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Value Added Tax Final : Oliver Wendell

- Value Added Tax Final Oliver Wendell rightly said - “I like to pay taxes. With them, I buy civilization.” True indeed. With the practice of paying taxes, you not only show yourself as a responsible citizen towards country, but you are contributing some portion of your income towards the betterment of the nation.Government has various policies and to get them operational in the system funds are required. These financial resources are earned in the form of taxes from the residents of the country. Hence taxes come into being and they are classified into 2 basic categories, i.e....   [tags: Value added tax, Tax, Indirect tax]

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The Value Added Tax

- Introduction The Value Added Tax(VAT) is a kind of consumption tax which mainly imposed on the value added to a product, material or service. The first country to have a value added tax is France in 1954. Since then, over 170 countries adopted the VAT as an important part of their government revenue system. VAT is almost imposed on the valued added of both the business activities and different business stages. That is, VAT links the whole business together, anyone in the business activities cannot avoid paying a VAT....   [tags: consumption tax, revenue system, China, economy]

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Understanding Economic Value Added

- Understanding Economic Value Added 1. Read the technical note titled “Understanding Economic Value Added” written by Desai and Ferri. 2. Answer the following questions (please think thru these carefully and write a well-reasoned, and complete answer) a. What is the major difference between Net Income as reported on an income statement and EVA. Well, to define the two terms, net income is essentially the difference between revenues and expenses. Estimated value added is all based on residual income....   [tags: investment, return, income]

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Value Added Tax

- Value Added Tax or VAT as it is called is the most common alternative strategy implemented by many countries to deal with inefficiencies within the tax system. VAT provides an opportunity to modernize the indirect tax system, to make it more efficient, appropriate and simpler. Value added tax (VAT), is a final consumption tax levied on value added or mark up on a good or service, at each and every stage of the production and distribution chain. Value Added is the value that a business adds to its raw materials or purchases before selling the good/service....   [tags: Economy, Government]

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The And Job Added For His Discourse ( Mashal )

- “And Job added to his discourse (mashal)” (29:1). This same rhetoric introduced Job’s words in chapter 27. Up to that point, Job had just “answered” each of the friends’ admonitions. In both chapters 27 and 29, Job headed in new directions. In 27, Job ventured wholesale into the paradigm of the friends, perhaps particularly Zophar, with regard to the fate of evil persons. Here, picking up the verbal gauntlet again, he began to build the foundation for the radical move that would close his words....   [tags: God, Theology, Book of Job, Zophar]

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A report on Value Added Tax

- A report on Value Added Tax Introduction Value Added Tax originated in France in 1954 and is under implementation in more than hundred countries. Value Added Tax is perceived by many as means to promote neutrality and uniformity of tax burden and to provide incentives for increased productivity and industrialization. The spread of VAT to the developed and the developing countries alike certainly, makes for an interesting study. Financial Times (London) too stressed the growing importance of VAT when it observed in its centennial review “The economic and technological changes of the second half of the century have made VAT the quintessential modern tax”....   [tags: Economics]

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Should British Sign Language Be Added For The National Curriculum?

- should British sign language be added to the national curriculum Sign language is a natural human language, they have their own vocabularies and sentence structures. Sign language comes into practice wherever Deaf societies come into existence. Sign language is not identical worldwide; every country has its own language and accents; however, these are not the verbal or transcribed languages used by hearing individuals around them. British sign language (BSL) is a form of communicating using hands, facial expressions and your body language, it is mainly used by individuals who are deaf....   [tags: Deaf culture, Hearing impairment, Audiogram]

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The Role of Management Accounting in creating Added Value to the Firm

- The essay sets to provide a perspective upon Management accounting and the effect it can have in creating added value for a firm. It purposes to do so by first giving a short definition and history of management accounting, identifying the differences between management accounting and financial accounting and then proceeding to analyzing some of the most important tools for management accounting. The pylons of the essay will be defining the strategy and its role in management accounting, presenting the plan–do–check–act cycle, the strategy map and the Balanced Scorecard....   [tags: Business Strategy, Step by Step Analysis]

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Value Added to Cadbury

- Value Added to Cadbury Cadbury has value added to its products in many different ways, for example the different sized chocolate bars that can be purchased by the customers, there’s lunch sized dairy milk bars for children to eat with their packed lunch at school, and there’s also different flavoured chocolate (mint dairy milk and orange dairy milk). This all adds value to Cadburys product because it ensures that Cadbury stays competitive amongst its rivals....   [tags: Papers]

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Value Added Taxes

- Value Added Taxes A value-added tax (VAT) is a fee that is assessed against businesses by a government at various points in the production of goods or services, usually any time a product is resold or value is added to it. For tax purposes, value is added whenever the value of a product increases as a result of the application of a company's factors of production, such as labor and equipment. With VAT, the taxable amount is based on the value added at each stage of the process of producing goods and bringing them to market....   [tags: Production Economics Taxes]

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Economic Impact of the Added Worker Effect

- Economic Impact of the Added Worker Effect 1. Income Effect: the income effect is the response of desired hours of leisure to changes in one’s income. If wages are held constant and income increases then the desired hours of work will decrease. The relevance of the income effect in regards to the study of labor economics is very important. Employers, economists and Government institutions have the ability to determine the amount of time workers’ will seek to either choose more hours of work or more hours of leisure....   [tags: essays papers]

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The Design And Management Of Seamless Value Added Process Across Organizational Boundaries

- “The design and management of seamless value added process across organizational boundaries to meet the real needs of the end customer” – INSTITUTE OF SUPPLY MANAGEMENT Institute for Supply Management, INDIA (ISMS-INDIA) based in Gurgaon (Delhi-NCR), which have many chapters in major, cities of India. ISM-INDIA is affiliated to Institute for supply management in the USA which is the world’s largest institute for supply chain management. The main aim of cooperation is to provide opportunities for the promotion of supply management professions and expansion of skills and knowledge of professionals....   [tags: Supply chain management, Management, Supply chain]

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Investigating the Changes in Reaction When Sodium Thiosulphate is Added to Dilute Hydrochloric Acid

- Investigating the Changes in Reaction When Sodium Thiosulphate is Added to Dilute Hydrochloric Acid Concentration Aim: To observe the changes in reaction when sodium thiosulphate is added to dilute hydrochloric acid. Prediction: I predict that the higher the concentration of hydrochloric acid is the faster the reaction will take place. Scientific knowledge: When the concentration of hydrochloric acid is high the reaction will take place faster. This is because in a high concentration of hydrochloric acid there are more particles so collisions will occur more frequently....   [tags: Papers]

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Supply Management and Value Added Processess

- ... Suppliers are thought of as a strategic resource, which results in different criteria for supply – quality, previous cooperation, capacity, motivation, ability and experience. Existing suppliers are monitored, and basic quality control systems are established. In the last, fourth phase, supply is considered to be a full and equal participant in company’s strategic planning. Communication between supply and other departments is constant and streamlined. Professional development of employees is focused mainly on strategic elements crucial for achieving competitive advantage, and the contribution of supply is measured by its participation in general success of the company....   [tags: business/management strategies]

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Marketing Analysis : Bacardi 's New Line Of Healthier Drinking

- Promotion Paper Rebecca Denton Brandman University August 1, 2016 Abstract Bacardi’s new line of healthier drinking will use many strategies in promotion. First we will start with possible marketing channels. A marketing channel or distribution channel is a set of interdependent organizations that help make a product or service available for use or consumption by the consumer or business user (Kotler, p.341). Every marketing decision s based around the company’s channel decisions. It affects things such as pricing, and sales force....   [tags: Marketing, Value added, Price, Distribution]

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An Investigation To Show The Varying Amounts Of Microbial Decay Caused By The Amounts Of Water Added to Soil

- An Investigation To Show The Varying Amounts Of Microbial Decay Caused By The Amounts Of Water Added to Soil Aim: Our aim is to find the best type of soil for microbial decay. Apparatus ========= * 15 pieces of raw cabbage 4cm2 (three in each pot), * Five plastic pots, * Five pots of different types of Soil/Compost, * Five labels, * Weighing scale, * Rulers * We will put all pots in the same place making the temperature the same for each pot (room temperature)....   [tags: Biology Lab Report]

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Project Management Services For Commercial Buildings And Large Residential Projects

- 2.4.10 Quansys Pvt. Ltd. Profile: Quansys Pvt. Ltd. is highly qualified to provide proficient Cost Consulting and Project management services to the Construction industry for commercial buildings and large residential projects. Started in 2010, by the name of Integrated Potential Consulting, we have earned professional repute in providing value added engineering services and solutions with enhanced customer and client satisfaction. Integrated Potential is reformed as Quansys in 2012 and turn out to be a Private Ltd firm....   [tags: Project management, Construction, Value added]

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Marketing Analysis : Marketing And Marketing

- Getting the product to the market is another link in the marketing mix. Producers or manufactures uses intermediaries to bring their product to the market by developing a marketing channel. Marketing channel are set of independent organizations participating in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption (Kotler & Keller, 2014). Channel intermediaries are firms or wholesalers and retailers who assist in moving the product from the producer to the consumer. The channel that a company uses directly affect other marketing decision....   [tags: Marketing, Pricing, Value added, Retailing]

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Value Chain By Michael Porter

- Value chain analyses a firm 's internal activities such as planning, production, and development, packaging and distribution so as to create value for clients. The function of the value chain is to identify the sources for cost reduction along with quality improvement. It means value chain is used to identify the strong and weak points, positive and negative points, the scope of improvement; in a nutshell, the advantages and disadvantages of the activities taking place in the system. The value chain is also called as a strategic analysis tool and it is a well-known concept in business management industry....   [tags: Management, Supply chain, Value added]

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China 's Tax System Of China

- In China, VAT was introduced in 1976 and was eventually implemented at the national level in 1994 after a decade of pilot in different level. In the history of Chinese VAT, it experienced four big reforms overall. According to a research made by Ching-Yang Yen, who was a deputy director in the first bureau office of the president of the Republic of China, the old sales tax system of China was consisted of Gross Business Receipts Tax (GBRT), stamp tax, and commodity tax. GBRT was a cascading sales tax; commodity tax was levied only on high class or luxury goods, which increased the management costs of some industries; stamp tax worked as a surtax of GBRT, leading a cascading taxation for b...   [tags: Tax, Value added tax, Consumption tax, Taxation]

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How Do Cross Border E Commerce Retailer And Daigous Industry Faced China 's New Tax Policies

- Headline: How do Cross-border E-commerce Retailer and Daigous Industry Faced China’s New Tax Policies “I have been a daigou for about 6 years when I was student at Macquarie University. 4 years ago I rent a warehouse to store the Australia products like infant formula, vitamins and UGG and resell them to Chinese consumers in large batches. 1 year ago, I was lucky to have this store in Eastwood and now I have 4 WeChat accounts for more than 6000 intended consumers” Said Judi, an Eastwood home gift shop owner....   [tags: Tax, Value added tax, Consumption tax, Taxation]

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Importance Of Smes On The Uk Economy

- In the Twenty-First century, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is not a novel term to be heard by people. In regard to having a self-explanatory name, SMEs is used to describe businesses that are small or medium in size; which is understood further by the set features of hiring up to 250 employees, receiving up to £50 million turnover every year as well as having internally autonomous management system and decision making (Analoui & Karami 2003, p. 27). According to the Department for Business Innovation & Skills (2015, p....   [tags: Tax, Value added tax, Business, Unemployment]

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A Brief Note On Transport Jar And Its Storage Jar

- Archaelogical reasearch on transport jar and its storage jar antecedents confirms the superior functionality and technology represented in the latter. During the LBA there was a surge in pottery production along with local industry to meet the widespread consumer market demands and it reached a unprecendated capacity during this period (Gonen 1992: 232-234). The Canaanite commercial jar for the export of local produce to foreign markets was the hallmark of the period as reliefs on the royal tombs in Egypt attest (Gonen 1992: 232-234) The commercial jar was made on a potters wheel “which not only facilitated the production of greater numbers and more regular shapes, but also allowed the side...   [tags: Coca-Cola, The Coca-Cola Company, Value added]

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Effects Of A National Sales Tax System

- For each generation that grows up in America, there is always one thing that they all share, taxes. Individuals pay taxes on almost everything these days. Taxes are charged on purchases of food, goods, and even services. Taxes are also taken out of payroll checks each pay period and deposited into government accounts for use later. And lastly, at the beginning of the year when income tax is due, if an individual has done what is necessary, they will end up with a refund. If not, they can end up with a high tax repayment bill that leaves them wondering what went wrong....   [tags: Tax, Value added tax, Consumption tax]

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Use Of End User License Agreements

- The use of end user license agreements or clickwrap agreements protects both the user and the company. Courts concluded that, “a TOS just adjacent to or below a click-button (or check-box), is sufficient to indicate the user agreed to the listed terms. “(Bayley). Providing thorough terms and agreements will protect your software. As software manager I will be writing the Terms and agreements for an anti-virus program that must be paid for. The first thing I would add would be definitions for all words that might have interpreted meanings, like upgrade, updates and support....   [tags: Value added tax, Tax, Consumption tax]

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The Development Of Australia Housing Industry

-   AUSTRALIA HOUSING INDUSTRY Property industry in Australia consists of individuals and organizations that are involved in developing, operating and facilitating activities within the housing/property industry that meet the residential and non-residential property needs of Australia. Australians traditionally place a high degree of importance on homeownership which is perceived as important for stability of family life and for wealth creation. For a long period of time governments have been encouraging home ownership through direct grants to first-time home buyers....   [tags: Taxation, Tax, Value added tax, Real estate]

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The Debate Over The Tax System

- The article written by Josh Barro discusses a part of the Republican party debate that happened on the 10th of November this year 2015. The Republican Presidential candidates were presented of economic problems the United States is currently facing today and was asked to provide solutions on how to fix them. Topics of immigration, bank regulations, national security were brought up, but the article focuses on the debate over the tax system. In the debate, two main questions were brought up in the topic of tax....   [tags: Income tax, Tax, Taxation, Value added tax]

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Project Scope Of A Project

- In research and development project or in any project the most important thing to do is to have a project scope, that is detailed, up to date, signed off, approved by the customer and every one involved in the project decisions. This will avoid any additions; changes or scope creeps in a project. Change request, Change order, Change control, Scope Creep all similar to an addition of a particular component to a project can be a frustrating, and even be a project slayer. This particular component can add labors hours, add cost, affect all the deliverables on any project, as well as create devastation....   [tags: Project management, Plan, Value added, Creep]

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Economic, Political, And Social Factors

- I was sent to Serbia looking for information to see if my company should build a manufacturing plant to produce consumer goods there. I am reporting on the economic, political, and social factors in this country. I am breaking down issues and ideas for our company in this country. My report will show that it is not a good place to have our manufacturing plant. Serbia is a capitalistic country, at one point in time, they were socialist. They had a difficult time changing over from socialist. This change that happened was about sixteen years ago, they changed over because they desperately needed it....   [tags: Unemployment, United States, Value added tax]

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India 's Economy : India

- India’s economy, as an upcoming power, ranks 3rd in the world in terms of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) and 7th in the world in terms of nominal GDP. India’s nominal GDP, at $2.4 trillion, ranks much higher than Canada’s GDP at $1.6 trillion (11th globally). Similarly, India’s PPP at $8.8 trillion ranks much higher than Canada’s PPP, also approximately $1.6 trillion as well, ranked 15th globally. Despite India’s large GDP both nominally and regarding PPP, India’s GDP per capita is amongst the poorest nations in the world (Central Intelligence Agency, 2016)....   [tags: Inflation, Tax, Value added tax, India]

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Nurse Hospital At New Heights

- Over the past two months I have observed Caring Angel Hospital and am pleased with many of the services and care that the staff here are providing. However, there are places where we can expand upon the work being done and take Caring Angel Hospital to new heights. In the recent past the Hospital has underperformed financially and there are opportunities to improve the quality of care, add value too, advance employee morale, expand organizational design, produce a robust team environment, and expand into new specialty services....   [tags: Patient, Hospital, Value added, Health care]

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The Internal Revenue System ( Irs )

- Taxation and Inequality When the Internal Revenue System (IRS) formed for the first time in 1913, the wealthy man paid a mere six percent of his massive income. (America 2) At this time, the graduated tax only reached as far as $4,000 as a capped limit. Individual income tax rates are [graduated] in that they increase from low to high as taxable income increases, says Carbaugh and Ghosh. Above a certain amount, no man paid more than six percent, unless they deducted the allowed amounts, regardless of what the man made for income....   [tags: Tax, Income tax, Value added tax, Progressive tax]

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Governor Sam Brownback 's Budget Cuts

- Governor Sam Brownback came into office with the intentions of bringing Kansas out of the recession it was in, boost the economy and create jobs. His plan was to cut income taxes in order to help recover Kansas’s finances and its economy. As well as cut some of the education budget to put some of the money into places that seemed to have a stronger need. During the start of this all, it was very appealing to quite a large number of people and to so many it sounded like a steady plan that could bring a lot of benefits to other areas in need of more financing....   [tags: Tax, Income tax, Tax refund, Value added tax]

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Federal State And Federal Government

- The United States branch there taxes on a local, state, and federal level. The federal government collected about $3.1 trillion in 2013. It transferred about $420 billion to states and just over $25 billion to local governments, leaving it with roughly $2.7 trillion. States collected about $1.4 trillion that same year. States received about $420 billion from the federal government and gave $470 billion to local governments, leaving about $1.37 billion available for spending. Local governments collected nearly $720 billion in 2013, giving them roughly $1.2 trillion after adding what they received from state and federal transfers....   [tags: Tax, Value added tax]

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What Do You Help Gain Out Of This Program?

- 1. What do you hope to gain out of this program. I hope to gain additional strength in my leadership skills, further my knowledge of HCA’s operations and business strategy, and obtain experience to prepare me for future career growth within HCA. Additionally, I would value the exposure and engagement with executive leadership, developing strategic relationships, mentorship opportunities, and the professional development attained through the program. 2. Choose one HCA LEADS competency / value (see chart and link on next page) and explain an example in which you demonstrated this competency or value; be specific....   [tags: Management, Family, Leadership, Value added]

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Is It A Discount If You Buy?

- • Is there a discount if you buy in bulk. If you are certain you can sell the item, buying in bulk can drive down production costs. Typically, the more of an item you can purchase at one time, the better price you’ll get on that product. Seasonal Considerations Is the product one that sells better at certain times of the year than other times. One example is ugly Christmas sweaters. They will sell best between November and January. The rest of the year, sales will slump off. If you plan to sell a seasonal item, have a backup plan in place for what you’ll sell during your slow months or how you’ll ramp up during the seasonal sales next year....   [tags: Marketing, Value added, Sales, Fishing]

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Promotional Activity Description Of Nissan Almera Competition

- 1. Promotional activity description Nissan Almera competition According to the three $1 vouchers that had been offered, the company also offered a chance to win a Almera car for free to its customers. The customers who interested in this promotion were directed to the company’s website which provides the LivingSocial campaign information. On the page, customers could saw the information for enter this competition by put their data and joined the Almera simply test driving. The last step to have a chance to win this event....   [tags: Marketing, Value added, Target audience]

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What Makes A Business?

- All businesses experience the process of capability studies throughout its lifetime. It’s the blueprint of a business, mapping what is done, not how it’s done. Successful companies use it every day to maintain the advantage, in addition to gaining new knowledge for better business strategies. These are fundamental sequences, based on the data and calculated indicators for pre-determined accomplishments. Sounds tedious, but that’s exactly what capability studies prompt. The concluding results reveal whether or not the inspirations are realistically capable to produce the expected outcome....   [tags: Strategic management, Management, Value added]

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How Political, Legal And Social Factors Are Impacting Upon The Business Activities Of The Selected Organisations

- P6 describe how political, legal and social factors are impacting upon the business activities of the selected organisations and their stakeholders. M3 analyse how political, legal and social factors have impacted on the two contrasting organisations. Part A Taxation Companies have to pay corporation taxes on their taxable profits. This is why the corporation taxes depend on how much profit a business makes. Every individual or organization has to pay taxes base on their income. These taxes are the Income tax The national insurance is a contribution system set up by the government....   [tags: Tax, Value added tax, Minimum wage, Employment]

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Should The United. Use A Zero Personal Income Tax?

- Should the U.S. convert to a Zero Personal Income Tax Income tax is considered to be one of the greatest ways that a country amasses wealth through known means from the public in order to use the funds for the benefit and welfare of the community. Since a very long time, there have been many discussions and debates on the way the finds collected for income tax have been spend. There are many who think that there is a lot of mismanagement and feel that the amount of the actual money spent on welfare of the community is far less that what gets collected by the country....   [tags: Income tax, Tax, Value added tax, Income]

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Why Do People Care About Who Pays More?

- Why do people care about who pays more in taxes than others. Some people say that they don 't need to pay taxes because they help with charity and shouldn’t have to pay taxes. Others say that they pay their fair share and don’t need to pay anymore than what they have. Like others some of the rich say they want to pay more taxes. Who would want to do that not me. You hear about the rich or the poor all the time complaining who pays more or less in taxes. But it depends on what taxes you pay for. There are many taxes out there that makes a difference on who pays more in taxes....   [tags: Taxation, Tax, Progressive tax, Value added tax]

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The Year 1862 During The Civil War

- Introduction: In the year 1862 during the civil war congress implemented the first income tax in America. It was 3% per year. However, it was not until 1913 when the 16th Amendment to the Constitution was passed, which granted the government the ability to impose a tax on individuals’ income. Since then it has been an issue to determine how much people should be taxed. Tax rates in America change drastically; for example, in 1963 a person in the highest tax bracket would give 90.8% of their income to the government....   [tags: Tax, Taxation, Value added tax, Income tax]

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Why Property Taxes Should Be Lowered For Farmers?

- Why property taxes should be lowered for farmers. “According to CSG Midwest property taxes is the single largest source of revenue raised by local governments (two-thirds of the total), and the single largest tax paid by farmers (44 percent of the total).” (7) High property taxes is what a farmer will have to look into probably the most for one of the expenses depending on how much ground you own. High property taxes affect many things farmers may want to do such as wanting to expand or grow the farm, buy new equipment, and pay for family expenses....   [tags: Tax, Tax exemption, Income tax, Value added tax]

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Stakeholders Of A Stakeholder Analysis

- Stakeholder Analysis Naturally there are several stakeholders involved in this debate. This section of this study will seek to identify the various stakeholders involved and to evaluate their stakes. The two biggest stakeholders in this debate are the government and taxpayers. An analysis of the government’s right to claim a stake in this debate arises from their need for revenue from its citizens. As previously mentioned the government needs these revenues to support itself, finance its debt, support those in need and to pay for the various social projects it creates for the citizens benefit or pleasure....   [tags: Tax, Progressive tax, Income tax, Value added tax]

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Stakeholders Involved And Their Stakes

- Naturally there are several stakeholders involved in this debate. This section of this study will seek to identify the various stakeholders involved and to evaluate their stakes. The two biggest stakeholders in this debate are the government and taxpayers. An analysis of the government’s right to claim a stake in this debate arises from their need for revenue from its citizens. As previously mentioned the government needs these revenues to support itself, finance its debt, support those in need and to pay for the various social projects it creates for the citizens benefit or pleasure....   [tags: Tax, Progressive tax, Income tax, Value added tax]

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Japan 's Policy Formation Process

- A) Japan differs from Germany in the way it formulates tax policies, this is partly due to their structural setup. Japan is a more pluralist nation while Germany has a mixture system that has bits of pluralist and proportional elements (Budget Processes and Commitment to Fiscal Discipline, 2015). Because these countries are set up differently, their tax policy formation process differs in certain ways. The first key difference is noted in chapter 6 of “Comparing Public Policies”, where Germany is considered to have a budget and tax formulation process that is more centralized than Japan’s pluralist system....   [tags: Income tax, Tax, Corporate tax, Value added tax]

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The Effects Of Sugar On Health Of People And Children

- Lia Steakley, who works in Stanford Medicine, reports that added sugar is often defined as conventional sugar, and it is often added to soft drink, cookie, yogurt, and cereal when they were prepared and processed(Steakley, 2015). According to another study of consumption of added sugar, Mollie Turner illustrates that both the added sugar consumption of adult and children was increased for a huge number of calories. For the adult, they used to consume about 228 calories a day in 1977 to 300 calories in 2010....   [tags: Sugar, Nutrition, Blood sugar, Obesity]

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Analysis And Identification Of Ionic Compound Using Logic Trees

- Analysis and Identification of an Ionic Compound using Logic Trees Introduction: It is important to be able to analyze and identify compounds especially in industry where even slight changes in compound structure or concentration could have disastrous effects. In this project, comprising of three parts, cation and anion elimination and confirmation tests are performed. Two logic trees are then constructed from the test results. These logic trees are used to identify the anion and cation of an unknown ionic compound....   [tags: Solubility, Ion, Ammonia, Potassium]

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Synthesis and Characterization of K2[Ni(CN)4] , K3[Fe(C2O4)3] and Cu(acac)2 Complexes

- Synthesis and Characterization of K2[Ni(CN)4] , K3[Fe(C2O4)3] and Cu(acac)2 complexes(IV , V and VI) with different structures and Properties 1. Introduction The aim of this experiment was to synthesize HgCo(SCN)4 , [Ni(en)3]S2O3 , NiCl2(PPh3)2 , K2[Ni(CN)4] , K3[Fe(C2O4)3] and Cu(acac)2 but only K2[Ni(CN)4] , K3[Fe(C2O4)3] and Cu(acac)2 were synthesized and explained in this report. Characterization was then done on each of the 3 synthesized complexes by obtaining their UV-Vis spectrum. The UV-Vis spectrum of each complex would identify different properties and would help to explain the observations made when they were synthesized (for example their colour and how they reacted)....   [tags: Lab Report]

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What is Nutrition and Why Is It Important?

- What is nutrition. Why is nutrition important. Nutrition, nourishment, or aliment, is the supply of materials - food - required by organisms and cells to stay alive. In science and human medicine, nutrition is the science or practice of consuming and utilizing foods (MNT, 2014). A nutrient is a source of nourishment, an ingredient in a food, e.g. protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin, mineral, fiber and water. Macronutrients are nutrients we need in relatively large quantities. Micronutrients are nutrients we need in relatively small quantities (MNT, 2014)....   [tags: carbohydrates, proteins, nourishment]

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The Identity Of The Unknown Compound Substance

- The identity of the mysterious unknown compound substance Guadalupe Rueda* & Alexia Tipton CHEM 111-457 Introduction There may be a time when a scientist or chemist doesn’t know the identity of a ionic compound. This can cause complications or a hazard if it’s utilized without knowing what that compounds is or can do. The only solution would be wot use a set of chemical cation/anion tests in order to identify the unknown compound. By going through elimination and confirmation tests, it is easier to identify the unknown compounds by narrowing the possible options based on the solutions formed....   [tags: Ion, Ammonia, Blue, Solubility]

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The Effects of Counterfeit Products

- A counterfeit good is an item that is imitated, commonly by another “genuine” item. Counterfeit products are usually formed with the intention to recognize the considerable value of the duplicated product. Counterfeiting is a crucial issue that has grown to four times its size. In the past ten years, the damage of counterfeit has cost the United States over 200 billion dollars. The extraordinary development of counterfeiting and the manufacturing of copied products packaged with other labels, is an urgent economic problem that effects social and political problems too....   [tags: urgent economic problems in the US]

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A Scientific Study of the Lactase Enzyme

- Section 1: Introduction Enzymes are proteins that are used to accelerate bio chemical reactions. Enzymes can only react with what is called a substrate. This is because the enzyme has a specific working property, such as having a distinct shape that only allows a perfect fit of a substrate. This substrate locks itself to the enzyme and produces a product. Lactase is an enzyme that breaks down lactose, a milk disaccharide of galactose and glucose. Lactase can only be found inside the inner walls of the small intestine....   [tags: enzymes, lactase, environmental factors]

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Finding Organic Compounds Like Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins And Nucleic Acid

- To uncover organic compounds like carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acid, by using tests like Benedict, Lugol, Biuret and Beta Carotene. Each test was used to determine the presents of different organic molecules in substances. The substances that were tested for in each unknown sample were sugars, starches, fats, and oils. Moreover, carbohydrates are divided into two categories, simple and complex sugars. Additionally, for nonreducing sugars, according to Stanley R. Benedict, the bond is broken only by high heat to make make the molecules have a free aldehydes (Benedict)....   [tags: Carbohydrate, Glucose, Nutrition, Protein]

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Titration Is A Measured Volume Of Acid

- A titration is used to determine the amount of acid in a given solution. This is done by titrating a measured volume of acid (in this instance, acetic acid (CH3COOH)) with a solution of a strong base (usually sodium hydroxide (NaOH)), of a known concentration. The NaOH is added in small aliquots until the acid has been neutralised, and this can be determined with an indicator dye, such as phenolphthalein, or a pH meter (Nelson & Cox, 2008 pg58). In this practical, a pH meter was used and this allows for the acidity or alkalinity of a solution to be measured, and this was more accurate than using an indicator dye....   [tags: PH, Acid dissociation constant, Acetic acid]

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The Methods of Measuring National Income

- NATIONAL INCOME National income is the sum of money value of net flow of all the goods and services produced by normal residents of a country during a period of account. According to Central Statistical Organization (CSO) ‘National income is the sum of factor incomes earned by normal residents of a country in the form of wages, interest and profit in an accounting year.’ National product is the net output of commodities and services flowing during the year from the country’s productive system into the hands of ultimate consumers or into the net addition to the country’s capital goods....   [tags: national income, money value, circular flow]

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Le Chatelier's Principle

- Discussion: At Q 1 A reaction is at equilibrium when the ratio of the product and the reactant side are equal. This could further be seen by the reaction quotient depicted by Qc is equal to the equilibrium constant, Kc, of the given chemical reaction. Given that aA + bB ↔ cC +dD, the small letters being the mole coefficients and the big letters being the molecules of the chemical equation, K_eq=([〖C]〗^c [〖D]〗^d)/([〖A]〗^a [〖B]〗^b ) is the formula for finding the Kc of any given reversible equation....   [tags: chemistry, solution at equilibrium]

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A Lab Report On Coordination

- Introduction Coordination complexes are metals that can accept electron pairs to form coordinate bonds without affecting the charge of the metal. The species that donates its paired electrons is called a ligand. Counterions are not part of the compound but balance the charge of the coordination sphere, the metal and ligands. These compounds are known for their very bold colors and their ability to enhance solubility. In this lab a coordination compound will be formed from Equation 1. (Equation 1) From this, the exact formula for the coordination compound can be found using several methods....   [tags: Ligand, Titration, Concentration]

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A Experiment On An Experiment

- This experiment was executed in two parts. The first part was to create and standardize the thiosulfate solution. To do so, 25 grams of Na2S2O3∙5H2O was fully dissolved in 1L of boiling water. The solution was cool with the aid of an ice bath to room temperature before 0.1 g of Na2CO3 was added as a preservative. After it is fully dissolved, the titrant was transferred into a 1L plastic bottle, wrapped with aluminum foil, and stored in darkness. The following lab day, KI was tested for iodate ion by weighing out exactly 2 grams of KI and dissolved in 50 mL DI water....   [tags: Titration, Erlenmeyer flask, Iodine]

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Investigating The Reaction Rate Of The Concentration Of Reactants Or Products Per Unit Of Time

- Introduction: A chemical reaction is a process in which one or more substances are converted into other substances (Brown et al. 2015). The speed of a chemical reaction is called the reaction rate (Brown et al. 2015). The reaction rate is the change in the concentration of reactants or products per unit of time (Brown et al. 2015). Sometimes it is possible to measure the rate of reaction by timing a change in appearance (Van Norman 1963). Activation energy is the least amount of energy needed to break the chemical bonds of reactant molecules so that they can form new products (LAB)....   [tags: Chemical reaction, Chemistry, Reaction rate]

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Health Issues Are Caused By Unhealthy Eating Habits And Lifestyle

- Dietary Behavioral Change The foods that you consume can affect your health. Choosing the right food can sometimes be a challenge. The food industry offers a great selection of foods, but it is hard to make right choice if you don’t educate yourself about healthy eating. To maintain a balanced health, a person needs to follow a very discipline diet which includes eating the right food, and knowing the nutrients needed to stay healthy. Health issues are caused by unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle....   [tags: Nutrition, Health, Fat, Food]

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Report on Copper Toxicity on Sheep or Adlut Lambs

- REPORT ON COPPER TOXICITY ON SHEEP OR ADULT LAMBS INTRODUCTION The relationship between copper in grazing sheep and the chronic poisoning resulting in increased death, is key. This report helps to make clear, the major effect of quantity of copper on grazing soil, on animals. The optimum concentration of copper needed for the normal growth and healthy living of lambs and sheep and the importance of copper in grazing animals are addressed in this report....   [tags: acute toxicity, animal loses]

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Effects

- Chocolate chip cookies are some of the most delectable snacks out there; they satisfy our sweet tooth with one simple bite. Chocolate chip cookies are baked in all different shapes and sizes, depending on the recipe you are making. You can do this by adding baking soda to a recipe, only adding baking powder to a recipe or even adding both. You can do the same with granulated sugar and brown sugar only adding either one of those to a recipe. These four different ingredients all have different effects and affect a cookie in different ways....   [tags: cookies, chocolate chips, baking soda]

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Considering the Feasibility of Edible Food Packaging

- INTRODUCTION A third of the waste that is dumped into landfills are packaging such as boxes, bags, bottles and food wrappers. Packaging waste is approximately 30% of municipal waste by weight, 13% is due to plastic material which is non-biodegradable. The value of the market for disposable wrappers, dishware, and cutlery at fast-food restaurants, hospitals, and other facilities is $20 billion, and recyclable or compostable products are in demand nowadays. There is a lot of interest in edible food packaging but the only problem now for consumers is with its taste, texture, and appearance....   [tags: Biodegradable, Sustainability, Waste Reduction]

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The Allele Frequency For The Dominant

- 1. Graph in data and observations section 2. The allele frequency for the dominant keeps on going up while the allele frequency for the recessive keeps on going down. At generation six, they both become constant because after generation six the amount of each allele did not change. Number wise, the amount dominant alleles never changes because they are never removed or added to the gene pool. However, for the recessive allele, if an individual is homozygous recessive, those alleles are then removed from the gene pool....   [tags: Allele, Zygosity, Dominance]

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Key Components Of Unknown Chemical Mixtures

- Identifying features and key components of unknown chemical mixtures are an essential part of chemistry. In many cases it is necessary to analyses and understand the chemical makeup of pharmaceuticals. Qualitative analysis is a method of testing a chemical mixture to determine its chemical makeup, such as its functional group. Identifying functional groups of an unknown compound are important, as it helps in understanding how a chemical acts under certain conditions, such as when changing physical states....   [tags: Alcohol, Functional group, Ketone, Carboxylic acid]

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Le Chatelier's Principle

- Le Chatelier's Principle Introduction: Le Chatelier's Principle states that if a change is made to a system in equilibrium, the system reacts in such a way as to tend to oppose the change, and a new equilibrium is formed. For example, whatever is done to the equilibrium, the system does the opposite. If something is added to a system at equilibrium, the system will behave as to remove it and vice versa. By increasing the concentration of a reaction, it will result in an increase of the rate of reaction....   [tags: Papers]

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The Effect of Different Size Rubber Bands on Stretch Rates

- Three different size rubber bands each with their own rate of stretch when weight is added. By creating a makeshift basket, the group was able to connect a rubber band to a ring stand. After two washers were added, the group would calculate how much the washers would affect the rate of stretch of each rubber band. Multiple washers were added until the maximum amount of weights were in the basket. The shorter rubber band took more weight in order to stretch the rubber band, however the larger rubber band would not require as much force to change the rate of stretch of the rubber band....   [tags: material stress analysis]

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Investigating The Specific Heat Capacity Of Brass Using Calorimetry

- Aim: To determine the specific heat capacity of brass using calorimetry, the understanding of the relationship between heat and temperature and the concept of heat transfer, using the equation; Q=mc∆T. Also to evaluate the data collected by comparing the experimental value to the accepted value using analytical skills. Method: • We heated up a brass weight by immersing it into boiling water for a while in order to assure that the metal’s temperature was the same as of the water. • We then placed the brass weight into the calorimeter and took a series of readings of the temperature of the water inside in order to find the maximum temperature reached....   [tags: Heat, Specific heat capacity, Heat transfer]

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The Impact of Offshoring on the U.S. Economy

- Off-shoring is the establishment of business operations outside national boundaries. The process of moving business outside these boundaries is to garner an advantage either through tax breaks, lower wages, lower transportation cost and/or relaxed regulations ("Offshore definition," 2014). Many firms either branch out as a horizontal multinational or vertical multinational. Horizontal multinational’s produce the same good or services as abroad. This foreign direct investment (FDI) is done to strategically place production closer to the target market....   [tags: The Economics Behind Offshoring]

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The United States As A Angel Power

- The decade of the 1890s begins with the ability of the United States as a angel power. It was a angel adeptness in some bureau throughout the 19th century. At the changeabout of the century, the US became the pre-eminent adeptness on face of earth. Adopted relations are abominable circuitous and controversial. One acquire to acquire bookish and airy contacts with added nations; agreeable and cultural contacts if time is available. Understanding adopted abode requires analysis, analytic thinking....   [tags: United States, Iraq War]

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Moving A Wooden Block Across A Table

- Discussion: Based on the data obtained, Figure 1 represents a force vs. time graph for the amount of force that was used to pull a wooden block across a table. As illustrated in Figure 1, the initial flat line in the graph represents the block at rest, this is where the forces acting on the object are the normal force, gravity, and the static frictional force. Force was then applied to the wooden block until it began to move, the point at which the block moves is the peak in Figure 1. This is the point at which there was enough force applied to the block to overcome the maximum static friction force....   [tags: Friction, Force, Classical mechanics, Mass]

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Investigating Frictional Forces Acting On Solid Surfaces

- Several experiments were conducted to investigate frictional forces acting on solid surfaces. In the first experiment, a block (mb) was set on a wooden plank. The block was connected to a pulley, which also links to a weight hanger suspended over the table, with an inextensible string. Six trials were performed using this first set-up. In the first trial, no weights (mw) were added onto the blocks, but for each following trial, an additional 100 g were added. For each trial, the weights were also gradually added to the hanger such that the block (along with its weights) would barely move....   [tags: Classical mechanics, Friction, Mass, Force]

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The World 's Highest Obesity Rate

- The average American eats 156 pounds of added sugar each year. Sugar is delicious and once we have it, our body constantly wants more. Added sugar has become an American epidemic. “Eighty percent, or 480,000 of the 600,000 food products sold within the U.S. have added sugar, which, according to researchers and medical doctors, is why we have the world 's highest obesity rate is at 31 percent,” (Fed Up). The addictive quality of added sugar makes our brains want more of it constantly; however, our bodies are being negatively affected by its consumption in many ways....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Sugar, Sucrose]

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The Lab : An Organic Layer

- The lab begins with reflux of the reaction to form an ester followed by several extractions from an organic layer. To purify the ester the compound is dried by gravity filtration with a drying agent, distilled using simple distillation, and recrystallized. The aldol condensation is reacted in a test tube and the solute is collected via vacuum filtration and recrystallized. The esterification procedure was performed first. To begin the lab, the heating mantle was set at the 6 setting, and the hot plate heat was turned on to low....   [tags: Distillation, Laboratory glassware, Solvent]

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Tips For Using Specific Foods

- Tips For Using Specific Foods Dried beans. Dried beans will cook in soups and stews in ample liquids for 7-8 hours under high temperatures. Presoaking is not a requirement. At the end of cooking--when the beans are already tender--you can add tomatoes and vinegar, which prevent the beans from being tender. Dried lentils and split peas can be added to the recipe at the beginning of the cooking since they do not require soaking. Uncle bens rice is the type of converted rice which can be cooked successfully in a slow cooker....   [tags: Cooking, Nutrition, Milk, Food]

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Questions On Problem Solving Interview

- The student that I worked with for this project was a Taylor. He is a nine year old Caucasian male that is in fifth grade. He attends Lowell Elementary, which is in a low-income community that has a significant amount of diversity in the school. This boy comes from a low-income, English speaking family. He has five brothers and his parents are separated. This student and I are similar in that we both come from a separated family with many siblings. One difference that I have with this student is that I was raised in a small rural town where many of the students come from middle-class families....   [tags: Addition, Elementary arithmetic, Problem solving]

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Intracellular Localization of Respiration and Glycolysis in Sarcophaga bullata

- Intracellular Localization of Glycolysis and Respiration investigates which part of the Sarcophaga bullata cells carries out glycolysis and respiration. Sacrophaga ba. mitochondria and cytoplasm from thoraces cell were used to form a homogenate, supernatant, and pellet. Mannitol, buffer mix, glucose, succinate, homogenate, supernatant, and pellet were added to seven different test tubes to create different solutions. The test tubes were then observed to see which ones bleached after the homogenate, supernatant, and the pellet were added to the solutions and mixed....   [tags: Medical Conditions]

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Chemistry: Effects of Digestive Supplement on the Human Body

- Introduction: The purpose of this lab was to determine the effects that pH had on lactase activity of four different digestive supplements that assist in the breakdown of lactose in the body. Lactase is an enzyme that digests lactose, it is also the primary sugar found in milk (BIOB 260 Lab Manual, 2014). Before it can be broken down lactose needs to be broken down into glucose and galactose for easy absorption into the bloodstream, this is done by the hydrolying of the monosaccharide (BIOB 260 Lab Manual, 2014)....   [tags: pH, lactase, blood stream]

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Does the Quality of Eductors Effect the Student Learning

- Many educators would admit that they are responsible for student learning, but unfortunately the profession as a whole has averted using evaluations that are based on measures of student achievement, occasionally with acceptable reason, given the biased approaches that have been suggested. The solution, on the other hand, is not to continue with common strategies simply because they are benign and comfortable, but rather to evolve fair and reasonable ways of evaluating a teacher success with students....   [tags: expectations, feedback, evaluations, standards]

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