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The Virginia Tech Incident: Developing Hindsight to Prevent Future Incidents

- “I fear for my life and the lives of others on campus. I do not believe that this student is mentally sound” (Hoeft). Life is a precious thing; one may not realize how important it is until they are faced with a threat on their mortality. More than thirty of Virginia Tech’s students were faced with that mortality on April 16, 2007, when Seung-Hui Cho murdered them with two semiautomatic handguns, and then he killed himself. Many problems lead to this unfortunate event, and many people seem to blame the school....   [tags: Mass Shootings, Gun Violence]

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The West Virginia Coal Wars: Storming Heaven by Denise Giardina

- Storming Heaven is Denise Giardina’s second and award winning novel, published in 1987. The historical novel is a fiction-based recount of the bitter labor conflict that took place in southern West Virginia during the early 1920s, otherwise known as the West Virginia Coal Wars. The author tells the story of the real conflict faced by miners through the eyes of four main characters, each from different walks of life, with their own different point of view. The story told about the real life hardship faced by coal miners and the ensuing conflict is a subject narrowly covered by The American Journey....   [tags: labor conflict, union activist]

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Speak for the Ponies

- Hoof beats pounding across the sand: this is the sound of ponies living freely on Assateague Island, which lies on the Maryland and Virginia border. Maryland leaves its Assateague ponies in peace and preserves them, but Virginia manages its Chincoteague ponies disparately. However free and wild the ponies may seem, they are property of the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Department (VFD). The selling of these ponies began in 1925; the VFD fully acquired the herd in 1947 (Holden). One of the most tragic aspects of the auction is that the most trafficable ponies are less than a year old; buyers prefer to sunder the foals from their mothers at the clang of the auctioneer's gavel rather than waiting...   [tags: chincoteague ponies, maryland virginia]

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Law Enforcement Innovations in Reaction to The 9/11 Terrorist Attacks and the Virginia Tech Massacre

- The terrorist attacks to the World Trade Center towers in New York City on September 11, 2001 has changed the way federal, state and local police departments communicate with each other, their structures, and operations. The new federal organization known as Homeland Security set out to coordinate their work at the state level, collect, analyze and share pertinent information and intelligence, protect key infrastructure and assets, secure the nation’s borders and ports, team up with federal and local task forces, and prepare new response training, equipment, systems and strategies (Foster and Cordner, 2005)....   [tags: Social Issues, Terrorism]

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Alfred Kinsey and William Masters and Virginia Johnson: Were They Ethical?

- The scientific method and rules of ethics are important tools when researching and experimenting. When researchers abide by these guidelines, experimentation is considered to be safe for the test subjects, as well as the person conducting the research is considered reputable. Experiments go awry, however, when researchers ignore the scientific method and rules of ethics. The experiments of Alfred Kinsey and the scientific team of William Masters and Virginia Johnson have been criticized for their methods of research and sense of ethics....   [tags: Ethics ]

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The Hours

- The Hours The Hours is a novel that deals with the various cultural aspects of life. Michael Cunningham's writing reflects the various nuclear families, the different economic conditions, and the social issues involving the three women in the novel. The Hours begins with Virginia Woolf who is married to Leonard. They do not have any children of their own. Woolf lives in London in 1923 battling mental illness and struggling to write a book, Mrs. Dalloway. She struggled and finished the book according to Tony Peregrin "at the age of 43"....   [tags: Cunningham Hours Essays]

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Analysis of Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children and Virginia Woolfe’s Mrs. Dalloway

- Transitions of place, time, and character are key to the storytelling in Salman Rushdie's “Midnight's Children” and Virginia Woolfe’s “Mrs. Dalloway”. Rushdie explores the History, Nationalism and Hybridism of the nation of India after they became independent of Great Britain. Woolfe comments heavily on English society more through her description of her characters, and the weaving of time and place is an effective way to telling the stories of her characters as we follow them through a single day....   [tags: literary analysis, literary criticism]

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Virginia Henderson’s Concepts of Nursing and its Application to Practice

- ... Patients who have decreased or very minimal brain function, often cannot control continence which may result in kidney organ damage (Nicely & DeLario, 2011) It is within the nurse’s best interest to fulfill this ADL in order to preserve the performance of these organs for transplant. Nurses should focus on the maintenance of a proper body temperature to ensure damage to the body does not occur. (Nicely & DeLario, 2011) Sleep, rest, dress and grooming While these ADLs may not be important to a patient who has decreased brain function, the nurse should always care for these ADLs to respect their dignity and that of the family....   [tags: activities of daily living, patient care]

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The Maturation Process in Virginia Ewer Wolff´s True Believer

- ... La Vaughn waited anxiously for Jody to invite her to the dance as his date, but he never had the courage to. Finally, La Vaughn gathered the courage to ask Jody to the dance. To her delight, he agreed to her invitation. Jody and La Vaughn had a wonderful time together at the dance, and La Vaughn cherished the pictures they had taken together on that special night. After the dance, La Vaughn and Jody both became very busy with their studies and other obligations. They rarely had time to see one another, so La Vaughn was always pleased when she would see Jody in the elevator of their apartment complex....   [tags: obstacles, family, conflict]

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The Fine Line Between Genders

- Gender inequality has been as an issue for many years, in many societies and has raised controversy in the feminist community, as explained by Monique Wittig. In her essay “One is Not Born a Woman,” Wittig explains how women are presented in society as inferior to men not only biologically but mentally. Wittig goes on to say that not only is present society patriarchal but it is made up of heterosexual couples, which in turn strengthens the patriarchal mindset. Wittig herself, being a lesbian, and a predominant figure in the feminist movement believes that in order for a society to look at women as one with men they must set aside all historical evidence that was shown to make men more power...   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Virginia Held's Essay, Criticism’s against Traditional Ethical Theories

- Criticism’s against Traditional Ethical Theories Virginia Held brings up many criticisms of traditional ethical theories in her essay. The ethics of care can be considered as a suitable substitution for other widely accepted ethical theories such as Kantian ethics. The ethics of care recognizes the importance of interpersonal relationships, especially those within the family unit. All people need care at some point during their life, be it at birth or old age. Caring for people that can not provide sufficient care for themselves is a fundamental part of a moral society....   [tags: relationships, morals, capital punishment]

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The Evolution of the Feminist Perspective

- Introduce how feminism is ever changing. It is both reactionary to progress made, and an advocate of further progress. Because society's treatment of gender relations are continually developing and changing, it is difficult to compare any two feminist authors. By analysing the goals of feminist authors with respect to their time periods, however, it becomes easier to view the overall priorities of feminist thought. Wollstonecraft's work in the 18th century were certainly ahead of their time (in that feminist thought did not yet exist), yet she did not take her arguments to any level of extremism (possibly because there was no concept of feminism to support her ideas)....   [tags: Gender Relations, Writers, Education]

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The Virginian And Little Big Man

- The west can be looked at in many different ways, but no matter how it is looked at they all have similarities to each other. In the stories of Little Big Man and The Virginian, this can be used to look deeper into the meanings of these stories. Depending on whom a person talks to the West can be view in many different ways. It can be looked at through the eyes of the white cowboy or it can be looked at through the eyes if a great Indian leader. When either of them speak or write their stories will be different, but it is what is behind that story which makes them similar to each other....   [tags: Compare Contrast West]

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On The Issues: The Race for Virgina Governor

- This year’s 2013 Governor of Virginia campaign was a tight race for the Republican and Democrat contenders. The candidates were Republican Ken Cuccinelli, Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Libertarian Robert Sarvis. These campaigners had different views on marriage, immigration, and abortion, among other issues commonly discussed in politics within our country. Marriage is a controversial subject in every part of the world. Whether you believe in traditional marriage between a man and woman, same sex marriage, or open marriages, everyone usually has a strong opinion on what they were brought up believing or think is right....   [tags: Marriage, Immigration, Abortion]

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The Suffrage Movement

- Over the past century, Virginia and the United States have encountered a number of drastic historical changes. As both men and women had the right to cast a vote in the most recent election, a little less than a century ago women did not have to right to vote. It was not until women throughout the United States came together to spark a suffrage movement that lead to congress passing the Nineteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution which provided women with the right to vote. The suffrage movement within the state of Virginia began in the year of 1870....   [tags: America, Virginia, ESL]

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Comparing Female Identity in To The Lighthouse, Heat of the Day and Under the Net

- Female Identity in Virginia Woolf’s, To The Lighthouse, Elizabeth Bowen’s, Heat of the Day and Iris Murdoch’s, Under the Net After reading Virginia Woolf’s, “To The Lighthouse”, readers are left with the disturbing reality of the role of a woman during this time period.  The characters of Mrs. Ramsay and Lily Briscoe portray these demeaning roles.   However, instead of completely giving in to the domination of men, they are starting the woman’s movement of resistance in the period of the beginning of World War I....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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The Virgina Election of 2013

- While many states took a break from the never-ending cycle of election, Virginian isn’t so lucky. Virginia is the only state in the country that has a statewide election every year. This year elections pit two candidates that couldn’t be more different candidates. For the Republican their candidate is a fire-brand republican and the sitting attorney general Ken Cuccinelli. For the Democrats the candidate is the DNC former chairman and a flamboyant fund-raiser Terry McAuliffe. The race was predicted to be the most expensive and divisive race for the governor mansion in the commonwealth....   [tags: yearly governor election]

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Nursing Theory: The Basis for Professional Nursing

- Virginia Henderson's principles are discernible in her interpretation of nurses' roles in humanity. She posits that nurses are uniquely positioned to render assistance to anyone regardless of the individual's health status in the fulfillment of activities that contribute to health or its recovery or at least, afford the individual comfort at his/her final hours. That is, the activities that the individual would have performed for self-had he/she the ability. Henderson in essence, succinctly provided a remarkable definition for nursing (Black, 2014)....   [tags: virginia henderson, nurses role, humanity]

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It's Time for West Virginia to Eliminate Food Tax

- It's Time for West Virginia to Eliminate Food Tax Can you recall an incident in American history involving disgruntled citizens dumping tea into the Boston Harbor. I can. This tea dumping was one of the foremost events of the revolution. Do you remember why these angry citizens dressed as Indians, stormed one of their own boats, and dumped all of the crates of tea into the harbor. The English monarchy’s taxing of the settlers’ tea caused this uprising. Right now, West Virginia’s government is levying an almost identical tax; the government is taxing the very food that West Virginians eat for survival....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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The Light in A Sketch of the Past and Mrs. Dalloway

- The Light in A Sketch of the Past and Mrs. Dalloway      Virginia Woolf's method to writing fiction was always to "dig out beautiful caves1" behind, within, and around her characters - to tunnel through their consciousness in order to tell their story as artfully as one tells his or her own.  It is her "tunneling" process that makes her style so distinctive: her sentences layered with multiple meanings, her paragraphs rich with stream-of-consciousness internal monologue, and her dialogue sparse.  Clearly, she had few qualms about taking the modern novel's all-too-common, linear form of storytelling and turning it upside down in order to dig through to its core - its very essence - and fi...   [tags: Sketch Dalloway]

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Comparing Wuthering Heights and A Room of One's Own

- Wuthering Heights and A Room of One's Own                 From the time that Emily Bronte penned Wuthering Heights in 1847 to the time that Virginia Woolf wrote A Room of One's Own in 1929, the 80 plus year period brought tremendous change to literature and for women authors.   In the early Victorian era when women writers were not accepted as legitimate, Emily Bronte found it necessary to pen her novel under the name "Mr. Ellis Bell" according to a newspaper review from 1848 (WH  301).   According to The Longman Anthology of British Literature, "Women had few opportunities for higher education or satisfying employment" (1794) and the "ideal Victorian woman was supposed to be domestic...   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Hall v. Florida

- Facts and lower court procedural disposition of the case Defendant Freddie Lee Hall filed a motion to declare Florida Statute 921.137 (Florida Statute) as contrary to Atkins v. Virginia (2002) and, thus, unconstitutional. Hall, convicted in 1981 for the murder of Karol Hurst, was initially sentenced to death in September 1982. For three years, he fought his sentence, filing “a motion to vacate, a petition for writ of habeas corpus and an application for a stay of execution, all of which were denied” ....   [tags: Atkins v. Virginia ]

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The Political Career of James Madison

- James Madison was a very important and famous political leader in the early 1800’s. Although, he may not be as well known as George Washington or Benjamin Franklin, his impact on shaping the U.S. was very significant. Throughout his life, James Madison was always involved in politics within the U.S. After leaving his position as a colonel for the Virginia militia, he was recognized for his writing ability, which became the foundation for shaping his political career (Fritz 21). James Madison was a founding father of the U.S., a father of the Constitution and the fourth President to take office....   [tags: treaty of ghent, constitution, virginia militia]

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Loving v. Virginia (388 U.S. 1)

- On July 11, 1958 a couple of hours after midnight, Richard Loving a white man and Mildred Loving an African American woman were awakened to the presence of three officers in their bedroom. One of the three officers demanded from Richard to identify the woman next to him. Mildred, full of fear, told the officers that she was his wife, while Richard pointed to the marriage license on the wall. The couple was then charged and later found guilty in violation of the state's anti-miscegenation statute....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Independece of the Blue Grass State

- ... Tobacco farming became important after 1830. By the 1860’s, Kentucky led the nation in tobacco production. A market for whiskey in New Orleans, down the Mississippi River, aided the growth of Kentucky agriculture and manufacturing. Kentucky farmers raised corn, rye, and other grains used in manufacturing alcoholic beverages. Whiskey production became an important industry. The use of slave was central to Kentucky’s agricultural economy, and slavery flourished in the Bluegrass Region (Campbell 291 and 293)....   [tags: kentucky, virginia, 15th state, conventions]

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Women and the Patriarchal Society in Michael Cunningham's The Hours

- Women Pressured by the Demands of a Patriarchal Society in Michael Cunningham's The Hours In Michael Cunningham's The Hours, Laura Brown, one of the novel's protagonists, is trapped by the responsibility of being a housewife and mother. Cunningham's story uses one of Virginia Woolf's works, Mrs. Dalloway, as a template to weave the lives of three women together in a narrative delicately split into three branching tales that echo each other. One branch of the story leads to a fictional account of Virginia Woolf creating the first draft of her famous novel....   [tags: Cunningham Hours Essays]

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Comparing Women´s Images in The Yellow Wallpaper and The Awakening

- Women´s Images in The Yellow Wallpaper and The Awakening The aim of this essay is analyse women´s images in The Yellow Wallpaper and in The Awakening, since the two readings have become the focus of feminist controversy. Both stories were written by women, Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Kate Chopin. But is this fact important to understand the aim of every story. Would they have had the same effect if the had been written by men. I will explore these matters. I also considered it could be rather interesting to study and compare how heroines act, how they are constricted by patriarchy, how their husbands treat them, and if they triumph or not, in every story....   [tags: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays]

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Insanity in The Yellow Wallpaper

- It is often said that artists and writers are touched by a bit of madness, however it could also be said that madness comes from a lack of creativity. The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman tells the story of a woman who is diagnosed with depression and I prescribed with the rest cure. After being left in solitude for a few weeks the narrator starts to go insane and takes her aggression out on the ugly wallpaper in her room. Creativity is a way to turn your thoughts and emotions into something concrete but, when someone is not allowed to be creative these ideas can turn a person mad....   [tags: Charlotte Perkins Gilman, literary analysis]

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The Southern Claims Commission

- By the time Lee had surrendered to Grant at Appomattox on 1865, thousands of acres of land had been ruined and thousands of items given or stolen for use by either Army. This devastation left an impact on hundreds of people, including the people of Southside Virginia. However, in 1870 the Southern Claims Commission was created to help Union sympathizers living in the South regain the property that had been taken from them by the Union Army. Through the use of these petitions, we can get a view into what kinds of things the Union Army was interested in taking as told by Southerners....   [tags: Civil War, Southside Virginia, Union]

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The Politics of Sexuality in E.M. Forster’s Maurice

- Modernist writings have always been hailed for its nuanced relationship with sexuality. This paper looks at the ways E.M. Forster, one of the modernist writers on the fringes, deals with the discourses of sexuality different in ways different from other high modernists against the backdrop of the socio-cultural milieu which was extremely intolerant to homosexuality through his novel Maurice, written in 1913-14 and published posthumously in 1971. To what extent Forster’s homosexuality and his novel on same sex love negotiate with other homosexual writers and activists of the period....   [tags: Homosexuality in Literature]

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Modernism in the Late 19th and 20th Centuries

- The late 19th and 20th centuries were full of various technological innovations and major social upheavals. From the conflicts brought by a world at war to the booming revolutions of industry, civilization had gotten quite a boost. This led to new ways of creative expression, in both visual art and literature, that broke the binds of tradition and classical design. The term Modernism can characterize a broad array of styles and techniques, but it encompasses the same core ideals and principals that allows a piece to be easily identified as a Modernist work....   [tags: art, architecture, literature]

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Playwrights of the Twentieth Century: Edward Albee

- Edward Albee is one of the greatest playwrights of the twentieth century, this is an opinion which creates major debates among literature lovers. Many people recognize his name as the writer of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf; but if the reader takes a minute to evaluate his canon of writing, there is a splendid volume of work available. Albee faced tremendous obstacles that were not always transparent to all. Edward was at odds with the environment and the expectations of his parents. As his plays were written, he often was at odds with the critics....   [tags: biographical analysis]

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A Thousand Voices

- A Thousand Voices I cannot speak for the rest of the world, consisting of girly girls and manly men, but I can speak for myself. Virginia Woolf is right on target in saying that every human being has a male half and a female half-I believe this because I am a living example; I think we all are. Julie always gives me scornful looks when I come to lunch from from gym with a red face, and an exhausted yet satisfied expression. "You've been playing floor hockey again, haven't you!?" she belligerently but playfully accuses....   [tags: Thousand Voices Essays]

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The Colliding Dynamics of Class Structure

- The rigidity of class structure is the culprit for the vast number of inequities in society. Power is concentrated in the hands of a small sector; leaving a few individuals to have more authority and influence, in comparison to others. The construction of class structure identifies the way groups are divided into social positions. Differences stemming from social position are further exemplified by the accessibility to valuable resources–such as wealth, education, occupation, and status. Those with distinguished command in society have access to these increasingly wide ranges of resources, which may be present in limited forms to the less powerful....   [tags: Social Studies]

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Analysis on the novel "The Hours"

- QUESTIONS ON THE FILM “THE HOURS” 1) “The Hours”, based on the novel written by Michael Cunningham, is more than a biographical movie about Virginia Woolf. How can you discribe the importance and co- relation between the three female main characters: Virginia, Laura Brown and Clarissa Vaughan. The novel is essentially about women. Women from different periods, of different ages, and oddly the same in various aspects. We get to know women that apparently lead perfect lives, considering the external aspect, and all of them come to a moment in their lives when they stumble upon the superficiality of their days and face their disturbed inner selves....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Musical Goerges Seurat´s Life

- ... It also shows how the artistic community is scorned during by one’s peers and members of his/her generation. The second Act takes the viewers 100 years after Seurat introducing them to Seurat’s American descendant who is also an artist but is suffering from burnout and cannot figure out which path he must take. Madame Bovary, on the other hand, focuses on the life of Emma Bovary who leads an adulterous life in order to escape the boring provincial life much preferred by her husband. In order to escape such boredoms and the banalities associated with her life, she opts to support her extravagant lifestyle by engaging in excessive borrowing....   [tags: product, painter, art, sacrifice]

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A Women's Quest in The Odyssey, A Room Of One's Own, and Northanger Abbey

- A Women's Quest in The Odyssey, A Room Of One's Own, and Northanger Abbey      A quest is a tale that celebrates how one can cleverly and resolutely rise superior to all opposition.  Yet as fresh prospectives on history now suggest,  in this search for freedom and order,  the masculine craving for adventure, demanded restrictions upon women,  forcing her into deeper confinement, even within her limited province.  Thus the rights of a man are separated by the expectancies of a woman.   Each subsequent story deals with a search for truth that is hidden by the facades of social convention.   This search is often hampered by the conventions that are part of the outside and insid...   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Herman Wouk's The Winds of War How Should One Read A Book?

- Herman Wouk's  The Winds of War - How Should One Read A Book.       While reading Herman Wouk's classic tale, The Winds of War, I came across several passages describing a young man's vision of Germany. Although the author supplies me with his ideas, his desire and his provocative details on how this young Major views Germany at the time of the second world war, I still find myself wondering and questioning aspects of the written text before me. Apart from being drawn from my sub-conscious state to a more subtle and unconscious condition, several questions begin to from within my mind....   [tags: Winds of War Essays]

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Comparing Little Big Man and The Virginian

- Any truly picaresque novel is satiric, and Berger tries to explode certain Western myths in Little Big Man. The heroes of legend are not all that heroic. Kit Carson denies hard-luck Jack a handout, Wyatt Earp knocks him out for belching, and Wild Bill Hickok is a tired, sad, paranoid man. Berger makes fun of naïve acceptance of the clichés of Hollywood's version of the West. Mrs. Winifred Burr, nurse to the hypochondriac Ralph Fielding Snell, does not believe Jack's claim about surviving Little Bighorn because she has seen a film in which all whites are killed, and Snell knows that Crazy Horse wore a war bonnet of feathers because he bought it from a dealer "of the highest integrity." Althou...   [tags: Compare Contrast]

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Exploration of To the Lighthouse

- Exploration of To the Lighthouse In Virginia Woolf's fiction, the breakdown or breaking open, of traditional literary forms in the light of the twentieth century querying of perception, reality and linguistic meaning, is recorded as a reconceiving of the novel-form. Throughout the course of her novels she lays down a challenge to official ways of measuring proportion, light, time and human character. Abolishing chapter and verse, Woolf creates a rhythmic, wave-like form of undulating passages as in music, where the structure of parts within an individual movement is a continuous flow rather than a series of stops and starts....   [tags: essays papers]

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Constitutions in America

- After America’s independence from Britain in 1776, states began to experiment with their newfound freedom by drafting constitutions. The Virginia Constitution came about on June 29, 1776 followed by the Massachusetts Constitution in March 2, 1780. Both the Virginia and Massachusetts Constitutions helped contribute to the United States Constitution that succeeded them. Values and concepts from both state constitutions can be seen in the constitution of the United States. The significance surrounding the Virginia Constitution is that it acted as a pioneer to the Declaration of Independence....   [tags: United States History, Virginia, Massachusetts]

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Virgina's Next Governor

- As Election Day approaches, candidates get more caustic about their views, and voters’ tension grows as they try to figure out which candidate will make a better governor. One of the biggest issues that Virginia is currently facing is the one of transportation and how to solve such challenge. There are roads that need to be fixed, and the state does not have enough funds to pay for their renovation or construction of new roads. Bob McDonnell and Creigh Deeds, the candidates, both care about transportation, yet financial backing to fix this issue is quite different for each candidate....   [tags: Politics]

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Developing My Identity

- “Pay no mind to what other people say; whatever makes an individual happy is what he or she should do.” This quote comes from my grandmother, who tries her best to teach me about an individual’s personal identity. An individual’s identity represents who he or she truly is; it is something that allows a specific person to stand out from the crowd. During an individual’s life, he or she will come across many obstacles that will shape her or his being and will further shape her or him into someone with particular traits, or an identity....   [tags: Searching for Identity Essay]

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Contemplating The Hours

- Contemplating The Hours The Hours is about 3 women, Virginia Woolf,Laura Brown and Clarissa Vaughan who all have the same feeling in common. Each of the the women in three different time periods from in the 1940's, 1950's and the 1990's all share the thoughts of failure. Woolf thought she had failed as a writer, Brown thought she was a failure as a wife and mother, Vaughan also thought she was a failure as a writer. Each of the women also desired to escape out of their lives in the manner of suicide....   [tags: Cunningham Hours Essays]

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A Slow Walk Into Inspiration

- On her essay "The Narrow Bridge of Art", Virginia Woolf discusses much more than the use of poetic prose in writing; she carefully portrays human beings as the core of the existence of writing. As she says, "Life is always and inevitably much richer than we who try to express it" (23). Writers seek for life as dogs for water; they take men and women of all kind as the one and only fountain of inspiration in which they bathe so as to write another work. Woolf's short story "Kew Gardens" is a vivid example of that kind of inspiration someone with the sense of hearing can find just by taking a walk in the park one afternoon....   [tags: European Literature]

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Valley Region of the Appalachian Mountains

- Valley Region of the Appalachian Mountains and Subsequent Karst Regions in the State of Virginia This map which appears on page 402 of Process Geomorphology (1995), written by Dale F. Ritter, Craig R. Kochel, and Jerry R. Miller, serves as the basis of my report on the formation of the Appalachian Mountains and its subsequent karst regions in along the Atlantic side of the United States particularly in the state of Virginia. The shaded areas represent generalized karst regions throughout the United States....   [tags: Karst Region Virginia Geography]

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Hampton Roads Tide

- ... The past decade has been identified as needed major repairs and improvement. With the current traffic pressure, repairs have major impact on the local transits times in some cases 3 hours for 25 miles. A study by the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission indicated that without a light rail the by 2020 more than 18% of Norfolk’s roads will be operating below level of service (LOS) E during peak periods (Brinckerhoff & URS, 2007, p. 9). Hampton Roads starts operating to Light Rail in August of 2011 under the name “Tide” The project total cost was 318,552,014 dollars....   [tags: defense, military presence, virginia beach]

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To The Lighthouse

- Pause, reflect, and the reader may see at once the opposing yet relative perceptions made between life, love, marriage and death in Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse. In this novel, Woolf seems to capture perfectly the very essence of life, while conveying life’s significance as communicated to the reader in light tones of consciousness arranged with the play of visual imagery. That is, each character in the novel plays an intrinsic role in that the individuality of other characters can be seen only through the former’s psyche....   [tags: essays research papers]

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New England and Virginia: Settled by English but Very Different Societies

- New England and Virginia were both settled by people of English decent. Both areas were settled at around the same period of time. However, the two developed into very different societies. The main explanation for this is the bases upon which each area was founded. The Puritans were a hard working, god-fearing people. After many years of religious prosecution in their homeland of England they sought out refuge in the neighboring country of Holland. After living in Amsterdam for a year, the group moved to the town of Leyden....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Adrienne Rich's Essay Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence

- Yes and No Adrienne Rich attacks heterosexuality as “a political institution which disempowers women” in her 1980 essay Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence (Rich 23). What most see as a traditional way of life, Rich views as a societal mandate that serves as “a beachhead of male dominance,” (Rich 28). For a woman in Virginia Woolf’s time, “the one profession that was open to her [was] marriage,” and though females entered the public sphere as the 20th century progressed, “single women…are still viewed as deviant” and somewhat ostracized (Woolf 25 and Rich 30)....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Society's Role in Margery Kempe's Autobiography

- Society's Role in Margery Kempe's Autobiography In her essay "Professions for Women," Virginia Woolf recounts her experience with Coventry Patmore's "Angel in the House." The "Angel," society's ideal woman, is concerned primarily with others, identifies herself only as a wife/mother, and remains conventional in her actions, conscious of the standards for women. Woolf indicates that women writers are guided by this "Angel" unless they liberate themselves. Society's ideals ("the Angel in the House") have influenced Margery Kempe's autobiography as revealed by her content, form, and identity....   [tags: Book of Margery Kempe Essays]

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Mining Pollution

- A September 7th 2011 New York Times article with the headline “Pennsylvania Sues Over Coal-Mine Discharges” by Deborah Weisberg sits at an important intersection of mining operations in the US. This intersection is illustrated by a small icon adjacent to the article with the tag “Politics and Policy”. This tag is indicative of the political nature of most environmental issues today. Coal mining, with its immense environmental implications, is still a lucrative economic foundation of many Appalachian states....   [tags: Political Factors, Virginia]

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Nursing Theory

- The life span of nursing cannot be summed up into one general facet of time, but rather, into periods that revolutionized and evolved continuously from the first evidence of medicine to present modern day medicine. The entire medical field, including nursing practice, does not pause when new technologies are brought forth; there is never a moment where work towards the future is not being put into action. Virginia Henderson stated, “Nursing theories mirror different realities, throughout their development; they reflected the interests of nurses of that time” (As cited in Powell, 2012)....   [tags: Evolution, Virginia Henderson]

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Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush

- Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush, by Virginia Hamilton, was first published in 1982. The estimated reading level for this book is twelve years old and up. Some of the issues examined in the book, such as child abuse, disease, and drug use, will be better understood by junior high age students. This novel would probably attract more female readers than male. The protagonist is a teenage girl named Tree who lives with her mentally challenged brother, Dab. She is responsible for taking care of herself and Dab....   [tags: Virginia Hamilton Literature Essays]

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Female Rebellion In Aurora Leigh and The Lady in the Looking-Glass

- Female Rebellion In Aurora Leigh and The Lady in the Looking-Glass      Women of both the ages of Victorian and early Modernism were restricted from education at universities or the financial independence of professionalism. In both ages, women writers often rebelled against perceived female expectations as a result of their oppression. To lead a solitary life as a subservient wife and mother was not satisfactory for writers like Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Virginia Woolf. One of the most popular female poets of the Victorian era, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, illustrated "a woman's struggle to achieve artistic and economical independence in modern society" (Longman P.1858)....   [tags: Aurora Leigh Essays]

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The Hours: Women, Sexuality, and Death

- The Hours: Women, Sexuality, and Death The Hours is a movie that won the most awards in 2002.The movie is mainly about relationships, love, and death. This movie follows a single day in the lives of three women in different time periods between 1941 to 2001.The clothes that all three of these women wore were from different time periods. It is apparent from this movie that throughout history women were faced with trials and tribulations. Through each of their lives they battled with their own identity and the roles that they should play in society....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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The Lady of Shalott and The Lady in the Looking Glass

- The Lady of Shalott and The Lady in the Looking Glass Alfred, Lord Tennyson wrote "The Lady of Shalott" around 1830, during what is known as the Victorian Age. Virginia Woolf published "The Lady in the Looking Glass: A Reflection" in 1929, during what is referred to as the Modernist Age. These works of art both deal with women who have important relationships with mirrors. The light in these stories has a great and different effect and meaning for each of these women. The importance and meaning of light are contrasted in these two tales, representing a change in writer's attitudes toward light portrayal....   [tags: Lady of Shalott Essays]

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Comparing The Buried Life and A Room Of One's Own

- Comparing The Buried Life and A Room Of One's Own       Victorian writers did ask difficult and unsettling questions, and the modern writers continued on with the quest to display these unsettling thoughts and feelings in their works even more so. You can see this continuing easy from "The Buried Life," to the ideas of "A Room Of One's Own."   In "The Buried Life," Arnold questions why men in society bury their emotions and innermost thoughts from one another like they are the only one's with these qualities, even though every man has them: "I knew the mass of men concealed their thoughts, for fear that if they revealed they would by other men be met with blank indifference,...   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Death In The Hours by Michael Cunningham

- The men and women of "The Hours" view death as an escape from an ordinary lifestyle which lacks anything truly extraordinary or exhilarating. Laura Brown considers death as an alternative to the constraints of her role as a mother and a wife. Both Richard Brown and Virginia Woolf ultimately commit suicide in order to escape their illnesses and their failures to live up to society's expectations. Though Laura does not end her life, she does die symbolically to her family. Over the period of a day, Laura Brown gradually succumbs to her overwhelming desire to liberate herself from her mundane life....   [tags: Cunningham Hours]

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Commerce, Politics and the City in A Room of One's Own and Mrs. Dalloway

- Commerce, Politics and the City in A Room of One's Own and Mrs. Dalloway        "...At this moment, as so often happens in London, there was a complete lull and suspension of traffic. Nothing came down the street; nobody passed. A single leaf detached itself from the plane tree at the end of the street, and in that pause and suspension fell. Somehow it was like a signal falling, a signal pointing to a force in things which one had overlooked ... Now it was bringing from one side of the street to the other diagonally a girl in patent leather boots and then a young man in a maroon overcoat; it was also bringing a taxi-cab; and it brought all three together at a...   [tags: Room of One's Own Essays]

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Feminism: A Fight for Human Rights

- Abstract This essay explores the concept of feminism as a human right rather than merely a struggle of American women to achieve equal opportunity and salaries in the corporate world. Without denying the importance of such achievements, the facet of feminism that is explored for the most part is the ability for women around the world to be treated as human. Not only are women denied rights such as the opportunity to be educated or to earn money to feed their children, moreover they are considered property and subject to abuse....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Idyllic Women In Novels

- The character of Mrs. Ramsay from To The Lighthouse, and Harriet of The Fifth Child failed in their many attempts of achieving womanly perfection. Both women strived and struggled to achieve a similar, yet false ideal of feminine perfection. Let's take a look at failures that exposed their unsuccessful attempts of perfection. Within To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Ramsay is the most ideal symbol of female perfection and excellence. Mrs. Ramsay's composure and attitude seem almost faultless....   [tags: Literature]

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The Introduction of Feminist Criticism

- 1. Feminism The historical implication of "Feminism" usually means "movement for recognition of the claims of woman for rights (legal, political, familial, etc.) equal to those possessed by men. It is said that Eve is depicted as made from "a supernumerary bone" of Adam; therefore, women have always been considered inferior to men. However, as Barnes suggests, "the minimal criteria for feminism" should include the claim for equal status, rights and roles with men. From the very early time, women began to strive fro their self-evaluation....   [tags: World Literature]

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dramaturgisk analyse af Whos Afraid of Viginia Wolf

- dramaturgisk analyse af Whos Afraid of Viginia Wolf Indledning Stykket Who´s Afraid of Viginia Wolf. er stærkt stof. Indfaldsvinklerne er utallige og tolkningsmulighederne ikke færre. Derfor er det også dragende. Man vil kunne kredse om den som månen om en planet, i en uendelighed uden at komme tættere kernen. Sætter man sig for at finde sandheden om Who´s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?, kommer man til kort. Stiller man et spørgsmål, følger der bare endnu flere spørgsmål med svaret. Derfor følger der ingen endegyldig sandhed om stykket med denne opgave....   [tags: Papers]

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A Room of One’s Own and Modern Fiction

- A Room of One’s Own and Modern Fiction One of the first things to notice about A Room of One’s Own is that it is not a typical lecture. It rambles and flows back and forth, in and out. It is more narrative than logic. It breaks many of the conventions of a formal address. Why does Virginia Woolf choose to do this. Why choose this style, this method. One reason is to turn predominantly masculine, or traditional, thinking on its head in order to undermine its authority. There is another reason for her approach, however—one that rises from her most basic ideas about what literature and writing should be and do....   [tags: Lectures Literature Papers]

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Orlando-Conforming to Society

- As a person looks around themselves and their surroundings they can pick up little details about themselves as well as their society. Society has a lot to do with the things that are bought, taken home, displayed. Society depicts what things are fashionable and what’s not. This alludes to the fact that one acquires the ideals of the society around them. Though conforming seems like the best way to make one’s self seem respectable, does it mean that one must lose themselves in order to gain the respect of society....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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E M Forster and the British Raj in a Passage to India

- The early years of the twentieth century saw the rise of the novel as a popular genre in the literature of the war-struck Edwardian England. Novelists like Joseph Conrad, E.M.Forster, Virginia Woolf, James Joyce and D.H. Lawrence gave the form new dimensions. Among these writers E.M. Forster made a mark in the literature of his age through his last novel A Passage to India (1924), which was entirely different from Forster's other novels in that it dealt with the political occupation of India by the British, a colonial domination that ended soon after the publication of this novel....   [tags: European Literature]

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Words and Images in Faulkner's As I Lay Dying

- Words and Images in Faulkner's As I Lay Dying Maybe I will end up in some kind of self-communion -- a silence -- faced with the certainty that I can no longer be understood. The artist must create his own language. This is not only his right but his duty. ----------- William Faulkner Virginia Woolf observes that "painting and writing have much to tell each other; they have much in common. The novelist after all wants to make us to see" (22). Indeed, many movements in the visual arts during the first half of the twentieth century had a close relationship with literature....   [tags: William Faulkner As I Lay Dying Essays]

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Henry James And "the Art Of Fiction"

- “The only reason for the existence of a novel is that it does attempt to represent life.” Stated Henry James in “The Art of Fiction” page 437. I agree with Mr. James that feelings and ambitions formed in characters do represent life. The idea of characters and how real they should is represented in page 440. Characters, in my opinion, form the novel itself. It is the characters and incidents corresponding in a novel, which make a good one. There are two kinds of characters: the round character, and the flat character....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Modernism in Visual Art and Writing

- Modernism in Visual Art and Writing Modernism is unlike any other form of art the preceded it. It began in the late nineteenth century. Modernism is anti-traditional and against the rules. It is about looking for new things instead of accepting the old. Innovation and creation are important aspects of Modernism. It is introspective and subjective. Modernism includes a wide variety of different perspectives and multiple ways of doing things. There is no simple order in Modern works....   [tags: Art Theory Essays]

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Quilting - Foxes in the Poetry of Lucille Clifton

- Quilting - Foxes in the Poetry of Lucille Clifton         In 1942 Virginia Woolf read a paper to the Women’s Service League about "The Angel in the House." For Woolf, this "Angel" represented the voice in the back of the mind of a woman that was saying, "Never let anybody guess that you have a mind of your own" (1346). During Woolf’s time a woman was not supposed to write critically. Rather, a woman was supposed to "be sympathetic; be tender; flatter; deceive; use all the arts and wiles of her sex." Woolf writes of the need to "kill" this angel....   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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As We Go Marching, Marching

- As We Go Marching, Marching On April 25, 2004, over a million people of every gender, sex, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, class, and age participated in the March for Women's Lives in Washington, D.C. Examining the sea of people, I initially did not understand why such a great number of middle aged and older women were so angry. They were reaching the age where reproductive rights were becoming less of an issue for them personally, but I realized my naïveté on two counts: one, they were not just marching for themselves and two, they were fighting to save the laws which they had changed to protect themselves over thirty years ago....   [tags: Equality Women Feminism Essays]

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- The modernist period in British and Irish literature was one of the most important and exciting times in literary history. The term modernist stemmed from the beginning of the 20th century labelled the modern period. The modern period was a time of confusion and transitions, mostly due to the result of people returning from World War I. The modern period was an era of massive unemployment and technological changes. Freud, Jung, and Marx were redefining human identity, Assembly lines and factories were being introduced, and gender differences were starting to crumble....   [tags: European Literature]

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To The Lighthouse

- To the Lighthouse, published in 1927 is one of Virginia Woolf's most successful novels written in a stream of consciousness style. The novel is divided into three parts, which revolve around the members of the Ramsey family and their guests during visits to their summer vacationing residence on the Isle of Skye. The central preoccupation within the novel however is not to be found within the lives of the characters, instead they are seen as being secondary to the overall grounding of the novel in the house itself....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Societal Control

- In life, we endure many situations in which we have to make difficult decisions. For the most part, these decisions are based on the people around us, or society. Basically, society controls us totally. This idea is reiterated in the writings of Greg Graffin, Virginia Woolf, and John Balzar. The effect that society had on Greg Graffin was severe. Forced to move at a young age to California was a difficult change. The scenery was different, as well as the culture. Greg said, "I thought the beach was a place to go swimming, not a symbol for a way of life." (17) This shows that what he originally perceived the ocean to be was completely different in this new society....   [tags: Philosophy]

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College Application Essay

- I am not a Martin Luther King, devoted to a movement, or a Christopher Columbus, devoted to a quest, or a Leonardo di Vinci, devoted to an image. Yet everyone needs some devotion in his life. I am a musician, a daughter, a Christian, a traveler, a sister, a friend, an animal lover, a writer, and many things besides. The biggest dilemma for me is finding ways to fuse these different parts of myself into a recognizable person. I would need several lifetimes to pursue all of my dreams individually, so they must become one dream, one working vessel of passion....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Katherine Mansfield

- Katherine Mansfield Katherine Mansfield, who lived from 1888 to 1923, is considered to be one of the most remarkable short story writers of her time. Using her life experiences as an inspiration for her short stories, Mansfield sculpted her ideas into masterful pieces of literary work. Mansfield's life was full of interesting experiences that shaped her outlook upon life. The diversity of friends and acquaintances Katherine Mansfield had over her lifetime also had a great influence on her career....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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- Both Virginia Woolf, in a speech addressing a graduating all women class, and Naomi Wolf, in her text The Beauty Myth, contemplate feminism from an economic viewpoint. While Woolf believes women need money and a room of their own to have economic independence, Wolf gives credence to the fact that the beauty industry is hindering the independence of women. Through male pomposity, the conventional lives of women, obsession with physical appearance, and the reality that beauty is diverse, both Woolf and Wolf explain the significance of our world's economy....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Dorothy Richardson

- Though acknowledged by literary circles as the first writer to use the stream-of-consciousness technique in her writing, Dorothy Richardson is not as widely recognized as the founder of this style. Her mannerisms and thought processes were affected for the rest of her life by her upbringing in a poverty-stricken family. Brought into the world in 1873, Richardson was destined for stereotypical feminine occupations: a tutor-governess in Hanover and London, a secretary, and an assistant. Her mother’s suicide in 1895 completely broke up the family, only adding to the need for Richardson to find a means of supporting herself....   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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- Retrospectives I selected three autobiographical pieces and one analytical for the portfolio. The order is: "Multi-Threaded ThingTM," an autobiographical paper which took inspiration from the form of Susan Griffin's "Our Secrets," and represented my life by pseudocode written in different computer programming languages; "Autobiographical Comparison," which was a partially successful attempt to compare and contrast my beliefs with those of James Baldwin; "Virginia Woolf: Assertive or Introspective," an analytical assessment of Virginia Woolf's motives while writing her memoir A Sketch of the Past; and "The ideal Life," an autobiographical response to the fantasy life portrayed in Maxi...   [tags: Autobiographies Education Essays]

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