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A Business Is A Great Accountant

- “Behind every good business is a great accountant.” Considered by many to be language of business, accounting in all reality is a vague term. They are many types of accounting each with its own certifications and requirements. They are three main types of accountants first is the public accountant or CPA. This is a person who works for a public accounting firm, whose job is to go and evaluate the status of a company through auditing financial statements. Next, is a cooperate accountant. In cooperate accounting an accountant works inside a major cooperation, for example Ford or Chevy, and evaluates the status of the company through creation and analysis of the financial statements....   [tags: Accountant, Certified Public Accountant]

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Career Path For A Licensed Accountant

- I have taken a lot of time this semester to think about and focus on a career path. After much consideration, I am now planning a path to become a licensed accountant. Certified Public Accountants oversee financial operations and examine and make sure financial records are correct. Many people call accounting the “language of business”, because many of the decisions made by companies are not made without looking at an accountant’s report. This job is appealing to me because it is a job that has a routine, I would get to work with numbers, and it is a respectable job that not everyone can do....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant]

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Financial Statements Of An Accountant

- At a glance, accounting might appear as a repetitive cycle of preparing and examining financial statements. However, a brief exposure to accounting has taught me how chaotic it can be for accountants. An accountant captures and represents the information of businesses. By reviewing financial operations, an accountant helps a business run efficiently. This profession can be intellectually stimulating and rewarding. After learning about accounting, I cannot help but be interested and desire to work toward a degree in accountancy....   [tags: Accountant, Certified Public Accountant]

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Application Of An Accountant 's Letter

- First things first, we will address your comments regarding the requirement that accountants hold an ACL before they could provide an accountant’s letter or capacity to repay certificate to Bluestone, then with that out of the way, we will comment on what’s the best foot forward for Bluestone regarding using an accountant’s letter to verify an applicant 's financial situation. CPA Australia’s position The NCCP Act requires those involved in consumers obtaining credit contracts or consumer leases to have a credit licence (or have an authorisation from a credit licensee) and to comply with responsible lending requirements....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant, Credit]

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Who Is An Accountant?

- Accountants work in a high stress environment where it is vital to remain detailed, honest, and most importantly organized. Accountants must thrive and be responsible as they play role in their client’s financial future. At a younger age, I developed a quality known as organization; I can now say it is a successful element in my field. An accountant should be a very organized person who is also comfortable working in structured environments. This quality makes me unique because organization sets patterns and routines; it reflects how I portray myself and what kind of work I am capable of doing for myself and for my future employer....   [tags: Management, High school, Accountant, Subroutine]

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Promotion Opportunities : Senior Accountant

- Steps 5: Promotion Opportunities Senior Accountant: Becoming a senior accountant is a promising step in the promotional ladder. Senior accountants have more responsibilities than staff or junior level accountants. Senior accountants are responsible for preparing financial documents, assisting with monthly reconciliations, and assisting with audits. Accounting Supervisors: The next level up from senior accountants are the accounting supervisors. Accounting supervisors are in charge of the staff and senior accountants....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant, Finance]

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Why I Am A Accountant

- All of my life, I have loved numbers. No matter what subject I was studying, I would try to incorporate numbers in school. My mom has told me that I would always know how much change I would be getting back after buying something when I was really young. Now, my mom has me take care of much of the financials in our family and I love doing it. These many things have led me to wanting to become an accountant. The amount of time and effort I put into math and accounting classes shows just how much I love the two subjects....   [tags: Accountant, Certified Public Accountant, Need]

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Graduation Speech : Becoming A Accountant Assistant

- As a junior at Elizabeth City State University, I think a lot about what want to do after college. Questioning my plans after graduation and the type of career I hope to get. My goal is to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, plus, to get an accounting job in six months. In that same year I plan on taking my boards to become a Certified Public Accountant. Some of the jobs I hope to consider is to become an Accountant Assistant, Staff Accountant, Accountant II, and a Chief accountant....   [tags: Accountant, Certified Public Accountant]

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The Requirements For A Successful Accountant

- The Requirements to be A Successful Accountant Accounting, which has been called the "language of business", includes different types of economic activities like preparing and checking the records that are related to finance. An accountant’s task is to make sure that the records are written accurately and the taxes are paid timely. Furthermore, the job is to examine the accounting books and accounting systems officially to keep them up to date. Nowadays, accounting is known as a popular business-related major....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant]

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Description Of A Forensic Accountant

- Occupation Description Requirements and Education There is not one set path to become a forensic accountant. There are however, two main certifications most forensic accountants hold; the CFE and the CPA. Having one or both of these certifications is the best way to find work in forensic accounting. CPA Many forensic accountants are Certified Public Accountants. It is the most well-known accounting credential and having those three letters after one’s name tells the world you know what you’re doing....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant]

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Difference Between An Accounting Professional And A Professional Accountant

- Introduction What is the difference between an accounting professional and a professional accountant. It seems that it is just a grammatical difference however the distinction is quite substantial. A professional accountant is an accountant with a designation recognized by the province in which he or she practices. Until recently, these designations were Certified General Accountants, Certified Management Accountants and Chartered Accountants. The three designations have merged across Canada to form a unified designation called Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA)....   [tags: Accountant, Certified Public Accountant]

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Accounting Certification Is The Certified Public Accountant ( Cpa )

- A very challenging, yet rewarding, accounting certification is the Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Since it can be a long and challenging process, becoming a CPA is not for everyone. People who want to work in public accounting should pursue this certification because it is a necessary requirement in order to work in that setting. If someone wants to work in tax, a CPA certification is necessary for that as well. Moreover, those who want to hold higher positions in a company, such as a controller or Chief Financial Officer, will more than likely need to be a CPA first....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant]

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I Want For The Certified Public Accountant ( Cpa ) Exam

- • After my four years of college, I am going to stay an extra twenty hours so that I can sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam. During these hours, I will be taking the necessary classes to major in both accounting and finance. By majoring in both of these fields, more job opportunities will become available. Some businesses are looking for a person that can do the job of an accountant and a finance officer. By double majoring, I am potentially increasing my salary in the future. • After I graduate in the fall of 2017, I will begin looking for a job....   [tags: Accountant, Certified Public Accountant]

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My Goal Of Becoming A Certified Public Accountant

- Goals 1. My first goal is to continue my education by earning a Master’s degree in Accounting right after completing my bachelor’s degree. The MSU’s Accounting program attracts me for both its reputation and its career opportunities available for international students. It is my responsibility as a future accountant to be really familiar and proficient at the tools accountants use regularly. Achieving my master’s degree will also help me achieving my second goal of becoming a CPA by meeting the requirement of curriculum....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant]

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What Makes A Certified Public Accountant?

- Nancy Cassidy is an enthusiastic Senior Lecturer of School of Accountancy at Arizona State University. I contacted her and asked her for an interview to discuss what means to be a Certified Public Accountant, but specially in terms of ethics, good business and happiness and how she follows her career path. Our meeting took place in her office. She was very cordial with me, she made me feel very comfortable throughout our interview. What I could say is that she showed me all her professionalism. What most impressed me was that during our conversation she always revealed me that she enjoys doing what she is doing....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant]

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What Does It Take You Become A Certified Public Accountant?

- What does it take to become a Certified Public Accountant, the first step is, it will take lots of hard work and dedication. I will also discuss the requirements needed to enter the field, expectations, educations and experience needed. Also, I interviewed two people, one is currently an accountant, and the other has worked as an accountant but life has directed her to make certain career changes. What is a CPA or Certified Public Accountant. CPA are state licensed or certified. They analyze financial data an prepare reports for individuals or organizations in order to describe the financial soundness of the business operations....   [tags: Accountant, Accountancy]

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The Accountant: An Analysis of Negotiation

- The Accountant: An Analysis of Negotiation "Can one man, one hard drinking, chain smoking, backwoods accountant, stop a national conspiracy, change the course of history, and save a way of life. It's do-able... but it ain't gonna be purdy." The tagline for the 38 minute 2001 Oscar winner for Best Live Action Short Film, The Accountant, helps illustrate two men sharing a common goal, saving the farm to preserve a way of life. The Accountant does an excellent job illustrating David's internal negotiation for how to save a way of life for his kids, which his family has managed for five generations....   [tags: Film Movie Accountant]

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Employment Outlook For Accountants And Auditors

- Employment Outlook The employment outlook for accountants and auditors is expected “to grow 11 percent from 2014 to 2024, faster than the average for all occupations.” (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, 2105). This is a good indicator that the economy is growing and businesses are looking at future growth and preparing for it. As long as the economy is having a strong and healthy growth companies will need the workforce to keep up with the growth and accountants to inspect and prepare the financial statements....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant]

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The Career Path At The National Association Black Accountants

- I come from a family of number crunchers. My father owned his business and as a Master Craftsman had to pay attention to detail, precision and accuracy. Two of my sisters are Mathematicians, my brother was a Civil Engineer and Drug Enforcement Administration Pilot. Another sister is a Project Manager and my younger sister is an Analyst for Charleston County 911 Service. Growing up I always wanted to work with numbers but accounting for me was a dream deferred. I had no mentor or role model who were in the accounting field to guide my career path....   [tags: Accountancy, Accountant]

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The Pros and Cons of being an Accountant

- One of the most important jobs is an accountant. They very important because taxes are very complex and they are changing every year. They work on businesses records of assets and liabilities. There are many things to consider before becoming an accountant. They need a good education have a good math background. The nature of the work for an accountant is to maintain records of the assets and debts for a business or an individual and keep records of all financial transactions. They use this information to project the financial future of the business (“Wiscareers”)....   [tags: accounting]

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Pursuing a Career as an Accountant

- Accountants are becoming a needed job in the business industry and play a very important role in the success of many businesses. This job usually requires at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting and sometimes even a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). There are many other things that are needed to be considered before choosing this career. The job environment, education, skills, and benefits are just some of the many things that need to be thought through before considering this career. An accountant makes sure that the Nation’s firms are run efficiently, the public records are kept accurately, and that taxes are paid properly and on time (“Accountants and Auditors”)....   [tags: Career Research ]

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Disadvantages Of Having An Accountant

- Disadvantages of Having an Accountant The following disadvantages to be discussed in this section are (1) cost and (2) liability. Cost. When establishing a small business and in the being phase of a startup company, money is tight. The company has yet to take shape but the need to generate growth is a huge concern. Cost is an incremental factor that deters the businesses owners’ decision to hire an accountant. Part of the costs involved in hiring an accountant includes their salary, benefits, and office space....   [tags: Business, Small business, Startup company]

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Should I Hire an Accountant?

- Introduction Many people share the belief that accountants, both external and internal are only used for companies or businesses but they also provide services to individuals. Accountants are perhaps the best tools a person can go to for aid in their finances. Accountants assist in a person’s use of money, giving advice, preparing tax information and overall handling a person’s accounts. There are several benefits in hiring an accountant to assist in one’s personal finances. Though people are able to file their taxes on their taxes on their own, they aren’t necessarily going to get the outmost refund or pay less than they could....   [tags: filing taxes, financial institutions, investments]

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A Career as a Chartered Accountant

- Describe the Job/Career The normal title for the job that I chose is a “Chartered Accountant”. The job of a chartered accountant is to provide accounting and business advice to companies and individuals. Chartered accountant may also provide information to clients on tax planning, personal financial planning, corporate finance, and information technology (Job Description). The major skills required for a chartered accountant are communications skills, computer skills, and listening skills. A chartered accountant needs communication skills, as they need to talk with their clients, and need to be able to effectively tell the client the advice they are giving....   [tags: accounting, business, auditing, finance]

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Duties Of A Management Accountant

- A. Duties of a management accountant The role of the management accountant is to perform a series of tasks to ensure their company 's financial security, handling essentially all financial matters and thus helping to drive the business 's overall management and strategy. Management accountants are key figures in determining the status and success of a company. Some choose to become a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), a similar credential to CPA, but with a greater focus on cost accounting, financial planning, and management issues....   [tags: Management accounting, Management, Accountancy]

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A Career as a Certified Public Accountant

- Certified Public Accountant Growing up is scary. Especially when the future is unpredictable, finding the right job can reduce this. It is tough as a kid to think about how to spend the time in the future and what to be doing as a career. There are a lot of decisions to be made. For example, in order to pick the accurate college it is worthy to know what interests me as an individual. There are questions that can be answered that will be able to suggest a better idea of what jobs apply. Well, in the future I would like to have a career as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)....   [tags: wages, federal income tax]

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The Career Of A Chartered Accountant

- Finding a career that is right for a person can be tedious, but by using the Career Explorer program, it helped me find some careers that may suit me. By asking me various questions about interests and what I am good at doing, it was able to generate a couple results. Three stood out to me and they were chartered accountant, environmental specialist, and secondary teacher. Then I also choose to research my dream career which is the job of a dentist. The other results revolved around the subject of math and I think this is due to the fact that I do enjoy math, but I do not enjoy it enough to get a career that revolves around it....   [tags: Employment, Environment, Academic degree]

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Application For The Financial Accountant Position

- I am writing to apply for the financial accountant position, as advertised on linkedIn. The reason why I apply for this role is I am interested in NOVA Entertainment and I hope I can have the opportunity to learn more about NOVA Entertainment and the media industry. Introduction I completed my Bachelor of Business degree at the University of Tasmania. After the completion of the degree, I accepted membership of the Golden Key Honour Society, which is only awarded to students in the top 15% of their discipline....   [tags: Auditing, Audit, Financial audit]

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Why I Am An Accountant

- I personally enjoyed working with excel the most. I like working with numbers, so excel allows me to nerd-out and create all kinds of cool worksheets that I will hopefully find some purpose for in the future. Solving and calculating problems/formulas has always been a hobby of mine, which is why I hope to become an accountant in the future. I know from talking to successful accountants that excel is one of the most helpful tools in the industry. How might you use these programs. ANSWER: I could spend all day writing down the many uses for each one of these programs, but I don’t think anyone would want to read that long of a paper....   [tags: Microsoft Office, Microsoft]

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Personal Statement Of An Accountant

- STATEMENT OF PURPOSE After one year 's work experience as an accountant in Viet Nam, I want to return to academic study. I am applying to Northeastern University for admission to Bachelor 's Completion program. I am interested in Finance and Accounting Management. After graduating with a first degree from Academy of Finance in Viet Nam; I was an accountant in a taxi company and one restaurant for one year. In that time, I learnt many things from my senior colleagues and my chief accountant. They helped me to gain experience and develop further skills in accounting....   [tags: Bachelor's degree, Academic degree]

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What Makes A Optimistic Accountant?

- For instance, an optimistic person who receives a raise will recognize that their hard work paid off and enjoy the fact that they have gotten the recognition they deserve. A pessimistic person will not understand why they got the raise and worry about there being an ulterior motive behind it, such as more work and responsibility. That worry will cause them to become paranoid and less effective at their job. 7. When It Comes To Mistakes Mistakes happen, but optimistic people and pessimistic people deal with them very differently....   [tags: Optimism, Pessimism, Random act of kindness]

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My Career As An Accountant

- In Microeconomics, there are many subjects that gave me interest in investigating to progress in my professional career as an Accountant. For three years and throughout this semester, my studies in Accounting at Dalton State College have given me more interest getting into the business program to get a job as finance accountant. Microeconomics shows which cause a departure from these economic efficiencies and the result in the decline of the social welfare at its maximum level. Economic efficiency involves in three efficiencies; efficiency in production, efficiency in the production of goods among the people, which it is also called efficiency of consumption, and allocative economic efficien...   [tags: Economics, Economic system, Marginal utility]

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Becoming A Certified Public Accountant

- “By Failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” The great mind of Benjamin Franklin said that and it connects with many aspects of every day life. One that it connects to greatly is communication. Right now my future plans are to become a certified public accountant. “In this job with how global it is becoming you are constantly communicating.” Which was said by Miss Lauren Kolarik. “Communication is very important,” she continues, “in this job you use every type of communication.” There is conversational communication when you are working with your team in auditing a company, there is professional communication when talking with a partner and there is written communication when writing...   [tags: Writing, Communication, Nonverbal communication]

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The Dilemma Of An Accountant

- The ethical dilemma in this case is one that Daniel Potter is faced with. Daniel is a staff accountant at a Big Eight accounting firm, Baker Greenleaf. He was given the duty of performing an audit on a wholly-owned real estate subsidiary (Sub) of a long-standing and important client of his firm. Oliver Freeman is Daniel’s project manager. Oliver is the one that gave Daniel the task of performing the audit, and he is expecting a clean opinion from Daniel on the analysis of the Sub in order to secure the clients account exclusively....   [tags: Business Ethics Morals ]

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Accountant Independence

- What exactly is accountant independence. I have determined that accountant independence is very similar to being an independent auditor. When it comes to auditor independence, it refers to the independence of the internal auditor or the external auditor from parties that may have a financial interest in the business being audited. The initial concept of auditor independence was developed in the 19th century, which primarily originated with the British. In that era, British investors didn’t allow auditors to work in the businesses that they audited....   [tags: Definition, Auditing, History]

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Obtaining a Good Position as a Tax Accountant

- Accounting is the art of recording, summarizing, reporting, and analyzing financial transactions. Many accountants produce and analyze financial reports. A good accountant can develop a system that will capture all of the necessary details to make the business successful, weather it is managerial, projection, analysis, financial reporting and tax reports. In any business, doesn’t matter how big or small, financial statements are very crucial if achieving success is your ultimate goal. Accounting can be a really broad topic and this paper will focus more in tax accounting and the requirements tone must need to reach a good job position....   [tags: certification, salary, career]

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Role Of The Public Accountant On The American Economy

- Running Head: THE ROLE OF THE PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT IN THE 1 The Role of the Public Accountant in the American Economy Simone Bowens Saint Leo University THE ROLE OF THE PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT IN THE AMERICAN 2 Independent certified public accountants (CPAs)/auditors performing auditing and attestation engagements play a very important role in the economy. Auditing services can assist businesses with (1) transparency, (2) ensuring they are following proper policies and procedures, (3) ensure internal controls are functioning properly and (4) detect fraud and errors....   [tags: Financial audit, Auditing, Audit, Internal control]

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Why was the Accountant Incorrect in Creating the Lease?

- Subject: Case 11-6 Lessee Ltd. It has been brought to my attention that there is some confusion among our accounting staff regarding the proper way of accounting for the three-year lease we entered into with Lessor Inc. on January 1, 2007. After examination of the information given to me by our senior and junior accountant, I have concluded that the information presented by both accounts is incorrect pursuant to the Financial Accounting Standard Board’s Accounting Standards Codification Topic 840 and the International Financial Reporting Standards’ (IFRS) IAS 17....   [tags: ownership, payments, term]

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Case Study : A Certified Public Accountant

- Case 1: In this case. As a certified public accountant, Erickson oversaw and initiated an arbitrary adjustment to increase cash and decrease accounts receivable. Also, Erickson signed Form 10-K with full knowledge that the financial statements include therein incorporated entries misstating revenues. As we can see from this case, Erickson’s behavior not only violate the Business and Professions Code, Division 3, Chapter 1, § 5100(g) and (i), but also against the ethical theories. Besides, a CFO is responsible for providing investors with an accurate reporting....   [tags: Audit, Auditing, Auditor's report]

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Case Study Of An Accountant Worked At Two Accounting Firms

- Case study An accountant worked at two accounting firms in an extent of six months. She gambled online very regularly. She was employed in the tax department of both of these firms, and negotiated issues related to tax, that clients had in their institutions. In some occasions, the client`s payment of tax, needs to be rightfully decreased. The accountant has the authority to submit claims to reduce tax payments on behalf of her clients. If their tax has already been paid, the government department that administers and gathers tax in the United Kingdom, (Her Majesty`s Revenue and Customs tax) repays the overpayments, when a claim is made by an accountant in a firm....   [tags: Cheque, Credit card, Theft, Fraud]

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The Advantages of being an Air Force Food Service Accountant

- Being a food service accountant is a rewarding job that comes with a lot of responsibility. It’s a job that requires one person to be the financial watchdog over the whole food service operation at any particular Air Force base. The food service accountant has to review all financial records, such as purchase order documents, inventory sheets, and waste logs; and then prepare reports to send up to the Services Agency to report on the facility’s financial status. One person can be the accountant for multiple facilities and the entire Air Force is counting on this individual to catch any major signs of wasteful spending from the facilities that the accountant is responsible for overseeing....   [tags: Job Description]

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Benefits of Becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

- When deciding what you want to be when you “grow-up” one should consider becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). A CPA is an Accountant trained in industry, the public service, or in the offices of practicing accountants and is also a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (Certified Public Accountant, 2007). Public accountants can offer services in the fields of accounting, auditing, taxes and consulting (Institute for Career, 2006). Accounting professionals should become a CPA because it helps with career security, career development and an increase in pay....   [tags: career, security, development, pay]

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Financial Analysis: Internal Accountant’s Report to Management

- Internal Accountant’s Report to Management As the company prepares to embark on this exciting opportunity there are a few things that need to be review, therefore in preparation for our upcoming government contract bid it is important to perform a full financial status review before placing the bid. This report will discuss the effects of occupational fraud and abuse, U.S. Government oversight and how it affects the company, potential corruption schemes, and recommendations of types of accounting evidence and methods of gathering evidence to support financial review status....   [tags: occupational fraud and abuse, conflicts]

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Why I Choose A Certified Public Accountant

- Professional Services Available All Year Most of us dread doing our taxes, whether for our personal finances, our business, or the few dollars our child made flipping hamburgers last summer. Although filing a tax return is generally a once-a-year event, the activities that result in the final amounts reported occur all year long. That’s why the professionals at CK & Co offer year round service and planning. Why Choose a Certified Public Accountant CPAs devote years of study obtaining their degrees in subjects such as business management and financial planning....   [tags: Tax, Taxation in the United States, Taxation]

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Chartered Accountant

- Overview A CA (Chartered Accountant) is a professional accountant who has earned the CA title through training and practical experience obtained from the CICA (Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants). The institute, which has over 66,000 members, conducts research into current business issues and sets accounting and auditing standards for all types of businesses. A CA is a complete professional in the field of Accountancy - informed in the subjects of Accountancy, Auditing, Business Management, Information Technology, Taxation, Corporate and Commercial Law, Financial Management, Economics and other linked subjects....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Career That I Am Interested For Pursuing Is Accounting

- The career that I am interested in pursuing is accounting. This career interests me because accountants perform duties that I feel would be enjoyable. Such duties include examining financial statements, inspecting account books, and organizing financial documents. These particular duties tie in to my personal interests which are; examining and inspecting items of interest, analyzing problems, problem solving, and organizing various things such as files and papers. The experiences that have influenced my interest in this career are my everyday experiences....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant]

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Trainee Accountant Recruitment

- RECRUITMENT OF TRAINEE ACCOUNTANTS Finding ways to support improvements on traditional approaches is a constant challenge to any field and control professionals, who must be open and receptive to change. Not being afraid of change isn't enough, however; accountants must be excited and motivated about new ways of doing things. With the introduction of Human Resources, people in an organization have taken a new role. Long gone were the days when an accountant is a clerk. In today’s day and age, an employee is an asset for that company....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Designing a Computer Based System for an Accountant

- Designing a Computer Based System for an Accountant Ashok Lakhani and Sarjit Desai run a business consultancy firm. They do simple accounts like payroll, tax, national insurance, VAT returns and Tax rebates. They use a manual paper based system to keep records of their accounts. They use a pen, paper and calculator to analyse their accounts. I recommend that they use a few stand-alone computers to make their accounting easier and quicker. (b) Types of processing activity o Calculatingcould be done in Microsoft Excel, which is spreadsheet software where a formula can be used....   [tags: Papers]

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My Experience That Competency Is Mathematics

- “It has been my experience that competency in mathematics, both in numerical manipulations and in understanding its conceptual foundations (accounting), enhances a person’s ability to handle the more ambiguous and qualitative relationships that dominate our day-to-day financial decision-making.” Alan Greenspan, who served as a Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States from 1987 to 2006, was known for his successive four-year intervals serving as this position, and retiring in January 31,2006 after the second longest tenure in this position....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant]

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Accounting Is The Lifeblood Of Any Successful Business

- Accounting is a profession that is often overlooked when it comes to choosing careers in business, but it is crucial in keeping the business world turning. Excellent accounting is the lifeblood of any successful business. Accountants keep track of the money coming into a business and leaving a business, as well as debts, expenses, and budgeting. There are several different paths that can be taken in accounting, depending on the sector and field one is in. Some of these fields include tax and auditing, to name two....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant]

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Accounting : The Dream Job

- Accounting the Dream Job Ryan L. Linebaugh Angelo State University Abstract Accounting is often seen as a dense and lifeless field, but is considered by all the life blood of Corporate America. The purpose of accounting is to provide information about an economic substance transaction of a company or organization. Countries around the have become integrated with each other due to transactions involving an exchange between economic substance for a service or good. The parties that have a stake in each transaction must have access to the information necessary for assessing the economic status and performance of the organization that the transaction is progressing through....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant]

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The Aicpa Code Of Professional Conduct

- Benevolence instructs the accountant to serve in the best interest of the public. It is described as the extent to which a trusty will want to do good to the trustor aside from an egocentric profit motive (Power Point Presentation 7, n.d.). From a utilitarian perspective, some actions may not be deemed worth the effort when there is a lack of profit to be obtained from the action. The AICPA Code of Professional Conduct is set up to establish professional norms and standards that discourages this type of behavior....   [tags: Accountant, Certified Public Accountant]

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The Unscrupulous Partner By Andrea Fuller

- In “The Unscrupulous Partner” ethics case, Andrea Fuller is a tax partner at a local certified public accounting firm located in southern California. Ed McDouglass is a general partner of Skyline Views, which is a limited liability partnership that constructed, operated and sold condominiums. For devoting 100% of his time into the limited liability partnership and taking charge of any situation, Ed functions as the general manager for Skyline Views; therefore, he is allowed a management fee to include two percent of expenses and ten percent share of the year 's net income if it exceeds $100,000....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant]

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The Key Aspects Of My Outstanding Performance

- I transferred to Towson University from Montgomery College on Spring of 2016. At my previous institution, I obtained a Business A.A. after having completed 62 credits with a GPA of 3.7. My high GPA awarded me with a partial scholarship and admission into Towson University’s Honors College. My grades for Spring 2016 were 3 A- and 2 As for a cumulative GPA of 3.8. So far in my undergraduate studies, I have obtained 1 C, 2 Bs and 21 As. Compared to the average Towson University GPA of 3.3, I’m well above the average....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant]

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Reasons For Choosing A Career

- Why to pick a Major in Accounting The reason I decided to pursue a career in accounting is because I have always been interested in the business world and accounting is considered a basic tool of business. I have worked for small and large business firms; also in private and public sectors which helped me develop a strong linking with the industry as a whole and solidified my interest in accounting. Pursuing the degree in accounting would definitely open up the doors for me. It can prepare me for advancement and give me the foundations to become a CPA, to pursue a career in finance or corporate management, to work in government, or become an entrepreneur....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant]

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Reasons For Seeking A Career For The Accounting Profession

- For those who have spent any time in the accounting world, there is one common experience we all share. No, it is not the hours spent traversing through or the time drudging through the FASB codification; It is not the chuckles we get when we share accounting puns or the long hours we spend together on the front lines of public accounting busy season or industry accounting close outs. It’s the look; the look that we see on the faces of people who try to comprehend why anyone, in the right mind, would want to study accounting....   [tags: Accountant, Certified Public Accountant]

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The Cpa Journal : Professional Journal Aimed At Public Practitioners, Educators, And Other Accounting Professionals

- The CPA Journal is a broadly recognized professional journal aimed at public practitioners, management, educators, and other accounting professionals. The New York State Society of CPAs has published the journal on a monthly basis since the 1930s. The journal takes a focused and in-depth look at issues affecting the financial world and provides analysis, perspective, and debate on such major topics as accounting, auditing, taxation, finance, management, technology, and professional ethics. Their stated goal is to provide CPAs and other accounting professionals with the information and news that enables them to be successful in today 's practice environments....   [tags: Accountant, Certified Public Accountant]

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The Aicpa Code Of Conduct

- 1. Which of the six principles in the AICPA Code of Conduct is most related to Article 1.5 of the California Accountancy Act. Explain your conclusion. Due Care is most related to Article 1.5 of CA Accountancy Act. Article 1.5 is based on Continuing education for certified public accountants for public interest. Similarly, applying profession technical and ethical standards and striving to continuously improve once capability and the quality of service is known as Due Care. Both cases focus on the improvement of skills and services provided by the public accountant....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant]

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The Similarities and Differences Between a Forensic Accountant, a Fraud Examiner, and an Auditor

- The purpose of this paper is to discuss the similarities and differences between a forensic accountant, a fraud examiner, and an auditor. I believe it will be beneficial to first define each of the terms, then compare and contrast them. D. Larry Crumbley, Lester E. Heitger, and G. Stevenson Smith define forensic accounting in their book Forensic and Investigative Accounting as “the action of identifying, recording, settling, extracting, sorting, reporting, and verifying past financial data or other accounting activities for settling current or prospective legal disputes or using such past financial data for projecting future financial data to settle legal disputes” (1001 Crumbley, Heitger,...   [tags: financial, interview, skills]

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I Am An International Student

- I am an international student focusing on my further study. I took my credit class in North Lake College to transfer to University of Texas at Dallas for Computer Science. I took C++ and Java classes too, later I realize I am good at Accounting since I was an Accounting major student back home. Then, I decided to change my major and transfer to UT Dallas for Accounting Fall 2016. This is my first semester in university and looking forward the study and university life. In last four years of my life when I first came in United State, I started to work as Threading Technician in Shapes Brow Bar for 2 and half years and have also worked as a Receptionist/Inventory manager in Arch Brows Threadin...   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant]

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Professional Accountant ( Cpa ) Falls Under The General Job Title

- Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) falls under the general job title: Accountant. Accountants’ NOC and SOC are 1111 and 13-2011.01 respectively. They perform duties such as planning, organizing and administering accounting systems for individuals and establishments. They also analyze financial information and prepare financial reports to determine or maintain a record of assets, liabilities, profit or loss, tax liability, or other financial activities within an organization to monitor its’ financial position....   [tags: Employment, Recruitment, Employment agency]

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Public And Private Accounting Firms

- Accounting is very important to the world, both public and private accounting firms have one goal: financial stability. There are differences between both firms, however, it can be proven that public firms are better than private firms. The Big 4 is a good example of how public firms are more beneficial than private firms. All of these accountants have worked hard by getting there CPA degree. People should choose a public accounting firm over a private firm because a public firm deals with more than one business....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant]

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The Texas State Of Texas

- The state of Texas has two agencies established to the maintain the standards and requirements of the accounting profession. These agencies are The Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants, also known as the TSCPA, and The Texas State Board of Public Accountancy, also known as the TXBPA. The main purpose of these agencies it to oversee the accounting profession in the state of Texas and ensure all rules and principles are followed and enforced and the public is guaranteed competent professionals....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant]

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Which Type of Accountant do I Want to Be: Private versus Public Accounting

- For all accounting majors one tough decision each of us must make before graduation is whether or not we want to work in private or public accounting. The usual question that we always bring up is which one makes the most money. Well, that question should hold little importance. The more important questions are what kind of opportunities will each career path open up in the field of accounting and whether or not you personally feel that the public accounting lifestyle is the right fit for you. Public accounting involves the accounting work one does for another company....   [tags: CPA, Finance]

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Importance Of Customer Profitability Analysis For The Management Accountant And For Today 's Business

- Introduction The objective of this essay is to elaborate the importance of customer profitability analysis for the management accountant and for today’s business. Perhaps more than any other information, organizations would like to know the profitability of their product, customers, and any other business segments. Organizations want this information to decide what segments to drop and add value and which to emphasize. This essay will help us to have a firm grasp of the importance of customer profitability analysis in today’s business world....   [tags: Costs, Cost accounting, Cost]

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Accountancy Is Based On An Intricate And Detail Oriented Profession

- Accountancy is based on an intricate and detail-oriented profession. Accounting professionals deal with numerical figures on a daily basis, and the slightest error could cause major issues within a company’s financial department. Accountants prepare and analyze financial documents. Ensuring a business’s financial records and taxes are paid properly and efficiently is a major part of an accountant’s job. In addition to preparing financial records, an accountant may also perform audits, process monthly payrolls, prepare budgets, and implement new and improved accounting control procedures (“What Does an Accountant Do”, 2015)....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant, Finance]

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Graduation Speech : The Cpa Exam

- Many college students obtaining their bachelor’s degree have a total of 120 credit hours, however, if a student is trying to obtain their Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license than they must have 150 credit hours. In order to have 150 credit hours, a student must take approximately of 10-3 credit hour courses after graduation. After completing the additional 30 credit hours, one must then sit for the CPA Exam. The CPA Exam is a total of 14 hours and includes 4 sections, including: auditing and attestation, business environment and concepts, financial accounting and reporting, and regulation....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant, Finance]

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Going Into The Profession Of Accounting

- There are a few options if one is looking at going into the profession of accounting. A large portion of what career a person would like to go into will be based on what field they are interested or if they have a specific industry they would like to focus on. For anyone looking to go into accounting there are many different careers and each is unique in their own way, with a difference in schooling or certifications being a deciding factor for the person. There are many careers that have a focus on accounting....   [tags: Accountancy, Accountant]

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Accounting : Personality And The Characteristics Of An Accounting

- Accounting opens numerous doors for careers in the business world; so there is consistently room for opportunities. For example, after I get my accounting degree, I plan on getting my certified public accountant (CPA) license. This is a test that will qualify me to practice public accounting. Acquiring a CPA license will pay dramatically higher, whereas regular accountants (on average) make 25% less than CPA’s. Being an accountant will without a doubt be a well-suited career for me, as it is supported by evidence through my detail-oriented personality and my aptitude to succeed in this field....   [tags: Accountant, Certified Public Accountant, Finance]

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The History and Role of Accounting in Business

- Accounting can be defined in a number of ways, but I chose the book definition, which is; Accounting is an information system that provides reports to stakeholders about the economic activities and condition of business. The person in charge of accounting is called the accountant. The accountant is typically required to follow a set of rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are called the General Accepted Accounting Principles. Throughout these next few paragraphs, I will be giving you the history and evolution of accounting, and I will be explaining who the stakeholders are and what type of information they require, and I will be explaining the role of accounting in business....   [tags: Accountant, Economics]

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Case Analysis : Australian Accounting Standards Board

- Extract Australian bookkeeping gauges are set by the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) and have the power of law for Corporations law elements under s 296 of the Corporations Act 2001. They should likewise be connected to all other universally useful monetary reports of reporting elements in general society and private parts.Australian Accounting standards board oversee process of accouting standards if all companies registerd with ASIC complying with these standards and their financial reports are maintend with standards to keep public share holders money in safe hand in past many auditors companies used to ignore accounting standards to give companies actual financial fig...   [tags: Accountant, Accountancy]

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My Passion For Pursuing Accounting

- Every day, many people question my passion for pursuing accounting as a profession and the first answer I think of is that I am good with numbers. However, advancing in the field has made me realize that my passion is not only based on figures. Growing up as a kid, I was privileged to have a piggy account where I would save as little as fifty cents per week. Since my parents rewarded me in monetary value as a positive reinforcement in cases of good behaviour, I was motivated to maintain good manners so long as my savings increased....   [tags: Accountant, Accountancy]

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Outsourcing Tax And Audit Procedures : Implications For U.s.

- Before reading the article “Offshoring Tax and Audit Procedures: Implications for U.S.-Based Employee Education”, it never even occurred to me that accounting works could be outsourced to other countries. Unlike most traditional outsourced occupations, such as manufacturing, accounting, in my opinion, requires specifically trained knowledge and skills. I have always believed accounting is one of the most secured jobs, because simply every individual and company needs accountants regardless the economy is going up or down....   [tags: Accountant, Certified Public Accountant, Gaap]

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A Deeper Knowledge Regarding Accounting Profession

- After the study of ACCG315, I have gained a deeper knowledge regarding accounting profession. The stereotyped assumption that the only job for accountant is dealing with numbers no longer rooted in my mind. In practice, the accounting profession is a diverse occupation that is not just number crunching, but more about problem detecting and data analyzing. The role of accountant is particularly essential as they need to consider both the internal and external environment so as to expose existing or potential risks and provide feasible suggestions....   [tags: Accountant, Accountancy, Learning, Ethics]

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Analysis Of The Audit Files And Our Staff Accountant 's Testing For Account Balances Of City Of Proudville

- The following concerns are based on the analysis of the audit files and our staff accountant’s testing for account balances of City of Proudville. I have also provided recommendations to address these issue. Financial Accounting Issues According to Public Sector Accounting Standards Section 3150 – Property, Plant and Equipment, the cost of an asset capitalized as PPE includes any known costs such as materials and labor costs used to construct an asset or estimated costs of dismantlement, removal, or site restoration....   [tags: Auditing, Audit, Internal control, Ethics]

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Accounting Is The Measurement, Processing, And Communication Of Financial Information

- Accounting is the measurement, processing, and communication of financial information about economic entities such as businesses and corporations. Accountants do a wide variety of activities such as preparing financial statements and record business transactions, including calculating costs and gains from technologies, engaging in strategies for mergers and acquisitions, quality management, developing and using information systems to track financial performance, and tax strategy. All businesses need some type of accountant or an accountant assistant....   [tags: Business, Accountancy, Need, Accountant]

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The Profession ' S Image Problem

- THE PROFESSION’S IMAGE PROBLEM The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected a 16% increase in the number of accounting jobs from 2010 to 2020 while the AICPA has similarly suggested that demand for new accounting graduates will be higher for 63% of CPA firms in the nation. With a bright outlook such as this, the accounting profession should appear more attractive to younger generations who are seeking a promising career path. Despite this, the challenge to promote diversity in the profession remains....   [tags: Accountant, Certified Public Accountant]

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The Importance Of Technical Skills For Developing Countries

- In developing countries the case is more critique. (REF) several studies were carried out to seek the importance of technical skills. Agami and Alkafaji (1987) Implemented a comprehensive study for accounting education programmes within six selected countries include Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iraq, and Kuwait. Trying to compare these programmes between the selected countries on the one hand and the developing countries on the other so that can determine the defects and pointed problems....   [tags: Accountant, Accountancy, Education, Competence]

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Impact Of Technology On Accounting Information System

- Introduction Modern information system is now popular all over the world, it also change the accounting area. Instead of the old manual analysis, many companies making effort in developing a fitted accounting information system for themselves, as they realize the advantages that the new technology brings in - more efficient and accurate in processing, integrated data, detailed record etc. However, even though there are so many benefits, the functional system also brings challenges, making new requirements to the accountants and auditors....   [tags: Accountancy, Accountant, Information system]

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Bookkeeping: A Small Versus A Large Firm

- ... They need a person to manage their finances, make sure they have enough money for the school lunches, school events, and anything else that requires money. When working for a small company there is some good things that can come out of it. Your travel time requirement is less than the travel time for a bigger company. There is a shorter commute to clients. Your clients are closer to you in a smaller company than in a bigger one. Bigger companies tend to have more clients so you tend to drive longer distance whereas with smaller companies you have fewer clients that live closer....   [tags: accountant, financial burden, women]

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