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Life Of Being An Actor

- “Living in the Moment” “Acting is not about being someone different. It’s finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there.” ― Meryl Streep. I love exploring and gaining knowledge about the beautiful craft of acting. During my journey of being an actor, I notice there are two types of actors: stage and film. Stage and film actors are different in their times of rehearsal, their relationship with an audience, and their emotional challenges....   [tags: Actor, Film, Theatre, Performance]

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Acting Is The Work Of An Actor Or Actress

-  Acting is the work of an actor or actress, which is a person in theatre, television, film, or any other storytelling medium who tells the story by portraying a character and, usually, speaking or singing the written text or play. Most early sources in the West that examine the art of acting discuss it as part of rhetoric. Definition and history One of the first actors is believed to be an ancient Greek called Thespis of Icaria. An apocryphal story says that Thespis stepped out of the dithyrambic chorus and spoke to them as a separate character....   [tags: Actor, Constantin Stanislavski, Stella Adler]

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Hamlet As A Good Actor

- Hamlet being a good actor. Act III, scene ii, when Hamlet is telling the actors how they should perform in front of Claudius can also have another meaning in which Shakespeare is telling the actors who will act out “Hamlet” how they should act it. Shakespeare is describing in detail how he wants the actors act, thus that they should all act natural and do not use too many gestures, speaking this through Hamlets words. Shakespeare could also be saying that he doesn’t want them to add anything of their own to the play, he want the play to be exactly the way he wrote it....   [tags: Hamlet, William Shakespeare, Actor, Acting]

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Being An Actor : A Movie, Director, And Designers

- Being an actor is much more than just going out onstage and pretending to be someone else to please people. Acting isn’t a simple process, there are many elements that tie into being a quality actor; for example, the way the actor goes about preparing for a scene, how they prepare for a rehearsal and performance and how they regard the script, play, director, and designers. All of these things go into how you measure the success of an actor because being a successful actor just doesn’t mean you’re able to memorize and recite lines, it’s about going beyond that and actually acting out and finding what the lines truly mean....   [tags: Performance, Actor, Theatre, Acting]

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Character Analysis Of Denzel Washington An Actor Of Our Time

- Denzel Washington-An Actor of Our Time When asked about his thoughts on acting in general, Denzel Washington said, “Acting is mysterious and it’s something you can’t explain. You have to bring something to the table and it should be mysterious in the way that you get to where you are in a scene.” Washington is not only a film actor but also a mainstage actor. He has performed in stage productions such as Wings of the Morning, A Soldier’s Play, Richard III, Julius Caesar, Fences, and A Raisin in the Sun....   [tags: Actor, Film, Acting, Theatre]

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Adam Sandler: An Actor that Gives More than Just Funny Movies to Hollywood

- Adam Sandler is a huge major icon in America. Although he is most known for his movies, he is much more than an actor. Adam released several comical acts, and even a few songs. Adam never really knew what he was going to do with his life, until Adam’s brother suggested comedy. This biography will show that Adam Sandler gives a lot to the movie and entertainment world. As a boy Adam lived a pretty good life. He had a small family, he lived with his brother Scott, mom Judy, father Stan, and two sisters Elizabeth and Valerie....   [tags: SNL comedian, producer, actor]

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The Actor and The Liar

- After playing a convincing role as an action hero in a new film, a movie star exits the stage, leaving his character behind, and attends a press conference claiming that he did all his own stunts, becoming both an actor and a liar. When it comes to the difference between these two characters, clear differentiations are not immediately apparent. In this example, in order to impress his audience, both the actor and the liar are untruthful regarding their accomplishments. Both require a skilled performer who is well versed in the various protocols....   [tags: Sociology]

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Analysis of the Authenticity of an Actor's Persona

- An actor often has to take on vastly different roles for the production of a large variety of films. In the development of these roles, the actor constructs different sets of personae by the use of specific gestures, vocalics as well as speech content, in order to aid the communication of ideas and thoughts. Hence for an actor whose profession involves the practice of portraying fictional characters with authenticity, it is almost impossible to determine if his persona off the screen is truly authentic....   [tags: dramatic arts]

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The Media is a Powerful Actor in Terrorism

- INTRODUCTION The media is a powerful actor in terrorism. How important the media is during terrorist incidents is a matter of constant argument (Atwater, 1987; Jenkins, 2003). The understanding of the connections between terrorism and the media must found through broader analysis of; the power of the media ( Shaw and McCombs, 1972), especially in trouble situations ( Arno, 1984); the way journalists, editors, authorities, and terrorists relate to each other; empirically analyzing the media; and the link between terrorism and public opinion .Since the early 1970s, researchers have examined the role of the news media in connection with terrorism and have found out how the media inte...   [tags: link between terrorism and public opinion]

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The Theory Of Realism Key Actor

- The theory of Realism key actor is the state. The view of the state in Realism is power seeking and to make judgments based on the significant of national interests. Each state acts in a unitary way to increase its power by war, balance of powers, or through economy. The International System believes in anarchy. The distribution of power among states can be judged by its economy and military capabilities. However, the Realist theory does take in consideration that change can occur in the International System....   [tags: Cold War, Soviet Union, World War II]

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Ficial Actor And The Institutions

- Chapter 4 studies the official actor and the institutions which he/she interacts with. Birkland defines institutions as “organizations as well as systems in which individuals interact and achieve political and policy goals through explicit or implicit rules...” (p.107). This Chapter takes a look at the official actor as identified by Birkland as “[who] are involved in public policy because their responsibilities are sanctioned by laws…therefore [they] have the power to make and enforce policies” (p.108)....   [tags: Decision making, Decision theory, Public policy]

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The State as One Actor Amongst Many

- The sovereign nature of states is a topic that has come into question towards the end of the last century. Many advancements and changes, both within and outside borders, have brought into some doubt whether the state is indeed as strong an actor within its borders as it once was. By analysing internal and external influences on the governments of the UK and USA in the twentieth century, it is possible to judge how the nature of power has changed. I will argue that a gradual progression of events, in particular marketisation of the economy and growing dependence on supranational bodies such as the EU and the international economy, have clearly reduced the state to an actor that still retains...   [tags: Globalization, International Politics]

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`` Beowulf `` : The Best Supporting Actor Of The Tale

- Anglo-Saxon Brittan 1500 years ago was a harsh time, countless warrior tribes lived with the constant threat of attack. These tribes of Germanic, Scandinavian, and Danish decent relentlessly warred with each other in order to increase their tribe’s influence and wealth. Each tribe was led and cared for by a King. A King’s influence over its neighboring lands was determined by his military might, his wealth, his thanes, and his mead hall. Of these three, the mead hall was the most multifaceted and essential....   [tags: Beowulf, Heorot, Grendel, Hroðgar]

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Realism - The State is the Most Important Actor

- Realism - The State is the Most Important Actor Introduction During the latter half of the 20th century, the realist theory has been criticized as an outdated method which can no longer sufficiently explain the actions of the global community. Critics point to liberalism, another widely accepted theory, as the successor of realism as the dominant theory of international relations. Opponents of realism assert that the Democratic Peace theory is evidence that the theory of realism is no longer complete....   [tags: Philosophy]

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The Rituals of an Actor: Biography of David Edwards

- David Edwards is a stage and film acting veteran from Las Cruces, New Mexico. He has performed in countless stage performances and several onscreen acting jobs during the last four decades. Mr. Edwards employs both practical and magic rituals to the preparations for his stage performances, and he keeps a good luck charm on his person. His rituals are less extreme than many other stage performers who are extremely observant of superstitions and adamant about preshow rituals. Anthropologists would take note of the greater ritual associated with stage acting than with film acting, as performers feel a lesser need for luck in the mistakes- forgiving world of film....   [tags: film, acting, performing]

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Mos Def: A Poet, Lyricist, and Actor

- Our group chose the man known by many in the hip-hop world as Mos Def. He is known for being a superb lyricist, poet, and actor. We are doing two of his works named “Hip-Hop” from off his album Black on Both Sides and a poem he wrote regards to the Barclays Center named “On center.stadium.status”. Before I talk about these two works of art, let me give a brief background on Mos Def. Mos Def parents named him Dante Terrell Smith on the 11th of December in 1973. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York....   [tags: hip-hop, theater, on center stadium status]

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Johnny Depp: A Truely Unique Actor

- A perfect movie character is one that the audience can form a complex, personal relationship with in the short time that a movie is viewed, displaying the art of acting and drama perfectly. When the thought of lovable movie characters is brought up, Johnny Depp will almost always be apart of the discussion. With his quirky, lively attitude which blends perfectly into roles that should not have soul, Johnny Depp is truly a one-of-a-kind actor. With a spectrum of characters Depp has played, ranging from Edward Scissorhands in the movie Edward Scissorhands (1990), to playing his role in 21 Jump Street (1987), up until the recent Pirates of the Caribbean (2003), he is involved in roles that “on...   [tags: Edward Scissorhands]

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The Company Men: Actor John Wells

- The movie which released on January 21, 2011 introduces us to Televison veteran actor John Wells who makes his debut with The Company Men, a message drama which stands on decadence and falls short on plot content. The film has a sympathetic approach but it is a predictable plot of business executives coping the substantial layoffs during an economic recession. Fine intentions and an unusual powerful cast that was more than enough to attract audiences from various diversities. It centers around GTX, a fictional Boston shipbuilding company that has evolved into a transportation conglomerate, the story follows several workers and their families during a period this economic downturn .When the...   [tags: film analysis, drama]

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Robert Demayo : Deaf Actor, Educator And Asl Consultant

- Robert DeMayo is a Deaf actor, educator and ASL consultant. He was born in Connecticut but currently lives in Philadelphia. DeMayo grew up in a hearing family. It was hard for him growing up in a hearing family. He often felt like he was being left out by his family, who never bothered to learn ASL so that they could better communicate with him. This being the case DeMayo decided to leave his home since his family seemed like they did not care about how he felt being Deaf when the rest of his family could hear....   [tags: Hearing impairment, Deaf culture, Sign language]

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Ronald Wilson Reag An American Politician, Commentator, And Actor

-  Ronald Wilson Reagan was an American politician, commentator, and actor, who served as the 40th President of the United States from 1981 to 1989. Prior to his presidency, he served as the 33rd Governor of California from 1967 to 1975, following a career as an actor and union leader in Hollywood. Raised in a poor family in small towns of Northern Illinois, Ronald Reagan graduated from Eureka College in 1932 and worked as a sports announcer on several regional radio stations. Moving to Hollywood in 1937, he became an actor, starring in a few major productions....   [tags: Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev, Cold War]

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The Nation State Actor : International Relations Theory

- The Nation-State Actor International relations as a field of political studies are primarily concerned with interaction among sovereign nations. For Shiraev & Zubok (2014), a nation can be defined in legal terms or as a community having the same identity (p. 11). Increasingly in a globalized society, non-state actors – non-government and inter-governmental organizations and multinational corporations – play an important role. However, the foundation of the oldest international relations theory, realism, assumes that states are the main actors....   [tags: International relations, Sovereignty]

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Actor, Will Rogers, Succeeded in Silent Films and Talkies

- ... He was placed in the Guinness Book of World Records for throwing three lassos at a time. One lasso would fly under the horse, looping all four legs together, whilst one went around the horses neck, and the last one circling the rider.(Official Site of Will Rogers. Web) He attended several schools, including Kemper Military School in Boonville, Missouri until he dropped out in the tenth grade to become a cowboy. (“Official Site” web) Rogers traveled in South Africa with “Texas Jack’s Wild West Show” playing “The Cherokee Kid” doing roping tricks, in 1902 and 1903....   [tags: ranch, politics, follies]

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Showing up the Actor

- Showing up the Actor When I was younger I spent much of my time alone. My father bred in me, perhaps by nothing more than his example, a certain New England stoicism which thrived on solitude. Nothing displayed this rustic discipline more than the pop-up camper my father bought from our neighbors when I was six. From that summer our family spent most vacations on the road, pulling the camper behind us, my father winching it up and spreading the canvas roofing in Nova Scotia or Florida or upstate New York....   [tags: Boxing Personal Narrative Papers]

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Need to Rehearse Your Lines in Book, A Challenge for the Actor by Uta Hagen

- ... Three Entrances: • Preparation is key to a good scene • When acting, don’t ever leave that character. Remain and do what that character is doing from the moment you enter the stage and from the moment you leave the stage. I agree that practicing and preparing for a play or an acting scene is very important and from my own experiences I understand this because whenever I would not prepare myself for a speech, I would just blow it in class. Immediacy: • Being able to improvise when something goes wrong • Practicing your rehearsing while pretending to find something to improvise helps I have always been good at improvisations in my life just because I grew up watching “whose line is it a...   [tags: perform, character, stage]

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Film Review : Do The Right Thing, Producer And Actor Spike Lee

- Colonialism, Genocide, and Slavery have haunted the United States for ions as a result of its decision making and power exuded over others. Something that all of these can be related to is racism. Some believe that racism does not exist today and some believe that it is not the same racism of old as in the 1940’s and 50’s. In the film “Do the Right Thing” producer and actor Spike Lee conveys racism, prejudice and discrimination a pseudo neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York in the late 1980’s. Among the many other sociological concepts and theories that are heavily used throughout the film, social stratification and claimsmaking can help one understand the many stages that the neighborhood goes...   [tags: Sociology, Racism, African American, Race]

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Personal Experience Aiding the Actor's Development of Theatrical Character

- Through personal experience, reading and research an insight can be gleaned into how improvisation can play such an important role in aiding the Actor's development of theatrical character. Through personal experience, reading and research an insight can be gleaned into how improvisation can play such an important role in aiding the Actor's development of theatrical character. To fully comprehend how liberating improvisation can be as a doorway to one's creative self, one has to experience and understand the process....   [tags: Drama]

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Reply to an Advertisement for an Actor to Play the Character of King Lear

- Reply to an Advertisement for an Actor to Play the Character of King Lear Dear Mr Simon I am writing in reply to your advertisement for an actor to play the character of King Lear in your upcoming production. I have much acting experience and have appeared in many theatre and film performances over the last 40 years. I have previous experience in King Lear, as I starred as King Lear at the New York 'Shakespeare in the park' festival. This production required extreme emotional elements, which I believe I executed with sincerity....   [tags: King Lear Theatre Drama Plays Essays]

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Directing the Actor Playing Macbeth in Act 2

- Imagine you are a director. Direct the actor playing Macbeth in Act 2 Scene 2. Shakespeare's Macbeth has been a play out of the ordinary. It was written to upset, and show life at its most cynical and brutal. It is among his darker pieces of work along with Othello, King Lear and Hamlet. It was also written to please the current King of England at the time, King James I. The play is based on real Scottish history, as King Duncan was killed by one of his kinsmen who then became King. It is set within a Scotland in which frequent wars occur....   [tags: Drama]

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Explaining Why Biological Warfare Cannot be Explained with the SCOT Theory, Actor-Network Theory and Technological Systems Theory

- The purpose of this essay is to explain why it will be a problem to explain biological warfare with the SCOT theory, actor-network theory and technological systems theory. Social Construction of Technology (SCOT) is a theory that was introduced by Weiber Bijker that explains the link between social and technical processes of a technology or artifact. Bjiker argued that technology is shaped by human engineers, market forces, consumer’s needs and demands. In SCOT, technology is a social construction....   [tags: biological warfare]

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Tyler Posey : The Middle Child Of Three

- Tyler Posey can be an ‘ordinary actor,’ as some viewers might say. Tyler was born in Santa Monica, California on October 18, 1991 and is the middle child of three. He is the son of f John Posey, an actor and writer, and Cyndi Terese Garcia. Tyler also grew up with two brother’s names Jesse and Derek. His heritages are both Mexican and Irish. Tyler grew up in Santa Clarita, California. When Tyler was just a toddler he became very familiar with the acting business because of his father. John Posey, Tyler’s dad, will often take him on set to see what he does for a living....   [tags: Actor, Acting]

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The Murder She Baked By Starring Ali Sweeney

- If you are familiar with the popular “Murder She Baked” series starring Ali Sweeney that airs on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel, you might remember Andrea’s policeman husband, Bill. After all, that is how I first discovered the actor Toby Levins, and it was only because his co-star (Barbara Niven) mentioned him that I realized he was on twitter and had been featured in many films, television shows, and on a variety of networks. And when I had the opportunity to interview him, I jumped at the chance....   [tags: Actor, Acting]

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The New Year 's Wish

- As a devoted “When Calls the Heart” fan, I am one who takes a keen interest in all characters, but new arrivals to Hope Valley always specifically capture my attention--especially when they are handsome and talented. So when I discovered who played Dr. Burns on the “New Year’s Wish” special, I was quite intrigued to shine the spotlight on this dashing actor, and much to my joy, I had the opportunity to chat with Jason Cermak recently. We discussed his role on WCTH, but our conversation detailed far more than that....   [tags: Actor, Film, Acting, Leading actor]

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The Death Of An Anarchist At Stockton 's Experimental Theatre

- On November 7th, our class had the opportunity to see The Accidental Death of an Anarchist at Stockton’s Experimental Theatre. Overall, I was very impressed with the show. I thought the acting was superb for a college-level production, and I found the scenery to be satisfactory in complimenting the actions of the show. The best part of this production for me was the acting. I thought all of the actors did a great job of portraying different personalities and truly utilizing every tool available to them in order to make their characterization as thorough as possible....   [tags: Actor, Acting, Character, Theatre]

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What a Non-State Actor Is in International Affairs

- ... Societies are built on ideologies, so it needs to incorporate reason. Leaders have to be elected as a result of merit without resulting to favors as is the case in many democracies most of which could practice autocratic rule . When talking about international relations, this doesn’t imply that the focus is only based on how a specific country may be governed but rather how the political nature may be, due to different experiences amongst countries. Countries do thrive in the eyes of the international community....   [tags: cooperation amongst countries]

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John Godber 's ' The Citadel ' Of St. Helens Of Watch ' Teechers '

- On Friday 4th April we visited ‘The Citadel’ in St. Helens to watch ‘Teechers’. We arrived early and were left outside for 15 minutes; this changed my opinion on the play. Even though I enjoyed the play I didn’t feel comfortable watching it because I was cold, wet and tired after been standing out in the cold for a long period of time. When I entered the auditorium the first thing I noticed was how big the room was (It was huge, however, I was expecting it to be tiny.) The next thing I noticed was the minimalistic staging....   [tags: Actor, Theatre, Character, Performance]

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Different Aspects Of Direction Throughout The Ages

- On the essay, Innes presented the different aspects of direction throughout the ages and what does it entail to the ‘director’ of the production of a specific period of time. Innes mentioned that evolution in direction “demonstrates a long connection between innovations in performance, challenging or pre-empting the standard stage practices of a given age, and the activities of directorial prototypes” (Innes 6). Each progress in the history of theater has introduced new practices, provided a new realm, and even gave a specificity to the job description of a director....   [tags: Theatre, Actor, Drama, Renaissance]

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Why Improv Should Be Taught At All Schools

- Keith Johnstone says there are people who prefer to say 'yes ' and there are people who prefer to say 'no '. Those who say 'yes ' are rewarded by the adventures they have. Those who say 'no ' are rewarded by the safety they attain. In improvisational theatre actors are taught to always says yes. Which is exactly why Improv should be taught in all schools. Improv is not about the acting or the jokes. It is about thinking fast, being reliable, and confident. Skills all in which a student needs....   [tags: Improvisational theatre, Actor, Improvisation]

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The Work Of Art During The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction

- In Benjamin’s 1936 essay, The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, he discusses the potential contribution of the media to his society at the time with both an optimistic, positive attitude and with a more pessimistic and negative attitude. Initially, Benjamin has a positive outlook on the progress of technology and how liberating the process of photography was in comparison to lithography, explaining that “photography freed the hand of the most important artistic functions” (Benjamin, 1961:221)....   [tags: Film, Art, Performance, Actor]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' El Romano '

- Born on October 4, 1935 in Mexico City, Gerardo Zepeda, my grandfather was able to accomplish his dreams in becoming an actor. Gerardo Zepeda is a Mexican actor and wrestler. He began fighting professionally at a very young age under the name of “El Romano” then later was casted as a monster for a film and thats how his acting career initiated. Gerardo admits that he was taught how to “steal camera” meaning if he talked more or said something funny the camera would obviously stay longer on him giving him more fame time....   [tags: Film, Actor, Acting, Mexico]

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Analysis Of The Book ' The Celebrity Tom Hardy '

- Study on Tom Hardy with regards to Text and Context This essay will discuss the celebrity Tom Hardy. Within this essay his career within Hollywood films such as Inception, Legend and The Revenant. The essay will focus on his involvement within the given films and look on things such as the context within the film regarding his characters, who he plays, what his ‘style’ is within the film and what connotations his characters portray in relation to the genre. Stars, also known as celebrities were developed by studios “to cultivate their own celebrities as a kind of corporate aesthetic trademark” (Blake, 2008, p....   [tags: Actor, Film, Star, Hollywood]

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God Of Carnage : An Excellent Play

- God of Carnage is an excellent play. At first, I was doubtful, but after having the pleasure to view the University of Arkansas’ production of this piece, I was absolutely blown away by the performance of each actor in terms of their delivery and overall responsiveness to their respective source material. Smaller directing elements made for promising scene conflict that was always capitalized on by the actors. For instance, each awkward pause in the group’s conversation was the cue for the actors to use non-verbals that brought to light the idea that there was constant underlying tension between the two parties....   [tags: Actor, Theatre, Character, Acting]

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Analysis Of ' The Laramie Project '

- The Laramie Project is a unique play because it is created by the combination of interviews done after the death of Matthew Shepard. While this format is not usually seen, in this production, it was successfully done and was a enjoyable play to watch. All of the acting, design and directing aspects for this production were properly handled and fit the purpose of the play. The acting for this play was successful in its goal. The actors were more than successful in making their characters seem credible and convincing....   [tags: Theatre, Actor, Theatrical professions]

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When Calls The Heart : A Writer And As A Promoter Of Outstanding Talent

- As a writer and as a promoter of outstanding talent, there is almost nothing more fulfilling than alerting fans to up and coming gifted young people and presenting them in the most positive light. Recently, I got to chat with one of the youngest and newest members of the “When Calls the Heart” cast, and since it was his first official interview, I was absolutely thrilled and honored to be the one to chat with Carter Ryan Evancic who plays Cody on season three of this record-breaking Hallmark original series....   [tags: Actor, Acting, Young]

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The 's Freedom From Its Corrupted Tyrant By Lope De Vega

- Fear, rage, and revenge, these are the steps of FuenteOvejuna’s freedom from its corrupted tyrant. FunteOvejuna by Lope De Vega is a play that illustrates the power of a flock of sheep; alone, a single sheep is an easy victim, although, together as a flock they can stand tall and proud defending each other. FunteOvejuna is a tragicomedy, combining both funny, joyous rhymes, and Commander Guzman’s reign of terror, claiming one female sheep at a time. The University of Houston production of FunteOvejuna is an excellent play, displaying wonderful examples of great usage of a thrust stage, beautiful music, usage of medieval clothing, wonderful theme, strategic lighting, and conflicting motives....   [tags: Protagonist, Character, Antagonist, Actor]

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Play and Theater Analysis of Shakespeare’s Hamlet

- “I don't really agree with the notion of setting the plays anywhere in particular. When asked that question about Hamlet I tend to say that it was set on the stage.”-Neil Armfield1. No other quote on Shakespeare’s Hamlet could have more precisely summed up the play’s echoic, reverberant and hauntingly evocative self-referential quality. No other playwright deployed the language, conventions and the resources of the theatre as effectively, so as to bring alive the whole world of the text/stage to the world of the audience....   [tags: Actor, Stage, Reality]

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Stage Door At The Emmett Robinson Theatre

- This past Thursday, November 17, 2016, I attended Edna Ferber and George S. Kaufman’s play Stage Door at the Emmett Robinson Theatre. The play was directed by Mark Landis and produced by The College of Charleston Department of Theatre and Dance. I enjoyed this production more than the other plays that I had to see for this course. The concept and storyline of this play were unique. The only aspect of the play that I did not like as much were the numerous characters and their storylines. It was difficult to keep up with all the actors, especially knowing that I would have to comprehend them in order to write this paper....   [tags: Actor, Theatre, Character, Acting]

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The Between Ancient And Modern Theatre

- Since before the Common Era, people have found new ways of showing emotions and talent on stage. This is also referred to as stage performance, or Theatre. From play writes, to costumes, to acting, all of these things have contributed over the centuries to the modern plays that you see today, whether it be in New York, London, China, or at your local college. Beginning with the early Greeks, to the Chinese Dynasties through Shakespeare and into modern times, theatre has continuously evolved as an art form....   [tags: Drama, Tragedy, Actor, Theatre]

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The Buena Vista University Production Of Romeo And Juliet

- There were some interesting things engaging that can be noticed about the Buena Vista University production of Romeo and Juliet. The first thing noticed that was interesting was that the women in the play were casted in some of the men roles. Through studying William Shakespeare, in most of his productions did not cast roles for women. In the plays, they cast men only and would dress them up as women. The director took another spin off on this play and turned it into something not really seen before....   [tags: Actor, Theatre, William Shakespeare]

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The Factors That Caused By Tunisia And Egypt

- Student ID: 50973018 Tunisia Exceptionalism Five years after the 2011 Arab Spring, countries that participated in mass mobilizations have taken different trajectories. Of the four cases of countries that experienced uprisings and the leadership removal (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen) Tunisia outstand by playing an exceptional role, a role that leaded the country through a democratic path than none of the other countries that experienced uprisings went through. The factors that caused Tunisia’s success can be derived as structural or agency factors....   [tags: Democracy, Government, Election, Actor]

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Poster For The Expendables 2

- Description The major task of the designer of any movie poster is to make the poster visually interesting, so that it captures the attention of its viewers. When people first glance at a movie poster, what catches their eye. What draws them in and makes them want to immediately purchase a ticket. Is it the usage of bright colors (or lack thereof), certain actors or directors they like, or is it the overall design of the poster. While certain posters leave a lot to the imagination in terms of what the movie is about, the movie poster for The Expendables 2 efficiently introduces the audience to what they can expect from the film....   [tags: Character, Protagonist, Actor, The Sopranos]

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Language Of Human Behaviour By William Shakespeare

- He paced the stage with a calm concentration, carrying his anger like a brimming cup. I don’t recall what character this actor was portraying, nor do I remember the play he was in for that matter. My grandparents were conservative theatre folk who didn’t mix well with abstract playwrights like Beckett or Erdely, so perhaps it was one of Shakespeare’s greats, which would explain my struggle in remembering the details. Shakespeare analysed the mathematics of human behaviour, whilst acknowledging all of its ugly variables in such a way that an understanding of his work comes to the naïve or absent minded amateur in either gusts, or not at all....   [tags: Emotion, Feeling, Actor]

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Spring Awakening, My First And Final Play

- Spring Awakening, my first and final play. Shelley Elman the director of the play did not live up to my expectations. It was hard for me to understand what was going on throughout the play, and where exactly it was taken place at. There were also many technical difficulties with the sound that took my attention from the stage. This was my first play I have gone to, and it was not a good experience. I went on a Friday and was seated in the middle of the auditorium, and would definitely not recommend seeing this play with your mother as I did....   [tags: Theatre, Actor, Set construction]

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Class Interview with Director Adam Burke

- Director Adam Burke was born and raised from Green Bay, Wisconsin. He went on to get his Bachelors of Fine Art from the University and Arizona and his Masters of Fine Arts from Northwestern University in Theater Directing. Adam was the founding artistic director at Chicago Theatre for Young Audiences. In addition, he received a national Theatre Communications Group New Generations Fellowship; with this fellowship he spent two more years as an artistic associate at a local professional theater—Childsplay....   [tags: actor, crew, cast, theatre]

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Max Reinhardt 's Life And Comedy

- Max Reinhardt was born Max Goldmann on September 9, 1873 in Baden, Austria (Max Reinhardt book). He was the first of six children, then a few years later he moved to Vienna, Austria (Max Reinhardt book). In 1890 he changes his name to Max Reinhardt and begins his acting career. He performs in Vienna, Salzburg, and Berlin over the next ten years. He gets type casted as the old man, and starts establishing a name for himself. The first show he directs is Ibsen’s Love’s Comedy in 1900 at the age of 27....   [tags: Theatre, Actor, Stagecraft, Acting]

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Analysis Of ' Doubt By John Patrick Shanley At The Gordon State College Theatre

- The play I attended and am doing my performance analysis on is “Doubt, a Parable” by John Patrick Shanley at the Gordon State College Theatre. I would like to start off by saying the play was quite moving and had a lot of meaning behind it. Shanley did a wonderful job at touching on subjects that were problematic for that time period. In 1964 homosexuality and race were not the only issues present but they were tremendous issues then, some may argue that they still are today. In this analysis I will focus on my opinion of the acting, design, and directing of the production....   [tags: Actor, Acting, Character, Theatre]

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William Shakespeare 's Hamlet, Reimagined And Directed By Wesley Broulik

- On November 17, 2015 at 7:30 pm, I attended the performance of Hamlet, originally written by Shakespeare, reimagined and directed by Wesley Broulik. This performance was performed by The Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film. I found this play very hard to understand as it was spoken as Shakespeare would write. It wasn’t until the middle of the show that I realized the school students were acting out the play for detention. This made it hard for me to figure out which actor was playing which role....   [tags: Actor, Theatre, Performance, Light]

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The University Of Oklahoma Within The School Of Drama

- The University of Oklahoma has a well-known Fine Arts Department. The program creates people to be successful in the theatre business; they help the students find their mold that they belong in in this profession. It is a very intimating program filled with many talented people. As an actor or director, it is important to be aware of the surroundings such as people watching, and looking for different reactions for people. This is to help create a more realistic performance during a show. Such as Charles developing skills from “reading poetry and performing stand-up comedy in front of live audiences” and being able to apply them to his speech class, he was able to repurpose his literate pra...   [tags: Actor, Theatre, Drama, Play]

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Will Ferrell and teh World of Comedy

- Will Ferrell and the World of Comedy He is a towering 6'3, has wildly curly hair, stunning blue eyes, and is one of the world's most respected comedic actors. Who is it. It's Will Ferrell. The star of many hit comedies, including Old School, Anchorman, Elf, and Talladega Nights,Will has been making people laugh ever since his 7-year run on Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately, when he first started on the show, people looked to him as being one of the most annoying cast members in the history of the show....   [tags: Biography, American Actor, Comedy]

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Movie Review : ' Bad Jews '

- Play Review – Bad Jews Alvan Le On March 13th, I was invited to watch an open dress rehearsal for Bad Jews, by Joshua Harmon, at the Theatre Calgary. I had never heard of the play until I was invited to see it. The performance was powerful, but it didn’t amaze me. Although, my lack of enjoyment may be from me critiquing it whole time. Overall, the performance was able to evoke emotions in me, but I was expecting better. In terms of acting the four actors did decent. The one who stood out to me the most was the lead actress who played Daphna Feygenbaum....   [tags: Actor, Theatre, Acting, Performance]

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The Evolution Of Theatre Conventions

- The evolution of theatre conventions began with highly presentational Greek productions and changed through the Medieval and Elizabethan ages to the current conventions. Greek conventions included performances done on a mostly bare stage, the use of internal stage directions to indicate location, episodic play structure, and a chorus that served multiple functions including setting the overall mood, commenting on or explaining the action, and creating reflection intervals. Other conventions included an all-male cast, the “Three Actor Rule,” the presence of a tragic hero, and the plays typically served the purpose of teaching the public or making a political statement....   [tags: Tragedy, Sophocles, Drama, Actor]

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CNN and BBC´s Depiction of Arnold Schwarzenegger

- Making headlines for over the past four decades, many of us know Arnold Schwarzenegger as he rose to fame as the world's top bodybuilder, launching a career that would make him a giant Hollywood star. After years of blockbuster movie roles, Schwarzenegger went into politics, becoming governor of California in 2003. Later in 2012, Schwarzenegger made headlines again when he admitted for the first time to having an affair with his family’s longtime housekeeper, Mildred Patricia Baena . Even though these media texts represent Arnold from a different perspective, both media texts use certain signifiers and language features influencing their audience to believe their perspective on Arnold Schwar...   [tags: Actor, Politician, Scandal]

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`` Guys Versus Men `` By Dave Barry And ' Why Strong Female Characters Are Bad Women

- To be referred to as masculine is what every man on this earth covets. Men in general will buy the unnecessary enormous truck or the new 65 inch 4K television for the fact that society has ingrained men to believe this is manly. Society is the reason men act the way they do and women are now sex symbols. Articles such as “Guys Vs Men” by Dave Barry and “Why Strong Female Characters Are Bad Women” By Shana Mlawski talk about how men and women are distinguished nowadays. These articles that will be discussed will show how society is the problem when correlating to gender based roles....   [tags: Gender, Man, Male, Actor]

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The Book ' Mormon Play 3 Times, And Every Time Is Better Than The Last

- I have watched The Book of Mormon play 3 times, and every time is better than the last. Matt Stone and Trey Parker are geniuses, combining brilliant playwriting, beautiful musicality, and hilarious comedy themes. It catches your eye immediately, drawing you into their world that they created for you. This play, however, is only a play. It is constantly sold out and is in high demand even after being released in 2011. The Book of Mormon is extremely popular and successful, and for good reason too....   [tags: Film, Actor, Theatre, Utah]

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The Importance Of The Extra Credit Production Response I Decided At The Indiana Repertory Theatre

- For the extra credit production response I decided to attend Bridge & Tunnel, a production done at the Indiana Repertory Theatre. One thing I have to point out is that I was ecstatic to attend the play just because the one I recently attended for my production response was great. When I first arrived I was somewhat debating if the show was going to be good because all I saw were older adults walking in and I did not know I if was going to be watching something different than what I had expected....   [tags: Actor, Theatre, Acting, Performance]

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The Legacy of Ronald Reagan: The Fortieth President of the United States

- ... Reagan also had a seven year contract with Warner Brothers that threw him into the spotlight. As if Reagan wasn’t busy enough in his early life he decided to take on another project, he enlisted into the Army Reserves. On January 26,1940 Reagan married for the first time to his co-actress Jane Wyman. Together they had two children Naureen and Christine but unfortunately she died the day after she was born; they decided to adopt, Michael. Wyman filed for Divorce from Reagan after talk of his political ambitions....   [tags: president, actor, announcer, governor]

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Byj.b Burns : A Post Electric Play At Fisher Theater

- This past Friday I went and saw Mr. Burns: a Post-Electric Play at Fisher Theater. Throughout the play I took note of important scenes and how the actors and actresses acted and reacted. I noticed their vocal production, movement, facial expression and much more in these scenes. All of these things brought the play together to make it a believable performance. In Act I, the first thing I notice is movement and vocal production. The character, Matt, is remembering an episode of The Simpsons, which you later find out holds importance to the play as a whole....   [tags: Actor, Acting, Theatre, The Simpsons]

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Life and Career of Jared Leto

- On December 26 of 1971, Jared Joseph Leto was born in Bossier City, Louisiana. He is an American actor, singer and composer. Also he is director, producer, activist, philanthropist, photographer and businessman. Early life Constance Leto, mother of Jared and Shannon had joined the hippie movement and that is the reason that her kids had such an artistic influence. They were moving around a lot and they have met a lot of other cultures. He studied painting at University of the Arts Philadelphia's but he was transferred at the School of Visual Arts in New York to study acting....   [tags: actor, humanitarian, activist]

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Biography of Robin Williams, An Outline

- Topic: Biography of Robin Williams Organizational Pattern: Chronological Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about Robin Williams and his life Primary Audience Outcome: My audience will know more about Robin Williams than when they came in. Thesis Statement: Robin Williams, being an actor, producer, musician, and comedian, is a man of great accomplishment and has touched the hearts of millions through his roles on television. Introduction ATTENTION GETTER: Using a Quote, start with a joke: If you've ever thought of jumping off of a tall building, there was a guy who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge....   [tags: actor, producer, musician, and comedian]

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Analysis Of Taming Of The Shrew

- Taming of the Shrew vs. Shrew’d A visual of a play and a reading of a play can have the same material but can be interrupt differently. The reason for this is because there are different actors that act the plays out. The reader assume that the play is certain way because of their readings, until they see it acted out. For example, Taming of the Shrew is totally different then the visual play Shrew’d. An actor is a person whom profession is acting on stage, in movies, television, or plays. All actors are different, they have their own personalities....   [tags: The Taming of the Shrew, Marriage, Actor]

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The Diversity Of The Entertainment Industry

- The subject of diversity in the entertainment industry has dominated conversations, especially following last year’s Oscar controversy that promoted celebrities to boycott the event in protest of the low number of people of color nominated for awards. This hot topic resurfaced at the 69th annual Emmy Awards, where host Jimmy Kimmel repeatedly emphasized how the nomination ballot this year was the most diverse ever. “The Emmys are so diverse this year that the Oscars are telling people we are their closest friends,” joked Kimmel during his opening monologue....   [tags: Actor, Film, Acting]

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Ronald Reagan: The 40th President of the United States

- ... Ronald Reagan was in world war two he help with filming and was in the military. His first marriage to actress Jane Wyman, he had two children, Maureen and Michael. With Ronald Reagans second wife came two more kids at the height of Reagan's popularity as an actor, Maureen was part of the picture-perfect family that, in the 1930s and '40s, Warner Brothers promoted as Hollywood's wholesome face. Michael was adopted later, in 1946. At a time when joint custody was virtually unknown, the children remained with their mother after Reagan and Wyman divorced in 1949....   [tags: esucation, actor, office, funderal]

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The Experience Of A Midsummer Night 's Dream

- Before I started Introduction to Theatre class, I had been only to a couple of plays in my life. Just in this semester I’ve been to about ten plays and have learned so much about the art of theatre. The information I retained from class will help out a lot in the future, but the most important part of this class was the shadowing experience of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. With being able to get an inside look at this play during rehearsal and then going to see the performance was an incredible experience....   [tags: Theatre, Performance, Actor]

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Documentation Of Ephemeral Work As An Audience Member

- Documentation of ephemeral work as an audience member: I document my experience as an audience member by writing reviews of shows I see. These are then posted onto my blog. My initial notes develop into a review by considering the strengths and weaknesses of each performer. The format of a theatrical review is useful to me because I can learn lessons to apply to my own practice. Considering the processes of professional performers also allows me to engage at deeper levels as an audience member. Initial notes: Brooke sounded soft at some points....   [tags: Theatre, Actor, Performance, Audience]

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The Production Of The Grapes Of Wrath

- The production of The Grapes of Wrath would be classified as Representational theatre. According to Robert Cohen, “In representational performance, the audience watches behavior that seems to be staged as if no audience were present. As a result, the audience is encouraged to concentrate on the events that are being staged, not on the nature of their presentation.” (16). In other words, the actors are blind to the audience. For example, in the beginning of the play when the patrolman appears on the stage and Tom and Jim hide because they are trespassing on private property, the patrolman does not address the audience at all....   [tags: Theatre, Actor, Family]

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The Servant Of Two Masters

- The production of The Servant of Two Masters is another play I watched on the university theatre. The play portrays the Italian comedian story of love, laughing, and happiness. Also, the relationship between the servant and the masters would generally be driving the whole play. The servant of two masters is produced to reflect the playwright’s expression through theatre. The playwright wanted to emphasize the theme of love that becomes the beginning and the end of the play. Even if the whole play is an interesting story for entertainment, the majority of the show might be hard to understand and pursue what is going on at that moment....   [tags: Theatre, Actor, Love, Performance]

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The Life of Mark Wahlberg

- The Life Of Mark Wahlberg Mark Wahlberg is one of the most impressive men in the world. Starting as a fresh faced teen into a well formed acting career. Most recently, Mark is known for branching out in many different fields, such as an actor, singer, and male model. However, Mark’s life hasn’t always been easy. The purpose of this paper is to share with you the journey of Mark Wahlberg, a child living in poverty on the Streets of Boston, to a man with a multi-million dollar paycheck. Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg was born on June 5th, 1971 in Dorchester Boston in the poor class part of town....   [tags: singer, actor, male model]

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Other Jobs of Television Personalities

- ... Josh holds a Masters degree from the Columbia School of Journalism and a Bachelors of Arts in English literature from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He has contributed to the network's coverage of Hurricane Sandy, the Joplin tornado, the Sandy Hook School shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing, the 2013 papal conclave, and the 2012 presidential election of President Obama as well as the second inauguration of President Barack Obama, the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal, Tournament of Roses Parade for the last six years....   [tags: actor, sports, journalism]

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Movie Analysis : Cafe Society

- When I signed up to watch the play “Café Society”, I was expecting the play to take place in a café with a concept and a story line that revolves around or portrays the society of today. The play was held on Friday, September 11, 2015 at 8:00 PM and it was located at the Odyssey Theater. When watching movies on television, I noticed a dress code on what to wear at a play. On television, people wore suits and dresses and it was very formal. However, when looking online regarding the theaters dress code, it said to dress semi casual....   [tags: Theatre, Actor, Play, Acting]

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The Movie ' O '

- In 2001, the movie “O” was released and the director of the movie was Tim Blake Nelson. Nelson is an actor, a writer, and a director who has won numerous awards for his acting and directing movies. The movie “O” was nominated for the Golden Space Needle Award at the Seattle International Film Festival for Best Director. The movie “O” was a modernization based off of William Shakespeare’s well known play, “Othello”. The movie “O” took place at an elite wealthy private high school. The main characters are Odin James (Mekhi Phifer) as Othello, Desi (Julia Stiles) as Desdemona, Hugo Goulding (Josh Harnett) as Iago, Michael (Andrew Keegan) as Michael Cassio, Emily (Rain Phoenix) as Emilia, and th...   [tags: Basketball, High school, Actor]

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Arnold, Norman, And Jack

- During the show, I decide to choose three actors to discuss: Arnold, Norman, and Jack. Even with the developmental disabilities or mental illness for Arnold and Norman who live together in a group apartment, Jack has struggled to handle their emotions and acquire their attention. From my perspective, the play of this story is indirectly trying to tell us how much limitation and challenge Jack has been through with Arnold and Norman during the time. Additionally, Jack is frustrated by Arnold who ran away from the apartment during the day and prevented him from hopping on the train....   [tags: Disability, Developmental disability, Actor]

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