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Saipan Working Conditions in China

- Many people in China have thought that their lives were too poor, and their working conditions aren’t as good. They needed to raise their family and especially their kids. Their kids need to go to school, and their parents do not want them to waste their chance of a good future. Especially the one that has been working in poor conditions. Their mother. In this essay I would like to examine the working conditions in Saipan. I would like to talk about their lives. My main topic to this essay is “In what ways are the working conditions in Saipan not ideal” I would also decide on which side I will be on....   [tags: working conditions, China, ]

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How the Image of Working Women Came to Be

- Over the past few centuries, beginning with the start of the industrial revolution, the roles of women in the family have been constantly in flux. At the beginning of the industrial revolution, we can see that the role of women shifts to staying at home and taking care of housework, while the man serves as the “breadwinner”. In current time, we see women, now more than ever, having jobs outside of the household. In some cases, the roles of the mother and the father in the family are even switched: the women are the ones with steady full-time jobs outside of the household, while males are the ones staying at home taking care of children....   [tags: supermom, housewife, working mothers]

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Working-Class Poverty and the Southern Colorado Coal Strike

- The working class has served as an integral part of our capitalist society; as the building blocks, and producers of the goods that supply and support our country, the working class and working poor have faced many struggles to gain working rights. The histories of labor movements in the United States are often silenced from the mainstream culture; while we take our current union laws for granted, long forgotten are the bloody battles that took place to secure these rights. The ideological issues facing our modern day working class have shown to stem from the same socially constructed ideals that existed during past labor wars, such as the Colorado Coal Strike....   [tags: working class, working rights, labor movement]

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Working Women

- “Male and female represent the two sides of the great radical dualism,” wrote American journalist and women’s rights advocate Margaret Fuller in 1843, “there is no wholly masculine man, no purely feminine woman... Nature provides exceptions to every rule.” (((Margaret Fuller, Jeffrey Steele, The Essential Margaret Fuller, Page 310, American Women Writers, 1992))). Her statement during the mid-nineteenth-century was symptomatic of the changing dynamics of the traditional household and workplace in Western Europe and North America as a result of rapid industrialisation, and improvements in education and medical standards....   [tags: feminism, working class, workplace, gender]

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How Management Information Systems Affect Working Ethics

- For every technological introduction or advancement, there are consequences which come with it. This excludes not those that come with introduction of management information systems in companies. The modern society is entirely depended on information systems. Failure of these systems, today, can be declared as end of humanity. Worse enough is that there is a generational shift whereby future generations will not live without information systems that manage information. However, latest evaluations of the impact of management information systems have proven that there are chances, which are very high, of ethics being abused at the work place....   [tags: privacy, information systems, working ethics]

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Working as a Registered Nurse (RN) for Holmes Regional Medical Center (HRMC)

- Holmes Regional Medical Center(HRMC) is one of 4 hospitals in the Health First family. Has a long history dating back to 1928 that has seen many periods of growth through out the year. Although they have seen many changes one thing remains the same and that is that they take care of their employees. HRMC offers competitive pay rates and benefits packages. Growth both personal and professional growth are encouraged and supported. The appraisal process is fair and the employees know what the goals and expectations are for themselves and their co-workers....   [tags: Working as a Registered Nurse]

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E.P Thompson's The making of the English Working Class

- E.P Thompson's The making of the English Working Class From looking at The making of the English Working Class it seems quite obvious that E.P Thompson’s main arguments throughout his book are about the notion of ‘class’, in particular the ‘making of the working class’ ; and in order to evaluate his theories we must attempt to look at other historians opinions about his book, and his suggested theories, in order to come to an impartial evaluation. Many historians have their own interpretations when trying to define class, like Bourke who links class to characteristics such as accent, clothing; Marx who states that class was ‘no more or less than an objective social category’; and E.P.Thomp...   [tags: Thompson Working Class Essays]

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Working Hard or Hardly Working?

- ... School itself is designed to teach students and make them smarter and better educated for the rest of their lives. However, when it comes to the point that students harm themselves from school work, the schools have gone too far. Schools need to limit the students’ work loads because of the dangerous side effects that are often lethal. The nonfiction novel It’s Kind of a Funny Story demonstrates a character who experiences the severe consequences of excess work in high school; such as depression and eating disorders....   [tags: excessive homewor, modern education flaws]

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The Working Class

- Karl Marx once said “Capital is dead labor, which, vampire-like, lives only by sucking living labor, and lives the more, the more labor is sucks” (Karl Marx Quotes). Marx is well known as the Father of Communism, but now that the cold war is over and Communism is but a theory of government for a few countries, we can study Karl Marx as a visionary of his time, who foresaw how capitalism would grow out of control. With the used of religion, government laws and capitalism the wealthy will always reach out to control the masses....   [tags: Economics]

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The Dispossessed: What Is a Working Class?

- What do you think of when you hear “working-class?” One perhaps might think of a specific race, gender, sexuality or a specific type of lifestyle. In William Deresiewicz’s “The Dispossessed” aims to raise awareness to his audience that people of the working class still exist and should be recognized. His targeted audience being the educated, younger generations of middle and upper class. Through the use of logic and building his credibility, Deresiewicz makes a convincing argument about the way the working class has been neglected and forgotten....   [tags: William Deresiewicz]

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The Benefits of Being a Working Mother

- The question of whether or not to stay home to raise children is one of the most debated issues of motherhood. Endless studies and tests have been perfomed, thousands of surveys have been distributed, and if one were looking for a personal opinion, they would have to look no further than the nearest mother to give them a biased look at raising children. But while the traditional views of mothers as housewives remain alive and well in some areas, the modern working mother has made a successful place for herself in our society, and continues to prove herself to be both a powerful mother and business professional....   [tags: Family Psychology ]

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Benefits of Being a Working Mother

- Men and women are working harder than ever to survive in today's tough economy. It's a big challenge for low and middle class families to survive. To meet growing demands, it's getting difficult for families to depend on one income. To contribute to family income, mothers are coming forward and joining the workforce. Working mothers are the one who takes care of the family and work outside the home. They may be a single mothers or married mothers. Working mothers usually work to support their family financially....   [tags: children, family income, economy]

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Working with families is difficult and complex.

- Working with children, young people and their families can be seen as difficult and complex for many different reasons. However, before these topics can be discussed and explored fully, it is important to completely understand the difference between the words ‘difficult’ and ‘complex’. ‘Difficult’ implies that things are not easily or readily done, where it requires much effort much effort, labour and skill to be performed effectively. In the same way, ‘complex’ implies a hard to deal with situation, but also involves many interconnected parts or complicated arrangements that consist of emotional attachment....   [tags: Social Issues, Social Work]

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Tips for Working in a Restaurant Environment

- It’s your first day working as a server at a famous local restaurant. You’ve learned about the job’s regulations and policies at the orientation and found some helpful tips in the employment handbook. During your orientation, your manager talks about choosing an employee of the month every month and sometimes that special employee receives a bonus. Now you’re curious on how you will go about that since everyone you are going to work with, will follow the required rules given at the orientation and the handbook so it’s possible for anyone to be employee of the month....   [tags: impression, help, customers]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Partnership Working

- Introduction The problem with partnership working is that there are too many partners. Partnership working can be defined as a group of individuals, agencies or organisations with a shared interest, working together to achieve a specific objective. Partnerships are usually formed to address specific issues and may be short or long term. (Dewhurst, 2009) Although there is an acknowledgement that there is an absence in the definitions of partnership working, Powell, Glendinning & Rummery (2002) has offered the following minimal definition....   [tags: communication, collaboration, effective]

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The Effect of Bilingualism on The Working Memory

- Introduction Learning and memory are related to each other. So, people look at them as one issue. However, the specialists consider them two different processes. You can learn any language by living in the country in which the language is spoken or by studying it at school. Then, you can use your memory to speak that language by retrieving the words that you have memorized. Memory is important to learn anything. It helps you to store the information then you can use them in need. Our memory is not only one process....   [tags: balanced, dominant, recessive]

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Benefits of Working at Old Navy

- Getting your first job as a teenager can be an exciting time in a teenager’s life. Most teenagers start working in a retail stores or a fast food restaurant. One place that can pop into someone’s mind when looking for a job is Old Navy. There are hundreds of locations across the nations making it available to most teenagers. The flexible hours, good management, and discounts make Old Navy a wonderful place to start working as a teenager although not receiving enough hours to work is a downside. One of the main benefits about working at Old Navy is the flexible hours....   [tags: flexible, hours, management, team, discounts]

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Statement of Purpose for Working with Computers

- Take things as they are. Punch when you have to punch. Kick when you have to kick. First time I saw computer was at my uncle’s house. It was big black & white window 95 OS computer he use to let me play Dave game on that computer with time limit of 15 minutes, those were the most stimulating for me. Later I got chance to learn computers at my school in 5th grade. We use to learn LOGO, MS paint , MS office and I developed interest in computers making nested loops design patterns in logo was like incredible feeling for me....   [tags: technology, india, competitive]

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The World Working Together - is it Impossible?

- The World Working Together – is it Impossible. The world is today at a very peculiar balance, a balance at which it has never been before. Statistics reveal that the richest fifth of the population use up over 80% of the world’s resources. This makes an important question and a very central topic for debates worldwide. In contemporary times, as the richest countries have so much wealth, it is general consensus that some should be given to poorer countries, as a form of assistance, to help them build a well-functioning society and to improve the quality of life in poorer areas....   [tags: wealth, conflict, corruption]

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Benefits of Working as a Freelance Writer

- The ever-changing technology has led to the expansion of freelance markets. From continent to continent, country to country, city to city and village to village, you will come across many remote workers who have partially or fully dedicated their time to writing articles. The emergence and rapid spread of the internet to rural areas has been alluded as the main reason behind the rapid development of extensive and active online communities of freelance writers and other potential clients. The rapid increase in the number of people signing up for the increased freelance jobs has called for the need to study the benefits and risks associated with this profession....   [tags: Career Research ]

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Working for Electrex Can Be a Challenge

- When one works in Electrex, he or she will encounter different types of people during their management career. Every employee is different in their own way but what makes them different is their personality. Personality of a person is a combination of feelings, opinions, attitudes, behaviours and activities which when it is combined together, it makes that person special. Working in a big company like Electrex is never easy because of the heavy workload that ones have to handle. In this situation, some employee might be having stress and this will lead to decreases of output....   [tags: personality, management, stress]

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The Working of a Biological Catalyst: Catalase

- ... Enzyme activity was not affected as the pH of water, which is 7, is similar to the pH the liver maintains. In tube 5 a boiled cube of liver was placed into hydrogen peroxide. Boiling liver made irreversible changes to the structure of catalase and it could no longer function properly, it become denatured. Boiling liver damaged the catalase enzyme and clearly decreased the amount of bubbles when it was exposed to hydrogen peroxide; no foam was created. In tube 2 manganese dioxide and a cube of liver was added to hydrogen peroxide....   [tags: enzyme, pH, broiling liver]

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Working Conditions in the Industrial Revolution

- How people worked, the nature of their interaction with society, was one of the fundamental changes brought on by the demands of the industrial revolution. Taking advantage of the benefits obtained by the division of labor and scale of production required that people work together in large groups. This new paradigm of working collectively under the factory system had no contemporary parallel – except for the working conditions of slaves who also labored in large groups. An examination of the lives of factory workers and slaves shows that there are many similarities between the way slaves were managed, and the management of industrial workers....   [tags: Comparison to Slavery]

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Working Conditions in the Industrial Revolution

- When one looks at the many changes wrought by the industrial revolution, the working conditions of those in the newly industrialized industries are always a central focus. The new paradigm of the factory system changed more than simply how people worked, it changed their very sense of identity. It gave them a class-consciousness that would later help stimulate the rise of both democracy and communism. Disregarding for the moment, however, the future societal consequences of this newfound class-consciousness, and looking at the revolution solely from the perspective of an industrial worker, it is easy to questions the benefits of this revolution....   [tags: Factory System, Historic Document Comparison]

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Working as a Physiotherapist in the UK

- Working in the United States is already exciting, there are plenty of states and specialties to choose from. While my husband and I plan to travel around the US, we also plan to travel to the United Kingdom since he holds a British passport and his entire family resides there (not to mention the beautiful countryside). I have decided to research in advance how to transfer my education so I am able to work as a physiotherapist in the UK. To be a qualified physiotherapist, the applicant must apply to the Health Professions Council (HPC)....   [tags: Personal Ambition]

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Classroom Inclusion, but Is It Really Working?

- ... Additionally classmates for the most part viewed inclusion as beneficial but frequent inappropriate, disruptive behaviours were found challenging and unsettling. Students adjusted to unusual behaviors and for the most part were accepting; although a few high achievers voiced concerns relating to the disruptive influence on the learning environment. One high achieving male indicated, “They interrupt our learning process.”(Litvack, Ritchie, Shore, 2011, p.483) Average achieving students, particularly girls tended to report that those with disabilities had little impact on their learning, stating that they were like themselves but had a few problems....   [tags: children with special needs]

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The Working Poor by D. Shipler

- The Working Poor The objective of this essay is to illuminate my overall reaction to the reading of “The Working Poor” conveying what I do not like while highlighting a sociological perspective, in addition to explaining if the reading is applicable to my own life experience. Taking notice, the subject at hand was very sobering alluding even if we ourselves have not been partakers of living in the obscurity of prosperity between poverty and wellbeing, certainly we have encountered someone that has become a victim to it....   [tags: social darwinism, poverty, disparity]

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Representaion of Instructions in Working Memory

- Following instructions is part of our daily lives and a very important human attribute. It makes implementation of new arbitrary behavior rather effortless in comparison to trial and error, facilitating our learning process. Despite the fundamental role for our behavioral regulation, little is known of how instructions are represented in working memory. How do we plan an action and prepare ourselves to react in a specific way to a new and unpracticed task. Binding mechanisms have been shown to take part in action planning (Hommel, 1998; Stoet & Hommel, 1999, 2002); but does the mere instruction of an action result in binding of stimulus-response (S-R)....   [tags: Memory]

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Theories on Working Memory and Bullying

- Problem 1: Memory The NHS has recognised that numbers of error have transpired within nursing homes resulting from failures in central executive (short term) memory function in dementia patients. The NHS has sought advice on the possible interventions to help improve this type of memory and an overview of theory for this memory. They also want to know about how the effectiveness of the intervention would be measured. Baddeley and Hitch’s (1974) model of Working Memory will be used to explain this effect....   [tags: NHS, physical, emotional abuse, ]

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Working in Groups and Social Loafing

- ... Materials • Stop watch/timer • Many small pieces of paper (for participants to write uses) • 4 shoe boxes with hole for participants to put responses in • 4 different coloured pens • Data record sheet Procedures It should be noted that the study had ethical clearance approved by the University Human Research Ethics Committee (QUT reference number 0900001406). To examine the effect of the independent variables Coactive or Collective groups on the dependent variable number of responses generated, an independent group experimental design was used....   [tags: individual less effective in collective settings]

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Working Mothers and the Welfare State

- "How can we explain the differences in work-family policies in the different welfare states?” Kimberly Morgan's research approach is policy centred and focuses in particular on gendered polices. In this book, with a historical comparative approach, she tries to explain how “both religious practice and religious conflict are key in the formation of the welfare state”. She emphasizes the relationship between “religion as a political force, gender and familial ideologies, the constellation of political parties and the nature of partisan competition, women's movements, policy legacies, and social structural changes” ....   [tags: Politics of Work-Family Policies]

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Theories on Working in Groups Discussion

- Introduction This essay is going to discuss different theories on working in groups, Theories that will help you to become a good team member within a youth work setting. Also we will apply it to your role as a youth practitioner. There are two theorist who are called Tuckman and Belbin. We will be including what their beliefs and views are on becoming a successful team member and how you can developing team work skills by using a developing stage model. We will be comparing both theories and picking out their weaknesses and strengths and relating them both to working with young people....   [tags: child-youth practitioners,]

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Question and Answer of Working Late

- ‘Working late’. Question: Discuss the narrator’s feelings towards his father and his own situation. How does the poet convey these feelings. ‘Working late’. There are several interpretations surrounding this title. On one level, we are led to believe the poem is written on the basis of a prestigious man, who takes great pride in his work. On another level, it may well represent a man who will gradually ‘drift away’, from all his relationships with his family in pre-occupying himself in ‘wionw{ing} the true from the false’....   [tags: feelings, language, marrator]

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Working Manual for Counselors and Pastors

- PREFACE The Code of Ethics is envisioned to edify the body of Christ and is intended to be a living Pastoral tool that helps shape our character as we confer with help-seekers in their life destiny with Christ Jesus-the living Head of the Church. This book is for professional people helpers like Counselors, Guidance counselors, Christian School psychologists, Pastoral Counselors, Pastoral care givers, NursesPastors, youth pastors, Deacons, Elders- and other professionals who interact/ intervene in other people’s lives....   [tags: Ethics]

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The Societal Context of Professional Working

- The liberal party won a landslide election victory in December 1905. They introduced a programme of social reform, which laid the foundations of the welfare state. This meant that the government accepted responsibility for the lives of its citizens. Sir William Beveridge chaired a government committee on the welfare system. He seized the opportunity to rewrite the script of the welfare, and redesigned the outlines of the British welfare. The Beveridge Report, distributed in 1942, was the blue print for the welfare state, which was presented by the Labor government after the war....   [tags: British welfare state & healthcare system]

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Anti Bullying Laws are not Working

- It seems as if everyday there is someone new getting bullied ,even though there are laws that prevent this from happening . The U.S. needs to enforce all anti-bullying laws, to insure there are no more victims . Having bullying laws in place for everyone is so beneficial because they serve to protect the rights to the victims “Bullying is the use of force threat or coercion to abuse ,intimidate or, aggressively impose domination over others”(The Effects...1). Bullying may be caused because of race , religion , gender ,sexuallity ,and even apperance....   [tags: victims, abusers, school districts]

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The Nature and Working of PEMS

- Outline and assess the nature and working of PEMS. What was its purpose and how well did it live up to expectations. What were its strengths and weaknesses, and what do these say about the validity of rationalism and incrementalism as guiding principles of financial management. PEMS stands for Policy and Expenditure Management System. From 1979 through 1993, PEMS was the federal government’s macro-system of financial management. It was seen as a rational form of financial management. It was based upon the earlier PPBS system....   [tags: Canadian Political Science]

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Working Women and Dangerous Liaisons

- At the end of nineteenth century men and women migrated from rural areas to urban areas for industrial work (Smith, p.142). This change ushered in the system of wage labor which became the way most members of lower class gained income. However, wages for workers were incredibly low (Smith, p.145). The blooming trend among the middle-class of the head of household as the only working individual of the family was completely unattainable for working class families. It was a necessity for lower-class women to work to support the family as well as maintain their role as mother and keeper of the home (Smith, p.273)....   [tags: Women's Rights ]

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Who are the Working Poor

- In class, we’ve talked a great deal about all of the aspects that underline the concept of poverty. From reading about it in our book, researching online, and grabbing a personal text, I was highly intrigued with the components that make up “the working poor,” it’s actual definition, and so much more. Before getting into the statistics, a simple definition of “the working poor” is that it is a group of people who spend about twenty-seven weeks or more in a year either working or looking for work, but their incomes fall below the level of poverty (USDAVIS, 2013)....   [tags: government assistance, benefits, tax credit]

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Working Hours and Shift Work

- 1.1.1. Working hours and shift work Nurses are working under in a variety of shift work systems to be able to provide continuous care for patients. However, 24 hours workplace organizations are now very common, such as in the healthcare and industrial sectors. This requires the staff to be adapted with many various forms of shift work schedules. In terms of healthcare sector, the shift work schedules are considered shift duration which highlights two main categories of shift systems, each system provides 24 hours of care....   [tags: Nursing]

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Working in a Coal Mine

- The loud beat thumps relentlessly. It is like a never-ending headache changing only with a mood, an arrangement, or a performer. The message of the song, in and of itself, is clear, but performers can change a song’s meaning without as much as the alteration of a single lyric. In 1966, Lee Dorsey released a song entitled, “Working in a Coal Mine.” Allen Toussaint wrote the lyrics and music. (Wikipedia-Working in a Coal Mine) The release of the song came at a time when America coal miners were enduring tremendous hardship in the coalmines of West Virginia....   [tags: Music]

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A Nation Working Toward Equality

- A Nation Working Toward Equality Women have made extraordinary strides toward workplace equality in the last century. The labor-market participation rate for women 25 to 44 years of age - the average child bearing years - rose from less than 20% to more than 75% between 1900 and 1999 (Velasquez, 1.) Author Andrea Lunsford writes about the simple concept of “comparable worth” saying that concept of workers with “comparable skills, education and experience be paid equal amounts” should be a fairly simple policy to institute....   [tags: Women's Rights]

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Working Memory and Its Benefits

- ... A transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) study by Cohen, Celnik, Pascual-Leone, Corwell, Falz, Dambrosia, Honda, Sadato, Gerrof, Catalá and Hallett (1997) reported an interruption of non-visual performance in blind participants during a deactivation of visual cortex, which suggests that the functional role of crossmodal reorganization is still not understood. Nevertheless, researchers have provided evidence of the possibility of intramodal plasticity rather than the crossmodal plasticity by results of compensatory behavioral changes....   [tags: storage, brain, cognitive, system, loop]

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Progressive Era and Working Conditions

- Cities grew in the late 1800s and early 1900s. As specialized industries like steel and meat packing improved, jobs also increased in the cities. These factories work lured former farmers, immigrants, and American workers moved into the cities. These people lived in tenements and ghettos and were unable to earn an authentic living due to unreasonable wage cut. Progressivism is an umbrella label for a wide range of economic, political, social, and moral reforms. The early twentieth century acted as the Progressive Era, when Americans find solutions to resolve problems that were engendered by industrialization....   [tags: Child Labor,Suffrage]

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Working Memory and Time Keeping

- Our daily lives involved a lot of time keeping, which is an essential skill. We need to be on time to develop a good relationship with bosses, customers, and friends. Time keeping is not only about checking the time, but also about the accuracy in which you do it. The accuracy also plays an important role to keep time balanced. One can lose credibility if he or she does not have good time keeping. The differences within various people’s executive control function can account for variation in time keeping....   [tags: Cognitive Research]

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Building and Working with Computers

- I grew up playing sports and enjoying it but always had a fascination with building and working computers since I was young. When I was thirteen years old I realized how much I enjoyed building and working with computers. This has become a growing interest for me and that is why I decided to take the step into the technological field. I built my first computer when I was thirteen realizing how much you can learn about the parts and the way they work within the computer. Building your own computer and fixing other peoples computers always brought me a sense of satisfaction and belonging....   [tags: Computers, career,]

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Being a Professional Working Collaboratively

- ... Leadership within a team is key to their success and although the managers' leadership within the meeting was effective I feel she may need to reassess her leadership style overall to keep the staff motivated. Clark (1996) believes that “Leadership involves willing collaboration as part of the relationship between leaders and followers. The leader articulates a vision for the team, illuminates a path to the goals and builds confidence in the team's ability to achieve them”. I feel that the manager's leadership style up until now has been laissez-faire, meaning that she has been hands off with them and leaves them to make independent decisions when it comes to their funding and projects....   [tags: community develpment, partners, funders]

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Working Together for the Economy

- ... However, now the saving rate, the amount of income not spent but set aside, has continued to drop. In December 2013, the saving rate was 3.9 percent, a large decrease from 4.3 percent in November of that same year. The average rate for the entire year was 4.5 percent, the lowest saving rate since 2007 ("Incomes Are Flat, Reflecting a Slowdown in Job Growth, but Consumer Spending Rises"). The diminishing saving rates demonstrates that consumers are ready and able to spend, putting money into other markets and industries, such as the housing market....   [tags: american history, United States, economic cycles]

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Personal Experience: A Working Man

- My father “John Doe” is a man with large hands that have been gentle towards his children and friends all his life, it wasn't till a few years ago that I sat down and began to realize that those same rough hands are what gave me everything that I have today. When I realized this, I started to get the sudden urge to ask him questions about his life and the business he started with his wife. My father is the hardest working and most loyal man there is. It was a sunny afternoon on a Sunday when I decided to interview him and see just what kind of answers I could get....   [tags: childhood, dad, questions]

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Working With Survivors of Trauma

- Bio-psychosocial Assessment Presenting Issue Spartacus came to seek the help of a mental health specialist since he was experiencing a number of difficulties in his life after his service at the U.S. Army. He “felt different” on his return to home and found it exceedingly tough to blend in into the family life as he did before going to serve in the army. The emotional attachment he had with his family members such as the wife and the son had disappeared. Spartacus not attend to the son accordingly as a father should....   [tags: Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)]

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The Home Working Policy

- In 2005 (later revised in 2007 and 2008) Bolton Council introduced its home working policy as part of the wider flexible working strategy. The policy applies to all employees of the Council but particularly for white collar workers where the traditional office can be replicated in the home. The home working policy sets out its key components and provides:  Definitions and assumed benefits of occasional, regular and mobile based home workers  Eligibility criteria for staff to work from home  Practical considerations for effective home working  Responsibilities for managers, staff and HR to support home working Background Bolton Council recognising that changes to the traditional work...   [tags: Business Management]

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Overview of Flexible Working

- Employees are increasingly interested in jobs with flexible work schedule. What factors are driving this interest. Flexible working simple refers to any working schedule that is outside of a normal working pattern. This means that the working hours, instead of being repetitive and fixed, can involve changes and variations. It can mean the employee has variables such as when they are required to work or even their place of work. There are some example for flexible working, there are, flexi time, compressed hours, annual hours, staggered hours and job sharing....   [tags: Work Place, HR, Human Resources]

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Working Throughout High School

- Students spend four years of their lives attending high school. Going through high school is mandatory as it prepares them for college and strength to face “the real world.” Having part-time jobs has become the phenomenon among high school students and many students follow this trend as well. Moreover, there are some pros and cons attached with it. Though it may seem like working throughout high school is a bad idea, it could better prepare students for “the real world.” Although some people believe that the primary duty of a student is studying, I am of the opposite position....   [tags: high school, career,]

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Misconceptions About Working Parents

- Misconceptions and stereotypes always seem to hinder people's ideas about others. Many times these two separate terms are confused with each other. A misconception is a view that is incorrect because of faulty information. A stereotype is to believe all people of a certain group are the same because certain individuals in that group gave it that reputation. In modern day society we tend to over exaggerate when it comes to stereotypes. Events, languages, and behaviors all tend to make people always look towards the stereotype and not the whole group....   [tags: unloving, finances, stereotypes]

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Guyana's Working Peoples Alliance

- In November 1974, the Working Peoples Alliance(WPA), a political organization, was formally launched in Guyana. Several independent Guyanese organizations including WPVP(Working Peoples Vanguard Party), IPRA( Indian Political Revolutionary Associates), RATOON, the ASCRIA( African Society for Cultural Relations with Independent Africa) , and independent people constituted the ‘alliance’. The founding statement, representing of the new politics, cited the stand against race based election politics, violent political repression, the worsening economic conditions of the masses, cancerous corruption and denial of academic and press freedom, as factors in its formation....   [tags: Politics]

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Working With Multicultural Employees

- Planning a trip to another country. Do you know their culture and customs. Just as in recreational travel, business leaders need to know the differences in cultures and motivations in different countries also. Hofstede (2001) regarded culture as “the collective programming of the mind that distinguishes the members of one group or category of people from another” (p. 9). Hofstede (2001) developed four dimensions of national cultures: power distance, collectivism/individualism, femininity/masculinity, and uncertainty avoidance....   [tags: power distance, gender issues]

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A Working Woman Struggling

- A short story “Mines” by Susan Straight will be examined. Inmates, wards, fools, children, many names to describe young ill directed souls who find themselves confined at the local Youth Correctional Facility. It is a place as cold as a stone and depressing for Clarette. The facility is a place where kids who mess up in life go to serve time and most likely, if their paths stay the same, will end up across the street at the Chino men's facility. Clarette is a guard at the correctional center; she also has a nephew, Alfonso at the Youth Facility as well....   [tags: Literature Review]

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Google and Working Culture

- In the National Hog Farmer of June 15, 2005, author Terrance Hurley, James Kleibenstein, Peter Orazem and Dale Miller in their article entitled “Work Environment Tops Employee Priority Lists” acknowledges that the working environment should be comfortable, less stressful and friendly. However it is really hard to find such a match nowadays. Very few companies care about the benefits and comforts of their employees. Considerably, looking at a common human being working for a firm or a company, it could be said that he or she may be subject to having many tasks to complete in a day including house hold chores, taking care of kids, taking care of their health and numerous other mundane business...   [tags: Business]

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Lavonne Williams' Working Future

- It is July, and Lavonne is about to enter into her sophomore year of college to major in political science when she is suddenly faced with a game changer. Currently, she works part-time at a food chain and has just been offered the manager position which would require a full time schedule. However, during one of her core classes she met a profound professor that introduced her to Mr. Kellogg, the assistant director of Housing Authority. He has almost guaranteed her an internship in the city’s Housing Authority which she has significant interest in....   [tags: intership, college, career]

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Working Dogs and Handlers

- Working Dogs and Handlers Police officers work with special units that make use of their dogs’ skills. Thornton says, “They work fire scenes; public transportation venues, such as subway stations, train stations, or airports; and large public events that may be the subject of bomb threats. They may also check vehicles or buildings for drugs or other contraband,” (Chapter 28). The Central Intelligence Agency; the U.S Postal Service; the Secret Service; the Drug Enforcement Administration and many more use dogs in their teams....   [tags: legal issues, law enforcement]

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Working With Other Professionals

- Assignment 3-Working with the Area INCO I shall be discussing a case study which involves managing the behaviour of a young child. It is formulated to give an overview of how this behaviour impacts the child and the other children, as well as looking at how I managed effective partnerships with other professionals, such as the area inclusion officer , my Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO), the child’s parents and of course the child. Case Study Bertie, a 3 year old boy has a twin sister and a slightly older sibling that attends the local Primary School....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Ameliorating Hospital Working Conditions

- It is found that most “nurses love their work and hate their jobs” (Berliner and Ginzberg 2742). Due to the current quality of the nurses’ environments, this is of no surprise. The major factor hindering the quality of hospitals is the level of stress in the workforce. While it is inevitable to eliminate stressors in all medical centers, how stress is perceived is a controllable factor. The idea of stress being controlled emphasizes the need for CISM programs in all health facilities of America to cope with the critical incidents and stress that occur on a daily basis....   [tags: Nursing, CISM]

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This American (Working) Life

- What is your average workweek. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development over sixty six percent of women and eighty-eight percent of men in America work over 40 hours each week (4). Yet not everyone receives overtime pay. Executives, teachers, managers and others are not required by law to receive overtime pay (U.S. Cong. Federal Labor). These and other professions are labeled exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act. An exempt profession, when put on a salary, is not protected by the FLSA and can work as many hours as required with no extra compensation....   [tags: Labor]

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Working Poor: Food Insecurity

- Intervention There are several programs in the Muncie area that assist those who are dealing with food insecurity. Some of these programs are: Indiana school breakfast and lunch program, Second Harvest Food bank and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program. These three programs help those who suffer from food insecurity but do so in different ways. The Indiana School Breakfast and Lunch Program is a program open to those children who live in a low income household. “National School Lunch Program (NSLP) is a Federal entitlement program open to public and nonprofit private schools and residential child care institutions....   [tags: food bank, emergency food, shelters]

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The Trouble with Working It

- The Trouble with Working It Alison Hooker is a bright young woman. She is a middler communications major at Northeastern University and performing well in her classes. She has experience as a waitress and recently finished her first co-op at a broadcasting company in her native Chicago. She is friendly and outgoing, and carries herself with a confident, yet approachable demeanor. In all regards, she appears to be a capable and collected individual. Despite all these positive attributes, however, Hooker has been unable to find a job in Boston....   [tags: Unemployment Jobs Careers Essays]

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Working at The Bindery

- Working at The Bindery I have a dream. I have a dream about getting a doctorate degree in music. Well, to get that far, I know I must get through undergraduate school first, let alone graduate school, and so on. Last year I realized that I needed a job that paid much more than minimum wage if I was going to afford to go to college. I then heard about The Bindery from a friend in the same situation as I was. I filled out an application, went to the orientation a few weeks later, and then discovered that working there would be no ordinary job....   [tags: Expository Process Essays]

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Temporary Working

- Temporary employment is becoming increasingly popular within the UK, allowing organisations to manage when they encounter staff shortages, and external and competitive pressures. Temporary workers are individuals who are employed by organisations to fulfil job roles when they are in demand. Temporary employees may work full-time or part-time, for one week or several, depending on whether or not the organisation requires their labour. Temporary working contributes to the labour problem of low productivity and low performance, this essay will considered this employment form from a number of perspectives and discover solutions to this problem....   [tags: Business, Temporary Employees]

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Working Women

- For centuries women have been viewed as the caretakers of the family. However, as more women are either earning higher salaries than their spouses or taking on the role as the “breadwinner” of the household, that view gets a little more complicated. According to an analysis by the Pew Research Center, 40% of all households with children under the age of 18 include mothers who are either the sole or primary source of income for the family – this number greatly increased from the 11% in 1960. These mothers who are the primary financial supporters of the family are divided into two groups: 37% are married and have a higher salary than their husbands while 63% are single mothers (“Breadwinner Mo...   [tags: Career Women Essays]

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Working at the Restaurant

- Leonardo’s Restaurant is located on 7575 Merriman Rd. in Romulus, Michigan. This restaurant is right next to Detroit Metro-Airport, so that tends to bring in a lot of business. Leonardo’s started out as a carry-out restaurant and gradually moved into a sit-down restaurant. After three years of being in front of the complex on 7575 Merriman,, the owner built a new restaurant in the back of the complex. The new restaurant is 8,000 square feet with a bar area and a banquet room, which was not at the old building....   [tags: Management Business]

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Working as a Housekeeper

- Today's workers and families are overworked and stressed. After working through a 9-to-5 job, feeding and putting the children to bed, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is cleaning the house. Weekends are spent running errands and spending quality time with friends and family members. Therefore, many families are looking for outside assistance with housekeeping. In the past, housekeepers were thought of as the "hired help" and were thus treated like 18th century scullery maids....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Wood Working

- Woodworking has been around for millennia or more. People have used wood for building shelter, tools, and other useful things. There are many different kinds of woodworking. The most common today are marquetry and parquetry, which are both forms of veneering and caring. There are many different styles of woodworking all of which are a very impressive art form. Wood working has been used by man since the beginning of time. Adam was the first known wood worker. Some of the oldest examples of wood working date back to the ancient Egyptian and ancient Chinese civilizations....   [tags: Art ]

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Working Dogs

- Dogs are very common in the world we know today. Many households have one or more. Dogs are trained to be pets. Not only trained to be pets, dogs are also trained for work. Dogs are getting used more and more in our work environment. House dogs can also be considered a working dog depending on why the dog is there. There are many jobs for dogs. Dogs make a big impact on our working and social lives. There are many different types of work dogs. Some types of work dogs also have different jobs for which they are trained for....   [tags: Training Work Dogs]

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Single Working Mothers: The Sacrifices of Being A Single Working Mother

- Single Working Mothers Thesis: Within the process of a single mother striving to be successful, a fatherless household will most likely become stressful upon the mother as well as the children. How does single motherhood affect the children of the household. A. The more “transitions” experienced by a child, the more children are likely to have either emotional or academic problems. It is not impossible for the children to have both problems. B. Watching the single mother’s struggle, children are likely to cause trouble in the society....   [tags: fatherless houselhold, financial issues]

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Single Working Mothers

- Single women that have a career and a family are bestowed life’s toughest challenge. Today, more than any other time in history, millions of women face the dilemma of single parenthood and a demanding career. They have the daunting task of juggling the responsibilities of parenthood and being the primary breadwinner. A successful single working mother makes handling a career and family appear effortless, but in reality much planning, organizing, and time management skills become the foundation that helps to hold the balancing act together....   [tags: Parenting ]

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Working Capital Management

- Working Capital Analysis: Working capital management is critical for business. Inappropriate working capital management will lead to major problems for the operations of the company. Management of the company has to make estimation about future expected sales, costs and so on in order to understand about the future working capital requirements ( This provide guidelines to the management in raising appropriate funds at appropriate time, this will avoid interruption in the business operations....   [tags: Business, cash flow, supply, mega mart]

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Kent Meyers’ Working

- Kent Meyers’ Working is an essay which talks about the subject inherent in its title: working, though not in the modern sense where people think of going to the office to work eight hours a day. Work for Meyers meant hard physical work on a cattle farm that wasn’t only a responsibility, but it served as a mechanism that connects him to himself as well as with the people around him. In order present his topic, Meyers writes in the Romantic style in a tone that is conversational, rhetorical, and informal....   [tags: Essay Analysis]

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Separation of the Working and Middle Class Child

- ... In the beginning, Horatio Alger depicted Dick as a young boy born into poverty with no education who continued living in poverty because of his own misled ways. Alger then utilizes the attitude that anyone can overcome their situation by a little hard work and good behavior. Because Dick becomes successful by working hard and changing his mischievous ways, Alger in a way iterates that the differences in working and middle class is the behavior of a person, and that anyone in a dire situation can better themselves with a little luck and a lot of determination....   [tags: education, work, wealth, poverty, support]

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The Effect Stress Has on Working Memory

- The Effect Stress has on Working Memory Question What is the effect of stress on working memory. Stress has been shown to influence working memory (Schoofs, Pabst, Brand, & Wolf, 2013). The purpose of this experiment is to determine whether the stress has a positive or negative impact on working memory. Many people either handle stress well in their daily lives or they succumb to the pressure. While many studies have been done to examine the implications of stress on our physical well-being, there is limited research on specifically how stress affects working memory....   [tags: impact, memory, stress, pressure, physical]

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The Working Mom and the Impact on Her Children

- The days when mothers stayed at home cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children and performing all of the household chores are long gone. Mothers are working outside of the home now more than ever before. Deciding whether or not to return to work after delivering a baby is still one of the hardest struggles that a mother has to face. Statistics show that mothers with younger children are less likely to be in the labor force than mothers with older children. In 2012, the labor force participation rate of mothers with children under 6 years old was 64.8 percent while the workforce participation rate for mothers with children between 6 and 17 years old was 5.1 percent (“Employment”)....   [tags: Labor, Employment, Women]

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Working Memory and Stock Trading at

- Working Memory and Stock Trading at In his well-known book “The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat” Oliver Sacks (Sacks, 1998) describes a man who can see, but not interpret what he sees: shown a glove, the man calls it a “receptacle with five protuberances” – people see not just with their eyes, but their brain as well – perception involves a whole and purposive cognitive process (Duric et al., 2002, p.1286) and this paper will cite research that shows how Working Memory (WM) is a central component of this purposive cognitive process and how it goes above and beyond perception to impact behavior and adaptation....   [tags: perception, anxiety, cognitive process, motivation]

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