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Fred McFeely Rogers

- Fred McFeely Rogers Fred McFeely Rogers was born on March 20, 1928 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. He studied at Dartmouth College in Hanover between 1946 and 1948. Mr. Rogers received his BA in Music Composition in 1951, from Rolling College in Winter Park, Florida. After college, Mr. Rogers studied in the Ministry and intended to preach after he was ordained in 1962, but was diverted by television. Mr. Rogers began working for a local Children’s channel series “The Children’s Corner.” While working for this local channel, In 1963, Mr....   [tags: Mister Rogers Mr. Rogers]

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Carl Rogers Self Theory of Personality Development

- The purpose of this assignment is to give us an opportunity to apply the theories that we learnt during the class and imply the learnt personalities onto a “real personality.” Reaching to our consensus, we had chosen Tyra Banks, a television personality, producer, author, actress and former model. She is a living and non-fictional individual, and throughout the assignment, we will use her as an example to elaborate our idea of personality that correlated to her personality and real life events. Biography Tyra Lynne Banks was born in Inglewood, California on December 4, 1973....   [tags: tyra banks, carl rogers, self theory]

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Rogers And Hammerstein's South Pacific

- Rogers and Hammerstein's South Pacific Works Cited Not Included      In Rogers and Hammerstein's South Pacific, the main theme is racial prejudices. The two main characters, Emile de Becque and Nellie Forbush are faced with these problems as they attempt a relationship. Two other minor characters, Lt. Joe Cable and Liat, are faced with the same dilemma. Both Nellie and Joe Cable have a hard time coping with their own racial prejudices; Joe loves Liat, yet cannot marry her because she is Tonkinese ; Nellie loves Emile, but cannot marry him because of his former Polynesian wife....   [tags: Rogers Hammerstein South Pacific Essays]

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Will Rogers

- Will Rogers Not many people remember Will Rogers, but in the 1930's he was the most well known man in America -- more popular than Shirley Temple. He was a simple cowpoke who entertained people with his rope tricks and sly political observations. He also wrote a widely-read newspaper column and appeared on the raido every week. I supose he is alot like Bill Cosby is today: beloved for his down-to-earth style of humor. But that "aww, shucks" attitude hid a brilliant mind. Furthermore, Will Rogers was more than just a comedian; he was a man of character....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Carl Rogers : A Humanistic Psychologist

- What is the main purpose of this theory. Carl Rogers was a very profound humanistic psychologist. He tested the abilities and mindsets that mankind has and basically restated and defined who we are and most importantly that our environment is what shapes our mentality. His theory was based on the Self-actualization Theory; meaning that what he believed in and the fundamentals of his theory supported that in order for each person to reach fulfillment in life, they have to be able to come to terms with their real self and with the person that they want to be....   [tags: Psychology, Scientific method]

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The Legacy of George Rogers Clark

- George Roger Clark was known as the "Conqueror of the Old Northwest" during the American Revolutionary War. George Clark had became a huge help to capturing British and Indian territory, Northwest of the Thirteen Colonies. Clark was a military leader for the American colonists in the American Revolutionary War, helping the Americans be successful in the Northwest, and was known for conquering most of the Northwest Territory for the thirteen colonies. (“George Rogers Clark” 1) Clark, during the 1770’s, was helping Kentucky defend itself from Native Americans....   [tags: american history, american revolution]

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The Value of Rogers' Theory

- As a professional in a helping role, I know the value of Rogers’s Theory as it applies to helping individuals make changes in their lives. Individuals know themselves best, and if they are seeking help, it is very important for the helper to get to know that person. The process of sharing or exchanging information, however, is only successful if the client feels comfortable enough to reveal intimate details about themselves. The helper facilitates that process by being present, attentive, empathetic, genuinely interested, and non-judgmental....   [tags: Psychology, Therapy]

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Canadian Company: Rogers Control

- ... Because of Rogers’ Radio business, this led them to the market for televisions and television cables. This led the company to grow vastly. In 1986 they changed the company name from Rogers Cable-systems to Rogers Communications. In 1989 Rogers completed a sale of US cable television for 1.581 Billion dollars. In 1995 Rogers added a number of new channel options on under a “negative option-billing plan”. Customers did not enjoy this and were opting out of their cable plans. Rogers was forced to split the “negative option-billing plan” into two different purchasable blocks....   [tags: tv, radio mobile devices, manufacturing]

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Robert Rogers and the Raid on Saint Francis

- Introduction During the French and Indian War (1754-1763), the French used Indian raids to attack British settlements all along the east coast. These efforts were successful in checking British colonial expansion. In response, Britain occupied forts in upstate New York with hopes that their conventional forces would inhibit Indian raids. These forts failed because they only controlled the area within musket range of their walls. The British turned to Robert Rogers and his rangers. The colonial rangers were inured to the deprivations of wilderness fighting....   [tags: attack, expansion, forts, war]

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Carl Rogers And His Theory Of Personality

- This week’s content revolved around Carl Rogers and his theory of personality. Rogers’s theory of personality incorporates the subjectivity of experience and the phenomenological perspective. The subjectivity of experience is built upon the combination of feelings of authenticity and the positivity of human motivation. In the textbook, feelings of authenticity are “feelings of alienation or detachment” (Cervone, 2013). Individuals experience these kinds of feelings because individuals strive to be approved by others and take other individual’s needs to be their own....   [tags: Psychology, Person, Personality psychology]

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Freud vs. Rogers on Human Nature

- Famous psychological theorists Sigmund Freud and Carl Rogers were both the greatest researchers in our modern time. They both made a lot of advancement in psychological fields, clinical evidence and expertise. They both developed a theory of 'hidden' personality’, in which the psychologists theorized that people have a ‘hidden' personality within them, one which they are not aware of. This concept indicated that the human nature and the role play in rationale behind the human motivation. Sigmund Freud and Carl Rogers do have same common in their theories....   [tags: Hidden Personality, Humanism]

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The Person Centered Therapy By Carl Rogers

- With so much diversity in this world there is a need to be as well rounded as an individual as possible. There are issues when trying to relate with others when it comes to ethnicity, religion, gender, socioeconomic system, sexual orientation and many others. As a counselor it is our duty to not be biased or judge clients with such diversity even if they do not match our personal views. As a counselor it is our job to make the client feel comfortable within the counseling session as well as being relatable at some point....   [tags: Psychotherapy, Therapy, Interpersonal relationship]

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Labelle V. Rogers Communications Inc.

- Labelle v. Rogers Communications Inc. Deborah P. Labelle filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission on September 3, 2009 against Rogers Communications Inc. The complainant, Labelle feels that Rogers Communications Inc. the respondent, discriminated against her because she is a woman. This falls under section 3 of the CHRA which covers and protects against sex discrimination. Labelle alleges she was treated differently compared to her male counterparts and was eventually fired from her position....   [tags: Employment, Discrimination, Sexual harassment]

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Sociological Imagination Project: Evelyn Rogers

- The concept of a sociological imagination is to be able to look at something from another perspective in order to look at our own lives in a new way. In order to have a sociological imagination, one must look away from their situation and look at an alternative point of view. It is the concept of being able to see things socially and how they interact and influence one another as well as seeing the general pattern in the particular, in this case, based on time period. I was able to apply the sociological imagination through accounts of what life was like for Evelyn Rogers in the 50’s and forward....   [tags: a comfortable, priviledged life]

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A Way of Being by Carl Rogers

- A Way of Being by Carl Rogers In the book by Carl Rogers, A Way of Being, Rogers describes his life in the way he sees it as an older gentleman in his seventies. In the book Rogers discusses the changes he sees that he has made throughout the duration of his life. The book written by Rogers, as he describes it is not a set down written book in the likes of an autobiography, but is rather a series of papers which he has written and has linked together. Rogers breaks his book into four parts. In Part I, of A Way of Being, Rogers discussed his own personal experiences and perspectives, on life to include relationships, philosophies, and what it means to look back at the way things were and what...   [tags: Book Report]

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Actor, Will Rogers, Succeeded in Silent Films and Talkies

- ... He was placed in the Guinness Book of World Records for throwing three lassos at a time. One lasso would fly under the horse, looping all four legs together, whilst one went around the horses neck, and the last one circling the rider.(Official Site of Will Rogers. Web) He attended several schools, including Kemper Military School in Boonville, Missouri until he dropped out in the tenth grade to become a cowboy. (“Official Site” web) Rogers traveled in South Africa with “Texas Jack’s Wild West Show” playing “The Cherokee Kid” doing roping tricks, in 1902 and 1903....   [tags: ranch, politics, follies]

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Rogers' Diffusion and Adoption Research

- Rogers' Diffusion and Adoption Research Why do technology initiatives fail despite their promises and boundless possibilities. From integrating technology in education to introducing technological innovation in agriculture, users acceptance presents a complex set of challenges to innovation diffusion. According to Everett Rogers, one reason why there is so much interest in the diffusion of innovations is because "getting a new idea adopted, even when it has obvious advantages, is very difficult" (Rogers, 1995, p....   [tags: Research Papers Technology Essays]

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Description in Detail of the Humanistic Theories by Rogers and Maslow

- 1. Introduction Humanistic approach focuses on human existence, where people have unique qualities that include creativity, freewill or freedom, potential and personal growth. People like Carl Rogers who have brought about person-centred theory and Abraham Maslow who has developed a hierarchy of needs, where he emphasized on self-actualization. There is an evaluation on both Rogers and Maslow theories, on how they are based on their own assumptions and views, and I apply Maslow’s theory of self-actualization into my own personal life....   [tags: person-centered theory, self-actualization]

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Carl Rogers: One of the Founding Fathers of Humanism

- As one of the founding fathers of humanism, Carl Rogers was very interested in an approach to psychology that had to do with the thoughts and feelings of clients (notice that the word patient is sparsely used). His feelings on resourceful therapy were always centered around the client and how they wanted the therapy to affect their life. In humanistic psychology, the main focus is allowing the client to decide how the therapy would direct them on their own life. Carl Rogers, as with many other humanistic psychologists, believe in keeping the values and morals of the clients in tact....   [tags: Biography]

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Rogers' Chocolates Holds a High Place in Customers' Hearts

- ... This becomes and issue when you still want to keep your wholesalers’ content with most of the product is being allocated to them. The issue at hand is both the ineffective planning and the level of resources available to this high-end chocolate company. Not only do they not have the ability to meet demand due to funds and labor, but also they lack the resources to be able to expand their brand through different strategies. At the end, the problem for Rogers’ Chocolates becomes a question of if they lose age-old tradition and gain resources rapidly to expand their reach; or value who they are, and find alternative options to grow....   [tags: analysis, sales, inefficiency]

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Rogers Communication Inc. Social Media Audit

- Rogers Communications Inc. is one of the largest communication and media companies in Canada. Rogers group of companies included Wireless, Cable, Business Solutions and Media. They are the country’s only national carrier of the world’s standard GSM/HSPA+LTE technology as Canada’s largest wireless voice and data telecommunications service provider. They are also one of the leading cable service, television and Internet providers. Rogers Business Solutions provides solutions for small, medium and large enterprises, career customers and the government....   [tags: business analysis]

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First Friend : A History Of Dogs And Humans By Katherine Rogers

- First Friend: A History of Dogs and Humans, by Katherine Rogers, articulates the history of the relationship between dogs and humans. Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals, by Marc Bekoff and Jessica Pierce, investigates if and how dogs exhibit morality. In both texts, anecdotes and observations are used to portray instances of dogs displaying cooperation, empathy, altruism, and, by extension, morality. Consequently, it stands to reason that dogs have a capacity for sociality, but how can the sociality of dogs be described....   [tags: Dog, Predation, Gray Wolf, Hunting]

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Jane Rogers The Financial Manager At Plants Inc.

- ... While GPS tracking and monitoring violating individual privacy remains a contentious issue in the workplace, privacy has also developed into an issue for the average daily user of the GPS as devices that support the technology are vulnerable to “spoofers”- individuals who unethically hack into the GPS. Eric Bland a journalist for NBC News covered an investigative article on the vulnerabilities of GPS devices that everyday citizens have become accustomed. Bland uncovered that a spoofer can jam GPS signals thereby rendering a device with GPS inactive, more interestingly is that a spoofer can create a false signal that overpowers the actual real signal....   [tags: Ethics, Employment, Social contract, Navigation]

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Carl Rogers ' Core Conditions Of Acceptance, Genuineness, And Empathy

- Carl Rogers’ core conditions of acceptance, genuineness, and empathy are the current benchmark for illustrating the therapist 's contribution to successful therapy outcomes (Campbell & Christopher, 2012; McAuliffe & Eriksen, 2011; Duncan, Miller, Wampold, & Hubble, 2010). Late in Rogers’ career, he came to recognize that counselors also contribute their presence to the therapeutic encounter. In an interview, he expressed feeling as though he paid too much attention to the core conditions (acceptance, genuineness, and empathy) and negated what existed “around the edges of those conditions that is really the most important element of therapy, when [he] is very clearly, obviously present” (Bald...   [tags: Therapy, Psychotherapy, School counselor]

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Rogers’ Adoption Theory in Automotive Sales the Pharmaceutical Industry

- Introduction The Purpose of the study The purpose of this study is to determine whether the use of sales force automation technology in the pharmaceutical industry and the automotive sales industry is based on Rogers’ Adoption Theory. Also, the purpose of this study is to explore whether the use of this technology by innovators is due to perceived usefulness and ease of use, or whether something else is responsible for motivating salespeople to use this technology. Questions that can be explored as part of this process include the following: • Who are these salespeople....   [tags: technology, designes, procedures]

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Carl Rogers' Theory of Person Centered Therapy

- The theories of Carl Rogers brought about much change to the world of psychology. He was the first to publish complete therapy sessions for later review and study. Changing the term “patient” to that of “client” since talk therapy is non-medical for his approach calling it Person Centered Therapy is often now the preferred term (Kirschenbaum & Jourdan, 2005). The main objective of “Person-Centered Therapy” would be that of helping the client in assuming responsibility and putting it into the client’s hands by way of “shifting their standards” back to client instead of others (Thompson, 2003)....   [tags: acceptance, empathy, christian]

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Carl Rogers

- Eventually I am going to briefly explain the important parts of these chapters because I need to take up some room and I am not quite sure about what to write. So here is a little description of what, like it or not, this paper is going to contain. I’ll start of with my thoughts and feelings about the structure and uniqueness of The Clinical Treatment of the Problem Child, then get into the actual body of the book and talk about what I thought was interesting and what I think is still used today....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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George Rogers Clark

- George Rogers Clark Who was George Rogers Clark. This is probably a question most people in America couldn't answer. The reason is very simple, George Rogers Clark was a hero in an age of heroism. He simply could not compare with the legends of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other Revolutionary War heroes. Clark nevertheless is very important, especially to the people of Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana who became apart of the United States of America because of his great leadership and bravery in military campaigns at Kaskaskia, Illinois and Vincennes, Indiana during the Revolutionary War....   [tags: American History Revolutionary War Essays]

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Mister Rogers' Positive Influence on Children

- Mister Rogers' Positive Influence on Children It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood, A beautiful day for a neighbor Would you be mine. Could you be mine. I’ve always wanted to have a neighbor just like you. I’ve always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you. The comforting words of this familiar childhood jingle bring memories flooding back and invite us to join the loving and patient man who once taught us that everyone is special and unique. Over several decades, strong morals and values have filled each 30-minute segment of the popular children’s television show....   [tags: Television Emotions Papers]

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Carl Rogers and Client-Centered Therapy

- Carl Rogers was a psychotherapist who, in the early part of the twentieth Century, developed the concept of client-centered psychotherapy. He was a great proponent of the scientific method and was one of the first to incorporate it into psychotherapy. His person-centered approach to psychotherapy entailed an unconditional acceptance between client and counselor. And with all this said I still find it phenomenal yet suspicious that a therapist can listen to an individual without interjections and still assists in improving the individual by making them a person....   [tags: Psychology]

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The Director Of Captain Americ The First Avenger And The Main Character Steve Rogers

- Science has come far in genetic modification. Joe Johnston, the director of Captain America: The First Avenger and the main character Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is a movie about genetics and altering them to save the world. In World War Two, Steve Rogers, a weak and small man, wants to join the fight yet gets rejected many times. Soon a doctor, known as Dr. Erskine, comes to his aid. Steve undergoes a genetic change through an experiment Dr. Erskine commences. Once Steve is genetically modified, he is big, buff, and better than ever, his fight then begins with a Nazi known as Red Skull....   [tags: DNA, Genetics, Mutation, Dog]

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Analysing Two Humanistic Theories: Person Centered and Self Actualisation

- ... Childhood can promote congruence or incongruence between once self-concept and reality (Wieten, 2014). In childhood individuals need love and acceptance from others. Parents make their love conditional or unconditional. Unconditional affection, children do not necessarily need to change unworthy experiences because they know they are worthy of love or affection. For example children with high confidence, brave children who would present their speech in front of millions of people. Conditional affection promote congruence, children do not distort their experience to feel worthy because they believe that they are worthy....   [tags: Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow, ]

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The Pioneers Behind Person Centered Therapy

- PERSON-CENTERED THERAPY Carl Rogers was the one of the pioneers behind Person-Centered Therapy “aka” Client-Centered Therapy. Carl Rogers was born January 8, 1902 in Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, the fourth of six children. His father was a successful civil engineer and his mother was a housewife and devout Christian. His education started in the second grade, because he could already read before kindergarten. When Carl was 12, his family moved to a farm about 30 miles west of Chicago, and it was here that he was to spend his adolescence....   [tags: Psychology, Psychotherapy, Carl Rogers]

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Carl Rogers and George Kelly's Views on Nature and Development

- Carl Rogers and George Kelly's Views on Nature and Development Many consider the science of psychology an attempt to create a comprehensive theory of personality and therefore be able to explain why people are alike in some ways and different in others (Jourard, 1974). In so doing, varying schools of thought have evolved. Carl Rogers and George Kelly have been deemed by peers as having similar overall views regarding personality, but practicing different methods (Pervin, 1989).Their approaches to personality can be defined as humanistic, which describes the view of accepting the 'human qua...   [tags: Papers]

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The Otherness: Genuiness, Accpetance, and Understanding

- Having a relational understanding of persons focused on a theological basis, involves having a solid base and understanding of how intricately related we all are to the trune, and that we were created in imago dei – the Image of God. To truly understand a person, we need to be connected to them on both a divine and a human level. Appreciating all of the commonalities and also the persons 'otherness'. Part of developing and ensuring this true connection involves developing a genuine I – Thou relationship with them, rather than an I – It relationship....   [tags: Carl Rogers, self-actualization]

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Person-Centered Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

- In the 1940s Carl Rogers was well on his way to revolutionizing the state of traditional, directive psychotherapy and pioneering what would soon become the person-centered approach. Although Rogers strayed from the psychological mainstream’s view that therapists drive their clients recovery through such mediums as advice, direction, teaching and interpretation he still believed that the therapist’s role was crucial, and it was their attributes that paved the way to increased awareness and self-directed change....   [tags: Psychology, Carl Rogers]

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personality theory:victor frankl vs carl rogers

- PERSONALITY THEORY – CARL ROGERS AND VICTOR FRANKL Why is it that man lives up to a certain point not knowing what the meaning of life is. Not knowing what path to follow, not knowing if the energy and courage to discover the truths of ones own existence in this world exist. Some persons will drive past a street child on Cape Town roads and look sideways in horror, quickly lock a car door with an “unapparent” elbow; warm, safe, and comfortable in the interior of a brand new sports model car. Others will look away and ignore the feelings of pity, or even perhaps swear or curse this annoyance....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Diffusion of Innovation Theory

- Why do some innovations get adopted while others fail. The diffusion theory offers up one explanation for this phenomenon. The theory can be applied to a multitude of different products or ideas. This theoretical approach is fascinating do to the breadth of different fields that it can be applied to and to the depth that it can go into the field to formulate a. It allows for people to formulate a better understanding of the spread of new innovations. Diffusion theory can give a comprehensive picture as to how ideas spread in this social media age....   [tags: Sociology, Everett M. Rogers]

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Psychology : Theories Around Counselling And Psychology

- ... Carl Rogers studied at the Columbia teacher training college receiving his phd in 1931, during his time there he met 2 men who some say contributed to changing his thinking which lead him to the person centred approach. William H Patrice was a progressive educational interpreter who published an article in the teachers college record called ‘the project method’ child centeredness in learning and John Dewy, a philosopher, psychologist educator and Marxist, a revolutionary thinker of his time and his theories on the emphasis on experience as a base for learning....   [tags: Psychology, Humanistic psychology, Carl Rogers]

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Trauma Therapy from a Different Perspective

- Carl Rogers developed the person-centered theory of personality which states that all people strive to realize their full potential. People’s desire to fulfill their full potential according to Rogers, is the primary motive of humans. Based on this theory Rogers also developed a new method of therapy that was nondirective and focused on the client as a person and their own ability to work through their psychological barriers in a conducive and supportive environment. This method is called client-centered therapy (CCT)....   [tags: person-centered theory, carl rogers]

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Shannon Richardson: Findings Before and After Her Arrest for Mailing Ricin Laced Letters

- Born on August 31, 1977 Shannon Rogers, now Shannon Guess Richardson, 35 years old, is an Irish American was raised by her father Terry Rogers after being abandoned by her mother at the age of two. Her Father worked at General Motors in Doraville Georgia. Shannon has been married three times and has six children. The most recent child was born on July 4, 2013, while Shannon was in custody, for the sending of the three ricin laced letters. Five of the children are from previous relationships and their names are Branden, Allen, Taylor, Ethan and Logan....   [tags: terry rogers, castor beans, toxins]

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Different Types Of Counseling Theories

- ... The therapist tries to provide the client with a safe, responsive, and caring relationship to develop self-exploration, growth, and healing. (Corey, pg. 177) Person-centered therapy core is that all humans are trustworthy and positive. That people can make changes in the way they live and have effective lives, and try to strive toward self-actualization. The reason for this therapeutic type is to strive towards the right growth conditions for the client, and to help a client move forward and fulfill their creative nature....   [tags: Psychology, Therapy, Carl Rogers, Psychotherapy]

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all I Know Is What I Read In The Papers - Will Rogers

- "All I Know Is What I Read In The Papers" - Will Rogers There have been many criteria over the past few centuries that measured one's political clout and influence: divine right, property, money, and acquaintances. In the twentieth century, particularly the past two decades, the political power to influence others resides in information: the more information you have and the more you know how to use it, the more potential influence you have. People rely on the media for their information, as it is the most easily accessible, efficient, and passive way of acquiring knowledge....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Client Centered Therapy

- It is inevitable that in psychotherapy there are numerous theories. Theories arise out of scholarly investigations of ideas on human behavior. Human behavior is an extraordinarily interesting subject and therefore produces a plethora of ideas from a variety of theorists. These theorists are influenced by their education, culture, and time period. One influential theorist is Carl Rogers. His contributions to human behavior have changed many of the theories that preceded him, and his theory contributed to many theories that followed....   [tags: Carl Rogers, Person Centered Therapy]

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The Lifelong Struggles of Rogers, Penn, Voltaire, Locke and Jefferson

- In the 1600's, the Catholic Church had become a powerful monopoly with wealth and land comparable to the most powerful European Nations. Power and wealth bred corruption and the government sanctioned the corruption for a cut of the profits. This marriage of Church and State was arranged to stop sedition therefore eliminating all threats to the religious monopoly. One religion under one nation would be indivisible. Religion dominated the lives of the people therefore the Church attempted to control how people thought....   [tags: Papers]

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What Is Essential in the Helping Relationship?

- Counseling skills has provided me with a valuable insight into the helping relationship and how it is both created and maintained in order to encourage growth and development in the client. The factors involved within the helping relationship include considering Roger’s core conditions, congruence, unconditional positive regard and empathy as the three main characteristics necessary in a helping relationship. In order to fully incorporate all three of Roger’s core conditions, I as the counselor must be self-aware, as a lack of self-awareness may inhibit truly listening and understanding the client; self-awareness can be enhanced through exercises such as Johari’s window....   [tags: counseling, Carl Rogers, ethics, empathy, skills]

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Humanistic Perspective on Personality

- The humanistic perspective on personality deals exclusively with human behavior. Humanistic psychologists believe that human nature includes a natural drive towards personal growth, that humans have the freedom to choose what they do regardless of environmental factors, and humans are mostly conscious beings and are not controlled by unconscious needs and conflicts. They also believe that a person's subjective view of the world is more important than objective reality. Two of the humanistic theorists that have made an impact of humanism are Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow....   [tags: Psychology Carl Rogers Abraham Maslow]

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Roger’s Theory as compared to that of Ellis’ Theory

- Anderson (n.d) states, “Carl Rogers, a pioneering psychotherapist and the most influential psychologist in American history was one of the most prominent people of his time.” Rogers’ ideas and practices brought about a change in the school of humanistic psychology. What he learned in philosophy and philosophy of education influenced his personal life experiences which led him to a revolutionary of theory of therapy (Corsini, 2011 p. 148). According to an electrical resource, Client –centered therapy is a form of talk psychotherapy developed by psychologist Carl Rogers in 1940s and 1950s (“PCT”, n.d.)....   [tags: Psychology, Therapy]

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Communication Technologies in Canada

- Communication Technologies in Canada Canada is also very unique in the global economy in light of their communication technologies. Canada is a unique country because it allows two main companies control its communication industry. The two big players in the game are Rogers, who control eastern Canada, and Shaw, who control western Canada. Rogers Communication started with a vision that "radio is an electric pipeline" by Edward S. Rogers, Sr. In 1925 Mr. Rogers, Sr. invented the world's first alternating "current (AC) radio tube."1 The radio tube was a huge break through in communication technology and in radio reception, and as a result of the invention; radios became common medium of com...   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Female Athletes And Their Understanding Of The Sports World

- ... So if she is more than qualified to do that work she should not be question at any point. The new generation is recognized that and is giving more power potion to the females. While reading Rogers article, I see she came from a family who did not care about sports they were more about getting good grades and joining the band. She classified her dad as a nerd and her mom as beatnick. Just by reading that I know she does not have any knowledge about sports. Rogers went to a school that sports ment everything so if you played sports you were popular....   [tags: Gender, Female, Male, Sex]

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Why Halloween Has A Huge Impact On Our Society

- What is the true purpose as to why we celebrate Halloween in the western world. Why does Halloween have such a huge impact on our society altogether. These are some questions that came to my mind when thinking about the true purpose that the holiday of Halloween serves for our culture in the United States. Often times, when the thirty-first of October rolls around, children and parents become excited knowing that it is the one time of the year where they can dress up in costumes and go house to house receiving candy or other treats at the doors of neighbors, friends, or even strangers....   [tags: United Kingdom, United States, Sociology]

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Nursing Theories

- Nurse Theories A nursing theory is a innovative product of nurses who seek thoughtfully to explain the aspects of nursing in ways that could be studied, assessed, and used by other nurses (Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2010). Nursing theorists are people who are, or have been, nurses who have reflected about how one might describe the phenomenon of nursing (Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2010). Each theorist has then tried in their own way to document their thoughts and observations based on professional and personal experiences (Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2010)....   [tags: Comparative, Unitary Man, Unitary Human Being]

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The Self-Actualising Tendency

- Introduction This essay will consider the terms ‘the self-actualising tendency’ and ‘the fully functioning person,’ and how they tie in with Roger’s six necessary and sufficient conditions for constructive personality change (Rogers, 1957). The essay will incorporate theoretical published evidence to support my understanding of the essay question. A summation will be given at the end to conclude the essay. 1. Two persons are in psychological contact. The Relationship: “I am hypothesising that significant positive personality change does not occur except in a relationship.” (Rogers, 1990: 221) Rogers believed that great importance should be placed on the need for a minimal psychological...   [tags: psychology, freud]

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The Field Of Counseling And Client Centered Therapy

- ... He practiced actively listening by hearing what his client was expressing and then reiterating what she was saying to confirm that they were aligned with each other 's thoughts and feelings. By doing so he eliminated the opportunity for assumptions to be present. That was an innovative way to break any preconceived barriers that may have been in place. This was so essential because that 's something that a lot of conversations lack. Nowadays people assume instead of asking, they listen to respond instead of listening to comprehend and as a result nothing gets resolved because of a communication barrier....   [tags: Decision making, Communication]

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The Avengers Directed by Joss Whedon

- Our society tells us that we have two spectrums of gender. A person can either be feminine or masculine. Masculinity says the man has to be strong, lead, a provider, and a protector. Truthfully, there is not any man that has all those traits. Looking at Bruce Banner from The Avengers and Steve Rogers from Captain America: The First Avenger, masculinity is not lacking. Only factor that is missing is the psychological trait from Banner since he has not yet accepted who he really is yet. This continues to hinder him from being a true protector....   [tags: gender roles, movie hulk,masculinity]

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Historical Context Of Humanistic Psychology

- ... Humanistic psychology theorize that individuals have the ability to make goals, make choices disputing the fact that they are being controlled (Hergenhahn, 2009). Humanism believes that individuals are inherently good, and they focus on the positivity viewpoint of human nature. Some major contributions were recognized by Abraham Maslow with his ideas of self-actualization, needs for grown and individuals potential. The schools prior to humanistic psychology focused significantly on abnormal human behavior, yet humanistic focus emphasis of supporting individuals to realize the full potentials (Waterman, 2013)....   [tags: Psychology, Humanistic psychology, Abraham Maslow]

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Nursing Theories

- As nurses enter into the practice of nursing, they recognize the importance of using their education to guide their actions within the clinical setting. “Theories are pattern that guide the thinking about, being and doing, of nursing” (Parker, 2006, p.8). Comparing theories allows the core structure of the theories to be brought to light, as well as display the merits of using a particular theory while practicing nursing. The theories of Martha Rogers and Betty Neuman were developed at roughly the same point in time, which means that different theories can arise out of the same general world situation....   [tags: Nursing Essays]

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Psychoanalysis vs. Person-Centered Therapy

- Person-Centered Therapy is an optimistic theory that is categorized in the humanistic approaches to therapy. PC therapy believes that human beings are intrinsically good, and are motivated to be the best that they can be (Carver & Scheier, 2008, p. 346). The theory embodies respect for individuals and values of tolerance and understanding (Brodley, 2007, p. 140). As the name implies the client is responsible for his or her own growth and improvement (Carver & Scheier, 2008, p.344). Rogers' stated that the main assumption of his approach is that “individuals have within themselves vast resources for self-understanding and for altering their self-concepts, basic attitudes, and self- directed...   [tags: Psychology, Worth, Positive Regard]

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Assessment and care of a Pediatric Client with Constipation

- Assessment and Care of a Pediatric Client with Constipation Hinds Community College, Nursing Allied Health Center Assessment and Care of a Pediatric Client with Constipation Constipation is a subject that many people might feel uncomfortable speaking about, but this abnormality could have undesirable side effects. Brunner and Suddarth defines constipation as, “an abnormal infrequency or irregularity of defecation, abnormal hardening of stools that make their passage difficult and sometimes painful, a decrease in stool volume, or retention of stool in the rectum for a prolonged period often with a sense of incomplete evacuation after defecation” (Smeltzer, Bare, Hinkle, & Cheever,...   [tags: Nursing, Health, Treatments]

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The Disruptive Behavior Management And Development

- Introduction In this report, I discuss different strategies for dealing with the disruptive behaviour of students in a classroom. The topic of our group poster is "Behaviour management and development" in which we researched developmental and social aspects of human behaviour, especially in the active learning environment. Behaviour management is an effective tool in the hands of all practitioners to deal with anti-social behaviour. It does not only assist teachers to boost their confidence but also help them to ensure effective learning process is taking place....   [tags: Psychology, Motivation, Learning, Emotion]

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Case Study : Code Of Ethics

- ... The article does not give details about how she became homeless so it is hard to speculate on why she ended up without a home. Provision 1:1 states, “A fundamental principle that underlies all nursing practice is respect for the inherent worth, dignity, and human rights of every individual. Nurses take into account the needs and values of all persons in all professional relationships (”. I feel that the resident has no respect for Ms. Rogers. He is judging this patient by her reputation of being seen in the ER multiple times....   [tags: Patient, Physician, Human rights, Nursing]

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Motivation by Internal Staff Events

- Motivation is the way to let a person to be moved to do something (Ryan & Deci, 2000, p54). Nowadays, most companies all around the world start to reduce their budget for motivating their staff (Quarterly, 2009, p2). However, some other companies try to use other ways to motivate their staff in order to develop their talent and make profits (Quarterly, 2009, p2). It is interesting that why different companies and organizations try to use two totally opposite way to manage their financial problems....   [tags: finances, management, incentives, profit]

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Humanistic Psychology And Existential Psychology

- Humanistic and Existential Psychology are influential of each other, both include the “meaning of our existence, the role of free will, and the uniqueness of each human” (Burger, 2015) This paper will review three articles written by influential psychologists of their time, Maslow, Rogers, and Frankl. The review of each will include a summary, how well the contents connects to the humanistic or existential psychology, and if their ideas still have a relevant application in today’s environment. The first article for review by Viktor Frankl, an existential psychologist, Logotherapy and Existentialism, was written in 1967....   [tags: Psychology, Psychotherapy, Existentialism]

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Key Features of the Person Centred Approach

- Carl Rogers was an American psychologist who became unhappy with the results of psychoanalyst and behavioural schools and later went on to develop the person centred approach in the 1940’s to 1950’s. Carl believed in Abraham Maslow's theory although he said that all Individuals are unique and given the right environment we all have an innate ability to reach our full potential. (Actualizing tendency). Carl Rogers believed that the organismic self is what we are born with, how we really are as a person and what we want to do in life, In Rogers theory he split it up into three areas, Self-image (The way we and others see ourselves), Self-esteem (How much we value ourselves) and the ideal self...   [tags: psychoanalysis and behavioral analysis]

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American History in the book White Devil

- Brumwell, Stephen. White Devil: A True Story of War, Savagery, and Vengeance in Colonial America. Da Capo Press Inc. March, 2005. The book opens "Nous sommes tours Sauvages," which translates to "We are all Savages." It's a fitting way to begin a book chronicling the story of Major Robert Rogers and his rangers journey, Native American slaughter, and return home. In White Devil: A True Story of War, Savagery, and Vengeance in Colonial America, author Stephen Brumwell depicts a well researched, unbiased image of: war, hardship, courage, savagery, vengeance, and survival....   [tags: Stephen Brumwell]

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The Provision Of Mental Health

- Introduction Mental health is something that every health professional will face in their careers, whether they specialise in mental health practice or not because it is one of the most common causes of non-fatal disability in Australia (Hungerford, et al., Chapter 1 The provision of mental health care in Australia, 2012). To efficiently and accurately help people with mental health issues, health professionals need to learn to recognise mental health issues, become familiar with the person centred approach and the recovery model used in mental health practice, understand therapeutic alliances or therapeutic relationships and how it fits into the person centred approach and recovery models,...   [tags: Mental health, Health care, Mental disorder]

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The Difference of Humanistic Theories of Motivation from Other Theories

- The Difference of Humanistic Theories of Motivation from Other Theories What differentiates humanistic theories of motivation (e.g. Maslow, Rogers) from other theories (e.g. Hull, Instinct). Many researchers in the humanistic approach to psychology have noted the persistent motive within individuals to become competent in dealing with the environment. Successful completion of a task, however, often seems to cause the task to lose some of its value, and new, more difficult challenges are undertaken....   [tags: Papers]

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Applying Adult Learning Theory

- Introduction The purpose of education is complicated and many educators formulate their own principles of education. The ideas of education for many years has stressed that the purpose of education is to develop individuals to become productive, good citizens, and function effectively in a democratic society. Campbell (2008) notes that the purpose of public education is to graduate good citizens who have the necessary skills demanded in the marketplace and to enjoy contemporary society....   [tags: Character Analysis]

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Should Political Polls Influence Political Decision-making?

- “In no country is public opinion so powerful as in the United States” stated British journalist James Brice in 1900 (Erikson, 3). He was very perceptive as the use of polls of the public was increasing. Politicians traditionally have the goal of re-election. Because of this, many politicians are swayed by the results of polls of the public. The question is, of course, are the political polls correct and how much they should effect and influence political decision-making. This has been something that politicians have had to ask themselves for many years, and in the end there is four main lines of thought on political polls....   [tags: public opinion]

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Character Manipulation in The Rise of Silas Lapham

- Character Manipulation in Howells' The Rise of Silas Lapham           Of all the characters who undergo change in The Rise of Silas Lapham, Lapham's change is the only one looked upon in a positive light by the narrator. William Dean Howells uses the corruption of other characters to promote Lapham's newfound morality and reinforce his ultimate triumph. Before Lapham's financial ruin, he is the only character with fault. Yet as his world crumbles, so does the credibility and innocence of his wife, two daughters, and former partner, Mr....   [tags: Rise Silas Lapham Essays]

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The ' Super Serum ' And ' The Attack On Pearl Harbor '

- In 1941, a young man by the name Steve Rogers attempted to join the army on five separate occasions, but was rejected each time due to his scrawny physique. His ambition along with “his courage, intelligence and willingness to risk death for his country” caught the attention of U.S. Army General Chester Philips, who inducted him into a top secret government experiment known as Operation Rebirth. Abraham Erskine, the brain behind the experiment, developed a “Super Serum” that allowed its subjects to reach maximum physical potential....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Captain America, Marvel Comics]

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Erikson 's Theory Of Psychosocial Development, Operant Conditioning, And Social Learning Theory

- ... The second stage she is struggling in is Stage 6 Intimacy vs Isolation in young adulthood (Rogers, 2013). She is 28 years old, and is isolated from her family and her son, Joey, who her parents now have custody due to her drug abuse. The other reason she is isolated from her family is due to her having an abortion, and her parents feel she has committed a mortal sin and they do not want her in their home. She has the lost the intimacy of being with her son and her family. An intervention with the Erikson Theory could be to have Emilia, and her parents come together in a neutral surrounding, and have the social worker facilitate a meeting between her and her parents discuss their feelin...   [tags: Operant conditioning, Reinforcement]

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Components of the Diffusion of Innovation Theory

- Diffusion of Innovation (DOI) Theory, developed by Rogers in 1962, is one of the oldest social science theories. It originated in communication to explain how, over time, an idea or product spreads through a specific population or social system. The end result of this diffusion is that people, as part of a social system, adopt a new idea, behavior, or product. Adoption means that a person does something differently than what they had previously. The key to adoption is that the person must perceive the idea, behavior, or product as new or innovative....   [tags: adoption, ideas, nursing ]

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Rodgers and Hammerstein

- Rodgers and Hammerstein Collaborations Oklahoma. The first collaboration of Rodgers and Hammerstein was entitled Oklahoma. The idea of the musical came from a play called Green Grow the Lilacs, written by Lynn Riggs in 1931. This story is about the state of Oklahoma at the turn of the century, when the Indian Territory joined the United States. It is the story of a girl named Laurey Williams and her (sort of) love triangle with two boys by the names of Curley McClain and Jud Fry. Laurey is in love with Curley, but she attends a dance with Jud instead....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Adoption and Diffusion

- Adoption and Diffusion "The emergence of the basic paradigm for early diffusion research [was] created by two rural sociologists at Iowa State University, Bryce Ryan and Neal C. Gross" and gained recognition when they "published the results of their hybrid corn study"(Valente and Rogers, 1995, paragraph 1 ) in 1943. Post World War II agriculture experienced a boom in "technological innovation" and "as a result…U.S. farms became business enterprises rather than family-subsistence units…concerned with productivity, efficiency, competitiveness, and agricultural innovations"(Valente and Rogers, 1995, paragraph 11 )....   [tags: Science Papers]

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Jason 's Treatment : Is It Necessary And Sufficient Core Conditions For Therapeutic Change?

- Jason’s treatment should primarily focus on helping him find meaning in life (Rogers, 1965; Prochaska & Norcross, 2013). In order to do so, research suggests that counseling should embrace Rogers’ necessary and sufficient core conditions for therapeutic change (Gurman, 1977; Kirschenbaum & Jourdan, 2005). Gurman and Razin (1977), in particular, argue that empathy, warmth, and genuineness are positively correlated with favorable therapeutic change. This may seem like common sense, however, researchers such as Bergin and Suinn (1975) and Mitchell, Bozarth, and Krauft (1977) suggest that Rogers’ core conditions are either irrelevant or are detrimental to the therapeutic process....   [tags: Therapy, Psychotherapy, Psychology, LGBT]

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The Devastating Effects of Garbage In Our Environment

- Earth is the only planet of its kind. Its unique environment provides us with air and water that are vital for life. It is important that we better protect our environment to secure life for future generations. My essay first will analyze two essays, Heather Roger's, Gone Tomorrow: Hidden Life of Garbage, and Lars Eighner On Dumpster Diving. Both authors pose interesting arguments warranting solutions to our excessive waste. This essay supports Rogers’s position over Eighners position. I agree with Roger’s solution holding Corporate America and large companies accountable for the excessive waste from mass production....   [tags: waste, recycling, mass production]

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Conflicts of Interest between Auditors and Clients

- The complete destruction of companies including Arthur Andersen, HealthSouth, and Enron, revealed a significant weakness in the United States audit system. The significant weakness is the failure to deliver true independence between the auditors and their clients. In each of these companies there was deviation from professional rules of conduct resulting from the pressures of clients placed upon their auditors (Goldman, and Barlev 857-859). Over the years, client and auditor relationships were intertwined tightly putting aside the unbiased function of auditors....   [tags: Business Ethics ]

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Mearns and Thorne’s Person-Centered Counseling in Action

- There are several different theories and techniques in the psychology field. The point of this paper will include many aspects that are implemented in person-centered therapy, specifically from Mearns and Thorns’ point of view. In this discussion of Mearns and Thorns’ person-center therapy, include will be personal reactions towards their book, Person-Centred Counselling in Action, how culture is addressed in this book, and some of their theory compared and contrast to other theories. Personal Reaction When I first read the title of this book, Person-Centred Counselling in Action, it seems very interesting....   [tags: Self Development, Psychoanalysis]

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Analysis of Two Articles on Trash Disposal

- First I will summarize an excerpt out of Heather Roger's essay, Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage published in 2005. Second I will summarize Lars Eighner essay On Dumpster Diving published in 1995. Our government needs to immediately enforce a set of strict standardized laws that carefully regulate and monitor the disposal of todays and more importantly tomorrow trash. I will argue that this is necessary for large corporations and businesses to deduce their consumption. Finally I will argue that we need to educate the public about the importance and need to restrict our consumption to secure our future....   [tags: Environment Views, Standardized Laws]

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