times the salary of an industrial worker of the time, they were not happy with this amount of money and felt they should be earning more (Baseball n.d.). In the 1970s, the worlds of professional sports took a drastic turn....   [tags: sports salary caps, professional sports]

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A League of Their Own: Cyber Athletes in League of Legends

- A League of Their Own William Lee wakes up every morning and heads to work, the downstairs living space in his incredibly spacious home in Malibu Hills. William Lee, also known as “Scarra,” is a professional video player, or Cyber Athlete. Lee strolls to his high-powered computer, provided to him by a generous sponsor, and begins to play League of Legends. League of Legends an online multiplayer game that currently has thirty-six million online players. William Lee earns six figures a year as do his four roommates/teammates because they are currently viewed by the gaming community as one of the world’s best League of Legends teams....   [tags: E Sports, Mechanical Skills]

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Should the NCAA College Players Get Paid?

- Introduction We all love watching matches of our favourite sports. We grow up loving one team and resting some other, just because it is the biggest rival of the team we are rooting for. In those moments we devote undivided attention to our beloved teams and athletes. If they are playing good they are ˝gods˝, but if they are for some reason not at the top of their game, they are ˝losers˝. Then we are prone to criticism and we curse them for the enormous amounts of money they get for playing. That is the case with professional athletes and, not to forget, only a handful number of sports....   [tags: student-athletes]

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Shouldn't Professional Athletes Benefit from Advances in Medicine?

- ... The use of PED’s by professional athletes under medical supervision hasn’t proven to have long term health risk. Within a paper written in the Lancet, Kayser, Mauron, and Miah wrote, “We believe that rather than drive doping underground, use of drugs should be permitted under medical supervision… by allowing medically supervised doping, the drugs used could be assessed for a clearer view of what is dangerous and what is not.” Like any drug prescribed by a doctor, PED’s aren’t without side effects....   [tags: performance enhancing drugs]

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College Economics: And Why College Athletes Need to Be Paid

- ... After looking over these stats, one quickly realizes why college athletes do not get paid. In 80% of states the head coach of a college football or basketball team has the highest salary. In North Carolina the average income per household comes in at $45,570 while the tax rate comes in at 5.8%. This means that on average each person in North Carolina pays a little over $2,600 in state income taxes each year. Enough money goes into the officials of colleges and college athletics. The NCAA does not pay the people actually doing the service just so these high-ranking college officials have the ability to make ridiculously large salaries....   [tags: sports industry]

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College Athletes Should be Compensated

- College Athletes Should be Compensated   Eddie is a poor boy growing up in a bad neighborhood. He's not too much different from any other boy, except for one thing. He is the most physically gifted athlete that the world has ever seen. His father is in jail and his mother has to work two jobs. Just because there was no way to go to college and impress the pros, the world missed out on watching the greatest athlete that may have ever walked the earth. Everyday, people like Eddie are forced to drop out of school early because of financial trouble....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Athletes and Anabolic Steroids

- Sports and the spirit of competition have been valued by the human race for centuries. Today, sports are enjoyed globally by millions of people on amateur and professional levels. Unfortunately, the desire to win and exceed in the athletic field has led to the development and use of anabolic steroids. I believe that the use of anabolic steroids should be completely banned in order to ensure the safety of all athletes, to preserve the spirit of honest competition, and to take away the temptation from future athletes to use steroids....   [tags: Drugs and Sports]

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College Athletes and Their Learning Struggles

- College athletes and their learning struggles are common through higher educational facilities. Their marriage to two fulltime activities is not well known to the public. Why we are not seeing how many young athletes are used by the academic system. Is Petrie’s article true reflection of struggling athletes in crude education. Sad truth hidden in those articles is collecting dust in libraries. The truth is addressed to teachers, coaches and trainers. Petrie is forced to write down his thoughts and feelings, even if they would not be read by anyone....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Athletes and Special Priviledges

- Are people who excel in sports more likely to be given a break. When looking at a topic such as this one. You need to ask yourself the following questions: Are athletes given special privileges. Do those with more power than the players affect the outcome of an athlete. Over time, athletes have been helped but there also has been people that were not helped, chosen to take the fall. Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden are two men that seem to be given every chance in the world. They repeatedly have been suspended by MLB....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Pro Athletes and Violent Crimes

-    The competitive nature of today's sports associations calls for athletes to be aggressive and forceful , both physically and mentally. This aggressive mentality stays with some athletes off the field, and may explain why so many athletes are committing violent crimes. Society calls for athletes to give flawless performances in the stadiums and arenas. The fans have grown accustomed to high flying, hard hitting shows of athleticism and finesse, and oftentimes an athletes success gains them a elevated status in society with special privileges that you and I can only dream of....   [tags: Domestic Violence, NFL Players]

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The War Against Athletes

- THE WAR AGAINST ATHLETES In schools around the country, many athletes are being subjected to a great indignity. They are being stripped of their personal privileges. They are scorned and questioned of their morale, without cause or evidence. The trust once shared between students and teachers, the bond between children and parents has been torn apart. Athletes ranging from middle school to high school are being subjected to tests for drug use. Drugs that only thirteen percent of the student populations are responsible for....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Need for Change: Is the N.C.C.A. Exploiting the Talents of Student Athletes?

- Since 1910, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has been the most dominant collegiate athletic organization in the United States. Originally created to solidify the rules for the various sports of the time, this nonprofit association has grown to a combination of 1,281 conferences, organizations, institutions, and individuals. Based on the NCCA’s Constitution, the primary purposes of the organization is to promote intercollegiate athletics in the United States, to "maintain intercollegiate athletics as an integral part of the educational program and the athlete as an integral part of the student body, [and to] retain a clear line of demarcation between intercollegiate athlet...   [tags: revenue, graduation, quality of life]

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Eating Disorders and Female Athletes

- Eating Disorders and Female Athletes INTRODUCTION Athletes are among the quickest, strongest, most flexible people in the world, so one would expect them to adhere to the latest health and fitness information, right. Not always. The problem is that the athletes often believe that more fit equals less fat. The death of Olympic gymnast Christy Henrich from anorexia nervosa began to bring the topic of athletes and eating disorders to the forefront. Research into the topic of eating disorders and athletes shows a few interesting findings....   [tags: Research Anorexia Nervosa Bulimia Papers]

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Sports, Athletes, and Nutirion - Athletic Fuel

- Pure Athletic Fuel       An athlete's diet must include foods particularly suited for the athlete's sport. This has been an area of great study in recent years. Researchers are creating diets that provide athletes with the foods that contain high levels of the nutrients needed for each particular sport. For an athlete to have proper nutrition in sports, one must have knowledge of the six classes of nutrients and the four basic food groups. The six classes of nutrients are water, vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Comparison Essay: Female Versus Male Athletes

- Why do female athletes receive less media coverage than male athletes. Male athletes dominate professional sport that airs on television. The media easily overlooks female athletes except during occasion like the Winter Olympics. The articles Media Coverage of Women’s Sports is Important (Lopiano, 2008) and Take Back the Sports Page. (Sommers, 2010) acknowledge factors that determine the amount of media coverage female athletes receive. [Lopiano and Sommers address this issue in regards to media coverage on female athletes differently....   [tags: media coverage, Lopiano and Sommers]

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College Athletes -- Pay for Play?

- College Athletes -- Pay for Play. There have been ongoing arguments over the past decade of whether or not college athletes should be paid to play. Many argue that they do not have time to get real jobs because the requirements for the sport that they participate in are far too demanding. Others cite that these athletes are provided full scholarships to attend the schools at which they are playing the sport. However regardless of the argument, I still feel that college athletes should NOT be paid to play....   [tags: College Sports Salary Players Essays]

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NCAA Athletes Need Salaries

- NCAA Athletes Need Salaries The chants grow louder, "Dayne, Dayne, Dayne", its 4'Th and goal, the Badgers trail Michigan by 5 with six seconds left. The winner takes home the title as the 1999 National champions. The ball is snapped, Bollinger drops back, fakes the pass, and pitches it to Dayne. He dodges a tackle, bounces off 2 blue jerseys, and stumbles in the end-zone for the game winning TD. Dayne's hard work and perseverance "paid off" and led Wisconsin to a victory. But who really capitalizes when Ron Dayne leads his team to a National Championship....   [tags: Papers]

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College Athletes: Amateurs or Full Time Employees

- Ever since college students started playing sports, back in 1879 when Harvard played Yale in the first collegiate sports game, the question of whether college athletes should be paid was addressed. From that point on athletes, coaches, and college administrators have brought forward points agreeing or disagreeing with the notion of paying college students. The students argue that they deserve to be paid due to the revenue that they bring for the college and because of the games they play and the championships they win....   [tags: sports business, financial question]

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Personal Opinion Essay: College Athletes Should be Paid

- A few hours passed and it was approaching 12:00: game time. As I was getting my equipment on, all the possible things that could go wrong flashed threw my head. As I finish putting on my pads and other equipment, I heard a voice from behind me, "Just stay focused man, and play like you have been.” It was RJ, trying to help me focus and give me motivation. Walking into that dark tunnel with the light at the end is like an exhilarating wave of nerves and excitement. Approaching the end of the tunnel, all I could hear was the crowd screaming and yelling....   [tags: Sports, Money]

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- Argument I believe professional athletes are overpaid. These athletes are making millions of dollars to have fun and play. They are getting paid to do what elementary kids do every day. Professional athletes are should be paid about sixty to ninety thousand a year. The reason I say this much is because they are at a professional level and have worked hard to get to that status. In theory, professional athletes are overpaid because the U.S. is more focused on entertainment value in today’s society, rather than important issues like employment or cancer....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Exempt Student Athletes from Physical Education

- ... increased up to 150 percent between the years 1997 and 2007 (New). I believe this is occurring because athletes might not take P.E. seriously and are surrounded by other non-sport students causing a high-risk of injury. Gym teacher Matt Gilkerson from a high school in Hilliard, stated “Most athletes are capable and knowledgeable about the correct ways to work out, get in shape and train, since they go over it during every practice.” Myself and students from Hilliard also agreed with Matt and said how physical education classes are pointless because of the amount of exercise they do weekly and it only exhausts them causing injuries to the body (Athletes)....   [tags: injuries, electives, physically fit]

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Can Concussions and Head Injuries Affect Memory?

- ... Concussed athletes that had a of two or more previous concussions took longer to recover in cognitive functions such as verbal memory and reaction time, than athletes that had no previous concussions. They found that after a three month recovery period, jockeys with previous concussions performed worse on neurocognitive testing than their jockeys with no previous concussion. These findings propose that previous concussions may put an athlete at risk for developing long-term sequelae, which can be associated with syndromes such as post concussion syndrome (Convassin et al., 2008)....   [tags: brain, athletes]

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Motivation Leads to Behavior, Consequences, and Go

- Motivation Motivation is derived from the Latin word movere, meaning “to move.” It is “the tendency for the direction and selectivity of behavior to be controlled by its connections to consequences, and the tendency of this behavior to persist until a goal is achieved.” (Anshel, 1948) An athlete with motivation is energized to participate in a purposeful and meaningful task. Motivation is fueled by motives, which are an individual’s anticipation of reaching a goal. The purpose of motivation is to prolong desirable feelings and actions of athletes....   [tags: athletes, ambition, encourgagement]

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The Use of Erythropoietin by Athletes

- The Use of Erythropoietin by Athletes Erythropoietin is a glycoprotein that is produced primarily in the kidneys in adults and, to a lesser extent, in the liver. It behaves like a hormone, regulating the level of erythropoiesis, and keeping the RBC count within a narrow range It is used widely in medicine as a treatment for a number of serious illnesses, ranging from types of anaemia, to the treatment of certain types of cancer, and also in the battle against AIDS. Unfortunately certain athletes, who will do anything to win, have realised its ergogenic benefits, and also the severity of its misuse....   [tags: Papers]

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College Athletes Should be Paid

- College sports are big business. For many universities, the athletic program serves as a cash-generating machine. Exploited athletes generate millions of dollars for the NCAA and their schools, and never see a dime. In terms of profit, if all ties with the university were eliminated, an athletic program acting as its own separate entity could compete with some fortune 500 companies. So, why do the vital pieces of the machine, the players, fail to receive any compensation for their performance....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Pro Athletes are NOT Overpaid

- Pro Athletes are NOT Overpaid Many people in today’s world complain about how much Pro Athletes get pay. So I ask are Pro athletes overpaid. Look at it in this sense; they are living their dreams just like most business men do everyday. If you think that professional sports is not a job then just try to walk in the shoes of a athlete for a day. Sports, like medicine, healthcare, or software, are a business. In that business, owners pay their players what they deem they are worth. Out of all of the professional leagues the three that make the most money are: MLB, NFL, and NBA....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Athletes Changing Gender Roles

- Athletes Changing Gender Roles It's not uncommon for male and female athletes involved in sports that "threaten" the traditional roles of men and women to be stereotyped and made fun of for being less than what a man or woman should be. It is not deemed "normal" for a man to be a ballet dancer, synchronized swimmer or ice skater because those are traditionally "feminine" sports. The barriers to men becoming involved in traditionally female sports may be harder to overcome than those in front of women participating in traditionally male sports because there is a certain level of novelty when a woman tries to participate in a male sport....   [tags: Athletics Women Feminism Essays]

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Professional Athletes and Drug Use

- Professional Athletes and Drug Use This research paper is about athletes and their use of drugs. The drug that is most frequently used by athletes is alcohol. Most athletes who use drugs do not get the punishment that they deserve instead they receive punishment that is too lenient. The penalties for professional athletes who use drugs are too lenient, they should be more severe. Examples of drugs that are used by most athletes are the following: Anabolic Steroids, Dietary supplements, Blood Doping, Stimulants, Narcotics and Corticosteroids, and Alcohol....   [tags: Papers]

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Paying College Athletes

- Most of us have watched a college sporting event at one point or another in our life. Few people actually know and are aware of all the hard work, and dedication college athletes put towards their sport. However, they do not receive a compensation for their hard work. These Athletes are sometimes mistreated physically and mentally, yet the debate over whether or not to pay college athletes is a big debate. One reason college athletes should get paid is because they make millions of dollars for their school....   [tags: Sports]

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Eating Disorders and Female Athletes

- Eating Disorders and Female Athletes What are eating disorders. Eating disorders are characterized by gross disturbances in eating behavior and include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, eating disorders not otherwise specified(NOS), and binge eating disorder. Also, several researchers have coined the term anorexia athletics. Anorexia nervosa is characterized by refusal to maintain body weight over a minimum level considered normal for age and height, along with distorted body image, fear of fat and weight gain, and amenorrhea (absence of menstruation)....   [tags: Health Nutrition Sports Papers]

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Drugs, Athletes, and Sports - Androstenedione

- Androstenedione: Just Say No Imagine rounding the bases after hitting your 70th home run and setting a new major league record. Slapping your teammatesí hands, you hear cheers progress throughout the sold out stadium. As you acknowledge the crowd further, you hear booing also coming from the standing crowd. Why are they booing. You just set a record. Then you see a small boy pointing at you and yelling. You watch closely and see the word, “Andro” form on his lips. Androstenedione, known as "andro", is made of a naturally occurring hormone of the body, which is used naturally in tiny amounts to make the male hormone testosterone....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Athletes Leaving College Early

- `1 The story of Korleone Young is a saddening one. Korleone was one of the top high school basketball players in the nation while he was in high school. At all the summer basketball camps, he played above his high school peers. During his senior season he dominated all his team’s competition. He had every major Division I basketball program wanting to give him a full scholarship. All of the national powerhouses like Duke, North Carolina, Michigan State, and many more all recruited Korleone heavily....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes

- The Fellowship of Christian Athletes Back in my high school, one day out of the month was dedicated to student-led clubs. On these so-called club days, most kids will go to any club just to get out of class. Some exclusive clubs, such as the Chess club, would look down on this. These groups would happily kick some kids, but there was one club happy to see everyone who came: the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The little exposure to Christianity found at this club was all that some kids would get and the moderators of my school’s club knew this....   [tags: Expository Essays]

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Should College Athletes be Paid?

- Should College Athletes be Paid. Over the past century college athletics have grown more popular than most professional sports. Most of its popularity is due to a large student body in addition to its Alumni, but nonetheless it has surpassed professional sports from its monetary success to its fan support. College athletics are also a very important commodity to Universities around the nation. Next to student's tuition, that's where the majority of the money comes from. No one is more responsible for bringing in that money more than the coach and his/her players....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Use of Anabolic Steroids by Athletes

- Within every gym and athletic practice across the United States there are secrets. These secrets are kept by public gyms, membership health clubs and even high school sports. This secret is killing our youth and disrupting the sportsmanship of not only the United States, but also on an international level. What I am referring to is the use of anabolic steroids. This epidemic is spreading through our country like a wildfire. It is going unnoticed and misunderstood. Even our government has not found the money the man power or the time to deal with this killer....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Black Athletes in Society

- Introduction In the collegiate world of sports, basketball has become an increasingly recognized sport among African Americans, predominantly males. The hope of any young basketball player is that one day a scout will come and recruit them into stardom The question that presents itself as a problem to the lucky few who are chosen to go professional, is whether or not an education is more important than a million dollar shoe deal, “The NCAA's (1998) annual six-year study reported that only 33% of Black male basketball players graduated, (Chronicle of Higher Education, 1999)....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Doping, Athletes and Sports

-     Doping can be strictly defined as the consumption of any substance (whether food or drug) to improve one's performance. This definition can be applied in a variety of situations, from college students drinking coffee in order to stay awake to athletes who take steroids to make them stronger. The problem with doping is where one draws the line. The drugs used in doping often have detrimental effects to one's health, both mental and physical. In the short run these drugs improve one's performance, but in the long run they can kill....   [tags: Doping Example Essays]

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Athletes And Drug Use

- Athletes And Drug Use Many people believe that drug use in professional athletics is not a serious problem, however it is more widespread and serious than people think. In professional athletics the use of drugs is looked upon as somewhat of a serious problem, but is also very discrete and low key. Every once in a while one might see a prominent figure in a certain sport being reprimanded for the use of some outlawed drug, however this is just one of the many who happened to get caught. Athletes today seem to find no moral problem with using performance-enhancing drugs, or in other words cheating....   [tags: Papers]

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College Athletes For Hire

- In the area of collegiate sports, there have been numerous heated debates about the integrity of many things concerning the NCAA and how it handles legal and ethical issues. Two well renowned scholars tackle this issue in their co-authored book entitled “College Athletes for Hire, The Evolution and Legacy of the NCAA’s Amateur Myth” written by Allen L. Sack and Ellen J. Staurowsky. In their book, the authors enlighten the reader on such issues as athletic scholarships, professionalism in college sports, and favoritism for athletes as well as many more important legal, and ethical issues that we as a country need to address....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Media, Sports, Athletes, and the Health of Children

- "Image is nothing, thirst is everything." This is a slogan used by the soft drink Sprite. It tells a consumer not to buy a product because of the labeling, packaging, or the way it is presented, but to instead buy it because it tastes good. This seems to be an honest and open statement, not what you would expect to hear in an advertisement. Ironically though, just before this slogan flashes on the screen, Kobe Bryant and Grant Hill, two of the NBA's rising starts, are shown talking about how wonderful Sprite is....   [tags: Media Argumentative Persuasive Argument]

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Drug Abuse Among Professional Athletes

- Drug abuse among professional basketball players is a problem as old as time. In some circumstances it may not be the athletes fault. For example when they are treating a minor cough or a cold, the medications used will sometimes contain small amounts of alcohol. On the other hand some athletes purposely abuse drugs for a variety of reasons. Some attempt to cover up the presence of other drug abuse but most abuse drugs because they will enhance their performance. The most common abused drugs in professional basketball are: anabolic steroids, marijuana, and amphetamines....   [tags: Substance Abuse Essays]

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Assiduous Athletes

- Assiduous Athletes Not many people know the onus of being a student athlete in college. This burden set on them has caused the graduation rate of scholarship players to average at about fifty percent from 1995 to 1998. In order to be eligible to play, the athletes must be full-time students , which means taking at least twelve units a semester. Because these athletes are taking so many classes, they must make time for a considerable amount of studying and homework. Then add up the amount of practice their sport requires and I doubt they will find a second to rest....   [tags: essays papers]

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Professional High School Athletes

- Professional High School Athletes Today's athletes are bigger, stronger, and faster than ever. A man can run 325 feet in less than ten seconds. A man can jump fifty inches vertically off his flat feet. There is an instinct in everyone that makes him or her wonder, "how do they do that?" or "I want to be like that!" These athletes are breaking boundaries every year, setting new standards and higher bars. These athletes are also getting younger… much younger. This causes much debate on how young is too young to be the best....   [tags: Papers]

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Drug and Alcohol Use by Student Athletes

- Drug and Alcohol Use by Student Athletes The topic that I have chosen is student athletes' use of drugs and alcohol. I'm interested to see if the old theory that student athletes tend to stay away from these things still holds true today. From my own personal experience as a former high school and college football player, I doubt that this is true. I'd also like to find some studies that may compare student athletes to the general student body to see if there is a correlation of usage between these two groups....   [tags: Papers]

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college athletes

- College athletes are manipulated every day. Student athletes are working day in and day out to meet academic standards and to keep their level of play competitive. These athletes need to be rewarded and credited for their achievements. Not only are these athletes not being rewarded but they are also living with no money. Because the athletes are living off of no money they are very vulnerable to taking money from boosters and others that are willing to help them out. The problem with this is that the athletes are not only getting themselves in trouble but their athletic departments as well....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Professional Sports - Injured Athletes and Early Retirement

- Injured Athletes and Early Retirement     The rise to become a professional athlete requires passion, dedication and years of preparation. To play a sport at such a high competitive level and intensity the athlete must be in excellent physical and mental health. Athlete's of "Magic" Johnson's and Bo Jackson's caliber had the dedication and determination to be the best. The negative feelings the athlete endures after injury or illness is overwhelming and can lead to early retirement, but if this all they invested in; most have not thought a lot about a career after sports....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essay Examples]

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Some Athletes Are Criminals not Role Models

- Some Athletes Are Criminals not Role Models The fact that athletes are role models does not correspond with the reality that they often get away with criminal acts. The growing trend of finding athletes involved with criminal acts is growing at a considerable rate. Though these so-called role models are in the eye of many, the officials and judges elected to determine their guilt usually let these athletes get off. Athletes, though some of them wish not to be, are role models. They are who we watch in our free time, and therefore we would like to be them....   [tags: Papers]

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Positive Effects of Athletes as Role Models

- Positive Effects of Athletes as Role Models "An athlete with undying will, tremendous courage, awesome defense, and unbelievable scoring. Michael Jordan, a man who seems to be without a weakness, makes a great role model for youths and adults ("Role Models on"). Michael Jordan shows he is also a great person off the court by the way he has given his money to charities and has dealt with the difficulties in his life. This is a person who is looked up to and admired by people everywhere. Michael Jordan is a role model, just as all athletes in the spotlight....   [tags: Papers]

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Paying College Athletes

- Should college athletes get paid more money. There has been a constant debate the past few years on whether college athletes, particularly football players, should get paid. In 1988, the Nebraska legislature passed a bill that would allow the University of Nebraska football players to receive better cash incentives. The bill was later vetoed by Governor Kay Orr, who was governor of Nebraska at the time (O’Toole etal. 2). . The dispute comes from coaches, parents of the players, and the players themselves arguing that universities make money off their own athletes and the athletes, in turn, do not receive any money from that....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Outline: Pro Athletes As Role Models

- Thesis: Professional athletes need to censor/behave themselves better in this media strong age. Organizing Sentence: It may be wishful thinking for our beloved professional athletes to be proper role models for kids; but some may say that athletes should still have an obligation to be role models on the grounds of always being on a public stage, the abuse of drugs and steroids kids bring on is largely because of what they see the professional sport heroes doing, and particularly the African-American race needs them as role models....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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Steroid Use By Athletes Should be Banned

-      It is amazing what athletes will do to achieve higher levels of performance and to sometimes get the extra edge on the competition. Most of the time people do not realize the long-term effects that result from the decisions they make early in life. This resembles the use of steroids in a person’s life.      Steroids became an option to athletes in the Olympics and other major sporting events during the 1950’s. But this use of steroids among athletes only became widely apparent when Canadian sprint runner Ben Johnson tested positive for steroid use after winning the gold medal for the one hundred-meter dash during the 1988 Olympics (Francis, 45)....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Steroids Essays]

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The Causes of Delayed Menarche in Female Athletes

- - THE CAUSES OF DELAYED MENARCHE IN FEMALE ATHLETES - INTRODUCTION Greater emphases on the benefits of exercise have led to a greater participation of women in sport at all levels. Exercise has been promoted, endorsed and encouraged in the medical community as a way to reduce stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle. While moderate exercise does provide valuable benefits, intensive exercise associated with elite female athletes poses serious health risks to the female body. The female reproductive system is very intricate and highly sensitive to physiological stress....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Double Life of Athletes Using Steroids

- The Double Life of Athletes Using Steroids Some Athletes in society today are considered heroes despite their double lives. Their drug use and violence are brushed aside while leading their teams to victory. Who is your hero. If that question was asked to a group of people, some might think of loved ones or family, and some may talk about doctors, firemen, or even a teacher. However, most would probably say their hero was some celebrity or star athlete. While some celebrities and athletes can justifiably be labeled "heroes", there are some people who may appear to be heroic, but lead a completely different life off the field....   [tags: Papers]

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Athletes and Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports

-   Abstract:  Since the beginning of sports competition, athletes have always looked for some kind of an edge over their competitors.  They will do whatever it takes to be one of the elite and that includes injecting supplements into their bodies to make them bigger, stronger, and faster.  Steroid use is probably one of the most common drug misuses in sports competition.  Athletes found that with anabolic steroids one could become a better athlete twice as fast.  Not until 1975 was the drug first banned from Olympic competition because of the health risks it produced.  Shortly thereafter, the rest of the sports world did not allow anabolic steroids as well.  With the use of steroids...   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Why Athletes Choke in the Big Games?

- All sports fans have heard athletes comment that they “choked” or just couldn’t win the big game. The topic that will be addressed in this paper deals with the outcome of sporting events and why athletes continue to choke during and at the end of extremely important competitions. Baumeister (1992) found that “the choking reflex can be attributed to psychoneuromuscular influences”(p.3). My interest in the subject comes from being a big sports fan and a former athlete. And also from hearing people make comments such as, Scott Norwood and the entire Buffalo Bills football team are “chokers”....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Athletes Should NOT Be Accepted Over Other Students

- The major issue that athletes are being accepted into colleges over highly standard students is becoming more common as the years go by. It seems to be simply unfair to the student. Choosing athletes over academics is also setting the college to be less selective. Being a competitive athlete gives them a higher chance to be admitted into a college before a “ordinary student”. Other underrepresented groups would include minority students and alumni relations. Athletes are recruited to become part of that specific institution therefore; it gives them a significant statistical advantage during the admission process....   [tags: essays papers]

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Student Athletes Should Not Receive Additional Money

- Student Athletes Should Not Receive Additional Money When a student athlete signs a letter of intent to play at a division one school, he or she is generally happy for the opportunity to perform at the highest level of college competition. Like all good things though, they eventually come to an end. After awhile athletes soon begin to realize not all of their expenses are paid for. Because some of the extra costs in college are put on student athletes, some suggest the NCAA and other sources should provide additional funding to help athletes out....   [tags: Argumentative Argument Sports Papers]

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Use of Performance Enhancing Substances by Athletes is Wrong

- Use of Performance Enhancing Substances by Athletes is Wrong What would you be willing to do to become a professional athlete. This is a question that demands more than a fleeting thought, because not only will becoming a successful professional athlete bring you millions of dollars, but you will achieve fame, fortune and worldwide recognition. Along with that you will be getting paid a lot to do something that you really love and enjoy. It seems like professional athletes have it all. They are as worshipped as movie stars, allowed to act like rock stars and always seem to age gracefully after their sports careers are over....   [tags: Drugs Steroids Sports]

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Collegiate Athletes Have A Different College Experience

- Collegiate Athletes Have A Different College Experience Everyone has his or her own ideas of what the ‘college experience’ should include and be like. Some thoughts on the subject include going out a lot, meeting lots of new people, and dating many different people. Other people consider it the education, and finding someone to settle down with. “The college experience means your academic and social experiences you have during your time in college. They are the friends you meet, and hang out with....   [tags: Athletics Sports Essays]

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Professional Sports - Athletes do Not Deserve What they are Paid

- Professional Athletes do Not Deserve What the Earn Wouldn't it be great to make 31.3 million dollars a year and an additional 47 million dollars in endorsements simply to play a game. Michael Jordan, along with many other professional athletes thinks so. In the 1996 season, playing 3,106 minutes Michael Jordan made 170,000 dollars a day, equaling out to be 160.97 dollars a second. Even more unbelievable are Mike Tyson's earnings in his match with Peter McNeeley. In a single second, he made 281,000 dollars ("Professional AthletesÉ")....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Young Athletes Should Not Be Specialized Too Early

- Young Athletes Should Not Be Specialized Too Early In the world of sports today there is a much greater interest in finding talent at a very young age. Unfortunately, one must question whether this interest is a personal interest for others who have something to gain, or a genuine beneficial interest for the young athlete. It seem as though everyone today has the "what's in it for me mentality", which can be dangerous. These people, whether it be other athletes, coaches, or parents train athletes at too young of an age....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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Elite Athletes are Being Paid too Much

- Are elite athletes/sports men or women being paid too much if not how are there high salaries justified, if so, why, and how could there money be put to better use. To most people one million dollars a lot of money, to most people one thousand dollars is a lot, but even though it is hard to believe, to some people these figures mean nothing. It is no secret that professional athletes particularly those who play soccer, golf, and race F1 cars make big bucks, but people do not realize to what extent....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Domestic Violence by Professional Athletes is Nothing New

- A penalty flag is down for a growing number of professional athletes. Some, accused of domestic violence, others charged with assault. What has caused this sudden increase in domestic violence by professional athletes. Nothing. There has not been any increase at all. Professional athletes have been beating and abusing women for a long, long time. Years ago, a lady called 911 and said that her husband was beating her. She wanted to file a report, but then asked the dispatcher if it was going to be in the paper the next day....   [tags: Violence Against Women Essays]

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College Sports: Paying Division One Athletes

- College Sports: Paying Division One Athletes A huge debate has been on the rise lately relating to why division one athletes should get paid on top of obtaining a scholarship. The proposal states that athletes should be eligible to receive money based on a percentage of profit their school makes. Although some say division one athletes already have all of their needs taken care of, helping athletes with extra expenses in college is essential. Because full ride scholarships take care of most costs for athletes, many argue they already have school paid for, and extra money isn’t necessary....   [tags: College Sports]

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College Sports - Universities Must Compensate Student Athletes

- Colleges and Universities Must Compensate Student Athletes Today, sports are no longer fun and games, sports are a business, and college sports are no different. College sports provide a huge source of universities’ income. The school takes in money from ticket sales, television contracts, and sport-related merchandise, just to name a few. The athletes, however, receive their scholarship and little more. While the prospect of receiving a free college education is something few would complain about, when the issue is more closely examined it becomes evident that it is not enough....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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High School Athletes Should Not Turn Pro

- High School Athletes Should Not Turn Pro Lebron James and Freddy Adu are both young athletes and with millions in their pockets with a countless number of endorsement contracts. Whether it is high school athletes skipping college and discontinuing the development of their education for millions of dollars, or teenagers signing contracts with businesses for massive amounts of money, youth sports programs are changing rapidly. However, American high school athletes are not financially, physically, or mentally prepared to tackle and endure the pressures of professional sports....   [tags: Professional Sports Argumentative Essays]

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How Much Protein Do Athletes Need?

- How Much Protein Do Athletes Need. WHAT IS PROTEIN. Protein is made up of essential and non - essential amino acids. A chain of amino acids is called a polypeptide. The human body can make the non - essential amino acids, whereas the essential amino acids must be ingested through food. Protein is found in food, and is most highly concentrated in animal sources than other sources. It is digested by the human body, and broken down into its amino acid components, beginning in the stomach. An enzyme disassembles the protein polypeptide chains into smaller components, which are broken down again and again in order to facilitate the digestion process....   [tags: Health Food Vitamins Essays]

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Professional Athletes Deserve Their Pay!

- There was a time when men played for the love of the game; when competition alone satisfied the male ego. This age of basketball featured greats such as Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, and Oscar Robinson. These gladiators, and those like them, battled repeatedly winning league championships, MVP’s, scoring titles, and other accolades. Then, the product of James Naismith moved into an era where the love continued, but money was added. Clyde Drexler, Charles Barkely, Reggie Miller and Tim Hardaway have become league “poster–boys” for commercials and shoe contracts....   [tags: Professional Athletes]

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