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Dental Appliances

- Partial Denture Options A partial denture is a removable appliance constructed by a dentist to replace missing teeth. Partial dentures are used in an area of the mouth where fixed, non-removable appliances are neither practical nor feasible. Constructing partial dentures takes approximately one to four visits depending on the type of appliance chosen. The dentist recommends the partial denture options best suited to his patient's aesthetic, functional and financial needs. Conventional Partial Denture A conventional removable partial denture has a metal framework with thin metal clasps, which fit around the abutments - the natural or crowned teeth next to the missing teeth....   [tags: Partial Dentures, Dental Health]

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Could lightweight discover of electricity improve future appliances?

- Could lightweight discover of electricity improve future appliances. Paper, invented more than 2,000 years ago, has severed us with multiple purposes. Amazingly, this extensively, broad use item has been discovered for its ability to absorb carbon nanotubes and silver nanowires films into its porous material to conduct electricity in a completely new way. However, paper is not the only object discovered for its ability to demeanor electricity. Viruses have also successful been able to conduct electricity and function as batteries....   [tags: Electricity]

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Buying A New Vehicle, Appliances, Clothing And Food

- For the last couple of weeks, I have been thinking about all the purchases that I have done within the last year. Those purchases included buying a new vehicle, appliances, clothing and food. Many factors played a role in the purchasing of a new vehicle, appliances, clothing and food. Some of those factors included customer reviews, talking to technicians, talking to my significant other, advertisements, and my budget. When it was time to purchase a new vehicle all I knew was that I wanted an SUV....   [tags: Purchasing, Procurement, Brand, Environment]

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How to Create and Android Device to Control Small Appliances

- 1- INTRODUCTION: 1.1- Overview: The goal of our project is to build a system consisting of an android device, which, when connected to the network via Wi-Fi, will be capable of controlling states of light bulbs, fans and Air conditioners. All of these appliances will be assigned unique IP addresses and the user will be able to switch them On/Off through a control packet sent over the IP network. An android application will be developed in order to provide the user an easy platform, where, by simply touching the icon, the user will be able to switch the appliances in accordance with the user’s requirements....   [tags: technology, network, commercial]

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Internet Appliances Have Arrived

- Internet Appliances Have Arrived This article was about a new kind of devices referred to as “Internet Appliances”. These devices look like small PCs but they only come with the online essentials: a screen, a keyboard, a modem, and a browser (no hard disk or floppy drive). These devices are directed at consumers who are interested in only using the Internet. Three devices were tested and described: Microsoft Network Companions from Compaq and Vestel, and the New Internet Computer (NIC). The two Microsoft Network units were very similar in design....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Gome Electrical Appliances Case Study

- Executive Summary Gome Electrical Appliances: Competing for Channel Leadership tell us a story about the legendary development of Gome Electrical Appliances. Its low price sales strategy and the countermeasures toward the price control of the color television price alliance to maintain channel leadership. This case analysis identified two major problems of market strategies Gome took in the channel leadership battle, provided two recommendations, and then analyzed the feasibility of the recommendations....   [tags: Business Analysis Strategy Management]

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Real Estate Renovation: Flipping Houses

- When working within the realm of real estate, flipping houses is one of the most lucrative projects one can undertake. The premise of this idea is buying a home in need of repair, renovating it, and selling it at its newly appraised value. In high school, I worked alongside my mother to renovate a home in our small town of Trinidad, Colorado. The invaluable lessons I learned throughout this business venture gave me insights into the inner workings of house flipping. What I gained from this experience will lead to better decision making if I choose to take on another project....   [tags: Appliances, Furnishings]

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Alban Group Sells Famous Electronic Appliances Across Sri Lanka.

- ... (Abans Retail Channel, 2011) Best brands at Abans Retail Abans Retail offers wide variety of electronic and home appliances for Abans Customers with wide variety of world renowned brands. These are illustrated below. (Abans Retail Channel, 2011) Industry Analysis Current retailing is a long way from easy. Consumer electronics and domestic appliances have recorded a 20% growth in 2011 and 65% in 2012. The advanced retailing industry records a high representative turnover, which builds the preparation, takes also....   [tags: retail, electronics, showrooms ]

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Green Appliances: Invest Now and Reap the Benefit in Years to Come

- Green construction is growing rapidly because it is an alternative to expensive polluting fossil fuels in view of global climate change. Green aspects include helping the environment and can increase the amount of green (money) in one’s wallet. Today there is an enormous push toward investing in green technology and implementing green appliance usage and devices in older homes, newer homes and even homes under construction. There is also a push in the United States to decrease its dependence on fossil fuels to combat climate change, decrease pollution, the trade imbalance, and dependence of foreign oil....   [tags: Conservation ]

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General Electric (GE) Appliances Case Study

- Abstract The newly appointed district sales manager, Larry Barr, faces the problem of allocating sales quotas among his various sales representatives. This decision will affect everyone's earnings including his own. This problem is compounded by the fact that different territories have, for a variety of reasons, different potentials. In addition, the territory that is known to be the toughest will soon require a new sales rep. Company History/Background Canadian Appliance Manufacturing Co. Ltd (CAMCO) was created in 1998 under the joint ownership of Canadian General Electric Ltd....   [tags: Business Management Analysis]

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Energy Consumption: Household Energy Optimization

- Household Energy Optimization With resent load shadings and unplanned power outages in the country it becomes clear that the energy crisis have not been resolved to its full. As domestic houses still uses electricity without caution, high energy consumption remains a bigger issue. An investigation will be conducted to determine one household service that uses large amount of electricity and find alternative ways to reduce energy consumption   1 Introduction South Africa is one of the country that is facing a crises in the energy sector, with resent problems such as load shadings and unplanned power outages in the country, It’s is clear that South Africa‘s energy usage is at its most hig...   [tags: energy crisis, electrical appliances]

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Flipping A House: Real Estate Strategy

- When working within the realm of real estate, flipping houses is one of the most lucrative projects one can undertake. The premise of this idea is buying a home in need of repair, renovating it, and selling it at its newly appraised value. In high school, I worked alongside my mother to renovate a home in our small town of Trinidad, Colorado. The invaluable lessons I learned throughout this business venture gave me insights into the inner workings of house flipping. What I gained from this experience will lead to better decision making if I choose to take on another project....   [tags: Flooring, Appliances, Paint]

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The Pittsburgh Area Medical Devices Cluster

- According to Appalachia Regional Commission, a cluster is ‘’ a geographically bounded concentration of similar, related or complementary businesses, with active channels for business transactions, communications and dialogue, that share specialized infrastructure, labor markets and services, and that are faced with common opportunities and threats.’’ To be more specific, successful (synergy producing) clusters are characterized by: Research assumptions In this research there was a wide assumption that; 1) Businesses have a tendency to cluster, and this ought to affect policy 2) Companies clustered in a region are independent 3) Companies that learn about and use the most innovative and su...   [tags: prosthetic appliances, health]

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Top Refrigerator Brands in India 2013

- Top Refrigerator Brands in India 2013 Technology has brought many changes even in the home appliances. Nowadays we get a good variety and range of choices based on its functions, size, space and power consumption. Refrigerator too is a product that has become a necessity in every house and is no longer a luxury item. Here too manufacturers are making fridges trying to give maximum comfort with lesser work to the customers. We get different sizes with different features like frost free, double door, direct cool....   [tags: technology, appliances, model]

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The Use of CAD/CAM in Dentistry

- ... In addition, the veneering porcelain layers may not be of sufficient thickness to give the patient the required colour or translucency to match the neighbouring natural teeth. Furthermore, the alloy substructure is particularly difficult to conceal at the facial-gingival margin in the anterior region, which could result in an unsightly black line4. However, despite this aesthetic disadvantage of the cast-alloy substructures, colour does not impact on the clinical performance of the crown7. Indeed it is argued by Shenoy that alloy-ceramic systems manage to achieve both excellent aesthetic and mechanical outcomes5....   [tags: dental health and appliances]

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How to Get Electricity to Communities

- Many underprivileged communities have to resort to different forms of energy and living, used for cooking and warmth. Due to so many power outages and lack of services, many people have started to use generators, gas and petroleum lamps more frequently. Since so many people are unemployed or earn an extremely low salary, they can’t afford proper housing and safe appliances and energy sources, and end up making “houses” out of plastic, cardboard and scrap metal and using hazardous energy sources....   [tags: appliances, electricity, indoor fire]

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Leps : Revolution in the Field of Imaging Appliances

- In 1897, German physicist Karl Ferdinand Braun invented the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) and it has become an indispensable part of our lives ever since. It has remained ubiquitous till date inspite of being bulky, power hungry and expensive. Researchers came up with an alternative called Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). LCD had been projected as the saviour of the display industry and they have been quite a success in the computer applications industry. However, even today LCDs are far from pervasive. This is due to the fact that apart from being thinner than the CRT it has little advantage over it and hence, fail to meet the broad demands of the imaging appliance industry....   [tags: Physics]

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The Demand for Electricity in South Africa

- Introduction This report is based on the investigation and research on reducing electricity consumption of certain appliances and to improve energy usage at home. The demand for electricity in South Africa is increasing and it is exceeding electricity supply, research has shown that households contribute 15% to the countries total electricity consumption [1]. Efficient energy usage is very critical; electricity can be used very inefficiently in households during peak load times. In order to tackle this problem the country is facing, this report will give a brief analysis on the usage of domestic electrical appliances and the energy they consume and also identifying the household service...   [tags: energy usage, electrical appliances, power]

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Our Energy-Efficient House

- In this day and age, it’s super important to be cost efficient with your money and anything you may spend it on. It is important to be cost and energy efficient because you could always use more money, you could have the same kind of appliances but just using less energy and you could also be saving the Earth. In this project, we were presented with trying to build a house that was both eco-friendly and cost efficient. It is important to have energy efficient homes because it can lower your energy bill, it could keep your heat where you need it if you chose the right products, and it would help you have more money in your pocket if you have lower bills....   [tags: cost, eco-friendly, appliances]

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How to refine Tai Lin Radio Service Ltd to the market leader position in the electrical appliances retail industry

- 1.0 Executive Summary Electrical appliances are an indispensable part of our daily. Hong Kong's electrical appliances retail trades vigorous development in recent years, because present is age of technical and information, many technical products arose at this historic moment. They are providing a wide array of quality and fashionable digital products, including consumer electronics, computers and communication items, enabling trend-seeking customers to enjoy a vibrant digital lifestyle. In the electrical appliance stores, the product type are more and more on selling, as the same time, the electrical appliance outlet or specialty shop are rapid increase....   [tags: Strategic Business Management Strategy]

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The Image "Made in China" in Manufacturing

- The Image "Made in China" in Manufacturing In order to provide the Chinese home appliance manufacturers consortium with assistance in achieving their goal of improving the “Made in China” image, our first objective was to accurately define the perception of products that are “Made in China.” In particular, to determine whether or not “Made in China” has a negative connotation in the U.S. marketplace and if so, to better understand the contributing factors to this perception. First, we conducted secondary research consisting of a review of literature and statistical studies....   [tags: Chinese Trade Manufacturing Appliances Essays]

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New Products Into The Home Appliance Market

- This report contains Marketing strategies and plan, conducted on behalf of GM Holden Ltd. Holden is current looking to introduce new products into the home appliance market. This product is a refrigerator, which will be branded as Holden (Scenario created for the purpose of this assignment). A SWOT analysis conducted had shown a clear summary that Holden has a high strength in its being an Australian brand which manufacture in Australia, as Australian consumers are always looking to support Australian brands....   [tags: Advertising, Marketing, General Motors, Holden]

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U.S Major Home Appliance Industry in 2002

- U.S Major Home Appliance Industry in 2002 The household appliance industry is huge. The number of household appliance grows every year, but there is one sector of the industry, the major appliance sector that remains constant. The appliances that comprise this sector are ranges, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and dishwasher. The major appliance industry is both saturated and mature. The five major players are General Electric, Maytag, Whirlpool, Electrolux, and Raytheon. All are well established in the industry and have been major players for many years....   [tags: Business Industry Market Analysis]

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A Report On The Business Plan Of Garrison Appliance Experience A Good Return On Their Investment As A Long

- Explanation of procedures used to calculate and determine if and expansion to either Mumbai or Bangalore is a wise decision and the room to profit from the expansion. Will Garrison Appliance experience a good return on their investment as a long term endeavor. The excel sheet support numbers for both countries over a 20 year period with a cost of capital at 9%. I used several method to make a sound recommendation to the board. I started with calculating the accounting rate of return compares net income of initial investment divided by net income which looks at and compares net income, looked at the accounting rate of return divided compares net income of the investment divided by initial inv...   [tags: Net present value, Internal rate of return]

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A Big Issue for Home Appliance Manufacturers in China

- A Big Issue for Home Appliance Manufacturers in China Home Appliance manufacturers in china have made great progress accompany the fast development of the consumption of home appliance in the whole nation. There are many native home appliances manufacturers and foreign manufacturers especially those who come from Japan and South Korea, contest for this huge market. The competition among them is extremely scorching. To occupy the market, techniques, finance and management are undoubt tools for competing....   [tags: Outsourcing Retail Partner Manufacturing Essays]

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Create a Program for Load Identification

- The aim of this project is to create a program for load identification by means of the active and reactive power characteristics with the dataset called REDD. Specifically, it aims to evaluate the ability of the algorithm applied with respect to different types of appliances. In this semester, lots of technical papers had been studied and the useful know-how had been selected. The power calculation model in MS Excel had been verified, and the formulas to find out the results had been set up. To extract the data appropriately, the REDD dataset was also studied....   [tags: REDD dataset, appliance algorithm]

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Televison: The Most Popular Appliance in The World

- Introduction Television is the most popular electronic appliance in the world. Being the most popular electronic appliance, it has had great impacts to many individuals in society. Television viewing comes with a myriad of positive effects of television. However, it has a number of negative effects especially in children that are of concern to society. Television viewing can have effects on people’s behavior. It also has a number of impacts in the fields of education, morals and health. Television viewing plays a great role in socialising children....   [tags: Television]

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Star Appliance Case Study

- Star Appliance Case Study Situation: Star Appliance is looking to expand their product line and is considering three different projects: dishwashers, garbage disposals, and trash compactors. We want to determine which project would be worth doing by determining if they will add value to Star. Thus, the project(s) that will add the most value to Star Appliance will be worth pursuing. The current hurdle rate of 10% should be re-evaluated by finding the weighted average cost of capital (WACC). Then by forecasting the cash flows of each project and discounting them by the WACC to find the net present value, or by solving for the internal rate of return, we should be able to see which projects...   [tags: Business Analysis Management]

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Violence in the Media: Entertainment or Corruption?

- As television has become increasingly popular over the past few decades, it has allotted researchers a large amount of time to collect data and explore many aspects of this wonderful, yet harmful invention. It is safe to say that almost every household in America has a television, and it is on and used for multiple hours a day. The vast variety of different shows to watch is outstanding; shows about food, homes, the news, imagination, reality, horror, action-thrillers, the list could go on and on, there is always something to watch for everyone....   [tags: television, household appliance]

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Bissell Cleanview Helix Review

- The Bissell Cleanview Helix is for people seeking a full sized vacuum cleaner on a budget. Like other varieties at this price point, it is upright, bagless, and features simple controls. It comes with all the expected bells and whistles. The vacuum is sufficient for cleaning an entire home, even stairs, edges, and bare floors. This isn't a high-end machine, and it won't take a beating for years like some of the expensive options. If you need a vacuum for normal use, it gets the job done. Let's start our Bissell Cleanview Helix review by sizing it up....   [tags: Vacuum, Appliance]

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Should You Use Your Iphone For Work?

- Summary The case “Should You Use Your iPhone for Work” is about how millions of people use their devices for their personal life as well as at work. With everyone having access to their own smartphones it can save companies their own money but IT departments have to spend a lot of time configuring the devices. The use of personal devices can pose difficult problems for the companies such as security, inventory management, support and more. Furthermore, a lot of IT resources go into managing and maintaining a large number of devices within an organization....   [tags: Smartphone, Windows Mobile, Information appliance]

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Growing Populations Means More Electricity Consumption

- Many developed nations are undergoing massive efforts towards lowering the consumption of electricity, an effort that would not be sufficient unless people and industries will continue to use and develop more energy efficient technologies to offset the increased demand for energy due to a growing population. In recent decades our societies became conscious about the need to preserve natural resources and to reduce energy consumption. Shifting from the conventional way of producing electricity to the renewable and sustainable energy generated from wind, solar, geothermal or nuclear, helps to drastically reduce the carbon emissions in the world....   [tags: natural resources, energy, solar]

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The Industry Realm Of Technology

- Business Opportunity The industry realm of technology has proven sustainability in all its facets from business to science. Technology has not only proven it sustainability in the business environment but in society’s main stream individual’s life. Sigel (2010) stated, the estimated global market for smart appliances will increase from $3.06 billion to $15.12 billion (refrigerators $2.69 billion and washers $3.54 billion). The aggregate supply and demand is continuously evolving at a rapid pace....   [tags: Marketing, Supply and demand, Energy conservation]

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Energy Visualizations in Augmented Reality

- ABSTRACT Due to the issue of climate change, homeowners are becom- ing more aware of the need to reduce energy consumption in day-to-day life. Due to energy’s intangibility, it is not as easy as other consumable resources to measure and track. For many, the only indication of energy usage is through a monthly energy bill with single total aggregate cost. To understand their patterns of energy consumption, people re- quire an effective energy feedback for their domestic energy use. In this paper, we will focus on feedback for monitoring domestic energy consumption in augmented reality through providing visualizations of energy use at the appliance and groups of appliances in situ....   [tags: Energy ]

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A Report On The New Zealand Refrigeration Market

- In recent years, social trends such as eco-friendly products and an increased interest in natural food and produce have emerged. Additionally, the popularisation of reality TV shows such as ‘MasterChef NZ’ are changing attitudes towards home cooking; providing a regeneration in the home appliances market. One such market, refrigeration appliances units, rose by 2.24% in New Zealand from 2014-2015, with a forecasted continually increase until 2020. However, global food wastage concerns have been highlighted by government entities, with countries such as France and Italy recently introducing new laws for food stores and supermarkets....   [tags: Competition, Competitor analysis, Economics]

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Hong Kong's Problem of Air Pollution and Energy Use

- Executive Summary Load Signature by instantaneous power waveform (IPW) is decomposition of appliance distinctly operates or a load device base on instantaneous power waveform (IPW). In this project, I will try to design a program using software Matlab / Simulink or labview for instantaneous power waveform. It is convenient to convert the raw data collected form power meter to IPW for analysis. This technique can use on power monitoring, power quality and equipment health monitoring and energy saving....   [tags: visibility deaths, power, electricity]

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The Blame For Americans Naturally Waste Fresh Water

- The blame for Americans naturally waste fresh water every day is not an individual 's fault, but the fault of a culture, those before us, and the American society. Americans are not taught by society to save water, but are only taught by parents to save fresh water. Since most Americans are comfortable with the fixtures and appliances that they grew up with, they blindly use them without the understanding of the fresh water that is wastefully used. It is not the fault of Americans that buy the cheapest appliances, which often use more water than needed, that fresh water is being wasted every day....   [tags: United States, Water, Washing machine, Laundry]

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Technical Analysis of a Threat

- 1. Introduction The Cisco 5540 Adaptive Security Appliance ASA is a best-of-breed product that provides perimeter security and remote access to users through VPN. This paper will discuss the firewall and VPN classifications and protocols of the Cisco 5540 ASA. The paper will discuss the strengths, weaknesses and effectiveness of the appliance and its architecture. 2. Cisco 5540 Adaptive Security Appliance ASA The Cisco 5540 ASA is a good blend of proven network security and network availability....   [tags: Information Technology]

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What Individuals Can Do To Lessen The Effects of Global Warming

- Individual Canadians have the ability to lessen the effects of global warming and cease climate change before it becomes catastrophic in the near future. This can only happen if we are part of the solution and not furthering the growth of pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. Now what is global warming. Global warming is an increase in the earth's temperature due to fossil fuels, industry, and agricultural processes caused by human, natural, and other gas emissions. This results in an increased emission of greenhouse gases....   [tags: Climate Change, Argumentative Essay]

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Economic Factors and Practices in India

- Education is an economic factor that has led towards the domestic violence towards women in India. “Domestic violence was defined as any reported violence, either physical or psychological, perpetrated by a husband against his wife.”(Jeyaseelan et al., 658) Wives were often beaten by their husband just because the wife was more educated than him and earns more money than her husband. However, when husbands had higher levels of education in India, wives had fewer chances of being abused. (Jeyaseelan et al., 663) A feminist would respond that education has a major impact on the violence against women because when a woman is more educated than her husband, the husband would abuse her to keep h...   [tags: feminist,education, domestic violence]

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Phantom Loads of Energy

- Energy is used uselessly when an electronic device is plugged in. This energy that is used is called the phantom load, or standby power. Excessive human activity such as aimless use of electricity like this, as well as unabashed use of other natural resources and various products that deplete the ozone layer is affecting the earth, and ruining the environment. A few simple steps involving the learning theory that can be used to help stop this a public service announcement, using observable learning, reinforcement, by saving money, and praise, and generalization, by associating smaller appliances with any electronic that can be turned off....   [tags: energy, environmentalism,]

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Light Duty Trucks Sold During The U.s.

- light-duty trucks sold in the U.S. meet certain mile per gallon (mpg) standards for how far they can run on a gallon of gasoline. The Congress set the standard for cars initially at “18 mpg beginning with automobile year (MY) 1978...this figure ratcheted up steadily to 27.5 mpg by MY 1985, where it has remained since then” (Langwith 64). However, alternate modes of transportation are also important methods to consider. For example, electric cars and trucks use electricity as fuel, producing fewer emissions than their conventional counterparts....   [tags: Carbon dioxide, Greenhouse gas, Emission standard]

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The Three R’s – How Green You Can Be

- We have an effect on everything in our environment including the air, water, land, plants, and animals and of course, ourselves. We need a healthy environment for our own health and happiness so you can see why waste management is so important. We must carefully control the waste we create to make sure it does not harm our environment and our health. You can contribute in many ways. The most important things that you can be aware of and participate in are to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle - The Three R’s....   [tags: Conservation ]

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Women During The 1920 ' S

- During the 1920’s women were starting to make more of an overall impact in the United States. Women were known for being the caregiver of the family while the man of the family is the one that strives to generate money for the family’s finances and other necessities. But with women starting to implement their rights, and their new-found freedoms they became essential to everyday life, instead of just the man in the family. Dumenil explains the change in the way of life for women and men during the 1920’s....   [tags: Marriage, Family, Personal life, Divorce]

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Reducing Standby Power and Energy Demand

- ... Passive standby means that the appliance is off, but there is a remote that can easily power up the device. Examples of this type of power are televisions, VCRs, DVD players, audio, and set top boxes. Active standby is the next type of standby power which means that the appliance is on, but is not providing a primary function. Examples are set top boxes, and home network systems. The last standby power type is sleep. Sleep happens after a long period of inactivity. Examples of this type of power are PCs, monitors, printers, facsimiles and scanners....   [tags: economic & environmental benefits]

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What´s Sustainable Marketing?

- ... Several firms have found success overcoming obstacles to thrive in the rural sector. The emergences of micro products have helped bring more value to consumers who are bound by their incomes. For example: Sachets for oil, toothpaste, shampoo & even micro loans. .Studies have also shown that despite the difficulties, rural India understands and also chooses to adapt green products more readily than the urban counterparts as long as it’s within their reach. New Ventures for sustainable practices have started working with clean energy and water access companies who provide the basic necessities to the people....   [tags: tabacco industry, ethical convictions]

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Kitchen Safety 101 – A Safety Guide for the Kitchen Lover!

- Cooking can be great fun. But kitchen is also the number one area where home disasters take place everyday. From boiling liquids to sharp knives, from hot pots to open flames – the kitchen is full of things which can turn dangerous very easily. So, safety needs to be your foremost priority. In this guide, we describe the basic kitchen safety rules. Keep these kitchen safety tips in your mind to avoid accidents and injuries in your kitchen. Avoid health hazards Store raw poultry and other meat carefully and separated from other items to avoid cross-contamination of harmful bacteria....   [tags: health, fire, hazzards]

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The American Dream in Film and Television

- The American Dream during the 1950s was the belief in opportunity for success, everybody was created equal and everybody had an equal opportunity to have a career, raise a family and live successful and comfortable lives. The American Dream is an idea that suggests anyone living in the United States has the potential to live a happy and successful life; as long as you work hard you can achieve anything. The American Dream is just that a Dream, it isn’t reality, that successful life is far fetched....   [tags: prospering and making it in the United States]

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A Customer Relationship Management System

- A customer relationship management system can assist with management of the company’s customer lifestyle from first marketing, to sales/purchase, to service (Seliga, 2012). The customer management system should be much more valuable than just providing a customer contact information and account data. The system should provide information as well as, improve marketing effectiveness, increase sales productivity, and build a larger lifetime customer basis through excellent service (Seliga, 2012). The system should hold information that helps segmentation (Perreault et al, 2016)....   [tags: Marketing, Customer relationship management]

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Samsung : A Brand Portfolio

- A product is a service or item that is offered to the customer to fulfilled their requirements and needs. A brand portfolio is used to include all entities when a large organisation run under various and numerous brands, services and company. Typically, each of the brands possesses a separate trademark and manage as a single business entities. Samsung is a huge company and produce various products with creative and interesting design and sizes, therefore customer has numerous choices. Samsung brand portfolios is Samsung Electronics Co.Ltd, SDI Co.Ltd, Electro-Mechanics Co.Ltd, Techwin Co.Ltd, Heavy Industries Co.Ltd and Security Co.Ltd....   [tags: Pricing, Marketing, Price, Trademark]

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Using The Untangle Software to Deal with Small Business' Hurdles

- When it comes to security of small business network they seem to have some unique hurdles to overcome that large enterprise business do not. I want to Explore a product that could make some of these hurdles a little easier to deal with. The Untangle software is a great tool that can be used in small business with very few users or in large business where there are a lot of users. They also offer many different levels of price to fit any IT budget or the lack there of in most small businesses. If you decide that Untangle in not for your business that is fine but there is no doubts that it is a cool product to learn about....   [tags: budget, applications, trial]

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Strategy Development and Initiatives

- Strategy Development and Initiatives 1) The history, development, and growth of the company over time ================================================================ In 1987, Andrew Young and Dick England established Kleenmaid a 100 % private owned Australian company. The companies main business is to import, manufacture and distribution of high-quality white goods appliances like cook tops, ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines. In 1995, Kleenmaid shifted from a wholesale business to direct retailing, to provide customers a store with fully operational appliances where possible purchasers could use the washing machines or cook everything possible with the help of applian...   [tags: Business and Management Studies]

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The Energy Crisis that South Africa is Facing

- 1. Introduction The energy crises that South Africa is currently facing is about to lead the country to its economic downfall. This leads to each and every household in a South African Citizen having to start saving energy and using it efficiently. When one home starts saving, it will actually influence the whole community, country then finally the whole nation. This will not only uplift the economy of the country but it will actually also allow other neighbouring countries which currently not having access to electricity to get a chance to have electricity too (Davidson, Mwakasonda, 2003)....   [tags: electricity, hydro-boiler, light bulbs]

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The American Culture of the 1950s

- As World War Two came to a close, a new American culture was developing all across the United States. Families were moving away from crowded cities into spacious suburban towns to help create a better life for them during and after the baby boom of the post-war era. Teenagers were starting to become independent by listing to their own music and not wearing the same style of clothing as their parents. Aside from the progress of society that was made during this time period, many people still did not discuss controversial issues such as divorce and sexual relations between young people....   [tags: U.S. History ]

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What´s a Grey Water System?

- ... Grey water systems allow us to reuse water by placing a system connected to kitchen appliances that use water or bathroom appliances that use water other than the toilet. Then the greywater is ran through a filter, to a holding tank called the surge tank and then to the outside or back inside. When the water runs outside it can be attached to an irrigation system in the yard or garden, so the water is filtered and released back into the environment to be used by plants (even edible plants as longs the grey water doesn’t come in contact with the edible part of the pant)....   [tags: human waste, hair, water shortage]

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Consequences of Best Buy's Strategies

- 4. Researchers believe that there is opportunity within the competitive landscape to target specific segments of the consumer electronics and appliances industry [Exhibit 2]. Specifically, we believe that Best Buy can follow predicted trends within the industry and focus on selling products that focus on mobile and Internet technology. Best Buy has already created Best Buy Mobile, which does provide a comprehensive assortment of mobile phones and accessories, but they can create a competitive advantage by focusing more on their mobile department and by adding on more Internet-based technology options such as different types of tablets....   [tags: competition, products, solution]

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Adjusting to the Policy of Energy Efficiency: Hybrid Cars

- New technology has been emerging to help the environment. There have been many different inventions created in order to help protect our planet and to help people be more efficient with using energy. A popular invention is hybrid cars. The question is should consumers invest in buying one. Many people know about hybrid cars, but many people don’t know exactly how they work, therefore they find no interest in investing to buy one. Hybrid cars are extremely different than a gasoline car. Gasoline cars run off only gasoline, which produces more pollution that goes into the air....   [tags: Hybrid Cars, technology, ]

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The Effects Of Climate Change On The Planet

- Everyday, alarming amounts of toxins are released into the atmosphere. Over the recent years global climate change, better known as “global warming” has become a worldwide problem facing our planet, and as the world becomes continuously warmer, the effects that climate change will pose to our planet and to the people who live on this earth, will be detrimental. climate change is a natural process, but because of increases in certain human activities this process is taking a faster and more dangerous route, ruining our earth and creating global problems....   [tags: Global warming, Greenhouse gas, Climate change]

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The Effects Of Climate Change On The Planet

- Every day, alarming amounts of toxins are released into the atmosphere. Over the recent years global climate change, better known as “global warming” has become a worldwide problem facing our planet, and as the world becomes continuously warmer, the effects that climate change will pose to our planet and to the people who live on this earth, will be detrimental. Climate change is a natural process, but because of increases in certain human activities this process is taking a faster and more dangerous route, ruining our earth and creating global problems....   [tags: Global warming, Greenhouse gas, Climate change]

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The Economic Crisis Of The 1950 ' S

- Another important element to the 1950’s was the economy creating a generation of materialism. The economy was thriving because the government had put into a place a system of spending high amounts of money and also people were spending high amounts of their own money. The government also started programs through an ideas inspired by Keynesian, but it was called the fair deal. The fair deal was used to help grow the economy through government spending in order to keep others to also spend their money....   [tags: Working class, Social class, Great Depression]

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The Importance Of Kitchen Remodels

- It has been said that kitchens are the hearts of homes. Kitchens are in constant use, whether it's during the day or at night. The use of kitchens has extended far beyond food preparation, though. A kitchen is a room within a home where memories are made, conversations and stories are shared with family and friends, and where our children learn how to make chocolate chip cookies and other delicious snacks and meals. Kitchen’s are becoming more popular as it is one of the most used spaces in a home, and it is for that reason why kitchen remodels are delayed or avoided....   [tags: Kitchenware, Kitchen]

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The Black Flannel Suit

- When WWII had begun it essentially was the beginning of the end of the depression. It got the momentum to move forward to create a better society. After world world II social and development in the united states was created through economic materialism, family structure, post-war trauma, and changes in work life. These ideas can be seen being carried out through a novel called The Man in the Grey Flannel suit because it sets an example of what a typical middle class family lived like in the 1950’s....   [tags: Working class, Middle class, Social class]

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retail image study

- SUMMARY OF RETAIL CONCEPT AND BRAND PERSONALITY In a contemporary market place, retail branding is considered paramount in the retailing industry to influence customer perceptions and drive store choice and loyalty. Ailawadi (2004). Digital Marketing Group (2004) defines effective branding as the proprietary visual, emotional, rational, and cultural image associated with a company or a product. The purpose of having people remember the brand name and have positive associations with that brand is to make their product selection easier and enhance the value and satisfaction they get from the product....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Marketing Final Exam

- Q1. Asian nations are beginning to brand themselves. Considering the country you researched this semester, propose a strategy to create a brand image for the particular country. Based on your knowledge about the country, what might be the biggest three challenges of executing your strategy and how might they be addressed. Brand Image: Sri Lanka – The Southern Asian Dynamic This brand image for Sri Lanka would be an accurate depiction because of the increase in change the country is always experiencing....   [tags: brand image for country]

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Financial Analysis of Cyberguard Corporation

- Table of Contents: Pages Section 1.............................................................................01 Section 2...........................................................................03 Bibliography......................................................................18 Form 10-k............................................................................19 Articles..............................................................................97 ... ... ... ......   [tags: Business Case Studies]

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"Going Green" in the Workplace

- Going green in the workplace is a new trend in business. In choosing to go green in the workplace you may be challenged by an elevated initial start-up costs, however savings earned from this investment will more than pay for those initial costs in the future. Many people see this as a controversial issue, and granted it does have its own unique set of pro and cons, but if a business makes careful choices going green can prove to be very rewarding. Companies are doing this to save money on energy expenses as well as deploying it as a means to help reduce the carbon foot-print they are leaving behind....   [tags: environment]

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Sleep Apnea May Be Deadly

- It is widely known that sleep is important for a person’s health. The way we sleep affects our physical and mental health, and is vital for the normal functioning of all our body systems. Many things can disturb our sleep cycle. Most commonly, we hear complaints of late nights, stress, and not having enough time in the day as reasons why people have difficulty sleeping. Sleep Apnea is something that we do not hear too often about, making many people to be unaware of this very serious sleeping disorder that causes a person’s breathing to repeatedly stop and start while they are asleep....   [tags: Infomrative Essay]

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Home Safety Guide

- Whether you are living on your own or with your family, home is always a place to enjoy, entertain and relax – a place happier than any other. But, with one burglary or a major accident the dream can fast turn into a nightmare. However, with some educated caution we can prevent most of these untoward incidents. Fire safety tips – Fire is the reason for the most major accidents to occur at home. Avoid any such incident by following these home fire safety tips. Buy a fire extinguisher and place it safely away from any open flames but in an easily accessible area....   [tags: fire, burglar alarm, emergency]

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Energy Efficiency

- “Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.” (Robert Frost). For the past month my class mates and I have been finding ways to become energy efficient and putting that information towards creating our own energy efficient home. After being put into groups we began to plan out how we were going to create a home design and turn it into a real scale model. At the beginning of this project I wasn’t aware of the fact that we would actually be learning things that could one day help us buy a home....   [tags: solutions, technology, save energy]

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Company Merger and Acquisitions

- Companies merge and acquire other companies for a lot of strategic reasons with different degree of success. The success of a merger is measured by whether the value of the acquiring firm is enhanced by it. The impact of mergers and acquisitions on organization can be small and big in other cases. Mergers and acquisitions immediately impact organizations with changes of rights, and ideas and eventually, in practice. There are multiple reasons some are motives and financial forces just to name a few....   [tags: Business Management]

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Best Coffee Maker With Grinder Buying Guide

- Title: Best coffee maker with grinder buying guide Did you know that you could brew your own coffee. Just buy the best coffee maker with a grinder. This appliance will simplify your coffee-making days. Like most people, you might love your coffee fresh and tasty. Without a coffee-maker, your odds of tasting yummy coffee are low. Most restaurants use the same powder products found in supermarkets. I am sure you buy these too. From what I have noticed, home-made coffee smells better. Its taste is more natural....   [tags: Coffee, Coffee preparation, Coffeemaker]

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Analyse at Least Two Recently Proposed Solutions to the Problem of E-Waste in Order to Determine Which is the Most Effective

- The XXI century is generally defined as the era of modern Information Technology (IT). In recent decades there has been a big step forward to the advanced technology and innovations. Everyday electronic equipment becomes obsolete because of an enormous stream of new and upgraded ones. It is an unstoppable process termed as progress, when new gadgets evolve and develop, old electronic appliances become useless and out of date. However, as modern technology develops and extends the amount of obsolete and discarded electronic equipment also known as e-waste (e-scrap) increases....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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Mercury's Contribution to Environment is Far Greater than the Damage

- Mercury is a rare metal, which was discovered in 1500BC by the Ancient Egyptians. Since then, many cultures have believed that it holds supernatural powers, because it is liquid at room temperature and, therefore, looks magical. Contrary to what the ancient people believed, mercury is highly toxic and can cause many illnesses and eventually death. Despite its toxicity, mercury is very useful, and has been used for many things, from thermometers to helping to mine gold. Mercury is very valuable, because it has many uses....   [tags: metal, mining, toxic]

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The Global Warming Is Not A Myth, Or Fairy Tale?

- Death By Ice Sometimes the biggest problems are solved by the simplest solutions. The ice caps are melting and odds are that one person’s actions will not fix this disaster. This problem is widely overlooked and needs to come to everyone’s attention around the world. Global warming is not a myth, or some fairy tale. The truth is that the United States is in danger of losing thousands of homes and possibly even thousands of lives. According to the New York Times, The ice caps pose a possible threat to coastal landmasses and are only curable by each and every human beings contribution to the matter....   [tags: Carbon dioxide, Global warming]

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The World 's Population ( World Food Programme, 2015 )

-   The world population is today is just over 7.4 billion people (Geohive, 2016). This is not only a concern for the United States, but for the whole world. There are about 795-850 million people that do not have enough food to sustain or lead an active and healthy lifestyle. This is nearly 1/9th of the Earth’s population (World Food Programme, 2015). At this state the world’s population is demanding much more food than we are currently producing. National Geographic realizes this and states that a plan to feed 9 billion people is needed because the world’s population is growing (Foley, 2014)....   [tags: World population, Food, Agriculture]

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Transport Industry : A Difficult Sector For Improving Energy Efficiency

- 3.2.3 Transport: Transport is a difficult sector for improving energy efficiency because of poor coordination with the linked industries, high upfront investment and consumer behaviour at some extent (Daniel Sperling and Nic Lutsey 2009). Despite energy efficiency measures all over the world, energy demand in transport is growing, driven by the increase in movement of goods and passengers (ODYSSEE-MURE 2012). Preferences towards owning individual transportation are also a factor for growing energy demand (World energy council 2008, World Energy Council 2013)....   [tags: Automobile, Internal combustion engine]

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How The Heart Attack Was Mild And The Doctors

- “Yeah, it’s my favorite,” he replied, lifting his glass with a smile. “To a new business relationship and a good rebuild on the café.” They clicked glasses. “How is your grandfather?” “Much better. The heart attack was mild and the doctors said he should be able to go home soon. Hopefully, he’ll be ready to go back to work part-time once the café is ready. I can’t believe all of this happened so close to Christmas.” “Christmas. Oh, I guess I didn’t think about it.” He glanced down and adjusted his napkin....   [tags: 2007 singles, 2009 singles, Debut albums]

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General Culture During The 1960 ' S

- General Culture Liskov was born in 1939 and attended college during the 1950’s and 1960’s. Between the two decades much changed technologically, culturally, and politically. During the 1960’s fee love, bellbottoms, and psychedelic hairstyle was the current way of life in America. The Beatles and Jimmy Hendrix played on the radio and while Bewitched and Andy Griffith ruled TV land in color. Ford Mustangs ruled the road while an average gallon of gas was an average .31 a gallon. Yet it was also a time when women weren’t able to serve on a jury or get on a birth control pill....   [tags: Programming language, Object-oriented programming]

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The Fantastic Mix For An Outdoor Kitchen

- The fantastic mix for an outdoor kitchen is the right cooking area set up in a natural and inviting setting. After all, there is nothing quite like an open grill, especially if it has all of the needed pieces to make for a perfectly relaxing and inviting environment. If you are interested in transforming the appearance of your outdoor cooking space, then you have several things to consider before laying out the foundation. An increasing number of people are adding outdoor kitchens to their homes today....   [tags: Nature, Natural environment, Need, Kitchenware]

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Improving A Healthy Diet For Poor Health, And Low Income

- In Canada, 1 in 7 people suffer from poverty, this is translated to about 4.8 million people (Just the Facts, 2015). When living in poverty, people are faced with hardships that make it challenging for them to live a proper, healthy life. Living in poverty does correlate with the fact that these families will suffer from a low income. Families that have a low income are more likely to suffer from poor physical and mental health because they are unable to support themselves when it comes to nutrition and cleanly living conditions....   [tags: Nutrition, Health, Medicine, Health care]

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