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Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley

- In his wickedly clever debut mystery, Alan Bradley introduces the one and only Flavia de Luce: a refreshingly precocious, sharp, and impertinent 11-year old heroine who goes through a bizarre maze of mystery and deception. Bradley designs Bishop’s Lacey, a 1950s village, Buckshaw, the de Luce’s crumbling Gothic mansion, and reproduces the hedges, gently rolling hills, and battered lanes of the countryside with explicit detail. Suspense mounts up as Flavia digs up long-buried secrets after the corpse of an ominous stranger emerges in the cucumber patch of her country estate....   [tags: Alan Bradley]

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Alan Bennett's Monologues as Dramas

- Alan Bennett's Monologues as Dramas These plays are written for TV rather than theatre and are experimental for different styles of acting with more emphasis being placed on the single actors face. This is in order to show subtle changes in expressions hopefully giving the viewer a more clear insight into the characters feelings. This is more appropriate for "A Cream Cracker…" as it is a moving story, which is portrayed, even more so in the subtle movement of Doris's face "Cracked the photo....   [tags: Alan Bennett Essays Monologue]

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Homeboyz by Alan Sitomer

- Alan Sitomer’s newest fast paced novel Homeboyz is a hardcore suspense story that will immediately put readers on the edge and leave them breathless in the end. Sitomer’s character, Teddy ‘T-Bear’ Anderson is an aloof seventeen year old that doesn’t care for anything other than to avenge his innocent fourteen year old sister Tina’s death, by targeting the infamous gang members of his city. As Teddy’s family mourns and his mother falls into a deep depression, his father Mr. Anderson, also known as Pops attempts to run the dysfunctional ailing household and his linen delivery company by himself....   [tags: Alan Sitomer Homeboyz]

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Alan Turning: A Sad Mystery

- Alan Turning: A Sad Mystery “The original question, ‘Can machines think?’ I believe to be too meaningless to deserve discussion. Nevertheless I believe that at the end of the century the use of words and general educated opinion will have altered so much that one will be able to speak of machines thinking without expecting to be contradicted…. The popular view that scientists proceed inexorably from well-established fact to well-established fact, never being influenced by any improved conjecture, is quite mistaken....   [tags: Alan Turning Enigma Biography Papers]

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Rorschach and Ozymandias In Alan Moore's The Watchmen

- In Alan Moore's The Watchmen, Moore presents the reader with two drastically different characters who have one strikingly similar trait. Ozymandias is a handsome, rich, public, and powerful man. Rorschach is an ugly, poor, private, and almost worthless man. Despite all of these contrasts, they share a common philosophy: they believe that the ends justify the means. This is a major theme of the story, and through it Moore causes the reader the ask themselves the question - do the ends justify the means....   [tags: Alan Moore, The Watchmen]

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Alan Bennett's Talking Heads

- Alan Bennett's "Talking Heads" "Talking heads" by Alan Bennett is a collection of monologues in which the audience are showed into the life of a character and given an insight into the character's personality and situation.peoples lives are portrayed in comic ways leaving the audience feeling sympathy and guilt for the character in laughing at their misfortune. Monologues are a long speech made by one person. This style of script is really effective and has a powerful effect on the audience. These monologues were written for television broadcasting, programmes presented in this way are put under the genre of tragi-comedy....   [tags: Alan Bennett Talking Heads Essays]

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Profile of Rorschach in Alan Moore’s Watchmen

- Who chooses our heroes. Who watches our heroes. Who watches the Watchmen. Over the course of history, many public figures have been scrutinized for heroic actions that some have deemed controversial. Charles Darwin dismantled theories of Creationism with his discoveries in evolutionary biology. President Harry Truman single-handedly ended World War II by authorizing the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, killing thousands upon thousands of civilians. Gangster John Dillinger stole from banks all across the U.S....   [tags: Alan Moore, The Watchmen 2014]

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Alan Paton's Cry the Beloved Country

- Alan Paton's Cry the Beloved Country The book I have chosen to write about is Cry the Beloved Country. This book is about ambiguity and reconciliation. The main character in the story Stephan Kumalo has to deal his the struggle of his family, and trying to keep them together. The first few chapters of this book are place in a small town called Ndotshenti. But the action in this takes place in the largest city on South Africa, Johannesburg. Stephan Kumalo finds out there can be day light even when nothing in you life is going right....   [tags: Alan Paton Cry Beloved Country Essays]

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Alan Moore's The Watchmen

- Allen Moore’s sordid depiction of twentieth century life presents a complex world, where the distinction between a virtuous hero and a villainous wrongdoer is often blurred. In stark contrast to the traditionally popularized portrayal of superheroes, whose unquestionably altruistic motives ultimately produce unrealistically idealized results; the realistically flawed characters of Watchmen exist in a multi faceted world characterized by moral ambiguity. America’s imperialistic ambitions have long been justified as an expression of American idealism....   [tags: Alan Moore, The Watchmen]

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A Lady of Letters and Cream Cracker under the Settee by Alan Bennett

- "A Lady of Letters" and "Cream Cracker under the Settee" by Alan Bennett The two monologues I am going to be writing about are two elderly women who are lonely and trapped in their own homes. I will be talking about how Doris, one lady from 'Cream cracker under the settee' and Irene, the other lady in 'Lady of letters' are suffering from loneliness. Doris and Irene both live alone. They don't seem to have any special friends. For example, Irene doesn't like being people calling her Irene. People who come across Irene must call her Miss.Ruddock; nobody has called her Irene since her mother died....   [tags: Alan Bennett Monologue Settee Essays]

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Rorschach In Alan Moore's The Watchmen

- Through the character Rorshach, The Watchmen explores the issues of nature verses nurture for him. Moore adds that a super hero, can be a psychological argument. A super hero is neither born nor shaped by environment, it is the creation of an alter ego to suppress childhood conflicting inner issues. Rorshach dealt with issues as a young child that rationalized in his mind to hide behind a costume and a mask in order to live. The first character the book introduces to the reader to is Rorschach, Walter Joseph Kovacs, one of the main characters....   [tags: Alan Moore, The Watchmen]

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The Imitation Game By Alan Turing

- The Imitation Game Gregory M. Herek, Professor of Psychology at the University of California at Davis, once said, “To be a man in society is to be homophobic.” In making this comment, Herek believes men are taught to endorse a more traditional view about gender roles than women are. Thus, men often have a more negative perspective towards homosexual men than they do about women. In discussions of male homosexuality, one controversial opinion suggests that it is a crime because it does not fit into male gender norms....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Gender identity]

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Alan Barges Was Admitted Into The Hospital

- 650 lb. Man: Alan Barges was admitted into the hospital because he had collapsed in his home in in St. Thomas, Pennsylvania. It was too much work for his heart to pump blood throughout his body since is very overweight. He had undergone bariatric surgery during his stay. When Alan first got to the hospital he weighed 750 pounds that was 4 months prior to his surgery, but has lost 100 pounds since. He is hoping to loose 300 more pounds so he can lead an active lifestyle again. Today is the day he gets to go home, but it is very difficult to move him into the ambulance....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Camel, Butter]

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The War Of 1812 By Alan Taylor

- Wikipedia Critique Alan Taylor gives an in-depth discussion about the multiple types of individuals who took part in the War of 1812 which lets the reader see how this war can be considered a civil war. In essence, this is seen by how these numerous individuals lived through this period and how they were affected by what occurred before, during and after the war. For a more specific example, in the chapter “Traitors”, Taylor discusses a Loyalist by the name of Joel Stone and part of his life during this time period....   [tags: United States, War of 1812, Militia, Wikipedia]

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The Night Alan Left The World

- “What’s going on. Do you have any news?” I asked desperately. It was dark in the night; the moon was not shining tonight and a cloud of hopelessness surrounded everyone who had gathered at the Hospital’s entrance. “What happened?” Everyone was now crying – desperate, incredulous… devastated. “What. He died. NO. It can’t be true… but he was just fine… it was only his leg…!” It could not be possible. “Beep-beep-beep” the alarm clock rang. I woke up frantically, begging to God for it to be JUST a dream, but it wasn’t – he was actually gone....   [tags: Personal Experience, Autobiography]

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The Wrong Man By Alan Berlow

- Terrible Trials “The prospect that innocent people will be executed in America is horrifyingly likely.” In Alan Berlow’s article, “The Wrong Man”, Alan gives an unsparing report on the criminal-justice system and the death penalty. Although many believe the execution of an innocent person is impossible and many advocate that it is so, Alan gives a detailed look at the death penalty and how possible it is. The purpose of this article is to show the flaws in our criminal justice system and how common an innocent can be sentenced to death....   [tags: Crime, Capital punishment]

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Cry, The Beloved By Alan Paton

- Cry, the Beloved Paper “The tragedy is not that things are broken. The tragedy is that things are not mended again.” (Paton 56). Cry, The Beloved Country by Alan Paton is a novel about life in South Africa after European countries came and colonized it. This novel shows the injustice, racism, and the depleting native life and culture of South Africa. Alan Paton presents to his readers the simple life in the country and then the urbanized life in the city. This novel is unique compared to others in how it includes intercalary chapters and sections throughout the whole novel....   [tags: South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal, Johannesburg]

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The Decision Making Of Alan

- There are issues within the charging of Alan as it is a complex scenario taking into account both cases, legislation as well as natural law; that affects his charge and the subsequent likelihood of conviction. What must be addressed with Alan as a priority, is his charge as a, “vicious lawless associate” which with a judicial activist lense could be considered unethical and in breach of basic human rights. In conjunction with this he has been charged with producing a dangerous drug, although he stated that he only harvested the drug, the definition needs to be investigated further and the validity of the charge must be bought into question under the proper legislation....   [tags: Law, Separation of powers]

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The Grapes Of Wrath By Alan Paton

- “But I hold on to this hope and the promise that He brings. That there will be a place with no more suffering.” These are lyrics from a song by Jeremy Camp and describe the story of the Joad family in The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck and Kumalo and his tribe in Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton. Throughout the novels, the characters are faced with many difficult situations. They rely on their hopes to get them through. Like the lyrics say, they hold on to hope that there will come a time of no more suffering....   [tags: The Grapes of Wrath, Henry Fonda, John Steinbeck]

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A Life Of Solitude By Alan Westin

- Much has been said of William James Sidis’ efforts to live a life of solitude – or at the very least, a private, anonymous, or reserved one as defined by Alan Westin’s thoughtful account in his 1967 article, Privacy and Freedom (Solove and Schwartz 43). Sidis himself noted “The only way to live the perfect life is to live it in seclusion” (Ibid 3). The decision by C.J. Clark of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit controverted Sidis’ plan to remain in seclusion, and has not been entirely overcome in the many years since....   [tags: Privacy, Privacy law, Law]

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The Age Of Globalization By Alan Brinkley

- Regarding “The Age of Globalization” by Alan Brinkley I thought that the reading selection provides good details on timeline of significant events that significantly affected the global economy. The reading selection from the American History textbook starts off with a summary of event of September 11, 2001, and the role they played in the changes within global economy. On the next page we are presented with a timeline of events that will be described later in the reading selection. The purpose of this section is to illustrate how each of those events contributed to the world we live in today, particularly their influence on the global economy....   [tags: United States, African American]

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V for Vendetta by Alan Moore

- V for Vendetta is a rather graphic novel written by Alan Moore in the late 1980's. The novel takes place in an alternate-reality; one in which Britain is ruled by a fascist government rules over Britain, and the rest of the world is believed to be in ruins due to nuclear war. The main protagonist/villain, depending on your viewpoint, of the story is a man simply called "V", He is a mysterious man and a self-described anarchist who survived a government experiment of a compound called Batch 5. Although his face is never shown in the book, V still draws the reader’s attention by being such a dark presence....   [tags: novel review, story and character anaysis]

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`` Trust Thyself, By Alan Hodder

- “Trust Thyself,” these are Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quintessential words in Self-Reliance. Self-Reliance is an epic essay on individualism that embodies transcendentalism – a philosophical movement that aims for its followers to aspire to original, honest, and virtuous thoughts among other belief in nature and unity of spirits. One scholar, Alan Hodder wrote about the essay, it is “arguably America 's most famous essay” and “Despite the passage of time, this essay has never lost its power to inspire or to enrage” (423)....   [tags: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Transcendentalism]

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Destruction Of Privacy, By Alan Westin

- Destruction of Privacy The sentence that says “technology has made privacy a relic of that past” is saying that within the New World of technology, Cyberspace, we no longer have our own personal privacy. Alan Westin defines privacy as, ““Privacy is the claim of individuals, groups, or institutions to determine for themselves when, how, and to what extent information about them is communicated to others.” [2]. When you step into this world we live in today, we no longer have just the aspect of the Old World....   [tags: Privacy, Privacy law, New World]

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Kingdom Of Shadows By Alan Furst

- Kingdom of Shadows Kingdom of Shadows by Alan Furst can be perceived as a tale of decadence, rather than a tale of revival. Kingdom of Shadows is a tale of decadence because there is moral and cultural decline in society as a consequence of World War II. The corruption of Europe under Hitler 's power is exhibited throughout the novel and also shows through Nicholas Moraths’ treacherous encounters. Nicholas Morath was a Hungarian veteran who believed that his youth was taken away by the conflict in Europe....   [tags: World War II, Nazi Germany, Germany, Hungary]

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Alan Keyes And Alan Dershowitz 's Debate At Franklin & Marshall College About

- Josue Martinez RHT 102 Mr. Fouts Dershowitz vs Keyes Josue Martinez RHT 102 Mr. Fouts Dershowitz vs Keyes Alan Keyes and Alan Dershowitz 's debate at Franklin & Marshall College about, "Does Organized Religion Have the Answers to 21st Century Problems?", both have very differing viewpoints about the question. Alan Keyes talked about and argued that organized religion played a great role in the 21st century due to that religion and specifically Christianity brought on a set of morals that will be needed to shape the world into a better place for the upcoming times....   [tags: Morality, Religion, God, Human]

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Alan Moore: The Father of Comic Books

- When you think of comic books, what do you think of. If you were to ask your parents they would probably tell you Superman or Spiderman, maybe even Batman or Wonder Woman. Some might mention something more, something that appears to be a comic book, but once opened is revealed to be a work of literary genius; a comic such as Watchmen, or perhaps even V for Vendetta. An author and artist of renowned recognition and admiration wrote both masterpieces. At first Alan Moore began his career as an artist for a detective story called Roscoe Moscow in 1979....   [tags: Biography]

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Theory, Individualism And Collectivism By Alan Fox

- The theoretical frameworks are Unitarist, Pluralist and Marxist/Radical which is proposed by Alan Fox in 1966. The employment relationship will be conceptualised by these theories so that these will improve the understanding of the concept of employment relationship within businesses. Although Unitarist, Pluralist and Radical/Marxist by Alan Fox are the most used theories, individualism and collectivism by Purcell in 1987 can also conceive the topic of employment relationship. Unitarist Perspective In the view of unitary, industrial relation is grounded in mutual cooperation, teamwork, and a sharing of common objectives which is the same goal employment....   [tags: Trade union, Employment, Management]

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The Theory Of The Mind Test By Alan Turing

- Can Computers think. Will they ever be able to think. I do not really have answers to these questions. In this essay I am not going to be able to tell you the answer, or pick a side myself, because I strongly believe that either side could be right. However, in this essay I will convince you that regardless of computers thinking or not, humans do think and process ideas through the same ways that they do. I will be doing this through the computational theory of the mind test by Alan Turing, and the counter thought-experiment of Turing’s test by John Searle I will be able to show you this fact....   [tags: Artificial intelligence, Computer]

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Business Leader : Mittal And Alan Mulay

- As we all know what is leader. Leader is that person who influence the behavior of others is called business. In today’s world there are so many leaders such as political leader, business leader and sports leader etc. but for answering my question I chose both business leader Lakhshmi mittal and Alan mulay. Lakshmi Mittal (conceived 15 June 1950) is the executive and CEO of ArcelorMittal, the world 's biggest steelmaking organization. The Indian-birthplace steel financier is worth with an expected abundance of 17.51 bn pounds, has held his position as the wealthiest individual in the UK for the seventh year in succession in 2011, however his riches declined by 4.93 billion pounds amid the m...   [tags: Leadership, Management, ArcelorMittal]

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Edgar Alan Poe

- The nineteenth century audience of Edgar Alan Poe might have found his tall tales believable and scientific. This is because the science of the time was becoming increasingly popularised and accessible en-masse however the rigid style of science made it easy for false information to be distributed. By exploiting this flaw, Poe created believable scientific prose for the common audience and introduced a level of satire for the intellectual reader. By analysing his narrators, form and attention to detail, we can explore the scientific significance of his prosaic ambiguity....   [tags: Narrator, Motives]

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Alan Moore's Watchmen

- Alan Moore’s “Watchmen” focuses on several characters throughout the novel making the idea of a main character moot. However, one character can be described as the most influential to the plot of the graphic novel. Rorschach can be seen as such due to the fact that he narrates a large portion of the novel, and his heroic code that he follows. Not only does he influence the plot by those two reasons, but also by uniting the characters after a long silence. The Comedian is the only character that almost perfectly fits as the character with the most influence on the plot of “Watchmen.” The death of his character allows for the plot to be set in motion....   [tags: Character Analysis, Parody, Reality]

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Cry The Beloved Country By Alan Paton

- Hope for the Oppressed In the novel Cry the Beloved Country, author Alan Paton tells the story of the breakdown that is occurring in his native country of South Africa and ways in which to fix it. In the novel, the main character Reverend Stephen Kumalo embarks on a mission to the city of Johannesburg in order to find his missing son Absalom. Throughout his journey Kumalo sees and experiences many injustices that clearly illustrate the growing divide between blacks and whites in the country. Paton incorporates his diagnosis of the racial divide that occurs within the country and the reasons behind it....   [tags: South Africa, White people, Black people]

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Life Of Homeless People By Alan Radley

- Walking is a task that humans perform in their everyday life, and we use it unconsciously to get from point A to point B. Although walking is thought of as a mundane task, it is important to the micro level of society. Walking is usually only used for getting around to and from certain destinations, but not all people use it like this. Homeless people often walk aimlessly around not knowing where they are going or what they are doing, and this shows in one of the studies I have looked at called “From means to occasion: walking in the life of homeless people” by Alan Radley, Kerry Chamberlain, Darrin Hodgets, Ottilie Stolte and Shiloh Groot (2010)....   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty]

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Cry The Beloved Country By Alan Paton

- Social problems plague every generation and even though the circumstances change, society continues to suffer from the same problem that plagued us thousands of years ago. Paton explains that these problems lie rooted in the nature of individuals, and to achieve lasting change one must change how people approach and react to these problems. In Alan Paton’s 1946 social criticism, Cry the Beloved Country, Paton utilizes imagery to emphasize the social problems of broken families and tribe, consequences of poverty, and the repercussions of racism....   [tags: South Africa, White people, Africa, Black people]

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Alan Paton's Cry, the Beloved Country

- “For it is the dawn that has come, as it has come for a thousand centuries, never failing. But when that dawn will come, of our emancipation, from the fear of bondage and the bondage of fear, why, that is a secret.” Alan Paton’s novel, Cry, the Beloved Country, can be understood as either a political novel or an artistic novel. Although this book involves political issues, the manor in which these concerns are conveyed throughout the story is quite artistic (as the above quote exemplifies), thus why I believe Paton’s novel, Cry, the Beloved Country, is an artistic novel....   [tags: Cry, The Beloved Country Essays]

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A Loaf Of Bread By James Alan Mcpherson

- Many families have certain roles and traditions that are followed by being taught or just by habit. Within those families are certain roles that are followed or taken on. Some families are patriarchal meaning that the man or father is more dominant or in charge and some families are matriarchal being that the mother is in charge or more dominant and in control. For some families these certain roles fit the family perfectly with not much of an issue which can balance out the family. But unfortunately for other families these roles break the household down making the household unbalanced....   [tags: Family, Mother, Father, Grandparent]

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Alan Paton's Cry the Beloved Country

- When Alan Paton wrote Cry, The Beloved Country in 1948, it was clear that he intended to leave an enduring impression of a time in which social structures seemed to almost insult the concept of a common humanity (Malamud). The story, which revolves around two men’s quest to find, both literally and figuratively, their sons, beautifully articulates the countless struggles that humans face in the endeavor to understand and better their world. The novel is exceptional given that Paton illustrates the chaos of emotions associated with trying to comprehend the morality of an individual....   [tags: historical and biographical analysis]

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Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton

- “Africa” is not even an African word. There is no certainty as to where it originated from but it could be connected with the Latin word aprica, meaning “sunny,” or the Greek word aphrike, meaning “not cold.” It seems more likely that it came from the Greek word; “aphrike” is the combination of “phrike” (cold and horror) with an “a” placed in front to give it the opposite meaning. Therefore, it means a land free of cold and horror. It’s such an ironic name for a country where people are living their lives with hunger and fear....   [tags: Cry, The Beloved Country Essays]

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Cry, The Beloved Country, by Alan Paton

- In Cry, the Beloved Country, Alan Paton uses Stephen Kumalo and James Jarvis as examples of humanity’s tendency to be complacent about critical issues until a momentous event occurs which forces them to confront the issues. This message is very clear in Cry, the Beloved Country as it is in our society. People tend to ignore serious issues rather than confront and solve them. Historical examples like the Holocaust greatly illustrate this point. Stephen Kumalo is complacent in his village of Ndotesheni and only realizes the extent of the destruction of the tribal structure after he returns from Johannesburg....   [tags: Cry, The Beloved Country Essays]

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The Black Cat by Edgar Alan Poe

- ... I not only neglected, but ill-used them ... But my disease grew upon me -- for what disease is like Alcohol!” We also discover that the narrator’s feelings have a dramatic change, going from a violence and lose control of his actions to calm and perceptive to everything he does. Likewise, he overcame all those feelings to finally have this short story written. The author says, “I will not attempt to expound them. To me, they have presented little but Horror - to many they will seem less terrible than baroques....   [tags: negative attitudes, human mind, dark nature]

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Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton

- Alan Paton who was a South African author and anti-apartheid activist wrote the novel Cry, the Beloved Country, The novel publication in 1948 was just before South Africa institutionalized racial segregation under Apartheid. Paton addresses the destruction of the tribal system in South Africa due to white colonization by using the novel as a medium to illustrate is damage. Throughout the novel we are exposed to the numerous problems resulting from the colonization. Communities are in collapse, the land is bare, people are starving, and families are broken....   [tags: tribal system, johannesburg, fiction]

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Cry The Beloved Country By Alan Paton

- Jack Fischer Ms. Turkowski English H Period 5 March 2015 Hope for the Oppressed In the novel Cry the Beloved Country, author Alan Paton tells the story of the breakdown that is occurring in his native country of South Africa and ways in which to fix it. In the novel, the main character Reverend Stephen Kumalo embarks on a mission to the city of Johannesburg in order to find his missing son Absalom. Throughout his journey, Kumalo sees and experiences many injustices that clearly illustrate the growing divide between blacks and whites in the country....   [tags: South Africa, White people, Black people]

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Alan Wolfe 's The Future Of Liberalism

- Liberalism, the most prominent political ideology today, stresses the importance of individual autonomy, or living the life one desires with as little government intervention as possible. Alan Wolfe uses his book The Future of Liberalism as a platform in order to argue that personal autonomy will only be achieved on the occasion of the state practices liberty and equality. After liberty and equality are practiced, other values and ideas are followed closely, such as tolerance and personal growth....   [tags: Liberalism, Classical liberalism, Liberty]

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Cry The Beloved Country By Alan Paton

- Many boundaries present themselves in everyday life. Perhaps one of the largest boundaries that lead to conflict is race. The mere color of a person’s skin can isolate an individual from the rest of the world. In the 20th century contemporary novel, Cry the Beloved Country, Alan Paton uses parallelism to show how the boundaries of racism present themselves in the lives of the South Africans and how the differences in people make for a split society. The separation of people by one’s race causes boundaries to exist....   [tags: South Africa, Black people, White people, Race]

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The, Organizational Communication, By Alan Jay Zaremba

- There are many definitions for what is considered to be a crisis. Alan Jay Zaremba, author of the textbook ”Organizational Communication,” combines several definitions of the word to conclude that a crisis is “an incident that occurs unexpectedly, could damage an organization’s reputation, values, and/or performance, and requires effective communication. (Zaremba, 2010) In the case of the Nuance Group, their current situation completely blindsided the organization, was a nightmare for their reputation, and communication was now the key element in restoring their image....   [tags: Communication, Need, Case study, Need to know]

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Cry the Beloved Country Alan paton

- “To be truly memorable, a book must have at its core one of life’s great quests: the quest of love, truth or power.” This quote is true. The critical lens perfectly describes humanity. Human existence revolves around a chase for something quite unknown. But, love tells apart what is wrong and what is right and helps one cease the desire of undermining others to acquire power. Truth, however, is hard to depict as human beings have taken it upon themselves to lie at every occasion possible to maintain, whether it be, their power, or their love....   [tags: human existance, claremont]

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Alan Alexander Milne ( A. A. Milne)

- Alan Alexander Milne ( A. A. Milne) When reminiscing on past memories of favorite books, cartoons, songs and stuffed animals, many people will think about Winnie the Pooh. The man behind all of your fun filled childhood adventured with Christopher Robin and his bear friend Pooh is Alan Alexander Milne, more commonly known as A. A. Milne. Besides his creation of Winnie the Pooh short story and poetry books he was a very accomplished man through out his whole life. He showed great affection to family members, friends, and to his wife and child....   [tags: Biography Biographies Pooh Essays]

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Alan Mulally: Inspiring Other Through Humanity

- In a career, that has spanned over forty years, inspiring and respected leader Alan Mulally’s rise to the top of the business world would seem inevitable. An in-depth examination of biographical information, interviews and leadership text, revealed that three factors are to be credited to Alan’s rise. These factors are his leadership development, which began with his parent. Mulally’s personality traits that were honed through the years and translate to leadership attributes. The last factor credited to Alan’s rise is his leadership behavior, which gained the respect and admiration of his followers....   [tags: top businessman]

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Analysis Of Alan Jackson 's ' Remember When '

- “Remember When” Alan Jackson, a country music singer, is one of a few superstars who has built his career on traditional country. The Boot Staff states that Alan Jackson is “one of the greatest singers in country music that has written the best songs in the history of the genre”. He has “written more than sixty singles and half of them have reached to #1 on the charts” (The Boot Staff). Most of the songs that Alan Jackson has written during his career are about his personal experiences. The song “Remember When” was written “during a difficult period in his marriage, which was when he and his wife got separated and then reconciled” several months later (The Boot Staff)....   [tags: Marriage, Love, Greatest hits, Wife]

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A Interview About Alan And My Best Friend Together

- From the beginning of the assignment, I was extremely excited to work with my conversation partner Alan. He and my best friend are close and I would always hear stories about Alan and his Hispanic background. With this assignment I was able to see for myself how interesting Alan’s culture really is. After the interviews and meetings we had, I have hung with Alan and my best friend together. Our time together has been nothing but fun and I am still learning even more about his culture. I have even gone to his family’s Mexican restaurant here in Muncie several times, “La Casa Del Sol”....   [tags: Mother, Family, Father, Communication]

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Analysis Of Alan Turing 's ' The Imitation Game '

- The Imitation Game is a phenomenal film that takes place during World War II in 1952, which won Oscar for best writing-adapted screenplay. It serves as a tribute to the life of Alan Turing, a great mathematician who worked with fellow mathematicians through the British Intelligence MI6 agency to crack the Enigma Code. That’s not all there is though, this story brings you a profoundly odd man who has many secrets who is supposed to be solving the secret code to stop the war. When looking at this movie through the lens of social conflict, we can analyze how society is an arena of conflict as well as change that looks at how the individual is affected....   [tags: Sociology, Homosexuality, Enigma machine]

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Alan Mulally's Restructuring of Ford Motor Company

- Background Seeing a Ford Model T or A driving down the road is a snap shot of history of American motor vehicles. Henry Ford revolutionized the automobile industry and set the standard for manufacturing products on an assembly line. In 1903, Henry Ford opened Ford Motor Company with $28,000 and sold his first Model A to Dr. E. Pfenning, a physician from Chicago, Illinois (Ford Motor Company, 2013). Since that first vehicle, Ford Motor Company has gone on to sell over 300 million vehicles. Growth in Ford Motor Company created problems within the company....   [tags: automobile industry, leadership, Great Recession]

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An Analysis Of Alan Guth 's ' The Big Bang '

- identical. But soon, two russian physicists, would discover that the Alan Guth says that the big bang tells us nothing about the universe or how it formed. If you could take our universe and put the spread of particles in reverse, it would show that in fact it shows nothing about how it started or how it even caused it to inflate. When we say BIG BANG, we assume that we are talking about the bang, but in fact we have no information about how the particles spread. Alan Guth- A professor at MIT currently, but in 1979, him and a colleague named Henry Tie were processing a new idea about particles formed in space to create the big bang....   [tags: Universe, Big Bang, Physical cosmology]

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I Have a Rendezvous With Death- Alan Seeger

- “I Have a Rendezvous with Death” written by Alan Seeger works primarily as an expression of differentiating between the conventional view of death, versus the author’s intake. All elements of this poem- rhyme scheme, personification, diction and imagery - work to this effect. With the aid of these elements, the author is able to enlighten his readers that even though foreseeable and capricious, death is not something that we should feared; rather we should come to terms that it is an inevitable part of life and perhaps even anticipate it....   [tags: poem analysis, diction, unconventional rhymes]

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Alan Greenspan, Hero or Villain

- Alan Greenspan, Hero or Villain To properly discuss Alan Greenspan, we need background information, where he worked and what exactly did/does he do. Alan Greenspan (born March 6, 1926) is an American Economist and was Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve of the United States from 1987 to 2006. Mr. Greenspan was appointed Federal Reserve (FED) chairman by President Ronald Reagan in 1987 and was reappointed at successive four-year intervals until retiring in January 2006....   [tags: Greenspan Economics US Government]

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Analysis Of Cry, The Beloved Country By Alan Paton

- Setting plays a significant role in literature and can develop a theme. In the novel, Cry, The Beloved Country, by Alan Paton, the setting presents a key role that develops the theme of injustice as a result of racial conflict leading to penalties including death. Alan Paton chose to widely display this theme in the setting of the novel. Several settings within the country of South Africa, where Stephen Kumalo the protagonist resides, to reinforce the overall theme on the clear injustice and racial conflict of this novel....   [tags: Black people, Race, White people, Novel]

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Alan Brinkley 's The Field Of Political Study

- The author of this book, Alan Brinkley, is an esteemed writer in the field of political study and has been well renowned in the field for nearly twenty five years. His education includes both a degree from Princeton University and also earning his Ph.D from Harvard University. Brinkley mainly specializes in the history of America in the twentieth-century, which is also what he mainly teaches as a professor at Columbia University in New York. It should also be noted that he is one of the only American historians to have taught at both Cambridge and Oxford University....   [tags: John F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt]

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Alan Turing's Contibutions During World War Two

- Alan Turing has been called many things throughout his time; mathematician, cryptanalyst, and a computing pioneer are just a few of the titles placed upon his shoulders. He contributed to many fields, but he is hailed for his work in the field of mathematics, the computer science community, and his efforts in cryptography during World War II. Alan Turing was born on June 23, 1912 to a wealthy middle class family. His parents, Julius and Sara Turing had met in India and had previously had one other son with whom Turing spent his childhood....   [tags: mathematics, computing, conspiracy]

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Two Types of Liberalism in The End of Reform by Alan Brinkley

- In “The End of Reform”, Alan Brinkley makes it very clear that there are two types of liberalism. The first type came from conservationism, which is what can be titled as liberalism today. This form of early liberalism was as a result from the new deal. The ideas of this new deal were clearly stated as to help the American people come out of an economic depression. Essentially, the objective behind it was to keep the people alive. Due to damages of the great depression, it was a rarity to find someone who could support his or her family....   [tags: great depression, government, conservationism]

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Alan Paton's Cry, the Beloved Country - A Biblical Parable

- Cry, the Beloved Country, written by one of the greatest writers of South Africa, is the compelling story of how man-made evils in the city of Johannesburg affect the lives of each member of the Kumalo family. Stephen Kumalo, an old priest, has a major problem: he lost his brother, sister and son to the city. Losing them was one thing but later he is shocked to witness what his family has become. His brother, a politician and carpenter, has left the Church, his once decent sister has now moved on to become a prostitute and an alcoholic, but what he least expected was his own son committing crimes, such as robberies, and one going horribly bad....   [tags: Cry, The Beloved Country Essays]

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Injustices Exposed in Alan Paton's Cry the Beloved Country

- Cry the Beloved Country, by Alan Paton, is the story of the two fictional characters, Stephen Kumalo and James Jarvis, who lose their sons in South Africa in 1948. In his story, Alan Paton used the George Hegel's Dialect of thesis, antithesis, synthesis, in order to expose social injustices in a microcosm of South Africa that correlate to the macrocosm of the issues faced by the entire country and what must be done to fix these injustices. Paton subdivided his story into three books. The first of these books, depicts the Journey of Stephen Kumalo, to try and restore his family, is a cry against injustice....   [tags: Cry, The Beloved Country Essays]

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Negative Critique on Alan Goldman's View on Medical Paternalism

- Medical Paternalism In the realm of medical ethics, there are many topics that are debated and discussed, but there is not necessarily one clear, correct answer. One of these topics is paternalism. Many questions are bandied back and forth: is it beneficial, should it be disallowed entirely, are there instances when paternalism is good and beneficial, and the list goes on. For each of these questions there have been authors who have provided their comments. One such author is Alan Goldman. He draws a very firm line on paternalism, simply put: medical paternalism is deleterious to a patient because it intrudes on their primary rights of liberty and autonomy....   [tags: medical ethics, patients]

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The Killing Cousins: David Alan Gore and Fred Waterfield

- David Alan Gore and Fred Waterfield are also known as the killing cousins, these men were two of the most brutal killers of their time. Not only did they kill their victims but they would brutally rape and torcher them before ending their lives. Throughout this paper I will discuss their biography, the crimes they committed, their criminal cases, and a theory of why the committed the crimes that eventually led to the death of one of these men. David Alan Gore was born in Florida in 1953 on August 21st....   [tags: Murder, Women, Rape]

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Analysis of Alan Roger´s Evidence of Evolution

- Evolution has been a constantly debated topic with central importance in defining the origin of man. Creationism is still a common belief in modern society, somehow maintaining validity through assumed truth; this belief attained its popularity many years before the concept of evolution itself, yet is the main opponent of the theory of evolution. Alan Rogers, author of In Evidence for Evolution, provides thorough arguments against creationism, ranging from molecular to morphological data. He argues that many creationists use “arguments from personal incredulity,” meaning that a lack of a fathomable explanation to a question is proof of an answer....   [tags: creationism, research, culture, belief]

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`` Hawkeye Pierce ' : The Television Character Portrayed By Alan Alda

- Hawkeye Pierce, the television character portrayed by Alan Alda on M*A*S*H, once said, "I 'm a great teacher. I take no attendance, I encourage cheating, and I tolerate no discipline in my classroom!!!" Few music educators, though, would advocate this laissez-faire approach to classroom management. In fact, classroom discipline has been cited as the primary burn-out factor among practicing teachers. Among American public school teachers who have left the profession, 17.9% cited student discipline as a source of their dissatisfaction (NCES, 1997)....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Certified teacher]

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The Common View of Science which was Presented by Alan Chalmers

- This essay aims to discuss the problems of the common view of science which was presented by Alan Chalmers by Popperian's view and my personal opinions. Chalmers gives his opinion about what science is and the judgment will be made in this essay through the Popperian hypothetico-deductive and my arguments will be presented in this essay. Popperian is an important philosopher of science who developed hypothetico-deductive method, which is also known as falsificationism. In my opinion, I disagree Chlamer points of view of science and this will be present in essay later....   [tags: science knowledge, principles, opinion]

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Analysis Of The Book ' American Colonies ' By Alan Taylor

- It is a beautiful day in the area modernly known as southern Mississippi. The birds are chirping, the plants are growing, and the sun is shining. The day starts off like any other in this Native American community. The women began to tend the fields and the men are preparing for the next hunt. Suddenly, many strange figures appear at the entrance of the village. These figures appear to be men but these men are far different from any Native Americans they have seen. In the beginning, these men appear to be friendly and even exchange gifts with the local groups....   [tags: Native Americans in the United States]

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Troubled Pasts In Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchman

- In Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons Watchman, we are introduced to a character that has had a troubled past that has led to a troubled present. Rorschach as a child walked into see his mother with one of her John’s which caused trauma to him as a child. Over his life he never really discussed what he had encounter which led to the violent out breaks that he has now. If Rorschach would have had someone to talk about things that happened to him he could have saved himself for the life that he is living now....   [tags: trauma, communication, child]

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Analysis Of Alan Paton 's Cry, The Beloved Country

- I am leaving South Africa. I have lived here for 35 years, and I shall leave with anguish. My home and my friends are here, but I am terrified. I know I shall be in trouble for saying so, because I am the widow of Alan Paton. Fifty years ago he wrote Cry, The Beloved Country. He was an unknown schoolmaster and it was his first book, but it became a bestseller overnight. It was eventually translated into more than 20 languages and became a set book in schools all over the world. It has sold more than 15 million copies and still sells 100,000 copies a year....   [tags: White people, Black people, South Africa]

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Complacency in Alan Paton's Cry, the Beloved Country

- In Cry, The Beloved Country, Alan Paton uses Stephen Kumalo and James Jarvis to show that all human beings are complacent about critical issues until a momentous event occurs that forces them to change their minds. This message is very clear in Cry, The Beloved Country as it is in the world, today and historically. People tend to be optimistic about serious issues rather than confront them and solve them. Historical examples like the Holocaust greatly illustrate this point. Stephen Kumalo is complacent in his village of Ndotesheni and only realizes the extent of the destruction of the tribal structure after he returns from Johannesburg....   [tags: Cry, The Beloved Country Essays]

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I See A Killer Die By Alan Hall

- ‘I see a killer die’ by Alan Hall is an article, which narrates the death of convicted felon Robert Harris. It also goes on to tell us the victims story and how the families are coping. There is also a surprise inclusion of pleads of virtue from world renowned, Nobel Peace Award winning nun; Mother Teresa. TV reporter Michael Tuck narrated his eyewitness experience of watching ‘double killer Robert Harris writhe and die in the gas chamber.’ Mr Tuck describes the execution using the words; ‘His head twitched around and he breathed frantically, gasping for air - breathing the way a woman in labour might breathe’ This line may make the reader feel pity for Harris....   [tags: Capital punishment, Death row, Emotion, Murder]

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Alan Watts And His Influence On My Life

- Reading philosophical books tend to be cognitively draining, especially when I find myself contemplating the concepts being explored by our greatest thinkers, as daunting as that can be sometimes. Alan Watts, one of 20th Century’s greatest and most renown philosophers, has had an immensely powerful impact on my life and changed my understanding of day-to-day experiences with literature. I have read several of his books and researched everything I could about him through interviews, articles, speeches, and his own penned literature....   [tags: Meaning of life, Human, Life, Knowledge]

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Alan Gewirth’s The Cartesian Circle Reconsidered

- In Alan Gewirth’s The Cartesian Circle Reconsidered, he expands on an argument he made in a previous paper in regards to a possible logical fallacy in Descartes Meditations on First Philosophy. This fallacy is called the Cartesian Circle in reference to Descartes apparently circular reasoning that he can have clear and distinct ideas because of God’s existence, but that the proof of God’s existence and is itself based on clear and distinct ideas. Gewirth’s response to critics of Descartes is that Descartes use different types of certainty to prove the existence and veracity of God compared to accuracy of clear and distinct ideas....   [tags: philosophy, metaphysics, fallacy]

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Alan Keyes' Political Philosophies

- Alan Keyes' Political Philosophies Following the Civil War the majority of African-Americans supported the Republican Party. A Republican controlled executive and legislative branch of the Federal government worked to preserve the Union and end slavery. Republican support pushed the Thirteenth Amendment through Congress and approval by the states allowing for true freedom for black Americans. This freedom provided free expression for black Americans in politics and the ability to choose for themselves what to believe....   [tags: Papers]

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Alan Bennett Talking Heads

- Alan Bennett Talking Heads In Bennett's monologues the main character faces an important decision which will affect the course of their lives. I will go on and explain in this essay, the play writer's use of literary techniques - including setting, theme and characterisation- which may make the decision seem correct or not. Talking Heads was originally produced for BBC television but has recently been used as a collection of short stories. Each of the characters portrayed, is played by an actress that has been previously associated with Alan Bennett e.g.:Thora Hird who plays Doris worked on a BBC Radio 4 programme - Deadringers .It is safe to say that Alan Bennett tailored some of the mater...   [tags: English Literature]

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Alan Greenspan

- Alan Greenspan Since Alan Greenspan became chairman of the FED, the country's economy has reflected many positive results. He has done a terrific job. Allan is a very bright man who is always thinking of ways to prevent problems before they happen in the economic sector of the nation. All economists have been very content with his job just until now. In a recent Time magazine article called Is That Really You, Allan?disapproval about some new rules that this man has suggested for the economy have been highly critized....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Alan Turing

- Biography: Alan Mathison Turing Alan Mathison Turing was surrounded by enigma, not only did he break many cryptic codes but he also lived a mysterious life. Turing was born on June 23, 1912 in Paddington, London to Julius Mathison and Ethel Sara Turing. Turing’s father, Julius, was an officer in the British administration in India when he decided that his son would be raised in England. Turing had an older brother named John, who also had a childhood determined by the demands of the class and the exile in India of his parents....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Alan Greenspan

- Alan Greenspan Alan Greenspan, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, has always fascinated the financial community. Whatever he says can make or break the markets. He is a highly educated economist with many years of experience. People seek for his advice and obey his judgments. His proclamations are repeated and expounded upon. Greenspan is loved, feared, and never ever questioned. As a result of being a strong chairman of the Fed, he has made a difference the U.S. economy through his way of dealing with inflation....   [tags: Economy Economists Economics Biography Essays]

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alan turing

- Alan Turning Alan Turning is known to be a pioneer of many facets of the computer age. The digital computer, artificial intelligence, memory subroutines, the Turning Machine, the Turing Test, and the application of algorithms to computers are all ideas somehow related to this man. Alan Mathison Turing was born in Paddington, London, on June 23, 1912. He was a precocious child and began his interests in science and mathematics at a young age, but was never concerned about other right-brain classes such as English....   [tags: essays research papers]

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