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Adapting Change : Changing Change

- Adapting to Change Change is often imposed upon us through circumstances beyond our control. Adjusting to change can be very difficult. The transition can be made even more arduous when it is unexpected. The ability to acclimate to change varies with persons and situations. For some, the uncertainty created by change can be very debilitating, however, it also engenders an opportunity for personal growth. In adapting to change, we have to embrace new realities, which can be overwhelming and completely subdue our sense of stability....   [tags: Family, Sibling]

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Adapting Curriculum For Multicultural Classrooms

- Adapting Curriculum for Multicultural Classrooms In the state of North Carolina, the curriculum is established with pacing guides for different courses of studies and is implemented by the Department of Public Instruction. In an effort to better serve the different school communities with curriculum throughout our state, programs require visitation for effectiveness and in some instances must be revised. The efforts put forth by the state and central offices are implemented with the objective to provide learning for children of all ethnicity and grade levels....   [tags: Culture, Multiculturalism, Education, Adaptation]

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Adapting Of Their Changing Brains

- Adapting to Their Changing Brains Sir Ken Robinson shares a story in his book entitled, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything, of a little girl that visited a specialist’s office with her mother, for the school suggested the girl had a learning disorder. At the age of eight she had given much concern to her teachers in the classroom with reports of poor test scores, late assignments, disrupted behavior, unnecessary fidgeting, and bouts of daydreams. The psychologist began the assessment by discussing the difficulties she was having in school with the mother, while the girl sat across the room from them....   [tags: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder]

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Amygdala in Autism: Not Adapting to Faces Analysis

- Amygdala in autism: Not adapting to Faces Analysis The amygdala is a vital brain structure that regulates the mental and emotional state. If the amygdala were to be affected by a disturbance the mental conditions of the individual would be severally hindered. Disturbances to the amygdala can lead to a mental condition known as autism. The article The Amygdala in Autism: Not Adapting to Faces by Michael V. Lombardo focuses on a specific symptom of autism, the symptom is the individual not being able to adapt to faces....   [tags: Michael V. Lomabardo, Kleinhans, autism symptoms]

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Adapting the Curriculum & Effective Teaching Strategies

- The topic for this reflection journal focuses on adapting the curriculum and effective teaching strategies. Part A of the journal will investigate and explain Differentiated Instruction, The Universal Design for Learning as well as the Response to Instruction Model. These three approaches will aid teachers in developing a learning environment designed to maximise teaching and learning and make the curriculum accessible to all learners. Part B specifically relates to the advantages and difficulties I may encounter, as a new teacher, during the implementation stages of these models....   [tags: Education ]

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Adapting to a Long Term Care Facility

- The character Dorothy said in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, “there is no place like home” (Baum, 1960, p. 45). Sadly, many of our elderly live in Long Term Care Facilities (LTCF). The transition from living in their own homes, to living in a LTCF, can be a traumatic experience. Poor adaptation to a LTCF may cause depression, malnutrition and significantly reduce the lifespan of the elder. Thus, it is imperative, that nurse’s recognize this promptly. According to Agnes and Guralnik (2008) adaptation is “a gradual change in behavior to conform to the prevailing cultural pattern (p....   [tags: adaptation, elder, nursing home, environment ]

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Adapting to Our Environment or Harming It?

- Adapting to Our Environment or Harming It. I went to do my Thanksgiving shopping on Monday. I figured that if I bought the turkey, turkey stuffing, and pumpkin pie at the beginning of the week, I would avoid the long lines that build up in supermarkets the day before Thanksgiving, while not having to freeze and unfreeze the turkey. I was in aisle 4, trying to decide whether my family would prefer microwaveable Stove Top stuffing or the kind you actually insert into the turkey’s insides when I remembered that I also had to get canned cranberry sauce… my favorite....   [tags: Comparison Compare Comparative Essays]

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Adapting or Borrowing Music by Composers

- Adapting or Borrowing Music by Composers Music has been stolen, borrowed and adapted for centuries. Some of the first examples of borrowing music dates back to the 13th Century and Choral and Church music. During the 13th Century there were many types of musicians. Apart from Monks and their plainsong style of music there were jongleurs, troubadours, trouveres, minnesingers and itinerant minstrels which all contributed to music of the day. Though these secular musicians did not engage in choral activity they did create a vocal tradition that was soon to "borrow" musical ideas from the church as the sacred motet transmogrified into the secular madrigal....   [tags: Papers]

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Adapting to a New Cultural Environment

- Adapting to a New Cultural Environment At some point in our lives we experience a culture as an outsider by moving from one culture to another.In the world today there are so many different cultures and not one of them is found to be the same.Instead they all have something that makes them unique, whether its language or even the clothes they wear and their behavior as well.The differences they have is what separates them from one another and who ever joins that particular culture must get accustomed to their way of life.In the society today we have many people immigrating to the United States to start a new and better life but what they soon begin to realize is that it’s a whole new worl...   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Plants Adapting to Shade Conditions

- Plants Adapting to Shade Conditions Conditions of shade present low average light intensity for plants, along with a difference in the quality of light (in terms of the numbers of quanta of different wavelengths). Shade light contains more far-red and infra-red quanta and fewer quanta in the range 400 - 680nm. Additionally, light quality and quantity can vary enormously and rapidly due to the occurrence of sunflecks, (a valuable source of light, yet potentially damaging.) Adaptation to shade conditions can be determined genetically or be due to acclimation....   [tags: Papers]

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Society Adapting to its Technology

- Society Adapting to its Technology In an era where human progress is soaring at a dizzying rate, society must adapt its technology to solve current world issues. In a world where the Internet, cell phones and notebook computers are becoming a necessity for everyday living, we often forget about those who still suffer attempting to meet their basic needs, including clean water, food and health care. It is time for the developed world to use their technology to help those who can not help themselves....   [tags: Papers]

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Integration Is A Form Of Adapting Back From A Unified State

- Re-Integration Reintegration is a form of adapting back to an environment you were once so very familiar with, to restore one’s self to a unified state. In questioning a former inmate I asked him, what was the culture like in prison vs. society. His response was, you know you will do and what you will not do as well as what you will do and will not do. You have to continuously watch your back. Sleep with one eye open, watch your back in the showers and find a way to protect yourself. Don’t fall in manipulation of the prisoners some have nothing to lose, while others are just trying to find a way out....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Sentence, Criminology]

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Diverse Australian Biomes Adapting

- Diverse Australian Biomes Adapting Australia is a land of rather extreme weather conditions and widely diverse climates that force the vegetation living there to adapt in many interesting ways. Australia is the driest continent, and biomes such as grasslands and savannas are prime sources of widespread catastrophic fires. The plants that grow in the vast arid and semi-arid regions of Australia are prone to fires simply because of the desert climates that they grow in. High temperatures combined with low fuel moisture contents, little humidity and drying winds that sweep across the landscape encourage many of the plants living in these areas to burst into flames at fairly frequent intervals...   [tags: Adaptation Australia Essays]

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Adapting International Accounting Standards

- Companies in each country have to adapt and regulate their financial statements to certain requirements. They base and format their accounting standards on their national General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) set by security regulators. However, in this modern globalized era, owing to too many financial differences between nations, it is increasingly difficult for entities to compare their financial records and identify trends in their financial position and performance with their competitors....   [tags: Accounting International Business]

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Undergraduate Education: Adapting to a New World

- Undergraduate Education: Adapting to a New World Since medieval times, undergraduate universities have provided the education necessary to fulfill the needs of societies in terms of a professional work force. After completing the liberal arts curriculum taught at medieval universities, students could go on to study medicine, law or theology; but these disciplines could take up to a decade of continuous studies. The students that didn’t want to pursue those degrees could find other lucrative careers that society demanded at the time....   [tags: College University Educating learning Essays]

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Individual Culture Versus Society Culture

- ... Mira just wants to become successful and after her retirement she seeks to go back where she was born in India and receive her Indian Citizenship meanwhile she became an American citizen to gain all the American benefits. When an individual is not from a societies culture there is the possibility of racism occurring. In some instances individuals can talk about others making racist comments making the other person feel as an intruder. When an individual is affected by these racist comments or by others showing they do not accept them in their society it causes them to flee back to the place they came from....   [tags: isolation, judgements, adapting, racism]

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`` Doubling, Transfiguring, And Haunting : The Art Of Adapting Harry Potter For Film

- In the article “Doubling, Transfiguring, and Haunting: The Art of Adapting Harry Potter for Film” by Michael K Johnson the focus is on the third Harry Potter Movie, Prisoner of Azkaban. The question posed throughout the article is how do adaptions from books to film allow us to move beyond our one way of viewing and understanding the story. Johnson answers this question through discussing the use of time throughout the Harry Potter book and the different filming techniques used to create time changing in the film and comparing the film to the the movie The 400 Blows....   [tags: Harry Potter, Warner Bros., Film]

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Adapting Western Brand Identity Design Principles by Saudi Graphic Designers

- Branding a new company has recently become a necessary goal that every business wishes to accomplish for itself. New companies have a tough act to follow, considering the number of successful branding accomplishments: Apple, Coca Cola, Nike, and Starbucks — just a few of the examples of very successful business that have swept the market. Who doesn’t think of Apple, Coca Cola, or Starbucks, without also visualizing its brand. Apple has surpassed Microsoft, the latter having previously dominated the market for years....   [tags: Literature Review, Branding a Company]

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Resources for Differentiated Instruction

- ... As our District prepares for the adoption of California Common Core Standards Assessment next year, my search to develop and plan instruction that differentiates by interest in the language arts content area is dependent on keyboarding skills. Since keyboarding is an integral component of most common core language arts, social studies, and science assessments, it remains essential that students have the keyboarding skills necessary to complete these assessments. One way to do this is through the Apple iTunes App TapTyping available at   [tags: adapting curriculum to student needs]

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The Use of Social Networks in Adapting Description Tags for Each Photo and the Person Viewing Them at the Moment

- This paper proposes the use of social networks in adapting description tags for each photo and the person viewing them at the moment. This approach will also help search the photos instead of using keywords which has been the traditional method of searching. With this the social networks can create new search criteria that are more user friendly and time saving for the users visiting their websites. The approach also allows for the enrichment of the tags in such a way that if a person is linked to a photo, their info will be attached to it in links between them so that every person has what they have in common in that picture for example an actor posing for photos with the persons in the pic...   [tags: architecture of the proposed system]

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The Differences in Coping, Conforming, and Adapting

- Stories of women being held captive throughout history evoke feelings of brutality, loneliness, death, and sadness. How did they have the drive to stay alive. Why did they stay when they had the chance to leave. Early relations between the English settlers and Native American Indians were sometimes futile and barbaric. Only a small amount of the narratives showed compassion and love for the prisoner-turned-family member. Women and children were taken away from their families and homes as bargaining chips, to replace the Indian’s lost loved-ones, or just because they could in a time of turmoil....   [tags: Women in Captivity,mary jemison,mary rowlandson]

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Adapting Game of Thrones to a Boardgame

- What makes a successful adaptation from one media to another. In this case the subject will be the Game of Thrones. We will take in the basic elements of the story and see how these apply for the new medium. These five elements are character, plot, theme, settings and conflict. The medium I have chosen is to convert it to a game specifically I will look at Game of Thrones the Boardgame (now refered to as GOT) as played with three players and the card game based on the HBO series (HBO). With both these properties we will look and see if and how the five elements are used and playability of the game....   [tags: convert, players, media]

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Adapting to a New Age

- Many college students have trouble connecting with older works presented to them in the classroom curriculum. An older story may have a strong theme or colorful meaning, but it may be difficult to understand and relate to modern society. For example, Alice Walkers’s “Everyday Use” tells a story of an African American woman living in the transition period between the modern society where everyone has a chance for education and a time when a person had to work hard for everything needed to live. Though “Everyday Use” is an arguably beneficial story for college students to learn from, many of its elements are difficult to understand in the new age....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Problems in Relations among People from Different Countries

- This monologue aims to explore a wide range of problems concerning relationships among people that come from different countries, as well as the difficulties that re-adapting to a fast paced city like London entails. The infidelity theme is revealed immediately in the text, but it should not be identified as the main theme. Functioning as a powerful driving force, it has the purpose to serve as a starting point from which i intend to develop and analyse all the contradictions and problems of living in a foreign country.
 The action is triggered by an act of unfaithfulness that causes disruption, confusion and ultimately pain....   [tags: re-adapting, action, functioning, theme, goal]

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Report on the Subject of Adapting Premises to Meet the Requirements of the New Legislation

- Report on the Subject of Adapting Premises to Meet the Requirements of the New Legislation In order for the hotel to meet the new legislation requirements whom are stated in “the disability discrimination act” from 1995, it will need to make some changes. This act places responsibility on tourism providers to create specific operations and facilities which can be used by disabled people. In broad terms “Any tourism provider is not to discriminate against anyone with a disability” Since October 1999 service providers are required to make reasonable steps in order to make services available to people who are disabled....   [tags: Papers]

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Adapting the Curriculum and Effective Teaching Strategies

- The following reflection will discuss my evolving knowledge and understanding about how the curriculum can be modified and adapted to provide effective learning experiences and teaching strategies that are inclusive of all students. I will also reflect on some of the advantages and difficulties that may arise as a result of implementing these teaching and learning strategies. I believe that the first step to providing an education that is accessible to all is to acknowledge that all students’ are unique individuals....   [tags: Education, teachers]

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Adapting Teaching Styles to Learning Styles

- All people perceive and process information differently. As students progress through their years in school, they are able to discover what methods allow them to retain the most information. The key to learning is not simply repetition, but being able to understand a concept. That is how a student can be sure that he or she has truly learned something. Teachers must be able to accommodate their students by tailoring their methods of teaching and materials. Different teaching styles obviously suit different learning styles, and no one teaching style can be effective for all learning styles....   [tags: Education]

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Adapting Talk Therapy to Counseling Methods

- Some people view counseling as a “cure all” solution to the problems in their personal or professional life, while others see it simply as pointless. The problem is there are the ones who may not know which type of therapeutic approach may be more suitable to the exact nature of what they need the counseling for. The purpose of this paper is to show how talk therapy may need adapted with different counseling methods with 3 specific diagnoses and how their approach is able to help with specific mental issues through research....   [tags: helping mental illness with research]

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Ignorance and Bad Leadership in Lord of the Flies by William Golding

- Society is based off of hierarchy which is the basis for the change people have in society. Sometimes it’s good and other times…. Well it’s not so good. In most respects, leadership defines the outcome of a certain society. A good leader with good intentions, leading society in good directions is bound to be beneficial and maintain an ethos that will carry with them for the rest of their lives. But then there are others that are too ignorant and become less and less what they had hoped to be. Lord of the flies by William Golding is a great example of this....   [tags: Adapting, Society]

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Should the U.S. Allow Online Voting?

- In the age of technology, we do almost everything through the Internet. We can take classes online, check bank accounts, shop, and even date in the virtual world. If we can do all of these things then why not vote online as well. The idea of cyber voting has not been accepted as well as one would think in this day and age. The many security risks that come with computers and technology scares many Americans to stray away from exploring this new horizon. Voting online in theory is appealing, but in practice is not realistic....   [tags: adapting to technology]

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Adapting Canada to the Future of a World With Scarce Water

- Introduction Water is just more than drinking water. Water is the most basic and vital resource that humans need to sustain themselves. Water is used for food production from irrigating crops to actually manufacturing them. Canada like the world, uses water for sanitation, cleaning, manufacturing and daily function. Demand and supply will soon be at a crossroad, as increasing population creates increases in pollution, waste-water and global warming (Baker, 2007). This paper will seek to examine the effects of global warming on Canada’s freshwater system, the effects of pollution and will evaluate how Canada manages its freshwater now and what Canada can do to form policies that will adapt to...   [tags: Environment, Drinking Water, Pollution]

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Adapting to Different Environments: Examples of Some Novels with that Theme

- Those who adapt to their surroundings have a sense of self acceptance of where they’re from and where they are now. However, this is not always the case for the individuals we read about in the four autobiographies. As the different individuals reminisced about their past, we were able to identify key elements in the story that showed us how these different individuals were able to adapt to survive in their environments. In these autobiographies, we were able to get a glimpse of the different childhood lives these authors experienced....   [tags: Growing up, Cultures, Different]

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Adapting Vocabulary of Document to Reach a Certain Audience

- Using simple phraseology, shorter sentences, and common sense are all options for preparing a document for a specific audience. Catering to the group of people is relevant so that they are lured in and can comprehend the lesson. After composing a technical or specialized writing, it is important that the author has an established writing style that he or she can edit for different types of essays and audiences. Depending on the audience, the type of vocabulary used in a document can play a big factor in how well the lesson is understood....   [tags: phraseology, writing techniques]

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Adapting To Life After Child Abuse: Dave Pelzer

- It is the story of Dave Pelzer, who was brutally beaten and starved by his emotionally unstable, alcoholic mother: a mother who played tortuous, unpredictable games that left him nearly dead. Dave's bed was an old army cot in the basement, and his clothes were torn and raunchy. When his mother allowed him the luxury of food, it was nothing more than spoiled scraps that even the dogs refused to eat. The outside world knew nothing of his living nightmare. He had nothing and no one to turn to, but his dreams kept him alive....   [tags: family relations, abuse, parents]

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Adapting Great Expectations From Novel to Film

- Great Expectations Whether his name is Phillip, Pip, or Finn or whether he grew up in the 1800’s or the 1990’s, the dreams of wanting a life that seems out of reach resonate rather similarly. Alfonso Cuaron’s film “Great Expectations” set in 1990’s Florida did a nice job of showing that the themes in the Dickens novel are just as relevant today as they were in the 1800’s. Cuaron changed the character names to avoid creating a literal remake, and so a 90’s audience was introduced to Finn and Mrs....   [tags: movies, films, ]

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Syncretism: Adapting Religious Beliefs to Traditional Customs

- ... The early converts of Central and West Africa did not entirely abandon their old ways of life, they blended and understood the new religion through the old religions and practices. This method is known as syncretism and its practice was somewhat frowned upon, because it did not strictly follow the customs of Islam. It was seen as a tainted practice of Islam, due to the observance of pagan observances. As the Ghana kingdoms fell, their successor the Mali Empire, was built on the success of the dynasty’s founder, Sundiata, who is commonly referred to as Mali’s greatest king....   [tags: beliefs, transformed, kingdoms, subjects]

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Adapting Shakespeare´s Othello to Present Time

- It’s nearly impossible for the culture that was common in the 1600’s to be the same as it is now in 2014. We all know that the world has changed and adapted since the 1600’s. Isn’t it obvious. The Tragedy of Othello, a play by William Shakespeare, was written in the early 1600’s. If it were written in 21st century America, the issue of apparent racism would change due to cultural adaptations and history that America has gone through. The U.S. has seen about two hundred years of slavery and an even longer period of firm racism....   [tags: Racism, Society, Play]

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Adapting Poe

- Differences in Film and Literature Today there are many differences between stories and film adaptations. When people read a book like Lord of The Rings they use one of the mind’s greatest things, the imagination. When people read the story they imagine how the characters look, the way they act, where the story takes place, and other of the setting. Then when a movie such as “Lord of the Rings” comes out, they see the movie and see how the director has interpreted the story, many people are either impressed because it is how they imagined it or they don’t like it because it is so different from the story and what they thought it would be....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Taking a Look at Price Discrimination

- Price discrimination which involves charging different prices to various groups of customers for the same good or services, that does not associate with the costs. There are three types of price discrimination. The first degree price discrimination is when different prices is charged to different individuals based on their willingness and ability to purchase, which in order to capture their maximum consumer surplus. The second degree price discrimination is where price differs when different consumers purchase in different quantities....   [tags: adapting prices to specific customers]

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Adapting to the Digital Culture: Rethinking Rights and Compensation within the Music Industry

- Music can possess a lasting power to influence the lives of listeners and inspire future works of art. Copyrights give artists and their production teams a monopoly over their intellectual creations insuring their compensation is relative to their audience’s appreciation of the work for a set period. The U.S. Copyright Law in it’s inception saw the value of limiting this monopoly in order to encourage innovation of creative works. Over the years, a complex system of royalty compensation developed based on these copyrights divvied amongst all players within the collaborative production of sound recordings....   [tags: Music Industry]

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A Scalable and Self-adapting Notification Framework for Healthcare Information Systems

- The healthcare information system (HIS) requires test reports to be delivered to physicians, laboratories and patients within specified time. In a healthcare environment certain test results need instant notification and attention. It is inefficient to use paper based reports in large hospital organizations where medical practitioners are overwhelmed with huge number of patients under their care. This medical practitioners can take the advantage of networked computers or personal digital assistants (PDA) to get notified to the events they are interested in or any crucial notifications....   [tags: Healthcare Information Systems]

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Helping Children with Moving

- Children, jam-packed with vitality, enthusiasm, imagination, and determination to live life to the fullest, often find themselves confronting life's biggest challenges. For instance, children build unconditional friendships at an early age that solidify a foundation for future relationships. Despite this learning curve, some obstacles may arise that could detrimentally harm the child's perception of friendships if left unnoticed. If one or both parents have jobs that require consistent commuting, then relocation might arise unexpectedly....   [tags: Children Relationships, Adapting, Stability]

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The Software Localization Process

- Introduction Living in the age of technology it has become much easier for businesses to expand at a global level. Businesses having websites and applications are becoming more and more common. As you can imagine when it comes to different countries and cultures, people tend to like and dislike different things. When it comes to languages, even same speaking countries tend to differ in dialect and have tendencies. The process of Software localization is to adapt the software to the cultural, linguistic and technical requirements of a target market....   [tags: adapting software to local needs and culture]

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The United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation: Adapting to the Globalization of Atomic Energy

- The 1950s hailed a new era of technological advances and uncertainty, especially in terms of nuclear technology (weapons, power production, and medical advances). As with any new discovery or invention, there were facts about atomic radiation that were not known for sure. Due to the 1945 detonations over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as the results from a few tests, it was obvious that atomic radiation was harmful for overall human health, but many essential details about these risks were unknown....   [tags: politics, nuclear weapons]

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The Pros and Cons of Adopting the Euro

- Introduction The European Union is an economic and political grouping of 28 member-states in Europe that forms a common market. The market has a population of around 509 million people with a DGP of $16.69 trillion (2012) accounting for 23% of global GDP and 20% of the world's imports and exports (EU, 2013). The union has its origins in 1958 through its predecessor European Economic Community which had six members (EU 2014). The current name was adapted in 1993 and ever since membership has increased to include countries that were previously viewed as non-European such as Turkey....   [tags: common currency, common market]

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The Importance Of Breeding And Adopting A Pet

- Importance of Breeding and Adopting Many people believe that the only way to get a pet is to “buy” one without considering adopting, which is why I believe people should consider looking up better options and become more knowledgeable. There are so many reasons why someone shouldn’t buy a pet from a breeder, and so many benefits from adopting a pet from your local shelter/animal rescue. To start with, I believe that selling a dog/cat should become against the law. It is unfair to breed poor animals who probably do not want to be pregnant or become pregnant....   [tags: Dog, Pet, The Animals, Adoption]

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Adoption Is An Act Of Adopting A Child

- After having a steady growth in adoption, the number of international adoptions has dropped nearly 50% since 2004. Currently, there are many adoptive parents who seek to help this issue, however, adoption trends show that a large percentage of parents prefer to adopt within the 0-5 age bracket. Adoption is an act of adopting a child, so why doesn’t anyone adopt any child who is in need of a home. The lack of adoption to older children in the foster care system have been negatively affected because most of these families and/or couples adopting are parents who are childless and have the desire to have a baby or at least a young child....   [tags: Adoption, Foster care, International adoption]

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The Importance Of Adopting A Qualitative Method

- The strength of adopting a qualitative method for this topic is the abouding research data could be collected and analysed exhaustively. Secondly, the researchers have successfully addressed the limitations of previous researches, that is the lack of diversity. By adopting the qualitative research and indivdual interviews, personal difference between middle managers can be demonstrated explicitly.The logic of the article, through adopting the inductive research, is also fluent and sensible. From focusing on the wrong assumptions of preceding studies on middle managers and the need to discover their true identity; to extracting meanings from work life of middle managers and conclude with a ge...   [tags: Scientific method, Research methods]

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The Debate on Homosexuals Adopting Children

- People may ask them self, is it acceptable for a homosexual marriage to adopt children. Would children be affected mentally being adopted by a homosexual marriage. Does it make the child happy. Some people say it’s better for a child to be in a gay marriage home than in foster care homes. In the other hand, other people say that it’ll affect children mentally and will be raised in the wrong way. In an online blog, Alpen Gideon describes the discussions people have over homosexual marriages adopting children....   [tags: Homosexual Marriages, Adoption]

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The Benefits of Adopting a Cat

- The U.S today has the largest population of cats in the world with 76,430,000. 60 billion of these felines are living on the streets (Cat Statistics). Cats, with their ability to provide emotional support are a great addition to the life of anyone (Coren,). With their soft fur and personality, cats could keep anyone company. Felines are the easiest animals to take care of and are perfect for a family with kids. Because of their inexpensive doctor bills they fit in any household (Diffen)....   [tags: inexpensive, emotional, family]

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Adopting A Child Into A Family

- Adopting a child into a family where biological children already Exist When a parent is deciding to adopt a child around the ages of 6-8 and already has biological child, the son or daughter is bound to have their own opinion on the adoption. They will either be all for the adoption, completely against it or they won’t be sure about it. But this will only apply to the biological children who are not yet sure, because I cannot change the mind of children set on the idea that getting adopted sibling will be horrible....   [tags: Foster care, Adoption, Family, Sibling]

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The Eu And Adopting The Euro

- 1. What are the advantages to being in the EU and adopting the Euro (two separate issues). What are the chief drawbacks (EU and Euro, economic and political). Why hasn’t England, Norway, Sweden, or Switzerland adopted the Euro. As part of the European Union, inhabitants are able to live, study and work in any country that belong to the EU without any restriction or barrier. Also, The European Union make emphasis in the workers rights, they obtain benefits of this union as a permit is not requirement to work in any EU country....   [tags: European Union, United States, United Kingdom]

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Strengths And Potential Limitations Of Adopting

- This section provides a rationale for the choice of methodology and method adopted to address the research questions identified above. In addition, the reader will be directed towards the strengths and potential limitations of adopting them in investigating the topic. The choice of methodology is often influenced by the kind of research questions a study is seeking to address, in a sense the nature of the problem or phenomenon under discussion (Silverman, 2000). Multiple authors encourage researchers to think carefully about the particular approach and tactic they use in their studies, and in particular the sensitivities and ambiguities associated with particular issues and experiences (Hopk...   [tags: Research, Scientific method, Social work]

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Reasons For Adopting A Pet

- Do you know how many animals are in the shelter and eventually put to death each year. According to the ASPCA, approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, approximately 3.9 million are dogs and 3.4 million are cats. Each year, approximately 2.7 million animals are euthanized. Adopting any breed of animal is a not only a big decision, but a substantial responsibility. Most people will do some form of research before making the decision to adopt....   [tags: Dog, Pet, Neutering, Pets]

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A Group Adopting Precious Elderly

- The rocking chair softly squeaks as the tears cruise down the deeply lined face. Thoughts of long past visits, laughter and happier times swiftly race through the minds. Now it seems as if there is only sadness, empty days and lonely nights. The memories no longer bring comfort but instead now only bring pain. This is the story of our elderly. All too often they become the forgotten members of our society. So many times, the elders in our communities are not being socialized. This lack can lead to depression and health problems that perhaps could be avoided under different circumstances....   [tags: Help the Aged, A.G.A.P.E, elders, loneliness]

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Single Individuals Adopting Discussion

- Not too long ago, single individuals were not allowed to adopt children because people thought children needed to be raised by both a mother and a father not just one or the other but today and in most states single individuals are allowed to adopt children. However, this is still controversial. Single individuals should be allowed to adopt because no evidence proves that single parents aren’t as effective as married couples, the fact that single parents already exist due to divorce, and because of the serious need of orphan children....   [tags: adoption, single parents, married couples]

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Domestic and Internationa Adoption: A look at Adopting a Child or Adopting Out a Child

- Adoption The “Love of My Life” is a brief story about a college couple’s love for each other. Unfortunately, they had unprotected sex. Instead of considering another way out, the girl insisted that her boyfriend throw the infant in a dumpster and leave it to die. Instead of leaving the infant to die, she should have put the baby up for adoption for another family. If she would have done that, a family who either could not have children, or just liked the idea of adoption, could have adopted the child....   [tags: unprotected sex, abortion, orphan]

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Adopting A Single Adult Should Not Be Biased

- Adopting as a Single Adult Should not be Biased…. There are Thousands of children waiting to be adopted. Yet there are many adoption laws and regulations restricting people who desire to adopt and give their love. One of the reasons for countless children not being adopted is that many states restrict and make it harder for single parents to adopt. If we would make it easier for single parents to adopt, this nation would not have so many children growing up without love, stability, at least a family that wants to try to give them a chance rather than none at all....   [tags: Marriage, Adoption, Need, Want]

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Adopting A Child : A Long Lengthy Process

- Adopting a child can be a long lengthy process and a challenge to any person it’s a process that consumes time, energy, and patience. There are several steps in order to adopt a child: research, the decision, training, application, home study(where department of human services goes into your home to see if your household meets all requirements and has a mentally healthy family), waiting for a match, supervision, then the final adoption completion. These steps can consume years worth of time and energy....   [tags: Adoption, Family, Parenting, Family law]

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Adopting A Dog Or Cat From A Shelter

- Some people wonder why they should adopt a dog or cat from the shelter when there are plenty of cute puppies and kittens that can be purchased. There are plenty of reasons to adopt a dog or cat from a shelter, but before heading out to the local shelter, make sure you 're familiar with the facilities policies. This is according to Vet Street, which is a website run by veterarians. They recommend that you do your research before heading to the shelter....   [tags: Dog, Neutering, Cat, Puppy]

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Buying or Adopting a Puppy: Which One?

- ... Making sure a puppy will fit into the lifestyle you have is very important. Do you have enough time for a puppy. Are you a first time pet owner. Do you have patience for all of the messes you are going to be dealing with. Do you have small children. Before getting a puppy, these are the questions you might want to ask yourself. Puppies require a lot of work and training. Somebody with a full time job will definitely not have the time for these little rambunctious creatures. A puppy is similar to having a baby; both have specific needs....   [tags: cost, process, dogs, pet store, breeder]

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Adopting a Child

- Adopting a Child      Ever since the Pharaoh’s daughter plucked the baby Moses from the bulrushes of the Nile and raised him as her son, adoption has been a part of our civilization (Lasnik 5). Every parent possesses certain rights and responsibilities to his or her child. The law grants these rights and imposes these responsibilities from the moment the child is born. If a parent does not wish to fulfill these obligations, they may opt to place their child up for adoption. Adoption is the legal process by which these rights and responsibilities are given to a person to whom is willing to take that child as their own, and love and care for that child that was not born unto them (Sifferman...   [tags: Adoption Family Essays]

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Pros And Cons Of Adopting School Dress Codes

- Pros and Cons of Adopting School Dress Codes Today, there are numerous controversies about wearing school uniforms. Some people believe that wearing uniforms can help to eliminate unproductive behaviors, while others believe that wearing uniforms help individuals in developing their identity through liberal expression. In the article “Disadvantages & Advantages of High Schools Adopting Dress Codes,” Maria Ocadiz, effectively presents the pros and cons of wearing school uniforms. Ocadiz organizes her essay in paragraphs with sub topics....   [tags: Dress code, School uniform, Education, Uniform]

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Adopting One Child Won 't Change The World

- “Adopting one child won 't change the world: but for that child, the world will change.” (Unknown)( Adoption can take place in multiple shapes, forms, and fashions. You can adopt from a local adoption agency, or adopt from an orphanage half way around the world. You can adopt a child whose parents are no longer living, or you could adopt from a young mother who is not ready to raise a child. You can adopt one child who has touched your heart from an orphanage in Uganda, or a set of triplets being moved around from house to house in foster care....   [tags: Adoption, Closed adoption, Parent, Open adoption]

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Reasons for Adopting the Euro

- Reasons for Adopting the Euro There are many reasons why Britain may want to join the Euro but there are just as many reasons against this proposition. It is up to the government and the people to decide on whether or not to accept this. One of the reasons why Britain should join the Euro is that it will provide more competition between organisations. This will push up the quality of the products and services and will also increase the efficiency of the organisations. Competition always boosts the economy and since the Euro will unite the European countries further, a bigger market will be opened up to the different businesses....   [tags: Papers]

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United States Adopting International Financial Reporting Standards

- Over the last several years, the controversy of the United States adopting International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) has been a significant issue for many businesses who are pro Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Although U.S GAAP has been the common accounting principles for many countries, specifically the US, now countries are adopting IFRS. In addition, there are many organizations such as European Union (EU) and International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC), who want domestic and international businesses to have one set of standards to be implemented....   [tags: Financial statements]

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Adopting A Vegetarian Diet Is An Excellent Choice For Many People

- “In the evolving landscape of neurological research, a plant-based diet may help in treating symptoms of anxiety and depression.” Neal Barnard, M.D. Unfortunately, depression affects a staggering 9.5% of the adult population. As a result $83 billion are lost in productivity each year. Research suggests that a Western Diet, high in fat and animal protein contributes to lower cognitive abilities and mood disorders. Thus, adopting a vegetarian diet is an excellent choice for many people because it improves overal health....   [tags: Nutrition, Omega-3 fatty acid, Diets, Veganism]

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Adopting Virtualization to Handle Configuration Problems of Aircraft Solutions

- ... Which then means, enhanced productivity due to lesser umber or physical assets and lesser equipment maintenance. The table shows the comparison of before and after adoption of virtualization of its IT systems at AS. Before virtualization After AS adopts Virtualization Router – 2 3 Switch – 1 4 Firewall – 1 4 Server – 5 1 As from the above table we can clearly see that virtualization will help AS to decrease number of servers and enhance their Firewall protection. It is recommended to mount a public router for the incoming traffic management including contractors, customers and the traffic from AS’s joint locations in Santa Ana and Chula Vista....   [tags: company IT systems]

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Managing Business Processes Before Adopting The Erp

- Companies are constantly involved in the process of changing their business processes according to the changing consumer demands to survive the increasing competition. As such businesses are increasingly implementing enterprise resource planning, ERP systems which offer the companies the chance to empower users with the company data, consolidate data, coordinate geographically dispersed systems, and re-engineer the business processes. This paper seeks to analyze the ERP implementation done by Nestle USA and its outcome as well as look at the reasons for studying business processes before adopting the ERP....   [tags: Enterprise resource planning]

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Adopting a Child Leads to a Trail of Tears and Love

- ... Many [people] have them, but they have no idea what its worth,” says Charbel, a 23-year-old. “[Without an ID], there’s nothing to prove who you are. All your life depends on this ID. This drives a person to desperation and falling out of control. I was very depressed and reached a stage where I considered suicide. I do not want anything from this world. I just want an ID just to [be able to] do something, maybe get enrolled in the army and serve my country. I want something that proves who I am, that I am Lebanese.” “I could not obtain a high school degree, even though I took the highest grade in the whole school,” says Josephine, 27....   [tags: orphan, protection, health]

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Adopting an Energy-Efficient Lifestyle

- Adopting an Energy-Efficient Lifestyle “Energy is critical for economic growth, social development and human welfare,” said the Honorable Shri Dilip Ray at the 1999 International Conference on Financing of Energy Sector in Developing Countries (Chaturvedi 29). However, it can also be detrimental to these necessary features of human life by affecting the environment we live in. The environment, comprising “both social/economic and physical/environmental elements,” is currently being damaged by the side effects of energy wastage (Cloke and Park 35)....   [tags: Environment Research Papers]

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Increasing Canine Adoption Success Based on Characteristics

- July 17, 2009, was a hard day for me. My dog of almost seven years had to be put down, and he was the first pet I had ever lost. After Oly left me, I didn’t really have any interest in finding another dog; I was too upset. I knew eventually I would want another dog but didn’t think that day would be anywhere in the near future. About two weeks later, I was sitting at the laundromat waiting for my parents, and I saw a flyer from McPaws. As I got closer, I saw all of the cute animals that they had for adoption and one puppy in particular stood out to me....   [tags: Adopting Dogs, Pets, Canines]

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Child Protective Services and Adoption

- Since the beginning of time, people have been adopting. Whether or not the adoption process is for everybody is a debatable topic. Adoption occurs all over the world and is the cause for an impact on not only the children being adopted, but also an impact on those who adopt. Whether it’s nationally on internationally adoption is everywhere and will continue to grow in popularity as the years go on. What is adoption. “Adoption establishes a legally recognized, lifelong relationship between a parent and child....   [tags: adopting parents, children]

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Investigating the Relevance of Adopting Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic Tool for Measuring Financial Performance

- Investigating the relevance of adopting Balanced Scorecard as a strategic tool for measuring financial performance. This paper aims to debate, based on a literature review how relevant it is for companies to adopt the use of balanced scorecard as tool for measuring financial performance. The findings in literature shows that balanced scored restore the linkage between financial and non-financial measures in the operational and management control systems of most companies and helps them to achieve long-term strategic objectives....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Adopting Technology: Experience From the BETTER Farm Sheep Program

- Adopting Technology: Experience from the BETTER farm Sheep Programme Teagasc, Animal & Grassland Research and Innovation Centre, Mellows Campus, Athenry, Co. Galway. Introduction The sheep sector in Ireland has experienced significant change over the past 2 decades. The national ewe flock had been in steady decline from a from a high of over 4.5 million ewes in 1995. This trend was stemmed last year when numbers began to increase albeit marginally again to about 2.5 million ewes (CSO). The increased positivity in the sheep sector has come at an important time in Irish agriculture....   [tags: agriculture, production, farmers]

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Assessing the Role of a Site Visit in Adopting Activity Driven Methods

- 1. Introduction: How to teach socio-technical analysis in healthcare. Healthcare is highly information-intensive; i.e., healthcare activities rely heavily on information being transferred between patients and various care providers, collected, stored, processed and used. The purposeful use of information within activities can be seen as a socio-technical information system (IS) [1, 2], within which information technology (IT; manual or computer-based) is used as a means of work by individual actors or as a means of coordination and communication between actors [3]....   [tags: Healthcare]

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Adopting a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet to Combat Diabetes

- ... Dr. T. Colin Campbell, an advocate for this whole food plant based philosophy proclaims that modern drugs and surgery offer no cure for diabetics. At best, current drugs allow diabetics to maintain a reasonably functional lifestyle, but these drugs will never treat the cause of the disease (The China Study, 148). He proceeds to say that there is hope if the right diet is adopted to prevent and cure diabetes. T. Colin Campbell, Jacob Gould Schurman, and Thomas Campbell examined the China-Cornell-Oxford Project in 1980 where it was concluded based on this study that diets rich in animal-based foods held certain health consequences not seen in diets rich in plant-based foods among genetica...   [tags: type II diabetis, lifestyle change]

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The Pros and Cons of Adopting a Single European Language

- Advantages and Disadvantages to Adopting a Single European Language Imagine the United States having more than one official language. Imagine that almost every state spoke a different language. Life in the United States is not like that. In fact, there are shortages of Americans who actually want to learn a second language and retain it for future use. But the notion of a multilingual country is not far fetched. Europe is composed of over 40 different nations and there are more than 30 different languages and three alphabets....   [tags: Pro Con Essays]

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Same-Sex Parenting

- ... The girl took a toy away from the boy and he began crying. The mother became annoyed by his crying and yelled at him “STOP CRYING LIKE A LITTLE GIRL!” The little boy became sadder but stopped crying shortly after. By the mother making that comment to her son she took away his opportunity to be himself and express his emotions as a human being. Society has been determined crying as an act for girls and discourage it in boys because it makes them “weak.” A homosexual parent would be less likely to make their child repress emotions and would have allowed the boy to cry even if it is seen as something that girls do, because homosexuals believe in expressing themselves and not falling in to s...   [tags: homosexual parents adopting]

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Evaluating the News Story About the Kilshaws Adopting Twin Babies

- Evaluating the News Story About the Kilshaws Adopting Twin Babies In the week of the 16th of January 2001, Judith and Alan Kilshaw from Flintshire, North Wales decided to tell the tale of their controversial adoption of the "Internet Twins", to the Sun. This turned out to be a big mistake for them and their recently adopted twins, Belinda and Kimberley. The stories that ensued described the Internet baby industry "lurid" by some magazines, and follow-up stories labelled the Kilshaws as a "dirty, eccentric couple who aren't at all fit to be parents"....   [tags: Papers]

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