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Critiques of Ernest Hemingway's Novel, Death in the Afternoon

- Critiques of Ernest Hemingway's Novel, Death in the Afternoon Ernest Hemingway's Death in the Afternoon shows a new side of Hemingway's writing which initially disappointed the critics. Published in 1932, Death in the Afternoon was not the expected fictional novel, but instead was more of a nonfiction description of bullfighting and Spanish culture in the 1920's and 1930's. In Curtis Patterson's words, "It is a tripartite work: bullfighting in Spain, plus semi-autobiographical details of the author, plus smut....   [tags: Hemingway Death in the Afternoon Essays]

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An Afternoon of Detention

- Rhonda Tubbs is sitting behind her desk. Lucas is sitting across from her. RHONDA After the last time you were in here I looked at your records. You were an exceptional student in Boston. You started a band with some of your classmates. Played soccer. Your art teacher sings your praises. Rhonda ignores Lucas' impertinent stare. RHONDA And then your mother died. LUCAS (scoffs) It says that in my file. rhonda I know because your father told me. We've barely been in school a month and already your making weekly trips to my office....   [tags: personal narrative]

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An Afternoon

- The sky, mid-afternoon, a beautiful canvas graced with sky blues and pure milky whites. The blue in the depths beyond and the smooth, rounded, sugary sweet clouds in the foreground; February mornings were made to be like this. Stained white wooden porches, green plastic lawn and garden chairs and a yellow butterfly dancing above the steamy urban pavement with an invisible partner to a made up song. Sitting on the porch waiting for Michele, tall, southern, red haired and fiery, I have to do much needed laundry at her house where the wash is free and the dryers do not charge by the minute....   [tags: Descriptive Short Story Essays]

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An Afternoon Walk

- An afternoon walk There was a dirt alley not too far from our house. One afternoon, aunt Sung took brother Vinh and me for a walk in that alley. We had to walk by the Japanese soldiers who occupied the only villa and some of the houses in the neighborhood. The soldiers looked serious with stern faces, long rifles and swords. They talked but like they were yelling to each other. Two Japanese women in their colorful kimonos walked by them hastily into the villa. I didn’t know to whom that villa and those houses belonged before the Japanese soldiers moved in....   [tags: Historical Fiction, narrative, descriptive essay]

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Meshes of the Afternoon by Maya Deren

- Meshes of the Afternoon by Maya Deren is one of the most intriguing and significant experimental films of the 1940’s. Maya Deren is a surrealist experimental filmmaker who explores themes like yearning, obsession, loss and mortality in her films. In Meshes of the Afternoon, Maya Deren is highly influenced by Sigmund Freud’s theory of expressing the realms of the subconscious mind through a dream. Meshes of the Afternoon, is a narration of her own experience with the subconscious mind that draws the viewers to experience the events being played out rather than just merely showing the film....   [tags: subconscious mind, Freud, psychodrama]

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The Afternoon the World Changed

- ... He found his mother and sister Ruth listening to the radio. The newsman reported waves of planes dropping bombs, ships sinking in flames and thousands dead. With each new flash, his voice rose in a crescendo of breathless horror. Arthur saw his mother staring at him with a sad anxious look in her eyes. Katherine dreaded this day but knew it would come. Men always find a way to go to war. Her youngest son stood there panting with excitement. She tried to picture a military uniform hanging off his rail thin body but couldn't....   [tags: personal narrative]

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A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

- A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, located in the Art Institute of Chicago, is one of the most recognizable paintings of the 19th century, a painting made by Frenchman Georges Seurat. Finished in 1886, it has gained much of its recognition over the time of its completion; the pop culture of today has played a pivotal role into the popularity of it. An example of that is being apart in one of the most recognizable scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, where one of the main characters is solely staring at the painting until he can’t even recognize the artwork....   [tags: painting, art, Georges Seurat, pop culture]

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Dog Day Afternoon

- In the movie, Dog Day Afternoon, there were many things that the police and the FBI did wrong. It seemed as if there was no manual to guide the police officers and the FBI through the hostage situation. Sonny and Sal never really thought about what they would do if they were to get caught. One of the first mistakes that officer Moretti made was when he called the bank to let Sonny know he was in there. I think that there never would have been a hostage situation if officer Moretti would have let Sonny and Sal think they were going to get away and grab them when they came out the bank....   [tags: movie film]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Afternoon Tea ' And ' Some Other Kind Of Happiness '

- Amina Gautier has been awarded with Best African American Fiction and New Stories from the South; in addition, she has successfully created At Risk. Gautier’s story is based on the African American community and the different types of struggle families can realistically face. However, if a white person would have written this exact story it could have been misinterpreted and considered racist. Stereotypes such as fathers not being present, delinquencies and educational status are presented in the various short stories....   [tags: Race, Racism, African American, Black people]

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A Sunday Afternoon on the Island La Grande Jatte created by Georges Pierre-Seurat

- A Sunday Afternoon on the Island La Grande Jatte by Georges Pierre- Seurat A Sunday Afternoon on the Island La Grande Jatte created by Georges Pierre-Seurat is a frozen in action painting of a normal day of the wealthy Parisian life along the river Seine in Paris, France. Seurat designed this art piece in 1886 to show the wealthy Parisian life styles in a public park. Georges and his artwork were not well known until after he passed away. Seurat was very different from all the other famous artists in the 1880’s....   [tags: parisian life, artwork, painting]

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Starry Night, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island, Still Life with Basket of Apples

- Impressionism is very pretty and complicated. It was from 1860 to 1910. Monet is the perfect Impressionist. Impressionism had its basic tenants. Their subject matter was the middle upper class, the city, and leisurely activities. They painted on en plein air which means they painted outdoors. They painted in snow, rain, storm, just in order to record directly the effects of light and atmosphere. They painted with strokes and touches of pure color by using a great deal of white and rarely black. They recorded the shifting play of light on the surface of objects and the effect light has on the eye without concern for the physicality of the object being painted....   [tags: post impressionism, painting analysis]

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A Trip to the Moon / Man with a Movie Camera / Meshes of the Afternoon

- The films A Trip to the Moon, Man With a Movie Camera and Meshes of the Afternoon were all inventive pieces for their time. A Trip to The Moon (1902) was one of the first films to make a relationship between films and dreams. The story is about a group of men who take off to the moon, and get into some trouble with the natives and come back home. Some aspects of the film reminded me a lot of theatre, specifically that the camera never changes angles in the scenes, the sets were very two dimensional, and that the costumes were all very elaborate....   [tags: Film]

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An Afternoon in the 1950's

- ... Each member of the family had an idea of what they wanted to do with the money, although the money really belonged to Lena, the matriarch of the family. Lena Younger (the old, now single mother of Benny and Walter Lee) wanted to use the money to put a down payment on a house that she felt was more affordable and a lot better than the old 3 bedroom apartment they were currently living in. However, the house that she wanted to buy just so happened to be in the all white neighborhood of Clybourne Park....   [tags: A Raisin in the Sun]

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Afternoons by Philip Larkin

- Afternoons by Philip Larkin. A poem which reflects on the subject of marriage is 'Afternoons' by Philip Larkin. The poem deals with Larkin's view on young mothers watching their kids playing in a playground and on this he concludes that marrying young and having children young, lead to the mothers losing their identity and destiny. The techniques used by the poet such as theme, imagery and tone deepened my understanding of the issue. The structure of the poem is simple; there are three stanzas with eight lines in each....   [tags: English Literature]

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Afternoons by Philip Larkin

- Afternoons by Philip Larkin He was a man who was fearful of death and disliked any travelling abroad. He was a reclusive man who kept the curtains drawn to keep the sun from fading his books. He dies in 1985; he was to have all his diaries shredded. In the poem he writes he often seems like an outsider observing people's lives, as in this poem where he is watching mothers and their children in a play area. The poem is set out in three stanzas. The first stanza the poet is explaining how the parent's youth is fading by the opening line....   [tags: Free Essays]

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Teaching Practicum: The Importance of Play and Creativity in Primary schools

- It was a Friday afternoon with class three and the children were very excited. We had planned an activity on play, which was “adult directed” (Study topic 13, p.5) where the children were given many different materials with which they could build a model that had to do with water that was their present unit of inquiry. We often plan classes like this on Friday afternoons because the children seem to have difficulties concentrating at the end of the week. The materials we gave them ranged from Lego and wood blocks, to construction paper and felt tipped pens....   [tags: Education, Practicum, early childhood education]

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Global Poisoning System

- Abstract: This paper focuses on modeling the errors which normally degrade the accuracy of Global Poisoning System (GPS). The performance of the GPS is mainly affected by ionospheric errors. SiRF Star III single frequency receiver is used for collecting and projecting datum in World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS-84) co-ordinate form. To project the ellipsoidal model onto a map model, datum conversion from WGS-84 to Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) form is needed. The conversion introduces errors in the datum....   [tags: Technology]

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Extended Day Programs For Students With Learning Disabilities And Their Families

- Miriam School Specialty Areas Extended Day Program Miriam School’s special programs include the Extended Day Program, Field Trips, Art and Talent Festival, Graduation, and Service Projects. In keeping with the school’s mission, these special programs improve the quality of life for students with learning disabilities and their families through innovative and comprehensive programs. The Extended Day program is a service provided by the school Monday through Friday to those families whose children must arrive before the school day begins and/or cannot be picked up from school at or before 3:15 p.m....   [tags: Graduation, High school, Education]

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Color of Lights, Questions and Answers

- 1.How did the distances you had to be from your subject with the short lens compare to those needed with the long lens. For this project I used Canon 60D with Sigma 17-50mm lens The longer focal lens, the farther away camera has to be from the object, to make a head-to-toe picture. With a longer focal lens, the angle of view narrows, and the size of the object in the viewfinder eyepiece increases. As a result, if the camera is too close to the object, the object will not fit in the image. To maintain the same sizes of the objects in the picture, with the 17mm focal lens, I was 50 centimeters away, and with 50mm focal lens, I was 3 meters away from the object....   [tags: short lens, back ground objects]

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Questions On The Law Fair

- The Law Fair, in my opinion was an excellent opportunity to consider future employment and work experience. From the exhibitions, I learnt the importance of networking professionally with solicitors and company representatives, and asking the correct sensible questions. The mock trial gave an insight into the process of mooting which I will be experiencing in the near future. During the mock trial, I established that confidence is key when standing in front of a judge. During the afternoon, I attended Ian Williams’ speech on mediation which was very useful, considering we haven’t yet covered the topic in our lectures....   [tags: European Union, United Kingdom, Council of Europe]

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How Weather Conditions Affect Health and Well-Being in Singapore

- How Weather Conditions Affects Health and Well-Being Singapore is an island lying north of the Equator. Because it lies in the tropics, it receives sufficient sunlight, has mostly uniform temperature and pressure, high humidity and abundant rainfall. Singapore’s climate can be categorized into two main monsoon seasons. During the Northeast Monsoon season, from December to early March, northeast winds prevail. It is cloudy with frequent afternoon rain in the early part of this season. From late March to May, winds and showers are present mostly during afternoon and early evening....   [tags: Health, meteorology]

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The Use of Chiasmus to Highlight the Irony of Slavery in Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas

- The Use of Chiasmus to Highlight the Irony of Slavery in Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass According to Barton and Hudson's Contemporary Guide to Literary Terms, a chiasmus is a rhetorical scheme that is "particularly effective in creating irony through the reversal of accepted truths or familiar ideas" (189). Frederick Douglass uses the chiasmus throughout his Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave to highlight the irony of slavery's existence in a country that was built upon the ideals of freedom....   [tags: Narrative Life Frederick Douglass]

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Miss Brill, by Katherine Mansfield

- Question 1 “Miss Brill” by Katherine Mansfield tells a story of a lonely, English lady in France. Miss Brill is a quiet person who believes herself to be important. The whole afternoon at the gardens, Miss Brill does not converse with anyone, nor does anyone show any inclination to talk with her. She merely watches others and listens to their conversations. This provides her with a sense of companionship; she feels as if she is a part of other people’s lives. Miss Brill is also slightly self-conceited....   [tags: Miss Brill Essays]

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The Benefits of Naps

- What do people think of when they first hear the word nap. Everyday sayings such as snatching a nap, being caught napping, snoozing, or stealing forty winks are all beneficial daily activities we need to add to our busy life. If we do, we will be more awake and capable to reach our full potential as an individual. People don’t realize how important a nap can be. Although popular beliefs suggest that naps are a waste of time, naps actually increase productivity by resting the brain. Nap Basics In order to obtain the full benefits of the nap, there are certain “rules” that need to be followed....   [tags: Health ]

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John Keats' To Autumn

- John Keats' "To Autumn" Life is a beautiful thing that should not be wasted. Life must be lived without warning; it is not to be taken for granted. We will never fully understand life, not even in a million years. The theme of John Keats' "To Autumn" is to enjoy life, even as you grow old and it begins to move away from you. He spreads his message through the time frame, imagery, and diction of the stanzas. To begin with, the time frame of the stanzas begins to prove the theme. By itself, it doesn?t prove the theme, but, when added with the imagery and diction, it gets the job done....   [tags: John Keats Autumn Essays Poem Poetry]

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The Masque Of The Red Death

- The work of Poe was characterized by delusions of persecution or death, the obsession with death is evident with the elements premature burial in the story (Perkins, 2009). The narrator is frightened to the extent that his entire life clings on a probability of premature burial. The fear is intense, hence making him paranoid. In one moment, Poe woke at the berth area of the ship, and he thought that it was a grave; his imaginations led him to a terrifying experience. Poe tries to avoid death; he composes stories such as The Masque of the Red Death (Perkins, 2009)....   [tags: Nathaniel Hawthorne, Short story, Herman Melville]

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Plot Summary of The Sun Also Rises

- T he Sun Also Rises opens with the narrator, Jake -Barnes, delivering a brief biographical sketch of his friend, Robert Cohn. Jake is a veteran of World War I who now works as a journalist in Paris. Cohn is also an American expatriate, although not a war veteran. He is a rich Jewish writer who lives in Paris with his forceful and controlling girlfriend, Frances Clyne. Cohn has become restless of late, and he comes to Jake’s office one afternoon to try to convince Jake to go with him to South America....   [tags: literary analysis, book report]

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Profiles in Courage by John Fitzgerald Kennedy

- ... After he was discharged from the navy he worked as a news reporter for Hearst Newspapers. In 1952 John Fitzgerald Kennedy challenged Henry Cabot Lodge for his seat on the United States Senate. Kennedy was backed by his father's financial resources and he hired his brother as his campaign manager. John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s Brother Robert Kennedy put together and made one of the best campaigns in the history of Massachusetts and maybe even anywhere. John Fitzgerald Kennedy ran in a year when the Republican Party had control of the United States Senate and the House of Representatives....   [tags: catholic president, senators]

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Sensory Images in the Visitor

- Gibbon Ruark's "The Visitor" takes place in the home of a married couple on an early October morning. The couple have called a blind piano tuner to tune their piano. After fixing the piano and claiming that the couple was lucky to have fixed the piano now, the blind man requests that someone play the piano. The wife plays the piano, and the piano tuner eventually leaves, although he leaves an impact on the house: the entire afternoon is filled with music and eventually, the night arrives. There is initially silence, until the couple's cat hits a key of the piano, and causes the narrator to have a lucid dream....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Gibbon Ruark]

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Tips for the Modern Bride

- The choices of your make-up look depend greatly on the timing of your wedding day. The daytime looks are usually more natural than the more dramatic looks during the evening time. This thus, determines the types of products used in achieving such looks. Another important thing to take note of when choosing the look is the lighting during the time of the day. This is especially important because lighting affects the photographs taken. Morning Bride Morning looks should be soft and match with the cool and soft morning light....   [tags: photographer, makeup, marriage]

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Marketing Concept, Displaced And Efficient Production As A Major Determinant Of The Marketing Strategy

- Marketing concept, displaced and efficient production as a major determinant of the emergence of commercial activities, create more market share and market research, in which the seller attempts to measure consumers are concerned, the benefits of a product (Poulos, 2007, p.4 - 6). By understanding the interests of the consumers demand, competition, the producers can focus on providing specific product advantages, in section of the market, allow other manufacturers to provide the benefits of other combinations....   [tags: Marketing, Strategic management]

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A Brief Note On The Mile Island Is A Nuclear Generation Facility

- Introduction Three Mile Island is a nuclear generation facility located on three miles in the Susquehanna River, South of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in the Londonderry Township in the United State of America. The construction of this nuclear generating facility unit started on the 1968 and opened on September 2, 1974. The facility has two separate units, three mile Island One (TMI1) and the Three mile Island two (TMI2) and these together has an annual generating capacities of 6645 tones. Accident The TMI incident was a partial nuclear meltdown that occurred on March 28, 1979, in one of the units’ nuclear reactors....   [tags: Nuclear power, Three Mile Island accident]

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Prosperity in New York in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

- ... After leaving the suite with Gatsby to go home, she is very shaken up over the argument between her, Gatsby and Tom. Although she is not in a good state to drive, she does so and ends up killing Myrtle while driving through the Valley of Ashes. At this point, all events after this lead to Gatsby’s death. She started it all. Even though she was the one who ran over Myrtle, she let Gatsby take the blame and got away free. George Wilson wanted revenge on whoever killed his wife and it was not Gatsby who did....   [tags: wealth, death, suicide]

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Evaluation Of A Program For A Better Cohesive Health Care Teams

- Description of the project (TLO): Through shared adversity, groups who complete The Program will develop into more cohesive health care teams and will embody the spirit of teamwork and dynamic leadership. This bond of trust within the team will be apparent by their elevated performance and common vision which is imperative in the healthcare system. The Program provides experiential and classroom training through a two-day evolution. On the first day, each person is issued instructional materials, a nametag, and athletic apparel....   [tags: Health care, Leadership, Health care provider]

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The Swimmer, by John Cheever: Time Waits For No Man

- In “The Swimmer” by John Cheever, Neddy’s view of reality is drastically different from his neighbors. Neddy thinks that the entire story takes place in the time of an afternoon, when in reality many months have passed. Even though Neddy is stuck in the past, his neighbors and the rest of society move on, and at first it causes slightly awkward sympathy, but later he finds himself completely alone, his family, friends and neighbors having left him behind. Neddy’s situation illustrates that the passage of time is inevitable, and even if one chooses to ignore time, it will move on without them....   [tags: Midlife Crisis, The Swimmer Essays]

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder & Autism in the Classroom

- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder & Autism in the Classroom When teaching it must be expected that there will be students that have behavioral disorders. These disorders must be taken into consideration when giving these students the best education possible. Teachers must accommodate to these children and incorporate them into the daily classroom. Every teacher has their own methods of doing this and can use their creativity to come up with these strategies for teaching. Some strategies may not work, so instructors must put much thought into how they are going to accommodate to these particular students....   [tags: Health, Diseases, Disabilities]

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How The Heart Attack Was Mild And The Doctors

- “Yeah, it’s my favorite,” he replied, lifting his glass with a smile. “To a new business relationship and a good rebuild on the café.” They clicked glasses. “How is your grandfather?” “Much better. The heart attack was mild and the doctors said he should be able to go home soon. Hopefully, he’ll be ready to go back to work part-time once the café is ready. I can’t believe all of this happened so close to Christmas.” “Christmas. Oh, I guess I didn’t think about it.” He glanced down and adjusted his napkin....   [tags: 2007 singles, 2009 singles, Debut albums]

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The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard

- Introduction Jesus was a phenomenal communicator. In fact, Jesus was the greatest communicator to ever live. He used strategies and techniques that were previously unheard of to get his point across in any situation, regardless of the circumstances. What is interesting is that his most common form of speaking was in parables. He would use these analogies to provide a way of application for the gospel in people lives. The parable about the workers in the vineyard is one of many, but is one of the few that were only told in the book of Matthew....   [tags: Scripture Analysis ]

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The Liturgy of the Hours of Prayer

- Growing up, prayer was not something that was embedded unto my brothers or me by my parents. Neither was Mass for that matter. Yet, even though prayer life was not encouraged, my soul still longed for a connection with something, someone, a supreme being or an entity. As I grew in Christ, my prayer life started to blossom. I have had my share of downfalls along the way but prayer has always been present even if it is only a shadow lurking in the background. Now that I am a seminarian my prayer life has changed a bit for the better....   [tags: catholic church, liturgy, prayer, religion]

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A Playground for Children of All Abilities

- Children laugh and run as the sun beats down on them. Parents push their kids on the swings, and children take turns on the slide. One child falls down and runs crying to his mother. A typical day at most any playground, but this is no ordinary playground. This is the Kristi Yamaguchi Always Dream Play Park, a playground "for children of all abilities that allows for physical as well as mental development" (Always Dream Play Park). Kristi Yamaguchi was born with a club foot, which inspired her to start the Always Dream Foundation in 1996....   [tags: Child Development]

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Injustice For All: The West Memphis Three

- The justice system present in the United States is one of fairness, equality, and human rights. In a court of law, all men are created equal and have certain unalienable rights that nothing or no one can take away. What is to happen when these rights are denied, abused, or ignored. It is a frightening outcome when unruly factors destroy the basis of this system. As a victim of injustice once said, “People have prejudices, people have fears, people have hates. These things cloud our ability to reason.” Injustice has a tendency to overshadow reason....   [tags: prison, wrongful imprisonment]

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Compositional Styles Used in the Prelude Discussion

- Claude Debussy (1862-1918) was born in St.Germain-en-Laye, a small town near Paris and died in Paris. He was a significant French Impressionist composer who included the impressionist elements in his compositions, emphasizing on tone color, fluidity and exoticism. Not only he had written piano, choral, chamber music works and an opera Pelléas et Mélisande, he also wrote several orchestral works. The most important composition in his orchestral works was the symphonic poem (a single movement orchestral work that develops a poetic idea); Prelude a L’apres midi d’un faune (Prelude to The afternoon of a Faun, thereafter called Prelude)....   [tags: cymbals, claude debussy, the societe]

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Memorial Day Weekend : Part One Saturday

- Part One, Saturday Nathan and Daniel have been friends for as long as they can remember. The started school on the same day when they were five years old and have been in the same classes ever since. This Friday afternoon they graduate from high school and this weekend, Memorial Day weekend, they both turn 18 years old; Nathan’s birthday is Saturday and Daniel’s on Sunday. This fall they both head off to college and to play baseball; after all those hours playing in the desert sun, they both earned a scholarship to play baseball with the Sun Devils of Arizona State University....   [tags: friends, athletes, mothers]

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The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

- The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby is a story told by Nick Carraway, who was once Gatsby 's neighbor, and he tells the story sometime after 1922, when the incidents that fill the book take place. As the story opens, Nick has just moved from the Midwest to West Egg, Long Island, seeking his fortune as a bond salesman. Shortly after his arrival, Nick travels across the Sound to the more fashionable East Egg to visit his cousin Daisy Buchanan and her husband, Tom, a hulking, imposing man whom Nick had known in college....   [tags: The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald]

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The Range of Devices Charles Dickens Uses to Engage the Reader in the Opening Chapter of Great Expectations

- The Range of Devices Charles Dickens Uses to Engage the Reader in the Opening Chapter of Great Expectations Dickens has succeeded in gaining the reader's sympathy for pip in his first chapter by showing the imagination and desolation of this young childe4. In 'Great expectations' we are presented with a range of vividly drown characters in these opening chapters. The way Dickens describe the man "all in coarse grey, with a great iron on his leg" he is not wearing a hat which shows us that he is not respectable person and Dickens tells us that he has got great iron on his leg that tells us that he is prisoner and he is running away from prison....   [tags: Great Expectations Essays]

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The Illusion of Youth

- Katherine Mansfield’s Miss. Brill written in 1920 is a short story a part of Mansfield’s The Garden Party and Other Stories. It is a short story about a middle-aged teacher, who finds joy in spending her Sunday afternoons, sitting in the park. At the park, she finds joy in observing others around her and pretending, they are all actors and actresses on a stage. Miss. Brill finds joy in the illusion that she creates at the park. She is a woman, who lives a very humdrum life and finds joy creating an unrealistic world, where she envisions herself as an actress....   [tags: Katherine Mansfield's Miss Brill]

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Don't Fight That Napping Feeling

- It creeps around in the early morning cubical shadows like a ninja, then right around two-thirty p.m., it catapults up in front of us with the force of a concrete slab. “It”, is the familiar and relentless urge to take an afternoon nap. Sadly, the idea of napping is draped in stigma which leads most people to tackle it with their arsenal of energy drinks, coffee, and candy bars. Some common misconceptions associated with napping are that its only for the very young or the very old. Additional misconceptions include: napping is for the sick, the weak, and the lazy....   [tags: Work Place, Napping, Productivity]

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Claude Debussy: Life and Works

- ... Also, he was also interested in new sounds and instruments. We can see that there are many non-Western scales and instruments are used in his works. This new style is called impressionism. His Prelude to “An Afternoon of a Faun” is also one example of impressionistic music, and it was his first symphonic work of this kind. As he was a French composer, when he went to London and played his music to the audience, they thought that the music is remarkable, but no one liked his playing style. So, no English firm would choose to publish his music on their own risks as there is no commercial value in England....   [tags: important French composers XX century]

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Maya Deren: American Experimental Filmmakers

- Maya Deren was one of the most important American experimental filmmakers and entrepreneurial promoters of the avant-garde in the 1940s and 1950s. Deren is a multi-genre artist who is primarily known as a filmmaker but who also worked in dance, poetry, and film theory, paid special attention to the materials involved in film and filmmaking. Her films include multiple images of fabric and textiles, and her writings consistently note the physical components involved in filmmaking, the cameras instrument, the cinematic equipment, and the bodies of the actors....   [tags: avante-garde movie genre 1940's and 50's]

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Commentary of Koren Zailcakas´ Smashed

- In the wake of it all, I think I’ve learned what it means to be authentically glad. These days, I’m grateful for a hazy afternoon when the man behind the counter of the grocer remembers how I take my coffee, when the gut in the long tunnel of the Sixth Avenue subway stations is still playing “A Hard Day’s Night” on guitar, when the park is filled with strangers laughing at their dogs trying to mount one another. I like picking up a roll of developed film at the corner photo lab and discovering that the world inside the prints confirms that for a few brief moments, the world was as handsome as I thought it was....   [tags: Alcohol, Girlhood]

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Creative Writing: The Devil’s Lettuce

- The Devil’s Lettuce It’s 4:18 in the afternoon. Heather Ford is walking to Forbes Field with a pre-rolled joint, ready to “hit 4:20” – the stoner witching hour. She sits at the top of the dusty bleachers with her back to the Cathedral of Learning, joint in one hand and lighter in the other. She stares at her watch and waits. All across the east coast, countless other stoners are partaking in this longstanding reefer ritual. The high school kids hiding in the basement, passing around a blunt. The college roommates taking massive bong rips near an open window so their landlord doesn’t bitch about the smell....   [tags: alcoholic beverage, prohibition]

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What's the Appropiate Menu for a Baby Shower?

- There's no special recipe for a baby shower food and drinks menu, usually depends on the audience and who is going to participate. Another aspect is when the baby shower taking place. Is it a warm afternoon, a lovely sunset or a light dinner. Based upon previous factors, here are some menu tips, sketching sophisticated healthy dishes appropiate for baby showers. Food When speaking about food think at the whole room full of guests. Are there only females. Or you can see some gentlemen, children maybe old relatives....   [tags: food and drinks celebrating a future birth]

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Finding a house with the Housing Authority

- Copping an application was the easy part. I filled it out and returned it to the receptionist. I asked, "What happens next?" " You will be placed on a waiting list," she stated . Fearful of running out of time, I asked in concern, "Well, how long is the waiting list?" "At least twelve months," she answered without looking up from the monitor. I turned around to leave the building and get into my car. I just sat in the drivers sear with my hands on the steering wheel and I felt a tear run down my face and land in my lap....   [tags: Housing Authority, ]

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The Dark Side of Bullying

- Good afternoon students, I am very honoured to be called upon today, to speak to you on a very emotional issue which is the dark side of bullying. This issue has become commonplace in modern society especially among you teenagers and therefor needs to be addressed.Bullying is a very emotional and prominent issue accross the world today. For many years now, this issue has been present and it seems as if, day by day, the fatal consquences bullying has on the society and individuals is increasing. Bullying is put in simple terms as the act of treating someone abusively both physically and emotionally....   [tags: consequences, teenagers, insecurities]

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Rain Drops and Love

- Rain drops pelted down against the window, and gale howled soon after. She had just awakened from a long sleep to a foggy, bleak afternoon. She didn't like feeling lonely in those instants. If only she could go back to sleep, impervious to the wailing of the sirens and the rustling of the trees. She thought about a boy, an ostensible friend of hers. She often thought about him during the day but chose to disregard what that could mean and thought of him merely as her friend. Her friend had a childish grin, an inscrutable stare, and a penchant for sexual tension....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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Katherine Mansfield's Miss Brill

- “The method a writer takes to bring a character to life” is defined as characterization. "Miss Brill" by Katherine Mansfield displays the character of Miss Brill as the protagonist, confronted with the reality of her existence. In the short story "Miss Brill," by Katherine Mansfield, an elderly woman spends a Sunday afternoon visiting a seaside park as part of her weekly ritual. As a developing character, Miss Brill is forced to face a harsh reality from her routine events. In the short story, "Miss Brill," Katherine Mansfield effectively uses various literary techniques to characterize Miss Brill's complex and interesting character....   [tags: Miss Brill Essays]

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Happiest Place on Earth

- As the bus from the airport slowly comes to a halt, I jerk back in my seat with a grin from ear to ear. The time has really come again as I peer out the window and see the Welcome Home sign I long to see every year, in Disney World. Surrounded by the pale shades of blue on the buildings, the starry sky, and palm trees, I am once again at The Beach Club, my favorite resort in the Happiest Place on Earth. With a silent and still beauty surrounded by the cool evening breeze, the anticipation of the waking morning is too hard to handle, knowing that the magical feeling of the Magic Kingdom the next day will surround me....   [tags: Disney World]

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Revelation, by Flannery O'Connor

- In Flannery O’Connor’s “Revelation” a woman, as the title implies, who experiences a revelation. Pigs are an important symbol in the protagonist’s, Ruby Turpin’s, revelation. Throughout Ruby’s journey to her revelation, pigs appear frequently in “Revelation” and are important to Ruby’s revelation at the end of the story. Pigs reflect several aspects of Ruby’s life, primarily her perceptions. Ultimately, pigs reflect Ruby’s true character throughout the entire story. Early in the story, when Ruby is talking to the people in the waiting room, Ruby describes that she has “a little bit of everything” (O’Connor 475)....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Pigs]

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Social role of women

- The social role and stature of women has been an eternal topic. In an age when the images of women were expected to be associated with marriage, motherhood, and domestic matters, few Americans could have thought of a young woman from an upper-middle class family would pursue professional study of art in Europe in the late nineteenth century. Yet, praises and critics both fall on the young artist, Mary Cassatt (1844 - 1926). In this paper, I will show how two historians contrast about the their views of this feminine artist, as well as their methodological approaches....   [tags: mary cassat, impressionism, women image]

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Think of the Kids

- 44% of children in the United States care for themselves after school with no adult supervision, and 22% in Arizona (“Afterschool Programs Help”). This is risky, especially with peer pressure increasing each day. Peer Pressure is defined as “a subjective experience of feeling pressured, urged or dared by others to do certain things or actually doing particular things because others have pressured, urged or dared one to” (McKay). In most schools or communities, there are after school programs or day cares....   [tags: Adult Supervision, Pressure, Afterschool Programs]

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Liberty And Its Concequences

- LIBERTY AND ITS CONCEQUENCES The assumption is often made, accurately, that freedom of expression, thought, and speech maybe used to inflict harm on others. Late one Friday afternoon all drama erupted. All of a sudden, people began shouting for joy, ensuring that they shared their joy through animated dance, an odd uncoordinated type of dance. The dancing could, be compared to that of some primitive tribe, in some far off place. Jumping up into the air and then spinning around in circles while linking hands and orbiting around an imaginary center....   [tags: Law, Supreme Court of the United States]

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Commentary and Analysis of Katherine Mansfield’s Story: Miss Brill

- In Katherine Mansfield’s story “Miss Brill,” the main character, Miss Brill, escapes to the park every Sunday afternoon to take her place in the ongoing performance. She spends her time eavesdropping and fantasizing about her surroundings. The park symbolizes a place of purpose, individuality significance, and community for the protagonist. For some people the park is a meeting place or even a place to goof off; however, for Miss Brill the sole purpose of the park was for her personal entertainment....   [tags: Park, Loneliness, Eavesdropping]

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Children in 19th Century Britain

- Children in 19th Century Britain 1. Children didn’t live very long. There were a number of obstacles they had to get past first. Mother’s would smother them at birth so they didn’t have to be looked after. If this didn’t happen then they may be sent to a “Baby Farm” where a woman would look after your child for 5 pounds. Parents would never have to see them again. But the woman would starve the babies so she didn’t have to look after them. If they stayed at home, they’d probably have to share a room with their family....   [tags: Papers]

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Art Analysis of The Luncheon of the Boating Party vs A Sunday on La Grande Janette

-      The Luncheon of the Boating Party by Pierre-Auguste Renoir is a piece full of rich colors that reflect both the time period and the artist’s impressionist style. This composition not only conveys a leisurely gathering of people, but also expresses the changing French social structure of the time due to the industrial revolution. To portray these themes Renoir uses, shape, space, color and texture. Shape is seen in the modeled figures and bottles, and space is created by overlapping of the bodies, but it does not give a realistic illusion of depth....   [tags: Pierre-Auguste Renoir Georges Seurat Art Painting]

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Review and Character Analysis of Katherine Mansfield's Miss Brill

- The character, Miss Brill, lives in a fantasy world that hides her aging and loneliness. Throughout the story denial of the character is depicted through her actions and interactions with others. Miss Brill spends her Sunday afternoon seated on a park bench. She watches others around her and pretends that they are all actors in a play; this vividly expresses Miss Brill's fantasy and denial, as do other importances in the story. In, "Miss Brill", Mansfield creates an elderly character that lives in a fantasy world....   [tags: Miss Brill Essays]

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Life Within the Classroom Presented by Three Poems

- Life Within the Classroom Presented by Three Poems In these three poems about school, a lot of tension is created between the staff and the students. Firstly in "Schoolroom on a wet Afternoon" by Scannell, school is not presented as relevant to life when in the first line it says that "the unrelated paragraphs on morning, are forgotten now" suggesting that the teacher seems obsessed with school and the student seems isolated. When all the students have "bowed heads" it denotes that this ambiguous image shows that the students are either working or disinterested showing tension....   [tags: Papers]

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Lewis Carroll's Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

- Lewis Carroll's Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Philosophy – a subject that had driven people insane for as long as humans know their history. All the time people try to find a meaning, and later controvert it. For example, critics view a novel by Lewis Carroll Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, as a quest for maturity story, Carroll’s view on Victorian Society and even existential meaning on life. All of those interpretations come from philosophical “drive” of the critics. The truth is that anyone can point a finger at the book and come up with their own “deep” meaning of the story, but if one looks at facts, well known, and obvious things – it is clear that the story is simply a childre...   [tags: Alice Wonderland Lewis Carroll Essays]

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Gatsby One of the Socially Elite

- Gatsby One of the Socially Elite The novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald portrayed the views, beliefs, and actions of the socially elite of nineteen-twenties America. Fitzgerald was not biased for or against the rich; he simply chronicled the lives of his characters and how money and class separated people. The best example of this was life of the title character himself, Jay Gatsby. Inquiring minds want to know, “Who is Gatsby, and what makes him so great?” The novel begins with the introduction of the narrator, Nick Carraway....   [tags: essays papers]

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Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

- Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Shakespeare Never Lets His Audience Forget That the Play Ends In Tragedy At the time the play was written, in 1595, everyone believed very strongly in fate and the stars. London at the time was a walled city of about 200,000, with seven gates providing access to the city from the east, north and west. It was considered small and was criss-crossed by narrow little streets and lanes. The various wards each had a parish church that dominated the life of the close-knit community....   [tags: Papers]

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The Bull Moose

- Title: The title The Bull Moose is an interesting title to use. Bulls are known to be rough and strong which could be a reference to the moose’s strength and/or characteristics. The moose is animal that symbolizes old age, which can be inferred the protagonist in the poem is old. The word “Bull” is the term to describe a male moose; the author probably used the word Bull instead of male to emphasize strength and masculinity. Moose is commonly hunted as game. In this poem there may be a connection between man and animal....   [tags: Poetry Analysis]

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Poems of Seduction

- Men and women are constantly accused of being the vehicles and the victims of seduction. In Alfred Tennyson’s “Lotos Eaters” and “The Lady of Shalott” embody this premise. Together, the characters are simultaneously the victims of seduction from an outside force: retreat. The theme of gender uses retreat as a tool to create a balance and expose contrast between the sexes. Specifically, both sets of characters leave their ordinary lives behind, recoil into another retreat, portray suicidal tendencies, and permanently give up the hassles of their former life....   [tags: Poetic Analysis, Gender]

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Mobile Ice Cream

- ... They might share their experiences and give suggestion to their relatives after tasting. Advertising through social network, additionally, could be more time-saving and economical in comparison with other advertisement methods, such as flyers, billboards, or television. Nielsen (2012) affirms that 92% of 28,000 Internet users in 56 nations trust recommendations from their family and friends, and 70% of them rely on online consumer feedback. Conclusion After analyzing the worksheet in detail, Mobile I-cream should focus on two major issues....   [tags: sells, products, shits, issues, improve]

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Goodbye, Mr. Robinson

- Goodbye Mr. Robinson. The late afternoon sun was disappearing behind towering monsoon clouds gathering over the horizon as a yellow motor scooter came to a halt in front of the hotel by the beach. Yip, a young looking Thai lady of thirty-five or forty dressed in shorts and a white t-shirt drove it. The pillion passenger was a tall slim Englishman of about sixty, smartly although slightly incongruously dressed in beige trousers, pink shirt, and a navy blue blazer that he removed and slung over his arm as soon as he had stepped from the machine....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Free Narrative Essays - This Little Thing Called Hate

- This Crazy Little Thing Called Hate Hate is a very scary thing and there is much too much of it in the world. I am an object of hate because I am a lesbian. I had a very scary incident a year ago that will haunt me for the rest of my life. I had a girlfriend and we were openly together at school, so most students and teachers knew of our sexuality. We were the objects of a lot of hate but I had no idea how powerful that hate was until one horrible day. My girlfriend, two guy friends, and I were doing what we did every day after school - walking to our cars to go home....   [tags: Example Personal Narratives]

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Situational Influences On Purchasing Behavior

- Running head: Situational Influences on Purchasing Behavior Situational Influences on Purchasing Behavior Abstract There was an investigation in an attempt to understand what situational influences affect purchasing behaviors of consumers. Fifty subjects were asked to complete a survey in determining what attributes affect the decision to purchase a product. The effect of purchase was based on three different times of day: morning, afternoon, and evening....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Lunch versus Dinner versus Supper

- Many times I have moved from one house to the next, one town to another, but the transition never included changing the meaning of words. At one point in my life I actually thought dinner (1) and supper (2) could be interchanged when referring to the evening meal; but oh, how tragically wrong I was. I recall the first realization of my mistake like it was yesterday. This led to my discovery of an ancient plot to starve the world and Mrs. Gump's (3) ongoing struggle against her fashionable enemies....   [tags: Dining Etiquette]

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certain slant of light

- How Nature Brings Emotions of Solemnity The chief characteristic of this feeling drawn by the “slant of light” is its painful oppressiveness. "Oppresses," "weight," "hurt," "despair," and "affliction" convey this aspect. A large component in it is probably consciousness of the fact of death, though this is probably not the whole of its content nor is this consciousness necessarily fully formulated by the mind. Yet here we see the subtle connection between the hour and the mood....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Northern California Surfing Culture

- The Northern California Surfing Culture In today's society there are numerous different language environments that we pass through everyday. For myself, the "different" language environment is in the water. I am a surfer, a northern California surfer at that. In my second language environment lots of different words and phrases are used to describe our stokedness or enthusiasm, our past experiences, last session or just to convey our feelings toward other fellow waveriders, the dudes....   [tags: Papers]

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Mintzberg Organizations

- The Four Points Internship Experience: three months after Operational and Management Activities Halfway through the internship, I have rotated to all the entry-level position in the housekeeping department. If the initial months were all about induction, immersion and adjustment into the new hotel and department the two months after that I am able to confidently rotate to any non-managerial position in the department. There is more focus on mastery of skills and establishment of connections between roles in the operating core....   [tags: The Four Points Internship Experience]

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Harper Lee has a Unique Way of Capturing Our Attention in To Kill a Mockingbird

- To Kill a Mockingbird is a long time classic book. The writer has an interesting and unique way of capturing our attention. The storyline opens with the children, Jem, Scout and Dill , (a visiting child), daring each other to touch Boo Radley’s house. Boo Radley was a hermit that they were all afraid of. Atticus, the children’s father in his kind, gentle way, solves disagreements between his two children in the first chapter. Jem and Scout, brother and sister, love their father, but normally settle arguments with a fistfight....   [tags: racism, trial, stereotype]

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