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The True Artisans of Japanese Artifact Swords

- Technology has steadily evolved to develop more innovative and productive techniques in the making of various crafts. In addition to enhancing the quality of products, the ability to create them at a higher rate has been discovered. However, quality and quantity are usually inversely proportional to each other. In more recent times consumers have begun to desire Japanese artifacts. Most producers attempt to sate this desire through mass production. While this alternative may be inexpensive, it lacks the high quality that true artisans can deliver....   [tags: Japanese artifacts, Japan, art, swords,]

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Analyzing and Improving Multimodality in the Memory Artifact

- The purpose of my memory artifact is to argue that epic poetry is a form of memory representation used to portray the collective memory of a nation and a civilization. An Epic poem is a long narrative poem that deals with an event significant or important to a culture or nation. I believe my presentation was quite successful since I was able to get my message across and make a connection with the audience. However, my presentation only incorporated the visual and oral components of WOVEN and failed to stand alone by itself....   [tags: Technology ]

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Understanding Image and Visual Media Artifact

- Critically analyzing of visual media artifact investigates visual culture. An analysis entails image interpretation of image equally applicable to genres of photographs as form of advertisement. In this paper, I will critically examine photographs. According to Barrett (2011) he suggested that critic starts with description that involves developing a list of facts concerning the subject matter within the image. Description is a data gathering process of photograph (p. 17). It’s also establishing a typology of the photograph’s content matter....   [tags: photographs, wunderkammers, gallery]

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Gilmore Girls: An Artifact Analysis of Cognitive Dissonance

- Introduction Communication is ubiquitous. Through out a normal day one might say hello to a neighbor, use hand gestures to express a message, smile at a stranger, or text a friend about dinner plans. These activities and more may happen on a “normal” day but the analysis of such interactions can prove to be quite complicated. The study of various theories of communication shed light on the reasons why people interact the way the do as well as help prepare a person for future communicative encounters....   [tags: Communication ]

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Artifact Study of an Olympiakos Soccer Jersey

- Artifact Study of an Olympiakos Soccer Jersey Introduction The artifact of appearance I have chosen is a soccer jersey representing Olympiakos, a team in the top Greek league. I acquired this article of clothing during the summer of 1995. Many factors have contributed to my interest in Greek soccer jerseys. These include my Greek heritage, my family's fanaticism with soccer, and the growing popularity of sports jerseys in the, for severe lack of a better term, alternative subculture. In this paper, I will perform an artifact study on this jersey....   [tags: Greece Greek Sports Essays]

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Rhetorical Analysis of Artifact: The Ballot or the Bullet

- Rhetorical Analysis of Artifact: The Ballot or the Bullet Speech Given by Malcolm X I. Introduction: Though almost half a century has passed, the Civil Rights Movement remains one freshly imprinted in not only the history books of US schools but also in the minds of countless Americans. Albeit, American society has come quite a ways in the acceptance of the individual - regardless of sex, age, creed or ethnicity - prejudices of different sorts are still to be found throughout every one of the united states of America....   [tags: Papers Malcolm X Civil Rights Movement Essays]

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The Lady Eagles Basketball Team: Perspectives from Fans, Players, and Myself

- The Lady Eagles’ basketball team has been playing exceptionally well this season with a record of 27-7. Despite their successful record, there are many fans that have differing attitudes towards watching the Lady Eagles. The majority of USM fans prefer to watch the men’s basketball team because they are more exciting and aggressive. In order to get a comprehensive view of what the fans, the Lady Eagles, and myself think about this, I performed a case study on the USM Lady Eagles basketball team....   [tags: case study, artifact analysis]

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Cell phones have truly changed our lives

- ... Mobile phones have even changed the way that individuals speak and associate with each other, making new governs of behavior and morals that have not yet been all around concurred upon. With this amazing technology and the new ways of using cell phone has made life so easy for all of us. It is the most vital factor of our lives today making it the only asset we want to carry with us when we leave our house. Today when someone asks you to pack your bags and go out somewhere, the only thing that comes to your mind is to take your cell phone with you and you're packed....   [tags: cultural artifact, lifestyle, minicomputer]

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E. M. Fleming's Model of Artifact Study and the Work Boot

- E. M. Fleming's "Model of Artifact Study" and the Work Boot The work boot has become a hot item for many girls and young women. This artifact of appearance may reveal a lot about American culture and society in the 1990's. By applying E. M. Fleming's "Model of Artifact Study", I will analyze this artifact in an attempt to shed some light on the values, priorities, and ideals of our society. Just like Fleming's model suggests, this paper will be broken down into four major sections: Identification, Evaluation, Cultural Analysis, and Interpretation....   [tags: Sociology Society Culture]

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The Vinland Map: 15th Century Artifact or 20th Century Forgery?

- The Vinland Map: 15th Century Artifact or 20th Century Forgery. Throughout history, the discovery of an ancient artifact has always brought with it much excitement. The idea that we are able to look at something that existed so long ago intrigues us. However, along with the excitement of new discoveries, there is often much controversy. One such discovery, the Vinland Map, has been the cause of much debate since 1957. The Vinland Map, first presented to the public in 1965 in a book written by Skelton, was discovered in 1957 (Skelton 1965, p.3)....   [tags: History Historical Essays]

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Ghost-Free High Dynamic Range Imaging Using Histogram Separation and Edge Preserving Denoising

- In this paper, we introduce a ghost free High Dynamic Range imaging algorithm for obtaining ghost-free high dynamic range (HDR) images. The existing multiple image fusion based HDR method work only on condition that there is no camera and object movement when acquiring multiple, differently exposed LDR images. To overcome such an unrealistic condition, the proposed algorithm make three LDR images from a single input image. For this purpose a histogram separation method is proposed in the algorithm for generating three LDR images by stretching each separated histogram....   [tags: HDR, artifact, digital imaging]

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Popular Culture Artifacts

- Bertolt Brecht asserted, “Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.” Art, encompassing all popular culture artifacts, both reflects the society that creates it and is itself an agent capable of changing social reality. Popular culture artifacts, like the Harry Potter series discussed in Nexon and Neumann’s work, Harry Potter and International Relations, exert agency, or causal power over the meaning and interpretation of cultural elements, by influencing the way ideas and values are constructed in everyday life....   [tags: Culture ]

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Ancient Artifacts

- Prehistoric, as well as pieces of historic art, has (at times) been elusive to specific date labels mostly because people did not date or sign their work. Many pieces are undated, which has left art historians and others guessing as to what period different pieces are from. In order to know when a specific sculpture, painting, or work of architecture was created, the historian must look at from where the artifact originated. Was it used across the Aegean. Or mainly in Crete. Archeology is an excellent time period dating tool....   [tags: Archeology, Dating, Examples]

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Revealing Mien Culture Through Artifacts

- ... The hats are called, “Moouah”. They were worn so that the baby does not get sick and this was the practical reason. The other reason why the hat was worn is so that bad spirits would not come in and possess the child. Anytime a child gets sick, the Shaman’s would come and perform a ceremony which usually revealed that another spirit had touched the baby and that is the reason why the baby is sick. This would be very bad because the Mien are very spiritually aware that there are “good” and “bad” spirits everywhere....   [tags: hat, blow-horn, soow]

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Ancient Artifacts in the Modern World: Provenance, Possession, and Cultural Heritage

- After a recent lecture by Dr. Dyfri Williams, Research Keeper of Greek and Roman antiquities at the British Museum, several members of the audience stood up on behalf of Greece and expressed their outrage at the British Museum’s refusal to return the Parthenon Sculptures, or the Elgin Marbles, to the city of Athens. Dr. Williams answered their scathing interjections with a well-rehearsed summary of the issues key points and complexities of the issue, and it was clear he encountered such protests regularly....   [tags: Museum Artifacts]

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Cognitive Artifacts & Windows 95

- Cognitive Artifacts & Windows 95 The article on Cognitive Artifacts by David A. Norman deals with the theories and principles of artifacts as they relate to the user during execution and completion of tasks. These principles and theories that Norman speaks about may be applied to any graphical user interface, however I have chosen to relate the article to the interface known as Windows 95. Within Windows 95, Microsoft has included a little tool called the wizard that guides us through the steps involved in setting up certain applications....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Considerations for Finding Art Pieces or Artifacts for a Museum- Historical Importance Versus Revenue

- It is challenging to decide which is of greater importance when finding art pieces or artifacts for a museum: the historical import or the profit margin. For some, cost-effectiveness or revenue produced in future by marketing replicas will be a priority, but for others historical importance and representativeness of the real historical article will be more important. The discernment between buying the work of a young artist with great promise at the expense of a classic art piece being put away or sold, in reference to which decision would be more worthwhile for future generations, is extremely difficult....   [tags: Archeology]

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What Remains Help Archeologists and Historians to Study and Learn

- Archeologists and historians learn a great deal about the way people lived by studying remains of their towns, villages, houses, tools, household items, art, musical instruments, etc. These remains can help historians understand what the people in a place produced and traded, how they organized themselves, and even some things about their beliefs. Artifacts are important sources of information for archaeologists. Artifacts can tell us about the diet, tools, weapons, dress, and living structures of people who made and used them....   [tags: artifacts, culture, gilgamesh]

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Human Error in Archeology

- The dangers of human error surround us all, but they cannot be avoided; it is inevitable. As I have gone through my high school career I have thought, though I know realize it is a very elementary thought, that science is one of the most stable curriculum and thus not susceptible to human error. I was very wrong. This week in my science class, Reading and Writing Science, we studied Archeology. Archeology is a field that requires the background information of history and the scientific methods of science....   [tags: science, artifacts, observations]

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Lebanon and the Hellas

- Why is it that many Greek artifacts were found in the soils of Lebanon . Why were there Lebanese citizens who were buried in tombs that had Greek carvings . Was Lebanon a Greek occupation or was it a Hellenic vacation spot ?. When Darius perceived the fierce attack of Alexander, he turned his chariot around and was the first to flee, abandoning all of his soldiers and his property to be taken by Alexander. After Darius' loss to Alexander at Gaugamela, the Persian Empire, which included Lebanon, Iran, Armenia, Syria, Israel, Turkey ......   [tags: ancient Greek artifacts]

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The Looting of Indian or Aboriginal Artifacts

- ... His namesake Lacey Act of 1894 and Lacey Act of 1900 had already put him at the forefront of the battle to protect America’s abundant natural resources. These two pieces of legislation combined to provide protections for plant and animal life, and enacted penalties for poaching and illegal sale of the same. He combined forces with an anthropologist by the name of Edgar Lee Hewett, scrapping the original three resolutions, and developing one comprehensive and far reaching proposal. The resulting piece of legislation, The Antiquities Act, is a notably brief piece of legislation....   [tags: pot hunters, archaeological places]

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Ivory Artifacts of The Israelietes

- Imagine in your minds eye you are back in time during age of Israelites. Now imagine yourself walking the halls of palace. As you walk you see what seems to be a small fortune of art decorating the halls. You eventually stop walk and you find yourself in the throne room and right before you see a chair but, not just not any chair the most elegant chair you have ever see with your own two eyes. This chair glistens with jewels and some sort of white material you are not familiar with. The white material seems almost alien in nature and yet it is beautiful and makes the thrones seem as if from another world....   [tags: Archeology]

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The Google Case: Aiming for an Evolutionary Advantage

- Culture can be defined as “A pattern of basic assumptions invented, discovered or developed by a given group as it learns to cope with its problems of external adaptation and internal integration that has worked well enough to be considered valid, and therefore to be taught to the new members as the correct way to perceive, think and feel in relation to those problems”. Schein (1988) Organizational culture can be defined as a system of shared beliefs and values that develops within an organization and guides the behavior of its members....   [tags: Cultural Artifacts, Legends, Rituals, Google]

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Stolen Egyptian Artifacts

- It was 2011 when Cairo’s Tahir Square erupted with a revolution against the government’s leader, President Hosni Mubarak. Fires caused by the friction from the protesters, the police, and the civilians trying to stop the violence, spread the destruction up to the doorstep of the National History Museum. In a desperate attempt to save the museum and it’s artifacts, civilians linked arms and hands to form a human barrier between the protestors and the country’s national treasures. Despite the brave efforts by those who wanted to protect the museum, 50 relics disappeared that night....   [tags: British Museum, tomb raiding]

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The Ruthwell Cross

- The Ruthwell Cross The Ruthwell Cross is a late seventh or early eighth century sculpted "preaching" cross. It can currently be found in the town of Ruthwell, near Dumfries in southern Scotland. Standing about 17 feet tall, the cross is adorned with Latin and Anglo-Saxon runic inscriptions and carvings. The cross, almost thirteen centuries old, has as much history as one would expect for an artifact of this age. The Ruthwell Cross was partially dismantled most likely during 1642 at the order of the Church of Scotland General Assembly....   [tags: Artifacts History Religion Essays]

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Kwame Anthony Appiah's Whose Culture Is It Anyway?

- Discussion of “Whose Culture Is It, Anyway?” by Appiah Kwame Anthony Appiah argued that objects of cultural are of potential value to all human beings, holding an opinion of a universal ownership of cultural objects and the on-going appropriations underwritten by such claims. However, his support for pan-human ownership of cultural artifacts and cosmopolitanism are questionable. I sustain a “property” perspective on cultural artifacts and believe that the cosmopolitanism should be based on peace and development of humanity....   [tags: cosmopolitan perspective on cultural artifacts]

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The Significance of Benin Art and Artifacts

- The attitudes towards the display of Benin Art, adopted by European museums and galleries have dramatically changed over the 112 year period since their initial acquisition. This has been for a number of reasons including the societal transition from accepting colonialism to acknowledging cultural diversity, the gradual integration and cross-fertilisation across the academic fields of anthropology, ethnography and art history and the ongoing debate regarding provenance and repatriation. The Benin artwork seen in museums around the world today was systematically plundered from Benin City by the British in 1897 as part of a punitive expedition in reprisal for the massacre of an overzealous Tra...   [tags: Anthropology, Britain]

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The Design and Uses of Jomon Pottery

- ... The following Jomon image shows the open loops in the swelling shoulder area which might resemble happiness in the person art work of creativity. The middle Jomon period could relate to its increased of population of production in handicrafts and is also when the Japanese people used their pot to store goods for the following foods they fished hunted animals such as deer, bear , rabbits, and duck, and gathered nuts, berries, mushroom, and parsley. The Jomon pottery shows the presence of the prehistoric Japanese people who gather needs so that it could be stored as something that could be utilized in their everyday lives....   [tags: art, techniques, artifacts]

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Artifacts and Beauty in the Castle of Nagoya in Japan

- Surrounded by a forbidding moat and impressively massive stone walls, the fortress known as the Castle of Nagoya lies within. To this day, the castle is one of the most impressive in all Japan. I can feel the impressiveness as I look up over 300 feet, and am unable to see the other side of the castle limits. It is no secret that the castle caused fear throughout the nation. Even today it attracts visitors from all over the world for its beauty and intellection of bringing history together. As I walked the outside fence, I look down at the hundred foot long moat, and the stone wall that rise another hundred feet overlooking the moat, that made foreign invasion almost impossible....   [tags: Japanese, Travel]

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Archaeologica Ethics in the World

- Introduction We have been spared the recent memory of global wars, such as the First World War, but armed conflict on a national or regional scale and sectarianism continues uninterrupted by the efforts of international politics and undeterred by legal protections. In March 2003 the United States and a Coalition of nations began the Iraq War (Eck and Gerstenblith 2004:469-470). The Coalition avoided targeting cultural sites and moments, to comply with the 1954 Hague Convention on the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict, but totally failed to prevent the Iraq National Museum in Baghdad from being looted (Emberling 2008:7)....   [tags: World History, Artifacts, Archaelology]

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Histopathological Determination of Age in Archaeological Remains

- Introduction Estimating age at death has long and justly been viewed as a highly important aspect in various scientific fields of concern, including forensic pathology, archaeology or anthropology. The past decades have seen a rapid progress in all domains of science, including biology where molecular studies have become the centre of attention. However, even today, the classical histomorphometry methods are still widely used as a complementary analysis, whilst offering back-up to the molecular results in terms of determining the age of an individual....   [tags: Archeaology, Ancient Artifacts, Earth, Death]

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Conflict, Looting and the Law

- ... James Cuno (2011:1), who is the Director of the Art Institute of Chicago and an author supporting museums’ right to acquire artefacts, raised a challenge to Renfrew‘s second solution; that US museums have lobbied against the US’ ratification of Conventions. Their view is that an artefact’s provenance is its ownership rather than its archaeological context. In my opinion Patron’s proposal for a form of partage is the most pragmatic proposal although in a world with increasing common legal frameworks it should not be necessary to propose a compromise which effectively accepts that the international community cannot prevent illicit excavations and the lucrative trade in artefacts....   [tags: stolen arechaelogical artifacts from Iraq]

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Mass Marketing and Cultural Appropriation

- ... Cultural exchange must always be mutually made, between two different cultures (Uwujaren). The key is common understanding and equality (Uwujaren). It is one’s personal responsibility to, listen to those of marginalized cultures, comprehend the blatant and subtle ways their culture has been appropriated, and educate themselves on the proper ways to engage with these cultures (Uwujaren). As a result of appropriation, marginalized cultures face the bitter end. There is a history of viewing people of different cultures as exotic, uncivilized, barbaric, savage, and worthy of ridicule (“Culture Clash”)....   [tags: reducing cultural artifacts to mere aesthetics]

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Assessment Tactic in Education

- The process of assessment will always have a place amongst the world of education regardless of the changing academic standards and those who take part in the education system. It is critical to develop assessments that are ingenious, organized, and have a meaningful purpose for the evaluation and the applicability to the assessor. According to Higher Learning Commission, “Assessment of student learning is a participatory, iterative process that: Provides data/information you need on your students’ learning, engages you and others in analyzing and using this data/information to confirm and improve teaching and learning, produces evidence that students are learning the outcomes you...   [tags: Student Evaluations, Pre-Service Teacher]

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Methodology for the Analysis

- Methodology for the Analysis Kenneth Burke, “The rhetorical theorist and critic who probably has had the greatest impact on rhetorical criticism as it is practiced today” (¬Foss, 2009, 63), revealed to the world the methodology of cluster analysis in an attempt to gain understanding about a rhetor’s worldview. In Samy Charnine’s nondiscursive paintings, words seem to explode off of the canvas and out at anyone who is viewing his work. The method of cluster analysis involves collection of these words, or key terms, and examination of what elements seem to cluster around them resulting in four steps of the method....   [tags: Art Analysis ]

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The Deeper Meaning of Bread

- People usually have a specific item that identifies their personality. It may certainly be more than one item. Whatever the case may be, that item(s) represents in part or in whole that certain individual. In the same way, every culture has something that identifies them. The item could be either a tangible or an abstract object so as long as it calls to mind the culture as soon as one sees it or after it is explained to them. For this project however, I have chosen a tangible artifact. The artifact that I have chosen is bread....   [tags: Culture]

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Investigation of an Abandoned Mining Settlement near Elko, Nevada

- Introduction An abandoned settlement consisting of several building foundations and a mining site with placer gold deposits near the town of Elko, Nevada were recently discovered. An archaeological investigation of this site was conducted in order to determine the age of this site, and to look for clues as to why this site was abandoned. In order to do this, archaeologists completed multiple surveys as well as an excavation of the mining site. Great care was taken to preserve the site as well as the surrounding environment which is why only a singular excavation took place at this site....   [tags: the Great Depression, ]

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How Individuals Contribute to Organizational Culture and Behavior

- For this course, I am having a difficult time creating an artifact and reflection, since we have touched on several important topics during these past few weeks. With that be said, I feel that this course provided the most opportunities to assess our individual personalities than compared to other courses. The topics that were covered in the modules have allowed me to gain a positive perspective on how individuals contribute to organizational culture and behavior. The first part of my Artifact is the MBTI assessment developed by Carl Jung....   [tags: MBTI Assessment by Carl Jung]

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Media and Metaphor Regarding England's Rose

- ... 268). There are two major parts of a metaphor, the tenor and the vehicle. The tenor is known as the topic or the subject, and the vehicle is the mechanism or rather the lens viewing for the target. According to Foss, the metaphors are sorted or grouped according to either the tenor or the vehicle, depending on the interest and the kinds of insights that come up in the analysis (2009, p. 273). Metaphors also might stand out due to their intensity and frequency and if it does work in the world....   [tags: Princess Diana]

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Taylor Swift is Fearless

- News has spread all over the world. The famous Mitsogo Gabon Manioc Stamper has gone missing from the Museum of Natural History in Gabon. The children in Gabon ask their parents, “What is happening to our country?” The parents have no idea what to say to their kids. “What will happen to our ancestors because of the missing artifact?” More children ask. The accident is a still a mystery too many people. There is said that there is a cash reward for people who know what happened. If anyone finds the artifact the reward is three million dollars....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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Donnie Darko

- Twenty-eight days…six hours…forty-two minutes…twelve seconds, that is when the world will end. The movie Donnie Darko, Frank tells Donnie that the world will end in just a short time. Throughout the movie, different literary devices are experimented to give the movie a deeper meaning. This provides the audience with a hidden message that gathers the viewer’s attention while keeping them entertained. Donnie Darko is a movie that has imagery, symbolism, and foreshadowing and by merging these devices creates a film that holds their audience’s attention....   [tags: Film Analysis]

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Mechanics of Experimental Archaeology

- Archaeologists are constantly questioning both past circumstances, technologies and capabilities of the past; one of the ways of analyzing and interpreting archaeological data is through the practice of Experimental Archaeology. Experimental Archaeology is a scientific approach to analyzing archaeological data found during excavations. Experimental Archaeologists are grounded in science and work to explain various aspect of the past through physical experimentation being the way of analyzing and interpreting the past....   [tags: Repetitive Tests, Typologies]

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Organization and Coherence at School: Common Planning Time

- ... This was the ostensible outcome; however this has not come to full fruition, at least not in all grade level teams. This evidence was reflected in the first artifact (Artifact 5.a), the common planning time template that is used with the intent of promoting collaboration to enhancing student learning. In this artifact, it illustrated the meeting minutes of a 1st grade team. It captured some thoughtful insight when the teachers attempted to look at the Fountas & Pinnell reading assessments and identify the needs of students....   [tags: leadership, english learners]

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Question and Answer about Art Meseums

- 1. Why does Carol Duncan believe that the art museum is a ritual setting. Duncan noted that the Boston Museum of Fine Arts represents the similar architecture of a Greek temple. This resemblance can be seen in the Erechtheion, located in Athens, which exemplifies this comparison. The Erechtheion is built with Ionic orders, which is one of the three main orders that were used in classical Greek architecture. The Ionic is mostly famous for its “scrolls” that decorate the top of the column. You see the same style of columns holding up the architrave of the Boston Museum....   [tags: liminality, disciplines, arts, setting]

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Natural Resources And Management

- Natural Resources and Management Cultural resources are the traces of all past activities and accomplishments of people that includes designated historic districts, archeological sites, buildings, structures, and objects. These also include less tangible forms like aspects of folklife, traditional or religious practices, and landscapes. These nonrenewable resources often yield unique information about past societies and environments, and can provide answers for modern day social and conservation problems....   [tags: essays research papers]

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2001: Space Odyssey by Arthur Clarke

- There are many scenes that take place in a book, some are more important than others. In the book I read over the summer, “2001: Space Odyssey” by Arthur Clarke. A few of the scenes were very important and without them the book would have been a waste. Here are three examples of importance in scenes from my book. Frank Poole is sent to the moon of earth to explore a strange uncovered artifact. This artifact turns out to be a signaling device put on the moon by aliens millions of years before the time when it was discovered....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Night by Elie Wiesel

- The “Revisionist” How could one dieny that the mass murder of six million jews never happened. These revisionist, or deniers, like to believe that it never did. Even with the witnesses, photos, buildings and other artifacts left behind, they still believe that the Holocaust is a hoax. The Holocaust deniers are wrong because there are people who have survived that wrote books, there is proof that Jews were being killed, and other evidence and artifacts have been found. There are many books that have been written by either Holocaust survivors or those who died in the Holocaust and left their diaries behind....   [tags: the holocaust, revisionist, deniers]

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Creaive Writing: Nessa's Reply

- Nessa entered Zen’s office right after he had shouted loudly into the intercom. “You called?” she said with a subtle smile on her lips. Unlike the others who wet their pants in his presence, Nessa showed no fear for this man; she respected him in a way. Even though most people feared him because he had ruthlessly killed the previous leader—his own mentor—Nessa saw a man who understood the concept of human evolution. The weak will die and the strong will survive, it was a classic theory. Approaching his desk, Nessa set a file folder down on it and pushed it towards Zen....   [tags: personal narrative]

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New Approaches to Software Testing

- ... Life cycle phase in which testing takes place classifies the testing based on the phase for which the testing process is done like coding phase, integration phase, system requirements phase, maintenance phase, pre-release phase for which corresponding testing needs to happen like unit testing, integration testing, system testing, regression testing and beta-testing. Goal specific testing focuses on the goal of the testing activity like security, correctness of GUI, operational correctness, system performance, peripheral compatibility, penetration resistance etc....   [tags: development, defects, automated]

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Utrasound and Spatial Compunding

- ... 2012). Figure 1A (Lin et al. 2002) shows the reduction in image contrast, which results in a grainy appearance, and furthermore limits lesion conspicuity for regions of low contrast. The appearance of speckle is particularly obvious with on homogenous regions (Lin et al. 2012). A method to minimise this, is through spatial compounding whereby information is collected from several coplanar frames at different angles, hence artifact patterns from each frame is also collected (Lin et al. 2002)....   [tags: real time imaging, transmission]

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Ethical Leadership in the Master of Science Leadership Program

- ... When this occurs, I know I must first identify what the ethical dilemma actually is before I can proceed to a sound decision. Once I've firmly interpreted what the ethical dilemma is, I can then analyze all the factors that relate to the dilemma. There many ethical dilemmas factors, a couple include pressure to turn a blind eye to ethically questionable practices and overly ambitious to do unethical acts. Once I have considered all of the consequences of each possible decision, including the best and worst outcomes of my decision, I should then be able to make a decision that I am most comfortable with the outcome....   [tags: leaders, decisions, organization, goals]

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President Obama’s speech at the University of Hartford

- On April 8, 2013, President Barack Obama spoke at the University of Hartford on behalf of those who died in the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut. President Obama addressed the people of the state of Connecticut and on a federal level. The broadcasting networks provided live coverage of President Obama’s speech, and a national audience listened as the president’s addressing the issues and the next steps forward for the country. The impact of this tragedy and previous massive shootings and Obama’s explanation have been a subject of a controversial debate....   [tags: Sandy Hook Shooting, NRA]

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Sutton Hoo: Unmasking a Kingdom

- The Dark Ages, the time period between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance, has garnered a reputation for brutality, barbarism, low quality of life, and constant fighting between warlords and tribes. This was the age of heroes and legends, of kings and kingdoms unknown. Little is known about the Dark Ages as the name suggests, but as recent generations of historians have found, The Dark Ages were not as dark as once supposed. In 1939, a ship burial site was unearthed which shook the historical foundations of Britain....   [tags: World History, Renaissance, Barbarism]

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Effects of Technology on People

- Does technology affect people or do people affect technology. Technology affects every aspect of our lives, we all use it every day with little thought. People take it for granted, sometimes knowing little about what brought that technology into existence. At the same time older generations have a hard time adopting the new technologies and continue to favor technology they are accustomed. The idea of technology is as old as the human race. To understand technology; first we need a common definition....   [tags: Technology Essays]

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The New Archaeology Movement

- ... Traditionally, archaeologists relied on “historical explanation” to interpret the significance of artifacts; however, New Archaeology introduced the concept of implementing a scientific attitude and considering culture as a process (Renfrew and Bahn 41). Deeming culture as a process would, in the New Archaeologist’s mind, help determine “how changes in economic and social systems take place” (Renfrew and Bahn 41). This viewpoint would encourage generalization. It would assume that all cultures functioned in the same or similar manner, because scientific processes, such as photosynthesis, are set; the same outcome will occur each time....   [tags: knowledge, behavior, methods, approaches]

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Identification and Brief Description of Relevant Theories

- Identification and Brief Description of Relevant Theories The primary issue here is that how the object was remembered in our brain and how we manipulated it to create a consistent approach. The more one observes the way people interact with and behave towards interactive devices, the more one realizes just how strange their behavior can get especially when the device doesn't work properly and they don't know what to do. Indeed the past research shows that people’s mental models of the way interactive device work is quite poor, sometimes it incomplete and often confusing too....   [tags: auditory cognition, visual perception]

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Ancient Gilding Methods and Their Chemical Structure

- ... Why did they choose the artifacts in the article specifically. How were they able to figure out the gilding methods. Vocabulary list: 1. photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)- measuring the chemical composition of an object by the energy of electrons freed from the surface by a laser. (Merriam Webster) 2. secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) -A machine uses primary ions to push the ions in the object to the surface so they can be examined (Fraunhofer-Center Nanoelectronic Technologies) 3. optical emission spectrometry (GDOES)- a machine that uses emissions to examine the surface of an object....   [tags: technology, roman, compounds]

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Business Analysis: Sorzal

- Business Analysis: Sorzal Instruction Sorzal¡¦s Business definition, Mission statement Market authentic and quality jewelry, pottery and artifacts in the United States. To be the reputation and world-known South American and African artifact for collectors and fanciers. As an intermediate of transferring ancient culture and art to the world through tangible items. And for the reason to expand our market, we will emphasize on our target consumers interests, curiosity and self-satisfaction....   [tags: Business Management Analysis]

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The 1920s and the Foundations of Today

- ... In fact, Scopes vs. State was the first major trial ever broadcasted on public radio, furthermore proving that it was indeed an artifact of the 1920s. The radio was one of the most influential things ever to be invented. The technology used to create the radio was the foundation for the creation of the television, the wireless telephone, and eventually WiFi and cellular technology. After the radio was invented in the 1920s, the television was invented. The television functions based on the same principles as the radio; It receives radio waves through the air....   [tags: sociopolitical changes, cultural conflicts]

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Chinese Influence on Japan and Korea

- The country of China is one of the largest countries in the world. Because of its size and closeness to other countries and cultures, there is a large chance that other countries around it, before today, had been influenced by the culture of this civilization and adopted some of the culture into their own. The language of the Chinese civilization may be one of the more prevalent adaptations for the other cultures surrounding China; although it is likely that there has been more of an adaptation towards the language within Japan and Korea....   [tags: Social Studies]

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Christendom and The Song of Roland

- The Song of Roland is the oldest epic poem in French, written by an anonymous poet, composed in between late eleven century to twelfth century. This epic poetry holds an important place in the history of France and invention of Christendom. The Song of Roland is a cultural artifact that takes us to the journey of Medieval Europe, when religion becomes an important element for the formation of proto-Europe. Religion plays a crucial role in The Song of Roland and becomes the reason of criticism. Some readers might take this poem as a religious text, whereas, for some reader it is a fictional literary work and contain ideological perspective....   [tags: The Song of Roland Essays]

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Metaphoric Criticism of Huxley’s Hyperion to a Satyr

- Metaphoric Criticism of Huxley’s Hyperion to a Satyr In the 1800’s, slavery was a common practice in the southern United States. This discrimination caused a greatdeal of tension between people who believed in slavery and those who were against it. The Civil War broke out as a result of this prejudice. In the 1800’s, the discriminatory nature of man immensely hindered the advancement of our society. Hyperion to a Satyr is a narrative in which the narrator analyzes dirt’s effect of creating class barriers throughout human history....   [tags: Huxley Hyperion to a Satyr]

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Leadership and Managers

- Leadership is a bit like the adage, “if a tree falls in the woods and no one can hear it, does it make a sound?” My question is, “without followers, does a leader lead?” My first artifact, LEAD 510 Leadership and Managers Essay, illustrates my knowledge in understanding there are distinct characteristics of an effective leader. The source of power for a leader lies in the relationships that a leader has with their followers and the ability to get them to do something. Sometimes these things can be negative or positive, towards a company goal, or self-promotional that the leader is encouraging followers towards in their behavior....   [tags: power, behavior, power]

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The Philippine Culture

- When a typical Filipino thinks about the influences of the Spaniards, Religion and Christianity would immediately come to mine. Since without a doubt, the spreading of Christianity was their main priority of coming in the Philippines. However, often shadowed are the contributions of the Spaniards in other aspects in Philippine culture. Specifically, the idea that the Spaniards; particularly, the friars brought the natives the whole new world of “culture”. Hence their name culture heroes of the Filipinos....   [tags: Spanish Influence]

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Stone Walls Of New England

- Introduction Stonewalls of New England are rich with history and archeologists are still trying to determine who may have built the first stonewalls or if our concept of when North America was first settled is wrong. Items of stone and metal lead archeologists to believe that the archaic period is when the Northern New England portion of America was first inhabited. There have been many different types of fences built in New England, natural debris, wood, and stone included. Stemming from these different fence types American ingenuity flourished and inventions arose....   [tags: essays research papers]

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My experience at the Riverside Metropolitan Museum

- INTRODUCTION Some say that it is better not to dwell on the past because it cannot be changed. To these people, it is not necessarily bad to reminisce on what has happened throughout the years, but it is better to focus on what is taking place right now. They believe that the present is another chance to start fresh and anew without letting past experiences burden them. However, what they do not seem to realize is that the past, present, and future are interrelated. The present is a result of the past, while the future depends entirely on the choices, (and course of action for those choices), that are made in the present....   [tags: Hogans, Navajo Culture]

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Explaining Why Biological Warfare Cannot be Explained with the SCOT Theory, Actor-Network Theory and Technological Systems Theory

- The purpose of this essay is to explain why it will be a problem to explain biological warfare with the SCOT theory, actor-network theory and technological systems theory. Social Construction of Technology (SCOT) is a theory that was introduced by Weiber Bijker that explains the link between social and technical processes of a technology or artifact. Bjiker argued that technology is shaped by human engineers, market forces, consumer’s needs and demands. In SCOT, technology is a social construction....   [tags: biological warfare]

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The Circus Maximus

- ... There were few improvements from the on, such as an arch built for Titus and water basins. The Circus Maximus was a very important site to the Romans in religion as it was entertainment. The Circus Maximus housed the Ludi Romani (Roman Games). The Ludi Romani were held on important times on the Roman calendar. Ludi ranged from short occasions to weeklong celebrations of Rome and their gods. These long events would include anything from feasts and performances to racing and gladiatorial combat....   [tags: roman architecture and Engineering]

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Rising of a New Game because of The Great Depression

- Through neo-Aristotelian criticism, we can see how the logos, ethos and pathos appeals to the game and why, even though not entirely loved in the beginning, was soon the thing to talk about and get involved into in the 1930’s. It can be clearly seen that there are a lot of pathos involved in the concept of the board game Monopoly. Rather, the emotions involved with the realism of the game could be harsh to some but given the history behind The Great Depression, the harshness of the game is what made it exciting and somewhat daring to ‘play-along’ with the make-believe world most people get swept up in....   [tags: charles darrow, monopoly, board game]

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Communicating with the Opposite Gender in Deborah Tannen's Genderlect Theory

- Introduction Few things can be as frustrating as trying to communicate with the opposite gender. Every day each one of us is faced with the struggle of trying to relay our thoughts across the gender gap, and Deborah Tannen attempts to explain why we have those complications with a theory called the Genderlect theory. This theory was developed to explain the fundamental differences between the methods each gender use to communicate. I have had the wonderful opportunity to spend time shadowing a PA at a local clinic and through that I gained first-hand insight into the principles of the Genderlect theory....   [tags: patient, clinic, socializing]

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Analysis of the Film: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

- The History of “OZ” “Were off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz” One of the infamous phrases from one of the most well know classics of all time. The original movie titled The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was made in 1939 by Frank Baum. This film featured stars such as Judy Garland, Jack Hayley and many others. This was not only a movie, it was a fantasy, and a musical storytelling adventure with unusual characters that shook the audience. This was one of the first films to make it to the big screen with color....   [tags: Fantasy, Self-Contradiction, Society]

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Harry Potter and Kenneth Burke’s Guilt Redemption Cycle

- Introduction There are probably few people in this world who can deny the feeling of guilt. Some call that sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach or that nagging voice in their head their conscious speaking to them. Whatever people want to call this feeling, few can deny never feeling it. Is it this connection of the feeling guilt and the need to alleviate it that attracts people so much to characters who have imperfections. Is it this inherent human need to root for people who make mistakes what attracts us to characters....   [tags: Guilt Redemption Cycle]

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Fine Art and Applied Art Should Be Defined

- ... Applied arts can include architecture, pottery, basket weaving, costumes, interior design, jewelry, tools, weapons, and bookbinding as well. An example of applied arts that I wear every day is my ring. My ring is made out of metal and stones and twists into the shape of an infinity symbol. This is my favorite piece of jewelry that I own, which is why I wear it everyday. Now that the terms fine arts and applied arts have been defined, we can move onto the purposes and functions of art. There are four purposes of art: to provide a record, to give visible or other form to feelings, to reveal metaphysical or spiritual truths, and to help people see the world in new or innovative ways....   [tags: aesthetic characteristics, purposes]

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My Search for Gold in the Ocean

- When I was young I never let my disadvantage discourage me from chasing my dreams. I am colorblind but now I am sitting on an elegant two thousand dollar couch, telling you my story, without a complaint in the world. The boat bobbed up and down as we chugged against immense waves. We were heading out thirty-five miles of Key West. I was never frightened with those hunts but that day I had an unpleasant feeling. When the engine sputtered to a stop I went to grab my tank. After I got all suited up and I plunged into the ocean after the other divers with the same concept in mind....   [tags: Personal Narrative, Essay About Myself]

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How to Create and Give Valid Assessments

- ... It is important the test is tailored to the student's ability and all background factors of the student be considered so the test is fair. Lastly, it is important the information from the test be used to help the student in the academic areas of concern so the student can reach their full potential. As a counselor I am responsible to make sure assessments are reliable and valid so the information taken from tests can be used to identify academic strengths or concerns in students and to help teachers to develop realistic goals for their students....   [tags: counselor, knowledge, scores]

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Brief Overview of Mexico and its Culture

- The Real Meaning of Culture: Mexico When you first hear about Mexico the first things that cross through our minds is Mexicans, Spanish, tacos, spicy food, or illegal aliens. We ignore the fact that it is a country that has its history and beautiful places like any other country in this world. In this course I have learned a little of my origins and culture. I am a Mexican- American raised here in the United States, but honestly did not know much of Mexico. However, in this course I have learned about the culture and the story behind many of the habits that were initiated back then and still existing up to this date in many of Mexican people....   [tags: History, Latin America]

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Charles Darwing and The Theory of Evolution

- ... In October 1825 Darwin went to Edinburgh University where his grandfather studied to study medicine with a view to becoming a physician. He soon realized that he does not like the study of medicine and could not bear the sight of blood or suffering. So here changed schools and went to Cambridge to become a clergyman. Then he soon noticed he would like to be a naturalist. His theory of evolution by natural selection is what he is best known for today and is now the unifying theory of life sciences explained where all of the mindbogglingly heterogeneous kinds of living things came from and how they became exquisitely adapted to their particular environments....   [tags: biology, galapagos, natural selection]

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Improving Curriculum and Instruction in an Organization

- ... To mitigate this, the leadership team was rebranded to Instructional Leadership Team (ILT). Our mission was to support and improve the staff’s instructional capacity and practices in order to impact student learning. Most of our teachers’ pedagogical approach was still sticking to the “script” using Houghton and Mifflin or Treasures as their instructional bible guide. Rather we wanted them to shift their thinking and use student data along with standards as the driving force. In artifact 4.a, it highlighted our thought process during one of our ILT meetings in brainstorming our design of tasks and prompts for our next professional learning community for our teaching staff....   [tags: curriculum development, design, teachers]

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Perception of Women in the Media

- Language is a system of communication which consists of a set of sounds and written symbols which are used by the people of a particular country or region for talking or writing. It is considered as an art because when used it able to help a person develop or create a certain picture in the mind. Language being an artifact of culture means that it is an interesting thing that is created by the people. It is an aspect of their way of life of the people. It also helps in development of the people as writers and intellects....   [tags: language, gender, equality]

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A Summary of the Kane Chronicles

- Carter Kane has been traveling around the world since he was eight years old. He was homeschooled by his father, Julius Kane, who was Egyptologist. Julius Kane was hiding a huge secret, he was an Egyptian magician. On Christmas Eve, Carter and Julius head to London to visit Carter's sister, Sadie, who lives as a British student. Both siblings (who look nothing alike) were separated at a very young age, Sadie to live with her grandparents, and Carter with his father. Julius picked up Sadie, and discovered that one out of the two days of the year they get the spend together was going to be occupied by a trip to British Museum....   [tags: egypt, osiris, magicians]

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