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English Should be the National Language

- From the time the Pilgrims landed in this great nation at Plymouth Rock, immigrants have been culturally diverse and have spoken many languages. When the Pilgrims arrived in the New World, they did not know how to communicate with the natives. Through intense study the natives learned the Pilgrims’ language. Even with the common language they were still a melting pot of different culture. Some would say that America has gotten over the language/ cultural barriers and now almost everyone speaks the common language of English, but there are still many immigrants who do not know English....   [tags: Should English be America's national language?]

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America Should Be A Better Nation

- But tragically and unfortunately, there is another America. This other America has a daily ugliness about it that constantly transforms the ebullience of hope into the fatigue of despair. In this America millions of work-starved men walk the streets daily in search for jobs that do not exist. In this America millions of people find themselves living in rat-infested, vermin-filled slums. In this America people are poor by the millions. They find themselves perishing on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity....   [tags: Critical thinking, Education, High school]

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America Should Be An Isolationist Country

- On the opposing side of this argument are the millions of people who believe that America should be an isolationist country and un-involve themselves in other foreign issues. This mindset was a popular one post World War I because all of the unnecessary casualties the “Great War” caused (“U.S Policy”). It is important to understand this belief system in order to truly form an opinion on the matter of involvement in the Middle East. Isolationists strongly believe that if Americans were to only focus on domestic issues that the related to the economy, poverty, and social class disparity, then the issues would practically fix themselves....   [tags: World War II, United States, Middle East]

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Imports : America Should Be Cut

- DE8 Imports to America Imports to America should be cut in half Its no secret that importing goods can be both economically beneficial and economically devastating. One who purchases imported goods must ask their self a few essential questions about the product of which they choose. Many Americans would agree there is a strong difference in the quality of goods or parts that were imported from overseas,versus the American made product. That being said, the first question necessary to ask oneself , is this product going to perform the task, that i expect out of a good quality product....   [tags: United States, United States dollar]

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America Should Emulate China

- The green revolution. It is no longer just a nostalgic dream of the small amount of supporters, but it is now a necessary step the United States, and the rest of the world, must take in order to stabilize the economy and to furthermore save our natural resource of crude oil. The American dependence on oil is a threat to the economy and also a threat to the security of our nation. Importing crude oil creates a transfer of wealth from oil consumers to oil producers. Due to the fact that the United States has used most of its crude oil supply, we, as a nation, import most all of our crude oil, from Canada and the rest from the Middle East....   [tags: argumentative essay]

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America Should Be Guided By The United States

- E pluribus unum. Out of many, one. Every American is united in their liberty, their oppression, their sorrow, and their joy. America should be guided by the will of its people; without the political activity of the common citizen, our government would certainly fall to tyranny. My responsibility to America is to take an active role in the governing of this great nation; this is a responsibility that every American shares, regardless of age, gender or race. We are all one, and we must assert our will, and the will of our countrymen onto the government....   [tags: United States, Democracy]

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America Should Stricter Gun Laws

- There are several reasons why I think America should put stricter gun laws. First of all, America have the largest mass shooting in the world. In “Why the U.S. Has 31% of the World’s Mass Shooting” Tanya Basu writes about how in the U.S mass shooting is extremely high. The U.S contains only five percent of the world’s population. According to a study, “between 1966 and 2002, the U.S has had 31% of the public mass shootings worldwide between 1966 and 2012.” Basu mentions Adam Lankford in the article....   [tags: Firearm, Gun politics, National Rifle Association]

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The Separation of Church and State in America Should NOT Be Absolute

- Religion is the most influential factor in human society. It is the core of our existence and has become a way of life in all cultures. The impact religion has had on the United States is overwhelming. This country was founded on the principle of Christianity. Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence, and James Madison articulated our countries' constitution with the belief that the Christian faith would establish and govern this great society. Merriam-Webster's online dictionary defines religion as, " any specific system of belief, worship, conduct, etc., often involving a code of ethics and a philosophy." ( This definition incorporates all individuals....   [tags: Religion in America]

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America Should NOT Secure the Borders

- Immigration is a prevalent topic in the United States that is often debated among governmental officials. Every human being has the right to freedom of movement and of residence within the confines of his own country; and, when there are just reasons for it, right to emigrate to other countries and take residence there. Individuals should be allowed to migrate in order to provide a better life for themselves and their family. I think securing the borders and profiling immigrants is an injustice in society....   [tags: Immigration Essays]

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America Should Not Be America Without African Americans

- In this essay I will demonstrate why America would not be America without African Americans. African Americans contributed a lot to America and is a main factor of all that is going on in America to this day. Without black people America would not be. Like it or not African Americans helped with building this famous nation. W.E.B. Dubois asked, “Would America have been America without her Negro people?” Put the question in our head of what would America be without its black people. How will our world change....   [tags: African American, Southern United States]

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America Should Not Become Bilingual

- America Should Not Become Bilingual         I can't really think of a flashy intro that will grab your attention. I could dazzle you with some outrage statistics about how the world will becoming to an end if my problem is not solved right away. I could write a really funny story about how this problem relates to all of us, to show how my problem is of dire importance. Or I could find some really good quote that would take up one-third of the page which would leave me with only six and two-thirds of a paper left to write....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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Feeding Hungry Kids : America Should Be A Top Priority

- Feeding hungry kids in America should be a top priority. How does it feel to go without food all day and perhaps every day. Eaten well and healthy is one of the most fundamental needs of humans, and good nutrition, especially in the early-age is crucial to lay down a good foundation that can help child’s physical and mental health. Some people have that opportunity, but it is not the case for many children in the world, even in America which is the wealthiest and power country in the world. Hunger is affecting many children around the world while billions of pound of foods are being wasted....   [tags: Nutrition, Health, Malnutrition, Food]

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What The United States Of America Should Do

- What the United States of America Should Do About Climate Change The United States of America is a country that the world has looked up to since its inception. It is a country that has inspired democracy, equality, freedom, revolution, technology, and much more in countries all around the globe. One thing the United States has yet to do though, is to make a defining impact on climate change. Although America is already working to tackle this issue, with actions such as collecting data, getting emission reductions, working with other countries, and slowly growing the renewable energy base (almost all of which is being done by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)), in actuality, not eno...   [tags: Global warming, Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide]

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America Should take the Lead in Stopping Global Warming

- Because of the apparent melting of the polar ice caps, scientists have begun to admonish the industrialized nations that they must take extreme measures to stop global warming. America should take the lead in stopping global warming. There is much controversy among scientists as to whether or not global warming is actually happening. With all the evidence that has been collected, one can conclude that the Earth is showing signs of climate change. The Earth’s average temperature has climbed about one point four degrees Fahrenheit since the year 1880 (“Global Warming Fast Facts” 2007)....   [tags: Climate Change, Argumentative Essay]

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Why America Should Adopt Asian Education System

- Today the American education system is no longer the best in the world. With declining test scores and poor academic achievement, people have questioned whether our current education is working for us. In Asian countries, the situation is totally different. Student in Asian countries achieve higher academic achievements, and they rank at the top on math and science tests. If their educational system is better than the U.S system, should we adopt their education system or not. As the article of “Trouble with Talent” by Kathy Seal’s opinion, she agrees America should adopt Asian education system and should belief in work hard and mentality....   [tags: High school, Education in the United States]

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How America Should React To Ho

- How America should react to homosexuals Many experts agree that homosexuality has existed as long as human beings themselves, although the attitude towards them has undergone dramatic changes in some countries. Accepted by many societies during Greek and Roman era, most of the time homosexuals were considered to be sinners against nature and even criminals. In Medieval and modern periods homosexuals were prosecuted. Enlightenment brought some liberation, substituting death penalty by imprisonment....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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America Should Never Have Entered the Vietnam War

- During the Lyndon Baines Johnson presidential administration, both those policy makers who supported America’s involvement in Vietnam and those who opposed the war were part of the “containment generation.” They had reached political maturity during World War II and the early years of the Cold War and had experienced the intense anticommunism of the McCarthy era of the early 1950s. These leaders understood and applied the lessons of American nationalism, which had the primary message that the U.S....   [tags: Vietnam War Essays]

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America Should Spend More on Space Exploration

- Space exploration should be funded at even greater levels than at present. It has provided scientific, technological, and economic benefits for all mankind. Furthermore it will continue to provide these benefits as long as we continue to explore. The American space program as well as the United States economy is facing many challenges at this time but we need to look at what the long term costs of not continuing a robust manned and unmanned space program will be. The solar system holds many mysteries and an untold amount of untapped resources that if not explored and utilized by the United States will be utilized by other Nations....   [tags: Argumentative Essays, Space Program]

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The Steps Which America Should Take to Reduce Our Dependence on Foreign Oil

- It is important that America should take immediate action to reduce its dependence on foreign oil. If America continues to have a great demand for it, it will create a threat to the country’s economy and national security. There are three primary actions that America might take in order to reduce its dependence on foreign oil: Alaskan oil drilling, off-shore oil drilling, and natural gas drilling. America’s dependence on foreign oil is a threat to its economy. Per minute, America wastes $200,000 and per hour, $13 million by relying on it (Natural Resources Defense Council, p....   [tags: Economy, Gasoline Consumption, Oil Drilling]

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America Should Increase Taxes and Lower College Tuition

- For at least a century, tuition at selective private colleges and universities has risen annually by two to three percent more than the rate of inflation (Ehrenberg 1). Tuition increases at public colleges have slowed slightly, but the cost is still out of reach for low-income students. Financial aid has dwindled. A select group of colleges and universities are cutting their tuition; (Carapezza, 2013) however, student debts can stick with a person, even after graduation. Due to a university’s cost, a handful of tuition is passed down to the students....   [tags: Argumentative Essays]

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America Should Spend More on Space Exploration

- The continuation of space exploration is vital to the human race because it is a clear expression of the human’s desire to expand themselves, and advance further in knowledge and experience in such a way that has improved the conditions of living. The launch of the International Space Station is among one of its greatest achievements. “On January 25th, 1994, The International Space Station was the highlight of a moment brimming with promise“ (Logsdon, 2008 p.237). This moment not only helped to define both technology and the economy as successful beneficiaries of Space Exploration, but also as a historically inspirational scientific development....   [tags: Space Exploration Essays]

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Should America Be Competitive?

- ”Get in the Competition!" What is the beloved country we live in, the land of the free and home of the brave. What is the country that will crush any obstacle in its way. That, of course, is the United States of America. Many people agree that America is very competitive, but is it a bad thing for us. Actually, being competitive can a wonderful thing since we love to compete which gets us farther in life as well as making us satisfied, bringing America in the "top 20" in the world for education, and it benefits America 's industries....   [tags: United States, World War II, Olympic Games]

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America, Stay Out of It! Should America Invade North Korea

- America, Stay Out of It. America should not invade North Korea because North Korean dictator, Kim Il Sung, is very hostile and opportunistic, which means they will be ready to fight a bloody, dirty, dangerous war. North Korea, along with their 1.1 million-man army ready to strike at all times, North Korea has two the most powerful and wealthy countries in the world as their allies. Lastly, the economic burden a war would have on America and its citizens is too great to withstand. After World War II, Korea was divided by the 38th parallel into two separate countries....   [tags: hostile dictator, the soviets, democracy]

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The Death Penalty Should Not be Legal in the America?

- What are the two things in America that absolutely everyone has an opinion on: Two things, abortion and the death penalty. There have been multiple cases where death row inmates have been found innocent before being put to death, and then there are few that have ended unfortunately. Cases like Carlos DeLuna, where they have been put to death then found innocent after the deed had been done. For this exact reason, the death penalty should not be legal in the America. The death penalty has been around from the earliest known civilizations to present day America....   [tags: death penalty, inmates encounters, prisoners]

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America Should Spend More on Space Exploration

- The United Sates federal government is planning on cutting federal funding for space exploration and NASA towards the end of the year. The “Space Race” began in the 1950’s and 1960’s when Russia sent up the first successful, unmanned satellite named Sputnik in into outer space. The U.S. response was the creation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. During this time, the Soviets sent the first man in to orbit, Yuri Gagarin. Then, in July of 1969, the U.S. took the lead in the race by sending the first men to the moon on Apollo 11(“Space Exploration 1)....   [tags: Space Exploration Essays]

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America Should Pay Reparations to African Americans

- America Should Pay Reparations to African Americans The United States government should pay reparations to African Americans as a means of admitting their wrong-doing and making amends. The damages African Americans have sustained from White America’s policy of slavery have been agonizing and inhumane. Therefore, I am in favor of reparations for African Americans. The effect of slavery has been an enduring issue within the African American community. Many of us are cognizant of the harm racism brought to the African American race, conveyed through slavery, racial segregation and discrimination....   [tags: African Americans Slavery Racism Essays]

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Marijuana Should NOT Be Legal in America

- All Americans have their ideas on legalizing marijuana, yet they need to make sure they have done substantial research using past experiences the American people have already experienced from using this drug; also they need to take a good look into what the actual outcomes are of smoking marijuana, before making a final decision on whether or not to legalize marijuana for medical purposes or any other reason. Americans will look at health and social issues as well as review money matters concerning legalizing marijuana and realize it is not right for the United States ....   [tags: Legalization of Marijuana]

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- If the United States had not delayed their decision to go to war against Hitler’s Nazi Germany then the war may have concluded earlier and potentially saved millions of lives. Hitler and the Nazi’s were in power for eight years before the United States decided to join the allies and fight against Hitler’s regime. Approximately six million Jews were slaughtered in addition to millions of others during World War II. The United States delay in attacking Hitler caused a negative effect throughout the entire world....   [tags: U.S. History ]

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America Should Destroy All Guns

- Guns have always been an increasing problem in our country. A lot of people use guns for hunting and other sports where guns are needed. There are also a lot of people who are using guns to kill or injure people. This has been a problem in the United States for many years. The gun control policies that the government has put into effect just flat out have not been working. The second amendment of the United States Constitution says, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” There are many people who agree and disagree with this statement....   [tags: Gun Control Essays]

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Should America Lower the Legal Drinking Age to 18?

- Should America Lower the Legal Drinking Age to 18. When it comes to the discussion over lowering the legal drinking age to eighteen, people express various different ideas and beliefs concerning the issue. Some believe that the drinking age for alcohol should be lowered and others believe that it should stay the same. Those that do believe lowering the drinking age is the best route to take, do have valid points. However, there are others who argue that changing the law will not change things for the better....   [tags: alcohol, adult, prohibit]

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Why America's Veterans Should Be Honored

- America’s veterans should be honored because they have suffered through so many hardships that others could not and have not survived, and they did it for their country that they loved and still love today. I believe that veterans are our nation’s bravest citizens. I also harbor a special adoration for them because my brother is in the Army and he has already served one tour in Iraq, and is currently on his second at the age of nineteen. My family is either very lucky or very blessed because my brother has yet to be injured in active duty....   [tags: Argumentative Essay]

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Should America make Healthcare More Affordable?

- ... Healthcare not only does give patients importance of everything but also we even have technology equipment along with so many life benefits enhancing is ridiculously high and is way over the line. Which is why so many of our medical learners are not being trained enough to understand on the importance expansive of procures and prescription drugs that have increased about 1.3 billion Dollars. The Question we should ask ourselves this how is it going to look when those are in need of a serious medical issue of having what’s require of them to take in order to ease their pain....   [tags: excessive medical expenses]

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Should The Death Penalty Be Allowed? America?

- Death penalty in the United States of America is a legal practice in federal civilian and legal systems within the military and thirty-two states. However, the execution practice has gone through centuries of modification as an influence of the controversies that surround it. Scholars and lawmakers are pondering on the morality and the purposes that execution serves. Should the death penalty be allowed in America. This article intends to discuss the factors that make the death penalty a topic of controversy....   [tags: Capital punishment, Crime]

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Should You Leave Corporate America?

- Should you leave corporate America?-you have an awesome image for this 10 Questions To Ask Yourself before drafting that nice-nasty break-up letter WARNING: You will get emotional reading this article. Get out a piece of paper ladies and gentleman because this article will make you answer the questions that will provide some clarity in the emotional fog that clouds us all when making this decision. Be honest with yourself when you are answering these questions, as I forced myself to answer them all before I finally decided to make that jump and leave corporate myself....   [tags: Mind, Thought, If You Have to Ask, Workweek]

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America Should Pay Reparations For Black Communities That Have Suffered Most From Institutionalized Racism

- In Favor of Reparations In this paper I will argue that America should pay reparations to black communities that have suffered most from institutionalized racism. My view is not that reparations should be paid via checks mailed by the federal government, of an undeterminable sum, to families that are most eligible, but rather, through changes in policy. These policies would tackle racial inequality at it most obvious sources, the wage gap, the mistreatment of black Americans by our criminal justice system, quality of education, and the disparity in housing between black and white Americans....   [tags: African American, Race, Racial segregation, Racism]

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America Should Not Use Military Force in Iraq

- Dear Americans: After the successful anti-terrorism war in Afghanistan, are we going to fight another war on Iraq. In almost every statement on foreign policy, Bush states his belief on his war against Iraq and depicts Saddam Hussein as “an evil.” A recent poll showed that “nearly seven in 10 supported military action to force Saddam Hussein from power" (Public Agenda). Before you make your decision, do you think a war after Iraq is justified by International law and US law. Do you know the current situation and the background of Iraq and the Middle East world....   [tags: Middle East Terrorism War]

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How Should America Handle Illegal Immigration?

- 200 years ago the very first immigrants arrived on American soil. The United States established itself upon the concept of immigrants but a great debate of how immigration policies will take effect goes on still today. The controversy: how should the United States and Mexico handle legal and illegal immigration. More and more immigrants arrive illegally in search for a better life. In just the last fifteen years, a tremendous increase of illegal immigrants came to the United States. They believe 700,000 per year” (Nadadur 1040)....   [tags: American History, The American Dream]

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Free Trade: America Should NOT Protect Industries from Foreign Competition

- Free Trade: America Should NOT Protect Industries from Foreign Competition Many politicians oppose free international trade, trade without any restrictions, for a couple of reasons. From their point of view it would affect the United States in several ways: 1. Many USA workers would lose their jobs because factories would be moved to the country with whom the U.S. has a Free Trade Agreement, and where working force is much cheaper. 2. Importing foreign goods and services without tariff into the United States makes it harder for domestic industries to compete with lower prices and better quality of foreign competition....   [tags: GCSE Business Marketing Coursework]

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English Should be America's Official Language

- English Should be America's Official Language The government implementing English as the official legal language of America is imperative because a conformity of communication within our borders is needed to unify the vast diversity. Our mighty country was founded on providing all citizens with equality including inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The United States is a progressive nation that welcomes people from far and wide to come and savor the God-given freedoms enjoyed by all....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Serving in the Military Should Continue to be Voluntary in America

- Ever since the first war involving America started, there have been countless discussions on who should fight for our country. There are talks of age, gender, and if the service should be voluntary or not. In America, serving is voluntary, although, in other countries, it is not. The service should stay voluntary in America because if not, it would go against freedom and it would be a source of newfound problems within our country. Also, if youth took off two years of their lives to serve, they would not gain experience to work in the fields that need more work force....   [tags: freedom, service, work, voluntary]

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Why Columbus Should Be Celebrated For Discovering America

- Michael Memis In 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed from Spain to try to find a route by sea to East Asia but instead “discovered” America. This led to many positive and negative effects, some of which were intended and some of which were not. While people can’t argue the effects of Columbus’ discovery, many people have different opinions on whether Columbus should be celebrated for discovering America, like he is in the United States, or reveled for the heinous acts he committed. They also argue about whether European’s horrible treatment of Native Americans was worth the progress that resulted from it....   [tags: United States, Christopher Columbus]

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Animal Cruelty Should Be Eliminated Throughout America

- Animal Cruelty Did you know that animal cruelty is a big part of America. Animal cruelty is when a human inflicts suffering or harm to an animal. Some animal cruelty that happens in America are in experiments and animal mills. Animal cruelty should be eliminated throughout America. Many animals throughout America go through harsh and unimaginable experiments on a daily basis. Although around 90% of animals used in U.S. labs are not counted in the official statistics of animal testing. It is estimated that around round 100 million animal are burned, crippled, poisoned, and abused in U.S....   [tags: Animal rights, Animal testing, Experiment]

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Banning Smoking Should Be Banned Across America

- BANNING SMOKING IN PUBLIC   Public smoking should be banned across America. Tobacco use is the major cause of preventable and premature death and disease across the world, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. The Centers of Disease Control reports that over 46 million Americans age 16 years and older smoke cigarettes, and over 400 thousand smoking-related deaths occur on average every year in the United States alone. Smoking affects the population, causes premature deaths and is a substantial financial burden to our society as a whole....   [tags: Smoking, Tobacco smoking, Smoking ban, Cigarette]

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The Death Penalty Should be Abolished in America

- American colonies were introduced to the practice of capital punishment through European colonization. The offenses punishable by the death penalty in each colony varied from stealing to denying the existence of God. During the Age of Enlightenment from the mid 1600’s to the early 1800’s, western philosophers such as Ceasre Beccaria began to use reason over religion to debate societal values. In 1776, Beccaria wrote On Crimes and Punishment; in which he questioned the logic behind the death penalty and asserted numerous reasons for the abolishment of the death penalty....   [tags: argumentative, persuasive, capital punishment]

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Should America Benefit From Free Tertiary Education?

- Since the early 1980s, American education costs have risen more than any other good or service by 1120% (Ivory Tower). Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the United States that served from 1981 to 1989, slashed federal aid programs and limited low-interest subsidized loans to families “with household incomes of less than $32,000, regardless of family size” (Fergus par. 7). With student loan debt approaching 1.4 trillion dollars, Americans have started to contemplate solutions to address the rising cost dilemma such as tuition-free universities....   [tags: University, Higher education, Education, College]

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Euthanasia should not be legalized in America

- Euthanasia refers to the intentional bringing about of the death of a patient, either by killing him/her, or by letting him/her die, for the patient’s sake to prevent further pain or suffering from a terminal illness. Euthanasia is a complex issue in many underlying theological, sociological, moral, and legal aspects. Its legalization is heavily debated around the world, with strong arguments made for both sides of the issue. The supporters of euthanasia often repeated that “We have to respect the freedom of the patient" or “people should be able to exercise control over their own lives and death.” However, Euthanasia, by nature, is “wrongfully killing” or “mercy killing”, and if we al...   [tags: Free Euthanasia Essay]

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Should Physician-Assisted Suicide be Legal in America?

- In America today, there is a considerable amount of debate on whether or not physician-assisted suicide should be legal nationwide. However, I believe the question is not just should physician-assisted suicide be legal nationwide, but instead, do we as human beings have the right to determine when we die. Personally, I believe we do have the right to determine when we die, so I support physician-assisted suicide. However, I also believe there should be regulations on when we should be able to make this decision....   [tags: depression, regulation, lethal drug]

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There Should be a Uniform System of Education in America

- There should be a uniform system of education in a country Uniform system of education means that the level of education must be same for everyone in a country. Everyone in a country must be given equal opportunities for getting high education. There should be no concept of various systems of education. For example Madrassa school system; Government school system; Private school education system and British education system. I totally agree with the topic that there should be uniform system of education....   [tags: Argumentative Essay]

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Should Higher Education Become An Inalienable Right? America?

- Should higher education become an unalienable right in America. Tuition costs in America have risen dramatically even if adjusted for inflation. Moreover, higher costs leave more and more students in debt after completing college, and high expenses may even deter economically poor scholars from pursuing university thus forcing them into catch-22s. Many countries around the world, especially the European countries, already offer tuition-free post-secondary education to their citizens. The purpose of this debate is to determine if some form of education reform is required so that America can compete on the global scale, increase access to education, and not have students with six-figure debt...   [tags: Higher education, University, College]

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Fast Food Should Not Be Blamed For America 's Obesity Issue

- Is fast food to blame for more obese Americans. Fast food restaurants advertise all their ingredients in plain sight. They provide healthy options to their more popular foods such as grilled items, skinless options, low calorie/no calorie beverages, and small portion orders. Most obese Americans are overweight because they are uneducated about the dangers of fast food. Once they learn about eating healthy, managing overweight issues becomes more elementary. Fast food restaurants should not be blamed for America 's obesity issue because there are healthier options, self-discipline, and self responsibility for each individual....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Fast food]

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Advertising Industry Should Market America to the Islamic World

- The American Advertising Industry Should Market America to the Islamic World The real power in the world today is not in the western technology, economy or military. Rather it is in images and their use in a system of communication called symbolism. In effect, the real power of the world today is in the symbolism of western culture. It is this power which threatens the religion of Islam. The power of the western world to create and communicate this symbolism to other parts of the world, and particularly the middle eastern world of the Islamic religion, is at the root of the problem the Judeo-Christian west faces with the Islamic middle east....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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Canada Should Sell Water to America

- Since more than 70% of the Earth is covered with water, one would assume that there is enough water for everyone. However, this statement would be incorrect. Only 3% of that water is considered usable and 2% of the usable water is locked in the polar ice caps. This leaves 1% of that water for the use of humans. Canada possesses a substantial amount of this water, while other countries are less fortunate. One of these countries is the United States of America, the biggest users of water in the world....   [tags: Argumentative Essays]

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Should Puerto Rico Become America´s 51st State?

- OUTLINE I. Introduction a. Should Puerto Rico become Americas 51st state. b. Many politicians have different views on what Puerto Rico should do. Should the island become a State, stay a Commonwealth, or become independent. Either way, it would benefit the island. II. Body a. Should Puerto Rico become a state. i. How would it benefit the government. ii. How would it benefit the economy. b. Is Puerto Rico better off as a commonwealth. i. How would staying a commonwealth benefit Puerto Rico. ii. How does Puerto Rico benefit from the U.S.....   [tags: politics, independence, commonwealth, tourism]

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Should the United States of America have a flat tax?

- For years many people have been clamoring for a flat tax rate which would make a fairer tax system, but what is flat tax. According to CNN a flat tax is only one tax rate, considering that today's system has a series of rates, a flat tax would include an exemption based on family size similar to today's standard deduction that everyone can take. With a flat tax system, that exemption would be the only tax break anyone would get. Today's tax code has a complicated amount of tax credits, deductions and exemptions....   [tags: Economy, Politics]

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Abortion Should Not be Legal in The United States of America

- Abortion Should Not be Legal in The United States of America In Roman times, abortion and the destruction of unwanted children was permissible, but as our civilization has aged, it seems that such acts are no longer acceptable by rational human beings. In 1948, Canada along with most other nations in the world signed a declaration of the United Nations promising every human being the right to life. The World Medical Association meeting in Geneva at the same time, stated that the “utmost respect for human life was to be from the moment of conception”....   [tags: Papers]

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Should General Education Classes Needed Within Colleges Around America?

- Currently, in colleges across America, the topic of being required to take general education courses is on the rise. The fact is that they are expected across America today. It can be an issue now and in the future. Should general education classes needed in colleges around America. i Are requirements a problem. Well, Requirements are good for a lot of things, they help make a guideline for you to follow when otherwise it could be stressfull, some might even think it lets you escape your comfort zone....   [tags: University, Academic degree, Bachelor's degree]

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Affirmative Action - We Should Not Forget America's Racist Past

- Affirmative Action - We Should Not Forget America's Racist Past Affirmative Action has become of the most controversial social policy issues to be discussed in recent years. It is controversial because it challenges fundamental American beliefs. As Seymour Martin Lipset put it: "Affirmative Action policies have forced a sharp confrontation between two core American values: equality and individualism."(Dudley7) This values oriented approach, which pervades popular discussion and derives from functionalist sociology, fails to explain why similar challenges to our core values did not in the past result in the kind of spite surrounding Affirmative Action today....   [tags: Race Racism Racial Profiling Justice]

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The Quality of Education in America

- Compared to most countries in the world, the United States of America is privileged. Americans are entitled to freedoms other countries do not have: freedoms of speech, press, religion, assembly, petition, and the right to bear arms. Every American has the right to a basic education, regardless of race, gender, or income; all Americans could have at least a high school diploma. Although this is wonderful, the quality of the education people receive in the United States does not reach its full potential....   [tags: American educations system should be better]

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America Needs a Complete Smoking Ban

- Approximately 7,500 infants die due to sudden infant death syndrome due to exposure of secondhand smoke in America (“American Lung Association”). Children all over the United States are unwillingly exposed to parental secondhand smoke in public, in cars, and at home. When children are exposed to secondhand smoke, many develop life threatening diseases later in life as a result of that exposure. In the United States, smoking should be banned while in the presence of children. Children’s lungs are vulnerable to the effects of secondhand smoke, and this can cause serious problems down the road....   [tags: Should smoking be banned in public places?]

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Fast Food Restaurants Should Sell Healthier Food or Be Banished

- ... Most advertising promotes unhealthy menu items and takes advantage of young people by advertising something cool or a toy to get them to eat at their restaurant, making it even tougher for parents to raise healthy children (Harris). The average preschooler sees almost three ads per day for fast food; children ages six through eleven see three and a half; and teens ages twelve to seventeen see almost five (Harris). This shows how important it is for fast food industries to advertise their food so that children and teens eat their food every day....   [tags: unhelathy habits, should be taxed more]

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Legalization of Marijuana Should Not Happen

- The legalization of marijuana is a very controversial issue that is being debated across the United States. In the article "Going to Pot?," by Damon Linker, Linker attempts to persuade readers that legalizing of marijuana can cause more harm than help. This publication was released in November of 2001. Although two other writers, Richard Lowry and Andrew Sullivan, try to change readers beliefs Linker maintains his stance against marijuana. Without discrediting their facts he explains and defends why he feels they are wrong....   [tags: cannabis should not be legal]

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Values and Standards in Kushner's Angels in America

- What does Kushner propose about religious/personal standards, and are those standards valuable or do they cause difficulties. Many people today have a set of religious or personal standards that has aided them in obtaining their goals. However, there are many others who do their best to live up to those standards of perfection but end up living miserable lives. This essay will discuss the possible standards of Joe and Roy implied in the play, “Angels in America” by Tony Kushner, while discussing how they can be both valuable and questionable....   [tags: Angels in America]

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International Adoption Should be Supported

- “There are over 20,000 children from foreign countries adopted by American families every year, and hundreds, if not thousands, of dedicated professionals who devote their lives to bringing these families together” (Spivack). Every child deserves a loving, caring and dedicated family that is going to take good care of them. There are so many children out there that do not receive families that are willing to take good care of their children and have to live a horrible life of poverty, no education, and no health care....   [tags: Health, Education, America]

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America Protects the World

- We’ve all heard that America should mind its own business in other countries affairs. Those are the same people who forget America’s history, and that reside within its states. America fought against British tyranny when it didn’t even have its own standing army. The United States have and still continue to help many countries fight against their own dictators, or those that seek to keep the common everyday man down. Americans come from far and wide, from all over the world. We are a melting pot of different heritages and cultures....   [tags: America is World Police]

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America's Heavy Load: Equality

- ... So much of the federal taxes are heading towards social security retirement benefits and Medicare insurance which is ruling out the education and other programs for every citizen (Sullivan). Increasing taxes will only leave extra money for the government to spend on unnecessary programs and benefits. With a flat tax rate, people with a higher income will not have to pay as much as in a progressive system. People can actually make a substantial living without the worry of taxes pulling them back....   [tags: equality, ancestors, America, freedom]

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Immigration Reform in America

- America has always been a land of immigrants, which is why we need to fix our broken immigration system and laws. Coming to America has always been a dream for those living in other countries and it takes entirely too long for that to happen. They have to get behind all of the others that want to come and have been waiting for years. This is why we need to make a change. It takes too long to come to the United States and discourages anyone from coming here. We need immigration to help improve our not so good economy; we could do this by giving those who are already here a path to citizenship....   [tags: United States, Immigration, Nation, America]

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America: Our Past, Present, and Future.

- America. It was a dream come true in a New World that was envisioned by artists, politicians, and monarchs alike. The ones who believed that anything could be achieved by God, the mind, and manpower. Even through opposition from governments, kingdoms, nobles, and naysayers, these brave individuals strived to establish a better life for themselves and their families, aimed to retain a secure future in the process, and wanted to worship God in their own way. They had the courage to cross unknown oceans and territories, sail miles and miles away from the comforts and familiarities of home, and set out to create a new lifestyle in a great land they had never known....   [tags: America]

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The American Civil War : Should Blood Have Been Spilled Over Slavery?

- The American Civil War: Should Blood Have Been Spilled Over Slavery. Enter the year 1850. The United States, having recently won the Mexican-American war, sat atop new territories to be divided. The issue of slavery still rampant throughout the United States, these territories became a focal point for slaveholders and abolitionists alike. As explained in American Civil War: The Essential Reference Guide by Roberta Weiner and James Arnold, “The Republican party was pledged to prevent further spread of slavery into any U.S....   [tags: American Civil War, Confederate States of America]

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Captain America 's Creation And Symbolism

- It would prove beneficial to ask the following question about Captain America; have his political values swayed in the many years since his activation. Famous for his patriotism and unwavering loyalty, thinking of Rogers as anything other than a textbook nationalist might come as a challenge to some. However, the ideas and beliefs of a nation or country gradually mature over time with the help of cultural diffusion, defiance of standards, etc. Captain America’s creation and symbolism played a large part in the Second World War, serving as a beacon of hope, but some aspects of American morals at this time differ from the more recent comics....   [tags: World War II, United States, Captain America]

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Epidemics in America

- Epidemics in America Since the proclamation by John Winthrop, the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, that America should view herself as a "city upon a hill", Americans have strived to create a utopian society (Brinkley, 40). Winthrop viewed America as God's country, a place where the troubles of Europe and the rest of the world would not be repeated. This ideal is still valued by American society, yet it has prevented Americans from accepting the notion that an epidemic could strike their own country....   [tags: American America History]

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Why Slavery Should Be Expanded Into The New Territories

- After the defeat of Mexico and addition of more territories, there were several arguments that took place on whether slavery should be expanded into the new territories. The North was industrialized and thus did not depend on enslaved labor like the south which was largely agricultural, and, thus, they had to rely on enslaved labor for sustainability. Therefore, the southerner argued that the decision on the right to own slaves should be decided by the state and not the federal government (Crofts, 2014)....   [tags: American Civil War, Confederate States of America]

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America's Role in the Cuban Revolution

- America's Role in the Cuban Revolution The revolution in Cuba was not a result of economic deprivation, nor because of high expectations in the economy, it was the political factors and expectations which evoked the civilians to revolt. The Cuban economy was moving forward at the time before the rebellion but the dominant influence of the sugar industry made the economy "assymetrical" and encouraged no "dynamic industrial sector". Because of the dependance on sugar, the unemployment rate ranged between 16 and 20% rising and falling with sugar prices, ebbing and flowing as the season changed....   [tags: American America History]

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Idealism in Let America Be America Again by Langston Hughes

- Idealism in Let America Be America Again by Langston Hughes        In the poem "Let America Be America Again," Langston Hughes paints a vivid word picture of a depressed America in the 1930's. To many living in America, the idealism presented as the American Dream had escaped their grasp. In this poetic expression, a speaker is allowed to voice the unsung Americans' concern of how America was intended to be, had become to them, and could aspire to be again.   Using a conversational style, the author allows the speaker and listener to interact with each other....   [tags: Let America Again Essays Hughes]

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Obesity: Should the Government Tax Unhealthy Foods?

- Is more government regulation needed to stop the epidemic of obesity. The first government recommendation was from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 1917 when they released a pamphlet, How to Select Foods. This pamphlet divided foods into five groups. During 1956 President Dwight D. Eisenhower created the Presidents Council on Youth Fitness due to “concern about the physical fitness of America’s children compared with their European counterparts” (ProQuest Staff). Since the introduction of the pamphlet How to Select Foods the government has adapted the guidelines five times....   [tags: Should the US Adopt a Fat Tax?]

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The Role of Religion in the Formation of America

- The Role of Religion in the Formation of America Religion has played a large role throughout History. Entire nations have been founded on the ideals of one religion or another, and many wars have been fought purely for religious reasons. In fact there are wars still going on that are almost completely religiously motivated. New Religions may form, old religions may die or change, but they will always be a part of our culture and society. Religion always seems to play a large role in the formation of societies and cultures, and the history of the United States is no different from that of the rest of the world....   [tags: American America History USA Religious]

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America is NOT a Christian Nation

- On a daily basis we lie to, hassle, hustle, persecute, degrade, judge, kill, leave to starve, and envy not only our fellow American, but we do these things to the man sitting right next to us, but “In God We Trust,” right. Wrong. How can we possibly claim to be a Christian nation when we have been through hundreds of years of religious rights violations, when we have people who are in diar need but no one as a whole no one cares enough about them, and when the African-American species faces endangerment....   [tags: Religion in America]

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America Must Create Jobs

- Those living in the United States of America are experiencing some economically dark times. Unemployment is becoming increasingly worse. Social programs are failing. Prices everywhere are on the rise as wages are declining drastically. Class division has never been more distinct. Of those lucky enough to have secured the multiple jobs needed in order to maintain their subsistent existences, most make only a minimum wage, established by their state’s laws, which is then harshly taxed upon. Life is hard enough in our dying superpower of a nation, but even worse for the work force of America that must survive on minimum wage....   [tags: The Decline of America]

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Native American In Colonial America

- In the wake of Europe’s Age of Exploration, explorers roamed different parts of the ocean in search of a faster water route to Asia. Along the way, Europeans explorers discovered a whole new continent, America. Thinking that he was in India, Christopher Columbus, an Italian sailor, called the indigenous Native Americans he met “Indians,” a misnomer that is still used frequently even up to this day. Europeans soon shifted their attention away from the water route to Asia but toward the colonization of the New World....   [tags: Europe, Age of Exploration, America]

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Marijuana Should Be Illegal

- Legalization of Marijuana has quickly become a controversial issue in America. In the United States, legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes is spreading to the state level. For example, in November 1996, the people of California and Arizona voted to legalize marijuana for medicinal reasons. As a result of Proposition 215 in California, patients now smoke marijuana provided their physician recommends its usage. A prescription is not required, and marijuana continues to be illegal to prescribe....   [tags: Marijuana Should NOT Be Legal]

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America's Policy Towards War

- America's Policy Towards War Until the end of the twentieth century America’s policy towards war was to stay neutral. We stayed out of other governments battles and we avoided war. The United States did not force our ideals on any foreign governments. The US did not want to be the bully who forces countries into having freedom and independence. This noninterventionist America, devoted to solving its own problems and developing its own civilization, became the wonder of the world. People were compelled to come to this wonderful country and share in the freedoms it enjoys....   [tags: America Modern War Violence History Essays]

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