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The Aftermath Of The Holocaust

- The aftermath of the Holocaust left over six million Jews perished and the survivors in pain and anguish, each of their lives impacted forever by reliving the horrid events of this unspeakable tragedy every day. They needed to pick up the pieces to continue living by fleeing to different countries, assimilating into new cultures, and beginning new families to create happy memories. This being challenging for many of them, forced some of the survivors to suppress their emotions about the past in order to accomplish these newer lives while others to talk about it frequently....   [tags: Nazi Germany, The Holocaust, Israel, Jews]

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The Political Aftermath Of The Civil War

- This week’s readings focused on the political aftermath of the Civil War and how the nation’s people responded in a many different ways. McPherson discusses Lincoln’s revelation that the nation was filled with positive and negative liberty. He also addressed the new relationship that was forming between liberty and power as the nation tried to recover from the war (McPherson 1992). After the war, the North inflicted a series of Acts on the South, which removed the right of liberty in the eyes of the South....   [tags: Reconstruction era of the United States]

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The Aftermath Of The Earthquake Of Nepal

- All of a sudden, I heard dogs barking and birds flying and within milliseconds, the whole building started shaking.I was in 2nd floor of my home studying for USMLE Step 2 CK Examinations. The aftermath of the earthquake of Nepal was huge. Thousands of people died, millions lost their home and the aftershocks terrified people months after the main quake. I was pertubed by this tragic earthquake and paused my studies immediately. I sensed my responsibility as a doctor and gathered some of my close friends and headed to remote district of Nepal with bags full of medicines, bandages and oral rehydration solution packets....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Doctor of Medicine]

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Race, Hurricane Katrina, and the Aftermath

- “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” these are the words that Kanye West spoke during a Hurricane Katrina fundraising concert. Not only did the sentiment expressed with those words resonate with many Americans watching the concert that day, but observing the post Hurricane Katrina aftermath some would go a step further and argue that the United States government doesn’t care about black people. Although there were several events in the history of this country that would lead one to the same conclusion it was the disproportionate suffering and devastation experienced by African Americans in New Orleans not only during Hurricane Katrina but long after the storm had passed tha...   [tags: George Bush, African Americans, Katrina]

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The Aftermath of a Bioterrorist Attack

- The aftermath of a bioterrorist attack can be catastrophic to the population in any affected country. The effects can be medical, economic, political, psychological, and social, depending on what agent is used, and the conditions of its release. If the agent is professional prepared and released then the effects could be more both significant and long lasting, and although an attack can affect a country in a disruptive manner, it could also affect it in a positive way. Among the positive results are the cooperation among countries, a country more unified, and the procurement of more facts about the attack by authorities, leading them to the improvement of bio-security protocols to prevent fu...   [tags: security, catastrophe, government]

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The Aftermath Of Jinora 's Ceremony

- In the aftermath of Jinora’s ceremony Korra felt hollow, she knew that she should, at the very least, make the effort to appear happy for Tenzin’s daughter, but she just… couldn’t. If she was being honest, she couldn’t bring herself to care about much anymore. Having been wheeled to a gazebo on Air Temple Island by Asami, Korra was currently sitting in her wheelchair watching the sunset over the water. Asami had mentioned that she was going to get some tea for them and had asked Korra what type she would like; Korra had only quietly muttered “Jasmine”....   [tags: Mind, Thought, Tea, Sun]

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The Iranian Revolution And Its Aftermath

- Middle Eastern history is far too often miss-documented and poorly narrated, specifically in Iran. It is no secret that Western governments take special interest in countries with large oil deposits, however as a finite resource the increasing demand for oil mixed with fundamentally different political climates and religious followings creates a tension that many would state remains the motive for many wars today. The 1979 Iranian Revolution and its aftermath is often simplified by detractors to be the first steps in the creation of an isolated and fundamentalist state that supports terrorism; and that is not completely wrong however lessons learned from the Iranian revolution vary hugely de...   [tags: Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Iranian Revolution]

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The Civil War And Its Aftermath

- Often in society we look at freedom as something that was given to us and not as something that was hard earned and paid for by blood, sweat, and tears. Children are taught in school about the Revolutionary War and its aftermath, but do we really know the cost of war and the patriotism that thrives from that. Recently, certain people, such as Colin Kaepernick, have begun to test the traditions of standing up for the National Anthem and, instead, have been taking a knee. I find this to be incredibly disrespectful, not only to our veterans and current soldiers, but to those who have fought as a whole to help this country to thrive....   [tags: United States, The Star-Spangled Banner]

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The Aftermath Of The United States

- With heavy hearts, September 11, 2001, will forever be a day that every American will remember. Americans remember this day for the terror and the sadness brought upon the people of the United States. Hijacking U.S. planes, nineteen terrorist attacked the United States on September 11, 2001. Killing and injuring thousands of people, the hijacked planes crashed into the North and South tower of the World Trade Center, Pentagon Building, and a field somewhere in Pennsylvania. Only being four years old, I do remember parts of this awful event....   [tags: Pet, Dog, Assistance dogs, Assistance dog]

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Hurricane Aftermath: A Strategic Approach

- Hurricane Aftermath Recommendations As an industrial hygienist I would advise the incident commander that all the people involved in the mission first get basic safety and precaution training. This should be implemented by the safety supervisor who is the person responsible for programs and training. The incident commander is the person responsible for all aspect of an emergency response. Thus he should quickly develop an incident objective, manage the incident operation, apply resources, and be responsible over the people involved (King County, 2010)....   [tags: Natural Disasters]

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Haiti: Earthquake, Aftermath and Condition

- RESULTS Statistics: • 222,570 people died and 300,572 were injured • 1.5 million children under 18 were directly or indirectly affected by the quake • The total value of damage and losses caused by earthquake is estimated at US$7.8 billion — US$4.3 billion represents physical damage and US$3.5 billion are economic losses — some 120 percent of the 2009 gross domestic product (GDP) of Haiti • 60 percent of government, administrative and economic infrastructure has been destroyed, as well as parliament and the judicial sector Source: The United Nations’ Special Envoy to Haiti reported October 1, 2010 Haiti: A government with very little power and resources The Haitian government’s lack of p...   [tags: NGO, Slums, Housing]

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The Aftermath of UV Exposure

- As summer fast approaches, everyone begins to make their plans for some fun at the beach. This is time for one to get a nice tan from the UV rays of the sun. Some might get a tan at a tanning salon even before they hit the waves. But is the aftermath really worth the tan. Is there even any way to get a safe tan. The effects of the UV light have both positive and negative consequences on the body. Vitamin D intake and phototherapy are both positive factors. Negatively, UV light can lead to skin cancer and eye damage....   [tags: vitamin d, tanning salon, beaches]

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The Aftermath of Residential Schools

- ... One who was brought to justice was the school administrator still referred to respectfully as “Mr. Starr” by many of his former students. He worked at Gordon from 1968 to 1984, he had a free 16-year run of pedophilia at Gordon by alluring poor boys into having sex, then buying their silence with money, arcade games and clothes. Also it was claimed that many native workers at the school knew Starr was sexually assaulting the students but did not do anything to stop it. There was a bunch of other residential schools that students were abused, Gordon was just an example of one of them....   [tags: aboriginal children, abuse]

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Sexual Abuse And Its Aftermath

- There have been many studies on abuse and its aftermath. It is clear that abuse causes low self worth, higher rates of depression, and an overall toxic environment. Although a lot of violence is aimed in the direction of women, or a result of hate for a group, we don’t hear much about how men are viewed as victims of battery and abuse. It is clear that is not socially acceptable for men to hit women, but how do people feel about women hitting men. I want to ask the question how does the public react to men being verbally/psychically abused in public compared to women....   [tags: Abuse, Child abuse, Bullying, Psychological abuse]

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Japanese Earthquake Aftermath

- Introduction Words simply cannot appropriately depict the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan on March 11, 2011. Japan is a developed country with the third largest economy in the world, behind the United States and China. The northeast border of Japan encountered an overwhelming natural disaster in the form of an earthquake that also created a massive tsunami and many strong aftershocks, which has affected Japan domestically and internationally. The aftershocks continually delayed recovery and have increased difficulty for search and rescue teams combing the disaster area for the deceased and wounded....   [tags: Japanese Earthquake]

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Germany: The Aftermath of World War II

- Germany Post War World War II caused many problems for Germany. After the war, Germany had to rebuild and clean up many towns as well as perform many tasks instructed by the Allies . Many German citizen's loved ones died causing grievances within the country. The people of Germany wanted to reconstruct there country because it was in ruins. However the Allies split their country making two governments. This split caused many changes in the German government. Germany was required to take many steps to rebuild after World War II....   [tags: immigration, allies, marshall plan, NATO]

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Reflection On The Image And The Aftermath Of 9 / 11

- In reflecting on the image and the aftermath of 9/11, I am inspired by the true commitmentof firefighters and law enforcement that made the ultimate sacrifice, many dying that day and overcoming their fears and running towards danger as opposed to running the other way and to safety. I see this as a commitment which is difficult to be expressed in words, other than to appreciate their sacrifice with the recognition and the awe it deserves. It is possible that as the two man in the image look at the loss not only of the structures but of the lives that were given, possibly by their friends and co-workers, I imagine that the events of 9/11 take on a personal affect and tone, where it was real,...   [tags: World Trade Center, September 11 attacks, Al-Qaeda]

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Katrina: An Aftermath of Health and Safety iIssues

- 6:10 am August 29th 2005. Similar to December 7th 1941 and September 11th 2001, this is a day that will be remembered as a day of fear and uncertainty and a horrific aftermath. August 29th is the day that Hurricane Katrina made its second and most deadly landfall on the Southern United States. Released on September 5th 2005 an estimated 11.9 million Americans were affected by Katrina between Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama (U.S. Census Bureau). With only a few days to gather all that they could, thousands if not hundreds of thousands Americans had to evacuate their homes and leave the life they knew....   [tags: Natural Disaster ]

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The Economic Boom 2000-2007 And It 's Aftermath

- The Economic Boom 2000-2007 and it’s aftermath The UK has an open economy with 60% of its GDP being generated from imports and exports. It is also the most important global economy after the United States in terms of flows of international direct investment. The era between 2000-2007 was a golden time of increased growth, low unemployment and low inflation. The central banks all over the world did a good job in keeping the inflation under control and at the same time stabilizing the economy. Although, on the outside it all seemed perfect, there were many problems that were being created underneath by the financial sector that eventually led to the recession.The reason behind the housing bub...   [tags: Bank, Debt, Loan, Subprime mortgage crisis]

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Equality And Its Aftermath Of The Great Recession

- Equality and its Aftermath What is equality. What do we achieve with equality. Equality defines a state of equal rights, opportunities and status. With our present economic system equality can never be achieved, there will always be suppression and preferences towards different individuals. Inequality keeps rising, cost of living keep rising, and opportunities keep slipping away; will economic equality solve this issues. Economic inequality has been present since the beginning of civilizations, poor people serving for the rich and the rich getting most and in some cases all of the benefits....   [tags: Working class, Social class, Middle class]

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The Revolutionary Aftermath of the Civil War

- The Revolutionary Aftermath of the Civil War Despite many hardships that remained from the antebellum state of the union, reconstruction was a socially and constitutionally revolutionary period. The attempts to deter black voters were greatly outweighed by the numbers of blacks voting, as well as the laws that were passed to protect the rights of American citizens, black and white alike. The years after the war saw a rise in the number of human rights laws that were passed, most of which were primarily focused on blacks, but included whites as well....   [tags: Racism Discrimination Equality Essays]

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The Aftermath of World War Two

- The Aftermath of World War II Some people argue that faith and reason are two completely unrelated concepts. This statement could not be further from the truth. Both faith and reason separate man from animal. Man possesses the ability to think his way through obstacles. When a situation appears too great for logic, faith brings man to the next level. During World War II faith and reason worked side by side. Politicians and military leaders employed reason to break down and destroy the enemy....   [tags: WWII World War 2 Essays]

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Prostitution and Its Unfortunate Aftermath

- Prostitution and Its Unfortunate Aftermath Life..the greatest adventure. This statement, so powerful yet for many teens who enter the dark world of prostitution, it happens to be the furthest thing from the truth. This life of despair can lead to a lifetime of pain and suffering (Farley Many teenagers resort to prostitution out of desperation. The unfortunate popularity of teen prostitution has led to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, physical and emotional scars and health problems in the lives of these teens....   [tags: Papers]

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Mexican War Aftermath And Sectional Interests Of The United States

- Mexican War Aftermath and Sectional Interests of the United States On May 13, 1846, after President James K. Polk requested to declare war on Mexico due to their “invasion” of America land, two days later the congress approved the request and officially declared war. The Mexican War of 1846 determined the destiny of America afterward. The Mexican war resulted in the acquiring amount of land in the Southwest of America today, thus came to the debate of which state should gain lands which reflect the sectional interests of different regions of America....   [tags: American Civil War, United States]

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The And The Aftermath Of The Book Room, All I Was Wondering

- Captured and the Aftermath Throughout the entire book Room, all I was wondering was what was going to happen after they would escape. Is there an after life after you get out. Can someone fully recover and move on with their life. Overall, the book brings up many problems that affect the outcome of Ma’s life. She was kidnapped at a young age, drugged, held against her will, raped multiple times, had one baby that died, a baby that survived, and had to raise the child in this environment where the rape continued....   [tags: Posttraumatic stress disorder, Rape]

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Social And Political Aftermath Of The Film Metropolis, By George Orwell

- Through their dystopian texts, Lang and Orwell aim not only to generate imaginative critical thinking about the imminent dangers of their contemporary worlds, but also potentially offer the basis for radical change with real world consequences. Fritz Lang’s Expressionist silent film Metropolis, released in 1927, represents his concerns for the individual under a capitalist hierarchy. His film reflects the economic and political aftermath of Weimar Germany following WWI, to portray the impact of power struggles on the individual....   [tags: Nineteen Eighty-Four, Totalitarianism]

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Dow’s Expansion into Nuclear Weapons and the Aftermath

- ... Vietnam War: Napalm and Agent Orange, another of Dow’s innovations Napalm bombs was another of Dow’s innovation or rather curse on humanity that The United States military dropped on North Vietnam during the Vietnam War to burn Vietnamese civilians and soldiers alike. It was a jelly-like chemical which when sprayed over people burned them on contact. The USA continued to drop napalm bombs on North Vietnam until 1973. Dow was one of several manufacturers who began producing the napalm B compound under a government contract from 1965....   [tags: radioactive, bombs, agent orange]

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Personal Narrative- Suicide Aftermath

- Personal Narrative- Suicide Aftermath Some thoughts sneak into our mind without our knowledge, and some thoughts are already in our mind without our knowledge. Music either triggers this knowledge, or it draws the already present knowledge to the surface. For example, this morning was like any other morning. I got up, made the bed, fed the dog, and brushed my teeth while she ate. I got dressed and took her potty after putting on the same blue leash I have put on her every morning since she was a puppy three years ago....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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Death Ushers Grief in “Whoever We Are, Loss Finds us and Defines Us” by Anna Quindlen

- ... The emotion portrayed in each testimony gives light and drives the forces of the lasting effects of death and grief. Mrs. Quindlen's specific examples and hard hitting emotional ties of her own experiences delivers a fatal blow to the heart strings of the reader. Quindlen conveys, "My great journalistic contribution to my family is that I write obituaries. First my mother's, 22 years ago, listing her accomplishments: two daughters, three sons. Then that of my father's second wife, dead of the same disease that killed his first one." There is more than meets the eye with his statement, carried throughout the article....   [tags: memories, emotions, aftermath]

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The West Fertilizer Plant Explosion

- The West Fertilizer Plant Explosion On April 17, 2013, the community of West, Texas, suffered a devastating and heartbreaking event in the evening hours. After a fire broke out inside the West Fertilizer plant, a massive explosion leveled the facility, caused millions of dollars in damage to surrounding buildings, and took the lives of over a dozen people. Sadly, the majority of those killed were volunteer firefighters who had responded to the fire and were unable to retreat to a safe distance before the explosion....   [tags: massive explotion, aftermath, texas]

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World War One and Its Aftermath

- World War One and Its Aftermath Period 1 - The Scheiffen Plan - how it created a Stalemate ========================================================== * The plan was developed by German chief of Staff General Von Schlieffen in 1905 * It was developed due to the development of the Anglo-Russian alliance, and the plan meant to eliminate the chance of Germany fighting as War on two fronts. * The German Schlieffen Plan looked to a quick War - 'Home before the leaves fall' The Aims of the Plan -------------------- * Its objectives were to attack France first and take Paris within 6weeks, and then turn against Russia who were bel...   [tags: Papers]

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The European Union 's Roots Come From The Aftermath Of World War II

- The European Union’s roots come from the aftermath of World War II, when the European Coal and Steel Community formed to help rebuild Europe and prevent a third world war, and in time the European Union was founded. The EU was formed to help the region rebuild itself without the need of the countless trade barriers that surrounded the multiple nations that made trade extremely expensive. Eventually as the European Union was formed these trade barriers began to fall and the price for trading dropped for more fluent trade, between those within the Union....   [tags: European Union, Europe, United States, Eurozone]

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Aftermath Of School Shooting: Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School

- ... I will be holding a meeting which will address upcoming plans for the tragic in on dear school. I will also be pointing out six steps on how we can improve on school security so we can our students and staff members in the awake of Sandy Hook. I will be also be addressing how we can respond and also give tip to parents on how to help their child cope. We have counseling sections for our students and staff where they will have someone to talk to. When a tragedy like this strikes us, it leaves us with an unhappy ending but that should not bring us down....   [tags: school violence, safety]

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The Aftermath of War

- It is clearly seen that during the early half of the Nineteenth Century, many people and groups of people promised many things to others for support in wars or revolutions. Most of these promises were never meant to be kept, nor where they kept. As seen in these documents, Russia, Mexico, and the Middle Eastern territories of the Ottoman Empire all experienced turmoil during this time. England and France had their eyes set on Ottoman land for after World War I, whereas Mexico was dealing with their own revolution and Russia was experiencing their own political change....   [tags: revolution, land, government]

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Mark Anthony and Brutus in the Aftermath of Caesar's Death

- Mark Anthony and Brutus in the Aftermath of Caesar's Death In the immediate aftermath of Caesar's death, Mark Anthony sends a servant to Brutus with a message asking for 'vouchsafe that Anthony May safely come to him' without being killed. This shows that Mark Anthony believes that Brutus is noble and will keep his word and Mark Anthony trusts it. Brutus, naively, is quick to accept Mark Anthony as a friend saying, 'I know that we shall have him well to friend' indicating his lack of judgement because he feels that Mark Anthony will understand the reasons behind Caesar's murder....   [tags: Papers]

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Effects & Aftermath of the Vietnam War

- The Vietnam War was the first major war American’s had suffered defeat. The Vietnam war was a war of confusion, competition and biasness. The outcome of the war was far greater than an upset American nation, but a severe breakdown of the Vietnamese culture, economy, environment and government. It also had a tremendous impact on American society even up to present day. It was unclear from the beginning of the war if the American’s should even be involved. It was a war between Northern and Southern Vietnam but the U.S saw it as an indirect way to challenge the USSR’s sphere of influence in Southern Asia and to prevent the domino effect and the further spread of communism....   [tags: U.S. History]

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The Aftermath of the Fall of Saigon

- In history, there have been many battles and takeovers, which results in many changes in cities and countries. The Fall of Saigon happened on April 30, 1975. The communists soldiers appeared in the city of Saigon and the takeover started. Julian Manyon, an English journalist writes, “We had known for days that Saigon must collapse but we were unprepared for what happened on the final morning.” Many people, back in 1975, were happy that the communists took over; however, there were people who did not want to be part of the new government....   [tags: Julian Manyon, communist government]

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The Aftermath for Children in Child Labor

- ... Sometimes the price(s) can be a life-time regret. When children are stuck doing this labor, they are missing out on an education, resulting in their lack of cognitive skills. There are some kids who never even get to attend school because they are working full-time. This labor has a huge impact on the child’s social development because they are off doing work instead of communicating and improving interaction with others. They need to spend time or even play with family/friends....   [tags: conditions, physically, mentally, problems]

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American Revolution and its Aftermath

- The American Revolution marked the divorce of the British Empire and its one of the most valued colonies. Behind the independence that America had fought so hard for, there emerged a diverging society that was eager to embrace new doctrines. The ideals in the revolution that motivated the people to fight for freedom continued to influence American society well beyond the colonial period. For example, the ideas borrowed from John Locke about the natural rights of man was extended in an unsuccessful effort to include women and slaves....   [tags: Essays on American Revolution]

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Aftermath of 9/11; Congress Acts

- On September 11, 2001 a national tragedy struck the nation. The terrorist group, al-Qaeda, hijacked 4 passenger airlines and performed multiple suicide attacks at locations such as New York and Washington, D.C. This event struck fear in the American people as this was the largest event that caused the highest lost of lives from a foreign attack on the country. Following the event, the national government was forced to act quickly. The incumbent president at the time, George W. Bush, was left with a difficult task on how to deal with this threat and possible future threats....   [tags: terrorism, al-Qaeda, Homeland Security Act]

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2012: The Aftermath Film Review

- In Roland Emmerich’s 2009 disaster movie ‘2012’ the earth is sent into a geological and meteorological super-disaster based on the 2012 phenomenon and the Mayan calendar myth. This involves shifting in the earth’s plate tectonics, the total collapse of L.A, destruction of famous landmarks and worldwide flooding. Due to a lucky break three massive arks were being secretly built in China for 3 years under the jurisdiction of the highest powers in the world. Following their ‘parody’ of the biblical “Noah’s Ark” story two of every animal on earth were brought and stowed in the arks for the impending hit and only a select group of the earth’s ‘elite’ were boarded; after surviving the final flood...   [tags: disaster movies]

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War Aftermath and Literature

- Numerous and varied are the effects of War. It is undeniable it causes chaos, crisis, instability, remarkable changes in the general life, losses in every possible way. It is common knowledge that simultaneously entire countries endure hardship during and after a War takes place. World War I was not the exception. The Great War (as also is called) altered the world as was known because of its duration, extent, and outcome. It certainly affected many nations at once that suffered massive political changes, economic uncertainty, social disorder, riots, turmoil, and commotion everywhere; all of this while facing the significant loss of human lives....   [tags: World History ]

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World War I (Aftermath)

- On January 8, 1918, Woodrow Wilson went to Congress to announce his ideas regarding the war affairs of America. He created something known as the Fourteen Points, a plan that would determine the foreign affairs of the United States after World War I (Brower). When looking at the points, it is easy to identify how these were similar in nature, allowing them to be grouped. The first group deals with the points one, two, three, four, and five. These points dealt with the idea of how to maintain peace between nations and reduce the chance of imperialism and war....   [tags: League of Nations, Treaty of Versailles, Big Three]

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Creative Writing: The Aftermath

- THE PAST; In days gone by, the four species managed to live in perfect harmony. Witches, werewolves and vampires lived in secret, blending in with the humans on a daily basis - and the humans remained completely in the dark about their existence. It was after thousands of years of living this way, whilst everything was completely normal, that a small group of vampires decided that they’d had enough. They spent months devising plans. They constructed great ideas of ways to overthrow the human rule, to achieve the true power that they felt they deserved....   [tags: hide, survival, vitches, werewolves, vampires]

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Natural Disasters: Earthquakes Part 1

- California is known for earthquakes that often occur at great magnitudes. Earthquakes have changed not only the environment but have also resulted in the loss of many lives. For example, the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9 was known for destroying most of San Francisco and its buildings. This earthquake caused the death of sixty people, injured around four thousand, and property damage costing up to around six million dollars. Many recognize this to be a comparable earthquake to the one that occurred in 1906 which was also a very large and devastating earthquake that occurred along the San Andreas fault line....   [tags: preparedness, aftermath]

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Natural Disasters: Earthquakes Part 2

- If a house collapses, not only does the place where a family live in is destroyed, but also the belongings and treasures that have been damaged through the collapse. It is important to also take family treasures into consideration when deciding to retrofit a house. Why would California care about raising earthquake awareness. First off, by putting more emphasis in retrofitting, more buildings will be able to stand up to earthquakes with a high magnitude such as the Loma Prieta earthquake. Secondly, having a warning system that might be able to tell us when an earthquake will occur happens before destruction, will give many families the opportunity to get out of their cars, put themselves un...   [tags: preparedness, aftermath]

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Tragedy or Blessing? The Aftermath of Spanish Colonization

- Ask yourself: are you the person today because of the things you have been through in the past. This question is also applicable to the countries in Latin America today, and the answer would be yes. The Spanish colonization in Latin America affected the respective countries in almost every single aspect of life, politics, and economy. Therefore, the Spanish influence is an undeniable part that cannot be ignored in every country that was under the influence of the grand Empire of Spain. The consequences of the Spanish were both negative and positive to the people living in the countries after the 15th century....   [tags: Latin America, Christopher Columbus]

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Hurricane Katrina: Causes, Effects, and Aftermath

- Every year many natural disasters happen around the world. In New Orleans, and several other states, a devastating hurricane struck. High speed winds and major flooding caused many people to lose their homes and even their lives. Many people have heard of hurricane Katrina, but not everybody knows what caused it and the affect it had on the United States. On early morning of August 29th, 2005 on the Gulf Shore near New Orleans, a devastating hurricane struck. It wrecked havoc, demolishing anything in its path....   [tags: natural disasters, New Orleans]

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The Aftermath of Munich, West Germany Olympic Games

- ... Of course the documentary, Munich: Mossad’s Revenge, does not mention the film itself, but it does clear up some misconceptions like how there was one team in the operation, which in reality there were number of teams who each had their own operation. By using multiple points of views of the events of the operation the viewer was able to see how the teams work and how intricate the planning of eliminating the targets actually was. By having actual agents who have never spoken in public in order to clear up some of the myths in the film even though it is at the risk in their live shows how much it meant for them doing the operation itself....   [tags: peaceful, hostages, teamwork, targets]

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The Effect of the Holocaust on the Children of the Survivors

- In the years after the Holocaust the survivors from the concentration camps tried to cope with the horrors of the camps and what they went through and their children tried to understand not only what happened to their parents. In the story of Maus, these horrors are written down by the son of a Holocaust survivor, Vladek. Maus is not only a story of the horrors of the concentration camps, but of a son, Artie, working through his issues with his father, Vladek. These issues are shown from beginning to end and in many instances show the complexity of the father-son relationship that was affected from the Holocaust....   [tags: Jewish genocide aftermath]

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Muslim Women and the Effects of 9/11: The Need to Understand How to Treat the Psychological Aftermath

- Discrimination, prejudice, and racism are all terms far too similar and encountered by multiple cultures. A vast amount of individuals have experienced these different terms, unfortunately some individuals belonging to certain minority cultures experience them more often than others. After the attacks on 9/11, the Muslim culture became a major target for actions such as discrimination. The media, especially in regards to women and their attire, fueled warped views about this culture. There are beliefs that women in this culture are oppressed and forced to wear a veil, or hijab, however their views and opinions are not taken into account regarding these statements that are being portrayed thr...   [tags: Culture ]

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The Aftermath of the Holocaust in Art Spiegelman’s Maus Volumes I and II

- By means of comic illustration and parody, Art Spiegelman wrote a graphic novel about the lives of his parents, Vladek and Anja, before and during the Holocaust. Spiegelman’s Maus Volumes I and II delves into the emotional struggle he faced as a result of his father’s failure to recover from the trauma he suffered during the Holocaust. In the novel, Vladek’s inability to cope with the horrors he faced while imprisoned, along with his wife’s tragic death, causes him to become emotionally detached from his son, Art....   [tags: comic illustration, parody, graphic novel]

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Landmines: Aftermaths and International Conventions

- When people who do not live in landmine contaminated countries are asked to imagine a minefield, they will likely imagine a scene of short grass, a recently plowed field, or a sandy desert completely protected by a barbed wire fence with warning signs every few yards. Unfortunately the reality is completely different. Minefields are often covered with tremendous areas of concealing vegetation and are rarely fenced. Most countries without a protective military force originally plant landmines strategically with offensive ideas in mind....   [tags: contaminated countries and fields]

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Traditional Gender Roles in Media

- The role of women in media is based upon traditional gender roles and are seen as being empowered only sexually and through the use of their bodies. Males are depicted as dominate and controlling only relinquishing power to women before and during sex, but not after. The music video for the song “Candy Shop” by 50 Cent shows the nature of these relationships in popular culture. The video begins with 50 Cent driving into the gates of a mansion in his sports car. When he enters the doors he is greeted by numerous women scandalously dressed....   [tags: sexually, 50 cent, music videos]

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Changes in Government Between World War I and World War II

- A number of ideas change over a long period of time. However, some ideas change at a more rapid rate than others. This can occur when a significant event takes place and takes hold of people’s perceptions of that event. One excellent example of this principle is the progression of the ideas of government and its values from the First World War (1914-1918) to the aftermath of the Second World War (1939-1945). To understand how the perception of government at the time changed, one can examine the historical background of governments at the time of World War I, what caused groups to change hands, what groups changed, and how has these changes affected the events leading and affected World War I...   [tags: Government]

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The Mind Of Those Who Kill And Kill Themselves

- Kill and Kill Themselves. After reading “The Mind of Those who Kill, and Kill Themselves” by Erica Good. It is descrived, how someone can good from a cherfull person to a violent one. By examining the viewpoints of psychiatrys and mass murderes we try to explain the bieviors and reasons for doing this.As it is many people have a violent way and deside to kill people, and kill themselves. In Erica Goods “The Mind of Those who Kill, and Kill Themselves”from The New York Time, she discuses Andreas Lubitz age 27 co-pilot of Germanwings crash....   [tags: Domestic violence, Violence, Murder]

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Comparing and Contrasting the Social & Economic Systems of Western and Eastern Europe

- The economic and social systems of Western Europe and the Soviet Eastern bloc in 1945-1955 were very different yet very similar in several ways. The East was definitely trying to reconcile with the West, whereas the West wasn’t as in to interacting with the East after World War II. Based on my new found knowledge of both the West and East of Europe, I can say that from an economic aspect, both received very different treatment from different countries. Because of the Soviet Union’s socialism, countries such as the United States viewed them negatively because of disagreeing opinions on socialism....   [tags: Marshall Plan, USSR, socialism, capitalism]

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The Communist Party Of Greece And The Eurocomminist Party

- The communist Left entered the post-dictatorship political scene split into two parties; the traditional pro-Soviet Communist Party of Greece and the eurocomminist party of the Interior which was formed after the split of February 1968. Contrary to the two major parliamentary parties, the decade of the 1940s was a frequently addressed topic in the political agenda of the Left in the early years of the metapolitefsi. The restoration of Democracy and the legalization of the communist Left terminated a long period of persecution....   [tags: Communism, Communist state, Politics]

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Nuclear Warfare Between Japan And The United States

- The very first bomb was the Little Boy—dropped on August 6th of 1945—hitting Hiroshima and wiping out almost ninety-percent of the population. Tens of thousands people later died from radiation exposure (""). This atomic bomb was the start of nuclear warfare between Japan and the United States and showed the world our true power. Truman’s decision to drop both bombs on Japan had as many disadvantages as it did advantages. The second bomb—Fat Man—was dropped only three days later effectively ending World War II....   [tags: Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki]

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“The Man Who Almost a Man”

- “The Man Who Almost a Man” by Richard Wright, it is written in 1963. This story is about a 17 years old boy, Dave. Dave thinks that owning a gun can make him be a man. He tries to get a gun from Joe’s store. Joe sells a gun to Dave for two dollars, after that he backs home and lies to his mother for money to buy the gun. After Dave got the gun, he brings his gun to work next day, and he accidently kills his boss, Jim Hawkins, mule with the gun. After that, he uses another excuse to lie the truth about killing of Jim’s mule, but one man finds out Dave’s lie....   [tags: Literature Review]

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A Vivid View Into the Holocaust

- ... Within the museum many people are featured and honored for their involvement with the Holocaust. The Jews are the mainly the people who are shown in the museum, although the Nazi’s, other authority figures, and Joseph Mengele are also included in the museum. Most of the Nazi’s within the museum are the better known that have made a larger impact in the Holocaust. For example, Joseph Mengele would fall into the more popular Nazi category even though he was not a Nazi; he was a German Schutzstaffel officer....   [tags: United States Holocaust Museum]

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The Vulnerability Of The Black Communities

- The vulnerability of the black communities due to segregation by the levees and the lack of aid given to the African-American households affected by Katrina are only two ways that showed how the events of Hurricane Katrina were shaped by structural racism. Hurricane Katrina in itself was a disaster for everyone in New Orleans, however, there was also a “second disaster” or “aftershock” that has gotten less publicity, and that was the disaster of structural racism. Structural Racism is a interconnected system of societal structures that “unintentionally” distribute advantages to white people while creating chronic and adverse results for people of color....   [tags: Race, Racism, African American, White people]

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Gender Roles Of Female Service Members

- Introduction: “Gender differences in combat-related stressors and their association with postdeployment mental health in a nationally representative sample of U.S. OEF/OIF veterans” by Dawne Vogt, Rachel Vaughn, Mark E. Glickman, Mark Schultz, Mari-Lynn Drainoni, Rani Elwyn, and Susan Eisen published in The Journal Of Abnormal and Social Psychology questions the truth behind the statement that female service members are more vulnerable to trauma after combat exposure. The study focuses on troops from the United States who have returned from combat in Afghanistan or Iraq in the last year to examine the level of trauma each gender of service member experiences in postdeployment ultimately t...   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Sampling, Gender identity]

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America's Journey to World Leadership

- America’s Journey to World Leadership What made America the economical giant it is today. How did small country of 13 colonies change into the international peace keeper of the 20th and 21st centuries. World War II started a new age in the world. America and the Soviet Union came out as world powers and created an era of capitalism vs. communism. What America saw across the Atlantic was a land in chaos and ruins. The U.S. took things into their own hands and saw it their duty to rebuild. This is what built America’s many allies and trade partners....   [tags: economic booms after WWII]

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Relative Ethics on Globalization

- In today’s world there are so many cultures that have different beliefs and standards than America. Being that all countries are so diverse with their beliefs we all have to realize that all beliefs should be respected and accepted to the fullest. Just because a country has different beliefs than America does not warrant those beliefs to be disrespected in any way. Even if other countries beliefs are as evil as they come, we unfortunately have to accept those beliefs and respect them. Some of those evil beliefs boil down to terrorist attacks....   [tags: Globalization Essays]

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Into the Kill Zone: A Cop´s Eye View of Deadly Force

- Into the Kill Zone: A Cop’s Eye View of Deadly Force, by David Klinger, explores the effects that shooting a deadly weapon will have on law enforcement officers. The author interviews over eighty men and women from a number of police agencies spread across four states. He conducts these interviews to note the pre and post mental conceptions police officers have after shooting a gun in the line of duty. Klinger shares his interviewees’ stories in the novel to show readers how pulling the trigger of a gun can cause a variety of issues both within and outside of a police officer’s life....   [tags: David Klinger, safety, law enforcement, officer]

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The Effect of High Frequency Trading Systems on Financial Markets

- Whilst liquidity plays a central role in the functioning of financial markets, it is volatility that can be truly detrimental. Despite almost universal agreement among academics that HFT improves prices for investors and dampens volatility in equity markets, since the 6th of May 2010 the sector has come under intense scrutiny from regulators. On a day described as the ‘Flash Crash’, the U.S stock market experienced one of the most severe price drops in its history. In the matter of five minutes, the Dow Jones Industrial Index declined by 900 points, and then recouped the balk of those losses within the next 15 minutes....   [tags: Finance, Flash Crash]

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The Results of the Creation of the Atomic Bomb

- The atomic bomb was created over a time of 6 years. Started in 1939 and completed in 1945 had numerous bad things that followed it. It was created during World War II, while America was at war with Japan. America heard rumors about Japan creating nuclear weapons, so the U.S. also did so, only bigger and better. The atomic bomb became known as the “Manhattan Project” and was created to settle the war that was going on. Atomic bombs create an explosion of heat and visible ultraviolet and inferred rays that flattens anything in its way of 30,000 feet, while going 360 feet per second....   [tags: war, radiation, catastrophic]

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Mistakes Made in the United States and Mexican War

- ... declared war that was not meant to be because Mexico had done nothing to cause it and only called for war because of the expansionists in government who wanted Mexican land. "The Aftermath of War." PBS. PBS, n.d. Web. 02 Feb. 2014. Argument #2: The U.S. and Mexico War caused many negative outcomes. The U.S. and Mexican War left tremendous marks on both their histories, but also destroyed Mexico. For Mexico, the war was a series of tragedies. Besides the thousands of military and civilian deaths directly attributed to battles, the war left tens of thousands of orphans, widows and cripples (PBS)....   [tags: manifest destiny, unlawful, compromise]

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Did the US Do Enough During the Holocaust?

- Title: How U.S immigration laws impacted the Holocaust. Research question: How did U.S laws impact the Holocaust. Length of essay: 5 pages Through out history there’s a ground breaking event that forces society to reform its beliefs. The Holocaust was one of these events, refugees were persecuted in a number of ways and society had a choice to help, become isolated, or to confirm any persecution as ok or right. In every choice our society has depicted that there's a right and a wrong decision to everything; it was wrong for U.S legislation to not give their best efforts to help refugees of the Holocaust it lead to future prejudices and the suffering of millions....   [tags: History, World War Two]

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U.s. Military Involvement During The World War II

- Introduction Western involvement particularly U.S. military involvement in Africa did not begin after the September 2001 attacks; U.S. military engagement in Africa dates back to the Barbary Wars of 1801 - 1815, in the present day Libya.[footnoteRef:1] Following the Barbary Wars, the continent became a major theatre of engagement in the World War II. U.S. sought access to European Colonies in Africa for economic, military bases and raw materials[footnoteRef:2]. During the Cold War the U.S....   [tags: Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, World War II, Sudan]

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John Bew 's Influence On The Historical Discourse

- I would like to start my analysis with a very important issue that John Bew raises in his most recent article for New Statesman, which is that contemporary political powers continue to “consider themselves heirs to formerly great empires”(Bew, 2015). This can very much predict their actions on the international political stage; or rather give an explanation for their active involvement. Though the historical role of empires has radically changed, they have not yet ceased to be and instead changed their course in the political process....   [tags: Russia, Soviet Union, World War I, Communism]

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Nuclear Weapons Should Be Used For Mass Destruction

- Nuclear weapons are the only remaining weapons that are allowed to be used for mass destruction. This weapon could do its job from being launched 50 million away from where they want it to land. Currently, there are around 15,000 nuclear warheads in the world, 7,300 of them being in Russia and around 7,000 in the U.S. and the rest being located in countries like china, Japan, Pakistan, India, united Kingdom, France and Israel. All these countries use these powerful weapons as a great source of security for their country....   [tags: Nuclear weapon]

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World War I And The Great Depression

- The Great Depression is widely considered to have played crucial role in the start of the Second World War. Europe was in shambles following the First World War, and many of the repercussions resulted in the world slipping into depression. Although France and Germany were both impacted tremendously by the Great Depression, Germany managed to rise above it whereas France struggled and eventually collapsed. The unexpected collapse of France came as a surprise to many due to the image of France being a powerful World War I victor, but a close analysis of the economic and social state of France prior to the Second World War reveals that this should not have been a surprise....   [tags: World War II, Adolf Hitler, Weimar Republic]

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Ancient Greece and the Spartan War

- During The Peloponnesian War, Sparta was able to dominate Athens and win the war. At the war’s conclusion, Athens was left in complete chaos, and Sparta was also weakened. Athens was politically, economically, and militarily affected, while Sparta was only slightly affected politically and militarily. However, with Sparta’s ignorance towards foreign people, the results of the war were worse than the war itself. In 431 BCE a tragic war began, the Peloponnesian War. This war took place in Greece and was fought between Sparta and Athens....   [tags: Ancient Greece Essays]

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Crashes of High-Speed Train and More

- Accidents happen all the time all over the world. Crisis management is a critical organizational function. When an accident involves general public, government is expected to manage the crisis. How the public react to the accident is largely depend on how the crisis is managed. Recently, the Chinese public’s reaction to the train crash was different from the public of the West would have responded to similar tragedies. China’s high-speed railway network, once a source of great pride for the Communist Party, has turned into an embarrassment....   [tags: Crisis Management ]

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The Ethics Of Counseling And Counseling

- Manuel is a 15 year old at-risk adolescent client who I have been working with on my practicum site. He has expressed feelings of depression and possible suicidal ideation or contemplation. McWhirter (2013) has several legal do’s and don’ts when dealing with at-risk suicidal adolescents; they include, avoiding anger or sarcasm toward the client, document professionally and ethically, consult frequently with colleagues, support the family in the aftermath of a suicide. Each of these do’s and don’ts can be applied to the situation of counseling Manuel....   [tags: Suicide, Bipolar disorder, Parasuicide, Death]

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The Old Man And The Storm

- “The Old Man and the Storm”, was a documentary that forces the viewer into seeing the reality of the situation and the devastation Hurricane Katrina brought. June Cross and June Elliot, shown by the company Frontline, produced the video. When Hurricane Katrina and its follow up storm Rita went through Louisiana and specifically New Orleans, it gave a devastating and lasting impact on the residents. Cross went to New Orleans and met the man that inspired the now documentary. Upon visiting the town Cross-meets Herbert Gettridge, a man adamant on staying in New Orleans and repairing his house no matter at what cost....   [tags: Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana, Hurricane Rita]

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William Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet '

- The Meaning of Hamlet When I think of argumentative writing or impressive use of speech I immediately refer to the famous Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Reading the popular monologue from Hamlet- “to be, not to be—that is the question” is a tremendous way of displaying balance in a rhetorical situation. As many of you all know the first line of this monologue because those legendary words have been used in conversations today. In reality does anyone really know William’s purpose for his passage....   [tags: Hamlet, William Shakespeare, Question, Death]

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Media Coverage Of International School Shootings

- Media coverage of international school shootings in recent years has been immense. The sheer number of school shootings, and the level of brutality inflicted upon society’s most vulnerable, has captured and held public interest since the early 70’s, and with it the way media reported it. But what is unclear, is the effect media representation had on the aftermath of many shootings, as well as the influence of others. How Media portrays School Shootings After serious incidents like school shootings occur, they are often heavily reported....   [tags: Columbine High School massacre, High school]

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