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A Survey On A Registered Investment Advisor

- An RIA, otherwise known as a Registered Investment Advisor, is a person or company that acts as a fiduciary while providing financial advisement or while managing a financial portfolio. An RIA must be licensed and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and, when applicable, also their state of practice (Investopedia). Broken down into layman’s terms, a Registered Investment Advisor is truly just a certifiably educated advisor whose job is to act in their client’s best interest when making financial decisions or giving financial advice pertaining to their client’s investment portfolios....   [tags: Investment, Finance, Bond]

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Company Profile Of A Financial Advisor

- CHAPTER – 3 COMPANY PROFILE 1. HISTORY OF THE COMPANY A financial advisor is a professional who renders monetary offerings to customers. Capital Win Advisory services incorporated as non-public confined organization on 22 February 2013 by Priyam Patel.The currently employer is engaged as a high stock advisory employer and were rated top by way of quite a few famous sovereign researchers and buyers. The industry is characterized through some organized and multitude of unorganized agents with severe completion....   [tags: Finance, Investment, Economics]

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Resident Advisor Application in Greece

- ... Volunteering has allowed me time to showcase my leadership, interaction, and communications skills efficiently by engaging children in a fun educational environment. By utilizing my skills in the museum, the children in the exhibits were informed about new methods of learning, such as hands-on interaction, for everyday use and/or life. The Children’s Museum and the RA job have similar goals and objectives, creating a postive environment, and building skills that could be used in the future. The skills I have used at the museum, I would be able to apply them by being a Resident Advisor....   [tags: role, applicants, experience, distinguish]

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Interview with a Residential Advisor

- As a residental advisor, Stephanie R worked in the academic setting in the last three years during her undergraduate years. For three years, her benefical experiences has been increased. The scope of problem she worked with the variety of problemic issues and developed a relationship with residents of the dorminity. Residents, residential advisors, Cooridators of Residental Education (CRE), and Graduate Assistants worked together in their dorm sites. The teamwork of dorms had to provide the workshops, advices, followed up with safety factors, and monitored their dorm sites....   [tags: Interview Essay]

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Trip Advisor and Hotel Services

- Introduction: I am covering the nuances of resort fees, bags fees and the overall measure of customer satisfaction through websites like Trip Advisor, Yelp and such in this essay. In today’s hyper competitive hospitality market where there is little to no difference in overall services offered, small charges like resort fees and baggage fees make a big impact in customer satisfaction. It can mean the difference between excellent reviews and negative reviews on websites like Trip Advisor and Yelp....   [tags: fees, resort, bags, hospitality]

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Financial Advisor

- My God there are so many careers out there, who in the world can pick just one. That’s what’s been weighing on my mind heavily is what career is right for me. I’ve thought of a couple that interest me but I want to find out everything there is to know about a financial advisor. The reason that I’m interested in this field is how everything is the same when it comes to the actually math behind the career. Also I like to deal with people and money so a job as a financial advisor just seems right for me but I intend to find out as much as I can to make sure there’s nothing surprising or any kinks in what sounds like the perfect job for me....   [tags: Career Field]

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Current Organization And Position As An Academic Advisor

- This paper will review assessments models that would benefit my current organization and position as an Academic Advisor. In this paper I will complete an assessment of my current organization and provide models with development where I will be able to use them to assess my organization. Introduction Advising structure is the context for delivering academic services to students. Organizational structure is one of the important building blocks for academic advising to be effective regardless of the program-college, department, or level....   [tags: College, University, Curriculum, Graduate school]

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My Research on Being a Financial Advisor

- Part One: The background When I was given the choice to any job that I want to do or research I choose a financial advisor. The reason that I choose a financial advisor is because it has always interested me. The reason that it interested me was because my dad has been a financial advisor for most of his life. This means I have a little better understanding of the job than the person next to me. From what I have heard from my dad it really makes me want to go into this same career. From the information that I know I like the job but, that’s why I did this research to learn more and see if the job would fit me as a person....   [tags: career-job choices]

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Speech : A Teacher 's Advisor For Menahga

- I interviewed a teacher that teaches in my high school in Menahga. Mrs. Ness teacher Agriculture classes and is the FFA advisor for Menahga. She was my FFA advisor my freshman year of college and started teaching at Menahga the year after I graduated. She is a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota, Crookston. She has been teaching in Menahga for three years. Over holiday break, I observed her classroom for a week. It was an open environment in which students seemed to be learning and were open for discussion about a variety of topics....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Learning, History of education]

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The Human Resources Advisor At Zeta Pharmaceuticals

- Jo is the Human Resources advisor at Zeta Pharmaceuticals, a company involved in the research, development and manufacture of non-prescription medications for pain relief. The sales force behind the company is very large, where their role is to promote the product to pharmaceutical retailers. A pharmacy manager raised a complaint regarding the sales methods performed by one of the company’s sales representatives. The pharmacy manager stated that the representative had been using inappropriate high-pressure sales tactics in an attempt to try convince him to purchase the company’s product....   [tags: Customer service]

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Skills Needed For A Successful Financial Advisor

- On November 3, 2016 I went to interview Katie Donohue, marketing manager and sales representative for Red Bull energy drink. The interview took place at the Red Bull warehouse in her office, Four Nashua Court Essex, Maryland. Katie attended Temple University and received a degree in Business Marketing and is currently in Graduate school. Katie started working at Red Bull when she was in college and has stayed with the company for now seven years. She has had three different positions in the Red Bull Company and has to the hopes to continue to grow in the future....   [tags: Management, Marketing, Communication]

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An Mock Investment Advisor Case Analysis

- Mini Case Assume that you recently graduated and have just reported to work as an investment advisor at the brokerage firm of Balik and Kiefer Inc. One of the firm’s clients is Michelle DellaTorre, a professional tennis player who has just come to the United States from Chile. DellaTorre is a highly ranked tennis player who would like to start a company to produce and market apparel she designs. She also expects to invest substantial amounts of money through Balik and Kiefer. DellaTorre is very bright, and she would like to understand in general terms what will happen to her money....   [tags: finances, company, income]

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Why I Am A Trusted Advisor

- Year End Key Result #1 I continue to add value to our product, by finding solutions to any issue or problem as it related directly to Trade Services processes. I continue to collaborate with closing, booking and loan processors to find ways to produce the most efficient and ensure the documentation trails are clean and used solely for the issuance of Letters of credit Purposes. I attend pre closing and re-documenting meeting to be on the front end of the process so the customer experience is timely and error free....   [tags: Customer service, Customer, Consultative selling]

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What Would You Look For An Investment Advisor?

- What would you look for an investment advisor. First, I interviewed Patricia, she is a friend of the family. She started her own business with her family one year ago. Their business is about importing and exporting smartphones screen from China, and distributing their product to local retailers. When I started my interview with Patricia, the first words she told me where, “I don’t know anything about finance”. If she were to invest in the market, she will look for some advice and help. Patricia will look for someone who has a vast experience and success in the investment field, and at the same time very professional....   [tags: Investment, Finance, Collective investment scheme]

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Why I Would Become A Peer Advisor

- Why I would like to be a Peer Advisor There are many reasons why I want to join the peer advising team here at San Diego State. I have a passion for helping other people in any sense of the word. If I can give someone some type of information or help that they are seeking than I feel as if I have a purpose and I am accomplished in doing my duty as a human being. My freshman year I was very confused as to what major i wanted to be in and Psychology interested me, so I attended the peer advising office seeking help....   [tags: Want, Need, 1995 singles, Applied psychology]

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Thomas Cromwell As The Architect Of The English Reformation And Legal Advisor

- Thomas Cromwell Is known as the architect of the English Reformation and legal advisor to King Henry VIII. However not many historians look into the life of Thomas Cromwell. Cromwell is notorious with the English Reformation. Every source on Cromwell speaks a little on the man himself, they focus on the part he played in the Kings “great matter”. Thomas Cromwell was a self taught man and struggled for everything he had. Cromwell began his journey to the Kings court in the most modest of ways. He left home at age fifteen because of a dispute with his father....   [tags: Henry VIII of England, Anne Boleyn, Thomas More]

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Relationship Between Academic Advisor And Academic Retention

- The part of the academic adviser shifts as student populaces and managerial conditions in colleges change after some time. Employees are progressively dedicated to showing students, and scholastic educating is an inventive structure with respect to showing that offers students some assistance with becoming included in their own decisions. Imparting students with a feeling of duty to their tentative arrangements and obligation regarding their choices is the foundation of the scholastic counselor 's work....   [tags: University, Education, College, Academia]

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My Academic Pl I Met With My Advisor

- My academic plan For my academic plan, I met with my advisor, Jeannie Cornelius. When I came into my meeting, I had my academic plan all laid out and written for her, because I already knew what I wanted my major to be. During the meeting we had discussed mostly about what classes I have already taken, what classes I will be taking, how many credit hours would be best for me to take each semester, what kinds of classes fits best with each other in one semester, and how many classes I would need to fit into my summer schedules....   [tags: High school, Academic term, College, Study skills]

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Becoming A Financial Advisor For Small Business Owners

- A parent’s dream is to prepare their children for the world in front of them, and a teacher’s dream is to give their students the tools they need to succeed in that world. I like to think of it as my parents taught me to dream while my teachers taught me to make a plan to achieve it. My dream is to become a financial advisor for small business owners in my community and help revitalize small businesses in the economy. I believe that small businesses are at the heart of every small community and are the key to a growing economy....   [tags: Small business, Business, Management, Teacher]

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Marketing Strategy For A Manager Of The Store, And Marketing Advisor

- Facilities: Forever Young will start off with one facility and expand along with profits. Once there is enough income collected to open another store the marketing strategy will focus on the first store. The store will be located _______. Labor Requirements: The first store will provide minimal wage in accordance with the state of New York, which is $9 per hour as of December 31, 2015 (New York State Department of Labor, 2015). As Forever Young’s profits expand there will be a manager of the store, and marketing advisor....   [tags: Credit card, Sales, Customer service, Retailing]

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My Senior Advisor At The United States Marine Corps

- When I joined the United States Marine Corps, I knew it would change my life, but I never realized how great those changes would be. I was trained in public affairs as a print and broadcast journalist, and immediately stationed in Okinawa, Japan. Drastic life changes can take a toll both physically and emotionally over time, and it is always important to have a great personal support system to thrive through those times. My senior advisor at the time, Master Gunnery Sgt. (Master Guns) Charles Albrecht, turned out to be one of the best supporters I could ever ask for....   [tags: United States Marine Corps, Marine, Royal Marines]

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North Kore National Security Advisor Lens

- North Korea through National Security Advisor Lens North Korea is a rogue state. A nation whose actions and behavior could set off a deadly regional conflict. A conflict which could involve the use of nuclear warheads. Since the end of the Korean War tensions have run high between the opposing sides. The biggest cause for concern for the U.S. and South Korea is North Korea’s continual test of nuclear weapons paired with its aggressive behavior towards its reginal neighbors. A miss calculation by North Korea during one of these tests could result in full blown conventional war in the region....   [tags: World War II, North Korea, Cold War, Korean War]

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Writing Advisors Serve As A Effective Dialogue Between The Advisor And Advisee. Wesley Houp

- This Monday I had my first drop-in shift at the Writing Center. The previous days I had been worrying about the questions I was going to ask my advisees and if I was actually able to help them. As soon as I sat down to begin my shift, students began to knock on the door and ask for help right away. The two girls whom I helped needed assistance on the same assignment, yet their levels of English were different. I approached the same matter in two different ways in less than one hour, which, to tell you the truth, made me feel kind of proud of myself....   [tags: Writing, Creative writing, Writer, Journalism]

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- Abstract The Traffic Management Advisor (TMA) is part of the FAA’s Free Flight program which has been on going for the past 12 years in an attempt to enable controllers the means in which to manage airspace and reduce delays at airports safely and more efficiently. It uses flight plan information along with environmental concerns to aide controllers in sequencing arrivals at airports and makes recommendations for traffic patterns to aide in undue congestion. The TMA has boosted efficiency of the air traffic controllers and helped in fuel efficiency and safety for the airlines, passengers and crews....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Position Of Advisor / Un And International Affairs Coordination At The Secretariat For Coordinating Reconciliation Mechanisms

- I am pleased to submit my application for the advertised position of Advisor/UN and International Affairs Coordination at the Secretariat for Coordinating Reconciliation Mechanisms (SCRM). The position constitutes a challenging, yet unique professional opportunity to bring the combination of my experience, competencies and passion to bear in the service of SCRM and the larger cause it represents. My record will amply demonstrate significant and relevant knowledge and experience in all the prominent dimensions of the job – substantive and consistent work in coordination, communication and multiple stakeholder engagement over the entire span of my professional career, experience in policy deve...   [tags: United Nations, International relations, Gender]

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A Study On The Philosophy Of The University State And Meeting With My Advisor For Selecting My Course

- While attending orientation at Texas State and meeting with my advisor for selecting my courses, I was a little unnerved to find out I had to take philosophy. I assumed we were going to discuss Aristotle for the entire semester. When the first lecture came around, I was relieved we did not have to read books about some Greek guy. I had no interest in philosophy or discussing whether man is inherently evil or not. Now that the semester is coming to a close, I realize that it was not about questioning a topic that seemed to have no answer....   [tags: Meat, Pork, Ethics of eating meat, Cattle]

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College Leadership Opporunities

- The most reasonable performance in college is to come across courses or organizations that enable a student to access leadership opportunities. Most leadership opportunities, however, are reachable during the Open House of colleges when upcoming students have the opportunity to get involved around campus. According to Worcester Polytechnic Institute, this certain involvement in campus allows advancement to occur in one’s career. It highlights one’s effort, and his or her commitment to stand out among everyone else in the campus....   [tags: newspaper, government, advisor, organiztion]

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Drug Trafficking in Pakistan

- TO: The Honourable President of Pakistan FROM: Drug Policy Advisor SUBJECT: Health and harm reduction: Pakistan’s Future DATE: 29/10/2013 Pakistan's geographic location next to world's largest producer of illicit opium, places the country in vulnerable position and it has emerged as popular transit nation for drug trafficking. Afghanistan produces an estimated 60-70 % of the world’s supply of illicit opiates, 45% of that cross into Pakistan, en route to destination markets.(UNODC Report on PAK) Identification of Key Issues  Porous borders and widespread corruption in the shipment officials (sea ports of Karachi and Port Qasim) that extends deep into the throats of Security forces as well (P...   [tags: drug policy advisor, health, President]

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Transition from Nun to Spiritual Advisor for Death Row Convicts in Dead Man Walking

- Sister Helen Prejean wrote Dead Man Walking based on her experiences with a convicted death row inmate named Patrick Sonnier. The story allows readers to follow Prejean as she transitions from nun to spiritual advisor. As the narrator for the story, Prejean delves into the emotional toll this situation takes on both the victim’s families and the death row inmates themselves. The story follows her entire experience with Patrick and his brother that eventually ends with Patrick’s execution and also the execution of Robert Willie....   [tags: execution, appeals, inmates]

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Richard Nixon And Gerald Ford, Former National Security Advisor And Secretary Of State Of Iraq And Syria

- Henry Kissinger, former national security advisor and secretary of state to US Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, is arguably the finest political brain of his generation. In 2014 at the ripe old age of 91, Kissinger published his magisterial tome “World Order,” a peerless peek back at history tracing the evolution of the incumbent international system of rules from pre-Westphalian Europe in the Middle Ages to the global response to militant Islamic extremism in the guise of Al-Qaeda and more recently the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) over half a millennium later....   [tags: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Taliban, Richard Nixon]

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Personal Experience: Spending Happy Times with The Family

- ... If you come to look at it, you can say my life is a teenage nightmare. I didn’t have what every teenager might have. Indeed I wasn’t every teenager. Sometimes, I think I might have done something terrible to deserve this. Because of all people, why did it have to be me. Until one day after Card Giving in school, my mother told me that she spoke with my class adviser. Apart from the matters regarding grades, she said that he saw the four of us (my mother, my siblings and me) playing hide-and-seek, late one afternoon....   [tags: teenager life, dream, advisor]

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Difference Between Supervision and Consultation

- What are the differences between supervision and consultation. APA (2010) (sec. 2.01) as well as ACA (sec. F.1) states, "administrators and advisors must deliver the leadership essential to the protection of educate supervisees, welfare of patients, facilitate the professional development of consultee" (Welfel, 2013/2010, p. 416). According to Welfel (2013/2010), there are different ways mental health explains the term "guidance" the factors are, "practice of equating competence, process that involves multiple roles, and improper supervision inability of welfare of others" (p....   [tags: advisor, leadership, ethics, guidance]

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My Interview with Our Resident Advisor

- ... Our tour finished in one of Haaland Hall’s beautiful lounges, and seated comfortably in arm chairs beside a large window overlooking campus, and our interview commenced. We began talking about leadership. Alex told me she felt a leader was a role model who empowered other people to reach their own potential. It reminded me of an exercise we did in RA class in which we compiled words that defined qualities of a leader. Listener, charismatic, and open-minded had been my top three picks, and I remember role-model making the list....   [tags: undergrads, peers, college]

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End of Window XP

- End of Window XP Life Could Debilitate Regulatory Compliance Standards: The most widespread and reigning operating system, Window XP that was released on October 25, 2001 and was considered to be the most outstandingly accepted operating system platform among Consumer and Business Markets is now after April 8, 2014 will be defunct. That means , starting from April 9,2014 Microsoft will no longer provide support, market or any updates, hot fixes, any type of support options like Microsoft Security Essentials or online technical content updates....   [tags: vulnerability, upgrade advisor]

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U.s. Senator : An Economics Adviser

- You are an economics advisor to a U.S. Senator. The Senator is interested in sponsoring legislation to address the impact of rapidly rising medical costs, and has commissioned you to write a briefing paper on the subject. There is no denying that medical costs have not only risen in the past and continue to do so in the present (1), but this rise is faster than that of other expenses. In this sense the relative costs of medical care have been rising. ‘Health care spending has risen about 2.4% points faster than GDP since 1970s-according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.(2)....   [tags: Consumer theory, Indifference curve, Health care]

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Technology And Social Trends : Young Investors Wary Of Traditional Advisors And Traditional Advisory Services

- When it comes to investing, millennials tend to approach things differently than their parents. Young investors, who have been through two market crashes, have developed skepticism and mistrust towards banks and traditional advisory services. Many millennials prefer to save and forgo investing all together. For those willing to test the market, technology and social trends play a significant impact on their decision making. As millennials now outnumber baby boomers in the U.S., many traditional financial services strive to connect with young investors....   [tags: Investment, Collective investment scheme]

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The Selection of the Advisory Board

- The Role of Change Agents As the move toward an evidence-based approach in criminology has gathered momentum over the past decade, increased attention has been paid to strategies that try to ensure that knowledge gained from the best evidence is actually used in practice. For the strategies to work, liaisons between basic research and practice are needed to make certain that research is being utilized to its maximum potential. These liaisons or change agents will provide abundant benefits to the task force and I hope to provide you with a comprehensive list of talented change agents that can be of use on our advisory board....   [tags: Business Management ]

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A Short Term Goals Of The Financial Advisory Department

- My short term goal is to work in the financial advisory department in one of the “big four” accounting firms. I would ideally like to leverage my cross-disciplinary academic interests in finance and accounting, to provide institutional clients with a wider range of services, such as financial operations, organizational governance, tax compliance, investment, M&A and restructuring. In the long run, I hope to become a business partner at a top-tier financial consulting firm in China, devoting myself to serving various areas and enterprises, especially the SMEs, comprehensive strategies in investment, financing, organizational operation, valuation, risk and asset management....   [tags: Risk, Finance, Risk management, Investment]

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The Importance of Creating Foreclosure Advisors to Resolve the Foreclosure Crisis in America

- During his administration President Barack Obama approved the “Making Home Affordable” Refinancing Program. This legislation is designed mostly to aid Americans who have not gone into foreclosure yet, but are at risk of foreclosure in the future. It aims to help avoid preventable foreclosures for millions, but does not take into account the remaining homeowners who are actually in the process of having their homes foreclosed on. Also, in order for millions of homeowners who are potential foreclosure candidates to take advantage of this program they must understand their options and be aware of its existence....   [tags: real estate]

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Financial Analysis : Financial Management

- Over history financial advisors have played a very important role in society by handling the money of all different types of people, rich or poor, through depressions as well as economic booms. These advisors help people retire and save for events in life that are expected as well as unexpected and are ingrained in a society with ever-changing wants and needs. However, what if the same services that a human financial advisor can be made so that they are cheaper to use and can better predict market volatility....   [tags: Investment, Finance, Financial adviser]

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Monetary Advisors Help People Or Corporate Financial Specialists For Their Wealth Management After Administrations

- 3. Importance of the topic These monetary advisors help people or corporate financial specialists for their wealth management after administrations: A. Investment Solutions: The budgetary advisors helps the people in enhancing their portfolio through option speculation arranges, shared assets, values, and even put something aside for retirement through annuities of the following. B. Financial Planning: Financial Planning is an activity expected to guarantee accessibility of appropriate measure of assets at the correct time to meet the individual 's monetary objectives....   [tags: Finance, Investment, Money, Interest rate]

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MCF Advisors Standards and Procedures

- Standards and Procedures: MCF Advisors exist to promote the development of nonprofit organizations and to assist in the growth and development of new nonprofit organizations that are recently developed in the community. We strive to develop ethics standards that exceed the expectations of our clients and investors. Employees of MCF Advisors lead nonprofit organizations in a positive direction. We recognize our responsibility to protect the sensitive information acquired in this line of work. Our clients and the employees of MCF Advisors follow strict guidelines when it comes to ethical practices....   [tags: Business Management]

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Abortion For The Pregnancy Advisory Service

- According to British Pregnancy Advisory Service, abortion is defined as, when a pregnancy is ended so that it doesn 't result in the birth of a child. Sometimes it is called 'termination of pregnancy '. There are two types of abortion treatment, medical and surgical abortion. Medical abortion, or the abortion pill, is used for those you find out they are pregnant and are able to end the pregnancy early on in their pregnancy between 10 and 24 weeks. Women who are up to 10 weeks’ pregnant takes medication which will cause a miscarriage....   [tags: Abortion, Pregnancy, Birth control, Abortifacient]

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The Advisory Committee On Immunization Practices

- The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommends that 9 to 26 year old males and females receive three doses of the quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. However, after countless educational and marketing campaigns, since the vaccine was licensed in 2006, vaccination rates have remained low. The article, Human Papillomavirus Vaccination among Adolescents in Georgia, aims to study, parental attitudes toward the vaccination, describe receipt of one and three vaccine doses, and examine the correlations between series initiation and completion of all three doses....   [tags: HPV vaccine, Human papillomavirus, Vaccine]

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Use Of A Salvation Army Advisory Board

- My thoughts on the use of a Salvation Army Advisory Board. Prior to the start of the course on “Advisory Board Development,” I took for granted the importance of an advisory board’s assistance to the corps, in completing the mission of The Salvation Army. I had prior exposure to a couple of advisory boards, however, my exposure was limited to a few meetings I was able to attend. The discussions usually centered on normal Salvation Army agendas, related to the corps. Therefore, I was unable to gather enough information to conclude and recognize the importance of an advisory board....   [tags: Board of directors, Management]

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The Anti Weaponry Advisory, By David Hemenway

- Kristof is sarcastically and quietly confident in his belief that America is the second most armed country in the World, with the first being terrorism-plagued Yemen in the midst of a “minor civil war”. In this anti-weaponry advisory, readers are informed of gun fatality statistics, the self-imposed dangers of owning a firearm and stand witness to Kristof’s somewhat comical discrediting of many exaggerated pro-gun claims. He recruits academic authority, Harvard professor and author David Hemenway, regarding his perspective of the prevalence and effects of the soaring numbers of gun ownerships in society vs popular opinion regarding personal safety afforded by said ownerships....   [tags: Firearm, Gun politics]

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A Research Consultant / Adviser At Dewa ( Dubia Electricity And Water Authority )

- 1 INTRODUCTION Innovation is considered a significant aspect of an organization, as organizations around the world are increasingly relying on these characteristics (Farh, Lee and Farh 2010; Shin, and Zhou, 2007) to improve and to handle the increasing challenges in the consumer market (Shalley, Zhou and Oldham, 2004). As a research consultant/adviser at DEWA (Dubia Electricity and Water Authority) which is one of the largest water and electricity supply company in the Middle East. As a Principal Researcher, it is my prime responsibility to organize various type of analyses....   [tags: Innovation, Creativity, Interview, Invention]

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Symptoms And Treatment Of A Sacral Decubitus Ulcer Advisory Panel

- A Sacral decubitus ulcer is used interchangeably as a pressure ulcer or pressure sore, which is commonly diagnosed by prolonged pressure to the skin. A decubitus ulcer forms when constant pressure is put on skin and can damage the underlying tissue (Mayo Clinic, 2014). For example, persistent sitting in a wheelchair. It is an injury to the skin that is usually over a bony prominence like the sacrum (Kirman, C. et al. 2014). The National pressure ulcer advisory panel (NPUAP) explains that these sores result in ischemia, cell death, and tissue necrosis to the skin....   [tags: Bedsore, Gangrene, Iatrogenesis, Anemia]

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Report Of The National Advisory Commission On Civil Disorders

- Violence, segregation and poverty were creating an unjust world in America that no one was recognizing. In 1968, the Kerner report was a shock to not only the president, Lyndon B. Johnson, but also to the nation. America was shown the harsh realities of racism, poverty and injustice in the United States through the Kerner Commission’s report. The documentary touched on in this paper is a discussion of the Kerner Commission Report, 40 years later with Bill Moyers and former Oklahoma Senator, Fred Harris, who was on the commission....   [tags: Lyndon B. Johnson, United States]

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Dimensional Fund Advisors

- This case discusses the unique value proposition of Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), which used academic research to create specialized portfolios focused on Small Capitalization companies. Their investment philosophy particularly focused on research by Fama and French and Banz. They researched how small cap companies tend to outperform large cap companies over time. In addition, FDA created an additional competitive advantage by created trading efficiencies to reduce transaction cost. 1. Fama and French findings shocked the modern portfolio theory and their study was nick named "Beta is Dead"....   [tags: Investment Case Study]

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Parental Advisory

- Parental Advisory On sale now in a music store near you. The following are excerpts of songs from well known American artists that can be purchased. While each of these albums all have a parental advisory label, they in fact can be purchased by any consumer of any age. Let’s hear what they have to say… One of you tries to grab a knife /And during the struggle he accidentally gets his Adam's apple sliced /(No!) /And while this is goin' on /His son just woke up and he just walks in /She panics and he gets his throat cut /(Oh my God!) /So now they both dead and you slash your own throat /So now it's double homicide and suicide with no note… Now shut the fuck up and get what's comin to you/NO...   [tags: Music Lyrics Essays]

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The Effect Of A Patient Advisory Council ( Pac ) Has On Adult Inpatient Satisfaction

- Illustration of the Impacts generated by a Patient Advisory Council For decades, patient satisfaction has been considerably lower in the United States compared to other countries (Joachim, Blendon, Zaslavsky, & Campbell 2016). Patients and family members are increasing by asked to be more involved in the healthcare evolution. Today, patient satisfaction is a commonly used tool used to assess quality care. The aim of this research is to reveal the effects a Patient Advisory Council (PAC) has on adult inpatient satisfaction....   [tags: Patient, Health care provider, Healthcare]

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The Ethical Treatment Of Animals ( Peta ) And The California Milk Producers Advisory Board

- “Great Cheese comes from Happy Cows. Happy Cows come from California.” A statement heard and seen on multiple advertisements, from commercials, to print. It is this statement that sets in motion a lawsuit between People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the California Milk Producers Advisory Board (CMAB). PETA is a group who fights for animal rights through public education. CMAB is a food department whose goal is to promote California milk and the use of dairy products. These two groups, state their facts backing up their sides in order to defend their actions....   [tags: Milk, Cattle, Dairy farming, Dairy]

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Efficient Market Hypothesis

- The company Dimensional Fund Advisors works at the biggest US stock market. According to philosophy of Dimensional “It is certainly possible to outperform markets, but not without accepting increased risk.” (Markets Work, Dfaus.). Does this market agree to the Efficient Market Hypothesis clearly ending market attempts according to the weak, the semi-strong, and the strong forms of efficiency. Situation at the US market. In fact, the Dimensional Fund Advisors work at the technically and managing advanced US market....   [tags: Dimensional Fund Advisors, Economy]

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Unethical Behavior By American Businesses

- Unethical behavior by American businesses "Where 's my money in 2016" The Introduction (Rebuttal). The Introduction (Rebuttal). American publicly traded companies, investment firms, and our elected officials continue to make bad decisions and mistakes with normal citizen’s retirement/college funds or investment money. Does success in business necessarily mean you need to cross the boundaries between good and evil. I certainly don’t believe that, However, in my business career I have seen both. There are a few senior executives with character traits frequently associated with the darker side of human nature....   [tags: Investment, Finance, Official, Financial adviser]

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What Trade Off Between Inflation And Unemployment Did President Kennedy 's Council Of Economic Advisors Believe They Faced?

- 1. What trade-off between inflation and unemployment did President Kennedy’s Council of Economic Advisors believe they faced. During the six years from 1958 through 1963, the unemployment rate averaged almost 6%. Prior to this ten years before it had been 2%. Kennedy’s Council of Economic Advisors proposed a policy designed to stimulate the economy and bring the unemployment rate down to 4%. At this time, it was believed that 4% was a consistent measure with “full employment.” The policy called for a major tax cut....   [tags: Inflation, Macroeconomics, Economics]

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It's Time to Stop the Censorship Music with Explicit Lyrics

- It's Time to Stop the Censorship Music with Explicit Lyrics Music with explicit lyrics or content started having black and white parental advisories on them in 1994 ( Are these labels necessary. Is controversial music molding our society and causing teenagers to turn to drugs. Is censorship necessary to protect the youth of our nation. Generally, younger people are against censorship on this issue. Music is an outlet and even an anti-drug for many teens; however, parents and society feel differently....   [tags: Music Parental Advisory]

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Ernst and Young

- I. Introduction A. About the company: Ernst & Young is a global leader in assurance, tax, transactions and advisory services. The company is based in London, UK, with 709 offices in 140 countries, over 70 of which are in the United States. It employs 152,000 people worldwide. Global revenue in 2011 was $22.9 billion. Ernst & Young was founded in 1989 when Ernst & Whinney and Arthur Young & Co. merged. The company's roots go back to 1849. To ensure they are efficient and effective, they have organized their legal entities into 29 similarly sized business units, called Regions, in terms of both people and revenues....   [tags: revenue, region, technology, advisory, assurance]

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Parental Advisory Stickers Are Merely The Most Common Expression Of The American People Are Not Capable Of Our Own

- The government has often portrayed the conviction that the populace is unfit to be exposed to crude music and vulgar imagery, seeming to believe that the American people are not capable of protecting their cognitive moralities. These beliefs are what has lead the government to sanction the use of “Parent Advisory Stickers” on record albums that are deemed explicit and dangerous for young ears. No matter how egregiously offensive one might find music by certain artist and albums, it is unconstitutional to limit their right to free speech in anyway and for the government to intervene in private business in such a manner (Fischer)....   [tags: Afghanistan, Taliban, Censorship, Al-Qaeda]

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IFPRI - ICAAP Project to Provide Global Agricultural Advisory Services to Small and Marginal Farmers

- IFPRI - ICAAP project to provide global agricultural advisory services to small and marginal farmers International Food Policy Research institute, Washington DC and ICAAP (IKP Centre for Advancement in Agricultural practice) joined together to establish global agricultural knowledge facility through information and communication technology (ICT) in India. The project aims to establish an interactive internet-based platform for facilitating knowledge and experience sharing between the various agri-stakeholders (including men and women farmers, extension agents, agricultural scientists, agro-industries, agri-financing institutions, policymakers and planners)....   [tags: Agriculture]

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M&A Advisory

- Since our last update, a number of interesting trends and factors caught our eye: M&A Transaction Activity: • The number and value of headline-grabbing, billion-dollar deals peaked at the end of June 2007. For the twelve months ending 6/30/2007, dealmakers racked up 290 deals with an aggregate value of $1.148 Trillion Dollars. Since that time, mega-deal activity has dropped. • The number of M&A deals leveled off at the very beginning of 2007 showing 0% growth for the 12 months ending 1/30/2007, versus the 12 months ending 1/30/2006....   [tags: Finance Investment market]

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Pet Psychology: People Who Live With a Pet are Best Advisors

- As we discussed about pet psychology last semester I decided to write about my pet. In my opinion, people who have pets are the most suitable people to give you advice about dog or any other pet. Maybe someone is scientist or he studied dog’s behavior but real experts for dogs are people who live with them, feed them, take care of them and the most important: love them. Seven years ago I got my first pet, golden retriever. Back then I couldn't even imagine how much he would mean to me. One day dad’s cousin told us that if we want a dog we can come to their place and pick one because they have seven of them and they can’t sell them....   [tags: cats, dogs, care]

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The Impact of Online Reviews on Hotel Bookings

- INTRODUCTION is a travel website providing directory information and reviews of travel related content. Online reviews now shape the way travellers and international tourists choose hotel accommodation and plan for holiday destinations. Many consumers consult online trip advisor reviews before making travel and accommodation choices in hotels. However, Racherla, Cornolly & Christodoulidou, (2013: 135) argued that, existing academic understanding of these popular information sources in the tourism and hospitality domain is relatively weak....   [tags:]

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The Importance Of Academic Advising

- The importance of Academic Advising Academic advising plays a huge role in students’ lives and it is a share responsibility between the student and their advisors. There are many ways in which advising benefit students. Advising enhance students’ abilities to utilize the resources that colleges provide for their students. Guiding students to stay in the right track of their academic courses and following up with all the updates and requirements to graduate is also objectives of the advisors....   [tags: University, College, Academia]

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Case Study: Intercultural Communication

- Hamid, a student at State University has received his Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and is currently in the final year of completion of his PhD. During his attendance at State University Hamid utilized the Foreign Student Advisors Office where he developed a close relationship with the advisor of that particular time. During the following years the student advisor was replaced by another student and the relationship between the advisor and Hamid was in its early phases. While not being a close friend, they were in fact friends....   [tags: Interpersonal Communication]

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The Role Of Warrant Officer For The United States Army

- The Role of Warrant Officer The role of the Warrant Officer in the United States Army is not difficult to define, but I believe it hard to see because we were always the quiet professional behind the scenes. The Army defines a Warrant Officer as “a self-aware and adaptive technical expert, combat leader, trainer and advisor. Through progressive levels of expertise in assignments, training and education, the warrant officer administers, manages, maintains, operates, and integrates Army systems and equipment across the full spectrum of army operations....   [tags: Non-commissioned officer, Sergeant]

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Academic Factors That Affect Student 's Education

- Introduction Throughout an undergraduate student’s education there are many factors that can determine how successful a student is in meeting his or her academic and future career goals. One important aspect of this education includes academic advising. This aspect is a critical part in a student’s education, because it plays an important role in supporting student’s achievement, in particular with helping students reach their potential (Drake, Jordan, Miller, 2013, pg. 44). Academic advising also impacts over half of the students so much that these students stated that their primary source of academic and career guidance comes from their advisor (Gordon, Habley, Grites, 2008, pg....   [tags: University, Education, Academia, Student]

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Punctuality Is Vital, It Helps The Workplace Run More Smoothly?

- Being punctual is vital, it helps the workplace run more smoothly, it also shows how serious and dedicated you are to your job. Punctuality depicts that you are capable of handling responsibilities. Punctuality is a commitment and when you make a commitment and you don’t keep your word, it abolishes your professionalism, credibility and respect. As a sales advisor attending work at the right time shows that you are a reliable worker. No company likes someone who is consistently late for their shift or who never shows up to work....   [tags: Problem solving, Management, Employment, Time]

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A Interview With A Friend Of The Family

- I first interview a friend of the family. Patricia is start her own business with her family one year ago. Their business import – export smartphones screen from China, and distribute their product to local retailers. As a marketer graduate from FIU, Patricia understand an. When I started my interview with Patricia, the first words she told me where, “I don’t know anything of finance”. If she were to invest in the market, she definitely looks for some advice and help to be able to take care of her money....   [tags: Investment, Finance, Collective investment scheme]

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The Dynamics Of Nanoparticle Tethered Polymers

- Sung graduate research group at Cornell historically focused on the dynamics of nanoparticle tethered polymers. These nanoparticles are intended for use in lithium ion batteries. However, there was still more study that was needed to fully understand the nanoparticles. Sung hypothesized that the answers were in the structure of the nanoparticle and the interaction with the tethered polymers. Unfortunately, this was not a current area of study for her research group. This meant that her group did not have the expertise or analytical techniques that she would need for this work....   [tags: Scientific method, Research, Lithium-ion battery]

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Academic Advising : The Key For Student Success Book, O ' Banion

- In the Academic Advising: The Key to Student Success book, O’Banion (2013), suggest that academic advising is the most essential role in the community colleges’ today. The purpose for academic advising is to ensure that students choose a program of study to accommodate their life and vocational goals (O’Banion, 2013). Thus, academic advising is a continuous process; the student is engaged in the process throughout their educational career. Furthermore, academic advising include providing support, setting high expectations, and offering feedback to the student (O’Banion, 2013)....   [tags: University, College, Higher education]

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The Importance Of A Successful College Experience

- It’s a Monday morning. I have awakened to my annoying alarm clock telling me it’s time to get up and start another work week. Quietly I mutter and complain as I walk to the bathroom to start getting ready for work. Looking into the mirror I think to myself, “I hate having to get up and go to a job that I do not like. I wish I could do something else.” Well, there is something else. I can go back to school and create a new and more solid path. “Where do I go. How do I get started. How much will this cost?” are just a few of the questions running through my head....   [tags: College, High school, University]

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A Brief Note On Microsoft Corporation. Use App

- Word Microsoft Corporation USE APP 1 / 3 Unit 2. Working in the Science Industry Assignment 3. Part A. 1. How would you transfer old written documents (e.g.) Health and Safety records) into the LIMS. Most old documents are hand written but now we rely on electronic copy as it is easier to find using the search button rather than looking through stacks of old paper documents, one by one.Old documents such as images and files can be scanned and uploaded onto the system, in a PDF format or word format and old data such as order lists, which used to be kept in a log book, can be put in spreadsheet format such as Excel, in a folder, with a clear name to show what the investigation is about....   [tags: Spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office]

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The Career Of A Financial Analyst

- Possible Career Fields One of the hardest decisions in life is deciding what career path you think would be best for you. In the future, I would love to become an accountant. Accounting seems like a good match for me because I enjoy math while I also have good organization and time management skills. Two careers in the accounting field that I am interested in are: being a Financial Analysts or a Personal Financial Advisor. When choosing a career, important factors to considered are education and/or licenses requirements, skill requirements, salary, and the work environment....   [tags: Investment, Finance, Financial services]

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The Purpose And Core Values Of Higher Education

- The Purpose and Core Values of Higher Education: How Institutions May Improve Purpose of Higher Education For the Individual In thinking about the purposes of higher education in regard to an individual, I feel that there are a few. First, the purpose for pursuing higher education for an individual is to have better job prospects than he or she would have with just a high school diploma. Second—and this is related to the first point—not only will a person have better job prospects than a person with a high school diploma, they will also have better job security and will not be as indispensable....   [tags: Higher education, Education, Sociology]

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The Benefits Of The Therapeutic Alliance

- The therapeutic alliance is an association where both specialist and patient concede to shared objectives and cooperate on errands which possibly will create a positive result. This collusion is based on acknowledgment, compassion and trust, with the observation that the relationship is an element in fruitful treatment. The association or helpful union amongst advisor and customer has been a center and analyzed ordinarily all through the verifiable advancement of psychotherapy. It is in my personal opinion that the relationship between the clinician and the client is a crucial aspect for helpful result....   [tags: Therapy, Psychotherapy, The Specialist, Customer]

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Community And Technical Colleges : A Program Of Study

- Community and technical colleges perform an indispensable function in increasing access to higher education, but their completion rates continue to be low. Research indicates that individuals presented with several opportunities frequently do not make helpful choices. Additionally, there is data that community and technical colleges must be more effective in assisting students continue and complete a program of study. These institutions must offer a set of closely controlled program opportunities whose requirements and projected outcomes are clearly defined....   [tags: Education, University, Higher education, College]

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Why Do I Trust With Your Future Financial Livelihood?

- Issue: Retirement is something that most people work their entire lives to achieve. Hard earned money is taken from each paycheck and deposited into a retirement account that will hopefully grow into a considerable amount. The world of financial investing can be very confusing and leads most people to trust others in managing their money. This beckons an important question: whom do I trust with my future financial livelihood. The answer to this question could be the difference between a comfortable retirement and the need to continue working....   [tags: Investment, Finance, Collective investment scheme]

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The Importance Of An Hr Professional And Assess Myself Against Them

- As mentioned for the assessment process of the HR advisor role in this report I would be reflecting on my understanding of an HR professional and assess myself against them. Behaving as a HR proficient with particular reference to professionalism within HR as a HR Advisor, I will be in charge of the full scope of HR functions in my organistion which would incorporate areas like Training and development, Reward Management, Resourcing and Talent Planning, Employee Engagement and staying aware of the HR legislative practices....   [tags: Management, Organization, Human resources]

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Chapter 13 Based Progarms And The Foreclosure Crisis

- Foreclosure Essay Life is unpredictable. There are millions of distractions—illness, family obligations, expenses, careers, education—waiting to pull attention away from paying the mortgage. While they seem to take precedence over something as trivial as mailing the check to pay the mortgage, these distractions can potentially lead a homeowner into quite a significant dilemma. As more and more Americans fall prey to these distractions, the rates of foreclosures in the Unites States have increased dramatically....   [tags: Economics]

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