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Athanasius of Alexandria

- Athanasius was a small man of stature and very dark complected. It is believed that Athanasius belonged to a small group of people named the Copts. He spoke Coptic and he was also dark complected as were the Copts. Many sources state that he was called the “black dwarf” by his adversaries. If these accounts are true than that would make Athanasius a member of the lower classes of Egypt. In his young years he would often visit monks in the desert where he received instruction in theological matters....   [tags: Christianity]

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Cyril of Alexandria

- “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” John 1: 14. The verse that has inspired and bewildered Christians for centuries. Since its occurrence, church members and theologians have marveled at the principle of the Incarnation. How could God, perfect, sinless, unable to suffer, become sinful, corruptible flesh, and suffer ultimate punishment for the sins of man. This is the same question that puzzled many early church fathers, and the one that most potently effected Cyril, bishop of Alexandria....   [tags: theology, church, Christianity, controversy]

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Clement of Alexandria

- The Christian church has endured struggles to remain dominant throughout history. Following the resurrection of Christ, many other religions appeared and quickly gained traction. Within Christianity itself, lied different beliefs all disputing each other. Through this internal fight for dominance, blossomed early church theologians. These theologians conveyed a fresh set of ideals that forever transformed the beliefs in the church. Many of which fought for their specific beliefs and reinforced them with biblical foundations....   [tags: theology, church, christianity, religion]

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A Brief Biography of Euclid of Alexandria

- While he was born thousands of years ago, Euclid has made a mark in mathematics that has stood the test of time and continues to shape modern sciences. He discovered classic geometry and wrote many book and papers on mathematics that proved useful to the great thinkers of the time. Having drafted a lot of his finding in his book The Elements, he has made a framework for mathematicians and is, even 23 centuries later, revered as valued information. His years of studying have made him a loved and respected individual....   [tags: ancient Greek mathematicians]

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Alexandria, Virginia Enviromental Policy

- Like most cities, Alexandria, Virginia faces a series of environmental challenges ranging from climate change and rising energy costs to problems of air quality and traffic congestion (Eco-City Alexandria, 2007). City officials recognize the need for a comprehensive and coordinated strategy to effectively address environmental issues, but Alexandria’s real challenge is pulling together all of their respective plans, programs, and policies and then coordinating them across existing city departments (Eco-City Alexandria, 2007)....   [tags: ecology, climate change]

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“The Rise and Fall of the Ancient Library at Alexandria”

- The ancient Library of Alexandria is acknowledged as the capital of education in the ancient world, the vanished library was not the initial library in the world; however, it stands out because of its legacy. It lasted over six centuries, and was the globe’s first research center. Her founders were Alexander the Great and Ptolemy II Soter, but it was organized by Aristotle’s student Demetrius of Phaleron. The library was abundance with books and scholars from all over the world. Even though the library was confuted and damaged, there are some pieces that have survived like Letter of Aristeas that where possibly a translation of the Hebrew Bible....   [tags: Ancient Greece ]

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Sanitation and Housing Conditions Alexandria, Virginia

- Alexandria is an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia and is recognized as one of the best places to live and do business on the east coast. The city’s urban planning showcases the city’s vibrant, diverse, historic, and unique neighborhoods. Urban planning began there in the 19th Century. Urban populations rose drastically, and a host of problems came with it: unsanitary conditions, overcrowding, and corruption of government. Economic depressions promoted a climate of social unrest, violence, labor strikes, and disease (Rose, 1997)....   [tags: Urban Planning Sanitation]

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Hypatia of Alexandria

- Hypatia of Alexandria was born in 370 A.D. (although some discrepancies show that she may have actually been born around 355 A.D.). What little is known of her life has come from letters and correspondences, since all of her work had been burned shortly after her death. Her father was Theon, a well-known mathematician and philosopher. It is argued that he may be one of the most educated men to come out of Alexandria. he raised Hypatia in an environment of culture and learning. He wanted to raise her as “the perfect human being”....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Hypatia of Alexandria

- Hypatia of Alexandria Hypatia was born in 370 A.D. in Alexandria, Egypt. From that day on her life was one enriched with a passion for knowledge. Theon, Hypatia’s father whom himself was a mathematician, raised Hypatia in an environment of thought. Both of them formed a strong bond as he taught her his own knowledge and shared his passion in the search of answers to the unknown. Under her fathers discipline he developed a physical routine for her to ensure a healthy body as well as a highly functional mind....   [tags: essays research papers]

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City of Alexandria, Virginia Budget Fiscal Year 2011

- The City of Alexandria is recognized as one of the best places to live and do business on the east coast. In 2004, the Alexandria City Council adopted a Strategic Plan for 2004 thru 2015 with the vision of maintaining the city’s vibrant, diverse, historic, and unique neighborhoods. Their mission is to maintain financial stability, provide excellent services that are valued by the customers, and engage the entire community as it plans for the future (City of Alexandria, 2010). In fiscal year 2009, the City of Alexandria received the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for its annual budget....   [tags: Local Government Budget]

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Ptolemy of Alexandria, the Influential Astronomer

- Ptolemy of Alexandria, the Influential Astronomer Ptolemy of Alexandria was the most influential astronomer of the ancient world. The books and theories Ptolemy developed served as a major basis for future astronomers. It was during the Renaissance period that his work became thoroughly studied and revised. Ptolemy collected all ancient knowledge of astronomy and geography including it in his book Almagest around 140 A.D. It follows, he then wrote a four volume astrological study known as the Tretrabiblos....   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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Haemodialysis and the Dental Units of Acanthamoeba species in Alexandria, Egypt

- Acanthamoeba belongs to a group of free-living, opportunistic amoebae that can be isolated from different environmental sources including water, air and soil. They can be pathogenic or serve as carriers of other pathogenic organisms. The aim of the present study is to evaluate haemodialysis and dental units in Alexandria for the possible contamination of their hydraulic systems with Acanthamoeba species. The lack of previous studies in this respect derived us to conduct this preliminary study. Seventy samples were collected aseptically and then cultivated on non-nutrient agars at room temperature followed by morphological confirmation of Acanthamoeba on trichrome-stained smears....   [tags: Preliminary Appraisal, Hydraulic System]

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The Invention Of Machines During The Egyptian City Of Alexandria

- The invention of machines occurred in the Egyptian city of Alexandria in the 3rd century BCE and had a profound effect on the practice of medicine “Berrey Alexandrian Physiology.” The invention of machines, such as valves, pumps, levers, and wedges influenced the way in which ancient physicians described and understood the body, in addition to providing new methods for treating conditions. Machines provided a means to treat previously untreatable conditions, served as a form of entertainment, and contributed to a separation of power between medical practitioners....   [tags: Physician, Medicine, Hippocrates, Patient]

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The Law of God and the Laws of the Cities in Philo of Alexandria

- The Law of God and the Laws of the Cities in Philo of Alexandria ABSTRACT: I evaluate the position of philosophy within Philo’s theory of education as well as its relation to encyclical studies and to the highest forms of knowledge. According to Philo, true knowledge is knowledge of the law of God. Such is the role of philosophy. There exists a strong relation among the various fields of study reflecting the order that exists in all spheres of reality. Order and harmony are the same in an individual, in a state, and in the cosmos....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Papers]

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The Greek Period Of Egyptian History

- He was a man who was on a mission, a man who was just resting in a faraway land till it was time to go back on the attack once more. His short stay in this land, led to one of the biggest changes in history. This change marked the Greek period in Egyptian history. Before Alexander entered Egypt, they were under the ruling of the Persians. The Persians made to change Egypt into what they wanted it to be. They held no respect for the people, no respect for the traditions and the old ways, and taxed the people high amounts....   [tags: Ancient Egypt, Egypt, Egyptians, Alexandria]

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A Day In The Life of An Alexandrian Woman

- Gaia a wife and mother of 28 yrs. her husband Clio 36 yrs., sons; Demeter 10, Alexander 13, Adonia a young daughter 4 years. Slaves: A widowed maid-servant, nursemaid and seamstress Cassandra and Ajax a strong old male prisoner who follows Gaia on errands and performs the heavy manual labor for Cassandra and Gaia. Gaia slipped on her crepe thin robe and crept out on her large balcony from her bedroom. She enjoyed seeing the last of the twight light just before the sun came up but the Pharos lighthouse was still lite by fire and the constellations gazed their last in a sky full of crimson and blue....   [tags: personal narrative]

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The Roman And Egyptian Art

- The Head of Augustus, that is located in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is a combination of Roman and Egyptian art. The Roman technique used to sculpt Augustus’ head is highly valued, but it is the Egyptian faience practice that makes this work of art significant. To best understand why this sculpture was created under the influence of these two cultures, a brief review of history is discussed. Augustus is well known for developing a wide-spread Roman empire that included the provinces of Egypt, Cyprus, Spain, Gaul and Syria....   [tags: Roman Empire, Augustus, Ancient Rome, Alexandria]

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Libraries in the Ancient World

- Writing in the ancient world was recognized as a powerful skill, the scribes were a very important people and not many were to be found. Starting with the Mesopotamian society, scribes were needed to send messages, convey news, take down Kings orders, register laws, write religious text, and much more as well as entertaining people with their readings. “The Mesopotamian scribes were an aristocratic elite, they contained power in their hands.” (Manguel 180). Text books in the past were found in the wealthier of homes not for the poor or common people....   [tags: Bibliotheca Alexandrina]

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My Experience At Alexandra Horowitz 's Book On Looking

- I have lived in the city of Chicago for so many years now and pass by the same places almost every day and when that happens I always see something new and notice something different. I can connect this experience to Alexandra Horowitz’s book On Looking. Learning about Sharon Bladholm before the class presentation she gave was just a very eye opening experience because I knew so much about her already it was much more interesting because I was having those “aha” moments because remembering things I had read about her as she was talking....   [tags: Henry David Thoreau, Civil disobedience, Walden]

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St. Basil Book Report

- In the teaching on the Holy Trinity, St. Basil was a student of Alexandrian theology and its main representatives—Origen and Athanasius of Alexandria. The reason St. Basil wrote this teaching is that the Church was waging a war against heresies of Pneumatomachoi and Neo-Arians. St. Basil wrote the work On the Holy Spirit between 373 and 375 AD. It was written to “Your desire for information, my right well-beloved and most deeply respected brother Amphilochius, I highly commend, and not less your industrious energy.” The author commends his brother’s eagerness to find knowledge....   [tags: Holy Trinity, Alexandrian Theology, Analysis]

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The Contribution Archaeological or Written Evidence Have Made to Our Understanding of the Harbour’s Significance in Alexandrian Life and Society

- The Contribution Archaeological or Written Evidence Have Made to Our Understanding of the Harbour’s Significance in Alexandrian Life and Society Archaeological excavations and written sources have provided a significant contribution to the understanding of the Harbour’s impact within Alexandrian society. The ancient city of Alexandria quickly became a booming metropolis equal in size to such great cities as Rome and Athens. Perhaps the main stimulant of this intense and rapid growth was the Great Harbour that serviced the city....   [tags: Papers]

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The Overachievers, by Alexandra Robbins

- The Overachievers by Alexandra Robbins is a non- fiction book that follows the lives of nine high school/ college overachieving students. On the outside they look healthy, happy, and perfect, but upon closer look the reader realizes just how manic their lives and the lives of many other high scholars are. It is no secret that high school and college has become more competitive, but the public doesn’t realize just out of control this world is. “Overachieverism” has become a way of life, a social norm....   [tags: Book Review, Standardized Testing]

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New Woman By Alexandra Kollontai

- New Woman was written by Alexandra Kollontai in 1918. She was born in 1872 to an aristocratic family. Kollontai is sort of an unsung hero of feminism in Russia. In this time, feminism was not what it is today; especially in Russia. She begins the work by describing what the “new woman” is and what the “new woman” is not. She uses this phrasing throughout to describe Russia’s past and future. To Kollontai, the “old woman” is a woman’s role in Russian in the past and the “new woman” is the future of women....   [tags: Woman, Gender, Female, Working class]

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Alexandra Walked Through The Door And Yelled

- Alexandra walked through the door and yelled, “Mom, I need to talk to you.” Alexandra’s mom came from the kitchen and asked, “Why are you yelling in my house. Are you crazy?” “I am yelling in the house because I have a few questions that need to be answered,” Alexandra screamed. At this point Alexandra was frustrated. Ever since she met her father, Joseph she wanted to know her mom 's side of the story. She always held her mom up on a pedestal. She thought her mom would never do any wrong. “Child bring down that voice of yours and then we can talk.” Alexandra’s mom stated....   [tags: Family, Mother, Father, Parent]

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The Transformation of Aunt Alexandra in To Kill a Mockingbird

- People are always influenced by family members. Sometimes this influence is positive and sometimes it is negative, yet no matter what, it will change a person’s life. Change can be caused by that person fitting into the ways of a household, or be forced to act differently in the presence of others. Either way, that person will never be the same again. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, characters are constantly being influenced by family members. Aunt Alexandra, started off as a rude and bossy woman, but as she became closer to Atticus, Jem, and Scout, she changed into a more loving and compassionate person....   [tags: To Kill a Mockingbird Essays]

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The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth by Alexandra Robbins

- The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth is a book by Alexandra Robbins which summarizes the story of seven different teenagers that have many different problems, which many of todays teenagers also have. I found myself having many similarities to the teenagers in the story, for example, when with her group Whitney, the popular bitch, thinks “You didn't day that when we were alone, but now that you're in front of a group you do” (Robbins 21). I can relate to this because I feel as though many people are pressured to say or do things they normally wouldn't whenever they are with their group or ‘clique’....   [tags: life application essay]

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The Reader 's Book, By Alexandra De La Rosa

- The Reader Book Review, by Alexandra De La Rosa. (Vintage International, 1995, 218pp. $11.35) Bernhard Schlink is a German lawyer, philosopher, and writer. He wrote the book The Reader which is semi-autobiographical. The book tells a story of how a fifteen year old boy falls in love with a thirty-six year old women. The book is set in 1950s Germany after World War II. In part one of the book the relationship between Hanna and Michael develops. Michael meets Hanna when he gets sick on his way home and she helps him and takes him home....   [tags: The Reader, Bernhard Schlink, Writing]

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Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley

- Scarlett Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley "Scarlett" is about a southern woman who had survived the Civil War, had been widowed twice with two children. She got married again to Rhett Butler, and they had a daughter who was killed when she fell off a horse. Since the death of the child, her husband did not want anything to do with Scarlett. Rhett gave Scarlett all the money she needed, but she wanted him. Heartbroken, she went to Ireland where her father came from. She did not tell anyone in America that she was going, except for her lawyer....   [tags: Essays on Scarlett]

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Alexandra Bergman in Willa Cather’s O Pioneers

- Alexandra Bergman in Willa Cather’s O Pioneers Works Cited Not Included Alexandra Bergman’s lack of self awareness allows others to forget that she is a woman and, at times, even human, which continuously builds the wall of isolation that surrounds her. As a result, when she reacts to situations as a woman would, rather than as “she” should, those around her don’t know what to make of it. Because she has been such a steady influence for so many years, those around her do not understand that perhaps she did have another dream besides working the land that she seems to care so deeply about....   [tags: Willa Cather O Pioneers Essays Papers]

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The Legend of Colton H Bryant

- I very much enjoyed The Legend of Colton H. Bryant by Alexandra Fuller. It captured me right away in the beginning scene of Colton racing away from the Kmart Kids on his bicycle. I loved how Colton could take a sad event and turn it into a lighter topic. For example, in the first chapter, Colton was being bullied and harassed. Even though he was crying, he made it lighter by chanting his mantra “‘Mind over matter. I don’t mind so it don’t matter.’” (Fuller 7) There are other examples of Colton behaving in this matter....   [tags: Alexandra Fuller, characters, writing style]

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The Positive Impact of Atticus, Calpurnia and Aunt Alexandra on Scout in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird

- The novel to Kill a Mockingbird, written by Harper Lee, is the story of an unfortunate society, where people are greatly affected by poverty due to the Great Depression. The story is based on a narration by Scout Finch, who describes her family and her town, Maycomb. Scout and her brother, Jem, are also introduced to other children, and they share stories and fantasies regarding a mystery man, Boo Radley, who lives in their neighborhood. Scout has a blunt nature, due to which she is an ill-mannered person who does not have any control over her anger and also shows no patience....   [tags: To Kill a Mockingbird]

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Facebook And Relationships On Facebook, By Marianna Dainton And Alexandra Stokes 's Article, College Students ' Romantic

- Facebook and Relationships Since Facebook’s launch in February of 2004, the popular social-networking site now has over 500 million users around the world. As long as users have access to the internet, they can connect with family and friends at any given time, and even unite with people who have common interests via different Facebook pages. As Facebook continues to grow in popularity, it has also become a popular way for people to maintain and engage in their romantic relationships. In Marianna Dainton and Alexandra Stokes’s article, “College Students’ Romantic Relationships on Facebook,” these scholars use a uses and gratification perspective to establish connections between the use of...   [tags: Facebook, Social network service, Social media]

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Summary Of ' Alexandra K. Murphy And Danielle Wallace 's Article, Opportunities For Making Ends Meet And Upward

- In Alexandra K. Murphy and Danielle Wallace 's article, Opportunities for Making Ends Meet and Upward Mobility, the main purpose is to determine which poor neighborhoods are more disadvantageous. The key question the authors are asking is what is the differences in organizational deprivation across urban and suburban poor neighborhoods. The researchers come to the conclusion that if a person is poor they are better off living in the central city. The motivation behind Murphy and Wallace 's research is due to the fact that more than forty-nine percent of the poor in the U.S were no longer located in the inner city, but the suburbs....   [tags: City, Urban area, Suburb, United States]

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Queen Victoria

- Queen Victoria      Is it Georgiana Charlotte Augusta Alexandrina Victoria or just Alexandrina Victoria. Queen Victoria was born at Kensington Palace, London on May 24, 1819. She was the only child of Edward, the fourth son of King George III, and Victoria Mary Louise, the daughter of a German Duke. It was planed that the duke and duchess were to name their daughter Georgiana Charlotte Augusta Alexandrina Victoria but Prince Regent refused to have his name (George) nor his daughters name (Charlotte Augusta) to be his god daughter’s name....   [tags: Alexandrina Victoria Royalty Essays]

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Hold It Down By Gina Meyers

- Gina Meyers and Jill McDonough both illustrate a lack of control within the poems “Hold it Down” and “Accident, Mass. Ave.”. “Hold it Down” by Gina Meyers describes a long narrative of the problem, a lack of control, impossibilities and frustration in everyday life, while “Accident, Mass. Ave.” presents a narrative of a problem, a moment of loss of control, aggression and frustration in a single moment that happen on a specific day. Similarly the poems are long and include long enjambed lines disturbed by few short and small lines....   [tags: Stanza, Poetry, Alexandra Maria Lara, 1996 albums]

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A Brief Note On The Editors Of Encyclopedia Britannica

- Eratosthenes Eratosthenes (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica) was born in 276 B.C. in Cyrene, South Africa and died in Alexandria, Egypt in 194 B.C at the age of 82. It was said he starved himself because he was going blind and could not world anymore. He was most known for his work in science, astronomy, mathematics, and literature. He is known for many things such as the Sieve of Eratosthenes which was and still is used to find Primary Numbers, making the first known map of the world using only parallel and meridian lines, and he invented Geography....   [tags: Sun, Astronomical unit, Eratosthenes, Latitude]

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The Seven Wonders of Ancient World

- ... The statue of Zeus is believed to have destroyed in the great fire of the Lauseion or destroyed when it was burned. The Lighthouse of Alexandria; also known as the Pharos (Lighthouse) of Alexandria. The lighthouse was created by Sostratus of Cnidus he was a Greek architect and engineer (Woods). The lighthouse was built on a stone foundation and was made up of enormous, thick stone blocks; the watchtower was made of marble blocks that were held together with molten lead. The Lighthouse of Alexandria was located in Alexandria, Egypt the Pharos was actually located on the tiny limestone island that sat in front of the harbor, it was built on the island of Pharos, to help guide trade ships...   [tags: Great Pyramids, statue of Zeus]

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Hipparchus, Menelaus, Ptolemy and Greek Trigonometry

- Hipparchus of Nicaea (c. 190 – c. 120 B.C.) was a Greek astronomer, geographer, and mathematician of the Hellenistic period. Many credit him as the founder of trigonometry. Hipparchus was born in Nicaea, Bithynia (now Iznik, Turkey) and most likely died on the island of Rhodes. He flourished during 162 to 127 B.C. as a working astronomer and is considered by many to be the greatest ancient astronomical observer and, by some, the greatest overall astronomer of antiquity. Utilizing the observations and mathematical techniques accumulated over the centuries by the Babylonians and other Mesopotamians, he was the first person whose quantitative and accurate models for the motion of the Sun and Mo...   [tags: Mathematics, astronomy, circle,triangle]

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History and the Roman Catholic Church

- Christianity most specifically, the Holy Roman Catholic Church has been involved in the world throughout time. Since Christianity, when if first became a major religion in society the involvement of the Roman Catholic Church has affected many areas of history. The Roman Catholic Church has affected the world historically, as demonstrated by it's impact upon the historical figures like Hypatia, Joan of Arc, and Jan Hus, historical events such as the Salem Witch Trials, and many other eras and events....   [tags: christianity in politics, society and economics]

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The Life and Death of Cleopatra

- The Life and Death of Cleopatra Everyone wonders how Cleopatra gained control of Egypt and what she did while she reigned. Cleopatra ruled during the Ptolemaic Dynasty (BBC). The Ptolemaic rule ended with the death of this impressive woman. In Cleopatra’s lifetime she inherited the throne of Egypt; fell in love with two influential Romans, just to kill herself to escape punishment by Octavian. Cleopatra’s father, King Auteles’, also known as Ptolemy XII or “The Piper” because he could play the flute....   [tags: Egyptology, ancient history]

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StartsWith App: Word Building Game

- StartsWith App StartsWith app is the latest universal app compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad created by New Horizon Media. It is a word-building game that keeps your interest along the way. Its updated version, StartsWith 1.4, was released on 26 August 2013. This application runs on iOS 5.0 or later, being optimized for iPhone 5. StartsWith app actually starts with the story of how the library of Alexandria has burnt. Consequently thousands of books, manuscripts and scrolls have been lost....   [tags: application, story, role, language, level]

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Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

- While the ancient world left little written record, the evidence that we do have depicts it as far more advanced and culturally rich than many would expect. From the Phoenicians in Mesopotamia to the Mayans in Central America, technological advancements and complex theories drove the ancient civilizations ahead. Great thinkers from that period like Socrates (other great thinkers) left huge marks on the literary world. Great scientists like Copernicus (other great scientists) developed theories that provided the foundations for more modern thought....   [tags: History, Herodotus, List of Wonders]

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Law: The Dual Sovereignty Doctrine

- ... Murder is a crime in both state and federal jurisdictions. The state can prosecute the case against Hugh for murder, because murder is prohibited in the state of Georgia. Murder is defined as the unlawful killing of another human being that is neither excused nor justified (Farlex, Inc., 2014). Atlanta is in the state of Georgia and since the murder was committed in Georgia, this gives Georgia the proper jurisdiction to prosecute the case. “Georgia Murder; Felony Murder Statute: § 16-5-1. (a) A person commits the offense of murder when he unlawfully and with malice aforethought, either express or implied, causes the death of another human being....   [tags: crime, court, statues]

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The Caesar And The Roman Empire

- With those donations of land, she expanded her kingdom and became the most powerful woman of that time. She started to call herself Queen of Kings due to the fact that she was the ruler of various smaller kingdoms and the ruler of her own sons. When they were together, Cleopatra and Antony lived a life rich of festivals, orgies and arts only interrupted when Antony had to leave for his crusades against the Parthians. However his battles ended in more losses than victories which started to displease the Roman Empire and his follow partner Octavian....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Augustus, Roman Empire]

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Comparision of cities

- 3 Cities Comparison Paper: Alexandria, Egypt There are some differences between Alexandria in 1000 A.D and present day Alexandria, Egypt. There are also some similarities, too. In ancient times, the population of Alexandria was not actually calculated, but definitely far less than today. Presently, there is a population of approximately 3,380,000 people. Along with the increased population, comes a totally different way of life. In the past, people made their living trading products typical to their era and working for more prominent people....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Age of Alexander

- The Age of Alexander The conquests of Alexander the Great spread Hellenism immediately over the Middle East and far into Asia. After his death in 323 B.C., the influence of Greek civilization continued to expand over the Mediterranean world and W Asia. The wars of the Diadochi marked, it is true, the breakup of Alexander's brief empire, but the establishment of Macedonian dynasties in Egypt, Syria, and Persia (the Ptolemies and the Seleucidae) helped to mold the world of that day into a wider unity of trade and learning....   [tags: Papers]

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The Christian Tradition

- As Christians, it is important to look into the history of the church to examine what the forefathers of the faith have been through in order to bring the Christian religion to where it is today. It is also important to see how the faith has developed over time and how doctrine was written and rewritten. One of the figures that have had an impact on the modern day Christian tradition is Athanasius. Not much is known about Athanasius’ early life other than that he was born into a wealthy Christian family in Alexandria somewhere between 293-295 AD which was the time of the Diocletian persecutions (Rearden 2005, p.33)....   [tags: Christianity, Trinity, Holy Spirit, Christendom]

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The Reign of Cleopatra

- Cleopatra VII was the last Pharaoh of Egypt. Cleopatra reigned over Egypt in 51BC after the death of her father Ptolemy XII Auletes. Cleopatra’s mother was Cleopatra VI and she came to power at the age of 17. Cleopatra ruled over Egypt with her two brothers Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy VIX and her son Ptolemy XV Caesar. She was born in 69 BC in Alexandria and ruled from 51 BC to 30 BC. Cleopatra was Macedonian, but even though her ancestry was Macedonian, she was still an Egyptian queen and worshipped as a god....   [tags: Ancient History]

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Similarites of To Kill a Mockingbird and Remember the Titans

- Similarities of To Kill a Mockingbird and Remember the Titans Both To Kill Mockingbird and Remember the Titans had their communities play a crucial role into the development of the story. In the towns of Maycomb County and Alexandria, Virginia, many of the blacks experienced racial prejudice to which they became united with their other blacks. However their was always a leader who wanted to change the community for the better. Because of the similarities of To Kill a Mockingbird and Remember the Titans the audience can see how important community is in the development of a story....   [tags: community, story, black, prejudice]

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Remember The Titans Is Based On A True Story

- Remember The Titans Remember The Titans is based on a true story. The movie takes place in Alexandria, Virginia in the years 1971-1981. Sheryl, Coach Yoast’s daughter, is the one who tells the story of the Titans. The movie starts off in a cemetery where Sheryl tells the story about the Titans and their journey. Football is the way of life for the boys in Virginia. This time in history, the T.C. Williams High School is the first school for integration of African Americans and Caucasians. Coach Yoast, who is Caucasian, is the head coach of the football program at T.C....   [tags: Remember the Titans, Herman Boone]

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Cleopatra: The Cunning and Skilled Queen of Egypt

- Cleopatra: was she a cunning and skilled queen to Egypt who made a few small yet fatal mistakes, or was she a conniving ruler whose corrupt actions dragged her and her kingdom down to defeat. Although some current sources suggest she was quite popular with her people, over the years, Cleopatra’s status as a good queen has been questioned and reconsidered countless times. Due to the war she caused between Antony and Octavian, many people today wonder whether Cleopatra can really be considered a great ruler, because the war was what led to Egypt becoming one of the Roman Empire’s provinces....   [tags: ancient civilization rulers]

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The Eyes Of A Child By Harper Lee

- There are many books in the world that introduce the theme of prejudice using not only the racial standpoint, but also the way society looks at people as a whole. Not many of these books look at this touchy subject through the mind of a child. The book To Kill a Mockingbird takes that theme and runs with it. Harper Lee, the author of the book, decided to put aside all normal writing styles and take on a challenging and touchy subject of predigest and unjust in the norms of society from the eyes of the most innocent, children....   [tags: To Kill a Mockingbird, Black people, Harper Lee]

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Ambrose. Ambrose 's Article On Moral Issues

- Ambrose Ambrose writes a letter to the Priest in the setting of Christianity. He writes this letter to the priest offering pastoral advice on moral issues, which including the discussion on moral problems of wealth and greed” (Wogaman 48). Ambrose starts off the letter by expressing to the Priest how they are to “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute and calumniate you” (Wogaman 48). He explains that the unrighteous are relentlessly imprisoned by one’s own principles than by one that may past judgment....   [tags: God, Jesus, Augustine of Hippo, Christianity]

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Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

- Throughout History, men have looked down on blacks and women. But this does not justify the view that blacks and women are below white men. When people look down on blacks and women, they preform injustice. Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird is full of injustice. During this time period, everyone looked down on blacks and women, which makes Maycomb one in the same with the discriminators. In particular, the people in Maycomb looked down on Tom Robinson, and many others looked down on Scout. Around the Finch household, Aunt Alexandria always tries to do away with Calpurnia, the black housekeeper and cook as Alexandria says, “We don’t need her (Calpurnia) now.” (182)....   [tags: To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee, Truman Capote]

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Can Education be Classical and Christian?

- Can an education be both classical and Christian. Many parents ask this question every year, unknowingly echoing an age-old question. Tertullian, an early church father, was perhaps the first to consider whether these two ideas are compatible when he asked, “What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?” The church fathers continued to wrestle with the question for centuries, most concluding that all ideas that are taken captive for Christ may be used profitably by Christians. Examining this ongoing conversation about classical, Christian education will serve to answer many of our own questions today....   [tags: Informative, Church Schools]

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Taking a Look at Euclid's Life

- ... Euclid taught at the ancient Library of Alexandria. Little is known about Euclid’s life. Euclid was a fairly common name in his time. Euclid presented the theorems and problems. He showed the solutions logically. Euclid’s element has remained a standard geometry text for more than two thousand years since his death. Euclid taught at Alexandria. Euclid grew up in the late fourth century. The first six books of his cover elementary plane geometry. The six books have served since the basis for most beginning courses on this subject....   [tags: the father of Geometry]

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Cleopatra, The Last Pharaoh Of Egypt

- Queen Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh of Egypt, described as divine and beautiful by her disciples. She inherited pearls, the largest of the time, each worth a fortune. In a bet between Antony and Cleopatra, written by Pliny the Elder, he indirectly writes about the wealth of Egypt, the relationship of Cleopatra and Antony, and religious beliefs of the Romans. The wager between Cleopatra and Antony is historic and still conversed about today. The story has many underlying undertones along with the pearls of Venus, the wealth of Egypt, and the relationship between Antony and Cleopatra....   [tags: Roman Empire, Julius Caesar, Ancient Rome]

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The Future of Academic Libraries

- History Academic libraries have had a long and varied history throughout the world. Very early libraries such as the library of Alexandria in Egypt and the libraries of Mesopotamia are shrouded in mystery but renowned for their devotion to academia. They represented the epitome of knowledge and wisdom in the ancient world. While these ancient libraries may no longer exist as they once did the essence of the library in academia traveled throughout the world and history, manifesting it’s self in the medicinal libraries of Europe and the grandiose libraries of America....   [tags: Historic Academic Libraries, History, Libraries]

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The Importance of The Doctrine of The Incarnation

- Four movements, now heresies, of the past each adopted one of these four views mentioned previously. They are: Nestorianism, Eutychianism, Apollinarianism, and Arianism. Nestorianism and Eutychianism fall under the controversy of the relationship between the two natures. The controversy of Nestorianism arose over the propriety of the term theotokos (“God-bearing”) as a description of Mary. At the Council of Chalcedon in 428 Nestorius gave his view of theotokos to which he held and overly dividing view of the two natures of Christ....   [tags: Nestorianism, Eutychianism]

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The Story of Saint Catherine’s Prison

- The Story of Saint Catherine’s Prison “Near Famagusta is another city called Salamis, set on the seashore, where there was once a noble and wealthy city. It is there that St. Catherine was born and her tomb remains still.” ~ German priest Ludolf von Suchen of Westphalia In the 12th century, the story of the beloved St. Catherine was brought to Europe by the Crusaders returning from their battles in the East. She was from a noble blood line of Roman emperors and her father was Constantine, King of Salamis....   [tags: Saint Catherine]

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The Path to Success of Robert Edward Lee

- Fighting against the odds, Robert Edward Lee became one of the most beloved generals in American history. His accomplishments have traveled through history as being unmatched by any other American general in history. His respect was earned by a life full of hard work and discipline. He was a leader by example, and would never ask his men to do something he himself would not do; because of this, Robert Edward Lee pushed the limits and became one of the most memorable generals in the Civil War. The youngest of four children, Robert Edward Lee was born on January 9th, 1807, in a large manor home located in Stratford, Virginia....   [tags: Robert E. Lee, USA, history, generals, civil war, ]

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Ancient Greece: A History in Eleven Cities

- ... Mycenae is distinguished as being the seat of King Agamemnon, the most authoritative of all Greek kings. The site first gained renown through Heinrich Schliemann's excavations. It is believed Mycenae eventually achieved supremacy, and that considerable amount of Minoan cultural tradition spread to the mainland. The idea of an extensive separation of the Mycenaean Age from the historical age of Greece has received worldwide acceptance since it was first advanced. Since there was an absence of literary documents little signs of culture could be found for that long period, and thus became known as the Greek Dark Ages....   [tags: Argos, Miletus, Sparta]

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Novel vs. Film: To Kill a Mockingbird

- Novel vs. Film: To Kill a Mockingbird "It's a sin to kill a mockingbird," explains Atticus Finch to his children (To Kill Dir. Robert Mulligan). Neither the novel nor film version of To Kill A Mockingbird is better than one another, just different. "It's no secret that adapting a novel to film can be a perilous affair. A movie, even when it's good, doesn't often convey the feeling of the book it's based on....   [tags: Compare Contrast Harper Lee Movie]

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A Conflict of Duties: Antony’s Agony

- Mark Antony, the main character in Shakespeare’s, Antony and Cleopatra, was a soldier and one of three triumvirate political leaders who governed the Roman Empire of the West. Antony created a reputation as a military genius due to the victories in battle that resulted in the conquest of many nations. He was respected and admired not just by the citizens of Rome but also by his comrades for his sense of duty and dedication to Rome. He earned an honorable reputation as the most powerful and feared of the three triumvirates, over- shadowing the popularity of his fellow commanders, Octavius Caesar and Lepidus....   [tags: Shakespearean Literature ]

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Herophilos: The Father of Modern Science

- Herophilos, the Father of Modern Science: A Brief Biography In Ancient Greece 335 B.C.E. a child was born in Chalcedon. This child would one day become one of the most influential parts of modern science and medicine as we know it. The baby boy’s name was Herophilos. Not much is known about Herophilos except that he moved away from Chalcedon (now Turkey) and moved to Alexandria early in his life (1). When Herophilos finished his education he became a teacher and an author (1). There are nine known texts he is responsible for, including his book “On Pulses”, which explains blood flow from the heart to arteries (1)....   [tags: Scientists ]

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Book Banning and First Amendment Right

- ... 20, 2013). As this concerns books, people should have the freedom to choose what they want to read and what they don't want to read. By banning books, our basic rights as US citizens are abused. Book banning affects many different people, from the people who read books to the people who write them. Why do people ban or try to ban books. 
 Most people ban books with the best intentions; they want to protect others from different ideas and information. Adults often do this because they feel that the book is frightening or has controversial ideas....   [tags: censorship in the US]

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Christianity in Axum the Early Era

- Shipwrecked off the Ethiopian coast while passing through the Red Sea in the fourth centuryAD, an encounter the between the coastal people and the crew of a merchant ship escalated into a fatal conflict in which only two young Syrian Christian brothers survived. After their capture, the brothers, Frumentius and Aedesius, were taken to the Aksumite king’s court and enslaved, but well treated. King Ella Amida took notice of the youths’ Greek education. Aedesius became the king’s cupbearer; Frumentius was made the “master of correspondence and accounts.” Upon his death, the king released the brothers from their enslaved status, but the queen coaxed them into remaining in the kingdom to...   [tags: kingdon, slaves, christian]

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The Discovery Of The Rosetta Stone

- The Rosetta Stone was found in a small delta village called Rashid which is known to Europeans as Rosetta. The stone is a black slab that is now called granodiorite. The stone is over a meter high, 28cm thick and weighs over three-quarters of a ton. On the face of the stone there are three scripts engraved onto it: Greek, demotic and hieroglyphs. Interestingly enough, upon translation the three scripts are found to say the same thing but with slight variations. Napoleon’s army originally found the stone but surrendered it to the British once being defeated at the Battle of the Nile by Admiral Nelson in 1801....   [tags: Ancient Egypt, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Egypt]

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The First Stop On Our Tour

- The first stop on our tour is one of the oldest cities in the world is Athens, Greece. Athens is often referred to as the "cradle of civilization" because it was the birthplace of democracy, political science, literature, and theater, to name a few. Athens was known as the land of Gods. According to ancient Greek legend, this very city was the battleground where Athena fought with Poseidon. Athena won the battle, and the city was named after her. However, Poseidon had his revenge by making the area waterless....   [tags: Homer, Trojan War, Achilles, Greek mythology]

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What is Eratosthenes?

- Eratosthenes Overview This paper will tell you about the life of Eratosthenes; his life, death and everything that we know in between. He was a very diverse, multitalented thinker who was also known as the “father of geography” (Fashchuk 1). The Life of Eratosthenes Eratosthenes was born in 276 B.C. in Cyrene, Libya which is present day Shahhat, Libya on the northern coast of Africa. He died in 194 B.C. at about 82 years old in Alexandria, Egypt, which is the second largest city in Egypt (Trubin).The only mention of his father was of a man named Aglaos....   [tags: Earth, Environmentsl Science, Geography]

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Alexander the Great

- ... After these teachers he had the famous teacher Aristotle. When he became a teen he started to go into the military. After his father got assassinated, Alexander made allies and ruled the throne. He had many campaigns through the eastern hemisphere like Egypt and present day Turkey. Then Alexander died of malaria on June 13, 323 B.C in Babylon, Persia. (Alexander the Great Bio.) During his life he had made many great cities and influenced more. Alexander put many cities on key points. Key points include: trade routes and military advantages....   [tags: macedonia, babylon, persia]

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The Conversation of Ezana

- The Conversion of Ezana The kingdom of Aksum which reached its height during the reign of King Ezana. Although Christianity likely presided among foreign merchants, Ezana is credited with Christianizing the affluent and expansive kingdom. The reformation which took place in the ancient kingdom may have been a political maneuver to solidify trade relations with the Roman Empire. Following the traditionally accepted legend of Frumentius and Aedesius’s influence upon Ezana, Christianity presented itself first among the royal family....   [tags: christianity, Aksum, Aksumite kingdom]

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Ancient Greece and Greek Scholars and their Influence in the USA Today

- Ancient Greece When thinking about Greece, people generally think of Athens and it’s beauty, but not many think of the things that ancient Greece has given the world. Without all of the struggles and wars that Greece went through, they would not have been able to bring the world some of the greatest scholars known. Although the government, knowledge, and education the U.S. and the world has received from Greece is not visible, it is still very important today. The U.S. government has many things in common with the ancient governments of Athens and Sparta....   [tags: Government, Education, Philosophy]

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Changes And Continuations Of The Ptolemaic Administration

- Changes and Continuations of the Ptolemaic Administration and Social Structure in Roman Egypt The Ptolemaic Dynasty was successful in Egypt overall, although not successful enough to last. Rome took the place of the Ptolemies and began trying to create a state that was more successful than their predecessor. To do this, the Romans maintained some things the Ptolemies were doing, yet changed others. This paper argues that the Romans changed the Ptolemaic administrative system by giving the military a much more active role while maintaining its reliance on local educated Greeks, also arguing that the Romans maintained the social identity of Egypt as an agricultural base while adding a Roman...   [tags: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Byzantine Empire]

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Prejudice in To Kill A Mockingbird

- Prejudice in To Kill A Mockingbird Three students kicked out of a high school for threatening to bring a gun to school. Why would they. Because people were prejudice against them because other students thought they were “losers”. Moral: You shouldn’t not like a person because they aren’t like you. Prejudice was far much worse in the time period of To Kill A Mockingbird. But, Prejudice is the reason for much social injustice. Three characters named Nathan Radley, Atticus Finch, and Aunt Alexandria show us this in the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird....   [tags: social issues]

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The Ritual of the Khabur

- In North Africa and the Middle East, a widespread ritual prevails among many young men: a ritual which I once enjoyed daily, but now no longer partake in. Egyptians call it by many names—khabur, dabus, cubea—but the ritual remains the same. Every evening, and particularly Thursday evening, tens of thousands of middle class men from around the capital come home (to their parents’ homes until they get married), eat dinner, and go out to meet their friends and smoke hashish in the street. They send calls, missed calls, and texts to friends, anxious and inquiring, “Where can we score tonight?” The young men sit on the hoods of their cars, chain-smoking cigarettes, but it’s not enough....   [tags: North Africa, Middle East, hashish, Egypt]

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The Hellenized Rome

- The Hellenized Rome The Roman Empire began as a small colony, in the city of Rome, and eventually, became one of the largest empires that the world has ever known before its ultimate demise. Because of the vast size of their territory, and the number of cultures they consumed throughout their existence, the Romans were heavily influenced by the Greeks and other Hellenistic civilizations. Two different groups of professors argue this point. Professors Matthews, Platt, and Noble argue this influence is reflected by Roman music, philosophy, literature, architecture, art, culture/government, and technology and science; and Professor Weber argues this is reflected in the areas of government/...   [tags: roman empire, hellenistic culture]

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Matrix Organizational Structure

- Organizational structure is the way that an organization arranges people and jobs so that work can be performed and goals can be achieved. Good organizational design helps communications, productivity, and innovation. Many organization structures have been created based on organizational strategy, size, technology, and environment. Robbins and Judge (2011, p. 504) listed three common structures: simple, bureaucracy, and matrix. In this post the author will describe the matrix structure, and discuss its advantages and disadvantages....   [tags: Business Management]

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The History of Engines and How They Work

- What seems like a relatively new invention in today’s world actually spans its roots back to ancient times, when the first fully-functional engine was created. The engine design has went through many stages from basically being sticks and stones tied together, to rudimentary steam engines to forged aluminum engines boasting hundreds and thousands of horsepower. The most ancient engine in recorded history’s design consisted of nothing more than a natural waterfall, pots, two crudely shaped wheels, and some rope–to keep it all together....   [tags: engine design, horsepower, heat engine]

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My Vies of St. John's College in England

- I didn’t do Anglia last year, so I thought that I wouldn’t go to England. But I did, and I don’t regret it. It had never been to England before, so I was very exited. I saw some very impressive things. The most special moment, is when I first saw St. John’s college. I had heard of it, but I never knew that it was so big, old and impressive. 11. Describe the atmosphere in St. John’s College. We haven’t visited St. John’s College on the inside. From the outside it looked very beautiful, and I was very impressed and shocked actually, because I never saw the St....   [tags: campus choices]

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