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The Value Added Tax

- Introduction The Value Added Tax(VAT) is a kind of consumption tax which mainly imposed on the value added to a product, material or service. The first country to have a value added tax is France in 1954. Since then, over 170 countries adopted the VAT as an important part of their government revenue system. VAT is almost imposed on the valued added of both the business activities and different business stages. That is, VAT links the whole business together, anyone in the business activities cannot avoid paying a VAT....   [tags: consumption tax, revenue system, China, economy]

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Understanding Economic Value Added

- Understanding Economic Value Added 1. Read the technical note titled “Understanding Economic Value Added” written by Desai and Ferri. 2. Answer the following questions (please think thru these carefully and write a well-reasoned, and complete answer) a. What is the major difference between Net Income as reported on an income statement and EVA. Well, to define the two terms, net income is essentially the difference between revenues and expenses. Estimated value added is all based on residual income....   [tags: investment, return, income]

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Value Added Tax

- Value Added Tax or VAT as it is called is the most common alternative strategy implemented by many countries to deal with inefficiencies within the tax system. VAT provides an opportunity to modernize the indirect tax system, to make it more efficient, appropriate and simpler. Value added tax (VAT), is a final consumption tax levied on value added or mark up on a good or service, at each and every stage of the production and distribution chain. Value Added is the value that a business adds to its raw materials or purchases before selling the good/service....   [tags: Economy, Government]

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A report on Value Added Tax

- A report on Value Added Tax Introduction Value Added Tax originated in France in 1954 and is under implementation in more than hundred countries. Value Added Tax is perceived by many as means to promote neutrality and uniformity of tax burden and to provide incentives for increased productivity and industrialization. The spread of VAT to the developed and the developing countries alike certainly, makes for an interesting study. Financial Times (London) too stressed the growing importance of VAT when it observed in its centennial review “The economic and technological changes of the second half of the century have made VAT the quintessential modern tax”....   [tags: Economics]

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Should British Sign Language Be Added For The National Curriculum?

- ... So why not bring deaf identity into the national curriculum in primary and or secondary schools. The past 20 years there has been a growth in people wanting to pursue British sign language, either as a professional pathway in which sign language will be utilised or just a form of communicating with a deaf family member, friends or even as a hobby. Each year technology grows better and bigger widening knowledge of societies and influencing younger generations, yet cultures of the deaf societies is still unknown to many individuals....   [tags: Deaf culture, Hearing impairment, Audiogram]

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The Role of Management Accounting in creating Added Value to the Firm

- The essay sets to provide a perspective upon Management accounting and the effect it can have in creating added value for a firm. It purposes to do so by first giving a short definition and history of management accounting, identifying the differences between management accounting and financial accounting and then proceeding to analyzing some of the most important tools for management accounting. The pylons of the essay will be defining the strategy and its role in management accounting, presenting the plan–do–check–act cycle, the strategy map and the Balanced Scorecard....   [tags: Business Strategy, Step by Step Analysis]

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Value Added to Cadbury

- Value Added to Cadbury Cadbury has value added to its products in many different ways, for example the different sized chocolate bars that can be purchased by the customers, there’s lunch sized dairy milk bars for children to eat with their packed lunch at school, and there’s also different flavoured chocolate (mint dairy milk and orange dairy milk). This all adds value to Cadburys product because it ensures that Cadbury stays competitive amongst its rivals....   [tags: Papers]

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Value Added Taxes

- Value Added Taxes A value-added tax (VAT) is a fee that is assessed against businesses by a government at various points in the production of goods or services, usually any time a product is resold or value is added to it. For tax purposes, value is added whenever the value of a product increases as a result of the application of a company's factors of production, such as labor and equipment. With VAT, the taxable amount is based on the value added at each stage of the process of producing goods and bringing them to market....   [tags: Production Economics Taxes]

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Economic Impact of the Added Worker Effect

- Economic Impact of the Added Worker Effect 1. Income Effect: the income effect is the response of desired hours of leisure to changes in one’s income. If wages are held constant and income increases then the desired hours of work will decrease. The relevance of the income effect in regards to the study of labor economics is very important. Employers, economists and Government institutions have the ability to determine the amount of time workers’ will seek to either choose more hours of work or more hours of leisure....   [tags: essays papers]

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Investigating the Changes in Reaction When Sodium Thiosulphate is Added to Dilute Hydrochloric Acid

- Investigating the Changes in Reaction When Sodium Thiosulphate is Added to Dilute Hydrochloric Acid Concentration Aim: To observe the changes in reaction when sodium thiosulphate is added to dilute hydrochloric acid. Prediction: I predict that the higher the concentration of hydrochloric acid is the faster the reaction will take place. Scientific knowledge: When the concentration of hydrochloric acid is high the reaction will take place faster. This is because in a high concentration of hydrochloric acid there are more particles so collisions will occur more frequently....   [tags: Papers]

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Supply Management and Value Added Processess

- ... Suppliers are thought of as a strategic resource, which results in different criteria for supply – quality, previous cooperation, capacity, motivation, ability and experience. Existing suppliers are monitored, and basic quality control systems are established. In the last, fourth phase, supply is considered to be a full and equal participant in company’s strategic planning. Communication between supply and other departments is constant and streamlined. Professional development of employees is focused mainly on strategic elements crucial for achieving competitive advantage, and the contribution of supply is measured by its participation in general success of the company....   [tags: business/management strategies]

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A Brief Note On Transport Jar And Its Storage Jar

- Archaelogical reasearch on transport jar and its storage jar antecedents confirms the superior functionality and technology represented in the latter. During the LBA there was a surge in pottery production along with local industry to meet the widespread consumer market demands and it reached a unprecendated capacity during this period (Gonen 1992: 232-234). The Canaanite commercial jar for the export of local produce to foreign markets was the hallmark of the period as reliefs on the royal tombs in Egypt attest (Gonen 1992: 232-234) The commercial jar was made on a potters wheel “which not only facilitated the production of greater numbers and more regular shapes, but also allowed the side...   [tags: Coca-Cola, The Coca-Cola Company, Value added]

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Project Scope Of A Project

- ... The first is when an addition creep is only a piece of equipment that the customer has already on hand, like some type of a router he wants added, and the second is when the equipment added was already available in storage. The cost is so low that the impact really did not matter for any parties involved in the project. Of course, that answers only in a simple scenario. As I was researching the question, the possibilities of no additional cost in a situation like this, and what I got for an answer was that cost would go up no matter the data given in the situation....   [tags: Project management, Plan, Value added, Creep]

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Economic, Political, And Social Factors

- ... Some major industries are mining, food processing, chemicals, and fertilizer. (Atlapedia Online) This is good, because our company can make products with the major materials in Serbia. Serbia does have some tax breaks in the country that we would have to pay for our company. There is a corporate profit tax, even though it 's the lowest among European countries Serbia is at 10%. There is also a value added tax, that is the fee for products, services sold, transportation, and insurance cost. The standard rate of value added taxes are 18%, that covers most taxable supplies....   [tags: Unemployment, United States, Value added tax]

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Nurse Hospital At New Heights

- Over the past two months I have observed Caring Angel Hospital and am pleased with many of the services and care that the staff here are providing. However, there are places where we can expand upon the work being done and take Caring Angel Hospital to new heights. In the recent past the Hospital has underperformed financially and there are opportunities to improve the quality of care, add value too, advance employee morale, expand organizational design, produce a robust team environment, and expand into new specialty services....   [tags: Patient, Hospital, Value added, Health care]

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An Investigation To Show The Varying Amounts Of Microbial Decay Caused By The Amounts Of Water Added to Soil

- An Investigation To Show The Varying Amounts Of Microbial Decay Caused By The Amounts Of Water Added to Soil Aim: Our aim is to find the best type of soil for microbial decay. Apparatus ========= * 15 pieces of raw cabbage 4cm2 (three in each pot), * Five plastic pots, * Five pots of different types of Soil/Compost, * Five labels, * Weighing scale, * Rulers * We will put all pots in the same place making the temperature the same for each pot (room temperature)....   [tags: Biology Lab Report]

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Federal State And Federal Government

- ... Property taxes may be imposed on real estate or personal property. The property tax typically produces the required revenue for municipalities ' tax levies. A disadvantage to the taxpayer is that the tax liability is fixed, while the taxpayer 's income is not. Most states vary with the level of property and consumer taxes, thus making this policy unappealing to state government officials. This would make states reorganize the distribution of funds; however, the federal government would be able to increase the amount of federal money given to each state....   [tags: Tax, Value added tax]

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Should The United. Use A Zero Personal Income Tax?

- Should the U.S. convert to a Zero Personal Income Tax Income tax is considered to be one of the greatest ways that a country amasses wealth through known means from the public in order to use the funds for the benefit and welfare of the community. Since a very long time, there have been many discussions and debates on the way the finds collected for income tax have been spend. There are many who think that there is a lot of mismanagement and feel that the amount of the actual money spent on welfare of the community is far less that what gets collected by the country....   [tags: Income tax, Tax, Value added tax, Income]

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Stakeholders Of A Stakeholder Analysis

- ... It is nearly impossible for one person to make a change in policy. However, on a macro scale of taxpayers banning together the power of all or large groups can be from moderate to high. This can take the form of voting after all the government is comprised of those who the citizens have voted in, therefore, in order to make change large groups of taxpayers can simply vote someone else in. However, this form of power tends to be inefficient if the group’s urgency is high. In which case, it would be more beneficial to seek the power of lobbyist....   [tags: Tax, Progressive tax, Income tax, Value added tax]

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Stakeholders Involved And Their Stakes

- ... It is nearly impossible for one person to make a change in policy. However, on a macro scale of taxpayers banning together the power of all or large groups can be from moderate to high. This can take the form of voting after all the government is comprised of those who the citizens have voted in, therefore, in order to make change large groups of taxpayers can simply vote someone else in. However, this form of power tends to be inefficient if the group’s urgency is high. In which case, it would be more beneficial to seek the power of lobbyist....   [tags: Tax, Progressive tax, Income tax, Value added tax]

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Synthesis and Characterization of K2[Ni(CN)4] , K3[Fe(C2O4)3] and Cu(acac)2 Complexes

- Synthesis and Characterization of K2[Ni(CN)4] , K3[Fe(C2O4)3] and Cu(acac)2 complexes(IV , V and VI) with different structures and Properties 1. Introduction The aim of this experiment was to synthesize HgCo(SCN)4 , [Ni(en)3]S2O3 , NiCl2(PPh3)2 , K2[Ni(CN)4] , K3[Fe(C2O4)3] and Cu(acac)2 but only K2[Ni(CN)4] , K3[Fe(C2O4)3] and Cu(acac)2 were synthesized and explained in this report. Characterization was then done on each of the 3 synthesized complexes by obtaining their UV-Vis spectrum. The UV-Vis spectrum of each complex would identify different properties and would help to explain the observations made when they were synthesized (for example their colour and how they reacted)....   [tags: Lab Report]

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What is Nutrition and Why Is It Important?

- What is nutrition. Why is nutrition important. Nutrition, nourishment, or aliment, is the supply of materials - food - required by organisms and cells to stay alive. In science and human medicine, nutrition is the science or practice of consuming and utilizing foods (MNT, 2014). A nutrient is a source of nourishment, an ingredient in a food, e.g. protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin, mineral, fiber and water. Macronutrients are nutrients we need in relatively large quantities. Micronutrients are nutrients we need in relatively small quantities (MNT, 2014)....   [tags: carbohydrates, proteins, nourishment]

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The Effects of Counterfeit Products

- A counterfeit good is an item that is imitated, commonly by another “genuine” item. Counterfeit products are usually formed with the intention to recognize the considerable value of the duplicated product. Counterfeiting is a crucial issue that has grown to four times its size. In the past ten years, the damage of counterfeit has cost the United States over 200 billion dollars. The extraordinary development of counterfeiting and the manufacturing of copied products packaged with other labels, is an urgent economic problem that effects social and political problems too....   [tags: urgent economic problems in the US]

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A Scientific Study of the Lactase Enzyme

- Section 1: Introduction Enzymes are proteins that are used to accelerate bio chemical reactions. Enzymes can only react with what is called a substrate. This is because the enzyme has a specific working property, such as having a distinct shape that only allows a perfect fit of a substrate. This substrate locks itself to the enzyme and produces a product. Lactase is an enzyme that breaks down lactose, a milk disaccharide of galactose and glucose. Lactase can only be found inside the inner walls of the small intestine....   [tags: enzymes, lactase, environmental factors]

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Finding Organic Compounds Like Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins And Nucleic Acid

- ... When it came to testing for disaccharides 4 test tubes were obtain and each one had 2 ml of different solutions, such as maltose, lactose, sucrose, and starch. Each were labeled with the proper solution’s name. 2 ml of Benedict’s solution were added to each tube and all tubes were heated in boiling water. As for the Lugol’s test 2 test tubes were obtained and label positive and negative. 1 ml of water was placed into the negative test tube and 1 ml of starch was placed in the positive test tube....   [tags: Carbohydrate, Glucose, Nutrition, Protein]

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Titration Is A Measured Volume Of Acid

- ... 2016). Materials and Methods In the practical, a pH meter was used to measure the increasing pH of the solution which will allow for the pH of the equivalence point to be seen as a numerical value. The pH meter needed to be calibrated before the titration, and this was done by using coloured standards of pH 4.0, 7.0 and 10.0. The NaOH used within this practical was measured out in pellet form, and the amount needed was 0.4g of 0.1M NaOH. The NaOH was then dissolved into 100ml of distilled water by using a magnetic stir bar and a magnetic stirrer, which mixed the solution for around 120 seconds....   [tags: PH, Acid dissociation constant, Acetic acid]

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The Methods of Measuring National Income

- NATIONAL INCOME National income is the sum of money value of net flow of all the goods and services produced by normal residents of a country during a period of account. According to Central Statistical Organization (CSO) ‘National income is the sum of factor incomes earned by normal residents of a country in the form of wages, interest and profit in an accounting year.’ National product is the net output of commodities and services flowing during the year from the country’s productive system into the hands of ultimate consumers or into the net addition to the country’s capital goods....   [tags: national income, money value, circular flow]

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Le Chatelier's Principle

- Discussion: At Q 1 A reaction is at equilibrium when the ratio of the product and the reactant side are equal. This could further be seen by the reaction quotient depicted by Qc is equal to the equilibrium constant, Kc, of the given chemical reaction. Given that aA + bB ↔ cC +dD, the small letters being the mole coefficients and the big letters being the molecules of the chemical equation, K_eq=([〖C]〗^c [〖D]〗^d)/([〖A]〗^a [〖B]〗^b ) is the formula for finding the Kc of any given reversible equation....   [tags: chemistry, solution at equilibrium]

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Report on Copper Toxicity on Sheep or Adlut Lambs

- REPORT ON COPPER TOXICITY ON SHEEP OR ADULT LAMBS INTRODUCTION The relationship between copper in grazing sheep and the chronic poisoning resulting in increased death, is key. This report helps to make clear, the major effect of quantity of copper on grazing soil, on animals. The optimum concentration of copper needed for the normal growth and healthy living of lambs and sheep and the importance of copper in grazing animals are addressed in this report....   [tags: acute toxicity, animal loses]

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Effects

- Chocolate chip cookies are some of the most delectable snacks out there; they satisfy our sweet tooth with one simple bite. Chocolate chip cookies are baked in all different shapes and sizes, depending on the recipe you are making. You can do this by adding baking soda to a recipe, only adding baking powder to a recipe or even adding both. You can do the same with granulated sugar and brown sugar only adding either one of those to a recipe. These four different ingredients all have different effects and affect a cookie in different ways....   [tags: cookies, chocolate chips, baking soda]

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Considering the Feasibility of Edible Food Packaging

- INTRODUCTION A third of the waste that is dumped into landfills are packaging such as boxes, bags, bottles and food wrappers. Packaging waste is approximately 30% of municipal waste by weight, 13% is due to plastic material which is non-biodegradable. The value of the market for disposable wrappers, dishware, and cutlery at fast-food restaurants, hospitals, and other facilities is $20 billion, and recyclable or compostable products are in demand nowadays. There is a lot of interest in edible food packaging but the only problem now for consumers is with its taste, texture, and appearance....   [tags: Biodegradable, Sustainability, Waste Reduction]

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Key Components Of Unknown Chemical Mixtures

- ... The apparatus was placed over a sand bath and the boiling point was identified and recorded to the nearest tenth. Melting point: Using the melting point instrument, the solid unknown (S21) melting point range was identified and recorded. According to the previous results both compounds seemed to have alcohol functional groups present in the structure so the classification and derivate tests were performed due to those results. Classification Test: Jones Test: One drop of the liquid (L21) was placed in a test tube....   [tags: Alcohol, Functional group, Ketone, Carboxylic acid]

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Le Chatelier's Principle

- Le Chatelier's Principle Introduction: Le Chatelier's Principle states that if a change is made to a system in equilibrium, the system reacts in such a way as to tend to oppose the change, and a new equilibrium is formed. For example, whatever is done to the equilibrium, the system does the opposite. If something is added to a system at equilibrium, the system will behave as to remove it and vice versa. By increasing the concentration of a reaction, it will result in an increase of the rate of reaction....   [tags: Papers]

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The Effect of Different Size Rubber Bands on Stretch Rates

- Three different size rubber bands each with their own rate of stretch when weight is added. By creating a makeshift basket, the group was able to connect a rubber band to a ring stand. After two washers were added, the group would calculate how much the washers would affect the rate of stretch of each rubber band. Multiple washers were added until the maximum amount of weights were in the basket. The shorter rubber band took more weight in order to stretch the rubber band, however the larger rubber band would not require as much force to change the rate of stretch of the rubber band....   [tags: material stress analysis]

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The Impact of Offshoring on the U.S. Economy

- Off-shoring is the establishment of business operations outside national boundaries. The process of moving business outside these boundaries is to garner an advantage either through tax breaks, lower wages, lower transportation cost and/or relaxed regulations ("Offshore definition," 2014). Many firms either branch out as a horizontal multinational or vertical multinational. Horizontal multinational’s produce the same good or services as abroad. This foreign direct investment (FDI) is done to strategically place production closer to the target market....   [tags: The Economics Behind Offshoring]

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The United States As A Angel Power

- The decade of the 1890s begins with the ability of the United States as a angel power. It was a angel adeptness in some bureau throughout the 19th century. At the changeabout of the century, the US became the pre-eminent adeptness on face of earth. Adopted relations are abominable circuitous and controversial. One acquire to acquire bookish and airy contacts with added nations; agreeable and cultural contacts if time is available. Understanding adopted abode requires analysis, analytic thinking....   [tags: United States, Iraq War]

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The World 's Highest Obesity Rate

- The average American eats 156 pounds of added sugar each year. Sugar is delicious and once we have it, our body constantly wants more. Added sugar has become an American epidemic. “Eighty percent, or 480,000 of the 600,000 food products sold within the U.S. have added sugar, which, according to researchers and medical doctors, is why we have the world 's highest obesity rate is at 31 percent,” (Fed Up). The addictive quality of added sugar makes our brains want more of it constantly; however, our bodies are being negatively affected by its consumption in many ways....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Sugar, Sucrose]

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Tips For Using Specific Foods

- ... Yellow winter squash or zucchini are high moisture vegetables which cook more quickly than root vegetables, so add them in last 30 minutes of cooking time by cutting them into larger pieces. Frozen vegetables—Thaw and add to the slow cooker during the last 15 to 20 minutes of cooking time to retain best texture. Herbs. At the end for optimum color and flavor add fresh herbs. If needed add more to taste at the end and also add ground and dried herbs at the beginning. Thickening agents. Cornstarch and flour can be used for thickening....   [tags: Cooking, Nutrition, Milk, Food]

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Intracellular Localization of Respiration and Glycolysis in Sarcophaga bullata

- Intracellular Localization of Glycolysis and Respiration investigates which part of the Sarcophaga bullata cells carries out glycolysis and respiration. Sacrophaga ba. mitochondria and cytoplasm from thoraces cell were used to form a homogenate, supernatant, and pellet. Mannitol, buffer mix, glucose, succinate, homogenate, supernatant, and pellet were added to seven different test tubes to create different solutions. The test tubes were then observed to see which ones bleached after the homogenate, supernatant, and the pellet were added to the solutions and mixed....   [tags: Medical Conditions]

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Chemistry: Effects of Digestive Supplement on the Human Body

- Introduction: The purpose of this lab was to determine the effects that pH had on lactase activity of four different digestive supplements that assist in the breakdown of lactose in the body. Lactase is an enzyme that digests lactose, it is also the primary sugar found in milk (BIOB 260 Lab Manual, 2014). Before it can be broken down lactose needs to be broken down into glucose and galactose for easy absorption into the bloodstream, this is done by the hydrolying of the monosaccharide (BIOB 260 Lab Manual, 2014)....   [tags: pH, lactase, blood stream]

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Does the Quality of Eductors Effect the Student Learning

- Many educators would admit that they are responsible for student learning, but unfortunately the profession as a whole has averted using evaluations that are based on measures of student achievement, occasionally with acceptable reason, given the biased approaches that have been suggested. The solution, on the other hand, is not to continue with common strategies simply because they are benign and comfortable, but rather to evolve fair and reasonable ways of evaluating a teacher success with students....   [tags: expectations, feedback, evaluations, standards]

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Difference Between Traditional Costing And Activity Based Costing

- Team Reflection Week three was a challenging week. It covered the differences between traditional costing and activity-based costing as well as the steps in developing an activity-based costing system. The studies included the benefits and limitations. It also identified the differences in value-added and nonvalue-added activities. Team members struggled with some topics, but others came a bit easier. Traditional vs. Activity-Based Costing Traditional costing systems use a single, volume-based cost driver....   [tags: Costs, Variable cost, Cost driver, Cost]

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Effect of pH and Acid Phosphatase

- The practical was carried out to investigate the effect of pH on the reaction of the enzyme acid phosphatase. Of the many functions of proteins, catalysis is by far the most vital. When catalysis is not present, most reactions in the biological systems take place very slowly to produce at an adequate pace for metabolising organism. The catalysts that take this role are called enzymes. Enzymes are the most efficient catalysts; they can enhance rate of reaction by up to 1020 over uncatalysed reactions....   [tags: Protein, Catalysis,Reaction, Enzyme]

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Measuring Merit: Pay for Performance

- Introduction The reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act known as No Child Left Behind (NCLB, 2011) has made increasing student achievement and reducing inconsistencies in the dissemination of teacher qualifications a national priority (Guarino, Brown, & Wyse, 2011). Classic fixed salary schedules that consider only a teacher’s education and years of experience have been popular since the 1920’s (Koppich, 2005). This traditional system was developed to counter gender and racial discrimination that was allowed at the time by more unrestricted systems (Dee & Keys, 2004)....   [tags: Educational Issues]

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Biochemical Reactions and Enzyme Kinetics

- Enzyme Kinetics Enzymes are described as the organic catalysts, which increase the rate of reaction of a biochemical reaction. Enzymes are proteins that speed up the rate of reaction without being used up, and therefore they are reusable (Jonathan, 2012). The enzyme studied in this lab was succinate dehydrogenase. Enzyme kinetics is the study of how biological catalysts increase the reaction rate in reactions. Without the catalysts, the biological procedures necessary for organisms would not continue at a rate that could sustain life....   [tags: proteins, mitochondria, dna]

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Phage Titer Assay : Analysis

- ... Once the TA had solidified, the plates were inverted and placed in the 370C incubator for 24 hours. If plaques had appeared in the plates, this was a good indication to proceed to next fur-ther steps of counting the plaques and titer. The range of plaques that are expected to be seen were anywhere in the range of 20-200. Plaque Purification. The plaques were put through a purification assay to isolate enough pure phage stock that the phage titers could be tested empirically. Dilu-tion plate -4 was chosen for the bacterial lawn was clearly seen....   [tags: Agar plate, Petri dish, Dilution, Growth medium]

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The Treatment Of Antibiotic Resistance

- ... 100 μL of 〖10〗^(-3) dilution was added to 900 μL saline to make a 〖10〗^(-4) dilution. 100 μL of 〖10〗^(-4) dilution was added to 900 μL saline to make a 〖10〗^(-5) dilution. 100 μL of 〖10〗^(-5)dilution was added to 900 μL saline to make a 〖10〗^(-6) dilution. 100 μL of the serial dilutions 〖10〗^(-2),〖10〗^(-3),〖10〗^(-4),〖10〗^(-5), and 〖10〗^(-6) were distributed onto their own LB agar + 250 mg/ μL cycloheximide plates with a sterile spreader. The plates were incubated at 25°C for 72 hours. Patch Plated Twenty-four unique isolated colonies were chosen from the 〖10〗^(-2) and 〖10〗^(-3) enumeration plates....   [tags: Antibiotic resistance, Bacteria]

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The Effect of Temperature on an Enzyme's Ability to Break Down Fat

- The Effect of Temperature on an Enzyme's Ability to Break Down Fat Aim: To investigate the effect of temperature on an enzyme’s (lipase) ability to break down fat. Hypothesis: The graph below shows the rate increasing as the enzymes get closer to their optimum temperature (around 35 degrees Celsius) from room temperature. The enzyme particles are moving quicker because the temperature increases so more collisions and reactions occur between the enzymes and the substrate molecules....   [tags: Papers]

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Seawater Composition and Salinity

- Using the decanted supernatant solution from the precipitation experiment, a wire loop was dipped into the solution. This loop was stuck in the flame from a Bunsen Burner and heated until a flame appeared. The presence of a bright yellow flame confirmed that Na+ was in attendance. Using a cobalt glass as a filter, the loop was examined and a violet flame was present, showing that K+ was also in the supernatant solution. Testing for NH + This test was carried out using the original solution to avoid contamination of ammonium salts from the other procedures....   [tags: Tides and Salinity]

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Howard Zinn's Ideas on Motivations for War

- Although many people assume the motivations for war are determined by a territorial protection, a number of scholars have added other motivations for understanding why war occurs, among these historians one is a conspicuous example his name is Howard Zinn. Zinn has exposed that many countries go to war in order to bring economic prosperity to their region this need for gain in turn causes many of the upper class of that region to acquire fantastic levels of wealth, many of these powerful figures have denied these claims, Zinn,in reaction to these claims uses paradigm example, WW1, as a means for discrediting the upper class who incessantly deny profits during war....   [tags: war, Howard Zinn, ]

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How to Make a Match Light Charcoal

- During the summer, we often see people barbequing using different methods. Some people use gas grills, and some use charcoal grills. Kingsford has many different brands of charcoal; however match light has proven to be its most popular brand. The match light brand has variations that other brand don’t have. The match light is distinctive because of the higher concentration of ignite added, and the retort char. The match light brand is a small, square briquette with lighter fluid already infused into the briquette, allowing it to light instantly....   [tags: Instructional Essay, Process Essay, How To Essay]

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The Enzymatic Strength Of Catecholase And How Nearby Surroundings Affect Its Activity

- ... Under the circumstances of normal binding, the substrate binds to the active site of the enzyme under optimal conditions; however, competitive inhibitors can mimic the substrate and occupy the active site before the substrate has the opportunity to bind, and noncompetitive inhibitors can change the structure of the enzyme and make the enzyme incompatible with the substrate trying to combine. (Campbell et al., 2008) Hypothesis The null hypothesis is that there is not an optimal temperature that will alter the enzymatic activity of catecholase....   [tags: Enzyme, PH, Buffer solution, Enzyme inhibitor]

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How to Monitor the Event Logs using Lepide Event Log Manager

- Lepide Event Log Manager (LELM) has an edge over the traditional and native Windows Event Viewer because of its next-gen features. Being a centralized solution, it allows you to manage the event logs of multiple computers in the same or different domains at a common platform. At scheduled intervals, LELM will collect the logs of added computers automatically in two ways - with an agent and without an agent. The former allows the better parsing of the events, but it will install an agent program on the target computer, whereas the latter doesn’t need any further installation....   [tags: Auditing, Database, Computers]

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The Lab We Produce By Dehydrating Cyclohexanol Using H2so4

- ... The protonated alcohol determines the rate of the reaction because it creates the carbocation and eventually the product cyclohexene. Without the protonated alcohol, there would be no reaction. Next in this reaction process is the formation of a carbocation. Carbocations are 3-coordinated activated complexes commonly found in unimolecular mechanisms. The carbocation is formed during the decomposition step, which is rate limiting. It involves breaking the bond between the carbon and the oxygen in the protonated alcohol....   [tags: Chemical reaction, Hydrogen, Organic reaction]

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The Importance Of Mac And Cheese While Babysitting

- ... My grandmother used the food as a tactic. The only way she could get me out of the swimming pool was with her macaroni and cheese. One day I decided I would watch her make it, this way I could relay the steps back to my mom so she could make it for me everyday. I was surprised to learn that my grandmother’s recipe only included five ingredients. Elbow macaroni, butter, evaporated milk, regular milk and American cheese. A crucial thing I learned watching her cook is that measuring cups are not important....   [tags: Pasta, Cooking, Milk, Casserole]

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Investigating for Cations and Anions

- Investigating for Cations and Anions In this experiment I will investigate what cations and anions are present in various compounds. This will include carrying out a qualitative analysis, because I need to find out what type of cations and anions are there and not quantitative analysis, which includes finding out how much of each element there is. Safety Points: · Wear glasses · Wear gloves · Do not mix more than two solutions · Only mix the solutions listed by the teacher · Handle the chemicals with extreme care · Put the chemical solutions into a test-tube which is resting on a test-tube holder · Follow school lab safety procedures....   [tags: Papers]

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Chemistry: Reversible Chemical Reactions

- Introduction; Most chemical reactions are reversible which means that they react both forwards and backwards. A forward reaction is generically A + B -> C + D and a backward reaction is C + D -> A + B. Higher concentrations of A and B at the beginning of the reaction cause it to shift right towards C and D before beginning to slow down as more C and D are created. Eventually, the amount of A and B being formed is the same as the amount of A and B being used, which results in chemical equilibrium, denoted with Keq....   [tags: calculated concentrations, equilibrium]

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Lac Z Gene

- Results The experiment conducted was to determine the expression of the lac z gene under different treatment conditions. The first treatment was to add 0.3% glucose to the E. coli. The second was to add 0.2% lactose. The third treatment was similar to the second one, in which 0.2% lactose was added, except at a later time. The only difference between these trials is the time the lactose was added. Treatment four was adding 0.3% glucose and 0.2% lactose to the E. coli. After the data was gathered, the treatments were analyzed through absorbance and the time required for reactions to take place....   [tags: Results, Discussions, Treatment Conditions]

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How the Ocean and Plants Affect the Removal of Carbon in Our Atmosphere

- The Carbon cycle is the way that carbon moves around our planet. It is in everything we see and is always around us. It is used to help us grow, to make diamonds, and to make fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, peat and petrol. The carbon cycle shows us how carbon can be taken by plants and the ocean, and how it is added to the atmosphere by decomposition, humans, combustion (fires and burning), fossil fuels and from animals. The main points I am going to look at is how the ocean and plants affect the removal of carbon in our atmosphere through the process of photosynthesis, and how the carbon is added back to the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels....   [tags: carbon cycle, photosynthesis, fossil fuels]

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Research: Improving Patient flow in Outpatient Department At Apollo Main Hospital, Chennai

- ... Reddy in 1983. Apollo is a private healthcare provider in Asia with hospitals in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria, Republic of Mauritius, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait. Apollo hospitals plan to add 2,955 beds across India in the next three years. Several of the group's hospitals have been among the first in India to receive a form of international healthcare accreditation; the America-based Joint Commission International (JCI). The Hyderabad hospital, headed by Dr. K. Hari Prasad, (CEO – Central, Apollo Hospitals Group) was the first in the world, outside the US, to receive JCI's Disease- or Condition-Specific Care (DCSC) Certification in addition to general accreditation when it re...   [tags: patients, health, lean, communication]

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The Change Between Suspension Bridges Before 1940 and Suspension Bridges Today

- Suspension bridges were important before 1940 and are still important today. Major cities such as San Francisco, and Manhattan both have a suspension bridge. Suspension bridges are,” a bridge having a deck suspended from cables anchored at their extremities and usually raised on towers” ( Due to the fact that suspension bridges are not completely supported throughout the length of the bridge, past bridges were unsafe. For example, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge was a suspension bridge opened on July 1st, 1940 (Mark Ketchum)....   [tags: wind tunnel, bridges, tacoma narrows]

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History and Analysis of the United States Pledge of Allegiance

- The Pledge of Allegiance of the United States of America is a sign of an expression of respect and obedient to the national flag of The United States of America and the republic of The United States of America itself. The Pledge of Allegiance is originally written by Francis Bellamy, a Baptist minister from New York, in August 1892. The Pledge of Allegiance of The United States of America was very firstly published in the teenage magazine on September 8th, 1892 issue of “The Youth’s Companion”, the most popular and leading in family magazine....   [tags: flag, liberty, schools]

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Changing Raw Material Into Standard Stock with Primary Process

- 1.a Define and describe primary processes A Primary Process is changing a raw material into a standard stock. This is a rather ambiguous definition as some processes can be a primary process or secondary process depending on the product being produced. For example pig iron from a blast furnace can be standard stock (for cast iron) or it can be sent to a BOS furnace for further processing into steel, which is the standard stock in this case. Some basic examples of primary processes are: Wood Trees are cut down from native, regrowth or plantation forests....   [tags: casting, cutting, moulding]

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The Consumption of Sugar in the United States

- What is your guilty pleasure. It seems to be that people just can’t get enough sugar . Many people in this country have high sugary diets. Americans are consuming too much sugar, but is not all our fault because food is already sugar coated when it gets to the table. Sugar is highly addictive and damaging to the body, there are many factors that contribute to in healthy eating or ingesting sugar like economic stasis, availability of healthy foods and cultural influences. Sugar is present in almost all foods and drinks we consume....   [tags: high blood pressure, lactose, sucrose, sugar]

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Comparison of Chemical Composition of Various Food Stuff

- Title : Comparison of Chemical Composition of Various Food Stuff Introduction Carbohydrate is a macromolecule that consists of atoms of carbon, hydrogen & oxygen. The carbohydrates or saccharides exists in 4 groups, monosaccharides, disaccharides, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides. Starch is among one of the polysaccharides and it consists of a large number of units of glucose molecules joined together by glycosidic bonds. Starch consists of two types of molecules , the linear and helical amylose and the branched amylopectin....   [tags: of cells and molecules]

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A Short Note On Unknown Project Lab Report

- ... The KOH test began with aseptically applying a considerably large amount of the bacteria onto a microscope slide and then adding a drop of 3% KOH and then mixing. The results were able to be observed after 1 minute. April 5th, the second day of testing began with the observation of the tests performed on day one after being incubated. The first test performed on day two was the MVRP procedure, which is split into two tests; the Methyl Red (MR) test which will be used to identify mixed acid fermenting bacteria and whether or not the bacteria can yield an acid end product while the Voges-Proskauer test will test for the presence of acetoin in the bacteria culture....   [tags: Bacteria, Microbiology, Gram staining, Staining]

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Toxic Chemical Vapor Cloud Release in 2004

- Accident: Toxic Chemical Vapor Cloud Release Major Damage: 154 Treated, 5 Hospitalized for Toxic Chemical Exposure Date: April 12, 2004 Location: Dalton, Georgia EVENTS Major Accident Scenario: On April 12, 2004, at approximately 9:30 PM, a reactor at MFG Chemical’s Callhan Road facility in Dalton, Georgia; experienced a runaway reaction during the first production synthesis of triallyl cyanurate (TAC). The highly exothermic reaction over pressured a 4000 gallon reactor, causing the manway to fail and burst open, in addition, the emergency rupture disc was activated....   [tags: Georgia, Pollution, Accident]

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Analysis of Power Reverse Dual Currency Note

- Power Reverse Dual Currency (PRDC) notes are an exotic financially structured product and are part of the Structured Notes Market. These instruments are utilized by investors to speculate or hedge in the forward foreign exchange market based on relative interest rate spreads between economies. Historically this hybrid security rooted from principal protected notes that became useful instruments for Japanese investors. Their utility was realized in 1995, when a sharp decline in Japanese yields generated demand for a product that could provide a higher yield than available domestically ("Pricing Power Reverse Dual Currency Notes")....   [tags: prdc, notes market, foreign exhange]

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The History and Events of the Olympics

- The Olympics is a series of different sports and events categorized into summer and winter sports. The first Olympic Games were in 1776 B.C. They were dedicated to the Olympian Gods. The specialists think that the Olympic Games owed their purity and importance to their religion. If you win the Olympic Games the Herald would loudly say the name of the Olympic winner, his father's name, and his homeland. The Hellanodikis places the holy olive tree wreath on the winner's head. The Olympic Games started in Ancient Greece....   [tags: athletes, competition, skiing ]

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A Research and Self-Reflection on Peanut Butter

- ... These skills that I have gained will help me through out my life. I am hoping to study medicine and will engage in numerous research studies. I feel that I have leanred the foundations that will equip and assist me to write research proposals in university. Medical research wll be an active part of my studies and I am grateful that I have learnt the basics. I am excited to further my studies in this methodology in my career. 6900kJ for a boy aged 7 and 6400kJ for a girl aged 7. This requirement will differ based on gender, amount of exercise done through out the day, height and weight....   [tags: affordable and nutritious food]

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The Working of a Biological Catalyst: Catalase

- ... Enzyme activity was not affected as the pH of water, which is 7, is similar to the pH the liver maintains. In tube 5 a boiled cube of liver was placed into hydrogen peroxide. Boiling liver made irreversible changes to the structure of catalase and it could no longer function properly, it become denatured. Boiling liver damaged the catalase enzyme and clearly decreased the amount of bubbles when it was exposed to hydrogen peroxide; no foam was created. In tube 2 manganese dioxide and a cube of liver was added to hydrogen peroxide....   [tags: enzyme, pH, broiling liver]

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It 's Essential For Proofread Before Submitting

- ... I only used two examples for the books instead of three. Then I removed any sentences that reiterate the same point. For the email subject lines, I kept the first two-subject line as it because it didn’t need correcting. After reading the third subject line, I thought it was confusing. So, I changed it to “Why Your Employee Don’t Reply to Your Email.” The fourth subject line, I changed the word “can” to “could.” Then I thought the fifth subject line was weak, so I changed it completely to “ Everything You Need to Know Before Writing An Email” and target the audience as older adults....   [tags: Word, Sentence, Writing, Need to know]

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The Student 's Perceived Skills And Strengths

- ... This should be completed by the time Michael graduates high school. Organization objectives where Michael learn prepare for college, his future career, and being on his own will be added to the IEP. Williamson High School Special Education Department 4 Michael will enroll in a community college class leading to certification as a mechanic. Michael will participate in a shop class where he will learn to work more with his hands. He will also participate in a “bring your child to work day” where he will go to a shop to see what all it includes....   [tags: Education, College, High school, Teacher]

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The Flute Virtuosity: Johann George Tromlitz

- Accounts written of the late Johann George Tromlitz paint him as a bitter man; he was easily upset when writers neglected to mention his influential work on the flute. He reacts to these sentiments in the forward of one of his treatises, The Virtuoso Flute-Player (1791). Tromlitz wanted to be known as a master of the flute; he believed that his ideals were vital to the flute’s development and performance. He wrote several treatises where he speaks of the correct construction and performance of the flute, the core of his ideal....   [tags: The Gewandhaus Orchestra , flute-makers]

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How to Build a Web Page

-   HTML & CSS To build a webpage you are going to need a few things • A text editor such as programs called Notepad++, Sublime text, Microsoft’s Visual Studio or ever just the notepad program that comes in Windows • A web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer For this tutorial you do not need any experience in HTML, CSS or any other web development experience. HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-Up and is a scripting language used to make webpages. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet and works alongside HTML to style the website, I will talk about CSS later on in this tutorial....   [tags: text editor, web browser, html]

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Dyes in Foods: Natural versus Synthetic

- Dyes in Foods Kool-Aid, strawberry ice cream, and Doritos: What do these things have in common. Whether you realize it or not, many ordinary foods contain dyes. Some of the dyes are natural; others are synthetic. Is one better than the other. According to the The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, a dye is a “synthetic or natural coloring used to color various materials.” Today, many dyes are used in foods all around the world. As of January 2014, the United States Food and Drug Administration certifies nine different dyes-Blue 1, 2; Green 3; Red 3, 5, 6, 40; Yellow 5 and 6 (Beil)....   [tags: causes of health issues]

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Infant Formula: Good, Bad or Innocuous

- ... By the 1920's, parents were advised to add orange juice to their baby's formula to decrease the risk of scurvy. The 1950’s found over half of all infants being fed formula. During the late 1950s and early 1960s, most of the prepared infant formulas fell into one of two classes. There were formulas similar to home-prepared evaporated milk formulas but with added vitamins and formulas that were lower in protein and contained vegetable and oleo oils with added vitamins and minerals. The lower protein formulas gradually took over in popularity due to the unpleasant smell of regurgitated butterfat and the idea that the formulas similar to home-made evaporated milk formulas caused constipation...   [tags: mother's milk versus baby formula]

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Obesity : The Fast Food Industry

- ... Increased calories of course. Lets use a Big Mac meal for an example.Myfitnesspal states that a Large Big Mac meal is 1,350 calories, and the Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet ("Calories in Mcdonald 's Big Mac Meal").Because the portion is so large, the calorie count is also exceedingly large. One large portion or large meal is the equivalent to more than half the amount of suggested daily calories One must take into account when additional meals and snacks are added, the total calorie count will far exceed the recommended daily count of calories....   [tags: Nutrition, Food, Big Mac, Junk food]

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Balancing the Life of a Non-traditional College Student

- College can be a particularly difficult period of time in any person’s life if they fail to properly prepare for the inevitable stress that result from it. Any person entering college for the first time must constantly strive to strike a balance it their life between the demands of school and the similar demands from work, family, church, etc. Today, colleges are providing students with more flexibility through night classes and a variety of classes offered through distance learning, including online courses....   [tags: Non-traditional College Students, college, edcucat]

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Pharmaceutical Emulsions: Principles of Pharmacy

- Introduction Emulsions are a dispersion system composed of two immiscible liquids or more. One of the liquids is dispersed as small fine droplets throughout the other liquid. Depending on the dispersed and external phases, emulsions can be classified as: water-in-oil emulsions which are fine aqueous droplets dispersed in an oily hydrophobic continuous phase or oil-in-water emulsions which are fine oily droplets dispersed in an aqueous hydrophilic continuous phase. Other types are multiple emulsions which consist of a dispersed phase containing droplets of another phase for example w/o/w or o/w/o....   [tags: liquid droplets, hydrophilic surfactants ]

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