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Defining Adventure Education

- Growing up, I knew adventure education to be about practical skills and recreation. It was a way of keeping youth active and engaged. More recently, however, I’ve come to learn more about the history and philosophies of adventure education and so my idea of the concept has changed dramatically as I have also lived and learned much since the days of my youth. I define adventure education as one word: integration. Integration encompasses both personal growth and development of morals and an understanding of nature and the environment on a deeper level....   [tags: Adventure Programming]

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The Good Life Adventure

- So here, we were on our next adventure. A man, a woman, a teenage girl, two dogs, a caravan and a trailer; setting up home in the woods. Twenty acres of undulating woodland, made up of hard and soft wood trees, which was unfenced and with no immediate neighbours other than the incumbent wildlife. This was our little piece of rural paradise hidden from everyone, a blank canvas to create whatever we wanted. Living the ‘good life,’ from our perspective, and on a practical level, meant aiming to live a simpler existence....   [tags: adventure, rural, caravan]

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The Benefits of Wilderness Sports and Adventure Education

- Adventure Education can be defined in many ways. I feel that Adventure Education is a direct, active, and engaging learning experience that involve the whole person and have real consequences. What I get from this definition is that students are active, always involved, while they learn from new experiences that can have real consequences like getting hurt. Another way to define it is the promotion of learning through adventure centered experiences, for example, outdoor sports, challenge courses and races....   [tags: Adventure Education Essays]

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Personal Narrative: My Childhood Adventure

- Ah. I see you have come to hear my story. Well, I warn you now; I am advanced in years and might forget some parts. My story is filled with adventure, new beginnings, and confusion. But enough. I will begin. I was a girl of just 15, ready to explore the outside. I lived in an ancient city, named Baktrahkpi. This city was on a mysterious island, where many centuries ago, it was decided by the gods that each quarter moon the island would vanish and appear in a new spot, never quite the same one. One morning, on my 15th birthday I decided I wanted to go and explore, for I was now considered a woman....   [tags: essay about myself, Adventure Essay]

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Adventure Essay: Pip's Adventure

- I woke with a start in my tiny, dark dorm room. There was a persistent tapping coming from my window. I leaped out of bed and waved my wand groggily. A few candles on my desk lit up, illuminating the shape of a large, snowy owl. "Gamma!" It was the headmaster's owl. He only left his roost for important matters, and in times like these, it could only be bad news. I threw open the sash and took the heavy envelope from his beak. He alighted on my head and watched as I read, Dear Miss Shadowcaster, Something has come up in which I feel your participation would be most fortuitous....   [tags: Creative Writing, Adventure Essay]

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Positive Changes in Character in "The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain

- The novel “The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn”, by Mark Twain is an exciting book that describes the story of a young boy and his friend Jim. Huckleberry Finn, who is the protagonist in this tale, is a young boy who enjoys his immature life to the fullest. Playing pranks, going on adventures and running away from society are part of his daily thrill. At first sight it might seem that Huckleberry Finn might be an uneducated boy who has no interest or probability of growing mature. However, throughout the story the immature boy has plenty of encounters which strengthen his character and lead him from boy- to manhood....   [tags: Adventure of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain, ]

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The Adventure of the Speckled Band, The Stolen Bacillus and Napoleon and the Spectre

- Tension and Suspense in The Adventure of the Speckled Band The Stolen Bacillus and Napoleon and the Spectre All the above mentioned narratives contain suspense and tension throughout and they all belong to the "short story" genre. This is significant as in short stories the form doesn't allow the opportunity to write long descriptions or to create a strong relationship between the reader and the characters, so instead he or she needs to pack the tale with almost immediate tension to grip the reader from the outset....   [tags: The Adventure of the Speckled Band,]

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Adventure Expeditions : The Adventure Expedition

- The Adventure Expedition offers customers a completely unique experience that they would otherwise never encounter in their daily lives. By offering a wide variety of different adventures for the customer to choose, the Adventure Expedition can quench the thirst for adventure for virtually anyone. This service will offer an alternative form of entertainment that keeps the customer active and engaged at all times. This enables it to offer excitement and novelty in the lives of those that frequently get bored or feel like they need something new in their life, without the hassle of travelling or extensive planning....   [tags: Customer service, Customer, Exploration, Sales]

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Adventure Essay: The Cable Car

- The cable car jerked forward unsteadily. It halted. The ancient cables beginning to corrode. The thirty people inside yelling and screaming with terror. They began to panic. The cable car started to move a fraction at a time it proceeded. The boy who was watching with fear noticed the cable car said "Warning; 25 people maximum" His body began to shake and shiver more and more. The boy was about 5ft 2, with dark hair and brown eyes. The freezing weather was getting to him, although he tried to buck up, he also tried rubbing his hands together to heat up....   [tags: Adventure Essay, Original Writing]

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The Dnp Adventure

- The DNP Adventure The decision to enroll in graduate school came after considerable time and soul searching. While contemplating the decision to return to school I thought about life, school and work. I realized that my experience in these areas have prepared me for the challenge and I am going to succeed. Education has prepared me for the doctorate of nursing program in many ways. Obtaining knowledge in subjects like statistics, advanced pathophysiology, and health assessment were educational but the advanced nursing research course had the greatest impact on me....   [tags: Pulmonology, Asthma]

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Adventure Tourism in Ghettos and Disasters

- Inline Attachment Follows: Adventure Tourism 1 - Adventure Tourism in Ghettos and Disasters.txt Adventure Tourism in Ghettos and Disasters Adventure tourism, as its name implies, is going to places for thrills and surprises. The typical choices are trekking to natural wonders and visiting extreme sports venues. However, now is the time to think out of the box and try some options which are chosen only by a brave few. The following choices can make some people cringe or be left in state in shock....   [tags: Tourism]

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Analysis Of `` Cathedral `` And `` Adventure `` Paris ``

- While stories are leading readers to experience a different world and an experience that might not be possible in the reality that is limited by time and location, characters inside the story could also experience a change in settings, mentally or physically, that transforms their lives. As the readers follow the characters’ journey, they can understand more about the characters or the deeper messages that the authors want to deliver. In “Cathedral” and “An Adventure in Paris”, the main characters both experienced a great change in their lives with a mind-changing incident, and the changes happened at a distant place from where they were residing....   [tags: Short story, Guy de Maupassant, Meaning of life]

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The And Adventure Of A Brave New World

- In Journal of the First Voyage to America, Christopher Columbus described his first journey to the New World: "Everything looked as green as in April in Andalusia. The melody of the birds was so exquisite that one was never willing to part from the sound, and the flocks of parrots obscured the heavens... A thousand different sorts of trees, with their fruit were to be met with, and of a wonderfully delicious odor." Europeans were intrigued by descriptions like these, detailing a land completely unlike anything they had ever heard of or seen before....   [tags: The Tempest, William Shakespeare]

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Traveling The World Is An Adventure Of A Lifetime

- Traveling the world is an adventure of a lifetime. From the things that can be seen to the people that are met, it is sure to be an adventure of a lifetime. There is so much more to see than anyone can imagine. Experiencing a new culture can be a shock at first, but the interesting qualities will soon shine through. Over the summer I had the chance to travel to Okinawa, Japan. I stayed there two months with my father and traveled the entire island from the north to the south. My travels in Japan changed my view of myself as an American citizen through experiences that reassured my patriotism, made me realize the necessity of preservation of our history, and increased my desire to continue to...   [tags: World War II, Empire of Japan]

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Adventure Education and Wilderness Sports

- Are you ever satisfied when you do something and do not receive the results you want. I know you are not and nobody is. Everyone wants improvement in the world and people are happy and satisfied when everything is right. This concept can be applied to the world of physical education in today’s society. Obesity has slowly become one of the most problematic diseases that exist in the United States and the world today. The U.S. has been greatly impacted by this disease and more and more people in today’s society are overweight, unhealthy, and out of shape....   [tags: Physical Education]

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Incorporating Adventure in Your Life

- ... I work with coworkers that gossip for a living and lazy mangers that depend on me and the rest of us to do all the work. My coworker’s gossips about other coworkers and my managers seem to be missing half the time doing what they want. We deal with bad bosses or annoying coworkers just so we can live our lives without dependency on other people. Instead of complaining about our work we should not be afraid of finding something better even if we are comfortable with where we are at. Taking the venture of the unknown is always best because there is always something more amazing waiting for us in the end even if it takes time to get there....   [tags: job, happiness, experiences]

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The Adventure Of The Dying Detective

- Topic 1 from "The Adventure of the Dying Detective" Arthur Conan Doyle 's masterpiece "The Adventure of the Dying Detective" is written in such detail that every sentence paints an image in the reader 's mind. It creates an effect where the reader is able to feel the atmosphere and the emotions of the characters right from the get go. With the phenomenal use of literary devices and the choice of language, the author sucks the audiences in and engulfs the reader with extremely detailed description of the characters and the setting....   [tags: Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle, His Last Bow]

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The Adventure Of The Final Problem

- As explained in “The Adventure of the Final problem” Watson’s departure from 221B Baker St., recent marriage, and return to general practice led to a distancing friendship. Although their lives were drifting apart,Watson did not oppose providing Holmes with companionship,regardless of the level of risk or time lapsed. His willingness to depart from his responsibilities depict his loyalty towards Holmes. Even after the extended period of sporadic visits, Watsons rarely declined an adventure alongside Holmes: “He still came to me from time to time when he desired a companion in his investigation, but these occasions grew more and more seldom, until I find that in the year 1890 there were only...   [tags: Sherlock Holmes, Professor Moriarty]

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A Sense Of Adventure By Eleanor Roosevelt

- A Sense of Adventure “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience”, Eleanor Roosevelt once said. However, most people have a completely different idea of what their life should be. From cradle to grave, they are convinced that life should be a routine. They receive higher education, get hired on work, get married and have children and think that it is a primary purpose of their lives. Every morning, they see their own grey faces in the mirror and their melancholy is like decease: it is airborne and it infects souls of millions of others....   [tags: Life, Meaning of life, Personal life, Travel]

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Books, the Door to a World of Adventure

- Many people go to the movies because they are intrigued by the story that it presents. A lot of people may not realize that these movies come from books full of much more. Much more details, much more thrill than movies could ever create. Books are a door that will take us into a world full of adventure, in a way that movies will never be able to. Books are better that the movies because they give readers more details, they are easy to carry around, and they create a unique world to each reader....   [tags: details, movies, reader, knowledge, story]

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Review Of ' Adventure Of A Lifetime '

- One tradition that has made every country different is its culture. A culture represents and creates the country’s history and traditions. From the hard working environment in China to the laid-back lifestyle in America, these are some examples of unique cultures. Even with different lifestyles, travelers can experience the hardships that occur while traveling. One article “ Adventure of a lifetime” demonstrated these difficulties when a family moved from America to Peru and their struggles during their transition....   [tags: Culture, The Culture, Peru, Knowledge]

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Wilderness Sport and Adventure Education

- Physical Education teachers today use all types of teaching models in order to provide the best service to their students. One specific example of a teaching model is Wilderness Sport/Adventure Education. The purpose of this essay will be to describe the development of Adventure Education and Wilderness Sport in today’s Physical Education classrooms, and to fully explain the teaching model to those who are unfamiliar with it. Public interest in outdoor recreation has increased significantly in the past several decades....   [tags: Teaching, Physical Education]

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Outdoor Sports and Adventure Education

- In many schools across the nation, adventure education and outdoor sports are very important. These different types of curriculum provide benefits that many other curriculum does not provide, as well as a basic knowledge for outdoor activities and living. Not only will outdoor sports and adventure education get kids moving but it will also help kids become more aware of the world around them and can learn activities that are used on a daily basis outside. With the many different types of these activities, there are hundreds of different things that can be done in a physical education classroom....   [tags: curriculum, physical education, hiking]

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Living in an Adventure in California

- Bright sunshine to frigid snow, all within hours of travel. A place for everyone, all ages, all cultures, all types of people. When choosing a place to live, we decide on the one that pleases us and our busy lives. For those who enjoy constant activity and sunny warm beaches, California and Florida tend to be on their list. Once learning all that California has to offer, they will jump on the decision to pack their bags and head for their new home. California offers exploration and something new every day....   [tags: people, activities, career]

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The Incredible Adventure Of My Life

- Yeah! But, In December 2004, I embarked on the most astonishing adventure of my entire life. Passing high school exam was the magic password of my life experience. Yeah, I shouted loud, yeah, yeah, I passed, now that I have graduated I can traveled. I received a student visa for South Korean one month later. It was a total relief. I whispered in mom’s ears “I have a visa.” The look on mom face changed, she cried, I cried, we both cried for joy. What. She replied with a big surprise on her face....   [tags: South Korea, North Korea, Korean language, Hangul]

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My Story By Thinking Of An Adventure

- I chose my story by thinking of an adventure that I went on that had a lot of information in it so that my partner could pick out what he thought was cool and also add his own flavor and interpretation to it. Based on the whole experience, although our class was an anomaly, I feel like my story blended in with everyone else’s because almost everyone talked about a vacation. Alec, Max, Jacob, Ian, Natalia, Bridget, Josh, and DJ (probably a few more that I can’t recall) all had stories about vacations....   [tags: Mind, Thought, Hearing, Holiday]

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The Year Of Adolescent Is An Adventure

- P604 Youth Ministry Jae Kim The year of adolescent is an adventure. I’ve been there , I’ve done that is a dangerous comment to make to the youth. This comment is from the experiencing the youth ministry. As generation changes, people change too, but we ought to stuck in the generation that we lived in. which builds a wall with next generation, believe it or not , even young man like me is experiencing the difference. As a participant, I could ask questions but as a leader , I had to be solid at what I believe as a leader to promote the youth to going to a direction where its right , of course through God....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Ministry]

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The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn

- “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became man, I put my childish ways behind me (NIC: 1Corinthians 13:11) In the life of every individual, there are various events and stages, such as death, crime, overcoming fear and undergoing moral growth, which transform immature individuals into serious and mature people. In Mark Twain’s novels, The Adventure of Tom Sawyer and The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn, one sees this transformation and growth in the two main characters by facing conflicts and events, these being Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn In beginning of the novel The Adventure of Tom Sawyer, one sees Tom as a crafty, intell...   [tags: Literary Analysis, Mark Twain]

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The Adventure Of The Speckled Band

- Sherlock Holmes:” The Adventure of the Speckled Band” In the story, “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author portrayed multiple conflicts between various characters. Some of the characters include the outgoing detective, Sherlock Holmes, the helpful medical doctor, Dr. Watson, the murderous step-father, Dr. Roylott and his timid step-daughter, Helen Stoner. The setting of the story was during April 1883 in England at the Roylott, Stoke Manor. The story began when Helen Stoner met with Sherlock Holmes and his loyal partner, Dr....   [tags: Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson]

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The Adventure Time By Steven Universe

- Steven Universe Steven Universe is a part of a generation of the most compelling cartoon series produced, reeling in dedicated viewers across a wide demographic board. For plenty good reasons, most powerfully is its subtly social-progressiveness that’s channeled waves of positivity and impacted so many by breaking norms. Notable for being the first of Cartoon Network Studios’ catalogue of series to have been created by a woman, Rebecca Sugar has also worked on the popular ‘Adventure Time’ as a storyboard artist....   [tags: Gender, Male, Female, Mainstream]

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Death Is The Next Great Adventure

- “After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure” (Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore). Though the validity of the afterlife has been incessantly disputed throughout history, scientific and historical evidence has been discovered that support this alternative reality. Several medical studies have been conducted and have reported positive results in regard to people experiencing common sensations that are associated with their assent into the afterlife. The spiritual significance of religious experiences are not demeaned because they are brain-based....   [tags: Death, Afterlife, Near death experience, Heaven]

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The Adventure With A Cryogenics Survivor

- Today’s happenings included another adventure with a cryogenics survivor. I went back through my emails the instant I realized my situation and found the day that I was Victor. I really hoped that today would not be another repeat of that. My name of the day was Frank Nimtz and I was a middle aged, decently living guy. Thank goodness this time I actually woke up in a bed in a decent looking loft this time instead of an abandoned building on a dirty towel. I gave myself a tour around his place and though it was modest, it was nice....   [tags: Online dating service, Dating, Old age, TV dinner]

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The Adventure Of My Life

- Life is a journey of growth and development. Each and everyday a new adventure is embarked on from which we learn and grow. These everyday moments define and create who we are. However, some days there are events that change the very reality of our lives. One of these events was moving into college. For the first time in my life, I was on my own in a strange, new place, and for only moving into college four months ago, I have begun one of the greatest transformations of my life. To be able to understand this transformation, one must start from the beginning....   [tags: High school, College, Culture, Help]

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The Adventure of Joanne Rowling

- The Adventure of Joanne Rowling Joanne was born on July 31 1965 at Yale Central Hospital in England, Rowling always had a great love for literature and always saw herself as, shy and freckly with no sports ability. Rowling started wring children’s learning novels, but they never really got as popular as she wanted. Her pen name “J.K Rowling” was adopted from her nick-name “Jo” and her mother’s first initial “K”, The reason she chose such a odd name was that of the publisher of the first “Harry Potter” book in her series, He told her, use a relative’s initials or something of that matter for easier publishing purposes....   [tags: potter, literature, children]

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My Favorite Day Of Adventure

- The words “essay” or “writing” are the words that sound like nails on a chalkboard to my ears. The word “reading” falls into that category occasionally when I have to read a book that I’m truly not interested in. Those words are also the very reason I put English 1101 off until second semester of freshman year. The words are not my real enemy though, procrastination is. Beginning in elementary school, reading was my favorite thing to do. Whenever I visit my mother’s house, I’m constantly reminded of how well I had done in school with reading by all of trophies and certificates in the living room....   [tags: Writing, Essay, High school, Middle school]

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The Adventure Of Driving Car

- The adventure of driving a car for the first time is rapidly seizing to exist. We may never get that time with our kids, teaching them the thrill it is to drive. The experience we all remember shall die off with our generation; a sacrifice we have to make to ensure our lives are safer. The self-driving car is still not completely autonomous but significant progress has been made just in the last few years to make a fully self-driving car a reality. The history, mechanics and the future of the car all help lift this to the next level....   [tags: Driving, Automobile, Vehicle]

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Wilderness and Adventure Education

- There are two different parts of the Wilderness Sports and Adventure Education model. The Wilderness sports part of it includes the students participating in various activities such as canoeing, rock climbing and hiking. They are not traditional sports because the athletic ability of the student is not as important as it would be in traditional physical education activity. For example, a child may not be able to kick a soccer ball very well or throw a softball accurately but they would be able to hike up a mountain....   [tags: Education]

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Lewis's Underground Love Adventure

- "Down, down, down" falls Alice through the Rabbit hole, leaving far above her the real world, and so, starts her nonsensical underground adventure. Through her conversations with the strange creatures, and the queer situations that she faces, she hopelessly searches for order, rule, and reason. However, Alice fails and surrenders to the unexplainable actions of these creatures. Unlike Alice, readers who know about Lewis Carroll's life- the creator of this chaotic world- are able to explain, and understand a lot of the aspects that he included in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland....   [tags: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland]

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Divergent: A Breathtaking Adventure

- As Divergent takes you into a breathtaking adventure you don't want to pause or even take a break to do something else. The city that the book is located in is dark, peculiar, and outside the ordinary. As the different buildings and people are surrounded by walls giving them limited access to the outside there are different factions which are like groups. The factions have different political opinions, opinions, ways of life, and life styles. There are five factions Amity, Candor, Erudite, Abnegation, and Dauntless each having a significance....   [tags: factions, test, dauntless]

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Memories, Adventure, And Travel

- First Trip London Memories, adventure, and travel. I must have told this story a dozen times to anyone who was interested. This story is quite memorable for me for a multitude of reasons. How illness alters my thinking. How taking chances makes for a great story. It also reinforces my hesitations about traveling alone. For the obvious safety concerns, but, also, I now have a memory that is unique to me and one other person. This is something that can never be recreated by any other two people. In 2005, I was stationed with the 69th ADA (Air Defense Artillery) in the Brigade HHB (Headquarters, Headquarters Battery) in Giebelstadt, Germany....   [tags: Train station, Train, Bus stop, Bus station]

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Adventure Education : A Type Of Learning Technique

- Adventure Education is a type of learning technique that takes kids out of there environment that they are so use to like the gym and classroom and take them outside into the wilderness which is a good technique to help the kids learn about teamwork, sportsmanship, honest, collaboration and many any other things. Adventure education is an actively engaging the children in experiences that may have benefits or consequences. There are some teacher’s roles that can be looked at for not just adventure education, but also with teachers who teach mostly in the classroom....   [tags: Learning, Outdoor education, Knowledge]

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Argument Analysis on Adventure Camp Programs

- Bruce A. Larson evaluates the effects of adventure camp programs on behavioral problem adolescents with low self-concept. Larson (2007) pulled sixty-one male and female adolescents and divided them into two groups. The treatment group was subjected to the adventure camp program while the control group was not. The two groups’ pretests and posttest were compared at the conclusion of the experiment in order to determine if significant differences existed (Larson, 2007). Larson’s argument failed to meet the criteria of a strong generalization, however, his strong causal argument successfully fulfilled the requirements needed....   [tags: Bruce a. Larson, adolescents behavioral problems]

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An Adventure in Paris by Guy De Maupassant

- ​In the short story “An Adventure in Paris” by Guy De Maupassant an unnamed woman seeks for adventure, love, and excitement. An unnamed narrator starts to explain the inner nature and curiosity of a woman. The story transitions to the point of view of an unnamed lawyer’s wife which allows us to see her deepest desire to travel to Paris and be part of the lavishing life she has seen in the magazines. To escape her regular routine she makes a plan to go to Paris; however, her family members are only middle class and cannot help her fulfill her desire to live the life of a celebrity, fame, and fashion....   [tags: Short Story, Literary Analysis]

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Space Adventure Films

- The success of Space adventure films have grown tremendously in the last twenty years, mainly because of all the advancements in computer generated images, and the advancements in the film industry. “Space adventure films have excellent graphics and color schemes, including visual effects, special effects, and being culturally, and historically significant.” It’s amazing how much the film industry has grown in a short period of time, with the impact of imagined innovations in science, technology, imaginary elements, and science fiction....   [tags: Film, Movies]

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My Favorite Adventure Is A Common Word

- Cambodia: Baked Alive Adventure is a common word. Each person’s definition of adventure varies. For some it may lead to love, others danger, and some are lead to places of significance. Adventure by definition mirrors these patterns. My adventures are usually safe, and I have a hard time thinking outside normal realms. My favorite adventure was a trip I took with my Drama Team last summer. I had never been out of the United States before and I did not want to go. I found myself on a nineteen hour flight to Phenom Phen, Cambodia....   [tags: Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot, Cambodia, Phnom Penh]

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Adventure Education : An Interesting Experience For Me

- Adventure education has been an interesting experience for me. I got to interact with people inside and outside of my class. Although we have the same career path and interest, everyone in the class is still very unique and have different personalities. I really enjoyed working with everyone, and I think that all future teachers should take this course. I will take what I have learnt here in adventure education and improvise it into my classroom to make it more enjoyable. Coming in as a freshmen and moving here from a different country, I did not have a lot of friends....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Problem solving, School]

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Gary Paulsen: A Life of Adventure and Survival

- ... This experience was very memorable for Paulsen and was significant enough that he wrote about it in one of his non-fiction novels. Also in Hatchet Brian crafts his own bow and arrows and hunted with it just like Paulsen would in real life, he preferred hunting with a bow instead of a firearm because bows were silent and “ didn’t disturb the sound of the wilderness in the woods “ (Paulsen 76). Paulsen has encountered many animals and has been stalked by mountain lions, bitten by snakes and punctured by porcupines, many of his Brian stories have hostile animal encounters (Paulsen 30 )....   [tags: young adult literature authors]

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Qualities of an Excellent Friend in Adventure Time

- ... The final step, step three, Jake pushes Finn under water with his jowls. After that, Finn freaks out, jumps on Jake and pulls his ears until he reaches land. After Finn beats up Jake during his “three-step plan,” Jake wants to give up, but still helps out Finn one more time with “step four.” Step four involves a submarine. Jake brings Finn under water to see how beautiful the water really is. When Jake is going to bring them down a black hole, Finn shoves Jake away from the steering wheel and punches him several times and crashes the submarine making is leak water....   [tags: fear, save, help ]

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The Adventure Of The Speckled Band By Conan Doyle

- The Adventure of the Speckled Band by Conan Doyle In the story “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” the author Conan Doyle portrays many different narrative techniques. He uses these techniques to provide meaning for the audience as well as help them visualize the situation that was being described. The different techniques used are narrative discourse, suspense, conflict, close, and focalization in his story. Narrative discourses are events, to describe a series of events that are contingent one on another....   [tags: Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle, John Watson]

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Adventure English : Experiences With Face Saving

- Week Two Paper Jesus Cabral Brandman University Face defined according to Rosenberg, S., is a multi-faceted term, and its meaning is inextricably linked with culture and other terms such as honor and its opposite, humiliation. Saving face or giving face has different levels of importance, depending on the culture or society with which one is dealing. Perhaps the most familiar term to many is "saving face," which we understand simply to mean not being disrespectful to others in public, or taking preventive actions so that we will not appear to lose face in the eyes of others (2014, p.3)....   [tags: Chinese culture, Shame society, Face]

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An Adventure Of The Mind And Spirit, By Daniel Quinn

- In “An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit,” by Daniel Quinn, Ishmael, the gorilla teaches the narrator, an anthropologist, that we as humans are anthropocentric when it comes to the natural world. This means that humans think they we are the center or the most important thing in the universe. On one hand, some may argue that the world was made for humans and not for the animals or anything else in society. From this perception, humans think that the world exists to support their species and to meet their needs, meaning that we egocentric....   [tags: Human, Natural environment, World population]

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Discover The Adventure of a Lifetime in South Dakota

- Named for the Dakota branch of the Sioux Indian Nation, the State of South Dakota is a state that tells the story of America's westward expansion in a way that just can't be found elsewhere in the country. From gold strikes to battles with the Indians, South Dakota is one state that fulfills the typical Hollywood image of the Old West. However, visitors to this fascinating state will find that the story of South Dakota is much more interesting than any Hollywood western that they have ever seen....   [tags: Tourism]

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Family Office : A Beneficial Business Adventure

- Whilst setting up a family office can be a beneficial business adventure, the establishment of one is a big undertaking. Not all family offices become successful and you need to carefully consider the concerns surrounding the setting up a family office. Cost Due to the nature of a family office, with the regulatory and compliance reporting, costs of setting up a family office are high. Finding families, wealthy enough to meet these costs, can be difficult. You should also note that the costs of running a family office have been increasing in the past few years....   [tags: Cost, Costs, Entity, Wealth]

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Colonial Americ 181 Years Of Adventure

- Colonial America: 181 Years of Adventure The Colonial Period, beginning in the early 1600 's with the founding and settling of Jamestown, signaled a new era in the New World. The Spanish had already conquered and colonized a great deal of Central America, and the French had established a strong fur trade and relatively good relations with the Native American 's of North America. Native American 's were succumbing to diseases in alarming numbers, and growing more wary of the arrival of even more Europeans....   [tags: United States]

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Civil Wars, Famine, Religious, And Adventure

- Immigration happens due to civil wars, starvation, religious persecutions and adventure. The rich land in United Stated of America, for instance, attracted many European farmers. It’s also known as a happy country and with this reason most poor and miserable Europeans came to America to look for happiness. Due to this, America is hence is one country that has people of different origins and most of them being immigrants. The increase in immigrants started to raise an alarm to the Native Americans back in 1894....   [tags: United States, African American, Race]

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The Philosophical Adventure Involving All Angles

- For an individual trying to become an philosopher, to deliver a philosophical statement applying one’s own school of thought, one needs to understand that philosophy is a mission to find and answer questions based on applied logic and argumentative reasoning leading to a presentation of an concise and believable message. To take on this sort of journey, there are many different steps of the philosophical adventure involving everything from writing to speaking. Still, the first of many steps is to find a question that needs to be answered all while looking at the question from all angles, not limiting the view from any one perspective; this question is what one’s personal philosophy of life i...   [tags: Religion, Philosophy, God, Metaphysics]

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Tourism Industry : A Common Archetype Of Adventure Tourist

- This essay is the respond to the Local Council Member who has wrong idea about a common archetype of adventure tourist. This misconception based on ignorance of current tourism industry, could potentially be a dangerous for local economy and development. The local authority must be well informed about present conditions with the tourism market, before they will make a far reaching decisions about the development direction in this industry. Currently, there are many organisations whose monitoring an international tourism business and this knowledge supposed to be good use for our common good....   [tags: Tourism, World Tourism Organization]

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Throughout Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison

- Throughout Song of Solomon, Toni Morrison takes the reader on an adventure. Her exquisite writing techniques allow the characters to develop in a manner that is unique yet impactful on the other characters in the story. Morrison uses certain personalities and experiences of characters to represent the generations of African-Americans post slave society. The difference in values and behavior is apparent especially between two characters. Although Milkman and Macon Dead are completely distinct individuals, Morrison uses particular writing techniques to demonstrate how each character influences is each other along with developing their unique journeys as African-American men in the early 1900s...   [tags: adventure, personalities]

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The Adventure Of Tom Sawyer

- The adventure of Tom Sawyer The adventure of Tom Sawyer is a novel by Mark Twain published in 1876. Being one of the most well-know names of American writers in China, Mark Twain is the pseudonym of Samuel Langhorne Clemens (1835-1910), who is best known for his humorous and satirical writings. The great American humorist and storyteller was born in Florida, Missouri in 1835 and brought up near a small Mississippi river town Hannibal, which serves as the model of St. Petersburg, the idyllic town where the story of the adventure of Tom Sawyer unfolds....   [tags: Mark Twain]

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Diversity in Outdoor Adventure Recreation

- Diversity in Outdoor Adventure Recreation People with disabilities in the past have commonly been limited to experiencing outdoor programs that were segregated to only include the disabled. According to Sugerman (1996), this has historically been the only solution for overcoming "environmental barriers such as transportation, architecture, economics, and public attitudes" (p. 44). Diversity within an adventure program can present new challenges for the participants as well as opportunities for growth....   [tags: Papers]

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Northern Tier High Adventure Program: An Objective Critique

- ... Summer program trips typically range from 5-10 nights and participants travel between 50-100 miles via canoe. Autumn programs are operated only out of Charles L. Sommers Canoe Base and consist of autumn canoe trips, backpacking trips in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, and customized fishing trips. In the winter months Northern Tier is the site of the Boy Scouts of America's National Cold Weather Camping Development Center. OKPIK Cold Weather Camping, Northern Tier's winter offering, is the BSA's premier winter camping program....   [tags: leisure services management assessment project]

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Maximus' Call to Adventure in Gladiator

- Maximus' call to adventure begins with a scene of himself walking through what is the roman army's camp in Germania on his way to meet with the emperor. The first impression we are given is visually the long line of tents spanning for acres with many rows. This immediately helps us assess the size and organization of the army from which we already have knowledge from the first battle just previous. The weather here plays a key point- it is cloudy, dark and there is a light snow falling giving very much the sensation of it being cold....   [tags: film, movie]

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The Adventure Fantasy Genre in Film: King Kong

- The adventure fantasy genre in film has its beginnings in the early 20th century, according to Tim Dirks, a writer for the web site “Adventure films can live vicariously through the travels, conquests, and explorations, creation of empires, struggles and situations that confront the main characters, actual historical figures or protagonists.” Therefore, the genre has many components, such as a science fiction adventure, a western adventure, a jungle, fantasy and even a romantic adventure....   [tags: tim dirks, science fiction]

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The Difference Between Adventure Stories And Video Games

- 1) The difference between adventure stories, and video games Hilliard states is that video games cannot draw in depth story development, or character development. Unlike stories that draw a reader’s attention to a characters emotions or personalities, a video game is concentrated more on illusions of action, adventure, and not so imaginable situations. Another major difference is that video games use short clips, and demonstrations to try and build a story line. A novel uses the entire length of the book to build the development of characters and the plot....   [tags: Video game, Game, Entertainment, Play]

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Graduation Speech: A New Adventure

- No amount of education can completely prepare us for the world that lies ahead of us. Because it presents many unknowns, it is exciting yet at the same time frightening. I know that there are still so many things that can only be learned through experience; a challenge with which we will soon all be faced. I would like to read a letter written by a woman by the name of Avril Johannes which was published in the book "Chicken Soup For the Soul." She writes this letter to the world upon her son's and his classmates' graduation and it relates some of these same ideas....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Amazing and Thrilling Adventure with Ayung River Rafting

- Amazing and Thrilling Adventure with Ayung River Rafting Bali is identical with beautiful beaches and religious temples. For those who often visit Bali and enjoy its tourist destinations, they may be monotonous places to come. There are quite lot natural adventure attractions at Bali such as tracking to mountains, driving buggy to forest or rafting in the river wild. You may want to try the rafting adventure at the Ayung River that offer thrilling yet fun experience on an inflatable boat trying to tame the strong current of Ayung River....   [tags: bali, attraction, rafting]

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The Adventure of Tom Sawyer

- The Adventure of Tom Sawyer The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is Mark Twain’s way of writing down his childhood in lively detail. The characters and settings were dear to him and he chose to depict the American Boy’s childhood as fun and fancy-free. The story is told trough Tom’s eyes and is enchanting and adventurous, just as any young boy’s life would be. His daily life included mischief and budding young love, which is told with great detail. Although it is a fictional account of one young boy, the story of Tom Sawyer has touched many readers and lives on today as it did when it was written long ago....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Overview: The Adventure Of The Speckled Band by Arthur Conan Doyle

- Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Adventure Of The Speckled Band” is a traditional Sherlock Holmes adventure but with a twist. Sherlock Holmes known by “his skills in deductive reasoning”(Moore 1) help him resolve the mystery behind the dead of Helen Stoner’s twin sister Julia. The story begins with the introduction of the female heroine, Helen Stoner, whom after frightening events regarding her sister’s death, and unusual sounds, she seeks for the help of Sherlock Holmes. However, Helen was not cautious enough that her stepfather, Dr....   [tags: sherlock homes, roylott, helen]

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The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn

- The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain tells the story of an adolescent boy travelling down the Mississippi River with a runaway slave. Huck has staged his death in order to escape his abusive, drunken father and hooks up with his foster mother’s escaped slave. During the adventurous journey Huck discovers many problems with society and civilization as he encounters a variety of individuals, each of whom represent a different problem with the current social order....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Outdoor Adventure Paintball Park Management Plan

- Executive Brief Outdoor Adventure Paintball Park is experiencing a variety of problems related to its management. The primary issue with the company is that it was designed without a critical consideration for growth and this has led to internal issues such as lack of direction and inappropriate staffing. The following management plan provides a blueprint for directing the company and better utilizing its resources. Management Plan One of the primary issues with Outdoor Adventure Paintball Park is the fact that the company lacks focus....   [tags: Management, Planning, Goal, Plan]

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MUDs: An Adventure in Cyberspace

- "Hi, my name is Jamal. I'm a tall, gorgeous black man with a bod made for sin. Talk to me!" "Hi, I'm India, an exotic prostitute with a fondness for short, Norwegian men." "Harry here . . . I'm handsome and shy, and looking for love. . ." "My name is Sophie, and my job as a songwriter has led me to the great city of Miami." "Hello, I'm Lila. I am a 24-year old Jazz singer with a preference for foreign men. If you qualify, definitely say hi." The people you see above are very interesting individuals, all unique and distinctive....   [tags: Internet Computer Essays]

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Narrative Essay: A Canoeing Adventure

- A Canoeing Adventure   Although I was born in Texas, my father was transferred when I was just ten and I spent most of my impressionable years in a tiny village a few minutes from a national park.  This move to a rural area was an event that changed my life forever. Surrounded by beautiful forests and lakes, most of my free time was spent romping through the woods, navigating rivers in a canoe and camping in the many provincial parks nearby.   At the university, I came across a group of students who had never experienced "the great outdoors" before....   [tags: Personal Narrative Essays]

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An Adventure of the Quantum Universe in Alice in Quantumland by Robert Gilmore

- The novel, Alice and Quantum Land, by Robert Gilmore is an adventure in the Quantum universe. Alice, a normal teenage girl, goes through quantum land and understands what quantum is and how it works. The quantum world is a difficult one to understand, as its nature is one of complex states of being, natures, principles, notions, and the like. When these principles or concepts are compared with the macro world, one can find great similarities and even greater dissimilarities between the world wherein electrons rule, and the world wherein human beings live....   [tags: electrons, superpositions, anthropomorphic]

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Personal Narrative: My Sky Diving Adventure

- I have always been a thrill seeking person, and sky diving has been a thing I always wanted to do. When I finally got my chance, I couldn’t pass it up. My friends and I went to Florida during spring break. We were going to try something new for all of us. We were going to sky dive. It was a perfect April day for sky diving. The weather was nice and there wasn’t a cloud in sight, and no storms were going to be approaching anytime soon. We all drove down there together. Chris’s mom took us. We talked nonstop about our new task and betted each other 15 dollars if we did not follow with our plan and sky dive from 35,000 feet in the sky....   [tags: essay about myself, Personal Experience]

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Amanda 's Sexual Hike Adventure Version 1.0

- Lefth Robinson Presents Jennifer’s Sexual Hike Adventure Version 1.0 Copyright 2016 Rhonda Clark was working at a summer camp and she had spent the last few weeks taking care of a bunch of teenagers. It was tedious work so she was appreciating the fact that she was finally able to get some time off. She and her friends Jennifer, Paul and Andrew had been hiking for most of the day. They wanted to get at the top of the highest peak by the end of the day since they were announcing some rain and possible thunderstorms later that evening in the region....   [tags: Fuck, Profanity, 2008 albums, Cunt]

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Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit, by Daniel Quinn

- Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit, by Daniel Quinn, is a philosophical journey that takes place between an unnamed narrator and Ishmael, a gorilla, who can speak telepathically. The novel begins by the narrator reading an advertisement in the local newspaper requesting a student who has “…an earnest desire to save the world.” This intrigues the narrator because he had been searching for such a teacher all of his early life. Although the narrator thinks the advertisement is a hoax, he persists on going to the indicated address to fulfill his curiosity....   [tags: philosophical journey, gorilla]

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The Adventure Of The Speckled Band By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

- Dr. Grimesby Roylott is depicted as the murderer of his step-daughter, Julia, in the short-story, “The Adventure of the Speckled Band,” written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes was not guilty of killing Dr. Roylott; although, Holmes may have been able to handle the situation with more tranquility. Primarily, Sherlock Holmes had been hired to protect Helen Stoner; he had not been deliberately attempting to kill Dr. Roylott. Furthermore, Holmes was only using self-defense when he eyed the swamp adder....   [tags: Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle]

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Adventure and Revenge in Men of Iron by Howard Pyle

- Men of Iron is a historical fiction novel by Howard Pyle. The novel begins in England in the year 1400, the year following the abdication of the “weak, wicked, and treacherous” Richard II and the rise of Henry IV. The novel centers on the life of a young Myles Falworth, son of Lord Gilbert Reginald Falworth. The story is one of adventure and revenge following the life of Myles from his childhood to his knighthood and eventual marriage to Lady Alice. In this time, he is torn away from his childhood home and trained in knighthood involving the social, physical, and social aspects....   [tags: knight, defeat, hierarchy]

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The Adventure Of The Speckled Band By Arthur Conan Doyle

- A Satisfying Plot The best novels or stories leave the reader with satisfaction and a feeling of being content, they leave the reader in a state where he/she doesn’t have to go back to the book or question how it ends. This is the satisfaction that every reader searches for when they are reading a book, a satisfaction that is in many cases, only available in books and stories. One story that portrays this satisfaction is “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” written by Arthur Conan Doyle. This is a murder mystery story that features Sherlock Holmes, it involves a woman (Helen Stoner) whose sister died mysteriously....   [tags: Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle]

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Moby Dick : A Psychological Thriller And Adventure Novel

- Introduction Moby-Dick is a world famous psychological thriller and adventure novel. However, due to the Herman Melville’s lavish writing style and its esoteric subject, it can be challenging to read and can cause many readers to become quickly disinterested. Consequently, some of the concepts and significant themes in the novel become lost or hidden in the eyes of an inattentive reader. So how are we able to make the tale more appealing to a larger and more diverse audience. Create a twelve part animated series, or miniseries....   [tags: Moby-Dick, Herman Melville, Animation, Novel]

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