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Environmental Sustainability Issues in the Olympics

- The Centennial Olympic Congress of Paris recognized these problems and incorporated environment as a “third pillar” of the Olympic charter, along with sports and culture. The UN Environment Program (UNEP), now a veteran and influential player in this arena, was among the first to get involved with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to work towards environmental sustainability issues in the Olympics. UNEP has also worked with the IOC to develop an “Agenda 21” for the Olympic Movement based on environmental sustainability guidelines created by delegates at the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development....   [tags: Environmental Sustainability ]

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NHL Expansion to Southern Cities

- NHL Expansion to Southern Cities As population continually increases in the Southern states, the NHL is moving teams into large Southern cities. In an effort to increase profits and popularity, the NHL has increased the number of teams in the league and moved into Southern cities that have never had hockey teams before. The problem is that hockey is not as popular in the South as it is in the North. This expansion in the South has lead to huge monetary losses to Southern teams and very low attendance numbers....   [tags: Professional Sports]

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The Importance of Gladiator Games

- During the middle and late third century Roman republic era gave rise to the arena games and became a great phenomenon for the Romans. An amphitheater, also known as a coliseum, housed these dangerous games that potentially harmed the audience as well as those who participated in them. Gladiatorial combat originated as part of funerals for deceased influential Romans. These large gladiatorial games were held by emperors during funerals of important roman officials, but were also included during other occasions....   [tags: Roman Empire, Popularity, Politics]

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The Ancient Roman Architectural Style

- Lord Byron once stated, “While stands the Colosseum, Rome shall stand;/ When falls the Colosseum, Rome shall fall;/ And when Rome falls- the World.” The Colosseum not only depicted the incredible architectural skill of the Romans, but also their superiority to others across the globe. Influencing most of the culture and traditions that has been integrated into our modern society, the Roman Empire is a stimulating model of how a single cultural group could shift the architectural world forever. Although inspired by the Greeks, the Roman style is entirely independent and distinct from all others; the Colosseum is only one of many of their historical masterpieces....   [tags: Roman engineering and architecture]

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Emerging Business Ethics Issues

- Stakeholders play a major role in the business arena, they are charged with the responsibility of ensuring their organization is a safe environment not only for themselves but for their employees. In a seemingly competitive and morally flawed world, business people and entrepreneurs are often presented with grave ethical challenges. For this reason their personal values and beliefs play a pivotal role in the success of the organization. When concealing doubts about the ethics of others, more than a few tend to feel warranted in engaging in less-than-ideal conduct to protect their own interests....   [tags: Business Ethics]

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Powerful Teams: Miami Heat

- Miami Heat Introduction Many would find it hard to dispute that the Miami Heat is one of the most powerful teams today. They are national champions two years running now and well on their way one making the third championship happened. Three was the most talked about players in the NBA are a part of the Miami Heat, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. With such a powerhouse, one might consider how this franchise runs behind the scenes. This paper will discuss the Miami Heat and the types of people that make up the entire franchise and levels of commitment to run a strong franchise....   [tags: NBA, championship, franchaise]

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The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

- Introduction In the last decade of Vespasian’s rule, uprisings and disasters around Rome and the Roman Empire were bringing his fame as a ruler down to levels that he did not like. To help get the Roman peoples admiration and votes back, he decided to give them a present like no other with the money and riches gained from the Siege of Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple. A feat that would last over 2 millennia and rival the biggest stadiums in today’s “modern” world. He gave them the Colosseum or otherwise known as the Flavian Theatre....   [tags: Flavian Amphitheatre]

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The Birth of Probending

- The Birth of Pro-bending By Wonderoasis DISCLAIMER: If you think Avatar: The Last Airbender belongs to me, you are seriously delirious. In other words, I do not own the greatest cartoon series ever. Except in my fantasies. 105 A.S.C "Welcome to the Avatar Day Festival at Ember Island. Welcome to the 5th Annual Bending Challenge. Who will dare to fight the esteemed Master Waterbender and Young Hero, Sister of the Chief of the Southern Water Tribe, Katara. Come one, come all, and witness-" The cries of the young announcer, barely heard over the enthusiastic screams of the audience, danced around the large arena specifically built for duels....   [tags: personal narrative, avatar character]

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Descriptive Essay Example: Livestock Sale at the County Fair

- Livestock Sale at the County Fair Every year I get this feeling. The knots in my stomach are pulled tighter every time I pass through the narrow rock arch labeled with an aged sign reading, Welcome to the Delta County Fair Grounds. My eyes peer into the distance, and like every year, the park is full of commotion and energy. Kids swinging on the swings, teenagers showing off their new school clothes while sitting on the chipped green tables eating mazzo dogs, and the various types of food stands, complete the atmosphere of the Delta County Fair....   [tags: Descriptive Writing Examples]

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One of the Greatest Concerts Ever

- One of the Greatest Concerts Ever It was a cold windy day in late November. The sky was blue, but the air had a chill to it. It was a typical Colorado fall day. My friends and I stood in a circle lightly bouncing trying to keep ourselves warm. It has always been our tradition to get to an arena at least an hour before a concert starts and wait for the doors to open. This day was no different we refused to let the weather break our tradition. We ended up paying for it because our nose and cheeks began to turn rosy red and our fingers and toes were going numb....   [tags: Music Bands Essays]

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The Value of Work Experience

- The Value of Work Experience Work experience is it of value or is it a waste of time. This is a question that both parents and teachers have been asking for a long time. I am going to research this through my own work experience for one week at Stainsby Grange Equestrian Centre in my last year at school. Works experience takes place away from the school and offers first hand experience of working life for pupils. Two views of works experience are it offers an opportunity for pupils to experience working life and to learn from this experience or it is an opportunity to enjoy time away from school with little benefit to the pupil....   [tags: Papers]

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The Roman Colosseum

- The Roman Colosseum, a colossal amphitheater, was built in the first century under Flavian's rule. Many events such as gladiator games, beast fights, naval battles, and much more took place inside the huge elliptical arena. People of all ages and classes attended these well-known spectacles. The Colosseum is a huge Roman architectural achievement and the fact that it is still standing today only amplifies the importance of this structure. Hundred of thousands of people attended the ancient games, and even more continue to visit the arena today....   [tags: ancient sport, athletic competition]

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Defining Politics

- The word politics comes from the Greek, meaning the affairs of the city-state (polis). Even though we have changed our predominant form of governing and our way of life from the times of Socrates and Plato, politics remains a vital part of how we interact with the world around us. Keeping that in mind, defining politics has always been a hard task and with the evolution of political forms, ideologies and an ever-expanding definition of the word global most would argue that a universal definition of politics is impossible....   [tags: political science, philosophy, ideology]

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The Human Effect

- Fredrick Brown’s “Arena” and Philip K. Dick’s “Second Variety” are short stories that explore how our humanity affects our response to conflicts against enemies that we perceive as being dangerous and alien. While one story shows how humanity’s strengths will allow us to overcome hardship and ultimately triumph, the other story illustrates how our pitfalls and hubris can lead us to destruction. In “Arena” humanity is preparing for a monumental space battle against an alien race known as the Outsiders when a mysterious, God-like Entity kidnaps a human named Carson from the edge of the conflict....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Overview of Globalization

- Globalization is the tendency of investment funds and businesses to move beyond domestic and national markets to other markets around the globe, thereby increasing the interconnectedness of different markets.(“Globalization,”) It also has had the effect of not only increasing the international trade but the cultural exchange. However, when it comes to globalization both its advantages and disadvantages have been greatly scrutinized and heavily debated in the past few years. People who believe in globalization say that it helps the developing nations “catch up” to the much faster industrialized nations....   [tags: business, national markets]

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Adirondack Wildcats

- Adirondack Wildcats Brevard Blue Ducks Franchise History: 1988-1998 Jacksonville, 1999-2000 Gulf Coast, 2001 Lakeland Blue Ducks, 2002 Brevard Blue Ducks Cedar Rapids River Raiders Ownership: Cedar Rapids River Raiders Corporation, Barry S. Smith, and Toni L. Smith Head Coach: Dave Joerger Assistants: Kenyon Murray President/CEO: Barry S. Smith Sales Account Representitive: Grant Guyer General Manager & Director of Operations: Sean McLaughlin Franchise History: Expansion Team - 2004 Dodge City Legend Ownership: Dodge City Basketball, Inc.; Ownership Members: Jim Lewis, Greg Goff, Pat George, Michael Morrison, Kent Smoll, Dr....   [tags: essays research papers]

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How Chinese Dominated Sports Played the Role of Entertaining the Chines Community between 1970's and 1980's

- ... It was a moment which aroused many Singaporeans to learn more about sports, and it was also the topic amongst the Singaporeans for a few months. However, in modern Singapore, it is not just the Chinese community that comes together to support, but rather the multi-ethnic groups coming together to support. Hence, in view of this, I would like to state that Chinese dominated Sports (Basketball, Table tennis) played an important role of entertaining the Chinese community between 1970s and 1980s....   [tags: basketball, table tennis]

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How Masculine Identities Have Evolved Through Consumption And Representation Since The 1980 ' S

- This essay approaches the statement above by arguing how masculine identities have evolved through consumption and representation since the 1980’s, exploring how masculine identities in fashion have evolved since the 80s, aiming to achieve evidence of this through research and referencing, by exploring the history of men and fashion since this time, exploring the ‘new man’, ‘new lad’ and the male gaze whilst providing evidence of the effect that media and ce-lebrity influences have had on shaping these identities till modern day in the context of eve-ryday life....   [tags: Gender, Masculinity, Man, Gender role]

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The Importance Of A Healthy Living Style And Promoted Variety Community Level Health Care

- The healthcare community has been emphasizing the importance of healthy living style and promoted variety community level health care services to prevent chronic disease prevalence. Obesity is identified to be one of the major causes of health issue such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. Centers for disease control and prevention reports 34.9% of United States adults are considered obese (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015). Moreover, it has been proven that the medical cost is higher for obese people....   [tags: Medicine, Health, Epidemiology, Health care]

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Why Toyota Is Successful For Manufacturing High Quality Products And Services ( Toyota )

- In today’s climate there is a high demand for some form of quality from all consumers. From buying a home, to purchasing a car or finding a highly qualified physician, consumers are demanding more for their money. The humorous side of it all is every industry out there is seeking ways to attract the savvy customer. Because consumers such as this businesses are seeking ways to improve their quality to provide want the consumer wants and demands. First Heading For years, quality has been measured in the Toyota manufacturing world by following the Deming principles....   [tags: Health care, Healthcare, Quality control]

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Truman 's Decision For Drop The Atomic Bomb On Japan During World War II

- Truman’s Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb on Japan During World War II: His Dilemma “America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.” That is what President Harry Truman said only a short time after he made the audacious decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan. Many factors played a role in his decision to use atomic weapons on Japan: a difficult ground war in Okinawa, the astronomical cost of human casualties (both American and allied, as well as Japanese), the financial cost of the military action in the Japanese theatre, the desire to end the offensive in the pacific arena as quickly as possible, reduced...   [tags: World War II]

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The Comparison Between Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games and Its Movie Adaptation

- ... The Games fulfil their purpose of terrifying the people of the Districts and thus preventing them to rebel against the government as they once tried. If the consequence of the last rebellion were the Hunger Games, there is no way of knowing whether or not the Capitol would destroy every one of them were they to fail again: “How little chance we would stand of surviving another rebellion” (Collins). Panem is a truly totalitarian state, where dictatorship rules, with a tremendous difference between the rich, who live in the Capitol and the Districts nearest to it, and the poor, especially the outer Districts like Eleven or Twelve: “What it must be like, I wonder, to live in a world where f...   [tags: from book to film]

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The Black Power Model : A Critique Of The Pluralism Model

- The Black Power model is a critique of the pluralism model, one that arose out of the discrepancy between effective tactics during the Civil Rights Movement. Instead of forming coalitions with Whites who are the internal colonial power, Black Power calls for independent Black political forces to free the colonized Black American population. Under the Black Power model, understanding racial politics first requires an understanding of racism, which is, as defined by Black Power model theorists, the practice of using decision-making and public policies as instruments to subordinate a racial group and to maintain control over that group (Carmichael and Hamilton 1992, 3)....   [tags: Black people, Race, White people]

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When the Ends Justify the Means in Machiavelli´s The Prince

- ... Securing the state's power is just because it secures its citizens. Therefore, the state is justified in its actions, so long as it is projected towards this end goal in mind. This is where the phrase, “the ends justify the means” first blossomed. Machiavelli justifies his claim on the basis that men are inherently violent, ungrateful and disloyal. In short, Machiavelli has a rather pessimistic view of human nature. The only way to tame human nature into a cooperative fashion is for the state to exercise fear over its citizens....   [tags: Values, Morality, Authority]

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Hegemonic Masculinity And Its Influence On Young Male 's Growth

- In the views of Micheal Kimmel “hegemonic masculinity” is a socially constructed process where men are pressured by social norms of masculine ideals to perform behaviors of a “true man” and its influence on young male’s growth. It is the ideology that being a man with power and expressing control over women is a dominant factor of being a biological male. The structure of masculinity was developed within the 18th to 19th century, as men who owned property and provided for his family with strength related work environments was the perfect example of being a generic “American man.” Kimmel introduces Marketplace Manhood and its relation to American men....   [tags: Gender, Masculinity, Man, Gender role]

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The Different Ideologies of Both Roman and Greek Architecture

- The different ideologies of both roman and Greek architecture have been disputed for many decades. These great feats such as the Flavian Amphitheater and the Parthenon help distinguish the two cultures. The amphitheater was built for the roman people’s entertainment. The Parthenon was built to appease the Greek goddess Athena. Just by looking at their purposes it is easy to see how their cultures varied. However, it is important to also look into the architectural components to further analyze. The Flavian amphitheater and the Parthenon are both examples of classic roman and Greek architecture....   [tags: The Parthenon, The amphitheater ]

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Sacramento : The New Home For The Sacramento Kings

- Sacramento, California is currently in the midst of a potential economic and social revolution in its downtown area. There are several, huge developmental efforts that are currently ongoing. Most of Sacramento’s development revolves around the Golden 1 Center, the new home for the Sacramento Kings. In addition to the arena, Sacramento is creating housing and retail developments in the same area, known as the Downtown Commons. The upcoming development will certainly change the city. However, Sacramento is relying heavily on the Golden 1 Center to raise economic and social environment in downtown....   [tags: Economics, Dependency theory, Economy]

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Analysis Of The Book ' The Hunger Games '

- Haymitch has been forced to deal with a traumatic experience that changed his life forever. Watching tributes from his district die every year caused him to give up mentoring. He instead turned to alcohol to cope with his pain and loss. He numbs his reality of winning The Hunger Games and the unsuccessful tributes every year by drinking alcohol. People around him have always seen him as this violent and unstable person. Nobody has considered what this man has faced. Even the readers of this book have considered him this unfriendly person....   [tags: Alcoholism, Alcohol, Mockingjay]

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The Role of the Church in the Renaissance

- The Christian Church was absolutely instrumental in the art of the Renaissance. It was the driving force behind every inspiration; without the Church, there would have been no art. The Church was the only institution powerful enough to be able to support the commissions of all of the artwork, and it was the only institution, in which people had enough faith and devotion to spend so much of their time and money creating pieces that—although beautiful—were not necessities. The role of religion in art actually began during the Byzantine era....   [tags: Art History Religion]

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The Gwinnett Center, Which Is Managed By Smg

-  The Gwinnett Center, which is managed by SMG, includes four major components: o The Convention Center offers 50,000 square feet of exhibit space, 23 meeting rooms, and a 21,600 square foot grand ballroom. o The Arena at Gwinnett Center can accommodate groups from 3,500 in a theater-style setting or up to 13,000 for a major concert or sporting event. The arena also includes 36 corporate suites, 2 party suites, and club seats and hosts Broadway shows and ECHL hockey games. o The 80-acre Gwinnett Center campus also houses a 702-seat Performing Arts Center....   [tags: Hotel, Hotel chains, Jekyll Island, Hampton Inn]

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The Importance of Self-Esteem in Child Development

- How important is good self-esteem in the development of children: extremely important!. Having good self-esteem is a key component in the healthy development of children and adolescents (Nuttall, 1991). A person with high self-esteem feels like they can accomplish anything they set their minds to, whereas a person with low self-esteem feels that they are unimportant and nothing they do will make a difference (Nuttall, 1991). How a person feels about themselves affects how they will act, this is true in adults and adolescents as well as small children (Nuttall, 1991) There are a myriad of influences that can make a difference in the self-esteem of children today: parents, teachers, friends,...   [tags: Child Development]

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The Correlation Between Homework and Academic Success

- Ample research has been done on the correlation between homework and academic success with many opposing views. Research has shown that homework can be linked to better grades, improved standardized test scores, and more prepared students entering the post-secondary arena; however, this correlation is weak and the opposition has equal ammunition to support that there is no correlation between homework and academic success. There have been movements to abolish homework as well as movements to increase homework....   [tags: Education ]

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Marketing 2.0: The New Language of Marketing

- The best sports any corporate indulge in and desire to win, are none other than the game of marketing. The day people engaged in trading, the concept of marketing evolved, though the same has travelled the long route to reach modern day market orientation. Marketing has always been a crucial part of a business. Organizations have become great brands on the sheer basis of effective marketing strategies. In the era of huge competition, organizations are going great length to advertise and promote their products and earn valuable customer loyalty....   [tags: Marketing Methods]

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Role of Public Service Broadcasting in Democracy

- “The concept of needing a license to watch television is probably pretty damn bizarre to anyone outside the UK but it is, unfortunately, a cold hard fact here. The sole purpose of said license is to fund the BBC,… So what do you get for £121.00 a year. Rubbish, that's what. Countless gardening, cooking and DIY programs, and enough God-awful nature shows to turn a die-hard vegan into a ferocious carnivore. Oh sure there are a few decent documentaries, an occasional film that's worth watching and there are some pretty good history programs now and then, but hey, I can see that stuff on the other channels too!"....   [tags: PSB, BBC, Conflict, Public]

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My Father's Reaction to My Biggest Mistake

- Bored out of my mind on a cold and rainy day, my friends invited me to attend a live basketball game in Oakland, California. I felt ecstatic since I have never gone to a NBA game before. I realized that the place I needed to arrive at was around twenty miles away from my home. I was not willing to take the bus all the way from San Francisco to Oakland with this horrible weather. Caught in the excitement, I took my dad's car keys without his consent and decided to drive to the arena in Oakland with no driver's license....   [tags: car, gas, disobeying ]

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Industrialization And The Disregard Of Human Life

- Industrialization and the Disregard for Human Life The newly industrialized United States of America had little care for the well-being and safety of its citizens. They were simply a cog in the capitalist machine whose only job was to further along the work process. In the age of industrialization, the streets became “arteries for transportation” as the working class used the streets to walk to work (20). The streets were also an arena for socializing, working, washing, raising children, and more for the working and lower classes....   [tags: Social class, Working class, Marxism, Karl Marx]

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The Use Of Anabolic Steroids For Athletes

- The usage of anabolic steroids by athletes Why do athletes take this type of drug when it has so many repercussions involving their career. Increasing numbers of athletes are now relying on anabolic steroids to boost their strength, endurance, and performance, despite the knowledge of the potentially serious adverse consequences these drugs can have. Through this paper one will find a decisive background and history of anabolic steroids, from when they were first used in the sporting arena, to what they do, and who uses anabolic steroids and why....   [tags: Anabolic steroid, Testosterone, Bodybuilding]

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Creative Writing: Rodeo at Plum Grove

- I was sitting with my friend, Pistol on one of the bucking shoots watching the barrel race. Two more events before bull riding. I thought. I was itching to get a shot at "Dooms Day" he was the rankest bull in the pen. Pistol had rode him a few weeks ago for 89 points. At most rodeos the barrel race was right before bull riding.Here it's in between calf roping and saddle bronc riding. The announcer called barrel racer after barrel racer......Pistol elbowed me in the side and looked over at a barrel racer waiting outside the arena....   [tags: narrative essays]

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Events Held At The Roman Coliseum

- The many events held at the Roman Coliseum reflect Roman society and culture. This amphitheatre hosted a multitude of public spectacles and events including gladiator fights, animal hunts, mock naval battles, and public executions. Sometimes thousands of animals were killed in a single day’s event and often “brutality was deliberate in order to achieve crudeliter -- the correct amount of cruelty” ( Mark Cartwright ). The games also demonstrated the generosity of the Emperor to the people and provided an opportunity for ordinary people to see their rule in person....   [tags: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Gladiator]

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The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins

- In Suzanne Collins novel “The Hunger Games” Katniss struggles as she faces obstacles that could change their life forever in a dystopian society. In the novel Katniss takes on the role of an unforgiving, independent mother figure to her innocent and vulnerable sister Prim when their mother gave up on them after her husband death. She spends countless hours each day relentlessly searching for food to feed her family. When doing so she proves her determination to keep her family close, healthy and alive....   [tags: The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire]

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The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins

- There’s twenty-four people and only one comes out. The Hunger Games is fantasy, adventure love story set in a utopian society about a teenaged girl from a poor district who volunteers to fight in the 74th Annual Hunger Games to take her sister’s place. The Hunger Games series consist of three books written by Suzanne Collins in 2008. These three books were later made into four movies starting in 2012 directed by Francis Lawrence and Gary Ross; starring Jennifer Lawrence, Willow Shields, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth....   [tags: Actor, Film, Acting, The Hunger Games]

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Gladiatorial Combat During The Roman Empire

- Gladiatorial combat originated in 700 B.C. during the Etruscan Empire. “The origins of the sport may lie in Etruscan slave fights, which were fought to the death to please the gods and to enhance the reputations of the slaves ' owners. The Romans incorporated the tradition into their funeral ceremonies, beginning in 264 B.C. with that of Junius Brutus Pera 's” (Lidz n.pag). As the games became more popular, “the fascination of the games lay in the transformation of the despicable and the lowly into objects of admiration (since the socially outcast gladiators were held in high popular regard)” (Fagan 17)....   [tags: Gladiator, Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Commodus]

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My Experience at a Bon Jovi Concert

- My Experience at a Bon Jovi Concert It was June 24th I was so filled with excitement and joy as I waited for months for this day to come and now it hand finally arrived. Sitting on the coach patiently with my best friend Kayleigh and my sister Mellissa, who I begged to come along with me, reason being I didn't want to go own my on to enjoy the experience, and with them there it would make me feel more relaxed. While on the bus to Wolverhampton where the concert was being held, the adorning fans of Bon Jovi were chanting songs of the bands best hits....   [tags: Papers]

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Opposition between Liberalism and Conservatism

- People’s views on a wide range of issues are influenced or determined by the kind of foundational belief systems they hold. Therefore, the difference in the nature of opinions among individuals or groups of people alludes to the existence of distinct belief systems. In the course of history, the distinction between Liberalism and Conservatism has become more vivid particularly in the political arena where various players have expressed opposing points of view regarding the nation’s future. It is indeed undisputable that the foundational beliefs of Liberalism are diametrically opposed to those of Conservatism....   [tags: Conservatism vs. Liberalism]

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Hegemonic Masculinity in the Media

- Hegemonic masculinity can be defined as “the cultural idealized form of masculine character, which emphasizes the connecting of masculinity to toughness and competitiveness as well as the subordination of women and the marginalization of gay men” (Trujillo, 1991, p. 290). We live society were male dominance is the order of the day, from the family arena to the workplace, and in sports in which individuals with certain characteristics and attributes as seen as normal and the rest are termed as the “other”....   [tags: Society, Gender Gaps, Male Dominance]

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Ancient Greek and Roman Architecture

- Roman Architecture Roman architecture implemented many characteristics of Ancient Greek architecture. The Romans showed the influence of their engineering skills and secular monuments, while Greek architecture exhibited the influence of their gods and ideas of physical perfection. The use of arches, the dome and concrete permitted the ancient Romans to attain extraordinary achievements in the construction of imposing structures for public use. While showing the magnificence of the Greeks and their practical application, as well as their creativity, the Romans established architectural features that remain to this day....   [tags: columns, post, lintel, monuments]

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The Life of a Gladiator

- The life of a gladiator could be a grueling life unless you were the best and never lost. Gladiators fought in events known as gladiatorial games. The first gladiatorial games were recorded in 310 BCE. The first Gladiatorial games were not held in the huge coliseums we see today. Instead they were most likely held to entertain a powerful person or ruler. Gladiatorial combat originated as a religious event to honor the dead, victory of an important battle, a sacrifice to the gods, or to honor the death of someone in a high standing position....   [tags: romans, gladiatorial games, fights]

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Personal Narrative: The Hunger Games

- ... I fall to the ground. I could feel my heart beating as fast as hummingbird’s wings flapping from flower to flower. I tried to call for help but no one answered; I felt so stupid knowing that we were all in a competition when we kill each other to win and I’m asking for help. As the moon passes by I just think about all the happy times I’ve spent with my family and the time I’ve had with Katniss. I laugh and cry while thinking about everything. It seemed like it was just yesterday when I was harvesting the beautiful orchids and flowers with my family, laughing and joking around....   [tags: katniss, pain]

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A Nation 's Foreign Policy

- A nation’s foreign policy is the result of decades of work designed to answer the needs of a nation, both international and domestic, in the most optimal fashion possible. As a result, a nation’s foreign policy is rarely changed within a single day. September 11th, however, changed the direction and motivation of United States foreign policy in a matter of minutes. With the death of nearly 3,000 Americans, the collapse of the World Trade Center, and the nation’s air traffic control system completely shutdown, terrorism became the number one priority in U.S....   [tags: United States, Iraq War, World War II, Cold War]

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Marketing Strategy Of Marketing Strategies

- Analysis of Marketing Strategies Marketing is a core pillar of an organization and contribute significantly in its prosperity through attaining the laid down targets as well as scope of development. The position of an organization is hugely based on its competitiveness and capacity to capture a significant portion of the market in relation to the prevailing needs of consumers. Interaction of the organization with the consumers and the potential consumer in the market arena is attained through the marketing wing of the organization (Ferrell& Hartline, 2012)....   [tags: Marketing, Marketing strategy, Marketing plan]

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The Myer 's Survey Study

- After completing this survey, I found that the results were very similar to the Myer -Briggs survey I took earlier in this course. While taking the survey I was stumped on many of the questions. I really had to think hard about what I would do in those types of situations. Many of the situations dealt with whether of not I would address an issue that was going on with an employee. I thought about what I do now as a teacher, and majority of the time I do confront my coworkers when there is an issue....   [tags: Leadership, Personality psychology, Thought]

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Racial, Cultural, And Gender Controversy

- With the dawn of a new era in the media, racial and gender controversy appears to still be a lead in the new millennium. From the newsroom, radio networks, video game corporations, and Hollywood the non-white stereotypes are still shaping the audiences view of minority groups in America. With the dependency of media, the content put out is now being intertwined into television networks made for kids. Racial, cultural, and gender self-esteem is developed during the childhood years, and television programming aside from educational and public broadcasting venues have failed to fulfill a socially responsible role in that regard (Wilson, Gutierrez, Chao, 2013)....   [tags: United States, Gender, Islam, Sociology]

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The Night - Original Writing

- It was 8:29pm; and I still could not believe I was standing inside Boardwalk Arena in Atlantic City, NJ. Anyone could sense that this place was full of emotions from every angle you looked. We were all anticipating the start of the concert with much enthusiasm. It had been 3 years since I saw Justin Bieber on stage. I remember the last time I saw him so clearly, I had nose bleed seat and could barely see him through the big screens next to the stage. But tonight was different. At this very moment, I felt everything inside my body shake and crumble....   [tags: Debut albums, Emotion, Eye color, Feeling]

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Ideology Is A Distorted Communication

- The Fawcett Report 2016........................................................................................................ 12 Conclusion............................................................................................................................... 13 Introduction “Ideology is a systematically distorted communication: a text in which, under the influence of unavowed social interests (of domination, etc.), a gap separates its ‘official’, public meaning from its actual intention—that is to say, in which we are dealing with an unreflected tension between the explicit enunciated content of the text and its pragmatic presuppositions” (Zizek 63)....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Women's rights, Woman]

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Graduation Speech - Original Writing

- After looking at him in silence for a few seconds I blew out a sigh of surrender. "I get it.” No. I don’t get it. How will I feed from an Akatsuki without the others knowing, Master?!. He smiled. "Good!" Kisa laughed nervously, Iria pushed up his glasses again to hide his relief. "Wasn 't there something else you wanted to tell us?" Kisa asked. "That 's right. You should have all received the invitation from my party, yes?” We nodded our heads. “You five will be under my direct orders from now on....   [tags: 2007 singles, Debut albums, 2008 singles]

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My Last High School Rodeo

- I took a deep breath as I walked my horse into the Greeley Stampede Arena. I told myself just to "relax." I loped a circle around the arena to make sure that my horse was warmed up and ready to go. He was ready but I was starting to get nervous. I stopped in front of the roping box to put my piggin' string in my mouth. I looked at my calf in the chute to make sure that it was number 33, which was one of the best calves out of the whole set. It was, and I was ready to ride into the box and rope my calf, or attempt to rope my calf....   [tags: Personal Narrative, essay about myself]

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Engineering Ethics And Ethics Of Engineering

- “Engineering In Ethics” Engineering ethics is a multi-disciplinary arena of morals and integrity and a classification of ethical ideologies which is applied to the performance and practice of engineering. The grounds inspect and scrutinise and lay down the commitment of the engineers towards the society and to their patrons and to the career as a whole. As an academician of this subject it is directly related to the subjects of the science of philosophy, the philosophy of engineering and also the ethics in technology....   [tags: Engineering, Professional Engineer, Ethics]

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Redifining Politics In Baguio City

- Formerly residing in Baguio City and currently residing in Chesapeake, Virginia, I grew up seeing and voting some of the same politicians seeking office for two or more terms with some doing their best to make Baguio City the finest place in the Philippines, while the others have little significant contributions in running the city government and its populace. However, times have changed and younger politicians are becoming more interested in the political arena. Indeed, there is a need to balance the political equation in the local election in the City of Baguio with new, vibrant, and intelligent young politicians who are equipped with the spirit of public service, integrity, courage and co...   [tags: Politics]

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Peter Senge's The Fifth Discipline

- Peter Senge’s book The Fifth Discipline is truly the authority on “systems thinking.” This is a leadership framework used by organizations to improve learning within their system. Senge further develops a strategy on how we can renew our minds to see the dynamic complexity within any given system. Senge defines an element of dynamic complexity within system thinking as “seeing wholes.” (p. 68). He describes that we can develop a framework to seeing interrelationships rather than just “snapshot.” (p....   [tags: success in global leadership practices]

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Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas

- Introduction Critics have for a long time argued that there is no way that philosophy and religion can come together. In their argument, they find many a religious group conflicting with the sound doctrine purported by the philosophy arena. For those who have tried to harmonize the two disciplines, they have been met with complex questions on the authenticity and their grounds of arguments. However, the works of ancient (middle-age philosophers) and religious thinkers and scholars has had challenges too but there are two outstanding works that have gained credit from most, if not all, of the scholars and modern philosophers....   [tags: Philosophy ]

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History's Finest: The Gladiator

- The concept of gladiators was a very prevalent occurrence in Ancient Rome, and it constitutes as a significant milestone in the shaping of history. With this in mind it is important for this piece of history to be presented accurately. In general, the gladiator is portrayed correctly, however sometimes scholars miss important details. The history of the Roman Gladiator is crucial to the legacy of Ancient Rome and its accurate representation is just as vital. The people of Rome were known for many things; one was their love of games....   [tags: Ancient Rome, Roman Gladiator]

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Advertisement and Soft Drinks

- One of the top rated advertisements online is of soft drink done by Pepsi a global food and beverage Company. This advert features some of the big names in the music world namely Beyonce, Pink and Britney Spear. The uniqueness of this advert is that it blends the ancient roman culture with the modern day characters. The commercial is set in the Roman Coliseum which in ancient time hosted gladiator battles. In deconstructing it, the target audience needs first to be identified. Pepsi drink is enjoyed by people of all age with exception of infants, making it a popular product to advertise (Pepsi   [tags: pepsi, youtube, facebook]

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NCAA March Madness Tournament

- One of the top sporting events in the world is considered to be the NCAA March Madness tournament. This tournament is ranked third just behind the super bowl and FIFA World Cup. It’s unbelievable to think that one of the top sporting events in the world is in college athletics. You have other professional sports like basketball, baseball, hockey and NASCAR, but there championships still don’t compare to the NCAA championship. March madness is so popular that global firms Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc believe that companies are expected to lose about $1.2 billion because of every hour of work that employees are watching games instead of working (Koba, 2014)....   [tags: Sporting Events, America, College Basketball]

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Horseback Riding A Sport?

- Horseback Riding a Sport. Is horseback riding a sport. Some people do not think horseback riding is a sport, but it really is in more ways than one. Horse and Rider need to be physically fit to be in the show arena or even just on a trail ride. Riders have to communicate with their horses just like the horse has to communicate with the rider. Being safe while riding is also very important. There are so many reasons why riders need to have a relationship with their horses. Some people think horses do all the work while the rider just sits there....   [tags: Equestrianism, Horse, Horse racing]

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Who Should Fund Stadiums?

- The age old question of who should fund stadiums can create quite the argument, it will always be statement of opinion but it is still worth the research to assume which act of measure should take place when building a new stadium and arena. Questions and key words asked throughout this research project are: Who should fund stadium building. Financing of stadium building. Who should pay for stadiums. Funds for stadium and arenas. Paying for stadiums through the city. Franchise’s paying for stadiums....   [tags: Tax, Taxation in the United States, Yankee Stadium]

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Gladiatorial Combat In Rome

-      Gladiatorial contests (munera gladitoria), hold a central place in our perception of Roman behavior. They were also a big influence on how Romans themselves ordered their lives. Attending the games was one of the practices that went with being a Roman. The Etruscans who introduced this type of contest in the sixth century BC, are credited with its development but its the Romans who made it famous. A surviving feature of the Roman games was when a gladiator fell he was hauled out of the arena by a slave dressed as the Etruscan death-demon Charun....   [tags: Gladiators, Chariots, Roman Games]

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The Colosseum

- The Colosseum Question According to Colin Cunningham in Unit 6, the form and function of a building “are inextricably linked” (Block 2, pg 50). Consider three ways in which this was so for the Colosseum. The Colosseum in Rome was built in around 80CE. It was used to house spectacular performances such as gladiator fights. It also signified the power and prestige of the emperor. As such, the form and design of the building had to help fulfil the purpose of the Colosseum. As the Colosseuem was built to house games that people came to watch, visibility was an important consideration....   [tags: Papers]

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The Art of Calf Roping

- The Art of Calf Roping It’s 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning. Jake and I are headed down the longest stretch of road in Texas. We have just pulled out of El Paso and are on the way to Fredericksburg to participate in the Frontier Days Rodeo. We were fortunate to have put together a decent run on our last draw and win enough day-money to keep us going for a while. Jake and I are rodeo-bums, to be specific, calf ropers. I am the one who tries to throw the loop of a rope around a calf’s neck and Jake is my partner, the best roping horse a cowboy ever mounted....   [tags: Expository Process Essays]

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The Patriarchal Roots of Evil: Mass Rape and its Implications

- The Patriarchal Roots of Evil: Mass Rape and its Implications Imagine this scene. A woman is being brought through the forest. Someone had, very tactically, tied her to a cross in a vertical manner, and by the painful look on her face, the worst is yet to come. The woman is being carried by what is soon to become her audience. It consists mostly of other women by looks very similar to their friend on the cross: malnourished, zombie-like, bodies painted with blood of the bruises that never were given a chance to heal....   [tags: Free Essays Online]

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The Running Man

- "Save me" screamed Sarah who stabbed to death by a serial rapist/murderer. The murderer, Pedro, was a fugitive for 2 years. You know, running away from the cops for murdering dozens of innocent souls. He went on the run, from Liverpool England to where else but the land of fatness, the land of ignorance and stupidity, the lad that has some of the most weird and peculiar sates in the world, the state where a rapist and murderer would fit in quite nicely. Texas, America. From Texas there have been many gory, disturbing, wired, frightening stories....   [tags: Running Man Essays]

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Rodeo Animal Safety

- Rodeo is a sport with long American traditions and loved by many spectators and participants. Past history has shown that rodeo needed to make way for a new era of riders and trainers with a larger emphasis on the welfare of the animals and not be discontinued or banned entirely. Today’s rodeos do not present a danger to the animals because the animals are well-cared for and protected, rodeos have strict rules and the stock are treated as prized animals. There is a very important distinction when dealing with animal welfare and animal rights....   [tags: Animals]

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Critique Of ASEAN

- Following the failure at mitigating the 1997 economic crisis and other political turmoils within Asia, ASEAN’s credibility was challenged by political scholars. As non-state centric threats such as the economic crisis are becoming recurring issues within the region, it has come ever more important to assess how well the institution is at consolidating issues and strengthening Southeast Asia. Purpose In the article “Does ASEAN Matter. International Relations Theories, Institutional Realism and ASEAN” the author, Kai He asserts that mainstream international relations theories that have assessed ASEAN overlook the value of the institution....   [tags: Government]

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Health Care Allocation

- The healthcare industry of the Bahamas is divided into two sectors, public and private health care. There are five hospitals, which includes two private hospitals and three public hospitals, and numerous public community clinics along with the many private facilities through which medical services are rendered (Doctors Hospital, 2009). The Princess Margaret Hospital, which is the main public facility, according to Smith (2010) in 1905 was people’s last choice when seeking medical attention. Smith described the then hospital as being partitioned into four areas, “for the sick, indigent, lepers and insane” (Smith, 2010)....   [tags: Private Facilities, United Nations]

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International Relations Perspectives

- International Relations Perspectives Realist Perspective The basis for the realist perspective focuses on the struggle for power; and, proposes that this is the central cause of events in international affairs. This perspective “sees the world largely in terms of a struggle for power in which strong actors seek to dominate weak ones and weak actors resist strong ones to preserve their interests and independence…There is no overarching or universal center of power in the world that is recognized by all actors as legitimate…[It} emphasizes power: human nature at the individual level, aggressive states at the domestic level, leaders pursuing domestic and international power at the foreign polic...   [tags: political science]

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A Fresh Kill

- Tarquinius O'Donoghue. That name is a plume of acrid, nicotine-infested smoke, contaminating your lungs, your blood, right down to your cells at its presence. It's a lethal jab of ecstasy drug, raising your anger levels like a bulging helium balloon. It's become a conditioned reflex at school that on hearing that dreadful name, you recoil in repulse as though it were a stinking bonfire of decaying matter. Nobody likes Tarquinius. Tarquinius the bully. Cruel, callous, condescending Tarquinius. He thinks he's so intelligent, and that "higher than thou" voice that propagates out of his mouth......   [tags: personal narrative]

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The Roman Colosseum

- In Rome the buildings were constructed under Roman Empire. The Roman Colosseum was constructed between 69 to 79 CE by the Vespasian emperor, The Circus Maximum was built in the 2nd century B.C by the high emperor, in 31 B.C the fire destroyed it that led Emperor Augustus to rebuild the Circus in 82 AD, Ludus Magnus was a gladiatorial training school in Rome and it was originally built between 81-96AD by Emperor Domitian. The emperor’s theme was large public stone buildings that would bring the people of Rome together and also the emperor was rich and they had manpower....   [tags: vespasian emperor, the pantheon]

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Graduation Speech: Nothing is Accomplished Without Risk

- I would like to begin by saying that I am honored to be able to stand before you tonight as a representative of my class, a great class, the class of 2012. I remember starting kindergarten and looking at high school with such awe. It was almost a dream. Each year I took a step closer, but it always seemed so far away. And yet tonight, I stand up here representing the realization of that dream. We have done it. No, really, think about it for a second, we have achieved the biggest, most anticipated event of our lives....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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State Wrestling Championship

- State Wrestling Championship All my hopes and dreams had come true. I have been wrestling since I was twelve years old. Ever since then I've been trying to accomplish my dream of going to the Colorado State Wrestling Tournament. I decided that I wanted to be a good wrestler, and I wanted to be one of the top wrestlers in the state. I knew that the only way to accomplish my goal was to start wrestling as soon as possible and never give up. The second year of high school I was given my shot to go to state and accomplish my dream....   [tags: Descriptive Essay About A Place]

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Examining Gender Differences

- Although language can be analyzed through feminist linguistic analysis which gives an insight into inequality and trace the working of gender stereotype and ideologies, gender can be reduced and negotiated through discourse and performance of women. Introduction: The last few decades have seen an outburst of research on the nature and existence of differences between men and women. Judith Butler’s approach in ‘Gender Trouble’ reveals her believe that there is some existing identity, recognized through the category of women (Butler, 2006)....   [tags: women, language, inequality]

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The Effectiveness of Satirical Pieces as Displayed in Brady's "Why I Want a Wife" and Baker's "School vs. Education"

- “Why I Want a Wife” by Judy Brady and “School vs. Education” by Russell Baker are two satirical pieces that criticize two different fields of society and yet manages to present a robust grounds for argument. Brady, an active member of women’s movement and a writer of mostly feminism articles wrote “Why I Want a Wife”, an essay where she humorously writes down a lists of why she wants a wife but embeds the unsolicited role of women in the society. On the other hand, Baker, a Pulitzer Prize winner and author wrote “School vs....   [tags: Why I Want a Wife, School vs. Education]

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