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Social Movement Emergence Among Asian Americans

- Social movements are essentially collective actions by disadvantaged, and often minority groups taken to empower themselves and push for change on political and social issues. What differentiates social movements from interest groups is that social movements are a more organic and less structured approach, “Interest groups have letterhead (and headquarters and executive directors). Social movements don’t.” To summarize Sidney Tarrow’s definition from Power in Movement, social movements are collective challenges based on common purposes and social solidarities in sustained interaction with elites, opponents and authorities....   [tags: Ethnic, Miinorities]

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The Purpose of Action Research in Schools

- Action research is a research process that is reflective in nature and typically conducted in school settings. These types of research enables professionals in school settings to collaborate on the components of a study, and allows them to search for solutions to the common everyday challenges that educators experience in schools (Ferrance, 2000). Educators can use the process of reflection through action research to better understand their work and build professional knowledge as they strive for continuous improvement (Brown, 2002)....   [tags: educational research, education research]

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The Tragedy of the Commons and Collective Action

- The tragedy of the commons and the problem of collective action are two key concepts in the world of political science. They act under the assumption that man is a rational being who will act in his own self interest. Humanity id broadly diverse meaning that each individual has their own ideas as to how society should run and how people should live.(heywood) This inevitably results in disagreement and this is where politics steps in. Aristotle described politics as the ‘master science’, ‘the activity through which human beings attempt to improve their lives and create the Good Society.’ Through the tragedy of the commons and the problem of collective action we can see how politics is essenti...   [tags: politics, conflict resolution]

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Plan for Action to Help a Student

- A. Necessary Leadership Action The leadership action that involves one or more groups of community stakeholders is creating a team to create an action plan for one student that attendance has declined and because of the number of missed days, academic achievement has also declined. A1. Why Action is Necessary This action is necessary because the student involved is not showing academic growth and having anxiety with attending school. Attendance has decreased because the student does not want to attend school due to issues with the classroom teacher, as well as other students within this class....   [tags: stakeholders, outcomes]

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Factors to Concider with Enforcement Action

- According to the Gloucester City Council (2009), enforcement is define as an action that conducted by the environmental health services that are responsible in regulating a wide range of legislation. Enforcement action will be taken in a case where it is found that someone is not complying with the legislation. The main concern of the enforcement action is to protect public health, environments and also groups of people such as workers and consumers. It is also believed that by carrying out the enforcement action in a fair practical and consistent manner could also help to promote a successful local economy....   [tags: legeslation, hygiene, food]

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Doors: The Biginning, the Action, and the End

- J.R. Tolkien implements imagination in The Hobbit to create a vast world of items and characters that provides a greater meaning than they are typically perceived to have. Throughout the adventure of the “team”, many items appear continuously, perhaps the most interesting one being doors. What makes doors interesting in The Hobbit, is that they are always presented at times of action or of great importance. In fact, without doors, the “team” may end up being lost or killed. Doors develop the character of Bilbo, and are the gateway to action and important scenes in The Hobbit by serving as the most important item regarding the pursuit of the treasure....   [tags: J.R Tolkien novels, the Hobbit]

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Monoamine Transporter as a Drug Action

- Neurotransmitters are chemicals; signals are transmitted from neuron to the target cell via a synapse through neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are associated in the synaptic vesicles congregated in the presynaptic membrane and are released in the synaptic cleft, In the synaptic cleft they attach to the receptors in the postsynaptic membrane.(1)Monoamine transporters are proteins which are found on nerve terminals of noradrenegenic,serotonergic and dopaminergic neurons. They are also part of sodium dependent transporters and have a key role in terminating the released neurotransmitters action in the synaptic cleft....   [tags: Biology, Neurotransmitters]

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The Intentions and Consequences of an Action

- I. Kant and the Categorical Imperative: It is generally understood that society would tear itself apart if people suddenly stopped following a few fundamental laws; such as, crimes that deal with arson, theft, and murder. In addition to these basic guidelines, most people tend to follow a simple set of moral ‘rules.’ Now, these rules basically involve things like respect, honour, and dignity considering society is not only filled with law-abiding citizens, but also people who want to live a good, honest life....   [tags: law, moral. society, crimes]

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Collective Action Successes of the Black14

- While the country as a whole was fighting the way though many civil rights issues concerning African Americans, each state had citizens that were going through their own struggles that led to protests. At the University of Wyoming, 14 African American football players, later known as the Black 14, wanted to protest their football game against Brigham Young University, due to the university’s association with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). The LDS church had rules against allowing African American citizens from being part of the priesthood....   [tags: african-americans, university of wyoming]

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Awareness for Action on Environmental Issues

- Stepping into a public library offers numerous books that have the power to cognitively transform any individual through education. In current times we have transformed our means of accessing information by having the ability to instantly find any information on the internet. However, are people interested in using this tool to educate themselves about current world problems. In our fast paced societies emphasizing economic success has made us forget the importance of the environment, the root of our existence....   [tags: Jared Diamond, Verlyn Klinkenborg]

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Depression: The Best Course of Action

- Depression: The Best Course of Action Many people occasionally feel “the blues”, but luckily, it is usually temporary. Unfortunately, “temporary” is not always the case. As characterized by the National Institute of Mental Health, “a combination of symptoms that interfere with a person’s ability to work, sleep, study, eat and enjoy once-pleasurable activities” is defined as depression (“Depression”). Depression is an extremely common, widespread “psychoneurotic disorder” that affects 13 to 14 million adults in the United States each year (DeRubeis, Siegle and Hollon)....   [tags: psychology, cogntive/behavioral therapy, ]

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Exchange Theory and Communicative Action

- George Homans and Peter Blau each offer an explanation of human interactions and how they reproduced social process and social structures. Homans develop his theory by observing four different social groups; street gang, work group in a factor, kingship system of a private island, and a village in new England. Through his observations he develop five propositions that underlies the dynamics of a group. Peter Blau further developed Homans theory and added that people calculated their actions based on the reward level of their action as well as the level of power they receive from their actions....   [tags: human interactions, George Homans, Peter Blau]

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Big Creek People in Action

- Big Creek People in Action, Inc. (BCPIA) was founded in 1990 to address economic problems facing McDowell County in West Virginia after the economy of the county started to fail when coal production declined (Big Creek People In Action, Inc., 2012). The agency is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization offering a community center where festivals and community events are held and a place of learning that offers GED programs and other educational programs. Big Creek People In Action, Inc.’s mission statement is to serve “the community of McDowell County in the realms of education and literacy, leadership development, volunteer service, service learning, arts and culture, housing, recreation, and co...   [tags: BCPIA, GED, Maslow]

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Multiple Sclerosis and Action Potentials

- 1. (10) b. Explain why in multiple sclerosis the action potentials take longer to reach their muscle and neurological targets or do not reach them at all, resulting in muscle spasms and weakness in one or more limbs, bladder dysfunction, local sensory losses, visual disturbances and other neurological deficits. c. Explain the speed of action potential in the normal person. Be sure to provide documentation using any example from the literature (provide the pdf-version of the article) and summary that supports your conclusion....   [tags: neurological defecits]

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Faith, Reason, Belief and Action

- “The three center-points of a Christian theology are beyond doubt the doctrine of a triune God, of God the Word made manifest in the flesh of Christ, and of God the Spirit who expounds the revelation of love in the Church and in her members.”1 While the first of these three, the triune God, begs no question from the church, the latter two seem to transcend the minds of the Catholic clergy. “God the Word” signifies that both belief and faith are pillars of understanding in the Catholic tradition....   [tags: Religion]

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Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

- Currently, there are 11.7 million undocumented immigrants in the United States; 6 million of those immigrants are Mexican-born (Preston). Within that undocumented population are individuals who were brought to the States as children. These individuals have grown up in the American culture and consider themselves American, but struggle with being treated as second class citizens due to their undocumented status. On June fifteenth of 2012, the Obama Administration announced the executive order Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)....   [tags: daca, illegal immigrants, undocumented status]

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Psychological Therapies: Insight and Action

- ... There are four basic elements: reflection, unconditional positive regard, empathy, and authenticity. Reflection is restating client’s words in slightly changed way, and the key task is clarification. Unconditional positive regard embraces nonjudgmental acceptance. Empathy includes understanding the client’s point of view and feelings. Authenticity encourages genuine open and honest communication. These four elements are key in making the client feel comfortable with the therapist. There are a few major drawbacks to person-centered therapy: the lack of scientific evidence to support the basic concepts on which these therapies are founded, the client can have long durations of treatment, a...   [tags: disorder, behavior, symptoms]

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Benefits of Implementing Environmental Action

- Since the Bophal incident sparked the beginning of the Era of Beyond Compliance, companies have pondered about the benefits of employing environmental initiatives. Companies will enjoy financial benefits in return for environmental action, but whether a firm may see financial reward depends on several conditions that must be met. However, if conditions are not met, environmental initiatives will still benefit companies in a multitude of other areas. Many companies are able to accept a win-win strategy towards adopting environmentally friendly practices, because of the positive correlation between environmental actions and financial returns (Frankel, 1998)....   [tags: environmental initiatives, eco-efficiencies]

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The Therapeutic Action of Lorazepam

- Lorazepam: The Liver’s BFF Pharmacodynamics Lorazepam or better know as Ativan belongs to the benzodiazepine family and produces inhibitory effects in the central nervous system. The therapeutic action of Lorazepam happens with the interaction at the benzodiazepine binding sites. These binding sites are located on the inotropic gamma-amino butyric acid-A (GABAA) receptors. The neurotransmitter used by Lorazepam is the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA. Lorazepam and other benzodiazepines do not bind directly to the same receptor site as the endogenous GABA neurotransmitter does....   [tags: medicine, patients, adverse effects]

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Weber's Thoughts on Social Action

- Weber believes each society is different and comes up with ideal typical constructs to explain a certain society. His starting point for his theory is meaningful social action. Weber believes that humans are naturally valuing beings who carry certain values and interpret natural and social factors based on their values. Humans are conscious creatures who attach meaning towards an act which is directed towards another individual. Weber is concerned with social action, its subjective meaning and the unintended consequences of the actions....   [tags: society, class, religion]

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Direct Action and Civil Disobedience

- Although the environmental movement is one that involves people from all around the world sharing similar ideals, there is also a growing divide between the regular environmentalists and the extremists. Peaceful protests, boycotts and letter writing have categorized much of the environmental movement. However, starting around the 1990s certain environmental groups became disappointed and overwhelmed with frustration that nothing was being accomplished by simply following the rules. This is when civil disobedience, law breaking and monkey wrenching began to make headlines....   [tags: Civil Disobedience Essays]

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Gwendolyn Brooks, For Every Action...

- According to Newton’s Third Law, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This concept was primarily applied to physics, but it is evident in many aspects of life. This universal law can be seen everywhere, from roller coasters in Hershey Park, to the grounding of the kid with the messy room, to the change winds before a storm, and, of course, to the poetry of Gwendolyn Brooks. Spending her whole life in the poor inner-city, Brooks was surrounded not only by choices good and bad, but people living out the consequences of the choices they made....   [tags: Biography, American Poet, Teacher, Pulitzer Prize]

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Review: Loyalty and Legislative Action

- ... This set the stage for the Lusk Committee in 1919-1920, which clearly degenerated quickly into a good old fashioned witch hunt, that as Chamberlain asserts, “violated almost every canon of responsible conduct....ranged recklessly of individual rights...with wanton disregard for such fundamentals as separation of powers and due process of law.”(203-04) Chapter two looks into the events of the 1930's in the Empire State. Lawmakers passed the 'Ives Loyalty Oath Law' in 1934, that specifically required teachers and school administrative personnel to swear they were not members of the communist party, nor advocated communism or other ideals subversive to American democracy....   [tags: New York state legislature]

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Diabetes Mellitus (DM) in Action

- ... “ Exactly why this happens is uncertain, although as in type 1 diabetes, it's believed that genetic and environmental factors play a role in the development of type 2. Being overweight is strongly linked to the development of type 2 diabetes, but not everyone with type 2 is overweight.” (Mayo Clinic Staff). Diabetes can lead to many complications when the individual does not control their glucose levels. People with diabetes have a higher chance in getting stroke or heart disease. They can also develop nerve damage by damage to blood vessels from excess amount of sugar in the blood vessels....   [tags: disease, insulin, sugar, preventable]

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PNP Special Action Force

- The Philippines National Police Special Action Force or S.A.F as most commonly called are what is considered the special forces for the National Police force that operates within the Philippines Archipelago. Againts those who decide to bring death and destruction unto the citizens of the Republic of the Philippines, they are occasionally tasked with security protection on foreign diplomats and takedown assailants who decide on breaking the law and terrorize innocent people within the country. The PNP Special Action Force was created on May 12, 1983 by the former Philippines constabulary as the Philippiines Constabulary Action Force, the founders of the S.A.F was Fidel Ramos and Renato de Vil...   [tags: Special Forces]

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Guidelines for Action Research

- “Action research is simply a form of self-reflective enquiry undertaken by participants in social situations in order to improve the rationality and justice of their own practices, their understanding of these practices, and the situations in which the practices are carried out”. (Carr and Kemmis 1986: 162). The type of research needed for educational practice can best be characterised as research for social management and/or engineering. But if this is the context, the practise can be changed into the concept of educational management with social and or educational engineering....   [tags: education, social, plan]

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Jane Addams in Action

- Action is inherent in the tasks of a social activist. Ideas alone are not enough. Though the development of philosophies and manifestos is the basis for every social movement and every stride toward social justice, without social action and the social activist, little can ever be accomplished. The great social activist must, by definition, be the great social action taker. Jane Addams was the epitome of such an action taker. Addams herself believed that ideas were not enough. She was not satisfied to live a life of ideological morality....   [tags: Biography]

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Action Sports and Television

- Action Sports and Television Actions sports have always been interesting to me. The way the athletes perform their tricks, how judges score them, and how the camera operators keep up with such a fast paced competition. The more I thought of my interest in this subject, the more I wanted to know. The growth of action sports on television follows the same pattern of any other type of show genre in its early stages. Documentaries, themed shows or movies, and especially the coverage on live television would be good places to start looking into....   [tags: extreme sports, sports programming, sponsorship]

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Action Research Cycle Analysis

- Introduction Action research is a process by which educators carry out a research. Educators are urged to focus on issues they can influence. This is because educators are more often than not motivated to solve problems they have personally identified rather than those that have been identified by others. Action Research Cycle Analysis Select an issue/problem that you have worked on in your team (or are working on). The issue we are working on at our University is Individualized Educational Plan (IEP”s)....   [tags: Individualized Education Plan]

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Workplace Investigation Action Plan

- As a health and safety professional with the city's Health Department, my job is to ensure workplaces are free from health and safety hazards, and that all employees are protected from these hazards at all times. Workplaces contain many types of health and safety hazards. As a result, employers are required to keep employees safe and protect them against these hazards. Investigating and identifying incidents which result from hazards is an important role of the employer, and the health and safety professional....   [tags: Labor]

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Classroom Action Research Project

- Classroom Action Research Project I chose to focus reading with a first grade student. This student has missed a lot of school in the past and has moved around frequently. On the FAST assessment, this student scored at the bottom of all first graders. Reading is of high importance and an intervention in this area is in high need. What impact can an direct, systematic instruction on phonemic awareness, phonics, and letter names and sounds using the Imagine It. intervention guide and supplemental materials, for 30 minutes a day, have on a first grader performing significantly lower than her peers....   [tags: reading, student, practices, instruction]

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U.S. Drones in Action

- ... The united states will not tolerate terrorists in parts of the world where we can't get too and drones can offer a low risk way of targeting these areas while viewing collateral damage. Drone warfare is here to stay and will always be which it is likely to expand in the years to come as other countries. Drones have made terrorists’ ability to not communicate and to not train new recruits because it is dangerous for them.. In order for them to avoid attracting drones, al Qaeda and Taliban operatives will try to avoid using electronic devices or stay out of gathering in large groups....   [tags: weapon of choice, inocent civilians]

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Diplomacy Versus Military Action

- ... There were no true political figure heads in the Colonial period, but the wives of the Founding fathers did a great service by rallying support for their husbands. There are very few records to show the political prowess of loyalist wives, but it is well established that Abigail Adams and Martha Washington were eager to promote venues that sponsored the ambitions of their husbands to create a separate nation. They threw dinners and accompanied their husbands on gatherings for support to the Colonial Army....   [tags: foe, menace, republicans, democrats]

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Self-Determination Theory in Action

- ... Students normally begin school with mostly external regulation as the main regulatory style. External regulation occurs when a students motivation is based on external rewards or punishments. As students move away from external regulation towards introjected regulation, they slowly begin to internalize the motivation to participate in an activity. Introjected regulation occurs when students have become aware of themselves and others view of them and is a means of feeding the ego or satisfying internal expectations....   [tags: motivation, learning, regulation]

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7 habits action plan

- Different types of habits are one of the main components in sculpting and defining an individual’s character. Through one’s habits, others have the capability of grasping more of who the person really is and what he or she is really like. In our world today, many individuals strive to become highly successful and effective in their own societies. With that, they must work towards shaping themselves by acquiring certain qualities and characteristics. Proactivity is an essential component that greatly influences the decisions us as individuals make in life....   [tags: Success, Personal Development]

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Camus: On and In Action

- Camus: On and In Action ABSTRACT:In this paper I wish to examine the position of Camus regarding social change, namely his concepts of rebellion and revolution. I in no way question his well-deserved status as a major twentieth-century French writer, nor do I wish to suggest that he may have been someone caught in a Sartrean notion of 'bad faith.' I am concerned with what one might call his theory of social action. I do wish to assert that Camus was a good man who seriously wrestled with the events of his time....   [tags: Camus Essays]

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The Action of The Pearl

- The Action of The Pearl The discovery of the "magnificent" pearl changed the lives of Kino and Juana severely because they were not used to this kind of wealth. Before they found the pearl, Kino and Juana lived a happy, humble and quiet life. "Kino heard the little splash of the morning waves on the beach. It was very good - Kino closed his eyes again to listen to his music."(Pg. 1-2) Kino loved the simple life; nevertheless whenever things were beginning to look good and simple something went wrong....   [tags: Pearl]

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The Action of an Enzyme

- The Action of an Enzyme Introduction The breakdown of wastes in liver cells produces hydrogen peroxide which is poisonous. This must be removed if the cell is to remain unharmed. Method 1. Label the test tubes A, B, C, and D. label the staining dishes B, C, and D. 2. Put 5cm3 of hydrogen peroxide in each test tube. Be careful -hydrogen peroxide is dangerous. 3. Put two cubes of raw liver into another test tube and put this in the water bath (set at boiling) for 2 minutes....   [tags: Papers]

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Action Research

- Action research is a journey of self-discovery, in which I learned about myself, my coping strategies, and how to create positive change in reference to a problem in my practice. The problem was addressed by reflecting on my attitudes, values, and beliefs. The journey originated from a multi-faceted question which depicts a change or an improvement that I would like to make in my classroom. By turning the gaze within, this process of research begins with an examination of self as an educator, then students or the classroom situation, and then of what might be done to address the problem....   [tags: Education]

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Action Research

- Origins of Yoga “At the heart of this tradition is the desire to be healthy and whole, to integrate the various aspects of our human nature,” (Gillen & Gillen, 2007, p.19). The origins of yoga can be traced back to India where its development was expressed through the Sanskrit language. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “yoke or unite”. The art of yoga is a system which allows the participant to develop physical and mental strength (Zipkin, 1985). Yoga is thought to be rooted in Hinduism, but has been found to precede this religious practice....   [tags: Research]

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Reconciliation Action Plan

- Reconciliation Action Plan The goals and visions behind my reconciliation action plan was to bring the two sides of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians together in equality and harmony. Since the colonisation of Australia there has been a vast divide between the two sides that has caused many serious outcomes for Aboriginal people. My way of contributing to this is to create a better understanding, restore trust and eradicate racism as a positive way to help close the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australia’s....   [tags: Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Australians]

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Further Action Required

- Further Action Required The last century has shown the shifting pattern of wealth of our country to a smaller population that does not include the majority. Not only is 42% of financial wealth in the top 1% of the country but the rates of income gains per year have continually decreased in the last decade. Tightening the financial prosperity of lower classes while the top the top 10% percent continue to see gains and prosper. Growing disparity between our wealth classes will continue to grow unless as a societal change occurs....   [tags: Shifting Pattern, Wealth, Inome, Poverty]

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Missional Action Plan

- A quick search on will yield a myriad of book titles from the search that targets titles, subtitles, or themes that include the word “missional.” Just in the last two years there have been atleast ten books written, 1) Seven Levers : Missional Strategies for Conferences by Robert Schnase, 2) Sentness : Six Postures of Missional Christians by Kim Hammond, 3) Soul Whisperer : Why the Church Must Change the Way it Views Evangelism by Gary Comer, 4) Who is the Church. : an Ecclesiology for the Twenty-First Century by Cheryl Peterson, 5) Created and Led by the Spirit : Planting Missional Congregations edited by Mary Sue Dehmlow Dreier, 6) Reformed Means Missional : Following Jesus Int...   [tags: Church, Theology, Religion]

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Career Action Plan

- Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 INTRODUCTION 3 CURRENT SITUATION 3 Introduction 3 Graduate and employability skills 4 Employability skills: 4 Marketability Analysis 5 Marketable skills present in me: 6 Marketable skills to develop in me: 6 IDEAL SITUATION 6 S.W.O.T. Analysis 6 Career Goals 8 Short term goals: 8 Long term goals: 8 STEPS TO SUCCESS: WORK PLACEMENT 9 CONCLUSION 9 REFERENCES 10 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The report communicates the career action plan and its overview related to the position of general manager of the restaurant....   [tags: employability, marketability]

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Collective Action Dilemmas

- Each individual in any given group may has common good or group goal, also has conflicting interests, as known as Collective Action Dilemmas. It has been recognized long time that individuals often fail to achieved the group goal when work together, one main reason is people are rational. In the state of nation and society, public interests may conflict personal interest, the government as central agent seen as a great mean to solve the problem. For example, all the modern citizens expect great benefits governments provide, such as a highway system, or free elementary education; but for the tax, didn’t see anyone paid with happiness, but always think been over paid....   [tags: group, goal, rational, paid, model]

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Action Research Project

- When I first read about the action research project, I was pretty excited to see that I was going to get to work with a child, plan an intervention, and carry out the proposed plan. This was the first experience I have gotten in my college career that has allowed me to work directly with a child by using a method of teaching and instruction that I could plan and execute. Although it seemed like a daunting task to have to do for the first time, I was very excited for the opportunity since that very thing is what I plan on making my future career out of when I graduate....   [tags: Teaching Method, Intervention]

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Developments in the Law Surrounding an Action for Breach of Confidence

- Developments in the Law Surrounding an Action for Breach of Confidence In this essay I will argue that the developments in the law surrounding an action for breach of confidence have not drawn an equitable and acceptable balance between the privacy of, and free expression about, public figures due to the evolutionary nature of common law. Furthermore, due to the unwillingness of the judiciary to address an independent tort of privacy it may well be time for the Government to legislate....   [tags: Papers]

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Should Race be an Issue in Collge Admissions?

- Should Race be an Issue in Collge Admissions. One of the first questions that people ask me is “What country are you from?” I originally took this comment as an insult, but then saw that this comment came from the ignorance of people in my community who had seen very few Asians. Realizing that my peers were just curious about who I was lightened my tone and I began to laugh every time I got that question. For me it was hilarious that I could be mistaken from really being from another country. I am half Chinese and half Caucasian and was actually born in Alabama....   [tags: Persuasive Argumentative Essays]

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Affirmative Defences

- Affirmative defenses is the answer to which a defendant gives the court in response to the crime they are charged with. There are two main types of affirmative defenses, Justifications and excuses. Justifications and excuses are answers that the defended did do the crime but they can give a wonderful and perfectly good reason why they did it and they should not be held responsible for the crime they committed. Because every case is different there is a plethora of justifications and excuses, some traditional that have been heard many times in the court and justifications and excuses that have never been heard in a court of law....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Moments Of Action

- There never seems to be an answer to that one moment of action. There are numerous factors that keep the world in a balance every second. If one of these is slightly altered, the stability is broken, the harmony shattered, the world changed. However, the answer one should give to these moments is unclear. Whether those moments are for the better or the worse, only time can tell. As the fourth quarter clock winds down to the final seconds of a crucial game, the quarterback completes a long range pass for the game winning touchdown....   [tags: Expository Essays]

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Immigrants in Action

- Immigrants in Action Members of the Comité de Inmigrantes en Acción Santa Teresa (the St. Theresa Committee of Immigrants in Action) look solemn this evening. It is Friday, 5:00 PM, in the basement of St. Theresa's Church. The basement boasts a distinctly cafeteria-like atmosphere: fluorescent lights, linoleum floors, folding chairs, bare walls, and long institutional tables. Appropriate, a church volunteer later informs me, as the room also functions as a soup kitchen for homeless and low-income families....   [tags: Short Stories Immigration Equality Papers]

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Call To Action

- Call to Action Improve nations balloting but leave control to locals Author Unknown SUMMARY: A Call to Action is an article from the Houston Chronicle on Thursday, February 20, 2001 informing the nation on the controversial issue of the nations ballots system. The article begins with the announcement of next month’s Census Bureau release of the population’s data. This means that all the voting boundaries are going to be redrawn and reconfigured. It continues to talk about the amazingly close and controversial presidential election on November 7th....   [tags: essays research papers]

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A Civil Action

- There are few things in life that could be worse than loosing you child to such a horrible disease as leukemia. One can only imagine having such a tragedy repeat itself throughout you community time after time. To compound such tragedies, imagine being poisoned yourself and having to fight some of the largest local corporations to prove the truth and get it stopped. This is the community setting for Jonathan Harr's true-to-life legal thriller A Civil Action. The book was an award winner for "Best Seller" in 1995 and was named the 1995 National Book Critics Circle Award....   [tags: Book Reviews]

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Cause for Action

- Cause for Action Imagine a country where a person’s belongings could be taken at any moment and then given to someone else for no apparent reason. Likewise, that same person’s culture, their way of life, would be disregarded, and they would be forced to use a new language and adapt to a different culture. After the culture is done away with, those who remember it die off rapidly. Even with the declining culture, religious persecution becomes apparent along with the long political conflicts....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Leadership In Action

- Leadership in Action 1. How would you describe Jack Hartnett’s leadership style. Jack Hartnett’s leadership style as it is described in the text is anachronism. He runs his business in his own way. The styles that he has chosen to run his business describe him as also a good leader and a “difficult to cope with” leader. The things that made him a “difficult to cope with” leader is that he enforce his employees with his own Eight Commandments, that his employees have to follow. If they don’t follow these commandments he will fire them....   [tags: Business Organization Leadership]

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Leadership in Action

- This paper will discuss the simulation, "Leadership in Action". The simulation is based on a company called Smith & Falmouth(S&F), who requires assistance to provide the company with conceptual information about the organization structure and to provide specific recommendation to be successful in the next three years. This paper will describe the formal culture of the organization and how this structure compares with other organizational structures. How the companys informal culture influences their effectiveness and formal structure will also be addressed....   [tags: Business Management Leadership]

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Universities Must Continue with the Race-sensitive Admissions Process

- Newspaper headlines and public forums demand educational reform with growing frequency. Race-sensitive admissions policies are often at the center of these debates. For example, according to the Los Angeles Times on March 21, 2001, the Los Angeles Community College district trustees are scheduled to vote for a resolution to support the University of California’s move to reinstate affirmative action in its admissions policies. This reinstatement has visible student support as seen in the March 15, 2001 rallies at the UC Regent’s meeting in which over 1,000 supporters of affirmative action came out to voice their opinion....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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The Effects of Temperature on the Action of Enzymes

- The Effects of Temperature on the Action of Enzymes Aim: To see how changing the temperature affects the action of the enzyme. ------------------------------------------------------------------ MY HYPOTHESIS: I think that as the temperature increase the quicker the reaction will become ------------------------------------------------------------------- Outline of method You add ice to 150cm³ of cold water in a beaker to bring its temperature down to 10cº. Then a fixed volume of hydrogen peroxide is added to a pre-weighed piece of liver contained in a test tube....   [tags: Papers]

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A Civil Action by Jonathan Harr

- A Civil Action by Jonathan Harr A Civil Action is based upon a true story that Jonathan Harr, a former staff writer of New England Monthly describes a case that in the legal system that is fascinating and compelling. The story of a impracticable quest by an idealistic young personal-Injury lawyer, whose aim was to prove that two conglomerates, Beatrice Foods and W.R Grace, allegedly polluted the water in Woburn ,Mass. a Boston suburb, with carcinogens. Jan had hoped that a victory would send a message to the boardrooms to America and felt that the culture of Leukemia in Woburn guaranteed his success....   [tags: Law Criminal Justice System Essays]

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Consciousness and Intentionality of Action

- Consciousness and Intentionality of Action ABSTRACT: One much discussed issue in contemporary philosophy is the relation between consciousness and intentionality. Philosophers debate whether consciousness and intentionality are somehow ‘connected’; whether we have reason to be more optimistic about an ‘objective,’ ‘scientific’ or ‘third person’ ‘account’ of intentionality than about an analogous account of consciousness. This paper is intended as a limited contribution to that debate. I shall be concerned only with the intentionality of action....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Papers]

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The Internal Action Of Hamlet

- The Internal 'Action'; of Hamlet Many people have emotional ups and downs, it is human nature, everybody has to go through a time of depression and happiness at one point or another. In this play, Hamlet is going through a time of depression. Many people can relate to Hamlet because everybody has struggles. In this play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, much of the action is internal. The conflict in this play is fought inside of a young prince named Hamlet. He finds out that his father was murdered and he has to decide within himself whether or not to seek revenge....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Action and Accountability in Macbeth

- Action and Accountability in Macbeth       They say that life is what you make of it. Though there is much in the fabric of Shakespeare’s tragedies that complicates the relationship between action and accountability with regard to the tragic heroes, it cannot be assumed, simply because they find themselves in a difficult position, that they are engulfed and rendered powerless by the events that unfold in their midst. Even Iago, Shakespeare’s evil incarnate, remarks, “ ‘Tis in ourselves that we are thus or thus…we have reason to cool our raging motions, our carnal stings, our unbitted lusts” (1.3:316-326)....   [tags: Free Macbeth Essays]

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International Human Rights in Action

- International Human Rights in Action The United Nations has been adapting its human rights machinery in order to better respond to the changing demands of the international community. During the cold war, the United Nations created the normative and institutional structures for international human rights protection, steadily broadening its competence in this area. At the same time, it supported the vast process of decolonization, which led to the birth of over 80 new independent nations. Landmark United Nations actions, such as the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples (1960), provided the blueprint for universally establishing the collective right to...   [tags: Human Rights Essays]

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Identity, Intersubjectivity and Communicative Action

- Identity, Intersubjectivity and Communicative Action Traditionally, attempts to verify communications between individuals and cultures appeal to 'public' objects, essential structures of experience, or universal reason. Contemporary continental philosophy demonstrates that not only such appeals, but fortuitously also the very conception of isolated individuals and cultures whose communication such appeals were designed to insure, are problematic. Indeed we encounter and understand ourselves, and are also originally constituted, in relation to others....   [tags: Philosophy Hume Papers]

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Insanity and Legal Action

- Insanity and Legal Action Schopenhauer’s theory of madness as a defect of memory, while unquestionably dated, nonetheless retains significant intuitive appeal and is at least reconcilable with modern understandings of mental function and insanity.1 If accepted as a working theory in conjunction with a more modern understanding of the operation of the brain, the theory leads to a conception of insanity as a failure of understanding of consequences. In turn, this conception may help explain precisely why the insane are not considered responsible for their actions, and may suggest that the insane cannot be said to have acted at all....   [tags: Law]

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Action Based Ethical Systems

- Action Based Ethical Systems One criticism would be that Action- Based Ethics lack a motivational component. Critics claim that action based ethics are uninspiring and very negative. They would say that it fails to inspire someone to action. Most of the commandments and rules in such systems are innately negative "Thou shalt not…" There is something unfit about a morality which is so unevenly defined in terms of "Thou shalt nots", emphasising innocence instead of an "energetic pursuit of the Good"....   [tags: Papers]

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Evaluation of Action Plan

- Evaluation of Action Plan * As my skill weakness, I wanted to improve the amount of tackles I made with my right shoulder in a game. To do this I needed to improve the percentage of successful tackles with my right shoulder. My six week action plan involved drills specifically designed to improve my tackling so that I could improve the amount completed in matches and after monitoring my performances I have seen that my tackling has improved * Despite being my skill strength, I wanted to improve the percentage of tackles completed over the gain line with my left shoulder....   [tags: Papers]

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Imaginary Business Action Plan

- Imaginary Business Action Plan For this item of course work I have been asked to produce a comprehensive study into starting an imaginary business of my choice in the Ballymena district in which I live. To help me proceed through this I will develop an inclusive action plan which will allow me to see how well I'm progressing through the time that I have been given. The action plan will also help me with the points that I must cover to ensure this study is comprehensive. In order for this study to be comprehensive and not lacking in detail or facts I must research all aspects of starting a business....   [tags: Papers]

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Disciplinary Action in HR

- Q. Discuss the use of disciplinary action in managing human resources. Human Resource Management is the backbone of every company. From a business standpoint, Human Resource Management does many things from being a strategic partner with the corporate structure, dealing with job analysis, employee testing, recruiting and hiring, training and developing employees, establishing pay appraisal techniques, managing careers, and establishing employee compensation. Let's not forget that, since HRM (Human Resource Management) deals with employees it also has to discipline them when they create problems....   [tags: Business Human Resources]

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Public Relations In Action

- PR in Action Public Relations is composed of many marketing tactics that enable companies to enhance credibility and image. It can also assist in developing goodwill and influences public opinion. Forms of PR tactics are speeches, special events, news releases, and annual events. PR is targeted to a specific audience. It's a very affective way of saying who you are, what you do, and how you can make a difference. Effective PR comes in many forms. Most of us are more familiar with flyers, brochures, and websites....   [tags: Business Marketing]

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Pulic Relation In Action

- Abstract In every organization today, whether operating on a national or local scale, profit or non-profit needs to have a Public Relations team in order for them to run smoothly and effectively. Non-profit organizations such as, Young Men's Christian Association otherwise know as the YMCA, Mothers Against Drunk Driving otherwise know as MADD, and Big Brothers Big Sisters International otherwise known as BBBS are three organizations that use effective Public Relations in order to run a successful organization and in turn help the community in various ways....   [tags: PR Public Relations Analysis]

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Civil Action

- Civil Action      The legal system is an essential element in the successful operation of this country. It is a system that is utilized every day, by every type of person, from the average blue-collar worker to the average Wall Street broker. There is a multitude of ways that the legal system is put to use. One such way is the class action lawsuit. A Civil Action, by Jonathan Harr, uses the account of a single case, Anne Anderson, et al., v. W.R. Grace & Co., et al, to illustrate the power and importance of class action lawsuits in the civil justice system....   [tags: Law Suit Legal Lawyer Court Essays Papers]

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Action Painting

- Action Painting Changing concerns in the field of theory and practice reflected developments in the social and economic structures after the horrible events of World War II. The complex relationship between the loss of faith in the Enlightenment’s promise that rationality would produce increased freedom and changes in cultural value systems caused by revolutionary developments in science and technology brought into focus natural contradictions in modern thinking. Abstract Expressionists of the 1940’s and 50’s were abstract artists because they had been schooled in early modern painting....   [tags: Papers]

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Civil Action

- A Civil Action The movie A Civil Action brings up an interesting idea that many people in the public don't see or hear about very often. The idea that the big corporations often don't take into account the safety of the people that work for them or the people that live around the factories. These big corporations are run entirely by money and the idea of what things will cost and how much money they can possibly make. Too many times money is more important than the lives of human beings and the people that run these places only see in dollars and cents....   [tags: Movies Film]

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National Collective Action

- National Collective Action The framers of the U.S. Constitution were men who wanted to solve the problems of collective action and agency loss. The Articles of Confederation contained many weaknesses, and to amend this, the framers sought to create a strong central government that could delegate authority and cut down transaction costs. Many compromises were necessary in order to solve these conflicts. The framers adopted certain changes that helped to balance the need for effective national collective action against the dangers inherent in the delegation of any authority....   [tags: Papers]

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Initiative 200

- Affirmative Action Under Attack by Initiative 200. Affirmative action is under heavy attack by initiative 200, and it should not be. It should not be under fire because it serves as an act of restitution for the discrimination and hurt that we have caused African-Americans and other minorities throughout this century. It is our job to repair and repay blacks because our performance in the past has immediately affected their present status. Americans, especially white males until late, were not opposed to affirmative action....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Korean Collective Action

- Korean Collective Action Throughout the past two decades, boycotts and demonstrations against Korean-American grocers by African-Americans have become increasingly common. This Anti-Korean stance has been fueled by complaints of Koreans' rudeness and physical violence towards customers, shoplifting suspicions, and price discrimination. However, using these same grievances, Korean-Americans have also done their share of shaking up the system. By the early 1980's produce retail had become the dominant business among Koreans in New York City (Min, 61)....   [tags: Immigration Economics Economy Essays]

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Nanotechnology: Taking Action

- Nanotechnology: Taking Action Happiness is a goal that never seems attainable. Philosophers have struggled with the idea of happiness and the implications of what it means to want. Perfection seems as a sickness to our very nature. We as humans strive for achieving the unachievable. Yet, the irony of this pursuit of happiness is that, once that want is achieved, new wants form, and then happiness is again hidden. But, what if perfection could happen. What if society and its environment could once again live in the Garden of Eden....   [tags: Science Technology Essays]

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Enzyme Action Investigation

- Enzyme Action Investigation Aim === My aim is to collect sensible results in an investigation to prove the optimum temperature for the enzyme amylase to break down starch. Background info =============== An enzyme is a biological catalyst that breaks down large molecular structures so they can be absorbed easier. It is found in all living things and there are more than 700 known enzymes in existence. However when an enzyme reacts, it remains the same and can continue breaking down substrates, which is the reason why we do not have many....   [tags: Papers]

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Reverse Discrimination

- Historical references have documented that ancient Greeks and Romans knew nothing about race. There was in fact, a majority of white slaves over black slaves. Even during Moorish rule on the Iberian peninsula, slavery was an equal opportunity operation (Carew par. 3). Not until much later, did the first clear evidence of racism occur with the start of slave trade from Africa to Britain and America. Racism was then formed by the rich and powerful to justify inhumane treatment of black people....   [tags: Race]

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