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Achievements of the Tang and Song Dynasty

- During the Tang and Song dynasty, many excellent achievements have been accomplished which are still being preserved and used widely over centuries. Their citizens were excelled in many fields with several of new and practical inventions which all directly affected the citizens’ lives. Especially, the big rise in science and technology as well as attaining such great progresses in agriculture and economy were some of the most remarkable ones. At that time, the improvement in agriculture technology made a great account to the rapid increase in population which due to a stronger dynasty....   [tags: world history]

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The Achievements of the Tang and Song Dynasties

- November 23, 2009 Grey Global Semestered The Achievements of the Tang and Song Dynasty Today we can look around ourselves and see thousands of technical innovations that make life easier; But if we take a step back and ask ourselves “How?” we will soon realize that most often, these technological advancements did not just “poof” into existence, but are usually the outcome of building upon yesterday’s technology. If we follow this cycle back into time, we can attribute almost any modern day invention to an ancient civilization during its golden age....   [tags: Chinese History]

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The Life and Achievements of Henry Ford

- Henry Ford was one of the first American industrialists. He is best known for his revolutionary achievements in the automobile industry, and his inventions are still marveled in the modern world today. Henry Ford grew up on a small farm near Dearborn, Michigan. It was here Henry Ford was born, on July 30, 1863. He went to local district schools like the rest of the children from his town, and he excelled in most subjects. As Henry grew up, he spent most of his free time tinkering, and finding out exactly how things work....   [tags: biography, automobile, research paper]

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Harriet Tubman and Her Achievements

- Many people do not know what Harriet Tubman’s greatest achievement was. Harriet Tubman was born in Dorchester County, Maryland around 1822. When she was born she was first named Araminta Ross and was like every other African-American, born into slavery. In 1844 Araminta married a free black man named John Tubman and later changed her name to Harriet Tubman, her first name from her mother and her last name from her husband. Five years later Harriet’s master died which gave Harriet a decision, she could be free or dead....   [tags: Slavery, Freedom, Nurse]

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The Achievements of Walt Disney

- Walt Disney was a great man in the eyes of many people. There are almost no people in the history of the entire world that have done anything that can even compare to Walt Disney’s many achievements. Walt Disney was born as Walter Elias Disney on December 5th, 1901. He had a great life and died ten days after his sixty-fifth birthday on December 15th, 1966. Throughout his entire lifetime, Disney had released a total of eighty-one movies that have won many awards and achievements. Walt Disney is considered by many a twentieth century folk hero whose name is supposed to represent imagination, success, optimism, creation and many other traits needed to succeed....   [tags: Biographical Essays, biography]

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Julian Castro's Life and Achievements

- Julian Castro, the mayor of San Antonio, Texas, displays many characteristics of leadership that should be admired and repeated in younger generations. Born September 16, 1974, in San Antonio, Texas, to Mexican parents who were involved in their community and local political events, he had the perfect foundation for a solid political career. His mother, Maria Castro, was a political activist and founded the Chicano political party. She was a very outspoken politician and a primary inspiration for Castro’s political career....   [tags: mayor of San Antonio, personal reflections]

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The Greatest Muslim Achievements

- The Greatest Muslim Achievements The Muslim community has achieved very much in the past. The Muslims wouldn’t have accomplished what they have without the smart minds of the past. Today the Muslim community would not be as progresses as it is now. The religion Islam has accomplished many different milestones that some religions only hope to accomplish. We find that Islam is a very strict and serious religion. They have rules and guidelines lines that seem silly or weird to other religions. To Muslim those rules are normal and need to be followed....   [tags: yathrib, medina, saudy arabia]

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The European Union's achievements

- The European Union, which was established in 1993, is currently consisting of 28 states. Its origin was taken back after the World War II when the six founder including Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands aim to end the wars between neighbors. The six countries agrees to merge the Organization European Economic Cooperation (OEEC), European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) and Euratom into a European community (EC), which then fully transformed into the European Community in 1993(Boyd A., 2007)....   [tags: international relations, europe, free trade]

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Making the Achievements Worth

- Can one change the world with a few words. Martin Luther King Jr., through his amazing ability for public speaking, fought for the rights of twenty million people in the United States of America. However, without the challenges King faced from racial discrimination, his public speaking might have never surfaced. Horace once observed that adversity allows talents or abilities to surface. Without the difficulties in life, the talents one could have would never appear. Adversity challenges people to escape their comfort zone, causes them to try, and gives talents they may have never appreciated or had....   [tags: public speaking, accomplishments, success]

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My Hardwork Led to Many Achievements

- I believe that stay miserable or motivated is always our choice. A desire to achieve can certainly lead to significant accomplishments and a roughest road can lead to the top. Every achievement starts with a dream and if one has goals then one is far ahead of people who have never given a thought about it. At the same time, I believe that one must have the highest standards of morality and integrity while perusing his goals. I started my corporate journey on a challenging note. When started my career as a novice and started working on a time critical project and on a programming language alien to me, I studied the programming language within few weeks and delivered the project within time an...   [tags: motivation, promotion, awards]

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Islamic Culture: Achievements in Various Fields

- Achievements of Islam Literature The islamic culture has been using three main languages throughout history. “Arabic, Persian, and Turkish.” This is significant to the achievements of Islam because most of the Islamic culture knew how to read and write. Another achievement in the Islamic culture is poetry. Poetry was a very big part of Islam. According to (World Cultures a Global Mosaic) poetry has been around even before islam was formed. These poems were not only for entertainment, they could also be used to insult their enemies, show their love, and talk about topics like war....   [tags: Music, Literature, Math]

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Islmaic Achievements and Muslim Contributions and Their Spread

- The Muslim Empire grew to encompass a wide range of territory. Their empire included India, Greece, and Rome in addition to many other places. The Muslims were much more advanced than other nations because of their tolerance of other cultures. This enabled them to adopt many of the developments and innovations of the people whose land they conquered. They were able to attain intelligence at the highest level of the time from a specific area they conquered whose main focus of study was that field....   [tags: Islam]

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The Character and Achievements of Roman Emperor Augustus

- Augustus was more concerned with self preservation than the advancement of the senate, the armies and his citizens. He rejected absolute power, but had an ulterior motive. With the fate of Julius Caesar in his mind, Augustus was well aware of the dangers of absolute power. So he saw dispersing power as a means to offset those potential threats to his lift. I have used the primary sources such as Tacitus, The Annals of Imperial Rome by Tacitus, The Deeds of the Divine Augustus by Augustus and The Divine Augustus by Suetonius for the examination of my hypothesis and to compare how each of them portrayed Augustus....   [tags: Roman Empire, biography, Biographical Essay]

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Great Achievements of the 20th Century: Antibiotics

- One of the greatest achievements in the 20th century was the invention and mass production of antibiotics. Antibiotics or antimicrobials are chemical drugs that are used to treat a variety of different infectious bacterial diseases by destroying or slowing the growth of the bacteria. Antibiotics are toxic to the target cell but do not harm the host. They are designed to attack various kinds of parasites, fungus, and bacteria. Contrary to popular belief antibiotics do not work against viruses like those that cause the common cold....   [tags: world changing inventions, mass production]

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Factors Which Determine Academic Achievements

- Continuous education improvement is a heated topic both in academic circles and for public concerns. The academic achievements are influenced by many aspects, such as pupil-teacher ratio, disciplines, teaching input, family education, individual efforts, classmates and other off-campus conditions. Above all these factors, many people believe that adjusting class size is the simplest way for developing education. However, class size is one of the important factors in determining successful academic achievement rather than the most crucial one....   [tags: Education, class size, teachers, schools]

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Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Life and Achievements

- What defines a poet. Samuel Taylor Coleridge was one with a brilliant mind whose talent for poetry went beyond the ordinary. Poets, such as Coleridge, were described as delusional artist whose poems were hard to grasp by the common man. Samuel Taylor Coleridge was a complex lyricist, convoluted philosopher, but most importantly, he was human. As stated, “Coleridge achievements have been given more widely varying assessments than that of any other English literary artist” (Leonard 15). Coleridge’s passion for poetry as a child, struggles and friendships of adulthood, and depression affected his proficient writings....   [tags: poets, poetry, samuel coleridge, genevieve]

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Booker T. Washington's Immense Achievements

- ... “From the time that I can remember having any thoughts about anything, I recall that I had an intense longing to learn to read. I determined, when quite a small child, that, if I accomplished nothing else in life, I would in some way get enough education to enable me to read common books and newspapers.” (Washington, 46) At a young age he realized he wanted to be educated and would not let any challenges get in his way. As he continued his education, Washington learned of the Hampton Institute, which specialized in the education of freed slaves....   [tags: slave, education, philosophy]

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Plutarch's Aims and Achievements as a Biographer

- A critical study of a significant aspect or aspects of Plutarch's aims and achievements as a biographer -To what extent does Plutarch achieve his aims for the lives of Marius and Caesar. We are able to establish Plutarch's aims in creating his biographies by looking at his background and influences. Plutarch was born in Greece to a wealthy established family. He was well educated, studying rhetoric in Athens, and then travelled to Rome where he established connections with some important political figures....   [tags: English Literature:]

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Cultural Achievements of the Italian Renaissance

- Cultural Achievements of the Italian Renaissance Humanism was a key movement in the Renaissance and had a major influence on the cultural changes and achievements. Humanists studied history; they were particularly interested in Ancient Greek and Roman civilisation, and classical works, as well as in contemporary history and politics. Although the Humanists were Catholic, their ideas were more secular - "learning emerged from the cloister… to rejoin the human mainstream." The humanist ideas soon spread into the classroom....   [tags: Papers]

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Life and Achievements of Henry Ford

- Life and Achievements of Henry Ford Henry Ford was born in Dearborn, Michigan, on July 30, 1863. He died on April 7, 1947, in Dearborn. He started his career in production at the age of 16 as a machinist’s apprentice. He then began his career as a mechanical engineer with the Edison Illuminating Company in 1888 and worked there until 1899. He founded the Ford Motor Company in 1903. He produced his first car, the Quadricycle, in 1896. He had developed this car in his spare time. He finally adopted a production method that would be used forever after its introduction....   [tags: Biography]

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Achievements of the African Empires and Cities Before the Arrival of the Europeans

- In Africa, there were achievements in the empires or kingdoms and their cities before the Europeans arrived and took control. In the Kingdom (Empire) of Axum they developed a trade route. In the Kingdom of Ghana they had characteristics of powerful nations today. In the city of Timbuktu they had great morals and developed the center of Islamic Art. There are many other things that Africa achieved in. In the great empires of Africa they developed many things. In the Axum (Aksum) Empire (Ethiopia, in present time) they developed a trade route that stretched of Asia to Africa and back....   [tags: africa, African History, ]

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Scientific Achievements of Galileo Galilei

- Scientific Achievements of Galileo Galilei From an early age Galileo Galilei manifested his aptitude for mathematical and mechanical pursuits, but his parents, wishing to turn him aside from studies that promised no substantial return, destined him for the medical profession. But all was in vain, and at an early age the youth had to be left to follow the bent of his native genius, which speedily placed him among the most renowned natural philosophers. Galileo's great achievements are magnified by the fact that, happily combining experiment with calculation, he opposed the prevailing system....   [tags: Papers]

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Achievements of Franklin D. Roosevelt

- Achievements of Franklin D. Roosevelt In the first few years after the 1932 election, the people of America were becoming better off, slowly they were returning to pre-depression standards. But they were still not as well off as they had been during the boom years. Many factors contributed to this and probably the one that had the greatest effect was the 'new deal' policies of Franklin D Roosevelt's Administration. This was a set of new legislation's that tried to help get the American economy back on its feet and increase the rate of employment in areas that had been hit most badly....   [tags: Free Essays]

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SADC: Recent Developments and Achievements

- SADC: Recent Developments and Achievements Introduction Regional groupings such as SADC aims to bring neighbouring countries into a league or association or union where they will be able to work together in terms of matters concerning politics, economics and development, the ultimate being regional integration. The concept of regional integration is nothing new. During biblical times the Canaanites comprising of different countries formed a union to deal with the invading band of Israelites from Egypt....   [tags: History]

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The Life and Medical Achievements of Sir Norman McAlister Gregg

- Overview Much of today’s knowledge and understandings of the constituent foundational concepts of medical science can be attributed to the innovative ideas of scientists of the past, many of which are regarded as scientific “heroes” due to their varied research and discoveries that are seen to have changed the face of medicine. This assignment focuses on the life and medical achievements of ophthalmologist Sir Norman McAlister Gregg, and attempts to demonstrate the significance of his discovery of the connection between rubella during pregnancy and consequential birth defects to medicine and society today....   [tags: opthamologist, discovery, rubella]

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The Emancipation Proclamation: One of Abraham Lincoln's Greatest Achievements

- The 1860’s was a difficult time for the United States of America as it was the time period where they went into the American Civil War. At a time of slavery and many conflicting ideas, the United States was falling apart and at its most divided time ever. As the elected president in 1861, Abraham Lincoln had to fix the issues that the country was facing. Some of those issues included slavery, the separation of the north and south, and the Civil War itself. Today, Abraham Lincoln is generally known as a great president who took charge of a country in need and did many things that had a positive influence over the United States....   [tags: american history]

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The Life and Achievements of Famous Poet, Langston Hughes

- I Am Negro, Black as Night The title of this paper was inspired by the famous black poet, Langston Hughes’, poem Negro, which is included in the book The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes. Langston Hughes’ works are world renowned classics years after the start of his career. Hughes’ works were very influential in the age of the Harlem Renaissance. They are some of the greatest and most eye-opening works of that time. The research undertaken in this paper will include some aspects of his personal life, educational background, important works, the difference in his writing styles and the achievements that he acquired during his career....   [tags: poetry, biography, biographical, african american]

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Program Outcomes are Expected Performance and Achievements from Graduates

- Program Outcomes When developing curriculum at the program level ensure that the outcomes are clear statements of performance and expected achievements from graduates which are reflected in program outcome statements. “Program outcomes are statements that describe what learners will know and be able to do when they graduate from a program” ("Building curriculum at," 2012). Program outcomes should include three basic elements: vocational standards, essential employability skills, and general education requirements and should describe significant and durable learning objectives of what the learner will be able to demonstrate at the end of the program....   [tags: standards, nursing, professional]

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NEPAD Business Foundation: Achievements that can end Aid

- NEPAD Business Foundation: Achievements that can end Aid The NEPAD business Foundation is by far the most resourceful of all NEPAD business groups in Africa and also remains in the fore front of implementing NEPAD policies in form of concrete programs of action to promote growth. Since the group is composed of mostly private sector group of companies with vast business ideas and strategies, it never found it difficult to mobilize resources given their track record as successful entrepreneurs. Unlike the traditional government to government Aid with nobody in particular to be held accountable for default or non performance, NEPAD Business Foundation as a group financed its programs mainly f...   [tags: Business Management]

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The Life and Achievements of Bill Gates

- Bill Gates is renowned for being one of the richest entrepreneurs in the world; he is the cofounder of the most recognized brands in the computer industry called Microsoft. Gates was born October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. He grew up in a wealthy family and had two sisters. William H. Gates, Sr., who was their father, was a successful lawyer and their mother dedicated her time to staying home and raising the children. The Gates family maintained a warm and close environment and encouraged the mentality to strive for excellence....   [tags: biography]

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Disraeli’s Career and Achievements

- Disraeli’s Career and Achievements “A schemer who hid his opportunism behind a smokescreen of high sounding phrases” (John Walton, an academic historian and specialising in modern British history written in a student textbook, Disraeli 1990) In my opinion John Walton makes valid interpretation of Disraeli’s political achievements within his career....   [tags: Papers]

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Toni Morrison's Literary Achievements

- Toni Morrison's Literary Achievements In 1993 Toni Morrison joined the illustrious ranks of the Nobel Prize for Literature laureates as the ninetieth recipient, twentieth English-language author, eighth American, eighth woman, third black, and first African-American 1. Her mid-century predecessor William Faulkner (1897-1962) had just received the award in 1950 when Morrison (b. 1931) began writing her Master of Arts thesis on his work.2 Aside from both being Nobel laureates, this unlikely pair has, at first glance, little in common: Morrison, the college-educated daughter of a black Ohio shipyard welder, a key figure in the publishing and academic world; Faulkner, Southern son of "aristo...   [tags: Papers]

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John Muir: His Achievements

- John Muir: His Achievements/Journeys John Muir worked at a factory in Canada. He invented time and money saving machines for the factories. But one day an accident changed his whole outlook on life. As he was tightening a machine belt with a file, the file flew out and pierced his right eye. His left eye grew dim to the reaction. John's friends and neighbors tried to help him and brought doctors. Some friends read to him. Children brought him flowers and listened to his stories. He finally began to regain his sight....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Louis Pasteur: Greatest Achievements

- To: From: Re: Louis Pasteur Louis Pasteur: Greatest Achievements Louis Pasteur was one of the most important scientists of our time. The foundation of our knowledge about health and disease comes from the discoveries of this one man. He made many discoveries and solutions for problems of the every day life that are still in effect today. Pasteur was born on December 27, 1822 in a little town called Dôle in the foothills of the Jura Mountains of eastern France. When he was five years old his family moved to Arbois where he grew up with his father, mother, and three sisters....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Roman Achievements

- Roman Achievements Where would the world be today without the founding of the Roman Household and the idea of paterfamilias, advances in science and medicine, and the many changes in Christianity and marriage practices. It is hard to imagine what our society would be like without a "head" of the household, medicine for illness, science for technology, and Christianity along with marriage practices. The Romans made many advances in science and medicine. Archimedes of Syracuse founded the formulas of spheres and cylinders, the actual number of pi which is used mostly for a circle's circumference, as well as other discoveries in astronomy and engineering (Osheim and Roberts 138)....   [tags: Papers]

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Are Satisfied Employees More Productive?

- ... A ‘2011 Harvard Business Review’ article stated that the level of happiness has a profound impact on workers' creativity, productivity, commitment and collegiality. How can firms satisfy employees. This is a big question as the facets of employee satisfaction measured vary from company to company. Satisfaction and morale go hand in hand. Morale is a “state of individual psychological well-being based upon a sense of confidence and usefulness and purpose.” (David Bowles & Cary Cooper, 2009). It goes far beyond “feeling good.” An employee’s morale has to be stable enough for him to be satisfied....   [tags: qualifications, achievements]

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Muhammad Ali's Achievements

- Muhammad Ali's Achievements "I'm going to be the perfect champion-like the young Joe Louis. I'm clean living; I haven't got a prison record. I think you got to be an idol for young people" Ali 1963 It has been said that there are few opportunities in life to prove yourself a man; Muhammad Ali took advantage of every one that came his way, in doing so became loved by not only his countrymen, but also the world, and became immortal in his own time. In this essay I will discuss about if this boxing great really did cause a stir among the people of the world, what factors helped him, his moral and religious beliefs and did he really achieve what he set out to do i...   [tags: Papers]

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Military Achievements of the British at the Battle of the Somme

- Military Achievements of the British at the Battle of the Somme Post-war British folklore has deemed the Battle of the Somme a military catastrophe of the greatest kind. The image of the reckless slaughter of British troops on July 1st 1916 and the idea of "Lions being led by Donkeys"1 to their fate, which compromised of death is what resides in the minds of most regarding the Battle of the Somme. If at all a victory, it would have been classed as a 'Phyrric Victory'. On the surface it seems that very little land was gained over an extensive battle at the cost of many lives....   [tags: Papers]

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Abraham Lincoln: Life, Presidency, and Achievements

- Abraham Lincoln: Life, Presidency, and Achievements Abraham Lincoln, from the backwoods of Hodgenville Kentucky, rose to become one of the greatest presidents of the United States. During his attempt to keep the Union in the Civil War, he gained more power and authority than any president before him. He was an excellent politician, and was always looked upon for leadership because he put reason and thoughtful decisions behind his word....   [tags: US American History President]

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Pele's Influence in Soccer

- Pelé Influences the Beautiful Game Many people do not know that much about soccer. If asked about Pelé, almost everyone will say they have heard about him. Pele is one of, if not the most, influential persons to come along and change the game for the better forever. Professional soccer in the United States was not a huge attraction. In the United States, attendance to professional soccer games was well below all other major sport franchises. Average attendance to a New York Cosmos game for the years just before Pelé arrived from 1971 to 1974 was 4,540 people (NY Cosmos, Wiki)....   [tags: Biography, Achievements]

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Achievement: Just the Rich and Famous?

- In life it is important for one to have goals and standards. Without these, our potential cannot be reached. Bill Gates is one of the most richest people in the world. He is one of the most successful people in the world from achieving. Achievement is important in everyday life because it helps us throughout life, determining our future. According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, achievement is defined as something that is accomplished successfully (Merriam-Webster the Online Dictionary)....   [tags: Achievement, fame, ]

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Does Birth Order Affect Children’s Personality and Personal Achievements?

- Ms. Clark is a fourth grade teacher who has been teaching for over ten years. She has been interested in all of the different students she teaches every year. Ms. Clark has been noticing each student is different due to the number of siblings each child has. The variety of students Clark has range from the only child to five siblings. Every student is in a different order of birth as well; oldest child, middle child and youngest child. She has noticed that most of the children without siblings need more attention than the children with siblings....   [tags: cognitive & personality development, psychology]

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Celebrating Achievements and Face Advercity in Langson Hughes' Poem, Negro

- ... He also lived In Paris for several months before returning to the United States late in 1924. When he returned back to his country he was already well known in the African American literary circles as a gifted young poet. He was dedicated to African American music and held a special interest for jazz and the blues. Hughes was notability one of the most important writers and thinkers of the Harlem Renaissance. His worked has not only shaped literature but help to change political views. Hughes loved being a “Negro” with a strong sense of racial pride....   [tags: african american, movement, harlem]

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Man’yōshū and Kokinshū Demonstrated Japan’s Literary Achievements

- In Japanese literature, poems were one of the first forms of writing. This form of writing brought a whole new level of human expression. Two well known collaborations, known as the Man’yoshu and the Kokinshu, demonstrated Japan’s literary achievements. These two anthologies, which showcased works from a wide range of social groups, set a standard for poetry writing by allowing individuals to express their feelings through words. Although the Man’yoshu and the Kokinshu were compiled of Japanese poetry, the two books played roles in separate societies, where they each held their own significance....   [tags: compare, comparison, japanase culture]

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Cuba's Achievements in Health Care and Public Education

- CUBA’S ACHIEVEMENTS IN PROVIDING HEALTH CARE AND EDUCATION TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC ARE BETTER THATN THOSE OF MANY DEVELOPED COUNTRIES. HOW HAS IT MANAGEDTHIS. There may be some question over Fidel Castro’s achievements in providing economic success, or democracy to Cuba in the last forty five years or so. However Cuba’s record on providing egalitarian health care and education to the masses have generally been agreed as a success story, even by Castro’s old enemy the United States. “To be educated is to be free,” (Marti in Marshall, 1987, p146) has become one of the more popular revolutionary slogans and has been greatly adhered to by Castro’s government....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Personal Narrative - One of My Most Coveted Achievements

- One of My Most Coveted Achievements   Dr. Ross’ Comments: This essay is a very good example of a personal experience shared by the writer. She clearly describes an important episode in her life and vividly reveals a part of her true “self” to her audience.   What began in my life as yet another effort in weight loss became one of my most coveted achievements. After the birth of our third child, and too many pounds that were not disappearing, we purchased a small above ground pool. While the kids splashed, I began my aquatic exercise program....   [tags: Personal Narrative, Autobiographical Essay]

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The Life and Political Achievements of Sir Wilfrid Laurier of Canada

- The Life and Political Achievements of Sir Wilfrid Laurier of Canada Laurier gained great achievement over his political years because he represented Canada as a whole. His family first came to Canada dating back to the time of New France and the early Montreal years. Laurier's father, a government surveyor and a genial, settled down in Canada and got married to Marcelle Martineau. Wildfrid was their first child who was born on November 20, 1841. Seven years later a tragedy struck the Laurier family when Wildfrid's mother died....   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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Great Rock Musicians: Their Achievements And Effect On Rock And Roll

- Great Rock Musicians: Their Achievements and Effect on Rock and Roll The blues are undeniably the roots of early rock and roll. Rock today has mutated so much that the basic blues patterns have been all but lost. The purpose of this paper is to illustrate the birth of, and evolution of rock and roll by focusing on three of the arguably greatest rock musicians of the sixties and seventies. The origin of the blues can be traced to the emancipation of the slaves in the rural black areas of the south, where most of the people worked on share- cropping farms....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Morality and Inegrity in Achieving Goals at Work

- ... Soon the next opportunity came, in which my managers choose me over my seniors to work with the client’s development team in London and liaise directly with the client. I was still settling in the industry and understanding the different facets of this industry but I took the challenge. Soon the baton was passed to me for all the major responsibilities. It was the time to show my interpersonal skills and work with other teams, in both supervisory or development staff roles. It was a difficult project due to its design and team complexities but we managed to deliver it within time and cost....   [tags: motivate, client, work, achievements]

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Art and Music Lessons' Positive Effects on Children

- Many people in the world think that life would be nonsense without music. Music helps people in several ways and gives a meaning to their lives. For example, music can help someone to make money, relax, spend time, work or study. Furthermore, it mostly helps children to concentrate more. The times that they study while listen to music, helps their brain power to increase over time. The main problem is, most schools are trying to decrease their music classes since their principals think that music is not as useful as science and maths for student's academic process....   [tags: high academic achievements]

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How to Set Realistic Fitness Goals

- How to Set Realistic Fitness Goals New year is just around the corner and along with it are numerous new year resolutions. One of the most common resolutions ever made is about fitness. It can be about getting fit, staying fit or losing weight. Most people sets unrealistic fitness goals that eventually turns to disaster not long before January ends. Proper planning and perseverance is all you need to reach your fitness goals. Here are several tips that can help you to stay on the fitness wagon: Write your goal down Make sure to write down your fitness goals and post it to the area where you can see it every day....   [tags: specific, achievements, factors]

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How Did Eleanor Roosevelt’s Personal Life Relate to Her Choice of Dedicating Her Life to Helping Others?

- ... They were married “at the home of one of Eleanor’s relatives on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and the bride was escorted down the aisle by then-President Theodore Roosevelt”. ( Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt had 6 children together and five of them lived until adulthood. In 1913 when Franklin D. Roosevelt got a job as the assistant secretary of the U.S navy, Eleanor, who was never a fan of parties and drinking, did more public work and became a very important member of the American Red cross, a benevolent organization designed to help the people in need and provide education....   [tags: achievements, exoerience, hardships]

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Influence of the Battle of Vimy Ridge on Canada

- Contrary to popular belief, the Battle of Vimy Ridge was more than “another bloodshed” to Canada the growth of Canada as a nation. This battle confirmed Canada’s eligibility to participate on the world stage and showed that Canada was not to be trifled with by other nations. The achievements of the Canadian army brought Canada respect from other nations. The Canadian army gained confidence in themselves after their victory in this battle. The Battle of Vimy Ridge was significant to the growth of Canada as a nation....   [tags: Army's Achievements, Growth]

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Personnal Marketing Plan: A Career as An Academic Administrator

- After excelling while attaining my Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Texas State University, and receiving recognition for my academic achievements, I graduated with a focus in Management in the spring of 2012. While working on my Bachelor’s, Texas State requested I apply for graduate school due to my Graduate Management Admission Test score. Since then I have been excelling among my peers and am set to graduate with my Masters of Business Administration in December of 2014. I value hard work, commitment, and helping others which has led to my success socially, scholarly, and in any work environment....   [tags: academic achievements, business administration]

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Statement of Purpose for Computer Science and Engineering

- I wish to provide insight into my personality, my achievements, both academic and co-curricular, my vision as well as my motivation to join M.S Degree program in Computer Science and Engineering at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York. I am sure that the distinguished faculty and excellent facilities in the graduation program at the University at Buffalo are ideally suited to my professional goals. With great research areas at the UB including Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Augmentative Technology for the Handicapped and Theory of Algorithms among many others, I will work really hard to contribute to those research areas....   [tags: achievements, education, mathematics]

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Technology: Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Bill Gates

- 1.0 INTRODUCTION Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Bill Gates are two prominent figures who are well-known for their astound list of achievements. Tun Dr Mahathir is the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia who had been ruling the country for twenty two years, the longest period of all prime ministers. Mahathir is known as Father of Modernisation because during his tenure of ruling, he had imposed a series of improvisation projects which made Malaysia to go through rapid development in many aspects. Mahathir had brilliantly come out with a project entitled Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) which aimed at propelling the nation into the digital age....   [tags: success, achievements, development]

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Analysis of Genghis Khan by Jack Weatherferd

- ... He had learned from an early age that he needed to feel secure about his allies. He only appointed people who had shown trust to a high position; those who abused their position died. Using fear tactics allowed his to defeat enemies more quickly. Fear was something that could drive anyone to a point of failure. He sent undercover workers to get into the cities and spread rumors about Genghis and his army that would drive people to take precautions that would not be necessary, ultimately leading to their destruction when he came....   [tags: mongols, achievements, conquest]

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George Washington's Achievements as the First President of the United States

- George Washington George Washington,who was born on February 22, 1732 and died on December 14, 1799, was known as the first President of the United States (1789–1797). George Washington achieved many goals while in office for the Untied States such as: resigned for The Commander in Chief of the Continental Army in 1783, helped organize the Constitutional Convention at Philadelphia in 1787 as well as Mobilizing troops against the Whisky Rebellion. George Washington ,who had become the first American president, accepts an achievement of leading the Continental Army....   [tags: army, commander, land]

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The Best Ruler is Genghis Kahn

- There have been many great leaders in the past. Alexander the Great, Cleopatra and even Caesar met with struggle on their rise to the top. Genghis Khan could possibly have been the most interesting and prominent of all. To prove that Khan was the best ruler, we must go back to the start of his life. We must view such problems as; his struggle for power and how his childhood would affect his ruling later on, his military and personal achievements and lastly, his final conquests. Genghis was initially born as Temujin in the late 1600’s....   [tags: military, achievements, conquests]

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Definitions of Performance Appraisal System

- Introduction As (Drucker,1994; Barney, 1995) stated, the achievements of staff members can conclude the success and survival of a business, and as (Orpen, 1997; Martin and Bartol, 1998; Cook and Crossman, 2004) also concluded that appraisal is a method in which those achievements can be coordinated with the targets of an enterprise, where employees could be motivated and their performance managed and improved. Among all the human resource (HR) practices, performance appraisal is the most important of all (Boswell and Boudreau, 2002; Judge and ferris, 1993; Yehuda Baruch, 1996) and is one of the most discussed and researched topics in the sphere of psychology for over 70 years (Fletcher, 2002...   [tags: staff members, achievements]

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Engineering in the Roman World

- Early civilizations were the founders of many skills we use today to make our life easier than what it was in the past. The civilizations found everything from arts, literature, architecture, mathematics and craftsmanship with metal, wood, and stone. The Chinese, Egyptians, and Greeks made amazing achievements by discovering the basics of mathematics and science, and were clean, well defended, had good water supply, and were well connected with roads to other parts of their empire or kingdom. Chinese people were the ones who were using clocks at a very early date and in approximately the year 200 B.C....   [tags: Early Civilizations, Achievements, Science]

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The Culture of Ancient Rome

-   System of Writing Language Although in some remote pockets of Ancient Rome the Greek language strongly accented the primary tongue, the people were a dominantly Latin speaking population. More specifically, Archaic Latin (also known as Old Latin)- the original version of Latin that today’s Modern and Classical editions branch from. Due to the Ancient Roman Empire conquering many countries over the course of it’s time, a great deal of present-day languages, such as English, French and Italian, originate from Archaic Latin....   [tags: achievements, laws, army]

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Comparing WWII with College Life

- In the words of character Forrest Gump, life is a box of chocolates. While you never know what you’re going to get, it doesn’t mean that you won’t like the taste of something new. The best way to prepare for the future in the face of the unknown is to approach it with a positive attitude and take any surprises in stride. Success is always achievable, whether it is on the beaches of Normandy or in a high school classroom. During World War II, America and the Allies had to overcome tremendous odds before they achieved success....   [tags: normandy, soldiers, achievements]

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British Poet Matthew Arnold

- When you think of a British poet you may think of a boring life with nothing interesting going on in it, but Matthew Arnold had a life that was not like the ordinary British Poet. Even as a child, his life was very fascinating. His family had a great inspirational part in his education. Pushing him was the cause of his astounding achievements. Along with his many achievements, his works were also great. Matthew Arnold was a young man with tons of literature inspiration all around him; because of it, he was a great poet, as well as an excellent critic, which guided his life in a great direction during his lifetime....   [tags: Biography, Astounding Achievements, Analysis]

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Building and Improving Celebrations

- Building and Improving Celebrations Celebrating achievement within an organization is critically important to the overall morale and environment of the team and the workplace. In order to properly motivate and inspire others to do their best, leaders must be able to recognize positive contributions and reinforce key achievements. Recognition is about acknowledging good results and reinforcing positive performance (Kouzes & Posner, 2008, p. 281). It is about reinventing and fostering an environment in which every individual is celebrated for their personal contributions....   [tags: celebrating achievements, organizations]

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Hope, a Theme in Shakespeare´s Richard the Third and in George Frederick Watts´s Painting

- Famous English poet and playwright William Shakespeare uses “hope” in King Richard III as: “True hope is swift, and flies with swallow's wings: Kings it makes gods, and meaner creatures kings.” (Shakespeare) In this quote from Shakespeare, hope is liken to wings that elevates people during its existence, a power which strengthens people. During my research different sources, from academic writings to visual sources, discussed how the result of an aim is affected by “hope”. The results that I gained from my research have shown that people can’t achieve their dreams in the lack of hope....   [tags: Situations, Achievements]

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Henry VIII: King of England

- As a monarch, the life of Henry VIII is one of which many do not attempt to describe because of the rich amount of history that goes along with him. No king has left such a profound impact on the past accounts of his country, or has been the focus of controversial topics that have made lasting contributions to his country. His means were immoral, but because of the greatness that he achieved, we look beyond his imperfection. On June 28, 1491, at Greenwich Palace, Henry VII and Elizabeth of York had their second son named Henry VIII....   [tags: Biography and Achievements]

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The Associations Between ADHD Symptoms and Boredom Proneness, Sleep Disorders, Self-Esteem, and Academic Achievements

- BACKGROUND: Previous tests have revealed associations between ADHD symptoms and boredom proneness, sleep disorders, self-esteem and academic achievements in children. These affects can influence the overall academic achievement dramatically, especially the affect that academic achievement receives from self esteem in particular when a result of ADHD. A test was performed on a group of fifth and sixth graders where it was revealed that the scores on a self-esteem test are able to more accurately estimate the result of the child’s academic achievements, even more so than standardized tests....   [tags: Medical Research ]

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To What Extent did Title IX Lead to Acceptance of Women’s Achievements in Competitive Sports by 1982

- Part A: Plan of Investigation This investigation will be exploring the question: to what extent did Title IX lead to acceptance of women’s achievements in competitive sports by 1982, when the first NCAA women’s basketball championship was held. The first ten years 1972 - 1982 after Title IX is the focus of this investigation to see if Title IX affected women right away and how society saw women sports. The year 1982 was picked because it was the year of the first NCAA women’s basketball championship....   [tags: women´s athlete, NCAA, accomplishment]

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Statement of Purpose

- I develop and deliver technical solutions to collection of applications used by retail giants across the globe. My responsibilities have given me scenarios to put on my problem solving and interpersonal skills in real life situations. Frequent interactions with client aroused in me, an urge to get into a management consultant role. But, with time I realized that I have to upgrade my skill-sets and make myself more relevant and attractive to the job market. I also realized that I have to diversify my aspects of management such as leadership, entrepreneurship and finance etc....   [tags: achievements, education, business]

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Gandhi the Great

- Gandhi the Great He was shot three times in the chest because he stood up for what he believed in. Because he was responsible for freeing India from British-rule, he was the most loved man in his country. He was only 78 when he was shot, but Gandhi made those years well spent. Gandhi was a man of peace and fairness, he spoke the truth and was very successful in almost everything he engaged in. He fought for equal rights even when others fought back. Mohandas Gandhi overcame the world by freeing India and Africa from oppression, declaring the truth of racial discrimination in Africa, and inspiring others to take a stand against racial inequality....   [tags: India, British Rule, Achievements]

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The Life and Achievements of Harriet Tubman

- We know her as the “Moses” of her people; she left a remarkable history on the tracks of the Underground Railroad that will never be forgotten. Harriet Tubman born into slavery around 1820 in Dorchester County, Maryland, Harriet Tubman was a nurse, spy, social reformer and a feminist during a period of economic upheaval in the United States. For people to understand the life of Harriet Tubman, they should know about her background, her life as a slave, and as a free woman. The first contribution of Harriet Tubman is that she served as a spy for the union army, because she wanted freedom for all the people who were forced into slavery not just the people she could help by herself....   [tags: Biography, slavery, underground railroad]

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The Life and Achievements of Genghis Khan

- Genghis Khan’s birth was truly unique, the creation of a leader. Genghis Khan was born in the 1160s under the name Temujin, which translates to blacksmith. He was born about 200-mi. northeast of Ulaanbaatar near the Onon River, in Mongolia. Temujin’s birth resulted in stories saying that he grasped a clot of blood in his hand, this sign granted good fortune and was the token of a leader. He was the 3rd oldest son of his father and the oldest son of his mother. Temujin had 3 brothers and 1 sister, in addition to two half brothers....   [tags: world history, biography]

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The Life and Achievements of Charles Lindbergh

- Looking back upon the decade, the 1920s has been filled with many individuals who have changed our society. But there is one person who stands out among this group of people, Charles Augustus Lindbergh. Charles Lindbergh was the first person to fly solo overseas, thus winning the Orteig Prize for his accomplishment. Nicknamed “The Lone Eagle”, Lindbergh has opened up the possibilities of overseas travels to us. Lindbergh’s passion for mechanics didn’t come as a surprise to many. As a young boy, Charles seemed to be very interested in the family’s motorized vehicles, such as the Saxon Six automobile and Excelsior motorbike....   [tags: pilot, biography, biographical]

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The Life and Achievements of Sacagawea

- Sacagawea was a mother, navigator and symbol of family for all of Lewis and Clark's discover corps. She provided direction, natural plants for boiling and eating, bargained for much needed horses with her recently reunited brother and was a message for the group that hope should be kept alive. Sacagawea navigates Lewis and Clark through dangerous passages to find a northwest passage and reach "the great waters". Many things have been vague about her life, such as her childhood and death but the voyage she took is known very well. Sacagawea's birth is unknown but she was born a Shoshone Indian....   [tags: Native American, biography, Lewis and Clark]

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The Heroic Achievements of Mahatma Gandhi

- "Nonviolence is not a garment to be put on and off at will. Its seat is in the heart, and it must be an inseparable part of our being"(Mahatma Gandhi). He is my hero, for the reason that he was an inspirational leader who impacted the world in several ways. Gandhi fought for India’s freedom which led to India’s Independence Day; he supported non-violence and was a marvelous speaker. Gandhi persistence from India, to reflect his heroism in India, for more than two hundred years of British rule, few people in India productively fought back against the British....   [tags: Biographical, india, nonviolence, biography]

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The Achievements of Saint Thomas Aquainas

- Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225-1272) is fundamentally an Aristotelian, and for some, one of the greatest philosophers, and one of the best theologians. His theological writings became regulative of the Catholic Church and his commentaries on Aristotle, represents a great cultural resource, which are now receiving a greater recognition. As a very catholic man, he tried to prove the existence of God. But How. Thomas Aquinas recognized that there were people who doubted the existence of God. Because to them logic did not allow or explain His existence....   [tags: theology, philosophy, biography]

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The Life and Achievements of Aristotle

- Aristotle was born in 384 BC. In Stagira, a small town northern Greece. He had one older brother and one sister. His father, Nicomachus, was a doctor. His mother, Phaestis, came from the island of Euboea. She was wealthy. Owning a house which later remained in the family after she married Nicomachus. There are hardly any personal details of Aristotle because he lived so long ago. The little details we know are mostly from a Greek Historian named Diogenes Laertius. In his book he said that Aristotle had a lisp when he spoke and had small eyes....   [tags: biography, philosophy, philosopher, Greek]

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Life and Achievements of John Hancock

- John Hancock was born on January 12, 1737 in Braintree, Massachusetts. He was orphaned as a child and then was adopted by a wealthy merchant uncle who was childless. Hancock went to Harvard College for a business education. He graduated Harvard College at the age of 17. He apprenticed to his uncle as a clerk and proved to be honest and capable that in 1760, he was sent on a business mission to England. In England, he witnessed the coronation of King George III and engaged some of the leading businessmen of London....   [tags: biography, biographical essays]

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King Leonidas I of Ancient Sparta

- In the city of a Sparta is a statue of a legend that left behind and attributed a vast of history of a king who was recognized and feared by always getting all he wanted even if the methods were deviant. Respected for keeping his head up in the worst of the challenges he faced. The name of this icon was Leonidas, a king from the ancient Sparta who was a fierce leader and showed the world what it needs to gain the respect of its people. Personal Background Leonidas was born in Greece Peloponnesian Peninsula in 530 B.C....   [tags: Sparta, King, Ruler, Biography, Achievements]

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