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Western Christianity: Augustine Confessions

- Augustine Confessions Augustine of Hippo was an early Christian philosopher who was born in what is now modern day Algeria and his writings have been a great influence on the development of Western Christianity. He was a bishop in the Hippo Regius of Roman Africa during the Patristic Era and is viewed as one of the most important Church Fathers of the West (Mendelson). In his famous writing “Confessions”, Augustine recounts the first 35 years of his life and tracks his spiritual development and acceptance of Christianity....   [tags: philosophy, god, skills]

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A Madman, A Hippie And A Fascist

- ... In addition Shakespeare brings into question the idea of being, a rather simple verb at first glance, however Shakespeare shreds away the skin to reveal a severely complex organism. The play also makes you question many ideas you perceive to be absolute and warping them into something foreign. A very uncomfortable venture to partake in at times. You realize your perception of sanity could actually be a twisted and contorted version of reality and you’d have no way of knowing. Shakespeare’s Hamlet is crucial for western society because it questions the ostensible idea of being....   [tags: Western world, Western culture]

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Western Media

- Africa is one of the richest continents in terms of resources and human population nonetheless; it is the poorest and least developed continent. A significant number of the population in the west are ignorant about Africa and have a negative attitude towards Africa, ‘Most of them have certain images of Africa that they hold to be true or real’, all these images are acquired though what they receive as news in the western media (Michira,2002). Often words used to describe Africa in the west include the following: dark, jungle, savage, underdeveloped, third world, hunger, disease, famine, drought, lack of history and culture....   [tags: African Continent, History, Economy]

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The Characterization Of Women By Deborah Rhode

- ... (BOND): Well, I 'll tell you something, you 're one of the most beautiful girls I 've ever seen. (TANIA): Thank you, but I think my mouth is too big. (BOND) No, it 's the right size... CLOSE-UP- TANIA, Her lips part invitingly. (BOND) ... for me, that is. (From Russia with Love) This flirtation and sexualization of Tania from early on in the movie places the focus on her sexuality rather than her character. In this scene, although Tania does speak with a slight Russian accent, she appears otherwise very familiar to the audience and would not be immediately considered an outsider....   [tags: Western world, Western culture]

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Western Religions

- Religion is known to be difficult to define as it transcends so many boundaries in human experience and from an academic perspective; it is difficult to find any distinction between the world religions 1, 2, 3. Ninian Smart approached religion as a religious studies specialist and instead of trying to define religion, he identified certain recognizable elements that religion in general possess and focused on studying them 3, 4, 9. He identified seven such elements or dimensions for the religion; practical and ritual, experimental and emotional, narrative or mythic, doctrinal and philosophical, ethical and legal, social and institutional and material dimension 3....   [tags: Ninian Smart, religion]

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Western History

- Western History Cowboys, the fame of the West, are America’s factual heroes. Through the years moms and dads have told their kids tails and stories about cowboys and the cowboy life. Although, many things are unfamiliar to the common American about the American cowboy, things such as: Where they originate. Their tradition, their clothing, what they breed and how. All of these facts pass through the minds of people and just disappear into the wind. The cowboy history is a long and rich one....   [tags: US History]

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Western Imperialsim

- Beginning in the 1700’s there was a drive of Western Imperialism that significantly changed not only the political landscape of Europe, but the whole world. In the quest for Imperialism new lands and cultures were found and explored. There is no single motive that can be viewed as the one and only reason that Imperialism was pursued. Upon looking into the motives of Europeans it is clearly evident that economic, the spread of Christianity, adventure and Social Darwinism all played their part in inspiring the quest to expand the influence of Europeans throughout the world....   [tags: World History ]

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Ethnocentrism As A Western Conceptual Schema On Non Western Forms Of Life

- The problems of ethnocentrism tend to manifest themselves in the philosophy of history, when philosophers attempt to interpret empirical history in teleological terms. Ethnocentrism arises whenever the researcher attempts to universalize the Western subject-position. In sociological terms that have been widely popularized since Sumner, ethnocentrism involves one first identifying with an in-group, with whom one shares certain observable characteristics (culture, language, physical features, or customs, for example).[1] The belief in shared characteristics leads to an assertion of identity, and this belief in turn influences attitudes....   [tags: Philosophy, Epistemology, Ontology, Metaphysics]

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Greece's Role in Shaping the Western Civilization

- Greece's Role in Shaping the Western Civilization The ancient Greeks contributed much to Western civilizations. They made contributions with architecture and government. Ancient Greece's philosophers and mathematicians have made contributions to western civilizations. The art and drama of Greece also affected western civilizations. The Ancient Greece culture has made many contributions to western civilizations. Ancient Greece contributed architecture and government to western civilizations. The Parthenon was built to dedicate the goddess, Athena....   [tags: History, Social Studies]

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Medevial Western Europe

- The post-classical period in Western Europe evolved after the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. This period became known as the Middle Ages. It was a time of chaos. Often it is connected to a backward time in history because it was between the great classical civilizations of Greece and Rome. However, changes began to take place that helped to revive Western Europe. There were many distinctive characteristics that surfaced in Western Europe in trade, politics, social structure, religion, and intellectual life that did not place it at a disadvantage in relationship with other post-classical civilizations of the world....   [tags: trade, plitics, social structre, religious]

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The Role of Women in Western Europe and Japan

- Women in Western Europe and Japan had similar and different roles religiously, politically, and economically. Religiously, women in Western Europe and Japan had some religious roles and had female religious leaders. Women in Western Europe were better off religiously, partly due to the ability to become a nun and take part in religious services, while women in Japan could not. Over time, women in Japan lost most of their religious rights, and ability to partake in ceremonies. In both areas, the women had few political roles and could not be in the bureaucracy....   [tags: religious, political, rights]

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Medevial Western Europe

- The post-classical period in Western Europe began with the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. This period became known as the Middle Ages. It was a time of chaos. However, changes began to take place that helped to revive Western Europe. There were many distinctive characteristics that surfaced in Western Europe in politics, social structure, religion, and intellectual life that placed it at an advantage in relationship with other post-classical civilizations of the world. First, in Western Europe one of the distinctive characteristics of medieval life that helped to bring about growth in the economy was a strong feudal system that was tied to the political system....   [tags: ]

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Ancient Greek: The Birthplace of Western Civilization

- Ancient geek was the birthplace of western civilization about 4000 years ago. Ancient Greece produced many magnificent achievements in areas of government, science, philosophy and the fine arts that still influenced our lives. Old Greece influenced western progress in governmental issues. Greece had the first known popular government. In Greece Athens was the support of majority rules system in the western human advancement. The Greek had a state man who name is Pericles. Pericles had three objectives, to fortify majority rule government, hold quality in the realm and to commend the Athens....   [tags: philosophy, fine art, socrates]

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Exploring the Concepts of Monotheism in Western Religions

- If a person were to juxtapose the western religions that exist in our society today, a vast amount of people would conclude that a major similarity between them is that they are all monotheistic. There is a multiple amount of religions in this world today, but a few are monotheistic like the western religions and then there are the polytheistic religions, which tend to be more along the eastern side. Monotheism can be straight forward with its definition; however, there are certain concepts that need to be known in order to completely understand the true nature of monotheism in today’s western religions....   [tags: god, egyptians, hebrews]

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Western Imperialism and Modern East Asia

- Western imperialism in East Asia caused many tribulations for China, Japan, and Korea but also helped them to become contemporary nations. The East Asian countries were tremendously affected by unequal treaties, extraterritoriality, and above all, technology. Great Britain encroached upon China their greed for open trade with the Chinese empire resulting in the deterioration of the Chinese culture, which led to the emergence of a modernized civilization. Japan was co-subjugated by Russia and the United States so that the trade routes of these western countries could extend into the east, which resulted in the foundation of industrialization in Modern East Asia....   [tags: China, Japan, Korea, Imperialism]

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Western Nursing Theories

- This writer is going to explore two different western nursing theories that were shaped by philosophy, politics, history and society and view the revolutionary application of the theories in the modern world. In the beginning of a journey to a psychiatric nursing career, a student needs to consider nurses of the past, and present, and the theories they developed. Nursing is constantly evolving and the nursing theories evolve in response to society’s evolution.(Barker,2009) Historically politics shaped society, and its view of the mentally ill....   [tags: Existential Phenomenological Philosophy]

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The Underground Water System in Western Australia

- 1.0 Introduction The purpose of this report is to study the underground water system in Western Australia and make recommendation to the Minister of the Environment and Water Resource. This report include the source and storage, extraction and the effect of underground water to the environment, types of common contamination in underground water and method to prevent the contamination. Groundwater is the one of the fundamental source of water in Western Australian environment which fresh water collected at various depth below the ground surface....   [tags: environment, water resource]

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Contributions Made by the Romans to Western Civilization

- The ancient Romans had many contributions that were important to the western civilization. Some of their contributions include the aqueducts, public baths, markets, and juries. The Romans were also the greatest builders of the ancient western world. They created a legacy that proved to be as dominant as it was long lasting and many roman principles are embodied in their modern instructions. The Romans made varies of contributions to the Western Civilization, but a few are the most important of all....   [tags: Rome, history, Roman influence]

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Western Art History

- December 7, 2013 Topics in Western Art History Mikash Exam Paper The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago is an icon of feminist art that represents one thousand and thirty eight women in history. Nine hundred and ninety nine names are inscribed in the Heritage Floor on which the table rests while the other thirty-nine women are represented by place settings. It is an epic piece of work comprised of a triangular table divided by three wings, each wing being forty-eight feet long. This piece of artwork explores numerous media, which includes Chinese painting, ceramics and an array of needle and fiber techniques....   [tags: Judy Chicago, Other, Homi Bhabha, colonialism]

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Linear Time Structure of the Western World

- Thanks to the linear time structure of the western world, time is no longer infinite. People of our culture constantly have to stress over rushing to arrive at an appointment on time, turning in an assignment by a particular day, or having a prepared meal on the table at 5 o’clock on the dot. As days are filled with schedules dictated by time, the time itself just seems to slip away. This passing of linear time creates the worry that life is too short and this generates the concern about death, especially about what happens when one dies....   [tags: Sociology, Culture, Circular Time]

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The History of China's and Japan's Western Influence

- After a long period of isolationism, China and Japan were pressured to open trade and have foreign relations with the West in the nineteenth century. During the late 1800’s the Industrial Revolution created a huge gap between the Western and Eastern powers, which left China and Japan in a military and technological disadvantage (Fruhstuck, Lecture). Initially, China and Japan closed their doors to the West because they were both self sustaining nations, did not like foreign influences, and believed that their society was superior to the West....   [tags: modern East Asia]

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The Movie Industry and Western Cultural Values

- It is evident that Western Cultural values are diffused worldwide through the movie industry. The films are controlled by western funding and reflect Western perspectives vividly. Between the lines in the scripts, filmgoers are urged to link the Western culture and “whiteness” with positive-hence legitimate-values and accept whites dominant position. Film is a powerful medium, thus movies were created with emotional designs on the individual audience in order to control his or her mind hence Hollywood serve as the functional means for establishing the concept of white supremacy....   [tags: hollywood, hegemonic ideoloy]

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Western Civilization Q&A

- Western Civ. Test 2 take home C) First and Second Triumvirates A Triumvirate is a political alliance involving three rulers, who divide the land and power among each other. The first Triumvirate involved Pompey; who was a popular general who crushed the Spanish Revolt. The second was Crassus; he was a wealthy noble with a lot of ambition and was very ruthless. Crassus owned all the fire stations in Rome, when a person needed his services he would let the fire burn until he was paid a sum of money to his likings....   [tags: World History]

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The Trail of Socrates and the development of Western Philosophy

- THESIS STATEMENT Socrates was accused of corrupting the youth of Athens and sentenced to die for his beliefs. He accepted this punishment because he truly thought what he believed was right. PURPOSE STATEMENT By conducting research and examining various sources, The trail of Socrates proved to be an important part in history, impacting the development of Western Philosophy and allowing the beliefs of Socrates to live on to this day. INTRODUCTION “The death of Socrates has had a huge and almost continuous impact on western culture” (Wilson 1)....   [tags: Philosophy, Athens]

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Chinese Women Modify to Western Ideals

- Chinese women in the U.S are pressured to reconstruct their identities to assimilate and conform to be accepted in American Society. Julie Chen, Chinese American TV Host, recently decided to get a double eyelid surgery to achieve a more “westernized look” and to look less Chinese. She was tired of having small Asian eyes, in Asian cultures the bigger the rounder your eyes are the more beautiful you are considered. Julie Chen was pressured by a big time agent to get the eyelid surgery done to guarantee career advancement....   [tags: identity, United States, American society, culture]

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Continuity and Change in Europe and Western Asia

- Continuity and Change in Europe and Western Asia During the sixth and seventh centuries the Byzantine Empire survived waves of attacks, due to efficient leadership and to natural and man-made fortifications around Constantinople (Martin 206). From this strategic point Byzantine emperors organized and preserved old Roman institutions, and the Byzantine Empire survived until 1453. In particular, the emperor Justinian led the creation of the Code, which condensed the legal genius of the Romans into a coherent whole, eliminated outdated laws and oppositions, and clarified the law itself....   [tags: christianity, orthodox church, roman catholic]

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Irony in All Quiet on the Western Front

- ... In addition, when Haie is beating Himmelstoss, Paul’s description of the final blow is that Haie, “… reached out his right arm… he looked as if he were going to reach down a star.” (49). Remarque used an ironic play on the name of the corporal, since Corporal Himmelstoss has a name that is also a play on German words; “himmel” meaning “heaven” and “stoss” (stoß) meaning kick, push, and other similar words. In effect, the beating that Himmelstoss receives is pushing him down from the “heaven” that was his authority over the men....   [tags: Erich Maria Remarque, literary analysis]

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Contemporary International Security Of Western Europe

- ... The hope was that the euro would lead to improved, interdependent economic conditions and would blur national differences, and ultimately lead to a European nation. The currency bounds nations together economically without a parallel political apparatus. Legal oversight was lacking to contain governments such the Greek government, which avoided taxes and spent lavishly, then turned to the EU for a bailout. This has affected the security of the European Union through the economic channels. Furthermore, popular support for the union across Europe is waning....   [tags: Europe, European Union, Spain, Romania]

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Native Americans and Their Interactions with the Western World

- To reveal the main ideas, facts the paper presented Native Americans in the United States today, particularly social, economic and political situation of the Indians as indigenous inhabitants of the American continent, representatives of one of the races living on the territory of the modern United States of America. The author focused on the Native Americans influence on American culture and how its traditions and values helped shape the development of a multicultural society. Still, as it was predicted, this influence was better analyzed through the prism of mutual influence – Native Americans to the rest part of American society and vice versa....   [tags: Cultural Interaction ...]

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Ancient Athens: The Prototype for Western Democracy

- ... Women and foreigners were excluded from this lottery, as citizenship in Athens was determined by bloodline, not land ownership. Under this new reform of laws, slavery for agricultural debts was terminated, as was the incurring debt of farmers. During this assembly, current laws were constantly under review and revision, and new laws were voted on and passed by popular vote. City officials were also elected and dismissed, court trials, and appeals were also conducted by citizen vote. The assembly was held monthly, with citizens rotating in and out with each new lottery....   [tags: center of Greek culture]

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Western Civilizations And Its Impact On Society

- ... This attitude was particularly unfortunate for women, to whom most of the sexual guilt was assigned. Women, like the original temptress Eve, continued to attract men to commit sin. They were spiritually weak creatures prone to yield to carnal impulses. This is, of course, a classic example of projecting one’s own guilty desires upon someone else. Ultimately, legal control over sexual behaviour passed from the church to the state, but in most instances the latter simply perpetuated the attitudes of the former....   [tags: Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse, Sex]

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The Political and Social Changes in Western Europe

- Western European people had endured a series of changes during the late medieval period. Changes can be categorized into two aspects: politically and socially. On politics, Popes were not as strong as they were due to conflicts between the state and the church. Socially, people began to live a religion- dominated life, and experienced active sexism towards women. These changes, either positive or negative, have become an undivided part of European History. People faced the rise and the fall of the Catholic Church during the medieval time....   [tags: European History ]

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Alternative Medicine and Conventional Western Medicine

- Side Effects Ross defines and differentiates between the terms healing and curing. She recognizes the fact that healing and curing are very intertwined and it can be hard to distinguish between the two terms. There are differences between the definitions in scholarly and general settings. She references an ethnographic study of healing versus curing conducted by anthropologists Andrew Strathern and Pamela Stewart in 1999 with native groups in New Guinea. The results of the study looked at how energy used by the different types of tribal healers to either cure or heal a patient....   [tags: holistic approach, healing, curing]

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German History: Eastern and Western Germany

- ... For instance, one of the greatest concerns of others toward Germany’s unification was the risk of recurrence of war. Since, it was Germany who caused World War, killed 600million Jewish, it wasn’t really astonishing that surrounding countries estimated that they can rise up another war. Therefore, Germany, who was strongly hoping for unification in their people, tried their best to transfer others belief. As an example, Brant prime minister of Germany kneeled in front of the people who died because of them at the past....   [tags: korea´s partition, reunfication]

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The Western Concept of Childhood Is Not Really the Norm

- Modernity and globalization have modified how children and the concept of childhood is viewed in society – that is children and youth that once contributed to “household economies” are now viewed as financially invaluable (Zelsier, 1995, cited in Orellana, 2009, p. 17). However, Orellana’s (2009) work Translating Childhoods: Immigrant Youth, Language, and Culture, and Fong’s (2004) study Only Hope: Coming of Age under China’s One-Child Policy, challenge the normative views of the Western world by presenting the stories of children that may not have the typical childhood that most children are perceived to have, such as relaxing and playing with friends endlessly....   [tags: childhood outside of the First World]

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Tradition Healing versus Western Medicine

- In recent years the popularization of traditional medicine and healing rapidly grew due to its holistic approach. More and more people are choosing an alternative medical interventions as opposed to Western medicine. The tension that exists between traditional healing and Western medicine is an issue that deserves attention as it is crucial to the optimization of the best health care choices available to every human being. Western medical interventions and approaches are totally granted from a Western viewpoint, which is primarily scientific and rational; while the traditional healing is based on spiritual origins, and some might consider it as being absurd....   [tags: spiritual, scientific, health care]

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The Rise Of The Middle East And Western Europe

- The rise of two of the world’s most popular religions today, Buddhism and Christianity, began in an age of massive change under massive empires. Each respective religion dominated a certain region of the classical world, Buddhism being east Asia and Christianity being the middle east to western Europe. Although many factors contributed to the rise and popularity of these religions, it is easier and more practical to narrow it down to a few major factors. First, both religions appealed to the masses, particularly the poor, which made up most of the population at the time....   [tags: Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Religion]

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The European Union: The Development of Western Europe

- From the account of Gerhard Schroeder and Tony Blair, I interpret the social and political development of Western Europe after 1945 to be very close to that of the United States. This is obviously not an exact comparison, but there are similarities. It is most likely more fair to think of the European Union as the United States under the Articles of the Confederation, though obviously updated and slightly stronger. The participating nations operate mostly on their own, though there is a loose and mostly economic cooperation between them....   [tags: Third Way, Government Analysis]

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Taking a Look at the American Western Frontier

- Among the first settlements in the western frontier were those that elected to skip the vast desert, and travel to Oregon. The Oregon Trail was one off the easiest routes utilized to reach the Pacific Northwest. Many emigrants hailed from Independence, Missouri, and were often in search of new land to call their own. The Oregon Trail’s early establishment was due to the outposts that the British had developed during the time. America had seen the British fight for the original thirteen colonies....   [tags: United States region]

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Analysis Of Stalin 's ' Western Civilization '

- Zhang,1 Chris Zhang 5/19/15 Western Civilization Balazs Thesis Based Essay Draft Born into a poor family, raised in a hapless town, Iosif Vissarionich Stalin had only a minimal education. However, Stalin possessed a burning faith in destiny of social revolution, and an extremely strong determination to play a prominent role in it. His rise to power was brutal and audacious, but under his leadership, the Soviet Union’s military and political power became a force that few could match. Even so, Stalin’s rule was tyrannical and despotic, becoming responsible for over 20 million people’s lives....   [tags: Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin]

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Marriage Is The Cornerstone For Many Western Civilizations

- ... In short, marriage has been defined as a critical organizing institution that provides benefits to individuals, families, and societies. Marriage has been underscored as an important institution and researched prolifically. However, there are yet questions to be answered as to how couples are defined as successful and what contributes to this success. Following is a review of relevant literature which precedes a research study aimed at exploring the marital quality of Evangelical Christians based upon their adherence to and belief in scripture statements regarding marriage....   [tags: Marriage, Culture, Evangelicalism, Society]

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Kings Park in Perth, Western Australia

- Kings Park in Perth, Western Australia is similar to Singapore’s Botanic Garden. There are a lot of greeneries and it has a beautiful scenery as well. Kings Park is a place where families would go for a picnic and the locals would go there to relax. In addition to that, there are war memorials build around Kings Park. They also have an Aboriginal Art Gallery and they organise free guided tours where professional tour guides will take you around the park and talk to you about how certain parts of the park came about and how was it related to the Aboriginal people....   [tags: Aboriginal traditions, family cultural places]

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Far Right Extremism in Western Europe

- There is considerable evidence to suggest that Western Europe has experienced an upsurge of far-right extremism such as Front nationale in France, Vlaams Belang in Belgium, the Danish Peoples Party in Denmark and the British National Party in the UK. Consequently, they often advocate nationalistic traits (e.g. Almeida, 2012, p137) as part of their ideology and reinforce this through the manipulation of racial discrimination whereby they create the ‘other’ in society for them to attack for their failings as a country....   [tags: nationalism, race, discrimination]

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International Law Threatens Western Countries

- In recent years, with the increasing attention to varieties of international crime, comparative criminology becomes a major field in criminology and criminal justice (Bennett, 2004:2). Comparative criminology is important for the designation and implementation of international policies and preventive measures on international crime; hence there are a rising amount of studies regarding crime and control on a cross-national level. Therefore, in this essay, how do violations of international laws present a direct threat to Western countries will be discussed in the first part, then the understanding of such threats and justice perpetrators of international crime will be examined in relation to...   [tags: criminolgy, violations, human rights]

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Eastern Medicine Vs Western Medicine

- ... The main focus point of all these treatments is to treat the body as an entire entity, not just one ailment at a time. Eastern medicine is built on the belief of healing someone from the inside out, not just treating a single symptom or ailment. Treatments include education about exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle intervention. Using these techniques is a way to provide not only relief but, to treat, cure and prevent an ailment from reoccurring. The goal is for the body to maintain a state of homeostasis....   [tags: Medicine, Pharmacology, Alternative medicine]

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Analysis Of Banner Bank Of Western Usa

- ... The bank has taken upon itself to serve the community as it points out in the mission. A tour in their website reflects the picture painted by the mission statement; it represents a majority of the stakeholder’s interests. Such concerns or rather interests are addressed impressively and quite comprehensively. The communities being served by the bank are served way beyond business transactions. There is a lot of social responsibility on their part. Their website shows that in 2014 the bank’s 723 employees volunteered 39,646 hours in their local communities....   [tags: Statements, Strategic planning, Shareholder]

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Kenya: Chinese investment or Western Aid

- The purpose of this paper is to evaluate how the growing Chinese presence in Kenya affects the United States’ international interests. In order to do this, we must look at how China was able to create such a presence, what the U.S. did or failed to do to alleviate this, Kenya’s view on both the U.S. and China, and if the U.S. would benefit from expanding or decreasing economic investments in the country. While the United States has a long-standing foothold on the oil in Africa, China has been dominating the other natural resources available for the past 20 years (Bhorat 2013)....   [tags: Investment, China, Kenya, PRC]

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Saint Benedict: Father of Western Monasticism

- When Jesus walked the earth his twelve disciples put aside all of their worldly possessions and worldly pursuits to fully and faithfully follow him. After the fall of Rome, Europe slipped into what has been referred to as the “dark ages.” However, even in these dark ages men and women put aside their secular desires and devoted themselves to a life of celibacy and simplicity. This similar desire between many people drew them together and this pursuit became know as monasticism. No one had a bigger influence on this way of life and on these people who chose this calling than Saint Benedict of Nursia....   [tags: history of Catholic monastic orders]

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Traditional Healing Vs Western Medicine

- Cultures around the world offer different perspectives on the relationships between spirituality, healing and illness from that of mainstream Western culture (Mark & Lyons, 2010, p.1756).The coexistence of both traditional and biomedical healing systems is commonplace throughout the world and finding a place where only one method is relied upon exclusively is particularly difficult (McGrath, 1999, p.484) Medical pluralism within societies, as Stoner (1986) notes, “is the rule not the exception the world over” (p.44)....   [tags: Traditional Healing Essays]

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Western Music vs. Indigenous Music

- Introduction: Defining ‘reconciliation’ alone can be a cumbersome task. It has been defined as many things such as “a collection of lived practices – a culture, a cultural project, a sea-change in the psyche of a nation and a product of the imagination of the ‘lunar left’ (Rigney & Hemming, 2011).” The main idea one should keep in mind when reading this paper, is the discrepancies between Indigenous and Western worlds and the way in which they conceptualise music. When understanding music as a tool for reconciliation, it can be defined under any of the headings stated above....   [tags: Music ]

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The Impatient Western Fast-Paced Culture

- Tea. How many of us have ever enjoyed a tea in our lives. Many of us, right. Well, drinking tea is world known, especially to the Japanese. In the late twelfth century, during the Kamakura period, Matcha, also known as "finely powdered tea" was introduced to Japan from China (Sayre 302). During this period, tea wasn't just prepared the way most of us prepare it. It was prepared carefully and delicately, especially in Zen temples. The delicate tea making ritual continues today and it is generally performed by a master for his/her guest in a comfortable and relaxed setting....   [tags: taking time for tea and other things]

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Western Health versus Alternative Treatments

- In today’s society the acceptance of alternative forms of traditional western medicine is becoming wildly popular. I have been raised in a family that strongly believes in alternative forms of therapy and medicine. My mother, Wanda was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and tenderness in certain areas. Basically, it is when a person has long-term pain throughout joints, muscles, tendons and other soft tissue areas....   [tags: positives and negatives of both sides]

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Plato’s Influence on Western Civilization

- Our country is built on a set of values derived from ancient civilizations, individuals, and city-states; both negative and positive attributes of these relics can be proven to have assisted in molding our government into a unique and prized entity. Never would one imagine that western civilization is actually inclined by theories of truth and the human beings perception of it. Few would have thought that a primitive concept could be linked to the setbacks of other societies and their forms of socialization, as well as to the success to ours....   [tags: Greek Metaphysics, Women's Rights]

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Similarities, Differences and Connections between two Western Movies: Rio Bravo and El Dorado

- Few Hollywood film makers have captured America’s Wild West history as depicted in the movies, Rio Bravo and El Dorado. Most Western movies had fairly simple but very similar plots, including personal conflicts, land rights, crimes and of course, failed romances that typically led to drinking more alcoholic beverages than could respectfully be consumed by any one person, as they attempted to drown their sorrows away. The 1958 Rio Bravo and 1967 El Dorado Western movies directed by Howard Hawks, and starring John Wayne have a similar theme and plot....   [tags: Westerns, Movies, Rio Bravo, El Dorado,]

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The Western Formula

- A seemingly traditional approach towards the Western frontier is the reason for John Cawelti's assessment from The Six-Gun Mystique. His description of the Western formula being 'far easier to define than that of the detective story'; may clearly be a paradigm for many authors, but not particularly for Stephen Crane. The standards Cawelti has set forth for a successful Western is quite minimal by thought, but at the same time relevant. Crane signifies a different perspective to these standards....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Western Lawman

- The Western Lawman The west was filled with various characters ranging from cowboys, bandits, bar owners, and ultimately the law. The different attitudes towards men of authority during the western era can be seen through the national radio show of Gun smoke. The knowledgeable, caring, and just sheriff of Dodge County named Matt Dillon portrays many societal roles as he is faced with perplexing situations. Through three episodes of Gunskmoke, the reoccurring theme is that Matt Dillon is the law, the judge, and often the jury....   [tags: American America History]

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The Western Frontier

- The Western Frontier As I sat thinking about what to write about the western frontier I started to realize that issues were the things that at least keep me going and I knew I could say a lot on both. I couldn't quite figure out how I was going to put them together until I did some research and other reading and started to remember their life and its purposes. I'm not the one to into history but I came across some very interesting information which I felt could bring my points of view out quite effectively....   [tags: History Geography]

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The Western Lawman

- The Western Lawman Gunsmoke was a dramatized radio program that portrayed life in the old west. According to online sources, "Plots dealt with the lives and activities of Marshall Dillon, Doc, Miss Kitty, Chester, and the other residents of Dodge City, Kansas in the late 19th century." Lawman Marshall Dillon was the center of everything that happened. The peace and welfare of Dodge City rested in his hands. Marshall Dillon represents the quintessential western lawman, with his independence, authoritativeness, and general distrust of strangers....   [tags: Television Media TV Essays]

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The Reality Of Humanity Before The Development Of The Technology

- World history is the best way to understand how the society of today has developed and changed, especially if we are referring to western civilization (Macionis & Plummer 2012, pp.106-107). As we currently consider that many people do not have the jobs they need, or have to learn new trades or skills because many jobs are becoming obsolete, as new industries continue the development the working robots and improved machine technology, Crone (2015, p.26), (Macionis & Plummer 2012, p.115) the real question is “are we in a better situation or worse situation in comparison to our ancestors back in the 1500 to 1800?, Crone (2015, p.11)....   [tags: Western culture, Western world, Western Europe]

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Differences in Relationships Between Western and Non-Western Cultures

- Differences in Relationships Between Western and Non-Western Cultures Most of the research on interpersonal attraction has been carried out in Western societies, especially the United Kingdom and United States. This limitation is very important as it argues that the behaviour and communication need to be understood within the context in which they occur, and this context considerably differs from one culture to another. Therefore we can readily accept that there are large differences in interpersonal relationships between cultures....   [tags: Papers]

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Analysis Of Tanizaki Junichiro 's Naomi, And Kobayashi Takiji 's Factory Ship

- In the era after World War I, Japanese workers were determined to create a revolution that would liberate them and make their lives better. The literature and arts from this period depict the power struggle and the conflicts between the masters and the working class in Japan. This was the age where most Japanese individuals were obsessed with the idea of modernity that was inspired by the west. The mostly younger working class had a great urge to break away from the traditional lifestyle of the past generations and to adopt the new culture....   [tags: Western culture, Western world, Christendom]

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The Hodgson 's Article, The Interrelations Of Societies

- In Marshall G. S. Hodgson’s article, The Interrelations of Societies in History, the idea of our egocentrism influencing our perception and education of history is more deeply explored and analyzed. The piece outlines how history primarily focuses on Western Civilization, although in reality the studies are usually only on European states. It argues that large scale history should be studied not as individual areas that are separate in nature, but through the interrelations throughout these societies in world history....   [tags: Western world, Western culture, Europe]

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Analysis Of ' Voltaire 's ' Banning The Veil '

- ... In addition, the veil came to represent Algerian resistance to cultural assimilation. The French targeted the veil as a means to forcibly assimilate the Algerians into the larger French identity. The veil in colonial Algeria would come to symbolize the incompatibility of Islam and French nationalistic values. During the war for Algerian independence, the veil became a “sign of backwardness” (Scott 62) to the French. This thread of cultural superiority is evident today. From the time of French colonization to the end of the Algerian war for independence, the veil represented an identity antithetical to French Republicanism....   [tags: Western culture, Western world, Culture]

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Children Of Heaven : The Junction Of Two Cultures

- ... These locations are typically populated the poorer class or migrant workers. By contrast the new part of the city, built since Iran’s industrial revolution some 50 years ago has wider streets, outward-looking buildings and walled courtyards (Echeverria). These newer locations would not be very out of place in the western world and indeed the scenes in the film where Ali finds himself in the city look very similar to many American suburbs. The film utilizes this duality of old vs new, and poor vs rich to great effect....   [tags: Western world, Western culture, Globalization]

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Impact Of Globalization On The Business World

- ... Culture sensitivity must be kept the forefront of management minds at all times, including on how they will deal with discrepancies between employees or contractors who may bicker on culture, work or social differences. Balance and boundaries must also be kept up with, as personal opinions should be kept out of the workplace. Keeping things peaceful and smooth in the work place should be the aim of things when it comes to dealing with all types of people and culture. That will start with management and the examples of how they lead the team in that style....   [tags: Western world, Western culture, Culture]

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The Contribution Of Missionary Work

- Introduction In 1883, at an evangelistic meeting in Cambridge, England, seven prominent students gave their lives to missions. Captivated by the sending call from Hudson Taylor, these men forfeited all of the prosperity that lay ahead of them to live lives as missionaries in China. Nicknamed the “Cambridge Seven”, the group’s influence quickly spread throughout Europe and the United States. The individual men have been connected with scores of Missionary organizations including the China Inland Mission, Student Volunteer movement as well as others....   [tags: Western culture, Western world, Christendom]

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Not A Crime Or Damaging Behavior

- ... We can tolerate those who we do not agree with yet still disregard their value as a human being. For example, the staff (2009) explained that “the ‘separate but equal’ doctrine” was still discrimination. The entire structure of that period of history fell under what Forst (2007) calls “the permission conception” of tolerance, which basically means that a minority’s lifestyle is tolerated by the authority as long as the minority agrees to stay within the limits of behavior provided by the authority and by recognizing the authority as having superior status....   [tags: Western world, Western culture, Authority]

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The Development of a Stalemate on the Western Front

- The Development of a Stalemate on the Western Front A stalemate is when two forces meet and neither side can advance any further, all they can do is dig in and hold their ground. In the context of world war 1 it was when the French and German sides dug in extremely well designed trenches stretching over 400 miles from English channel all the across to the Swiss border, creating a very much defence based war. There are four main reasons why a stalemate occurred on the western front....   [tags: Free Essays]

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The Traditions of Western and Chinese Cultures

- ABSTRACT: In European atomic theory, Euclid's geometry and Aristotle's logic complement each other and are generally acknowledged sources of Western science. In China, the book Zhou Yi is the source of Chinese science because it system contains a unity of philosophic, logical and mathematical thinking. These two systems form the core of the scientific models of the Western and Chinese cultural traditions. In political and ideological arenas, the Western is a contract model based on the individual, but the Chinese is an entirety one base on 'human administration.' In Western societies, the inner general tensile stress of contracts causes losses and breaks of action standards and values, but i...   [tags: World History Essays]

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The Development of Stalemate on the Western Front

- The Development of Stalemate on the Western Front Stalemate in war is when there is a deadlock and neither side can win. There are many reasons for the stalemate of World War 1. By the end of 1914 both Germany and France were digging trenches, using bared wire and sitting machine guns. The war became stagnant the war had changed from a war of movement to a war of stalemate. Both sides began to build trenches along what would become the western front. This was not what Count Von Schlieffen had planned to happen....   [tags: Papers]

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The Change in the Fighting on the Western Front

- The Change in the Fighting on the Western Front The fighting on the Western front did not stay exactly the same between 1914 and 1918. Some aspects of warfare changed little, but some changed a great deal, for example trenches became the main defensive strategy and quick battles with Calvary charges and heavy infantry quite literally became a thing of the past and were replaced with stalemates and week/month/year long trench battles. Another major change was the artillery - at the beginning of the war it was very inaccurate and by the end it was much more precise and powerful....   [tags: Free Essays]

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All Quiet On The Western Front

- All Quiet on the Western Front 1. In the movie &#8220;All Quiet on the Western Front';, the German soldiers were sent into the battlefield thinking that they were going to win. The inexperienced boys were persuaded in to fighting and dying for the victory of their country. This brought on a profound sense of disillusionment with the values of Western Civilization. In the German soldier&#8217;s view they were looking to win the war and take over territory. Such as in Napoleon&#8217;s time, in which his values was to imperialize weaker countries....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Development of a Stalemate on the Western Front

- The Development of a Stalemate on the Western Front The main reason trenches developed on the western front is due to the failure of the Schlieffen plan, if it had not been for this elaborate quick way to win the war by Germany, trench warfare may never have developed in WWI. As the Germans were being pushed back from Marne they had to dig trenches to protect themselves from the advancing allies, and the allies mirrored them and did the same. The conventional explanation offered by historians for the stalemate on the western front (an area stretching from Belgium all the way down to the Alps) is that by 1914 technology and industrialism had overtaken military stra...   [tags: Papers]

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Religion and the Development of the Western World

- Religion and the Development of the Western World The accomplishments and success of civilizations are closely linked to their religious outlook and the role of religion in their governments and society. Throughout history rulers have used the influence of religions to control their populations and provide the justification for their power. A society with a greater degree of separation between religion and government promotes a superior level of liberty and creativity amongst its people. By the time of the decline of the Roman Empire in the west, however, the world had come full circle to a return to theocratic dictatorship....   [tags: ancient civilization theocratic government]

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Life In The Trenches Of The Western Front

- Life In The Trenches Of The Western Front When World War 1 broke out in 1914, a lot of people joined up for the Army to fight for their country and to fight against the Germans, Italians and the Austria- Hungarians (mostly the Germans). There are many reasons why people joined up for the Army. For the people who did join up for the army they expected the war to last for a couple of months and that it would be over by Christmas. But if any of them had known that the war was going to last for 4 years till 1918, the people who joined up for the army probably wouldn’t of joined the army....   [tags: Papers]

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The Development of Europe and Western Culture

- The Development of Europe and Western Culture The development of Europe and Western Culture are highlighted by five key dates. The main four key dates and there are as follows: 500 B.C. is known as the Height of Greece. This is the time frame when distinctive European culture had emerged in Greece. It is also known as the Axis Date because the fundamental's of the great world cultures are being defined. During this period of time, Alexander the Great conquered the Persia and became the Great King of Persiah Empire....   [tags: Papers]

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The Development of A Stalemate On The Western Front

- The Development of A Stalemate On The Western Front A stalemate is when all sides are unable to advance further in the war. After the failure of the Schlieffen plan both armies were pushed into a stalemate, neither of the sides were able to make any progress or advance any further during the first World War. The Germans were pushed back from the river Marne to the river Aisne. When there both sides dug in. From this point the war was to be fought from trenches. The trenches dug by both sides eventually stretched seven hundred kilometers, from the Belgian coast to the Swiss border....   [tags: Papers]

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The Conduct of the Generals on the Western Front

- The Conduct of the Generals on the Western Front With the outbreak war in 1914 no country was to know the devastation that would out come over the next 4 years. For many soldiers, the war began and ended in trenches where they were killed in there thousands. The numbers killed or wounded were enormous. Each country including Britain, France and Germany were bled to death. By the end of the first world war it seemed as if a whole generation of youth was wiped out. The tactics the Generals employed had a lot to be desired....   [tags: Papers]

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The Development of a Stalemate on the Western Front

- The Development of a Stalemate on the Western Front The Schlieffen plan did not, it failed to work for various reasons, some of these being The Russian offensive, German advance east of Paris, the German exhaustion, Joffres leadership, British involvement, Belgiumresistance. In August Germany invaded Belgium and Britain stood by its guarantee of Belgium's neutrality and declared war on Germany, within a week, 120,000 troops of the British Expeditionary Force had been secretly shipped to France, this held the Germans up briefly and the British the retreated to France to help the French....   [tags: Papers]

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The Occurence of the Stalemate on the Western

- The Occurence of the Stalemate on the Western Why was there a stalemate on the western front for so long. This is a common question, discussed many times among many people. In total, between Germany, Britain and France, deaths amounted to 4,039,871, and 10,442,270 more were wounded during the whole war, and most of these casualties were caused in the stalemate on the western front. In truth, there are several reasons why the stalemate occurred. In my opinion, the most important reason for the stalemate was the strategies used during the war....   [tags: Papers]

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