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To Tape or To Brace the Ankle Joint

- Introduction One of the philosophical decisions made by novice athletic trainers is determining which is better: taping or bracing the ankle joint. There are several factors to consider including efficiency, stability, injury prevention and cost effectiveness. Ankle sprains are one of the most common athletic injuries with most occurring to the lateral ligaments of the ankle.1, 2,3,4,5 In American Football ankle sprains comprise approximately 10-15% of all injuries whereas 70% of college basketball players have had at least one ankle sprain....   [tags: sports medicine, traumatology]

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The Human Foot and Ankle

- Introduction The human foot and ankle are composed of 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than a hundred muscles, tendons and ligaments. These components work together to provide the body with support, balance and mobility. The foot acts as a “rigid lever and mobile adapter” (Amstrong [Prosthetic feet], 2010). The human foot must be capable of withstanding the body’s weight and functions as a shock absorber (Swierzewski, 2007; NYU, 1990). The prosthetic foot needs to be capable of mimicking the missing natural foot, to make for the most efficient gait pattern....   [tags: Biology, Bones, Joints]

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Ankle Sprains Overview

- ... The 3 ligaments are the anterior tibiofibular ligament, the posterior tibiofibular ligament, and the interosseous tibiofibular ligament. The most commonly injured ligament in syndesmotic sprains is the AITF ligament. The movement that is allowed with these ligaments is limited due to their anatomy that allows little range in eversion. These ligaments play little role in the stability of the ankle because they move so little and because of the roles of the other ligaments. Subtalar joints and their biomechanics: composed of the calcaneofibular ligament, the lateral talocalcaneal ligament, the cervical ligament, and the interosseous talocalcaneal ligament....   [tags: rehabilitation plan]

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Ankle Sprains for the Dancer

- Ankle Sprains for the Dancer Ankles are one of the many body parts that have the highest incidence of injury by the performance of dance. Ankle sprains are one of the most common sprains occurring to the dancer. Even though structurally the ankle may be considered a moderately strong joint, it is subject to sudden twists, especially when the dancer steps on some irregular surface. Serious injury occurring to joints or bones result initially from impact forces, with carelessness and fatigue playing a major role....   [tags: essay papers]

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Variations of the Ankle Slasher

- Variations of the Ankle Slasher As I was growing up I remember my mom warning me about guys hiding underneath cars and cutting the back of the ankles to steal your car. She told me this so convincingly that I thought it just had to be true. I mean, why would anyone make something up like that. I have since learned that this was meant to scare me, and to help make me more aware of my surroundings. It made such an impression on me that to this day as I walk up to my car I pay attention to what is under it....   [tags: Personal Narrative Urban Legends Essays]

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Forefoot Mobility in Ankle and Foot Orthoses: Effects on Gait of Children

- Ankle foot orthoses (AFO’s) and foot orthoses have been used frequently to help children with Cerebral Palsy gait patterns. The use of ankle foot orthoses and foot orthoses help improve alignment of the foot, help with balance, and prevent deformity (331). When wearing ankle foot orthroses, it helps prevent toe walking, decreases gastrocnemius activity, and prevents equinus because it blocks plantar flexion past ninety degrees (331). There are three case studies of three children with Cerebral palsy....   [tags: health, cerebral palsy]

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Case Study of Ankle Injuries in Sports Medicine

- Case Study of Ankle Injuries in Sports Medicine Ankle injuries rank as the most common injury in athletics today, and compared to men, women basketball players are 25 % to 60% more susceptible to spraining their ankles. The article began by hypothesizing that this rate is so high in women, because ankle-strength is due to an inversion-eversion muscle strength ratio that is associated with ankle injuries. And past experiments have proven that women, on average, have less muscle strength at the ankle than men....   [tags: Papers]

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Oedipus the King: The Pierced Ankle in Oedipus Rex

- The Symbol of the Pierced Ankle in Oedipus the King The classification of Oedipus the King as a tragedy requires it to meet certain criteria pertaining to the main character, Oedipus. Oedipus must have no control over the situation which he is in, he has to have been harmed by someone for doing nothing or doing what is just, and he must come to an end in which he is utterly lost, or dies without resolving the situation. All three of these criteria can be found represented under a symbol, and that symbol is the piercing of his ankles as a child....   [tags: Oedipus Rex Essays]

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The Anatomic Variations and Concomitant Pathologies of the Ligament

- Materials and methods This retrospective study was approved by the Institutional Review Board at our hospital. Due to the retrospective nature of the study, informed consent by patients and providers was not required. Patient Inclusion Our objective was to compare two groups with regard to the anatomy of PTFL (origin and insertion of the ligament) and concurrent PTFL pathologies, one group with patients who had an os trigonum (the study group) and another group with normal patients with the absence of an os trigonum (the control group)....   [tags: ankle's MRI, os trigonum, ptfl, ligaments]

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Physical Therapy in Sports Medicine

- Approximately 25,000 people experience getting a sprained ankle every day (By the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons). When having a sprained ankle your doctor could recommend you going to visit a physical therapist. Physical therapist help people who’ve been injured or sick, and the physical therapist will help the patient back to their healthy life style, like they were before their injury. They also help people with permit disabilities. As a physical therapist you have patients depending on you to help them get back to their healthy life style....   [tags: injury, patient, disable]

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Qualitative Anatomical Analysis: A Standing Broad Jump

- Qualitative Anatomical Analysis A standing broad jump is a jump for distance from a standing position. It can be divided into four temporal phases: countermovement, propulsion, flight, and landing. In the countermovement phase, the subject squats to load up and extends the shoulders and the arms. In the propulsion phase, the goal is to generate enough force to propel the body forward. The person must stand erect in full extension of the trunk, hips, and knees. Then, the person flexes at the hip and the knee, which results with the trunk being rotated in a forward direction....   [tags: temporal phases, muscles]

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An Exercise Many Love to Hate: The Burpee

- Introduction of the ‘Burpee’ The burpee is an exercise many love to hate, its lactic acid heavy nature often leaves people shattered and gasping for breath. Many see the burpee as the ultimate full body exercise As a rugby union player exercises such as the burpee help keep my body in ideal shape and allow me to improve my performance. Strength, body composition and conditioning all play major roles in the efficiency and level of my performance on the field and the burpee enhances all of these components of my fitness....   [tags: multijoint exercises for sport]

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Why You Should Wear Black Suede Wedge Boots

- 1 Why you should wear Black Suede Wedge Boots If you are tired of wearing your stiletto heels to every event then maybe you should consider wedges. Unlike other heels, wedges are more comfortable to be in while still having a classy allure to them. They also go well with almost any kind of dress and skirt. Though mixing and matching with your black suede wedgeboots can be tricky, it is just about finding the right kind of combination for you. Check out some of these tips to give you a trendy edge....   [tags: fashion and style tips]

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Discussion About Statistical Analysis and Results

- DISCUSSION ABOUT STATISTICAL ANALYSIS AND RESULTS; Statistical analysis two independent sample tests compare the mean of the randomised case-control group. To find the significant difference between the two groups, data collections are mean value, so t test is the suitable test to compare the mean value of the two groups in normal distributed data (Menz, 2004). Result of the t test shows body mass index significant p value .005 less than .05 and the mean value of the BMI in case group greater than control group....   [tags: Statistical Analysis ]

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Rehabilitation Case Study of a Hamstring Tear

- Rehabilitation – Case Study Introduction This case study is based on a twenty four year old Rugby Union winger. The injury the client has is a grade two hamstring tear in the left leg which also happens to be the dominate leg, this was caused by deceleration from a sprint and change of direction. Specifically it is the bicep femoris that is ruptured and is also the first time he has received this particular injury. The incident occurred four days ago, the player will be on a crotch for another three days, although the athlete is on crutches he can still do rehabilitation exercises....   [tags: Rugby, Exercises, Flexibility]

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How to Use Bandages

- When preparing to bandage a wound, always choose the proper bandage type for the wound or surface that will be bandaged. Make certain that the bandage is wide enough to cover the surface area. Always sanitize your hand prior to applying the bandage. I will tell you how to apply a bandage to the right arm. When applying the circular bandage, use your left hand to hold the bandage in place at the starting point and wrap from left to right around the site in a circular motion. Keep the bandage close to the surface area as you wrap, unrolling as you circle around the affected site....   [tags: gauze, elastic bange, patient]

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Radiographic Physics and Images

- Question 1: Projections required The projections required for this emergency patient would be as follows: For the cervical spine a horizontal beam lateral (if this projection was unsuccessful in providing a diagnostic image then a Swimmers lateral would be used) and an AP C3-7 view (with doctors permission to pull the patients shoulders down). For the pelvis an AP pelvis projection would be sufficient to analyse if there is any damage to the pelvis. If any abnormalities are detected, further imaging would be conducted accordingly i.e....   [tags: cervical spine trauma, anatomy]

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The Doctor Who Saved Boston

- The Doctor Who Saved Boston The memories of the Red Sox run to the 2004 World Series championship this year will remain in the minds of Sox fans forever. Whether it is David Ortiz’s walk off performances against the Angels and Yankees, Manny Ramirez’s tape measure home runs, or Derek Lowe winning the clinching games of all three playoff series, Red Sox nation will not soon forget the memories that the “bunch of idiots,” as centerfielder Johnny Damon dubbed this year’s Sox club,provided them, nor will they forget the Sox all out assault on baseball and Boston sports history....   [tags: Short Stories History Baseball Papers]

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Prescription Drug Abuse

- Prescription drug abuse is one of the leading health problems facing the state of Oklahoma right now. In 2012 the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotic reported that 534 residents died from prescription drug overdoses and over half of those were from medication prescribed by their own doctors. Over the last five years abuse of prescription pain medication has increased at an alarming and shocking rate in Oklahoma. Narcotic pain medication is the desired drug of choice for many of our residents, causing a higher than average number of deaths by drug overdose....   [tags: health problems in Oklahoma]

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Mechanics of the Basketball Free Throw Shot

- The free throw shot is one the most important shots in basketball. In fact, around 20% of all points scored in the NCAA Division 1 are from free throws shots (Kozar, Vaughn, Lord, Whitfield, & Dve 243-248). The importance of this shot increases later in the game, because free throws tend to comprise greater percentage of the points that are scored in the last 5 minutes than the initial 35 minutes by either the wining or the losing team (Kozar et al., 123-129). The free throw shot is considered as the easiest shot for a professional basketball player, as the player stands alone, 15 feet away from the hoop with no defense or distraction....   [tags: sports, NCAA]

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Peripheral Arterial Disease Facts and Causes

- Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) is a generalized term referring to a spectrum of vascular disorders that alter the structure or function on any non-coronary artery. Atherosclerosis is the most common vascular disorder affecting the peripheral arteries (Ali & Carman, 2012). Atherosclerosis, commonly known as hardening of the arteries, is a general vascular disorder that can be located in any blood vessels throughout the body. It causes a reduction of blood flow and loss of function. Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is a blood vessel disease resulting from atherosclerosis....   [tags: PAD, vascular disorders, atherosclerosis]

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ASICS Products: Brief Overview of Company

- ASICS is a sports enthusiast company which was founded in 1949, that specializes in athletic gear. The company is known internationally for its research and development for athletic gear, most notability their running shoe. ASICS motivation when developing their line of running shoes is built around the idea of incorporating technological advances, that allow the runner to perform at their full potential and possibly even push beyond their limits. This approach is very important to ASICS because they believe that this meets their mission in bringing harmony and balance to the body and soul....   [tags: Sports, Shoes, Athletics ]

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Change is Inevitable: "Where the Red Fern Grows" by Wilson Rawls

- “The fame of my dogs spread all over our parts of the Ozarks. They were the best in the country” (Rawls 131). This is a quote from the book Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls. Where the Red Fern Grows is a book about a boy, Billy, and his two coon hunting dogs. The three of them have many adventures, and many of these adventures demonstrate the theme that change is inevitable. Firstly, the part of the book when Billy got into a fight with the kids in the town is a great example of the theme change is inevitable....   [tags: Where the Red Fern Grows, Wilson Rawls,]

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The Summer of 2005

- I remember the summer of 2005 as if it was happening right now. The hot weather, long days and softball were the only things I looked forward to all year long. Softball is my passion and that year I played on two slow pitch teams and a boy’s hardball team. I devoted all my time to practice, spending five out of seven days at a baseball field. I was determined, devoted and completely in love with the sport, that ended up ruining the rest of my perfect summer days. The disaster happened on June 19, 2005....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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How Biomechanics Influences Soccer

- How Biomechanics has influenced Soccer Biomechanics is the application of mechanical principles in the study of living organisms. (J. Hall, 1991, p. 524). For the purpose of this essay I will focus on how biomechanics has influenced soccer. Soccer is a worldwide sport that is played right from elite level all the way down to children playing in the school playground just for fun. Soccer is a popular sport in most countries, but it is just considered a sport to most people, they do not focus on the true biomechanics related to it....   [tags: sports sciences, technology]

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grant hill

- Grant Hill Everybody in Detroit called him “The Man” because he always was a leader and the to-go person in any tough moment of the game. Some people called him “The Gentleman” because he was a genuinely nice person with respect for the game and for others. Joe Dumars, a member of the legendary 1989-1990 Detroit Pistons team, once declared “He is the best player I’ve seen coming into the league for years”. Road to history was wide open for Grant, but luck had some other plans for his career. This is the story of Grant Hill, a story about having faith, patience and love for the game of basketball....   [tags: essays research papers]

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History of Clothing

- Have you ever stopped and wondered what did people wear back in the day. Or what was the clothing like when the Romans or Greeks where here. The Clothing that we wear today is very different; people didn’t always wear skinny jeans and graphic shirts. I took the time to research what was clothing like before we were born. It was believed that the very first people the Homo sapiens may have been the first people to wear clothing. The first people may have worn leaves or animal skins. Adam and Eve (according to the bible) made aprons of leafs, so they could cover themselves....   [tags: Evolution of Clothes, History]

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Sports: Speed Skating

- Speed Skating has been around for a while now. This specific sport has many different techniquies, and skills. There is a lot more to skating then putting on shoes that have wheels and going on a wood floor skating around in circles. In 1863 James Plempton had the idea to actually invent part of the skate. After James had spent time inventing it, James had thought it would be necessary to add something more to the skate. James added what he liked to call the “Fire Rocket”, which able’s the skate to be able to turn....   [tags: techniques, skills, skates]

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The Evolution of Whales

- The Evolution of Whales The origin of modern day whales, a mystery that has puzzled paleontologists for years, may have just been solved with the discovery of an ankle bone. This discovery might sound simple and unimportant, but the bones of these ancient animals hold many unanswered questions and provide solid proof of origin and behavior. The relationship between whales and other animals has proven to be difficult because whales are warm-blooded, like humans, yet they live in the sea. The fact that they are warm-blooded suggests that they are related to some type of land animal....   [tags: Anthropology Essays Paleontology Papers]

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Expectations Deferred

- Expectations Deferred Life is not without a sense of irony. We purposely perform dangerous acts, hoping to be ok and just walk away. Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is not a natural act, in fact it is stupid. Jumping out of an airplane when it is pitch black outside has to be the dumbest thing I have ever done. I had preformed this high-wire act on several different occasions, just like clockwork, you jump, land, wipe yourself off and move out. This time was different, it felt different, jumping out of that C-130 aircraft into the deep dark abyss, I felt like I was jumping into the oblivion....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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Nursing Clients with Medical Surgical Conditions - Comparative Analysis of a nursing practice

- The purpose of this comparative analysis essay is to discuss the different approaches used for the prevention of postoperative Deep vein thrombosis (DVT). There are a variety of prophylactic treatments to prevent DVT, but for the purpose of this essay only thromboembolic deterrent stockings (TEDs) in relation to Sequential compression devices (SCDs) will be covered and pharmacologic prophylaxis will be covered only briefly. DVT is the formation of blood clots in the deep veins (Kesieme, 2011). The most common sites for thrombus formation are the deep veins within muscle, typically of the calf or the thigh....   [tags: Deep Vein Thrombosis Prevention]

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The Eeffect of Visual Stimuli on Pain Threshold and Tolerance

- Summary In recent years there has been increased interest in the association between pain and anxiety. There has also been increased researched in the effectiveness of non-pharmacologic interventions used in conjunction with medications to relieve pain and anxiety. For many hospitalized patients, anxiety is brought on by pain and unfamiliar sights and sounds. The authors of this study wished to investigate whether blocking sights and sounds of the hospital would produce a more pleasing environment to the patient, therefore reducing pain and anxiety....   [tags: pain, anxiety, non-pharmacologic interventions]

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The Social Deviance of the self-reference in the Third Person

- Results This section will cover the reactions from the employees when the customer referred to himself in the third person. While the conversations were not recorded to give an exact transcript of what was said, the main part of the conversations will be narrated. At Chipotle, a Mexican fast food restaurant, the customer approached the first station where he ordered a burrito. The first employee asked “What can I get started for you?” The customer then replied with “Andrew will get a chicken burrito.” The employee proceeded then to warm a tortilla and ask the customer what kind of rice and beans he would like....   [tags: Employees, Chipotle, Mexican Restaurant, Fast Food]

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What Shin Splints Are and How to Avoid Them

- • The term shin splints refers to a painful condition that develops along the inside (medial edge) of the shin (tibia) that runs along the front of the lower leg. • The usual location is along the lower half of the tibia, anywhere from a few inches above the ankle to about half-way up the shin. • This is part of a group of group of injuries called “overuse injuries”, which are most prevalent in runners and athletes who practice strenuous exercise. • For runners, the repeated running cycle of bouncing on the back of the feet results in muscle fatigue, which may lead to higher forces being applied to the the attachment of fascia (outer covering of muscle) to bone, and finally the bone itself....   [tags: Shin Splints, medical, ]

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One of America’s Favorite Sports Could be in Danger

- One of America’s Favorite Sports Could be in Danger Hockey is one of the most exciting and rapid growing sports. It is fast-paced with tons of action that keeps its fans on their feet. One of the most enticing aspects of the game is the energy the players exert on the ice. Each season the players get bigger and stronger, and become more competitive. This would not be a bad thing, except their force is used to overpower their opponents and has led to an increase in the number of injuries over the years....   [tags: Athletics ]

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LeBron James and Michael Jordan: American Superstar Athletes

- During the time of Michael Jordan and the now present Lebron James American culture has changed a lot. Both of these two superstars show how American society love and appreciate their superstars. The society loves them both, they are both amazingly talented and have supporting fans that will always be by their side no matter what happens, through the peaks and valleys. These two allstars are beyond incredible and show their talent in a variety of ways. Both are very truly “Blessed” with their talents and capabilities....   [tags: Basketball, Sports]

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What do you Need to Improve your Flexibility?

- As she did a pirouette, she was center stage. All eyes on her and she did a pirouette and landed in fifth position. She prepared for this day making sure her muscles were strong and she was more flexible than she was just a month ago. How is she able to improve her flexibility in just a short amount of time. Well, flexibility has to do with our joints, our muscles, and even our diet. Joints are an important part to our flexibility. There are two different main kinds of joints, immovable and moveable....   [tags: joints, flexibility, health]

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Breaking the Color Barrier in Sports: Jack Roosevelt

- Jack Roosevelt “Jackie” Robinson was born on January 31st during the year of 1919 in Cairo, Georgia. He was the youngest of five children. Robinson grew up in poverty and later broke the color barrier that prohibited dark skinned people to play in major league baseball. In his early years, Jackie Robinson was inspired to pursue his interest in sports by his older brothers; especially his idol, “Mack” Robinson. At Jackie’s high school, John Muir High School, he played basketball, football, baseball, tennis and competed in track for 2 years....   [tags: jackie robinson, major league baseball]

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How Do You Clear Out a Mansion?

- When we put the property on the market in 2008, Kira and I began the monumental task of clearing out generations of the Clarks’ personal belongings from the house. The accumulation of “stuff” in the Comfort Island mansion fit the definition of overwhelming. For one hundred and thirty years clothes, artifacts, and wares of every description had been brought to the island and almost nothing had left. A solution to streamlining what one wanted to keep became more difficult after the local community banned burning....   [tags: market, property, boxes, clothes, chairs]

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Effects of the Cigar Strike of 1937

- Not only did the strike affect money, family relationships and Nowak's ankle it erupted a domino effect, affecting other businesses as well.“They won the complete support of the whole neighborhood,’ according to Stanley Nowak. “The cigar womens strike also precipitated a wave of sit-downs by other women in laundries, restaurants, hotels, and the five-and-dime and specialty food stores in the city.” Other women in smaller businesses around the city began sitting down in strike as well. Although their strikes did not last as long as the Cigar strike it goes to show how the Cigar making women had an impact on other working women....   [tags: Detroit history, labor rights]

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How Does Exercise Help You Live Longer

- How Does Exercise Help You Live Longer “Live long and prosper,” This popular quote is an example of taking over your life and prospering with good health. You have a chance to extend your life by doing physical exercise. Sitting around and lying on the couch all day will not help your health. Most video games will also contribute to lack of activity. Physical exercise can benefit you in so many ways. For instance, exercise can prevent obesity, make you heart healthy, make you stronger, and several more....   [tags: Quality of Life, Health, Wellbeing, Exercise]

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Psychological Manipulation in Hamlet by William Shakespeare

- The word manipulation is most commonly defined as exerting shrewd or devious influence especially for one’s own advantage. The most common manipulation used to influence human behaviour is known as psychological manipulation. Psychological manipulation is a type of social influence that aims to change the perception or behaviour of others through underhanded deception. In the tragic play, Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, the author demonstrates the use of manipulation through the two main characters Prince Hamlet and King Claudius....   [tags: claudius, gertrude, ophelia]

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US Prison System

- US Prison System There are many people who are critical of the US‘s prison sysetm; the idea of locking up those who commit crimes against a society simply to keep them from doing harm. Many say that more rehabilatation is necessary to improve these individuals and, therefore, society as a whole. What are some ways of doing this. Do you agree/disagree with this view and why. Is the prison system currently in place the best option for society. 2 pages, double spaced, 12pt. font. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink....   [tags: Jail Imprisonment Crime Law Essays]

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- MOTOR EXAMINATION OF THE LOWER LIMB • Inspection - Ask the child to lie down on the bed and expose to the underpants with the legs and thighs entirely exposed. Place a towel over the groin and inspect the lower limb. o Posture – Note the resting posture. Look for abnormal flexion or extension, unusual rotation, clawing of the foot or limb shortening. Always compare with the other side for symmetry. o Muscle Bulk - Look for muscle wasting of the quadriceps and anterior tibials and hypertrophy of the calf muscles....   [tags: Medical Report]

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Surgery and Treatment of the ACL

- Annually, 30 in 100,000 people in the UK suffer an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury making it the most common knee ligament to be injured (National Health Service Choices 2013). Incidences of ACL injury are higher in females than in their male counterparts. Surgical reconstruction of the ACL is standard practice however it is yet to be determined what the most effective rehabilitation technique is. An untreated injury to a cruciate ligament or stiffness following surgical repair could alter its mechanical function within the knee joint, affecting both the damaged and normal ligaments (Moglo and Shirazi-Adl 2004)....   [tags: ligaments, knee joint, injury]

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A Story About a Captured Woman

- Like a helpless animal, she whimpered, pulling at the heavy shackles in a hopeless attempt to relieve the aching pain on her ankle. The heat was unbearable. The baggy shirt that drowned her skinny frame was drenched in sweat. On the wall opposite her was a collage of photos of her walking to college, out with friends, close up photos of her watching television and in the centre a photo taken by her bedside of her sleeping. The first few times of seeing the centre photo would leave her feeling physically sick....   [tags: Kidnapped, Rape, Captive]

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The Stanford Prison Experiment: Phillip Zimbardo

- ... The prisoners were to remain anonymous and only referred to themselves and others by their ID number. As a substitute for shaving their heads, the prisoners were forced to wear a stocking cap. The act of shaving a prisoner’s head is to remove as much individuality as possible. As for the guards, they were not trained on how to act and they were told that within limits, they were allowed to do what they thought was necessary to keep order in the prison and command respect from the prisoners. The guards made up rules and the warden, an undergraduate student attending Stanford, enforced them....   [tags: volunteers, degradation, prison]

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Chronic Heel Pain Case Study

- Chronic heel pain is the most common condition, accounts about 15 percent in population (Rome, 2005). Chronic plantar heel pain likely present in conditions plantar fascitis, subcalcaneal bursitis, neuritis, subcalcaneal spur (Narvaez et al, 2006). The common cause of chronic plantar heel pain is plantar fascitis.pain may occur along the entire attachment of the plantar fascia or limited usually on the inferior medial aspect of the calcaneum,the bony prominence act as the origin for the plantar fascia and the weakest point of the fascia in which the fibres themselves are in highly tensile stress....   [tags: Case Study, analysis, solution]

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Juvenile Delinquency Week 8 Jose

- This term paper looks at an account involving a juvenile delinquent José and juvenile delinquents in broad and those in disagreement with the rule and the law in particular. It scrutinizes the status or condition of the American juvenile justice arrangement or system and tries to explore the motive or the grounds behind children finally resorting to delinquent vices in concurrence with the offences they usually engage in are indicted of committing. Even as the study investigates both social and cultural aspects behind the commission of these vices, it also categorically focuses on the children’s pliability to try to succeed in life....   [tags: Case Study, solution]

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Analysis on 24/7 Sobriety Project

- If everyone could have it his/her way, I am sure he/she would desire to live in an Utopian society that is absolutely crime-free. Although it may seem like a pipe dream, many programs and interventions are slowly but surely making the dream more realistic. Alternative to Incarceration (ATI) is a program that is very significant and an important factor in reducing crime. The article, “Alternative to Incarceration Programs: Cut Crime, Cut Costs, and Help People and Communities,” gives a very fitting description of what the program is and what it does....   [tags: incarceration programs, crime, ATI, prison]

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Sports Medicine Injuries and Physicians

- Sports Medicine is a medical field that specializes with physical fitness, treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise. It was introduced around the early Greek and Roman era when the first modern Olympic Games took place. The Greek felt they could do something to help heal and prevent injuries that the athletes were receiving. Now in sports medicine, certain injuries can only be assessed and treated by specific physicians. These physicians can include physical therapists, athletic trainers, and strength and conditioning coaches....   [tags: Physical Fitness, Treatment, Injury Prevention]

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Understanding Psychoanalysis According to Freud

- Picture an elderly man sitting on an chair with pad and pen in hand listening to a patient lying on a couch recalling their dream. This elderly man is a psychoanalyst, his name, Sigmund Freud. Freud was a Psychologist who produced a theory on personality called the Psychoanalytic perspective. This perspective proposes that personality is the result of animal-like driving forces that often conflict with one another and sometimes are unconscious. All references and terminology regarding Freud are taken from Ciccarelli, S.K., & White N.J.(2013)....   [tags: dream, sexual drives, behavior]

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Oscar Pistorius vs Anthony Robles

- Did you know that the number 1 ranked college wrestler in the United States wrestles without a leg and a South African runner ran in the Olympics with amputated legs. They have, Anthony Robles and Oscar Pistorius both faced a disability and became one of the best in their sport and were able to do this with determination. Anthony Robles and Oscar Pistorius demonstrate many similarities and differences in areas of facing a disability and how they use determination. First of all Anthony Robles and Oscar Pistorius both faced a disability....   [tags: sport, disability, determination]

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Society on Health and Nutrition

- In today’s society people will always try to find the easy way out of things especially when it comes to health and nutrition. Rather it be finding something quick to eat, or turning to the latest diet pills to shed pounds. These two things are what seems to be a quick fix for society, without considering their health. Ultimately preventing society from choosing to eat the right things and losing weight by becoming active. Developing a healthy lifestyle requires giving up certain foods and replacing them with ones that nourish one’s body, also not depending on pills or “quick fixes” to resolve issues with being overweight....   [tags: eat, weight, healthy, lifestyles, pills, food]

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Gender Equality in Ancient Egypt

- Egyptians treated women very well, compared to other ancient civilizations. Some of the different rights that women had, were that they could own property, borrow money, sign contracts, file for an annulment, and appear in court as a witness. With those rights, came many responsibilities that the women were also equally subject to. Most people assumed that in the ancient world, the man was the head of the household. This fact varied for different women. There were a lot of strong woman who disagreed with this, and decided to forget about custom and rule their families....   [tags: Gender, Equality, Ancient Egypt, history, ]

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Biomechanics in Rope Jumping

- CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.0 Background of Study Skipping techniques or rope skipping is knows as an easy sport, a simple and a great physical exercise. Skipping is a low cost, indoor activity and the exercise just take up a little space and can be practiced everywhere. Through skipping activity, it will help us to improve our health and fitness level. Most importantly, it can burn a calorie which in turn reduces fat on body that cause leads to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease....   [tags: Final year project progress report]

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Acute Injuries and Treatments

- What are the differences between an acute injury and a chronic injury or disease. An acute injury is one that happens during a single event not over a period of time while a chronic injury could develop or worsen over time. Chronic injuries usually happen as a result repetitive trauma to the same area injuring it worse every time. If not treated, an acute injury can turn into a chronic injury. There are many times of acute injuries, many of which result from sporting accidents. An acute injury is trauma to a certain area of the body that may or may not cause extensive pain....   [tags: medical trauma]

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Evaluating Portable Hand Controls

- Evaluating Portable Hand Controls At the beginning of January, Mrs. Jones broke her right ankle, had surgery on it, and she was left with a cast that stretched up to her knee. For the next several weeks, she was at the mercy of family and friends to take her back and forth, for there is no such thing as public transportation in this little town. Feeling desperate and trapped led her to seek out another avenue to get around without having to rely on others for transportation. Having knowledge of the fact that they do have devices for the disabled led her to investigate whether or not this would be a viable choice for someone such as herself....   [tags: driving, safe, transportation]

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Love Of Life

- Summary for Love of Life: Love of life started out on a trail with two men being the characters. In the beginning they started out as tired and weak. Each man had a rifle. They came upon a some boulders and the man in back slipped over one and sprained his ankle. Bill staggered on through the milky waters. Bill was gone now. He looked at his watch and could not tell if it was in the end of July or beginning of August. He was still laying in the stream that lead to the Coppermine River. The man got up and started to proceed towards his destiny....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Running Cycle

- There are two main phases to the running cycle: Support and Forward Recovery Support Phase: This is the phase when the runner is touching the ground, and makes up about 30%-40% of the running cycle. Foot-strike: The foot touches the ground slightly ahead of the center of mass. When the foot contact occurs, several actions take place: the knee flexes, the tibia internally rotates, the ankle plantar flexes, and the subtalar joint pronates (Miliron & Cavanagh, 1990). It is necessary to have a certain amount of pronation to disseminate the energy of the foot-strike....   [tags: Sport Run Running Athletics]

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The First Time I Touched a Girl

- On the day the drug film was to be shown in Mr. George's science class, I took my assigned seat at the rear center cluster of desks, directly across from a girl named Maria. She was at least a head taller than I was, with a few freckles, and long brown hair that covered most of her face. Like all the girls in my seventh grade class, she wore skirts or casual dresses over a contrasting leotard. She was not especially pretty or popular, not that I had any right to evaluate her. She never smiled, and for however many months she sat directly across from me I don't remember us ever speaking....   [tags: Personal Narrative]

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Oveercoming an Injury - Not giving up

- Select a person you admire or a significant life experience. In what way has this person or experience affected you. Running in a line, clumped unevenly together, my team ran out of the locker room with a burst of energy as the crowd slowly acknowledged our arrival on to the court. I glanced around to see who might be watching this anticipated win, and to look for my mom’s face up in the stands. I nervously waited for the ball to complete my first lay-up of the night, to ease my way into the game atmosphere....   [tags: significant life experience]

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The Game of Hackysac or Footbag

- The Game of Hackysac or Footbag What if I told you that in my hand I hold the secret to world harmony that diplomats have been searching for for centerys. That a toy about the size of a plumb can improve your physical and mental well being tremendously. It may sound corny, but it may even bring you at peace with the world. You may call me crazy, but I believe that this little devise can do all these things. This is the hackysac, or footbag as it is officially known, and it is the only component necessary in a very exciting game....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Knee Injury Prevention and Conditioning

- Knee Injury Prevention and Conditioning An estimated 50 million Americans have suffered or are suffering knee pain or injuries. Most of these pains, sprains, and strains could probably have been avoided with proper conditioning (Fox, 147). I have had knee pain since my freshmen year of high school and have finally taken the initiative to find some exercises that will help ease this pain, and build muscle strength in the surrounding areas to avoid another possible injury. Getting the support muscles of my legs in shape is one good way to lower the risk of knee injury....   [tags: Papers]

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Personal Statement

- I believe the challenges of the biomedical engineering curriculum have helped to prepare me for the rigors of medical school. I can best describe my interest in engineering in terms of a vehicle my father purchased for either my younger brother or me to drive: a rusted out, barely running 1978 Toyota FJ40. FJ40’s were utilitarian four-wheel drive vehicles to begin with, and this one had all its (few) creature comforts removed; it was essentially a rusty steel tub on wheels that did not even run....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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School and Learning

- School and Learning. My first school was Saint Michaels Primary school at Daceyville. It was a Catholic convent school staffed and run by The Sacred Heart Nuns it accepted boys to sixth class and the girls could continue on to Commercial classes which probably ran to the equivalent to fourth or fifth year. It was mixed sexes for all classes, bubs to sixth class with girls only after sixth class. The nuns resided in a large convent adjoining the school grounds. They wore ankle length black habits with white wimples....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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The Biopsychosocial Model

- INTRODUCTION “Don’t treat the disease, treat the patient” [9]. The concept of health has seemed to become complex in definition over the centuries as science improves. “Health is a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.”-World Health Definition of Health (1948) [9] In order to understand health, different models or frameworks for thinking have been developed which have been useful. The Biomedical model which evolved since the 19th century from Galen’s (Greek physician 200AD) concept of pathogen, focused on removing the disease/disability and not on prevention or general well-being [9]....   [tags: health, diseases ]

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Dresses Throughout History

- Women have worn dresses all throughout history, in fact they used to be all women were allowed to wear in previous centuries. How did dresses go from an every day must to only for special occasions. Also, how did they evolve over time into what they are today. Questions such as this sparked my curiosity on the subject so I decided to divide up my research accordingly to answer them in an organized fashion for my research paper. History of Dressmaking In the 17 and 1800s, if you were not wealthy you made all clothing including dresses by hand sewing....   [tags: elias howe, sewing machine]

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Marion Anderson's Battle

- “When I sing, I don't want them to see that my face is black. I don't want them to see that my face is white. I want them to see my soul. And that is colorless.” Marian Anderson, an African American opera singer, was not only known for her soprano to bass voice range, but also for her positive attitude on being a black singer during the Civil Rights Movement (Bio). Although Marian is not widely known today, her success at such a young age, numerous famous performances, perseverance during the Constitution Hall incident, and her attitude after the incident caused not only Americans, but presidents to look at civil rights differently....   [tags: African AMerican, Opera Singer, Biography]

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Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy

- CHIROPRACTIC, OSEOPATHY, PHYSIOTHERAPY There are many health care facilities worldwide that provide treatment for an injured patient for all ages. Some professions are easily mistaken due to their philosophies and type of treatment. Professions that are commonly mistaken are Chiropractic, Osteopathy, and Physiotherapy. The purpose of this essay is to distinctly differentiate between the three professions to both increase my own knowledge and the knowledge of others. Chiropractic is a form of health care that predominantly focuses on the relationships of structures (mainly the spine and pelvis) and its functions (mainly the nervous system)....   [tags: treatment for injured patients]

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The Heroes of the Trojan War: Hector & Achilles

- In the Greek epic, The Iliad, Homer describes the siege and capture of the ancient city of Troy by Achilles and the Achaean warriors. Achilles, being a fearless fighter, defeated many throughout his battles against the Trojan army, including the brave-hearted Hector during the invasion of Troy. Though Achilles has been given the title of the hero of the Trojan War, many historians believe that Hector was a greater hero than Achilles. When comparing the characteristics of an epic hero such as being a national hero and having supernatural abilities, Hector clearly surpasses Achilles....   [tags: Greek Literature]

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Commentary on In the The Jungle by Upton Sinclair

- ... Furthermore, rats, dirt, and dust were shoveled into carts containing meat without remorse. Jurgis witnesses the hidden secrets factories play on the consumers of their meat. He spends long strenuous hours laboring in the unsanitary factories, straining himself day in and day out. During the harsh winters, Jurgis would often show up to work with nearly frozen feet, sore to the touch, and without regard to his health he would proceed to carry out his duties in fear of losing his job. It finally gets to a point where he can no longer work due to an ankle injury....   [tags: American Dream, Factory, Social Class]

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The Long Term Effects of Concussions in Children

- ... Even so, as the only extent to her limits, the piece is quite broad and some might say, somewhat vague. For instance, she is quick to list off the research done in humans and animals, yet her credible sources are spotty at best. When she wants to be specific, such as the “280 study participants from ages 11 to 22” (Sifferlin) tested, she backs her claim quite fully with the Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School reports. She even lists multiple pieces of evidence found in the journal, Pediatrics, to support her other statements....   [tags: sports, medical, recovery]

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Grappling styles and Martial Arts in Different Countries

- Grappling as a sport and method of defense can trace its roots as far back as 3400 BC with the Egyptians. Recorded images of ancient grappling can be found on the tombs of Beni-Hasan and Vizier Ptahhotpe. Eventually different forms and styles of grappling started emerging all over the world. The ancient Greek Olympic Games featured matches with Greco-Roman wrestling and the Indians developed their own form of grappling called Pahalwani around 11 AD. Grappling began as a self-defense art, evolved into battlefield art, and finally into sport....   [tags: Self-Defense, Brazil]

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Wedding Dresses 101: Knowing the Different Styles

- ... Ball gown This dress is also known as the fairy tale dress because of how it makes the bride look. The ball gown dress makes a bride look like a princess with its fitted bodice and full skirt that flares out from the waist down. The dress would add drama to a wedding especially if it comes with a trail. It is best worn for large, formal and traditional weddings. While the ball gown dress is not ideal for petite brides, brides who are pear-shaped would look best with this dress. Empire The empire dress is good for almost all body types, including those with pear, apple and hour-glass shapes....   [tags: types, styles, decision, dress]

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Differences Between China and Saudi Arabia

- Saudi Arabia and China are quite different countries. The latter is much larger than the former. The former is the largest country of the Arabian Peninsula and it is located in Middle East, bordering the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea, north of Yemen. The latter is the largest country in Eastern Asia, bordering the East China Sea, between North Korea and Vietnam. Although there some similarities between Saudi Arabia and China, there are also several differences in the areas of population, economy and the culture....   [tags: Geography, Culture]

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Malaria Disease and Hepatitis C

- Malaria is a common disease in a hot tropical area and it affects about 300 million people worldwide. There are four types of parasites that cause malaria in humans. Among the types of species Plasmodium falciparum is most common in Africa region and it can cause deadly form of disease. The Plasmodium vivax which is the second type of species is not life-threatening form of malaria. Plasmodium ovale also causes malaria. The system malaria affect most is the immune system. Malaria undergoes a complex life cycle, which involves two separate asexual reproductive stages in the vertebrate host which include humans and sexual reproduction as well as multiplication in the insect vector of all human...   [tags: parasites, human, host]

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The Mariachi and Special Occasions

- ... Each of these instruments has a purpose that it serves when it contributes to the overall Mariachi sound. When the vihuela is strummed it it gives the Mariachi its typical rhythmic vitality. The guitarró serves as the bass of the ensemble and the harps doubles the base line and ornaments the melody. The resulting sound of these instruments is unique and the sound are sharply contrasting; the sweet sounds of the violin, the brilliance of the trumpets, the deep sound of the guitarró go against the high voice of the vihuela and the frequent shifting between syncopation which result in the heart and soul of Mexico....   [tags: instruments, mexican culture]

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A Typical Session

- Ronnie quietly walked into her bedroom and closed her door, locking it behind her. She turned on some music appropriate for the occasion; "Am I Wrong?" by Love Spit Love and "Perfect Day" by Lou Reed being her favorite background music during difficult times. Ronnie moved to her dresser and opened one of its many drawers. She pulled out an innocent-looking box of matches from a local candle store. After opening it, she took out a slightly blood-stained cardboard pocket. Inside......   [tags: essays research papers]

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Virtual Company

- Virtual Company Introduction: With the growing popularity of snowboarding, more companies are coming up with new, innovative ideas to make a profit. Convenience plays a major factor in profit maximization model. If a snowboarder must overcome too much of a task while putting the board on in order to hit the slopes, the product is sure to be flop. Simmons Extreme Sports has developed a state of the art snowboard binding/boot combination that will revolutionize the sport of snowboarding. Snowboard bindings connect to the snowboard with screws....   [tags: Papers]

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