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Role Of Youth In National Development

- The term – nation building or national development, is usually used to refer to a constructive process of engaging all citizens in building social cohesion, economic prosperity and political stability in a nation in an inclusive and democratic way. Going by the definition, it is seen that all citizens are to be involved in building or developing a nation. Thus, the involvement of youth in national development is a must. In fact, youths play one of the most important roles in nation building. Youth are not only the leaders of tomorrow, but also the partners of today....   [tags: Youth]

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The Youth Mentorship Program ( Ymp )

- YWCA’s Youth Mentorship Program (YMP) is designed to promote positive youth development and leadership while combating issues leading to increased drop‐out rates, teen pregnancy rates, and juvenile detention rates facing the enrolled youth in the program. YMP’s strength lies in its unique family‐oriented atmosphere. Mentors act as role‐models and tutors while interacting with the families of each participant in order to provide the best possible service to each youth. For many of the youth that we serve, that steadying presence over their formative years is the most stable thing in their lives....   [tags: Youth, High school, Positive youth development]

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Runaways and Unaccompanied Youth in the United States

- People look at you like you’re the one to blame. They see your tattered sneakers and tangled, greasy hair, and they think they know you. But how could they. You amble down the sidewalk, keep your head down, your eyes averted. You don’t want any trouble. People are quick to assume that's what you're looking for. Your lips are chapped and your face is dirty. You cannot remember the last time you brushed your teeth, let alone took a shower. The thought makes you laugh almost as much as the thought of your old bedroom walls, the shadows cast by the ceiling fan as you stared up from your bed....   [tags: homeless youth]

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Opportunities And Challenges : Child And Youth Care

- Opportunities and Challenges: Child and Youth Care Practice in a School-Based Setting The establishment of child and youth care work within educational settings does present important opportunities for the CYC practitioner, as well as significant challenges for consideration. Upon critical reflection, several questions are raised in where I must consider the possible advantages and areas of concern, and to further examine my purpose and place when working within such an environment. 1) What is my role within this environment, and how might I as a CYC practitioner be situated within the context of the organization....   [tags: Youth, Young, Youth work, Childhood]

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Peer Influence On Youth Delinquency And Depression

- In order for Sonny to escape the difficulties of the real world, he fell into a deep depression. Sonny wanted to avoid dealing with the responsibilities at home dealing with his over bearing family, the temptations of the streets by diving into a world that was much nicer than the one he was brought up in. Since he was exposed to the dark side of Harlem at a young age, it leads to him down a path of becoming an addict for life. By being associated with a large groups of people, youths are constantly presented in situations were they are peer pressured into situations where they do not want to be in, because of this it can weight heavily on the soul....   [tags: Youth, Childhood]

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The Lack Of Independence In Today's Youth

- Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "So much attention is paid to the aggressive sins, such as violence and cruelty and greed with all their tragic effects, that too little attention is paid to the passive sins, such as apathy and laziness, which in the long run can have a more devastating and destructive effect upon society than the others." Laziness is in fact harmful in the long run. It leads to lack of dependency, which can cause drastic consequences to society. This is why solutions must be identified to solve the dilemma of dependency on others in today's youth, particularly in the United Arab Emirates, where this problem prevails....   [tags: Sociology Youth Independence Culture]

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The Influence of Media on Youth

- An outsider looking in could see that America's society has much work to be done. Today's youth focuses on nothing but the media and how to be the next Kim Kardashian or Lil Wayne. The media, 9 out of 10 times, is a negative device used to convince younger minds what it means to be beautiful, cool, popular, or anything else someone younger may want to strive to become. The media attacks younger minds because they are more vulnerable and open to believing what they see. The issue with the media is becoming bigger and bigger because we as Americans don't take time to teach the youth right from wrong, we rely on the media to do the job....   [tags: youth, TV programs, media]

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The Youth And Student Vote

- The 2011 Canadian federal election saw the continuation of a steep decline in youth voter participation (Elections Canada, n.d.) in Canadian politics. However, jumping forward to the just past 2015 election, the youth and student vote surged and youth became a pivotal target group in deciding Canada’s new government (Harris, 2015). So why does a usually under-represented group suddenly become engaged in Canada’s political future. The youth and student vote is most largely affected by youths’ political education, proximity to polling stations, and political parties’ recruitment and involvement of youth in both their platforms and candidate selection....   [tags: Elections, Voting, Election, Youth]

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Youth During The School Day

- youth during the school day in the United States is directly related to their quality of health and academic success.13,14 Research has increasingly demonstrated the role of a positive school climate in impacting students’ health, ability to engage positively with their peers, and their learning process.15-17 A school that promotes a supportive environment, where students feel connected to their school and also feel they are cared for by their peers, is considered a crucial protective factor against risk behavior engagement.18 The reciprocal relationship between engagement in aggressive and violent behaviors and school connectedness has been well established.19 Specifically, youth who feel d...   [tags: Aggression, Violence, Adolescence, Youth]

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Youth Gangs, Drugs, & Violence

- Gang involvement and its associated violent crime have become a rapidly growing problem for the United States. Generally, gangs consist of young people of the same ethnic, racial, and economic background. Usually of a low socio-economic status, these gangs engage in illegal money making activities and intimidate their neighborhoods and rival gangs with violent crimes and victimization. Gang members exemplify a high value for group loyalty and sacrifice. Gangs often target youth when recruiting new members, with the average age of initiation being 13 years old (Omizo, Omizo, and Honda)....   [tags: Youth Gangs and Violent Crime ]

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Alcohol Advertising on our Youth

- Many discussions have come about advertising and youth drinking from time to time. Whenever you see an ad on the media you see ads that relate to teens. This is not an accident. Though you cannot legally drink until the age of twenty one, these alcohol selling agencies are marketing to minors. I believe that these companies should not have ads directed to teens, if these teens are not legally permitted to drink the beverages they are marketed. Today our youth is not only exposed to alcohol advertising, but they are also the targets, An article from the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) discusses how even though alcohol consumption has decreased in the last decade in teens, that in...   [tags: youth drinking, health, safety]

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Parental Violence and Youth Sports

- Participating in a sport at an early age can be essential to the overall growth process during a child’s upbringing. Whether the participation is through some sort of organized league or just getting together amongst friends and playing, the lessons learned from this can help teach these kids and provide a positive message to them as they develop. There is a certain point, however, when organized sports can hinder progress, which is when adults get too involved and forget about the underlying reason to why they are helping....   [tags: Benefits of Youth Sports]

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The Danger in Youth Sports

- It was a bright, sunny, hot day at the end of august. Our football team had an amazing offensive line as we were stacked with linemen each exceeding over 200 pounds. There were many pressures on us to be a very good team and they pushed us all very hard to be the best. Practice five days a week with lifting on the other two days, no days off was our motto. Our scrimmage had gone very well that day and as it was coming to an end, the starters were out and we were taking our pads off when I heard my coach yell from the side that one of the players got a stinger and he needed me back in....   [tags: youth sports, safety]

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A Chance For Our Youth

- Did you know that nearly 110,000 youth under the age of 18 are incarcerated. Of these, almost 15,000 are placed into adult facilities and 75% of them were sentenced as adults. ( There are about 2,600 prisoners serving a life sentence for a crime they committed as a juvenile who were not even given the chance of parole. ( Juvenile offenders should not receive extreme sentencing, and be tried as adults. Young children of today are suffering from a lifestyle filled with neglect and violence in their households, poverty, bullying (recently cyber bullying) and lack the assistance needed to make it through this crucial period of life....   [tags: juvenile delinquency, youth, incarcerated]

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What is Youth Work

- Describe what you are recording about. Identify whether it was a journal paper, book chapter; practice observation; taught theory; lecture or other. In this journal I am going to look at what youth work provision is and to also give the reader some insight into the experiences LGBT people have had with their church. The views come from people I have talked to during the course of my investigation; I have only used the participants Christian name and age and have stated if they are a youth worker for confidential purposes....   [tags: LGBT, Church, Youth Provisions]

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The Runaway And Homeless Youth Act

- Youth become homeless for a number of reasons including: family violence and neglect, rejection due to sexual orientation or gender identity, the overwhelmed child welfare system and extreme poverty. These youth almost always have experienced unimaginable abuse and trauma, in their homes, their communities, and on the street. It is the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act (RHYA)-funded services and programs that help to rectify the deep injustices that homeless youth experience on a daily basis. RHYA specifically funds three different programs for homeless youth: street outreach, which aims to transition youth off the streets; basic centers, which provides youth temporary shelter and services; and...   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty, Youth, Homeless shelter]

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Youth Participation In Gangs

- Youth participation in gangs actually decreased from 1996 to 2004, but the violence within these gangs has not. Homicides committed by youth gang members still remain as a monumental problem across the United States of America. The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention reported in its 2004 survey of youth gangs that there were an estimated 760,000 gang members that year. Many of the kids affiliated with gangs come from lower income, single parent homes; therefore, the youths of America often turn to gangs to fill the void of not being part of a “family”....   [tags: Youth Gangs Essays]

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The Modern Youth Culture

- With the times socially and politically changing, young people saw rules and laws as things to evade and work their ways around them. When the 18th amendment banned the distribution, but not the drinking, of alcohol, older teens stored up drinks in their homes that would be able to last them for years. This outrageous and cunning new way of thinking spread across the country in one of the quickest social developments the United States has ever seen and left older generations speechless. Never before had anyone seen such bold and defiant attitudes in anyone, let alone the youth....   [tags: Childhood, Youth, Adolescence]

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Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Youth Entrepreneurship

- Introduction Suhas Gopinath’s mother feared for his future. He was more interested in website development than his academics. He spent hours in an internet café peering over online tutorials after school hours in India. When he failed his mathematics exam, his mother ordered him to focus only on academics. Left with no option, Suhas waited for his summers. Soon, at a young age of 14, he was a website development freelancer for many companies in the United States. He welcomed adulthood by registering his venture “Globals Inc” in the United States....   [tags: youth entrepreneurship]

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The Runaway And Homeless Youth

- The Runaway and Homeless Youth and Trafficking Prevention Act 1 Youth become homeless for a number of reasons, including: family violence and neglect, rejection due to sexual orientation or gender identity, the overwhelmed child welfare system and extreme poverty. These youth almost always have experienced unimaginable abuse and trauma, in their homes, their communities, and on the street. It is the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act (RHYA)-funded services and programs that help to rectify the deep injustices that homeless youth experience on a daily basis....   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty, Youth, Homeless shelter]

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My Observation Hours For The Youth Development Program

- The summer program I used to complete my observation hours for the course of the summer was a youth development program offered in Dawsonville, GA. called Next Generation. and their mission is to provide an opportunity for positive youth development as well as access to resources and opportunities many children otherwise don’t have access to. They aim to use this program to provide mentoring for the youth, tutoring for afterschool assignments, and offer many opportunities as a prevention program to the advancement of vulnerable youth....   [tags: Education, Learning, Youth, Youth development]

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The Mythical Fountain of Youth

- The mythical Fountain of Youth is a legend that is known all around the world. The Fountain of Youth is said to have rejuvenating qualities. It can restore the youth of old men and women. Also, it is reported to bring about healing. People, throughout history, have speculated on the actual existence of this mythical fountain. Others have even gone in search of it, never to be heard from again. This legend has captivated and intrigued the world for many centuries. The Fountain of Youth legend has much history and has influenced the world throughout time....   [tags: youth fountain, ponce de leon]

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Who Is The Best Cookie Cutter Youth Program?

- This, I 'm sure, won’t come as any surprise, but young people are not all the same. There is no ‘quintessential young person.’ Try as we might by pouring over manuals and websites, we will not discover the perfect cookie cutter youth program. The scope of the variety of young people is as broad as humanity itself. That being said of course, you be forgiven for thinking that youth workers as a movement cater better to some groups than others. I think - speaking very generally - that we are better with extroverts, sports fans, gamers and music lovers....   [tags: Youth, Young, Intelligence, Youth organizations]

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Private Youth System Project Plan

- Private Youth System is a repository of information on health and social matters for youth. The youth will be able to access vital information from this system related to social and health matters, which affect them in their daily lives. The youth within this age group will be the only youth allowed to register with the system. These ages will be the only ones allowed to register with the system and have profiles. Each youth will be able to access his / her profile privately through the provision of a password for each profile....   [tags: youth system, social workers, youth health]

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What lies in the future of our youth?

- What lies in the future of our youth. Do we really know. The beliefs should be believed that we have the power to mold the minds of our children, that we have to take any steps necessary to make sure that the mold is something that we would like to see in our up and coming youth molded into, and that we cannot allow this mold to be broken. Our basic survival depends on those minds of our youth that we need to take the time to mold today. Youth delinquency is a massively growing problem in the United States today....   [tags: Persuasive, Youth Delinquency]

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My Views On Global Youth Studies

- Over a course of 16 weeks, approximately 30 reading assignments, many lectures, and countless hours spent outside of the class room working on Wikipedia, I now have a sense of what Global Youth Studies is. Although, as a class we have just uncovered the intellectual tip of the iceberg that is Global Youth Studies, there is much more to learn, discuss, collect data on and research. Granted that I am just an undergraduate student, I feel as if I have added a new perspective to Global Youth Studies....   [tags: Youth, Young, Gender, Time]

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The City of Columbus to Save Its Youth

- Columbus to save its Youth The United States is no stranger to crime, unfortunately there has been an increased amount of criminal activity in the city of Columbus. The most drastic increase in criminal activity has been among teens as young as thirteen, and are usually commited during after school hours. The city of Columbus has made attempts to be proactive in reducing the crime rate in with little success. Many residents believe that increased punishment for adolescent crimes is the proper measure that needs to be taken....   [tags: increase in youth crime rates]

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Social Policy For A Youth And Community Worker

- Social policy to my understating is guidelines for a youth and community worker to follow to help prevent harm towards a young person and to help a young person with a situation they are facing whilst following the procedure that is placed for us to keep the worker safe as well as the young person. However policies differ as immigration policy is merely guidelines, as it is followed like law that "visitors" whom may enter the UK rely on their reliability of leaving the country. Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules (2015) "4.2 The applicant must satisfy the decision maker that they are a genuine visitor....   [tags: Youth, Young, Exploitation, Childhood]

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Teaching The American Youth Positive Attitude

- Teaching the American Youth Positive Attitude. Attitude can alter reality. The diversity of culture and norms of the American society, has affected the attitude of the American youth. Therefore, it is important to learn, teach and display positive values and good morals in society. We have the necessary resources at our disposal that can gear and guide our youth to have a strong sense of self. Some of these resources include groups that are agents of socialization such as; first, the family/home....   [tags: Education, Sociology, Youth, School]

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The Importance Of The Youth Center

- The Importance of Youth Centers Introduction Every child comes from a different background. It is crucial to understand that not every student has the same opportunities as their peers. Consequently, it is very important for a community to come together to be involved with the school system. Youth centers play a critical role in the lives of many students. Today, many people seek out youth centers to help the development of their children. There are many studies that show positive outcomes of being involved in youth programs....   [tags: High school, Education, Youth, Secondary school]

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Youth Are Our Future By The Jose Colchado And The Youths Of The East Side Youth Center

- This image by the Jose Colchado and the youths of the East Side Youth Center, titled “Youth Are Our Future,” was originally untitled. It was a mural particularly for the community to showcase diversity and the importance on minorities. The article containing this image, however, did not explain why it wasn’t titled in the first place, but, it did state that after if was whitewashed (destroyed for racist intentions) it was given the title “Youth Are Our Future” by the same individuals who have created the artwork....   [tags: United States, Racism, Painting, Youth]

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Youth Crime Reoffending, Theories and Solutions

- In England, conforming to the Civitas’s Crime report Youth Crime in England and Wales (2010) the youngest age that someone can be prosecuted is as young as ten years old. It is also mentioned that trailing, patrolling and applying penalties on young offenders costs almost four billion pounds annually. The numbers of first time offences committed by a young person has decrease over the years; according to the Youth Justice Statistics (2014) youth crime is down by 63% since 2002. In regards to the offences themselves, nearly every offence category has decreased in reoccurrence with exception to drug offences declares Civitas’s Youth Crime in England and Wales (2010)....   [tags: Civitas Youth Crime in England and Wales]

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A Director Of Services At Mosaic Lgbt Youth Centre

- As a director of services at Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre, I was responsible for making sure that Centre delivers a wide range of services that met our members ' needs. Based on consultation with members I was able to look at the need and see how that need could be met. One of the consultations showed that some young people are not able to get to the youth centre every week and hence missing a lot of integration and curricular learning. As a response to that, I founded Mosiac LGBT Youth Summer Camp....   [tags: Youth, Young, Social work, Index of youth articles]

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The Effects Of Mentoring And After School Programs For At Risk Youth

- This research paper will concentrate on the effect of mentoring and after school programs for at-risk youth in reducing and preventing delinquency. In order to explore the possible influence of mentoring programs this research paper will analyze Keating, Tomishima, Foster, and Alessandri’s 2002 quasi-experimental study on “an existing intensive mentoring program … located in the western United States” (pp. 721, 723). Also, this study will present Coller and Kuo’s evaluation on the “Youth Empowerment Program (YEP),”a school-based mentoring program “focused on low-income at-risk Latino children” who dwell in Los Angeles, California (p....   [tags: Psychology, Youth, Human behavior]

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Benefits of an Inner City Community Youth Center

- It’s no well-kept secret that inner city impoverished neighborhoods produce some of the lowest test scores in the nation. It is not necessarily the children’s fault that they perform poorly, they are simply victims of their environment, one of apathy, greed, and a lack of academic importance in life. Most of their parents are not well educated, and as statistics show, they will not be either. Often, inner city youths, good children to begin with, become entrapped in a vortex of negativity stemming from a community that does not care to support them in a positive manner, and prominent negative influences abundantly tempting them, such as drugs, violence, and crime....   [tags: Youth Center, Impoverished Areas]

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The Impact Of Digital Technology On Youth Cultural Engagement

- Within the universal landscape of childhood there exists an ideal metaphor for understanding the impact of digital technologies on youth cultural engagement; the playground. Developmental Psychology studies have found that children use the playground to perform approximations of adult behaviour; using this landscape as their training ground for navigating the adult world (Bers, 2012). However, these days the proverbial playground can be found within a digital world. Examples of these new information-communication technologies include Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr but can span to include many other forms of technological communication....   [tags: Sociology, Culture, Digital, Youth]

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Youth Gangs

- When beginning a discussion or exploration of youth gangs, the longevity of the social problem becomes a reasonable starting point. Youth joining together and roaming the streets of London together in packs were described as early as 1830 in Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist (Burnett, 1999). Before considering the current state of affairs with youth gangs, it first becomes important to focus attention on developing a concise understanding of what is meant by the term “youth gang.” Additionally, what are trends relating to the spread and progression of youth gangs in America....   [tags: Youth Gangs Essays]

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Service Learning: Working at the Youth Detention Center (YDC)

- This semester I have been volunteering at the Youth Detention Center (YDC). YDC is a youth center for those youth ages 13-18 that have committed crimes, from running away from home to cutting the hydraulic brake lines of their parent's car. When is is concluded that the youth can no longer be active members in their communities, they are sent to YDC. There are four different units: H is for the youth that are in court right now but cannot stay at home, E is the girls unit, G unit is for the boys who committed minor crimes and felonies, and F unit is for the boys who committed major crimes and felonies such as sexual assault and dealing drugs....   [tags: detention center, youth]

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Adult And Youth Professional ( Cyc ) Support Adults

- Adults A Child and Youth professional (CYC) support adults in their lives in countless ways. They act as advocate, mentor and teacher to parents that are or have been in difficult situations. Some of these situations are but not limited to teaching parents to cook and clean, create a safe environment for their children that may be involved and they also facilitate crisis intervention. As a CYC helping parents and young adults, there are two approaches that are used. The term for the first approach is the surface approach....   [tags: Parent, Father, Youth, Life]

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Reggie Johnson: A Youth Life Cut Short

- ... He didn’t accept him for who he was. It’s kind of obscure why his father neglected him considering he was such a great kid. Reggie before his demise, was a honor student, destined to succeed in any career field he choose. He excelled in the classroom but, he didn’t excel in sports. This disappointed his father but he still loved him just not as much as Austin. He wouldn’t give Reggie the same treatment as his brother AJ (Austin). Reggie and Austin were complete opposites. Reggie was smart while Austin was obtuse.While Reggie was an excellent student in class....   [tags: drugs, death, youth, school]

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Hitler 's Creation Of The Hitler Youth

- Hitler’s creation of the Hitler Youth was not only an ingenious idea to obtain new young healthy members of the Nazi regime but also played on the broken and decayed spirit of the youth of Germany. Noakes provides excerpts from the Hitler Youth War Service Plan for 1940. Hitler was not only using these youth to gain people he was using them the gain a larger army. “Pre-military training plans of the 16-18-year-old Hitler Youth boy is extened from six to twelve months so that the final test will be finished by 15 October 1940” (Noakes 400)....   [tags: Nazi Germany, Nazism, Hitler Youth, Nazi Party]

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How to Handle Violence in Youth Sports

- Everyone agrees that parent involvement is a good thing. But when the parent behaves inappropriately, it creates a poor environment for the children to learn and enjoy themselves. "Sideline rage" with parents behaving badly at youth sports events is such an epidemic, that 76% of respondents from 60 high school athletic associations said increased spectator interference is causing many officials to quit (Associated Press, 6/3/01). Parents are supposed to be role models, and the lessons they teach will determine their values and actions in the future....   [tags: sports rage, youth sports, sports violence]

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2012 Election: A Failure to Mobilize the Youth Vote

- The American youth voted in fewer numbers during Obama's reelection than for his first term. Michael P. McDonald points out this simple fact in his Huffington Post article from May 2013. He explains this decline both statistically and through the theory of mobilization, the later of which lacks substance and direction. He assumes the decline is because of campaigns failures to engage the youth, completely ignoring the complex motives behind a young voters turnout. Through the rational choice and resource models, these motives can be better deciphered....   [tags: mobilization, obama campaign, youth voters]

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Restorative Justice and Youth Reoffending in the United Kindom

- ... The formative years from birth to age eight (particularly in the 0-2 year age group) play a vital role in the formation of intelligence, personality and social behavior (UNICEF 2012).There is strong link between the quality of the child- parent relationship and juvenile delinquency and neglect and delinquency were seen to stand side by side (Hendricks 1994:24) A 2002 evaluation in north England conducted by Youth Justice board confirmed earlier notion that delinquent behaviors are generally caused by neglect of parental authority, improper conduct of parents, disproportionate severity in corrective process , weakness , moral laxity etc....   [tags: youth deliquent behavior, government system]

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How Are Most Celebrities Inappropriate Role Models for the Youth?

- People look up to celebrities as role models, the youth especially. The youth believes that if they imitate these cynosures they will become affluent and legendary. Famous people imply that if the youth act insubordinately they will be successful in life. Celebrities of today are not appropriate role models for this generation. Everywhere a person looks, sex is exalted by celebrities. Commercials and advertisements now use risqué celebrities who are half naked to endorse their products. A 'Got Milk?' advertisement used an exposed photograph of Miley Cyrus with nothing but a sheet covering her breasts and a portion of her posterior....   [tags: celebrities, role, models, youth, sex]

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Use of Humor and Language Techniques in Monbiot's Article "Modest Proposal for Youth Scourge"

- In the article “Modest Proposal for Youth Scourge”, we see George Monbiot expressing his opinion about young people. Monbiot is making fun of those in society who want to go to extreme methods to keep youth out of public places - by using emotive and figurative language, tone and humour. At the beginning of the article, particularly in the first paragraph, you believe that Monbiot is serious about the topic. But by the end of the second paragraph, you begin to suspect that Monbiot is using humour and taking the subject of the text as a joke....   [tags: Modest Proposal for Youth Scourge]

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Youth: Life at Its Peak in "Sonnet 15" by William Shakespeare

- As each day goes by the beauty of our vibrant youth decays and diminishes. In "Sonnet 15" Shakespeare refers to youth as life at its peak, however this precious point in our life is short-lived. Shakespeare speaks of youth as a single moment of perfection. He glorifies youth and alleges to immortalize it through his poetic words. He uses metaphors, imagery, and rhyme in a way to enhance the beauty and perfection of mans youth while in its prime. Through this he demonstrate the love and richness of youth despite the tole time takes on it....   [tags: Sonnet 15, Shakespeare, youth, ]

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Youth Gangs and Violence In Schools

- The theme, which I have decided to research and base my portfolio on, is Youth Gangs and Violence In Schools. The term “Youth” is defined by the Compact Oxford English Dictionary as the period between childhood and adulthood and is also commonly used as a noun to describe young people. The same dictionary defines a “Gang” as an organised group of criminals or disorderly young people. Youth gangs are groups of young people who assemble and often engage in criminal and illegal activities such as graffiti, vandalism, theft, robbery and violent activities including, gang fights and brawls....   [tags: Youth Gangs Essays]

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A Comparison of Conflict and Labeling Theory in the Context of Youth Gangs

- Many have attempted to explain gang involvement in today's society. However, there is an underlying activity of youth joining gangs that does not seem to have enough media coverage or thorough explanations. As the name suggests, youth gang membership is about the juvenile population creating and joining gangs. Research indicates that youth gang membership exists in contemporary north America (Bernburg et al. 2006; aLilly et al. 2011; Maclure and Sotelo 2004; Sims 1997; Wiley et al. 2013; Yoder et al....   [tags: conflict theory, labeling theory, youth gangs]

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The Problems of American Youth

- The Problems of American Youth 1. Introduction This report briefly presents the problems of American youth. It consists of six parts. The first one deals with the general understanding of the teenagers in general. The second part conveys some facts about historic events and socio – historical context. The third one describes youths and their families and briefly shows the problems. The fourth part describes students and their schools. It conveys some details of educational system. The fifth part shows in what kind of activities can youths participate....   [tags: Youth Young Adolescent Essays]

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Youth by Joseph Conrad

- Youth by Joseph Conrad This analysis is based on the short story “Youth” by Joseph Conrad, in which involves the explanation of youth in relation to life. The story presents the theme that youth is somehow disillusioning. During the plot progression, it shows the perceptions and thinking of the main character, Marlow, who is a young ship's officer fascinated by the air of adventure and romance of the exotic East. The main themes describe some aspect of human life and behaviour, some of which are idealism versus realism, survival and the trials and tribulations that are encountered through life....   [tags: Youth Joseph Conrad Essays]

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The Youth Crisis Center Provides Shelter, Clothing, And Food For Children

- The Relatives is a Charlotte, North Carolina based organization whose mission is to “keep kids safe and families together, and to prepare youth and young adults to be healthy, productive, and engaged members of the community” (The Relatives, 2014). As a way to support all youth that may be in crisis situations, in need of support and resources for a better life different aspects of service delivery were created. The Relatives has been able to evolve its services to include a Youth Crisis Center, On Ramp Resource Center, and Journey Place Transitional Residence....   [tags: Homelessness, Youth, Need, Foster care]

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The Heartland And The Rural Youth Exodus By Patrick J. Carr And Maria Kefalas

- Small towns, quaint and charming, ideally picturesque for a small family to grow up in with a white picket fence paired up with the mother, father and the 2.5 children. What happens when that serene local town, exuberantly bustling with business, progressively loses the aspects that kept it alive. The youth, boisterous and effervescent, grew up surrounded by the local businesses, schools and practices, but as the years wear on, living in that small town years down the road slowly grew to be less appealing....   [tags: Academic degree, Higher education, Youth]

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Attempting to Break the Cycle of Youth Delinquency Through Art Programs

- Teaching is a difficult profession, not only because of the many demands put on us by districts and states regarding testing and standards, but mostly because we are dealing with the day to day realities of diverse people. Our students have experiences, emotions, abilities and restrictions that play into their performance levels in the classroom. Many of these students are considered at-risk. They might be considered at-risk because they are impoverished, have a disability, are emotionally unstable, have many negative influences in their lives or just are overwhelmed with the poor deck of cards life has handed them....   [tags: at-risk, teaching, youth arts, services]

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The Search for Eternal Youth

- The Search for Eternal Youth For billions of years, there has been life. Our planet consists of countless numbers of living creatures. Unfortunately, all living creatures have a limited life span which can range anywhere from a few hours to the ripe old age of 113 years old. Each individual has its own biological clock, and when the clock stops, our time is up. But what if we could rewind or stop our biological clock, rejuvenating ourselves to a time when we were totally content. In Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story, "Dr....   [tags: Research History Youth Science Essays]

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Media and Its Representation of Youth Culture

- History of the debate Since the late nineteenth century the media has been a cornerstone of our society. It has, for long periods of time provided the public with a variety of debates. In social policy the amount of influence the media has on the public has been at the forefront of intellectual minds. One of the main groups who have gained the attention of the media since the outset of the 1950’s is youth in their various different forms. These considerations lead to three questions:- * What pressures are present in the production of media material and how do these pressures affect what eventually reaches the public via newspaper reports and other...   [tags: Youth Culture Essays]

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Put the Fun Back into Youth Soccer

-    Abstract:  Youth Soccer has recently evolved into a fiercely competitive arena.  More and more children are leaving recreational leagues to play in highly competitive select leagues.  While select sports are a valuable resource where children can learn how to socialize and  become self motivated, children who start at young ages, ten and eleven, can suffer psychological and physical damages.  A child's youth sporting experience is directly influenced by the attitudes, sportsmanship and behavior of their parents and coaches.  Parents and coaches who pressure their children to be the best and not play their best are responsible for the high teenage drop out rate.  By eliminating the "winni...   [tags: Youth Sports Essays]

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O' Youth And Beauty! by John Cheever

- The story "O' Youth and Beauty!" by John Cheever is about the Bentley family, who live in Shady Hill as a happily married couple, who have their fair share ups and downs. Cash Bentley, the father of the household, is a former track star who has many money problems, and at times can be very touchy. Cash also had a charming quality of stubborn youthfulness, and felt they he always need to prove his youthfulness to his peers. Everytime the Bentleys went out drinking with their friends Cash would be reminded of his age and thinning hair and would feel the need to prove his youthfulness by hurtling living room furniture....   [tags: Cheever Youth Beauty Analysis]

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The Violence of Youth in American Society

- The Violence of Youth in American Society Times are changing. In a world where there really is no safe haven from the violence of the cold and harsh world. As an American citizen one might believe that they could send their children to an institute of learning and their children would be safe from harm and far from losing their lives. But now that idea is not reverently supported. The American children have been attacked. This should not be tolerated by America and America should do whatever they can to stop these needless acts of violence on the adolescents....   [tags: American Society Children Youth Crime Essays]

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Deterring Youth Drug Use For Children 's Success Within The D.a.r.e Program

- 1. There are multiple reasons that this website may be successful at deterring youth drug use. One example would be the recognition of other adolescents’ success within the D.A.R.E Program. According to the textbook, middle school students typically feel pressure to conform to the social activities of other youth (626). By using other youth as examples, the children who are at risk for drug use will feel as if using drugs is not the “popular” thing to do, which will make them not feel as pressured to get involved if their peers were to try and influence them....   [tags: High school, Adolescence, Middle school, Youth]

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The Wife of His Youth

- The Wife of His Youth In Charles Chestnutt’s “The Wife of His Youth,” Liza Jane is a woman who is determined to find her long lost husband, Sam Taylor. When he ran away from slavery and escaped up north, he left his wife behind. He changed his name to Mr. Ryder, to forget his past with slavery. Soon he became involved with a group called the Blue Veins, which were a group of people who believed in the preservation of light skinned blacks. In this group he was known as the dean. The Blue Vein society thought that dark skinned blacks were dirt and ignorant....   [tags: Charles Chestnutt The Wife of His Youth Essays]

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Youth Gangs

- Youth gangs in North American society are nothing new. When we turn on the news we often hear stories of misguided youth contributing to yet another gang related crime. Even though it is known that youth crimes are overrepresented in the media today, the subject of youth gang activity is quite a predicament to our society. Over the last few years, there has been a moral panic created by constant exposure to the media which portrays a great amount of youth crimes and violence. In Canada there are large urban cities with high proportions of young people, many of which live in poverty, that now have the issue of dealing with youth gangs and youth crimes....   [tags: Youth Gangs Essays]

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Youth Gangs

- Within the past two decades, a growing concern has been focused on what can be considered a social epidemic among the youth of our nation. This social distress stems directly from the rising number of youth gangs throughout the country. Gang mentality and social deviance of this form has been noticed and documented in this country for decades. “ Prior to the 1970’s, gang violence was still popularly associated with white ethnic enclaves in the cities of the Midwest and East, and gang incidents were typically brawls involving fists, sticks and knives....   [tags: Youth Gangs Essays]

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Youth Gangs

- Youth gang related crime crime has been growing for years, but little data exists about the extent and precise nature of crimes committed by gang members. Gangs have been said to have committed many crimes such as drug smuggling, murder, and theft. Although many gang members have been known to do some of these things, there is no real evidence that they are gang related. Researchers found that the median age at which youths begin to hang out with gangs is approximately 13 years old (Roland 26)....   [tags: Youth Gangs Essays]

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Anthem for Doomed Youth by Wilfred Owen

- Anthem for Doomed Youth by Wilfred Owen The sonnet ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’, by Wilfred Owen, criticizes war. The speaker is Wilfred Owen, whose tone is first bitter, angry and ironic. Then it’s filled with intense sadness and an endless feeling of emptiness. The poet uses poetic techniques such as diction, imagery, and sound to convey his idea. The title, ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’, gives the first impression of the poem. An ‘anthem’, is a song of praise, perhaps sacred, so we get the impression that the poem might me about something religious or joyous....   [tags: Anthem Doomed Youth Wilfred Owen Essays]

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Youth in Adult Basic and Literacy Education Programs

- Youth in Adult Basic and Literacy Education Programs Wherever adult educators gather, whether at conferences, meetings, or in e-mail discussion groups, a topic on many minds is the challenge of increasing numbers of teenagers enrolled in adult education classes. (Smith 2002, p. 1). The increase in the number of youth under the age of 18 enrolling in federally funded adult basic and literacy education programs is a trend that is putting increasing pressures on programs designed to serve an adult population (Hayes 2000)....   [tags: Adult Education Minors Youth Essays]

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The Youth Of Today 's Youth

- A community is only as strong as its youngest members. The youth impact a community in more ways than one and in a much larger aspect. They are who are out on the streets playing and representing the neighborhood, but they are also the future of the community and society as a whole. It is a responsibility of the older generation to do its best to provide the best resources to ensure that the youth grow up to be respectful and responsible members of society. There is a large drug problem in the youth of today that lead to drug-related crimes and it is something that can be reduced with the right tools....   [tags: Crime, Drug addiction, Criminology, Neighbourhood]

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Youth : Youth And Justice

- Youth and Justice Introduction Changes in public opinion, as well as in criminal justice legislation, have begun to recognize and reflect the unique circumstances at play in the lives of youth who commit crime. That is, it has become widely recognized that the justice system cannot treat youth offenders with the same response that adult offenders are treated with. Minaker and Hogeveen (2009) support this claim and state that youth require “a qualitatively different response” (p. 249). Two examples that reflect this sentiment are: the notion that youth are biologically and psychologically underdeveloped when compared with adults, and that youth possess a unique combination of risk an...   [tags: Crime, Criminal justice, Criminal law]

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Social Problems Affecting Youth Today and Ways to Solve Them

- Social Problems Affecting Youth Today and Ways to Solve Them Society nowadays isn’t what it was a decade ago. People change and so does the society they live in. The problems that our grandparents experienced with our parents aren’t the same that our parents experience with us. Nowadays, young people are exposed to two major social problems that affect their life negatively. These social problems are drugs and violence. Even though one doesn’t want to be exposed to these problems, it’s impossible because it is everywhere....   [tags: Papers Youth Drugs Deviance Essays]

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Cyberbullying And Youth As It

- I would like to highlight the topic of sexting and youth as it was one of the few discussions in which I participated where there were opposing views on the subject, benefiting the level of discussion. Many people discussed the issues behind sexting and youth and why it should be avoided. In contrast, I decided to focus on how sexting can be healthy and even beneficial. In addition to the ripe environment for discussion, the topic itself was something with which I have had experience, both in my own life and as a topic of conversation in other courses that I have taken, and so, was one of the more relatable topics....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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Youth Violence And Its Effect On Youth

- Growing up in Newark, New Jersey early in my youth witnessing violence was a daily occurrence. Especially when you’re a young youth growing up in this atmosphere it is nearly impossible to avoid seeing or partaking in what most would condone as violent acts. Violence seemed to engulf my life outside of the house that comes from fights at school, being jumped at the park, having to carry a knife to school as protection, or having to bring one of my dogs with me when walking to football practice for protection....   [tags: Life, English-language films, Gang, Automobile]

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The Is An At Risk Youth

- warnings seriously, as they are one of the most useful single predictors of a suicide” (Corey, Corey, and Callanan, 2011, p. 245). Manual is considered an at-risk youth, so it is important to understand Manuel’s background. Clinton, Clark, and Straub (2010) suggest asking questions about the child’s family, gain some insight in what the family dynamic is like, and also attempt to discover if Manuel has support from the family. "Off spring of parents who have depression face three to four times increased rates of depression compared with off spring of healthy parents" (Thapar, Collishaw, Pine, & A....   [tags: Suicide, Suicide methods, Self-harm]

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Disillusioned Youth: The Youth International Party

- Disillusioned Youth: The Youth International Party The turbulent and pivotal 1960s birthed a new breed of radicalism, political dissidence, and activism. Incubating in the early years of the Sixties, this new breed did not emerge until the middle of the decade. Non-violent direct action of the Civil Rights Movement was reaching the end of its shelf life and young radicals and student activists alike were growing increasingly frustrated with their inability to free themselves from the constraints of the status quo....   [tags: Jerry Rubin, 1960's movements]

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The Youth Of The Millennium

- Humans have always been of social nature and they have taken it to the next level to keep in touch. Technology in the past couple of years has made it possible to serve human’s needs for interaction and more. Humans have always had some sort of contact with each other but over time it has only gotten easier. People have started out with word of mouth, to sending messengers, to then getting mail, and now with technology, we have email and social networking. The youth of the millennium have invented smartphones that have taken over the world and their sole purpose is to keep humans of all ages in touch....   [tags: Facebook, Twitter, Social media]

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The Development Of The Youth

- Friends are critical to the development of the youth. This is not something that is exclusive to our generation, rather it transcends time. Throughout the ages, it is expected that you are to have friends in your childhood and these are the people who, besides your family, will be most important in shaping you into who you will eventually become. You will spend much of your time around them and they will become very important in your lives, more important than we can imagine sometimes. These people will both share and mold your personality, your mood, your memories and your being....   [tags: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship, Virtue]

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Youth and the Law

- Young offenders are persons under the age of 18, who are convicted for a criminal offence. The Juvenile Delinquents Act was made in 1908 and active until 1984. The Young Offenders Act was made in 1984 and active until 2002. The Youth Criminal Justice Act was made in 2002 as a replacement for the Young Offenders Act, which set out the process for responding to young offenders. These three famous young criminals were convicted of murder and tried as adults in court, resulting in them doing time at the Kingston Penitentiary....   [tags: young offenders, juvenile delinquents act]

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The Illusion of Youth

- Katherine Mansfield’s Miss. Brill written in 1920 is a short story a part of Mansfield’s The Garden Party and Other Stories. It is a short story about a middle-aged teacher, who finds joy in spending her Sunday afternoons, sitting in the park. At the park, she finds joy in observing others around her and pretending, they are all actors and actresses on a stage. Miss. Brill finds joy in the illusion that she creates at the park. She is a woman, who lives a very humdrum life and finds joy creating an unrealistic world, where she envisions herself as an actress....   [tags: Katherine Mansfield's Miss Brill]

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Youth and the Internet

- The internet is one of the fastest growing technologies ever seen. In 2002,around nine percent of people worldwide were using the internet. Ten years later, in 2012, thirty-three percent of the worlds population was using the internet, just over two billion people. Compared to forty-six minutes a day in 2002, people now spend an average of four hours on the internet every day. The internet's widespread use and the large role it now plays in everyday life means that nowadays, it has a much greater effect on people....   [tags: technology, bullying]

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Finance for the Youth

- In a Business Week article, Mr. Ben Steverman discuses issues facing today’s youth. The article is titles “Advice for Young Investors.” The article discuses two individuals who are 22 years of age, both are just beginning their careers. One individual is attempting to pay off student loans quickly and then save money to travel. The other individual is attempting to purchase real estate and invest within the market. Mr. Steverman discusses ten important factors for which young investors need to consider when approaching the market....   [tags: Cash, Buying a Home, Equities, Savings]

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The Homeless Youth

- Rationale According to the McKinney Act, A person is considered homeless who lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate night-time residence (National Coalition for the Homeless, 2006). There are facts and myths the troubles our displaced citizens, as a result of these beliefs the homeless youth population as has been stereotyped and/or ostracized based on their circumstances. We will explore these myths to alleviate the misbelief or misunderstanding of this exclusive population of communal and societal members....   [tags: Homelessness, Homelessness in the United States]

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