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Woman at Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi

- Captivity in Woman at Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi, is a strongly emphasized theme. Fideaus the protagonist is constantly constrained and surveilled within the realms of the Egyptian society subsequently being emotionally, and twice literally, captive. The significance of captivity in Woman at Point Zero is not only for plot or dramatic effect. In the writing of Woman At Point Zero Nawal El Saadawi wishes to inform the reader about the captivity felt by some women in suppressive countries. In this way, she means the protagonist Firdaus to not only represent one woman but many....   [tags: Woman at Point Zero]

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Woman At Point Zero and The Metamorphosis

- Thesis Statement: The absence of mother in the protagonist’s life in Woman At Point Zero and The Metamorphosis contributes greatly to their alienation. ‘All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my Mother’ -Abraham Lincoln.’1 Alienation: a withdrawing or separation of a person, or a person’s affections from an object or position of former attachment4. Alienation is a key theme present in Woman at Point Zero2 and The Metamorphosis3 by Nawaal El Saadawi and Franz Kafka respectively which is approached in different ways....   [tags: compare, contrast, comparison]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' Woman At Point Zero '

- ... Firdaus’ description of her interaction with Ibrahim creates a strong sense of déjà vu as Saadawi writes out the event as an almost direct copy of Firdaus’ earlier interaction with her teacher. Many of Firdaus’ thoughts are repeated throughout this passage, such as how her “heat faltered, overcome by its frightened, almost frenzied beating because of something I had just lost ,or was on the point of losing for ever” (pg. 107) and how she could see as “the white seemed to grow even whiter, and the black to become even blacker, as though light flowed through them from some unknown, mysterious source…” (pg....   [tags: Free will, Determinism, Middle East, Woman]

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Woman At Point Zero And Pillars Of Salt

- The female body is simply a vessel that a patriarchal society makes use of or suppresses for their own agenda in the race to obtaining power. Unlike a man, a woman occupies her appropriate place in a patriarchal society with the predetermined notion that her sexual services are appropriately reserved in obedience to the patriarchal prerogative. Her virtue lies in what she does and does not do. In the two novels, Woman at Point Zero and Pillars of Salt, the female characters seek to expose and condemn the ideological trappings which pacify patriarchal societies....   [tags: Sociology, Gender, Patriarchy, Gender role]

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Woman At Point Zero By Nawal El Saadawi

- ... The fact that men believe they are better than women. And Saadawi put an amazing amount of emphasis on the fact that Firdaus is just as intelligent and just as capable of doing things any man could. Yet women are essentially slaves to their male companions. They have no control over anything. For instance, When Bayoumi asks Firdaus what fruit she wants, Firdaus doesn’t know due to the fact that she’s never been allowed to have an opinion before. She’s never even thought about her own opinion before, so when she does choose, she chooses the cheaper option of fruit, rather than what she really wanted....   [tags: Woman, Gender, Female, Human sexuality]

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Woman At Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi

- Firdaus sheds her last grain of virtue. In doing so, she realizes the truth of her society. Seeing what a woman is and does in Egypt, her home, she sees the only way out of the situation. Firdaus, through her desire to be become a human being who was not looked upon with discontent; she finds that a successful prostitute was better than a misled saint. Throughout her life, Firdaus had incurred the abuse that her society inflicted on women. Firstly, her father treating her not wrongly, but the way that daughters had always been treated....   [tags: Nawal El Saadawi Point Zero]

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The Novel Woman at Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi

- The novel Woman at Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi and the article “With Tasers and placards, the women of Egypt are fighting back against sexism” by Laurie Penny can be connected both internally in regards to the text and outwardly to the time and place surrounding the novel and article. Although Woman at Point Zero provides a fictional journey, one that is at heart and by inspiration very genuine, the ideas incorporated into this novel are just as authentic as those provided by the first hand account given by Laurie Penny....   [tags: women's discrimination and oppression in Egypt]

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Woman at Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi

- In what ways are power and control significant throughout Firdaus’ life, and how does she utilize this power and control. Nawal El Saadawi’s Woman at Point Zero is a significantly direct, sharp-cutting novel. It gives rise to some extreme emotions of agitation and outrage towards the nature of humans, in particular men and their maltreatment of women. This novel left me shocked, upset and angry at not only the antagonists in the book, but also society and the blind eye it so often turns towards abuse....   [tags: women struggles, fridaus' life]

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Analysis Of Nawal El Saadawi 's Woman At Point Zero

- ... The number of male characters in Woman at Point Zero largely outweighs the number of females, allowing the audience to sense, rather than read directly from the text, that women in this culture are silenced and of much less importance than men. Although Firdaus’ uncle’s wife was not a main character in this novel, both Firdaus and the reader gather a lot of information about a woman’s ‘role’ in society through her. On one particular occasion, after Sheikh Mahmoud had aggressively beaten Firdaus with his shoe, Firdaus went to her uncle’s house and questioned why men, especially religious men, beat their wives....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Gender role, Domestic violence]

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Symbolism of Money in Woman at Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi

- Woman At Point Zero: Symbolism of Money The novel “Woman at Point Zero” by Nawal El Saadawi tells the tale of a woman, named Firdaus being interviewed by a journalist before her execution. She is in prison on the charge of murdering a man, in an extremely sexist culture, which has a lot of disparity between men and women. One of the recurring symbols in the novel was that of money. Money was a very negative symbol in the novel, and it was highlighted by Firdaus that one could not possess both money and integrity....   [tags: freedom, power]

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A Comparison of the Heat and Cold Imagery Used in Woman at Point Zero and Thousand Cranes

- A Comparison of the Heat and Cold Imagery Used in Woman at Point Zero and Thousand Cranes In the books Woman at Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi, and Thousand Cranes by Yasunari Kawabata, both authors use various forms of imagery that reoccur throughout the works. These images are used not to be taken for their literal meanings, but instead to portray a deeper sense or feeling that may occur several times in the book. One type of imagery that both Saadawi and Kawabata use in their works is heat and cold imagery....   [tags: Nawal El Saadawi Yasunari Kawabata Essays]

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Zero Hour!: Restoring the Nuclear Family in Films

- Karen Schneider’s article “With Violence: Rearticulating the Family in the Contemporary Action-Thriller”, makes a clear distinction that the family in action-thriller 90’s films are broken but often have a chance of reuniting and return the family back into the nuclear family after disaster has struck (4). In films such as Hall Bartlett’s film Zero Hour. (1957), the film represents the nuclear family of the 1950s but seems to express Schneider’s argument in which attempts to reaffirm the family unit through dire situations....   [tags: Movie, Hero, Father]

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The Tipping Point in the War on Drugs

- As described in novel The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference the course of any trend, movement, social behavior, and even the spread of a virus has a general trend line that in essence resemble a parabola with 3 main critical points. Any trend line first starts from zero, grows until it crosses the first tipping point, and then spreads like wildfire. Afterwards, the trend skyrockets to its carrying capacity (Galdwell, 2000). Then the trend gradually declines before it reaches the next tipping and suddenly falls out of favor and out of memory....   [tags: drug abuse, marijuana, ]

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Size Ten to Zero

- At no time in history have women been so pressured to be thin. Inner beauty and personality is no longer enough. Women all over the world look at themselves and can only find imperfections. Media constantly shows thin, youthful, and “perfect” women, whom in reality have just as many imperfections as the average woman. Body image in the media tends to be a controversial topic on whether or not it has a negative effect on women in today’s society. “. . . this obsession has contributed to an increase in eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression among women in the United States” (Point: Body Image In The Media Is An Unhealthy Picture)....   [tags: beauty, women, media, body image]

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The The First Actual Drunk Driving Arrest Happened in 1897 in London by George Smith

- Drunk driving began long before automobiles were even invented. Drinking played a large part in seafaring as well. Alcohol played an important part in many civilizations for a simple reason. A constant source of clean water is harder to come by than you might think. Without modern materials and methods, stored water quickly stagnates.The first actual drunk driving arrest happened in 1897 in London by George Smith. They've also made an amendment to the U.S constitution in 1920, it had also been a law that was called Volstead act.In 1910, New York became the first state to adopt drunk and driving laws was New York....   [tags: DUI, zero tolerance, volstead act]

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The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

- ... Schools are encouraged to place nutritious products so that they are easy for students to choose, such as featuring fruits and vegetables, low-fat and fat-free milk and other dairy products, and whole grains in prominent places in cafeteria lines. They are also encouraged to promote healthy eating through environmental strategies such as prompts, parental outreach, and point-of-purchase promotions. Schools can also try to lower the price of nutritious items and, if offered, raising the price of less nutritious items....   [tags: Nutrition, Health, Woman, Obesity]

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Properties of Matter At the Lambda Point

- Absolute heat is speculated to be 1.41678571×10^32 kelvins, a blisteringly high number. At that temperature conventional physics begin to break down and stop having relevant effects. However in order to better understand the largest theoretical achievable temperature, we must also discuss the opposite: absolute zero. They are both very important, and hold untold untold possibilities, which may revolutionize many of the materials we use today. The concept of absolute zero, is very old and was first proposed by Robert Boyle, an Irish chemist and physicist, who mentioned it in his work New Experiments and Observations touching Cold published in 1665....   [tags: absolute zero, physics, absolute heat]

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The Female Body Of Today 's World Is Tall And Skinny

- ... Szymborska uses some imagery in “Rubens Women” to help you visualize these big women and perhaps she over exaggerates to make her point. Perhaps this poem, along with her other poems based on works of art, are about her thoughts as she looked at them. She says, “O pumpkin plump. O pumped up corpulence inflated double by disrobing and tripled by your tumultuous poses. O fatty dishes of love!” In today’s world no women would want to be described as a “fatty dish of love” and are told to love their bodies no matter what shape and size, but she is trying to give the poem a humorous style....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Gender role, Female body shape]

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Zero Tolerance Policies in American Schools

- In all grades of education, from kindergarten to college, there is a form of discipline known as a zero tolerance policy. While the exact wording is different from school to school, basically a zero tolerance policy means that a student is immediately suspended, asked to attend an alternative school, or expelled if they are suspected or caught doing certain things. These policies are in place to hopefully deter students from doing drugs or being violent, but the ethics behind them are questionable....   [tags: zero tolerance, drug policy, school rules]

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The Mystic View Point Of View

- The Freewoman magazine was published on November 23, 1911, whose editors were Dora Marsden and Mary Gawthorpe. This magazine came to the public to “ponder on the profounder aspects of Feminism” (West 64). This magazine was considered “open” due to the risqué topics that were discussed, along with the invitation of readers to respond to the journals that were written by the editors. A key issue I believe was interesting was the outlook of motherhood from the Freewoman point of view and the opposing point of view....   [tags: Woman, Childbirth, Marriage, Wife]

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Which Type of Salt will Increase the Boiling Point of Water the Most?

- The researcher conducting this experiment is trying to find out which salt- Epsom, table salt, and sea salt- will increase the boiling point of water the most. Sodium chloride is believed to increase the boiling point of water because when salt is suspended into the water, the sodium and chlorine ions leave the “salt crystals” and mix with the water molecules. (“Why does salt… raise boiling point of water?”, 2009). People discovered salt around 900 B.C. They would dig up salt near the Dead Sea and in South America....   [tags: boiling point, science, experiements, ]

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Analysis Of Zero Tolerance And Its Effects On Our Society

- ... He contends that because of the drug use and violence within our society; it is important for school officials to be giving the ability to correct these serious conduct behavior issues quickly and effectively. Moreover, he argues that “close supervision of schoolchildren, as well as enforcement of rule against conduct would be perfectly permissible if undertaken by an adult (303).” In this line of argument, he concurs that within our society it is completely okay for adult behavior concerning weapons, drugs, and violence to be regulated....   [tags: Drug addiction, High school, Zero tolerance]

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The Freezing Point Of P Xylene

- ... Given this, the solute and solvent particles would not interact with each other. The interactions between both nonpolar substances are weak, yet with ethanol, a polar substance the equations previously used for the unknown substances would not successfully work given the assumption created with the given equations. In pure ethanol, the molecules are linked by hydrogen bonds, which cause it to form broad chains of ethanol molecules. By combining ethanol and p-xylene, the extent to which hydrogen bonds formed between the ethanol molecules and p-xylene was extreme....   [tags: Solvent, Solubility, Melting point]

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The Power Of The Woman

- ... She tells him, if he can find out what it is that women desire the most within a year, then he will be able to avoid death. As the knight searches through the town he receives a variety of answers. Some women say they desire: wealth and treasure, honor, pleasure, fancy clothes, and others happiness. During the knight’s search for the answer he sees the ferry woman (also known as Crone) in order to have someone to confide about the challenges he is facing while finding the answer to the Queen’s question....   [tags: Woman, Wife, Marriage, Women]

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The, The Beauty Of A Woman

- ... Women are willing to go through very painful experiences as long as it ensures that they can get to look like the women that they see in the media. From a very young age, there are stories of young ladies who view the models in the media as their role models and strive to be like the models when they grow up. The growing number of diet shows and nutrition blogs teaching women some of the things that they can do to achieve the perfect body is a clear indication of where the society stands when it comes to what is expected of the women....   [tags: Woman, Gender role, Gender, Wife]

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The Effect Of Temperature On The Temperature Of Degrees And At Which All Particle Motion Stops ( Absolute Zero )

- ... Assemble a hot bath, add 4-5 coins to the glass beaker. Add about 400 mL of tap water and put your thermometer in the beaker. Put the rubber stopper into an EMPTY, dry test tube. Gently (low) heat water on the stove top to a simmer (gentle boil). Allow the temperature to equalize for at least 5 minutes. Record the temperature of the hot water bath (T1). Using your tongs quickly flip the test over into the ice water bath. Turn the burner off. Wait about 5 minutes. Equalize the level of water in the test tube with the level of water in the container, and place finger over the rubber stopper in the test tube to keep the water in when you invert the test tube....   [tags: Temperature, Celsius, Absolute zero, Fahrenheit]

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I Capture The Castle Is Told From The Point Of View

- Dodie Smith’s I Capture the Castle is told from the point of view of seventeen-year-old Cassandra Mortmain. Cassandra, along with her sister Rose and friend Stephen, go through major character transformations that go along with the theme of coming of age. The use of setting, archetype, conflict, theme, and other literary terms will be used to show the argument of how these characters transformed. Over time in I Capture the Castle, Cassandra endeavors to develop her writing skills. She fills three notebooks with witty yet emotional entries that candidly recount the great changes that take place within the decrepit walls of the castle....   [tags: Novel, Character, Woman, Love]

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Drawbacks of the Zero Tolerance Policy

- Your phone rings while you are at work and you see that it is your child’s school. You answer the phone and the school’s principal tells you that your child has been suspended for one month for bringing a plastic knife in his/her lunch box. You are scheduled for hearings that have no meaning because the decision is irreversible. These are some of the effects of a zero-tolerance policy. Zero tolerance policies should be eliminated because they disproportionately affect African-American and urban youth, continue to feed the cradle to prison pipeline, create a prison culture in urban communities, and provide a devastating long-term outcome for youth....   [tags: violence in school, inflexible policy]

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The Importance Of A Man And A Woman

- As a child, growing up in my household there were no “proper” roles fulfilled for a man and a woman. My parents did things that did not necessarily fall into one specific role. Both of my parents work full time jobs and split duties that are involved in taking care of home. There were several instances where my mother would take out the garbage or change a light bulb, and other cases where my father would wash dishes or wash clothes. In the same aspect, if I went to my grandparents’ house the elements were different....   [tags: Woman, Female, Gender, Male]

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An Opinion About Being A Woman

- ... Most likely their mother was raised up and been through the same thing. It is like a life cycle and will be passed on to generations to generation until someone come in and change these laws and help give women their self-respect and independence back. Women in Egypt lifestyle In Egypt the laws itself is an enemy of women’s rights (Goldschmidt & Davidson, 2013). As a woman being in Egypt polygamy is legal only for men (Sezgin, 2011). A man can be divorce his wife at any time for no reason to be proven anyone in court....   [tags: Education, Poverty, Woman, Marriage]

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The Wife Of Baths : A Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman

- I am sure we all know what communication, females, males, and language all are. Separate they are all simple terms that we all have grown to understand. But what happens when we combine all of these together. Communication between both male and female is possible but at times it goes in the wrong direction. I have read three different texts in this collection: The Wife of Baths Tale, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, and the news coverage of a woman’s rights campaign, In a Scattered Protest, Saudi Women Take the Wheel....   [tags: Woman, Gender]

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The Myth of the Latin Woman

- Identity is a group of characteristics, data or information that belongs exactly to one person or a group of people and that make it possible to establish differences between them. The consciousness that people have about themselves is part of their identity as well as what makes them unique. According to psychologists, identity is a consistent definition of one’s self as a unique individual, in terms of role, attitudes, beliefs and aspirations. Identity tries to define who people are, what they are, where they go or what they want to be or to do....   [tags: The Myth of the Latin Woman, Culture]

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The New Woman Of Advertisements

- The New Woman in Advertisements The 1920s brought forth a wide selection of new forms of popular culture, fads, and expectations. Among these new developments was the debut of the “New Woman”. Such women, often called flappers, have become one of the first topics that come up whenever the 1920s are discussed, and so it comes as no surprise that advertising executives would target many of their ads at these young women. A large number of these targeted ads were for health or hygiene products and they often employ tactics such as passively insulting those who do not use their products....   [tags: Woman, Female, Women, Girl]

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Wayfinding in Zero Visibility

- Wayfinding in Zero Visibility Every day, firefighters across the United States place themselves in the IDLH atmosphere of structure fires. These incidents are among the most dangerous to firefighters, and therefore should be the incidents we are most prepared for. On structure fires, we have three main priorities. In order they are life safety, fire control, and property conservation. With life safety being our top priority, we place all our efforts in ensuring that task is achieved. This means that firefighters are constantly working to improve technology and methods for life safety....   [tags: fires, incidents]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' This Woman '

- Although the suffrage movement in 1920 gave women more legal power poet Joy Davidman’s poem, This Woman, highlights the idea that women were still held to certain constraints that she hoped more women would reject in efforts to attain an equal standing within society. With the date of the poem marked as 1938 many facts about an average woman’s life and role in society can be suggested. The country had recently come out of the Great Depression when this poem was written. During this time women proved that they were just as resilient, if not more, than their male counterparts....   [tags: Woman, Women's suffrage, Great Depression]

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Death Penalty: Zero Tolerance

- Just the very mentioning of the “death penalty” can bring out a fury in most people. Those for the death penalty argue that it creates deterrence, punishment, and justice. While those that oppose the death penalty argue about the risk of executing an innocent person or life in prison is a worst punishment. Crime is an obvious element of society and something needs to deter people from committing criminal acts. The question lies in the methods and actions in which to deal with each crime. As a nation, we must have zero tolerance for horrific crimes such as murder and we must have a just punishment for a crime to insure some control over criminals....   [tags: capital punishment, death penalty]

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The Woman Hanging, By Joy Harjo

- ... They rocked her (15-18). This once again takes away from who she is now, like the quote regarding her two marriages, by stating who she was and implying that she has made mistakes. This quote implies that if one is born in to a middle class life, they cannot handle the stress that will inevitably accompany such a large jump in lifestyles. Throughout the quote, Harjo uses a sentence to define the woman’s relationships with different people instead of just writing one complex sentence. The use of such abrupt sentences shows that each relationship the woman has is separate from the other, therefore, the different people each see the woman in a different way....   [tags: Woman, Girl, Female, Gender role]

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Edn A Woman Of A Perfect Woman

- every womanly grace and charm. If her husband did not adore her, he was a brute, deserving of death by slow torture. Her name was Adele Ratignolle" (IV pg 12). Edna can be like Madame Ratignolle who represents the mole of a perfect mother and wife. She represented all of the Creole woman, and everyone looks up to her. Chopin also show another path, or mole, Edna could take. Edna has the option of living all alone and keeping to herself like the character Mademoiselle Reisz. Edna couldn’t follow Madame Ratignolle path because Edna wasn’t satisfied with just being a mother and wife....   [tags: Woman, Wife, Novel, Want]

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Should The Woman Fail At Coping?

- A young girl growing up in 21st century America has a much better chance of achieving a high-paying, high-prestige, management level job than most all of her predecessors in the early, middle and late 20th century. Despite this, however, women who have such a position, depending on the field of course, are likely to find themselves as the token woman among men, which puts her in a tricky position (Conley 311). A woman that asserts herself in a way seen as “masculine” would likely be negatively received by her male counterparts, making her job harder than it would be without such pressures (Conley 311)....   [tags: Gender, Female, Self-esteem, Woman]

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The Rise Of A New Woman

- The rise of a new woman, contrasting and disregarding the stereotypical contraints, created a moral panic around many, in particular the men in Britian during the 1950s. The media played an important role in shaping 1950s British society by reinforceing the idealistic image of the domestic Goddess that women were expected to aspire to be. Advertisements were often shown praising new technology that aided women in becoming the perfect housewife and slogans that focussed on pleasing men or encouraging husbands to purchase the products, such as 'she 'll be happier with a Hoover '....   [tags: Gender role, Woman, Gender, Female]

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What Is The Perfect Woman?

- ... Females are taught at a young age to love girly colors, to play with dolls and to love princess. While males are taught, to play with trucks, play in the dirt and play sports. These gender roles follow us in do adult hood. It is not only females that have certain roles that need to be fulfilled. A guy must be strong, masculine, and show no emotion. Boys learn that at young age well. In the documentary, a young boy talked about he was bullied because he showed his emotions, and the other kids, did like that....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Female, Gender role]

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Double Standards For A Woman

- ... It is as if men get a pat on the back and praised for their sinful pleasures. If circumstances are reversed, then that woman, whoever she may be, has to witness the defamation of her own character. A great example of this would be one of the most popular books in the 1850’s The Scarlett Letter. The infamous, Mr. Nathaniel Hawthorne, is the author of the novel. Hester Prynne is the leading character in the story, and she is a young woman who too had to watch the defamation of her character in the state of hopelessness as well....   [tags: Female, Woman, Gender, The Scarlet Letter]

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Misogynistic Confinement : Yellow Wallpaper

- ... Nevertheless, they move to their temporary residence in hopes of curing her. Little do they know that that which they believe to be the cure will also bring about their doom As the narrator continues to describe the house one particular feature distresses her, their room, but specifically the wallpaper. She describes it as an “artistic sin” the patterns confusing to the eye and even reminding her of suicide plunging in all sorts of different directions. The level of awfulness only matched by the revolting color unclean orange, yellow, and sulfuric in tint....   [tags: Woman, Girl, Tearing, The Point]

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Women Of The New Woman

- ... Following the first world war, Germany as a whole was left severely in debt and with extreme inflation. In Berlin, “a flourishing black market grew up, which only increased public anger and exacerbated social tensions” (Colin 29). Throughout Germany’s history, there has been a large economic divide between the rich and the poor since 1895 leading to pre existing, comparatively to the book, social tensions (Colin 83). Inflation was also a major issue in this era that there were even a 5 million mark bill (Colin 94)....   [tags: Gender role, Woman, Gender, Prostitution]

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Zero Tolerance

- This week I picked up some code from a colleague for review. To me, part and parcel of the review process is rebuilding the code - I want to check that I get the same hex (i.e., output) file as has been checked in to our version control system for release. And sure enough, this time I did. But I also got 16 warning messages. The compiler spat out a variety of messages, including warnings of integer truncation, and what looked like notes the developer had written to himself - "This could be done faster with pointers" and the like....   [tags: Information Technology]

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A Woman 's Struggle By Tillie Olsen

- A Woman’s Struggle to Be “I Stand Here Ironing”, is a short story, written by Tillie Olsen in which the author is able to engage the reader to the plight of a mother who is suffering from depression. It is through the mother’s narration of the story that the reader is pulled into the life of a middle aged woman during the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. The first-person narrative technique permits the development of a very personal interior monologue and the examination of an entire lifetime of events....   [tags: Woman, Family, Narrative, Parent]

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Deborah Tannen 's There Is No Unmarked Woman

- Women: Marked or Unmarked. Deborah Tannen’s essay, “There Is No Unmarked Woman”, explores the idea of “marked” and “unmarked” words, styles, titles, and how females have no ability to choose an unmarked position in life. She posits that “The unmarked forms of most English words also convey ‘male’” (88). Tannen is incorrect in her premises because females are able to choose unmarked hair and clothing styles, men are marked just as often as women, and many unmarked forms of words no longer convey “male.” In her essay, Tannen analyzes how the actions that women make will mark them in some way....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Female, Male]

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The Good Woman Of Setzuan

- ... Mi Tsu, the landlord. Disappointingly, the policeman, a person who makes people feel safe, is the same person bossing around because of his status in the society. He gives suggestions to Mr. Shui Ta that ‘’ we must find her a husband’’ (30), and He continues boasting around “We can’t pay six month rent, so what. We marry money’’ (31). In his statements, mean a woman like Shen Te should have arranged marriage rather the one out of love because she is financially unstable. It is a point that is clear to Shen Te too because It seems there is no way out without a man’s to help because when things gets tough, Shui Ta, seeks help from Shu Fu the barber to offer Shen Te for to him to marry in o...   [tags: Gender, Woman, Social status, Gender role]

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Suspenseful Plot in Wilkie Collins' The Woman in White

- The nineteenth century mystery novel The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins excites the reader with detailed descriptions and a suspenseful plot. The testimony of multiple characters reveals the story of Laura Fairlie’s arranged marriage to Sir Percival Glyde. Percival’s friend, Count Fosco, is at his side, and Marian Halcombe, Laura’s half-sister, is at her side. Walter Hartright, a watercolor artist, finds himself residing with Laura temporarily as he is hired to teach her his art. The two soon fall in love, changing Laura’s plans to marry Percival....   [tags: the woman in white]

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The Zero Tolerance Policy: Justified or Unreasonable?

- The zero tolerance policy has become a national controversy in regards to the solid proven facts that it criminalizes children and seems to catch kids who have no intention of doing harm. Although, there has been substantial evidence to prove that the policies enforced in many schools have gone far beyond the extreme to convict children of their wrongdoing. The punishments for the act of misconduct have reached a devastating high, and have pointed students in the wrong direction. Despite the opinions of administrators and parents, as well as evidence that zero tolerance policies have deterred violence in many public and private schools, the rules of conviction and punishment are unreasonable...   [tags: Behavior Management ]

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The Ground Zero Mosque: An Insult to America

- September 11, 2001, one of the most infamous and controversial dates in the history of the United States will be engraved in the minds of millions forever and is once more a resurfacing issue. On this horrendous date in time, Islamic terrorists hijacked a pair of commercial airplanes and flew them into the Twin Towers, murdering thousands and causing millions in damage. Nearly a decade later, an Islamic religious group named the Cordoba Initiative is stirring up more trouble and is planning to construct a mosque within only blocks away from ground zero itself....   [tags: argumentative essay]

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A Woman 's Work : A Feminist Approach

- ... Ironically, the girl in the poem doesn’t have a lot of time to just be a girl, she has to begin getting ready to become a wife. Being someone’s wife can be a woman’s escape from the poverty they were raised. How to become a good wife is the central theme in this story. The speaker is continually listing instructions on what to clean, or sew. However, towards the middle of the story it becomes about how to satisfy a man and the speaker makes it seem that is the whole point of doing these activities : “...This is how to behave in the presence of men who don 't know you very well, and this way they won 't recognize immediately the slut I have warned you against becoming…” The speaker keeps...   [tags: Woman, Gender role, Gender, Female]

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Analysis Of The Article ' What Makes A Woman? '

- ... The rhetor uses these pronouns to prove her authority on the subject, but also uses them to draw the audience in by associating them with her claim. The rhetor continues to use pronouns such as these to build her claim over authority on both the argument to all audience, and to provide a way for her audience to become more invested in the topic. The kairos and exigency of this article are provided by the author as she begins by focusing on Caitlyn Jenner’s interview and ending with cases and demonstrations of her argument....   [tags: Rhetoric, Logos, Critical thinking, Woman]

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The West Point Cheating Scandal

- The West Point Cheating Scandal Description: In April of 1976 it was found that there was a possibility that over half of the junior class at West Point Academy had violated the West Point honor code by cheating on a case assignment. The honor code states "A cadet will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do." This was by far the largest violation of the honor code in West Point history and presented some unusual challenges to the administration. As the year dragged on it was found that more and more students possibly had cheated on the assignment and was also becoming a public relations nightmare in the press and internally to the Army branch of the United States militar...   [tags: West Point Academy Cheating Essays]

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The Woman Of A Man

- ... He rode home, but the singing had so deeply touched his heart, that every day he went out into the forest and listened to it. Once when he was thus standing behind a tree, he saw that an enchantress came there, and he heard how she cried: ‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair to me.’ Thusly, Rapunzel let down the braids of her hair for the enchantress to climb up to her. 'If that is the ladder by which one mounts, I too will try my fortune, ' said he, and the next day when it began to grow dark, he went to the tower and bellowed: ‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair to me.’ Just as she had done her entire life, Rapunzel let her hair down, anticipating her usual caretaker....   [tags: Woman, Female, Girl, Boy]

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What Makes A Woman By Elinor Burkett

- ... By beginning the article with a rhetorical question Burkett is hooking the reader and making them want to know how the question relates to them. The article was published in the New York Times which is a reputable news paper as well as a website. New York Times has been an established news paper for 162 years and was founded by James Gordon Bennett, Sr. The influential reputation that the New York Times Company has gives the article written by Burkett a sense of establishment and assuredness....   [tags: Woman, Gender, Nature versus nurture, Female]

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A Woman 's Revenge By Susan Glaspell

- ... It is the women who get the last laugh by finding all the evidence within the kitchen to form a motive which the sheriff said contained “nothing […] but kitchen things” (321). The women looked within the kitchen which represented a woman’s environment, while the men wanted to view the actual murder sight. There is irony in this because the women knew that the kitchen would provide more clues (although small) to the murder than the crime scene, while the men are looking for obvious clues. Irony is displayed in the way Mr....   [tags: Woman, Gender, Female, Black-and-white films]

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Analysis Of Maya Angelou 's Poem ' Woman Work '

- ... The housewife appears to not have any help from an older human being as her chores include caring for the children, the baby, and the tots. From this first stanza it can be concluded that the woman is a single mom She has all of the indoor and outdoor chores to do by herself; normally it would be the husband’s responsibility to take care of outdoor chores. The housewife’s’ chores vary from female chores such as mopping the floor, mending the clothes, and frying the chicken, to then the ascribed male chores which include cutting cane and bringing home the food that is going to be cooked....   [tags: Woman, Female, Homemaker, The Reader]

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Marked Woman, Unmarked Men By Deborah Tannen

- ... One aspect that I believe is a perfect example of this is the whole style, makeup, and hairdo point she makes. In her essay, Tannen is the one “marking” women, making judgments on their appearance, or style choices, while she comments that the men seem not to care. Yes, women’s appearances are criticized more often than men, but who is the one criticizing women. In my experiences, I rarely see males making comments on what a female is wearing. The majority of the time, it’s women criticizing other women based on what brands they’re wearing, the makeup they have on, and hairstyle they choose....   [tags: Gender, Female, Woman, Male]

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Destructiveness of Jealousy Depicted in Lord of the Flies and Woman Warrior

- Within playwright William Shakespeare’s fantastic work The Merchant of Venice, the character Iago cries out, “O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; it is the green ey’d monster” (Enotes). Jealousy is justly called a beast, and it is a hideous creature that is illuminated in William Golding’s novel The Lord of the Flies, and by Woman Warrior, the memoir of Maxine Hong Kingston. Through the use of the literary elements of plots, characters, symbols, and additional plots, both pieces illustrate how, by torturing people and driving them to rash decisions, jealousy is the most destructive emotion....   [tags: lord of the flies, woman warrior]

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Deborah Tannen 's Marked Woman, Unmarked Men

- ... Why do they have three titles and not just a basic Ms. like men have Mr.. The only good for knowing a women’s relationship status on a form is for verification reasons. I feel that knowing a women’s relationship status should not be defined in her surname but rather an upfront question, if it is really necessary. Tannen also brings up that when women get married, traditionally they take the last name of their husbands. Having your husband’s last name is considered marked because it is a noticeable change of a women from being single to married....   [tags: Gender, Female, Woman, Male]

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A Relationship With A Lonely Old Woman Named Mrs. Stearns

- ... Although something like this may not exactly be the most ‘exciting’ event in a story, a reader can understand the reality of the situation, and may be able to put themselves in these boys’ shoes. After dealing with their mother’s abandonment, the reader gets the sense that this woman may be able to serve as a prominent mother figure, but once again, they are left alone after her sudden death. As the boys are not quite sure how to deal with the death of Mrs. Sterns, they took a horseback ride 11 miles out of town, to see the McPheron brothers....   [tags: Woman, Girl, Boy, Infant]

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The Hunger Games : A Woman And Marvel Made Thor A Female

- The lead in the hunger games is a woman and Marvel made Thor a female. Is this a sign that our society is approaching gender equality. We have reached a point in society where women are finally starting to be considered as an equal to a man. Gender equality is supposed be a human right, but the world faces a never-ending access to decision-making power for women. Gender equality means that men and women have equal power and equal opportunities for financial independence, education, and personal development....   [tags: Gender, Discrimination, Woman, Egalitarianism]

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The 1950s Woman

- It is hard to believe that women only 60 years ago were still viewed and inferior to males and had little to no rights to protect themselves. When men returned from World War II some men resulted to domestically violate as a way of punishing his wife for something she did and to affirm dominance that he previously lost. Assaults that were inflicted on to women during the 1950s were seen being a part of male aggression and something that is normal. Women who did report the crime were viewed as being the actually perpetrators and the assault was actually their fault because they were unable to defend themselves....   [tags: The 1950s Woman]

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The Contemplation of Zero

- Prompt: Tell us about zero. Zero, zilch, zip, nada, naught, nil - frequent expressions used to express nothing or a lack of something. It is a concept often not thought about today. However, some of the greatest thinkers of the past spent a lot of time contemplating nothing. It was these thoughts that allowed the Arabic numeral system to gain prevalence in the western world, spreading over continents through the transportation of goods and the waging of wars. Today, many modern concepts and technologies rely entirely on the existence of zero....   [tags: mathematics, numeral, algebra]

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A Woman 's Struggle With Her Oppressive Limitations

- Gilman uses this story to show a woman 's struggle with her oppressive limitations. She begins her journal by marveling at the grandeur of the house and grounds her husband has taken for their summer vacation. She describes it in romantic terms as an aristocratic estate or even a haunted house and wonders how they were able to afford it, and why the house had been empty for so long. Her feeling that there is “something queer” about the situation leads her into a discussion of her illness and of her marriage....   [tags: Feminism, Woman, Charlotte Perkins Gilman]

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Fay Hume : The Essence Of Woman, Or A Product Of History?

- ... One issue featured a multipage spread of women entitled “Something for the Boys,” the women in the spread were uncredited and are clearly decorative pieces for the executive men in the photo (Foust, 93). There was a clear idea about what women should and should not do in the 50s, but that idea is driven solely by men and their perspective of women. Women were not editing or writing the different pieces of propaganda which appeared in the magazines during the 1950s, men completely drove the rest of the world’s perception of women and, in truth, how they defined themselves....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Feminism, Woman]

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Margaret Cavendish And Wollstonecraft 's A Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman

- Literature from the Middle Ages through the eighteenth century has supplied ample insight into society’s idea of the female image and gender expectations. Females of any class status were expected to be submissive to men in every regard, and their primary role in life routinely amounted to nothing more than domestic duties. Men writers’ depictions of females were base and valued a woman’s worth by how beneficial she could be to a man; and women writers’ woefully conceded their lowly positions. However, some women writers were willing to defend against the long accepted female submissiveness that society embraced....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Gender role, Female]

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A Notion of Zero in the Philosophy of Aristotle

- A Notion of Zero in the Philosophy of Aristotle ABSTRACT: This article shows that Aristotle created the first notion of a zero in the history of human thought. Since this notion stood in evident contradiction to the basic principles of his metaphysics and logic, he rejected it. The origin and development of mathematical symbols was closely connected with the development of mathematics itself and development of philosophy. It resulted from the fact that philosophy provided the motivation for investigations and creation of adequate and good mathematical symbols....   [tags: Philosophical Math Essays]

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Gender Inequality : A Woman Of Color Or Disabled Woman

- ... Though the difference in pay could be understood if a man with the same job as a woman has a doctorate in a field related to the job, that is rarely the case being that most jobs require certain training, skills, and education. In households in which one or more women provide, it is important that they make the same amount as a male counterpart. Making 21 percent less than a man in the same position could be the difference between living in poverty or sustaining a normal household. As an example, if a man makes 30,000 a year and provides for his small family, he will do so effectively and without too much concern....   [tags: Gender, Employment, Female, Woman]

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Deception Point

- Book Report-Deception Point The plot is about a new NASA satellite detecting a rare object buried deep beneath the Arctic ice. The finding, a 300 years old meteorite with fossil, is made public during the presidential elections and this is a devastating blow for Senator Sexton who has been criticising NASA for errors throughout the campaign. The president sends Rachel Sexton ,a White House intelligence analyst and daughter to senator Sexton , along with four other ordinary scientists and a team of highly ranked NASA scientists up to the Arctic to verify and confirm the authenticity of the finding....   [tags: Book Report Deception Point]

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Absence, Loneliness, and Filling the Void in “Zero Degrees”

- The feelings of loss, or the void of a distant love are both attached to forms of grieving, and are symbolically tied to darkness, melancholy, and other negative things. The loss of a loved one, either to death, distance, or disagreement results in distress that often is expressed in many different ways. Solitude, longing, woe, and lament are the usual results of lovesickness, or grieving, and are forms of dealing with a loss of a relationship either physically, mentally, or both. When first reading “Zero Degrees” by Elizabeth Spires, my initial image was of the upcoming winter; cold, dark and long....   [tags: Poetry Analysis ]

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Sex in Woman on the Edge of Time

- Sex in Woman on the Edge of Time   In Marge Piercy's book, Woman on the Edge of Time, sex plays a major role in both the utopia and the dystopia. The portrayal of sex in the novel comes from a feminist point of view. The main character, Connie, is caught between a utopian world and a dystopian world where the takes on sex are on different levels. By using a feminist approach, the two worlds of sex can be examined and contrasted. In the dystopia that is Connie's present life, sex is a painful and often a violent experience....   [tags: Woman on the Edge of Time Essays]

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Confusion in Landscape for a Good Woman

- Confusion in Landscape for a Good Woman I found Landscape for a Good Woman to be a confusing landscape, one whose contours are difficult to follow. I don't mean to imply that I did not find the book fascinating, but it was so rich and the stories and scholarly discussions were so intertwined that it was difficult to keep track of what Steedman was trying to convey. Why did she choose to write in this way. Instead of giving us a straight narrative about her childhood and allowing us to make our own inferences, I feel as if she's told a story and, at the same time, she's told us how to interpret that story and has given us a critique of her own and others' interpretations of her story....   [tags: Landscape for a Good Woman Essays]

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The Importance of Point of View in The Black Cat

- The Importance of Point of View in The Black Cat Point of view is a very important aspect of The Black Cat. The main character tells the story to the reader from his first person point of view. You have a good feel for the story because you have the first person narration. As you read into the story it comes apparent however that the narrator telling the story is not a reliable interpretation of the details around him. You have a good feel for his emotions and the events of the story, but the narrators opinions are so far out that you are forced to wonder just what of the story is the askew interpretation of a madman and what is the reality of the situation....   [tags: The Black Cat Point of View Literature Essays]

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Should The United. Use A Zero Personal Income Tax?

- Should the U.S. convert to a Zero Personal Income Tax Income tax is considered to be one of the greatest ways that a country amasses wealth through known means from the public in order to use the funds for the benefit and welfare of the community. Since a very long time, there have been many discussions and debates on the way the finds collected for income tax have been spend. There are many who think that there is a lot of mismanagement and feel that the amount of the actual money spent on welfare of the community is far less that what gets collected by the country....   [tags: Income tax, Tax, Value added tax, Income]

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Emancipation of a Woman in "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou

- Any girl could say she is a woman. It takes a strong woman to be a phenomenal woman. A phenomenal woman does not rely on others for financial, mental and social needs. A woman like this takes pride in her-self and doesn’t let anyone put her down. Throughout the times a woman strives for her independence to become her own individual in life. Phenomenal Woman, written by Maya Angelou, is a poem which is an anthem for all women’s strength in their own womanhood. (Angelou 1) The poem speaks out to us women as far as of where we are in society....   [tags: feminism, Phenomenal Woman, Maya Angelou, ]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' The Woman '

- Authority isn’t something you can force on a system without inspiring resistance. But this exactly what the father in the film The Woman attempts. The father may get temporary compliance through shows of force and physical brutality the father will also inspire a sense of injustice. The film The Woman shows forced authority as a farce. The father brushes the woman’s hair and cringes at the putridness released. Shaking off his disgust he inspects the woman’s teeth pressing his fingertips against her lips....   [tags: Family, Woman, Mother, Girl]

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The Magazine : A Woman 's House

- ... The skills women acquired while managing the household were necessary to pursue any career . This is where the readers would get mixed messages about their career and home life. Even when women were pushed toward careers, they were told that taking care of her family was of utmost importance. Throughout the Ladies’ Home Journal, women were pushed to take care of their families by cooking for them. One quote says, “A woman who loves to cook is at peace with herself,” while another says, “Nourishing and delighting her family with wonderful food brings joy to a woman who loves her home.” In order for a woman to achieve her optimum happiness, she had to know how to cook to please your chil...   [tags: Woman, Marriage, Rape, Housewives]

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How Will The Next Generation Perceive The Role Of A Woman?

- ... Now not until the recent 2000’s have cellphones been so accessible to the public and predominantly youth. In previous years youth would have to seek information about a topic through local newspapers, and libraries which in some instances are outdated methods today to seek information about a topic, with the large influx of instant information about a subject in a matter of seconds. Also with the accelerating advancement in digital technology video cameras are just as easily accessible as cellphones, and in some instances cellphones may even have a video camera apart of its technological make up....   [tags: Feminism, Women's suffrage, Women's rights, Woman]

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