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The Role Of Academia And Social Issues

- I was born in Mobile, AL. My date of birth is January 4, 1979. I was raised in San Diego, California. Most of my life I have been surrounded by a diverse culture of people. The role of academia and social issue are two topics I will be discussing personal experiences about my intellectual autobiography. Therefore, I have been inspired by educators in my community to discover a new path to improve education. Social issues has impacted economic and housing developments, jobs, and environmental resources....   [tags: Sociology, Education, Social issues, University]

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The Clashing Of Academia And The Economy

- The Clashing of Academia and the Economy Critical Reflective Review of Coates, K., & Morrison, B. (2012). The uses and abuses of university. The Walrus. Retrieved from From the moment we could comprehend the importance and benefits of pursuing a post-secondary education, it has been drilled into our heads that in order to do well in life it is necessary to have a university degree. Ken Coates and Bill Morrison explore a somewhat opposing view in their article The Uses and Abuses of University....   [tags: Higher education, University, College, Education]

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Academia Barilla

- Born of the idea to preserve authentic Italian cuisine, Academia Barilla has faced strategic issues to increase profitability and growth. Offering not only high quality food products, but an education on Italian gastronomy, Academia relies on a differentiated marketing message of authenticity, with the quality to prove it. While striving to teach buyers of the difference between imitation and true Italian cuisine, Academia must continue to seek new strategies to reach a broader customer base. By studying the firm’s core competencies, and performing analysis on the industry, Academia has the tools necessary to meet their objectives....   [tags: Marketing, Food Industry]

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Institutionalized Sexism in Academia: Real or Perceived

- Introduction: For this research proposal I will study what effects perceived and actual sexism on the upward mobility of women in academia. It is clear that sexism effects women’s progress in many facets of society. The gender gap is especially prominent in time consuming and intensive professions such as academia. This research seeks to explore the causal factors for the gender disparities in order to help develop effective solutions. My research question is: what effects do real and perceived sexism have on women in academia....   [tags: gender equality, tenure professors]

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The Moral Code And Ethical Policy Of Academia

- Academic integrity is defined as the moral code or ethical policy of academia. With all morals and regulations, it is easy to fall short of them sometimes. This is primarily evident in the education system. Cheating is an often broken rule of academic integrity. The struggle to maintain academic integrity throughout college students has been an ongoing battle between cheating versus honesty, habitual repeat offenders versus commitment to integrity, and collusion versus cooperation. Honesty is a key moral characteristic to have throughout life, but the problem is some students lack the honesty to admit that they are even in the wrong....   [tags: University, Education, The Huffington Post]

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Studies on Transitioning from Clinical Practice to Academia

- Study Purpose The purpose of the study discussed in “Bridging the Gap: Clinical Practice Nursing and the Effect of Role Strain on Successful Role Transition and Intent to Stay in Academia” (Cranford, 2012) was to identify predictor factors that influence the role strain on those transitioning from clinical practice to academia. Due to the shortage of nursing education programs, resulting in numerous potential students being rejected because of space shortage, this study hoped to understand the role strain so that nurses will remain in academia....   [tags: bridging the gap, nursing]

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Personal Narrative - Athlete to Academia

- Athlete to Academia Instead of feeling pressure to conform as a student at the University of Georgia, I have found that being in college has made me value the importance of a higher education more so than I ever had before. During high school, my primary goal was to play well enough to receive a football scholarship. At that time, my focus was not on academics. However, since I've arrived at the University of Georgia, my entire concept of the value of a college degree has slowly changed. Rather than seeing just football in my future, I can now picture myself as a football player with a college degree....   [tags: Autobiography Essay, Personal Narrative]

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Academia Vs. Morality

- A university professor has an exalted position, not only on campus but also in society. A professor’s students should have higher expectations of his/her behavior than they would of fellow students and others in society. Professor Dobyns was found guilty of sexual harassment by Syracuse University. Not only was a female student harassed and embarrassed, the reputation of the University also suffered. The verdict was appropriate, given the circumstances. A student attended a university sponsored party where she met the English Department graduate students and faculty members....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Three Authors' Views on Working in Academia

- In Tenured Guy, Daniel's character describes the life of a professor who was awarded tenure. In order to succeed on the tenure track, he had giving up his values and ideals, becoming the personification of a yes man. He does not do anything that he thinks can be seen as being contentious or controversial. He says he never asked a question or disagreed with anyone, which is contrary to academic pursuits and the learning process. He considers himself as being "The beige paint" not knowing "where the paint ends and I begin....   [tags: Comparative Literature]

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Drudging Through Academia: Four Articles

- Reading the four assigned articles, to me, was equivalent to the “Reading” section of the ACT. Both seem to drag on for what seems like hours and require much re-reading to comprehend the complete message trying to be conveyed. My point is not that these articles are not worth reading. They contain valuable information about a very tough objective in academia today: writing. More directly, their focus seems to be the different methods available to help improve the writing of the up-and-coming writers of today....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Academia vs. Athleticism

- ... The athletes bring the fans, and the fans bring the money. Athleticism has taken priority over academics at these institutions because it is truly easy money. How many legal businesses in the United States can say they generated millions upon millions of dollars while allowing their workers to gain useless degrees. Since a select few NCAA players are the next generation of professional players, the NCAA should be working together with professional organizations emphasizing college completion....   [tags: gateway to college sports, winning over learning]

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A New Common Sense : The Complex Networks Of Academia, Ngos, And Policy Forums

- 3.3 Shared Value as a new common sense: the complex networks of academia, NGOs and policy forums As is highlighted by Ramirez-Vallejo , Nestlé was a pioneer company in Shared Value Strategies worldwide and a key reference for its further conceptualization made by Michael Porter and Mark Kramer. Before 2006, there were a few companies including Nestlé that talked about shared value and its significance to business strategy. Nowadays the picture has changed and shared value has moved into the mainstream (Kramer: 2015: 1)....   [tags: Corporate social responsibility, Corporation]

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The Correlation Between Cmc And Social Well Being Flooded Academia

- As technology continuously evolves and integrates with our lives, its impact inevitably attracts the attention of people ranging from researchers to parents, and conservative elderlies to adolescents. When chatrooms and other game based chat mediums were popularized in the early 1990s, research papers, with massive empirical data, that suggested strong negative correlations between CMC and social well-being flooded academia. However, more recent studies have proved otherwise. Communication researchers Valkenburg and Peter, explore this change in data in their 2009 publication....   [tags: Communication, Sociology]

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The True Western Academic Context Of Scholarship

- As discovered by Kaltenbaugh, “Many students are ‘accidental plagiarists’ with their behavior attributed to intellectual ignorance and apathy” [1]. The entire concept of plagiarism can be thoroughly addressed if students understand the true western academic context of scholarship. Due to the difference in students’ historical and cultural perception in their own traditional education, intellectual property, academic integrity and plagiarism would be viewed differently in a new academic environment that differs from theirs....   [tags: Academia, Academic dishonesty, Plagiarism]

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Street Smarts vs. Book Smarts in Academia

- Our society has always had an obsession with labels whether in the form of fashion, our description of personal relationships, or the way we see ourselves as individuals. Labels never escape us. Therefore, if we are going to be labeled by our peers, is it better to be labeled "book smart" or "street smart". What about in the world of academics. Should students be supported by schools and teachers to allow street smarts to be used in an academic environment. While some schools are likely to be against allowing students to use what they know to read, write, and think critically, many students and teachers, myself included, judge these techniques of teaching to be helpful to students....   [tags: Education]

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Academic Plagiarism And Academic Dishonesty

- Academic dishonesty is more prevalent in education in the United States today than ever before and has negative effects on academic institutions. Access to the Internet and advancements in technology has made academic dishonesty easier for students to commit. Students use these resources to perform plagiarism in academic papers and cheat on exams and online assignments. The number of students who engaged in acts of academic dishonesty has increased exponentially (Aaron and Roche 161). Colleges,such as Harvard and Yale, have noticed a rise in cases of academic dishonesty on their campuses....   [tags: Academic dishonesty, Academia, College]

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Academic Ethics : Academic Integrity

- Academic Integrity Many students don’t know much of an impact dishonesty can make in their lives. Teachers are emphatic towards students about being able to show academic integrity. In order for students to truly avoid academic dishonesty they must first understand what academic integrity is and is not, know what usually causes academic dishonesty, and understand why academic integrity is important. Academic Integrity is a academic code meaning that students must show honesty and responsibility towards their own academic work....   [tags: Academic dishonesty, Academia, Cheating]

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Compare and Contrast Academic Geography and Academic Chinese Studies

- To a novice Geography and Chinese Studies may look as two completely separate parts of academia. Geography or ‘geographia’ translated from Ancient Greek to the ‘earth’s description’ has been used since 276 BC and was the groundings for now modern Geography categorised by Human Geography; the study of places, the space they occupy, the environment in which they are located in and the Human implications caused by this (Gregory, D. et al. eds 2009 The Dictionary Of Human Geography). The other Physical Geography; is the characterization and explanation of geological, hydrological, biological and atmospheric phenomena and their interactions at, or near the Earth’s surface....   [tags: subjects in the pool of academia]

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Academic Plagiarism And Academic Dishonesty

- In the education system, there is an expectation that students must succeed and earn exceptional grades. To meet this expectation, some students are willing to use alternative methods or cheat on academic work to gain higher grades. In the media, there have been several high profile cases of students committing academic dishonesty at prominent universities such as Harvard and Duke. Academic dishonesty is the term that describes any act of cheating in a formal academic setting. This includes acts such as plagiarism, fabrication, deception, bribery, impersonation, and sabotage....   [tags: Academic dishonesty, Academia, College, University]

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How Media Can Be Beneficial For Academic History

- To begin it is perhaps necessary to define media. The definition is ‘The main means of mass communication (television, radio, and newspapers)’. Media is therefore how the majority of the world is able to broadcast ideas, with the essay concentrating on history in the media. Media is a debated use of communication as it is known to exaggerate and be used as propaganda. This essay will discuss how the media can be beneficial for academic history as it is a way to pass on information on a colossal scale....   [tags: History, Academia, Historian, Humanities]

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Predictors Of Academic Success Among Freshman Students

- Predictors of academic success among freshman students in college and university settings have been an important issue in academia for quite some time. The question of how freshman seminars or first-year experience programs affect retention and academic success has gained significant attention and has become the focus of many studies across various colleges and universities. Freshman seminars and first-year experience programs are now integrated into the majority of colleges and universities across the United States....   [tags: Randomness, Sampling, University, Academia]

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Academic Dishonesty : Student Cheating

- “To hold the title of being an engineer, doctor and lawyer, among some, is to hold the responsibility of being able to perform what is asked of an engineer, doctor and lawyer” (Zainab Al Hammad). However, there is a profusion of different actions that is considered as academically irresponsible. Academic integrity helps students to understand precise standards and rules that help to avoid dishonesty. There were enough surveys that argue about different reasons why students don’t pursue the truthful way to accomplish an assignment....   [tags: Academic dishonesty, Plagiarism, Academia]

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Academic Integrity Code Critical Analysis

- Academic Integrity code Critical Analysis Students and Faculty at the University of North Florida are expected to be treated fairly, respect academic freedom, and behave with honesty and responsibility. The code is directed to all students and faculty, and outlines how they should respond in any case academic misconduct. In addition, the code includes a list of possible violations and penalties that may result from academic misconduct. However, students are given the right to appeal these penalties if they disagree with them, by following an appeal procedure that is provided by the university....   [tags: Academia, Academic dishonesty, University]

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The Effect Of Academic Cheating On Ontario Colleges And Universities

- Methods to Reduce Academic Cheating in Ontario Colleges and Universities According to recent CBC news, a survey of Canadian universities and colleges showed that more than 7,000 students were disciplined due to academic cheating in year 2011 to 2012 and it was reported that there were more students who in fact cheated (Moore, 2014, paras 1-4). The statistics was gained by contacting and asking 54 universities to provide the amount of 2011-2012 academic misconduct cases in a formal discipline process (Moore, 2014, para 2)....   [tags: Academia, Academic dishonesty, University]

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What Is Academic Excellence?

- In this era of age, education is the master key to unlock numerous doors life. A value in good education is important for each and every one of us in order to have a better and successful life in the future. But what exactly is academic excellence about. Is it about how high how you score on an exam. Is it measured by the number of academia plaques or medals you’ve obtained throughout the years. It is much more than that. It is the maximum development of one’s intellectual capabilities, and the skills in service that one can contribute to humanity....   [tags: Debut albums, 2003 albums, Academia]

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Writing An Academic Work That Needs

- Dissertation writing is an academic work that needs to be written in formal way depending on demand of suggested format like MLA or APA. To write a dissertation is quite challenging task as it represents the overall knowledge and summary of our education throughout the masters how much we have learned. Dissertation includes literature review that ask us what critics or writers we are going to mention. Methodology in which we have to mention about our own views and how ....   [tags: Academia, Academic dishonesty, Writing, University]

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Relationship Between Academic Advisor And Academic Retention

- The part of the academic adviser shifts as student populaces and managerial conditions in colleges change after some time. Employees are progressively dedicated to showing students, and scholastic educating is an inventive structure with respect to showing that offers students some assistance with becoming included in their own decisions. Imparting students with a feeling of duty to their tentative arrangements and obligation regarding their choices is the foundation of the scholastic counselor 's work....   [tags: University, Education, College, Academia]

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Academic Pressure On The College Level

- A. It’s easy to forget how many college students spend majority of their day or time stressed out. It’s no easy task to balance classes, do well on exams, projects, homework, and even extra-curricular activities the work is enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed and in my case especially during final exams. Academic performance and grades throughout your college career can have large stressful impact on you. I identify academic performance pressure as a stressor simply because coursework is not only demanding but the competition for earning top marks and remaining on the dean’s list and receiving good grades is fierce....   [tags: University, College, Academia, Student]

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The Unnecessary Complexity Of Academic Writing

- What do you think of when you think of complex writing. Many people would think of something that they couldn’t read because it was to hard to read. That issue is exactly what is being addressed in the world of academics today. Academics today are writing to a level that is very hard to understand, sometimes even to fellow academics. To the advantage of those who hate reading complex writing, other writers and researchers are starting to speak out on the topic. A newer style of writing is becoming more popular through the controversy....   [tags: Writing, Writing style, Academia]

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The Importance Of Academic Advising

- The importance of Academic Advising Academic advising plays a huge role in students’ lives and it is a share responsibility between the student and their advisors. There are many ways in which advising benefit students. Advising enhance students’ abilities to utilize the resources that colleges provide for their students. Guiding students to stay in the right track of their academic courses and following up with all the updates and requirements to graduate is also objectives of the advisors....   [tags: University, College, Academia]

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Importance Of Academic Integrity

- Why academic integrity is important and I have learnt from this experience. For me, portraying my character is by showing my values and personal morals in real life. Whereas, representing my true academic work for getting my degree is real integrity at university in academics. The Universities main moto and fundamental value is to maintain the academic integrity. It’s not just for one reason why we need to give importance to academic integrity, there are many. “I know I have failed in maintaining the academic integrity.” There might be many reasons, but mistake is mistake....   [tags: University, Academia, Thing, Academic dishonesty]

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Academic Dishonesty Visual Argument Draft

- Academic dishonesty visual argument Draft. A greek tragedian named Sophocles once said, “i would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating” (Dinovelli). Unfortunately today, college students practice the opposite of this philosophy by engaging in academic dishonesty, a misconduct that is plaguing our college education systems. This type of misconduct still occurs today despite at times there being strict measures taken to avoid or prevent it. As a society that preaches success is only obtained through education, it is crucial for for us to try and find ways to at least solve this issue if possibly not eradicating it as there are real, lasting and severe consequences to be...   [tags: Academic dishonesty, Cheating, College, Academia]

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The Expectations For The Academic Goals Of Passing The Course

- English College Composition 1031/1032 the expectations for this course focus on composing including this one, three strong essays from students who are willing to put in effort and creativity, therefore, are able to the reach academic goals of passing the course. Throughout the fall semester, I learned the general guide for this specific criteria for grading the essays were made of six different elements to create a whole essay. These elements determine whether in the piece I created had achieved the goals or needed improvement....   [tags: Essay, Writing, Rhetoric, Academia]

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Social And Academic Challenges Among Students

- Many new university students encounter many social and academic challenges throughout their first year. These academic challenges can be in the form of adapting to new writing styles and the standard it needs to be in, critical thinking and so many more. As well as social challenges such as transitioning into a new culture and maintaining work life balance. This argumentative essay will focus on some of these social and academic challenges as well as looking at strategies that students can use to overcome them....   [tags: University, Student, Academia, Writing]

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Chief Academic Officer At Penn State University

- I appreciate the opportunity to be considered as a candidate for the position of Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer at Penn State Greater Allegheny. Over my long academic career I have had opportunities to gain a wide variety of experiences that prepared me well for this position. My current position is Dean of the College of Information and Mathematical Sciences at Clayton State University, a 4-year comprehensive state university in the University System of Georgia. As the chief academic officer for the College, I am responsible for leading the college forward in the areas of curriculum development and assessment, providing support for faculty and student development, managing a budget o...   [tags: University, Academia, Academic degree, College]

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Faculty 's Oppressed Academic Freedom

- Faculty’s Oppressed Academic Freedom Supporters of Steven Salaita rallied and protested before a press conference here at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. One of the many posters read “We do not pay an average of $20,000 in tuition to have our professors silenced, oppressed, and fired #UIStudents4Salaita” (Coit). The buzz around Salaitas case is overwhelming as people react as though this is the first time academic freedom has been crossed. Although students at UIUC protest for Salaitas academic freedom, the bigger issue is that history tells us we have problem with faculty speaking out....   [tags: University, Academia, Professor, Tenure]

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Academic Programs : A School Set Up Or Learning Institutions

- ACADEMIC PROGRAMS In a school set up or learning institutions, there are students who have different abilities in different fields. There are students who are bright academically and those who are not. Students who perform poorly should be given a chance to take part in athletic programs. The basic reason for taking this side is the idea that a student might not be the best in terms of academics but might have an athletic talent. Allowing poor academic performers to participate in academic programs gives them an opportunity to establish their abilities outside the class and this might be their source of livelihood in the years to come....   [tags: University, Academia, Academy]

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Academic Factors That Affect Student 's Education

- Introduction Throughout an undergraduate student’s education there are many factors that can determine how successful a student is in meeting his or her academic and future career goals. One important aspect of this education includes academic advising. This aspect is a critical part in a student’s education, because it plays an important role in supporting student’s achievement, in particular with helping students reach their potential (Drake, Jordan, Miller, 2013, pg. 44). Academic advising also impacts over half of the students so much that these students stated that their primary source of academic and career guidance comes from their advisor (Gordon, Habley, Grites, 2008, pg....   [tags: University, Education, Academia, Student]

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Teaching Curriculum And Academic Expectations

- Introduction With the ever changing philosophies and expectations of education and curriculum in the United States, school district are constantly looking for techniques to increase academic performance. A school districts ability to keep up with the latest changes related to curriculum and academic expectations helps schools adjust instructional methods and improve potential deficiencies. The “Four Circle Model” is a model focused upon determining exactly what a school wants to accomplish it, and the fashion in which to go about accomplishing it....   [tags: High school, Education, Academia, College]

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The Difficulties Of Academic Administration

- This chapter focusses the discussion on the difficulties of academic administration. They author uses the term “herding cats” when discussing this area of the university system. This term is defined as an activity that is difficult and may seem to be futile. It is most commonly used when managing groups of people. In this chapter the “cats” are supposed to be the faculty of the university. Administration has to struggle to be able to administer the staff that is seen to be in power. The chapter goes forward in their discussion and mentions how the university institute is now changing, especially those in Canada....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, University, Academia]

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The Position Of Associate Dean Of Academic Affairs At Pacific States University

- The position of Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at Pacific States University is an outstanding opportunity. This position would allow me to share my higher education experiences successfully leading and working collaboratively with the community, institutional leadership, faculty and staff. The position of Associate Dean of Academic Affairs would also allow me to contribute in a significant way to advance the institution’s mission. I believe that my professional experiences and academic background would make me a promising candidate for this position....   [tags: University, College, Education, Academia]

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The Disguised Romantic in Academia: Van Gogh's Agony

- Lauren Soth is working throughout his entire article to express and prove Van Gogh’s intentions and therefore Van Gogh’s agony as the meaning behind his masterpiece, Starry Night. Soth’s thesis claims the painting was intended to console, but also another attempt at a failed painting “Agony in the Garden” which was meant to be imaginative, but based on conceptual history. At first his thesis seemed too bold, although arguable. By hiding his opinions and focusing on tangible evidence such as a solid visual analysis, powerful biographical details, and letters written by Van Gogh himself, Soth’s seemingly exaggerated opinion transforms into an insightful and well-supported thesis....   [tags: Lauren Soth's article, Starry Night]

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A Research On The Online Classroom

- The researcher of thesis posits it is harder than perceived to cheat in the online classroom. There are many ways to check the material that posted in the online environment Most of the classwork involves written assignments, giving the instructor ample opportunity to get to know the student’s voice. Turnitin and SafeAssure are two programs that allow an instructor to check for plagiarism, as well as some options allow a student to check their papers and correct and issues before final submission....   [tags: Academic dishonesty, Academia, Education]

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My High School Academic Performance

- NIU College Essay My high school academic performance has been a Great one. For the last three years of high school academic performance I have been on the Honor Roll. I have made that possible by working hard and studying. Also getting help for classes in a support class during school called Learning Strategies and also going to a.m support and working during my lunch period to do Assignments. The challenges I have had during my time in school were in sciences classes. I have had to get help for my teacher to understand the material that we learned in class....   [tags: High school, College, Academia, Ethnic group]

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Academic Skills At University 's Standards Propitious For University And Current Or Future Vocation Paths

- Are academic skills edified at university’s standards propitious for university prosperity and for current or future vocation paths. The debate about whether critical skills are an indispensable requisite has been a phenomenon ever since higher academic fields have introduced this concept into their literature. Critical thinking can be generally defined as the facility to visually perceive logical imperfections in an argument however critical reading can be defined as the process of reading that transcends just understanding a text it involves carefully considering and evaluating the reading by identifying the readings strength and implications .This essay will examine why academic skills wh...   [tags: Critical thinking, Logic, University, Academia]

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The Importance Of Play A Core Role For College Or University Maintain Its Academic Stability, And Social Reputation

- Introduction There are many initiatives that play a core role in helping a college or university maintain its academic stability, and social reputation. Some initiatives take on a bigger role than others; however, at any school displaying a high level of customer service to students is imperative. The individuals that college students interact with throughout their college career are faculty members. The involvement of a wide range of faculty, student affairs professionals, academic administration, and other constituent groups, was a criterion in the selection process for a collegiate case study....   [tags: College, University, Higher education, Academia]

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The Importance Of A Library As A Important Factor For Academic Students

- A college library is one of the important places where many students study, research, and gather. The reasons why using a library is considered as a good way to study and research are because the internet information is often limited and not always reliable. The reliability is also an important factor for academic students, and to use a reliable source can save a lot of time because students do not have to worry about their sources. According to a 2005 study of the Illinois School Libraries, students who frequently visit well-stocked and well-staffed school libraries end up with higher ACT scores and perform better on reading and writing exams....   [tags: Library, Academia, 12-hour clock, 24-hour clock]

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I Am Alumni Of The Neighborhood Academic Initiative

- As am alumni of the Neighborhood Academic Initiative, I know that the program had a huge effect on me psychologically. Before the program, I was very ignorant about what school there were, how much they cost, if they were private or public, and even that I lived right next door to one. It was simply something that was not talked about in the area in which I lived. We considered the lucky ones, the ones who were able to complete and get a high school education. At least I remember that the highest level of education my parents hoped for me to achieve and that I would strive to reach was graduating high school....   [tags: High school, College, Middle school, Academia]

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Plagiarism : A Common Stigma Of Society

- Plagiarism. It’s a word that simply has a terrible reputation and will automatically relate itself to the world of writing and academics. For ages, it had been rooted in the academia and vast numbers of different professions. With the advancement of the Information Technology and Internet, the problem seems to spread wider throughout the world. Nowadays, a common stigma of society regarding plagiarism is that it happens broadly among the students of our generation, and it seems to grow at a concerning rate....   [tags: University, Academia, Thought, Plagiarism]

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My Philosophy Of Life Is Based Upon Admiring People 's Distinctness And Embracing The Omnipresent Power Of Individuals

- My philosophy of life is based upon admiring people 's distinctness and embracing the omnipresent power of individuals with a diverse set of abilities, beliefs, and perspectives. I believe that diversity opens the door for human potentials. % Not only does diversity celebrate the variety of cultures, attitudes, and beliefs while cultivating equal opportunities, but also has profound influence on enriching individuals ' intellectual and social experiences. % % Similar to the essential foundations of welfare economics and social choice in human societies, fairness and equity are utmost building blocks of any academic community in higher education....   [tags: University, College, Student, Academia]

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IESE Application Essay for Ph. D in Management

- ... candidate in Management at IESE Business School. While learning the techniques, I also devoted my time undertaking various research projects in both Economics and Mathematics departments. The summer of my sophomore year, I earned an opportunity to work as the research assistant for Prof. Robert Buchele and Prof. Roger Kaufman, simultaneously. One of the projects was to analyze the effects of globalization on labor share of income in the US. In our work, I got a chance to apply the econometric research tools learned in the classroom to analyze large volume data obtained from the National Income and Product Accounts (NIPA)....   [tags: economic, financial, academia, manager]

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My Career As An Adult Student And Single Mother With The Intention Of Pursuing Degree

- I began my undergraduate career as an adult student and single mother with the intention of pursuing a degree in business administration. In my first semester I took an introduction to psychology course which uncovered my passion for the subject. My specific research interest became clear in my junior year while taking a course called Race, Gender, and the Media, where I was introduced to the concept of “colorblind racism”. My interest in this topic led to the desire to study implicit social cognition within the realm of social psychology....   [tags: Sociology, Psychology, Academia]

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Equality in Opportunity and Equality in Outcome

- ... Being the state of New Jersey spends $300 million dollars a year to subsidize Camden's schools, that comes out to $100 Million dollars per scholar. About ten years ago, I noticed that most of my new neighbors were coming from the city. I got to know a few of them, shooting the breeze and lending them things from time to time. The first thing I noticed was that they didn't cut their lawns that often, and weren't into home maintenance and repairs that our homeowners association requires. For instance, a ten foot piece of my neighbor's siding fell off two years ago and it's still sitting in his backyard where it landed....   [tags: diversity, equality, fairness, academia]

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The Role Of Academic Library And The Difference Between Scholarly And Peer Journals

- Explore Your Area of Interest This paper will reveal the importance of information literacy and how acquiring research skills that develop best practices are critical to finding reliable information. I will discuss the role of the Academic Library and the difference between scholarly and peer journals. I will help the reader understand how I evaluated recommended databases in order to choose a topic of study for my doctoral program at Northcentral University. Education has become a way of life for me....   [tags: Peer review, Academia, Education, Higher education]

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A Reflection On The Mind, The Truth, And The Man 's Eyes

- Jesus said that He is “the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (JN 14:6, KJV). Jesus is truth. God is light. The Bible is clear about the importance of honesty. “He that walketh upright walketh surely: but he that perverteth his ways shall be known” (PR10:9. KJV). Walking upright is integrity. It is from this concept that the sayings related to hanging one’s head with shame have come. In society, we should all be ashamed, for it has become a place where integrity is a foreign thought, and the classroom has become a place where cheating is too common....   [tags: Academic dishonesty, Cheating, Academia, Morality]

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Essay : Pros And Cons Of Cheating By Hailee Scherzer

- Cheating by Hailee Scherzer There are many pros and cons to cheating. For example, a pro to cheating is that depending on who your copying you will get a good grade with no effort added. A con to cheating is that if you get caught you will get a zero or like me and have to write a three page essay about it. “Most obviously, cheating is unfair to honest students. A cheater receives through deception what honest students work hard for; and in classes graded on a curve lowers their grade to a boot....   [tags: Academic dishonesty, Cheating, Deception, Academia]

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Academics And The Student Athlete

- Academics and the Student-Athlete For starters, most student-athletes entering college are told what it means to be a student-athlete, but they never truly realize life as a student-athlete. They are confident and even cocky that they are ready to take on this challenge. In order to become a successful student-athlete it takes a lot of prioritizing, responsibility, motivation, and great time management skills. How are some student-athletes successful and some not. Big time sports are entrenched in higher education and have become the public face of the university....   [tags: University, Academia]

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Students ' Unrest And Its Impact On The Campus Community

- Students’ unrest persisted into the early 1970’s but had waned by about 1973 (Thelin, 2011). Students begin to organize a movement to voice their rights and concerns as a member of the campus/ college community. This give to change the way that colleges and universities looked at students. Governing boards begin to include a student representative to assist in the development of ideas and issues of the campus community. The enrollment decline of 1975-76 and the fear of a concluded toward slide had two consequences for campus administrators (Thelin, 2011)....   [tags: University, College, Academia, Higher education]

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Understanding The Positive Aspects Of Wearing A Hijab

- Everyday, when I wake up in the morning and go to my classes, I always feel like I’m picked up and dropped into another world. This world isn’t quite like the real world. It’s chalked full of essays, lab reports, equations, verb conjugations, and clean, white lined college-ruled paper just waiting for ink to be spilled. In the past, I’ve just sat and stared at the computer screen, editing and rereading essays, trying to think of ways to make myself seem more intelligent and sophisticated. But after spending a few weeks in the Loyola Effective Writing course, reading multiple articles and essays written on topics from understanding metaphors to understanding the positive aspects of wearing a...   [tags: Essay, Writing, Academia, Grammatical tense]

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Should Community College Be The Starting Point Towards Their Educational Journey?

- Many students choose a community college as the starting point towards their educational journey. This population is greatly influenced by “open-door” admissions policies prevalent at most community colleges, and lower tuitions often found at these institutions. With relaxed admissions standards, community colleges are often comprised of students as diverse as the community it serves. According to data from the American Association of Community Colleges (2014), community college students represent the following demographics: Age Gender Ethnicity Average 28 Women 57% White 51% Median 24 Men 43% Hispanic 19% ≤ 21 30% Black 14% 22-39 57% Asian/Pacific Islander 6% 40+ 14% Native America...   [tags: University, College, Higher education, Academia]

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I Enjoyed The Article By Zandra Jordan

- This week, I enjoyed the article by Zandra Jordan the most. It explains that to acknowledge students’ rights to their own language includes an approach that “promotes equality in writing assessment,” and one way that happens is by “recognizing AAE as ‘a rule-governed language system’ ” (Jordan, 99). In order to give students the rights to use their own vernacular, instructors must “change their [attitude and] language [used] to describe the writing process…” (Jordan, 99). To summate, instructors need to recognize that students are coming from different backgrounds and try to meet them where they are, allowing them to use the language they are accustomed to while still teaching them EAE; the...   [tags: Writing, Creative writing, Academia, Linguistics]

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The Incidence Of Cheating Increases ( Stuber Mcewen Et Al

- Academic Honesty 9 professors appear to be unconcerned about their class, the incidence of cheating increases (Stuber-McEwen et al., 2009). Additionally, instructors who are permissive, unduly difficult or are considered unfair are more at risk to have their students be dishonest (Stuber-McEwen et al., 2009). On the contrary, Stuber-McEwen et al. (2009) found that professors who are closer to their students and develop positive, honest relationships are less likely to have incidences of academic dishonesty....   [tags: Academic dishonesty, Academia, University]

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Plagiarism Policies Of George Brown And Seneca College

- Plagiarism Policies in George Brown and Seneca College According to the Merriam-Webster, the definition of plagiarism is “the act of using another person’s words or ideas without giving credit to that person”. (“Plagiarism”). In both Colleges, the act of committing plagiarism has penalties, and it is a serious issue that goes against the Academic Honesty policies of both institutions; The two Colleges, as recently mentioned, have some similarities and differences in their policies, where George Brown has a stronger focus on giving information on avoiding plagiarism, Seneca has more severe punishment for committing plagiarism....   [tags: Academic dishonesty, Plagiarism, Academia]

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How Technology Can Improve Students Learning Skills And Capabilities

- Technology in classrooms has become a topic that the school boards have been battling with for some time now. The main purpose for bringing technology into classrooms is to improve students learning skills and capabilities. The article, “Exploring the use of Educational Technology in Primary Education: Teacher’s Precipitation of Mobile Technology Learning Impacts and Applications’ use in the classroom” presents more statistics on applications that are useful for students learning. However the article, “Teachers’ Perspective and Practices in Applying Technology to Enhance Learning in the classroom” is similar but also portrays the disadvantages technology and its applications have because the...   [tags: Academic dishonesty, Education, Academia]

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Ethics And Issues Of The School Deal With Internet Plagiarism

- ETHICS AND ISSUES One major issue today is how schools deal with Internet Plagiarism. Plagiarism is simply defined as the process of stealing the ideas and work of others. Plain and simple, plagiarism is cheating. In some instances and in various states, there are legal penalties associated with committing this action. Students do not understand the importance of documenting non-public forms of information. They simply do not see the problem that this issue can provide for them (Ma, Hongyan Jane, Guofang Wan, and Eric Yong Lu....   [tags: Academic dishonesty, Plagiarism, Academia]

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Creating A Common Understanding Of Plagiarism

- Creating a Common Understanding of Plagiarism in the Digital Age Before students even fully understand the meaning of plagiarism, they have already committed the offense because of a lack of understanding of its definition and how it is interpreted in an age where information is publicly accessible. A common definition of plagiarism is copying someone else’s work without proper citation and calling it your own. However, interpretations of plagiarism vary depending on culture, time period, and setting....   [tags: Academic dishonesty, Plagiarism, Academia]

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Plagiarism And Its Effects On Society

- Many students do not learn to stop plagiarizing because no serious punishments were enforced before in their lives. These students never truly learning their lesson can be compared to just getting a slap in the wrist that does not really teach a child a lesson versus a kid who gets grounded and has all of toys taken away for a small period of time. Being slapped in the wrist can be compared to a teacher just talking seriously to a student about what was done wrong, in this case plagiarism. Being grounded and getting toys taken away can be compared to a teacher who did take plagiarism seriously and wrote each student an office referral that led to detention or any type of suspension....   [tags: Academic dishonesty, Plagiarism, Academia]

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Honors Code : Honor Code

- Honors Code An academic honor code is a set of rules and regulations set into place governing the ethical principles of an academic community. Academic honor code is important and should be established in all higher learning schools, such as high-school and secondary-education facilities. Honor codes are viewed by society as a way for students to show not only personal honor, but also integrity for the work they do and respect for the people around them (Potsdam).The Academic Honor Code teaches responsibility, as this code also stands against the issues of cheating, stealing, and lying....   [tags: Academic dishonesty, Academia, University]

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The University Of North Carolina

- The University of North Carolina (the “University”) has taken certain actions to address the academic scandal that came into light in 2011. The University’s African and Afro-American Studies (AFAM) Department was discovered giving “paper classes,” which allowed athletes to stay eligible in the NCAA (the “crisis”). The crisis has tarnished the University’s reputation not only internally, but also externally. Crisis management is a crucial aspect to regain public trust and its reputation. The University has successfully taken several steps to achieve these goals and minimize the damage....   [tags: Academia, Academic dishonesty, University]

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The Supreme Court Of The United States

- On June 26th, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States announced its judgment that the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution bars states from not recognizing same-sex marriages. The decision, doubtless among the most influential in United States history, launched many Americans into a coast-to-coast revelry as the nation finished penning its newest chapter in a long-running civil rights narrative. But the decision also had a secondary effect; it ignited an academic passion within me that has not yet subsided....   [tags: Supreme Court of the United States, Law, Academia]

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Dr. Beverly Wall For The Board Of Regents Adjunct Faculty Teaching Award

- It is my pleasure to nominate Dr. Beverly Wall for the Board of Regents Adjunct Faculty Teaching Award. She is being nominated by the President, her peers, staff and students for her altruistic support of Charter Oak State College. Dr. Wall’s has distinguished herself at Charter Oak State College as an outstanding leader and teacher. Beverly Wall has been a member of Charter Oak’s core faculty, serving on the History and Humanities faculty committee, since 2004. She served as chair of that committee from 2009-2011....   [tags: University, Academia, Faculty, Academic degree]

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Is East Carolina University ( Ecu ) Helps Provide The Highest Values Of Leadership And Services?

- East Carolina University (ECU) strives to provide the highest values in leadership and services. ECU opens its doors to a wide variety of students with many developmental backgrounds. This widespread population makes it critical for ECU’s staff to provide student support and counseling services. East Carolina is accredited university that can award bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees (, 2014). We chose to interview two departments that serve the diverse students in counseling, student affairs, and developmental programs....   [tags: University, Academia, Dean, Academic degree]

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Applying Ethical Theories : Interpreting And Responding Students Plagiarism By Granitz, N. And D. Loewy

- Summary This is a summary of Applying Ethical Theories: Interpreting and Responding to Student Plagiarism by Granitz, N. and D. Loewy (2007) in the Journal of Business Ethics, vol. 72, pp 293-306. The journal focuses on why students plagiarise during their studies and the reasoning that they use to defend plagiarism; uncovering their rational behind their choices. Granitz and Loewy (2007) conduct observational research from a West Coast university to identify and understand the different types of reasoning and justifications that students use to support their acts of plagiarism....   [tags: Ethics, Academic dishonesty, Academia, Education]

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Case Study : The Ethical Dilemma

- The Ethical dilemma in this case is should Mr. Clyburn fail Bob Simmons. Bob claims his computer crashed the night before but we don’t know that this is definitely the case. Should Mr. Clyburn trust Bob and give an extension on the paper. On one hand, Mr. Clyburn included backing up information in his syllabus and that all students were held to the same standard, Bob should fail the assignment. But who will this benefit. The stakeholders relevant in this case are Bob Simmons, the other students, the school community including future students of Mr....   [tags: Ethics, Academic dishonesty, Academia, Education]

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The Attitudes And Behaviour Of 3040

- Through an online questionnaire, Ware and Monkman (2008) examined the attitudes and behaviour of 3040 (out of 41,140 email addresses sourced from Thomson Scientific) academic authors who had recently published articles in relation to peer review in journals. In this survey, which was described as a global survey, the two authors concluded that the majority (93%) of surveyed authors disagrees that peer review is unnecessary, 85% agreed that it greatly helps scientific communication and 83% believe that without it there would be no control....   [tags: Peer review, Academic publishing, Academia]

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Graduates At High Quality Job Markets

- KSU graduates compete in high-quality job markets. The area is a resource pool of highly skilled job candidates from other Universities nearby. The graduates from a top ranked university in the Atlanta offers the biggest threat for KSU graduates in the job market. The KSU graduates are facing increased competition when searching job, and KSU is facing difficulty in getting firms for campus recruitment and research partnerships or for internship opportunities. Dues to the lower ranking, potential students will apply at other universities....   [tags: University, College, Academia, Academic degree]

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Questions And Response, Rhetorical Analysis And Argumentative Essay

- In order to be admitted into the ENG 1430 class, I had already acquired the ways to write process essay, cause and effect essay, and compare and contrast essay. During this semester, I found that the most significant issue that arose was I learned how to write three different kinds of essays: summary and response, rhetorical analysis and argumentative essays. Learning how to write three kinds of new essays is exciting progress for my academic writing skills. My interest in writing has improved as well....   [tags: Essay, Writing, Rhetoric, Academia]

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The Position Of Associate Provost At Cambridge College

- The position of Associate Provost at Cambridge College is an outstanding opportunity. This position would allow me to share my higher education experiences successfully leading and working collaboratively with the community, institutional leadership, faculty and staff. The position of Associate Provost would also allow me to contribute in a significant way to advance the institution’s mission. I believe that my professional experiences and academic background would make me a promising candidate for this position....   [tags: Education, College, University, Academia]

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The Reflective Model I Shall Be Identifying My Learning Development Needs With Is, Gibbs

- The reflective model I shall be identifying my learning development needs with is, Gibbs (1988). Description Previously, before accepting my position on the primary and early years course, I was an aspiring social work student. Due to personal circumstances early this year, I made a difficult decision in changing courses to pursue a career that would be more beneficial and centred around my positive attributes. I was worried that I was not academically capable of becoming a primary school teacher....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Academia]

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High Level Qualification Is A Master Of Business And Information Technology

- Essential A degree with at least 4 years subsequent relevant experience, or an equivalent combination of relevant experience and/or education/training, AND Demonstrated administrative experience in a higher education institution. My highest level qualification is a Master of Business and Information Technology (completed at an average of 83%), while I have 24 years’ experience in three different universities across a variety of relevant roles. I am familiar with working in a busy tertiary education environment with competing pressures where change is a constant....   [tags: University, Academia, Dean, College]

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