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Momaday's Angle of Geese and Other Poems

- Angle of Geese and Other Poems MOMADAY had been writing poetry since his college days at University of New Mexico, and this volume incorporates many of his earlier efforts. Momaday admired the poetry of Hart Crane as an undergraduate, and early poems like "Los Alamos" show Crane's influence. Under the tutelage of Yvor Winters at Stanford Momaday developed an ability to provide clear, precise details and images in his verse. As a graduate student at Stanford, Momaday absorbed the influence of an eclectic group of poets including Emily Dickinson, Wallace Stevens, Paul Valery, Charles Baudelaire, and Frederick Goddard Tuckerman, the subject of Momaday's PhD dissertation....   [tags: Momaday's Angle of Geese]

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Angle of Shooting in Soccer

- It was about 3 minutes before the time was called. The red light from the score billboard showing “2-1” represented our team’s frustration to win that one more point in order to break even. The cheering sound of the crowd reverberated through the ground; chased by the other two players from the opposing side, I ran as fast as I could toward the opponent’s goal; it was our last chance of scoring. My heart started pounding rapidly, I ran closer to the goal, and took the shot. I missed. My dad started teaching me to play soccer since I was very young....   [tags: freekicks, soccer,math, physics]

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Social Justice : Sharron Angle

- Social Justice Essay Sharron Angle says “There is a plan and a purpose, a value to every life, no matter what its location, age, gender, or disability.” Experts say that more programs are being developed to help those with disabilities get jobs and a better education. Experts also say that these individuals deserve an equal opportunity to participate from services. People with a disability deserve to be treated and respected just like everyone else when it comes to school and a working environment....   [tags: Disability, Education, Mental disorder]

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A Wide Angle View Of Fragile Earth

- The environment has been a controversial issue in society since the Industrial Revolution. Human kind is advancing, but the environment is deteriorating. We are now in the 21st century, yet there are still changes that the world is waiting on. Both Yann Arthus-Bertrand in “A Wide Angle View of Fragile Earth” and Elizabeth Kolbert in “The Weight of the World” have an underlying agreement that everyone is to blame for these environmental changes. In order for environmental advancement, we must cooperate with one another because as a nation we are interlinked....   [tags: Carbon dioxide, Environment, Natural environment]

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Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma: The Importance of Raising Awareness

- Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness worldwide, but it is surrounded by many mysteries yet to be solved by researchers. Additionally, the general public is not well informed about the risks of glaucoma. “It is estimated that over 2.2 million Americans have glaucoma but only half of those know they have it” (“Glaucoma Facts”, 2013, para. 8). Glaucoma is a disease in which continual pressure to the optic nerve damages it, leading to vision loss (“What is Glaucoma?”, n.d.). Glaucoma is complicated and not very well known....   [tags: optic nerve damages, lost vision]

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The Relationship between the Angle of Elevation of a Ramp and the Speed of a Bal

- The Relationship between the Angle of Elevation of a Ramp and the Speed of a Ball Introduction In this piece of coursework I'm going to investigate and measure the speed of the ball rolling down a ramp. From the data that I'm going to collect I'm going to be able to work out the Gravitational potential energy when changing the height, the friction force acting on the ball whilst it rolling down, and finally the kinetic energy exerted by the ball. Planning Fair Testing Before I would start the experiment I would have to devise a suitable method that would provide a safe test, which is fair and accurate....   [tags: Papers]

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Patient With Coccygeal Injury

- The purpose of this study is to present the case of 33 years old female that had an examination performed at the County Hospital. Also, to list equipment used and procedures necessary for producing the diagnostic images ordered. In addition, presenting findings as well as presenting extensive related pathology research, signs, symptoms, and possible treatment options. On June 3rd 2008 a 33 years old female presented at the County Hospital for a three view sacrum and coccyx study, due to mid buttocks and coccyx area pain caused by patient falling approximately a year prior....   [tags: sacrococcygeal angle]

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Calculation of Phase Angle Diversity for Time-Varying Harmonic Currents from Grid Measurement

- 1. Introduction Number and variety of non-linear devices and installations used by residential and commercial customers are increasing continuously. Therefore the effect of harmonics in the network is more and more considered in both the planning and the operation of distribution systems. This analysis is not always easy, because multiple factors influence the emission and propagation of harmonics through the network, like the network impedance, the voltage distortion and the time-variation of number and type of connected equipment....   [tags: harmonics, network, voltage, distortion]

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Spring Loaded Camming Device for Rock Climbing

- Mathematical Exploration Calculus in Climbing I have decided this mathematical exploration will center around rock climbing. As I read the list of sample topics handed to me by my teacher, I instantly gravitated to rock climbing. It is a topic I have substantial interest in and a sport I routinely participate in. However the crag is a long away from the classroom, does math really have its place in rock climbing. I needed to decide where math applies in the vertical world. The solution to this question is the Spring Loaded Camming Device (SLCD)....   [tags: Math, Spiral, Angle]

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Investigating How the Size of a Shadow Depends on the Angle at Which the Light Hits the Object

- Investigating How the Size of a Shadow Depends on the Angle at Which the Light Hits the Object Introduction ============ The aim of the project is to see which factors affect the size of a shadow and then to look more closely at one of the factors to see how exactly it varies the size of a shadow. Variables that may affect the size of the shadow ================================================ Although, I will investigate how one factor affects the size of a shadow, there are other factors that could be investigated....   [tags: Papers]

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The Ability of School Pupils to Determine Length vs. the Size of an Angle

- The Ability of School Pupils to Determine Length vs. the Size of an Angle My first hypothesis is that school pupils can estimate the length of a line, in millimeters, better than the size of an angle, in degrees. Plan for collecting data To see if my hypothesis is true I am going to have to support it with data. The first aspect I had to consider was whether to collect primary or secondary data....   [tags: Papers]

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The Effect of Horizontal Wind Speed on the Angle of Deflection from the Vertical of a Hanging Board

- The Effect of Horizontal Wind Speed on the Angle of Deflection from the Vertical of a Hanging Board Aim: To design an experiment, that investigates how horizontal wind speed affects the angle of deflection from the vertical, of a hanging board....   [tags: Papers]

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Rhetorical Analysis Of ' A Library Is Both A Hallowed Sanctuary And The Darkest, Dankest, Dungeon

- A library is both a hallowed sanctuary and the darkest, dankest, dungeon. With this in mind, an angle of vision is being created. An angle of vision is not simply written; it is carefully and deliberately constructed through the proper use of five rhetorical strategies. Word choice, sentence structure, overt statements, figurative language, and selection and omission of details are the strategies used by writers to create the angle of vision. To understand these strategies I have written two paragraphs that are similar in description yet carry vastly different angles of vision....   [tags: Sentence, Word, Connotation, Angle]

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The Importance Of Using Biochemical Tests On An Unknown

- The purpose of using biochemical tests is to identify characteristics that differentiate one bacteria species from another. When a patient is having signs and symptoms, you can’t tell what is causing the issue just from a description of how they feel. The process of determining the cause would be performing biochemical tests on an unknown sample. The results of the test are shown by either indicators that are present in the media, or reagents that are added. Once the tests are performed, and the results are gathered, you would use them to determine what bacteria species the culture was from....   [tags: Finger, Hand, Angle, Degree]

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Investigating the Relationship Between the Lengths, Perimeter and Area of a Right Angle Triangle

- Investigating the Relationship Between the Lengths, Perimeter and Area of a Right Angle Triangle Coursework Aim To investigate the relationships between the lengths, perimeter and area of a right angle triangle. Pythagoras Theorem is a² + b² = c². 'a' being the shortest side, 'b' being the middle side and 'c' being the longest side of a right angled triangle. So the (smallest number)² + (middle number)² = (largest number)² The number 3, 4 and 5 satisfy this condition 3² + 4² = 5² because 3² = 3 x 3 = 9 4² = 4 x 4 = 16 5² = 5 x 5 = 25 and so 3² + 4² = 9 + 16 = 25 = 5² The numbers 5,12, 13 and 7,24,25 also work for this theorem 5² + 12² = 1...   [tags: Papers]

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Educating Students And Creating Interest

- Day One Introducing the Unit to Students and Creating Interest The purpose of this introductory assignment will be to reintroduce the geometry indicators and to engage the affective and psychomotor domains to create positive feelings towards this new subject matter. The class will begin by moving to the auditorium, where they will then be split up into preassigned groups of three. Each student in the group will be given a “bingo” card, which is filled with degree values found on the unit circle (30⁰, 45⁰, 60⁰…)....   [tags: Angle, Degree, Radian, Trigonometry]

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Modern Optical Communication Industry

- Optical fibers are structures that are typically designed to transmit energy along a specified trajectory with minimal attenuation and single distortion. Optical fibers with small losses appeared in 1970. This event has laid the foundation for modern optical communication industry. However Si waveguides have some nonlinearity which occurs when electromagnetic waves interact with core of the waveguide. To do away with this problem it was begun to use Optical fibers with spiral winding known as complex optical waveguides....   [tags: slant angle, attenuation]

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Projectile Motion Laboratory

- Projectile Motion Lab Introduction: The purpose of this experiment was to find how changing the angle and velocity would affect the distance the object went, height the object went, and time the object was in the air. Before this lab I could not tell how the angle and velocity would change the results. I needed to figure out what angle and what velocity made the object go farther or make it stay in the air longer. I also found mass will affect the height and distance. I used the site Galileo and Einstein to figure out these factors....   [tags: angle, velocity, distance relationship]

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My Journey With The Relief Of Ccu

- There has not been just one event in my life that has given me this direction that I want to take but several over the last ten years that I will be talking about. All of these events are what is giving me the determination and encouragement to complete this journey with the assistance of CCU. In 2004 I was involved in a very horrific ATV accident, leaving me with a broken femur, compression fractures in my back and several other injuries. This event was a life changing event. If it wasn’t for the doctors and nurses that took care of me and put me back together, I would have lost my leg due to the severity of the compound fracture of my femur....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Bone fracture, Angle]

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Shooting Fireworks With Great Results

- Throughout all history humans have been fascinated by fireworks, we all like the feeling of watching this combination of colors and explosions. This is not different for photographers, any photographer at one stage or another, dreams of shooting a great firework celebration, and who wouldn’t, so how to master fireworks photography. This task for many of you that have not tried it might sound cumbersome and difficult to achieve. But don’t believe this myth with a few tips I will discuss in this article you will be set to go out there and start shooting fireworks with great results....   [tags: Photography, Wide-angle lens, Aperture]

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Physics Concept Objects Of Motion

- This experiment introduces kinematics, an important physics concept describing objects in motion, to explore projectile motion in two dimensions. The kinematics of motion can be expressed by certain equations, which show the relationships between velocity, acceleration, time, and displacement. Two experiments were conducted to utilize two specific equations; one by launching a ball horizontally to investigate the time of flight, and another by launching the ball at different angles to determine its horizontal range....   [tags: Velocity, Classical mechanics, Ballistics, Angle]

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Film Pulp Fiction Directed By Quentin Tarantino

- The scene that I have chosen is from the film Pulp Fiction directed by Quentin Tarantino. The backstory leading up to this scene is as follows: Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield are known hitmen were driving to a job that had received and while in the car they were talking about how the French say the Big Mac different than Americans. As they exited the car they entered a building and head up the elevator to where they have to be. As they head down the hallway towards a door, they were discussing a man named Marsellus Wallace and his wife Mia Wallace....   [tags: Low-angle shot, Close-up, Film editing]

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New Fragrance For Dior Poison Girl

- 1. This commercial is Dior Poison Girl and is 0:47 long. 2. The product being sold is the new fragrance for Dior called Poison Girl. It is a perfume that comes in a small translucent light pink bottle with Poison girl Dior written on the front, with a black twist off top. It contains bitter orange, rose, and vanilla smells which don’t exactly match the poison girl vibe. 3. The demographic they are selling this product to is late teens early 20 something females. They are selling this product using allure, and popularity....   [tags: Female, Woman, Girl, Low-angle shot]

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The Violence Of Malcolm X

- Passion is known to be contagious. Many would consider civil rights leader Malcolm X as being one of the most passionate individuals no matter the circumstance or stage in his life. He is known to have been bursting with passion regardless if he had been hustling on the streets of Harlem, doing time behind a jail cell, delivering sermons on behalf of the Nation of Islam or finding his definition of being a real Muslim. The movie, Malcolm X is a Spike Lee produced biographical drama focused on the Afrocentric upbringings of an activist who spends his life seeking the truth....   [tags: Malcolm X, Nation of Islam, Low-angle shot]

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The meaning of the suffering of Meursault from the angle of existentialist crisis

- Existentialism tends to focus on the question of human existence — the feeling that there is no purpose, indeed nothing, at the core of existence. The term itself suggests one major theme: the stress on concrete individual existence and, consequently, on subjectivity, individual freedom, and choice. Sartre did not believe in God, so there was no place for the essence of humanity to be before human existence. For Existentialists like Sartre, the absence of God has a much larger significance than the metaphysics of creation....   [tags: Existentialism]

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Making Accommodations For Students With Special Needs

- The book lists the steps to make accommodations for students with special needs. The first step named is teaching preskills. The skills that will be needed to perform or complete a more complex skill. When I read this section, the first concept that popped into my head was mini-lessons. Teaching preskills to students is similar to a mini-lesson. You are teaching them skills that will need to complete a direct activity or task in the future. Students have to know the information to learn new information....   [tags: Learning, Education, Teacher, Angle]

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Anger is a Strong Emotion

- After reading the essays by Aristotle ‘Anger’ and Robert C. Solomon’s ‘Anger as a Way of Engaging the World, I have discovered that anger is a strong emotion and can come from many sources. In comparing the two essays written, both Aristotle and Solomon seem to make similar statement about the sources of anger, that it’s takes a sender and a receiver to complete the emotion of anger. Both are stating that an outside source could have caused the anger and the person offended is seeking a satisfaction....   [tags: angle, aristotle, philosophy, robert c. solomon, ]

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How Far Can You Throw (or Kick) a Ball?

- There are a lot of physics and science behind throwing a football. You must take into account all of the factors around you, as well as figure out the best angle to send the ball where it needs to be. Throwing a deep ball is all about using the right angle with the right amount of force. I want to find out at which angle is the best to throw the farthest ball. The angles I will test will be a low angle at 15˚, a medium angle at 45˚, and a high angle at 75˚. The force throwing the ball will be the same, so the only factor changing will be the angle at which the ball is being thrown....   [tags: physics, science, gravity]

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Do the Right Thing Film Analysis

- The 1989 film Do the Right Thing displays a story about racial tension in a predominantly African-American neighborhood. Spike Lee not only directed and produced this film but he was also the main character, Mookie. In spite of maintaining these three jobs, Lee incorporated cinematic techniques that allowed his film to unlock controversial ideals for both Caucasian and African-American viewers. Through the use of camera elements Lee was able to display emotions and tone of the scene without using stating it directly....   [tags: racial tension in an African American neighborhood]

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Glaucoma And Treatment Of Glaucoma

- Introduction Glaucoma is a staple in the wide world of ocular disease. Though it has several forms, open angle and closed angle glaucoma are the most common classifications. The latter can further be broken down into acute and chronic variants. Acute angle closure glaucoma in particular, is one form of this condition that can be quite lethal in the eyes. An understanding of acute angle closure glaucoma and its characteristic features, including one lens related consequence of an acute attack, is vital to proper diagnosis and effective treatment....   [tags: Glaucoma, Intraocular pressure]

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The Physics of Throwing a Football

- The physics and science that go into throwing a football are very complicated. You must take into account all of the factors around you, as well as figure out the best angle to send the ball where it needs to be. Throwing a deep ball is all about using the right angle with the right amount of force. I want to find out at which angle is the best to throw the ball the farthest. The angles I will test will be a low angle at 15˚, a medium angle at 45˚, and a high angle at 75˚. The force throwing the ball will be the same and the tight spiral will be assumed constant, so the only factor changing will be the angle at which the ball is being thrown....   [tags: parabola, gravity, football]

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Distance and Height of Cannon Projectiles

- ... Figure 2: right-angle triangle In figure 2, a right angle triangle is drawn, with the following notations: The AB line is called the Hypothesis (Hyp, representing the initial speed) The AC line is called the Adjacent (Adj, representing the horizontal speed) The BC is called the Opposite (Opp, representing the vertical speed) The next step is split up into two parts to find the vertical speed per second, and the horizontal speed per second. From trigonometry we know: Sinθ= Opp/Hyp Cosθ= Adj/Hyp Tanθ= Opp/Adj First we want to find the vertical distance the projectile moves....   [tags: mathematical investigation]

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Investigating What Factors Affect Reflection

- Investigating What Factors Affect Reflection Prediction: The angle of incidence is proportional to the angle of Refraction. Angle I Angle r 10 6 20 14 30 21 40 28 50 34 60 39 70 44 80 47 Results: Angle I Angle r 10 8 20 15 30 20 40 28 50 33 60 38 70 42 80 47 Averages of both results: Angle I ======= Angle r 10 7 20 14.5 30 20.5 40 28 50 33.5 60 38.5 70 43 80 47 Averaging= I=20 r=14+15 2 R=14.5 Analysing Graph The graph shows my averages of the...   [tags: Papers]

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The Reason For Seasons And The Sun

- To begin, the reason for seasons is the change in the altitude of the noonday sun over the course of a year due to the fact that the earth is tilted 23 ½ degrees with respect to a line that is perpendicular to the plain of the earth’s orbit. Now, let’s break this concept down into smaller parts to get the full understanding. The change in the altitude of the noonday sun simply means that the altitude at which the sun is shining onto the earth at noon every day is slowly changing every day throughout the year....   [tags: Sun, Earth, Solstice, Equator]

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Hip and Knee Movements and Muscles

- Hip and Knee Movements Hip and Knee Movements 1. Take the position of a runner in the starting block for a short running race. Place one foot forward and one foot back while placing your hands on the starting line. a. In what position is the hip joint for the forward leg. Flexion and extension can be measured by analyzing the angles between two body parts. Flexion can be described as a movement that decreases the angle between two parts of a body. On the other hand, extension describes to a movement that increases the angle between two parts of a body....   [tags: Flexion, Anatomy]

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Investigating the Stability of Blocks

- Investigating the Stability of Blocks Planning I am going to investigate the stability of blocks by placing them on to a board and raising it until they fall. The evidence I will need to collect is: the height and centre of mass for each block and the angle at which they fall. I will need to use five regular blocks, the board I will use to raise the blocks must be flat and level and likewise so must the surface I am working on. I will use my scientific knowledge of center of mass to predict at what point the block will fall over....   [tags: Papers]

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Using Parallax and its Formula to Measure Distances: Science Project

- As my science fair topic, I chose to test the accuracy of using parallax to measure distance. I chose this topic because it relates to two of my favorite topics: mathematics and astronomy. Parallax uses a mathematical formula and is most commonly used to measure the distance between celestial bodies. From my research on parallax, I found how to measure it, and how to use the parallax formula to measure distances. Parallax is defined as “any alteration in the relative apparent positions of objects produced by a shift in the position of the observer” (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia 1)....   [tags: Celestial, Mathematics, Astronomy]

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Methods to Find Angles and Sides in a Triangle

- There are multiple methods that can be used to find the sides and angles of a triangle. Examples include Special Rights (30, 60, 90 and 45, 45, 90), SOHCAHTOA, and the law of sines and cosines. These are very helpful methods. I will explain to my best ability how to do all three of these with examples at the end. The first example special rights are used only with right triangles. To do this method you have to have angle measures of 30, 60, and 90, or 45, 45, and 90. There is a “stencil” that goes with these degrees....   [tags: special, right, schcahtoa, sines, cosines, law]

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Surface Plasmon Resonance And Its Application

- Abstract: The phenomenon of free electron-photon oscillations, discovered in the 1900’s has changed the way we think about metals. Metals are no longer considered as devoid of optical properties. Applications of these properties have been reported in multiple disciplines. In this report, we discuss the phenomenon of surface plasmon resonance and its application in various sensors. Introduction to Surface Plasmons During an experiment conducted by Wood [1], an anomaly in the fringe pattern formed by light reflected by a mirror with diffraction grating was observed....   [tags: Refraction, Total internal reflection, Snell's law]

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Pork Chop Plot : A Chart That Shows Contours Of Characteristic Energy ( C3 ) Versus Departure And Arrival

- Pork-chop plot Pork-chop plot is a chart that shows contours of characteristic energy (C3) versus departure and arrival dates. The Pork-chop plot is essential to determine the initial launch parameters. Pork-chop plot is the graphical representation of lambert solution. Pork Chop plot of Earth-Venus trajectory (from Leela O’Brien, 2012) Tisserand Graph Tisserand graph is a very useful tool to investigate the feasibility of gravity-assist transfer trajectories. The Tisserand graph is the plot of orbital specific energy or orbital period versus the periapsis radius....   [tags: Orbit, Astrodynamics, Mars, Celestial mechanics]

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Relativistic Doppler Effect and the Misunderstandings of Special Theory of Relativity

- ... All the issues, raised by the author, are due to the fact, that the author decided not to use α', but α as an angle, that is equal to π/2, in order to define transverse Doppler effect. It is obvious, that α is the angle between the wave direction and the relative motion of the 1st observer and source, but measured by another observer (let's call him 2nd observer). The 2nd observer in the rest with the light source. Then author substitutes α=π/2 to the formulas (1)-(2) and obtain a "blue" shift....   [tags: shift, contradicts, dilation, formulas]

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Deskewing Using Binary and Grayscale Images

- Therefore, for each pixel of the image we use the following observation window: where c is the current pixel. We then compute the following products: Finally the algorithm checks if up > down and down > 127. The main drawback of this algorithm is for images with a low contrast where too many pixels are deleted from the original image. Therefore, the Hough transform is not able to estimate properly the skew angle. 1.3 The Hough transform The Hough transform is an algorithm invented by Paul Hough in 1962....   [tags: Information Technology]

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Conduction Of Experiments And Procedure

- Conduction of experiments and Procedure: The experiments were carried out on a conventional milling machine (10 HP capacities and a spindle speed of 3000RPM). The cutting forces were measured by a three dimensional dynamometer and a specially designed fixture is properly placed on it. To investigate the effect of cutting conditions on the surface quality, the compression moulding technique was used to make unidirectional of 10mm thick Glass/polyester plates, cured at the pressure of 200Kgf and a temperature of 1200C for four hours....   [tags: Milling machine, Machining, Friction, Roughness]

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What Makes Casablanca a Classic Movie?

- Classical Hollywood movies are important to the film making. They have set a guide and standards to be followed by filmmakers to come. Making films is not only a business but an art. It reflects the directors and writers imagination of what the film should be. Classical Hollywood films encompass many formal elements. One such film that encompasses these elements is the film Casablanca. IT is a classical Hollywood film because it uses the formal elements in a way to convey its message and has been critically acclaimed for generations....   [tags: distance, shots, film]

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The Second Leading Cause Of Blindness

- Sight, taste, touch, hearing, and smell are all known most commonly as the five senses (Peate & Jones, 2014). People uses these five senses on an everyday basis to perceive the world presented before them. The five senses allows people to see what’s before them, admire beauty, detect potential threats, feel, and listen. Some of these senses such as hearing and sight work together (Peate & Jones, 2014). In some cases people are not given the privilege, that others take for granted, or no longer have the privilege of one or many of these senses due to disease processes or trauma....   [tags: Glaucoma, Intraocular pressure, Optic nerve]

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The Mathematics In Sports

- When researching the math behind sports, I found that there are a multitude of formulas that go behind the simple actions in sports such as basketball and baseball. Basketball is a game played between two teams of five players in which goals are scored by throwing a ball through a netted hoop fixed above each end of the court. Baseball is a ball game played between two teams of nine on a field with a diamond-shaped circuit of four bases. To be successful in these sports, one must make their baskets, and hit the ball a certain way....   [tags: Athletics, Angles]

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Analysis Of Yuriy Sedykh Set The World Record

- With 86.74m range, Yuriy Sedykh set the world record for hammer throwing. The statement that “The current men’s hammer throw world record will never be broken” is thus false as it is possible to beat the record if certain factors are achieved. Two key factors need to be achieved in order to break the current world record these are the optimal launch angle of 42o must be maintained and the initial velocity of launch must be greater than 29.22m/s. This can be done if the tension (centripetal force) the athlete has on the hammer is greater than 3249.94N and if the athlete can spin an optimal five times before launching....   [tags: Force, Kinematics, Rotation, Lift]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Shot '

- Shot 1: Dissolve from a establishing shot of Xanadu into a close-up of Susan working on a jigsaw puzzle. Susan looks up from her puzzle to the direction of Kane’s voice while the camera cranes away from a close-up to medium shot of her. This shot begins a shot-reverse-shot sequence between Susan and Kane. Shot 2: A cut to extreme long shot of the interior of Xanadu and Kane in the background standing at the archway walking forward. Once again in shot-reverse-shot sequence. There are Egyptian, Greek, and Chinese sculptures in the foreground to middle ground....   [tags: Film techniques, Long shot, Tiling puzzle]

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Aircraft Propeller Design Details and Operation

- Decades and decades were spent on research before humans were able to taste what flying was like. Finally after years and years of research, flying was accomplished. An airplane is made up of various parts, and we could spend hours and hours explaining what are some of the components that make an airplane fly. However the big component that gives an airplane its required thrust will be discussed in the following pages, that big component is the propeller. There are many types of propeller, such as ground adjustable propellers, two position, controllable pitch, automatic pitch, reversing, and beta control propellers, constant speed, fixed pitch, and full feathering....   [tags: Aeronautics, Airplanes]

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Skilled but Classic Techniques in the Movie

- Overall, I found the visual techniques of this film to be fairly basic. Not to say that it was boring or underachieving in any way, but more of a skilled implementation of classic technique. I think that with initial visual impact of stop motion animation, coupled with an intense soundtrack, and the distinctive use of color, the addition of any really abstract visual manipulation may have pushed this film over the edge. In terms of overall visual approach, this film leans more towards the inductive, although deductive scenes are used intermittently as well....   [tags: movies, directors, ]

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Trigonometric Functions

- Introduction to prepare for uses of trigonometric functions: The general trigonometric functions are sin, cos, tan functions only. The students uses trigonometric functions in problems to find the distance, length of the shadow, poles, height of the building, angles between the slopes, etc. The trigonometric functions are kept in the student’s curriculum in order to prepare them for a well defined practical application or experience of the problems that are used in applying in there day to day life....   [tags: Trigonometry]

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The Passion of Mountain Bikes

- The Passion of Mountain Bikes      It has been a decade in the making, but the mountain bike has become a passion for many people. Along with this passion it has also become the most environmental way to get from point A to B. It has gone through a very intense evolution process over the past decade.      It all started with some guys from California who took their bikes out for a ride on their day off, they modified their bikes and turned a hobby of theirs into a worldwide phenomenon. The mountain bike's rapid increase in popularity was influenced by social and economic situations, and by technological improvements that had the needs of bike riders in mind....   [tags: Mountain Bikes Transportation Essays]

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Comparing and Contrasting Euclidean, Spherical, and Hyperbolic Geometries

- When it comes to Euclidean Geometry, Spherical Geometry and Hyperbolic Geometry there are many similarities and differences among them. For example, what may be true for Euclidean Geometry may not be true for Spherical or Hyperbolic Geometry. Many instances exist where something is true for one or two geometries but not the other geometry. However, sometimes a property is true for all three geometries. These points bring us to the purpose of this paper. This paper is an opportunity for me to demonstrate my growing understanding about Euclidean Geometry, Spherical Geometry, and Hyperbolic Geometry....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Class Experiment: Ramps on Sequoyah

- My paper is about an experiment my class did to see the walking ramps on the Sequoyah High School’s campus do or do not meet the requirements in the Americans with Disability Act. All of the measurements were done in inches. For this experiment, my class measured twenty-seven ramps around the campus. The instruments we used for this experiment was a plum, yard stick, leveled laser beam, tape measure, paper, and a pencil. We measured the ramps height from the top to the bottom of the ramp, length of ramp, the width of the ramp, the landing (on top and bottom of the ramp), and height of rails as a class....   [tags: ADA, requirements, wheel chair]

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Questions On Symmetry Writing Exercise

- Symmetry Writing Exercise PARAGRAPH 1 FePO4 is recognizably different amongst all other α-quartz isotypes as its positively charged cation is representative of a transition metal. It is deliberated at varying thermal states of between 20.85 to 799.85 Degrees Celsius via neutron powder diffraction. At comparatively cooler states, the composition of α-quartz is assembled, of which is tetrahedral. At an immensely high pressure, a denser octahedral formation results, otherwise referred to as the β-phase....   [tags: Temperature, Celsius, Absolute zero]

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Investigating Refraction

- Investigating Refraction Aim: Find the critical angle and refractive index for plastic using a graphical treatment for my results. Introduction: The Refractive Index is how the much a material bends the light. In this experiment I will be looking at the how much the angle of incidence gets refracted and I will multiply my results by sine. I will plot a graph from my results and, using a line of best fit, I will calculate the size of the angle of incidence in order for the refracted angle to be equal to 900 (critical angle)....   [tags: Papers]

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Investigating the Factors that Affect the Period of One Swing of a Pendulum

- Investigating the Factors that Affect the Period of One Swing of a Pendulum Aim: To investigate the factors which affect the period of one swing (oscillation) of a simple pendulum. The factors I will use are length of the string, and angle that the bob is released from. Hypothesis: 1. Length of string I think that the length of the string directly affects the period of one oscillation. The mathematical formula used to describe the period of the pendulum is: T= 2 p√tex2html_wrap_inline105/g T is the period (time for one swing - seconds) tex2html_wrap_inline105 is the length of the pendulum (metres) g is the acceleration dues to gravity....   [tags: Papers]

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Glaucoma in the United States Over the Last Ten Years

- Glaucoma in the United States Over the Last Ten Years This research paper examines glaucoma over the age of 40 in the United States, in the last 10 years. Knowing the fact that glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the United States leads us to choose this subject for research. Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that gradually steals sight without warning and often without symptoms. Vision loss is caused by damage to the optic nerve. This nerve acts like an electric cable with over a million wires and is responsible for carrying the images we see to the brain....   [tags: Pathology Health Medical Eye Diseases Essays]

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Shot Techniques in the Film, Do the Right Thing

- Shot Techniques in the Film, Do the Right Thing Spike Lee does many fascinating things from a directorial standpoint, which makes his film (dare I say, joint), Do the Right Thing so interesting to watch. Writer, director Lee makes much use of the high and low angle shots. He does this to draw clear contrasts between the two elders of the block, Da Mayor and Mother Sister and to make conflict more apparent. Mother Sister certainly believes she is on a higher moral plane than the lowly Mayor and is usually seen by way of a low-angle shot high in her window preaching down and casting criticism on the passersby, giving her an almost God-like characteristic....   [tags: Movie Film Essays]

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Motion of a Wheeled Vehicle on an Inclined Plane

- Motion of a Wheeled Vehicle on an Inclined Plane Introduction Background Information In this investigation, a small-wheeled vehicle will be placed on an inclined plane. The cart will be placed at the top of the plane, and dropped without any applied force. At the top of the inclined plane will be a motion sensor (perpendicular to the surface of the plane) that will measure the change in velocity vs. time of the cart. The angle of the incline will be increased, in order to find the correlation between the angle of incline and the acceleration of the cart....   [tags: physics, movement, energy]

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Exploring Refraction

- Exploring Refraction Refraction is the bending of the path of a light or sound wave as it passes across the boundary separating two mediums. If a wave of light travels from one medium to another the direction is changed. Refraction is caused by the change in speed experienced by a wave when it changes medium. A wave doesn't just stop when it reaches the end of a medium there will be some reflection off the boundary and some transmission into the new medium. The wave undergoes refraction as it approaches the medium....   [tags: Papers]

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Bradford Museum of Film and Photography

- Bradford Museum of Film and Photography Our physics group went on a trip to the Bradford Museum of Film and Photography to find out more about physics. We went to find out about new ideas of physics and also to reinforce ideas we had already covered in class. The areas of physics we were going to focus on was the use of light and lenses and the way they are used in everyday products. At the museum we visited an area called The Magic Factory, which was all to do with the ideas and applications of physics....   [tags: Papers]

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Investigating People's Abilities to Estimate

- Investigating People's Abilities to Estimate Introduction All pupils in Yr7 and Yr10 were asked to guess the length of a line and the size of an angle. I will be looking and investigating the results between the in yr 7 and the results from yr 10. Hypothesis · Age ~ The group of Yr10Â’s may measure the line and angle more accurately because they have been in education for longer and have more practice. · Gender ~ The girls may measure the line more accurately because its proven that girls try harder in schools than boys....   [tags: Papers]

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Introduction to Mathematics Glossary of Terms

- Introduction to mathematics glossary of terms: In glossary all intend mathematical terms can be substantiate in plain language. In this mathematics glossary of terms is formulated in response to requests from teachers and others during the national curriculum consultation. . Mathematics glossary of terms is always incomprehensible even before they get heavy into the Greek symbols. Now we are learned in this topic about mathematics glossary of terms. Some terms of mathematics glossary of terms: * Absolute value * Acute angle * Acute triangle * Additive identity * Additive inverse * Adjacent angles * A...   [tags: Mathematics ]

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Investigating Factors that Affect the Swinging Of a Pendulum

- Investigating Factors that Affect the Swinging Of a Pendulum Aim Our aim is to find out whether changing the variables of the swinging pendulum affects the speed. Preliminary Work In order to find out which variable/s affect the swinging of a pendulum, I need to test all the variables available. There are three variables we will be investigating: * The length of the string * The mass of the pendulum * The angle from which the pendulum is swung For each experiment, I will change the length/mass/angle five times, and repeat each length/mass/angle just once....   [tags: Papers]

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The Application of Model Predictive Control (MPC) to Fast Systems Like Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGV)

- Car-like Vehicle Models A car-like vehicle resembles completely an automobile. It consists of four wheels for locomotion and is capable of being steered from one place to another. Car-like vehicles model can be classified as rear-wheel, front-wheel and four-wheel driving ground vehicles. For a rear wheel drive vehicle, the rear tires handle the engine dynamics while the front only needs to handle the steering forces. Figure 2, depicts the vehicle model schematic for a rear drive vehicle. The states of the model are x = [x y 〖 ]〗^T , where (x; y) are the centre point coordinates of the rear axle,  is the heading angle of the car body with respect to the x-axis....   [tags: mechanics, physics, dynamics]

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Does Light Bend towards or away from the Normal as it Enters the Glass Block

- Introduction A general introduction to the topic, including why the investigation is important. This investigation will inquire about the nature of light and how it behaves when a beam of light travels through a clear glass block. This investigation is important so the way light behaves can be investigated further, as this investigation will act as the basis of knowledge for future experiments and investigations. It will also help understand the behaviour of light when it travels through different objects....   [tags: physics, electromagnetism]

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Designing Lift Surfaces: The Horizontal and Vertical Tails

- TAIL DESIGN INTRODUCTION The horizontal tail and vertical tail along with wing are referred to as the lifting surfaces. The major difference between wing design and tail design originates from the primary function of the tail which is different from the wing. The primary function of the wing is to generate the maximum or substantial amount of lift, while the tail is designed to operate normally at only a fraction of its ability to generate the required lift potential. During a flight mission, if at any moment the tail reaches its maximum angle of attack which refers to the tail stall angle; is an indication of design process error.[1][2]The tail in a conventional unmanned aerial vehicle ofte...   [tags: aeronautical engineering]

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The Math in the Game of Volleyball

- ... Since the acceleration in the y-direction does not change, the following equation can be applied for the y-position at time t: y=h+|(|vo|)| sin⁡〖(θ)t-〗 g/2 t^2 Equation (2) y is set equal to 0 in order to obtain the time the volleyball hits the floor. Therefore, equation 2 becomes a quadratic equation, which gives the value for t as: t=(-||vo||sin⁡(θ)±√(|(|vo|)|^2 sin^2 (θ)+2hg))/(-g) Equation (3) An equation for vo in terms of θ can be evaluated if equation (1) is set to be equal to equation (3): Equation (4) shows that for a given starting angle, there exists not more than one initial speed that will strike the target dT feet away....   [tags: forces, angles, a good service]

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Using Python Modelling Techniques Of A Satellite

- Abstract: Using Python modelling techniques, simulations of motion of a satellite passing a planet can conveniently be obtained. This project simulates and investigates: (1)trajectories, energy changes when a satellite passes Mars, and found that angle of deflection decreases with increasing velocity, closest approach being around 20500km. (2)Trajectory of Rosetta Mission: a satellite landing 67P, and found satellite around 790m away after bouncing twice. Keywords: Deflection angle, energy changes, satellite and lander behaviour 1....   [tags: Energy, Potential energy, Mass, Gravitation]

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Investigating the Factors Which Affect the Time of a Pendulums Swing

- Investigating the Factors Which Affect the Time of a Pendulums Swing Aim: In this experiment, we hope to discover which various different factors take affect upon a pendulums oscillation, discover the appropriate formula to calculate the relative factor and how long the pendulum swings for. Preliminary: Before we do our main experiment, we need to see which key factors affect the time it takes for a pendulums oscillation. We suspect either one of these three factors: Mss of pendulum, length of pendulum arm and angle of swing....   [tags: Papers]

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Cinematic Techniques

- Cinematic Techniques The extraordinary film The 400 Blows (Francois Truffaut, 1959) skillfully uses cinematic devices appropriately within the context of the theme. Part of the underlying theme of this movie as explained by Truffaut himself is, “... to portray a child as honestly as possible...”(Writing About Film, 1982). It is the scenes in this movie that are most helpful in disclosing the overall theme of the film. Within the scenes, the camera angles in this film play an important role in accentuating the emotions behind the scene....   [tags: essays papers]

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How to Perfect Your Jumpshot

- The science of shooting hoops involves many different factors: depth perception, velocity, angle of release, and trajectory of the ball in flight. Another thing that can drastically affect your jump shot is if you shoot with only one hand or two hands (shooting hand and stabilizing hand, only releasing the ball with the shooting hand, but using the other hand to stabilize the basketball). This could change your accuracy, speed of the shot, ball security, and release. With all these factors on the line, shooting one handed or two handed can be the difference from winning all your basketball games or losing all of them....   [tags: basketball, hoops, perception]

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Stability of a Sailing Kayak

- "Strippers" they are often called, relate to the method of boat building is old and well perfected. It basically involves setting up a series of molds and then wrapping strips of wood around them. More specifically, I'm mostly using the method outlined in the book Kayakcraft which is a great set of instructions for anyone wanting to take on this type of project. The wood for this boat is clear cedar that has been ripped into 3/4" x 1/4" strips. Each of those then get a concave and convex edge. This a great method because then each strip fits together perfectly at any angle seen on the plans....   [tags: physics kayak sport sports]

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Investigating Whether the Color of Light Incident on a Medium Affects Its Refractive Index

- Investigating Whether the Color of Light Incident on a Medium Affects Its Refractive Index Background – Refraction is the bending of light when it passes from one medium to another. Refraction occurs because of the change in density in the new medium which changes the amount of obstruction of the light causing the light to deviate from its original path and take a new, shortest one through the new medium. Refractive index is a unique property of transparent and translucent materials....   [tags: Papers]

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How Biomechanics Influences Soccer

- How Biomechanics has influenced Soccer Biomechanics is the application of mechanical principles in the study of living organisms. (J. Hall, 1991, p. 524). For the purpose of this essay I will focus on how biomechanics has influenced soccer. Soccer is a worldwide sport that is played right from elite level all the way down to children playing in the school playground just for fun. Soccer is a popular sport in most countries, but it is just considered a sport to most people, they do not focus on the true biomechanics related to it....   [tags: sports sciences, technology]

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Bernoulli´s Principle in Flight

- Review of Literature Bernoulli’s Principle A Swiss scientist who was named Daniel Bernoulli in the 18th century discovered the Bernoulli’s Principle. Bernoulli (2009) stated that when the velocity of a gas or a liquid increases the pressure of the fluid would then decrease. This can be applied to many things, such as a plane or bird. Basically anything that uses wings to fly uses the Bernoulli’s Principle. Both birds and planes take an advantage of the Bernoulli the Bernoulli’s Principle. Flight (n.d.)[online] states that airplanes and birds have an airfoil shape....   [tags: Weight, Drag, Thrust]

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Mise en Scene in the Film Yellow Earth

- Mise en Scene in the Film Yellow Earth The Film Yellow Earth uses its own unique style of editing within the frame to portray its aesthetic qualities, which is known as mise en scene. The scene where father is plowing the land with Gu by his side is the best example of mise en scene. This scene is important because of its possession of a unique camera angle, loose framing, and deeper hidden meaning, which contribute to the overall effect of the movie. First and foremost, this scene uses a low angle shot....   [tags: Movie Film Essays]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Fall Of Berlin ' And Stalingrad '

- The theme of World War Two has changed immensely throughout the course of Russian film history. For Part three of the exam, I chose to do question three. In this question, the objective at hand is to discuss the evolution of the World War two theme in Soviet/Russian cinema. To answer the question, I am going to use three films about WW2 to assist me in answering the question. The three films I am going to use will be “Fall of Berlin”, “Ivan’s childhood”, and “Stalingrad”. Throughout the paper, the three films will be briefly discussed showing how each film viewed and portrayed WW2, thus showing how the portrayal of WW2 has changed throughout the course of Russian and Soviet film history....   [tags: World War II, Soviet Union, Nazi Germany]

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Factors that Could Cause Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

- Several studies suggest that there is a relationship between females and an increased risk for knee injuries when compare to their male counterparts. One of the more common injuries that studies seem to focus more of their attention on is Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries. Women seem to be more susceptible than men to these ACL injuries because of hormonal differences, structural differences, musculature differences, and mechanical differences (Hirst, Armeau & Parish, 2007). Large Q-angles and genu recurvatum are more common in women than they are in men (Devan et....   [tags: females, common injuries, experiment]

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